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File: diy.jpg (657 KB, 800x600)
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Welcome to /diy/, a place to:

Post and discuss /diy/ projects, ask questions regarding /diy/ topics and exchange ideas and techniques.

Please keep in mind:
- This is a SFW board. No fleshlights or other sex toys.
- No weapons. That goes to /k/ - Weapons. The workmanship and techniques involved in creating objects which could be used as weapons or the portion of a weapons project that involves them (e.g., forging steel for a blade, machining for gunsmithing, what epoxy can I use to fix my bow) may be discussed in /diy/, but discussing weapon-specific techniques/designs or the actual use of weapons is disallowed. Things such as fixed blade knives or axes are considered tools, things such as swords, guns or explosives are considered weapons.
- No drugs or drug paraphernalia (See Global Rule 1). If you want to discuss something that could involve such things (e.g., carving a tobacco pipe from wood) that's fine, but make sure it's /diy/ related and doesn't involve drugs or it will result in deletion/ban.

Helpful links:
Some friendly suggestions for posting:
- First ask Google, then ask /diy/. Your question will probably be better received if you do so.
- List available resources (tools, materials, budget, time, etc.)
- Try to use pictures and explain the goal, if possible
- Be patient, this is a slow board; your thread will be around for days.
- Share your results! /diy/ loves to see problems solved and projects completed!

File: buckshot-2.0-rusty.png (1.06 MB, 856x691)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Hi, diy'ers; I'm trying to fix my "waterproof" bluetooth speaker myself and I found it has rusted to shit inside! Nice, eh?

Looks like I need to get a new battery, but I found this sneaky little device inside the battery shrink wrap!
I want to replace the battery, but I'm afraid of Li-Ons exploding.

Any idea what it is/what it does? Some kind of fuse or something?
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There is no standardization effort. That's why there are dozens of sizes. History is littered with hundreds of defunct battery sizes and shapes. They change with the technology.

18650 cells are as close to a standard as lithium-ion cells come, and they'll probably continue to be so as long as the technology is in use due to their low price and high yield. Tons of manufacturers make them, and hundreds of other manufacturers have tooling and assembly processes designed around the form factor.

Tesla is after more discharge capacity and higher energy density. If their 2710 cells make significant strides in those areas, there's a damn good chance they'll become a popular choice as well, but they'll never completely replace 18650 cells.

The world has caught on to the fact that battery technology is a huge limiting factor in all sorts of tantalizing gadgets and enterprises. There's been a huge push toward developing new types of batteries. I don't think Li-Ion chemistry is going to be relevant for much more than the next 10-15 years.
soldering is difficult because you're trying to get it to stick to the smooth faces of the battery. If you can get it to work, then fantastic but it's difficult and inconsistent.

Try scoring it up a bit and using flux, or alternatively just order an 18650 case which will have normal wire leads
>I don't think Li-Ion chemistry is going to be relevant for much more than the next 10-15 years.
I disagree. Lithium is the lightest metal on the periodic table, hence its ions are perfect for optimising the specific energy of an electrochemical cell. I suspect Li-Ions are close to the pinnacle of electrochemical cell technology, but whether we still be using electrochemical cells at all in the next 10 years is another question entirely.

Perhaps aluminium ions might make for good electrochemistry...
File: 1508985118936.gif (1.61 MB, 256x204)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
*cough* super capacitors *cough*

The issue with lithium is the volatility (and its loss) when used in a battery. Slowly consumers are becoming aware of the explosiveness of a bad battery and the limited lifespan of Li cells in a constant drain-charge environment ie. cell phones, tablets,etc.
LiFePO4 cells are still better than NiMH cells, and carry none of the danger drawbacks of Li-Ions. If everyone has a portable power bank with an 18650 or two inside, the decreased capacity of having a LiFePO4 cell inside your phone/tablet won't make much of a difference. Still, it's not ideal.

Standard electrolytic supercaps will likely not ever surpass Li-Ions in energy density or specific energy due to the hard limits of their Al2O3 dielectric (10-50 times less specific energy, ~100 times less energy density). But capacitors using calcium-copper-titanate (relative permeability 25,000 times alumina) or other similar dielectrics could very well surpass Li-Ions if the nanotechnology to increase their surface area emerges.

File: IMG_6669.jpg (264 KB, 689x2007)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
What life hacks can you give us to save time in life? I'm tired of doing stuff myself and I want an easy way out. What do you do in life to avoid basic bitch stuff?

>Protip: Buy a Roomba. You'll never have to sweep or vacuum again
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>Yes goy, just hoard all your money and never spend it on things that give you pleasure so that way the state can take it all when you die

nah, fuck off.
>its another anon seriously thinks mutts dont suffer from genetic disorders like purebred do, episode.

