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File: spinos.jpg (125 KB, 900x601)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
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I'm just saying that there is a massive agenda being pushed to turn this superpredator into a fish eating virgin
Too nostalgic to accept the truth man?
I actually agree tb.h
the virgin spinosaurus

That's what it was.

File: 1504743472017.png (456 KB, 540x540)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
I've had my male cat, Methos, for about 7 years now and hes been around multiple other cats, and even small/medium dogs. Today my girlfriend and I went out to get a kitten, female, from a friend who had 28 cats to get rid of due to strays just breeding in her yard. Once she was brought home, I put the carrier on the ground and let her come out on her own. She came out immediately and tried to find a way out but quickly stopped realizing this is her new home. Methos originally didn't seem to have an interest or much care, but then he went up to her and sniffed her. Seemed fine, then he starting hissing and growling a lot. I have never seen him act like this with any other animals besides the medium sized dogs my dad had because they tried to sit on him. As stated before, he's been around other cats so this shouldn't be anything new to him but now hes hissing and getting extremely defensive and even hitting me(no claws on Methos) and I am by far his favorite person. Is it jealousy or is he upset due to a new cat in his territory? I've had cats also my whole life and haven't had this issue before.
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Keep new kitten in one room for two weeks, using the smell and food spacing between them closer and closer.

It's a technique you can find all over the internet. Just look up how to introduce your older cat to the newer cat. Yes, it's not a visitor
File: IMG_0695.jpg (26 KB, 320x263)
26 KB
>owning a cat

Go back to reddît
You did zero research on new cat introduction and just plopped the carrier on the floor hoping for the best?
Have had cats for years, picking her up and introducing wasn't going to happen. She didn't want to be touched at all, Methos went up and introduced himself and wasn't a fan
>picking her up and introducing wasn't going to happen

Obviously not. Nobody would ever suggest doing that either.

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that doggo radiates massive amounts of confidence, it's impressive
File: swingin_doggo.webm (2.72 MB, 720x404)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB WEBM
Best one

File: IMG_0150s.jpg (120 KB, 1000x750)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Yeah, he's pretty cool. I think it comes from spending all his time with a GSD and/or a Belgian Shepherd.
very cool

File: autism.jpg (268 KB, 978x537)
268 KB
268 KB JPG

should having this amount of animals be allowed?
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Doesn't seem like a problem. People who breed reptiles have many more than that in shitty tupperware enclosures.
i want to have a lot of dogs and fancy rats and my bf wants to have a lot of lizards. as long as you have the money to feed quality diets, have an emergency sufficient for a situation where multiple animals need urgent veterinary care at once, and are keeping all your pets comfortable with enough space and stimulation, i think it's fine.
You should have tried asking that about the spic instead. She has like 6 dogs and 4 cats before even getting into the meme animals. I think that one said she had over 100 animals.
It's called makeup. Watch her videos where she doesn't have makeup on at all. Her contour skills are subtly incredible.*

*And also dumb as almost all contouring is: for some reason lots of girls want the fake nose and transvestite look that heavy contouring does.**

**I have dated not one but two girls who wanted to be makeup artists.
Lip plumper exists and you’d be amazed at how much it will plump your lips

Have you ever had a girlfriend?

File: IMG_20171010_170832.jpg (1.6 MB, 1872x3328)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
Just had to put my cat, Bandit down because of blood clots. Need good vibes in this thread please.
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OP here. Thanks for all the support. Here's the last photo I ever took with Bandit.
Why is its nose white?
Did you use a fucking snapchat filter on a picture of you with your dead cat
Well, it is a woman. They use filters on anything
>RIP Grandma
>Now off to prom!

File: IMG_20171016_081444893.jpg (3.99 MB, 3456x4608)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB JPG
My plant has mushrooms growing in the pot. I'm worried that they'll hurt the plant and/or us if we keep it inside. Are they dangerous to have indoors and how do I get rid of them? Also, can any one help us ID our plant and give tips on how to help it look better. I've been spritzing it with water and keeping it near sunlight and keeping the window open but it still looks bad.
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Holy shit throw the entire thing away NOW
That is common and nothing to worry about. Most are mycorrhizal anyway and help the plant. You can just snip off the tops if you think the spores will be a problem for you. Doing that won't affect the underground portions. The only thing that mushrooms popping up can help you is alert you to the fact that you might be overwatering. Considering there's so much leaf damage, that may be the case.
Thanks, how do I help the leaves get back to their original color, stop overwatering the plant?

