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You anon might like it more. "Anonymous Documentary - How Anonymous Hackers Changed the World Full Documentary"

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File: blackeyeschildren.jpg (231 KB, 500x404)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Dumping a massive list of /x/ related links + recommendations..

Including; websites, radio shows, podcasts, wikipedia articles, videos, audio, creepypasta, pictures, maps, games, torrents, direct downloads, books, movie recommendations, game recommendations, and comic recommendations.

This took forever to get everything organized and in an easily readable format. However things still might be a bit out of place.

Add stuff if you like, but first make sure its not already posted.

Use ctrl+f
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Zombies According to Savage Chickens
Zombies Calling
Zombies - Eclipse of the Undead
Zombies Need Love Too - And Still Another Lio Collection
Zombies That Ate the World
Zombies vs Cheerleaders
Zombies vs Cheerleaders 2
Zombies vs Cheerleaders - Geektacular
Zombies vs Cheerleaders - Misadventures of Becky and Bob
Zombies vs Robots
Zombies vs Robots - Annual
Zombies vs Robots - Aventure
Zombies vs Robots - Diplomacy
Zombies vs Robots - Premier Convention Edition
Zombies vs Robots - UnderCity

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Welcome to Divination General!

Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice.

If you're new, please read the STICKY first!

Remember, each reader requires different information to read you. Look for their posts in the thread to determine what's needed.
Some readers will refuse to do certain readings-- respect that choice.

>Querents: Always respect your readers and your fellow querents
>Readers: Always respect your querents and your fellow readers

IRC channel for discussion:

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Thank you.

Also what does A-N mean. Not sure if it's in the OP. I haven't read it in a while
Whoops I posted another query sorry about that.

>Saving a black Man

Is this literal? Or just a metaphor?
File: Inception.png (2.49 MB, 1366x678)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG

I will do you first.

Yet more space imagery that I see. I found myself in the main room of a space ship, - the one containing the piloting systems. There is a lot of machinery at work, but I cannot understand what most of the buttons do or mean, - blue, glowing sigils and symbols. And there were a lot of them. Looking through the window, I see the usual, familiar sight of space itself. A few blinking stars here and there, but besides that, there was only cold emptiness.

Going back, deeper into the space ship, I see that it is not complete. It is clean, but...empty. There is little obvious machinery, but it is something that moves and sustains itself, that is at least something. The doors were incomplete, but something was just strange above them. I had to crawl through them, for they were too short for me to be able to walk through them.

I saw a few rooms, and one of them stood out to me. It had a pool table, but the balls were scattered, as if somebody played there and left it just like that. Two people, for I see two sticks. But soon, I see the grey walls of the room shrinking, leaving me with little space to move. I manage to get myself to the crawlspace, but I almost get crushed by the moving walls. This place is unstable.

Somehow getting myself to the piloting room, I have this stark realization that there is a lot of movement going on. A lot of instability, nothing was static. I am unsure just how this space ship will build itself and hold out in the very end, but so far it's a rough shape.

I end up looking over the buttons on the main panel and click one of them. A log shows up on the front screen, a log of the captain. She went on about how they travelled to Terra, and found themselves to be unwelcome there, by their own race. By humans. And thus, they had to leave. But this is strange... where were the captain and the crew members that I saw in the log? Are they somewhere in the ship?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
My query is this. I already know I'm not a lucky person. Or at least, my luck only kicks in when I am in mortal or serious danger. The idea of a generally lucky day doesn't present itself to my hardly ever. But does that carry on to people I'm close to as well? Do the people I try to get close to and love for reject me because of some cosmic linking of fates that they just can't handle?

I'll just say I'm male and let any reader willing say what kind of extra details they want
File: 5506850.jpg (12 KB, 241x230)
12 KB

Alright, hit me with your best shot. Give me a general / future reading.

>Lost my job a few months back
>Got an assault charge pending
>Motorcycle license suspended for 12 months
>Car licenses suspended because of it
>Etc.. All in the span of 2015.

What a horrible year.

