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File: $_86.jpg (68 KB, 726x545)
68 KB
I've been looking around for a daily with more comfort than my shitbox civic. I've stumbled upon this 1994 316i E36 for 900€ which just new MOT, leather seats, power windows, manual etc all that good stuff. The only downfall is that the car ran 365.000km BUT it's the second owner which she (yes it's a woman) got it for 10 years (first owner got the car 14 years)

Now, my intentions aren't "drifting bro" or going fast anything like that, i just want to cruise in a good looking bimmer as daily without much headache.

Anyone know how reliable these cars are? i've never had a german car especially a BMW before. What do i need to expect? she said the car has a bit rust and a bit wear but i wouldn't mind that for a car from 1994. I see the car has a m43b16 engine but i don't know anything of how reliable they are.
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m43 is reliable once cooling system is taken care of. but its a gutless sohc 1.6L
It's slow as shit, not any cheaper to maintain than the 6 cyl models, but you get all of the problems and unreliability of an E46 (cooling system, subframe, various sensors...). If you want an E46, get a 6 cylinder, otherwise there's no point. Or maybe it would make sense to drive it into the ground, and then part it out when something big breaks.
>buying the small engine
Honda parts are very expensive here in Yurop for some reason.

I wouldn't bother with a 316i unless it's stock, has been maintained and is cheap. I seem to remember that the 4-cylinder engines are pretty bad, but maybe that was the M40.

I bought a E36 325i with 360000 kilometers on the clock. Pulled the head because it was fucked due to overheating, and found out that the cylinders need to be bored to an oversize because they were very worn. The oil rings didn't function properly anymore and as such the pistons were coated with oily carbon deposits. I suppose the car was neglected though, with regular oil change intervals and synthetic oil it would probably have been fine, but these cars are over 20 years old and have done lots of kilometers.
He's talking about the E36. But you have a point, because the E36 has a rear subframe issue as well. It probably won't cause issues unless the car has been abused or driven hard, particularly when talking about a slow, gutless model like a 316i.

File: 1521776777439.png (249 KB, 384x406)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
>FWD 1.6L Naturally Aspirated SOHC 4-speed automatic

Name a more boring combination
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File: BeingThisBeta.png (310 KB, 500x500)
310 KB
310 KB PNG

>2.7L "veesix" in a Truck
>truck made of beercans
>Make sure to add the optional* bedliners, the standard bed is weak and permeable
6 speed sequential dogbox MR rotary making 600 horsepower and weighing 1500 lbs
Never post that sentence again please....
It makes my bones shiver
Low-power electric car with full fly-by-wire controls and autonomous driving mode
My mum has a Daewoo Matiz and it makes 49hp out of a 799cc inline-3

File: 1502128615665.jpg (76 KB, 720x720)
76 KB
what would you rather drive

FWD with a stick
RWD with a slushbox
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FWD with a stick

Automatic just has the power to suck the fun out of almost anything
i've driven 4 different E38s and 3 different fwd manuals, i'll take the RWD with slushbox pls thx
>paddles on a slushbox
You realize it's not going to shift any faster that way

Who said anything about faster shifts, I just want to be able to select the gear I'm in with regards to the RPM which most paddled slushboxes let me do...
I drive a FWD manual shitbox. That said, I'd rather drive RWD with a slushbox.

How are touch screens in $30,000 cars so much worse than $30 Kindle Fires?
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infotainment systems were a mistake
This is the right path. The problem is that auto company don't update their software and never will. They arein the business of selling cars and overcharging you when it breaks not software.
These are the correct reasons.

This isn't.
My parents' volvo v50 already has it. The goal of this is that you have to buy a new car more often. Yes I know you would probably buy an older car instead, but most people who buy new (boomers) don't.
They're also measurably more expensive than the shitty cheapo SoCs that result in a bad experience.

File: 1520450808908.jpg (135 KB, 1280x720)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
New MCM is out

The 240Z arrives in Australia but AH WHOOPS NO ENGINE LOL

Honestly take everything they say with a grain of salt, they bullshit a lot of stuff.

They knew damn well that little bike they imported would be in 2 halves, if it was whole it would be considered a vehicle and they'd have a bunch of paperwork and taxes and shit to pay on it, customs inspections, etc but as it was shipped it was legally 2 lots of parts, and since it couldn't be imported for road use anyway, it makes way more sense to do it this way.

The 350Z was bullshit, they staged the whole thing, the car was still registered, the plate can be seen on it on the dyno scene (which I checked and it matches the car). And the spider was staged aswell.

So are they telling the truth about the asbestos shit this time? Since the car is over 30 years old, getting import approval is easy, and the taxes are quite low, so it wouldn't make sense for them to ship it as parts, and then possibly VIN swap it later. And why the fuck wouldn't they just disassemble the original engine, remove any possible asbestos in Japan and ship it over separately then put it back in? This all seems fishy.
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Okay thanks a lot.
I'm a brainlet, what was the joke about the light?
i think they're fun and sometimes their puns are really good.
Their projects are comfy, films interesting but the testing and "muh made 350z just changed headers its now nfs car" shit was pretty sad.
rb and 240 belong together
That's a 30k head.

