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So why is the game so dead and probably sold so little unlike what EA expected? Say what you will about modern games but a game being good or bad has nothing to do with a game doing well so why did it fail so hard? I mean it had it all going for it from it being fps to having the star wars brand name behind behind it and so on. Here are the current player stats that have been spammed for a while now in case someone hasn't seen the link.
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Star cards are those card you equip on the load out. They allow for more varied playstyle than sticking to predefined classes.

I agree with pick-up tokens. I rather be able to jump into vehicles on the map than have it spawn randomly. Same goes for Hero pick up too. Reward it for killstreak instead of it being random
> 190k playing
Source? Oh thats right they no longer list it
So many people complaining about infinite grenades and the like. Previous battlefield game had this shit too. Instead of waiting for a cool down, you waited for the ammo supply crate to give you more.

God damn, that one metro map was 10x worse than the worst explosive spam in Battlefront.
game is shit on every platform tho.
Anon I played metric fucktons of BC2 and I was still having fun during the beta. It's fast-paced, meaning that there is very little camping, the jetpack really helps with speeding up the game and denying any kind of cover in the long run, the quick health regen assures that you can rejump into the action if you do manage to avoid fire for a few seconds, which is hard because enemies can jetpack after you. The whole game is designd to be a big meatgrinder and it succeeds at that. Of course this doesn't make the game insanely deep but it's still good enough.
Of course it's way too expensive at $110 for what it is

File: 1435236501089-0.jpg (438 KB, 600x596)
438 KB
438 KB JPG

Did you find ROB, anon?
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File: danenough.png (77 KB, 424x416)
77 KB
File: 1348992641160.png (125 KB, 382x276)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
p o s t i t .
I'm both disgusted and entertained. This thread pleases me

>people cant have fun
File: 1415612084046.png (36 KB, 343x241)
36 KB
RIP Travis

File: doaleah.png (1.34 MB, 1440x900)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Just import it you fucking reactionary nerds.
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>It doesn't explicitly mention gators
>Therefore there isn't a massive crossover between the idiots who are in that movement and the people butthurt over this running around accusing everyone who either disagrees or expresses disinterest of being shills.

Fuck off.
Yap I have a Japanese profile right know
File: tecmo.jpg (59 KB, 645x377)
59 KB

Why does the entire games media industry have the same political views as your average student union?
File: doax3 play asia sjw.png (42 KB, 891x207)
42 KB
Remember guys, SJW's do not exist. Don't dare mention them.

All that people getting butthurt do not exist.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

File: image.jpg (597 KB, 1920x1080)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
I don't fucking understand the story in any of these games. Someone fucking help me. I've tried watching videos, commentaries.... I don't know what I'm missing.
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The Gwyn fight had no weight because there's no context. There's just nonsensical lore piled on you, then the game ends.

Bloodborne's story is told throughout the game, whereas Dark Souls story happened before the game even began.

They're not meant for this world. Kos aborted, Ebrietas is kept hidden under the cathedral, and the Doll is being fucked on the reg by Gehrman
>Cosmic entities wanted kids but instead of kids everyone got space aids.

Not really, Kos had a child. The space aids were a curse brought on by Kos' Orphan in revenge for what Byrgenwerth did to the Fishing Hamlet.
old ones = feminists
File: dweller.jpg (141 KB, 433x325)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I know the story of BB pretty well (or at least as well as one can know it) but I'm kinda confused as to where The Old Hunters fits in. I know there was this lady named Maria, who was apparently Gehrman's student/waifu hence the Doll looking the way it does, and that Byrgenwerth did some bad things to some fishing village and pissed off Kos (nobody says Kosm anymore)'s babby so it cursed the Old Blood everyone uses with Beasthood hence the Vermin. But that's about it. I'm still fuzzy on the details.

>>JS: The stronghold never really got the content it needed to make it feel worthwhile or important. During development we realized that if we had someone focusing on stronghold content, it would jeopardize other quests that we felt were more valuable. That's why the stronghold wound up being system-heavy and content-light.

So instead of making something as good as BG2's stronghold's, Obsidian cheaped out AGAIN and underdelivered.



>boring world
>stupid lore (rich fantasy niggers. elder scrolls pls go)
>boring, unnatural dialog that just lore dumps at you
>boring companions (the priest guy seemed kind of interesting) that don't interact with the world like they did in Baldur's Gate 2
>don't know what kind of wacky tobacky they were smoking when they made the stats for the characters
>bland skills and spells makes combat boring
>trash mobs as far as the eye can see also you get no xp for killing them

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>implying BG2's strongholds were good

mage stronghold was alright, the rest was garbage
Pillars is shit, we all know it, but stop with this pasta threads, nigger

File: 1351313415.jpg (81 KB, 294x337)
81 KB
Remind me, /v/... What was the name of that class-based, objective-oriented online FPS game where the sniper class was actually useful, and not a worthless fucking liability that the rest of the team needs to help carry?
Most of them?

What are the worst GTA missions?
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De nada, carnal.
File: 1446061324865.jpg (96 KB, 612x513)
96 KB
You just have to move a couple of meters away from the side of the train so the bullets don't hit the side.
>Needing to glitch to get a helicopter

Buy apartments with a helipad or just get VCN Maverick, land near Malibu club, leave the door open so it doesn't disappear and fly all you want.
>he slows down if he gets too far away
>you literally just have to keep following till he reaches a basketball court, where he falls off himself

whats next, the train was hard? you know you can kill every man on that train before you even reach the first incoming train? heres how you do it

drive a few feet to the right of the tracks

thats it. thats all. what does this do? instead of the bullets hitting the train, near the gang bangers feet, it hits them in the chest, because your

not too fucking close to the train
>GTA III the mission where you have to deliver the porn magazines and not tip the van because of how shitty the controls are.

