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File: 1539725386202.png (454 KB, 486x693)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Previous thread

>Post character name/franchises and references and keep them in a single post
>Keep it vidya
>The character(s) must be of vidya origin
>Post an art sample with your "taking requests" requests
>No bumping your requests
>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>No OC requests. You can, however, request the creation of vidya characters.
>Everyone posting "LOOMIS" without explanations and proper criticism is just spam, which should be ignored and reported.
>Please bump if the thread reaches page 10
>Have fun

Post your art to the booru for anons to find later in case they miss a delivery or if it is NSFW:

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>professional tier
That means nothing desu hobbiest you can find on tumblr and deviant art tend to be better than most "pros"
File: 1539786565868.jpg (32 KB, 311x677)
32 KB
Requesting emoji sluts
Maybe you shouldn't use Teen Titans as your basis for chibi proportions.
One doesn’t usually consider fun when posting on a shitposting board but this thread does put a smile on my face
File: 1537238272639.jpg (143 KB, 592x1096)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Requesting Rex hypnotized to think he's Pyra. Turned into a femboy complete with hypno eyes, the outfit, wide hips, big lips and a small bulge


inb4 the nintendo internet defense force comes into the thread
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On reddit.
>tries to take on someone 3x her size
>gets tossed around like a paper cup
>immediately tries it again on someone 2x her size
jesus lady learn your lesson.
File: 1539787336330.png (600 KB, 588x973)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
File: 1461000359972.png (252 KB, 456x524)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>lady in blue tries to restrain and separate them
>suddenly she starts smacking the girl too
Why is the floor wet?

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File: don't know if sirius.jpg (66 KB, 800x600)
66 KB
I dont think he's going to make it anon
Who cares, he never existed according to RDR1.
I highly doubt it’s easy gonna get 3 threads post release
Probably just gonna go back to BOTW shitposting

File: CxSuLaOUsAANFUu.jpg_large.jpg (184 KB, 1920x1080)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
What’s the best way to find out if someone I’m interested in is gay or not? I’m not openly gay so I would like to be 100% sure before I ask him out.
File: 1539532714173.jpg (643 KB, 2500x1593)
643 KB
643 KB JPG
ask them who their fav mass effect character was
Video games

File: CAPSALE-620x350.png (528 KB, 620x350)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
What the hell is going on with Capcom's Fighting Game Division? It's just me or do they lack of creativity and effort compared to other Capcom major releases like RE7 and DMC5? Are there any insiders who can provide us some info on what's happening with said division?
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Should I remind you that they initially wanted SFIV to have model hitboxes instead of regular 2d hitboxes, and if it wasn't for Seth Killian telling them it was a dumb choice they could've gone with that mistake?

Capcom is still in a bad situation when it comes to fighting games. They've lost all their most important developers that helped defining their games and now they're stuck with either outsourcing the games to third party studios or hiring literal amateurs who don't even know how to fucking count.
>What the hell is going on with Capcom's Fighting Game Division?
>this entire thread
It's easy, fighting game fans are worse than Starcraft 2 fans when it comes to taking whatever shit the dev throws at them.
Based boomer thinking that just because someone is a champion or has played longer that they deserve to forever be on top.
>zoomer in charge of understanding how meritocracy works
SC has it's fair share of shitty looking pics too, so that's not an argument

SFV also has a 5 hours long completely animated story mode too

/v/ humor thread
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File: name your kid.png (883 KB, 940x894)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
Who fuckin cares really. His time was up.
>how do you know they lived in the same country?

Irrelevant. You contact the authorities and let them figure it out. If he's in another country, the authorities can contact the local emergency services.
>Kirby four tiers above Snake
>this is the only thing I can see wrong
Quality bait
I imagine the bystander effect would be amplified x100 with something like this.

Let's be honest here. People only bought this game because of big anime tiddies and the weeb art style
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Break -> Topple -> Launch -> Smash -> Blade Combo
Rex's salvager outfit is cute but his mecha version outfit is a lot better imo.
You said those were the only good ones, who did you have an issue with?
>not Manchild Malos and Autismo Mythra
That's a little bit better I guess, maybe in like 5 games well have a good combat system.

File: 1528661206179.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>tfw I like to watch japanese western games trailers and translate the comments to see what they're saying

Am I autistic?
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was the first red dead even released in japan?
hai domo. virtual slut ai desu
yes, it did very well for a western game
File: file.png (48 KB, 1291x345)
48 KB
what is wrong with the japanese
File: 1302366213826.png (165 KB, 382x314)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Not a goddamn thing.

