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One day I decided I would like a radio beacon.

Kind of like:

I picked up an arduino and wanted to transmit more then a dit or a dot. I settled on hellschrieber.
I saw someone had aready done it. I tried their code. Threw it away.
Kind of like:

Here is my source for the arduino atmega328p:

The picture is an example transmission(It took around 18 minutes to send!),
It has a glitch in the last line. Some sort of array problem I can't be bothered to fix.

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Neat, I'm just a general class ham with a very tenuous grasp of actual electronics but I think maybe what you need for your wide bandwidth is a low-pass filter?
File: BandwidthLowPass.png (76 KB, 607x102)
76 KB
Well, a low pass filter could be used to shape or trim off the excess at higher frequencies it would still allow too much at lower frequencies.
File: BandWidthBandPass.png (90 KB, 607x102)
90 KB
A band-pass filter tuned to the center frequency could be used. But it is a rather inelegant solution.
The problem is the rapid switching of the signal on and off.

It takes a lot of bandwidth to represent a square wave (In theory infinite) it takes a lot less for a sine wave.
The best way to reduce key clicks is to change the keying shape. By gradually turning it on, you decrease the bandwidth.

For a detailed explanation, see the following references:



These apply to any OOK modulation method.

File: 20171014_193339.jpg (3.24 MB, 4032x3024)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB JPG
I made a Boombox out of some old speakers and such I had laying around. I know it's not perfect, I just needed something to occupy my mind for a while, and it was fun to make.

I used 2 Alpine 6x9 speakers I had laying around that came out of my last vehicle.

The box was from a KLH 3 way speaker that I bought 25 years ago, the speakers were destroyed years ago by a roommates cat. But the cabinet was fine.

The amp is just a Lepai 2020ti, they're about $25 on Amazon.

I tore off the front of the speaker cabinet and used plywood to make a new front. The wood grain finish on the front is from some vinyl flooring I had sitting around.

Show off your own DIY boomboxes.
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can you please tell me about those mini woofers. Im keen to pick up a couple. Looks like 4" , sort of the same ones they have on the jbl bluetooth speaker,they go pretty hard. Been looking for them.

Much thanks :)

It already has a crappy polyurethane finish on it


Steal one from a street where a handicap child resides


The main speakers? or the sub/passive radiator?


The mini sub I used. box volume is critical, otherwise it sound like shit
File: 20170807_221652.jpg (3.43 MB, 4032x3024)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB JPG
Here's mine, old school style boombox with bluetooth 4.0 and 30+ hours of playtime on full volume.
Its in a primer atm, if this thread is still up in a few days i'll upload the finished piece.

File: 005.jpg (744 KB, 2592x1936)
744 KB
744 KB JPG
Bunkerbro, where are you
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second this question
Well he does have a fuel storage crater so...
That's the one he couldn't buy though.
>tfw once got banned from busch garden and ceader point for flipping off the ride camera's
lmao fucking dweebs

File: KIMG0269.jpg (3.43 MB, 2448x3264)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB JPG
Show me your battle stations, also motivate me to sort this shit out
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There is a good chance that I might.
Seeing as how it has drum brakes front and rear, the throttle return is almost non-existent and the power band on it comes on hard.
I am hoping my 20 years of riding experience and my turning into an old man will keep me out of trouble.
File: 1507246369573.jpg (31 KB, 500x667)
31 KB
it wont.

those bikes dont care. they're monsters even in top safe condition. let alone with any handicaps to function.

fix it b4 it fucks you.
That is the plan, notice how it doesn't even have tags yet.
Having trouble finding throttle cables but did find that I could possibly put a front disc on it from a newer model which means I can also ditch the wire wheels and be able to put some good radials on it.
Believe me, it will have been gone through from end to end before I take it out on the road.

