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File: int.png (73 KB, 580x359)
73 KB
Want to learn something new?

The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like you.

Cultural resources:
List of world cultures
Flags of the world

File: volkisch.png (29 KB, 627x467)
29 KB
"Der Untertan ist wieder hier" Ausgabe
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Ja, ist es. Deshalb ist das System ja gezielt so ausgelegt, dass diese Stimmen klein gehalten werden und die konservativen Parteien werden von Leuten wie Merkel unterwandert.
File: Proudhon.jpg (12 KB, 270x317)
12 KB
Sein Bild der Frau

Proudhon vertrat das Modell der Kleinfamilie und schrieb der Frau die traditionelle Rolle als Familienfürsorgerin zu, da er sie nicht als dem Mann gleichartig verstand. Einer befreundeten Anarchistin schrieb er:

„Nein, Madame, Sie wissen nichts über Ihr Geschlecht; Sie wissen nicht das erste Wort der Frage, warum es Sie und Ihre ehrenwerten Schwestern mit so viel Lärm und so wenig Erfolg agieren. Und wenn Sie sie nicht verstehen, diese Frage, wenn in den acht Antwortseiten, die Sie an meinem Brief machten, es vierzig Trugschlüsse gibt, beweist das genau, was ich über Ihre Geschlechtsgebrechen gesagt habe. Ich verstehe unter diesem Wort, dessen Genauigkeit vielleicht nicht einwandfrei ist, die Qualität Ihres Verständnisses, das Ihnen nur erlaubt, den Bericht der Sachen soviel zu erfassen wie Männer es mit dem kleinen Finger tun. Es gibt bei Ihnen im Gehirn wie im Bauch einige durch sich selbst von Geburt unfähige Organe, die nur der männliche Geist zum Funktionieren bringen kann, ihre gebürtige Trägheit zu besiegen, und dass der männliche Geist einzig fähig ist, funktionieren zu lassen, obwohl selbst er nicht einmal immer erfolgreich ist.“
File: download (6).jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
Frauen sollten für die Ehebruch unironisch bestraft werden

File: 124.jpg (93 KB, 450x253)
93 KB
>made me realize the world isn't just europe
>there are really nice people all over the world
>made me to accept something of myself
>realize me i want to travel more
>make me to study more about south america
>made me to love americans

File: 1437075538042.png (16 KB, 2500x1458)
16 KB
iron guard edition
i have a BIG willy and im not afraid to say it

File: IMG_1011.jpg (170 KB, 800x595)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Post your country/regional sausage
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Ignore flag
File: IMG_2367.jpg (35 KB, 380x380)
35 KB
File: thüringer.jpg (127 KB, 500x375)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I'm fairly sure sausage refers the minced meat mixture rather than the links.

File: pepe_tired.jpg (20 KB, 306x306)
20 KB
can we quit this shitty "wh*te" meme? it's not even funny anymore, it's just fucking annoying and I like using this board for other things but it has just been plagued with this shit meme

it was maybe good for one or two days as an ironic laugh now it sucks

posting replies here so you don't have to

>t. wh*te
>t. wh*Te
>t. cumskin
>t. beta wh*te cuck
>wh*Tes will due
>fuck wh*te subhumans

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Jesus fucking Christmas why are you such a bitch?
Harden the fuck up mate, you're letting the side down with your complete inability to handle even the mildest of bands.
>17 (You)s
Nice, keep em coming, sickly pale wh*Toid
Batman could fuck the Black Panther up super hard though (also he's some fucking african warlord despot so what's he talking about?)
File: 20170821_141749.jpg (9 KB, 229x211)
9 KB
>why are you such a bitch
>25 "wh*te" replies

epic, friends. what's next?
ABO'd porn I imagine

File: 1487822466.jpg (98 KB, 470x1414)
98 KB
Please learn the difference
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I'll wait greek and thai white mixed :3
Kek what are you saying gookface? Speak English please.
How come can we call a guy with penis below 10 cm human?
I'm a women.
so I never mind about it.
I also don't like tall man.
Oi mongaloid shithead do you know how many posters post under an aussie flag?

>wavy hair
>Hairy af bush
>God tier foot game
>Submissive af

How do I get an Israeli gf?
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File: Moran-Atias-Wiki_Pic.jpg (37 KB, 580x480)
37 KB

ashkenazis are by far the ugliest j*ws

>tfw no delicious brown maghrebi kikess waifu
File: cyberjew.png (1.44 MB, 1267x1633)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Beware of the cyberjew
File: female-arab-soldiere.jpg (39 KB, 844x434)
39 KB
tfw no self-hating traitor gf selling out her arab blood to the zionist occupier
just put a penny under your foresk...OHWAIT
Be lebanese. Always worked for me

File: 1942.png (8 KB, 371x136)
8 KB
ITT: /int/ in 1942
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theres a world war but its like peacetime here
im not entirely sure we had to declare war on the USA though
File: 4f9.jpg (117 KB, 492x492)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Scared yet, russians? Finland will have at least half of Russia before the end of this war.
germans please leave

Also Germany and hitler are not that bad tbqhfam

early morning burzum edition
First for the Rorke.
the road to hell is paved with good intentions
File: black metal frog.png (276 KB, 660x550)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
thread theme:

Kuwaiti female, AMA.

