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How do you make your home look/feel personal if you have a lot of money? Children are not an option
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There you have it. Get that shit.
>You just can't have a minimalist looking home AND make it look personal.
I once visited a friend's sister's place. She had built a sort of a raised platform in the form of an L in one room. It was couchy, meaning it was meant for sitting, lying down. There was nothing else in the room except for some acoustic panels on the walls, obviously there was an echo. It was a cool space to hang out in, fitted a lot of people as we had a party of sorts. Very personal indeed and exceptionally minimalistic.
Put a lot of stuff in it, don't arrange everything perfectly, don't clean too much.
Bad advice
Piss shit and cum on everything

Bought one of these. What should I do with it?
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First, use your 3D printer to make a case for it, then put it on the shelf to collect dust. Right next to the 3D printer collecting dust.

Emulate SNES, GBA, Genesis games with Retropi
Collect network uptime / latency statistics 24/7
Home security cam / intercom
3D printer host
Tunnel into home LAN
Robot controller w/ ROS
Lakka. I recommend it over RetroPie because it takes fewer resources to run. Toss it an some controllers in a box and its a great bit of entertainment on the road in hotels.

But I use both.
there is gpio hat for real ethernet, its possible
Me too ):

File: 1200px-EWM_shop_2007.jpg (262 KB, 1200x800)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Post your workshops/battlestations.
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Do you plan on insulating at all? Not sure if houses really need the insulation in California. Eastcoaster here, just curious.
you no use vise anon?
Is it supposed to look like a giant dog house?
Just open. Never had problems with it.
Thanks anon

File: 9711457.png (312 KB, 500x553)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
>Decide to modify my Nintendo Switch
>First time doing a paint project but do tons of research beforehand
>Live in a city so can't just spray paint outdoors or in an apartment
>GF is uni student so lets me into her art department where they have a spray paint room
>Take Monday off work so I don't feel like I'm rushing and can patiently wait between coats
>Spend the whole 3day weekend patiently applying thin layers and sanding lightly between them with 1000grit
>Monday comes around, everything looks great, I'm excited and very proud of the results
>No thick putty looking coat, unevenness, or splotching, smooth to the touch and feels good
>Apply my clear coat layers
>Let the final layer become dry to the touch as I get everything prepared to pack up and go home
>Modern Art student comes in with literal giant turd statue
>Starts haphazardly dumping black paint all over his sculpture to the point where it's dripping
>Leaves the room
>Go in to grab my stuff and leave for it to cure at home
>Black specs all over my finished product

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: unknown-3-1.png (32 KB, 622x600)
32 KB
Someone post the other /diy/er whose dragon art piece was displayed next to some faggot modern art student's ``statue'' of someone sucking his own dick.

Fucking modern art students. Cancer upon the world.
I don't know what I expected.
File: vCnD5DK.png (406 KB, 1170x666)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
Many keks, friend.

File: 700145.jpg (103 KB, 800x800)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
What do you think of my new welding mask? Pretty cool, huh?
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you reckon that 2kg or so he saved was worth sacrificing the structural members?
Nope. But it will make for an memorable day for the rescue team that has to wetvac the driver out.
For fuck's sake, is that even a character, or just a generic animu gril?

I thought it was Cirno and was going to criticize your mediocre taste in touhous, but I don't recognize this slut.
File: 1512287378623.png (75 KB, 658x901)
75 KB
>would actually like something like that but I'm already the socially awkward shop weirdo

File: $_59.jpg (163 KB, 800x560)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
hey, im going to be going to ottawa for training (4 months) and was wondering the viability of living in a trailer during my duration assuming i can find a parking spot. i was looking a renting a room near where i need to go and its 500 canadian pesos on average a month (sometimes sharing a room).
for two months worth of being bunk buddies i can buy a shitty trailer question being how do i heat it without an heroing, i figured i could add insulation and a wood stove but i'm no magical fire dragon

any ideas, if i end up going through with it ill post my attempted survival in -30c canadian weather

link to slightly more expensive one im thinking about
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No can do, sold it shortly after I finished trade school. I thought about burning the thing to the ground but I managed to get most of my money back for the most part.
any recommendations on where to pick one up other then kijiji, im basically looking for something under 2k that isn't a pop up starting to think one of those truck box types will be a better fit (smaller area to heat) and i can use it as a locked tool storage when im done
I see em up for sale all the time on that 519Trucks group.
Shipping containers are pretty cheap and cozy

You can even stack them if you want more living space
but can i put one on a dodge ram 1500

also no thanks i legit almost died in one of those death traps

Hey /diy/, if you had a plot of land of any size and were able to build any type of home you wanted to live in, what would you include?
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>more indoor surface for cars than humans
I would shrink that Garage down a 2 car. keep one car and space for a motorcycle in the garage.

then you have a detached steel building. which houses the other two cars and has a bay with a lift.
My ideal home is a hammock tent on a plot several trillion lightyears around.

