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hi friends
i am russian
please talk to me :)
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Go back to sosach and take your whore with you.
Add me on discord if you want to talk
I hate to say this since you probably hear it a lot and it doesnt mean much coming from a stranger on a site thats filled with like 80% incels, but; you actually look really cute. What sort of things are you into? I gotta head to bed now but if the thread is still up when I wake it might be cool to be e-friends if we got enough in common.
i really hate seeing pretty girls like this. if i were this pretty life would be so fucking easy.
File: 1487908611973.jpg (20 KB, 1087x393)
20 KB
Holy fuck. please let this be bait

File: spanko.jpg (70 KB, 500x435)
70 KB
Why don't you just spank roasties if you hate them so much?
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>spank left
>she flies off into the night, never to be seen again
>spank right
>wrist bone shatters
Holy kek. That made my day. Thanks Anon!
File: 51yapRwmdXL.jpg (48 KB, 314x500)
48 KB
Whipping Tom Brought to Light and Exposed to View

The Whipping Tom of 1681 was active in the warren of small courtyards betweenFleet Street,StrandandHolborn. He would wait in the narrow and dimly lit alleys and courtyards. On seeing an unaccompanied woman, he would grab her, lift her dress, and slap her buttocks repeatedly before fleeing.He would sometimes accompany his attacks by shouting "Spanko!"
He attacked a large number of women,and while he would often use his bare hand, he would occasionally use a rod.
Some of his victims were left badly injured by the attacks.He would appear, carry out his attacks and vanish with such speed that some people attributed him with supernatural powers.

it's all adding up. great now imma randomly yell spanko if I can ever spank a girl
More like spankBRO

File: dahmer-jeffrey-image.jpg (14 KB, 300x300)
14 KB
All "people" who dont have aspergers need to leave
File: 1546872750454.png (88 KB, 200x219)
88 KB
>post implies he's an aspie
>post implies he's superior to normal people
I am diagnosed with aspergers and am superior to you. Stronger faster smarter and more attractive.
I can bench press 295 squat 275 run a 4:53 minute mile and know multivariable calculus. Also i write my own music. Soc rated me as a 10/10 beat that you subhuman neurotypical
that's great, but how does it feel to know you will never be able to properly socialize and connect with other humans?
>never be able to properly socialize and connect with other humans?
Normalfags arent able to either youll learn this once you actually interact with them
alright, nice bait, i'm done with this thread

File: 1547502638966.gif (289 KB, 447x415)
289 KB
289 KB GIF
Us robots are getting tired of your shit sluts, get the fuck off of our board and make your way over to crystal cafe. Cunts.

I want to get this tattooed on my pelvic area. What do you guys think? It has a lot of meaning to me and I think the girls would really dig it too.
get it, looks adorable
Only trash and Yakuza get tattoos, OP. Are you a Yakuza???
I'd sure like her near my pelvic area

I got banned from /v/ for posting THICC Latinas. Wanna talk about video games /r9k/?
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I will try this.

I started black desert online but I can't get into it I'm gonna try something casual.

Hopefully I will enjoy myself for once haha.

Thanks anon.
I hate xbox since the first came out man idk its just like that for me i hate xbox in general
Good luck anon. Its probably the industrys fault. Everyone wants to be the next huge epic, and they try hard to make gameplay more complex. When depressed, its good to pick things that you can play with your mind off, things you can just learn naturally on your own without requiring a long tutorial
Well i was like that all my life too until recently. Maybe one day youll consider it anon, or maybe never. But i can tell you i bought mine on impulse in 2017, to try a few exclusives like cuphead, and gears of war, but i ended up falling in love with the better graphics, controller, and online experience. But i cant blame you because ps4 can play the same shit plus more... hopefully xbox can focus on bringing more games that look cool to people. But im just happy to use mine for upcoming stuff like mortal kombat 11
Cool. I've been meaning to find a ps4 for KH3.

File: Shadows_Anime_Form.jpg (60 KB, 283x400)
60 KB
If you dont have aspergers you need to stop browsing here
Autist uprising when?
Origami Japanese poodle
>if you dont have aspergers you need to stop browsing here
>believing the autist can throw over this board
How do I know if I have this without fucking up my medical record with a diagnosis?

People have asked me a bunch of times if I'm on the spectrum and my bosses both think I have autism or asbergers.

I've done a bunch of online tests and they always say that uve probably got it but I should get a real diagnosis from a doctor.

But I don't like doctors and again I don't want that shit on my record I think I already fucked up my record but not sure.

How do I know anon?
we should make a discord exclusively for literal autists

File: crystalcafefemcels.png (47 KB, 285x393)
47 KB
What does /r9k/ think of Crystal Cafe/femcels?
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...I wish I'd known her a few years ago before she got fat and got her grill smashed in, her face still wasn't great, but the body would've made up for it (and the no-tits thing would've been proportional) and I still think about the way her ass and pussy looked in this moment when I jerk off sometimes. So wet and pink and tight.

She is by far the loudest person I have ever heard come. I rarely come during ONS and she was not atteactive in her current state, so I just kinda brought her down slow and stopped. She got super upset that she couldn't make me come and asked to be taken home. Woke up the next day to some bizarre text stream about how she forced me to do something I didn't want to do and she's a terrible person and on and on. I reassured her that her didn't force me to do anything. Which then shifted the stream-of-consciousness to her being fat and ugly and on and on. Since I didn't want to deal with this shit, I honestly agreed with her and she stopped talking to me. DM;HS. 2018 taken care of.

