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File: boomer blades.jpg (847 KB, 3744x2106)
847 KB
847 KB JPG
Thanks, boomers.
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These are also the folk who convinced men to shave their nuts. I saw the start of their "male body grooming" campaign back in late 90s. It took a generation, but now it's considered disgusting if a millennial doesn't shave their sack.
Waxing is where it's at, Anon. Fuck that shaving now.
Should have used the back of their hands.
File: download.jpg (9 KB, 201x251)
9 KB
>not wanting a full chest of hair
honestly i find these children disgusting. well, i cuck them because their sensual women dont want men who look like little boys and the rest are wet fish.
I stopped shaving most places just because the bf prefers it.

File: s-l1000.jpg (47 KB, 1000x1000)
47 KB
Anybody worked with extruded aluminum before? I'm trying to make a workbench with a shelf using it.
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That doesn't get you the special nuts that are needed to fasten the bracket to the rail.
my friend ia trying to sell one of those
>No fabrication or significant tools needed.
why have I been spending the last 3 weeks making brackets for them then?
Went and saw a friends doctorate project tually using this stuff to hold stuff for lasers. Actually solved a problem of his. This was all on a nutrogen leveling table. Cool shit in the colleges in the right corners. Spectroscopy.

File: F5375488-01.jpg (20 KB, 444x347)
20 KB
I'm planning to get two 12V lead acid batteries and will put them in series to get 24V.

Do I need to get a BMU(battery management unit)?

How am I going to charge them?

Is this a bad idea?
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Fuck OP he should have googled it instead of coming to 4chan of all places for advice.
File: 1526544792380.jpg (42 KB, 512x527)
42 KB
>Do I need to get a BMU(battery management unit)?
No. See >>1467534 for good advice on only safety component you actually need.
>How am I going to charge them?
Easy as pie, you need :
- big-ass Mains to 24V in the 25-50VA range.
- big-ass rectifier, 7A proof
- power resistor to limit charging current according to batteries datasheet.
- 6A ceramic fuse, temporised (as 7A continous current is very unlikely to happen beside batteries shorting circuit, so fuse can hold it a little of time before fusing). Note that 6A is a somewhat high value in a 7Ah charger application, consider lowering this value closer to 2 or 3*max charging current your batteries allow.

Not giving schematic, because obvious and fuck ms-paint.


sage goes in all fields

look out we got an oldfag here
Thanks for the replies. I honestly love this board.

Great news, each one of your 12v batteries is already 6 cells, in series. They're not going to know or care if you wire up another 6

File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (26 KB, 474x280)
26 KB
Hey any networking guys in here? Post your lab or setup
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File: i-RSM27sm-L.jpg (75 KB, 800x451)
75 KB
>Shitty DSL modem, shitty DSL service. Bridged, so the modem is nothing more than a modem.
>Ubiquiti USG3P gateway
>Netgear GS724 managed switch
>2x Ubiquiti AP-AC-LR
>CloudKey Gen1 controller

All this supports a handful of IP cams (on their own VLAN), couple of IoT appliances (on their own VLAN/WLAN), guest wifi, and my main network. 802.1x and VPN.

Wired jacks to every room in the house. Some have more drops (office, living room/ent.ctr), some less (kitchen, utility room).

Just ordered a couple more Mikrotik routers/radios.
I just use the lab at work. Bleeding edge everything. Just now rolling out DNA and 9300/9400 for client closets.
File: closet.jpg (215 KB, 1884x1061)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Is dat caox TV or what?
cat5 is for phone I never got around to ordering. It's too expensive and I can't bundle decent speeds with it. I got the unifi router to do load balancing over 2 dsl connections, but they don't even guarantee 12mb-- so I could be paying $90/month for two 7 mb connections.

I'm just putting up with cabletv, $90 for 100 (actually 30)
Oh, I also gave up on the buffalo (pictured) wifi router, and got a unifi AP, which is kick ass. I still use the router as a switch, and I also installed a Linux package management to its dd-wrt core... Not that I installed anything on it.
File: setup.jpg (299 KB, 1383x1424)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
My professional work is far neater but love my Home lab setup, all the vm's!

Got that R710 for good price, locally anyway, in my shit hole country.
Just need a disk shelf for expansion

Mikrotik fanboy, self taught. love these things
planning on 100/100 soon.
also supplying net to tenant nice and securely.

