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Are Bert and Ernie people? They're puppets but they look human. They don't have fur, I'm pretty sure they're not monsters. The Count doesn't have fur and looks human. Is the count a vampire?
File: zorak2.jpg (12 KB, 194x194)
12 KB
they cant be puppets though they have legs
Bert certainly is. I'm more like Ernie desu.
Can someone post the pic of Bert and Ernie fuging the loli? I lost it long ago
Are we all in agreement that Bert is definitely top

File: hSlO25U.png (622 KB, 850x437)
622 KB
622 KB PNG

when will you guys learn to settle for less and find a 5/10 gf? Originally
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white boys are better off transitioning to white girls
When will robots learn that their looksmatch isn't a 5/10?
I was right, you cum swallowers are going to post this shit ad infinitum. Reminder that this is a 4 year old video.
File: 1499013291444.png (140 KB, 604x485)
140 KB
140 KB PNG

I hate these bitches the most. She is beneath probably 80% of the dudes on /r9k/ but the thought of dating even the best looking of us revolts her. Staceys are much more tolerable.
well maybe she should settle for less

>not even womanlets like manlets
there's no god
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But dontr try to reason with this triggeree incels
Oh yeah, those nu-male faggot German men with black dildos hanging out their asses definitely are against open borders. Deal with it, German women are for everyone. Any non-German that walks into German wipes their dick in a German girls pussy. It's basically a courtesy gift from the German government.
I want to try some 1inch lifts but I don't want anyone in my house seeing me ordering them originally
t. someone whose never been to germany or outside his basement and has all his knowledge about germany and its women from /pol/
t. someone that's lying to himself and this thread

Anime has gone too far.

These are unironic
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>starts off kind of silly
>american voices
>realizes its just an ad for spic town (Los angeles)
>the lady is probably a mixed jap
>awful music

I really hope this doesn't become a trend. The United Stools of Amerishart once again fails to properly emulate the superior Japanese product.
cringe festival
It's okay for a woman to block a seat with her bag or sit across it.
But for me a male who obviously can't squish my testicles together without experiencing pain has to spread my legs to let them freely hang is wrong.
Los Angeles has a lot of Nips i'm not surprised I always see old hags on the metro
SK-Chan is super cute tho

File: me.jpg (35 KB, 600x645)
35 KB
I can't do it anymore..
All these years of torment and chaos has led to this. Nothing goes my way, and hasn't for ages. I don't want to live anymore..
Same, but i don't have the courage to do it. Welcome to the slow and painful process of barely scraping by on a slow descent to rock bottom in the long queue for the weeds to take you. Enjoy the ride, all I'll say to you is "it's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything". Fuck the world till that bitch bust nuts, anon
You want the inner pain gone and a moment of mental peace anon. Not death. Pick up an instrument. It will make you focus on it, and it will sing back to you as you sing to it. Your awkward chorus between the two of you eventually becoming a presence of harmonious sound and beauty.

File: 1498436775225.jpg (88 KB, 700x700)
88 KB
>tell psychiatrist I have no energy, no motivation, no concentration, and no focus
>her solution is to give me antidepressants that will lower my energy, motivation, concentration, and focus
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File: 1466549042489.jpg (73 KB, 636x636)
73 KB
there's no escape

SSRI's/SNRI's/other serotonergics don't work
benzos/other recreational drugs will work in the short term, but will fuck you up in the long term
That is true.

t. Alcoholic/heroin addict
Slightly unrelated, but I've found a box of 150mg "Venlafaxine" at home, prescribed for my sister but she stopped taking them. I always wanted to take some psycho pills and look if it improves my general depressed state. Can I just pop them for a week or two and stop anytime?
I guess the best solution is actually growing some balls. Second best solution might be weed, idk
Venlafaxine give you some well being and anxiety relief for the day, but withdrawal after long time consumption gives you the rekt

File: 1508083936166.jpg (145 KB, 1280x720)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
IQ shouldn't matter any more, right? Because we ultimately want success.
1/3rds of successful people are not conscientious

2/3rds are conscientious

the rest are not successful
man what a dumb post I made

i wonder why I even try sometimes
No, morality is desirable. It's just that we all heard the bit about IQ being a strong predictor of success and I assume the definition of success will be stretched as far as it can go. So dumb people are probably going to be less moral, less fit, etc.

That's actually a good point. If you are a nice person (hence, successful), IQ shouldn't matter.

If some malevolent force all of a sudden threatened half of the autists, faggots, and high school children on the board, would we weaponize our autism?

