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>2 AAA titles released on Steam
>Both are great ports that run well
>Both have Overwhelming Positive reviews

Cool :)
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>no big-ass Phantom Pain banner on Steam, only Mad Max shit

Woah! Not cool man! Why are you trying to bring down the party! You must be one of those emo kids or something?
I cant wait to play Mad Max. Love you guys! Have fun with your video game of choice! :D
mgs sucks btw fam tbh
I'm gonna play both of these fantastic games on consoles, but I'm still happy for my PC friends! I hope you enjoy them too!

File: image.jpg (356 KB, 1498x1584)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
DOAX3 votes so far.
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File: 1440388667639.jpg (119 KB, 758x535)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
ITT: hag lovers mad that beautiful mari rose won and their disgusting old fucks lost.
File: 1427989225166.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
It will be an utter shame to remove an iconic recognizable and popular character as Tina who mind you is number 1 in Europe and top mid in US.
>You niggas are gay.

>well liked.

>being this new

What is the the most OP unit in RTS/TBS?

We had a pretty good thread a few days ago about this, keep those rants coming!

Pic related.
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pretty sure everyone modded the shit out of DoW1
Nigga several units could get close and fuck them up.
oh I forgot about Greyhound spam.

Hey anyone ever figure put a good way to stop infantry spam when you're PE in Early and mid game?
Since Pe don't have mg's I always suffered until I could get butterflybombs, assault rifles, Wirbelwinds. or panther battlegroups/panzer 4 ist
They used to have no fire delay when you dropped them out of a shuttle and far more reliable scarab AI. Probably the only unit in Starcraft that was flat out broken and had to be nerfed.
File: 1356287583780.jpg (79 KB, 250x325)
79 KB

Playing as Brits, I found that Pak's just really weren't an effective counter against Roos, Roos could cover ground so quickly and easily spot the Pak, wiping it out and disappearing back to base, or better yet, capturing the damn thing and taking my prize back to base.

Only true threat I found was AT halftracks (as they can kill treads instantly), Flaks, or competent Panther counter (as a Panther travels at similar speed and if you're controlling it right the front can absorb PIAT's no problem). But all 3 true counters were not only rare, but specific and with inconsistent results, I found by the time I had roos, very few players regardless of level could handle me.

It reached a point where I started apologizing for winning...

File: kimmel.jpg (77 KB, 618x445)
77 KB
He's not wrong. All the plebs who are disliking Jimmies video are just angry because the world is wising up to how retarded the you tube generation really are. Watching someone who has something intelligent to say about a game you're playing yourself is one thing, but I know for a fact that there are people out there who don't even play the games they just watch others. This boggles my mind. Gaming is something that is now more to be watched than to be done yourself because its suddenly the cool new thing to do. My brothers son literally does nothing but watch Pewdiepie videos on his Ipad. He plays only one game. Minecraft. This is more of a problem than people realize.
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File: 1440972287504.png (489 KB, 656x425)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
What kind of faggot isn't playing a game on one screen and watching a stream on another? What, do you losers only have 1 monitor or something?
>This is more of a problem than people realize.
nobody gives a fuck
Yes these are things actual gamers do. But watching gaming for the commentators is another thing entirely.
>Only in gaming can you not take part in the hobby and still claim yourself to be a gamer
because in sports culture there is an inherent distinction between player and fan. They are 2 separate subgroups of the larger sports culture. Gaming has no such distinction likely due to the low barrier to participation and the extremely recent rise of streaming.
File: stupid garbage.jpg (347 KB, 1920x1080)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
The reason this exists is because no one has any parents anymore and the entire family structure has been completely dismantled and destroyed. They also can't go outside and explore because there's "danger!!" and they aren't allowed to think creatively or critically inside school, which is why they're so attracted to the idea of minecraft. If they do, they're put on adderall or other drugs.
We are literally destroying our future inventors, scientists and artists.

Lucario is?
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Judging by the OP Pic, pretty damn annoyed.
Show me a chubby pokemon
File: 1430441498201.jpg (193 KB, 1200x842)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
killed by a cat army.
RIP Youkai watch shiller
File: 36909861_p1.jpg (510 KB, 849x1200)
510 KB
510 KB JPG

File: Capture.jpg (23 KB, 673x148)
23 KB

>Install instructions:
>1.Download and extract release
>2.Wait for crack as the game has Denuvo protection

wtf is denuvo and why are they hurting us?
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I know you're just meme'ing, but considering retards thinks VNs are games, surely there are some retards that also believes in that.
Thats exactly what i wanted :^)

Enjoy the game
File: 1080p-Free.jpg (52 KB, 500x281)
52 KB
in my country i skipped one forced labour after the other...until they cut me off :)

not a single fuck given

some people have a soul and cant stand all day working

society is too young and egotistic to realize this
until you get a mandatory interview

good luck
People who bought games cares
>inb4 who? cucks?

File: 1441105638226.png (536 KB, 719x827)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
Don't fuck squid kids
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File: puking squidloli.png (195 KB, 457x510)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
>oppai / shortstack

Boner gone. Thanks I guess, I didn't want to fap anyway.
File: 1409975852475.jpg (759 KB, 1364x1031)
759 KB
759 KB JPG
I can't post any faster.

