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Yay or nay? I'm getting bored of my benz and just looking for something more unique.
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this desu don't assume people on this board know anything about cars that have more than 30K bluebook value
This is some top-tier projecting right here.
the only thing im projecting is my own personal experiences being on /o/ considering im in the same boat op claims to be in. im trying to help him.
If this is not a bait thread, in all honesty if you can afford a car like that go for it. There will be problems it will be expensive but you have the money to fix it, or buy a warranty when the manufacture warrant expires. In the end no matter what you do with the car you have to realize its a unique status symbol car more so than a mercedes which i can find in the hundreds in any driveway from poor to upper class areas. If you are afraid of issues go back to driving something familiar to you. I hate this saying but in your case it applies YOLO.
I spec'd out a Porsche Targa 4s today just like pic related and, with a shit ton of options (there is no other way), total came to $150k. I don't know how much they want for the Aston but if it were my cash I'd throw it at this, one of the best looking cars of the year imo

>ITT: God tier seats
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If you do it, spend the time, effort, and money required to do it right.
Don't fuck it up.
I literally just learned that it's sparco and not eparco
File: nissan.png (30 KB, 309x273)
30 KB
The only reason I knew it was sparco is because of Tokyo Drift.
>mfw it's not pronounced corbeau it's core bay
What are the god tier Miata compatible seats? I need to get lower but Sparco Sprint is too narrow for me.

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 275x183)
11 KB
Hell/o/ are any of you auto technicians or mechanics?

I have thought about taking up the trade for a while now, I did another trade which was a good job but I just didn't enjoy it enough to be doing it for the 10+ years I would be in it for.

It really hit home that I rather take the pay cut and work on cars when I was doing some maintenance work at a Porsche dealer. I saw the guys in the shop working on 911's while I was on the roof doing filter changes on their refrig equipment.

I have worked at plenty of dealers in the past and I know very well that this is not a perfect industry and there are SO many shitty shops/dealers around, but I am ready to tough it out and see it through to reach the good ones.

I'm a 23 year old Canadian male, and will be starting the 4 year apprenticeship under the Red Seal trade program.

I want to hear your experience in automotive repair & servicing as a career.
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Are you on glue? I worked at a Ford Stealership for 5 years, what a total shit hole. Nothing beats 80% warranty work and recalls that pay 60% of cust pay. Left there and went to an hourly diesel shop, way more layed back when all you do is work on your own fleet, not trying to upsell shit people don't need 24/7.
Either way, I couldn't think of a worse trade to get into
>I couldn't think of a worse trade to get into

No one ever brings up the tool game and how much out of pocket it ends up costing you out of your after-tax pay per year.

I can't believe it's such a "hidden secret" of the industry.
...What moron doesn't know about this that is entering the trade? Besides
>tools are a write off to save SOME money on taxes
>can be depreciated every year to save even more
>you don't HAVE to buy snap on etc.
>all tradesmen have tools
I work in NDT, I will never spend as much as a mechanic on tools but I still have to buy a lot of equipment. A UT scanner can be over $10k. And I HAVE to have a good running truck every day, so there's that cost. Etc. etc. etc. Mechanics get the short end on tools for sure, but you OWN them and can do whatever you want with them. Also, lifetime warranty. None of my shit has that.
>What moron doesn't know about this that is entering the trade
>entering the trade

I'm not saying for people who want to become mechanics/tradesmen, I'm talking from the perspective of the layperson. Laypeople only have to directly(/near directly) pay tradesmen that are plumbers/electricians/general contractors/mechanics which only comprise a small % of tradesmen.

Is there aggressive financing through private lines of credit such as snap-on/etc. provides? I know people paying 20% APR on 5k bills as a result of the insanity that goes on within that industry; due to the franchising basis of those companies allowing franchise owners to extend private lines of credit to 18 year olds.

I'm not meaning to "btfo" or w/e, but I feel like this is such a predatory business practice that never gets assessed or addressed in any capacity. At least you can declare bankruptcy on it unlike gov't student loans.
Pretty much what >>18064365 said

Normal auto mechanics might have shit pay, but I’m talking about heavy diesel, which might not seem that distinct from auto repair, but it’s a completely different field and environment. Only pic I have that might prove my job.
>tfw still haven’t figured out why it does this
>replaced every part of the dpf/regen system and it still barfs fuel out the exhaust

File: doug demuro.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
>This car so stupid
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He'll run out of cars that are unusual enough to review. Its like avgn with the bad games.
I think he should do an international series like RCR. To Europe and review shit French cars, to Australia and review AUSDM and JDM cars, maybe even somewhere else reviewing 3rd world special cars and Chinese cars. I'd love to see Doug making a review of the Chevy Sail and roasting the everloving shit out of it.
Ronny Dahl
fuck that reddit cuck
He went on holiday to amsterdam a while ago, he wrote some articles about those cars on autotrader.com/oversteer

File: hennessey.jpg (55 KB, 495x587)
55 KB
did they do it?
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Hennessey still follows the principles of your local shady mechanic, he just happens to work on more expensive vehicles is all, but the principles of swindling and nickel & diming are still there.
Yeah, really.
What is enjoyable about bait?
What's hilarious that he still doing the same thing.
Mat from the drive channel was saying these issues are in the past.
BUT the last 2 hp700 c7 Vettes he did exploded.
Turns out his tunes are all the same and he even disables timing retard.

