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Hey /an/ what do you think of my pet duck I got him from my local pond
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Don't kidnap rando ducks man.
How would you feel if they kidnapped you?
It misses its friends :,(
it suicided
steal him a waifu
if it's female take responsibility and mate with her yourself
Youre a sick, twisted human being.
Are you a chink by any chance?

File: 1z3b0ow.png (300 KB, 510x383)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
/an/ feels thread?

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File: death by piano.jpg (49 KB, 720x1222)
49 KB
>sold weapons and filmed penguin documentary
>When the Indricotherium calf is driven away by his mother after 3 years and the narrator says that he will spend the rest of his life alone.

"Feeding the animals became hazardous when Serbian snipers fired on anyone venturing near the animals. One zookeeper was killed, a second seriously wounded, and the third gave up in August. This left the animals to rely on Bosnian militiamen. The food the militiamen ran across open ground within 150 yards of the snipers was not enough."
"at least he can bang sum tight paraceratherium pussy now" is what i always said to myself to cheer me up

How can I start a zoo that guests won’t think is lame?
I’m thinking of buying & training zebras first.
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Zebras are much more difficult and different to train than donkeys, mules, or horses. Ask any breeder of Zonkeys/Zorses and such and they'll let you know.
Kangaroos it is.
2 words my mate:
Tasmanian. Devils.
This. Lived near a zoo for a year and even the first time I went hardly anyone looked at any of the animals for more than a minute.

Spent ages with the goats and feeding fallow deer though. The goats wanted to be pet, unlike the deer who obviously didn't like being pet but tolerated it as long as you had food.

You could ride a camel too but in a 5 by 5 foot circle for $25 So no one bothered.
You could try practice with zoo tycoon games before you start one irl

I want to work with animals. I don't really care what I do, but being in nature and caring for everything in it seems really wholesome to me.

I live in California though. Any ideas on where to apply?
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Top kek.
English teacher
You could drive to the home of that one guy from another thread, who said he wants to release 200 non-native snails into the wild. Lives in California too
Oh sry, i didnt tell you your task:
You need to kill them.

File: Arctic Fox 3.jpg (75 KB, 706x554)
75 KB
Winter is coming, and arctic foxes are probably real fluffy right now.
If you didn't know, this is an arctic fox thread. Other foxes are welcome, though.
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they're screaming at each other it's not a fucking duet reee
you'd think with ears like that it would be a pretty quiet species
katz scared the fuck out of me when i was a kid bc he always seemed invincible
this would b a comfy movie desusenpai

File: dh.png (800 KB, 901x759)
800 KB
800 KB PNG
OK so a short little summary:

So if you remember that study that implied that dinosaurs had lips due to the fact that their teeth are in very good condition for the most part? Well this study not only found a new species of Daspletosaurus (D. horneri), but it found out that Tyrannosaurs didn't have lips, but instead had sensitive scales on their face like crocodiles did (they compare it to the sensitivity of your fingertips) This also confirms that the heads of Tyrannosaurs (and most likely all carnivorous theropods to my knowledge) had mostly featherless heads sort of like a vulture (this doesn't mean they didn't have feathers elsewhere, of course). So that means that paleoartists can keep drawing their carnivores with toothy grins, which is pretty cool.

What do you think?
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the jewrasic movies were a fucking meme
stop being such a fucking fanboy
Know what? Fuck it. They had beaks. They were birds. Let's not pussy-foot any more.
"But teeth!"
I had a buddy that works there but he unfriended me after what I said about his sister
Do scalefags have no shame at all?

File: 564565645645.jpg (58 KB, 458x576)
58 KB
I've been going out with a black light for the last 10 nights.
the only things that glow are those weird spider like shits like *picrelated

I'm currently in Colombia and I KNOW that there are scorpions in the area, I've found small scorpions dead during the day in my cabin.
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what the fuck it that? it looks like amblypygi and opiliones had a baby
its a reclusive little known animal called Koala Bear.
File: VIDEO550009.webm (1.48 MB, 1280x720)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB WEBM
followed your advice tonight anon.

but I'm starting to loose my patience... flipped every rock and piece of rotten wood that I saw.
Found centipedes, wolf spiders, even fucking frogs. NOT A SINGLE SCORPION

and yet again the UV light only revealed the same fucking harvestmen
Maybe someone has been placing dead scorpions in your cabin to trick you into going into the woods at night
Looks like a harvestman.

File: IMG_1981.jpg (85 KB, 924x571)
85 KB
My chickens look so comfy sleeping on their perch all huddled together. I wish I could momentarily turn into a chicken so I could go to sleep with them. But I can't. Instead, I have to go back inside and sleep in my bed.

