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File: image.jpg (109 KB, 480x360)
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File: mini-coupe-3_0.jpg (61 KB, 900x596)
61 KB
Wouldn't get caught dead in one of these or a fiat 500.
File: IMG_7341.jpg (186 KB, 640x480)
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186 KB JPG
nigger detected
Just cause you like shamefully cheap italian garbage that is made in mexico doesnt make anyone who doesnt like that shit a nigger.
File: smart fortwo cabriolet.jpg (543 KB, 1280x782)
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543 KB JPG

File: 1503820573415.jpg (312 KB, 1328x747)
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312 KB JPG
>going 10 under in the passing lane
>slowing down to 15 when turning
>slow drivers in general
>people who don't use a turn signal
>people who are asleep at a green light
>people in general

What grinds your rotary /o/
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Sounds like they panicked and slowed down after accidentally running a sign.
File: 1508114608351.png (825 KB, 1280x720)
825 KB
825 KB PNG
>speeding up at an overtaking lane
>using the whole lane to pass one guy
>slowing for a green light
>passing someone then slowing down
>merging into a lane then speeding up
>indicating 3 streets before your turn
>not pulling into the center median to turn
>not checking mirrors before changing lanes
>driving behind cement mixers in a no passing zone

i hate driving behind anybody in any situation but cement mixers are the worst. they run 35 in a 50 and take 25 seconds to even reach that speed
File: OuttaTheWay1.webm (2.23 MB, 1280x720)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB WEBM
just dodge them
Well then don't hog the left/middle lane and speed match someone else in the other lane going 10 under, forcing everyone else to pass on the right.

Is German car reliability a meme?
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Pretty much all German cars from the 90's - early 00's have at least 300-1.000.000 kilometers here, how is that cherry picking you retard?
Only in America cars with 100-150k miles are considered "high mileage"
How much pizza do you think your average engineer consumes?
That graph is wholly accurate.
Hows that Porsche reliability meme now?
My friend's dad's E90 330xd has over 430k km without problems.
Try W124, shit after that.

File: Saturn-SL.jpg (89 KB, 1200x505)
89 KB
Post underrated/undervalued shitboxes.
I feel bad for smashing one of those. My mom had one in the 90s and early 2000s.
90s-early 00's saturn was absolute GOAT, and so few people know it. Fuck GM for ruining it.
B4 did nothing wrong
Still commuting in my 99 sl1, knocking down 35-40mpg.

No power steering, manual trans, has AC but nonfunctional. 247k and still going, hope to hit 300k.

The autos I’ve driven are rattleboxes though, much worse.
>The autos
The Saturn SL automatic transmission came with a spin-on oil filter. Servicing the trans is a breeze. Can be driven hard like a taxi.

File: bnmft0493.png (275 KB, 457x520)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
>That one car you REALLY like but it has that 1 flaw thats keeping you from getting it.

Whats her name /o/ and what is it?
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Dream car is an E92 M3 Lime Rock Park Edition. Not sold here. Probably can't afford it anyway
Who cares, ride what you want.
But it's too late because you were a self concscious faggot.
I actually love the body style of the RX-8, but the rotary engine sounds like it could be a pain to deal with, and the only place around here that services them is the mazda dealership. The only other way I'd consider one is if I had the tools and knowledge to deal with apex seals at home.
The Hyundai genesis with the fucking watch face in the middle of the center console.
its not hard, sometimes you just dont use them

im autistic as fuck and take a long time to get comfortable enough to fuck a girl. Somehow a real hottie took interest in me and so i would not try to put a condom on and lose my boner in that moment.

She was pregnant after two months. Never nutted inside her once.