File: IMG_0106.jpg (223 KB, 500x1069)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

Old thread hit bump limit. >>1457438

I'm assuming that is time to start a new thread. If not, let me know and I'll delete this.

I looked at my front door this morning and WTF'd when I saw this. Is this mold going to kill me? How the fuck did this happen, I live in the desert. We just had monsoons, but still don't see how this could have happened.

I guess I'm going to have to tear it off and replace it. How can I prevent this from happening again?
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File: torch.jpg (190 KB, 995x963)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
How good are these? Also in general, how do I estimate how much use time I can get out of a butane can?
Some kind of case/frame/bracket that clamps around the bar?

Maybe make a casting with clear resin, with the bar suspended in the center, then drill a hole in the resin.
glue a mount to the back
I assume it's because you don't want to lose any gold shavings to the drill bit?
Either drill it inside a tupperware container or something to catch the shavings, or use a center punch.
Should be rated for 150w CFLs and LEDs and 600w inc and halogens. Any other ideas?

>starter kit P-BDG-PKG1W

File: IMG_2586.jpg (3.43 MB, 3888x2592)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB JPG
Found this dead hummingbird while I was walking to the bank. Poor thing must have ran into the glass building. Anyway, it had pretty feathers so I'm not going to let some dog choke on it, so I took it home and set it in liquid plastic. This is the first time I've ever done something like this, so I hope I didn't fuck it up because I want to give it to my friends who just bought a house. Any anons have experience with specimen preservation?
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where my bird at
You're all sorts of dumb, aren't you?
This photo was taken within the last 5 years or so in my home country, I'm very concerned

At least that kid in the blue shirt is playing HL1DM so that's good if nothing else
Great imagry
OP is a creep

File: gear-foundation-2.jpg (23 KB, 419x209)
23 KB
OP still doesn't know how to put the title in bold edition.

Thanks everyone for the last thread, I think it would sink whitout posts but it reached bump limit.

Again, this thread is to discuss about tools, materials, questions, resources and so on.

Last thread: >>1446428

Links and contributions. Rate the stuff that is better out so we make a useful OP.
>Haas automation videos.
>Titans of CNC
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I have a degree in mechanical engineering with a specific focus on CNC manufacturing. I know CAD/CAM and I have extensively used HAAS and Mazak vertical machining centers and lathes and Omax waterjets. I have about 10k saved up right now and by the time I'm ready to start I'll have about 13-15k to start up my business. No makerspaces near me but my friend has a mazak 6300Y multiplex and a 4th axis ameri seiki mill that I have used once or twice before.

enough about my resume, I'm certainly qualified and I have tons of time on my hands after work I just need information on financing shit and any information I should know going into it.
oh okay, good. that scared me a bit.
do you happen to know why mastercam would be posting g codes for a 5 axis program with only x y z and a?
Wrong postprocessor selected?
I don't really know, I'm trying to teach it to myself. it looks like it will work in the simulator but the codes it spits out seem wrong.

Redpill me on edible gardens

Can a patch of grass truly become a source of nourishment and whatever aesthetic beauty it could bring, just with the right seeds? Would the coming and going of people harm the plants some way?

Even if its just for show, are the yields at least noticeable?
64 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
some plants need insects to pollinate or you wont get fruit. You wont get any cucumbers if you plant them next to garlic and onions that chase the bugs away.
you probably just did it wrong. what were you growing that got infested with bugs?
File: GMO corn.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
Genetically Modified crops are gross.
shill fag
Old joke around here to new people that move in.

>"Why it's so nice here and the crime is so low you don't even have to lock your car doors except for July and August."
>"...why do you only have to lock your car doors in july and august?..."
>"If'n you don't your car will be full of zucchini when you come out of the bank."

File: leaf_spring2.jpg (3 KB, 308x163)
3 KB
So my truck has had this retarded alignment problem where it veers to one side. Driving down the road I have to keep the steering wheel at 15 degrees to the left to get it to drive straight. Yesterday I think I figured out the problem. A previous owner replaced the passenger side leaf spring with something completely different. The passenger side of the car is higher than the driver side. If I park on level concrete and place a spirit level on various flat surfaces in the car, it leans towards the driver side. For some reason I have to steer 15 degrees towards the passenger side though, the opposite of what I would expect
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Mack trunion U-Bolts get torqued to 1400~ with a 1in Ingersoll.
In this case, breaking if the head of the bolt should work for OP as well. He can trash most of the shit around it to get the springs.
File: image.jpg (2.94 MB, 4032x3024)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB JPG
You’re not gonna get those off with an 18V 1/2” gun.

