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This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on >>>/pol/. Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect.

Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cyptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden. Want to advertise? Buy a banner /biz/ targeted banner ad: https://www.4chan.org/advertise?selfserve

File: 000001.png (92 KB, 964x625)
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>news this month
>news in September
...iPhone 8 in September... TechCrunch Disrupt in September after iPhone announcement...

What's stopping this train, biz?
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this is literal moon mission shit.
we really gonna be millionaires lads


Thank me now plz

...... You make a password, it gives your wallet is almost any format you want to use....... how is that complicated, Allows you to make a paper backup as you create a wallet you can open in mist or other wallets....

Brainlets will be kicking themselves once omisgo app is the top ecommerce app on the apple store.

How many OMG's do you possess brother? We will be make it together.

Jigga I've been in since inception. I'm right there with ya.
File: 1498939692512.jpg (114 KB, 511x601)
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114 KB JPG

So did anyone buy $5 of this yesterday when I posted?

It's up 42% already.

It still only has a 72k market cap. Infinite potential from this entry point.

Seriously biz, just buy $5 worth...

If the market cap hits a piss poor $5 mil, that $5 will be $500, if it hits $50mil, you'll have gone 1000x

how many shitcoins have a 50 mil cap? fucking plenty.

oh, this isn't even a shitcoin btw. check out the website, the beta is already up and running.
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Market cap has gone up 10k since the thread was made
Men I really have come to hate any POS shitcoin.

Why oh fucking why introduce inflation AGAIN. Just when BTC solved it. Fuck you kikes.

Also the idea is decent but the website just looks so fucking bad.
>that spread
>that shit liquidity
>3 btc """volume"""
A manifestation of a pajeet coin
In for $50. We'll see what happens!
I just sold 5 neo, moving btc now.

da fuck, its all gambling.

File: Financial ADVICE.jpg (2.35 MB, 1665x3441)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
i will give whoever links me the trading bot discord 15 bucks of bitcoin.
the one im in is pretty dead, is there another biz /bots/?
>Saving your entire life for an age where you cant do shit or 80% of the fun things you want to do to enjoy life


>Living life to the fullest


File: decentralized currency.png (108 KB, 1863x693)
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108 KB PNG
Yes! good goy, buy our ((decentralized currency))
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Do what you can, get them delisted from google, flag videos that mention bcash for hate speech.
didnt btc.top say they were going to start mining on monday?
So your argument is that there's nothing stooping it from being less centralised? What in the actual fuck?
Yes and I'm hoping we can get them to pay dearly for it.
DDOS them and make sure to contact their hosting providers!
no thanks man, thats petty. let the market decide

File: 1503190181664.jpg (18 KB, 470x313)
18 KB
>TFW got trolled by /pol/ into not going to University now im a 23 year old wagecuck in a factory losing money on cryptos

I wish I just went to college like all the normies...
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HR departments care about degrees. Managers do not. Try to skip HR. I've been hired at two fortune 500 companies without even showing my resume. I only finished high school.

About making a portfolio of chemical engineering projects, I have no idea. I myself would: set aside 3 months for finding 3 great jobs. Network your way up the chain as high as possible. Ask what problems/projects they are focusing in right now. Spend at least 1 month working on this in the evening hours. Blow them (and your job competition) away. Should work for the first job you apply to, the other 2 are just if you get unlucky.
Aw shit dude, that 3rd year physics course was a waste of money. I could've learned that independently.

you came to the right place, get ready to become rich
Again, what's stopping you in applying to uni. If you work hard you can finish in 3 years, but you'll have a lot of debt.
I live in Canada it's mostly subsidized here. Also there's an ultra cheap university with $3k/yr tuition I was thinking about maybe going to

Please be more specific. How do I network if im a lowly wagecuck?

File: 20170819_200456.png (137 KB, 572x1622)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Just bought 699 NXT

1/3 of my entire crypto stack is in NXT

How fucked am I?

I will give 20 NXT to the post providing the best plan.

Use the other 679 to buy a rope and hang myself before the price goes to earths core and then through to china probably.
nobody cares about your pennies

File: pepe.jpg (20 KB, 306x306)
20 KB
>muh omisego
does anyone really expect this coin to do anything
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Hype is too priced in right now. See this as declining first wave of attention that Ethereum got.

That means if you can hold long (12 months+) there is still 5x left (10x if you count Bitcoin doubling). But market will have changed by then and Ethereum is at 1k.
>dumped my bcc for OMG

Please kill me.
I'm all in
I rather be on board and be proven wrong and make a little loss with a stoploss sale rather than stand and watch when it moons like mad
the thing is this coin already mooned. like, really mooned. it was like 20 cents for a long time, if I recall correctly

Getting another one of these going
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What infighting? It's just one guy being greedy.
jk, I sold at 375 and now I'm hodling ADX.
ARK IS SHIT!! STEALTHCOIN FTW i just bought 5 million worth see you fags on the moon.... not.... i'll be all alone.... by myself... with 10,000 gallons of lube and a hundred thousand bags of cheetos

Just sell it and buy ARK, what's the problem?
ya and this shit multplied by xnumber of delegates plus bagholders. then the next faggot voted in realizes hey free money if Im the douchebag. then more squabbles. this coin is for squabbling old womens club. just buy neo or a non bullshit stake coin if you want payouts and skip the fucking homos ripping you off and playing kindergarten class president

File: bitcoin.png (53 KB, 466x469)
53 KB
Hey peeps. The official Chancoin dubs bot is active! Just roll in this thread (or any other thread for that matter, just make sure it's in /biz/) and get free chancoins for your dubs!

