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File: game.jpg (57 KB, 460x215)
57 KB
this game's pretty fun
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have sex with him
what the fuck, anon
I hate this argument.
yea sure, with practice you can do anything, but will you? no, so don't fucking bother mentioning it.

if someone likes raphael and plays raphael better do you think he'll switch to astaroth? 1. it's a different strategy 2. he may not like being as slow.
it's just more difficult, less fun and time consuming, he fucking """"could"""" but he won't, nobody fucking would in that scenario.

People will gravitate to one character and stick to them, and maybe try out some others, but unless they find someone easier to play right off the bat then you won't see them change.
So is Azwel like SCV's Devil Jin? In the sense that it's too fun to make CaS with its style instead of other characters?
If you're using a shitty donut steel then they don't get them. Only the actual cast.

File: 1538120870102.png (53 KB, 560x217)
53 KB
I want you zoomer faggots to explain your inverted feminized morality to me.
>in ranked game
>ally plays like absolute dogshit.
>fails obvious and no brain actions.
>which are game critical and causing us to lose
>tell him to do the obvious and correct action
>and to stop playing like dogshit
>he calls me toxic
>now somehow *I* am the bad guy
retard player is fucking up the match for the entire team and i tell him to stop fucking it up. HE IS THE BAD GUY. NOT ME.
>buy ticket for a movie
>black people in cinema are making breathing noises
>get kicked out by security
wtf they're the bad guys not me what did I do wrong woooow money stolen
>in ranked game
>ally plays like absolute dogshit.
>fails obvious and no brain actions.
>which are game critical and causing us to lose
>tell him to do the obvious and correct action
This is where you should have stopped OP. If you're going to give advice just give it, don't be a two faced rat about it.
>go to the pet store
>guy is handling kittens in a way I dont
>shove him out of the way and kill the kitten
>police come and arrest me
"Fuck you he was doing it wrong, not me, arrest HIM"
>buy game
>join server
>open chat
>type 6 letters via my keyboard in a distinct sequence
>press enter
>money stolen

File: Duncan.jpg (159 KB, 700x725)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
*ruins your game*
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File: fly fish.gif (2.76 MB, 337x300)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB GIF
>Know a furry a couple years back
>Has legions of characters written
>Diverse cast that mainly cater to his fetish but he seems to genuinely care about making them characters, a lot of them that he mentioned had faults and actual problems
>Wrote a entire lore log about how space works in the world, cosmic bodies and whatnot
>Like seriously he was dedicated to creating a story with his characters despite them being fetish fuel at the end of the day- he'd make sure nothing disrupted canon and would create supporting characters and whatnot
>Ask him if he ever intended to do anything with all this
>"Nah man, who the fuck else would give a shit about this. I'm just bored and always wanted to write."

It's been a few years and I genuinely don't know how I should of responded to this day.
For the same reason I still interact with gays even though there are bug chasers out there.
Not everyone's a horrible person.
Lmao calling someone a brainlet when spouting the “philosophy” of high schoolers. I’m sorry your life is entirely made up of temporary meaningless pleasures and you’re an egotistical faggot who can’t cope with the world not revolving around him

So what game can give me the best Goblin Slayer experience?
Dark Souls and Dragons Dogma are the obvious ones, so what else is there?
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I dunno OP, where does High Elf Archer remind you of?
File: latest[1].jpg (98 KB, 600x710)
98 KB
>So what game can give me the best Goblin Slayer experience?

Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons.
Serious. It's a great game, it really is.
Where can I read this? Or is the show enough?
>Like 2 girls get gobbed in events of the story
>Literal whos
>Slut priest got gobbed over a decade ago
>Daily reminder priestess gets her arm ripped off by a troll.
When the fuck does that happen? She only got a portion of her shoulder bit by a Goblin Champion when they were in the sewers.

File: h42bx9p2urr01[1].jpg (9 KB, 320x170)
9 KB
Hey Peter Gryphon it's me, Sam's Undertale!
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File: 2c4.png (127 KB, 599x422)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
He clearly meant that the characters are animated so stiffly and barely that it's comparable to animatronic movement.
Man autism is a hell of a curse
No he (you) didn't, you stupid fuck
Freaky sweet Lois
>Seth McFarlane does the art
Sand <3

File: 1540228931234m.jpg (68 KB, 1024x878)
68 KB
What are genuine thinking man's game ?
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Anything by Zachtronics.
But it's not endless
File: ck2.jpg (329 KB, 1200x1679)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Any paradox GSG goes, but this one is the best IMO
I really enjoyed The Neverood as a kid.

File: letitdie.jpg (1023 KB, 1920x1080)
1023 KB
1023 KB JPG
Let it Die is a good game and you should play it.
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another fight starting soon
How do I farm kill coins? I'm on f16
how so?
But most people above 7k kc kick my ass

File: FFFXIV Final Omega.png (499 KB, 623x569)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
You did cleared my fight, right?
You are not some kind of a dirty casul, right anon?
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don't like raiders 2bh. they just think they're so good
don't like casuals 2bh. they just usually suck so bad
I try my best
nice buzzword
Actually based

File: 117916.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1079)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
>skyrim came out 7 years ago
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vanilla oblivion is pretty ass though
you know for all the mods to unfuck this and that and the other thing, why hasn't skyrim gotten a fuckoffhuge overhaul like oblivion has coming out the wazoo
Long ago, Valve and Bethesda teamed up to do paid mods. When you bought a mod, The money was split something like 40% to Todd, 40% to Gabe and 20% to the creator.

