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File: int.png (73 KB, 580x359)
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Want to learn something new?

The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like you.

Cultural resources:
List of world cultures
Flags of the world

File: 1600.jpg (152 KB, 1600x1200)
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152 KB JPG
What is Spain's best Colony?


File: image.jpg (487 KB, 1200x1600)
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487 KB JPG
How is she only average in Finland? She seems highly attractive to me...

1. Your country/nationality
2. Your opinion on this good looking Finnish woman
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Just helping a pal, friend
thanks sipsi man

I guess she was born in 96
File: 1425578629040.gif (1.39 MB, 217x224)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB GIF
Still cuckold.

>made in the USA

Is this really a seal of quality on any form of product?
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>bought some jack links last month
>near the end of the jerky I bit into it and suddenly felt a sharp clank
>spit out a chunk of fucking metal

Wtf is up with that
>Jack Links
There's your problem.
wow man you sound like a racist. Are you from south and married to your cousin?
So what's a good one then? That's all they had at the gas station
I'm from Seattle :3 r u?

File: image.jpg (1.57 MB, 3264x2448)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
I got this patch and im trying to figure out what it says. Thank you !
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Yea can you? :( I don't have any chinese friends :(
File: MadeByChong.jpg (19 KB, 500x537)
19 KB
it reads

"All Your Base Are Belong To Us"

I didnt know all your base are belong to them, murka!!!
you speak pretty well engrish though.
File: Chinese QT.png (646 KB, 515x770)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
no qt chinese girls to try to pick up?

pic related

don't know that feel
it's an old logo from ww2

the chinese are told to help american airmen as they were allies

the airmen used to carry those when flying over china

water rules are canceled since they start to many fights
siege rules only for non white factions

op gets paid 100k shekels by the jidf for every goy who says
>israelchan i love you
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I understand you're a new player.
Would you be willing to form a pact with me?
>Allies: Obama

sorry i was gone, so yeh fill funland
OP see >>38483508

Nope. goodbye

im out niggers

Takbir comrades!
i got arabia +5
proto has iraq +5
siege of pristina 37/40
Expand in Russia.

File: selfie.jpg (37 KB, 299x448)
37 KB
rate me edition

remember >no bully
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wat moet je homo
proxyflikker dat je bent
File: sup.jpg (90 KB, 624x623)
90 KB
zie plaatje schat
ik ben niet eens aan het proxyflikkeren

File: the secret of kells.jpg (93 KB, 400x600)
93 KB
/eire/ is the following zones:

>Bully-Free Zone
>Vegetable-Free Zone
>Unionist-Free Zone
>Reddit-Free Zone
>Potsy-Free Zone
>Grenville-Free Zone
>Belgian Fleg-Free Zone
>Discussion-Free Zone

and that is all, carry on
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it was shit

I spent most of it making fun of it
So how's the Easter Rising gonna be commemorated? Are there celebrations planned or what?
Sounds miserable on your behalf, honestly.
The Anglo-Irish treaty
I did. I feel in love with a lesbian that night

File: 1423633528618.jpg (210 KB, 1179x742)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Post music in other languages that give you feels.
Subtitles is highly recommended.

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Using english music is cheating you fagets.

Some time ago I discovered Coeur de pirate and most of her music gives me feels. The thing is she could be singing about blackjack & hookers and I wouldn't know. Maybe anyone could recommend me some similar stuff?

Here are some of my favourites:

File: 93487.jpg (36 KB, 500x500)
36 KB
File: 65867857587.jpg (54 KB, 480x446)
54 KB
nah im just shitposting its alright actually

File: 16524943278_ba3d43f632_k.jpg (1.73 MB, 1365x2048)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Let's have this thread guys.
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File: image.jpg (349 KB, 1200x900)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Sports Arena across the street from the building.
File: 8430110914_12255c291f_h.jpg (722 KB, 1600x612)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
Budapest is goat, I wish Warsaw had that preserved old buildings.
New WTC complex will look better than this.
No this is Hongkong, China.
HK looks so cramped. I can't imagine what it's like to live there.
Hong Kong

Information overload
File: 67084104.jpg (145 KB, 1000x669)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
> I wish Warsaw had that preserved old buildings
well, sadly there are still many buildings that haven't been renovated since after the '56 revolution...

