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File: Venus Lighthouse.jpg (317 KB, 1280x720)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
What stages would you like to see with newcomers?
Also post
>qol changes
>balance changes
>E3 predictions

Anything from tropicalfreeze, even frozen jungle japes would be nice

Anything from a non-Sakurai Kirby game
autistic lol

File: hftf.png (59 KB, 480x489)
59 KB
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>every single tegra is effected by this exploit
>except for nvidia's brand new one!

lmao even nintendo's gets cucked by nvidia upgrade cycle bullshit
File: 1496372289588.jpg (67 KB, 540x509)
67 KB
Even with it jailbroken I wont buy a Switch until the system has more than two fucking games. Nintendo can go suck a dick with their anti-consumer practices, I'll gladly buy one and pirate every fucking worthwhile game on the system just to spite them, when the system actually has games even worth pirating.
There's no way to patch it you retard
>Constant sales on Steam, PSN and XBL
>Can get used cheap games and games drop in price pretty quickly on every platform except for the Switch
>Most games are $60 and their e-shop "sales" include 10% off an actual good game and constant indie shit that no one buys
Why is this allowed?

File: 360px-DQV_PS2_Art.png (310 KB, 360x337)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Why are there never any Dragon Quest threads on /v/?

Just bought 4 to 9 on the DS/3DS and I'm currently stuck on the final boss of 5.

What was your team when you beat him?

Did you have any difficulty with other bosses in the franchise?
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Hmmm not really, IV is the only DS game with bosses that have difficulty spikes, but it’s really not that bad.
Enix pls. Just hand them over. Bring your FF games too. I need them
File: 60637677_p0.jpg (618 KB, 1233x760)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
>completed III, IV, V, and VII
>tried VIII but didn't like it
What now?
No dQ is that hard. Just get into the habit of levelling up to 5 or so as quick as possible and then making sure you level up 2-3 levels every new area when you find some metal slimes. Stops you ever having to power level at the end which is boring
File: slimedq2_006.png (99 KB, 250x196)
99 KB
blessed game

File: vavra.jpg (8 KB, 258x196)
8 KB
>nobody discusses KCD anymore
>people consider it to be very mediocre

Looks like you weren't based after all Vavra.
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you're just mad skyrim is better and STILL more popular, fagsoy
>Why are you here if you hate vidya poltard?

first time posting here in months

sorry for trying to like video games only to be met with even more s o y than ever before

nigger i was /pol/ incarnate in 2012

and i was a massive SJW far before SJWs became a thing

i am head of the trends, get on my level faget
File: 1524617348900.png (461 KB, 412x594)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
>Play this game
>Expect my choices to effect the narrative like in Dragon Age, Witcher etc.
>They don't
>Games doesn't even end properly.

What's the point then?
Sure I can choose to sneak or kill in a quest but I can do that in Uncharted even if I can't alter the narrative why call it an rpg?
>By the way there wasn't a single serious competitor being released before in after kingdumb cum for months.
WTF are you talking about, in March you had Sea of Thieves, Vermintide 2, Far Cry 5 and A Way Out
Sure, they aren't direct competitors but its more than enough for people to be hyped about something else.
absolutely false

i have skyrim VR and barely even played it yet even though the whole VR aspect is really fucking great, because kingdom come is better

So now that the dust has settled, why is this a bad game?
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>Soulless, empty open world
>shit ton of shrines that feel exactly the same
>Weapons break after 2 swings
>Too realistic with the infamous stamina meter and cold conditions requiring heat.
>Taming wild horses is a pain in the ass
>Owning your own home is kinda cool but very limited options.
>Korok seeds feel pointlessly scattered about and require no challenge at all.
Maybe they should stick to some linearity in the next Zelda game.
File: e9d.jpg (16 KB, 600x600)
16 KB
Have you ever played Botw. It really is the most disappointing zelda. I'd even say Spirit Tracks is almost better.
Not enough story or cutscenes.
It is not a 10, but still an excellent and fun game.

File: 1524422576493.png (232 KB, 499x625)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
Things you hate about gaming
>It has a meta
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I dont see how any of that is particularly complex. It all comes with experience.
File: 1494600420489.png (139 KB, 800x846)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Any game with choices and balance are going to have optimized ones and you can't stop people from wanting to use them. The best you can do is be aware but play however you want to. If the game isn't shit, you can usually find a way to manage.
It's not about complexity it's about how the message of the series was always about using your favorites and how they are your bros and shit, and in the actual games you have a dumpster fire of eugenics, tierwhoring and really specific strategies that just kill the message the original series gave. Not that I think it's necessarily bad but yeah when I was a kid it was a bit disappointing to see the reality of it.
>multiplayer game
>majority of balancing is nerfing instead of buffing
I hate this mentality, it makes everything boring and sucks the fun out of the game. Games that are the most fun are games where everything is powerful and you counter one broken ability/gun/weapon with a different broken ability/gun/weapon to counter it so it balances out. I'm not deluded, there will always be an objective best way to do things regardless but i feel like nerfing removes options and forms a more strict meta. For example.
>something is OP
>nerf said OP thing so it's unplayable now
instead of
>something is OP
>Buff its counter
have a game so complex literally anything can beat virtually everything so the meta stops being "pick such, such and such" and starts being "communicate, strategise, plan and have good execution"

File: Malos.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720)
95 KB
What were our final thoughts on Malos?
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More he didn't think anyone else was worthy of such a prize.
I'm surprised none of it's aimed at Pneuma. She's the most direct and collected of the three while also generally being Pyra+.
File: 345345.jpg (89 KB, 1280x720)
89 KB
This guy really likes to suddenly go ham out of the blue.

