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File: cad-20170116-9c589.png (332 KB, 625x967)
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Why did she go with him
File: 5.png (295 KB, 971x1400)
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295 KB PNG
>that walltext
Oh, I get it now.
File: 013.png (267 KB, 966x1400)
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267 KB PNG
File: 1476741361994.jpg (56 KB, 358x429)
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File: 1473887426755.jpg (40 KB, 604x335)
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>leaks left and right

>based OP postan new video

>salty anons complaining about leaks

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7 is trash anon, it will drop in price quickly. With DR you at least are getting 3 quality games for the price.
Mia looks like ass too
Who else cancelled their preorder?
Goddamn that player is retarded
Why the fuck does every single person leaking the game have such shit fucking aim? They miss literally every other shot when the enemy takes up half the fucking screen with that FOV

File: IMG_20170117_015321.jpg (65 KB, 639x790)
65 KB
Switch presentation translator is dead

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>/v/ is the type of person who'll never want to hang out with you again if you fuck up one time, despite probably having moments they fucked up themselves.

I know someone that used to post here when he was 12. He's exactly like that. Except his "moments" are all the fucking time. He's completely autistic. I wish I had never met him.
Nintendo is just as responsible for his lack of preparation and for hiring him in the first place
Absolutely correct, except corporations as a modus operandi never admit to blame.
As has been said by pretty much every japanese speaker to comment on this Suda completely fucked him.
If the translations are real there's no way you can honestly expect anyone to have done any better than he did.
This. I still remember that god awful fat nintendo switch gamestop posting thread. /V/ is just terrible.

What does /v/ think of Nioh? Is it going to be shit?
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There isn't an "honor" mechanic or whatever, just flavor text

The item serves as the Dark Sign, so you can return to your checkpoint for the cost of all of our currency
Seriously though, why is this shit a ps4 exclusive? Is Sony paying them or something? Do the devs hate money?
Maybe that's a grave of a co-op game, where both players died and you have to fight two revenants?

Probably not, but would be cool
If you lose it the only way to get it back is with sudoku knife.
File: bruh.png (60 KB, 215x163)
60 KB
wait why does he have a fuckin cat on his cloth thingu.

File: s.aolcdn.jpg (743 KB, 1800x1200)
743 KB
743 KB JPG
Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers


>This was a detail left unclear after Nintendo's 4am Switch event last Friday, but which has now been clarified by shop listings for a separate, chargeable Joy-Con grip peripheral - priced £27.99.

>The basic Joy-Con grip included with the console is simply a plastic shell. It exists just to hold your Joy-Con but not charge them.

>The premium Joy-Con charging grip, available separately, includes a USB connection so you can plug in and power the device while playing, and in turn charge attached Joy-Con.

Nintendrones will defend this.
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And you didn't charge it during those 19 hours of battery life before, because...?
They're overpricing the accessories.

The accessories in the console bundle are worth 200 bucks going by the individual pricing. A 100 tablet? I doubt it.
>Having 3 seperate devices to charge to play Mary-o
it means that if your controllers are out of battery then you can't play on the tv, because your controllers will have to be attached to the console to charge.

Why did I waste $60 on this garbage again?


File: 1-2-switch-4-800x445.jpg (35 KB, 800x445)
35 KB
guys, are you ready to milk some cows?
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Someone bothered to make the turd version? I've only seen the few penis ones
I hope this whole fucking industry burns to the ground.
feels so great on my pp, makes me bust like so fast
back to /soc/ faggot
File: 1385066950146.gif (1.43 MB, 312x305)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
File: 1439487913771.gif (3.67 MB, 400x224)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB GIF
>tfw you hoped Nintendo would stop doing gimmicks and desperately trying to recapture the normalfag market
>then they come up with this

File: IMG_0291.jpg (25 KB, 228x221)
25 KB
>Nintendo switch exclusives
>Xbox exclusives
>scalebound... oh wait
>PC exclusives
>PS quadruple exclusives
>gravity rush 2
>and much much more

File: ninty.png (479 KB, 607x608)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
>ps4 out for nearly 4 years
>still only one worthwhile game

>Switch already planning to have around 4-5 great games at launch

What the fuck went so right?
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File: redditors.png (442 KB, 500x712)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
>this thread
But it's okay when Sony does it!
File: 1484112698637.jpg (101 KB, 693x767)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Sony became arrogant as fuck after PS2 and same happened with the PS3. They think they can survive on multiplats forever.
you wont faggot
keep the first 3 posts in the screencap i wanna see myself in 4 years

