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What happened here?
Sometimes I feel like they've just been constantly accidentally playing the wrong shows for the last 5 to 10 years, and one day somebody's just going to say, "oops" and turn the correct stuff back on.
We can all dream, anon

File: image.jpg (181 KB, 1632x1088)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Smug Fish

Last thread: >>2336483
Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor and issues.

Google is your friend.
Feel free to ask questions but know that there are a lot of resources out there that could answer your question a lot faster and accurately than /an/.

Make sure to include these things in your post before asking because we can't help you if we don't have the full picture:
-tank size (include dimensions, not just volume)
-parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, GH, KH)
-any and all inhabitants + how long you've had them

Care Guides:

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>the resident troll begins to deflect
>the point is to see if it can be done.
you already said you searched online and found it can. But it ends badly. Like I said, you can also keep clownfish and most other ocean fish in freshwater. It just ends badly.

to me it smells of saltwater envy.
anyways my goal isn't to make you feel bad. I want you to spend $16.99 on a bag of salt mix and try it out.

once you see how easy and painless that is you can move on to bigger things. For some reason the whole mixing-salt-into-water scares people off. Like it's a huge leap or something. It's not.
I mean if you guys really hate me this much for no reason and I get shit literally every time I post here there's no reason for me to come here. I wonder how many other people have just left because they invaded your safe space?
nobody hates you and I apologize for offending.

I assume people here have some thick skin. I was wrong and I don't mean to chase you off.

I'm sure /aq/ is better with you here than me.

File: 11.jpg (35 KB, 404x428)
35 KB
Alright how do I get my retard cat to stop biting/swatting, especially at my face? I usually grab her neck skin (not hurting her, just so she can't lunge at me) and pin her with my other arm againt my chest (again, just so she can't move, I'm not really applying force) then blowing in her face, but this just seems to make her think I'm engaging her in 'playing'

I'm fully aware she's just getting hyper and wants to play but this needs to stop
>I usually grab her neck skin (not hurting her, just so she can't lunge at me) and pin her with my other arm againt my chest (again, just so she can't move, I'm not really applying force) then blowing in her face, but this just seems to make her think I'm engaging her in 'playing'
Obviously when she tries to bite or swat. Also should be then blow*

File: 1482279042592.gif (1.87 MB, 400x260)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
Can we have a thread for aquatic animals that are not fish? Post crustaceans and cephalopods.
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That thing will fuck you up.
Why does that matter to you BIGOT?!
>the ocean is filled with horrifying abominations that need to be eradicated

The odd thing is that they are deadly poisonous, but last I heard, legal as pets.

Although I hear octopi dont live long as pets. I heard 6-8 months

It was a long, long time ago, but when I was a kid, you could buy them special order for about $80

I never kept one. But Im told its difficult because they figure their way out of the habitat and then once out, get confused and die from whatever the reverse of drowning is.

File: 2016-03-23-184449.jpg (49 KB, 640x480)
49 KB
Guys, my dog just bit somebody about 10 minutes ago and I have no idea what to do, I heard a knock on my door and and I went to open it, when he suddenly came running out and bit the woman's arm, I locked him in the bathroom and I'm scared for both myself and my dog, my dog is pic related
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As long as all the shots are up to date you should be OK,you'll still need to keep the dog quarantined I guess.
Now there is a record of your dog attacking people. If it happens again you will likely have to have the animal put down. You will also be responsible for all medical bills, and your insurance may or may not cover it.
I highly suggest you look in to obedience training for your dog anon.
>Jehovah's witness
Good dog.
Let's hope.
Put the agressive fuck out of its misery before it kills someone. Dog people at absolute cancer.
I don't care if you're a catfag or not, but when you make generalizations like that it pretty much proves you're an idiot.
Go fuck yourself.

Don't get too worked up about it. Just go about whatever steps they tell you to do, and obedience school wouldn't hurt if you can afford it. If you can't, just keep a closer eye on him. He was only trying to help, but didn't understand. When someone knocks on my door I always shut mine in the bedroom before I open it, just to keep everyone's stress down.

File: 2250101383-2.jpg (220 KB, 2000x1000)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Considering moving in with someone has nice furniture, like $X,000 pieces (he works at a furniture store). I have two cats. And they're fucking asshole forest-cats that do wild shit like climb curtains and try to bury their food in the hardwood, behaviors none of my previous cats displayed. I know my cats will wreck his shit. Everything I own is cheap shit because I don't care.