"That sword...IT CAN'T BEEEEEEEE!!!!!
File: 1515517656098.jpg (83 KB, 692x1024)
83 KB
What's not to understand about the fact that this Aegis is used goods?
this kid

File: doa_vr.jpg (67 KB, 960x720)
67 KB
When did you realise VR isn't a meme?
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>Talks like a fedora wearing fag
>Wow imagine thinking this is cool, how old are you?
>Problem bro >;) ""he"" sure showed you, I'm.. I mean he's not lame u are!
someone link me the best vr porn I can utilize on a pleb phone headset
File: KLit3fX.jpg (35 KB, 1024x576)
35 KB
Sorry dude

File: patriciantaste.png (469 KB, 1151x733)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
Will the VR market or the sex doll market be where the future is? Recent dolls are looking pretty good and only for about 2 grand...if that gets closer to just 1k, then idk much about VR.

Maybe a combination of both?

Hey everyone, so right now i'm in the middle of trying to complete all the GTA games and i've managed to complete GTA Vice City and San Andreas and i'm in the middle of playing GTA 1 and 2 which both work fine. I'm also in the middle of playing Vice City Stories as well and i'm playing all of these games on my mac which all work great. But for some reason no matter how hard I try I can't seems to get GTA 3 to work on my mac. I open the game up with wine and the boot screen comes up and then the game just crashes and it says "unhandled exception c0000005" every single time. Is there a way to fix this?
Dual boot Windows and stop using wine
Did you get the rockstar patch


File: 1524627962061.jpg (423 KB, 750x418)
423 KB
423 KB JPG


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Those are the levels from Sonic 3 with the music stuck in legal hell.
File: C9xnvLaW0AQJXot.jpg (30 KB, 500x381)
30 KB
https://youtu.be/-dG1sK4fXDY This is why you hold down on the D-pad, kids.
File: 2babies1fox.gif (475 KB, 400x306)
475 KB
475 KB GIF
just fucking use the PC soundtrack for those 3, it's better in CNZ and LBZ, and ICZ is decent enough
Honestly it's why I say you should play through Sonic 1 without the spindash added in at some point. It will teach you that rule very well. It actually made me better at other Sonic games because I didn't really consider how important just standard rolling is before that.
File: 1501741117100.png (292 KB, 600x869)
292 KB
292 KB PNG

What are your hopes for persona 6?
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As you should. I love my waifu too, she makes my miserable existence slightly less shitty.
File: Evoke2.gif (966 KB, 500x245)
966 KB
966 KB GIF
Brb gonna summon my persona

Of course. I wish they had dropped Akechi and used older Nanako as the antagonist of P5, which Shido being the man who killed her mother, but having her as the villain of P6 will do.

Grab it before MS finds out


>what is dis?
A free, classic HALO multiplayer game.
Originally released in Russia only, now playable everywhere thanks to fan-patches.
Devs were OK with it, but Microshit decided to C&D it just hours ago.
165 replies and 54 images omitted. Click here to view.
that's weird, I thought it was called eldewrito
What kinda mode?
>try to join a server
>timed out and then booted errors
did i fuck something up?
everyone is going to have one life so idk if it should be slayer or infection but it will have 2 teams
It's not on your end. It happens from time to time, especially during bad traffic.

North myth > Greek myth confirmed?
257 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1500826851809.jpg (63 KB, 917x1080)
63 KB
nah hes old and rusty, Kratos would have fought way better if he was his raging young self. great fight though, you can see the dad power giving K his Saiyan boost
GoW Baldur would regenerate his legs, he was shown to take damage and be able to regenerate all of it in the game.
Actual myth Baldur is unable to be cut in half by anything other than a mistletoe blade, as every other thing on earth has sworn not to hurt on him after Freiya asked them nicely enough. After it happened the Gods started throwing shit at him for shits and giggles since they'd bounce off, wish they'd brought it up in GoW, it'd have made a pretty good reason for him to hate his mom.
>Egyptian gods were just regular people born into royalty
You're confusing the Pharaoh with the deities. While the pharaohs were seen as gods the deities were always such. They were never kings that were raised to the positions.
Nordics are the niggers of Scandinavia, there's no way to justify viking behavior.

Am i a scrub if i go down from Hard to Normal on this game? I made it past Mistral on hard but then i keep getting owned by the gorilla cyborgs even after learning how to parry and attack-dodge
playing a completely new game on anything but normal is a /v/ meme, don't fall for it, they don't want you to enjoy yourself
especially in games that have nice difficulty curve when you play again on hard
you might be bit of a scrub. do you care? play however you want, plus you'll most likely replay it anyways so you can pick harder difficulty later

i remember there were cheat weapons to be unlocked later. fox blade that was stuck on instagib cut mode after fully upgraded, or something like that. shit, now i feel like i need to replay this game again
Who told you you have to start on hard? Platinum games you should do normal and then go back to hard once you actually know how to play the game.
Those robo gorillas are assholes, don’t feel bad. Blade Wolf killed me like 20 times on normal before I perfected parrying and destroyed him, now I can beat everything but Armstrong on hard.
That fox blade was fucking insane
Fair enough. Im just coming into mgr semi blind after having it in my library forever.

Maybe im saying 'scrub' in the context of well is the gameplay on Hard something workable without having to repeat a section of the game over say ten or twenty times.before having the skill to pass it.
Fuckin' BladeWolf on hard was at trip but it forced me to learn parry.

filename thread!
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I'm just sayin' redditors likes these type of thread
File: spy check.webm (683 KB, 720x404)
683 KB
File: Freeside Thug.jpg (82 KB, 594x468)
82 KB
What the fuck?

That's a big bird...

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