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This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on >>>/pol/. Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect.

Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cyptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden. Want to advertise? Buy a banner /biz/ targeted banner ad: https://www.4chan.org/advertise?selfserve

File: swimbyalan.jpg (80 KB, 600x900)
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I need a non-minimum wage job ASAP.

I believe IT would be my best bet for the following reasons:
1) You can apparently get a starter help desk position in less than a year
2) Potential for growth
3) I like computers

I am from Canada FWIW. What would be the best way to get an entry-level IT job? What certifications should I get, etc.?
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>keep in mind that development and IT are completely separated. They're pretty much completely different career paths. If you want to be a programmer focus on that, and if you want to work in IT focus on that.

Advice noted.

Unfortunately, I need to make money really as soon as possible, and all things being equal, IT seems easier to break into. Is it generally true?

Are there "official" programming certifications (like the equivalent of CompTIA A+, CCNA, etc. in IT)?

What did you lie about on your resume? Did they fact check?
How many hours a day did you code?
IT people almost never do any programming in my experience. IT is essentially fixing printers and keeping anti viruses up to date. Someone in this thread feel free to correct me if that's wrong.

Here's a typical day for me:
>wake up at 9am
>start work at 10am
>work until noon, mostly answering emails/, watching stocks (I'm in PST, markets close at 1), and personal development (working on side projects to get better at programming mostly. some days it comes down to fucking around on 4chan for a while, some days I get a lot done. It depends.)
>hour lunch
>work until 3:30-4, maybe later if I'm in a groove and am really getting stuff done. Maybe earlier if I wanna go grab beers or something.
>meetings from 3:30-4 or 4:30 on Mondays and Thursdays. I really don't know why I have to be in these meetings but I appreciate it because it's let me rub shoulders with some pretty impressive people (imo). They're business/marketing meetings with a small (5 mins) section dedicated to tech stuff. I usually have to give a 3 min speech about what I've done and what I'm gonna do. Sounds scary but you'll get good at it, just try not to live up to mr. robot autism stereotypes.

I work remotely and get paid 40k usd/yr. It's not the greatest gig and I could probably get paid more but the culture is perfect for me and is giving me plenty of time to think of/work on my own web development company. I plan on hanging out until the company fails or I get 2 years of experience and can apply to google or my own company takes off.

Really focus on either node.js or rails if you just want a job. Pick one and stick to it. HTML and CSS are easy to pick up on the go if you're not a complete dumbfuck and have been on the internet for more than a few years. You should also learn git for maximum employability, but you only really need to learn how to pull, make commits, and change branches. Anything else can be learned on the fly. That is 99% of the job. Just learn to google.
I don't have any certs and never went to college. As far as I know there's not really any viable front end certs worth getting. I may be wrong about that but I wouldn't stress it too much.
I would come home from work at an amazon warehouse (don't do it. Not worth it.) and work through a little of something every day for 2 hrs. Set time limits and really fucking focus on programming for 2hrs every day. You won't get a job if you're not actually writing your own code daily, I can promise you that. You really need to practice and you really need to hammer in the basics. These are the curriculums I used:

>the odin project (free)
Good curriculum based on ruby and rails. It helped me break through some big walls and gave me a bunch of stuff to add to my portfolio. I finished sections 1-4. I'd strongly recommend this one but it requires a lot of structure. Don't cheat.

>freecodecamp (free)
More interactive than the Odin project, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's better. This was good for introducing me to some basic stuff and I would come back here for practice on days I wasn't feeling particularly motivated. A lot of people have a lot of success with this and the pro-bono work you can get at the end would be insanely useful if you can actually finish the course.

>treehouse (15usd/mo but there's a free trial)
I would start with this. Do the web design track and try finishing as much as you can in however long the trial is nowadays. The videos might work well for you, they may not. If you like a more structured, school like environment this one is probably best for you. I did the two week trial and would say that I learned the most about HTML and CSS from this course. I'd recommend starting here if you're a complete beginner.

Once you honestly feel you could get paid for your work, sign up on angel list and just apply fucking everywhere. I applied to probably 200+ jobs over the span of 2 months before I finally got an interview.

File: tech-analysis.jpg (141 KB, 1200x896)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
is technical analysis really that bad? It seems to have somewhat of a negative reputation.

I've heard from some that it sometimes is useful, but some people have took it overboard and developed all sorts of bullshit technical indicators, and even went far as to use the position of the stars or something.