Your name must be formatted like mine ("$4CHN:addy"). Otherwise the bot won't give you coins.

Have fun rolling /biz/!
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end my suffering
time for bed night all
pls help me i am drunk and poor

File: IMG_9124.jpg (103 KB, 1024x839)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
A second moon is coming
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>ITT: More noobs who don't understand NEO pays dividends in the form of GAS and there's no reason to sell regardless of what the price is doing
>POSW pays dividends hold long term
isn't posw a shitty eth token

I do fiat to btc on gemini, send some over to bittrex for fun. I don't own any NEO, but if I did how would I go about claiming dividends? can you do this through an exchange like bittrex, or do you need some wallet or whatever?
binance will give you your gas. but to really stake it, you gotta use a wallet on neo.org

use NEON. it's the community favorite by far

File: s1.png (42 KB, 1212x539)
42 KB
/biz/, you think you have what it takes to become a "crypto" portfolio manager?

Here's the game:

>/biz/ controls holdings starting at $100,000.
>For one hour, you will be given the opportunity to make portfolio changes a day.
>Submit buy/sell orders
>Maximum of 15 pairs at a time.
>Each post controls $2000 at a time

Example post:
>"Sell $2000 Bitcoin, BUY $2000 Monero"

Will update this thread periodically.
Good luck to us.
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neat thread, will look for it in future, surprised nobody bought any ETH
How are you supposed to buy something with no available funds?
You never indicated a sell position.
nobody bought beans
what the fuck
Its a worthless shitcoin
buy $2000 blockcat

File: image-ebay.png (13 KB, 415x222)
13 KB
Advice, tips, and good things to flip

Ive been at the reselling game for about 8 months now. Ive made just over $4,000 (profit) in my spare time.

I drive to the 12 thrift shops within 10 miles of my house almost daily and look for pro audio/speakers, video games (ps1/2, gamecube games) & consoles, as well as some books and jackets. other things too if they catch my eye.

best score so far was a full gamecube, the game boy attachment + startup disc and about 25 games in perfect condition. paid $20 for it all and parted it out and made almost $600
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Ebay makes it really hard to sell electronics nowadays. A buyer could literally buy a laptop, take out the graphics card, and then return it saying it didn't come with one and was not as advertised. Source: Happened to me with a M17xR3 and my $300 xbox controller.
As I've said its mostly video games. Ill do free shipping on any game I can sell for more than $12. Cost 2.02 to ship.

Also all of my packing materials are free
kek, why would waste time selling fucking junk from antique stores

why not sell fakes and replicas? easiest way to get rich
This is another reason i stick to low ticket items.

For work we will only list items of the highest quality and ive still had to issue A LOT of partial refund for stupid shit.

I recently sold a really nice guitar for a lot of money and decided to included a free hard case for shipping purposes. It was a locking guitar case and the lock was broken, but still had 4 latches, closed fine and was in great condition. Buyer typed up a fucking novel about the "broken case" (i even mentioned the case in the listing and specified it for shipping purposes) and about how he felt the guitar might have been stolen due to the lock not working. He threatened me with a bad review and hinted at reporting me unless i issued him a partial refund for the amount of a new hard case that would fit this specific guitar ($90).
enjoy having your account shut down and paypal taking all of your money. All new accounts get 21 day holds on incoming funds to deter this exact thing.

whats the deal with satoshi nakamoto? Why did he choose to never show himself? Why did he never use his million bitcoins at all.

It has created this almost mystical creation myth over bitcoin
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Yeah exactly. Craig should be able to sign a message with Satoshi's private keys. But he can't.

My personal theory is that Satoshi was killed in some random accident like a car crash. He was probably not too old (say, under 50) so he never made plans to have his coins passed along if he died.
File: Untitled.png (295 KB, 567x531)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
Last I looked in to the real Satoshi was right when he gave proof. I didn't know it had been thoroughly debunked.

When did Satoshi stop responding? It's terribly interesting.
I think if any of his known coins started moving the market would panic and if hes a alive he knows it
If Satoshi was a real person nobody would take Bitcoin seriously. That's part of the appeal of Bitcoin: nobody owns it. If Bill Gates came out and said that it's his coin, you would have to take into account Bill Gates and your opinion of him as well as what you think of the coin. If it was one person getting people to use his Bitcoin, it would have a cult like feel to it and it wouldn't be considered for serious adoption imo
It was the Andorians all along!

Can anyone give me a quick rundown as to why people are getting angry at BitPay?
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as long as i get my free alt coins, i dont really care.
File: Hashrate.jpg (127 KB, 1882x775)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Do world a favour and kill yourself
They supported the economic terrorists propped up by Jihan.
You'll all be added to the list.
>so IF larger blocks made it harder to claim a reward they'd just naturally limit their blocks to less than the network maximum!
That's fucking scary. Fuck the miners, fuck the BCH.. does it have any actual use cases, who will accept BCH payments when there's hardly any Litecoin merchants who accept it after how many years? I'm dumping it.
Lighting network is not vaporware

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