Not doing that again tho, she went thru a lot with that abortion. Broke up w her last week anyway

File: 1230bmw.jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
All memes aside...is this the best bmw you can buy? Base 230 has about 250 hp and weights about 3300 pounds. I only say the 230i and not the 240m or m2 because of the added maintenance costs that will undoubtedly be attached to them because of the added performance bits. I think its a thing that base model audis and bmws are cheaper to maintain that the higher end ones....Mercedes is the opposite because their higher end models are more reliable that the base ones. 35k for a 230i for a sporty coupe that isn't a slouch and can corner....what do you guys think?
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Isn't like the X5 their best selling vehicle model? the rest of the line was made just as big probably to accommodate more cabin room, "luxury", and whatever safety features their latest customers depend.
checked where? its impossible to find one in New England or the Midwest that isn't a bucket of rust. Plus bimmers are just are not great dailys imo, you would have to be constantly paranoid about replacing shit and making sure your fluids are in order so you wont have to replace shit.
Why shouldn't they? They have an obligation to make money for the company and everyone associated with it.They got bigger but also more economic than land barges so who gives a shit about that point. If you want an enthusiast car you can get the 2 series but no morons on /o/ just bitch about its "lines" like they know what design ....they bitches don't understand the cars are the 90s are gone for a reason....
Not everyone wants to drive a 6,000 pound tank around town.
That's completely wrong, but I'm interested in what could have ever given you that impression.

That's the cost of comfy

Hi guys,

I'm thinking about the Mazda CX-5, but it doesn't have Apple car play... neither does the Toyota RAV4.

Any ideas for a good compact SUV around 200000 to 250000 SEK? (About 20k to 25k euro).

File: 1488228331729.jpg (258 KB, 1080x717)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
How many miles is too many when buying used?

I'm looking at a 2008 civic with 130k miles for $6k. One owner, and the car fax looks clean (routine maintenance, only one minor accident). Can I expect to get another 70k miles out of it before it becomes a complete rust bucket with persistent structural and engine problems?
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File: 2008 Honda Civic Sedan.jpg (246 KB, 1181x853)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
>2008 civic with 130k miles for $6k.

tfw i got my 2008 civic lx with 160k for $3k.

Its a great car but my only complaint is its shitty rear visibility
Then that’s the entire gamble/risk with going cheaper with used cars. Higher mileage usually means lower price but bigger chance of wear and tear into big item replacement.
damn that car looks like a piece of shit.
Literally took the words out of my mouth
Mini cheaper than anything

File: miata_spec.jpg (397 KB, 2048x1365)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
How do I get into Miata Spec racing? How do I get into racing in general? /general/
>pricetags for miatas ready to race, shit like dis
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Tell me about the electronic doo dad you put in these for data recording. I'm thinking of building a spec car as well
How about checking out a spec miata forum you mong(s)?
Well, go racing and don't eat for the whole weekend. Bam you just turned 1k dollars into 100 dollars
going to have to realize racing is real expensive.

I see some spec miatas selling for as low as 8-10k.
Just go kart racing, it's way cheaper and it's literally the same thing

File: Gran Autismo.jpg (122 KB, 750x537)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>Upcoming meets

Saturday 10/7: Nightc/o/re SD. Meet at Miramar Speed Circuit at 5:00PM.

8123 Miralani Dr
San Diego, CA 92126

Saturday 10/21: Main meet, Rim of the World.

Meet at the parking lot next to the Chevron at high noon.
295 E 40th St
San Bernardino, CA 92404

Saturday, Nov. 4th

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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They don't call him the vape LORD for nothing.
If y'all didn't talk like retarded 9gag kids at meets you might pass for normies.
File: streetlegaltank.jpg (74 KB, 960x640)
74 KB
And why would we want that?
>Confirmed for have never been to any of our public meets
how come autism speaks is man enough to race a better driver on gmr but bimmer is too scared to race a 30 year old corolla that needs a driver mod?

Old thread is about to hit the bump limit.


Yeah, I know it's 2wd, but it's stick.

