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Is it fucked up to give my dog calming treats? I really think she needs them.
>anticipates the mailman every day, screams/shivers/paces/compulsively eats and drinks/scratches (all despite extensive training and trying to redirect her)
>aggressive towards my other dog for ocd reasons (will attack him if I let her out first but is calm if I let him out first)
>will growl/yelp/scream for small reasons like a door slamming or child laughing outside my door
This is all after walking her 30-60 minutes a day and playing/training her as well. She has kongs, bones, homemade toys but she is just very anxious and high-strung 24/7. She is not a puppy either, she's almost 8 years old! Should I ask my vet before I give her these or should I just go to petsmart and see what happens? I've been stuck with her at home lately and she is driving me up the fucking wall
None if those ingredients do anything, it's literally a scam. So yeah they're safe to feed your dog.

You should see your vet, Xanax prescriptions for dogs are things, you dog could be neurotic which is not too uncommon.
Passion flower and valerian have antianxiety effects when taken orally,and the smell of chamomile is calming at least to humans. If they're not expensive they're worth a try.
Your dog is bored and anxious, you need to give it something to do not something to eat.
theanine has anti anxiety effects. It's one of the psychoactive ingrediants in tea. It doesn't fuck you up but if you take some theanine pills there's a chance you'll notice a difference especially if you're feeling quite anxious

File: photo001.jpg (41 KB, 550x366)
41 KB
Hi /an/, I just got back from the reptile expo in White Plains. It was pretty disappointing desu.
I went there to get some aquatic frogs like clawed frogs and the closest thing I saw were some dyed clawed frogs (or "jelly candy frogs," as the vendor called them) for fifteen dollars and some dwarf frogs for eight dollars each (both of which i didn't buy).
But hey at least there were a hundred vendors selling ball pythons.
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>But hey at least there were a hundred vendors selling ball pythons.
You've no idea how much this hurts me. When I first started going to the expos there was so much diversity in what was available, and then there was a small shift; a few more ball morphs and a few less of the other python species. Next expo a few more morphs, even more the next, and yet still more goddamn ball python morphs all for the low, low price of your left arm, first born child, and a kidney.

That's the thing of it too: these morphs are laughable in how expensive they are and yet the fuckers that breed them sit around scratching their heads wondering why in this over saturated and over priced market they can only by and sell these animals amongst themselves while the tables that have even something a simple as a carpet python see most of the traffic. At this point the only reason I bother going is to bulk buy feeders and supplies.
Yeah, it's pretty sad. I remember when I first went there a couple years ago there were hundreds of cool animals like soft shell turtles and pipa frogs.
The people who mostly buy and breed these pythons are fatasses with tattoos and dyed hair who keep dozens of snakes in little tiny shoe boxes and don't even look at them until its time to feed them.
Shit i didn't even notice
White Plains NY?

That shit is just depressing and makes my inner child cry. Clawed frogs were always ones that I really admired as a kid.
I go to the White Plains expo all the time mainly for inverts and supplies. There's some diamonds in the rough but damn, 10x as many ball pythons as there needs to be. Cool bugs though, and that one dude that sells all those taxidermied bugs n bats is great, I take one of those home every expo.

File: 1517245881074.jpg (106 KB, 1030x853)
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106 KB JPG
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File: itss art mom.jpg (312 KB, 1080x1273)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
this fucking guy
File: DG9KxklVwAAwcAB.jpg (39 KB, 1200x400)
39 KB
File: DWU_pF0U0AAz9Ja.jpg (111 KB, 902x1200)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: DV_g1ZCUQAATpxV.jpg (72 KB, 1200x802)
72 KB
File: DWPTcEmV4AA_Rt8.jpg (106 KB, 900x1200)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

File: 21kangaroo-blog427.jpg (87 KB, 427x641)
87 KB
"Kangaroo Pelted With Rocks Dies in Chinese Zoo"


>Visitors to a zoo in southeast China, apparently hoping for a livelier show, pelted kangaroos with rocks, ultimately killing one, injuring another

