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File: 1518727443235.jpg (64 KB, 501x501)
64 KB
Post any feels in this thread or rant about anything thats bothering you. They can be good feels or bad feels. I'll try to give everyone (You)'s if the thread keeps going throughout the night.

>tfw fucked up my diet again for the millionth time
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I'm dating a normie. A fucking stacy really. I thought it would make me happy, and she tries, but everything about her makes me feel inadequate.

Some days, I lie in bed thinking about all those opportunities life's handed her that I'll never see. Other days, I'll think about how much better she is than me at my own hobbies.

My most recent one is thinking about how she's gotten to ride a few chads and she'll be the only girl I fuck if I don't leave her.

It's all fucking absurd and I'm being a complete faggot about it, but it hurts my bones man. Why can't I just be happy? What the fuck is wrong with me? I have everything and I'm miserable
My brain keeps making fun of me by giving me dreams of being kissed by a loving girl. These dreams are never sexual or accompanied by a nocturnal emission. I just wake up feeling truly happy for a moment before I'm hit with the usual despair at it all being a fantasy. May fate lead to a cataclysmic reformation of this society for what it has done to unexceptional young men like myself.

Also, I began exercising on a treadmill this week. I don't want to be fat for the rest of my life, lack of female attention be damned.
Honestly this
Know how to look like you give a fuck and how to present yourself, and be confident
I'm so fucking lonely i just want it all to end but suicide is not painless
File: VO138.jpg (44 KB, 500x500)
44 KB
Basically my life has been in fucking shambles.

File: SqXTAScGOd-6.png (36 KB, 300x250)
36 KB
i just shaved my hair clean today
i'm bald now.

cheer me up, robots
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Its okay anon, I'm bald too. I shave my head once a week.
File: 1461372976906.jpg (77 KB, 460x628)
77 KB
Just spent the last hour looking at my hair in the mirror. I'm 26 years old and my hair is weakening and possible baldness in the next few years. What's it like taking the plunge? I really hope it's not too bad, the insecurities from staring at myself in the mirror kills me inside.
Don't worry, it will grow back. You won't look like a retard forever.
File: wrivgi6wgfqz.png (54 KB, 1326x1368)
54 KB
It won't make you look any more masculine.
Great now do a 100 pushups situps and squats and a 10 km run
Bc if you are bald and not /fit/ might as well end it

File: youtube22n-3-web.jpg (41 KB, 750x448)
41 KB
Is he an actor?
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File: withoutanders.png (79 KB, 438x505)
79 KB
>more like punish the few for the many's right to life
incorrect, a very, very, very, very small amount of people die to 'gun violence' outside of suicide or gang related incidents, you're more likely to die getting struck by lightning than die in a mass shooting.. and even if you included all causes of gun related death, it still doesn't rank proportionately to causes of death in america, versus the political and media attention it gets.

also, political polling 3rd parties love saying they're centerist, or partisan. if they said "WE'RE AS RIGHT AS RIGHT GETS" they wouldn't attract many people at all.
you have to look at the politically opinionated narratives they feature or produce, it's an easy way to see exactly where their biases lie contrary to their median claims. Not to mention 'best i have' never cuts it in a scientific sense whatsoever. it has to be irrefutably based in a foundation of current facts for it to be even considered. but that's why all of these polls aren't professionally conducted, it's simply too difficult to pull a foundation from the extremely wavy climate that is politics.

lastly, having browsed /k/ longer than i have /r9k/, id like to say that i'm only here for gun's sake. blaming specifically shaped pieces of metal for innately human problems simply isn't going to do much at all, it's going to band-aid a festering wound that will continue to grow out of control until we realize that the issue isn't actually solved whatsoever, and we have to face the unquantifiable problems that are more appropriately causing these issues. it's really several culture problems, and they dont stop at the national borders of any country. unfortunately, i can see this far, but not enough to see where to start in the right direction, but i'd like to help stop us from going in the wrong direction.

this pic btw, excludes anders breivik since he created such a dispropotionatly high number that i felt was inappropriate.
>this pic btw, excludes anders breivik since he created such a dispropotionatly high number that i felt was inappropriate.
i saw those graphs from the same source as your pic. the Breivik stats made the whole thing feel unbelievable to me. they obviously tried to make it look like Norway was most dangerous before they moved on to more reasonable stats.
>Very few gun owners commit crimes, yet all should be restricted?

Exactly. It's like saying sex should be illegal because a few people commit rape.

Mainstream society argues the solution to sexual violence is to teach rapists not to rape, not banning sex (in fact, they promote it).

By that exact same logic, the solution to gun violence is to teach perpetrators not to kill people, not banning guns.
File: withanders.png (113 KB, 410x473)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
it's a thing with the 'mass shooting deaths per million', he killed so many people in a relatively low pop country it created a disproportionate statistic

its not really a ((they)) thing at all, just norway as a country fell victim to an unfortunate combination of numbers in how this was gathered that made them stick out like a sore thumb
It's funny how nowadays the marginal idea that believe in some conspiracy makes you smart, woke and not "one of the flock" has turned into this memey permanent state of "everything is a lie" a la Matrix where, in fact, the only thing that accomplish is to shut yourself from actual reality, actual emotions, actual normal human behavior, actual empathy, etc
Funny, I said, but kinda sad too

File: 1468959619880.png (47 KB, 650x773)
47 KB
guys what do i do if i live in the middle of nowhere and was about to leave but i got a felony dui?

wont i have to run from the law since they will try and trap me here forever pretty much? what should i do? could i get a lawyer for like 1-2000? would it help at all? my friends have had felonies and stuff and ive seen people with felonies just get conditional things for a year or 2 months probation or something but i feel like duis get punished wayyyyyyyyyy worse than any other crime
also what if i just run and go to the other side of the country they wouldnt extradite over a dui right

if i got rich couldnt i just hire a lawyer to deal with all the shit and not even have to worry

File: 1468164070249.jpg (45 KB, 600x800)
45 KB
Why is doing things so hard?
Because you need motivation to do things easily. If you don't have motivation, doing things is hard.

