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File: 3dcubeclipart.png (3 KB, 225x225)
3 KB
Just going to leave these here:


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My guess is Lamden or Devery
If you really wanted to keep accumulating, you would have made a lot more progress keeping quiet about this completely under the radar project rather than sperging on here multiple times a day
devery cucks gtfo
Why there so many FUD hahahah those pajeets and normies fuding are gonna get rekt.
See u in lambo land arys

you have some heavy bags anon lol

File: Scream.jpg (258 KB, 800x994)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
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Amber Lamps
File: 1516657559015.png (358 KB, 800x400)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
0/10 bait.

File: LTC_bmw.jpg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG

Diversify or choose one and go all-in?

>pic related, LTC money
xrb is a normie coin

File: nippo.jpg (441 KB, 2048x1728)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
Okay gays, heres the basics

LiveEdu Ico - easy money

BitDegree is the same shit, had an ico in december with hardcap of $22mil, it’s now worth 100mil, thats a x5

LiveEdu is $10mil and at 100mil would be x10

Easypeasy japaneasy, normies will love this shit and they’ve got working products
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File: 2132132189999.jpg (67 KB, 560x810)
67 KB
Shitcoin by shitskins, have fun losing your money, not like you deserve otherwise if you actually threw money at these niggers
Lmao you fucking tard those were pajeets impersonating admins to get them to send over eth. If you believe that you are a fucking spastic
Im aware you spastic. Hope you actually threw money in so you lose it.
>Still hasn't broke 8 mill after being 7.5+ for a week
>ETH has been fluctuating around the same prices for days
>Bar keeps being reset
>I-i-i-its because the prices are shifting
We only make money here

Telegram is fucking massive full of pajeets that will shill the coin everywhere, easy fucking money

“cha” in your ID will get you 500 Chancoins automatically.
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me pls
It used to be 1000 wtf op?
abra kada cha!
I've been squirming for a shit for 10 minutes. Love this feeling.

Tell a story of a time you sold at a loss into another coin. Did it work out or not?
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File: 1512923822426.png (13 KB, 211x239)
13 KB
>selling at a loss for fiat
Bought 15 ltc at 350, sold at 280 once Charlie fucked us. Bought all into Icon, made 5x my loss.

Ltc is heading sub 100. Best decision so far.
Guilty doing this with TRX and UFR.

Felt like such a fucking faggot for falling into that shit. Call me what you want, I won’t even argue against it. Legit deserve it.

In terms of did it work out. I believe it will, everything’s still recovering at this point
I dumped all of my Ark to hit that Verge pump at 124sat. HooRah!
Sold NEO at $22 for ARK.... fuck me

File: ufr.png (24 KB, 691x679)
24 KB
So, lots of shilling about UFR on here lately, it piqued my interest so I decided to do my own research. Couldn't find too much concrete stuff, until today. UFR came out with a new blog post that give me a lot of confidence and ultimately I've decided to invest in this coin.

TL;DR For the lazy
> New UFR Seeding Protocol
> Explanation of how UFR will be used in the ecosystem
> Information about UFR App
> Cancellation of contribution period 2 (Less Dilution!)

Oh, and the kicker...
> UFR will be listed on a top 50 exchange within this week.

IMO this coin is doing something completely unique, has no competitors, and has such a low market cap that the potential is a 10x this week.

I've done my research, if this looks appealing to you, do your own, and then do what you will. This baby is going to the moon fellas

My slut bitch of a wife told me she wanted a divorce. I honestly didn't give a shit until my lawyer tells me today I´ll probably loose my apartment and most of my savings. She also will get to keep the car I BOUGHT HER. I also live in a pretty fucking liberal state, so I´m fucked.

As long as that stupid bitch doesn't get a penny from me, I´m down for whatever. I don´t give a fuck if its at ATH, pump and dump, if I get Bitconnect´d, as long as its untracable and private, so I can say muh bitcoin was hacked.
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>only applies to transactions made 2 years ago
fuck off pajeet try reading your own sources nigger
File: 1470411392688.jpg (115 KB, 720x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>She also will get to keep the car I BOUGHT HER

So if you bought her that car it's your own stupid fault for putting pussy on a pedestal.
ETH or do what these other anons are saying, they probably have more experience then me
Fucking this, as an adult entertainer I cant stress this enough


if you dont slap your ho, she will slap you, if she can slap you then she feels superior, if she feels superior, she will look for someone else, chicks wont admit it but they love to be pushed around, so control your fucking bitch
1) Buy a burner phone
You'll need this shit.

