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File: OkamiNTSCcoverFinal.jpg (49 KB, 256x325)
49 KB
How is this? The art style looks absolutely gorgeous, but is that all there is? Is the gameplay good? Is it fun?

Big fan of Zelda, but not a big fan of Journey or games that try to rely solely on looking unique.

Should I get this?
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it's really not that good a game
ask that mr.bonk guy he's a capcom wizard.
Don't worry OP, Okami has both style and substance. The combat's a blast, if a bit on the easy side once you get used to it, and all of your abilities are useful and utilized frequently in and outside of combat. The maps have a ton of secrets, there are plenty of little mini-games, side quests, and activities to do, the combat has secret moves, and there are even some hidden Celestial Brush techniques.

With the way the praise system works, you can focus on leveling up everything aside from health in case you want more of a challenge too. There are some late-game optional gauntlets that can put your skills and stats to the test though.
El Shaddai had a better art-style and setting than Okami imho
It's definitely one of my favorite games, but you need to understand the beginning absolutely drags.

If you can make it past the initial text dump and the 2 hour pseudo-tutorial, you're in the clear for a 100+ hour adventure

Is there any Battle royale modes that are exactly like the movie?

>each person gets a unique weapon or skill
>useless items to guns
>no shrinking fence but auto kills if in certain areas
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you're the retard that gets excited over misprinted/bootleg products

oh wow true lies description on my weeb dvd
File: IMG_0451.jpg (3.62 MB, 3264x2448)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
They also misspelled James Cameron and called him Lames Cameron.
>get something useless
>join new game
Flawless idea
>Lames cameron
you take that back True Lies is GOAT
>getting massive boner to jamie lee curtis as a young boy

File: weird cat.png (1.41 MB, 960x1280)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
give me good longform video game critiques/analysis videos

File: 1509936030679.jpg (413 KB, 700x990)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
you played her game right /v/?
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or 'bravely accept you predesigned destiny'
File: image.jpg (124 KB, 600x1200)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
File: 1512596890481.png (223 KB, 997x581)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
She's for bully.
>played default
>fucking loved it, including the repeated sections
>played second, the supposed better game
>drop it after 10 hours
Is it just that the writing is worse? Every other goddamn scene was the cast taking about food
they are analogies of the characters personalities.

tip. read the journal. their comments are interesting when they are talking about the examined monsters and bosses. improves the story by A LOT

Starting my fire playthrough ever.

Any tips?
Is it strength/Dex based as much as dark souls is?
Does dodging have I frames?
What are the best type of weapons.
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Use the spear, it will help with later bosses that are difficult to hit.
Go high stance or you're a pussy. Switch to low stance for clearing crates and shits.

Magic is OP.

In settings, turn headgear visual off so you can see William's glorious hair all the time.

Don't wear heavy armor. Save it for soul matching your light armor (aka raising your light armor's stats by consuming a high armor that is higher level than your light armor without increasing its weight).

Refashion your armor into Tower Guard aesthetics so you don't be a filthy weeb.
Onmyo magic is crazy OP and effectively the game's easy mode once you unlock the spell that allows you to effectively cast slow.
Pretty much, although every weapon can be used fast, slow, or in the middle, so there's no risk of having to trade practicality for a Greatsword's reach/damage, for example.
Dodging does have i frames, feel it out in the first area.
All the weapons are good, especially since there's basically only 7 weapon classes, with every weapon fitting into a class. Oh, ranged weapons are very useful and do a ton of damage. The spear is good for keeping enemies at range, the axe hits hard and is kind of slow even in low stance, and so on. Worth mentioning that the dual swords get a sweet low stance combo later in their tree that pulps anything you hit it with.
>Go high stance or you're a pussy
Go every stance or you're a cripple
>Magic is OP
Everything is OP if you invest at all in it.
>In settings, turn headgear visual off so you can see William's glorious hair all the time.
Which you will ignore entirely the moment you can be someone else.
>Don't wear heavy armor. Save it for soul matching your light armor (aka raising your light armor's stats by consuming a high armor that is higher level than your light armor without increasing its weight).
It doesn't increase the armor's stats to that of the heavy armor nor does soul matching with a heavy set change how great your light armor's stats increases. It's just the level.
>Refashion your armor into Tower Guard aesthetics so you don't be a filthy weeb.
Or be your own person.
Just want to throw out there that Body is a stat that is tied to both your Wirram's HP AND his Spear damage.

Use Omnyo and Ninjutsu and invest in at least one them. They are incredibly useful and playing without them in the later stages is can be near impossible, IMO.

Respecs are easy to come by so experiment with every weapon type and ninjutsu/omnyo.

Axes are also a ton of fun, but feel much better when accompanied with heavy armor. Heavy armor requires a hefty stat investment, so it's not something I recommend at low levels.

File: header[1].jpg (36 KB, 460x215)
36 KB
I have absolutely no idea if this game is any good or not, but every time I see this shark pop up on steam I just get so god damn deliriously happy.

