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File: 1550585713038.jpg (223 KB, 767x1024)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
"I'll lie right here and you won't rape me, right anon?"

what do
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"Oh, I get it now. Sure, I won't rape you."
absolute godess
Imagine how much it would suck to get a sunburn on your asshole
wonder why i'm at a nude beach
Don't really get horny when I go to beach desu.
You would think you would be walking around with a permaboner but because it's not sexual nudity, nothing

File: 1536399163565.jpg (428 KB, 1075x1137)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
Anyone else has a /cheating/ fetish here? or anything similar to it?
I love my boyfriend but I can't help but feel like I want to fuck other people while he's not around or gone away for a while. I never attempt it thought but just the thought of doing it makes me feel really horny for some reason.
Because you're a filthy tranny, not a real girl
You're life is dictated by your disgusting fetish
File: 18.jpg (181 KB, 645x911)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
I fap to ntr from time to time, but you're a shitty person if you actually cheat on your partner

File: stillhere.jpg (45 KB, 861x652)
45 KB
we're all still here
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File: IMG_3092.png (797 KB, 1334x750)
797 KB
797 KB PNG
I don't find it hard to continue. One brief moment...
did ayylmaos have WWs too or are we simply too savage and cruel? what our role in the universe? do ayylmaos think of us as "the monkeys that had 2 world wars"?
File: 1550664795881-b.jpg (52 KB, 750x738)
52 KB
>we're all still here
Just to suffer
What expression is he conveying?
chaotic good desu

File: 1525073323199.png (790 KB, 1425x2053)
790 KB
790 KB PNG
>tfw my breeding visa finally arrived in the mail today

cant wait to get my government issued japanese girlfriend, thank you based shinzo abe

you did remember to apply, right...?
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>Foreign workers in Japan triple in decade to record 1.46 million
>The number of foreign workers in Japan tripled over a decade to a record-high 1.46 million as of October, official data showed Friday, as companies continue to struggle with a labor shortage
It's over, anon, nationalism is just not feasible in this day and age, I'd rather see robots breeding Japanese women than Chinese, Filipinos and other low tier Asians.

Since this board is so stupid, it should be mentioned that it was an April fools joke
>April fools joke
>April 2nd
Nice try, tard.
I thought it was real and began to panic because, by the time I would be able to learn Japanese, I would already be getting too old to get a wife.
Post the follow up story. They send them to do Fukushima cleanup.

File: 1550321986407.jpg (75 KB, 700x367)
75 KB
>tfw read the other day that having suicidal thoughts at least once a week isn't normal and is considered to be a serious issue
>tfw have suicidal thoughts at least every few hours for the past 5 years
I dont actually wanna kill myself, these thoughts just come in my head. Am I fucked guys?
File: 1550660712218.gif (241 KB, 261x300)
241 KB
241 KB GIF
No, Probably just mildly autistic.

Every time I'm at a balcony or something I can't help but think of jumping off and killing myself for the lols. If it's really bay go see a doctor or something
high place phenomenon/call of the void
I think about suicide at least 5 times a day. I fetishize it. I know I'll never do it but sometimes it's all I want.

lets be honest, guys like us are at a higher risk than normals
2 times a day here. For 10 years now.

What are some absolute soiboy terms?
I'll start
>He's good people
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I have friends that unironically talk like that and it makes me want to die
spotting a newfriend has never been easier
>heh talk about living rent free in his head
>Thanks for the gold kind stranger

Also using the term >y'all when its not in your vernacular.
yankees that do that are trying to copy niggers
File: gettyimages-698991610.jpg (95 KB, 968x681)
95 KB
In order to sound more """folksy""" and """authentic""" and not like the anesthetized hiveminded insectoid fucks that they actually are.
I love how easy it is to trigger these dumbass douchebags though with edgelord shit like pic related.

File: 6996.png (100 KB, 1212x634)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
What the fuck is 6996? Russian people do some compilations of gore videos and at the end of video they put this japanese or some other asian language shit (pic related). Why this exists and what's the meaning and story behind it???

File: kaneki gif2.gif (1.42 MB, 800x450)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB GIF
not a single female has even shown the slightest bit of affection to me and im 18
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I was the same. An actual autist loser who always listened to rock music and didn't socialise with people. Then I got to college. Got into patrician metal. Got the metal mindset, lost interest in chicks, I only cared about finding black as fvck metal bands. Eventually hook up with hot as fuck metal chick in college. Shit was cash but she was a normie poser so she dumped me.
Was devastated for 2 years but I was enjoying metal to the fullest. It's been on and off since she dumped me 4 years ago or so. I've had sex with 8 chicks one of which was a 7 month relationship.
Just stop watching anime because you will never be kaneki or sasuke, in my case, bro. Bloack metal is the next step from anime.
Feels O-K.
File: 1518559027871.jpg (25 KB, 360x360)
25 KB
hmm if this is true then my autism may have saved me several times. the few times in my life a girl has showed interest in me I have just avoided it at all costs.
Underage b&
Your 18 who cares
File: malefic xasthur.jpg (136 KB, 675x555)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Fucking hate idiots like you, makin true metal black metal people look like shit.
Was the same way dude, I was a skinny pale antisocial teenager who constantly got into fights with everybody and spent my time orbiting 7/10 classmates. didn't lose my virginity untill years of going to the gym and trying to be a better person in general. Focus on improving yourself and the attention will follow, really