Good deal?
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https://newyork.craigslist.org/que/cto/d/1995-toyota-celica-gt/6312804906.html Thoughts on potential college commuter car
bulletproof, scotty kilmer's favorite.

if you know how to wrench, you are set for life.
Well, I haven't been on this thread since I bought a Toyota Tercel for $100. (It died after ~5000 miles)

Today I just picked up a $400 1993 Geo Prizm. Mostly to have something to clean up while I wait for my 2003 Hyundai Accent to die.

It looks like the only real problems are cosmetic or just plan stupid. One or 2 junkyard raids should have it in tip top shape.

I would try to preserve the Accent, but it was cheap and I don't know how much effort I want to put in it. Maybe I'll use it to learn to rebuild an engine.
Has 230,353 miles according to Carfax


I don't know guys, are Rodeos/Passports solid SUVs?


File: hiondacb450-1967-4.jpg (341 KB, 1600x1200)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Black Bomber edition.


>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle Dating Advice
>Motorcycle Chicken Strip Support Group

/dbt/ map: Meet & fuck.

Nobike? Start here:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
173 replies and 67 images omitted. Click here to view.
Only one I have of the beamer.
Did you mean this bean

Hey /dbt/ I have a 95 zx6r that has carbs on it I plan on riding it pretty much year round since I live in Houston, any advice on matainence that I should do to keep it running smooth? It's the first bike I've owned but not my first time riding them
File: 1506385190946.jpg (28 KB, 495x496)
28 KB
>getting tires changed
>no baiku for 24hrs
I need to learn to do it myself
File: newtireslads.jpg (1.37 MB, 2448x3264)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
>It took me twenty minutes

lmao faggot

File: hg fam2 v122.jpg (3.76 MB, 7488x4824)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB JPG
Honda General
>one piece edition

Toyota Sister Thread

Honda Chassis Codes

Zee maps

Bump the thread if you see this at page 10.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Not too sure honestly, but I'm sure there's a write up somewhere saying what brakes fit on what cars. My car in particular is 100% compatible with Integra suspension and brakes.
>JDM zipties, imported in bulk (500 count)
File: 20171019_151014.jpg (2.08 MB, 2500x1875)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
I don'y know what crazier, that hood still having a sheen to it or the mako chan parking.
whats crazy is that its in the rust belt

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 275x183)
10 KB
Sup /o/, I had some Michelin PS4S' put on my ISF the other day. I'm pretty sure these were the best in my price range (300-400 a corner). Thoughts?

In the two days I've driven on wet and dry roads and they are fucking amazing.
22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tire fag here

Stay away from Goodyear. They just aren't worth it. Personally if I wanted a cheap all season I would get ohtsu, falken, nexen, or MasterCraft. All of those can be bought for a reasonable price and they all preform good. Your best price to performance ratio is falken and ohtsu
hankook ventus evo2 pro v12 are pretty good, forgiving summer tyres. Reccomend them to people who are getting into sw20.
Forgot to mention kumho. They make decent budget tires as well.
I\ve had bad experiences with kumho on my mr2, caused me to snap oversteer everywhere on track but my friend with same car liked them. But he didn't track back then
>driving an MR2
>blaming snap oversteer on tires

File: 36281512111_3538d7b8be_k.jpg (975 KB, 2048x1365)
975 KB
975 KB JPG
I like the Honda Civic.

Do you?
42 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
it weighs less than a ton.
In my book an sub ton FF that can lose a lot of weight is a lot more fun than some retarded pigfat 20 hp automatic landbarge.
That honda will btfo a bimmer in twisties anyway.
>bumpy road
>car stops moving
funny how merc couldn't even top that honda
File: f287015744.jpg (52 KB, 640x480)
52 KB
Yes I do. That generation civic is my 3rd-favorite FWD car that exists in the US market (Eclipse GS-T and CRX are 1 & 2 respectively).

Pic only mildly related.
I might if it's fanbase weren't a bunch of faggots. The gti is better anyway

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