This is the most adorable shark I think I've ever seen. He look so happy LOOK AT HIM AND HIS BIG SMILE HE'SJUSTLIKE "haaaaaaaaaaai"!
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File: images[1].png (10 KB, 199x253)
10 KB
Thank you based anon.

Your comment promted me to go searching around and thanks to this I finally figured out what that doodle or die site was called. I had forgotten its name for so long, but now I'm able to revisit it after so long.
the good old days. I forgot that shark tits was all over that game, I just remember the faps that were had
It's a good game, always able to get a full room.
Is it still good, or is it full of regulations and shit now?
It's a good game, but I hear it's dead

File: 1512110513094.jpg (35 KB, 480x439)
35 KB
What are some games where I can play as a hairlet character?

File: 80134824849.jpg (119 KB, 748x960)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
what is the lewdest game I can get on PS4/Vita at a reasonable price? serious question. pic possibly related.
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>Peach Beach Splash.
I always hear that the online is dead though. Is thi true?
File: 1513381239802.jpg (177 KB, 1200x900)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
>jerking off to porn on a console
We have reached a new low
Yeah. It's fun with bots, though, so it's worth it for about 20 bucks.
>he didn't jerk it to 3d porn on the 3ds
at 450p nice one retard

File: 1513140876937.jpg (57 KB, 482x549)
57 KB
>younger relative deletes game file at family reunion
I guess now I have an excuse to play the game again...
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>Having family
I never knew anyone on my father's side and almost everyone has died on my mother's side. I have no one left but my mom, a few scattered aunts and two uncles, none of whom, except my mom, live in the same state as me.

And I fucking LOVE it. I haven't had to deal with a shitty family reunion in years and I get to spend holidays however the fuck I want to.
File: 1505332056998.gif (1.84 MB, 202x360)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF

>Not letting children touch things designed for children

If anything, the kid should be asking why an adult man is playing videogames instead of being a successful human.
Nah I grew up with all my cousins and am still good friends with most of them. Seeing em all have kids is fucking weird though. They probably think I'm a loser for not having kids well into my twenties
>thinking the two cannot be inclusive
you have to be 18 to post here
>Didn't hide your memory card when your cousins came over

You only have yourself to blame for this

File: gg-2.png (301 KB, 768x432)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
“He’s not fit to be my daughter’s boyfriend,” Dad declares after witnessing junior high school boy’s lack of fighting game skills."
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/pol/shit aside this is actually correct. A small island country like Japan doesn't need high birthrates. This is the natural solution to the overpopulation problem.
i thought it was mildy amusing to see the whole family focused on the game only for the wife to say "dinners is ready" and they all look back at her like ed from EEnE
only in the AC+ art that came out way after the actual X2 stuff >>400222498 posted
I was referring to that specific art, still looks pretty to me, just has an awful color palette
"if you guys don't come eat right now I'm coming with my Zappa"

File: ddo4[1].jpg (54 KB, 530x329)
54 KB
Neverwinter or D&D Online? Which is the better game?
Unfortunately, the consensus seems to be that they're both not great: DnD appears to be very outdated as a game, and Neverwinter is just godawful cashshop shit.
Go with Neverwinter. For D&D you need to pay for EVERYTHING, not worth it honestly.
Neverwinter is pay to win as shit the farther you go

File: 001.jpg (1.09 MB, 2570x3472)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
guess what my fave vidya is
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>chain wallet
>makes it easier to get pickpocketed
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
>pocket watch
You dolt

File: FFFADFCover.jpg (273 KB, 1000x1228)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
All this talk about XBC2 made me want to play some good ol' JRPGs. I got pic related recently on the PSN sale so hopefully I didn't fuck up that badly.

So anyways, recommend me some must play JRPGs plz.

I've played some ff games and thought they were meh. Playing through XBC right now and enjoying it a lot. I have Estelle's game and I like it a lot even though I havn't made it through the whole thing. I got Tales of Zestiria in a humble bundle a while ago. is it worth playing?

Halp me plz I beg
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File: 1483591401986.jpg (256 KB, 1100x1553)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Eryn has a cute voice
Someone has to play the straight man.
File: yande.re 384597.jpg (1.09 MB, 3000x1688)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Ethel is cute. Treat her nicely.
File: 1510422476055.jpg (455 KB, 2000x2829)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
Play the atelier games. The old ones are actually good.
Neptunia VII is unironically one of the best traditional JRPGs on the PS4. It's better than the game you bought on pic related too.

File: nya.webm (2.7 MB, 853x480)
2.7 MB
/no memes/ edition
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and they were taken away for a reason
We're still doing quick time shit in the current year?
>9 hours ago

I don't think we're getting it.
File: 1491056473741.png (47 KB, 500x501)
47 KB
A small very vocal minority shitposted them to death just like /q/
for the players

File: 1360634581154.jpg (68 KB, 477x502)
68 KB
>When someone talks shit about the Dreamcast
File: 1441521686984.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720)
75 KB
I'm glad it killed Sega.
File: 1512930870380.jpg (86 KB, 500x500)
86 KB
>Shitty console gets three good games max, and an obscure gem fanboys agree is the best game of that particular console
More like
Ho ho!

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