Paid mods is purely a mechanism for Bethesda to make money doing nothing. They would take all the money if they could get away with it. You are better off donating money to a content creator directly than using the creation shop or whatever the fuck Todd called it.

You are not helping content creators by using a service like this.
It has some strange enduring charm I can't shake from it. I am currently playing with OOO and Open cities along with a laundry list of stabilization and bug fixes.

I think Open cities has rearranged most of the cities, they feel different this time around.
3 days of being able to post on 4chan.
bethesda will literally break their game so modders mod it and best-case for them is to get a cut of what that modder sells his mod for.

the game, the company, and anyone modding for them are already fucking dead, paying money for anything they make let alone paying for fucking modding is just pure cancer. I honestly hope anyone stupid enough to support this dies.

File: DqI2WmXX0AAaIH1.jpg large.jpg (205 KB, 1500x1323)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
>Pedophile teacher gets away with it because she's a woman

Great message you're sending kids Atlus
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File: Smugshot.jpg (70 KB, 586x494)
70 KB
This desu
P5fags are literally unironically pedophilia supporters

What a surprise
I'm 25 and married and still love this shit.
Also isn't Kawakami 25? Remember, this is Japan's definition of "Over the hill," they act like you're unfuckably old and infertile after 16
>teacher I had in high school always wore tight jeans
>notice ankle bracelet tattoo
>one time she bent over slightly to help a student in front of me and I caught glimpse of a tramp stamp
She was natoriously sadistic too. Very Strict and often wasn’t afraid to tell you she didn’t care if you came to her with trouble.
I bet she had pierced nipples too.

File: 1525845230494.png (657 KB, 800x1216)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
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>/pol/ circle jerking isn't off topic
It's just become a different off topic discussion to another and it will probably change in a few years to something random like sports
Nyugga, "liberals" have been in control of all law, media and education since the 60s. What losing?
Now there is a 100 thousand man strong army marching on America, and they will be all let in and be allowed to freely vote, rob and rape

But this doesn't belong on /v/
Should have just called EBA or Ouendan.
>and they will be all let in and be allowed to freely vote, rob and rape

If they are allowed in you will see things change much much faster than ever before. Because that will be the clearest signal of our times that the """""law""""" means absolutely nothing.
The /r9kpol/ circlejerk is the pushback, what pushed /v/ over the edge was banning '/v/ culture' shit like complaining about our shitty lives that compelled us to not just play 100 hour RPGs but to replay them multiple times and collect 99 of every item just so we could have a cool screenshot to show off to some other loser on the internet.

File: 1539744243529m.jpg (104 KB, 1024x1010)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
haha so true

gamer memes thread?
376 replies and 104 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, /fit/ did make a couple of trap-mode diet and excercise sheets.
File: 1507469136356.jpg (143 KB, 748x746)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
You tell em champ
File: 1527390097648.png (152 KB, 1004x574)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
File: 1499705838254.jpg (113 KB, 1920x1080)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
File: 1537522910566.png (232 KB, 429x639)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
Not same, but it isn't that hard to manipulate people and their tastes if you have enough people and a good plan.
Just look at Day-1 DLC and season passes on games and how /v/ is okay with them these days. Same was with lootboxes and is still with micro-transactions.

File: 5b2d06a95bafe3b3e236f834.jpg (141 KB, 1080x1080)
141 KB
141 KB JPG

Holy shit this is going to be a No Man's Lie tier shitstorm.
File: 1470466785353.png (525 KB, 761x720)
525 KB
525 KB PNG
>It's real
File: Fallout76_BGS_full-size.jpg (717 KB, 1383x1584)
717 KB
717 KB JPG
>im a huge faggot that cant post a single image
Fuck you

File: DjkvISRU4AAeqL3.jpg (991 KB, 2000x2813)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
Who are your favorite vidya Jews?
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File: 1539270528714.jpg (26 KB, 313x313)
26 KB
>jews aren't a race
What is this game's Jewess?
It's not you retard.
You are not a Jew until your mother was Jewish. Even though some more secular Jews will treat you as part of their elite group if just your father was a Jew.
Even though in theory you can be a legit Jew if you fully convert, they will never treat you as one of them. You will forever stay a goy. At this point they care less about religion and more about the whole "master race" thing.
File: _norm.png (805 KB, 1024x1024)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
you posted it
I hate kikes but if i could date a qt Jewess gf i'd do so in a heartbeat.

File: 1537049886558m.jpg (114 KB, 834x1024)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Was Senran Kagura overall a positive addition to the gaming industry?
487 replies and 152 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Being Homura specifically happened by chance I didn't plan it.
It's what you wanted though, even it's subconsciously.
Nope, the game not even show his henshin. If its really him, then I wanna see his what kind of weapon he uses.
I do too
File: 4960823738.jpg (188 KB, 1280x720)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
crimson / nu hebijo > hanzo > shit > gessen
File: 1539978133763.jpg (48 KB, 561x616)
48 KB
He even doesn't have the signature gray hair. My guess is Hanzo in a form of young man, just like Jasmine to Grandma Sayuri

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