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File: Capture.jpg (28 KB, 603x374)
28 KB
There I am. Mastery would be much higher, but I don't like strategy games that much.

Immersion would also be much higher but I don't really care about a huge story.

Apparently I'm super social, but I just enjoy experiencing the same things that others are and competing with them.
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File: chart.png (39 KB, 500x375)
39 KB
This is pretty neat.
Never heard of it.
File: master race.png (63 KB, 1247x477)
63 KB
I have ascended beyond you plebs

>tfw only one on /v/ that likes vidya
I guess you could argue it's in some way social because if it were a computer i was playing it wouldn't feel the same. Theres no real communication though so i kinda feel 'competitiveness' is its own category when talking about interaction within the game, although i guess showing off to other people is also competitiveness in a more social way.
File: 2.png (19 KB, 334x316)
19 KB
>being a story fag
>hating video games

File: image.jpg (214 KB, 1280x720)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Am I the only one who notices the sheer amount of quality in Destiny? Bungie pulled a masterpiece out of their ass yet again. The attention to detail is insane. If you forgoe the notion that it has or ever will have a solid story, this game is a 9.5/10 multiplayer experience. So far, I've spent $65 on it and gotten ~300 hours of gameplay out of it, which is pretty fucking good.
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>gunplay is better than any other FPS
The gunplay is good but not THAT good.
The world looks pretty but has zero detail to it. It's all about the big picture. The small picture is bland as fuck

You're full of shit. I've put hundreds of hours in, and you're full of goddamned shit.
>mfw people say it's shit but still play it for 5 hours a day

lol fuck off retards
>Good gunplay
Nigger I stumbled across this bullshit right here and it hurt me.
Warframe is only good for ninja shit and you know it.
are you okay? you seem to be having some trouble reading the words on the screen in front of you.
File: carrot-on-a-stick.jpg (37 KB, 650x457)
37 KB
>Destiny gameplay

File: 1982938213.png (74 KB, 497x206)
74 KB
Remember when shitposters said Splatoon wouldn't sell more than 200k world wide?

Remember when shitposters said Splatoons online would be dead in a week?

Remember when shitposters said because Splatoon is only 1.8GB that it lacked content?

Where are those shitposters now?
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Fuck Aladdin, he is a faggot
>cosplay is brony tier
I hope that first shot over the wall hit too, or that weapon is going to be more broken than the Dynamo Roller.
File: Untitled.png (6 KB, 1045x800)
6 KB
you might have to slide the left side over to get the full message
I thought this was going to be a Loss picture t first

File: EDT.jpg (68 KB, 677x612)
68 KB
Tree of Savior thread

8 hours till apocalypse
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I'm with these Anons. I don't believe it will be that low for most of the hidden classes. Might be one or two that are super limited, but can't see them all being like that.

Hell with all the bitching about it being limited they might just say fuck it and have them being "hidden" as in you have to go and find them.
Private servers are a fuck ton of effort to develop. I honestly don't see it happening for a long time unless there is a leak.
The worst issue I take with this is that it's only 100 (not percentage based) or during a beta, it really is just customer unfriendly.
File: rip.png (27 KB, 817x402)
27 KB

im trying to look for it
but their forums are fucking dead for some reason
A bunch of the data is being held server-side, which is why nobody has been able to data mine info on the hidden classes among other things.

File: Red_Dead_Redemption.jpg (62 KB, 300x360)
62 KB
Games women will never understand
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Guess we should all start tripfagging just like when 4chan started too then
I'm pretty fucking glad though. Its pretty terrible to talk about us woman like that. You guys call it friendly fun, but its really just a way for you virgins to circlejerk.
Holy English language, Batman, the mispellings:
Stand for each other
But the hole would never be filled
>White knight calling someone else a cuck
Pot calling the kettle black
Seriously there is nowhere to go after this post. Women just pretend to like shit.

File: YjZw60I.png (753 KB, 1008x672)
753 KB
753 KB PNG
V has come to Metal Gear thread
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Who what characters that are mentioned once in other MGS games are you looking forqard to? I'm looking forward to the real Naomi Hunter appearing in the game. Although I feel that if she does she'll just meet Huey, give birth to Hal, and die later on.
Mastermind behind nearly every event in the entire series, Big Boss' nemesis that is never seen beyond a few scenes in MGS3.

Big Boss' most trusted lieutenant and the only member of FoxHound to earn the code name FOX, but HOW?
Gray Fox is Venom
I hate that Zero won't have his MGS3 voice actor, and speaking of Gray Fox.

I still can't wrap my fucking mind about why The Patriots thought OLGA FOX was a good idea. I honestly can't. When they were explaining about how everything is supposed to be like the Shadow Moses incident, my mind purged the info about OLGA FOX and just left it as a stupid idea.
why will it be the BGE

File: image.jpg (15 KB, 252x196)
15 KB
I have a chance now, r-right guys?
Yeah a chance to be a mii costume.
you always had it

>1.4GB in size
>eShop version includes a copy of the booklet to download
>In addition to the GamePad, players can use the Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote, and Classic Controller
>You can save up to 120 courses
>99 unlockable 8-bit costumes available whether you have the amiibo or not
>Europe and Japan both getting Wii U Premium Super Mario Maker bundles


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Do we know anything about a limit on number of screens/enemies/blocks/etc. per level?
Do they ship uncompressed sound files from all the games or something? Why is it this large?

