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File: blackeyeschildren.jpg (231 KB, 500x404)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Dumping a massive list of /x/ related links + recommendations..

Including; websites, radio shows, podcasts, wikipedia articles, videos, audio, creepypasta, pictures, maps, games, torrents, direct downloads, books, movie recommendations, game recommendations, and comic recommendations.

This took forever to get everything organized and in an easily readable format. However things still might be a bit out of place.

Add stuff if you like, but first make sure its not already posted.

Use ctrl+f
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Skullkickers - Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood
Spawn - Origins
Speciale Dylan Dog
Spider-Man Unlimited #20
Star Wars - Clone Wars Adventures
Star Wars - Tales
Strange Tales v4 #1
Sub-Mariner #13
Sub-Mariner Comics #1 #7
Super Mad
Super-Team Family
Super Zombies
Swamp Thing
Sword of the Atom

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File: antartica_map[1].gif (65 KB, 728x728)
65 KB
For the flat/hollow earthers.

How do you explain this documentary showing ppl from around the world travelling to the south pole? Surely they arent all in on it.

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I'm a globe earther and even I think you've got to be trolling here.
Are there people who believe in both a flat and hollow earth?
Bump for truth. Shills rekt.
ball tards getting btfo like usual
Where? I don't see it.

File: telepathy500a.jpg (35 KB, 500x361)
35 KB
How many of you have experienced telepathy?
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File: download.png (14 KB, 259x194)
14 KB
Okay im getting some response pretty sure hes one and shooting me some images. I know nothing of engines but did electronic radars in the late 80s in the army. Ill know more tomorow I can channel better at work so if the thread gets deleted make another Ill try to make pics of what im getting
File: ship flow.png (81 KB, 1280x800)
81 KB
Heres something
I know for a fact that I can read minds.
Does decalcifying your pineal gland help?

What am I transmitting right now?
File: 1363316624214.jpg (458 KB, 994x664)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
Only within the last year. I've had a very hard time getting used to it since I have severe ADD. Luckily I've had some of the most patient teachers in existence.

The hardest part about it is probably trying to maintain intimacy. It can be extremely difficult to try and focus on sharing energy when you're the kind of person who will just randomly remember sticking your finger in a cat's asshole when you were 4.

File: fortune.jpg (6 KB, 220x183)
6 KB
Welcome to Divination General!
Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice.

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
Rustig wrote this to help beginners on how to choose a deck and start with the tarot:

Thoth, made his own tarot and rune guide:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Pretty much newfag to /div/.
Can you do mine please?
And I like to know about my future carrier and/or studies. Where I'm heading?
Virgo (but i feel more scorpio)

Does my crush like me back? How should I proceed if he does?
File: reading2.jpg (276 KB, 648x360)
276 KB
276 KB JPG

1st Card: The Hermit
2nd Card: The Chariot
3rd Card: Four of Wands

I'm sorry to hear that anon, but keep faith:

The cards indicate there is a strong possibility that the two of you will be able to work through this. Seek counsel if you haven't already, I see this being best handled by a mediator or third party. Use that Taurus attitude, don't budge on this or it will not work out! Work on shedding off some of the old preconceptions the two of you may have been putting on one another for a while. Try and get past all the assumptions and get back to the feelings you had for one another when you first met. Whichever way this thing goes keep your chin up because there are going to be some breaking of oppression and bondage if that's the way things are going right now. It indicates a new lease on life or a new beginning with you and your partner, don't give up!

File: reading3.jpg (255 KB, 648x360)
255 KB
255 KB JPG

1st Card: The Empress
2nd Card: Seven of Swords
3rd Card: Ace of Wands

Be willing and receptive to those who come your way with intentions of something long term as the cards indicate you will be content and satisfied with a lover that isn't into the whole, "part-time" routine. This person will be calling on you soon and may already be someone in your life that has their eye on you already. Be sure to evaluate what you really out of a relationship and what you really want because you'll be in it for the long haul with this one!