Though I suppose I would settle for a ringworld to my self.
Well before I get into what my dream house would look like, I first must discribe its location. My dream house will be located somewhere mostly flat, but with rolling hills, with a cliff, and deep water access preferably in Europe to be near places I want to be near but am not (also need to be near fast internet +10Gb/s).

Inside the house, a home cinima/screening room (with a minimum of 9.2 Atmos sound), at minimum 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath minimum, a recording studio large enough for a small band/ 5 people and equipment, a soundstage for video recording, a small arcade with 3 or 4 cabinets, a couple pinball tables, air hockey table, foosball table, and a billards table (would also house game systems and a interactive ttrpg table), a server room to house game servers as well as my home lab and site. A small library with a tea bar in it. I'd also enjoy having a decient size pool.

Kitchen wise in addition to 4 burner gas stove, standard oven, separate refrigerator, and freezer, I'd have a waist high cooking hearth with an earthen oven

Garage wise space for at least 5 cars including a lift. A second garage/machine shop for all my wood, plastic, metal, and other frabrications. Outside the shop, a smithy with a smeltery. An additional 1 car garage as a garden shed.

The entire house would be foot thick poured concrete walls on the exterior and load bearing, the house would then be covered with a couple inches of gravel, a couple inches of sand, and then sod excepting the doors and windows. The back of the house would be facing the nearest civalation and the front the sea. Civalation would be at most 20-30 minutes away at the speed limit, preferably 10-15.

In addition, the entire house would be filled with secret passages, empty spaces between walls, etc.
File: Carson Mansion.jpg (248 KB, 1200x812)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
A big ol' Victorian mansion.

>Bowling alley and hunting room in the basement, full of guns and animal skins
>Library/study, billiard room, smoking room with walk-in humidor
>Period correct decor and furnishings
>Hidden passages and stairways behind the walls

And out back a massive garage and shop to stock with old cars and shit.

File: buckshot-2.0-rusty.png (1.06 MB, 856x691)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Hi, diy'ers; I'm trying to fix my "waterproof" bluetooth speaker myself and I found it has rusted to shit inside! Nice, eh?

Looks like I need to get a new battery, but I found this sneaky little device inside the battery shrink wrap!
I want to replace the battery, but I'm afraid of Li-Ons exploding.

Any idea what it is/what it does? Some kind of fuse or something?
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dude, just get a flat cell. hobbyking.com it doesnt need to specifically need to be that exact size. it just needs to fit. you can get flat cells.


also customs doesnt like shipping lithium cells. I've had them knocked back a few times but the seller just sent them again.

Your math is off. By an order of magnitude.

It's not "17 w/h". It's 17 watt-hours. The run time of the device has no bearing on the capacity of the battery. It would require an average of 1020W for one minute to charge (much less initially, and substantially more near the end off charge).

Additionally, attempting to calculate charging amperage this way is pointless. In this case, it would be practical to use multiple capacitors.The fact remains that, unlike an electrochemical battery, the voltage of a capacitor is directly proportional to its remaining charge, so you have to use a regulator regardless of what voltage the capacitor(s) is rated for. Using, say, a 24V-maximum capacitor bank gives ~210F of necessary capacity to reach 17Wh. As one Farad is an amp-second (coulomb) per volt, this means you'd need 84A for one minute to completely charge the capacitor. Much higher than a typical battery, but not out of the realm of plausibility. I've got a server power supply that puts out about that much.

If you increased the acceptable minimum charge time to 5 minutes, that drops to about 17A. I'd imagine the drastically reduced cost of the needed charger would make up for the longer wait.
Ooh, another SI brother. So here's an idea, have 50 really flat supercapacitors in parallel, but to charge you just switch some FETs to put the whole lot in series instead, from which you just charge with direct mains power + a diode. I wouldn't do it for a cellphone, at least not while in your hand, but for a battery bank with room for a few big FETs and a heat sink it's probably a viable idea.
BS. Quit red pilling with LSD.
Example LG v20, Flagship phone in the past year with a removable battery.
> off by an order of magnitude.
I stand corrected, I rushed through that, exactly one order of magnitude off.

But still, currents on the order of 100A is insane, you'd still need car-battery sized cables for it.
And of course, if you use 24V caps (and not 3.7v) you can get away with less current. Or you could just assume an arbitrarily high voltage for the caps and make the current negligible—but you pay a hell of a price: they'd be enormous due to the necessary thickness of the dielectric.

And this is where it gets crazy: Even at ordinary low voltages, super caps have about FIFTY (50) TIMES LESS energy density than Li-ion! Imagine carrying something the size of 30 cell phones.

So you need car booster cables to charge it for 1 minute, and the caps are huge. You'd be like The Batman, with all your supercaps
encircling your girth on a utility belt. A boyhood dream that has come to fruition, no doubt.

