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File: 1550063624087.png (538 KB, 596x571)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
Would some neet fembot be willing to spend time with me watching some anime movies and series on rabbit and listen to music or just talking in general? Not necessarily neet but would be Nice

I can sing your fav songs to sleep at night or something (although my voice is shit) if that helps

Feels really lonely
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I'm sure you already have people on Discord who would love to do it with you just like every other fembot does.
Ok daddy. Discord?
Not OP but add me, I'll talk to you

I want to watch movies on person not on rabbit. Idk why you do this, if you had you would know how depressing it is to watch movies on a tiny screen, in poor quality, alone in your room while someone ruins it with their staticy voice talking over it and distracting from the movie's already shitty speaker quality .
On rare occasion with a group of acquaintances on a Rly sentimental film. Then it's understandable,
But I hope no one does this .
It's an awful semblance of human connection
>>51585685 here. I have to go too. For everybody who is interested in watching together, message me on kik. My name is: sadgurrl0

File: 109100.jpg (182 KB, 900x1323)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Tried to think about what I used to post when I was really happy

couldn't think of happy shit to post because I'm not who I was back then and these times are not like those times
Good job faggot. I laughed internally from your dumbness, you tickled my dumbness.

File: DSxi-YmUMAcHzOG.jpg (118 KB, 1024x1002)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
I have the hots for $crim.

Is my taste in men that bad?
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she is attracted to his fame, money and self loathing lyrics. it doesnt matter what he looks like, she is a dumb whore
Yet he still fucks more chicks than you could ever dream of
File: sadboi.jpg (15 KB, 360x360)
15 KB
His dread game is weak
Its that mystic mother fucker thats addicted to prescriptions
Suicideboys are faggots

File: 1533710509171.png (276 KB, 480x640)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
>tfw no gf
not a fan of this feeI

File: d25c048.jpg (42 KB, 828x551)
42 KB
>Circumcision is mutilation! Natural dicks are more sensitive and cum faster AKA BETTER than cut dicks! Natural dicks hold smegma which is totally cool!

>pic related
You were saying?
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File: zombie smug45.jpg (85 KB, 1440x1879)
85 KB
>perfect, beautiful baby boy is born
>"hey let's mutilate his genitals!"
That absolute state of amerifats.
>You can find stories of doctors fucking up any procedure, you can't really use that.
But this one is entirely unnecessary, and not only hurts the baby for no good reason, but can also endanger his life and damage his reproductive organs beyond repair. The risks do not outweigh the benefits, is what I am saying.
>It kind of caught on with non-Jewish people, and I don't really know why
/pol/ would tell you it's because Jews own America, but it caught on because American Protestants thought it would prevent boys from masturbating by intentionally ruining their sensitivity. The guy who founded Kellogg cereal was a big influence in that movement from what I hear. That's why Euros don't get cut as much, there wasn't any fundamentalist movement like that.
Speaking from personal experience, it hasn't helped me with my bad habit at all. Seems about right, given its total failure. It's mostly perpetuated because fathers think it's a tradition, and I suspect partially because none of them know how to clean or care for an uncut penis, so they have their sons cut for their convenience.
>More like facts
What facts have you presented? You got one raunchy joke from one literal who on Twitter. That's not a fact, or even a worthy contributor to the "cut vs uncut" argument.
The fact that such a retarded tweet gets so many likes is grounds enough to purge the entire platform. Cope harder you mutilated faggot
Yeah, the reduced sensitivity thing isn't real. I've heard people who are uncut who literally think that cut people need lotion to masturbate. I can assure everyone that that isn't true at all. I don't know, my dad is uncircumcised, but they had it done to me. I don't know, but I just don't think it's a big deal at all.

File: 1552103042936.jpg (179 KB, 500x356)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Holy shit guys 2 girls just asked me to hangout what the fuck is going have I switched places with a chad.
How do I not fuck this up
you'll fuck it up, because you're a fuck up and you will never change.

