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File: diy.jpg (657 KB, 800x600)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
Welcome to /diy/, a place to:

Post and discuss /diy/ projects, ask questions regarding /diy/ topics and exchange ideas and techniques.

Please keep in mind:
- This is a SFW board. No fleshlights or other sex toys.
- No weapons. That goes to /k/ - Weapons. The workmanship and techniques involved in creating objects which could be used as weapons or the portion of a weapons project that involves them (e.g., forging steel for a blade, machining for gunsmithing, what epoxy can I use to fix my bow) may be discussed in /diy/, but discussing weapon-specific techniques/designs or the actual use of weapons is disallowed. Things such as fixed blade knives or axes are considered tools, things such as swords, guns or explosives are considered weapons.
- No drugs or drug paraphernalia (See Global Rule 1). If you want to discuss something that could involve such things (e.g., carving a tobacco pipe from wood) that's fine, but make sure it's /diy/ related and doesn't involve drugs or it will result in deletion/ban.

Helpful links:
Some friendly suggestions for posting:
- First ask Google, then ask /diy/. Your question will probably be better received if you do so.
- List available resources (tools, materials, budget, time, etc.)
- Try to use pictures and explain the goal, if possible
- Be patient, this is a slow board; your thread will be around for days.
- Share your results! /diy/ loves to see problems solved and projects completed!

File: 3d.png (212 KB, 637x458)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
I have $1000 CAD to spend on a 3d printer. What should I look for in a 3d printer? Any suggestions?
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Don't heat it up to much though.
File: IMG_20150301_015746.jpg (1.83 MB, 3200x2368)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
here you go:
about half as much as PLA or ABS -- about 1/3 as much as nylon intended to be used for printing

I stay well under 300C
btw -- the one on the left was printed at 300mm/s and .05mm layer height
the left one I was experimenting with higher speeds (500mm) and nope. won't work
best two upgrades for 3d printing I've ever done:
moving to a delta style printer
and getting a smoothieboard controller
File: IMG_0697[1].jpg (248 KB, 1405x1600)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
that's pretty fucking neato
and this guy has pulled off some neat prints with it as well

and for everyone else who keeps asking about the kind of quality you can get, have a look at this
>moving to a delta style printer

Op here, what make delta so much better? Should I forget about makerfarm then?

File: traditional-candles.jpg (35 KB, 605x590)
35 KB
So /diy/, I want to start making my own candles and soaps, maybe even to sell for some extra money if I get good. Any tips on starting with either, I don't really know what kind of soap I should make or anywhere to start, really. Also, a way to afford any required equipment would be great. Thanks.
>maybe even to sell for some extra money
Hobbies rarely pay for themselves, let alone make money. If you are lucky you get to do something you enjoy while paying for a portion of the cost of doing it. This is why jobs are not called hobbies. They *make* money.

>I don't really know what kind of soap I should make or anywhere to start, really.
Google and YouTube. No joke.

> Also, a way to afford any required equipment would be great.
Buy the equipment when its cheapest. Also, see job above.

I make money from producing soap. I go too local restaurants and ask if I could pick up their grease dump for free. The grease, I process into pure fat and bio diesel fuel. The fuel I use to power my truck and the fat is used for soap making. I order lye from a local chemical supplier in bulk (cheaper) and always have used fat/lard instead of oil because it leaves your skin smooth. Finally I sell the soaps at the farmers market or family owned shops in the area.

With the internet you have unlimited information at your finger tips, use it.
I fix computers in my spare time, as a hobby.

>not a job
>still pays for itself

Painters sell their art on the side rather often, for much more than the material cost
>not a job
>still pays for itself

Kill yourself.
>The fuel I use to power my truck
Yeah, and I've got a zero-point energy basin in my bathtub for when I need to launch anti-ayylmao bots into space.

Stop blowing smoke out of your ass or post a picture.

File: Kbp44T.gif (1.27 MB, 320x180)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB GIF
Any woodworkers? Share your inventions and interesting ideas.
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is it a good idea to put a dehumidifier in your workshop? or is that a stupid question?
File: 1425101119084a.jpg (203 KB, 720x960)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
File: P1030805.jpg (2.86 MB, 3648x2056)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB JPG
Seit nun über drei Jahren habe ich Spass an einer Art Freakshow-Zirkus, die gegenüber meines Kellers stattfindet. Schon lange erfreue ich mich an Fetten und Krüppeln, immer aus sicherer Entfernung meines Kellerfensters. Als ich nun letztens (es mag schon wieder eine Weile her sein) endich einmal echtes Sonnenlicht ausprobierte und in den Zirkus gehen wollte, verdunkelte sich der lichtspendende Planet, denn ein Fetter trat mir gegenüber und wollte mich nicht einlassen. Er meinte ohne Kontakte komme ich nicht rein. Woher sollte ich Kontakte haben? Kevin und Falk kann ich vergessen, seid die beiden Steamkeys ausm Internet haben sind die blass wie Mehl und zu nichts mehr zu gebrauchen (konnte die eh nie leiden diese Fliesentischbesitzer die Hurensöhne) und mein bester Freund Rüdiger liegt verletzt im Krankenhaus. Er hat sich auf dem Weg zur Uni beim Limbowettbewerb den Rücken verletzt. Dabei hatte ich ihn noch gewarnt... Hiermit beichte ich, dass ich einsam bin und etwas mehr cha0s (kleines c) in meinem leben brauche. Wenn du aussiehst wie 1000 Sonnen oder eine schöne Wampe hast: 658176 bei gmx alles klein -< blabla, das war fürs Beichthaus...
oh FFS these germans... why can't they speak english?
I think text is unrelated in this case.
Something about bot being let into the circus because all his friends are basement dwellers.