Daily reminder that Chinese are subhuman scum.
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File: Dog Bat.jpg (394 KB, 2048x1536)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
They correctly know animals have no place other than to be used as tools or food. Having empathy towards animals or having them as "pets" is genetic insanity. You put resources, that should be going towards you genetic lineage, towards some dumb animals that offer no benefit to your genetic lineage.
Like white, black, and other cultures haven't had bad histories with animal abuse. Respect for the lives and dignity of animals among the masses is relatively rare across the span of human history and we still rationalize treating especially icky or delicious animals like shit in the great white west.
>some dumb animals that offer no benefit to your genetic lineage

Incorrect. Tending to animals provides psychological benefits to many humans and, as with many other odd social quirks of humans, can serve a purpose in proving fitness to a mate. Caring for a dependent animal and showing it tenderness and suitable discipline can allow a person to practice and showcase useful parental skills to potential mates. Showing empathy towards those in a position of difference and weakness can put others at ease, reassuring peers and potential mates that you are more likely to have their back even if they demonstrate difference from you or become weak.
this leave insects alone
insects > chinksects

File: bald kot.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
Bald Boys edition


Join the cat conversation at #mammal

Food & Nutrition

Outside Enrichment
Behavioral problems

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What are cat treats?
Personally, my cat loves the freeze-dried stuff like Orijen and Vital Essentials and sometimes the packets of flaked salmon from purina.
Is it ok to feed my cat dry food sometimes, like would 50/50 dry/wet make sense ?
yes it's fine
>neighbor left outdoor cat when he died
>grandmother took it in
>started picking fights with her old cats when it was inside so she didn't let it inside anymore
>it scratched her and tried to bite me
>few days later
>was outside there and it just ran up to me and bit me

what do i do about this
[spoiler]I don't want to shoot the cat but idk what else to do[/spoiler]

File: IMG_0638.jpg (3.22 MB, 4032x3024)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB JPG
Any advice on how to remove acrylic paint on my turtles? My kids painted them but I heard somewhere that they could die from it... but those turtles are very important to me. Pic related
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Acrylic is water soluble so you can remove with water and soft bristle tooth brush. You may be able to scrape a lot of it off with your fingernails as well.
Thanks, I’ll try. Hope it’ll work...
Hand sanitizer can soften some acrylic paints as well.
File: paint-4.jpg (103 KB, 500x501)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>tfw when people have been doing this to wild box turtles in my area

It can, however i don't think using alcohol based solutions is safe for turtles.

File: Thinking_Face_Emoji.png (111 KB, 640x640)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
If humans weren't destroying the world and fucking everything up, what animal would be in our place and similarly fucking everything up?
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Nature is never balanced you hippie fuckwad.
I don’t think it is their lifespan, more the fact that the parents cannot pass on knowledge to offspring. Mother dies as her eggs hatch.
No animal. The combination of brains and dexterity (among other things) aren't currently found in other animals as it does in humans.
this, ppl like >>2669145 are pretentious faggots
None, at least not to the scale that we do. No other animal can mitigate the effects of external population controls or alter their environment quite like humans can. If a population of animals in one region outstrips its food supply or is stricken by a disease it's not like another population of the same animals from another region will come to their aid.

File: IMG_20180425_160559933.jpg (1.51 MB, 3264x1836)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Looks like Termites

File: wegman.jpg (63 KB, 808x500)
63 KB
Wegman's Dogs are good boys.


RIP Fay Ray
i honestly hate these stupid "portraits" and ugly fucking dogs so much
Your mother.

