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I want to try to make my own crude MRI machine, but I decided I should first try to make an NMR machine by myself first.

I looked at a classic NMR paper and the apparatus looks pretty simple honestly. However, I don't have much of an electrical engineering background and would like to hear from what you guys have to say on building something like this.

Bloembergen, Purcell, Pound; Relaxation Effects in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Absorption, Phys. Rev., 73, no. 7 (1948)

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>I manage a chemistry lab
>What are some experiments that I can do to teach myself chemistry?

RIP anyone who has access to your lab.
File: image.jpg (158 KB, 541x1024)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Check out compactron tubes
I just stock chemicals and make sure equipment works. I'm a lowly physics undergrad. Just wanna learn some chemistry, since I have access to lab 24/7
Look at some beginner's chemistry lab manuals
like which ones?

I was wondering if i could use tablet screen for 3d printer? Is there a way or programs for android to drive printing and displaing each cutaway picture? There are pretty great lcd's in them but no way to drive just lcd.
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The most "now and cheap" solution would be to have an already working tablet or phone with a screen and a software solution for it to stream images from a desktop PC.
>stream images from a desktop PC.
but they said its lagging, we need fluent pics, or especially no laging and freezing.
>we need fluent pics

What for? The average exposure time for a single layer on a print is 2-4 minutes, and the image is just a 1bit black/white mask. As long as you stream it lossless it's fine. Even a potato can stream a new image every 4 minutes.
Is there any single program that does that? Move z and run bitmaps in specified time, and turns off switch for backlight?
File: sla.png (1.05 MB, 711x981)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Pic related is my setup. Used to be a topdown, now its a bottom up.
Projector is a H6510BD which has a clear segment in its collor wheel so you don't need to remove that unless you want better performance. It also focusses down to .1mm per pixel with stock optics but the focus plane is not flat. Im using the projector as it came, no mods, original bulb so if I scrap it I still got a good projector.
Electronics, firmware and Control software are selfmade.
For slicing I use some old version of creation workshop but anything that spits out the images will work.
Use case is tricky. So far I've been limited to testprints studying, work and other projects taking time away from it.
>exposure time for a single layer on a print is 2-4 minutes
Wow. I never realy considered that, but of course LCD based SLAs are slower. Depending on pigments I get 2-10 seconds per .1mm layer.

not sure if this is the right board, but i want to put together a model landscape similar to pic related but i have no idea where to start/what materials to buy

does anyone in the know have any tips?
Model stores. They sell all that.

File: 630.jpg (64 KB, 1280x720)
64 KB
In this thread we talk about:
- ham radio
- projects you have going on related to radio
- baluns and ununs on salvaged cores
- compact antennas for 160m band.

Current data on propagation is here: http://wsprnet.org/drupal/wsprnet/map

Online SDR's networks: websdr.org sdr.hu

Learning morse code: lcwo.net www.justlearnmorsecode.com

Amateur Satellites: https://www.amsat.org/

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if i have to bake new bread, its gonna be some antenna porn,
prepare, get your fat asses out there and get some picture of 'tennas while its nice out
File: hamtenna.jpg (35 KB, 393x799)
35 KB
>antenna porn
Amateur please, not commercial. A nice contest farm would be good.
Sadly the only picture I can take is this
File: 1521858245276.jpg (37 KB, 800x734)
37 KB
Son, I am disappoint.
and its sideways...
fucking l337

File: localization(5).gif (1.86 MB, 640x480)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB GIF
I need to generate fairly loud ~1ms sound pulses at a specific frequency in a way that's controllable by a computer. What's the best/cheapest way to do this? Are regular speakers capable of such short bursts?
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>Are regular speakers capable of such short bursts?
Yes, but
>What's the best/cheapest way to do this?
Peizoelectric speaker. They're the go-to choice for sonar anyway, so you'll have references to work from.
Just use piezo ultrasonic transducers meant for measuring distance like these guys :

If the transmitter has to be high powered because you are working at large distances, there are relatively cheap 40khz transducers for cleaners which would match the small 40khz ultrasonic receivers. Making a high power driver for a piezo is not entirely trivial though.