File: 1499939010846.jpg (9 KB, 241x261)
9 KB
>talk with an asian acquaintance of mine
>she talks about her white boyfriend
>says he cried during oprah's speech
>slowly come to realize that asian women like white guys because of their newfound betaness instead of asian men's faux-masculinity
Asian guys are beta in a pathetic and miserably awful personality type of way. They're the epitome of all the bad things in robots. The only "masculine" things about them is their misogyny and thinking they own human beings like property. An asian guy won't know how to treat women well because his father probably doesn't either and taught him nothing about women.

White boys are beta in the sensitive and cute way. They're more naturally romantic. ><
if she has tingles, you could do damn near anything
>"you need to protect woman"
>everyone claps and cries
americlap everyone
Oprah is literally a former drug addict prostitute who killed her own babies multiple times. Why anybody would give her the time of day, let alone cry during one of that soulless monster's speeches, is beyond me.

File: XR1c11L.jpg (170 KB, 1080x1350)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>hehe thanks for taking me on a date and buying me these fries babe
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she's not eating them silly
it's for the pics only
Because it's one fucking plate of fries. Relax dyel
File: 1519362235843.webm (890 KB, 854x478)
890 KB
Relax, edgelord.

You'll do literally nothing, that woman could beat ur ass, then she'd make fun of ur smol penor and you'll run home and cry.
File: 006-2.gif (370 KB, 428x428)
370 KB
370 KB GIF

>I don't know how you expect someone reading your comment
same whore (threads made 12 minutes apart...)

her insta:

File: 1486530569335.png (455 KB, 1600x960)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
Family tree thread. What's your family's background?
File: Family Tree.jpg (946 KB, 1600x960)
946 KB
946 KB JPG
This is my family tree.
American> Mexican lineage>zero documentation besides southern european grandparents
Really pisses me off that my family gives zero fucks but themselves
Literally the ultimate in 56% we wuz holy fuck the cringe is real
this is welldone, nice anon
How is this 56%?


File: 1507124332930.jpg (148 KB, 600x664)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I haven't jerked off in a week. Ask me anything.
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What's the longest you've ever gone?
Fapping is degenerate.
My best attempt was 21 days.
Don't give up. You can win your body back from the vile clutches of hedonistic self pleasure. Good luck to you Anon.
how do you feel?
In about 2 years the longest I've gone is 6 days. Please help. My fetishes are getting worse all the time.

My mom is so crazy and stupid, shes the only source of stress in my life.
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Yes, but she always fucks up my grocery list and buys me shit i dont ask for or that im allergic to

She's trying to kill you.
Let me guess, you don't have a job or do anything with your life and she pays all the bills and complains about you needing to get a job?
No I turned 18 this school year
My mom is a psycho, she's controlling, she doesn't know anything, i get pissed at her a lot, but i know she has good intentions and i love her.

File: police.jpg (484 KB, 1800x2571)
484 KB
484 KB JPG

>"Under the new Kushner statute all virgin males over 17 must report to the Ebony breeding grounds."

What do you do?
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But anon, jail is the breeding grounds
If I kill enough people that can't put me in breeding grounds.
high time to split the dark oak boys, here we goooo!
Haha suck it, not a virgin you nigger
>Implying you'd get to fuck nigresses
Now go prep your ass for the big black man, faggot.

File: 0007032855.jpg (205 KB, 860x1262)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
If you could suddenly become a turbostacy slut with no memory of your robot existence, would you? Would you leave behind your robot life for a life of being carefree, no memory of your suffering?
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That is the dream, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
>That is the dream, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
me too just my life
No. You'd marry a millionaire before 30 then collect alimony when he divorces you.
File: 1389516644016.png (49 KB, 645x773)
49 KB
>agree to become a stacy
>get raped and murdered by an angry autist pulling an elliott
The chances of that happening are miniscule compared to a guy getting mugged and stabbed/shot by some nignog.

File: 20 (1).jpg (150 KB, 728x1059)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
who else /starting a million hobbies you'll never follow up with/ here?

i just started practicing the violin right now after a year of owning one without ever using it.

File: 27.jpg (8 KB, 304x232)
8 KB
Duxk mine

File: Alcohol-v-2-resized.jpg (101 KB, 830x553)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Drinking free tonight edition.
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>tfw haven't drank in four (4) days (I think)
almost done with my 7th 16oz beer.
bout to crack another the last one for the night
Bought a 24 pack of 16oz Rolling Rock because it was on sale.

I have found myself buying booze I don't much care for because it's on sale, which I imagine isn't a good sign. I'm 32 I've earned the right to drink on the weekends. Fuck it.
>tfw the shakes
>tfw no booze money to fix said shakes
I just got a pint glass fill it halve up with vodka and halve cola. I feeling a small buzz but I might just save the rest of what I have.

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