File: images (7).jpg (7 KB, 230x219)
7 KB
if birbs could control their poop and weren't so loud, would they be the dominant pet?
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How many times did they test the hat befor they got it right?
Hey if you were only let out of your bedroom once a day and the only toilet was your floor, you'd shit as soon as you got out too.
accurate post
I taught my bird to poop in the cage. But I hear that they struggle to actually hold it. They certainly can't hold it for long, food passes through their systems so fast.
Smaller birds have a harder time. Even a cockatiel should be able to hold it for a minute, long enough to fly to a pooping perch.

File: image.jpg (16 KB, 250x249)
16 KB
>cat starts kneading my hairy artpits
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>Doesn't give upboats for literally anything its master does
>Does fucked up and cruel shit constantly for lulz
>Will probably eat your face when you die
>Reddit the animal
More like reddit the poster, am I right?
>cats are reddit now
>yet anon uses reddit spacing
What the fuck? I lived to see 4chan go from atheism to Christianity and from cats to dogs.
>cats are intelligent, nihilistic assholes with a wicked sense of humor just like me!

*tips parasites*
>constantly act smug and superior
>are actually kinda dumb and useless

Yep, i like cats but they're basically Reddit in animal form
>*tips parasites*

first posted on /adv/ but realized Id probably get better answers here

so a girl I am head over heels for has a dog, a german shepherd mix i think. apprently he was at the shelter she works at but was going to be euthanized for being aggressive towards people but she was so attached to him she took him home to work with him and ended up adopting him. apparently he used to be aggressive with strangers who came up to him, lunging at bikes on their runs, things like that. Shes had him and worked with him almost two years and hes great now, any time ive been around him hes been pretty much a model canine citizen. But im honestly still kind of scared to move in with her (and him) because honestly, what if he suddenly is aggressive again? Hes about 80lbs and crazy strong, i do NOT wanna be mauled by that...

how likely is it that he will suddenly attack me after i move in?
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>if you can't beat the shit out of a 40kg dog in a life or death situation if it came down to it, how the fuck would you protect yourself or your gf from an actual criminal?
Don't listen to this naive armchair warrior, if someone sticks you and your girlfriend up, then you give them the fucking money and in exchange don't get stabbed/shot, then you go to the police and let them deal with it. If you're decently fit and alone you can try running, but that's still dangerous. Easy to talk tough about "hurr only 40kg" as well, but those 40kg have sharp fucking teeth and lots of power, and usually get you before you get them, because nobody walks around constantly prepared for their dog to go crazy. Winning a fight to the death is one thing, but most people with any fucking common sense don't want to have their arm torn to shreds needlessly.
gay cunt detected
Honestly, unlike the other posters here, I think there's some valid concern. The question is: how much are you around already? Do you spend the night often? If not, I would commit to a trial period where you bring a bunch of your shit and stay over for a few weeks straight and see how the dog reacts. From there, you can decide what the best course of action is. Yes, I would hope you could win a fight against a GSD. I think you would get at least somewhat fucked up in the process. And I'm sure killing your gf's dog would really bring the two of you together. Don't listen to any of these autists.
>hit the gym
Nash? Is that you?
Start bringing dirty laundry over to her place. Add your smells. Be around for a bit. Introduce yourself to dog outside of home. Doubt you'll have an issue. Dogs normally act aggressive because they are scared. The more aggressive they act, the quicker what's scaring them will leave. In the hands of a bad owner who doesn't know how to train that, it can be bad. But sounds like your gf knows what she's doing and has trained the fear/aggression response out. As long as you're associated with happy times, treats, love and walks, he won't have an issue. But as with any dog in a family unit, you have to maintain your position in the pack. Don't be a weak bitch. Be firm, be the one that provides food, look up how to portray a dominate roll in a relationship. Doubt it will be an issue. Sounds like you're just a bit of a bitch tho which the dog would surely pick up on.

I own 4 GSDs BTW. Been around the block with this breed.

If a creature is incapable of feeling pain, is it still possible to torture it?
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We also can't say that the human way of experiencing distress is the only one that is in some way unpleasant. The dichotomy "if it doesn't experience the same things as us it doesn't experience anyhing noteworthy at all" is an obviously false one.
I'm a beekeeper and former antkeeper and I agree with you completely, I guess I think they're clever robots. Whenever I make this analogy, it always borders on a larger and more troubling philosophical thing about what an automaton is, as we humans are just i/o processing devices that have a wider series of input and a larger processing/problem solving/decision making capacity. Eusocial insects do have to make judgement calls, but I feel they're particularly special with their in/out because their output response is itself often an input condition for another unit in the collective to join in the task at hand, allowing the system to organically expand and contract workforce allocation based on needs. They definitely think about problem solving.