File: gfdt45.png (762 KB, 788x1000)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
ITT: death magick, necromancy, black magick, etc

Recently I've become interested in the occult views of death and all kinds of death-related magick (from necromancy to Vodou rituals, anything, really).

I read many articles about Vodou, Liber Falxifer I and II, and writings like:

Are there any experienced death magick practitioners here?

I've been studying many paths of the occult (10+ years), but death magick is new to me.
So let's start a discussion about it.
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You post like a younger man, with nothing held back.
Admirable but mistaken.
> I work with the lwa
What is "the lwa". I google it and i can only find organizations and "lucha libre peruana" kek.
The spirits of Vodou.
They're like the Christian angels (and saints).

God left them here on Earth to get shit done.
Maybe "Loa" is the name i find searching lwa.

Aldo, can you>>18531281
give me names or links to books of Vodou or teach me in any Voodoo ritual. I have a cementery near my house, i can go to the cementery but i cant take bones im spanish, here the the tombs are sealed. Aldo i have a goat skull if it helps
Quality post (unironically).
It's almost like I'm not even on /x/.

>It discusses the "Haitian cult of guede and the barons" which sort of doesn't exist. The different barons, the guede and these spirits certainly exist and are worked with but they don't particularly have a "cult".

Yeah I know what you mean.
Still, it's an interesting read.

>The fact that the Liber Falxifer discusses this as fact makes me question the validity of the rest of it.

Current 218 / 128's paradigm is obviously made up.
Yet I like many of their ideas.

>I work with Santisima Muerte, I work with the lwa, I work with my ancestors and the spirits of the dead for various purposes, Im in the graveyard relatively frequently. I use bones and the 'products' of death for many purposes... I don't call what I do "necromancy".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: smoking man.jpg (95 KB, 634x703)
95 KB
Do you think CIA will take down Trump short after his presidency starts?

CIA, FBI, Homeland Security among others are clearly seeing Trump as a threat towards the jewish establishment
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From what I can tell, the FBI is pretty neutral towards him, as a whole. They are the ones who have been saying Russia had nothing to do with the elections.

The CIA is probably fragmented.

DHS is going to do what Obama orders until the bitter end. Once Trump gets established, it ill change its tone, mostly because Trump will be able to put people in that he trusts because of his cabinet appointment.

That being said, if Trump gets offed, I'll suspect Pence and the GOP rather than the Democrats. Mainly because the GOP will do the whole "HE WAS ONE OF US" and give the Dems plausible deniability.

Then they will both blame Russia.
>using facts and figures
Goddamn that would be awesome if he did have seized. She was responsible for the US Libyan ambassadors murders. Everyone kept saying there were reports of impending attack and she told them to not increase security or offer them any protection, then talks about it in unsecured emails and then lies saying she had no idea and never spoke about it. That is just ONE of her crimes, there is a long list
Well technically the CIA is a republican creation so I think they are on the same team...
Freemasonic, Illuminati and occult conspiracies against society at large have always been a chief concern of /x/. Just because we have now been able to identify this as being a Jewish conspiracy doesn't mean we should stop talking about it here, quite the opposite in fact seeing as how the Talmudic Jews are basically wizards that like to drink human blood and practice circumcision or child genital mutilation rituals.

File: 1.jpg (327 KB, 1242x2208)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
Is there any proof of this? What should be done about it if there is?
43 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Meme magic is real, but it isn't ~~magic~~ magic.
I don't see how you draw that conclusion, but ok. Not liking it doesn't make me oblivious.

Spotted the fedora wearing moron.
I think you have Libertarians, who tend to be country boys/rednecks (such as myself) with Anarchists and Communists.
*Confused with

File: 1475018403506.jpg (75 KB, 1280x883)
75 KB
What's /x/'s favorite horror flicks? Also anyone got a god tier horror list floating around? Used to have one but lost it, still looking around on google
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I really got such a cool /x/ high off of VHS 2.

Settle in for some creepy "what the heck did I just watch" moments.