Hey /x, i actually dont ever come to this board but today i've really saw a fairy or something, when i was driving back home in methuen, MA

4 - 5 blocks from my house i did stop in a crossroad and then i saw one little fairy flying right my windshield, looking at me for like 2 seconds while i was in shock and then flying away.

i dont smoke nor even drink, and actually never ever enter in this board, admins can check my ip and everthing, but im just terrified from that.

she wasen't cute at all, like a little thing with no smile and a really hard face on.

just wanted to share this and people who know more could help me telling what i actually saw was a fairy or something.. is it good or bad.. etc.

ps sorry for my bad english, not my main language and also im writing this in a freaking rush
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yeah dude, im not telling lies.. i would not win anything doing that.
anon is righ, pixies done nothing wrong. screw you pixie hater
Hey OP, >>17029251 here. Let me clarify a few things. Pixies are rather dumb. What you saw was most likely a pixie that forgot to keep its glamour turned on so it's not noticed. Once it saw you seeing it, it turned its glamour on and flew away.

By the way, did you see the pixie near a glade or a forest?
Is that art from a fucking magic the gathering card?
Op you got to go back and get some of dat fairy pussy make her spread her legs across your dick and nearly drown her in cum

So I've been going to these boards for like 3-4 years now and I see all the shenanigans you guys get up to and one of these is the Mandela Effect.

I read them as they are quite amusing and I'm like these guys have either being doing drugs or something wrong with their memories...

Then today it happens to me!

This guy Joshua Shintani (pic related) died 3-4 years ago round about the same time I started reading these threads. And I am 1000% sure of it as I remember thinking aww I liked his character in that movie Shallow Hal.

Then today I read that he has died again!

Wtf is going on?


File: 4L_dtlhfMdl.webm (993 KB, 540x360)
993 KB
Will post two more
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It's called the elbow squid I'm pretty sure.
Oofta. If that were manned I'd be having a goddamn heart attack
Oofta. The panic that man must have felt...
I need more vids
here is one spooky sea vid.


Disturbing/horrifying videos thread.

You know what the deal is.

Post your disturbing content to make us all SHITBRIX and be creeped out.

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Do you mean this one by chance?

Also, look up "Found Footage" on Youtube. Shit's mad spooky.
At 4:02, does she actually say "Oh my god I'm peeing"?
Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWc1S8Yo2SVVdBJ9TX8rR1aoft5a7-BnU
>still recorded with shitty 1980's camcorder

File: IMG_20151112_162946600.jpg (1.79 MB, 2432x4320)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
What's this grifter thing I keep hearing about and how do I get one?
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I hear it's somehow linked to the "fingerboxes" on another board...
Dude, it's some spliced together footage of some shitty Czech horror movie. There is no real Grifter.
says the fag whos never seen it
File: nopperabo.jpg (30 KB, 468x286)
30 KB
you faggots
>never seen The Grifter III "The Return"
File: 1441106430783.gif (2.32 MB, 450x371)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB GIF

>there are no real grifter

Oh no you didnt

File: 1439188391317.gif (1.03 MB, 904x742)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB GIF
How do I become immortal?
dumb frogposter
File: 1438014087412.jpg (48 KB, 499x499)
48 KB
the fuck you say bitch?
Dumb frog poster = trips!
le enlightened alchemist
thats what I fuckin thought

File: index.jpg (7 KB, 299x168)
7 KB
I met some guy off the internet and I gave him my address. We were going to smoke weed together. He picked me up and he seemed really normal and around my age. He was just kind of nervous but I thought maybe he just had social anxiety or something. Anyways we're having a total normal conversation in his car and he's driving and I'm rolling the blunt. We talk about what school he went to and his favorite hobbies and he pulls up under a bridge somewhere in downtown brooklyn. He asks me out of nowhere if I have any special powers. Im like... Uhh, what do you mean? He says, are you good at anything? And I said, like what? I kept stalling because the entire time he's asking me this, he seems really nervous which in turn made ME really nervous as well. I said, "I'm really intuitive" and he said "I can make light appear." Then makes a crazy hand motion in front of me and claims light had appeared and he could make it into many different colors. He started saying he felt like a super hero. He said it was like the TV show heroes or whatever I don't really watch TV. So by this time I'm really stoned and getting a bad vibe from him so I said listen im gonna leave. He just stares at me as i get out of the car. i walk down the block and i realize he is getting out of the car and following me. I turn around and I state once more that im really scared now and for him to stop following me. He tries to show me his ID and the whole time hes just acting really nervous and touching near his pockets. I start running looking for someone and i see a woman so i run to her and tell her im being followed. the woman walks with me and the guy is now following the both of us. i see a cab i hail it and the woman gives me money to go home. im home now but im terrified. what have i done?? this guy knows where i live. Am i fucked? What should i do??
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Wait for me
I admit i'm strange, lonely and awkward but most of the time this combination of personality traits and environmental factors prove me to be a reliable, patient and kind person. I don't assume things are dangerous when they are not; this is coming from someone who was molested by a stranger before.