I can't help but anthro them as experiencing fear and anger when a hive is cross with me, because it's hard to otherwise relate to "Giant monkey is disturbing our home, let us suicide mission to force it to retreat". Likewise, the distinctive noise of a queenless hive sounds like sadness, though that noise is really from extra bees without their queen-related tasks buzzing idly.
Pretty sure insects do actually have noiciceptors...

Man why do I always misspell that.
are all insects machines like ants?

File: Catt.jpg (24 KB, 194x174)
24 KB
If boards had board animals, which animal do you think would best represent each board? Maybe pic related for /out/
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that one greentext where a /k/ommando fucked a deer
All of those animals are too cool for such shitty boards
It's because the perceived standards of care are different. Typically people who have a busy schedule and really shouldn't have animals at all end up getting cats. Then they neglect the kitten until it grows up into either a skittish autist or a psychopath that resents you for never taking the time out to raise it properly. If your cat is biting or scratching you, you failed as a pet owner. Sorry.
The apex boards get the cool animals regardless of their quality.

File: 17isg68s3rb4cjpg[1].jpg (12 KB, 320x183)
12 KB
Hello /an/ons. I need information about rabbits, but all that i'm able to find on the internet is wikipedia. Can you suggest me online resources on rabbits? Not domestic ones please.
I need information mostly on what do they eat, when do they reproduce, behaviour, etc.
I'm waitting
Those are not rabbits, those are Mimiga, you pleb. Also what type of information are you looking for as rabbits? Care, breeding, or what?

File: IMG_1353.jpg (86 KB, 950x632)
86 KB
Hi fellas, I have a problem and I thought that you could help me. Since few days these little motherfucking asian ladybugs has been invading my house. They are everywhere in my room, espacially hidden in walls corners. They are really pain in the ass as they are flying around and I can't focus on work. My only 'weapon' is vacuum cleaner, but they only keep coming. Do you have any ideas, tips how to get rid of these damned bugs? Any help would be appreciated.

This puppys eye is swollen :(
get the puppy professional help!
Fuck off, Chihuahuanon.

File: cat and dog split 2.jpg (96 KB, 335x285)
96 KB
First time owner looking to get either a dog or cat here. Having major difficulty figuring out which I should go for. I feel like dogs would be better for my life and give me a reason to go outside more but I'm also juggling three commitments in my life right now (martial arts, job, college) so I don't know if I have enough time for a dog. I prefer cats but I feel dogs would get me to be more active and enjoy the outdoors more.

I can't fucking decide.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Cats are shit pets, and dogs require too much attention out of your schedule
Huh. So an animal that doesn't get trained or socialized at all ends up being a shit pet. That's a real fucking mystery, anon. I've had dogs and cats and they both need a lot of attention (and correction) when they're little.
Cats aren't bad per se. I own three cats and I have to give them as much attention as I give my two dogs. aside from the walking, cats definitely take up as much time as dogs. it's just that you have to be sitting for hours everyday so they can come sit on your lap and get cuddled. Every bad cat I ahve ever met has an owner who neglects them by thinking that they can spend all day out of the house, then go out at night with friends, and come home and go right to bed. If you want a good, nice cat, you have to be able to dedicate as much time as a dog.
Yet 90% of this retarded board advocates getting a cat "if you don't have time for a dog." If you don't have time for a dog, get a reptile or something.
Agreed. Cats need work and all my cats demand a lot of attention. If you don't have time for them then don't get them. If you are going to be inside a lot and want a companion who lays next to you or hangs out but don't have time for much else, they are great. But if you aren't going to ever be home or don't want to give them attention don't get them. They are in a way less work then dogs in the fact that you don't have to walk them every few hours, sleep when they are bored, and if you need to you can spend the night somewhere else and aren't chained to your dog. But they still require work, and they will demand your attention.
Get a fish OP. They're pretty self-sustaining, but they offer enough of a challenge. If you want an animal you can touch and connect with, get a snake or leopard gecko, or a hamster. Animals require a lot of attention regardless of species, so keep that in mind. A cat or dog is probably not a good fit for you.

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