File: BDSM_collar_back.jpg (23 KB, 800x533)
23 KB
You wake up tomorrow morning and see the Russian flag waving outside your window as soldiers with AK-47's storm about. What do you do?
cyka blyat ((((((
Wait for the army to rekt their shit.
If that fails wait for the American army

File: lib.jpg (81 KB, 600x899)
81 KB
This is so fucking true.
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Christianism was born in ME by a brown man speaking a semitic langage.
Aramaic scripture look exactly like arabic one.

Jesus was arab.
You tell 'em, Curious George.
Arabs are Semite, you're inverting things.
Truly the end of times
Arabs are invaders from Arabia and before the Islamic conquests did not live outside of that area.

Jesus was most certainly not an Arab.

File: 040.png (74 KB, 537x585)
74 KB
Why does /int/ hate muh heritage people? Isn't it normal to be interested in your family's roots and the country where your ancestors came from?
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don't see much wrong with taking "pride" in where you came from (I guess more >>38478596)


>Also, burgerclaps associating themselves with their ancestral lands (guidos, chicanos, Irish-on-St. Patrick's-day faggots, etc.) suffer from stage 5 autism.

jesus fuck I cringe every time third-generation fucktard on this board calls themselves "Irish-american" or "Polish-american" or some other horse shit
>Sounds like a way of maintaining the status quo.
Yes, pretty much. I (and evidently most of my countrymen) like the status quo.
>Sometimes people change in their lifespan, sometimes they never really buy into the status quo to begin with.
And I have no problem with that. You can become a part of a culture without finding everything about it good.
>I have no idea how you'd go about testing if they really assimilated first.
I'd do it by giving citizenship (and thus the right to change things) only to those that have lived here for a long time or have grown up here.
>Nothing that the 'white people' have ever done historically to influence culture has been as devastating as the Islamic expansion anyway,

This is fucking bs, especially given this particular example of "Islamic expansion" (Muslim girls wanting to go to school and wear a hijab! Oh no, nothing white people have done in history has ever come close to this type of devastating horror!!!).

But yes, white people have done far worse within their own nations. I don't see Arabs killing as many people in France as French people did during their anti-Catholic backlash. I don't see Arabs forcibly instituting "anti-laicite laws". Terrorism exists but the white French were far worse terrorists when they wanted to change the culture.

White people have also done far worse on the global scale. If Muslims really flooded France en masse, forced Native French onto tiny reservations located in deserted areas, forced French into schools which would Islamize them and help them to assimilate to the new culture (so they can be successful you see), then you'd have a close analogous situation to what white people did to the people living the Americas or Australia.

But Arabs aren't doing that. Or anything close to that. Not a single French person has been forced onto a reservation, or forced to change their culture to Arab culture and go to a Islamic school. 99.9% of Arab-French people just want to live in peace. But are told they are "not being French right" the second they look or dress differently from the white majority.

And immigrants just acting how they normally would is as "natural" as it gets. This is how culture exchanges have always gone. Foreigners come in with their own ways, mingling and blending with the already existent native populations.
>You can become a part of a culture without finding everything about it good.

Huh? So you mean like they first need a phony, surface level of assimilation before they are allowed to change the culture? So a Muslim can first take off her hijab. Doing some phony level of "assimilation" that she knows is bullshit just like the rest of French culture, and then put it back on and demand that French culture change by pointing out how bullshit the laws are?

This is just a dumb chicken dance but I think you know that.

oh come on, stop being delusional

both Islamic and European expansion were brutal shit, it's just that European expansion left more remnants that weren't total garbage when they were done with them

File: Tape measure.jpg (34 KB, 640x426)
34 KB
1. your cunt
2. your height

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post feet, baby.

192cm 6'4 masterrace checking in
1. USA
2. 5'9 (175cm)

N-no I don't fight.
179, i usually say 180

File: Hell yeah.png (184 KB, 1000x1000)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Amerika är våra bästa allierade upplagan
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You'll be fine
vem fan är du
Go to Rinkeby
Misaka en jävla BAJSKORV

Bokstavligen vem?
File: 1416334913187.png (10 KB, 477x539)
10 KB

Garanterade (you).

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