File: 1507227394000.png (76 KB, 657x527)
76 KB
women have ugly hands
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you have no idea how much I hate them, I would never take a picture of them and post them only to only be insulted
but they are big and not feminine, just not attractive
I just wanted to know if I had a chance with this guy
File: 1501790838736.jpg (6 KB, 180x200)
6 KB
>big wide feet perfect for footjobs
>fingernail polish
Truly patrician taste Anon
Is this bad? Usually it's the other way around.
t. manlet with really small girly hands
File: 1495806651238.png (20 KB, 213x334)
20 KB
finally someone else gets it
>red nail polish and those roman sandals

>tfw no aesthetic qt bf/gf


File: 65222652_p0.jpg (562 KB, 1600x1030)
562 KB
562 KB JPG
ITT we post pictures of school shootings, anime or IRL.
File: bang.jpg (166 KB, 1342x1200)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
I will start with this simple one of a toastie getting btfo
This is bad for you. Watch happy stuff instead
File: IMG_20170323_200415.jpg (39 KB, 480x359)
39 KB
this is the only school shooting related image I have currently
these people are so badly drawn

you'd think more top tier artists would make school shooting porn

>It's about Kate Winslet (White Woman) who falls in love with Idris Elba (Black Man). They encounter a beta stranger (White Man) who is so bitter, he wants to kill the BBC.
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The age of the white man is over. It's time for you guys to accept this.
>he thinks Jews are actually spending millions making such movies

Its a scheme, they say they send 10 million making a movie that only cost 5mil. They pocket the difference.
Here, here.

We give them our anime waifus and they give us their white women.
Oh man, the revenge is going to be brutal.

I saw an attractive white country girl walking into this movie theatre, don't think I'll forget that. I was seeing Blade Runner, IF YOU THOUGHT ABOUT ASKING. OF COURSE I WAS WATCHING BLADE RUNNER R9K ROBO MOVIE OF THE YEAR.

Hmmm what else was I going to say. Oh yeah, That gunslinger movie Dark Tower is even a bigger disgrace. That's all they have, total disgrace.
File: TheAdulterers_REV.jpg (721 KB, 356x526)
721 KB
721 KB JPG

Have you guys seen this one? I saw it on Netflix last year. Not sure if it's still on there.

File: gondola_cafe-1.jpg (557 KB, 1745x953)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
Robots, can you guys describe why you are the way you are? I've been coming here for about six years now, and while I'm an unemployed shut-in, I would still be considered a "normie" because I'm not a virgin, I have some friends I see very occasionally, etc.

So I just sort of assumed that you guys were just lacking self-confidence. However, I'm starting to see that a lot of you guys are genuinely just incapable of forming relationships or sticking up for yourselves.

I guess I'm asking is, what goes through your heads? Why do you believe you have such little worth? I have my own share of insecurities (dicklet, wristlet, etc) but I still feel like I'm interesting enough to talk to.

Why are you you, robots?
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If you have ever had anyone give or reciprocate any sort of love at all, but have a shit life, you are a <failed normie>.
people just don't like me. it took me a while to realize how much they just don't like me. i used to be somewhat normal and happy just living my life, but i'd get mocked for just being alive. years of that shit led to me being quiet, miserable, and anxious, and i'd also get mocked for that as well.

it doesn't matter how i act, it's the way i look. i guess i look like a person that deserves to be laughed at.
You really doesn't sounds like the person "everybody" dislike in you.
I hope you'll find good friends
Jesus, man.

I hope you get better and find people that love you unconditionally.
because being autistic is having your social life immediately set to hard mode

File: 1486129583788.jpg (174 KB, 633x758)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>mom keeps remarking about my eating habits even though I fucking told her it's my cheat week

fuck off bitch
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I'm out of my fucking MIND oh my dear lord.
fuck off foodlet, I'd wreck your twink ass
stfu, I'd beat your fucking ass
File: 1506994818417.jpg (67 KB, 960x893)
67 KB
>cheat WEEK

no wonder you are fucking fat yo nasty sack of human trash

File: image.jpg (83 KB, 386x661)
83 KB
I would honestly rather get paid whatever the neetbux rate is in the UK than work 40 hours a week and earn 6 figures. You don't even have time to spend the money on things to enjoy. 2 days of freedom a week, how could anyone live their lives like this?
>40 hours a week and earn 6 figures
No one working 40 hours a week earns six figures lol.
yea but if you're an unemployed loser you can't participate in society at all. Women will screen you out easily. if you're a redpilled six fig maker then you can leverage your money in all sorts of ways. you can make investments to get richer etc.

getting paid the bare minimum to sit around and do nothing is a death sentence

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