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>BJ And The Bear Edition

Trevious Treat: >>18773417 → → →

>44 tonnes of week-old Loves roller dogs
>34 super singles stuck in a Tyson drop yard in Noel, MO
>Sign that lease and I'll cut the zip ties on your trailer tails while you're in the fuel island
>CDL How Get? Private driving school if you can afford it, the training megacompanies if not
>Swift: Best In Taking 45 Minutes To Straight Line Back Into A Truck Stop In The Daytime

/tfg/ Discord:https://discord.gg/ejeVX36- (For Outlaws only)

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I forgot how bad I-81 is in PA. I passed a pothole that is literally a mile long running down the middle between both lanes.
posting from /out homeless general
how should I most unobtrusively ask a trucker for one of their unused showers? I'm down to buy them a tall can or trade something

I'm at the skatepark listening to "big tires" country/rap song
Yeah, a lil tiny rack is stopping those beams
>Back in the day
Says the neckbeard who hasn't even been a trucker for more than ten years.
File: qx4bx7yx8oh01.jpg (41 KB, 720x385)
41 KB
Just suck that dick, hit up the guy with the public transport paraphernalia in his truck, that dudes into homo shit for sure.

hey, just a quick question. Why do people change their steering wheels in their project cars? Thanks.
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Aftermarket steering wheels feel nice. I have one in my C5 because the OEM steering wheel was fucking awful and I have harnesses so I don't need a seatbelt. The S2K steering wheel is nice though (I owned one) and I never changed it.

It sounds weird but a quality aftermarket steering wheel provides much better feedback and control. The OEM/Stock ones are too soft, too padded, and not rigid enough because they are typically made to be cheap. Good for normies, bad for doing hektic skidz and touging and all that shit.

As someone mentioned they make getting in and out of a race car much easier. If you are in a proper driving position the steering wheel is much closer to your body so you can "push" it to turn it, rather than pull it like normies do.
dont't buy DND/ NRG / GRIP ROYAL steering wheels.

They are terrible chinese garbage.
To make it legal for stock car racing classes.
Also in my case a smaller diameter meant I could actually steer and not ask both my knees and my hands to occupy the same space while being observed.
because an aftermarket steering wheel and quick offer 0.5% more protection to keep my car from getting nigged

File: 110648.jpg (33 KB, 570x382)
33 KB
Post your driving shoes
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Never understood how these elf-slippers ever got popular. They are the ugliest thing to ever manifest as a shoe. It looks like someone put superglue on the bottom of their half-on socks and jumped onto a styrofoam board.
File: fuming.png (238 KB, 420x420)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
>white socks
>parachute jeans
Stop it.
They also make everyone around you aware of how much of a bellend you are.
Stop dragging your feet and your shoes will last basically forever, you autist.
File: 8G1PHN-HERO.jpg (52 KB, 583x583)
52 KB
>not having flames on your shoes

Thoughts on the Kia Stinger?
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What's my choice based on the price point?

People be like
>hurr I don't want no kia when I can buy S class

Why would people consider kia if they could afford an S-class in the first place
Seems like it could be a decent used buy a few years down the road when it gets slammed with that typical korean depreciation.
The genesis sedan might be worth looking at if it's built better and comes with a manual at the same price as the base v6 stinger.
File: ahhh.webm (210 KB, 1280x720)
210 KB
oweee it stung me
>What's my choice based on the price point?

Base GT is with the C300, 430iGC, A5 Sportback, TLX V6 AWD, IS300, Charger Scat Pack/Daytona, Regal GS AWD, ATS, and Focus RS

Loaded GT2 is S5, C43, 440iGC, IS/GS350 F Sport, and CTS

The base non-GT is basically playing with fully loaded Camrys and Civic Type-Rs.
LS/T56 swap when.

File: yamaha-vmax-wallpaper-3.jpg (250 KB, 1920x1080)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
>Vmaxes in front of your air-cooled Vtwin cruiser
>Nothing personal kid.

>Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand *Pragmatism
>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle Dating Advice
>Motorcycle Chicken Strip Support Group


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File: KTM-450-3_Original.jpg (87 KB, 1080x720)
87 KB
If you rode dirt you wouldn't ruin your dirt bike by putting road tyres on it.
what a waste of a bike, you would have to change everything about it to make it suited for road riding.
pic related, the only acceptable dirt bike to road conversion.
Its like either you get your ass fucked by niggers and be gay, becasue you cant enjoy being fucked by niggers and be straight.
This cuck stoped doing harleys?
>Roland sands
File: kawa_gp.jpg (99 KB, 700x500)
99 KB
Nice counter

Oregon Mt. Hood Fag here

Remember how I said I might switch my eclipse for something a little more sporty just to spite my friend with the c3? There’s this First gen Dodge Stealth near me for around 3k, it’s the R/T trim so it has around the same horse power as a GT eclipse, is there something I should know before trying to buy it/Anything to look out for? (Owner is selling because “he’s too old to drive it”)

