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Broly (Special Color Ver.) (SDCC Exclusive)


SS Vegeta (new version)

Angel Gokû
Gohan Absorbed Majin Buu
Gotenks Absorbed Majin Buu
GT Adult Gokû

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anybody know a good Bulma in this scale to get to display with them?

I'd PREFER her namek costume, but any will do, honestly.
thanks faggot

I thought he was a bit taller than his regular form in the movie, but the figure still looks really nice
use a blue flame aura and a red dbz aura

File: what a twist.jpg (38 KB, 400x300)
38 KB
Old thread is dead.

That thing you always wanted to be done in transformers has come true, but there is a huge downside. What are they?

Ex: Combiner Wars Seacons, all Aerialbots repaints
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You have nothing at all?
West coast has them

Walmart who just got the combaticon's last week, and still has toys from like, 3+ years ago hanging on the shelves.
File: image.jpg (1.74 MB, 4032x2064)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
The combaticons were sent out in the last revision wave of CW so your store is only actually one wave behind

File: Puma.jpg (65 KB, 442x314)
65 KB
Old Thread


>X-Men Legends Juggernaut Wave and Spider-Man Legends Spaceshit Venom Wave coming in the next 30 days
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Some sort of Netflix set would be glorious, but equally horrible because the aftermarket prices would probably be the worst out of everything to be SDCC exclusive this year.
>Every time I see photos or videos of people doing it, they take off way too much material from the socket. You don't need to remove all that much to free up the articulation.

How do I know exactly where and how much to cut? I want the best range of motion possible.
I got living laser in the mail
If they keep pushing Inhumans, they'll inevitably make him.
The Target near me isn't getting any new Marvel Legends until the sell the dozen Patsy Walker Hellcats and White Tigers on the pegs :(

File: figma general OP.jpg (470 KB, 2000x2000)
470 KB
470 KB JPG
Who's gonna get their own King of Heroes?

Previous Thread >>5752073

Toyline general info:

Max Factory figma list & blog

Reviews and news about GSC/MF products by Kahotan

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Well no shit Sherlock. Same for anyone who says she's waifuest Zelda ever or that TP Zelda was 'very boring and bland'.
File: ss_figma.jpg (133 KB, 850x850)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>Gurlukovich Soldier from MGS2
So does this mean Solid Snake sold well enough to get another figure? (And another restock hopefully...?)
no, not likely. since we saw the soldier prototype before snake was released.
snakes face doesnt look like that photo.
>Twilight Princess Link figma
How much you wanna bet he'll be bundled with wolf link for extra yenbux

would still PO in a heartbeat tho

Last thread >>5697867

/toy/ - bjd.buyfags.moe
/jp/ - dollfaq.buyfags.moe

Doll news:

WIP Database/Height comparison:

Doll magazine scans (patterns!):
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>values align with mine

I lost my shit at that too. how can anyone say that on 4chan, a site that encourages all sorts of shit worse than recasts and that would become a haven for cp if given half the chance.
Anon used choices and taste, not ~values~.
Or do you guys follow every person who posts a doll photo once?
Lol - it doesn't matter. The people who think everyone who is opposed to recasts is an elitist pearl-clutching nutbag is gonna think whatever it takes to make themselves the victim somehow.

They're just mad that no one thinks they're important enough to actually bother hating personally, so they gotta invent some persecution.
But you can tell both are guys so for me they are not traps at all, just girly guys. On top of that the two sculpts were also sold in female bodies before, like fairyland sells all of their head sculpts in all of their body types, so the sculpts aren't even exclusively designed to be males. And most traps in managa, hentai, yaoi or whatever actually wear all the lace, pink, dresses and overly feminine clothes, that is a fact, not to mention they have the overly large hips a ass. So again I don't see your point or reasoning, I only read what your taste is of traps or what 4chan believes to be "tasteful" but is far from the reality of mainstream media of what a trap is.

I do understand the heat against the whole sanding boobs shit because that just looks awful as hell, aesthetic wise I completely agree with that.

For me a trap is if you believe the character is the opposite gender period. Hence the name trap, so saying these are acceptable because they are obviously still males is an oxymoron. So I don't know what these "real" traps you are referring to, as I sounds like something people came up with after they got tired of the mainstream. I would call them androgynous yes, but not traps.

But I mean, everyone has a different definition and taste on this shit. So long as people like what they make, who cares.
Where do I get a recast??

I wonder if there are any I like.

File: SHINY AND GOLD.jpg (726 KB, 1000x663)
726 KB
726 KB JPG
For those unfamiliar, "Plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model." If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here.