>and I'll probably still die on it
just drive slow and watch out for the neighbor's dogs, potholes, and gravel roads
Both but mostly organizing help, I'm at the point I might hire people, I'm cleaning everything as I find spots for it

File: Abyss compass.jpg (1.81 MB, 1673x1066)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
I am trying to replicate this thing, a compass in a ball that floats independently inside but always points straight up and down. Some possible ways of making it work include magnets, water with refraction same as the glass used, or high-density gas with the bottom of the compass weighted and the points being just barely free of touching the glass.

What option would work best for this? The dense gas sounds interesting but I have no idea how much weight/mass such a gas, say SF6, can actually hold. Then another thought is how would you properly contain the gas inside the sphere if it's meant to be either completely whole or at most in hemispheres?
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>cheap shit silver filament

I've always found those to be a crapshoot too. Might I suggest a straight grey followed by primer, metallic paint and then weathering on the details. As for layer lines, push your printer a bit, for example, I find 80 micron is significantly better than 100 despite looking like a small difference on paper. If you're British, I'd be happy to run you off a couple of prints at that resolution for nothing since it doesn't seem to be that much plastic.
Dude that's awesome as fuck. I wish I had the shit to make all that with. I always keep wanting to make things from stuff I like but I never have any of the gear or know-how.
>smoothed and finished
watch this
What I've done is mostly fab brackets and pcb supports so smooth isn't important.
this is the cutest post i've ever read
Would you mind uploading the blender file somewhere?

File: G0019686.jpg (1.64 MB, 3920x2160)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
its just a two stoke motor, a propeller, a chair and parachuting gear.
pls help me build sky chair
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File: thruster.jpg (12 KB, 260x180)
12 KB
Fuark! You could get pic attached for that.

What he said. At the very least do some paragliding.

Side note tho, you could grab the flag
Film him crash and post?

>Bro, i have experiance about paragliders.I would also want my own ppg.

As i see its about 2k eur for the paramotor and another 2k for the glider.

Also check out speedfly videos, those gliders are agile and because of its spead they are quite turbulance resistant. I assume those are not for beginers, but a year or two ago i did read an article about combineing speedfly gliders with a paramotor, according to it its duable. But you have to run the paramotor on full throtle, to diminish the speedfly gliders bigger sunkspeed, on the other hand you get an agile cupola with high speed.
Those are a good way to die. Powered parachutes much much much safer.

File: ForPepe.png (1.43 MB, 1024x1600)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
>What is this?
We're building a rocket (well, first we're sending a weather balloon) to go into space!

>Are people unironically working on this?
Yes, anons have collaborated from /k/, /pol/, /g/, and /diy/ to get this working for the past 48 hours.

>Where can I join?
We have a Discord!
discord gg/pWeQBFk

>What are you currently discussing?
1. Rocket science
2. Balloon construction
3. Payload
4. Funding options

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I wanna see where this goes.
May i suggest a rockoon?, you may have problems with the angle of launching (maybe you could strap a camera and press launch at the right time after making some math on earth)
If u launch a cosmonaut craft a tiny space suit with a small formaldehyde tank.
You should also send a "message for the aliens"
I heard that u need a sterile place to build the box and a good Al cover..and a cheap solar cell
The amount of helium needed makes it more expensive than a solid fuel stage, and no more reliable. But it is worth considering.
Sagebumping because of silly threaf

It's too bad the jews killed Gerald Bull before he could realize his dream :(

File: 200amp.jpg (49 KB, 1000x1000)
49 KB
I currently have a Stab-Lok panel that needs to get out of my house. I've installed breakers before, wired in entire rooms, converted a house from gas to electric water heater, et cetera, but have never done a panel.

