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File: 1400987322990.jpg (2.84 MB, 3842x2920)
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2.84 MB JPG
If you live in the US, this chart is your best place to start looking. International posters outside the US may have region specific options not shown here!
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Need a VIN checked? Search the catalog (https://boards.4chan.org/o/catalog) for an existing VIN check thread before making your own.

File: 1998-Toyota-Corolla.jpg (117 KB, 1140x500)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
How the fuck do I sell a car if I know jack shit about them?

My friend left his Toyota Corolla 1998 on the front yard and I just want to get rid of it at a fair price. I looked at a couple search engines and it's saying that it's valued at ~700-1000AUD. I have no idea if that's good or not. It hasn't been driven in two years, the battery is charged but never put back in again and it's unregsitered.

It was in fine working condition before he stopped using it.

How much could I realistically expect for it.
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in NZ these often go for 2-3k even with high mileage
you need to find the right buyer though, would advise against using fb groups because they're full of scumbags lowballing the shit out of dodgy indians
im from nz tho, it might be different over there and i wouldn't have a clue what they're worth in dollarydoos
OP here.

Should I try to put the battery in myself and turn the car on to see if it works, and then vaccuum and and wash to sell it at a higher price? I can't test drive because it's out of rego.
yes do that
Think about it from the perspective of a buyer.

Would you buy a dodgy Corolla that's not registered and has sat for an undetermined amount of time and may have major issues?

File: hvac.png (2.37 MB, 1280x1919)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
and why?
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top is nice if you're sitting in slow bumper to bumper traffic
bottom is best when actually driving
File: 1 (2).jpg (8 KB, 160x160)
8 KB
>wasting 15% of your dashboard on a cd player
who the fuck uses them nowadays?
use the bluetooth connection of your car or the usb slot
Top has no reason to fumble, set and forget.
Only the shit tier bottom needs constant fumbling to maintain environment.

I especially like the Audi Climatronic interface, it's pretty barebones and simple, just the temp, fan speed and direction.

Altough I just set it to 23.5c and auto every time
Top is better because you can just set the temp and forget about it.

>ruin nissan
>be arrested
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File: SCUMisNissan.jpg (6 KB, 234x215)
6 KB
A little late there
he deserves to be taken to the Hague over this crime against humanity.
File: 1529694043987.jpg (179 KB, 1010x1390)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
>look mom I posted it again
the fuck is that orange peel textured paint

File: download (3).jpg (7 KB, 244x207)
7 KB
What's the verdict on this company
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Go to a different dealership, mine said all that they required was receipts for the oil changes even if I did them myself, but I am in the dealership often anyway with my 300zx that they said as long as the oil would pass for oem or better quality they would warranty any drivetrain issues.
Any recommendations on a gasket/csc replacement?
Oh he is now
its a meme, you dip

File: Dacia-logo-history.jpg (85 KB, 600x220)
85 KB
What are your thoughts on this brand?
its like going back to the 2000's while still buying new
>no unnecessary tech
>no fake exhausts
>no fake air intakes
Fucking yikes would rather get vw up than one of this poorfag shitboxes
nothing wrong with driving a poorfag car
insecure much?
Great cars! As a Romanian I've driven a few, they are simply "a car", nothing too special, reliable, good mpg and easy to drive.

While these cars are fast around a motorsports circuit, how fast would they be down a twisty narrow road, where the weight and size become more of an issue? I don't think it'd inspire much confidence
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File: rare usa tooj map.jpg (133 KB, 800x474)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>I have never lived in or near any mountain ranges: the post
>america doesn't have any twisty roads
maybe in the shithole state you live in
I didn't ask for a speech about the american dream /int/nigger. This car is sold in europe and there are plenty of mountain roads in north america, the question is valid.
jesus crist you deluded little fag
>how fast would they be down a twisty narrow road,
>where the weight and size become more of an issue?
Only if the road is made of shit
>I don't think it'd inspire much confidence
Front suspension is basically the same as an M3/4
Rear suspension is based on the M5
If you feel comfortable driving a 3 or 4 series on a given road then the Mustang will also feel just as fine.