If i thought that everything was dangerous, i would not have met up with a stranger online. Clearly, I am brave or stupid enough to know that if anything were to happen, i would be able to talk the other person out of what they were planning to do.

However, i just got the vibe that this person could not be reasoned with due to a mental illness which clouded his judgement!! Thats why i got scared and that's why i ran.

I am not the kind of girl you used to fuck by acting aloof. That's stupid and your assumptions are baseless.
Op is ded
Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, Cunt. You imagine that things are going to be a certain way and then when people invariably fail to live up to your expectations you decide they're weird and delusional. The average dipshit will do his best to try to meet your unreasonable expectations and/or hope that he'll just serendipitously be perfect for you and vice versa no doubt influenced heavily by online interaction leaving a large amount of gaps to be filled in by our imaginations/hopes/dreams.

After a certain amount of experience with this phenomenon, a guy realizes that trying to meet crazy bitches' expectations is way, way too much of a hassle but what you CAN do is avoid bursting her bubble of belief long enough to get it in, at which point the female mind becomes much more willing to continue deluding itself about him having those desirable qualities.

I realize that you're not going to accept this and I don't even know what good it might do you if you did but I've found male Anons often benefit greatly from my insights.
You're just as fucking crazy as the guy who followed me last night. You are the TYPE of person who would follow around a girl intending to cause her arm.

Expectations? I HAD no expectations- we barely talked online; it was like meeting someone off of tinder just to hang out because i was BORED. I didn't expect to him to ask me strange things then follow me in the dark in the middle of downtown brooklyn.

How can you even justify his stalker actions by trying to put blame on ME? What the fuck did I do?

File: 1443796367834.jpg (615 KB, 1920x1080)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
Traditional satanist here. Ask me anything about Satanism and my own believes! I'm sorry if I don't know everything but I'll try to do my best. Maybe there are other satanists on here, who can answer questions, as well.
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Hi. Do you watch any anime?
I don't get the mass appeal of anime
File: 1327369293400.gif (87 KB, 256x306)
87 KB
i am an anon living in italy looking for a new religion/spirituality focused on self perfection and perhaps occultism and magic and some community. i have no problem believing in entities, or putting man as the divinity. I can relate with not nihilist atheism somehow.

i researched a bit about masonry but it sounds like a group of old rich men who go to the cinema together , spend 2000€ in fancy clothes and sword and then proceed to hand out jobs to each other and corrupt the entire city.

i also miss the spirituality of christians(not the doctrine however!), working together for a spiritual goal, having a community around me.

sa far the most interesting and promising read has been about the Temple of Set, but they don't seem to exist in Italy and they might be quite different from what their website try to sell.

can Satanism be what i am looking for? do satanic groups meet often and work together? i know it would not be a christian hugbox.

also what kind of people join Satanist groups?what's the atmosphere in there? i don't want to find myself into the " i have been abused by my priest and i like Metallica" drinking group.
>and corrupt the entire city.

Where did you get that impression? They build cities.

>do satanic groups meet often and work together?

No. Unless you have a social circle that you do yourself. It's about you as an individual and one of its sins is herd conformity.

>also what kind of people join Satanist groups?what's the atmosphere in there?

Widely diverse.

Dream General

We really should start doing one continuous thread, rather than many that only-

ITT: Discuss anything about dreams...

°most interesting dreams

°most recent

°how to remember them better

°how to go lucid/astral(?)

°psychological and even spiritual/spooky meaning of your own or others' dreams

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
181 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1448730616870.gif (971 KB, 480x360)
971 KB
971 KB GIF
So I recently began keeping a journal of my dreams. Is this going to help me dream more often along with achieving lucidity in dreams?
It helps for me, and most people I've talked to, so yeah, I'd say it's definitely a good idea anon
I had a dream last night about a girl I had fawned over last year.

