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>It's a early model if I remember correctly, he's had it as long as I can remember. Essentially looks like OP image but in silver paint instead.
>Can't remember how many miles on it, but any time I rode in it (Which was a lot a one point) never really had any trouble or break downs that required pulling off to the side of the road.
>Live within/near the Rust Belt. South-East Ohio specifically. Dad used to drive this truck God know's where from Ohio to Pennsylvania. Or states around it.
>It has a rhino liner in the bed, matching color bed top.
>Also he dumped money into it whenever something breaks or needs fixed, doesn't have the stock CD/Radio player anymore. Etc.

>However the brakes need work at the moment so it's sitting in his driveway for the mean time.
>He briefly mentioned once that the 4 wheel drive doesn't work for the time being either.
>Auto transmission.
>I learned to drive in a way smaller vehicle so it's kind of scary to go from a car to something that feels like a tank in comparison.
>Also has some little broken 'quirks' with it but nothing that actually effects the truck from starting, running, turning, functioning, etc.
>Wanted 6,500 US Dollars at the time of offer.

I mean I want to have a truck if you live in the area I do for utility and such but at the same time I have questions and doubts. It definitely needs some kind of work but is it worth it in the long run or not, I'm not really familiar with trucks. Or GM manufactured ones specifically.
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That's why I gave up on looking at used trucks. It's either an overpriced mall crawler soccer mom CCSB or an overpriced work truck that's about to rust in half and has 400k miles. I'll just lease or finance a new one like all the other normies.

>4 wheel drive doesn't work

Going to be expensive as fuck less it's just a solenoid.
>parents want to sell you their car
>not giving it to you

OP has shit parents confirmed lol
> early 2000's Silverado
> issue with brakes
> issue with 4wd
> typical 15 year old GM vehicle problems, iffy switches, squeaks and rattles, door and window seals, etc...
> probably either hidden or visible rust
I'd be aiming closer to 3 to $4k
not too bad op

File: ford focus.jpg (731 KB, 800x600)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
How much do you think I should bid on the car?
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All of them don't even pay off. They're much overpriced I'd say. I'm not in a rush so I can allow myself to wait for something good.
Btw. What's wrong with the Ford Focus in my op? Good mileage, maintenance, the only thing to do is to set a max price I could pay for it
>dont even pay off
wut. it's called negotiating. and all of these are more interesting than an automatic focus
My road to work is literally 2 miles long straight line with 35 mph posted. I can drive Twingo or some Mustang, it would be equally boring. Though I agree that driving on highway on my days off would be a funnier with a stronger car.
buy a chevy volt. put your 4k down.
I won't be able to charge the car

File: image.jpg (47 KB, 740x494)
47 KB
How are mopeds?

I've built a gas bicycle before with a shitty 49cc engine before and it was wholly unreliable, dirty and a pain in the ass rather than an enjoyable experience. Will I experience something similar with a new 2017 Tomos Sprint?
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Just get a 50cc scoot. More reliable, faster, more practical...
love this post
>theyre fun when you're 15 years old and live on the countryside and need something to travel to school.

When I was a sophmore in high school taking french, I always imagined myself riding through the french countryside with a moped with a grill
>It's NOT much safer
Tbh the only thing that makes a moped safer than a motorcycle is the speed you reach with it
You just confirmed what I said
Yes but like I said it's only safer in the way training wheels make a bicycle safer. It is transportation for morons and frat boys.

80s wedges get a pass as always but scooters are an admission of inability to safely operate a vehicle.

File: 1505403379598.png (129 KB, 314x278)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Hey /o/ hope you're having a great day, I'd appreciate any feedback

>Sorry for the paragraph, recently my Toyota CAMRY 1995 has just about hit it's limit and I need a replacement vehicle. The car has been reliable little to no issues over the past 4-5 years until now, the car requires a timing belt replacement in the next few months but seemed to completely fuck itself last Monday (16th) I only just managed to get it to work and back home, Car cannot seem to keep itself cool and redlines the heat gauge, steam spews out roughly around where the coolant reservoir is I couldn't find the source.
>I had an NRMA mechanic go over it so I could make it home and was told the problem could either be a faulty water pump or the head gasket is leaking, I would need to take it to a mechanic at a shop to have a proper look at.
>Don't know if it's worth getting looked out but I'm spending money (comfortably) each day on a rental car (Kia CENTRO)..... I should be fine for now but seriously need to buy one soon.