I'll answer every question I get with 100% honesty.
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How ugly are you?
What's your favorite manga?

a foreigner
I have BDD, so sometimes I feel ugly sometimes I don't. Most of the time, I feel ok.
do you guys not do yoga?
i thought there are medical benefits to it?
Hi there
Which passages of the bible did you find the most interesting? Can you get troubles if people find you reading a bible?

File: alma.gif (49 KB, 368x349)
49 KB
kurva anyátok
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>nincs ékezete


törpeagy, nem ugyanaz
a grád a grad magyar átirata
ennyire fogyatékos vagy?
szaros a lány feje
nincs ékezete csak fordítót használ te fasz
>ott az ékezet
>de nincs ékezete

>magyar fonál
>ne magyarul írjuk a helyneveinket

ha vidéki fotelnáci lennék aztmondanám buzizsidó vagy, de szerintem csak simán egy kis porbafingó középiskolás aki interneten akar vitatkozni és nem fogja be a száját amíg be nem verem

File: i'm ALAI.png (569 KB, 473x793)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
You're a big khan edition
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Peвoлюция =/ гpaждaнcкaя вoйнa.
И эти peвoлюции пpивeли к тoмy, чтo y нac ecть кoнкypeнтныe выбopы. A ты пoйдeшь в cлeдyющeм гoдy cнoвa гoлocoвaть зa пыню и тepпeть eщe 6 лeт :^)
Гoc. пepeвopoтa. Eщe cкaжи нa Укpaинe peвoлюция былa.
пoчитaл пpo вaшeгo пpeзa и пpoигpaл. ecли для тeбя этo кoнкypeнтныe выбopы (нy вce эти eгo нaзнaчeния нa выcoкиe пocты лиц из cвoeгo жe oкpyжeния) тo я нaвepнoe eщe нeплoхo тyт живy
a в чeм paзницa? я тaк пoнимaю тo, чтo нe нpaвитcя тeбe - этo пepeвopoты, a тo, чтo нpaвитcя - peвoлюция?

File: 1505758592063.webm (1.31 MB, 480x270)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB WEBM
wh*Te masterrace strikes again :DDDDD
>"fucking niggers lol"
>"whatchu sayin wh*Te boi ??"
>"p-please don't hit me mr BLACK man i-i was just kidding pls no :("
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Underaged. I found this place through r/the_donald
>there is no possible position inbetween
Please, you faggots already invaded and ruined /v/. Get the FUCK out of /int/.
From a martial arts point of view you should always put both your hands up when someone approaches you.
At fighting sports I was always taught to put both my hands up like "cool down bro" when someone approaches me. While in reality it's a fighting stance.
>the absolute state of wypipo

>the Japs could've scrapped their clunky kanji system ages ago like the koreans
>this never happened

Why can't you just use Hiragana?
158 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Never really thought of it that way (then again, I don't speak/read moonrune languages). Removing Chinese characters from Japanese would remove a lot of meaning. I have heard some people say Korean suffers from this.
File: K-020.png (58 KB, 1154x810)
58 KB

I can send a evidence that cure your pathetic butturt

Hangul and phags-pa have no interrelationship in it's form and phoneme
Also Consonant of hangul made by obvious principle that simpify the form of tongue when phoneme is pronounced which is not used in mongol system

I am not him
I said ' prove me wrong '

Use the fact not the individual 's opinion
문해율 is 文解率
Hangul (한글)(/ˈhɑːnˌɡuːl/HAHN-gool;[1]fromKoreanhangeul[han.ɡɯl]), theKorean alphabet, is thealphabetthat has been used to write theKorean languagesince the 15th century.[2]It was created in 1443 underKing Sejong the Greatduring theJoseon Dynasty.


Katakana was developed in the 9th century (during the earlyHeian period) by Buddhist monks by taking parts ofman'yōganacharacters as a form of shorthand, hence thiskanais so-calledkata(片, ‘partial, fragmented’).


Hiragana developed fromman'yōgana,Chinesecharacters used for their pronunciations, a practice that started in the 5th century.
Oh japan get your shit together already another enraged weeb who failed at studying your language appeared
>looking ugly like Vietnamese
I know ;_;

t. viet

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