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File: 1529364841171.png (470 KB, 750x730)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
my two young male cats, both neutered, have recently started fighting pretty roughly the past two days, despite of year of peaceful friendship.

Im nervous to leave them home alone, one is sequestered in my bedroom.

How do i resolve this new issue?
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The big one is spooked, so any contact from the smaller one he starts making go kart noises, but that starts up the smaller one too. The big one tries to run but the smaller one will chase him through the house.

The smaller one is a year old and the big one is 2, they have been getting along great for a full year but now the big one is just anxious after the fight and the small one, but the small one doesn’t back down/escalates
It’s not even constant bullying, just one moment the big one gets on edge and the small one matches
Maybe it's rough play
They'll mellow out when they get a little older
I think they are vying for hierarchy
A cat is not a human's equal.

11 month dog won’t eat it’s dry food on a regular basis. I try feeding her once in the morning usually around 7-9 depending on my work schedule and no later than 6pm. I won’t let her eat after 7 because then she’ll want to go take a shit in the middle of the night while I’m dead asleep. She just won’t eat. Putting wet food helps but I don’t want to make that a habit. Should I exercise her for longer than what I usually do which is a little over an hour of walking and playing at the park ? She is so fucking picky with her kibble. Sometimes I catch her begging at the kitchen or sniffing around the trash so I know she’s hungry. I always kick her out of the kitchen of course. I set her food down and if she doesn’t touch it after 15 mins I take it away then try again about half hour later but she doesn’t bite. She’s not sick or acting weird she’s just being a picky bitch. I don’t know what else I can do honestly and can sure use some tips and feedback. Her kibble is beef recipe from whole hearted. She’s a apbt.
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Yeah man I have to agree taking care of a dog is a chore. They can be fun but also be a pain. Its all love though.
Another women too much of a bitch to displace a dog proplery
File: 20062018341.jpg (522 KB, 2592x1456)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
lrn2speak b4 you go calling other ppl woman
shut the fuck up retard
Take her to the vet, there might be something wrong with her teeth that is causing her pain while eating hard food.

Can somebody explain to me, in layman's terms, what exactly a mushroom is?
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Hey man, I read the whole pastebin- it's great and very informative.

Question because im wondering:
You mentioned that by heating ibotenic acid, removing the carboxyl group, it turns into (more desirable) muscimol.

Since both ibotenic acid and muscimol are water soluble, and boiling raw A. Muscaria's for 15 minutes takes out both chemicals -> into the water, can you then boil down / evaporate all the water out until all that's left is some powder at the bottom of the pan?

Since that should be the ibotenic acid and muscimol, can you then heat that powder to convert all into muscimol, and ingest that (in pill form or something, idk) instead of eating the whole mushroom raw or baked?

Just wondering what the process/chemistry behind that would be.
To answer your question, I think yes, you could boil down the liquid until all you had left was a powder or crust, and the heating involved would probably be enough to convert the ibotenic acid in the solution to muscimol. However, I don't know if you could say this for sure, the decarboxylation takes place on a different time frame in a liquid setting, tea can take two hours of solid boiling to decarboxylate according to some sources.
You may not have a fully converted product. The other thing, is that the drying itself, removing the water, may convert all of the ibotenic acid into muscimol. This idea would be based on it converting when you dry the fruitbody and remove all water.
However, that makes the leap that it's drying itself that converts it, and not drying of the fruitbody. There's biochemical changes that happen in fungi as they dry, so I don't know if the decarboxylation by drying is enzymatic (meaning that drying ibotenic acid outside the mushroom wouldn't convert it) or abiotic (meaning that ibotenic acid dried will convert to muscimol, your powder would be mostly muscimol once it dried). I can't fully answer your question, and ultimately just recommend drying the mushrooms and mixing them to get a nice homogenous powder.
One thing you might be able to do is dry the mushrooms, powder them, and then do a water extraction, it shouldn't convert back. You could potentially concentrate it into a syrup that way

That's me.
I've still been in the cytological stage, I have a paper coming out this summer/fall on some research I've been doing on hyphal development
That's the best interest to have. The fact that they are so diverse, and capable of basically eating everything, means that fungi will ultimately inherit the earth. There's not really any source of carbon they won't take advantage of, whether it means becoming pathogenic, or developing enzymes and acids that can take apart steel.
It was the biochemical diversity that first drew me into fungi, but as soon as I staarted cloning and growing them on agar I really found that manipulating the mycelium was my favorite part of mycology.
File: IMG_20180620_000112.jpg (24 KB, 360x253)
24 KB
It's good art mate but it ain't "unique"
An organism that has cell walls like a plant but respires like an animal