I'm looking for a used car as I cannot afford brand new right now, I'm 26 work in retail and want to seriously enjoy/love my car this time.
I'll be honest I don't know what I want but would really appreciate suggestions as the urgency has me overwhelmed on even where to begin.

I would like to:
Spend roughly around $7,500 to $10,000 AUD (can push to 15k)

A car a rookie can work on and learn, I've been inspired by a few /o/ recommended youtubers such as Noriyaro and would really like to learn and grow a long side a car this time.

I like rice but only on respectable cars where it fits like (R34) but not required, anything "sporty"or nice will do.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 9d0.png (2.48 MB, 1142x1782)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
Great site recommendation, DC integras at least where I've been looking seem quite expensive though.
Is post regarding the Miata mate?
Yeah my truck mechanic room-mate was saying that BMWs have high upkeep so it's been a bit jarring to consider those cars.
Alright got it, so it's basically a Go-Kart of fun haha

I don't mind regarding comfort I want to enjoy this car the camry for me just seemed overall average, I had little to no problems with it since I bought it used but it wasn't particularly "fun" great A - B car sure..
File: EigoSan2.jpg (390 KB, 950x633)
390 KB
390 KB JPG

File: maxresdefault-1.jpg (598 KB, 1920x1215)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
Just don't get a Series 1 NB if you can, Series 2 have VVT and are stiffer etc. They go for like 8-12k in SA but idk about elsewhere. Dead reliable, fun and quite sexy from the front.
Unfortunately I need to head to work now and won't be back for the next 9-10 hours as I have some errands I need to run before doing so.
mainly dropping the keys for the CAMRY to the mechanic to at least get an opinion on whether or not repairing will be worth it just for the mean time.

If the thread is still here when I'm back i'll defiantly follow up any posts I've missed.
Thanks so much so far /o/ you've all been very helpful.

Thanks i'll keep that into consideration as well.

File: amvanquishs_07[1].jpg (236 KB, 1700x956)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
>$300,000+ Car

Steering wheel straight out of 90's econoboxes

Center console has glass buttons that provide no ergonomic feel and mean that you HAVE to take your eyes off the road.

LCD speedometer from a base model 2006 Chrysler 300c

Analog speedometer using edgy 14 year old font in non-contrasting colors.

Cheap plastic EVERYWHERE, look at those air vents, even a Jeep Wrangler has better looking vents.

What the hell are they thinking? Who buys Aston Martins? When will the AM meme end?
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>cheap plastic

that's the point of plastic you mong.
>Click click boom starts playing
Because the S-class can't turn?
found the britbong james bond fanatic with shit boyracer tastes who just has to take Aston Martin interior designer's word for it because they have no idea how to construct their own opinion on why that interior is a piece of shit.

A tiguan interior is better that that aston. my friend, get off my board.
>am I the only one who is autistic?
no, probably not

Its all over. The end of an era.

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>tfw holden is the new buick
No, I mean revive El Camino in the US and then make them send it to australia.
stop buying pickups
i have a 2015 xr6 and i fucking love it. great car.

i wish ford made at least one more interation of the falcon -- some kind of FGX-2 would be fucking dope.
Era? Aren't Australian cars just watered down and pussified versions of North American cars? Why would you manufacture shit in one of the most expensive places on the planet?

Mine is pontiac firebird trans am
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File: CARS-03.jpg (914 KB, 4260x2638)
914 KB
914 KB JPG
>tfw the car i want so bad is appreciating so fast i'll never be able to afford it
Feels extra bad
Lul, forreal? I own one, my first car. Cant really compare it to much else but I like the heavy steering and simpleness
Truly a clown in our society.
1979 F100 Stepside is a pickup truck i'd like to own someday. It'll be more fun to rebuild one from the ground up desu.

honorable mentions:
1969 Chevy Camaro
80s Dodge Ramcharger
File: 61509_Side_Profile_Web.jpg (148 KB, 1000x750)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
1972 C10 Cheyenne Super Shortbed with a full load of options including a 402ci engine and TH400.

Preferably one that's blue or teal.

File: IMAG0023.jpg (1.85 MB, 2688x1520)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
Does /o/ like SAABs?

I love mine. I'd kill for a Viggen but my SE isn't too bad at all. I've read about people getting Viggen parts for regular 9-3s though. I'm still having an internal struggle of whether I want to do stuff to it or buy a motorcycle.

