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Filename thread.
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Battles like that are not uncommon actually, there even was a period where the two factions would just go to the battlefield to showoff their army and the one that looked stronger would win by default.
I had forgotten anon.
>man held hostage by good file names in a file name thread
Its pretty obvious to me. She feels bad and judges herself for being to weak to save madoka over and over again. Really pretty straight forward.

GS: the video game

I'm trying to play online, and every group I join is a bunch of faggots wielding GS. is that the only weapon people know how to use? whenever we reach the boss, all I see on my screen is 3 faggots charging their 3x attack, only to miss because the boss ran away 2 seconds ago.

LS is literally the most perfect melee weapon. Why so many GS users when it's inferior to the LS?
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I wanna get back into mh but I haven't had the time to also I'd need to shake the rust off to get back to g rank level
>having trouble with Teostra solo
>make the Barrozooka and upgrade it to the jade barroth / daora one
>spam rapid Pellet 2 at its tail and feet all day
How do I cut Gravios' tail with Dual Blades?

I can only hit the tail when I trip him or sometimes when he laser breaths, but he ends up dead before I trip him enough times to cut tail.
Back when I was farming Gravios Brainstems in the PSP games, I'd bring a shock trap + combines for extra. The way he stuns in one of those, his tail curves up but the tip is low enough to reach with DBs, so you can devil dance spam while he's in the trap.

Probably not as effective now that traps hold for less and less time on successive use. Tried mounting?
Je suis monte or trip him, pop demon and wail on the tail.

Sharpness helps. Shock traps are iffy

calling it now, pc version unplayable.
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Ground Zero was good tier on the pc.
Some minus issues, but still a good port.
You really gonna post this image in every thread on /v/ memester?
NVIDIA helped with Ground Zeroes too.
>GZ launch was smooth as fuck, just about perfect
>Implying TPP won't be the same
why is big boss a giant chicken?

File: ShovelKnightRun.png (374 KB, 1209x1563)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
>Not first party
>Is a FotM character from an Indie title
>From an indie title
>Doesn't represent anything from Nintendo's history
>Doesn't even represent indie titles
>Releasing on multiplat
>Barely known in Japan
>le reddit meme character
>Has an amiibo for a different game so wouldnt even get another one

Literally why are people voting for this cancerous trash for Smash?
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No I just disagree with Shantae completely, she's another non first party who should not be up against Nintendo's biggest franchises.

A WarioWare character isn't exactly necessary.

Unless Nintendo/Sakurai thinks it is necessary. Whether that'll happen or not, we don't know.

Look at this from this perspective, Wario is mostly known for BOTH franchises. Yet, WarioWare is the focus in Smash. Now, when you see WarioWare, what's the first thing you think of except Wario? Its multitude of micro-games and its colorful cast alongside Wario. Now, in Smash, there's Wario and who else? Nobody else, he's standing up on his own as BOTH a WW and WL rep, mainly a WW rep. Seems awfully lonely now, don't cha think? True, there's some characters as ATs and others as trophies, but do you really think Wario on his own represents the entirety of WarioWare with his moveset and character alone?
File: This can't be happening.png (684 KB, 771x1042)
684 KB
684 KB PNG
I wanted Lloyd. The costume reveal was bittersweet since I expected nothing. It's like Sakurai obtains eternal youth using tears as sustenance
File: banjo-kazooie-smash.jpg (62 KB, 599x524)
62 KB
Great argument their anon, should get that tattooed on myself and live by those words. Your truly are a part of what makes this generation great.

But everyone knows Sakurai is just gonna pick a literal who.

File: mad-max-box-art.jpg (127 KB, 819x1024)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Why is no-one excited for me?

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I am, faggot. Hurry the fuck up and unlock so I can play you.
This will sell tons of copies as a $30 bargain title in a few months

Basically killing mad max as a vidya ip
File: 1418848078906.jpg (9 KB, 250x250)
9 KB
>post a few times that Mad Max is shit
>post some posts praising MGS5
>entire thread derails and causes infight
Every time, you gullible fucks.

In real life, not every gas station looks exactly the same.

Avalanche didn't need to make separate models, they just needed more decorations. More logos, more advertisements, more people, people actually using the gas stations, more graffiti, different stuff on the billboards. Panau City can't measure up to Vice City or San Andreas for that reason.

I loved Just Cause 2, but I think the lack of variation is why it gets criticized for being "lifeless".
1 = 2 > 4 > literal shit > 3

>Randomly Catching a cold and random sneezing are a mechanic in this game
> There's no indication that you caught a cold until you randomly sneeze with no warning that gives away your position to other guards.
> The only way around it is to use limited cold medicine, after you've already sneezed and alerted the guards to your position.

Who thought this was a good idea? Thank God they removed it from later games.
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I think there's other stuff that can trigger a cold, the only time snake ever sneezed for me was... I think right after I either shot some bags of flour (??) or a fire extinguisher somewhere in the bowels of the ship
wholesome chuckle
fine call me old but mgs is way fun cos of small things like that
>those motherfucking melting ice cubes in mgs2.