Don't read anything about it, don't watch trailers - if you're looking for something out there, way out there... just dive in. It's a trip
Both versions of Nosferatu, Vampyr, the Vanishing, Les Diaboliques, Freaks and the Friday the 13th series.
I thought she didnt actually did it? Like, she starts swimming toward them but she comes back
Yeah that one, it's pretty good.
Nah dude it's way implied, she get's on the boat and everything.

redpill me on the bogdanoff twins
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Their PHDs are bullshit. They game them to them so they would go away.
>Rothschilds bow to Bogdanoffs
>In contact with aliens
>Possess psychic-like abilities
>Control france with an iron but fair fist
>Own castles & banks globally
>Own 99% of DNA editing research facilities on Earth
>First designer babies will in all likelihood be Bogdanoff babies
>both brothers said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51
>Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world
>You likely have Bogdabots inside you right now
>The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church. Who do you think set up the meeting between the pope & the Orthodox high command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged the Orthodox leader's first trip to Antarctica in history literally a few days later to the Bogdanoff bunker in Wilkes land?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: newmeme.jpg (8 KB, 236x251)
8 KB
Look up the Bogdanov Affair and note the issue over the Foucault Pendulum. Then note that a Foucault Pendulum at the poles is aligned with the major masses of the rest of the universe. Then note they've built a Foucault Pendulum at the South Pole

File: Planets.png (108 KB, 769x709)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
I find it hard to believe that Mars and Saturn's moon Titan are the monochrome colors that we're shown from NASA's probes.

What gives NASA the right to doctor or withhold information from us when they use our tax dollars to fund their operations.
60 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
There's this weird narrative about how the USSR were totally unable to get anywhere near the moon and the whole fake dead cosmonaut shit resurfacing where peeps claim the Soviets were going to send people up who couldn't return.

However, it is known that NASA is very blase about safety. Also that the dark side of the moon was photographed by Russian craft long before the US could get anywhere near. As such I wouldn't be surprised if there'd been some dudes sent up earlier who now dead.
Alright then.

Go to that exact spot in Arizona and take a picture with a time stamp.
>The number of people that can 100% verify the earth as a globe is infinitesimal, and they all happen to be Masonic.

On the contrary. Any person can verify the earth is a globe by making a few simple observations the ancient Greeks did. Very few of them Masons.
>I find it hard to believe that Mars and Saturn's moon Titan are the monochrome colors that we're shown from NASA's probes.
what makes you believe that?

>What gives NASA the right to doctor or withhold information from us when they use our tax dollars to fund their operations.
and why do you think that they do that?
do you have any evidence at all?

>I don't think anyone has been on the moon
here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGXTF6bs1IU&t=2s
People who have little basis for any opinions, getting this much attention. Kek.

File: 5anjvsbycnox.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
Less than 10% of the ocean has been explored. What terrifying things hide in the depths?
283 replies and 56 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: gotta radiate em all.png (642 KB, 800x457)
642 KB
642 KB PNG
It could happen anything is possible.

>Rads + 800: Your Sea Dolphin evolved into Lanturn!
Posting this on /4chan/ :^)
is this sea jew rubbing his appendages?
File: 1477558765385.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x1920)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
shroud of turin is jesus's burial rag or some jazz like that and his image is mysteriously "stained" onto it. there's a history channel special and i think it's on cuckflix. the image implies it would take 34 trillion watts zapped into jc to burn his image onto it.. or maybe a superbright flash? its pretty vague and i highly doubt it's factual anyway.

This. I'm amazed that people seem to think Cthulu is actually some kind mythological character from folklore or some shit. H. P. Lovecraft's work isn't even that old.

File: 1484414451068-tv.jpg (216 KB, 682x1024)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Did any of you made it?
I am talking about creating or summoning already existed entity that can help you with right answer, give you previously unknown right information or something like that.
If you did it please write Itt how and what you got so far from it.
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File: esotericshitting.jpg (194 KB, 966x966)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
I like to observe my poops in the toilet, their sheen, texture, and other physical properties. I soon learned that they possessed spirits, and when I asked those spirits things they told me a great deal. Highly recommended A+++++
File: literalshit.jpg (274 KB, 1024x768)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Eh? Is there actually someone here who isn't a filthy literalist?
Rare but it happens.