I'm fucked aren't I? Like sure, get scratching posts, deter cat from furniture and toward scratching posts, etc. But that sounds like reduced incidents, not a total lack of incidents. It really only takes one incident of scratching to take a shit on the value of a piece.

Is there something I can do to perfectly preserve the furniture, even if aesthetically unpleasing? Does double-sided tape and citrus really do shit like the internet claims? Those little claw caps seem like a meme too. Anyone managed to train their cat to leave furniture alone completely, or otherwise protect their furniture? I'm willing to do pretty much anything short of declawing.
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Neither do you but you still have your fingers
No. For one thing, feral cats never tame fully. Expect not just clawing but piss and shit. They'll do it just to piss you off and train their fucking spawn to do it too. You can

A. Shrink wrap the furniture and change it regularly (because they will gouge holes in it and piss on it).

B. Tell your roomie to put his shit in storage and move your shit in.

C. Not move in.

D. Kill the cats.
Shit I forgot about this thread

I want to believe you. I guess I'll try them ahead of time at least.

Yea I warned him of the reality of it. To be honest I think it'll prevent me from moving there. I don't really give a fuck about what kind of furniture I have

>adult cats
They're almost a year old. They have a cat tree and they seem to prefer it for scratching, but it's in one room of a fairly large house. So in other rooms they're accustomed to scratching up whatever. So it sounds like I'm fucked tho.

>feral cats
Wait, do my cats count as feral cats? They were found as kittens in a barn that was about to be demolished. I've had them since they were 1mo. They've socialized pretty well, they don't shit on things. They like to pee on piles of dirty clothes which is moderately annoying.
Not exactly feral more sorta farm cat level.

Those hollow pool noodles on chair legs can help.
it's incredibly painful

File: 1490297319399s.jpg (5 KB, 250x186)
5 KB
>sister's guinea pig screeches and screams any time it hears a bag crinkle or just randomly
>it annoys the fuck out of me
>try swatting it, spraying it with water, etc
>nothing makes it stop because sister doesn't do any of it
>sister is gone right now
>guinea pig screeched so I put it inside a very small box with a heavy object on top and an air hole
Piece of shit has been trying desperately to get out for the last hour.
Guinea pig BTFO. http://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/35738628#top
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File: shooootah.jpg (7 KB, 316x202)
7 KB
Man I know that feel


My little brother has 2 pet Chameleons. I fucking hate them. They live in 2 huge fucking tanks and make fucking noise and I see them watching me (we share a bedroom poorfag). They have fucking stupid normie eyes and they watch me

I've tried everything. I read that chameleons die when they get stressed so whenever my brother leaves the room I smear my faeces on the sides of their cages so they think they are in a rainforest and a logger is shitting on their tree. They won't fucking die. i AM so close to stomping on them both.
File: e9d.jpg (16 KB, 600x600)
16 KB
Burn its hair off and make a sanwhich out of it.
The first paragraph was funny.

File: 1470023128268.jpg (69 KB, 565x800)
69 KB
You are on your way to home. Suddenly you see this fucking bird staring at you. Wat do?
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That's scary.
File: 1481576531623.jpg (24 KB, 628x354)
24 KB
Why? It's just a bird airing out it's wings.
Nature has much, much more scary stuff than that.
File: c6e.png (73 KB, 300x500)
73 KB
File: birb chocolate.jpg (95 KB, 600x814)
95 KB
Uhm can anyone tell me why shoebills can push their spines out their bill?
Looks like one of the worms from Tremors

So i bought a furminator and started brushing my cat. And there is so much fucking fur coming off. Ive literally just filled a plastic bag with fur and more just keeps coming off. Is this a medical thing or natural?

Pic related is my cat
File: licki.gif (1.88 MB, 371x209)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
You need to be using pic related, you are stressing out your cat by grooming in an unnatural manner.
File: Cat_vacuum_massage.gif (2 MB, 270x208)
2 MB

could be seasonal idk

File: hwndu.png (85 KB, 392x370)
85 KB
Which seagull is this, where do they live.
Pls guys we need yours help
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/pol/ planning another capture the flag caper? Make sure to put up a nice big flag of kek in its place this time. :)
Why are you searching, it's on top of a museum somewhere in Liverpool.
Tracts, not tracks, Anon.

