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File: 1146795936010.gif (202 KB, 180x135)
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202 KB GIF
My cat makes this sound when I let him into my room. What does it mean?


Translates to:
>"get off the computer and feed me you fat fuck"

File: pupper.jpg (212 KB, 900x741)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
I think she has a lazy eye
What do?
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Hard to tell from just one picture and if it is a lazy eye I don't think that's something to worry about.
It's nothing to worry about, but if you're concerned, then get a vet's opinion, not ours.
Faces are not truly symmetrical.
teach it the value of honest labor

Are we the only species that passively allows other species inside of our communities?
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File: nazi birb.jpg (48 KB, 447x441)
48 KB
Baboons have been known to kidnap puppies and feed them in exchange for alerting for predators
File: 1505055436045.webm (514 KB, 450x450)
514 KB
There are certain types of birds and bats that share dwellings and have become completely accustomed to doing so naturally.
that's too cute
Cozy af

Recently I went to the zoo and saw some zeebras living in the same enclosure as wildabeasts and some weird long horned african cattle cow thing.

There were some other animals that also lived together sharing their area, but that one was the most types at once.

File: cat.png (429 KB, 638x360)
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429 KB PNG
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Fuck your shitty cat
i wanna pet your cat.
File: maga-cat.jpg (304 KB, 777x777)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
dogfags please leave
After going through the whole video, I can confirm this is, indeed, a cat.
>hurrrrr look i'm edgy

wow son

My mom has a little dachshund that she takes as good a care as she did to me and my siblings: she doesn't
I feel bad for the dog and while my mom does love it she's clearly too lazy to care for it. It's not too fat yet, but it never goes on walks outside and it's nails are gigantic. So I'm trying to take it on walks but I'm worried if I'm overdoing it since this dog is sedentary, after like 200m it is already panting and with it's entire tongue outside it's mouth. I don't know if it is because it's tired already or just anxious since it never goes outside and sees other people. (It barks a lot while we're starting the walks).

So anyway how do I tell if it's harming it or not? Even after short 5 minute walks when I get it home it just absolutely collapses on the floor and stays there. I don't think it's a big deal that it does that but my mom thinks I'm torturing it and I'll give it a heart attack. I don't know, I never owned pets.
Also, in case I really am doing too much too soon how should I go about making it easier for the dog? Just make the walks progressively longer or take it for multiple small walks?

File: pGscyeB.jpg (72 KB, 698x800)
72 KB
wat do?

He has an injured wing and cannot fly.

He bites my fingers when I try to pick him up.
You'll have to assess the damage without creating more damage. If there's a decent chance it would heal I'd put him in a rubbermaid container with some air holes and feed him as close to a natural diet as possible. And then release. This might be illegal. You could also take to a local nature center that rehabilitates wild animals. Or put it out of it's misery if it will never fly again.
Then its not your seagull i guess
wild animals dont have names
Then why is his name Keith
You could just tie a leash on your gf

File: IMG_20171210_180303.jpg (397 KB, 900x1600)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
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File: 20171108_070610.jpg (2.81 MB, 4032x3024)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
What kind of dog is that on the Right? Looks like mine and I don't know what she is. Pic related. 34 lbs and 6 months old
File: IMG_20171114_172741.jpg (486 KB, 2160x3840)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
She was 40 lbs at 4 months old
File: IMG_20161031_145123.jpg (2.49 MB, 3120x4160)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
File: IMG_4347.jpg (1016 KB, 1512x2016)
1016 KB
1016 KB JPG
Both look a lot like my gsd rott mix

File: de.png (490 KB, 380x777)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
wat up /an/, I am considering using diatomaceous earth for fleas. They seem to be living/breeding in cracks in my hardwood floor and where the baseboard meets the wall. If I just spread this shit on my floor will my cats inhale it? I've read you can put it right on the cats but if its on the floor I could see it getting kicked up and them inhaling. Thoughts??

Tfw you realize that /an/ is in general angrier than /k/ as well as most boards
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It IS his falult.
He completely changed the attitude of this board.
who the fuck is bugguy
Somebody who was here around a year ago, now he's not. The guy could be a real dick, but it's no longer a problem now.
File: Samoyed-Puppies-2.jpg (210 KB, 1573x1005)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Our flooffy flooffy children
File: index (9).png (627 KB, 620x960)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
Punished an

File: 1504732320896630226.png (1.07 MB, 1257x687)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
i will probably have my room ozoned the day after tomorrow
should i remove terrariums from the room beforehand or just remove animals (geckos, scorpios, frogs, crickets, mealworms, milipedes, assassin bug)? how long should i keep them outside the room before returning them to their places in my room?
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Like I said, ozone damages ALL organic material. Including DNA of plants.