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That's true. But with my luck I'll just keep living. Never getting in any fatal accidents, never becoming deathly ill, Suicide attempts would probably all fail because the whole universe fucking hates me and wants me to suffer.
File: 20170919_172714.jpg (647 KB, 2560x1440)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
Whaaattt! How can you even say you love them then.
>be 6
>parents got a dozen hens that are nearly grown
>walk out behind the barn to watch them
>neighbor's psychotic husky-poodle mix has torn through the mesh and mutilated 10 of them (two others got out and hid in a bush, traumatized)
>neighbor's other dog, a lovely GSD, is lying down watching from the field two hundred feet away, ears down and looking guilty by association
>neighbors trip over themselves apologizing and I have to convince them not to put down the shepherd, too
chickens are cute
cannibalistic little fuckers, though
How can you write this and not give us a picture of said chickens roosting together.
This OP. Don't be such a tease, post birds.

File: eastern_quoll.png (290 KB, 789x423)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
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then i guess we need bans, fines and legal hunting and trapping. you asked for it, cunt.
I've got a fairly healthy population of eastern quolls on my property, there was about 12-15 or so when I first moved in and now there's probably at a guestimate around 30-40 or so.
Basically went all final solution on the cats, wild dogs and foxes a few years ago, helped out the neighbours get rid of any ferals as well and its been good ever since
Then why is it still a problem if you guys are actually culling them? Either you guys are using literal sticks and stones or you aren't actually doing anything about it.
toxoplasmosis, it's a pretty big meme
But he likes to go outside

Long time lurker, first time poster. Looking for advice.

We recently moved in together, and my roommate's dog is lashing out at mine. I have a very gentle and docile dog, and my roommate has a chihuahua/terrier mix. She's aggressive and temperamental. If I try to engage my dog in play, the other will snap at my dog. Yesterday, her dog "attacked" my dog by jumping on him, teeth snarling and all. My dog isn't hurt, but I don't want to wait until that point.

Could it be jealousy, territorial behavior, etc.? Any ideas on how to fix this? Telling her "no" doesn't work, removing her from the room doesn't work, and i do not use "bopping" or a water bottle (roommate does, and it does not work). I'm at a loss. What can I do? Thanks /an/.
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Do you think positive reinforcement would be a good place to start?

When she nipped at my dog the other day, I yelled “no” at her immediately after and she rolled over belly-side up. I’m not sure if I just scared her or if she really understood the connection between her action and my reaction. During the day, I have a lot of alone time with the dog because of my roommate’s work schedule, so I could definitely put in time with her to make a change, though I don’t know if I myself can change it alone.
>I don’t know if I myself can change it alone.
You can change the behavior, while you are there, but unless your roommate is willing to cooperate, then the dog will just do what the fuck it wants when your roommate is around and you're gone.

Does the dog know basic commands like sit and down, and does it have a crate?
That would leave evidence silly anon

>I reckon you could throw one pretty fucking far though
Fuck of chihuahua anon.

Dog General #7 - Holidays Edition.

Dog food review site - https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com

Puppy guide - http://drsfostersmith.com/pic/article.cfm?articleid=1449

Discord link goes to #mammal:

>What should I feed my dog?
>What breed of dog should I get?
>How do I train my dog?
>Rate my dog!
>Should I bring my dog to a vet?
>What breed is my dog?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Is it american or english? That makes a big difference.
also I'm not american
File: IMG_20171213_113317.jpg (60 KB, 555x311)
60 KB
I don't know. Here's the pic she sent, forgive the lighting
Looks English from what I can tell, he'll be alright if he's purebred and you socialize him very very well. I wouldn't let him off leash though.
No it doesn’t lol. They banned that shit in Britain for a reason.

>sitting in vet waiting room
>guy brings his puppy in
>it starts barking loudly at a cat while the owner ineffectually tells it to be quiet
>it pisses itself
>owner doesn't lift a finger or even acknowledges it and a nurse comes in to clean it up
>everyone STILL thinks it's the cutest thing on the planet "OH HOW CUTE WHAT A CUTE PUPPY CUTE CUTE CUTE"

What the fuck is wrong with these people
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do you not even have him on a lead? You just let him run free at the vet's office?
I do but if I relax just a bit he darts out of my grasp like a free'd slave (I don't want to jerk the leash) or I keep him close and he squeaks interminably at 180 decibels like an overgrown rat.

Him being 30lbs at 15 weeks doesn't help either as the little shit can climb on the counter now and grab shit or knock things over. The receptionists find it cute but when people are in there and he's pulling at the lead to lick some kid's face (he's easily the size of a 7 year old when he's on his hind legs) and i'm holding him back it's really embarrassing
Yell at him
Yelling at an excited puppy isn't going to do anything. It'll just think it's time to make even more noise.

This is a canned response but have you tried puppy training classes?

