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File: 20180719_102147.jpg (164 KB, 1440x988)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
uhh.. g-guys?
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Because you are talking to a girl you don't know about having sex, rather than talking to one of your male friends about playing video games.
Well aren't you just absolutely thrilling on reddit

Dude if you need to have a conversation to get with a women on tinder, you're ugly.
You repeated yourself, I still don't understand.
She is a fat hog, you dimwit, haven't you learned that girls never have a bad picture of themselves? I bet she has a huge gut and probably a collection of stds

Does anybody know a discord server which does raids?
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thank you everyone for being so kind and giving me an actual answer :DDD
This is for your own good. Just use 4chan for lurking and shitposting lol nobody does raids.
hey bro im pretty drunk, but im keen to get back into wow once payday comes. There should be 4chan wow raid server on discord

We only got two people in here right now and we got a long tryout process that only two people have passed. Takes an hour, but we successfully took down three Discord servers and basically broke up the core with drama.

If you don't spend 12 hours a day shitposting on Discord, then you're not suited for the job. We're all autists here who don't even leave the chair we're sitting down on.
man i have no friends beside people i game with, i would say the only time i talk to women is if im buying something. AM i in ??????

Pics that fuck you up
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File: 1531335715598.jpg (104 KB, 1024x768)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Gonna post a few more
File: skellington.png (116 KB, 500x341)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
shhhh only dreams now
File: 1531036896735.jpg (358 KB, 1383x1600)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Addendumobo organdodo
File: FB_IMG_1530443581641.jpg (176 KB, 1209x1457)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
There are no words to describe these feels
i wish my dog did that

File: P4Y3wWg.jpg (86 KB, 798x960)
86 KB
>Look at me! I'm le epic dank memer haha I'm not like the other NORMIES. You don't like this. You must be a NORMIE haha TROLLED.

"Leave that which does not concern you"
dont spread that shit you loser go jack off or drink or something to relieve urself
jesus cunt find something better to do

File: 1512053977199.jpg (35 KB, 261x355)
35 KB
How do I tell my friend that I want to suck his benis...
Chloroform him and drag him to your basement.
If you are gay/trap kys.
If not then, just take of his pants and get on your knees, no words are required.
get both of you drunk first. don't do it if he's not into you like that tho
M8 I wanna succ yr benis

File: ters.png (532 KB, 1086x750)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
I get to take my lunchbreaks at home when I want.

It's pretty comfy.

File: 1455855650178.png (141 KB, 534x548)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Why cant white cucks stop spamming blacked porn all over this board?
Blacked porn doesnt trigger me or can trigger me because im not even white, I just hate seeing niggers all day.
They are ugly & look very animslistic. For me its like seeing bestiality spammed all day. pls stop thank you
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>They are ugly & look very animslistic. For me its like seeing bestiality spammed all day
How exactly is that a bad thing op?
Because im not that mentally ill, im okay with traposting but seeing niggers all day is disgusting
Just fuck off retard. Keep it on /gif/ no one wants to see your dumbass fetish. It's annoying and tiresome.
These type of replies is exactly why it will be spammed here for an eternity.
sorry bruh but the other guy is right, I just browsed asianmasculinity subredit and it it all consists of bitching about the white man lmfao,

File: 1531974260801.png (580 KB, 1080x771)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
>just installed grindr and made my profile
It's all downhill from here bros
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>tfw ive recognized people from that app in my city
>fag from Grindr
>coworker is s fag
>one day Grindr fag comes into store
>fag:hey is your shitdick coworker in??
>fag:tell em megafag said hey, okay?
Never do ofc.
I laughed for straight few minutes at this comment
A year and a half ago before I graduated I wanted to see if I know someone and I found one of my teachers... Going on grindr at high school grounds
>tfw try to look everywhere for exclusively femboys or traps
>everyone is an old guy, or a hooker tranny
The fuck, what am I supposed to do without craigslist?
No one cares how you'll get a dick to clog your shit hole, normalfag. Get lost.

Any drug anons here who snort?

Ive been snorting meth a bit more recently and i cannot get over the fucking drip.

Granted its not the worst thing ive tasted by any stretch of the imagination (see: ecstasy) and it goes away after about five to ten minutes, its still fucking gross man. I wanna know what i can do to make this less nasty besides drinking tasty things and waiting.

Also, any fun drug stories would be nice too cause im gonna be tweaking over this board for a while i suppose and i like to talk when im twacked. None of my friends are up since its fucking five am and im practically a neet.
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Opiates are the best and it's not even debatable. There is no drug on earth that comes close to the pleasure of heroin
pcp is a whole another level. a level of dissociation that makes life feel like a video game. you literally feel like you're controlling sour movements from a third person position. super manic, weird and fun. extremely hard to get though.
dxm is pretty fun too though. a mix between a classic dissociative high and a mild opiate buzz. ketamine still beats both in my opinion
Looking at all the people i know on prescription painkillers and heroin, i will definitely take your word for it. My ex and i would call each other every night and sometimes we would find things in our house to get high on for shits and giggles. His mom has fibromyalgia or some type of chronic pain shit so bad she needed opiates for it. so he had like an endless supply of oxy and he ended up hooked on that. I try to stay away from opiates though since i dont have much self control.
Or maybe he has common sense, fuckwit

File: maxresdefault.jpg (606 KB, 3000x2250)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
why are women so well read compared to incels?
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>eric walters
>random who
are you retarded
>Eric Robert Walters CM (born 1957) is a prolific Canadian author of young adult fiction
literally WHO
Tolkien sucks. Dickens sucks. Kafka sucks. What is classic is arbitrarily chosen by whomever is in authority of a field. "Literature", the word, is an affectation when used in any context besides medical. Stop reading fiction. Stop reading philosophy. Stop making unoriginal posts.
why are robots so dismissive of womens' humanhood?

