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File: 20180719_192923.jpg (1.09 MB, 2576x1932)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
I'm trying to replace the igniter on my gas oven I receive the new part in the mail yesterday upon installing I realised the plug don't match up to where it plugs into the oven it's identical except the plugs don't match my question is is there a such thing as an adapter to make these parts connect?
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Cut+wire nuts = done
It's done I cut the plug from the old one and spliced it to the new one thanks for the help everybody
In the process of making some garlic bread right now
tools and electricity... literally had one guy
>millenial boomers PLEASE
not everything has to be *Literally*
one thread, one post, hell three sentences without LITERALLY
how badly the edumacation system failed you sexually confused Kardashian loving nunbnuts.....
File: 297.png.jpg (39 KB, 680x383)
39 KB
>Litteral hamfag complaining on a non-heathkit related /thread
OPAAAA, it's time for your alzeimer pill ^_^

File: 15321011811581999570528.jpg (1.25 MB, 2592x1944)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Ive got this really beat up sofa bed I dont use anymore. I was considering breaking it up scrapping the metal. Only problem is, I dont know if it's really worth it or if the metal is non-ferrous. I tried to google what the most common metal used in sofa beds are, but I ended up empty handed. What should I do? Pic not related

If you have to drive to the place to sell the metal you will spend more on gasoline than you will get paid.

Why can't you discard the whole thing the normal way that people in your area get rid of furniture?
>Why can't you discard the whole thing the normal way that people in your area get rid of furniture?


country road + ditch
I live in the city. I was just curious on making a buck on my trash

What are some uses for air conditioner juice?
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it does not fit the definition of precipitation as lain down in the law.

rain barrels and the like are also permissible. Don't spread fud.
Get a small ball valve anon. Leave container be and hit the valve instead
Fuckoff vegancuck. You ever went to the river with a dozen buddy's for the weekend. Mudding, tiddys, fishing, fish fry.

Cheapest redkneck fun to be had if you don't get drunk and break your shit.
>liscense to collect rainwater.

The fuck anon is this Europe?

>land of the free
>as long as you are good sheeple

I want to move more every day. Anyone live in the more affordable rural parts of New Zealand? Is it cool?
File: 1521851293463.jpg (240 KB, 1024x955)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
>Brown bunny being cuffed
Well well well...

File: hmm.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
Why is it so difficult to find one of these to buy? Just any earth brick press
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Alibaba has those for ~$100 a piece. More advanced, mechanized versions are from $500+ to $3000+
You could probably make it much cheaper with your own scrap metal + soldering + engine/electric motor to mechanize this for <$100.
Not to mention dangerous as fuck. My friends play paintball at an abandoned brick plant that blew up...
I scored a 5hp. Now i just need a big hydraulic pump, 3-phase, and build the damned thing. Thinking about dividing up the psi for multiple bricks and make it move after every drop.

Any long term side effects of bentonite?

Mixed that and limestone screenings for greensand one time. Packs like concrete. Maybe rhino liner the building after? Just for storage but i dont want to die

How to wash a glass bottle without a brush? I have a bottle which I used only to store water, but I didn't use it for months and now when I put water in it and drink it literally taste like I'm drinking sewer water
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save up your allowance and buy a new one.
but i already have like 10 of them and 3L cider bottles cost about £4 each
>but i already have like 10 of them and 3L cider bottles cost about £4 each

you could sell the extras for a profit.
Sometimes you can't get a cleaning rod inside it, or there is really caked on material.

There is a lab solution though. Use piranha solution or chromic acid. You can google them, they're really corrosive so you need thick gloves and goggles, but I thought it worth mentioning.

For really bad stains, aqua regia is used but amateurs shouldn't go near the stuff. It eats through just about any metal, attacks most things.
baking soda

Ok so, Nintendo made these awesome official replicas of the SNES controllers. They work good, they feel good, but they're wired, which is a pain in the ass. And they're not even USB, they have the same connector as the Wiimote's Nunchuck, which makes it an even bigger pain in the ass to use with PC.

How would I transform this in a wireless Bluetooth controller?
I know I could just buy a Bluetooth replica, but it's a shame that these would go to waste.
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OP here.
Nigga, Retroarch is precisely the reason why I want to transform these controllers to use Bluetooth. Do you really think I would use the botched Nintendo emulation?

Holy shit, this is exactly what I wanted! I had no fucking idea this existed. Thanks anon!
Now where to get them in Europe without inflated as fuck conversions.
Don't cry over that yuro, imagine being from NZ or Chile.
if i grew up with playing the snes does that still count as me being a millennial cause i'm confused which side to take now.