File: pic related.jpg (23 KB, 236x314)
23 KB
my rooomate got a german shepard puppy and its driving me crazy because he stranded it with me for like a week. it screams in its kennel more than a puppy should, i think

she doesnt eat much, and whenever i let her out to use the bathroom or play in the yard she will not do anything but eat shit and look for shit to eat.

she doesnt have problems destroying the house or shitting everywhere or anything.

its really hard to get her to willingly get into her kennel, it can take like half an hour. sometimes i have to manhandle her to get in there because i have shit to do. I only let her out when she quiets down for a couple minutes if she's fussing. should be beating the shit out of it? is that proper dog training?
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I know this isn't your dog but how long is she in the kennel during the day? How much exercise does she get?

You need to play kennel games to get them to like it (some just don't like kennels)

Eating poop is normal for puppies, you just need to follow them around while outside and tell them no and if they listen give them a treat.

some dogs don't like to eat until after they have exercised especially high energy breeds.
Look up a guide on how to crate train a dog. Its easy as fuck and takes like a week.
I no longer even close the crate on my dog (since he no longer chews on wood), and he still goes in it to sleep and cuddle with his blankets at night. Super convenient to have a crate trained dog.

If she is a puppy, you'll have to walk her several times a day. Like once every three hours. To get her to stop shitting inside, just let her shit in her crate even once, she'll learn quick how terrible it is and start holding it in instead of pissing and shitting instantly.

To get her to stop barking or howling just tell her no and mean it, its the easiest thing as well. No dog of mine has ever been a barker. Literally just walk up to it when its barking, stomp your feet, and tell it no. Repeat two or three times and It'll learn for the rest of its life, without having to hit the dog or mistreat it with shock collars or other bullshit. If it doesnt learn from that, you have a mentally challenged dog and you should give it away to avoid headaches.

You shouldnt have to ever beat the shit out of your dog. At worst, bop it on the nose for things like if its chewing on your hands or trying to hop onto you when you are walking. Bop, it goes down, then it tries again and you bop again, it tries again and you bop, wow it learned what NOT to do.

I have no idea why anyone has trouble training dogs. Buy a bag of treats, a bag of bops, and you're good to go for pretty much anything and everything.
when i have her i don't let her stay in the kennel more than a couple hours anymore

she does not respond well to me being stern with her, but will sit and i kind of taught her to stay, she's still learning everything. she also seems to have more energy in general and is now more annoying than anxiety-inducing
GSDs are a handful even by puppy standards and need a lot of diligence and patience
However your roommate sounds like a 80IQ subhuman who's ruining her in her formative years and will probably dump her when she becomes a shit dog from it
I hope this is just more /an/ bait, I hate hearing about these faggots and not being able to manhandle/vandalize them
no its not /an/ bait
OP again
i haven't seen the dog in a few days and his idea of "socializing" the dog is probably her getting the shit beat out of her by larger dogs, that his friends own. next time i get her i might see if she can visit a well-trained dog that my friend has so I can see how she reacts

>need diligence and patience
I have a million times more of this then my retard of a roommate; still, my lack of it is literally the reason i never have got a dog. i've wanted a rottwieler or a malamute for forever but i dont think i can make that kind of commitment

File: adolphin.jpg (38 KB, 960x720)
38 KB
How does one go about promoting his animal/nature facebook page?


File: IMG_20171014_122830511.jpg (320 KB, 2080x1560)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
I'm dumping some bonsai pictures I've taken over the past couple months. We'll start with the Milwaukee Bonsai Society's annual show for this year.
192 replies and 99 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh man, that's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
File: IMG_20171107_162703.jpg (901 KB, 2610x3635)
901 KB
901 KB JPG
Bonsai always fascinated me, but I found the idea too intimidating. Early this year someone pointed out that peppers are great for noobs, since they grow large enough to look like a bonsai in 1 season, and they are super tough plants, so I started with that. This is one of the results so far.
File: IMG_20171204_140622.jpg (2.09 MB, 2610x4640)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
2 weeks ago I visited my parents, and my dad had just dug up a dead stump, and with it 2 taxus plants. I considered this a sign, and took em home, if they survive I got me some nice pre-bonsai(?) to practice on.
File: IMG_20171207_135936.jpg (1.91 MB, 2610x4640)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
My mom also pointed out some pine seedlings that were growing in their garden, she promised me she'll try to keep them safe for me, until they are a bit larger.
And when ordering some basics like wire & cutters, I couldn't resist this one, only was €20 and one of my favorite type of trees (Larch).

@anon this noob is looking forward to your guide, many thanks!

@other noobs, check out Nigel Saunders on yt, I really enjoy his vids.
Geez I love them Bonsai. All Bonsai best Bonsai

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