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Hey dipshit zoomers, old, old robot here. Put down your juuls and and coconut water sippies for a minute and let me tell you the history of r9k, as well as my addled boomer mind can remember it. Some of the dates will be off, because I'm recalling all of this from memory as best I can, but here goes.

The first incarnation of Robot9000 was created some time in 2008, as a response to a calcification of new content coming from 4chan as a whole, and /b/ in particular. 4chan had always prided itself on being a content generator, as opposed to a aggregator like Reddit or ICanHazCheezburger. /b/ at this point was page after page of "> be me" stories, porn requests and retread, tired memes (if you think Sneed&Feed is tiresome you don't remember That Fucking Cat and Milhouseposting). In an effort to combat this lethargy, Robot9000 was created and the robot overseer algorithm would brute force the creation of OC by enforcing no repeated strings, or so the logic went.
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File: 1553318421451.png (51 KB, 1207x1229)
51 KB
every user on the website was sick of everyone fighting each other, 4chan fighting reddit and tumblr, gamergate fighting feminism, /pol/ fighting anything that didn't agree with it. the political sphere fighting itself, anons fighting their own shadow
File: 1493967373959.jpg (323 KB, 480x953)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
people grew up and needed meaning or validation as human beings, ambitions and careers and jobs and families. same as all of us, but most of us got lost in the kool-aid
File: checkem.jpg (94 KB, 720x478)
94 KB
No no, thank YOU for blessing this thread with those digits, young man.
Do something nice for your mother tomorrow. It doesn't have to be a big spectacle. Just show her you appreciate her.
File: 1559390641218.jpg (40 KB, 315x315)
40 KB
shut up keegan
i know ur dandy posting again
File: 1498897929757.jpg (95 KB, 600x540)
95 KB
What is now important is how this website is going to grow and change

Just lost my cyber sex virginity

Cya losers
>tfw no 24yo norwegian Nawp gf
Add my discord
ive used omegle to add about 25 girls on discord and i masturbate in video calls with about 3-4 different ones weekly and get about 6 nudes weekly
i had no idea things were this easy

Is there any point in making art and trying to make work that will be remembered in art history when civilization is going to be destroyed in the next 50-100 years by climate change? Should I give this all up for some meaningless job that pays enough for me to travel the world before its destroyed?
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Its a horses skull
if you can't make a living off of your art while you are alive, it wont be in the social sphere of relevancy to persist in 100 or 200 years. that is the current state of it. as for getting a job and paying to travel...i think you are too mediocre for it to matter. do whatever.
You do realize pic is unrelated, friend?
>civilization is going to be destroyed in the next 50-100 years by climate change
Do what I did, and become a tattoo artist.

>Be me
>High School
>Some tech class w/ computers
>Have hot stacy as classmate
>Occasionally Stacy would be in my way
>Put my hand just above her breasts(kinda near arm) to move her away
>I did this so I could touch her
>I did this about 4 times
>The 4th time she gets pissed
>Get scared, about to get in trouble for molesting her
>mfw she just thinks I was an asshole instead of creep

Looking back Im really lucky I got away with this without being seen as a creep or molester.
>mfw she just thinks I was an asshole instead of creep
alpha as fuck
I mean she probably thinks you're a creep regardless but in like a light, harmless way. Cut that shit out, anon, it's not healthy.

File: 1514221698559.jpg (785 KB, 2398x2400)
785 KB
785 KB JPG
>only happiness in life is derived from eating, and consuming media
>eating is only pleasurable for a moment, then I am full
>consuming media just makes me sad because my life will never be like in the books or vidya
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I know it sucks now, and as long as you think "my life will never be like that" there is no space for "my life can be like that" I know its cheesy but its all brain cycles, you think in loops and loops. You don't have to get up and put your ass to work today, or this week, or weeks from now. All you have to do right now is think "maybe I can" "or maybe I can start here" and the rest follows. If that is undoable then maybe the problem is you dont want to help yourself which is a new problem entirely
Better a hapless fool than a hapa-less fool :^)
>spend my days waiting to be tired enough to go to bed
Anon, you're broken and need some repairs.
File: that's the joke.jpg (37 KB, 465x360)
37 KB
hapas will not bring you happiness, you hapwit!

File: 1525496285026.png (598 KB, 655x535)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
> hey big bro do you umm want to have intercourse with me right now for school?

what do?
her IQ is unironically in the double digits

File: pistol.jpg (178 KB, 1500x1500)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
it would be so easy, so fucking easy. never again having to deal with human bullshit with just one pull
just one pull to blow up your hand and disfigure your face
If you're gonna go out, be it for reasons you don't control. Inability to interact is your fault. You need to sack up and assimilate as best you can
not with that gun it wouldn't
it's literally a glock .40, wtf do u want a s&w 500?
>it's literally a hand grenade

File: IMG_20190718_003854_871.jpg (46 KB, 1080x565)
46 KB
Hi it's the wagecuck from earlier I officially am no longer unemployed as I work at that seafood restaurant! Finna go to taco Bell and see if I can get a few hours a few days a week for extra
>plays minecraft oh his phone
File: 0899_-_qPF5hHB.jpg (16 KB, 231x244)
16 KB
congrats you robot bastard, you've done it