File: image.jpg (98 KB, 450x275)
98 KB
> > I have been heavily considering this car knowing that it’s a good Miata alternative
Is it worth the buy as a cheap fun sports car
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I was considering getting one at well, the problem is im 6'4" and worried that I won't fit comfortably in there. Any tall anons care to weigh in?
yes, very much so.
Only get it if you understand that its a light car and keep the car light not load it up with your nigger wheels and nigger subwoofers.
The car drives on rails after some coilovers, light wheels and tyres, outbreaks a mclaren f fucking 1, so really power is the least of your worries.
Only real problems that stop it from being a 10/10 is
>1zz issues making pre 2003 cars worthless
>stock seat being a fucking park bench in a well handling car
>steering wheel being 20x as big as neccesary
>no front tower bar brace from factory
so basically avoid pre facelift, facelift is pretty goat.
>Tears everything but op awd cars on ice track apart
>can get a rookie a podium on his first race
>quite comfy and spacious interior
>sounds good right next to your ear with tte exaust
>only few cars will outhandle and outbreak you and at one point you will realize mrs being slow in a straight line is a giant meme

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 36096956901_c0a069cb4f_k.jpg (591 KB, 2048x1365)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
postin in an cute tougemon thread
oh and I forgot
>rear end without duck tail creates lift so hope you enjoy panic above 170kph

Also you REALLY want the rear fucking diaper, it is extremely important aerodynamically as it stops air ending up in the rear bumper and causing insane amounts of drag.

Why is Sweden the only nordic country that produces cars? Is it maybe due to Swedes literally being the automotive master race of the north?
File: DSC_4369.jpg (114 KB, 1024x680)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
They make watches to so they must like to make things and good with their hands

File: 1521776777439.png (249 KB, 384x406)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
>FWD 1.6L Naturally Aspirated SOHC 4-speed automatic

Name a more boring combination
anything V6
probably DOHC because there are more of them, therefore making them less interesting. Also CVT
A well programmed CVT feels like you're always in the right gear. Not that bad imo
I mean the kind that simulates gears

File: 154687687131.jpg (52 KB, 448x500)
52 KB
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Removing weight from the back of most cars will make them faster on the highway, but they'll handle worse and be more prone to understeer. You need to stiffen the rear to compensate for losing weight there, and generally just anyway.

Adding weight to the boot will actually make many cars handle much better.
If it's a belt driven AC then it will help greatly, not to mention the weight reduction, noise reduction, more working room and airflow space under the hood and around the engine.

Better airflow to the radiator too, I removed my condenser and AC components from my truck and it runs cooler than ever before, the temp guage actually drops while I'm driving slowly, never did that prior to AC delete
/fit/ is proof that it's not.
How do you make the cats eyes so sad and teary looking? I really like it.
advance the timing like 2 degrees
it's a popular thing to do in miatas
you might need 89 octane instead of 87 in the summer though. I've ran into some detonation in 87. Nothing terrible though

>Be Australian
>Have to pay sixty thousand dollarydoos for a 90s jap sports car
166 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
literally this

skylines are poser cars that never even see the track anymore because they are too collectable
If you're in Australia and you want a drift car just buy a Falcon or Commodore ute. No need to get an overrated Jap car
Commodore have been pigfat for years, last Commodore that I wouldn't consider pigfat would probably be VS
i say this time and time again but nobody listens because its me whos saying it.

Preaching to the choir mate
VT-VX isnt that heavy, its the falcon B series and up thats heavy as fuck
Fuel is way more expensive in NZ though, I was there in January and it was at 2.15 for unleaded at every fuel station

I want to give my car a good detail. I changed the cabin air filter (which was actually missing) and there were LEAVES in there. Also behind the tail lights it was dusty af, and some rust starting to happen along the rubber boot strip which keeps out water.

What other parts of a car secretly fill with dust and shit over time?

I want to remove those parts to get access to clean and rust protect where applicable.

File: Drives in Electric.png (784 KB, 1163x593)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
Why aren't you driving a Tesla, Anon?
178 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because I can build something way cooler for a fraction of the price
>and make it a manual transmission
it must be nice to have an income sufficient to own one...
Wannabe Silicon Valley “entrepreneur” who lives off of playing around with his parents’ money
Why are Tesla drivers drive like they own carolla? Autodrive?
Range anxiety.

File: hqdefault.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
Why do no auto manufacturers make a small 4x4 anymore? I wish I could buy something like the first generation rav4's or the Suzuki Jimni? Why are all the 4x4s crossovers or large trucks? Is there any similar option in the US?
45 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
2013-14 are the best year of RAV4. It's got the new AWD system with the larger wheelbase yet it's right before they cucked it into a complete soccermom car. With the right tires those things have some potential. Strong oil pan on them too, mine has a shit ton of dings but nothing has put any real damage on it. I should probably get a skid plate or lift kit...
the Panda 4x4 still exists
Patrician taste
I was thinking of buying an early 90s 2door Vitara recently

File: 1510096227502.jpg (93 KB, 645x882)
93 KB
is this any good for a "first time owner" car? or is it too much for what it is?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Hey op heres something you might like.
Y'know op if you ever felt like making your way out west B-Pro in Calgary has some cheap imports.
File: BV9oPQL.jpg (163 KB, 1500x844)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
(former) 4G Eclipse GT owner here

The 4G69 in the GS is a good, reliable engine. It's speed is laughable, though; 163hp but the car weighs upwards of 3800lbs. Turning radius is a joke. Open dif so forget about ever being able to launch properly. The GT is surprisingly quick for what it is but transverse V6s are a pain to work on.

Like everyone else is saying, that price is WAY too high. The face lifted 09+ models don't have anything mechanically different from the 06-08. Just a body kit.

197k km is 122k~ miles
Holy shit why does Saskatchewan car markets suck. Move to Alberta

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