Any other SAAB br/o/thers around this part of God's favorite website?

Used to own a 9-5 Aero with a stick shift, but I didn't love it enough to put the time in to replace all the bushings and other shit to make it feel like new again. Plus I couldn't stomach spending money on a car worth almost nothing so I just got rid of it to avoid the expensive maintenance items that were coming up.

I did like the car though. Easiest manual to use ever, I didn't realize how easy until I got my wrx. Seats were also supremely comfy in the aero trim as well. Was my first turbo car so felt fast as fuck at first too.

Old thread is about to hit the bump limit.


Yeah, I know it's 2wd, but it's stick.

Good deal?

File: caronfire.jpg (869 KB, 1800x1200)
869 KB
869 KB JPG
Alright, former neet attempting to be normal here. Are cars basically just something for rich people? I've been trying to get one for months and every attempt just makes me more frustrated than the last.

-I tried renting a car, most wouldn't rent to me without a credit card, of the ones that would rent to me with a debit card they wanted shit I didn't have. My job pays me under the table, my apartment gives me free utilities, so how in the FUCK am I supposed to supply a pay stub or a utility bill? I tried using my mom's stuff, but she's been paperless for years. I tried giving them an old stub and they said it had to be recent.
-So I tried "turo" which lets you rent directly from the owners. For some reason approval took a month, but I gave them gobs and gobs of information, was approved three different times, and then when I went to rent it told me I had "insufficient driving history". So renting is out.
-So my landlord had offered to loan me a van, but when I brought the subject up she told me I could only use it locally. For background, I'm specifically trying to get a vehicle to take a trip across the country. So another avenue out.
-So then I tried the car dealer route. First I had a circus experience, I made a thread about it here some time back. They kept us there for six hours bullshitting us and holding my cards so I couldn't leave.
-Then I found an ad for an inexpensive one on Truecar. It would have been 3k at less than 60 bucks a month. So two days in a row I say I'll go and they tell me they're closed. I show up the third day when the guy said he'd be there, and when I called him he claimed it was his day off, pawned me off on someone else who informed me the car was sold "that morning" but if I was interested in something more expensive, they could work with me.
-So I'm stuck with craigslist, which has been a total nightmare. I know last time I posted about this I was told "do a private sale" but all the cars on craigslist are horse shit. (cont.)
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in my area people will take a a 1999 generic suv, roll it no less than twice, and still not have repaird the damage from crashing it into a pole, and demand 2500 firm.

there is a 2000s bmw up right now that "over heated and just needs a head gasket" and he thinks he is going to get the perfect condition price for it.
the ads here and endless lulzfest (unless you're actually looking for a car)
Lmao you dont think shes fucking chads every weekend? Spare yourself from the trouble, she is not coming back with you
>being an illegal

come on trump wheres muh fukkin wall
Dude you need to get realistic and grow up. Do not buy a car you aren't ready. Do not travel across America for a girl make your bitches come to you. Hell I push for greatness everyday but seeing you I feel like a success at 22. Have a truck for side jobs (tree man), a nice Miata for cruising, a 650 sport bike and a 450 dual sport. Talking to/fucking 2 girls now because I dumped my girl of 3 years. You want nice shit? Go out and work your ass off and don't bend a knee to some broad 20 states away. Jesus Christ.
You fucking retard want to pay max 100 a month for a car but you are ready to buy a 12 MPG highway shitbox to cross the country. Maybe you should wait until you reach adulthood before planing your life.

Show me a better looking vehicle.

Hard Mode: no snek
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Evo 1 doesn't look as good.

Mercedes did it better.

>being any brands "guy"
Unless they're paying you to post I don't know why you would ever be this
File: 127574683465.png (12 KB, 98x88)
12 KB
>chauffeuring your "friends" around

v cucked of you
File: 930.jpg (133 KB, 1066x800)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
A white 930 Turbo with red interior.

Saw one at a little Porsche meet a few weeks back. It was depressing as fuck seeing one in person and knowing that I'll never be able to afford one.

File: boomer heaven.webm (1.71 MB, 640x360)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB WEBM
>boomer steps out of his 500,000 dollar classic and walks into a 50's diner burger joint
>he sees a woman sitting at the bar wearing red
>he walks up
"You look straight, matching numbers?"
>girl looks at him and smiles
>she lifts her shirt to show a vin number tattoo on the bottom of her back
>boomer's mouth salivates
"A dame like you is....
>she blinks
"... hard to find."
>She blushes with a gasp and drops her malted milkshake
>A group of nearby boomers are now paying attention to this exchange
"I have a VIP invitation to Barrett-Jackson..."
>girl looks at him and laughs
>"I only do concourse, sugar."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Pretty good senpai
>find rusty rear half of an E type

wow queen, youre so beautiful
>Sees this

I bet I could get $7,000 for this....