Who cares, it's still 140 mph slower than a Spitfire or Mustang, and it doesn't look 1/10th as cool.

File: 1508121146981.jpg (1.17 MB, 2560x1440)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
last thread hit the image limit. continuing with the frame fabrication now that I have 4 lbs more wire to burn
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IIRC in the previous thread he said he had till Tuesday for some reason. May have been work related, don't know.

Didn't feel like digging, but >>18032240
>Lives in Wisconsin
>Best coast
What. There's really nothing great about the great lakes, anon. The water really fucks with weather predictions, resulting in eccentric winter's.
do you think you'll get the frame done before going back ?
he'll be back eventually

File: Elantra Sport.jpg (236 KB, 2043x1360)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Is pic related the best bang for your buck (for a new car) on the market right now?
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You'll get neither with the latest hondas/mazda methinks. The post-c1 mazda3s already have shit depreciation from reliability issues and time will tell with the 10gen civics.
I've never owned a Mazda but Honda has been pretty spot on with reliability as far as I know, at least as long as you keep to the manual transmissions.
I just got a brand new 2017 vw tsi, great commuter car and still has a bunch of power with its 1.8l turbo engine. Felt like mentioning it because that seems like the kind of car your looking for
Yes, i think it looks like a jaguar
He said new car, not a moneypit.

File: pantani.jpg (56 KB, 683x384)
56 KB
>drive down local downhill
>this motherfucker overtakes you
What would you do?
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your anger amuses me, stay mad mr. autocross... your probably the middle age midlife crisis faggot that I passed
>>18064988 (checked)
>while the cars drive on the outer side.

You don't think a car can cross both lanes and take pretty much the same lane as the bicycle?

>Also a cyclist doesn´t need road to be under his center of gravity

Neither does a car. Cars corner on their outside wheels. And when the do, the line through the CG to the tire contact point is 60 to 80 degrees from vertical. On a bike, that would be some serious knee dragging. And for a car to accomplish that, it takes about 5 to 10 degrees of body roll. On a bike, if you want a 60 degree line through the CG, you've got to roll 60 degrees. Think about it.
File: 1506743711250.png (2.79 MB, 1600x1200)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG

>over-take him gently
>Spandexfags wonder why we cagers hate them when they don't even follow the speed limits

File: DF9R0609-2-1257x720.jpg (188 KB, 1257x720)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Why don't automotive manufacturers post 0-40 times? When you think about it, stop light to stop light driving in the city is what 75% of car owners do and I would rather have information that's more pertinent to my situation.
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Racing to the next red light isn't going to get anyone home quicker. It only creates higher fuel consumption and worse air quality.
>no, it means nothing

Except it does, because that's how traffic management works.
I want to go back.

Everyone seemed so happy and carefree. Not one person I interacted with seemed to remember their mediocre life back home.
t. Vegas tourist.

People who live there are miserable. Even rich ppl.
In all fairness, I avoided the homeless and a majority of employees.

Some weird dude preaching under a street light almost sent me into a bad trip. Don't remember what about it scare me, but I was quickly distracted by some escorts, I think.

File: IMG_2557.jpg (89 KB, 1280x720)
89 KB
>turn A/C on
>sound system dies
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Early RX-8?
I live in Australia and when it gets to 40 celcius my balls melt and when its winter my dick gets forst bites. Not good here
Check your fuses and maybe replace them all. They are cheap enough. Also get your alternator tested.
>tfw petrol is ~$1.6 per liter in my country
File: 6234624523634.jpg (170 KB, 788x1534)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>Car has Ram Air™
>Engine chokes out when hammered down barrels open while unburnt fuel ignites out the tailpipe.

File: IMG_1322.jpg (238 KB, 812x812)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
>get to work on all different kinds of cars
>get to drive cars I would have never driven otherwise
>work with other bro-tier car enthusiasts
>nice big shop with professional tools
>have access to a quality lift to work on your own cars
>get to listen to any music you want
>loud masculine environment and chill atmosphere
>service advisors are hot as fuck so good eye candy
>hourly so I can smoke or just fuck around and get paid for it

Why don't you work in a shop yet, /o/?
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i worked in a shop for 5 years, most soul sucking fucking miserable job ever. went home sore and full of grease, neglected my own projects, dreaded going to work every day, the works. and i have a Canadian Journeyman and Redseal in automotive technician. i now work a job for 30% less pay not related to cars that i love

honestly i dont regret going to college etc because my diplomas are with me for life and i learned a ton but holy fuck anyone thinking about being a mechanic dont do it, its so miserable and soul sucking

also all the stuff you listed is bullshit, we had to buy our own tools and the shop provided only testing gauges and a steering wheel puller. we listened to the same 60s-80s classic rock on repeat, wasnt chill at all when the boss was screaming at us to hurry every 10 minutes so he could book more cars in. then when it was dead season from January to April you got sent home early or days off from no cars being booked in
There's a lot of different mechanic jobs.
I work in a restoration shop so I'm rarely covered in grease and I get to work on rare $200k cars.
Better than swinging a hammer which is what I'd be doing otherwise.