File: floor.jpg (1.95 MB, 3286x2432)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
how do I fix this floor damage?
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Excellent choice sir. May I suggest Mirage SI04 Havana? If laid by a novice I suggest the medium length ones.
>may I pretend to know what I'm talking about like 90% of /diy/
>Fight me.
this is my kind of thread
>Not pouring an inch of epoxy right on the cement and walking on that

why live
I have piano shiny pine wood floors and HATED them after I moved in and then got a robot vac. I love my damn floors now. Best 200$ I ever spent on anything. Oh and got a eufy

File: Capture.png (877 KB, 769x941)
877 KB
877 KB PNG
It is finally here!


I was just talking to an anon in another thread a few weeks back about this. They seemed to be bought out and then went in development hell. All is good though and this is a great tool.
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>This would be great if you were a woman and you bought every little thing from amazon.

I mean...yeah, that's exactly who it's aimed at.
Using ML to detect dimensions and features of screws is doable and probably useful, but trying to detect industrial machinery is just useless. At best we'll be able to make a model that can identify equipment at the level of granularity of "furnace", "conveyer belt", "still"

The best use of ML in identification of parts is to quickly enumerate the features of common but infinitely variable components, which screws definitely fit into.
Good luck. Most stuff either fits into two categories. Valuable things that people want and intend to fix if parts break or go missing, in which case the company will make finding replacement parts and sell them at huge markups as easy as possible. Or chinesium junk that has basically nothing available to the public that can identify the lowest bid components used from some random Asian country.
This is a marketing ploy from amazon to get you to browse their website full of ads. Clicks are very very valuable and they'll do anything to get more of them.

please stop doing this
>install an app

no thanks


File: rustoleumcans.jpg (798 KB, 1184x1200)
798 KB
798 KB JPG
There really should be something more concrete on the subject of spray paint.

I know people just bust open a can of whatever and spray anything and it'll look amazing. Meanwhile, I take the time to sand and prep and clean and prime, and I swear the end result still ends up looking like shit, especially in terms of plastics. Plastics for some reason are almost taboo in the paint world, yet I want to color things that are plastic more than any other material.
I understand that there are different kinds of plastics, but I don't know what is and what isn't spray paintable because there's no fucking convenient guide that explains what to do.

Other than the extreme basics (rough sanding, spraying 10"-12" away from piece, use thin layers instead of one large one), what can I do?
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I feel kind of dumb. I just used primer and then a top coat. No adhesion promoter. I hope it's good enough even without that. I had no idea that was even a thing.

Is there even a scale or chart that grades the likelihood of good paint adhesion?
What is it about metallic spray paints that give such a good huff? Flat colors just don’t fuck me up the same.
In Euroland, metallics are always water based and the smell isn't as repulsive as solvent paints.

You probably take deeper breaths out of your wide negro nose without even noticing.

New homeowner - Building everyday toolset from 0. Need recommendations for base toolset and things to avoid. This is for residential use and maintenance work. Not really commercial or industrial purpose
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+1, OP would be better off getting a complete Chinesium kit before he starts thinking about universal wrenches that will work just fine on both 19mm and 3/4” bolts.
Fucking this. The first house I rented was really nice, but the first time I turned the water on a pipe ruptured in the very large basement. The previous renter must have spliced into the water to grow weed and diy'd it in a shitty manor to get it back to normal. The basement had a foot of water in it before the city workers could come shut it off. Had I been buying the house I would have given myself a huge fucking headache on day 1.
What kind of idiot does not check the water to see if the water is running, and if there's a leak, doesn't know there is at least one shut off valve inside the house.
Oil filled air compressor. The craftsman like 60 oil-less can wake the neighbors down the street.
Oil filled ones cost a couple of hundred more but totally worth it
Also I have my tool chest, but I have project bags. I have a general bag, electrical, and a plumbing bag with most everything in them.

do i need to scrape off all the paint...
5 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do not use the rotating tip. Use the normal fan tip and move with the grain.

The rotation tip is basically like holding a normal tip 2 inches away from the wood. It will damage wood fibers.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't those two cans not compatible with each other?
slap some hairpin legs on it then sell it to some hipsters as reclaimed barnwood, use the funds to build something less gay looking.
Depends on how loose it's on there.
If it's already peeling on it's own, just scrape off all the loose shit, all the paint that's spread even and tight can remain, it won't come off. Plus you shouldn't sand down back to the wood every time you paint something, If you apply it right, you can build layers over the years and shit will look damn fine and last longer.
I believe you're correct, just like the old saying: Latex on oil your work will look royal. Oil on latex, get ready for dog sex.