There's also people that can finish a 300 page book.
What do you mean? I can't just chase birds from my park, because zhe flying and have no obstacles, while I have plenty of it, from just trees to walls and buildings. Or squirrel? Zhe will just climb at tree and gone. Or wild dogs? They just strolling around, and sleeping, I can't just stand around them asking questions, it's cold and everyone will be starring at me like crazy.
BTW I think you just an another "le smart" shitposter, who can't benefit from his own bullshit, but you will deny without any proof or at least readings.

One more time and I may report you for shitposting.

Inb4 : "oh, I offered you my bullshit and you denied it, such precious knowledge you bumped 2 day in a row for" "ohhh, blind white people" (with no contribution via proofs, claims of own benefits from it or additional readings at least)

File: Baby.png (1.12 MB, 3641x4569)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
169 replies and 108 images omitted. Click here to view.
See, two main parts really get to me- the "maybe it was just something in the corn. There're a lot of things in the corn that nobody really wants to talk about," because it sounds like some mass-neurosis conspiracy, and very ominous and slightly sad.

The other is the final line where he talks about setting himself on fire to "see what it would be like," because it is deeply eerie, and intensely depressing, and also wistful, but insane.

Anymore cornfield stories?
This is, the scary door
Nigga, what?
This isn't even funny, it's just dumb and makes me hate Chads.
Futurama reference I think.

File: maxresdefault[3].jpg (67 KB, 1178x727)
67 KB
Anybody seen this? It's about aliens, language and technology. Let's dive right in:


It's about aliens which are really demons coming to earth and offering either war or compliance, and offering technology as a gift for compliance. A deal is made between a human and a demon, but what is given is taken away painfully. The human must serve the demon in the future.

Pretty fucking cheeky, Hollywood is getting clever with their demonic agenda. Your take?

Be careful. Make no deals with extra-dimensional beings. Accept only Jesus Is Lord, and you can be saved.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
they only work on /tg/
yes christ consciousness is something to strive for

this is year 1 and humanity is learning its true history, which is why we these movies are introduced to the masses gradually.

also look up 'daemon'
since the spoiler tags apparently do not work when implemented the way it says in the FAQ and no-one seems willing to explain, ill simply not bother.

the child HAD NOT BEEN BORN YET when the aliens were on earth.
she saw the future, and had the choice to follow the path she saw or to turn aside:
following the path, she would get married, have a child, break up, and then have her daughter die of cancer.
turning aside, she would not marry him and the child would not be born, but she would be free to forge a new road.

she chose to follow the path before her on the grounds that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
there was never any possibility of that child growing to adulthood.
your computer is full of them.
Where do you prove me wrong?

She made a deal. She signed it with her hand, literally. Then she was given a gift. But it was bittersweet with terrible consequences.

And it's already been explained why the spoilers won't work, but since you literally ARE a reddit newfag, take my word for it: my take on the film is accurate. Yours is uninformed.

>it strikes me that you may not have understood the movie at all.

File: mokelembembe.jpg (294 KB, 1111x750)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
What's lurking in the unexplored jungles of Africa?

Cryptid thread?
74 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Best answer
>gonna take a shit
*pulls up wc top and giant spider is there*
>oh shit
*spider jumps, wet sound of farting comes from behind*
>oh shit
It's an ancient device against constipation
trips be damned, you are fucking wrong. I wanna pick that motherfucker up, kiss him on the head, and call him Jeffrey
File: Leopardus jacobitus.jpg (241 KB, 1200x764)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
I live near a nature reserve, and those things are really scary on the forest, despise how cute they are.

There's two main theories for Chupacabra sightings in here, people isn't used to our predatory felines, like pic related.

So they mistake them for monsters, and their huntings methods are also unknown for the most part.

The theory in the most strange cases when animals blood it's been drained, it's giant spiders, country has 60 know types of Tarantulas and there could be many more, cause most of them are exclusive burrowers, meaning that some giant spiders capable of killing something the size of a goat, are roaming the countryside at night.
Donald pls

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