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Want to learn something new?

The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like you.

Cultural resources:
List of world cultures
Flags of the world

File: DO7YO7_UMAEo3lv[1].jpg (128 KB, 1200x900)
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128 KB JPG
the London survival kit edition
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shrimp ass nigga did you do your chores today
/brit/ is dead this is /seppo/ now
anglin is hilarious
isn't he in nigeria or something
bitch i aint got no chores mf fuck you no chores when youre dead
He is in the philippines

File: Profi-teur.png (378 KB, 1341x405)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
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Brudis, großes Problem:

War gestern nicht kacken
Habe jetzt einen Kaffee getrunken und starken Kackdruck
Aber will noch einen Kaffee trinken
Aber wenn ich aufstehe muss ich auf Toilette gehen uauauauauauauau
Iz des so?
Man sagt es halt
ok Brudis ich bin schwach, ich gebe der Kacksucht nach

Bin eigentlich auf noKack

>your native language
>2 languages you can't speak but think sound cute

Polish and Japanese, especially polish
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German & French
German and Japanese
Swedish/Danish/Norwegian sound so cute and effeminate, it's endearing
ich habe acht tausend stühle
Mother language: portuguese
Languages i wish there were woman to talk in to with me while cuddling: faroese, irish

File: 1450134911969.webm (1.12 MB, 640x480)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB WEBM
>time for milkies anon!
P-please cover yourself, nakedness scares me.
File: 1511167102063.jpg (4 KB, 168x200)
4 KB
>ywn suck on your childs mothers tits
Im lactose intolerant...
>you will never have a child

Thanksgiving edition

File: alma.gif (49 KB, 368x349)
49 KB
kurva anyátok
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meghalt a fonál sajnos
Meghalt az életkedvem sajnos
szomorú csütörtök száz fehér virággal
hitler vagyok
mit hozzak nektek a boltból skacok?

File: 1508829570381.png (180 KB, 400x388)
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180 KB PNG
Turks are white give them EU membership now!
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yeah keep telling yourself that, muhamad
>inb4 poltards muh muslim state
hope you get killed in the next one, gauchiasse
>Have the bullying of Turks made them go insane?
They were insane before that, but yea that kara boga meme is because of you racists pricks and now you bully southern europeans.
Fucking snowniggers
File: crying-brazilian-481.jpg (90 KB, 500x583)
90 KB
>yeah keep telling yourself that, muhamad
>What is a Turk anyways?

File: 1494922861810.jpg (246 KB, 1920x1080)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
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han är och hämtar sina brushor
File: 1502023554990.jpg (53 KB, 920x730)
53 KB
>dkn bara weebcucktransbögar svarar på ens brev
Rent tekniskt sett är smurfar 3 äpplen höga. Det är ca 30 cm. Eftersom det ska utspela sig i någon slags medeltidsvärld så kan man inte räkna med att människorna skulle ha snittlängd på över 170cm. Gargamel är dessutom en nidbild av Den Evige, och jag betvivlar att man velat ge honom några extra centimeter att leka med. Säg att han är ca 150cm lång. Då har en smurf gått från YTTEPYTTELITEN till en femtedels Gargamel.

Det som gör att Gargamel ser liten ut är smurfarnas hus, men då de bor i homosex-kollektiv lär det nog ha flera våningar för att få in så många av de blå krabaterna som möjligt. Men han ser lite tanig ut, det gör han.
Vadå han är ju större än smurfarna, hur stor ska han vara egentligen?
t. mbembe mkongo

File: 1510153020518.jpg (362 KB, 1106x1012)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
I didn't get October's Soros check. I called ShareBlue's help line but I was told the number was disconnected. What's going on /int/?
Delete your thread /pol/ might see it, contact Louis directly on his mail
Sorry, there was a miscommunication in the Russian Hacking Command, we are working on it right now. Keep up the good work.

File: vacariars.jpg (207 KB, 1280x720)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
>your cunt
>does it snow in it
SOUTH brazil
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This is really sad...but I get it. I grew up in the deep south and it would we'd get snow flurries maybe once a year. Moved up north, liked it at first.
Don't get me wrong, it's pretty and fun, but the fucking mornings suck. There's nothing worse than getting up, cold core body temp, and having to go outside in the freezing air and scrape off and dig out your car, and possibly shovel your driveway.
Same here dixiebro.
I rather wake to a freezing AC than that shit.
File: 1444337085533.png (660 KB, 1106x1012)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
Please be bait
no, it's cloudy and +7C outside. and i'm not even southerner.

Goals edition
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File: 1445685922001.jpg (103 KB, 499x499)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
File: 1490576938114.png (591 KB, 900x900)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
really enjoying these
File: 1490058884579.jpg (2.49 MB, 3000x4837)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
File: 1509398113326.png (506 KB, 564x609)
506 KB
506 KB PNG

File: C8Bwp1xXQAAToVN.jpg (142 KB, 1065x769)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Macron to an arab who was waiting in the bread line :
>"You have to go back to your country. We can't take care of all the world's misery. You aren't in danger, you have to go back, we already have too many unemployed."

What is your opinion on the savior of Europe, /int/ ?
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Macron was placed there by certain financial organizations.
They funded his campaign, his movies, gave him connections etc. Obviously he's their puppet, and an amazing actor.

In my opinion Macron is an example of when democracy fails. People are easily persuaded by media, up to the point where it's dangerous.
File: 1429520739076.jpg (12 KB, 250x247)
12 KB

Good job macron those freeloaders must swim to their own country no more free paycheck you damn mudslimes
How is that savage? That was literally my point.
] Ils sont interdits, les gens sans possibilité d'avoir un compte dans les voitures du forum etc
Que oui..alli.no il y a tellement de flandres, je suis venu voir des choses très fortes que je n'ai pas moka nada .. et voir qu'ici ils ont vu des décapitations et d'autres mais là jusqu'à ce qu'ils se moquent de ces choses ... juste rire de ces 4 imbéciles, le reste nous respectons.pour les victimes
Allez ... il y a plus de fils psychopathes de chiennes, alors je ne vais pas à l'intérieur

File: 31ZNU9EGSxL._SL500_.jpg (11 KB, 500x313)
11 KB
How is going on with racism towards East Asian today? I have just found this article by chance, which was hella scary shit but look it was only 7 years ago. You know your country is going to host the world cup next year. Many visitors from Japan would be supposed to get treated shit like this?

48 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well we don't have anything against indonesians.
Still there are a lot of skinhead rogues so Asians in Russia are often advised to pay careful attention to their surroundings and behaviour so as not to cause any trouble or conflict involving violence with Russians who tend to be ethnocentric and racist to some degree. If you are planning on visiting Russia for the World Cup games, you'd better prepare yourself.
Dont worry Toyota, there are Tuvans that even Russians are scared of.
Even your allies amrricans treat you like shit and you still bow to them all the time so what's the big deal?
Nazi subhuman trash almost died out, but I would still carry a pepper spray or traumatic handgun if I were you.

File: 1511377736023.png (2.02 MB, 2000x1333)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
Ignore red-white-blue posts, do not reply to red-white-blue posters edition
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Wait what? This is very stupid considering how unstable Russia is.
Yeah Spanish republicans were stupid, adds up
They thought you'd help during the Civil War just like Mussolini and Hitler did, didn't turno out that way for them LMAO
Steal it from Turkey.

Who else here Romano Meinert?

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