File: B1004630930[1].jpg (12 KB, 360x360)
12 KB
Where do I buy those resin/pvc boards that are on park benches? I have an older cast iron bench but the boards are rotted away. I thought it would be just as easy to use those slick ass boards on the park benches but I can't locate where to buy them.
20 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes I didn't think it would be that high. Honestly it would be cheaper to buy the entire premade bench and take the boards off it and put them on the bench I was looking to fix. The decking boards seemed to have come down to a reasonable price but I have to assume that is because new building codes have the bracing so close together. They have a lot of flex to them.
"composite decking material", it's what wealthy people build their decks out of so they never have to service or stain them.
funny thing is my parents just contracted someone to put a composite deck in, and apparently grills can melt them

Op, seriously just buy some ht wood, stain and poly the fuck out of them. Or just buy some pro outdoor grade stuff from like uline...
call these guys, they make a lot of commercial benches and picnic tables out of recycled composite resinwood planks, but will also sell you the dimensional materials directly. they have a lot of solid color options and will probobly be cheaper than buying from a wholesaler like The Park Catalog.


t. in the site furnishings business.
Not op, but thanks. Have same issue. Looked into redwood and treated lumber but didn't look like it would work well.

File: 200st_main_png.png (605 KB, 596x800)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
I'm interested in getting into stick/TIG welding and I'm looking at the basic Everlast machines.
There's the 200ST which is DC only for $400 and the 185DV which is AC/DC for $800.
I don't really have any plans for extensive aluminum AC TIG welding so I think I would be fine with just DC TIG.
Is AC TIG really worth it?
83 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
welding tips & tricks
>good youtube channels
their new stick machines are just rebranded chink junk
I don't personally own my own welding equipment, but I am a welder by trade. I do it everyday.

I really believe it's a case of get what you pay for. We normally use Lincoln Welders in our shop, with one Miller wire feeder, and 2 Miller Airpacks.

We have one portable Hobart propane welder (which runs pretty good on a 40% duty cycle I believe) My only advice is if you are new and getting into welding I would recommend starting with stick or mig welding.

Tig Welding has a large initial start up cost compared to the other two welding processes.
Seems like a good thread to ask this in.
I'm looking at picking up one of the welders available from Delta's skymiles program as I have more miles than I know what to do with.

It's between the Everlast 185DV for 164k miles (183 miles/dollar), or the Forney 190 MP for 186k miles (178 miles/dollar).

Leaning towards the Everlast, as in my experience, these all-in-one type things are a "jack of all trades, master of none".

File: bed_above_tiny_house.jpg (75 KB, 640x426)
75 KB
What are typical laws/regulations for building a shed in your backyard? I wanted to build a shed on concrete foundation. 100-200 sq. ft. With a wall AC unit. Maybe a small sink.

Then rig it later to live there with a small bed, etc. And rent out the main house rooms. Or not and just buy a cheap teardown, but never live in the actual main house. How much trouble can I get into doing this?
33 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I rented a house where the landlord lived two door up the street. Best place i've ever had. Repairs were done in 5 min, front lawn was mowed for me, ignored me for the rest of the time.

They didnt even say anything when they thought (wrongly) I was subletting in breach of our rental agreement. I Only found out their suspicions after I moved out of the place.
Here anything over 10ftx10ft requires a permit, inspection etc. I was fined $3600 for putting up a 10x12 gazebo and the township came and demolished it costing another $5200
Fucking dicks. Someone snitched. Thats the worst part. They will make you tear down.
Good luck with the cuck shed op.
of more concern is lead-based stabilizers leeching out of the hose plastic and contaminating the drinking water

tho you're probably well past the point of that mattering, judging by your post
AirBnB. See the trailer is being rented out, water, a tankless hot water heater, and electric hooked to the mains.

File: PicsArt_07-11-07.25.53.jpg (99 KB, 1024x1024)
99 KB
I'm remodeling my basement and I'm trying to replace a fixture with a ceiling fan but I'm having an issue.
There's 3 lights all wired to the same switch and I was hoping that behind the switch I'd find 3 hot wires nutted together with a tail so that I could install a 3 switch replacement but there was only one hot coming into the box. My idea is that I'll run up new wires from an existing electrical box close to the light where the fan will be and disconnect the ceiling box from the original switch
I'm no electrician by any means do y'all know if this is a good option?
40 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
ok there is no reason to continue this thread. OP is a moron trying to make this work without doing it properly. its just dragging on into nothing now

15 Amp == 14/2
20 Amp == 12/2
30 Amp == 10/2
>15 Amp == 14/2

Yes, thats what I said. I know the requirements for circuits. thanks for pointing it out again
why not just wire it up with speaker wire?
anon all these diyers are obviously confusing you... go to the depot and get a basics of circuitry book because this is a very very simple task you are trying to do and 30 replies into this thread still havent gotten you anywhere. Now I have been an electrician for 13 years and could walk you through it but I am tired from a 12 hour day in 100+F weather. Good luck.

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