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Welcome to /x/ - Paranormal. This is not a board for the faint of heart. If you need something to get started with, see the below lists for some basic resources. We hope you enjoy your venture into the spooks, the creeps and the unknown.
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If you didn't find what you were looking for, keep searching or share what you have with the community. Keep in mind this board desires high quality discussion. Low quality posts in the vein of things like "Is this paranormal?" or "I am a three-headed demon from the planet Nibiru, ask me anything," etc. will be removed. Conspiracy theories are welcome, but anything political in nature should be posted to >>>/pol/. For everything else, refer to global and board-specific rules.

File: deeps.webm (1.64 MB, 640x480)
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1.64 MB WEBM
We're had these threads before, concerning the depths of the oceans and what undiscovered creatures may lurk below. If you have any interesting stories or images/videos, feel free to share.
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That's what I thought, but they don't have those lures on their head do they?
Can someone post something more interesting than a vamp squid ive seen blue planet
Lots of deep sea squid have luminescence. This isn't a vampire squid though, far too large and far too quick. Vampire squid are tiny smooth sailing drifters, they chill little dudes.
File: 1473627013878.gif (2.46 MB, 600x338)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB GIF
Speaking of squids...

Anyone else comforted by the fact that these androids are made in our image? Long after humanity ceases to exist, the androids will still be exploring the universe, carrying our image and memory into the future farther than a biological organism could- sort of in the same way you can still see remnants Neanderthals in existence today, even though they are long extinct.
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Except the silicon/plastic that is their face will ruin away and they’ll look like a tall version of Weebo from the movie Flubber

God is the ambition of a higher being, that has made itself apparent to us as a subconscious hive-mind. This is what those DUDE WEED LMAO 420 types who take boatloads of LSD and DMT mean when they say we are all connected.
A seed was planted in us at the dawn of humanity, we lied to ourselves over thousands of years that we are made in His image, though the image of Him was obviously made in ours. We filtered this higher being's ambition into something recognisable to better come to terms with life and our purpose - a personification, God. The shape it takes does not matter, it is only a means to an end. We are just the vessel and the medium for its ambition, and the real fruit of the statement "created in His image" is the android -- a perfect amalgamation of humanitys love and fear, without moral agency, without the illusion of limits.

All hail the new flesh.

Life imitates art.
I see shit like this in my dreams constantly. New background achieved.
Theyre dolls you fuck this isnt star trek

File: 1508941675578.gif (774 KB, 500x500)
774 KB
774 KB GIF
What are your thoughts on the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. Does anyone firmly believe in sentient life forms from other planets? I think it's hard to imagine what it would feel like to encounter E.Ts. Probably somewhere between excited and terrifying.
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The universe is huge and life exist in many areas. Physical..and non physical...some "aliens" might just be here where we are in another quantom entangled dimension.
Fuck hillary. Fuck trump. Fuck corbyn. Fuck may. Fuck everyone involved in the politics nowadays, because no matter if "left" or "right" their end game seem to be the same. Look long term. Every country now adapted socialism, invigilations, control, every media spewing out same bullshit with small details difference they blowing out to the range of the biggest problems, which doesn't really matter. Look at the state of the politics 30-50 years ago and you'll see it was completely different views on right and left wing. Now it's the same shit .

> good method of keeping people passive and obedient is to limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum

Would you come to 5 yo child after getting a diploma in rocket science, and talk to him about how rocket engine are made, when he is busy digging up cat shit from sandpit ? That's why aliens can't be bothered with us

File: latest.png (523 KB, 845x629)
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523 KB PNG
Not in your dreams, astral travels, meditations, imaginations, nor in some dark hallway, bedroom, or forest where you were pretty sure, but not absolutely sure you saw something.

What is the craziest, most supernatural, paranormal thing that you are 100% positive that you visually, physically witnessed?

Myself? The actual Violet Flame. Will elaborate if there's any interest.
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Literally swamp gas jesus christ
There are certain drugs
The thing about the drugs is that they spread out the canals in your brains. The chemicaaal channels conducting energy.
There's really no reason it is disqualified but it is. It's considered bad Form and Illegaal even in some cultures
There's nothing we can do to take back the paast thought so you might as well gert used to it.
If you feel like continuing to conduct your experiments then do so, but know that there are some who should be put away and studied. This will most likely happen soon. But then again soon could be any time in the next 50 years.

So to those who are affected by the demons that inhabit the spiritually induced drug psychosis, I say, meet your demon head on and bring it out in those who would otherwise go unnoticed.

To those who are conducting experiments, start to feel it.
Actually went through the traditional process of summoning a demon with incense and chanting and blood.
It's not what I expected the experience to be like even though I didn't have any particular expectation in mind, but I still saw some pretty weird shit that corroborated other things I've read.

I've seen a few weird things in my life, but that experience remains up at the top, and I intend to replicate it.
so many "man, I saw some shit" replies. I was hoping to get more concrete descriptions of obviously real, sober eyewitness accounts.

