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File: Soul_Spiller.jpg (198 KB, 700x961)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
The pre-order for Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller will begin at 6pm EST on July 27th, and will run until September 12th, 2018. Every person who places a pre-order in the first hour will not only get a live shout-out during the Four Horsemen Studios Online Convention, but you also receive a free little goodie when your pre-order ships!

At the 2018 Power-Con (Aug. 25th & 26th in Los Angeles, CA) Cowarros and Malynna the Malevolent on hand and up for sale to Power-Con attendees months before they ship from Store Horsemen!
The Fury Clan Orc and Lord Veteris figures will be available through Store Horsemen, but we plan to have a limited supply on hand at the fall ToyCon 2018 NJ show.

We're not going to be making a physical appearance at San Diego Comic Con this year, but on Friday, July 27th from 11am to 7pm EST we will be appearing on Facebook Live and other live social media outlets. interviews, and info on upcoming releases, production status and pre-orders all day long, but also throughout the day, there'll be a new Four Horsemen reveal at the top of every hour, and a giveaway at the bottom of every hour!

>Advent of Decay 2.0 DATES
Production on Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay is nearly complete. The figures to be fully completed by July 20th, and the figures should ship from the factory by July 23rd! So we're still on track to start shipping these things to you in late Summer/early Fall 2018

>Mythic Legions Allstars 2.0
All-Stars 2.0 pre order is over and will be shipping to us in late Summer 2018, but it's possible that it may be as late as Fall/Winter 2018.

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File: bone.jpg (14 KB, 259x193)
14 KB
So get this
what if skeletons had a peg in the back of their heads like the helmets do
for hair

Skeleton wigs
Is this just supposed to be a test shot? Because I’d buy a skelly gargoyle in a fucking heartbeat
yeah it's just a test shot, but why they decided to show us, who knows.
Now i need some Gargoyle figures...

Last thread: >>7053994

So how was everyone's weekend? Is your wallet crying yet?

So much of everything announced. Kenner Terminator, more T2. Aliens, Predators, and Bears oh my!
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I love how NECA is expanding their Godzilla line (better sculpts, more monsters) So many options to collect with Japan and American products, both vintage and modern!
>gold, silver, and white
Damn, that must look pretty interesting!
If NECA does more Laika stuff, I really hope they get around to the witches from Kubo.
kek, this guy will be forever known as the girly predator
Blade Fighter was an abysmal failure and nothing Kenner-esque of that size will probably be made again.

File: ms-beachcomber.jpg (232 KB, 1220x1399)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Old thread >>7053767
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To the poster here who also bought the UniqueToys Warlord/Predaking loose off BBTS

have you gotten yours yet? it's been four days now and mine hasn't even shipped.
Mine will be here Tuesday (my birthday coincidentally). BBTS usually takes a few days to actually ship out unfortunately, although I didn't hit 'ship' until a little over week ago.
okay, thanks

happy early birthday by the way, hope you have a great one and Warlord turns out good.
Here's what sold the day before
Holy fucking shit, thank you. Cheaper than $100 even with their $16 shipping, I am a happy boy today.

File: tyvs.jpg (310 KB, 1632x756)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
Post a picture of two groups of your toys facing off, and let's determine who'd be the overall winners.

File: 281es93.png (259 KB, 880x1058)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
What's the basic bitch of /toy/ culture. or nerd/geek culture in general
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You should have stopped at Funkos.
cum stains
You are fucking insane, Fox News is the number one cable news channel in America and shitting on Obama was their bread and butter. You are sipping lean or some shit, also I hate to break it to you but the media (CNN included) is either conservative-leaning or greatly favors conservative ideas. Even Trump's hated NYTimes go out of their way to fellate conservative voices and stack their op-ed pages with any republican idiot they can find off the street. I know if you like Trump it might be annoying that so many voices are always shitting on him, but mainstream media has no lack of conservative voices and shilling.
you see I was almost with you until you said the majority the news GREATLY FAVORS conservative ideas. I'm sorry but that just isn't true. The rest of your argument is reasonable.