>Making a high power driver for a piezo is not entirely trivial though.
How so? Also how to go about detecting ultrasonic frequencies with a microphone? Initially I'm just aiming for a 20-50 foot effective radius (the waves will have to travel twice that far because of the reflections), but longer term I would definitely like to try imaging objects out to 100'.
>How so?
You have to make it self resonant for optimal power. I'm not sure how necessary that is though, you'd have to measure. Regardless, you'll need to build around a 24V/2A full bridge driver.

For microphones you just use small 40 kHz piezo transducers meant for distance measurements, the same kind the acoustic levitator people used.

Digitize all the microphones and then do your synthetic aperture 3D processing.

I want a nice espresso machine but sinch they are very expensive. I would buy a broken one for cheap and fix it.
Is it worth it? 60$ instead of 400$
Has someone experiece with fixing espresso machines?
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Keep walking you uneducated poor fag.
An espresso is heat+pressure+quality of coffee.

That's it.
Uh huh. And fresh ground is the same as 6 month old grinded. Fuck off fagget.
That literally goes under "good coffee".

Also, fridge storage and/or a sealed container is pretty decent at flavour retention.

Still literally says nothing as to why OP needs an espresso maker that also grinds and doses, when an espresso machine and a separate grinder is far better value.
It's also convenience. I have both. One takes 15 minutes or more if u grind, the other 3. One makes a huge mess (unless u have a dosa) the other is a mess on monthly bases for cleaning. The alloy used to boil the water also matter cause it changes the taste. My saeco Vs my stovetop perc are night and fucking day in term of taste, consistency, froth, temp, etc. You literally don't know what "good coffee" is.

File: overn.jpg (217 KB, 1000x750)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
My oven element melted itself with lightning today.

It did not trip the breaker, I turned the oven off and then turned the breaker off myself. I've replaced the heating element, but now the oven display and control buttons aren't working. Is there a fuse somewhere in the oven I need to replace? I don't even know how to get in there.

Side note: the range top still works.
Side side note: I've already cleaned the inside of the oven.
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This would have been a great project for someone with electrical knowledge and a few 30A relays
It’ll cost you more time and aggravation than it’s worth, and it may or may not work. Besides, the replacement board may come with a fuse so this doesn’t happen again. Or you can put one in line with the element yourself if you want to be true /diy/
Naw dude 7 bux for the relay.
File: 1528532658932.jpg (176 KB, 900x900)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
OP, before considering buying a relay, you should better try if the whole board is willing to work anymore.

Relay coil is a 12VDC one : try plugging a small car bulb in place of coil.
if it lights, well it means boards still have some brains to detect heater is too cold, and fire it with some juice... so a new relay may be worth testing.
if it doesn't, well you're done goofed.
That's a nice looking job there

Post your current projects here.

Previous thread
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Its steel, not steak. You need acetylene. And skill because you're probably going to have to torch it out of the wheel. I've done one on a Durango or something like that before. Took a lot of time and patience.
Ever hear anything about these?

Was reading the reviews and they’re mixed. The main thing is people say the oxygen tanks run out within 5min.
Why you pick that wife?
It's not part of the "big 3"anymore, it's fucking FIAT. One of the few manufacturers that could have bought Chrysler and made them worse.

Making edgy looking crossovers to appeal to the 32 year old father who needs a mini van doesn't make them good cars.
maybe put some projects on hold while you sort your life out

File: IMG-20180530-WA0003.jpg (39 KB, 720x686)
39 KB
Hi /diy/. Hoping you guys can offer some advice on a project because I'm about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

My wife and I want to convert an old fridge into an incubator for queen bees and cells. The interior needs to stay at about 32-34°C (90-93°F). We have the fridge and can rig up a thermostat but we're struggling to think of a good way to heat the space evenly, ideally without spending a fortune on it.
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>arduino 10 dollars
>has a kit including the controller, thermocouple (temperature sensor) and a solid state relay for $34.00
You don't need a separate solid state relay.
The Inkbird can control 10A at 250VAC directly.
It also has built in alarm if temp varies too far from setting.

nichrome wire.
two bulbs.
File: north_koreans_have_books.jpg (1007 KB, 2000x1500)
1007 KB
1007 KB JPG

is he making pottery on a car that is not smart
A chocolate teapot sounds pretty neat desu senpai

Do any of you have any kind of DIY or crafts type of job ?

