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File: 1518739746036.jpg (164 KB, 900x602)
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164 KB JPG
If the entire world teamed up could we defeat the USA in a conventional war?
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>You are thinking of an America, where the average kid grew up being taught to admire other countries, when war manuals taught to respect other cultures and not impose their superiority, but instead fight brotherly against the enemy.
That was literally not a thing. If you think American attitudes towards the rest of the world are backwards today, you would be surprised to find out how much an American of the early 20th century hated foreigners, especially those from continental Europe. We considered European society to be hopelessly rotten and wanted as little to do with it as possible, outside of upper class kids LARPing around Paris.

We actually have more than enough oil on the continent to fuel our war effort, and imports make up less than 15% of GDP. We're one of the least economically-integrated countries in the modern world.
File: hqdefault (2).jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB
Yeah, it sucks that the entire country is now just one big Detroit. Things are so, so bad here... Please send help.
Kek, the first thing that would happen is that those bases would've their supply lines cut.
What parts of Europe did the Johnson–Reed Act aim at?
From when and why did America try to be isolationist?
What preceded the Fulbright Program?

Here is a simpler one, that even a few wikipedia articles will suffice:
Who was George Gershwin?

you are hopelessly misread.

you can't read, and you straw-man to win an argument, typical American.
With the forces as they exist, US won't lose.
If the rest of the world was truly committed and willing to spend 50% of GDP to building up forces in Mexico, Caribbean islands, and Canada, US would surely lose.

File: 1519456671219.jpg (10 KB, 208x242)
10 KB
I have never seen a jew IRL.
Where are they hiding?
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In shower room?
>>Jews get free passage to Israel and USA during USSR
They only did that during the last decade of the ussr and all ethnic minorities did that
File: anime jew.png (814 KB, 1280x720)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetie.
Us either ;)
'Goyim' is plural, 's' is not needed,

File: Canada.gif (293 KB, 1000x871)
293 KB
293 KB GIF
Does your country have a Canada? Is your country the Canada to another country?
>Is your country the Canada to another country?
Which country is it
Portugal is our Canada.

They're more polite and less cooler than us.

File: estoniaball.jpg (7 KB, 236x214)
7 KB
Also Finland is celebrating the 100 year old Estonia. Saturday 24.February 2018 is the 100th birthday of Estonia.


In honor of 100 year old Estonia we publish this small vocabulary of Finnish - Estonian so you can take note of these words you might accidentally use wrongly in Estonian. There is many Finnish words that look like the same in Estonian but actually mean very different thing.

Individual words:
ruumide koristamine = tilojen siivoaminen
(decoration of cadavers in Finnish, cleaning up the room in Estonian)

pori = kura
(a medium sized Finnish city in Finnish, but means dirt in Estonian)

tuore = raaka
(fresh food in Finnish, raw food in Estonian)

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you're a mental neet

Happy birthday to best tricolor :3
File: Eesti.jpg (206 KB, 1200x675)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
We also put Estonia colored lights on Helsinkis tallest structure last friday, it lastest al the way to all monday morning.
Suur aitäh kõigile!
Does anyone else but Finland actually remember Estonia?

When it was Finlands big day there were stuff like this >>86070922 all over the Europe and even outside of it

File: adr.png (688 KB, 414x620)
688 KB
688 KB PNG
My ancestors are smiling at me, can you say the same?
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Wow, it seems complicated, not sure if i could live in a yurt though
The most realistic way is to buy a piece of land, put the yurt there and hope no one denounces it to the local authorities by making friendship with the owners of the neighbouring lands. Also, putting it under a tree since authorities use satellite to discover illegal constructions.
File: reconquista.png (88 KB, 1096x812)
88 KB
Kek manlet rapebaby mongrel no wondee u mad an commit so much crime
File: Aryan.png (68 KB, 800x695)
68 KB
As long as there are Aryans fighting Semitic "civilization" they will be appeased.

File: 1518626168750.png (30 KB, 1019x549)
30 KB
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File: 1518448403941.jpg (66 KB, 1080x1331)
66 KB
>La lumière absorbée
>La défécateur des centres commerciaux
>Le pourcentage négatif
File: muttz.png (10 KB, 1241x98)
10 KB
>being this butthurt for a meme
lmao back to /pol/
File: IMG_0590.png (113 KB, 403x334)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
People will continue to post it as long as you guys keep getting arse blasted over it.
File: 1474390922098.jpg (177 KB, 500x488)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
>La Eferma Creatura Subordinada a los Judios.
Top kek

Is is true that Americans wear shoes inside the mall?
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Why do Americans swim without socks?
Americans are pretty gross so I’d say yes
Well how do Europoors dry their shoes after a bath?
File: 640990-reimu__3_.jpg (401 KB, 1240x1730)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
>not being an blissful egoist
we store them in the fridge, it takes a while but it works

File: race.jpg (531 KB, 1920x3240)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
1. Your country
2. How common racism is in your country

File: image.jpg (227 KB, 1144x892)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Your country
Do you drink milk?
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No. It tastes like shit.
>have a poo in your personal breakfast milk

>claim all milk contains poop
Isn't this literally a smear campaign by soy milk companies? You damn soy boy
File: 1481550748150.png (6 KB, 195x259)
6 KB
Only homogenized, can't stand that water they call skimmed milk.
Why would I rape a cow and steal from it's baby just so I can have watered down faggot 1% milk.
>leeches calcium from bone

It was proven quite some time ago that this is not the case

feet edition
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stay up all night, sleep is for weaklings.
play while taking a bath
there is hair on my shaft
do this achievment man https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/The_Sun_Never_Sets_on_the_Indian_Empire

Spring qts Edition

Welcome to Culture Pals! Message qts around the world. Spring time is approaching, find your perfect qt for your spring travels!

Sign up at:

Website with pastas and scripts:

Mega with the memes all the cool kids use:

qtcrawler script:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Some just changed accounts.
hopefully, I had some good times back then
File: 1508474449442.jpg (23 KB, 753x595)
23 KB
>tfw your qt hasn't responded in a day and you legitimately begin to contemplate suicide because you're such a pathetic kissless virgin and this is the only female contact you have
File: 1507350633845.jpg (93 KB, 640x1136)
93 KB
you need to let go
Why be sad, when you can be rad?

Lad, don't you fucking mention suicide.
Always remember that you don't have the worst life.
Just message more girls

File: 1491932168919.png (17 KB, 718x291)
17 KB
>mfw yuropoors don't even know what updog is
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File: brodentoad (2).png (16 KB, 420x420)
16 KB
are you the gay locked in the cage?
File: 1519451896796.jpg (76 KB, 710x577)
76 KB
Reader's Digest tier """"""jokes""""""

Why does the CIA celebrate 9/11?

File: file.png (71 KB, 620x554)
71 KB
No wonder they're such retards.
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back then we just called them retarded and threw rocks at them
>Source: http://www.fathersmanifesto.net/autismbirthcontrol.htm
haha oh wow
>asians are the most intelligent of the wo-
i saved it from here that site is poltard af
the difference consisted in recognizing autism as a thing instead of calling these kids retarded, weirdos, just very shy, etc.
This is 100% because of Anime

Do you view your native accent as an accent or just the normal way of speaking?

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