My question here is, is it pretty straight forward? Label each line, have the pedestal disconnected, pull the old panel, install at the very least the main, have the pedestal re-installed and finish up?
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even better than labeling is using a floor-plan with all the sockets and lights added and numbered. coz ''top right hand socket on kitchen's west wall'' has too many damn letters to fit that tiny space.
It was probably one of the smartest things in that post desu.
This makes me moist. Put it in one of those snap edge advertising poster holders
I'd use marker to put numbers on jackets of all cables, then packing tape to protect mark. Large labels won't survive being pulled out of the old one then put in new box.
Just make a chart of what number is what circuit, then once new panel is in place you can write proper labels on actual panel.
I was thinking more along the lines of "Front bedroom" "Back bedroom" "outside outlets" et cetera like it's currently labeled, but that's an idea too.
this picture is great

File: 1504827842887667951.jpg (34 KB, 400x400)
34 KB
Does anybody know the rules in germany for this kit in the StVo?
If it goes up to 45 km/h without you having to pedal it's handled like a scooter and you need to have a driver's or moped license, an insurance, wear a helmet and are barred from most cycling paths.

If it goes up to 25 km/h and you actually have to pedal to make it move it's handled like a normal bicycle.
Electric is easier to hide and nobody gives a shit about it. Plus, those kits are always shitty quality.
above 6 Kmh its basically a Mofa
not allowed until you got an ABE (that you will never get) and insurance number plate.
For driving you need Mofa Prüfbescheinigung or any Driver licence (since they all include it)

get yourself a Used Prima 3 / 5 / 5s, Kreidler Flori
can be as cheap as 200 bucks
oh, if it has more than 50cc, you're fucked and need a real vehicle insurance + number plate and a motorcycle license
2 smokes are ilegal

File: file.png (236 KB, 480x303)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Alright DIY, electronic engineer here, i was offered a project that i'm not even sure it's possible to do, but i would like to get some feedback, maybe im missing some info

They want a "smart mat" with lights that turn on and off on 72 sequences, this to tell you where to place your feet, to do orthopedic exercises.... first thing i thought was pic related, but those never had lights and yes, they want it to be bendable..., i can design and make flexible circuits but lights? wtf am i in for?
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for lights use el tape or el panels.


theres also a electroluminescent paint called lumilor

another called litcoat (https://litcoat.com/)
File: Tiny LEDs.jpg (48 KB, 620x454)
48 KB
EL paint? I imagine you need to have a conductive layer, then the phosphor, then a thin wire mesh and probably some sort of overcoat? Not that practical for intricate painting, but for bulk coats it could be pretty good. For this application I think EL panels would be better once you consider that the paint would probably require more of a protective coating and would be more complicated.

Also pic related.
Bump for update by OP.
OP here seems to me the "client" was just spilling ideas over the phone, with no real intention of building this

I actually made a survey for the client in google survey, called him, gave him my contact info and web page with past projects, and sent it to him, I started asking all of these >>1258100 questions and added a couple about intellectual property, (wanted to know if he had done some patent/state of the art searches)

Instead of answering the questions in the survey he called me, a bit flattered, and asked me if i had some kind of proposal, i told him that in order to make a proposal i was looking for technical feasibility first, doing my research and that it would help a lot if he could answer the questions on the survey

He started mumbling, got a bit nervous said had a patent (gave no number and i couldn't find it, and neither had a clue about what patents are for) and slowly aborted the conversation, even after my efforts of explaining to him, i was looking for a way to build this for him, in the end he said he said he would call his lawyer in order to ask if he could talk with me about the project, even after i offered him a non disclosure agreement in case he was afraid of not knowing who i was and of sharing any information with me

so yeah looks like, he actually wasn't expecting someone to make this for him

In any other case i'm still curious about how to actually build this, seems like a challenge

This seems useful however, i'm not sure it can be used as a switch, Im actually willing to make a tiny small hand sized prototype about this tho using EL panels and sorting out how to actually protect them and include a switch into them

File: image.jpg (185 KB, 918x716)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Anyone here have any advice on building a shed/shop? What is a minimum size that I should keep in mind? How much should I expect to spend? Looking to get the bare minimum contracted and do some upgrades myself (electrical, heating, interior)
What is it for? How much space do you need to do that?
Only you know how much space you need. As for keeping it cheap you can do everything yourself assuming you have a couple of tools, a little construction experience and aren't too worried about aesthetics.
A workshop is an answer to the question of what you want the shop for and where you live, along with your budget.