Old and stale meme.
spend it on other shit, almost literally anything else, then will it to family when you die, or direct descendants, the state only intervenes when you have 5 million or more.

I floss and brush my teeth when I'm at the tail end of taking a shit.
This is bullshit. Even if it were true, you DO know blueprints of all houses are public record right?...

File: leslie neilson.jpg (11 KB, 500x260)
11 KB
Went to Lowes to look at wood for a project I'm doing. (taking old BSR record players and replacing the crumbling particle board or cracked plastic with butcher block).

>be me, enter the high security tool section with beeping cameras.
>head on over to the saws and planes.
>checking out a no name mini plane- $9.99
>Lowes clerk approaches.
>greets me with "welcome to Lowes"
>holding the plane in my hand, I ask if they have Lie-Nielson block planes
>Lowes clerk responds: "Sorry, no movies here."
>don't know what he was talking about. It may have been a language barrier since he was apparently from Africa or something, heavy accent.
>"I'm looking for a Block Plane by Lie-Nielson", I ask again.
>He responds, "Sir, no movies here" angrily and walks away.

I don't know what he was talking about. What kind of training do they provide? Additionally, I was looking at their wood working project magazines, and every single magazine had high end block planes and dove tail saws and levels,and chisels. None of the featured tools in the magazine in the tool section of Lowes is carried by Lowes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>built a crossbow in nam

I thought it was war, not arts and crafts
White with a shot of black, never fails.
I remember him saying that he was shown by some villagers how to do it. The villagers probably had tools lying around for this so it wouldnt take too long. You know people aren't in gunfights every second of every war, right?
File: 1503535912534.png (219 KB, 440x458)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
>walk into lumber department in home depot
>look at the stamps on lumber in every single bay
>it's all douglas fir
>ask older manlet if they have any pine
>yeah 99% of this lumber is pine
>look through them all again
>they're still douglas fir
>decide to just buy douglas fir 'cause apparently they think any other species is unnecessary
>old guy walks hey
>"hey, by the way you guys don't have any pine"
>gets middle-school teacher explanatory voice out
>"okay, what did the stamps say?"
>"they're all douglas fir"
>"okay, and fir is...?"
>I don't say anything

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I work at CVS and I've always wanted a store app like this. CVS is way too fucking cheap to bother though.

I imagine a future of having an AI personal assistant on your phone/watch and the cart/buggy in the store will have a little screen that wireless connects to your watch/phone and shows you where to find any items you want. The store tracks what items you have on you when you leave and you get charged without even bothering a cashier (Amazon Go does this already).
What's more, all the sales/price signs in the store are electronic and update the current sales any time necessary. The price accuracy is ~100% at all times. There are no items in the store w/o a price... The future is beautiful.

File: IMG_20171206_184121.jpg (368 KB, 1280x720)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Hi /diy/, how do I fix this? It is my favourite chair.
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>not dumpster diving Aquafina bottles, filling them in the local river then selling them to the local sports drunk crowd and using the money to buy makita tools.

It’s like you want to be destitute

Okay I kinda want to clarify, this chair belongs to a club at a university, and is dearly beloved by several members. Certain members are memeing the efforts of the others who are trying to repair it.

I, personally, really want to repair it.

you're breathing in the farts of all past and present club members
File: images.duckduckgo.jpg (117 KB, 1000x750)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
what percentage of that dust would you guess is COCAINUM?
Beacon foam-tac glue.

File: 1508389341938.jpg (1.99 MB, 1600x1065)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
Figured this would be the place to ask, since I imagine a good lot of you people work in construction.

How do I get a job in construction without any trade skills? I'm currently stuck in Australia, Brisbane to be specific, until I earn enough money to return to my home country. I've been working a load of crappy jobs, but they barely pay rent and I can't really save any money from them. I've heard that construction can pay up to a grand a week, so I want to get in on that. I'm on a working holiday visa.

Can I just rock up to a construction site and ask for the foreman, or do I have to go through something else?

Thanks for the help. Pic unrelated.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>until I earn enough money to return to my home country
where you from op
construction jobs are either apprenticeships or union controlled, neither will waste time on some foreigner whose going to fuck off in a month or two. I suggest sucking dick for money since anything that pays well won't invest time in you
Concrete my man. As long as you can pour they will let you in. Also roadwork. Here in America they will hire anyone for it.
Start walking onto small development jobsites and ask to see the foreman as you're interested in becoming a labourer. Pays about 25 to 35 an hour.

Its tough work but you WILL find a jobsite that will take you. Show up on time. Deal with the banter. Dont be a soft shit.