I just wanted some recommendation of hobbies that actually involved crafting and building shit with your hands. I live in a small, sterile, cuckcube type of apartment with my parents and it just sucks having no space to tinker with shit and coming up with ideas for projects that I wont be able to do. Electronics is totally out of cogitation cause fumes and shit.
Cabinet making.
doll houses
conservation picture framing
>cause fumes and shit.

I made a vent hood box that has a microwave fan placed in any open window to suck fumes outside while I work with soldering ans volatiles. I can light a box of matches inside it and never smell anything.

File: cnc-fraiseuse-milling.jpg (259 KB, 1200x900)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Hey /diy/, I'm considering joining an apprenticeship trade program. I want to do either residental wiring or some kind of cnc machining (or programming). Do any of you have experience with those fields and what kind of advice can you offer?

I don't have a college degree or professional experience with either, and I'm not exactly a spring chicken, but I'm good with my hands and enjoy learning new skills. I've been a contractor in unrelated fields for a number of years and need an actual career before it's too late.
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They arent dead if you are indian and work for less than minimum wage.
Hey OP. I do new residential electrical.

Theres a lot to learn. The expectations are high. You are expected to produce. Everyone is just trying to make as much money as they can safely

If you show some talent and some drive, you can go far quickly as a resi guy. I started at $11/h 2.5 years ago, and now I make $21/h
Lots. I've studed carpentry and homebuilding quite extensively, including the newfangled SIP construction. It's basically a custom factory prefab that you can do with zero drywall and still meet modern insulation requirements. Super awesome stuff!

I don't fit in with code monkeys. They work for near minimum wage now, and code is as bloated, shoddy, and undocumented as ever. It makes me sad to even look at it.

Object oriented programming killed it. Bring back ANSI C!

It's worth looking into at least. I'm big into EV in the first place, but it may be a while before it's practical to build an EV pickup truck. When that happens, the world will change drastically. For the better, of course.

In Texas, it's anything above 20 bucks an hour 40 hours a week after materials. Well paying jobs are incredibly rare here; too much cheap labor to justify paying workers more.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: KE6QNYV.png (1.49 MB, 1357x1281)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
>Coding is blue collar
Amen. The AI and programming advancements in the past 10 years have just been smoke and mirrors.

Only different is the hardware had made things look better and there are more pixel pushers.

File: 1531962432285-1574695687.jpg (1.41 MB, 4160x3120)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Post things you aren't quite sure about, remember, we are after solutions, not problems.

Kicking this thread off, making a hotwire foam cutter, have an old repurposed laptop charger that spits out 18VAC at 600mA.
I'm planning on connecting I via clips to either end of a steel wire to cut foam, is it worth the safety risk off accidentally touching the wire and instantly dying? Could I wear really heavily insulated gloves to add some safety?
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This is bullshit
I own a Simpson 260 multimeter
It's powered by 4 'AA' cells and 1 'D' cell
(no 9V battery)
It has three Ohm ranges:
Rx1, Rx100, Rx10,000
On the Rx1 setting the open circuit at the probe tips is 1.53V (the D cell)
On the Rx100 setting the open circuit at the probe tips is 1.53V (still the D cell)
On the Rx10,000 setting the open circuit at the probe tips is 7.65 (the D cell in series with the four AA cells.
The max current available at the probe tips are:
Rx1 - 113ma
Rx100 - 1.3ma
Rx10,000 - 63.3µa

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Would electrical tape work?
>Would electrical tape work?
Yes, it's just messier. The adhesive is gummy when you decide to remove it.
>Rx1 - 113ma
>Rx100 - 1.3ma
>Rx10,000 - 63.3µa
these are at microvolts because the tips are almost shorted by the ampere meter
Not him but
>lethal wattage
>100 milliamps


File: R11821_image1.jpg (189 KB, 1333x667)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
I have come into the possible business opportunity to sell bamboo poles. Raw and cured options. My distributor would allow me to beat out ALL the competition I know of online. I can order nearly 1000 culms a month (more if I request it).