All of this is not for a /toy thread though, bring it back to toys related stuff pls
I'd love to hear your opinion on the Atari flashback console

/toy/ - bjd.buyfags.moe (link is dead, /toy has currently no FAQ)
/jp/ - dollfaq.buyfags.moe

Doll news and company list:

WIP Database/Height comparison:

Doll magazine scans (patterns!):

Common sealants for faceups (there are more, but these are most frequently used):

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what sculpt is that? Is that a modded Volks one? It looks too cheeky to be Volks.
Does anyone know what head this is?
File: Blythe AUUUUGH!.jpg (110 KB, 570x813)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Sqlab on the second hand market
2D doll via Alice collections
Aimerai via their website, or Alice collection. Theirs are limited but they seem to release new ones every few months or so
File: soomfenynecy.jpg (152 KB, 700x1041)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Thanks for the advice, none of these are really catching my eye though. I'm also in the market for a Yo-SD size doll with half-lidded eyes. Seems like I always fall for hard to find dolls. If anyone has any reccs for similar looking dolls in the same size that are a bit easier to come by I'd be interested.

Previous thread >>6965474
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Um, if he shot himself with his left hand, the spray of cream should be coming out the right side of his head.

I think... I think King Ding Dong was murdered...
>open food chain
>call it “onions” like soilent green
>everybody is fine with it.

I hate when classic movies with meaning become nothing more than slogans.
Where'd you get the Frute Brute set at? I want him, but I'm not willing to pay the costs of exclusive markup...
Is there ANY WAY to get the new grillmaster 76 Pop at an affordable price?
any new pictures of the coraline pops yet

File: 1531167233771.jpg (372 KB, 640x652)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
Welcome and join us in discussing the greatest line of all!

We got Halo, Call of Duty, Destiny, Assassins Creed, God of War, Terminator, Hellboy, Star Trek, Aliens, Masters of the Universe, random Vikings and Spacemen, goo monsters and many more!

No bricklink for mega though.

>Old Thread:
>Lego General:
>Archived Threads:
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File: IMG_8270.jpg (1.23 MB, 1560x1352)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
I didn't really care for this guy when I got him, but at this point he's one of my favorites from the Destiny line.
File: IMG_8277.jpg (1.44 MB, 1803x1352)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
And my new favorites...

The TMNT movie line really had some great unique parts I wish they'd reuse.
File: IMG_8301.jpg (1.43 MB, 1803x1352)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
I wish there were more accessories with the small head pin. I've got a Viking mohawk floating around somewhere...
They are around but packaged with shitty bootleg star wars blasters, not mega bloks weapons.
What was that? I couldn’t hear you of the sound of THE MIGHT OF THE GLORIUS BRITISH EMPIRE!

I can’t come up with a witty title Edition
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I realized too late that this guy looks cross eyed
File: IMG_0881.jpg (453 KB, 1920x1080)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
I go to the local cemetery. It's where this pic was taken. Spring and fall are best times to go. Also take a trip to a hiking trail or lake.
File: IMG_20180722_211256.jpg (236 KB, 1616x1080)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
File: 72K_2540as.jpg (522 KB, 1500x1010)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
Messing around with my remote flash. Pretty neat feature with the Nikon strobes is that it can be triggered remotely using the built-in flash on the camera. In this pic, I was holding the flash off camera at the top left.


Hello /toy/ I am looking for the name of a toy from my childhood. It was a line of robots of varying themes made of metal from the 2000s(probably early) the key gimmick to these toys was that each of these robots parts could be swapped. Arms could be swapped around, and torsos has armor plates and heads that could be freely swapped between the standardized torsos. One of the things I remember is that there was sort of an Egyptian themed robot? And his weapon was a spinning sycthe. I know this is a long shot, but I would appreciate any responses!
Almost sounds like Machine Robo Mugenbine, but I'm not sure about the metal part.
I looked that up, that’s not it, but thanks for the response!
Really old Battle Bots?
Or Rock em Sock em Robots?

It had a four way metal tool to pop parts off?