Yes, they figured that out shortly after this thread was posted. A couple of guys in the UK showed up on camera, tried to take it down but it was zip-tied on and no scissors on hand. Police chased them off. The flag was then taken down because police didn't like how much attention it drew, didn't want to deal with more trespassers. And so ended season 4 of Shia's international capture the flag adventure.
LOL this thread

File: 20170313_171406.jpg (1.25 MB, 5312x2988)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Why does my cat keep deciding that the best time to take a huge, smelly dump in his litter box is the time when I'm just finished preparing my dinner? Whenever I eat food I've microwaved or heated in any other kind of way, my cat decides to take a dump right when it's finished and it stinks up my entire first floor. This has happened so many times now it has to be a connection between the two. Why?
because you're a retard who thought an animal that shits and pisses in a box in your house is "clean"

reap what you sow, stupid catfag
>This has happened so many times now it has to be a connection between the two. Why?
It is because you choose to live with an animal that shits in a box, inside your house.
A box that you have to empty and maintain.
>catfag logic
File: 20161213_125628.jpg (1.25 MB, 5312x2988)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Thank you for all your support. I would also like to know why my cats, even though they spend several hours a day outside, seem to wait until they get inside again before they relieve themselves? I was hoping they'd do their business outside from now on, but they keep holding it in until they get inside again and can use the box. Why?
Because in the house is safe and warm.
Where would you rather shit? Public toilet or at home?
File: 20161215_183834[1].jpg (3.1 MB, 5312x2988)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
Fair enough. Well put and thank you for being kind hearted in your comment.

File: AnimuSSssss.gif (147 KB, 500x375)
147 KB
147 KB GIF
animu edition

previous >>2330013

/herp/ reptile classifieds for finding breeders of various scaled and sundry creatures

>reptilescanada.com (Canadian breeders)
>Also check to see if there are any annual reptile shows/expos in your area as these are good places to find good animals from good breeders at partial discount

/herp/ officially official all purpose care sheet of wonder and magic

>sand a shit

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I've heard a lot of stories about partial regeneration of venom glands.
I've only ever heard of fangs regrowing from dumb asses defanging cobras or something

Never looked into it too deep because if I was to ever get into hots thered be no way Id get that done
It can and does happen. Not always, but it is always a possibility.
File: 20170323_230120.jpg (499 KB, 1920x1080)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
Such a cute
You shouldn't be taking any animal out of the wild anyways. You can find captive bred individuals just like that one for extremely cheap. Thamnophis.com is a good place to find garter breeders, as it's the only place I've found with a heavy concentration of garter keepers.

From what I can find, concinnus are strict fish eaters, so if you kept one a diet of thiaminase-free fish would be what you'd want to feed it. Garters aren't really built to eat rodents, they don't naturally eat them, and the fur can sometimes cause impaction. Pinkies are fine, but they get overweight extremely easy on them as I've found with my two (I've had to start feeding them every other week until I can find a way to keep earthworms alive or start a guppy tank or something). Fish are probably the best vertebrates to feed most garters as most species/subspecies eat them naturally and they represent a whole diet vs. earthworms, although worms would add nice variety.

Let's all share!

File: 1111.jpg (176 KB, 900x626)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Ultimate Horse General
63 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'll die happy and loved
I ride western, but I only know how to guide the horse with my right hand. What now?
File: h-lips-5.jpg (140 KB, 706x1024)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
File: BbJLpCnCQAAqUEr.jpg (51 KB, 800x600)
51 KB
File: KEVS7466(resized).jpg (420 KB, 2336x1552)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
patented butt scratching technology

i just stumbled on the most weirdest video involving a chat.
It's about a killer cat or something.
>toxoplasmosis doesn't make you mentally ill I swear!
so hear me out

there comes a point where video + a repository website full of them (youtube, youporn whatever) creates a problem for mentally ill retards

they have seen it all
so the question they ask themselves is:
what can I do to top every thing else and be more bizarre/ retarded/ autistic
the answer manifests itself in the form of the video you posted
he feels that he needed to escalate things because it's the natural order of being a liberal moron living in a world where there are is such a thing as "transgernder rights"
While I agree, let's keep /pol/ on /pol/ bruh. /an/ is where I come to stop thinking about all the people who hate me.

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