>take ritalin 25 mg for 3 years (have ADD)
>masturbate everyday
>get chest pain and head feels like is exploding while masturbating now

what went wrong? should i be concerned? if i masturbate before taking ritalin its okay, or after taking it but i get these chest pains and head exploding feeling at nights when i took ritalin hours ago. whats causing this? is it ritalin related?
orignalitoni shamelllesso bumpoo

File: Crying Wojak.jpg (103 KB, 633x905)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Talking to a girl on tinder
>Everything is going fine.
>suddenly she unmatches randomly
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nice deflection redditor. pretending to be an oldfag is a classic redditor argument tactic.
*stabs you'r neck*
Take that, newfag
i have a stabproof neckbrace equipped retard. i counterattack and run you through with my Blessed Claymore of +1
>Everything is going fine

Why are incels so oblivious? Are they even human?
No, they are like the "proles" George Orwell warned us about in his seminal 1948 novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

hehehe HI BOTS! im back! i havent been on this comfy board in a week or so and i wanna say i missed u guyz :-)
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who are you?
File: 1534411509555.jpg (619 KB, 711x900)
619 KB
619 KB JPG
miker! :D
Welcome back, Miku~! :3
i want to lick mikers footy!
provide shapely toes pls!
hello friend welcome back to the board

What was the most perverted thing you have ever thought of?
We promise not to shame you.
7 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't really have perverted thoughts. I just fantasize about girls hugging me or holding hands, and sometimes about gentle sex in the missionary position.
File: 1552837241735.png (196 KB, 680x408)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
There was a time I would jerk off to female masturbation and later lesbian videos. Then when that wouldn't cut it anymore and I started looking for golden shower porn, female on female only though. Pretty disgusting.

I was in an orchestra where I was the second oldest member, and some kids, probably not older than 12 were in there as well, and two of those girls were hot as fuck and for a while I masturbated to the thought of them. Pretty disturbing. I also occasionally dig out pictures of my ex-classmates (aged anywhere from 13 to 18 in those pictures) and jerk off to them. But this is okay I guess because I also jerked off to those same pictures when they were published on social media.

When I was about 14 I also used my sisters' swimsuit panties to jerk off when she left them in the shower when we were on vacation.

A few days ago I had a thought for just a second how I could jerk off once then after a few hours when I had rested my peen0r I could jerk off again and pour that old cum all over myself and then cum all over myself as well.

One of my earliest memories, about 2-3yo, include jerking off to the thought of my mom's boobs.

I'll leave the hentai (especially the hentai furry and futa) material on the table as well.

And there's porn of tiny black/mulatto or eurasian girls fucking white guys sometimes, and I fantasize about calling them niggers/nips and slaves while rage/hatefucking them.
all of my sexual fantasies involve women being immoral on a genocidal scale at least. what do you call that
I think it would be really fun to tie someone up, blindfold them, headphones with white noise, stuff them full of vibrators, and just go run errands for a few hours. There is probably worse I've thought of, but this is a recurring thing.
Sharing an escort with an anon. He would be a twink with a small, uncut cock and I'd let him play with my bigger cut one. He would only get his turn after I came in her, and I would bully him the entire time.

File: co.jpg (234 KB, 697x593)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Is it weird that I'm only in the closet because I don't want to have sex with men?
Awful bait.

The bait is awful.

Try harder.

I'm serious. Fags can be MGTOW too.

File: milk.jpg (109 KB, 780x1040)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
hey /r9k/ i have some choccy milk, please dont do anything while im gone
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
clean ur table ew
Doesn't this shit belong on /b/
Just a sippppp

I'ma cum in a circle around the milk
lmao that picture is fucking hilarious, that guy looks smug af

I have to find the location in the picture could you anons help me.
There used to be someone in the britfeel threads who could find any location from a photo. never did learn how he did it
Think he was referred to as doxanon

I work hard, live a very disciplined lifestyle. Job is going well, girlfriend is going well.

Yet, I have a huge urge to neckbeard it. Play video games all day, eat greasy takeout.

I want to be chill and happy rather than stressed and achieving.

It wasn't like I had a choice, my whole life up until this point, I had to grind just to survive but now I feel too old to live a carefree lifestyle.
File: hopeful.jpg (1.05 MB, 3264x2448)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
I've had this feeling A LOT when going through self improvement phases. I've always relapsed back to those ways after getting those urges. Sure, it's alot more comfortable and less stressful but that lingering sense of shame returns and I lose that focused energy I get. This shit is hard man, but I think if you really focus on clearing those negative thoughts, maybe with meditation or reading and shit, it should pass. Godspeed bro.
Find a balance? Takeout isn't a bad thing and video games in moderation aren't either. You are too uptight and it's making you want the extreme opposite even though you know people on that end (us) aren't happy either.

(The game: I post a task daily, try to keep up for as long as you can.)

Day 2!
Open the window for some fresh air and sunlight. :^)
>Yesterday's: Wash your hands

Tasks are cumulative, so you gotta do both today. Happy Friday anons!
B-but it's cold, snowing, and the sky is a blanket of grey clouds. I missed the first day, so I'll just wash my hands and try to be happy with that.
File: 13412412412.jpg (27 KB, 720x400)
27 KB
I hope you fucking die of cancer and have maggots and worms crawling through your flesh

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