File: LUL.png (20 KB, 750x151)
20 KB
They called the Corvette ZR1 a muscle car :3c How does it feel to be so bad at making cars Amerifats?
>Always a pleasure working with Sabine Schmitz. Especially when we get to blast around in a Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE - a car so extreme it's banned in Europe.
Are you stupid?
:( yeah

Is a hard shift in a manual always a sign of a fucked trans? Theoretically, if my car were to have a hard shift, would driving it make it even more fucked?
Fuck I'm retarded, an automatic not a manual
need more info.

My 4L80E kicks like a mule between 1-2 when you're driving hard.

ITT we post mint condition shitboxes. The fresher the better.
Pic related is leaving the factory in Torino some 25-30 years ago
even when new it's a total shitbox
File: 7302930782_602c210a57_k.jpg (900 KB, 2048x1536)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
Look up KGF Classic Cars on Flickr. They're a dealership that only sells near pristine cars.

>tfw you are in your Work Truck™ taking your wife's 2 kids and their cousins visiting from Detroit on your dime to chuckee cheeses and this happens https://youtu.be/2hckF99MRKY
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>Ford said it had not identified any crashes or injuries connected to the defect.
rly maeks u think
page11 save
File: toy.png (641 KB, 873x757)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
Better buy a Toyota
>a set of gears that could leak oil
Wow, a pinion seal that "may" leak could cause you to lose control. Because leaking pinion seals over time are a rarity.
File: 1472052357875.jpg (177 KB, 1024x768)
177 KB
177 KB JPG

Thoughts on Brabus?
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File: koenig 560.jpg (78 KB, 736x552)
78 KB
Is it fair to say that Man, sorry is neo-Koenig?
People who buy g classes don’t go offroading, they’re trophy wives or arabs with a complex
yeah i fully understand that. im all for function and hate le ebin small benis jokes but that thing is far from ballsy adveaturers vechile who wrestles aligators in swamp because boredom.
i respect old 6x6 g classes but they are either knocked out milsurps or collector items now...
since this is small benis mobile thread, is there any way to obtain ,,real'' g class with low mileage in eu? or i should start fapping to sick cunt toyotas

File: 34548446_OV.jpg (77 KB, 830x467)
77 KB
Got a 2011 Hyundai GLS, manual with 147k miles.
Is it worth dumping 5.5k on? I need a new commuter car cause mine just shit the bed.
I'd try to figure out why it's so cheap. Cause it shouldn't be that cheap.
It's cheap because it's an 7 year old Hyundai economy car with 147,000 miles on it.

That's a decent price I guess but why bother with a Hyundai out of warranty. A new Elantra with leather can be had for $14,000, a base CPO around, $10,000.

You can get a nissan versa with less miles for half that price...
What's wrong with your current car?

File: miata.png (434 KB, 655x756)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
I was gonna get an NA but this is only a little more than a clean NA so I figured I might as well check it out, would $4,000 be a fair offer?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Spec Miata keeps them priced high. Possibly a bit of stancefag tax too.
lol no one here has ever negotiated a deal before, offer 4.5k settle at 4.7k
also a good negotiating tactic is to a pay little more in this case 4.7k but then ask if on the bill of sale he can say that it was a gift, which would remove any sales tax you would pay on the vehicle which in turn would save 329$ which is more than the extra 200 you would be spending to obtain the car.
they clearly aren't OP and the seller are both fucking idiots. Here's how much they usually go for. >>18852235

Spec Miata has nothing to do with the price of a 10thAE NB miata you dumb ass.
File: AntiSemiticCartoon.gif (45 KB, 411x480)
45 KB

Why aren't you driving a Karlmann King (the king of automobiles) /o/?
Are you poor?
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
that's just render
the real thing looks like jersey shore limousine
File: AR_0403_Karlmann_King-1.jpg (172 KB, 1136x757)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
It looks like someone kidnapped Donald Trump's interior designer, force-fed him LSD, and made him listen to Deadmau5 for 48 hours straight.
File: cux u.jpg (14 KB, 366x173)
14 KB
>Virgin Karlmann King
>Max Speed 140 km/h

>Chad Renault Twingo
>Max Speed 168 km/h
File: me in 5 years.png (221 KB, 1297x759)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Because I already upgraded my graphics card, and my draw distance is increased.

Get this low-poly QX80 LOD model out of here.

Oregon Mt. Hood Fag here

Remember how I said I might switch my eclipse for something a little more sporty just to spite my friend with the c3? There’s this First gen Dodge Stealth near me for around 3k, it’s the R/T trim so it has around the same horse power as a GT eclipse, is there something I should know before trying to buy it/Anything to look out for? (Owner is selling because “he’s too old to drive it”)
Use Google you faggot hipster
Stealths had notorious issues with the ECU

thats all I know though
If it isn't the R/T twin turbo then it is dogshit.
If it is the twin turbo it's still shit.

File: gt86.jpg (113 KB, 1200x559)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
i ended up with this car, and i don't like it. what do?
22 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>buy a halfway normiebox trying to be racecar
>care about mpgs
shut fag it gets over 30MPH when you go long distance

Don't be surprised when you get half that stomping it around town. Why else would you even think about getting one?
It is always both. For some reason it keeps getting brought up even though people don't like it here. So either they're being tsundere about this car, or they know that it's easy to pick on and that the people who actually bought it here are easy to bait.
I have a BRZ and I like it
A lot of people here are just mad they can’t afford it. It hasn’t been on the used market long enough
Nobody cares, let this bait thread die

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