File: 1547674842754.jpg (56 KB, 720x696)
56 KB
>be me
>31 years old
>never had a job
>lived with my parents
>got a degree in business administration
>no work experience

What to do?
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apply anyway. who gives a fuck what the posting says. the unemployment rate is so low they'd probably be happy to have someone who doesn't eat their own farts work there. just do it, and pump up the faux confidence
Anon we hire people older than you at grocery stores. I started as a cashier at 21 with not even my GED and now I'm a supervisor. Still without a GED. I handle deposits, safe counts, entering data and paperwork and I'm in charge of cashiers. I'm doing more than you with absolutely nothing to my name. With that degree you could easily be a manager by working a bit.

I've also been looking at other jobs lately and assistant managers and stuff require stuff like you've got. I've looked at Ollies lately
Work is for faggots you should jerk off to anime feet i think
If you live near Tampa, FL then I can give you a job.

File: sociopath.jpg (37 KB, 1000x600)
37 KB
Why don't kids these days know empathy?
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Most mentally ill hide their conditions from people (even closest loved ones). The ones that act out, or are even remotely open with said conditions, are in the minority. Even serial killers and school shooters are but a minority of the mentally ill.
because it's funny when people kill themselves and others
Because the ubermensch phenomenon is coming to life
Why would someone be genuinelly good when you can be a bad person and virtue signal.
You need a good education and family to have empathy.

File: frenchtank.jpg (360 KB, 1200x1760)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
have any examples of this really stupid humor
actually managed to make you laugh anon?
File: 1518663722787.jpg (39 KB, 502x517)
39 KB
>have any examples of this really stupid humor actually managed to make you laugh anon?

File: 1550020993041.jpg (345 KB, 1920x1280)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
How many drugs do I need to take to become dumb enough to start believing in religion?

Take ayahuasca and you will become spiritual.
Good plan, I'm just not in the right state of mind right now. I'm not ready.
With ayahuasca you never will be ready, it is so otherwordly that nothing can prepare you for it. As such, you always have been ready for it.
Cannabis everyday until you do something stupid and regret it. Atheist phase wears off.

File: edgelord.jpg (30 KB, 474x474)
30 KB
What are some insecurities of the sociopath edgelord?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

Generally if people have notable insecurities, they don't become sociopath edgelords - because existing methods of social control work pretty effectively at using people's insecurities to keep them in line.

People become sociopath edgelords when they already know that they're worthless, so they no longer have any insecurities to paper over. To be insecure, you have to *suspect* that you're inferior, but still have hope that you can trick people into not noticing. When you don't have that hope, you are no longer insecure, you're simply openly alienated and (as a result) hateful and resentful.
disappointing my parents desu

i can see the seething in their eyes when i explain to them that i have enough saved up to just buy some rental properties and coast straight into the grave off of the passive income
File: dfg1.jpg (31 KB, 600x600)
31 KB

other Chad here, not the OP Chad

I know of this place. why? pic related.
But 'knowing' that you're a worthless piece of shit means you hate yourself, even if your ego doesn't register that in the surface mind. Hating yourself is pretty much what insecurities are all about. Hell, you getting defensive about being insecure sounds a lot like your ego doesn't want to identify itself with weakness and a lack of character, so your ego rationalizes a convoluted way that it's not insecure by your definition. You were hurt or disappointed in the past and not letting people get close to you by categorizing yourself as irredeemably edgy and abnormal is your defense mechanism from being hurt again.

Everything you just wrote is the kind of deliberately counter-intuitive crap that quacks come up with to try to make their pseudoscience sound sophisticated. It's not sophisticated; it's nonfalsifiable gibberish.

People who are insecure believe they may be inadequate, but hope to prevent others from detecting that inadequacy by concealing it with compensatory or obfuscatory behaviors. It's no more complicated than that. That means that you cannot be "insecure", definitionally, if you're making no attempt to deny or conceal, from others or from yourself, the nature and extent of your inadequacy.

There's no triple-reverse, Statue-of-Liberty fleaflicker trick play needed here to explain it. So, please - FUCKING SPARE ME.

File: images (1).jpg (10 KB, 308x232)
10 KB
There is something about blacked that makes my dick so hard, I just love the idea of watching girls getting brutally fucked, cummed and gangbanged by big black cocks.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Before I quit, I Pavlov'd myself into getting diamonds at the sight of black cock. I started fantasizing about sucking off black dudes so I decided to stop watching it.
do noporn
and do not seek a gf until you get over it, otherwise you will become a cuck
i'm an interracial and blacked lover, and i have a gf. i love seeing white girls get that black pipe, but i never think of my gf with one nor do i think of cuckold shit. what do i do?
same i never have fantasies about my gf but i do with other bitches i know and i feel so strange about it.
Try fapping to bleached porn.

File: Spoiler Image (129 KB, 600x600)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>tfw no orc gf
just kidding, its another Drow gf thread.
Oh sure, she LOOKS cute, but she'd as soon bite your cock clean off as look at you.

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