This is where someone will tell me that NASA once made a graphene-tantalum iridium doped nanotubule capacitor on a diamond substrate kept in a perfect vacuum at 0 deg K that has nearly the same energy density of the run-of-the-mill chinesium Li-ion cell I have in my fannyfire flashlight.

About to repaint my entire house. What steps can i take to prevent this/ blend in patches better?

Just moved into a new home and got a few spots like this around the house from the previous owners reno. Want to make sure when I repaint these patches blend in better with the existing orange peel finish.

Painted a few rooms before but they were textured walls or new/unpatched. Never touched spackle, caulk, or joint compounds before but plan on smoothing out rough patches and filling in holes left by the last owner

>also paint general, any tips appreciated. My last few paint jobs were mediocre and still learning
Sand any high spots down and texturize to match the rest of the wall.

File: download (1).jpg (6 KB, 236x214)
6 KB
Iam renting a house from a man who's family used to be orange farmers.
Now they have something like 20 trees left on the property that are full of oranges every year.
Last year I picked them and even froze them and juice from them for 6 months.
Iam looking for a better way to use them this year.

What can I do with them and especially the orange peels.
I know it should be possible to turn them into biofuel but is this practical?

Also looking for some ideas to make a fool proof juice press.
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Yes but if you use the limonene as a fuel source you might as well dunk the peel in with the distilled alcohol.
You can burn both anyway and the limonene might even slightly lower the octane rating.
This will also increase the amount of available fuel.
Correct me if iam wrong iam just having brainfarts.


Good idea, dont know what the optimal ph is for making alcohol but have to check that one out
File: 1507514136506.jpg (220 KB, 1280x960)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>then you could probably add a little bit sodium hydroxyde or lye
You're right about the orange peels left in alcohol. I misread your post about using the alcohol as a fuel.
Just out of curiosity, is your picture from an actual product? As I have never seen anything as fucked up as that.
And ethanol is water soluble.

File: IMG_0501_2048x@2x.jpg (439 KB, 2048x1617)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
Anyone know how to make the perfect shaving box?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You mean regular troops? The stupid, desperate, unemployable, and poor? The people doing the military because they basically had no other options? Yeah, I know of them. I was in the military for 4 years. Your tax dollars put me through college and paid for my house, thank you vets benefits. They shave because they are REQUIRED TOO. They also wear 'blouses' and tuck their pants into their boots. The military does stupid shit like that.

Maybe you mean special forces or mercenaries like picture related? Those guys? The badasses? Yeah, bro, I'm sure they don't go into combat until their face feels like a baby's buttcheek. Jesus fuck you are retarded.
Special forces are required to shave especially on mission. Ever try sealing a scuba mask or putting in a regulator underwater with a beard?
<Prior supply bitch for DEVGRU>
That sounds more like the Navy SEALS to me. Back when I was in, Special Forces were allowed to wear beards. It seems that was rescinded in 2010, though. Either way, the only reason most people in the military shave is because they are required to. Most everyone I knew that was capable of growing a beard hated having to shave it. Especially when deployed. Hell, I knew a dude that had to shave twice a day because it grew so fast. The issue is less than it looks badass and more with it just being a pain. When you are tired, dirty, wearing the same set of clothes for days on end, and cleaning yourself with baby wipes, finding the time and energy, let alone a decent shaving kit, made shaving a low priority.
you know who doesn't shave? terrorists. are you a terrorist anon?
That looks pretty awful. If I were to make a special box for my shaving shit it would have a spot for my shaving mug with the soap in it, extra blades, and it would have holders for my brush and razor that would work when the box is both open and closed. No clue how I'd actually design it yet but it would be a fuckload more useful than that overpriced thing that could be replaced with a cardboard box.

File: flat,800x800,075,f.u2.jpg (135 KB, 800x800)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
How does one replicate the iconic Solo "Jazz" design in the physical world?

I intend to put the design on a metal AK magazine.
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File: 0UtL9cQ.jpg (135 KB, 960x960)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
This is how
these are pretty cool
The pattern is way too soft.
Airbrushing just does not work
separate layers, convert to vector, stencil cut at the printer shop in layers and apply with spray paint first white, then cyan then violet.

File: xbed.png (3.35 MB, 1680x2100)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB PNG
So my kid has upgraded to a bigger bed, I figured I'd use her old bed as a sort of gaming station for her bedroom.

Would it be best to paint this, or to stick a vinyl wrap on it? bottom image is a shit shop attempt, I know, but it's just a rough idea of what I want to do with it.

What paint would I use if I was going to paint it?

Also, the left side will be turned in to a bench, I'm going to use the stuffing from a couple of cheap pillows and then staple some faux leather material over it to create a padded bench. Is that the best way to go about it?