If I wasn't doing this I'd try to get a government job servicing fleet vehicles.

also to add to this we got most of our parts from Napa, what joy it was when their fucking reman Nissan and Mazda alternators and starters constantly failed again after 4-6 months and you had to do a miserable alternator again

that and the amount of people that wanted a job suddenly done Friday afternoon at 2pm (*cough* black guys and muslims *cough* or pulled some piece of shit that sat in a field for 20 years and act surprised when its a $2500 repair estimate is hilarious.

i used to service government and oilfield fleet vehicles specifically Toyota Tundra, Chevy Express and Savana, Silverado and Sierra and F150. fuck that, they drive the shit out of their vehicles and dick stuff you wonder how it was even possible. buses or something i suppose wouldnt be too bad but passenger vehicles sucked
I would, but not with cars

File: 1507782418772.jpg (78 KB, 661x873)
78 KB
What are the main differences between the 7th and 8th gen civics? Can't decide if I should get a 7th gen civic coupe or 8th gen civic si. I kinda like the looks of the 7th gen, thinking of putting on 17s since apparently it's OEM for the EX model, but it seems like it makes more sense money wise to get the civic si. But I feel like there's a stronger chance of finding a 7th gen civic that's stock, since there's a lot of spics that like to rice out civic sis where i live. What say you /o/
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Owner of a 8th Gen here.

Not too sure about TT Hai one, but j believe the 8th Gen was the first time Honda used the R18 engine. So no more timing belts.

The 8th gens drive nicer, have nicer interiors, and have better standard equipment. Mines an exl, so it's got a lot more than standard equipment. I'd say if it's a difference of a couple grand, buy the 8th Gen. It'll last a real long time, and you'll end up spending that 2 k in about 3.5 years for timing belts and whatnot
Read the rest of your post. Dude! Fucking get the 8th Gen si. They're the last truely great si. So raw and fun.

Get the sedan tho. The coupes look ugly and have little aftermarket compared to sedans
>8200 rpm
>not sacrificing fuel economy
File: s-l1000.jpg (91 KB, 1000x750)
91 KB
23k master race
How bout she sit on this dik

File: Citroen-C6-2005-Photo-26.jpg (445 KB, 2048x1536)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
Cars you secretly like, but nobody must know!
11 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Seventh generation celica, black
The PT Cruiser GT with the 2.4L Turbo is legit pretty rad.
Woody foresters

Alright which one of you fags is this
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Did he died? I haven't seen him in a while.
is anyone just oblivious to the horrendous body kit and riced up stickers?

Literally ruining a perfectly good s2000
Good job runing an s2000 you ugly mongloids
the no gf/wife/kids meme has been around longer than you've been alive

File: dumb bitch.jpg (37 KB, 474x711)
37 KB
Your dream car just appeared on your driveway, but it's been engine swapped with the engine out of the first car you owned.

How fucked are you?
267 replies and 66 images omitted. Click here to view.
muscle car with a crappy non turbo subaru 4boxer
>A70 Supra
>Dodge 5.9 V8
Technically a step up in power...
>supercharged AW11 MR2
>1990 Chevy Cavalier
So, basically a Fiero
964 911 with an EJ207 v7
Not bad. Not bad at all.
2018 Toyota Camry with a 302 cubic inch carbureted Ford push rod v8?
It's slower, but at least it understeers better!
Also, that power hump amirite?(Assuming the scenario allows a modified hood and not simply a hood with a hole cut in it, in which case fuck yeah anyway)
What kind of freakish Cadillac Eldorado transmission swap monstrosity would you have to slap together to make those front wheels spin?
And how far apart would they have to be?
Would I need front fender flairs?
Is that allowed?
Am I allowed to tune the v8?
I mean, no strokey strokey or anything.
Just intake, heads, headers, exhaust, rotating assembly, and carburetors.
The inherent balance of the basic engine design allowed it to spin to 8000 RPM in the Boss 302; there is absolutely no reason that with a balanced and blueprinted engine you shouldn't be able to eek out at least 500 more RPM.
The original Boss 302 homologation engine made 290 hp/290 lb·ft.
I think with a gentle massage, we might manage to outdo the Camry.

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