However, I have no idea if there is even a market for it. The bit of research I've done seems to imply there is a market for processed bamboo, cut into "X" length and shape. But I don't have the tools, nor do I wish to get into that business model.

So I'm asking you, how much raw and/or cured bamboo do you feel is a reasonable expectation to sell each month? Why are you buying it (construction? art projects? fencing? etc.)? How often have you used bamboo/how often are you contracted to use bamboo?

Any help would be appreciated. Just dipping my feet in to see what to expect. I am not basing my sole operation off of this one post, just curious to read about your experiences in the field.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Plant them. Then it's not a fence, it's natural growth :P
Biz is trash for anything other than crypto
Buy as much as you can, bamboo is going to be huge, hell if it gets taxed by trump price ia going to quadruple because import taxes, so you better buy a huge stock right now.
I wish to subscrribe to your bamboo business and yur bamboo blog OP, to our much future prosperities.
Figure all the cost (and hassle) here be in logistics, transport/storage/handling, etc. Just taking raw cost and saying, 'I can it order it cheaper than is currently online!' - its not where material handling costs are at. And /biz/? - no, not for some years since. Shills shilling other shills shit.
My last house has bamboo in the yard. Fuck that I’d pay someone to take it away.

File: 20180722_012229.jpg (1.86 MB, 4128x2322)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
>buy flextape
>pay 15 dollars CAD
>this is the area the entire roll covers

How is this not a ripoff?
>buy as seen on TV garbage
>surprised it was a rip off

Leaf please
I saw other youtube videos showing off this stuff and saw many reviews

it probably works, just too bad you get so little for what you pay for

File: owon b35t+.jpg (100 KB, 1001x1001)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
I recently decided I need to view a multimeter remotely.
Being a cheapskate, I'm looking for the best I can get for the least expense.
I found pic related for $52 on eBay.
CATIII - BT4 - data logging - etc.
Does anyone have this meter and are you satisfied with it?
Does anyone have something similar for <$100 that you're really pleased with?
File: OWON B35T specs.png (28 KB, 616x489)
28 KB

Function as 3 in 1: data logger + multimeter + temperature meter.
Multi-connection (more than one device) supported via mobile app (Support Android 4.3 or above & IOS).
The change trend analysis accessible via special chart mode.
Voice warning supported, which assures measurement safety.
Smart voice-reading accessible.
3(5/6)-digit full scale reading, achieving higher measurement accuracy than 3(3/4)-digit counterparts.
Larger display, easier data-reading; simulated bar chart comes as an added option.
Backlight screen, more suitable for dark measurement environment.
Smart power-off option extending battery life.
True RMS value available for B35T+.
I've got a B41T+, and it's nice for the price, but it's definitely no Fluke. My biggest gripes with it are that it's a bit finicky with high (>200) voltages, and frequently falsely reports voltages off the chart when connecting it, and sometimes gets stuck and continues to claim out-of-range voltages with nothing connected and beeps obnoxiously until you turn the to something else and back. Also, the backlight won't stay on indefinitely and goes off after a minute or two.

It also doesn't have much in the way of input protection, so I'm not so confident with its explodability rating, but that probably won't happen, so it's not too big a deal.

Haven't tried the BT app as I don't have a compatible phone and I couldn't get it to connect with my laptop, but I think that's a software issue on the PC side.
Thanks for the info.
Backlight timer is probably to save the battery.
Being a burger, I'd use it mostly on 120-240VAC
I'd be pretty annoyed if it kept friggin' out and had to be switched to a different function and back.
My reason for wanting one was to monitor a small voltage on the ground rod outside while switching breakers back on from the inside.
If I had to go back out to kick it frequently it would kinda negate the intended purpose.

thanks again
I'm a burger too, I just have a high voltage solar setup. Once it's connected and starts giving a good reading it'll usually behave itself, it's just the initial connection that makes it herp its derp sometimes.
If you get it, post some pics and screenshots of the shit you pull up on the app. I’m curious what the thing will do for $50.

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