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10/01/15Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!
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Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!

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File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (95 KB, 1280x720)
95 KB
Without bringing up Dakota Fanning, tell me why do you hate Gamer Girls?
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imagine how it'd feel like being fucked like a girl
That's the best part.
I would let everyone do me without condom.
>mods letting woman-hating thread live
I thought GG was over?
File: 1442718266658.png (124 KB, 396x334)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>I am a gamer

aka I have no identity
what you described is not a fucking gamer, its one of societys mongrels that think playing angry bird on the phone will make him into an actual gamer, whos hobby is to play vidya, and they all should be burned alive.

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It was originally going to be a mobile game.
Blame the mobile market.
Daily reminder that this is the official objective THPS games ranking

THUG 1 > THPS 2 > THPS 3 > THPS 4 > THPS 1 > THUG 2 > THP8 > THPG > THAW
File: fag.jpg (2 KB, 50x50)
2 KB
>only 1 review

How the fuck is proving grounds better than American wasteland? I'll never understand why people dislike that game so much. I mean it was no THUG but it wasn't anywhere near shit
Skating just isn't "cool" any more to the focus group 18-35yo demographic so companies will give less money to the development of these statistically unpopular games.

File: FeatureXP4.jpg (48 KB, 646x512)
48 KB
Why aren't you making your own game?
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>tfw you should've learned to draw instead of program

art is important, and it requires much more skill and training - vastly more

anyone can code, programmers are replaceable and nobody will care if the replacement is shit

on the other hand, you need a good artist if you want anyone to give a shit about you

don't make my mistake, kids

learn to draw
dude are you going anywhere with this? You should be shooting some nigga's already with what you got.
Gun is too small.

File: bigbosscosplay.jpg (55 KB, 523x349)
55 KB
So why did Big Boss become an antagonist? Does that seem like what the protagonist of MGS3 would do?
I guess nobody knows.

File: far cry.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1080)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Anything happen with this last night?


Because it looks exactly the same as it did at midnight last night
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How do you know it's not a fully fledged game?

Literally the definition of entitled and ignorant right now, fam

>PC comes out in march

What the fuck?
shut the fuck up faggot
Not only that, they're black. There were no black neanderthals.
This could actually be a chance to make something interesting, rather than the cut and paste formula they used for Far Cry 3/4.

File: davsna.png (473 KB, 624x687)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
This guy is so childish, he just can't get over the fact that he's not that good of a voice actor. MGSV would have been worse if he was the voice of Big Boss.

He even asked for the starbucks person to call him Big Boss.
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All these lines fucking sucked though. He had zero emotion, and to be honest, his delivery flat out sounded like a bored guy reading a script.

I can only think of one instance where he showed any real emotion, and that was one of the early casette tapes where he gets annoyed at new PMCs misunderstanding his "message".

And even THAT sounded bad.
Back to Facebook normalfag.
>We'll make nanomachines out of their ashes Otacon, Sokolov take over~
>performance matters
>posts Twin Snakes
WTF happened there, voice acting was so off.
of course mgsv quotes are in everyones brain it's the latest game everyone played you dipshit

File: VQ2.png (258 KB, 800x700)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Reminder that this is happening.
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File: ff2.jpg (23 KB, 332x322)
23 KB
>What makes loli appealing, guys?
That is the name
File: 1428521585148.gif (3.42 MB, 366x325)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB GIF
Oh yeah!!!

try the dlsite codes

RJ159903 for J○Fight
RJ153925 for NTR Imouto Misaki

File: fHPuu4Df3Q0.jpg (45 KB, 599x604)
45 KB
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File: 62499539.jpg (144 KB, 500x300)
144 KB
144 KB JPG

Pic related is that anon

GOAT taste nigga
Where is my mind

I win
>Cirno's Perfect Math Class
>poison kiss

I.. Fuck.
A little japanese girl starts singing and I KISSU my enemy. I guess if nothing else it will confuse the fuck out of them and the poison will kill them before they regain their composure.
Blind guardian can literally never be bad, hansi has the voice of an angel
Time to pick another blind guardian song and see if it matches

File: lel.jpg (100 KB, 1001x564)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
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File: mm.gif (3.62 MB, 464x560)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB GIF
File: 1344616570263.gif (2 MB, 250x158)
2 MB
What's "iron man numbers"?
>his threads aren't doing iron man numbers
File: 1437247010606.jpg (159 KB, 1500x1500)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>Its funny because because they say nigger XDXDXD


Sounds like if christopher walken had a stroke.