File: images (3).jpg (17 KB, 338x435)
17 KB
What are some animals that should be depicted more often in film
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for itself lol
where can i catch this pokemon?
The Chinese were created by god to drive all life to extinction.
a killer whale wrote this

File: pitbull.jpg (108 KB, 747x747)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
What should be done about the breed of peace?
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no, but it starts with N too...
>it's da envirnmnt
Why do Dog breeds have particular traits?
Because humans practiced Quantitative Genetics through selective breeding. Breeders would select for certain traits, whether behavioral or physical, that fall under Phenotypes(physical expression of genes).

Pitbulls during the 20th century were selected for aggression and gameness. These are inherent, genetic traits at this point and as a result they just aren't stable dogs. They are an unnecessary danger to families.
Kill them
File: 20171012_183710.png (1.2 MB, 1440x2434)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Are Rottweilers perceived as unstable like pittbulls are? They're not nearly as common in the couple cities I've lived in,so I've never met one yet. My previous neighbor's pitbull was old as fuck and slept all day and night.
No, rotties are god tier

File: black-mask-lovebird.jpg (8 KB, 350x280)
8 KB
how do I report a neighbor for negligent bird keeping? It squawks all day and escaped once into my yard. pic related
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Maybe you should report yourself for being a toxo loving shitposter
What are they doing?
what is it with these freaks and the boners for reporting people for having pets
mind your own damn business
> negligent bird keeping
> It squawks all day

Birds make noise man. You can't train them not to do it. If anything they are reacting to the noise and not being negligent enough.

File: pit bull general.png (46 KB, 1000x666)
46 KB
Previous thread >>>2683369
We had a nice comfy thread last time, let's keep that rolling. If you don't like pits, remember the 'hide' button and move along.
>ITT post nice doggos, if you think it's a pit bull it probably is
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File: 20062018335.jpg (542 KB, 2592x1456)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
>after she was attacked by a aus shepherd at a dog park. shes strong and athletic as a all fuck but didnt see this coming from that shit herder

know your place kennel mutt!
File: 21062018343.jpg (1.34 MB, 2592x1456)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
y u so sad?
>File: 2018-06-22 04.47.50.jpg (1.32 MB, 3058x2178)
I would drop her in ISIS country to be enslaved and used as a cumrag.
what a nice cat
nasty fucking shit bull, im glad it's gone

Anyone wanna sautimize a bear with me -anon
No, but I suggest you sautimize a thesaurus
File: weapons bear.jpg (61 KB, 449x606)
61 KB
That bear is gonna shoot you in the prostate.
I guess God gave you over to a reprobate mind and you cant even spell anymore

File: promo252033965.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
Anyone want to sauter a circuit board with me

File: maxresdefault.jpg (99 KB, 1280x720)
99 KB
Why is it that when an exotic pet mauls its owner it's forgivable because the animal switched to its "wild" side but when a human does it it's not?
Because a human ought to know better. Also, people who treat wild animals as toys or accessories are scum and deserve to get mauled for perpetuating the animal trafficking industry.
What do you mean by forgivable? Most pets that maul/kill their owners get put down.
No? people pay one way or another if their child, pet or dependent mauls alive things.

Fox day was a month ago
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you can tell by the shadow on the cat and the bad shooping between the cat legs that this is a shoop.
two photographs of the same location composited together.
>he doesn't have fox glasses in his house
might be a very small fox and very small bricks anon
File: a brutal attack.jpg (115 KB, 900x609)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
There's like a whole set of images of these two
File: foxcat.jpg (56 KB, 570x397)
56 KB

File: Cats.jpg (405 KB, 1440x1314)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
How long can animals be fostered? The same dozen cats and handful of pitts that are posted each week on craigslist. They aren't in a shelter but living with a foster family. It's been 3 years so far. Wouldn't it be cruel to rehome the animals now? I assume they aren't attached to their foster parents, home, and daily routine.
Animals can be fostered indefinitely. Rehoming is less inhumane than dropping them off in the woods or at a shelter. Dogs and cats (cats especially) are incredibly adaptive. Rehoming really isn't that much of an issue, it's done thousands of times every day. I'd argue that multiple rehoming may lead to abandonment issues which makes foster homes that much more important. Rather have a dog in foster for 3 years instead of being in a new home every year due to poor owners.