>"If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!"


IRC Channel

The guide:

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Yes, you could help it fill in faster by squirting your resin out of a syringe or something, but if you have places in your mold where air has nowhere to go, no amount of injection is going to help (unless you are injecting in a vacuum which is a whole different ballgame).

That said, from my experience if the mold is designed correctly low viscosity resin works just fine with gravity alone.
File: swordfish1.jpg (277 KB, 1280x720)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Working on my Swordfish II.

Sealing seam lines and such.

Never done a model with as much release agent as this one. Going to have to wash it before I paint it. I guess the old non-Gundam models Bandai put out just weren't up to par, plus a lot of the parts really don't fit really well. The finish is generally poor but I'll get it all fixed.
How could you tell it had so much release agent?
File: 20120921_132623.jpg (391 KB, 1600x1200)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
Decide now if you want to display it with the wings folded or not. The little hinge is fragile as fuck.
let's say I don't want to paint or topcoat, is it possible to buff gunpla plastic to a high shine just with a cotton cloth? or maybe a very fine grit nail buffer or something?

File: 6319123528_59db115404_b.jpg (625 KB, 1024x680)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
Preparation edition!

You know what holiday is coming up, right? That's right, Talk Like a Pirate day is September 19th! Get to readyin' landlubbers! Ye've a month or two!

Previous: >>5757156
Bionicle/CCBS: >>5754818

June isn't over yet! Remember to take a whirl at one of these June challenges anons:
>Build a minifigure of a Star Wars character that doesn't already have one.
>Build a robot command centre. You figure out what it's supposed to be a robot or command them!
>Build something that's mostly Lego but uses some third party/off brand pieces.
>Build a brick-built wheelchair that looks better than the one in 60134.
>Build something based off of another anon's MOC.
>Fenimiminismninimism- Give your female figs something BADASS to ride around in! Bonus points for minidolls.
>Make a Fighting arena for your two most badass minifigs!

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So Brickficency still works after the Bricklink redesign, right?

Because I've been hearing some stuff about it giving errors when you import a file for the list since that happened.
Ok this is amazing.
I am big fan of yours!
Because he has no klocki.
Brickficency has shut down and is no longer supported, even says so on the programs website. This is because the new version of bricklink basically does everything brickficency already did.

Regarding file-importing errors, an anon a few threads back worked out that if you try and upload an lxf file to bricklink with any of the newest pieces(the ones that were added in that update not long ago) in the file bricklink doesnt recognaise it.
Is metallic gold really prone to wear or is it just me? I've got some helmet visors in that color, they're starting to show wear/scratches.

File: IMG_8212.jpg (168 KB, 768x1024)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Collection thread

Since the last one was deleted for no raisin
191 replies and 75 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1002838.jpg (484 KB, 1462x1096)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
File: 1002871.jpg (659 KB, 1462x1096)
659 KB
659 KB JPG

Requesting you stop right now and upload a imgur...
File: 1002844.jpg (418 KB, 1462x1096)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
I'll oblige to your request, anon. http://imgur.com/a/9alHV

File: image.jpg (601 KB, 1536x2048)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
Target is already clears conf the newest ghostbusters figs.
Already clearancing*

Just one Target or is it at other Targets?
If it wasn't crappy quality, I might buy this. I think the two skinny white ones are cute. Even the frumpy looking one, but I like kinda plain women.The two fat animals can rot,t hough.
This type of clearancing is handled on a store to store basis

File: bst1.jpg (929 KB, 3020x1511)
929 KB
929 KB JPG
Buy! Sell! Trade!
Read the rules, ignore shitposters, and (try to) have fun!
Old thread: >>5737663
286 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
Some spare Nendoroid face plates
Either blank ones or funny/very expressive ones
File: image.jpg (134 KB, 1024x768)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
US only. Free shipping. No PayPal fees. All items are opened and complete unless otherwise stated.