>> t.Aussie
Im an apprentice plumber, one year to go till journeymans, when i got out of the army i just fucking hit cunts up for work until i found someone to take me on.

No one will take a foreigner with no experience. You should do as the other anon said and try to be a labourer.

They will underpay and overwork you.

Get your CI card and have a go though

File: 654364563666346543.gif (150 KB, 1200x349)
150 KB
150 KB GIF
Its going into summer here in Australia. I would very much like to keep my windows open and also be able to be naked in my own room at the same time. Only issue is I have a bunch of houses behind mine with some of them having children living there.

I don't personally care if some random adult saw me naked but I ain't no sicko I don't want kids to. Nor do I want people to think I would.

I am thinking of setting up some kind of privacy screen about 1-2 meters back from my window in such a way it blocks the view from those homes. What would be the best way to go about this?

File: 3dpg11.png (3.8 MB, 2006x1496)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB PNG
Old thread >>1280856

Still new pasta, feel free to contribute.

>general info
Additive Manufacturing Technologies:3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, and Direct Digital Manufacturing, Gibson Rosen Stucker

>open source community
#RepRap @freenode

>buyfag buyers guide

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Now that 4k projectors are getting affordable, would the LittleRP with a 4k projector offer an improvement in accuracy over 1080p? Or would the extra resolution go to waste?

Btw, two previous prints with this same filament came out perfect

I guess I'll have to do it again then

How about bowden tube backlash?

Resolution is high enough for the print size, mabe 4k would allow for bigger build volume with the same resolution as projector-based resin printers (which look really clumsy). LCD printers have a high enough resolution already.
>Resolution is high enough for the print size, mabe 4k would allow for bigger build volume with the same resolution as projector-based resin printers (which look really clumsy). LCD printers have a high enough resolution already.

IIRC 1080p is still like 30 micron resolution or something on the littleRP, and worse on the littleRP2 I guess since it has a bigger build volume. Not good enough for absolute precision when you also add material shrinkage on top of that.
Jesus Christ, what printer do you use?
looks like the monoprice affect

the suction on this floor buffer has died. so i said what the hell and opened her up.
old man said he heard "firecrackers" right before it died.
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File: Vac canister.png (96 KB, 413x574)
96 KB
Here's an exploded parts diagram for the vac canister. This is not for your model but the usually all are the same.
24 looks like a fuse. check that.
the black capacitor shouldn't make a difference how it's wired. not sure about the white one.
much appreciated

looking into it now, fingers crossed

thanks for the input

File: HUrp.jpg (500 KB, 3264x1836)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
The thread for all things alcohol. Share what you're making or get advice on what to make next.
66 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeast can die
apple juice, sugar, and yeast
crappy-but-tolerable and very easy to make cider
Did I fuck up /diy/?

I have a gallon of apple pear cider going. I had extra yeast energizer and nutrient and figured "why not" so I added 1tsp and 1/2 tsp (or vice versa).

I airlocked it with a balloon, because my good airlock is in use on a mead batch and I suck dicks.

Less than 12 hours later, fermentation is so vigorous that the cider's foaming up inside the balloon and occasionally squirting out the holes.

Do I add more holes so it vents before becoming so backed up?

I know I probably overfilled to begin with, but that ship has sailed (unless the only answer is to drain some?)
More vents will do nothing to contain the foam, just more holes for it to escape. And more chance of contamination.

Get an airlock, switch the balloon over for it, fill it with vodka/sterilized water. They're what, $2?
Also - I sincerely hope you didn't skip sterilizing the balloon.

I am pretty sure that there is a bat hibernating in my attic (inb4 where there is one bat there are more). Since bat-bro eats mosquitos for me, I do not really want to kill him, and that would be illegal. But I would like to fuck with his echolocation by transmitting sound waves.

Bats echolocate by “clicking” at 20 to 200 kHz.
>what frequency sound would I need to transmit to simulate a reflected echolocation wave?
>how do I produce this sound?

I will post videos in the spring when he wakes up.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Use an ultrasonic transducer that can record batbro's squeaks, and analyse them on an oscilloscope. Alternatively, you might be able to put the signal through some radio electronics to divide down the frequency so that you can look at it through your computer's sound card.
Actually you'll need to completely mirror each sound he makes, so use something like an arduino and record the sound he makes before transmitting it again some delay later, potentially with some edgy 3D mapping in between to simulate a completely different environment.

>I want to see a bat with noise cancelling headphones
>play back bat sounds from pc

why didnt i think of that
and by the time rabies symptoms manifest, you're fucked. those expensive shots won't work anymore. there have only been one or two known cases of people surviving after symptoms emerge, having been kept in a medically-induced coma. but realize, unless you're an actual child, nobody is going to give a shit about a vain effort of saving your stupid ass.