The newer cordless ones do have some balls though. I watch my mechanic take off a lot of suprising stuff with his mid-torque DeWalt 1/2”.

Can recommend. 1200ftlbs of torque.

i use a 1/2 inch milwaukee every day and its incredible how powerful they are

it will probably take them off with barely a grunt

still though op, cordless 4" grinder and a couple zipcuts

be done in 20 mins

File: side by side 2.jpg (119 KB, 1312x738)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Over the last month I've restored three kitchenaid mixers. I like to cook and I like to get old tools running so when I read about kitchenaid restorations I knew it was something I wanted to try out. I sourced my first one, a Hobart K45SS for around 60$ and then spent another 30 on parts and paint. Since then I have brought 4 more, two of which have been shipped and two of which are on their way. I'm starting this thread because I'm taking one apart right now and I'd be happy to share any internal pics or advice with other anons who are considering the project. It's not too complicated or time consuming, and if you have an old Hobart (American made KA's) you can easily sell it online for around 200. Here are the threads that originally inspired me to get started. https://imgur.com/gallery/APHgx
52 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Kek. Nice work anon
Hate grease. It's like anti-seize. If you look at it you are fucking covered...

Maybe try a good bead of silicone when you put them back together? Temps in houses stay pretty near the same year round. Should last a long time
File: DSCF5853.jpg (467 KB, 1306x1958)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
and today I got one more addition to the stable. This is a Hobart made K5SS. It's in very rough shape with a terrible grinding noise in the gearbox above speed two. I expect to have to replace the worm gear and possibly the planetary to get this guy working. When I have some time I think I'll do a side by side teardown between the K5 and professional 550.
File: 1454217771799.jpg (44 KB, 225x224)
44 KB
with hi temp disc brake bearing grease?
Yeah I discuss grease a bit more here. >>1464135 Basically it's what I had I had on hand so I used it. It has a similar base viscosity to the grease KA uses (shell darina 2), they're both nlg2, non toxic, non carcinogenic etc. I checked the mds sheet to make sure before I used it but honestly I care very little about this mixer. I'll flip it on craigslist or save it for the wedding of a hated daughter. Between the drip ring and the grease gasket it's pretty rare for a drop to end up in what you're mixing anyway. I just greased up that K55SS that came in this morning. I used Super Lube 41160 which was really nice to work with.

As a general updated I've got some pictures to resize from taking apart the two 5 quart lifting bowl mixers. The professional model was in perfect shape and didn't even need new grease. The Hobart grease was completely solid on the inside but the gear teeth were in good shape. I'm getting a terrible howling on certain speed transitions which I'm pretty certain is a faulty governor. I've got to run a few tests to check but once I do I'll order it and start to paint while it ships.

File: 52101556_Alt01.jpg (129 KB, 1400x1300)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
What's the best way to cleanly cut a non-charging Joy Con Grip vertically in half?
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: chisel.jpg (287 KB, 1200x800)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
>for cutting plastic
>compared to flush saws
I'm not sure what you're saying here but it doesn't make sense either way
You cut dowels flush with a chisel, not a saw.
Not sure anon, try asking your girlfriend's boyfriend
Try cutting something a centimeter or more thick and see how that turns out vs. a flush saw; the chisels tend to chop through and leave an uneven surface. Plus, if you don't have much room to maneuver, the flush saws are really helpful since they're flexible and can get flat against the wood where chisels would be at an angle.
>Try cutting something a centimeter or more thick and see how that turns out vs. a flush saw
Sharpen your chisel.
>the chisels tend to chop through and leave an uneven surface.
No really, sharpen your chisel.
>and can get flat against the wood where chisels would be at an angle.
Use the other side of your chisel.