It was nothing special -- but just like her, it caught my attention. I knew her through a friend. All of us had partied together. I got to know her throughout these parties and hooked up with her once or twice. I was an awkward freshman in college beginning to explore women and sexual experiences in general.

Everything about her had me captivated. Her look, the way she conducted herself. She was so quiet, but it wasn't out of shyness. It was almost has if she was an old soul in a youth's body. She was depressed, I could see it -- she was with her abusive boyfriend at the time. Of course, I wanted to save her from this sort of thing -- never did, though. We hooked up. We had a connection. It wasn't much, that's for sure, but it was definitely a connection different than most other people in my life.

And then I start getting recurring dreams about her. It's almost as if my subconscious is telling me I missed my shot at what would've been my soulmate. Mind you none of the dreams are necessarily about her -- but she's part of them. And I notice while in the dream when she enters it, it then only starts to fixate on her. It's a pervasive feeling, but I don't mind at all. This is all to say that over the course of the month I've come to really cling to these dreams when I go to sleep -- I look forward to seeing her.

That's all that I've had interesting in relation to dreams.
This happened this morning. It really stood out. I haven't really been remembering my dreams so I decided to make a dream journal. That is my first entry. I am wondering what it means.

Night of 11/30/15 - 12/1/15
Sort of woke up. It was a really hazy wake up. Everything was all blended together. What I was looking at was a human looking thing. It was defiantly a human shape. But what was weird about it was that when u saw the man, I thought of the color violet. The image of the violet flower was in my mind. That's why I was so confused looking at him. He walked out. Then my mom walked in. She woke me up in real life as well but it was really hazy.
I've been having a strange dream recently, it's almost scary.. So I wake up in this field of grass, and the grass is all asphalty in texture and a large dark bear comes up to me with a human face, and it says "see you soon!" And I wake up? It's so odd

File: 1-CICADA-3301.jpg (148 KB, 610x413)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
It's time candidates.

What's the difference between niggers and naggers?
Good luck!
U wot?

File: 2052649.jpg.jpg (159 KB, 880x1846)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Since when the fuck did C3PO have a silver leg?

This is some BerenstEin bears shit I tell you. Seems I'm not the only one who thinks so if you Google the matter.

I'm not like a massive Star Wars fan or anything, but I remember I had a lot of the OT toys when I was growing up and I - for sure - had a C3PO figure. It did not have a silver fucking leg. I would remember that. This is the first time I have ever heard of this shit. I have seen the movies many times, played a lot of Star Wars games and I can assure you C3PO did not have a silver leg.

Can I go back to the BerenstEin world and the world where C3PO was gold?
13 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is like the perfect topic to demonstrate hom "Mandala Effect" niggers are total fags because unlike ALL the other supposed examples which most people have a passing knowledge of and therefore are ripe for minor memory errors Star Wars has TONS of people with EXTENSIVE knowledge of.
Fuck you. Just fuck you

ah that makes sense i had the full gold c3po as a kid also

mandela effect does not exist faggot . its just stuff going lost in translation . now let me find a full gold c3po
File: Screenshot_5.png (150 KB, 265x483)
150 KB
150 KB PNG

here you go why do i even waste time

File: extraterrestrial-wtwt.gif (1.1 MB, 642x428)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
What are your theories for alien abduction?
This based old man explains it very well.


File: Flouride-Tap-Water.jpg (1.75 MB, 1588x1209)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
Are telekinesis and all it's variants real? How to develop such a skill? I just remembered a thing that happened to me a year ago.
I was playing with water in the bathroom, I opened the sink a little so a very thin stream of water fell down, because I didn't want to waste much water. After 5 or 7 minutes I was touching the water while thinking about my shit and I didn't pay attention to the fact that I was playing with water.
Then I focused a little on the stream, and suddenly the stream began to blink. I thought that maybe I broke the sink,
Then I realized that the current weakened every time I stopped touching the water. When I touched the falling drops it began flowing again. I thought for a moment that I was dreaming. I did my reality check (so it wasn't a dream).
Another day I tried the same thing and it worked but to a lesser degree, and after that I haven't tried it again.
What do you think? Is that a physics fact, maybe you think I'm making it up, or does it have to do with this kind of thing?

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