I remember as a child I had a freshwater tank. (30 gal) and in it I had mainly mollies and a few albino catfish. But I got a couple of ghost shrimp (pretty sure they were ghost shrimp I don’t remember) and they just hid in the grass normally. But I witnessed one event that would traumatize me into never buying shrimp again.
>one shrimp gets fucking massive
>this shrimp is /fit/
> shrimp is sitting on leaf
>innocent soon to be adult mollie swims by
>shrimp grabs the mollie and fucking suplexes it against a rock right next to leaf
>I watch this unfold
A couple of fish died mysteriously. They weren’t old or sick, as far as I could tell. And the massive shrimp eventually died and I never bought shrimp again. Afraid they’re dropkicking my fish. Is this normal shrimp behavior? Or was this just a Mike Tyson shrimp?
Ghost shrimp are naturally aggressive. If you want a placid shrimp that won't touch your fish get caridina/neocaridina shrimp (cherry, crystal, etc)
you probs had a prawn, not a true ghost shrimp
They leave my other fish alone but for some reason I can never keep them alive for long. I often end up finding a dead one in the morning. I'm not sure what's doing this. They'll last for maybe a month or two then die off.
you gotta buy a bunch at a time. Most are just collected from the wild and tossed around since they are used as feeders.
Where did you get them from? It might sound faggy to get shrimp from a breeder but it absolutely makes all the difference. My pet store shrimp died after a week and my breeder shrimp have been around for years.

File: 20180622_210715.jpg (1.96 MB, 4128x3096)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
What the fuck is this?
It's around 1.3-2" in length and has crawled out of a hole in my cellar
It looks hefty

> meatyboi.jpg

I live in South England, Hampshire.
File: 20180622_210705.jpg (2.17 MB, 4128x3096)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
Another pic
brown recluse???
Those pictures are fucking awful but the only thing that comes to mind are Gnaphosids like Drassyllus sp. or Zelotes sp. both of which have several species in the UK as far as I know.

File: serveimage.jpg (51 KB, 570x427)
51 KB
These flying faggots have been ruining me for the past 10 days. I can't fucking sleep. Every morning at 4am they start with their incessant cawing, like the dumb ratshits that they are.

Communal management told me to basically go fuck myself. Went to top of my building, didn't find any nests, but found two young 'uns cowering in a corner. They started diving on us, of course, but nothing happened. Didn't know what to do else, so left.

tl;dr how do I get rid of pic related vermin from the roof of the apartment building I live in?
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Don't get caught
Shooting them is illegal some places as is poisoning them. One is more highly effective than the other.......
Me too they're cute!
That's your answer to everything, /an/!
File: 20180223_114118.jpg (2.37 MB, 4032x3024)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
>not appreciating having a free natural alarm clock

File: Face_Change_1491727036851.png (2.19 MB, 1600x2560)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
I need help with the choice to either have a veterinarian remove my rabbits serve malocclusioned teeth, damming him to a life of only eating water soaked pellets; or to have continuous teeth trimming done to him with the extreme posibility of absences devolping. Which do I choose? Or should I let him euthanize him?
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Sorry about your rabbit m8, hope everything goes well.
its a really hard decision but i would just get his teeth removed entirely. bringing him to the vet every month is way more stressful on him and on yourself..not to mention the repeat financial aspect. Abscesses are going to cause way more pain if they do occur

if it helps, keep in mind animals don't have emotional attachments to their body parts like we do.
I understand and I'm willing to have all his teeth removed, but one of his best joys in life is his greens. And I'd hate to remove something so dear to him because I want him to live just for my benifit. It also cost 1000 dollars to have them removed. I live in Michigan and they classify rabbits as exotic animals, so doctors are hard to come by for them and are more expensive.
You can always put the greens in a food processor so they can be soft and mushy for him. This way he can enjoy the flavors he loves, you can sneak in extra vitamins if he needs them, and those teeth can be taken out to save him years of tooth clipping and pain from abscesses.

Also draining abscesses isn't fun for anyone. You can only let the fluid out and pray it doesn't get infected (not easy in an animal's mouth). It can be done at home, but I would rather do the tooth removal. It's less painful, safer, and easier on you and Meatball.
Dentalfag here. Continuous infection such as periapical abscesses in the mouth can lead to bacteria entering the blood stream causing infections in vital organs such as the heart and brain. Hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized each year due to infections of the mouth. Imagine running that risk with something that is far less resilient to stress and disease, like Meatball. Also, pain from abscesses is fucking awful, enough to keep grown adults up at night. Do you want him to continuously deal with that sort of pain just to enjoy some veggies?

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