I prefer steel buildings and shipping containers (I have both, four containers so far) as shop space. I machine and weld among other things. I don't care for wood. It burns, it rots, and its pitiful in storms.

If you may want machine tools or to do engine work etc, a container is outstanding which is why oil patch and other industrial users buy container shops. Visit the Sea Box website for ideas. You get an instant machinery rated floor, lots of tiedown loops for rigging and shelving, and a railroad tie under each end is usually sufficient support.

File: 1505511034140.jpg (55 KB, 500x477)
55 KB
hi /diy/ i need a way to get 3 volts straight from a 4,5v battery or more
i heard there are some components that give you a fix amount of output no matter the battery voltage will drop

can u point me out?
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yeah but a battery alone will drop his voltage when its nearly discharged
LF33CV. /thread
Voltage divider with an op amp voltage follower
Add 1.5v cell in series opposing you fucking ape

You're welcome.

File: water3.jpg (41 KB, 300x300)
41 KB
Is it possible to oscillate electrons fast enough in a molecule that it effectively has more electrons than it really has? Sort of a effective tunneling of the election that it appears to be in two places at once?

I'm trying to work out a method of taking advantage of cascading diamagnetic fields in order to induce high frequency low voltage currents as a method of splitting hydrogen from water.
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
The level of frequency for this likely does not even need to be that high. Reading about the discovery of the Lamb shift. Does done using microwaves to excite the electron from on step of the shift to the other. So perhaps not even needing to trick s molecule with a single electron acting twice, I do not see how stray electrons cannot be excited into a molecule, disrupting the charge of the molecule and lowering the energy cost of splitting atoms from the molecule.

The more I research this, it seems evident that conventional calculations for measuring the conservation of energy are simply not calculating all the factors.
In conventional energy calculation of a circuit why is planks equation not consider? Also if energy can be held in frequency. Why do we not have a high frequency system rather than high voltage carriers?
You know what's super fucking easy? Electrolysis.
you know what's not easy? getting more energy out of a system than what you put into it. which is what OP wants to do. which is why OP's quest is fucking impossible.
File: 1503199971842.jpg (82 KB, 680x1024)
82 KB

You sound like a fagot and your shits all retarded.


File: 20171007_223405.jpg (3.76 MB, 4032x3024)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB JPG
Show me your flashlights
24 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Has anyone ever made their own high powered LED light?

I found this guide:

I was thinking of doing similar with 150w LEDs instead, and mounting them within a reflective cup to make it a spot
seems like way too much effort to bother with considering how inexpensive LED flashlights can be
i <3 my pelican 1910

i found it in the dirt while riding my bike

takes AAA and is bright as fuck

It would be for lighting up huge areas at night. I havent been able to find anything similar for a low price (relative to component part price)
i have a couple of those maglites in the vehicles, and i have big lantern that came with my Fuel tool set.

I'm not sure if this is the place to talk about this but here it goes. There is this old house that I'm interested in getting. The layout is old and needs a complete remodel. It looks solid for the most part but I want to redo the entire layout. I know what I need to do outside but I'm not sure how to position the layout. There is another house down the same street but I'll post that if anyone is interested in they layout of that house. It's weird.

My drawing sucks and it is not to scale. Sorry.

Red areas are the doors.

Any ideas?
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: fluflu.png (164 KB, 739x509)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
here fix
File: 1507765494839.png (20 KB, 852x516)
20 KB
real designer here
can OP do it under 10.000$?

looks nice. why not one window close to bed.
Why would you have a window next to the bed? Sleeping works best in darkness.
File: fp.png (22 KB, 852x516)
22 KB
I just did a remodel myself so I'm against making too many changes but I'd def move the wall and move the furniture like this. As someone with an island who cooks I'll tell you they are pretty useless. In my next house I will have a dining table in the middle of my kitchen like in pic related. It looks cleaner, is more functional and opens up space.

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