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File: steve-irwin-1024x546.jpg (59 KB, 767x431)
59 KB
New here, what does /an/ think about Steve Irwin?
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>Sir David Attenborough
>Steve Irwin
Name the third in the holy trio
Bear Grylls
>also has an accent
Too bad he's a hack
Jacques Cousteau
>holy trio
>fraud egotist who goes so far as to slash a stunt animal's throat on-camera in his survival farce
>show not even explicitly about animals
You even state he's a hack, what the fuck were you thinking?
correct answer
>shitting on Bear Grylls this hard
>claiming show is not explicitly about animals
>ignoring the dumbest herd animals that make 50% of the show's focus

How do you people live with yourselves, being this retarded??

I'm considering breeding snakes part time or full time eventually, because I love handling them and don't mind being bitten, and because the methodical work seems like something I'd enjoy.

Obviously I don't want to go in blind. What's the best way to learn about the breeding and the business aspect of this? I ordered a book by Vincent Russo, who's sort of a BCI expert, but I want to understand how this kind of business works.

The internet has EXTREMELY mixed answers about breeding snakes, I can't even find agreement on how long female ball pythons get. And I have snake-industry friends, but they are reluctant to tell me the important stuff.
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Yet again, someone who wants to 'work with animals' for a living and likes to play with animals, so they go for breeding an animal for a market that is already over saturated, good work.
File: 1527104077726.png (20 KB, 543x443)
20 KB
>never chase your hope and dreams
what is bci?
shorthand for boa contrictor imperator, i.e. boa constrictor / red-tailed boa
I'd breed it if I could. It's been dead for 65 million years though

File: image2.0.jpg (234 KB, 1200x800)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
I give it 10 days before it gets poached.
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Yup just you. I wouldn't let you within 100 miles of a disabled kid's school.
This poor turtle has been severely malnourished in its developmental years. That looks quite painful...
Straight from an irradiated Marie Calendars plant.
If they were smart they would breed the damn thing.
I wanna stick my finger in its shellhole

File: bunnn.png (336 KB, 600x438)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
Dr Pavel, I'm BUN.
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File: IMG_20180916_104756_977.jpg (206 KB, 720x1280)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
What does this mean? Most of us have free roaming bunnies with litter boxes, so yeah, very much possible to keep one without a cage.
House trained? How do you prevent chewing of cables and furniture?
The cage is usually nothing but their toilet
They have a natural instinct of removing obstacles that are in their way, so make sure there aren't any loose things out in the open. Either stick wires along the walls or block off e.g. the space beneath the tv/stereo/etc so they can't get there. Another way would be to wrap the cables in hard plastic, such as a split vacuum cleaner tube, so that they can't chew through them.

This is a great explanation!

Is it ethical to breed more dogs when we already have so many that they're put down to make more room?
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I do
I also volunteer at animal shelters regularly
>>not naturally aggressive
Who are you quoting? Because it's most certainly not that post, where "not natrually aggressive" was specifically stated to disqualify pitbulls.
I interpreted the specifying of mixed breeds as not naturally aggressive as a way to imply that niggers were.
Either way, shitbulls are aggressive and the mutts replacing purebreds wouldn't magically be free of shitbulls - if anything, they'd be a shitbull/shitbull mix majority.
I have nothing against reputable breeders, it's shitty BYBs that I dislike. However, breeders very rarely directly contribute to the animal shelter population. How often do you see a litter of pure bred puppies in the shelter because they didn't sell? Not going to lie I've seen it a couple times, but that's over the course of several years through a handful of states. The vast majority of shelter animals surrendered, are from the people who bought the animal from the BYB. People don't like to admit that, because it puts blame on the consumer. Makes people think they have to be responsible for their purchases, instead of blaming the supply/supplier.
But white people are decreasing in numbers, it's every other subspecies of human that is becoming more common.

File: 2000.jpg (33 KB, 656x337)
33 KB
Is animal testing wrong?
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You have to test it, how else wud you know if an animal is yummy or not?!???
For medicine? Yes.
For cosmetics? No. An animal shouldn't suffer for some dumb roastie's self-esteem.
Fuck I mean the other way round, I didn't read the OP properly.
Like pretty much every other topic anyone can possibly bring up, it depends.

Lab mice arent just scooped up in bulk at petsmart, they're very carefully engineered biological specimens that are in a lot of cases tailor made for specific uses/bred for a particular purpose. They have VERY little in common with the little buggers running around in the little wheel at the aforementioned animal supermarket, and even less with the little gray fuckers darting around in the woods. They're also NECCESSARY for some things that would just be terribly impractical or even horribly unethical to study in a person, would be far easier to care for, take up substantially less space, eat/piss/shit less, can be monitored 24/7 throughout their entire lifespan with little difficulty, the list goes on and on. Primates get more complicated of course, but again they're just fucking easier to deal with.

t. Two biochem PHDs in my family, both of whom worked extensively with animals
As an addendum, mice arent even that great as a proxy for humans (lots of shit they can do in mice will never reach human testing stages), its just that there are SO MANY other upsides to using them instead of anything else