File: mybebi-alpha.png (52 KB, 271x339)
52 KB
because /r9k/ kinda sux today
if I get recognized I stg
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How to meet cute girl like this with cute mole in real life?
>in real life
File: IMG_20180719_113809.png (151 KB, 699x692)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
It's a me, ideal mate I don't care as long as they're cool and pasable ya know
File: Screenshot_7.png (216 KB, 650x845)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
its me i think
i became yoh asakura

File: bbc only.jpg (51 KB, 500x666)
51 KB
Does size really matter? Any women here who can verify? Because I know the guys here will just say whatever makes them feel better.
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lmao her vagina is at 4 inches and it reaches ten so really she wants a 6 inch dick which is slightly bigger than average.
Do 10" dicks even exists?
You're getting used for money.

Thanks for the insults, roastie. Deal with it.
Yeah, I discovered that by accident fapping in the shower once. I kept doing it because I noticed later my sensitivity went way up and just touching my dick felt too good and would make me twitch. I put coconut oil in my dick every night after I warm it up in bath. I also figured out that if you put one of those silicone bandaids on glans, it will reduce those scars from not having a foreskin over time.
>used for money
I have invested nothing into this relationship with her, we watch netflix at her house, we both buy drinks and munch, on the rare occasion we go out we split the cost.

File: 1147390_1.jpg (34 KB, 630x630)
34 KB
will taking 400 mg of benzos and two liters of vodka kill me?
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you will throw it up
thanks for your time
yeah, don't take the alcohol with it or you'll vomit everywhere. 400mg of benzos sounds a+ I wish I had that rn
Well it definitely would kill you but it would be very scary and when your survival instinct kicks in you will most certainly panic. You will probably die from a slow heart rate and breathing so if you ever get second thoughts about it after it's kicked in remember to not fall asleep and breathe regularly as you will be breathing manually.
how do you come to the conclusion that life is a temporary problem? Problems only last as long as your life does, and if the problem IS your life, how is it temporary?

File: 1530996772335.png (441 KB, 567x567)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
bussy gang, bussy gang, bussy gang, bussy gang bussy gang bussy gang, bussy gang, bussy gang
spend 10 racks on a boihole
19 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw no autistic sissy bf
File: 1485413231014.jpg (7 KB, 250x241)
7 KB
Why did you think that this was a thread worth posting?
File: 1513321135762.jpg (219 KB, 792x1134)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
I'm not the autistic sissy spammer and I'd rather be called a femboy because that's less of a fetish than sissy, I like cute stuff even non girl stuff.
Are you cute?
File: 1514103962065.png (105 KB, 1128x1002)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
Call me Thorburn, John A., staff sergeant
Marksman, skilled in killin', illin', I'm able and willin'
Kill a village elephant, rapin' and pillage a village
Illegitimate killers, U.S. Military guerrillas

Special Op, Huey chopper gun ship, run shit
Gook run when the minigun spit, won't miss
Kill shit, spit four-thousand bullets a minute
Victor Charlie, hair-trigger, hit it, I'm in it to win it
Get it, the lieutenant hinted, the villain, I been it
The killin', I did it, cripple, did it
Pictures I painted is vivid, live it
A wizard with weapons: the secret mission, we 'bout to begin it
So, bitches are stupid
I treat 'em like shit, that's how you get one to eat a dick
Never be sweet to a bitch
Keep it sick, they like to get dissed, they like it rough
Women are so fucked up in the head some like to get snuffed
And they come back for more
Cuz men are from Mars and women are from Venus
That's why they like to suck penis

File: Enemies_crow.jpg (307 KB, 1200x1600)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
>No friends
>Make new friend online
>Because you have no other friends, they automatically default to best friend
>Get attached
>They already have friends, so they don't get attached as you and don't consider you a "best friend"
The worst feel
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oops, I meant "I don't want you to feel worse." Sorry for assuming if you are sad, it's just that I come to this board when I am extremely lonely, sad, or existential. even though usually I feel indifferent and apathetic because I repress my emotions
holy shit, you literally "it's not you it's me"'d him. Why can't you just be honest and say you have no interest in friending a clingy beta from /r9k/? Women are such sneaky fucks.
b-but I am not even a girl
I'm just another insecure mentally unhralthy anon. but I am getting better and I think everyone (except pedos and other various people) deserves the opportunity to be happy!! It's not that I want to "it's not you it's me" to him, it's that usually everything is my fault within my relationships with people (if this even helps explain anything). it's a bad habit for me to break!! gomenasorry ;~;
learn to select friends, not to set them instantly as best friends. Best friend is a grade you acquire through time and dedication.

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