/toy/ is a slow board my dude.
Here is some of the Rock Em Sock Em line


File: Filia GK.jpg (121 KB, 720x960)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Old thread is on autosage, continue here.

This is the place to discuss fighting game figures, be they Figuarts, Storm Collectibles, the old SOTA figures or whatever. Looking forward to Figuarts Sakura? Wondering what the SC version might look like? Hoping someone does Soul Calibur figures? Talk about it here.

(Before people ask: the Filia here is a garage kit some anon posted in the last thread and is almost certainly unobtainable for us mere mortals.)
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Can you buy that pre-painted?
I don't think so, it was made in very small numbers by a single fan, sold exclusively at an event. A shame as if they released these as production figures I'd buy them all.
everything except for the face is perfect on that kit
damn, I wish recasts were available of that and the dragon's crown ones. After tackling the anryuu and kouryu kits I feel confident enough to do more resin action figures

What does /toy/ think of this guy
28 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag, Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag, Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag, Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag, Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag, Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag, Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag, Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag Swivel Swag
You know how Egoraptor did animations to help boost his chances and exposure as a voice actor?
Jobby's like that except with toy reviews and art
One of these days he'll try to retire toy reviews and focus solely on his art
How this goes is anyone's guess
File: tr.png (1.35 MB, 1126x768)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
>Wanted to send him the latest Unicorn RD for laughs

just no
he's swimming in fan mail. People keep sending him expensive toys to review and he just doesn't give a shit, he's had an unopened sh monsterarts shin godzilla collecting dust for months now. What did the fool who sent that and many other toys get in return? a 5 second shout out.
Like how hard can it be to go through the boxes and whip out quick reviews? He did it for a while then went back to his lazy ways because he just has to maximise yt profit so he only uploads 10+ minute reviews.
He's an ungrateful cunt. Don't send him any more stuf ffs
File: sadmanCover.jpg (264 KB, 442x638)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
I don't think earth could handle that much sadness
he's been getting a bit better lately, though I wish he'd lessen the gross-out factor. It makes me hesitant to share his stuff with friends.

do "china version" knock offs of toys hurt anyone?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Only the people you love.
File: 1529809105677.jpg (84 KB, 640x593)
84 KB

Those royal guards don't look too bad, but the stormies look horrible.

>do "china version" knock offs of toys hurt anyone?

I think it huts people collecting import figures. Bootlegs are pretty common in that area. On a related note, I just got a fake DS game that was a bootleg. I was majorly pissed, and the ebay seller is trying to ignore me. I mad
Only autistic brand loyalists.
>Those royal guards don't look too bad

They don't come with staffs either.

I think if you need to fill out a diorama or display it wouldn't be much of a waste of money if they were cheap enough. Though, at this point you might as well by the BS Royal Guard. They don't cost that much.

File: TOY-RBT-1535_01.jpg (115 KB, 600x665)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>tfw good toys are only reserved for hardcore nerds that are willing to spend hundreds of dollars
Goddammit why can't I have a cool Optimus figure under $100?
34 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 81BWN38qJdL._SL1500_.jpg (120 KB, 871x1500)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
I have this and it's fantastic.
I also have a Takara Tomy EZ G1 Megatron, now that shit is perfect, goddamn why did they stop making these legends class line.
File: 20180720_210741.jpg (181 KB, 533x947)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
I just got MPP10v for 35 burgers on ebay.
>Can't wait to have it my possession
Feels good anon
>tfw good sports cars are only reserved for rich people that are willing to spend thousands of dollars
This is how you sound
Link me up fampai

File: Large Father.jpg (62 KB, 752x564)
62 KB
Anyone know some reasonably priced Big Daddy figures? All I have is a small vinyl figure I got from gamestop a while back and pic related. The 1:6 scale one looks pretty damn cool but I'm wayyy too broke for that. It doesn't look like there's many Big Daddy figures, but maybe I'm missing something?
The old neca ones are pretty solid. I own all of em and they are pretty nice. Only downside is that they are pretty heavy and hard to get to stand up without falling down, on the plus side of that they are built like bricks so I haven't had any get damaged over all of these years.

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