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File: 1519496159550.png (740 KB, 525x896)
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740 KB PNG
edizione kekistan
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File: VOMIT.gif (495 KB, 499x233)
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495 KB GIF
cursed image
File: 1518962467074.jpg (98 KB, 534x524)
98 KB


File: Nøkken.jpg (778 KB, 1590x1268)
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778 KB JPG
skummel utgave

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Kan denne kjerringa være så snill og krepere snart?
Kanskje om jeg tar meg en gåtur?
Gutta, hvorfan kan jeg begynne å investere i aksjer? Er nyutdannet med en bachelor i megmegstudier, og får meg såklart ikke noen jobb. Verken Nav eller Adecco o.l. kan hjelpe meg, og er helt desperat etter penger. Hjelp

File: 1519461813788.png (186 KB, 626x384)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
>gay """""marriage"""""
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ah yes, two men loving each other is unnatural

being fucked by a pigeon and giving birth to the son of god it's totally normal in the other hand

>not supporting ass pirates = christcvck

the AIDS has reached your brain already
>he needs a document from the government in order to stay monogamous
not sure who's the degenerate here to be desu family
ah, you're a mudslim then.
tfw no brazilian husband

>tfw 15cm penis
my life was ruined from the start
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I heard women prefer to be hit in cervix. Was it an incorrect information? Or is it just you moved too roughly?
yes they love it, but dicklets spread false propaganda against big dicks
Really? I've heard that Budapest is an exceedingly beautiful city, plus the history of the city as far as the revolutions against the Soviets is pretty interesting.

But I will take this into account, especially since Czech Republic is another place I've been looking at.
>> be a virgin woman
>> be a virgin
>> not adequately equipped to hit cervix

pick one and add the 3rd one just in case, Otakusan.
He is right, budapest is a terrible place
Czech Republic is way better

which one is better and why?

File: 1505010515649.jpg (296 KB, 492x700)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Out in the rain edition
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Are you cute?
Hiya chalmers
File: unnamed (2)_new.gif (166 KB, 340x340)
166 KB
166 KB GIF
Anyone give me songs of Sabaton!!!
Times going by like a dripping faucet

Dunno, I can't tell
Heyo, how's your day going
wanna show me?:3

File: America World.png (57 KB, 1357x622)
57 KB
This is what Americans think of your country.
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File: i spot a gay.jpg (26 KB, 480x471)
26 KB
>Slovakia and Hungary aren't a part of Good Europe
OP is a fag
>Not naming latin america "rapists"
Surprisingly accurate for my country
Good Asians :3
Americans don't think Poland is part of the good Europe though

File: animu_trump.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Does youre country have an anime version of its leader?
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Americans are as always too late to copy superior Kremlin techniques. USA is source of all russian problems for decades already.
File: Trump kun.jpg (149 KB, 640x480)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
There are several depictions of him though
Anime version of kiwi prime minister pls
>Q: Is it true that there is freedom of speech in the Soviet Union, just like in the USA?

>A: In principle, yes. In the USA, you can stand in front of the White House in Washington, DC, and yell, "Down with Reagan!", and you will not be punished. Equally, you can also stand in Red Square in Moscow and yell, "Down with Reagan!", and you will not be punished.
File: 24666_17689.jpg (15 KB, 353x225)
15 KB

File: 9865745745.jpg (1.33 MB, 1500x1042)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
This is the Purchasing Power in Poland.

The three estern regions(Podlasie, Subcarpatia, Lublina region) and Mazovia(without Warsaw) are literally Ukraine tier.

Poland should split and leave Warsaw with the east.
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Poland was better under German control
Literally who, lol.
Polish shithole
sad true
Poles were discriminated against, so I'm not exactly sure about that
At least the lands were more developed than those held by Russia though

File: CvRnfS_XEAAoPIA.jpg (180 KB, 1280x904)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Who else /oppressedByNATO/ here?
I really wish we could go back to being partners with Russia! They really supported us and respected our freedom. Good ole WARSAW Pact - after all we were in charge!
File: 9680620-large[2].jpg (93 KB, 618x416)
93 KB

what does this comics say exactly
File: Cu5kUmUWcAAYKxx.jpg (75 KB, 807x570)
75 KB
It says allying with NATO is a bad decision, BIGLY!
File: Smutin.jpg (71 KB, 680x977)
71 KB

I miss the health resorts in the scenic Russian far East!
Wow i had no idea that Sminem is related to /ourguy/, president of Russia!