File: capcom.jpg (92 KB, 831x517)
92 KB
>Resident evil REmake in HD is fantastic
>REmake of zero and 2 coming next year
>Dragons Dogma being localised for PC
>Monster Hunter X coming on 3DS
>SFV looking great

Why do we hate this based company again?
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Got it when Amazon had a SEALED copy for $13?
File: 1376278905843.jpg (10 KB, 156x230)
10 KB
It's definitely trying to change better and it's listening more to its fanbase than it did in the last 7 fucking years *and* it's dropping mobile gaming *AND* it's cutting on microtransactions but I'm not such of a needy ex that I'll start belching love queefs as soon as it starts so much as glancing at me again. It's on a good track but they need to do more core games and Phanta Rei is shitting the bed when it comes to that.

Plus Itsuno better be making either DD2, DMC5 or a completely new IP. And Takumi better be working on that sequel to the Great Attorney.
They should port Dead Rising 1 to PC while they're at it.

File: 21630559.jpg (1018 KB, 1024x883)
1018 KB
1018 KB JPG
Why does it matter if a video game has "sexist" content?

It's just a video game!

You wouldn't go out and shoot someone, just because you shot someone in a video game, would you?
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sorry that we brought our vidya discussion into your /b/ tier porn thread anon.
Games will literally never be a serious artform if developers are forced into pandering to niche demographics instead of following their ambition.

Does any other medium let itself be bullied by thought-police the way modern gaming does?
Discussion of video games in the absence of feminism:

>Sexuality is expressed freely.

Video game discussion in the presence of feminism:

>Sexuality is expressed with fear of being targeted by shame mongers.
File: 1430759153393.jpg (42 KB, 1333x742)
42 KB
Then why aren't most men complaining about buffed up main characters that would require a lot of steroids and gym time to look like?
>don't give a shit about SJW, sexism in games, representation, etc.
>still don't like blatant sexualization, not because I'm offended but because it's often dumb and far too obvious, obnoxious, and unsubtle -- I hate it for the same reason I'd hate a game about killing babies with every other word being fuck and pussy
>can't say anything because I'll get labeled SJW

File: undertale image.png (246 KB, 500x545)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Could it be?
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File: 1441842835099.gif (295 KB, 700x704)
295 KB
295 KB GIF
>implying this is my favorite game
don't make me laugh anon.
it was fun but not that good.
So you think the music in Undertale is worse because it doesn't have the same limitations? Can't it's music just be influenced rather than strictly following those same limitations?

It has good music. What you posted is nice and all but that's not anything crazy.
>say something bad about Undertale threads
>B-But MGSV threads!

>say something bad about game
>N-no you!
>S-stop shitposting and baiting!

Every single time.
lol I can feel the butthurt
Welcome to /v/, fellow Redditor

File: Untitled.jpg (31 KB, 450x660)
31 KB
>monsters and key characters constantly attack you
>they don't have any reservations about harming or even killing you
>if you fight back that somehow makes you a genocidal monster

Yeah sorry I'm not buying it
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Thats hilarious

Did oro actually reply to this? Would love to see his reaction
>I'm sure that black guy had a "specific reason" for breaking into my house. Thank goodness I don't have any way of defending myself
>this is the utopia you non-ironically imagine
oh, i thought it was mettaton suplexing sans
No, a human being can instantly change their opinion on something based on emotion, although there are humans that believe choices based on emotion can't be trusted. A robot can't suddenly contradict its previous behavior unless its past choices on a specific subject are few in number, or its past choices lead it to decide that making the chances more lenient will make it seem more human. Furthermore a human can actively work to change their beliefs to something else entirely based on faith. A robot requires undeniable evidence, or some dirty hack like the one mentioned above. A robot isn't going to work to change its mind just because something MIGHT be possible, because a robot has no real motivation in the first place. They don't have a preference for things to be a certain way, although they might have a few lines of code set up to simulate this, their desired circumstances are still based on random bullshit. It's not real choice, it's just a convincing simulation of choice.
>its own internal rules
To which rules, exactly, are you referring?


Thanks for beta testing.
50 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Devils Third
There were already 2 wii u exclusives this year with a pc port.

Still more than what was released on it.
File: 1224200463847.jpg (185 KB, 800x600)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>Implying the mediocrity will be better in 4k
Steam is a dumping ground for failed and old as fuck games so publishers can makes one final cash grab before the game permanently fades into obscurity. Thats why the vast majority of ports are shit. Steamfags will eat it up and claim that the games are magically better just cause its on their computer or that mods will fix it despite tbe fact that a game thats shit at the core will still be shit no matter how many mods you pump into it.
This game is probably worse than Boom, honestly. At least in Boom your movement physics don't silently change during area transitions

Why do you like playing as female characters?
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thats the most fucking retarded thing ive read this morning.

good job. asshole
Not really no. Female leads always come off as annoying most of the time, but when they're great I have no problem. Momohime from Muramasa is a great example.
I always play as female character when the option was available, even back when I was a kid.

Something about a female actually being competent has always clicked with me.
File: 2015-09-20_00072.jpg (453 KB, 1920x1080)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
I'd rather look at a girls ass , then a man

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