So if technical analysis isn't entirely bullshit but has been infiltrated, how do I determine what's useful and what's bullshit when studying technical analysis?
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Learn the TA to learn the psychology behind it.
Even if 10% of people don't believe in it the majority do, so you use the signals and what they interpret them as against them.
>is technical analysis really that bad?
It is, unless you can see the signal in charts like this.
So yes, technical analysis is bullshit. The people who make money off technical analysis are ones who execute scams similar to the one >>1650970 demonstrated.

It's part of a two-tier system.

Fundamental analysis allows you to find your investment. Usually it's a company but it could be bonds or ETFs as well - just know the underlining investment before you go into the derivative. This is accomplished by looking at:

Company info, products and -services, management and boards, income statements, earnings releases, balance sheet, 10-k reports and etc

Once you know your company, you may have an idea its value or price that it should be at and what it could be priced at in the future.

Then Technical Analysis lets you know the trends of the market by trying to understand the buyers (who chose at what price to buy and sell at) to know WHEN to buy it.

This is where it gets tricky.

There are many schools of thoughts and they all work in one way or another; at one point or another. Hindsight is 20/20.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Tom DeMark is the only technical analyst worth a shit. You can get the DeMark indicators and they're fucking awesome, but you have to subscribe to a Bloomberg terminal at $2500 per month to get the charting.

CFA for 20 yrs.
I think it's more of a "what happened" than a "what's happening".

I use it very loosely, I pay attention to patterns of a stock im following to get an idea of what to set my buy and sell limits of that day or week. But I don't use technical analysis for anything else. I don't use it to tell me what stock to buy or the exact time to buy or any of that. I just look at previous patterns of a stock I am going to trade then roughly set my limits. I don't even know if I'd say im using technical analysis as the extent of me using it is a simple graph shown on RH.


I'm gonna buy CERU cause it took a big dip to .60 cents and I know from previous patterns it's going to go up a little. Could be as little as 2-3 cents or as much as 20-30 cents.

I set a limit order for .59 cause it dropped to .6 it should go a little lower.
Set another limit that day for .55 just Incase it goes way lower so I can average down. Set a sell order for .64 cause it should do that no problem. And if I end up averaging down I'll set an even lower sell limit. My goal is to make a profit. .3-4 cents is a profit. Don't care if I could have made 6 cents or even 25. Besides, if that whale decide to rebound a quarter it'll happen fast enough that my order goes through at a higher price anyway.

The point is in not wasting my time with tech analysis to buy the lowest possible magic number and sell at the highest possibly magic number cause I think TA is an "after the fact kinda" analysis or just one of many "before the fact" indicators, at least for the US market.

File: 4942956704_3d6dccb299_b.jpg (391 KB, 768x1024)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
This is just a reminder that if you are not currently employed at an I bank/HF/PE fund or an ivy league finance/econ/maths student you are literally not even human
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I can see you never worked in the industry.I have. If you don't own a business you are still a wage slave no matter how pretty the collar.
which industry and what level within that industry?
I'm well aware.


>Engineer laughing my ass off
Oh geez how many have you mentioned in your post. With wits like that you must not need a calculator for 3rd grade math

guys silver is still at 6 year lows and demand is higher then ever

are we all long silver now or what?

also what do you think about buying taiwanese dollar? trump had a phonecall with their president and the exchange seems good right now

been riding the USD since like late june when SPY was 219, sold most of my equities except defense industry and cigarettes.

File: tub-in-kitchen-2.jpg (50 KB, 400x316)
50 KB
So i'm finally getting ready to start my business. I don't want to use my real name, though. I want keep my personal and business relations separate.

I've found out the best way to do this is to setup a DBA for my "pen name" to redirect to my real name and SSN. Judging from what I see, however,it only applies to businesses itself, and not individuals. Many sites say it could be done, but i'm having trouble finding how I can do it in my state (NYC).

So how do you think I should do it, /biz/? Do you think I should do it? Would it, perhaps, severe ties with people if I were to ever use my real name? Have any of you done it?
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Dude just make an LLC. It's easy, simple, and better than a DBA.

That's what I did.
it does provide protection from liability, but you get the same protection from liability insurance. So assuming your LLC is required to carry liability insurance anyways you've gained nothing. It doesn't even drop your insurance costs since the insurer doesn't care if they're covering you or your LLC for the same risks, it costs the same to them.

It does have tax benefits in specific situations, primarily if you're wealthy. But that's why most people don't incorporate until they're wealthy enough to benefit from it.

An LLC is useful if you have personal assets you want to protect from business liability, but we're on a board where most people don't even own a house, let alone assets that could be seized in a lawsuit or bankruptcy.
The correct answer is:

A DBA isn't a form of business. Its actually just a set of regulations designed to curb fraud by requiring disclosure, in certain circumstances, of an enterprises' true owner. DBA rules can apply to a sole proprietorship, C Corp, S Corp, LLC, partnership, LLP, or even a trust.
OP didn't ask what a dba is, he asked how to set one up.