Yeah, as I said, "where you create your own rehashes". Suits well for retards like the shills itt, but thinking about it now it actually could be a good idea if it were used as an editor for actually interesting games like Castlevania, using the assets from all 2D titles. If Konami weren't sucking Metal Gear cock the whole time they should think about the idea.

nice meme
>but $60 is a fucking rip-off

File: btfo.jpg (46 KB, 577x552)
46 KB
>literally yesterday
>"K Rool's trademarked! Confirmed!"
>the heights of hope and optimism

>less than 24 hours later
>the depths of despondency and despair

Holy fuck did you kucks get btfo harder than anything else I've ever seen. Even Ridleyfags got a stage and a boss out of Ridley. Do you realize what that means? You furfag DK shitters are actually lower on the Smash Bros fanservice ladder than Metroiders. Holy shit how fucking hopeless do you stupid cunts feel right now?

The funniest thing is that there's STILL people delusional enough to argue K Rool could still get in. Dear lord did you ever get fucked. Sakurai literally saw all your love for a character at the top of a poll and slapped you down and spat in your face Jesus Christ lol. Enjoy it.
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it's not a "doesn't want new content" mentality, it's the "this character would take the spot of this character" mentality
>Added Snake in Brawl
>Added Mega Man in SSB4
>Added Mewtwo back into SSB4
>Added 3 characters at once back into SSB4 on one day.

But nah, Sakurai doesn't care.
Did you read his post?
>Ballot comes out for Smash
>Lots of people vote for K.Rool
>K.Rool hasn't been around for a while
>Got a DK game not too long ago, so a new one will take some time.
>K.Rool gets trademarked
Wow I wonder why people assumed things.
It doesn't even deconfirm him you fucks. If they had the Dr. Mario stage still set to reveal, it's very possible they have characters that they plan to reveal along with this update as well. At the very least, the update will allow datamining so we discover what's happening in the future.

File: MadWorld.jpg (70 KB, 256x360)
70 KB
name a good M rated Wii game that isn't Madworld or No More Heroes
for the Wii? I don't think there are any more
You forgot House of the Dead : Overkill.

That's it though.
Resident Evil 4

File: bbbbdc.jpg (160 KB, 1920x1080)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>Master race just had a major OS upgrade
>no threads
DirectX 12 is here


Consolefags can participate, they're browsing on a PC anyway
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File: Capture.jpg (43 KB, 551x509)
43 KB
The mobo is great, I don't need a soundcard because my Astro A50s have a mixer built in, the fans on those cards are off and it's like 40°C in my apartment right now.
Nope, don't listen to the tin foil hat faggots, they're just paranoid or they have some bad shit they want to hide.

Google and Facebook have been doing this since forever.
Yes and no game engine will really use it for the next four years, and the wrapper will suck ass and barely provide any perfomance increase.
File: Untitled.jpg (766 KB, 3200x1080)
766 KB
766 KB JPG
Yeah, why would not?

File: 1410750132913.png (240 KB, 1400x1400)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
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File: 1412528996010.png (104 KB, 274x304)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
I never knew I wanted this until now.
File: Spoiler Image (344 KB, 960x1280)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
>tfw no hairy bf
Oh yeah, i heard he did Sly and Parappa too, i like him.

File: Knuckles_Donkey_Kong.png (436 KB, 702x384)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
Gee, I wonder who's going to fucking win.

16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sonic survived the space-time continuum being destroyed.
So yeah.
Daily reminder that Sonic could still drown while Super until Sonic 4.

That's more or less a Hyper Sonic thing.
>implying he punched Supersonic out
>implying he didn't just scare them out of Sonic
you're saying Knuckles>Super Sonic, yet normal Sonic>Knuckles
and we know Super Sonic>normal Sonic
ergo Knuckles didn't pnch out Super Sonic
It contradicts the canon
Donkey wins unless knuckles goes hyper knuckles
>this nigga doesn't know about death battles

File: phantom pain.jpg (91 KB, 600x848)
91 KB
3 more days until August 1st. Can your fat, neckbeard, cheeto loving ass stay off /v/ and most game sites for 1 whole month so you don't get TPP spoiled?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

I already have some spoilers.

Only spoilers that would really piss me off are :

>final boss
>who is venom snake / is skullface real

Though i'm 99% sure the final boss is going to be big boss vs solid snake, i still don't want to know for sure.

Don't give a fuck about quiets fate.
I don't give a rectum if I get spoiled. I'm playing the game for the gameplay anyway. What kind of faggot even cares about the bullshit story in this series anyway?

I know the second one.
You don't know for sure though, neither do i.

File: Life is Strange.jpg (179 KB, 1920x1080)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Darkest game of 2015?

Best plot twist of 2015?
Pic hella unrelated.
What? That picture is Priceless
what happened

I don't play games about teenagers
Teen murder, rape, and kidnapping all done by a teacher. Big surprise, right?
File: Spoiler Image (16 KB, 325x181)
16 KB
That's stupid

I bet you could also replace the Teacher with a Janitor and have it still make sense

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