File: t*rklets.png (105 KB, 1153x1155)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
100% European

old >>86057901
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File: 1512185960431.png (79 KB, 285x257)
79 KB

ikyism has gone too far
File: bright future.jpg (385 KB, 1614x470)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
>western women are cancer
how do we destroy the biggest cancer first, russia?
The west is destroying itself

File: lastCHI.jpg (39 KB, 600x600)
39 KB
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pizza 73
never heard of it
did you fix your sleeping schedule?
File: 4EVZLcq.jpg (93 KB, 1024x768)
93 KB
i fell asleep at 6pm last night and woke up at 2am. almost there
Pizza 73 is exclusive to western Canada
It's not the best pizza, but it's 10$ cheaper than the competitions pizza

File: 1464326998057.png (233 KB, 520x423)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
Musa was a devout Muslim, and his pilgrimage to Mecca made him well-known across northern Africa and the Middle East. To Musa, Islam was "an entry into the cultured world of the Eastern Mediterranean".[17] He would spend much time fostering the growth of the religion within his empire.

Musa made his pilgrimage between 1324–1325.[18][19] His procession reportedly included 60,000 men, including 12,000 indentured servants[20] who each carried 1.8 kg (4 lb) of gold bars and heralds dressed in silks who bore gold staffs, organized horses, and handled bags. Musa provided all necessities for the procession, feeding the entire company of men and animals.[17] Those animals included 80 camels which each carried 23–136 kg (50–300 lb) of gold dust. Musa gave the gold to the poor he met along his route. Musa not only gave to the cities he passed on the way to Mecca, including Cairo and Medina, but also traded gold for souvenirs. It was reported that he built a mosque every Friday.[citation needed]

Musa's journey was documented by several eyewitnesses along his route, who were in awe of his wealth and extensive procession, and records exist in a variety of sources, including journals, oral accounts, and histories. Musa is known to have visited the Mamluk sultan of Egypt, Al-Nasir Muhammad, in July 1324.[21]. However, Musa's generous actions inadvertently devastated the economies of the regions through which he passed. In the cities of Cairo, Medina, and Mecca, the sudden influx of gold devalued the metal for the next decade. Prices on goods and wares greatly inflated. To rectify the gold market, on his way back from Mecca, Musa borrowed all the gold he could carry from money-lenders in Cairo, at high interest. This is the only time recorded in history that one man directly controlled the price of gold in the Mediterranean.[17]

B-but Wakanda r-right?
He could have transformed western Africa
Too bad for them
File: zGHM8w4.gif (397 KB, 297x122)
397 KB
397 KB GIF
>Musa gave the gold to the poor he met along his route. Musa not only gave to the cities he passed on the way to Mecca, including Cairo and Medina, but also traded gold for souvenirs.

wh*Tes btfo
Hmm the reality is that he tried. If he had focused on inviting scholars it may have been different

But having africans as accepted muslims would have made a huge difference re the slave trade and the whole kuffir thing.

File: estoniaball.jpg (7 KB, 236x214)
7 KB
Also Finland is celebrating the 100 year old Estonia. Saturday 24.February 2018 is the 100th birthday of Estonia.


In honor of 100 year old Estonia we publish this small vocabulary of Finnish - Estonian so you can take note of these words you might accidentally use wrongly in Estonian. There is many Finnish words that look like the same in Estonian but actually mean very different thing.

Individual words:
ruumide koristamine = tilojen siivoaminen
(decoration of cadavers in Finnish, cleaning up the room in Estonian)

pori = kura
(a medium sized Finnish city in Finnish, but means dirt in Estonian)

tuore = raaka
(fresh food in Finnish, raw food in Estonian)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Happy birthday to best tricolor :3
File: Eesti.jpg (206 KB, 1200x675)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
We also put Estonia colored lights on Helsinkis tallest structure last friday, it lastest al the way to all monday morning.
Suur aitäh kõigile!
Does anyone else but Finland actually remember Estonia?

When it was Finlands big day there were stuff like this >>86070922 all over the Europe and even outside of it
File: 1436136233872.jpg (19 KB, 217x320)
19 KB
Fuck of mutburger, Estonia is based and very great country known well around the world compared to it 1,3 million population.

File: image.jpg (227 KB, 1144x892)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Your country
Do you drink milk?
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>have a poo in your personal breakfast milk

>claim all milk contains poop
Isn't this literally a smear campaign by soy milk companies? You damn soy boy
File: 1481550748150.png (6 KB, 195x259)
6 KB
Only homogenized, can't stand that water they call skimmed milk.
Why would I rape a cow and steal from it's baby just so I can have watered down faggot 1% milk.
>leeches calcium from bone

It was proven quite some time ago that this is not the case
As a teenager I probably went through 4L or more a week

Nowadays, I can go months or even years without drinking it, I'm pretty sure I still like it but I don't have the capacity to drink it on top of everything else I drink

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