I'm from a different board, but I came here because I just need to get this off my chest

Fuck you faggots
You've ruined this site
Every board is infected with incel cancer, bringing up RoAsTiEs in threads where it's pointless. I mainly use the hobby boards and there's no fucking reason to bring up sex, women, or loneliness on them. You destroy threads just to try to further your shitty propaganda, but everyone that isn't on /r9k/ hates you

We just don't know how to make you go away at this point

Even jannies have given up cleaning your shitstain posts on unrelated boards because they'd be deleting a never ending stream of shit

Bringing back /r9k/ was a mistake
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>newfag gets called a newfag
>no u
just accept that you are a newfag
I would unironically wear that shirt in public
Fuck you, i'm from /diy/ and /o/ and i can't escape your bullshit even on those boarda

Just calling someone a newfag doesn't make you correct
The absolute worst thing to happen to this site
I've been here for a long ass time now and 4chan has always been full of gatekeeping losers (see 3DPD, tits or gtfo, etc; all ancient memes). Normalfags and women were at best tolerated. Now the only reason I post here anymore is to tell you normies and roasties to get the fuck out and stay the fuck out.
There's a difference between hazing and bringing up roasties on my hobby home boards

We bring up "tits or gtfo" when a bitch outs herself, we don't fit it into every thread we can for the hell of it

File: 1548255627195.jpg (144 KB, 626x787)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Everything in your life would improve if you started to view humans as the lesser animals that they are. People are mindless cattle and they love to be treated as such.
this is so relatable. I should've dubbed the sheeple for the cattle that they are!
shut up you wannabe jew
I should be able to violently rape and then dismember your mum in the name of supra-animalistic self actualisation
Hello Avi. Having a nice day?
>girl starts talking shit
>imagine her on a farm being treated like cattle, or having all her limbs removed and being used as a fleshlight
>nothing she says gets to me and I even start smiling
There's truth in this

File: 1491230710399.jpg (51 KB, 410x614)
51 KB
Why am I always hit on by the boys I never like?
I can always see 'em coming, from the left or from the right

I don't want to be a priss, I'm just tryna be polite
But it always seems to bite me in the...

Ask me for my number, yeah, you put me on the spot

You think that we should hook up, but I think that we should not

You had me at "Hello", then you opened up your mouth

And that is when it started going south

Get your hands off my hips

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
these girls too hot out here with their bare asses
File: 1549473943604.jpg (137 KB, 775x800)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
You say that I'm messin' with your head
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
All 'cause I was making out with your friend
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Love hurts, whether it's right or wrong
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I can't stop, 'cause I'm having too much fun
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

You're on your knees, beggin' please "stay with me"
But honestly, I just need to be a little crazy

All my life I've been good but now
I'm thinking "What the hell?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1550654683192m.jpg (133 KB, 768x1024)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I'm your government assigned girlfriend anon. What do you want to do?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Tbqh that's about my league.
let's start with cardio and healthy diet.
her titties arent even big. Imagine being a fat chick with small titties. YIKES.
You're all fucking pathetic. You know what I would do just to get a chick like that? Probably kill any one of you. Fucking normies.
Cool, you might just be perfect if you don't drink excessively, don't party and will try not to gain more weight.
You can get her, sad truth is there are few women as ugly as her because they use make up skillfully and have better haircuts.

File: Capture.png (6 KB, 426x89)
6 KB

File: lonely pills.jpg (51 KB, 648x574)
51 KB
Will you get a prescription once they're available?

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I don't ever feel lonely, but I like to post on 4chan which maybe is enough for me. in real life I try to avoid others
>please be a suicide pill
just make one that kills you painlessly
Legal opiates will fix everything. It's a scam, it comes from a flower and has no negative side effects apart from addiction.
>hurhur le ebin plebbit maymay XDDD
kys, he is right.

More like cooperate slaves of the big pharma industry.
They will just relabel some old formulas and use pills that failed for some clinical test runs but were maybe useful used as off label treatment.

File: 150404601038.jpg (991 KB, 1900x1383)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
not two threads this time edition
567 replies and 62 images omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe cola would let you push your sausage into her shit pouch
Why do falcon breeders need to wear it?
>570 posts



>watching balamory with my 3 year old son
>he shits himself
you're not gay you're prison gay
like a fat person wouldn't eat vegetables or fruit unless it was that or starve

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