File: XDN moon.png (393 KB, 700x779)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
$XDN is gonna moon

You heard it here first

get in while you can
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File: 1461902438730.jpg (87 KB, 777x803)
87 KB
every god damn dollar you can afford bucko
How do you know it's going to go up? Is $10 enough? I don't want to risk too much.
ten fucking dollars? you cant make shit with that bucko
$10?? u gotta be kidding me lmao. if this thing goes up 20% you'll end up with a $2 profit. your choice. its always good to be $2 richer xD
Sorry m8, I only have ~690 bucks in my bank.

File: 0nnm.png (288 KB, 633x366)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
What's the quickest way to turn $25,000 into $175,000?
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Drugs, gambling
Give the money to me and I'll teach you how.

How about 50% up front, 50% after?
The quickest way is ALWAYS gambling. But that doesn't mean it's the best way
Invest heavy and aggressively in securities after doing your research on them. Always go with your gut. And to make quick money don't deversify.

So I finally convinced my parents to stop pressuring me to move out by saying I'm saving to buy a boat because I want to start a charter service business. When in reality I just want to fish on my days off.

How realistic is it to make money off a charter service? I plan on buying a 22' boat. Do people really pay $200-400 a day to take them out fishing? What about a commercial fishing license?
So after doing some research, people actually do pay for this and it's quite popular. Typical rates are $500-600 for a 8 hour trip. Summers would probably be busy every day.

File: gorgeous face hat tip.jpg (52 KB, 600x600)
52 KB
You have ten seconds to explain why you haven't used your birth certificate to wipe out all of your debt.

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this took 26 minutes and 36 seconds to explain?
Well, to explain this systematically, and give you instructions on how to actually carry out the lawsuit, yes, it takes half and hour to explain.
seems legit
Born in Sweden and have a green card, but live in America. Checkm8 atheists.
This is right up there with not paying taxes "because the dollar isn't backed by gold anymore".
It might make sense, but the only people profiting from it are the shills who sell the "secret" to rubes.

You don't give money to broke people.
that pic is nostalgic for me. i think in that episode chuckie's dad somehow gets rich but loses it all by the end. good times.

give a man a fish, feed him for a day. teach a man to fish, feed him for life.
There's a reason they can't handle money, so why give them more?

File: suoeoay.png (123 KB, 670x905)
123 KB
123 KB PNG

>Looks at the volume spike
>Percent change
Screenshot this.
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How will investing in you give any returns?
we Jordan Belfort now

poorfag stay poor.
why waste a dollar when i can buy more xdn? kekxD
hope somoene would dump on my order at 24 sat. this coin is brewing and people are accumulating.
if we break 60 satoshis this thing would sky rocket to the 100+. XEM 2.0.

File: 17347130.jpg (197 KB, 1300x1042)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Has anyone pulled a career reset in their mid-twenties or later?

I am currently a software engineer in a corporate job and I hate every second of it: the people, the culture, the work. I want to quit and move into a high-paying trade with the eventual goal of owning a business and working on my own terms.

Has anyone done it? Were you successful, or was it a huge blunder?
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Go for it OP.
Just don't spend too much more money on re-education. Don't dig that hole any deeper.

Do like the other guy in this thread and just take a job and start at the bottom.
Did you already have contact with the local guy before he hired you or did you apply to the position? How long did it take between laying tiles and then starting your company?
I've done two. Once from a roughneck to an ESL teacher, and I'm in the process of becoming an engineer now.

I regret nothing.
Blue collar is an easy hire. Especially if you already work hard in some form of manual labor. One of my neighbors told me about his company and gave me his cell number.

1 year. I quit and 2 weeks later I was laying tile under my own name.

>hated hearing that I wasn't meeting company standards, etc..

>"-Anon, I'm afraid that you aren't leveraging our company's hyperscale platform"
>"-I'm afraid you're not leveraging my cock"

File: MFW Steve carrel.jpg (15 KB, 447x444)
15 KB
What would you do with $20,000?
File: logo.jpg (10 KB, 316x316)
10 KB
i will buy XDN for mad gains
File: xdn.jpg (194 KB, 1095x591)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
i would invest in btc and probably buy some alt coins since btc is going sideways for a while probably. ill probably stock up on XDN, XMR and ETC and DASH. XDN for sure because lots of people are accumulating according to the 1d chart.

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