File: newFurnaceB.jpg (115 KB, 683x1024)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Is it possible for someone with very little HVAC experience to DIY a furnace replacement?

My family doesn't have a lot of money for a professional replacement and our furnace has been on its last legs for about ten years now. Obviously labor is a major cost in any replacement, so it seems like DIY is the obvious thing to do.

Yes. My girlfriend's dad does H-VAC for a living and he brought me on some of his jobs. Seems easy even. Look up some videos on it and to be safe, have a CO detector.

So I currently have my cami's, underwear, socks, etc in my wide typical dresser. However, I'm wondering if I should switch whats in my tall narrow dresser to that dresser. My tall dresser has all my pajamas and seasonal crap. The drawers in my wide dresser are deeper.
I don't know, you might need an Arduino for this one.
Nope. Keep the frequently used stuff in the wide dresser.
Reason: wide, deep drawers are easier to work from than narrow, shallow drawers. The wider ones give you more room to rummage without having to unload everything.

File: sdfrgo33333.jpg (413 KB, 1000x750)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
>tfw no tools

What are the basic starter tools that every man should have? Where's the best place to buy them?
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>They sell some crap, but my policy has worked well. I buy cheap stuff and then the moment I use it enough that it wears out or breaks, I replace it with top-of-the-line stuff.
Great policy. Same here

>Kinda fucking depends on what you're planning to do.
Valid, even if not the /diy/ spirit
I work at princess auto. I rarely see handbooks come back into the store.
Wtf auto correct hand tools
brotip: if you're in the US and decide to get anything from Sears, use and abuse the coupons and the SYW
you can get coupons for 20% off and then all the money you spend goes towards points which you can cash in on later.

I work at the local Sears and I throw out so many useful coupons and I see people buy shit with points/surprise points without spending a cent.
Starter- regular pliers, diagonal wire cutters, locking pliers, claw hammer with straight claw, multi-bit screwdriver, adjustable wrench, needle nose pliers.

Next step- a set each of combination wrenches in both standard and metric. A basic 3/8" drive socket set with both standard and metric sockets. A cordless screwdriver with a variety of bits, including 3 or 4 drill bits.

A decent headlamp.

Pawn shops are excellent places to get quality brands at Harbor Freight prices.

File: print.jpg (119 KB, 1280x1280)
119 KB
119 KB JPG

I have a musical performance coming up and one of my instruments has a small issue. Basically the USB (printer cable style, see picture) is very loosely connected. There aren't any cutouts or anything but if i move too vigorously it will come out.

Can any of you guys suggest a solution? I was thinking about using something small to widen the prongs inside so they have more grip?
i've tried that with usb cables, it's not a long term solution. for the sake of performing, tape it up. Buy a new usb cable when you're able
hot glue the thing down.

File: 20150117_141444.jpg (337 KB, 1377x727)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
The last thread seems to have fallen off /diy/, so I figured I'd start a new one.

Here's my small fleet at the moment. From left to right, an RC Logger Eye One Xtreme on a polycarbonate frame and a Lemon RX PPM receiver, a stock Blade Nano QX, and a Blade 200 QX also on a polycarbonate frame and with a battery voltage alarm on top.

Now that I've gotten used to working on these things, changing out frame/parts etc, and most importantly flying them, I'm going to assemble one on my own instead of modifying a stock one. Any recommendations for a nice frame to start with? I think I wanna go much larger then these, maybe in the 400mm to 500mm range...
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Guess it's personal choice then
it is, but ill go for bigger hexa or quad after this, so i can carry a dslr and big electronics
Whats the common frequency people use for the transmitter if theyre using 2.4 ghz for video?
File: 1421088892630.jpg (40 KB, 365x450)
40 KB
¡Me gusta esta idea!
Depends on where in the world you are. You will have to use a lower frequency anyways.

sí señor!

Hey /diy/ers. Long time since I came to this board, so sorry if this belongs in another thread. I've been fascinated by astronomical clocks since I was a child, and it's been a lifelong dream to own one. Well, they aren't exactly common, and I've never seen one for sale (except a wristwatch one for auction for a ridiculous amount), I figured I'd try my hand at making one. I'm a fairly crafty person and I've dabbled in lots of different arts and crafts before, so I have a basic idea of making the actual clock and clock face. But the actual mechanics, I'm at a loss for. With regular clocks, all I'd have to buy would be one of those DIY clock mechanic sets. But how would I go about approaching an astronomical clock? I'd obviously need more hands and I'd have to make calculations about how fast etc. they would go for the different lunar stages and so. I'm not exactly well versed in how astronomical clocks actually work, I just think they're beautiful and fascinating to look at, even if they're practically useless.

