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This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

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Old thread approaching limit. Are you going to miss out on a lifetime boat like you did with TrumpCoin? Get in faggots before this coin gets to 100 sats, it's boarding call time!

Where to buy LePen?

(Preferred) Yobit Exchange yobit.net

Also C-Cex and Cryptopia, but much lower volume


1st Election: April 23rd

2nd Election: May 7th (this is when Macron will be sucking LePen's dick)

May KEK give us his blessing and let's make Europe great again (and our wallets, too)
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Should I buy Lepen, Pepecash, or Siacoin?
Obviously LePen
eth needs an app in french thats geared towards making it eassy for people to buy the coin easy
we also need stuff like thiis in french, and to get the word out in france itself

File: trumpcare.gif (1.13 MB, 400x300)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
Just lost a ton of money on the Madman thing.

Like half my money.

How do I deal with big stock market losses? Like what the fuck do I do? I'm in the red net-wise since I started trading now.
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Deep down I know you're right.
>Just lost a ton of money on the Madman thing.
That thread had WARNINGS IN ALL CAPS by several anons...
bet it all on the latest shitcoin
i warned everyone not to listen to that fuckhead
>I'm a fucking retard that can't detect obvious scams even when everyone is telling me it's a scam
Stop trading and get an IRA or something, trading is clearly not for you.

I'm holding PIVX, NEM, GOLEM, BitBAY and ETH.

I'm waiting for the pump for LEPEN.

What are your predictions for these coins?
I'm only listening to predictions, not shills.
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Put in as much as you're willing to lose, you're going to sweat if the value fluctuates. This is a long game. Every time a coin pumps and stabilizes again people think they're le bag holder and sell their shit, and we don't need that with BAY. Strictly real investors only.
I'll keep an open mind. Tell me what you think the price will go to and why.
Yes, that's why i'm holding.

BAY: Peg
NEM: Catapult

BAY has a reliable price floor and a core community of devoted BAYholders, so even as a 'risky' investment vehicle you are in my opinion guaranteed not to lose your ass on it. That's my strongest reasoning to invest. As someone who bought in at 270 SATs, I had my opportunity to sell at 650 but held on to almost every last BAY save for a few I wanted to gamble on other coins with.

As far as the price, it really depends on the peg. The aim is for a relatively stable currency, so I wouldn't expect a meteoric rise to $10 or something. Do I expect it to hit a penny within the next year? Yes.

As far as longer term predictions, as soon as I see a GUI that's user friendly enough for the older folks, I won't hesitate to bet the farm on it. There's just no reason a small business owner would continue to sell their products on Amazon or eBay and pay their outrageous listing fees. 2% transaction fee vs. 20% Middleman fee - any business doing volume on this Earth can bypass numerous transactional hurdles with this thing - just wait for the fucking Chinese to get ahold of it.

I'm going to be completely honest - I expect this coin to hit a dollar minimum within the next couple years. Take me with a grain of salt though - i'm obviously very emotionally invested in this coin, but not without good reason.

If you download the client and try out the marketplace, I think you'll agree with me on the potential.
I've got over a mill of BAYs so I'm invested heavily into this as well. I was just curious to see if other people think its gonna go past a dollar because if not I will continue to buy until I hit like 5 or more million

I have 0.01878984 of BTC on Bittrex. How do I make some profit, only genuine advice please. Also any tips for a beginner crypto trader?
thats literally $20 my man, what the fuck
buy low

sell high
Get ready for tons of comments promoting their shitcoins.

File: milocoin_staypoor.jpg (95 KB, 600x879)
95 KB
/MiloCoin General/ They're coming out of the woodwork to get a piece of MiloCoin, edition

MiloCoin Scholarship news has been posted and wew lad is it epic!

I’m not gay, but $1 per MiloCoin is $1 per MiloCoin (kek confirmed 1.50 btw)


>Official MiloCoin website:

>Step-By-Step Guild on How to Buy MiloCoin:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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how many do you have. fuck
>he actually still thinks there is a video

I was the anon from two threads ago who called it.
There is you silly poof
If dubs it will confirm that Milocoin will hit $1.00, and donations start pouring in. ONLY IF KEK TRULY WILLS IT
inb4 easy video maker screenshot

>it's coming guys :^)

File: Apu-friend.jpg (16 KB, 326x184)
16 KB
>tfw just went to subway and one of the employees was yelling at the other employee for fucking things repeatedly

I feel kinda bad for her tbqfhwymdiykwim (to be quite fricken honest with you my dude, if you know what I mean).
Fucking things up*


File: file.png (129 KB, 978x849)
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129 KB PNG


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i'm holding 100 eth m8, i'm just not delusional
Ethereum going to crash back to $11 and it's gonna be glorious. Just wait and witness how quickly they all stampede to the exit.
File: file.png (6 KB, 174x130)
6 KB
I literally sold my ETH just now.
Lightning Network is ETH 2.0 and is a Bitcoin addon. It replaces the need for ETH.

