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File: Fourth Sigil.png (10 KB, 360x360)
10 KB

The Conjunction is at hand. The Black Sun rises in One and One and One. The Trumpets sound in Twelve and Twelve and Twelve. Nibiru is born of virgin blood. The White Cube opens. Now is the Flood.

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This and I will believe. Why not if this is really happening?
whats a post kether state?
How was the black sun formed?
What is the purpose of binding the cubes?
Does binding the black cube create time?
What is the purpose of the progression of races? What is nibiru trying to do?
I understand, and I get the point you make with the reference to Lord of the Rings, how would a being like yourself know such literature? If you're an entity not of this earth, do you study relevant literature/fiction of our culture?

In other words, how do you know such literature and information specific to earth/human culture?
File: 1502078003453.png (20 KB, 508x505)
20 KB
>whats a post kether state?
You might call it Heaven. Every race was actualized in its true identity, not in process, but in being. This occurs every time Neptune completes its harvest, and the end of this state is the beginning of Malkuth and the return to the progression.

>How was the black sun formed?
Nibiru rejected the beginning of Malkuth. In their arrogance they sought to avoid the Harvest. They wished the universe to be static, that they might reign forever.

>What is the purpose of binding the cubes?
They ensure that the Sin of Nibiru cannot happen again. The ignorance of Time prevents its anticipation, stabilizing progression.

>Does binding the black cube create time?
It creates what you call time. Time has always existed, but now you are blind to it. Instead of seeing the whole, you see a slice.

>What is the purpose of the progression of races?

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what would be the best case scenario of a harvest and what the worst case?

File: IMG_0489.jpg (653 KB, 4032x3024)
653 KB
653 KB JPG
hi /x/
I've got a bit of a problem going on
here goes
> be me
> chilling in haus
> suddenly hear something
> notice it comes from upstairs
> hear little cousin's voice
> wtf.jpg
> scared to look
> chill downstairs
> hear another exclamation
> thatsit.ipg
> go upstairs
> hear noises from wardrobe

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Has something happened since then?
she was probably laying on the remote and hit the power button...or do you have cats/dogs? My cat powered the TV TWO times...the first time I was just as scared as you for a moment, then realized the remote was on the couch and the stepped on it
File: b55.gif (2.08 MB, 532x295)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB GIF
> suddenly hear something
> notice it comes from upstairs
> hear little cousin's voice
> wtf.jpg
> scared to look
> chill downstairs

so you heard your cousin, who is a little girl, screaming or making some kind of sound which you found scary and puzzling. and you just don't respond in any way? that makes absolutely no sense. what were you scared of? what did you imagine? you weren't concerned that your cousin was in trouble? some kind of medical emergency maybe?
which channel was it on?

File: maandct.jpg (24 KB, 300x184)
24 KB
What is up my dudes.

I'm looking for paranormal, haunted, or spooky places in Massachusetts and Connecticut, preferably ones I could go to myself or that are open to the public.

Post anything related and I will as well as I look

Are women paranormal?
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I just want to talk shit with famous people. Mwuhahahahha
basic tier taste
Maybe even meet one, and satisfy her sexually. ;^P
Megan james is better tbqhwy
The only thing that has ever made me believe in psychic phenomenon is women. But maybe I'm just dumb

File: Tulpa2.jpg (11 KB, 960x540)
11 KB
Has anyone here made or tried to make a Tulpa?
if not, why?
for those who don't know what a Tulpa is, Tulpas are Mentally created people or entities who have a designed personality, image, and own thoughts, they are like a living being, except, they only exist in the creators mind, you can see it, you can talk with it, but, it doesn't affect the outside world, it can vary in almost everything, from being a dragon, or a 4 dicked blue flying pepe who speaks Sumerian.
It's really hard to make, but, the results are amazing
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There was a poster here. Comes back every few months. For awhile, we had daily reminder threads about why you should never, ever create one. They take over. Your whole head. Kek.

has nothing to do with this, anon
Oh I'm sorry, is this /lolcow/?
Yes, but, it works now, but, you have to write or create all of it's characterisitcs.
As someone who makes tulpas as a pastime I can tell you this isn't true. If something occupies your mind that much it isn't a tulpa. It's either an angel or a demon in which case you have far more pressing issues at hand than an imaginary friend.