$7,000? That's a steal!

>doesnt know you can turn that into a 5 million dollar show car


I think I get some of the basics. Performance or aesthetic parts can be made from carbon. What that usually means is (to my understanding)

> made from carbon fibre that's molded (similar to fiberglass stuff) to fit the desired shape, which is how "real cf" products are made, for example wheels or intake parts or whatever. Basically it's fiberglass but using carbon fibre instead of fiberglass, kinda, layman terms.

> skinned in carbon fibre - basically wrapping the object in carbon fibre sheet

Is there anything more to it? Is it safe to say that 99% of carbon bits and bobs we see on cars and bikes is basically high-level, kinda expensive, real CF wrap, that looks better than vinyl carbon fibre pattern "sticker"?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Yeah it's kinda clickbaity, trying to find something more calmed down...is there any channel on YouTube with more than 10K subs that doesn't have the same titles and thumbnails I mean god damn...
>high-level, kinda expensive, real CF wrap
a wrap isn't real.

An aluminum carbon composite is not a wrap.
a wrap is just a single sheet of carbon, for looks only. It has no strength. It's the same as a vinyl wrap it just looks more real, because it is real carbon.

But, contrary to what that guy said most parts on race cars are pure carbon not composites or aluminum reinforced by carbon. Maybe structural parts of high end cars do this, but I have no idea. It doesn't matter because the point is the same. Whether it's a stand alone mold or it's aluminum reinforced with a carbon shell - the point is it's multiple layers of carbon epoxied and baked. Not a single sheet for looks.

It's really not complicated. Either it's a single sheet for looks (wrap).
Or it's a stand alone complete carbon part that's been made from a mold.

Dry carbon vs wet carbon is just the manufacturing process, but both are carbon and have the same strength.
Carbon is super cheap by the way.
It's the manufacturing process that is expensive. It's an insane amount of labor hours to even make a small 2 piece mold.
Plus access to industrial oven.

Looking at this;


> Description; 2mm 3K plain, prepreg carbon fibre weave, 100% pure carbon so extra light, Handmade using steel moulds, cured in an autoclave oven, producing a strong and lightweight product


How the heck can this be financially viable...mould, 100% cf...for one specific bike so the target market is pretty narrow and specific...

For the price of OEM part, $100 for front fender is probably what Ducati charges for their oem plasitc fender. What am I missing?
>what kind of carbon fibre is honeycomb?
A sheet of it is very light but stiff. However, damage repair is very difficult. And like all epoxy materials that have glass fiber or carbon fiber, repairs only restore a fraction of the strength and rigidity.

For high performance short term use, carbon fiber is great. Short term use means it gets replaced. Thus material fatigue, strain at junctions, and stress deformations at screw holes is eliminated by complete replacement.

Expensive carbon fiber (like at boeing) is also autoclaved in its own inert atmosphere instead of one with oxygen.

Ok I cried a bit
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
not him but im a social skills professional and a pro at keeping eye contact
Watch this
Then this
Is this the secret?
right in the feels

thanks anon

File: 1485146252149.png (812 KB, 1000x1000)
812 KB
812 KB PNG
>not having fuel door on driver side
>have to walk around vehicle to pump fuel
>have to unlock all doors to do miscellaneous tasks (throw away trash)
>susceptible to random acts of violence
>catering your life literally around your car
>car treats you like a pet, taking you for a walk
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
have you seen the average american? even standing up is too much effort for some of them.
>t. Triggered Burgerican
File: 1496557833288.jpg (51 KB, 600x604)
51 KB
just a simple rebuttal, friend.
>rides a bus
File: 112313546846.jpg (84 KB, 780x428)
84 KB
what can this image teach us? less you drive in rice paddie land, or some other island, or someplace where youre likely to find literal shit on the streets, we all drive on the right side of the road. if i happened to live in the above mentioned places, i too would want a car with a fuel cap on the right hand side of the vehicle. alas, 3/4 of the world does not. so accepting anything less than the fuel door being on the driver side (whatever side that happens to be), is beta.

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