File: Camry new.jpg (34 KB, 600x400)
34 KB
Modern cars are bloated monstrosities
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just buy a Dacia bro))
its the no-bullshit car you always wanted
>This is the actual price of a NEW Dacia, not 2nd hand or anything like that
this poster is correct

this poster drinks soi
>unironically believing the söy meme
thanks for letting everybody know you're mentally retarded

>Thinking its seperation from scientific reality invalidates its solidly established, self sustaining, "cultural slur" meme status

Such onions anon.

Is the DB9 the best looking car ever?
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>find a flaw
That it was never produced and you can't buy one?
my man
File: 1541028671142.jpg (51 KB, 615x462)
51 KB
I think about this image a lot

>C5 Corvettes

Not even once.
File: SPK3604_1.jpg (31 KB, 500x500)
31 KB
All they had to do was just sell the car like this

Welcome to /ovg/, the automobile video game general thread.
Where the cars are fake but the autism is real.

Previous Thread >>>>20008087


>IP: mumble.get-good.net
>Port: 64738


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I bet like 5 people play lobbies.
More like thousands.
You're not a special snowflake feeling like most of the game goes underused in Sport mode, the vast majority of players do. And despite what Kaz may want you to think, the core GT fanbase that enjoyed doing things like Nords 1 lap races or drift sessions didn't just disappear to play Forza, they're still in there enjoying themselves almost like previously. People who like to play with their car's setup are also in lobby mode because Sport mode is fixed setups. People hosting leagues use lobby mode. People who enjoy street cars are in lobbies. Sport mode racers looking to drive around for a bit without having to worry about good boi and bad boi points are in lobbies.
>gt shills are making me want to buy gt sport
>no ps4
>no ps4-compatible wheel
>doing my best to save some money for engine overhaul and rust work after this winter
>used ps4 with some g29 would probably take entire month of my work or so
please stop having fun, i'm poor
GT Sport is good but not worth an entire PS4 for. If you have a good PC, keep your money.
if you already have a wheel get a drivehub it's under 100 euros and frees you from platform specific shit
the game itself is regularly on sale, it is right now on the EU PSN for 25 euros (and I know it's been as low as 15 on the PSN in the past) not to mention maybe cheap used copies
used ps4 are still fairly expensive tho

File: brembo max.jpg (65 KB, 750x562)
65 KB
everyone says that my car has uprated brakes for the speeds it can achieve but i still feel like they are lacking.
how bad of an idea is it to upgrade to pic related, with better pads, lines and fluid?
206 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
I forgot to mention, I also tried jumping the car. It kept doing the same thing. If it truly is the battery, one of the solenoids in it must be shot, right?
If your dash is freaking out like that every time you turn the key to START, there is either a bad connection in your ignition switch(or other component) or the battery is so fucked it just drops to below any usable voltage and the power drops out.
If your key tumbler is a bit sloppy, see if placing force on the key forward, backward, up, or down while turned to START affects how the dash reacts.
If it does then your ignition switch is probably worn out and needs replacing.
Pull the battery, have it checked for holding a charge and have it properly load tested.
>ignition switch is probably worn out and needs replacing.
This would be a plastic piece at the end of the key tumbler, no need to replace the keyed part, its a plastic electrical switch, probably $45.
File: image-e1473949222644.jpg (45 KB, 665x522)
45 KB
Is it possible to easily "soften" the suspension of a car? my town has some shitty roads and i can feel every bump
also why do you guys give this thread such a long name? wouldnt /sqt/ be a better name like in /g/ ? or is it for le funny long name
>Is it possible to easily "soften" the suspension of a car? my town has some shitty roads and i can feel every bump
Yes you can. Some vehicles are 'over sprung' from the factory.
> also why do you guys give this thread such a long name? wouldnt /sqt/ be a better name like in /g/ ? or is it for le funny long name
Because reasons.