Open to suggestions.
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LMAO at this thread
>I didnt have thing as a kid, so kids now shouldnt either! yeah fuck off.
Life is always getting better, lets not pretend boomers aren't the most sheltered generation of all time and still mostly turned out alright.
Sand it and paint it. what paint? just normal fucking paint or magbe stain jt. vinyl will either look gawky or take way to much work. The whole project seems silly though.
>I have no kids or experiance in it but let me talk out my ass about how to raise your kids that I've never met.
File: 1510430280384.jpg (94 KB, 397x374)
94 KB
Thank you for posting.
File: 1511182690564.png (41 KB, 500x350)
41 KB
I'm a man who gamed since I was 3 years old, starting with n64 and ps1. I wouldn't let my kids use videogames until they were like 16 or 17, but people here are missing the point entirely. Yes, daddy issues are a thing, but the reason women nowadays turn into whores is not only because of gaming, but because everything in their enviroment, television, peers, media, educational system, etc. They are bombarded with constant whore propaganda, constant niggerfucking propaganda, constant feminist propaganda. In adverts, in shows, in movies. All of this gets reinforced when women suffering this poison interact among themselves.

I'd only have children if I could homeschool them and raise them on my own, on my property and in the country-side. If you think you can raise a daughter or a son properly in a city as of 2017, you might as well kill yourself and spare yourself the suffering.

Basically the process is:

son>xenoestrogens>low testosterone>no masculinity>can't stand his ground>pushover, goes with the flow>white guilt>male guilt>cuckold soyboy with depression and mental issues

daughter>xenoestrogens(yep, it's an issue on your girls too)>white guilt>victim complex(feminism)>learns she can use her vagina to get anything>overslutified behavior>niggerfucking is fashionable and white people suck because mtv said so>worthless watermudding whore
File: 1410145044584.gif (1.12 MB, 640x360)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB GIF
>this entire thread
File: 1509931999669.gif (109 KB, 500x298)
109 KB
109 KB GIF
OP your idea is pretty terrible because you're putting in way too much effort into a cheap piece of furniture. Doesn't seem like you mind wasting money, but that piece of particle board trash isn't worth all the time you'll spend on it. Also doing my part to help put this thread out of its misery.

I have some shoelaces that tore and they look like this.

I'd rather patch together real quick than buy new ones for now.

Recommendations for mending? They seem to be made of some woven fabric that has multiple thin rubbery strings running through the middle of it.
Tie them together with a square knot, make sure the knot is between eyelets. Or just replace them with rope or twine or something.

File: backhoe done 4.jpg (66 KB, 720x540)
66 KB
Pic related.
Mostly salvage materials.
Anyone done anything similiar? Ideas? Suggestions?
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, im 35, crippled, fat, and my dream home is a 30 acre lot with about 15 outbuildings full of shit.

God willing we get to buy it soon.

I'll contain it to one board but there will have to be an open Q&A for anons that are interested. There are machines and antiques out there that i can't even figure out wtf they do. One house is gutted. Plywood walls insulated but its jist 1 big room. It's antique push mowers and a small repair space.

Like 100 push mowers.

Meh, i like going through piles of old shit and i have thrown pickup loads of shit away multiple times. I always regret it...

I talked to the wife. Gonna have a tree line in the back yard, descebt house, the path out back will lead to my tetanus fortress of solitude and autism.

Seems like an okay way to spend the rest of my life. I know I am ate up. But idgaf. It's cheap entertainment and i aint hurting nobody.

>I know I am ate up

Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh Jesus.

>My buddy got splint open a long as ways also when he got grabbed by 440

Excuse me?
The ligaments in his friend's arm were torn lengthways from an incident involving a tractor.
I imagine 1) because this is DIY, 2) while there's a greater potential to make an inferior product if you're inexperienced, the majority of modern product have planned obsolescence in them, meaning there's also the potential to DIY something superior.

Is Jamie Mantzel a taboo subject on DIY? I was a little disappointed in his bulldozer (I mean, he says it saves him physical labor, so it's clearly still useful even if it could be much more efficient), especially after he busted an axle from regular use.
I understand his motivations to go his own road, but why does he have no system to innovate, if he won't do research into existing methods? Is he using all his built projects as tests, or does he actually believe his reasoning for his methods is sufficient? It doesn't seem like he does sufficient research even into the fundamentals for WHY certain techniques are used. As I was pondering how all the existing technologies were developed I realized that yeah, they do testing; something typically reserved for people (typically CORPORATIONS) who can afford to build extras specifically on failure, to understand how and why it fails until they can avoid it.
Even Adam Savage recommends people to get enough parts and supplies to build AT LEAST 2 if not 3 copies, as 1 failure is almost guaranteed.
Oh! Another example is the Wintergatan "marble machine X", the 1st version of which was such a horrible mess that he was determined to build a completely new one.

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