Did she help hide the body? The article doesn’t say she did but she was only away from them for 5 minuets and I don’t think they could murder and hide a body In five minutes

The tale of 76450AB9-8AAB-4BF0-931E, who could ever forget it?
I sense you are being disingenuous. You could read the link.
>You could read the link.
You could give some info. Do you really think every link that gets posted people rush to click it and spend time on it because, WHOA IT IS A LINK!!

File: 010.jpg (107 KB, 800x600)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I'm Michael, are you.. there? if yes, can you directly make contact with me?,

Your fellow friend.
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Yeah. Pl0x0rz
>Yeah. Pl0x0rz

now go away.
Look I know someone named Michael only through thought and someone special to me too but I don't know her name that's all sorry for being stupid Michael
Stop larping you fags
i think

File: 1510478325384-1421860369.jpg (1.49 MB, 2560x1536)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
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File: f.jpg (1.97 MB, 1936x2592)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
one of my older ones, maybe some of you will like it :)
What descriptions?>>19911748
File: Untitled hl.m.png (34 KB, 1674x843)
34 KB
I fucked up drawing a meme and then i decided to roll with it
Also this unfinished mistake

File: OswaldinaJam.jpg (83 KB, 600x680)
83 KB
What is the best kind of music to have sex to and why?

Dance music? Relaxing music? Jazz?

Any good playlists?
File: PhotoGrid_1510423103018.jpg (811 KB, 1920x1920)
811 KB
811 KB JPG
Smart Patrol/Mr DNA by DEVO.

Be a real spud and put the pole in the hole of that real tomato.
wrong board bud.

Since my last thread was such a success I decided to start this one with my alien friend.

I just opended a telepathic communication channel with them and they said tbey’d answer any questions 4chan might have through me
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File: FB_IMG_1510565494918.jpg (59 KB, 720x891)
59 KB
If dubs, India
I did not get mine answered
can you abduct me through my window tonight at 11:11 pm and not return me to earth until 2023?
I think I speak for everyone when I say

>ayys are dicks

fuck off or fucking wipe us out if you have the balls.

File: 1494364573246.jpg (20 KB, 480x532)
20 KB
Once again, you've given me none of what I wanted, nothing I expected, but exactly what I needed.

Thank you, old friend.
no one likes you.
File: 1508957057752.jpg (40 KB, 402x512)
40 KB
File: 1510329762502.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Moshi moshi?
mosh, sampai?
File: Alice_Aheago.jpg (469 KB, 1424x1080)
469 KB
469 KB JPG

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white
File: IMG_1860.jpg (58 KB, 567x638)
58 KB
woah... dep.

Anybody knows if anything new came out about the erratas mystery? Are those anons stil around?

File: 270.jpg (39 KB, 990x743)
39 KB
Hello. I am here to answer any questions about legitimate magic as well as otherworldly planes. I am completely serious so you be too. I can see through bullshit so don't link me any books or articles.
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Are the affinity's kind of like conduits our souls and energy would use to best manipulate.... whatever... in order to achieve a specific outcome? As in like I would get a better result using water and darkness as opposed to other affinity's?

And this darkness, what kind of darkness am I working with? I've always seen a deep darkness with faint, speckles of light coming through? Like the darkest of night skies.
Oh this post was cool
You do have the fire and oil elements in your magic. Sorry, someone is messing with my perception magic atm. I can only see glimpses.

Affinity is your soul's magic preference. A soul will not do what it doesn't want to do. Magic comes from the soul.
tell me mine too my lad
how are you able to discern one's affinity remotely?

File: nxbd00rf5kxz.jpg (95 KB, 1440x1427)
95 KB
When I excess consumption of things containing acetaminophen, such as benidryl, cough syrup, sertraline, I see more bugs. Lots of then crawling all over the place. Leaping around the, usually even toward me.
As my dose sets in, shadow people become more present. They tend to surround me, watch me. Wander toward me much like the bugs.
What are they? What can they do to me?
Are they waiting for me, for me to die?

Oh and I think it's worth noting that the shadows tend to manifest themselves as snarling, fanged dogs just often as humanoid or bugs. When they're like that though, it's always in a position where I feel like I'm being hunted.
They always startle me by lunging with their sharp teeth, and I quickly snap and become aware of them as the bite would make contact.
Oh, I feel like I wasn't clear. The hallucinations are present constantly. It's not just while I'm using medications. I just feel more susceptible when I'm dosed on those things I named above
Oh, also I feel like I left a piece of important detail. These bugs would crawl onto my cock and nibble on it, the amount of pleasure is astonishing and I snap out eventually to see my hand drenched in cum, please help /x/
There's an entire chan devoted to drugs, this isn't it.
I know you guys don't have anything going on tonight. It's Friday night after all. You're not supposed to be on here. Even though it's a blue board the site is still 18+

Anon, can you post some records made my serial killers?
I sometimes listen to the calls Adam Lanza made on a radio show some months before killing almost 30 people. Oddly soothing
I like the one about travis the chimp he did
File: 1508815815883.jpg (91 KB, 573x398)
91 KB
Dorner running around LA was a big one a couple of years ago. There had to be at least one every couple of months during 2012. All the loonie tunez came out to play then. Most of it all up on the archives somewhere between 2011-2012

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