If your pet was big enough would he or she try to eat you?
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I think any animal would eat you if the size ratio was right. If you were bug sized next to a deer the deer would consume you without thinking about it.
My dog is already big enough to kill and eat me and he hasn't tried shit.
No because my bird is picky as shit.
If they were massive like the size of semi-trucks my cats would definitely try to eat me. If they were just the size of lions, probably not. No matter how big they got the dogs wouldn't try to eat me, too lazy.
File: SAM_0449.jpg (3.14 MB, 4320x3240)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB JPG

File: IMG_6719.png (2.06 MB, 1206x1184)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
It's not wrong to be long. Post Borzoi.
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File: gorgeous.jpg (392 KB, 3072x2048)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
Long nose
Long legs
Long hair
Long everything
VERY rare dogworm
What were these dogs bred for? Why are they so long?
Dogs would seem fucking freaky to any wolves who are outside of human contact
Watching this I can only wonder at how horrific this experience must have been for the wolf.

What is your thoughts on zoo’s?
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>years past sexual maturation

Its only fucking Americans that have this mental problem
File: 1535294296156.png (1.87 MB, 1280x1280)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
>going to the zoo alone
Why not? If I want to go pet the stingrays at my local zoo why do I need to bring someone along?
Sucks that the SD zoo doesn't let you pet anything.

File: 42soxwula8m11.jpg (61 KB, 540x720)
61 KB
Can I get an F for this mama snake?

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>look, its even laughing
NPC alert
>sure, just involve human emotions to everything you see animals doing.
>look, its even laughing
Check mate, faggOP!!
>gather to press F and pay respects

File: Nd1pu01ogszvog5rf9ix.jpg (85 KB, 1772x1181)
85 KB
To me, it is probably the spotted hyena
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Well I'm a woman so I'm weak and pathetic, and when I say small dog I don't mean Chihuahua or Scottie, as I consider those weaker than raccoons and possums. I just mean dogs that are below my waist like bulldogs, collies, rottweilers, ect
INB4 "those aren't small dogs!" They are to me I grew up around bloodhounds and coonhounds, and I use them as a frame of reference when judging dogs sizes.
You don't realize how big Hyenas are
What are the animals that are on the exact same strength league as humans, if any? like, stuff that has no claws, long fangs, horns, poison, just 4 well-adjusted limbs and a naked body, that equals the power of an average adult human?

I was initially going to say pigs, but wild ones have tusks and brute strength, and domestic ones are out of the question. So what are our tier equivalents?
When the fuck did a bloodhound become larger or more dangerous than a Rottweiler?
I can take a few elephants on.

File: 1525014619058.jpg (60 KB, 1024x1004)
60 KB
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She took a yellow jacket to the chin
File: eggplant cat bank.jpg (115 KB, 640x480)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>you got games on your phone
>I showed you my pussy answer me

File: 1491936279171.jpg (32 KB, 720x705)
32 KB
am i retarded if i want to do phd studies in specific branch of zoology only because i find specific group of animals fascinating and beautiful?
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Breeding zebra danios is a sought after position
As someone with a MS in Zoology and PhD in Biology, I suggest that you focus on learning theoretical concepts that can be adapted/applied/tested using your organisms of interest. Otherwise, getting into those fields solely because you like the organism(s) is just asking for pain.
Stephen Jay Gould made a pretty good living out of specializing in priapulid worms. Of course he had some side gigs.

File: 22222.png (917 KB, 535x607)
917 KB
917 KB PNG
Horses are scared of everything, even plastic bags, who thought it was a good idea to ride prey animals?
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Name a predatory animal that can stand all day whilst carrying over 100 kilos.

There is no way those horses are alive. If a horse lies down like that even for a second it dies. It's just the way they're made.
They didn't have a hell of a lot of alternatives until the internal combustion engine came along.

File: IMG-20180915-WA0014.jpg (91 KB, 926x1024)
91 KB
just got this cutie. She's approximately 15 days old. Now I've had turtles and tortoises my whole life but I've never owned such a young little tortoise and I fear that I could lose her in my garden amongst my 20+ years old tortoises. For the time being, I'm keeping her inside the house and let her bask in the sun in a safe little shoebox. Do I actually need all those expensive UV lightbulbs and whatnot? Please give some tips.
Also, suggest what I should call her if you want, /an/ons!
59 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dolores if it's a female
Petrov if it's a male (call him Pete for short)
>tfw my turtle died 2 years ago after literally being my buddy for 30 years
>tfw have no idea what killed him, took him to the vet a year earlier and said he was healthy
>tfw it still fucking hurts to think about if I killed him or if he died naturally
Call her Pepper.
Hey just wanted to say please take good care and make this cute little thing have a beautiful life thanks :)
will do, don't worry :3

That's a cute name

That's so sad anon. It happened to me too, and I still think about her every day, but that's just how life goes sometimes....

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