File: 20180905_125011.jpg (666 KB, 2309x1732)
666 KB
666 KB JPG
I have a powered shack on top of a mountain complete with a tower.. Now what?
Ham stuff is the obvious thing, but what would you do?
31 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I love the camera monitoring the lights on that equipment.
I know right?
My buddy used to run a small-scale CATV operation and on one of the high channels he put a camera pointing at the Cable/RF signal strength test equipment.
Look up NBFM.
Easy to do and it's legal at low power.
File: ladder.png (153 KB, 252x3660)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
File: i-DXjHF6L-L.jpg (42 KB, 338x600)
42 KB
>clean it all up and get some site rental $
This. If the tower's there, and you've got power available, there's $$$ to be had.

If you've got good network available, there's even more $$$. You'll need at least commercial cable to even consider selling bandwidth though.

Couldn't pay me enough.

Tower lighting panel. FAA gets on your ass real quick when the lights go out.

>Ham stuff
This. Get with a club, if you're willing to donate tower space and power, they'd probably be more than happy to put equipment up and maintain it.

i'm wanting to build a custom computer and office desk that's rather large. one problem i tend to have with desks is that they're almost always too small/short, so i want to make a relatively tall and spacious desk. my first problem is that i have no real experience with woodworking or designing shit, so i don't really know where or how to start. i have a relative who is a carpenter but he's not very big on helping me start it seems, so i'm having to wing it. i looked at prices and found that since the materials are all pretty cheap, i'd go ahead and make some plans to try it out.

all i really know so far is a general shape, but i've come to find a multitude of wood types to use as well as an absolute plethora of options on how i could make this bitch. so, my questions starting out are: where do i begin with a diagram? how do i determine what lengths everything should be (asking for consistency's sake, my initial idea is to simply use a tape measure to determine how big i would like everything)? what finishes work well and what don't? how can i determine the weight limit of my desk? how can i prevent it from breaking apart in a year?

thanks for your time
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just go to a restore/ habbit for humanity store get a door and two lower cabinets. A pocket door works best thin and about 6 feet long, with the handle hole for wires. Cut the drawer out of it for extra space if needed, you may need to add a support on the back or top if you do this
Desk stand from Ikea
72 or 96in butchers block from home depot
some Lag bolts and ur good
>remove nappy
>shit in potty
>wipe arse
We all start out not knowing the basics in life Anon. Don't shit on people just because their life has taken them on the same path as you.
Good advice Anon. Materials wise? Pine? Cheap, easy to work with, good learning material and you can transfer over what you've learned if you decide to remake it in a nicer wood.

File: adult-peas-costume.jpg (232 KB, 1750x2500)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Hey so I gotta make a costume for tomorrow and I only have common house stuff. Give me ideas /diy/
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

Just dress like your usual self, everybody will think you're dressed as a faggot
What the agate, I'm Bob saget
File: 1528315470289.png (163 KB, 500x522)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>be a man
>dress up as a Serena Williams
>still be less masculine than Serena Williams

File: IMG_20180916_173209.jpg (3.38 MB, 4160x3120)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB JPG
I've recently bought a bike so that i can go to campus with it.

The problem is that my city is riddled with students and hood rats that steal every bike they can and if they can't steal the bike they will steal
the wheels or the saddle.

So i've just removed the quick removal mechanism that was on my front wheel to replace it with a threaded shaft and bolts that i've tighten as hard as i could.

Problem is that i don't know if the shaft will be strong enough to hold my weight in the long term, i don't want to eat the ground because my front wheel suddently went away. ( the shaft is only 8mm in circumference )

What kind of steel is normaly used for that front wheel shaft and how can i know if mine will be strong enough ?
69 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh neat, other trips. Don't mind if I do.
>/diy/ is so important that 2 posts that are only somewhat related are unforgivable
I bet you're the same type to post "shot of black" in every thread you can.
>The problem is that my city is riddled with students and hood rats that steal every bike they can
>hood rats
These days what's the difference? Subhumans, the whole lot of them. We have a bike share program here at university and students will literally pay for the service, only to have other student niggers steal them and abandon them around campus. Some guy comes around twice a month to recover the bikes to return them to the designated racks.

But to be serious, your 8mm shaft will work just fine so long as you're not 500 pounds or something.

Next time, just consider a folding bike and carry it with you. It's a little harder to have a bike stolen when it's with you at all times.

If they're "real easy to steal", why would OP use it when his objective is not have his bike stolen? Fucking tard. Had to be a trip.
Okay you fuckers, that got a chuckle out of me. Thumbs up.

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