File: comic421_zpsqoongt01.png (260 KB, 650x954)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
I want Samus to crush my skull between her thighs.
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That's beautiful.
File: 1425919480675.png (1.48 MB, 906x4921)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
>not posting Stupei's Great Adventure
>using the same three types for starters

What else would you want?? Bug, Flying and Electric? How is that even a complaint for fucks sake anD HOW IWATA IS EVEN RELAT TO THAT??? I AM MAD
File: 14.jpg (249 KB, 1200x1697)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Fucking kek

File: win7.jpg (89 KB, 640x466)
89 KB
So what are you 7fags going to do once you're precious OS gets deprecated and gaymen moves to dx12 and drops w7 support?
File: SteamOS_Logo[1].png (56 KB, 370x172)
56 KB
By then SteamOS will be fully viable and I'll never have to touch a MS product ever again.


It's a part of a series of videos, so I guess Nintendo isn't going to do a Direct for this game.
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Story missions that are made of chapters that each require different side missions and affinities be met before starting?

I want this.
well at least the new meaning of BLADE makes some sense, though it's still pretty fucking stupid
>follow ball
>Better than naviball
>hey... listen!
You can't make naviball not sound awkward or like a Zelda reference in English.

File: 1441039230899.jpg (374 KB, 1920x1080)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
What's Chun-Li prepared for in this attire?
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>Depending on which North American retailer you pre-order at, you’ll receive an exclusive alternate costume at launch for one of four characters

God damn it
I dunno.
File: 1440691397439.png (29 KB, 103x113)
29 KB
>mfw sharing a birthday with Guile
File: 1440371935141.jpg (103 KB, 540x572)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>She would crush your penis, pelvis, and pretty much your spine without even noticing
>Even if she were trying her best not to
Mostly because it gets published in actual magazines.

File: 1440986155700.png (322 KB, 1376x908)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>308306836

>Post references and names
>Keep it vidya
>Try not to bump requests
>No shitposting
>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>Have fun

Post your art to the booru for anons to find later in case they miss a delivery or if it is NSFW:

NSFW Deliveries should also be posted in

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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1. These anime girls happen to be from video games
2. 4chan is full of japanophiles, aka "weeaboos". Why? Because 4chan is basically a American bootleg of the Japanese site 2ch. It was made for people who like Japanese culture, so you will find many people here who do so.
They are video games you mong.
That's not true at all. nearly everyone who browses boards like /v/ and /co/ hate anime.
who's the girl on the left?
>taking the bait

How many of you purchased GTA V for pc as a digital download, or as a physical copy? I am very interested. And explain why the purchase you made was better.
Also General GTA V thread
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Welcome to rural Tennessee, Anon. It is exactly as behind in technology as you would expect.
Why hasn't the Red Cross set up a donation system to give spare internet speed to the needy, I could donate 10mbps to some poor anon in need then.
File: 1431781989301.jpg (52 KB, 640x802)
52 KB
I dont buy retail PC games, because I dont feel like changing disks. So much neater and cleaner to have them linked to a Steam account.
physical copy because my internet sucks

File: JUST.jpg (192 KB, 605x801)
192 KB
192 KB JPG

PC "retail" Master Race.

Fuck you Kojima.
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Running machines to write data to discs is expensive, white piggu!
The less data they need to write to each individual disc, the faster it goes, and it's thus cheaper.

Holy shit, I can't believe they actually did this.
wow, so i wanted this on physical so i'm importing it from uk. Which makes it a considerable amount more.

should i just fucking cancel it now and buy it from steam? not spending $70+ on a damned box
Fuck yeah you should, anything else would be retarded if this is true.
>Buy bottle of Coke from the gas station
>There's no Coke in it
>Instead, there is a map of where a vending machine can be found with a code to redeem an actual bottle of Coke
>You have to wait 2 hours for the bottle to be filled with Coke

That's what you get for buying single player games.
It is fucking 2015. What the fuck did you expect?

File: ARR_FFXIV_Logo.png (372 KB, 740x490)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
>literally only 1 (boring) healing class available from level 1 to 30(+15)
>all expansion content gated behind absolutely EVERYTHING in the vanilla game
Just fuck my newcomer experience up famshi-p.
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I redo the King Thordan fight every so often for kicks and I like the OST that plays during it.

It's a fun if not fairly easy fight, kind of hoping the EX version is a good deal more challenging, like actually having to kill all of the Knights prior to the LB, don't think I've ever done it where the bar went above 40.
>play SCH
>all healing gear is WHM-themed, robes and frills
>play MCH
>all aiming gear is BRD-themed, fabulous parrot wear
Its just that the entire fight depends on the person on Gobwalker, so there's a lot of pressure, plus you're bound to make a lot of mistakes while learning the fight (knowing how much EP/gobwalker energy you need to have on you for each part of the fight, learning the best timings for stuns/adding vulnerability stacks, when to blow up the walker and get a new one, etc). It does get easy once you're more familiar with the fight, but until you're used to it its pretty stressful.
tell me that isnt real...
I'm just remarking that when ever someone says something is hard. First reply to it is "but x is easy"

File: image.jpg (24 KB, 255x354)
24 KB
I hate to say it.... But I think blizzard has done a great job with Diablo 3 lately, especially patch 2.3.

The newest patch fixed everything wrong with the game previously.
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Muh lightningcoil league
They mean "everyone except diablo fans"
File: 16335437.jpg (309 KB, 560x560)
309 KB
309 KB JPG

>frequent framerate stutter regardless of specs or connectivity because of them using WoW's broken as fuck CASC filing system

Yeah, no.
Better mods? You mean like any mods at all?
>frequent framerate stutter
Never happens to me and my 7 year old computer.

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