It becomes literally impossible once you kill Salvatore because you know, fucking Mafia with fucking shotguns fucking shit who thought it was a good fucking idea to have most of the fucking gangs in the fucking city fucking hate you by the end of the fucking game god damn it.

File: e3 2004.jpg (24 KB, 438x343)
24 KB
What was /v/ like in 2004?
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I came here from Gamefaqs after I found out about 4chan from my weeb cousin

Not having usernames and circlejerking over post counts and karma was refreshing even in 2005/6
I did the same as well. Only started posting months after I got here, and even then I'd barely make a ripple. Just really light posting.
2005, actually.
File: latest[2].jpg (36 KB, 526x473)
36 KB
Whynne even told us his inspiration.
>DFC dude

I remember that guy, loved his loli dumps. Also what is up with neo-/v/'s hatred of loli? It used to be loved back then, but now everyone here hates it.

For a guy with cancer TB did alright for himself for having a wife with big tits and a kid who isn't his.
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That's not raspberries, that's rat hearts.
File: halalabsolute.jpg (80 KB, 640x539)
80 KB
File: heartAttack.webm (611 KB, 350x350)
611 KB
File: 1335052216436.jpg (15 KB, 250x250)
15 KB
That ain't Skin Diamond you fool.

Jesus christ I want her to pee all over me

>Can't use power fist whilst in power armour
>Todd please explain this bullshot?
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I'd wait a month or two
I don't know >>318142067 Tells me maybe not
Except it was used by Brotherhood Knights in Fo1/2/NV
ever tried turning the power armor fists into power fists?
I've been mashing alt in power armor for a mad mad for about 12 hours straight on countless raiders, no fucking animation, I guess it just wouldn't line up properly.

Huge ball-ache, how can they add neat animations like that while you get absolutely none in PA?

File: 265246.jpg (55 KB, 540x452)
55 KB
Got The Witcher 3 as a gift.

Low settings dip under 60fps at 1920x1200 on GTX 770+4670k and look like 2007 graphics.

Higher settings cause serious input lag unless I fix it at 30fps.

Foliage pic is at ultra settings. Not sure what that's about.


Also Witcher 3 general.
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>Got The Witcher 3 as a gift.
>as a gift
Anon, please read what op said
Probably some friend of his gifted it to him because he liked Witcher 3 so much to share it with his buddy OP
Are you illiterate? It was a gift. I don't own a console. Otherwise they'd be paying over £400 for the console, for the same game, at an even lower framerate on a lower resolution with unfamiliar peripherals. 100% pointless answer.
Also >plen

Is it a port? I know they're not ideal but it was a gift and I appreciate the sentiment.

Hairworks is off and I got under 60 while indoors, with foliage at medium or even low. Tried reducing shadows. Same deal.
Sorry misread. 30 is no problem at ultra. It's 60 being impossible at low that's the problem.
try upgrading your drivers.
I think console optimized.
To my knowledge though patches have fixed the issues for PC haven't they?

File: image.jpg (122 KB, 800x425)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
List me at least 7 exclusives that aren't weeaboo crap and I'll go buy one.
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File: 1424027592744.jpg (56 KB, 800x804)
56 KB
>vita fanboy absolutely devastated

go play your portable waifu simulator x-teen mega watch, anon. you'll feel better. just try not to think about your lack of anything irl to be happy about.
>tries to convince me and fails
>that's ok I wasn't trying to convince you anyway

>>Give me thing!
>/v/ gives thing
I'm not OP, post discarded.

>How is wanting to play a game on the Vita a "excuse"?


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: average 4chan user.png (127 KB, 345x337)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Found a picture of you, anon

Name a single wrong thing I said and I'll take you seriously
>just try not to think about your lack of anything irl to be happy about

Do you actually believe the stereotype that weebs are poorfags neets with no job and nothing at all?

Most weebs got jobs and have money, that's how they can keep buying their figurines, games and all their weebshit.
So do you want to play a game on the Vita or not? That's literally the only thing you need to ask yourself if you are thinking of buying it.

File: 1448640193302.jpg (52 KB, 500x500)
52 KB
Lewd vidya cosplay thread
100 replies and 56 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 54365438798.jpg (21 KB, 313x471)
21 KB

Post moar images anons.
That pisses me off so much.
I really don't understand what this meme is. Or if it even has a name.
Pretty much this.

File: 1448315421808.jpg (106 KB, 567x850)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

File: g3-1.jpg (184 KB, 800x600)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Gothic anyone?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm more of a risen man
Gothic had zero polish and felt like babbys first RPG due to the tolkienesque setting.
File: 1409129179409.png (18 KB, 421x480)
18 KB
>you will never again feel the joy of finally getting to play with the expansion content after countless vanilla playthroughs

I will never be as genuinely happy as I was that day. G2 is easily in my top 5 of all time, and the expansion made it even better.
Gothic died after part 1. G2's plot is utter shit.

Fuck off weeb

File: zcsZ1cg.jpg (117 KB, 2439x1073)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
What would your life be like without video games?
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much worse. I'm halfway through year three of rehab from a bad psychosis. If I didn't have vidya I don't know what I'd do to pass the time- having them I'm not even that unhappy most of the time.
Better, probably.
Shitposting while shitting is the greatest.

VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1816: Epaphra, you are bald!
>Make 4chan reference in real life for kicks
>Expect no one to catch it
>"Oh, I didn't know you browsed 4chan!"

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