File: smash bros ultimate.jpg (168 KB, 1280x720)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Why does Smash Bros Ultimate look so fucking bad?
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>what is saturation
But right looks a lot more better.
Lighting on the left makes things look more plastic, the colour correction on the right helps Mario's attire blend better. Lots of things I can point out.
Damn so at worst ult is a marginal upgrade and at best looks like a next gen version. Lul fkin smash babies amirite? Nintendo goofin again.
File: eyLOnma.png (1.25 MB, 1500x750)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Ultimate looks better.
File: Ax6JuLc.png (1.52 MB, 1500x750)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG

Does it still hurt after all these years?
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Not surprised MGS redditors speak like numales.
After all, you claim to be depressed over shitty videogames.
It's my favorite game this generation by a significant margin, not saying much considering how shit vidya has been since the 360 until the Souls series came along, but I got everything I wanted out of it. It feels like one of the last video games to truly have its own distinct flavor, instead of being a copycat amalgamation of literally everything like every other game to come out over the past decade, yes even MGS4.
Yeah and it’s annoying as fuck so once you beat the game there is no point in playing anymore.
That guy is saying that to someone who likes MGSV so clearly your logic is flawed here retard
File: 1529230163406.png (219 KB, 928x608)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
>hurrrr this game is so bad i'm going to kill myself
I'm glad MGS ended with getting it's corpse pissed all over.
MG Survive was just the cherry on top.
It's exactly what you all deserved.

File: Eqc9oP9.png (820 KB, 966x770)
820 KB
820 KB PNG
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Yeah, it is like $13 here, I might just get it too.
I figured out that team attack. I'm a genius.
>not playable
Ah, fuck, seriously? I just finished downloading the game, too.
waiting for star ocean 1&2 to pop up one day.
It has to happen.
lost odysee when?

What killed the RTS genre?
158 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
But I do play AOE2 and I prefer it to starcraft :^)
Pretty sure the lack of interest from the masses did.
The fact was that RTS cannot compete with other esports, you literally posted that it is below all other esports.

Nobody gives a shit about your opinion on whether you like the game or not.
AoE still has 10k players daily on steam alone. Supreme Commander also has an active player base. Then there are more niche games like Wargame that also have active player bases many years after release.
I would argue that mobile gaming and microtransactions killed videogames

Esports crippled gaming though

File: super-lucky-tale.png (1.24 MB, 1500x844)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Every time i just hear opinion about other platformer than Mario it seems there is no hope for the genre.
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Still waiting for King of Cards.
post the oob picture
File: unnamed.png (112 KB, 551x310)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
well is a different set of skill you clearly don't have but i agree, making a fun platformer require a lot of work.
>really? Because vaporware 2 is coming out in the next 400 years and is amazing because i played it in my imagination.
Literally too much gameplay. Modern games either play themselves or you can compensate for lack of skill by grinding/paying money.

File: 1515676869290.jpg (130 KB, 1920x818)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>play against AI
>control half the universe
>700 ship occupancy
>dominion over all but 3 "equivalent" factions, not including fallens
>one of them ends non-aggression and has ships on my border
>80k fucking military strength compared to my 55k
This fucker has nine planets.
How is this possible.
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Aren't there like 5? Original trilogy and two books after that that aren't as good.
There's seven books. That's also not including books from the Empire series.
I didn't even know you could steal technology.

7 books, 3 originals, 2 decent prequels, 2 retarded shitty sequels. Plus 3 good empire books and 1 good robots cycle (that can act as junction point) books which are set in the same universe
Stellaris inspired me to write a sci-fi book. I like how it cuts down on the unnecessary parts of sci-fi and has some of the better ones. I've already based several characters and factions based on things in my stellaris playthroughs.

One thing I can't bring myself do is play with aliens in Stellaris. I have no idea why, just most aliens are repulsive and I have no wish whatsoever to immerse myself as one of them.

File: flat,800x800,075,f.jpg (120 KB, 654x800)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>Talk to a dog in an RPG
>"Woof woof"
192 replies and 49 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Talk to NPC
>It tries to be cool and reasonable, but ends up being a fence sitting faggot
No it's fucking not what the hell?
>talk to NPC
>can’t distinguish between having genuine convictions and views from across the board and can only comprehend opposing whatever the opposing tribe does and supporting whatever the leaders of his do
>can only comprehend this as someone being put into a third neutral party when the person he’s arguing with is against parties altogether
Genuinely checks out

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