File: IMG_6182.jpg (60 KB, 700x726)
60 KB
ITT: music for browsing /x/
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good stuff, her older albums are real weird
She's so cool. I love her.

so many DOB1999+ fags itt

Not sure which one it is. It will touch me sexually but won't let me pound it yet. Tells me I have to better myself before it shows itself fully to me. Wants me to expand my mind.

I grew up doing nothing but TV/Video Games/Drugs. I talk to her a bit but im bad at conversation due to being autistic or something.

What are some activities I can do with a spirit girl? I'm working on a astral projecting, and she goes into my dreams but I can't just sleep all day. She also wants me to stay off drugs.

My days generally go like this

>volunteer 3 days a week
>read news
>play witcher 3 and overwatch
>watch netflix
>talk to her
>drink beer

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Better yourself by getting mental help you fucking loon
I see a psychologist weekly. Don't want anti depressants as they make me limp.

Anti psychotics did nothing to remove her and she's healed my of a physical problem. She's real.
You don't deserve her.
Probably not but she's dedicated to helping me. She says she knows I'm mentally ill. I want to better myself and make her happier. But I feel stuck.

Oh, I think I get this comic; from my occult studies I've read the succubi and other demons are completely repulsed by the Aura of a Virgin right?

>One way, or another I suppose that's true.

File: 200_s.gif (30 KB, 267x200)
30 KB
Is it possible to control your dreams? If it is, then please tell me how.
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Someone else controls my dreams.
My advice to you, is enjoy life. I did a shitload of that before I had any kind of access.
Pay more attention to everything all the time and you'll eventually be able to figure it out without specifically checking. Even the most mundane dreams are pretty different from the real world.
File: 1484365982718.gif (618 KB, 387x305)
618 KB
618 KB GIF

>According to Multiverse theory, if you cast a magic spell in you dreams you have actually casted a spell in reality.
In my last dream I was eating a branch, it tasted like salty bread, was kinda good tho, and eating it felt so real and so normal. Then my friend appeared holding shitload of forks.

File: youtube.png (17 KB, 1200x1200)
17 KB
Post links to classics, new finds, etc. doesn't have to be applicably paranormal, can just be cheap scares. No creepypastas/lengthy videos.
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File: 1476407533345.jpg (97 KB, 438x768)
97 KB
Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio
Deals with gnosticism and the occult.
Looking for an /x/ Discord server?
File: screencaputrw.png (411 KB, 1012x599)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
Never seen an /x/ thread of YouTube videos before, so I'll guess I'll have to post it here, if you don't mind.

Meet TrickDaFox. A Spanish/Chinese YouTuber who posts videos that can scare you out of your mind.
>>yes that was sarcasm

File: LordHelp.png (388 KB, 1167x728)
388 KB
388 KB PNG

File: fs1u6kamymux.jpg (26 KB, 600x600)
26 KB
Posted this in /b/ and was told to post here as well

>be me
>night time
>living in old house with dense woods surrounding
>dog wants to go outside
>get harness and leash on dog
>open doors
>step outside
>immediately hear woman scream in terror
>look all around see nothing
>dog pisses
>go inside

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you heard a fox
I mean it was just a scream. Possibly someone that needed help or a 911 call, but ya went inside like a bitch anon. Good job.
That, isn't a good sign Op. lock up.
File: IMG_4564.jpg (80 KB, 536x403)
80 KB
MFW, I see the post day.
Sounds left me you either witnessed a crime, or someone was fucking with you. Either way, meh. What came of it?