2) Start going to strip clubs.
Have some fun while you're there of course, but the real goal is to withdraw cash from the ATM. Space out some withdrawals all night. Strippers don't give receipts.

3) Use the burner phone to find a seller on localbitcoins. Buy btc from the guy with the cash you pulled out of the strip club ATM.

AI is the macro trend that began in late 2017. DBC. SingularityNET. MatrixChain. . . .BOTTOS IS BETTER THAN ALL OF THESE.

Bottos has already begun to take off, jumping from $0.15 last week to $0.25 today. But we are STILL IN THE BEGINNING. Very few people know this, but they started an office in Silicon Valley this week. The legend Don Draper is backing Bottos. Draper will give Bottos so much marketing in Silicon Valley and beyond. Once the rest of the western world hears about it, BTO WILL MOON.

SEE ARTICLE WRITTEN BY VENTURE CAPITALIST: https://medium.com/@blockchen0x/bottos-bto-the-best-ai-crypto-of-2018-cb2799c81cd3

You've been warned. ACCUMULATE NOW
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What % of your portfolio is in this? Currently I'm at 20% But may step it up to 50% or more. This is an obvious, clear as day buy buy BUY
i am 100% BTO
i can't find bottos listed anywhere on draper's website. anyone got a link?
new to the game i see
where do I buy this shit

File: download.png (153 KB, 1600x1600)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Why does no one shill this?
>sub 10m market cap
>working product already
>active team with regular update reports
>ex JP Morgan VP as head of US operations
>20% airdrop for holding tokens from now to April
Seems like a no brainier for EZ money.
huh i actually like the sound of this
I've seen it mentioned like 2 times here over the past 2 months and have been slowly accumulating. I figure it's good it's not being shilled so not a pajeet scam but it's in desperate need of some kind of volume
where can I even get this
I don't get the purpose if tokens in this product.

File: 1514667402822.jpg (176 KB, 1484x958)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
If you are not all in on XLM, you are really fucking up.

Benefits of Stellar:

- ICOs
- Smart-contracts; just not Turing-complete
- Faster than all other networks
- Decentralized (fuck you autists)
- Transactions cost next to nothing
- IBM running the world-wide network nodes and shilling Stellar (https://dashboard.stellar.org/)
- Can easily replace Ethereum (Ethereum cannot handle real world transactions)
- MOBI+KIN chose Stellar over Ethereum (https://medium.com/kin-contributors/kin-stellar-sdk-initial-draft-839afcaaf55c)
- AERON testing Stellar over Ethereum
- Stellar consensus protocol: 1000s tx / second (global scale)
- Importantly, Stellar forces the use of its coin, XLM, as the cost for using the network

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Pretty sure he was memeing
lol just drop down to .000491 eth for me so i can buy more
>tfw 200 xlm
>not a typo
Same here, 1013 XLM. But it's okay, I'm in the third world so it doesn't matter. Anything above $20k and I can say I made it.
>tfw 100 XLM

File: jews.png (897 KB, 891x807)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
biz cucked by the jews yet again



at least he didn't tell normies to buy into crypto
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I can't believe I used to like that faggot. He literally sold his soul to the machine for money.
What did you expect from a Jew who stole his ideas from infamous school shooter Sam hyde
you give those small time entertainers way too much credit
Does Hila have brain damage?

File: 2342543523452.png (27 KB, 151x304)
27 KB
VEN is an exit scam I have insider information
Ant sized PNG
commit suicide anon

Bespoke Brioni Navy Suit
Gucci Loafers
Gold Rolex DayDate
Iphone X
Ferrari 488 Keys
Amex Black Card
$1000 in 50s
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>italians are gypsies
Who is she, also when tell me more about private
I'm guessing you're a Chaldean who owns a few gas stations in Detroit.

> Artist Alphonse de Neuville (1835–1885)
> Title The defence of Rorke's Drift 1879
> Object type Painting
> Current location Art Gallery of New South Wales
> Level Ground level room 19th + 20th c European art
you're not supposed to get that close to the works of art.

File: 4L_keMJs0Yb.png (51 KB, 256x256)
51 KB
Worth getting into /biz/? Looks like a decent enough project but more importantly it has just picked up over the past day or so and price is rising.
Definitely worth giving a shot, I dropped 3% of my eth holdings into it. Moon potential but definitely not one to hold if you're looking for a slow burner
you know this board has ID's right
samefag samefag samefag samefag samefag samefag samefag samefag samefag samefag
your samefagging is hilarious. Opus is a little hidden gem though.

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