Game over man
I actually dumped all my meth when it hit $40. I regret not waiting until $50 but i still made money so whatever.


File: bull_large[1].jpg (70 KB, 580x435)
70 KB
I'm choosing my modules for my next year of University and I can't decide between "Developments in Banking and Finance" and "Economic History". I think Banking would be more useful, but I'm not great at maths, and Economics sounds more interesting.


File: IMG_6599.jpg (18 KB, 280x200)
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>all your friends did/are doing internships in big cities or abroad in Europe
>all your friends got jobs in big cities or in Europe
>you're still stuck at your stemkek job in your hometown living with your parents

I can't be the only anon on here
All your friends are flushing money down the rent and cost of living drain.
so what? What's bad about living in the country side while becoming rich off cryptos meanwhile your "friends" are getting harassed by brown people and refugees in their urban shitholes.
>muh money saved
lol the delusion

File: 25121578.jpg (26 KB, 400x400)
26 KB
tfw when you offer your unemployed and uneducated friend a job at $30 per hour to get you a few price quotes from a few companies and he refuses because it's "beneath his dignity" to be an errand boy.
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I will do it for 29/hour
I'll do it for 28
Maybe he just hates you and don't want to hurt your feelings
15 here

My name is sandeep from India. I will do it for 500 rupees.

File: s-l1600.jpg (268 KB, 1600x841)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
Why do people still buy baseball cards? It's the most archaic thing ever, yet I still see them at every Target. Is it seriously just the boomers doing it? I understand back then, you couldn't just pull up the player stats on the fly like you can now with your smartphone. Doesn't make any sense other than collecting them for nostalgia purposes.

pic related. It's been sitting in some guys closet for 30 years and probably sold for less than what the idiot paid for it.
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I used to collect them as a kid in the nineties. It was fun. I'd compare collection with friends and trade cards. I always wanted to get players from teams I cheered for. Never thought of it as an investment, just a little hobby.
Well, i fell for the meme as a kid and an effort to fit in and look like i gave a fuck about sports. Figured i would keep them for my kids colkege. Not having kids. Keep being told 80s and 90s cards are useles. Hekd for 15 years and no change. Tired of them tsking up space but no clue how to get rid of them.

Should i really look each single card up and deal with ebay?

Is there not a trustworthy place to dump them and say here. 15% of profit is yours?
Fuck. So mark mcquire and jordan and shaw rookie cards and shit are ass wiping paper....?
I wanna sell mine. I got too much shit and i dont want to toss them in the barn and feed the packrats. Wish i coukd find some kid to give them too. Maybe i will get a lock box and just hide it under the house and put it on my will and die 60 years feom now having long forgot about them.
I just want mine gone. Never even cared for it. I have other interests. So deal with ebay? Or sell on another site?

File: Angry.jpg (18 KB, 234x248)
18 KB
Just lost my job...
I was making around $425 weekly.

How can I replicate this income using only the internet?
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this. If I was a girl I'd do that for free money... or at least playing with videogames on Twitch and posting selfies to instagram.

I hate that as a guy those options are not profitable... I know that with a good, funny personality you can have tons of followers but if you're a girl all you need to do is put on some makeup and a tight top and the money flows in.
Didn't twitch ban tight tops or something? I remember people bitching about some nannying dress code bullshit.
I'm pretty sure you can't tell girls what they should wear or the media will behead you on the streets
Turns out it was just lingerie, streaming in underwear, and bikinis that they banned. Lots of articles on the ban if you search.

File: bitcoinmemeball1.jpg (477 KB, 1672x1188)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
Previous thread died due to lack of templates. So I will upload some here to post your own memes
5 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: memeball_bigOil1.jpg (272 KB, 782x618)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
File: BLANK TEMPLATE.png (439 KB, 900x677)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
File: 4365465367658.jpg (23 KB, 558x427)
23 KB
You don't have to cash out in dollars, you could do it in KRW/EUR/JPY/CNY/NGN/ZAR/GBP and multiple other currencies.

Hey /biz/ians, what's the best software for crypto trading? My browser becomes laggy af over time. Found out about these ones: https://marginsoftware.de/

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