SCI-FI Revoltech Skeleton Warrior 2nd ver. - $50

LTB 1/12 props for figmas
pokemon leafgreen- $20
pokemon silver- $20
pokemon ruby- $15

figma Rintarou Okabe- $55

Nendoroid 130 kurisu makise- $40

gundam thunderbolt psycho zaku- $25

One piece girls collection bonney- $15
Grandline lady shirahoshi- $25
figuarts caymy- $20

Revoltech jack skellington- $45

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
my favorite meme

File: image.jpg (496 KB, 1869x2076)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
What are my best options for Evangelion figures? There seem to be a shitton of companies all doing the same thing in different scales
58 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 13.png (1.95 MB, 1920x834)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG

It's alright. The fact that it's noticeably taller than the other evas is very nice, and the shoulder pylons are definetly an improvement from the evolution line since they're attached to the torso rater than the arms, so they're not forced to move with them.
On the other hand, it's a bit lacking in the accessory department, it only comes with hands, spears and an alternate torso to make it two-armed. The lower arms make it almost impossible for the upper ones to go all the way down in a resting position, so unsless you use the two armed torso they'd always have to be a bit raised or inclined to get them out of the way of the shoulders. Also, the lower arms don't have enough shoulder articulation to reach across the chest to achieve the pose in pic related. The real pain in the ass though are the hips, they're big and clunky and finding the right angle can be annoying if you want something more dynamic than the good old floating demigod thing. Overall it's very nice as it is very imposing, but not as fun to pose as the other ones, I was lucky enough to get it for a joke price (15 euros) as one of the spears was broken and glued back together. If you like multiple arms there's unit 03 too but the additional arms are more accessories than limbs, as they're connected by a very small joint and are forced to move with the lower arms.
File: YOGA01.jpg (809 KB, 1500x1000)
809 KB
809 KB JPG
So yeah if the thread wasn't clear: go for the RD

I missed out on the other RD versions and I still regret it..
My SOC EVA 04 had perfectly fine joints when i got him but i recently dug him back out again and his limbs have basically become limp noodles. It's a fucking shame since it looks great.

> SIC Barney.

I'll tell you which one not to get, the Revo.

The off center rubbery pieces that make up the abs are pure torture.

File: Scarface_Predator.jpg (195 KB, 544x650)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
NECA Thread: Scarface edition.
Are you excited for him and Clan Leader?
How many Predators do you have already?
69 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20160630_121703.jpg (144 KB, 514x731)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Can't say I'm a fan of the articulated legs they're doing on the newer Terminator figs.
I'm just glad they're getting re-released so we don't have to pay scalper prices on the old ones.

The leg articulation is pretty much useless anyways, who poses a T-800 doing anything other than standing around menacingly?

It goes in and out of stock on tru.com. I've heard some FYE stores have it too. Who knows what store level TRU does anymore...sadly that one does depend on the store and area.
Indeed, i particularly loved the open city parts where you can just lurk about the ground and hunt anyone you want.
File: 81T1InqeyLL._SL1500_.jpg (185 KB, 1500x1200)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Now on Amazon and ebay

File: _cg7.jpg (360 KB, 1000x1000)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Post your custom projects here; mods, fixes, repaints, dios, effects parts, accessories, 3D printed stuff, or whatever else you're working on.

Offer tips and advice, ask for help, post tutorials/guides, and have fun!
135 replies and 54 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: image.jpg (52 KB, 445x528)
52 KB
Heres another picture of him.
Where can I get VTOLs similar to the ones on pic related?
A few Transformers have them. The Mega Bloks Call of Duty Wraith Attack comes with a great pair, but it's a block system so you'd have to do something about exposed studs.
i hate myself for losing this when i moved
Super noob question.

What kind of glue can I use to do repairs that won't cause that white hazing on plastics?

I recently fixed a weapon which had a snapped off part, the piece is made of black plastic, no paint. The only glue I had at the time was gorilla gel glue (pic related) I thought it would be fine since it's clear but when it dried it left a white residue which makes it look really obvious that the part has snapped off.

File: bst1.jpg (930 KB, 3020x1511)
930 KB
930 KB JPG
Buy! Sell! Trade!
Read the rules, ignore shitposters, and (try to) have fun!
Old thread: >>5720762
280 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
somebody is selling a drossel on ebay pretty cheap

Really want that biker, any interest in trading for it?
File: OC.jpg (65 KB, 806x536)
65 KB
Hey,it's you.
Ignore the shitposter now that he's gone, idiot.
File: image.jpg (136 KB, 1024x768)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
US only. Free shipping. No PayPal fees. All items are opened and complete unless otherwise stated.


SCI-FI Revoltech Skeleton Warrior 2nd ver. - $50


File: Cllypl5UYAES5bO.jpg (124 KB, 900x1200)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
anyone get their mighty no. 9 toy yet? id think at least one of you would talk about it.
25 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20X6.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
>we'll never make it to level 10
he was asking for YOUR face, summer school
Anon, these feels.
Is Stinkoman 20X6 a better game than MN9?

Seriously though, stinkoman was meant to be a joke. MN9 really shouldn't look like that.

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