File: dri07_d.jpg (2.8 MB, 2520x1680)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
Aight /o/. Legitimate question. Thoughts on Self Driving Cars?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Self driving buses would make more sense to focus on first.
As much as I love drivers cars I would totally put money down on a driverless rv / large custom van.
After you’ve commuted for a while you’ll notice trends on the highways.

-people won’t maintain a constant following distance for fear of others “getting ahead of them” the following distances are usually less than a car length
-resistance to merging early into available space in favour of squeezing in a few cars ahead
-inability to reach highway cruising speed in the on ramp acceleration lane

I hope that that some traffic can be alleviated by a machinen learning algorithm, and then implemented by the self driving vehicles so we can get places faster during rush hour. People will cause traffic jams no matter what, they aren’t accurate creatures.


If I could sleep on my way home from work and be more rested when I’m with my family I’d take that option. How much is a chauffeur? Probably more than mostly anyone can afford. How much is self driving? Probably a lot cheaper. About a 10 grand upgrade to your car if Tesla comes through. 10k is peanuts of you get your own chauffeur.

I would like to see self driving used in problem traffic areas, at peak volume times.
Good for normies who always use their phones and other distractions while driving.
theres an old anime literally about self-driving cars and electric cars, its pretty prophetic desu
>combustion vehicles are completelly phased out
>people just click a few options on a LED screen and a self driving car appears to take them wherever they want
>they wonder "whats that wierd noise" when they hear a combustion car

>buying American cars in Europe
97 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
Transfer case likes to shit the bed, but you do get the glorious vortec I6
Not for long
Because Rams are fucking cool. Every mopar is cool.
Still too complex for you. Do you die if you see a Torx?

Oil filters come off by hand, but I guess if your fat arm is three lanes wide and you can barely support your own weight, you probably don't have the dexterity or strength to remove an oil filter without special tools.
dodge rams are the official manlet and doucebag car. big pickups are ok i guess, but esp those ones.

File: 2018-11-11 15.51.59.jpg (3.23 MB, 2984x1675)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB JPG
/CCG/-Classic Car General

The Ranchero will run eventually edition.
Brevious Bread: >>19979688

>Cars are considered "classic" at 25 years old, but a vehicle really needs that certain something to be classic.
>Everybody has their own taste, but some tastes are wrong. If you aren't sure if your car is classic or not, it's not.
>American, European, Japanese, or whatever.
>HOWEVER, your Honda Miata doesn't count as a classic yet. 80s+ Hondas are better suited for their own generals as well. Everything else is fair game.
>Post your classic, your work on it, your hackery, and get advice.
>Any and all discussion about classics welcome, but may not necessarily generate responses; don't get butthurt.
>Period correct performance > cosmetics.
>Metal > plastic.
>Classic shitbox > modern shitbox.
>It's required to use RTV. Ignore the haters.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
226 replies and 54 images omitted. Click here to view.
I would not recommend it man unless its been 100 percent restored there will always be little things to do probably monthly. And that's not even counting shit like my intake manifold gasket committing sudoku
Best year, you did good anon
So there's this 64 mustang rusting in the back of my place, wat do?
If you have the money to buy a fully restored classic then yeah you can dd one no problem. Have a spare set of belts and change the fluids regularly and have a good mechanic that works on classics
Considering a nice 64 is pretty cheap, you can sell that one for parts. It's probably not worth restoring depending on what you mean by rusting

File: IMG_20181117_32087.jpg (2.91 MB, 4032x3016)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
>lent a 7/10 qt3.14 my suv
>she brought it back with this ouchie

it was already a beater so no biggie but kek, wimmin suck shit at backing into a parking spot
If you dont get a blowjob out of this you're literally a faggot
Looks horrible, you should hit her rough from behind, too
File: 500x500.jpg (16 KB, 500x500)
16 KB
>letting your gf or some roasty use anything of yours that costs more than a few bucks to replace

women have demonstrably inferior spacial relation. Why did you let her drive it at all without absolute guarantee of sexual favors?
what the fuck
that's more than just an ouchie, that like nigga gimme fucking surgery

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