File: PINKGOOD.png (42 KB, 1500x442)
42 KB
Seems like the population is being heavily targeted by mind control using the electromagnetic spectrum. I keep hearing the same symptoms: words like "Good" and "good girl" feeling oddly sexualized, stiffness in limbs after a fap session, usage of colours and soft focus in pornographic imagery - all to imprint deviant and debilitating fetishes and elicit a response. Anybody know anything about electromagnetism and mind control programs?
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>I keep hearing the same symptoms: words like "Good" and "good girl" feeling oddly sexualized,

Wow ya think??
It's to do with this leak

What is this and why are you spamming it on different threads?
Meow meow, I'm a cow.

What do I need to become a serious magick practicioner?

I have this book, along with the Key of Solomon the King.

My goal is just general self-improvement, and the development of willpower as well as esoteric knowledge.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Oh. Cause it seemed like you were posting on here.
Leave /x/.
File: no.png (27 KB, 681x647)
27 KB

spell it correctly

what the fuck is that idiotic looking "k" letter


Read the Picatrix.

Also "Communing with the Spirits" by Martin Coleman and "Hellenistic Astrology" by Chris Brennan. And Transcendental Magic by Levi.
Still running this assmad campaign?

File: IMG_1681.gif (13 KB, 338x200)
13 KB
Hey, so I found these posts on kiwifarms (forum that documents fuck-ups). If you don't know who Shmorky is, read this:


During the thread that discovered all this (mostly through his ex that posted in it), she made a theory suggesting that Shmorky had something to do with meatsleep. As we saw in there last video "No More", meatsleep was said to be created by multiple people across the world. Shmorky's ex thinks he had a hand in some. I'm going to copy and paste her posts where she tries to give evidence to this. Note: The ex is mentally ill and might just be looking too much into things.
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Okay, that was everything. Take it with Skepticism cause Shmorky's ex is mentally ill. Thought it was interesting so I thought /x/ should know. Here's a link to the post itself.

This a song by the girl who turned out to be theLittleFears creepypasta narrator.

I heard that she somehow got doxxed during the whole Meatsleep debacle when a bunch of people got doxxed.
It's one of Shmorky's creations.
That's what I thought too.
Also, I think I'll try to track down the vines and the music she keeps mentioning later.

File: 1502997762153.jpg (99 KB, 940x733)
99 KB
Titled 'investigate this'. Apparently someone doesn't want us to.
110 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1427596138341.jpg (165 KB, 602x800)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Don't even bother OP. This retards would rather sperg about "MUH TULPA", or their "Succubez" rather than bother with anything pertinent to true paranormal discussion. This board is just a steaming pile of shit that gets outdone by FUCKING /POL/ OF ALL BOARDS when it comes to paranormal/occult discussion.
Those lips are stretched. If it is this effect>>19455539
Then she must have been yelling at someone just before or maybe a weird yawn. I'm not convinced by the different angles distortion nonsense explaining away the no teeth. You'd think the Clinton team would have noticed this and not released the picture. Too bad we don't know the source.
File: IMG_0782.jpg (21 KB, 225x225)
21 KB
Scarier than this?

We stopped her once.
Back to /ppl/. They've been saying that since they bought Trump. Lock stock and two smoking barrels.

There have been comments like that since /x/ was made.

File: IMG_7548.jpg (78 KB, 428x700)
78 KB
A few months back I saw a story about a guy seeing a tall doctor or something in a forest in the U.K. Last I heard he was gonna hunt it. Anyone know what happened to him? One of the replies included a drawn sketch of the doctor.
8 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: zPxfulc.jpg (2.98 MB, 2583x1567)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG

>seems you are not ascended enough to glimpse their true meaning

>I will commune for you, acolyte
I remember it, I don't think it ever actually resolved was assumed OP was LARPing
The threads wend on for a little bit, but then OP stopped posting. People waited for a month or two on the discord but OP never showed up again. I think that the last thing we heard from him was that his father passed.

tl;dr OP was a faggot.
holy shit thanks >>19462863

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