Discord: https://discord.gg/XMbQdc4

Reptile classifieds for finding breeders of various scaled and sundry creatures

>reptilescanada.com (Canadian breeders)
>caudata.org for newts, salamanders and lots more amphibians
>Also check to see if there are any annual reptile shows/expos in your area as these are good places to find good animals from good breeders at partial discount

/herp/ officially official all purpose care sheet of wonder and magic

>sand a shit
>use a thermostat

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Found this boi in the tunnels under my university
This boi too
does anyone know what species they are?
looks like a bullfrog, especially because of that size
No that’s not it. This is a fully grown one

File: DbaFEH8X0AUzQRb.jpg (105 KB, 960x685)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I saw the goose, get loose.
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The thing is he's literally holding a bag full of goose-killing clubs.
yeah i remeber that episode when Donald joins the army
File: The Goose.jpg (133 KB, 638x714)
133 KB
133 KB JPG

we sent them to help deal with america's basedboy problem. you're welcome.

t. canada
File: Pepeancientnipponese.png (202 KB, 391x497)
202 KB
202 KB PNG

Wait just a second here now. s-o-y-b-o-y. basedboy.


File: maxresdefault.jpg (129 KB, 1280x700)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I want to learn about moths in depth, but everyone only focuses on butterflies. What should I read? Are there any documentaries?
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Google scholar
Not op but i want to learn about them too, they are cute and mysterious. There isn't a lot of open knowlege about them online other than the basics

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Deilephila elpenor 04.jpg (271 KB, 985x812)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
I guess that's doable and actually sound advice, just... at first jumping immediately into professional papers seems ill advised unless it's the only option.
Fool, moths help with pollination. They are also a food source for other animals that help out the ecosystem.

>live feeding is cruel
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File: e02.jpg (29 KB, 645x588)
29 KB

>"Hurr - but tha intanets sez..."
As someone who loves and keeps both reptiles and rodents as pets, I only feed dead. Having the last moments of your life be hopelessly defending yourself from a creature that 15 times bigger than you sounds like a very depressing way to go. There's also the fact that it can potentially harm or kill your reptile. Really not worth the risk.
Besides, I'm sure 90% of people live-feed just because they think it's cool and enjoyable to watch, rather than for the benefit of the predator.
i could argue that you are a huge fucking faggot because of quantitative reasons. I could also add my own personal opinion that you just look like a fucking faggot, which is an ad hominem, but it doesnt change the original quantitative reaons for you being a huge faggot

besiades, appeal to nature doesnt really apply here, it only applies for example when saying that something is better because its natural. Saying that live feeding is okay because of animal feeding habits in nature isnt a fallacy. If we were to say its better or the only true way then you might have an argument, but that wasnt the case

youre a huge faggot anon
so would you rather your pet die of starvation or a curable illness?

or are you suggesting i let my snake out in the backyard with a rabbit and let nature takes its fucking course
Yes. Release the longboi. I hope you live in michigan

File: pitbull.jpg (47 KB, 800x600)
47 KB
So /an/ am I a genius or retared
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They are the niggers of the doggy kingdom.
File: 1463846628752.jpg (442 KB, 638x3464)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
take the pitpill
File: images2.jpg (9 KB, 247x204)
9 KB
Not necessarly, it could be 90 % pitbull or only 10 %. At the second generation, one of the parents may transmit all of its pit chromosomes, or none of them, or only one. Dogs have 78 chromosomes, so I think you would have only 1/(4^39) chance to see a pure pitbull bred out of the two mutts, however nothing ensures the offspring will be 50 % pitbull (only the highest probability)

File: grandma.jpg (63 KB, 637x626)
63 KB
How do we solve the dog owner problem?
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cats are pets. birds are food. the best part about bird idiots is they probably eat chicken all the time
that is not at all a problem
You know this reminds me of how some cases where a lady will pretend to be pregnant and steal a baby from the maternity ward. Think security got increased after this?
On one hand I agree with it. Nothing pisses me off more then family members coming over and whinging about the fact my dogs sleep on the couch.

But I also had friends who let their dogs jump all over guests and piss all over the house in excitement, they never cleaned it up either because “it’s a wooden floor, it will dry up quickly”.

To some degree I think if you go into a house with dogs you don’t have any right to complain about dogs doing dog stuff, but ffs have some consideration for your guests and how it affects your reputation.
I would have zero problem shooting any pit that strays into my property.

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