That's kinda the point of it, it destroys biologicals. Like airborne bleach or something. It's deadly to living things. It oxidizes and destroys living tissues.

there is nothing to do. Either the damage will kill your plants or it won't, only time will tell.
the guy who did the ozoning said it would not destroy plants
if it doesn't hurt plants it wasn't strong enough and you shouldn't bother doing it at all.
my mother said it got rid of foul smell in my room

File: Little Foot.jpg (570 KB, 656x1832)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
In honor of our ancient relative's formal unveiling to the public, how about another "early man" thread?
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so sapiens, neanderthals, and hobbits lived at the same time, but what about dennisovans? actually, I wonder why they're not even on that list?
thats a fucked up body
>Tiny baby shoulders
>Birther hips

no wonder neanderthals got cucked to death
File: neanderkikes1.jpg (1.21 MB, 2032x2128)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Now thats a theory i've never heard before
heh, gay.

File: puppy-5.jpg (234 KB, 680x453)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Antisocial puppies?

I adopted an orphaned 6 week old (now 7 week) puppy that was handreared by a rescue.

The first few days she seemed like a normal, happy, confident puppy. But now a week in she has no interest in people whatsoever.

My previous dogs were incredibly needy up until around 5 months. This puppy just wants to be left alone and will wander off to explore on her own or play with my other dog rather than interact with me.

She ignores me/other people when they try and call her, no matter how excitedly they try to coax her over. She is also extremely food aggressive towards people (but not other dogs) and will bite if you touch her while eating.

I managed to teach her to sit and wait for food, and she will play with me if I have a tug rope, but that's about the extent of her human interaction. She always chooses to play or sleep in the far corner of the room.

Is this genetic or a result of being handreared? Will she never bond with people?
(pic unrelated but kinda looks like her)

File: 1512795840812.jpg (191 KB, 1041x1041)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Are these dogs neurotic annoying pieces of sniveling shit by nature or what

How the fuck could these little bitch dogs survive in the wild
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Being a doglet is suffering.
Most if not all dogs cant survive in the wild anon.
which dog has the best chance of surviving in the wild
which dog has the best chance of surviving in the wild in a pack?
Probably any working breed, most mutts in general

Source: Live in Louisiana, plenty of feral dogs about. Probably 80% of them are labs or lab mixes

File: 1512996121519.png (168 KB, 301x309)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Why can we simply chop down all these damn eucalyptus? Or ship them all back to Australia, let them burn everything there.

>Oral respiration associated with obstruction of the nasal airway is a common finding among patients seeking orthodontic treatment. The primate experiments reported here are part of a series designed to test some of the current hypotheses regarding the relationship between mouth breathing and dental malocclusions, that is, between deviations in orofacial muscle recruitment and jaw morphogenesis.

>Mouth-breathing was developed in the animals of this experiment by obstruction of the nasal passages with silicon nose plugs. The experiments showed that the monkeys adapted to nasal obstruction in different ways. In general, the experimental animals maintained an open mouth. Some increased the oral airway rhythmically, while others maintained the mandible in a lower position with or without protruding the tongue. All experimental animals gradually acquired a facial appearance and dental occlusion different from those of the control animals. From these and the previously reported primate experiments in this laboratory, it can be deduced that orthodontic appliances in general affect the morphology of the orofacial structure in two ways: by direct force and by sensory stimulation. (1) The appliance exerts a direct physical force which alters the strain distribution in the bone and elicits bone remodeling and tooth movement. (2) The presence of the appliance initiates the sensory input which triggers a neuromuscular response.

>This change in neuromuscular activity, in turn, affects both muscle development and bone remodeling. The fixed orthodontic appliance may work mainly on the first principle. Certain removable appliances may have a significant effect based on the second principle.
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So you're genetically inferior?
who /mewboy/ here?
Well the idea is it makes your mouth grow fucked

the interesting part is the remodeling of the skull bones. Though Witmer and lots of others have already demonstrated this sort of thing. Bones grow in response to stresses just as much as to genetics.
File: 1512374117885.jpg (4 KB, 211x239)
4 KB

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