2019's goal was completed by Jan 10th because I modified the rules to not asking for pics and only disqualify if I know what they look like. And I lost the mustache and no longer look like I speak for the trees.

Met her through a /soc/ state thread and she is really REALLY fucking cute. I'm interested to see where it goes.

Oh. The point.

Technically everyone can be considered volcel if it's merely a matter of having low enough standards.

You may end up having to CNC a girl processing her suicidal feelings about being raped, or who can't get laid since everyone in her social group knows she got gangbanged by a pack of dindus, or fuck a desperate, ugly, fat, broken-smiled, coalburner who looks amazing if you only fuck her from behind and concentrate on the delightfully squishy pinkness.

You'll still be a loser, but not a virgin.
I can blow $1k on a super high class escort if I wanted to lose my virginity. I just want someone who accepts me for who I am, whose loyal, and relate to them.
I'm not even bad looking, I get told I'm Chad a lot. But on my way to balding, for sure, as long as they were loyal.
Just wish I had someone to hold, man. I don't want to get my dick wet. Not really. I just want to make someone breakfast and after snuggling together all night.
bu.mp onion
>It seems like a lot more of them have had BFs and such
wow I feel the empathy flowing through me

File: 1546927776705.png (37 KB, 434x327)
37 KB
But I only want gf for sex tho t b h
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Your problem is that you think you are above me, you think you are stronger than me, you think I can't defeat you, and maybe you are right, maybe I 'm too weak, maybe I was born to fight a battle that was lost, maybe all was hopeless. In the beginning that is. You know what tho? You are wrong. I led a meaningless life yet in my death I found my purpose. In death I exceeded what no one else ever managed. I transceded my mortality into something no one else ever could.
cringeworthy and bluepilled
If you're still a virgin at 31 you gave up on sex a long time ago
Wow okay sweetie, let's take a moment to unpack this.

Y'all men who believe this need to stop and recognize what you're doing is an unconscious rape of women.
you sound like a faggot but i agree with you, >>50453234 is a fucking fag

File: vwmpn.jpg (21 KB, 412x351)
21 KB
can femanons fucking explain how we can tell if a girl likes us, or if she likes us likes us? what do you do differently because i just can't tell
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Again, I'll just assume you're trying to flash me, which I appreciate, but I won't assume you like me based on that.
>touch hair a lot
>smile and or laugh a lot
>hold eye contact
>find excuses to touch or make physical contact
>pupils will dilate when looking at you (helpful for blue eyes)
>will make sure to stand as close to you as possible whenever near you
This. Really. Also originally.
File: cope.jpg (31 KB, 601x508)
31 KB
Why do you have to say this?
wtf some qt loner girl has been doing this to me for months now, stealing glances and somewhat avoiding me

Why does /r9k/ and celibates in general dislike women in their video games?



/pol/-tier rationality?

And it is not just video games. Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, The Mother of Dragons, Furiosa, Rey, all hated.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Nobody complained about the last of us or tomb raider. Why?
Because they're good games not political pieces
File: 1544566105145.jpg (106 KB, 1080x1116)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Idk I almost exclusively play senran kagura games
I like sexy, cute, attractive aryan looking strong independent women in my games.

Not some ugly, black haired selfish entitled cunt who Mary Sues everything...
Ripley isn't hated because she was an actual character. Rey, Furiosa, and whatever other stronk indypyndynt womyn characters there are today are what's called a Mary Sue. Everything is handed to them and no real struggle is made, they're boring soulless automatons who are only women because they can be, not for any reason of story or plot. It's woman for the sake of woman and nothing else, being shoved upon men who mostly try to get away from and forget about this shit through escapism. And if you ever point this out, you're a sexist with an unhealthy view of women, or if you say anything bad about a woman ever as a matter of fact. I made a small comment on the gillette commercial yesterday morning while talking with my own mother and she accused me of being a misogynist, and went on a long tirade about why I'm a bad person and need to stop thinking that women can be evil.
People want their own group to be represented in the media that is directed to them. Most Vidya is played by white and asian men, therefore they want to see white and asian men in their games and films. If you fill their games with niggers and women, the people who are laughing at you in real life for playing vidya and being a "freak", of course you are upset. It was ok when there was only a quota-nigger and female per game, but it just becomes too much to be believable.

File: 1539016388081.png (698 KB, 1024x576)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
Thete is only one race

The white race
There is only one race. To the bottom.
This. The rest is just genetic filler.

In all seriousness, if you could turn invisible who is the first person you would beat the everliving shit out of?

Come on. There must be someone. Tell me who and why.
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
My old ''friends'' from high school. They made me become a depressed loser
that fucking piece of shit who ran away with my money. fat cunt.
My mom.

Also checking these
I would check people I hate private documents and messages to find something on them
Would you actually fight them or spook them out so they have this fear of being in their home? Assuming it's a bully for most of you, wouldn't you get most satisfaction knowing the one place they're supposed to feel safe, they're terrified to be at? I wonder if you could give someone a heart attack from it

File: 1537949470114.png (127 KB, 560x560)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Daily reminder: God doesn't exist.
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1435965063437.jpg (66 KB, 499x499)
66 KB
File: nigga stfu.png (401 KB, 544x684)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
Bitch. I exist. I am your God. Your soul will be so delicious when im done with you.
Well obviously nobody had to create god because he's the eternal thing that started the universe. And the reason the universe can't just be eternal by the same logic is that I'm unsettled by the idea of my existence being impersonal.
Worship me as your god you soulless pathetic weak faggots!
ty op i almost forgot about that XD

File: tomoki.jpg (222 KB, 512x600)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>tfw no achaean bf

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