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garbage. get a stick from a reputable mfg and go from there. don't start with mig.
Start with stick. It's harder to learn, but much cheaper to get into and when you learn with stick, any other type is piss easy

Get your face off the weld, you don't need to be that close. Welding fumes will fuck you up

Is an 80 amp stick good for starters?
>Wtf does the amperage mean
>Is an 80 amp stick good for starters?
Not really. It would run most 3/32" electrodes, but 1/8" are a lot nicer for most things you'd be doing. 120A should run the rods you'd be using most of the time even if you had a bigger machine.

>>Wtf does the amperage mean
It's a measure of the amount of electrical current flow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_current The simple version is that more amps gives more heat, which lets you weld thicker metal. Below a certain point, you're just not going to get good fusion, but above 100A or so (on steel), depending on the electrode you use, it burns in well enough that you can multi-pass any thickness.
Aperage is a (ridiculous) colloquialism for current.
Current is how fat and thick a weld you can last down. When it comes to sparks voltage is how long and current is how thick. You don't think about voltage when welding because although it changes its not important really, so you can think of current (""""""""""amperage"""""""""""") as power. Because its variable up to that current you can think of the rating as a top limit,a ceiling. The typical variable transformer bog standard boxes are continuously variable from basically 0 to max.

I really dont know if this is the correct board to ask for this, but whatever.

I purchased a resin figure from a guy and now I want to paint it, my question is should i wear a respirator when sanding the surface to prevent respiratory problems?

I've seen and heared that a respirator and a vacuum cleaner sucking the resin dust are practically mandatory but people use them when cutting resin parts or drilling holes on them so i dont know if slightly sanding the surface of the figure is one of these scenarios.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
a respirator with dust cartridges is a great thing to have on hand. once you have it you will find all sorts of uses. And you can upgrade to aerosol cartridges for like 10 bucks. not sure on the cost, i steal my PPE from work.
Do sanding underwater. Put dirty water in trash. EZ
ignore him please

Why not? They're like $20 for one that blocks 99% of all airborne particles. And you can buy replacement filters for cheap
Medical risks typically come from long term exposure. If you're sanding figures every day then you must wear a respirator, but if you do it once, it's not gonna give you lung cancer. Do it with wet sandpaper, run a fan.
That said, it's good to have a respirator around so you should buy one anyway.

File: 1511101805413.png (162 KB, 227x641)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>Tired and installing cabinets
>Feel an incredible inner misery
>Think about committing suicide to never have to do it ever again
>Move so slow and accomplish so little
>Feel so tired and sluggish, but force my body to keep moving
>It barely works

How do I get past this mental blockage to move fast even when I don't feel like it?
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>any kind of manual labor is satisfying to men.
>any kind
anon, work is just a means to fund your hobbies. never lose sight of that.
you fucking do it op
fucking kill yourself
File: 1511647572231.jpg (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
Microdosing LSD
>Microdosing LSD

i actually wanted to try Salvia divinorum, but it's not legal here anymore, and the people at the Botanical Gardens Plant Sale look at you funny when you ask about it.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB
I have a problem.
Neighbor dogs barking loud at night.
I want to make acoustic device to frighten dogs and force them to go back doghuse. And not awaken all neighbors.
The distance ~330 ft and line of sight.
So, how to make directional horn?
The source of sound would be spark generator. Dogs dont like it, I tested.

The construction, I have now, is thick cardboard tube, inner diameter 2" and spark gap at one closed end. It works, but too loud at night and not very directional.
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was little but the pup was the sweetest thing ever. Barking was in his nature.

I can tell you've never had a dog. Anyways, as far as I'm concerned, if you hurt my dogs then your life is forfeit. Thanks for your concern.
>if you hurt my dogs then your life is forfeit
Look out guys, it's Anon Darkblade, destroyer of worlds and lover of dogs.
File: 1500318795576.gif (631 KB, 300x224)
631 KB
631 KB GIF
>the pup was the sweetest thing ever.
Maybe to you, because you were (and still appear to be) an idiot, but to your neighbors it was an obnoxious little shit. Barking ceaselessly is not an endearing trait.

>Barking was in his nature.
There are a lot of things that are in a dog's nature that are the responsibility of the dog owner to curb via training.
File: 1485673514804.jpg (32 KB, 540x960)
32 KB

>Buy, make, or steal a subsonic amp and loudspeaker.
>Play a tiger's roar through the speaker.
>Dog shit and piss themselves.
not OP but people who make noise at night or let their pets make noise at night are worse than niggers. Have some fucking self respect.

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