Also fuck Captcha, I don't need this cabbage bullshit every time.
Dunno man, I like my squid lolis flat. It's okay I guess
File: 1406785664966.jpg (168 KB, 821x1000)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
That's not evolutionary success. Evolutionary success is the ones most adapted to survival surviving. Humans are actually retarding their evolution because of technology and allowing the weak and slow and stupid to survive and breed.

File: pso2.png (455 KB, 636x358)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
>This download is not available in your location
Is there any way around this? I'm in Europe and I'm guessing there's fuck all support for the PAL regions for this game. Do I need VPN or something?
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Maybe? It was the first one that came up on google and was in English. Was that the wrong one? I assumed the JP one isn't going to work any better.
JP version don't have region blocks.
Thanks, I'll give that one a try.
Also, will you get snubbed/banned for talking in English? My Japanese is okay, but I'd rather know beforehand what the tolerance level for English is.
On ship2 probably not, sine it's unofficial English ship.
Still some JPs do get mad at gaijins since most of them are worse people then BRs.

File: ddddog.png (3.63 MB, 1920x1080)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB PNG
Can we have a thread about the actual missions/gameplay and how we completed them?

...It's actually pretty fucking hard to get through missions without resupplies and no alerts even if you resort to killing people. I'm not very far in, but I just got past the mission where you meet Skullface again for the first time and see Sahelanthropus, and the entire mission was long as hell, I managed no alerts by sheer luck and was literally crawling inbetween 4 guards actively looking for me and shitting my pants as the final cutscene with the Skulls appearing triggered, which ironically saved my ass.

Share your war experiences so far, /v/.
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Why the fuck does Big Boss barely talk now? He talked plenty in 3 and PW but now he's suddenly mute. I know the twist but that shouldn't affect anything.
>Qt PoW gets sent out

I'll never forget the time we spent on all those side ops, screaming banshee
about 15 hours in have Quiet and DD when do they become useable?
>tfw povertyrfag playing this on a ps3

it hurts
Anyone having issues with long ass load times on ps4?

Getting frustrating

File: smug buck.png (888 KB, 765x816)
888 KB
888 KB PNG

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Buck is a Spartan because pretty much all ODSTs got invited to become Spartan IVs

They are basically ODST and ONI agents with armor
>The music even sounded the same.
That's what I was thinking. It was plainly obvious when they decided to run down the hill for no reason and fight guys.
No, really, why did they engage the enemy? Nobody knew they were there until they decided to suddenly be "cool" and magically have the perfect physical response to everything around them.
File: wine pepe.jpg (3 KB, 125x116)
3 KB
Osiris have special armors, they answer to ONI after all. The rest of them like Majestic are the cannon fodder.
Halo ended at 3.
Das rite people, humans were the the most advanced race in the universe before da evil covenant came and took it away.

Now get human asses to bed before ...

File: YumiNeko.jpg (98 KB, 640x800)
98 KB
>two more weeks until the relevant country gets Senran Kagura 2.
How long will us Americans have to wait for Estival Versus? Or will we get that first.

Who's your favorite Ninja?

Estival Versus has sold 130,000 copies in Japan already, is next game going to be another versus?
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File: 1440598433025.jpg (99 KB, 640x800)
99 KB
NoA's QA checks is what pushed SK2 back so I think we'll get EV first.
Are you sure?
Haruka is character design perfected. The hair color, the eyes, the personality, the body; it's a masterpiece to behold.
I'm glad to I'm alive to see it.
Her hair is stupid.
She's really meh.

File: karl-160[1].jpg (9 KB, 160x160)
9 KB
Are there any games you can't be doing with?
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Does anybody else thing ricky gervais is annoying as shit at this point?
Ricky is always annoying as shit m8
>Karl said something
>at this point
You mean ever? He was always a shitsack as seen in >>308490296
Motherfucker doesn't even look like fred flintstone.
Steve is just as shit, except instead of being a twat about it, he acts pompous and superior.
Rockbusters time 'n that

First cryptic clue: 'This fella went walking around without anything on his feet'. Right? Initials for that one is DS

Second one: 'The man told his sibling to let out her emotions'. Right? Just C for that one

Last one: Easy one this, 'the fella on the tv said this was going to happen later on tonight, so stay inside' Right? Initials there are HR

File: Elves!.jpg (67 KB, 640x480)
67 KB
Elf thread!

Space Elves!
Dark Elves!
Regular Elves!

21 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sauce? I like him.
>dark elf
Yeah, sure, whatever you say mate.
Wouldn't it be a superiority complex since they can't stand being inferior to someone. Someone with an inferiority complex would adore someone who was better then them in every way.
File: Cut it out.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
>Succubus (male)

File: 1440988552169.png (106 KB, 597x539)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Let's play doodle or die /v/
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File: Jej.png (97 KB, 934x1050)
97 KB
actually you can just google it and use greasemonkey to script the colors in
When was the last time we had these threads regularly? It has to be a few years ago now
File: 6vzGt16.png (23 KB, 612x580)
23 KB

File: 1440675680950.jpg (430 KB, 680x800)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
Mother and daughter.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Matpat go away.
I once had a fetish for cumming inside and now I'm "blessed" with a daughter despite that I'd cum in both.
>mother hotter than the daughter
Sure, I'll believe it

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