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File: 1520700965363.jpg (49 KB, 499x499)
49 KB
mental illness does not exist
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the mind is immaterial and not comparable to a computer
without a human mind present to interpret the information a computer gives, it is just giving out meaningless information
i think mental illness does exist btw
File: 1513627267081.jpg (139 KB, 988x1059)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>dude lmao your life experiences are just chemicals in the brain, it doesn't really matter
Based, it's a jewish and western hoax/fabrication
They are, dont think they dont matter though.
I fucking hate psychiatrists

File: IMG_3255.jpg (43 KB, 640x360)
43 KB
Can he be considered as an African-American ?
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south africa was funded by euros so not even culturally he can be adressed as african if he was from nmanother african country that contributed to make him what is now maybe
only for the good stuff. when he gets into trouble he's American
he's a boer
No, African-American ist just a politically correct term for nigger.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (184 KB, 1908x1086)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Greek bvll

Monday rolls on around.
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File: 1437275802707.png (102 KB, 540x303)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Dunno. Need to go acquire things anyway so works out I guess.

Fucking cat's been sperging out while I was asleep though
File: 98322312932189.jpg (98 KB, 506x675)
98 KB
are there many men like him in Australia?
There are no men such as him, cause he's not a man
he is. just a very cute one

Need the good old days back

File: nårge.jpg (1.57 MB, 2164x1388)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
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File: russisk spion.jpg (32 KB, 654x437)
32 KB
>dfn eksjv-en min hadde et lite krater mellom daiene

Hvorfor minner dere meg på henne HELE JÆVLA TIDA
Tenk at du faktisk går på lestdet.
File: 1537479128773.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
Natta, venner :3
natta, ven <3

File: 2000px-Flag_of_Japan.svg.png (11 KB, 2000x1333)
11 KB
Going to Japan in December.

How difficult is it as a decently built, 6'1 chechen guy to get laid there?

Also, I'm not quite of the required age to enter clubs/bars in Japan yet (which is 20), so how strictly do they actually check for an id?
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Why did you went to Akiba in the first place?
File: n9ef6r2.jpg (114 KB, 998x649)
114 KB
114 KB JPG

as long as you pay well and not related to crimes, nobody cares about Japanese prostitutes in Japan
but if you are not careful, you will get service by Zapanese prostitues who speak some Japanese, look similar to Japanese, but came from chingook land
File: mr popo.jpg (102 KB, 600x600)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Shut up Abdul
yikes talk about terrible taste
are you that korean anon

1. flag
2. is your country "for beginners"? in Brazil the standard level is Torment.

>According to British Council research, around 5% of Brazilians are operationally competent in English - only 1% are fluent.

>To launch an online product or service, full Brazilian Portuguese language and customer support is fundamental - but it’s amazing how often foreign companies ignore this maxim.

>Without it, like a tourist shouting slowly at waiters in his own language, you’re unlikely to find a receptive audience.

>Similarly, Brazilians do not speak Spanish. Around 10% of professionals in São Paulo do, but there is a much lower rate among the general population. Spanish is not, as some imagine, sufficiently similar that speakers of one language automatically understand the other.
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File: ef proficiency ranking.png (52 KB, 1014x799)
52 KB
if it's any consolation we're in low, with santiago and viña del mar being in the medium skill level.
That must be really old, it's mandatory to know English since Temer started selling our country

1% of 211236311 =
0.01 × 211236311 =

that's still a lot of people
Thanks anon, now i dont feel so special
Perdão meu consagrado.

File: downloadfile-29.gif (2.5 MB, 420x236)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB GIF
This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily life, etc. of Japan.
Let's tark at randam in Japanese and English. Take it easy!

Previous Thread: >>95285923

Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt
過去ログ: http://desuarchive.org/int/search/subject/日本語スレッド/

Please declare when making a new thread and post its link.
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Can someone tell me what 嫁に出す means?

cum inside a wife
Giving one's daughtar to someone as a new bride

Cornish Parliament when?

>Went there
>No Corn
>No Wall

Sort your shite out Poldark.

Is this impressive?

Thank you for buying American cheese.

File: 1536995181397.jpg (81 KB, 708x1080)
81 KB
Edycja słowiańska
76 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
w gówno
oglądam biuro
Żywo tu kurwa jak na gimnastyce w domu starości
Jest 3 rano w poniedzialek, czego ty oczekujesz.

File: Brasil.jpg (65 KB, 950x475)
65 KB
Post your country's supreme court
43 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1412575221136.gif (1.79 MB, 318x178)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB GIF
A courthouse taking place in a giant volcano where they throw the guilty into the lava.
Nice shitty court system faggot
by the people for the people with a jury of your peers is the best way to avoid despotism keep those faggot judges on their toes.
Opinion discarded
File: image.jpg (85 KB, 590x314)
85 KB
relatively similar to ours

File: 1535738045105.jpg (85 KB, 799x765)
85 KB
>A former comedian showman has just become new mayor of Yerevan
17 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>is that the guy Trump tries to LARP?
It's who EVERY Republican has been LARPing for the last three decades.
welcome to the club
the mayor of b*Charest (curses upon it) is a news anchor
godspeed that based Gorbachov anecdote teller
she’s hot tbqh
File: 11221.jpg (5 KB, 300x168)
5 KB
things could be worse. he could be your president.
Sorry gentlemen, shall be yank this piece of epicness and post in r/funny

File: Document numérisé 9.jpg (543 KB, 1120x1480)
543 KB
543 KB JPG
Edition l'amie du dimanche soir

ancien : >>95319913
85 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1512531919004.jpg (65 KB, 945x1076)
65 KB
Des amis d'enfance de ma pa, Français à l'origine, vaguement cultivés j'imagine. Dieu seul sait pourquoi ils ont échoué en Belgique.
quand je dis "cultivés", c'est est-ce qu'ils tournent à la cara ou à autres genre triple ou trappistes ou est-ce qu'il ont tourné à la vraie boisson belge aka la mixture levurée en direct connue sous le nom de gueuze ou lambic ?
File: cover.jpg (209 KB, 1000x1000)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Je prie pour qu'ils soient seulement buveurs de bière, va savoir avec ces cons d'expats. Ma pa ne piche pas, s'ils me servent une 16 je m’estimerais heureux.
la 16 ça se trouve plus difficilement que les merdes locales (pourtant bien supérieures aux merds françaises) en Belgique, compte pas là-dessus

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