File: Spoiler Image (2.67 MB, 512x400)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB WEBM
What game has the best jiggle physics?
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It is shit, but that's sort of the appeal? I don't know, I can't explain my degeneracy after years on this fucking website.
Press X to not cum.
File: 1449835506102.png (172 KB, 700x900)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
I feel sorry for people who can't appreciate a good bob cut and straight bangs.
File: 1448467836183.png (130 KB, 281x389)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
even here it makes her look fucking old


Full Patch Notes : http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/d90ea3ee6d083eaba4f22e5deefe934b0a0a464e

3.5 Trailer : https://youtu.be/3xixQ5XhjkM
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>making alt in NA server
>get invited to NN
>its mentors personal LS
Because I started playing in 3.4
I want to buy a house when the new housing area comes out in the expansion
need to level/gear out crafters to make good gil
My favorite part about your groups is the blame game and shitflinging when one person makes a mistake.
No. That guy is an idiot.

Needs a tail and cat ears

Only if you are.

Falcom leaks out one new image for Cold Steel III and it's not even any of the old characters.

What the hell Falcom.

Where's my 3D Estelle?
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Rean is still a child. The whole game shows how much of a child Rean is compared to the adults.

He goes off and does the minor tasks, while the adults are handling the bigger opponents. Even in the final dungeon when he was facing stronger opponents, the adults came in to save him.
In Coldsteel only. The game that introduced an awful highschool and a walking meme as a protagonist.
And they still have more than 90% of the jrpgs main cast.
That is true and we can thank the Vita for that.

Makes me wonder if Falcom invented a villain called Vita and have her bullied in the final moments of CS2 just so they can vent their rage on having the Erebonia arc only centered on the eastern side.
When you have a magic mech that can tear open wormholes and avoid the battlefields, you kinda have an obligation to be the one to bring the band back together.

File: HWSnEb9.png (194 KB, 500x500)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
Note: I am aware the following description sounds like a weird wet dream some dA user had, however I am curious to find it.

I dunno if this is even a real series or not, but I thought why not ask here.
Apparently this series/OVA aired on late night cable networks in the US with subtitles, and had an art style that I quote "resembled CLAMP". However do not allow this to narrow down the possibility of what this series was.

This series had a scene, in which a sorceress fights a lizard man (or possibly a lizard?) and the fight ends in which the sorceress shrinks the lizard creature and swallows it whole. After a while, the lizard creature apparently grows inside of her, causing her to swell in the process and explode.

This honestly sounds really freaking weird but I am curious to see it for myself. I haven't came across anyone who knows what anime this was however, so it must be either really obscure or fairly forgotten but still out there somewhere.

Shitpost or whatever, but does anyone know what the heck this anime is?
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File: Seriously.jpg (179 KB, 1246x919)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
y-ya'll like video games??

File: 1473378765619.png (175 KB, 470x333)
175 KB
175 KB PNG

>we are very aware of what the consumer has articulated to date as to what they want.

>The way Nintendo thinks about it, is we want to make the consumer happy, and we want to give them some of the elements that they have been asking for

>But, we also believe in differentiated experiences. We believe in doing things differently.

>we will recognize what consumers like about our competitors, we will look to do it in a way that has a Nintendo flair to it.

I have an idea, Reggie. Maybe, just maybe, your company could succeed if it just gave the consumer what they want instead of doing things in a retarded way for no reason? It's really not that hard. Just let us tie our downloaded games to our accounts instead of to our systems. That's all you have to do to make us happy. But no, you are going to figure out a way to fuck this up. Good job, Nintendo. Good fucking job.
Lol shut up kid
Are you implying that the entire Nintendo consumer base wants the same thing?

File: SotFS_Covetous.jpg (1.81 MB, 1465x875)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
Why didn't they give this boss a lot more health so that to kill it you'd have to lure it into the poison jars/shoot down the jars from above to poison it so it dies faster?
204 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
>can't choose the order you kill the soul lords
You certainly can
>soul lord can be 1-shot
which one, faggot?
The fight with the dragon is trash
They said it's working as intended (by devs) and that's true.
That doesn't mean it's working as players would like.
It might be the shine as you said, but when I looked at it it struck me as the proportions being off. I found the helmet to look rather small and the big shoulder pad kind of pops off the actual shoulder and is floating above it. It also looks thinner in general

Soul of Cinder is the worst final boss in the series, yes, even counting Nashandra and Aldia.

- Absolutely no lore buildup, if you even consider it related to the plot at all.
- Fights like a glorified NPC invasion instead of a proper humanoid boss with unique moves.
- Stumbles like a drunk fuck every three hits.
- Acts like that one friend you play fighting games with who thinks he can beat you if he keeps switching characters instead of just getting good.
- When that doesn't work he just gives up and rips off a superior final boss's moves.

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