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Want to learn something new?

The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like you.

Cultural resources:
List of world cultures
Flags of the world

File: 1403469346241.jpg (209 KB, 691x600)
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Fuck my boipussi
aryanon era qui pure quando **** non c'era o postava con bandiere straniere perché era all'estero
e poi l'accento di quei vocaroo è tutto tranne che siciliano

secondo me ary sta samefaggando elaborando teorie per attirare altra l'attenzione
se proprio deve essere un vecchio tripfag è più probabile che barbara sia un suo personaggio considerato che è frocio
File: 1485241419142.png (198 KB, 328x401)
198 KB
198 KB PNG

File: 1485228383576.jpg (229 KB, 1024x1024)
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229 KB JPG
How common is this in the USA?
Pretty much non-existent, all girls are fat there.
i have never seen one of these

File: 1484815233566.jpg (131 KB, 576x584)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
FINALLY! World Peace has been achieved! After all this time, we just had to-
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File: it's time.jpg (56 KB, 500x376)
56 KB
..kill them all
File: 1428620610796.jpg (44 KB, 454x807)
44 KB
idk m8
- liberate oppressed Russian minorities.
eradicate all life on earth, a lifeless rock knows nothing about conflict or strife

>entire month dedicated to worshipping "achievements" of one of the most cancerous races in america that commits the great majority of violent crime, unrest, has the lowest IQ, and contributed no significant inventions because of a socialist nigger

Can this country be even more cucked?
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File: image.jpg (29 KB, 297x223)
29 KB
>tfw same here
>family doesn't hate me because they assume I voted Clinton
You'll never know I'm white I have Jew hair hahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahaha
Then you probably have jew blood.
It's a Nazi masturbation fantasy, relax. They've been crying about muh DOTR since the 1970s. And cucks in the South of the USA have been saying they'll rise again for over a century.

I dont think most white Trump supporters have any problems with blacks that voted for Trump dude

File: netanyahu.jpg (45 KB, 450x317)
45 KB
>of all of the largest/most important nations, only 4 of their leaders are not tied down by major domestic/near-domestic issues/problems/crises


Does that really make anyone else think?
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>what is Republican controlled congress and executive
Not sure what you're talking about. The media haven't had much effect on Trump so far.

Add US to the list.
>a country with electoral colleges
>that prides itself on freedom and democracy
>calling someone dumb
>for understanding how democracy works

Wow lad
>knowing what the fucking electoral college is means it was my fucking idea

>media haven't had much effect on Trump so far

>spends more time tweeting about media criticism than doing anything else
If that were true, the Democrats wouldn't be utterly destroyed now. They haven't been this weak since the 1920s.

just how fucked is mexico now?
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He is running out of lives, if he doesn't perfom well in the talks about NAFTA (which he won't, but he better for his own sake), I don't know how many more opportunities he has left, people are starting to really, really, get tired of him.

Is there any decent candidate for the next elections or will PRI win the elections again? I hope people can be conscious at the moment of having to vote
Knowing Mexicans PRI will probably win again, and we will get fucked even more.
there was no decent candidate in the last election and there is no decent candidate in sight for the next one
i could not even articulate a goal (beyond subsistence) or a set of principles the country as a whole shares, mexico is an artificial cunt even more deserving than Israel of having a weird shape rather than a proper country ball
AMLO has his best chance at winning the next election, people will want a strong candidate that will fuck USA and bring back all the subsidies and government monopolies, then it'll be Venezuela time
How are you not a real country? You all speak Mexican.

File: 1484898771749.jpg (133 KB, 900x600)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>she's mine now cracka. i'll give her the BAC she deserves

wat do?
Put on my chastity cage.

File: 1470710619437.jpg (21 KB, 600x395)
21 KB
I'm only 22 but I'm in love with a mexican citizen and the only way for us to be together is if I marry her so she can obtain legal status and live with me in the USA.