Anybody have any tips or ideas for how the mechanics of an astronomical clock works? Or if not, where could I go to get help with making one?
Or if you actually know someone who sells/makes them for an affordable price, that'd be cool too.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Having a clock like that would be cool. I haven't exactly figured out what mine would show, probably lunar stages, sun position, and maybe zodiac signs. I have no idea how to make the mechanism work like I want it to though.
Bumping for shared interest. Been dreaming of making a working replica of the clock from major as mask.

I didn't know I needed this in my life
Calendar times are comparatively straightforward - days, weeks, months, years, centuries, etc.

They're all simply multiples of the clock's regular ticking in seconds.

Here's an example design, far over-engineered for your purpose--

Visualizing the night sky, complete with moon and planets will be a bit trickier. Their orbits aren't simple multiples of our own days/years. Also, all planets' orbits are elliptical.

We could visualize the planets geocentrically, on a simulated sky or in an astrological chart, or heliocentrically - as on an orrery.

I don't have a really diy-friendly design on hand, but there you have some initial thoughts.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: images.jpg (2 KB, 68x102)
2 KB
Any experience with painting stands diy? Please share
There's like a million guides for this project.
Any remotely competent person could figure out how to build one just by looking at your ant sized image.
I hear they're called "easels".
I've used them a bunch of times, can highly recommend. Nothing holds a canvas like 'em.
As a professional I get this question all the time,
but I always say give it your best, don't mess it up.
File: image.jpg (129 KB, 1000x1000)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Go to an art store and fuck around and touch and play with a bunch of easels to get the feel for how they fold and collapse.
Then go build your own
Fun and simple

File: honey-5.jpg (178 KB, 1000x556)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Hi /diy/ers,

Did you know about that stuff ?

It's a kickstarter about a Beehive with a tap and a gravity mecanical system to collect the honey and have it available.

What are your thoughts about that ? Any ideas on how to diy ?
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>Get up
>Go to hive
>Night time is colder so no honey poured out.
>Wait! At least it poured a few tablespoons worth of honey
>full of ants
File: EpicFailGuy.jpg (8 KB, 251x251)
8 KB
If you drain a hive from the interior, but the cap remains on the top of the comb, how long will it take for the bees to figure out that the comb is empty and can be filled again?
Pretty fast. Like a matter of hours or minutes they'll notice. Website says sometimes they'll try to take honey from your bucket as you're draining the hive. If they try that you need to cover your bucket.
I'm not really concerned about the honey stealing, as much as the possibility that the comb will sit there filled with air after it has been drained.

File: j3GE0.jpg (96 KB, 960x657)
96 KB
Small/stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread. Old thread >>753008

As a reminder, questions related to electronics go in /ohm/ >>767395
204 replies and 60 images omitted. Click here to view.
I am thinking of getting into "home recycling" of plastic (HDPE) for use in some of my craft projects.

I really need cheap heat resistant gloves to safely handle the plastic. Any recommendations on gloves?
File: file.jpg (6 KB, 281x281)
6 KB
Is there anything wrong with using this as a blunt chisel for metalworking?

For gentle hammering over a long period of time, not full on crazed thwack.
Why would you even. It wouldn't even do anything excel stamp its profile in wood
Yes, that's not what it's for.
>gentle hammering
No, not really. It's very hard material.
Biggest problem is that it's brittle and could break easier than the proper tool. Could be a safety issue I guess.

>over a long period of time
Chisels can't be that expensive

File: 20150214_154236.jpg (623 KB, 960x1280)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
what did you do today diy?

I cut firewood
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File: DSC00432.jpg (774 KB, 2061x1546)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
Finished with the filler for walls and ceiling of the old diesel generator room.
File: DSCN0879.jpg (520 KB, 1600x1200)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
I built some mannequin heads.
File: Capture.jpg (39 KB, 611x691)
39 KB
BunkerAnon? I haven't seen you for a while.
is OP in montco PA?

File: 1052.jpg (18 KB, 220x221)
18 KB
Not sure if this is the right board, but hey, I'll either get help or flak, so it's worth a shot.

I just got a computer from my friend, I was told it was a gaming rig. Here are the specs:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz (4 CPUs)
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

Not sure what other specs are needed.

Whenever I go to start up Metro Last Light, I get a Shader 3.0 Error.

Whenever I go to the Heaven Benchmark thing, I get a Direct3D11 error, that it can't open in windowed mode?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I would suggest you t get what i call bullshit done, which is mainly drivers
Update your Catalyst control center/Graphics drivers, then if it doesn't work, go for your mainboard drivers
inspect the mainboard and the graphics card for signs of damage
do a clean windows install
Would the damage be obvious?
>check what kind of motherboard
Easiest way is to look at it.

Like burn marks.

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