Is it worth it?
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Are you crazy gringo ? She is doing for thy shekels !
Good for you anon. You're 22. You're not suppose to think of falling in love. You're suppose to think about education, work and cheap pussy.
No. She will divorce you as soon as she gets her citizenship, and take half your shit too
File: 1400824863026.png (177 KB, 200x192)
177 KB
177 KB PNG

File: d20.jpg (20 KB, 420x420)
20 KB
Which country has the chillest, most laid back people?
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they are laid back when their family isnt being murdered left and right
so if you go to one of the few places that isnt shit it will be cool
Antarctica has the most chill folk tbqh.
Mexican here, no we are cunts

File: 6dc.jpg (119 KB, 480x410)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Pravi crnja sati
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Roditelji vole svoju decu više nego što deca vole roditelje.
Ako ne pocnu citati opet za 8 sati znaci da je umro
Dok Pravda-tamnuje, Krivda-caruje.

File: Nutella.jpg (65 KB, 640x452)
65 KB
This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily life, etc. of Japan.
Let's tark at randam in Japanese and English. Take it easy!

Previous Thread: >>70293479
過去ログ: http://desuarchive.org/int/search/subject/日本語スレッド/

Please declare when making a new thread and post its link.
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>Objectively how cute are you
Not at all. I can put on a skirt if it's needed
Σ( ̄□ ̄|||)げぇ・・日本語喋れるのかよ・・わかんないと思って言ったのに
There's one about 30 minutes away by foot. And yeah, 3 solid meals a day and my own guest house to sleep in with a kotatsu.


File: 1463490778875.png (889 KB, 2000x1600)
889 KB
889 KB PNG
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File: wojak scream.png (107 KB, 633x758)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
>försöker torka av mina glasögon
>smutset bara flyttas till nya ställen
>duken och glasögon glider runt i mina händer och jag råkar ta på glaset med fingrarna
Jag får seriöst panik och börjar skrika. Det här är helvetet på jorden. Funderar på att ta livet av mig för det här fittlivet är inte värt att leva.
lmao du är homo
File: lel2.jpg (83 KB, 698x790)
83 KB
>när amanda leander skadekontrollerar

File: 1476158836133.png (31 KB, 372x300)
31 KB
jvdk (för intelektuel för fullgod syn)

köp putsdukar med rengöringsmedel på så minskas problemen lite
File: sersh qt.jpg (337 KB, 1326x1560)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
tänkte sticka till vårdcentralen för att ta blodprov idag, är lite nervös... har någon här gjort det förut?

File: german-camps.jpg (459 KB, 1920x1080)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
Daily reminder
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Good bants, I am literally clapping right now
File: red cross.png (409 KB, 480x678)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
Thank you Poland for the Reminder
Notice how the vast majority of Jews in Europe were located in Poland and countries east of Poland? It would only make sense that the camps would be located where they were.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Why is Indonesia upside down?
All Germans are complicit in the Holocaust

Germans should've been enslaved and sterilised after WW2
Britcucks should be sterilized for the British Empire and it's crimes against humanity.

File: TPP-image.jpg (307 KB, 1600x1067)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
lol bye
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are you really that lazy...sigh, anyway:
1.- it'd have allowed corporations to sue contries if their likely profits were to be compromised by the actions of the government. These cases would have been taken to private tribunals paid by the corporations, where they would have won every single time.
2.- it'd have allowed to outsource even more american/canadian jobs to other countries, even nations like Mexico or Peru would have got BTFO because, as you may already know, in asian countries such as Vietnam (another member country) such thing as work ethics doesn't exist, so: YAY MORE SLAVES
3.- insane copyright regulations. what this guy say: >>70326828 was just a part of it, it was even worst. Comiket and joujinshis would have got BTFO too

4.- for third world nations, it owuld have meant the end of generic medicine, and for first world nations medicine even more expensive (if i recall correctly, they also wanted to copyrighted surgery procedures). Mosanto (now Bayer) would have gotten even more power (you know, i plant my GMO and my toxic as fuc pesticide and if your ppulation complains and try to do something i'll suit the shit out of you and then keep poisoning your population and your soil nonstop).

5.- the outsourcing would have led to even more illegal immigration
>hippie dippies protest TPP
>their unlikely saviour is big business donald duck

>he is anti GMO
I see where this is going and now I am starting to think this guy is right. >>70327035
Just got out to the middle of australia. This is everyday life there. Just without everyone trying to kill each other.

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