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File: darkercity.jpg (104 KB, 750x314)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Does anyone else here suspect that the earth might be similar to the alien construct in 1998 movie "Dark City"?
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So you haven't?
I do and I have an explanation.
Volcanoes are necessary for cooling the engines supporting all this.
File: perseus.jpg (309 KB, 1200x1812)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Everyone focuses on the action of that movie and not the underlying philosophy. The question is:
>If you woke up with the entire life, emotions, and memories of a serial killer would you become a serial killer?
>Or would you still be "you" even though everything you think of as yourself is a lie?
Carry on Mr. Hand. Very well Mr. Book.
Both are a lie.
As you are both things and not just one of them.
File: dark_city_strangers.jpg (151 KB, 530x846)
151 KB
151 KB JPG

Photo of the thick smoke caused by the fire on California was taken from ISS. On this photo we can see the smoke. What else? The curvature of the Earth.
>inb4 "hurrdurr convex lens"
In this photo you can also clearly see one of the wings of the ISS, them straight lines.

Checkmate, flattards.
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fuck off Beckers you cocksucka
no, what you're seeing is the effects of gravity on the foreskin in that image.
>Jews run the world
>world is cut
the picture is upside down...
I'm not one of these retarded flatearthers, but it does loop occasionally. They actually stated something about the signal being bad at night so they replay clips to keep the stream up.

File: FL geography.jpg (97 KB, 720x720)
97 KB
I live in this area and can confirm, a rapid succession of booming noises, no longer than 1sec in total, took place over the area north of Tampa, close to New Port Richey / Bayonet Point area. I have asked others who I know live around here if they heard it and it was all exclamations of "yes!! we don't know what that was", etc.

Does anybody else live in or know much about this region to consider what this is? This was only about 2 to 3 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico coastline. Zero forecast of rain or thunder.
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This sound wasn't all over the world and is likely to be unrelated to many other sounds. This thread is about one event within a 50 mile diameter in florida.


That said we haven't ruled out similar events. If this is a debris cloud from outside of our solar system approaching perpendicular to the orbital plane of the planets there could be several similar impacts. However most reports of loud noises are distinct from this event in terms of both range and sound.

Also it should be reiterated that people in florida are used to sonic booms. There would be a huge one every time the space shuttle would land.

I didn't think so many /X/ lurkers live in my area. We should all meet up at Peabody's lol This is a pretty good chance to network with eachother and get eyes and ears in all different areas. Also did anyone see the military helicopter that flew over the New Tampa Wesley chapel area around Bruce b downs? It happened at like 2-3 am and I heard it and looked out and it was heading north. 99% of the time you can go on flight radar and see what's going over you but this didn't even show up on radar. Even in the past military craft have shown up on this radar it will even say blocked sometimes. Mac Dill is a very important air force base. They have military from all over the world stationed there. I know a guy whose a officer in some foreign military by Russia that's stationed there as the middle man between his govmnt and ours at that base. I'll ask him when I see him. I have a connect in temple terrace pd as well and would've heard about the "Grey's" which I'm calling nonsense on.
Also note that when I was in the military I did security for NASA shuttle launches. I've heard the sonic boom it makes and I've heard the sonic booms that different air craft make. This was not from any of those things. If anyone in the area is down to chat I can be messaged on here. Would like to investigate this further. https://www.instagram.com/__munsuta/

It is no coincidence that they put a fog screen over the sky. They were definitely trying to hide something. As far as it being a meteorite you can scratch that off the list. This was pre planned. They chemtrailed all night and the temperature dropped extremely quick the night before the boom. It went from warm and humid to extremely windy and cold in the matter of a hour or two. Next day the whole sky was covered and the wind at one point was so strong like a tropical storm rolled through for a hour. I had a buddy who was in south Florida at the time and he said that it felt like a hurricane briefly came through. Anyways, munsuta checking out.
I live in Pasco county,Port Richey I heard it also,it did sound like a sonic boom!
Down, in dt Orlando

Is CHIM the final redpill?
Ego death turns you into a pacifist, nihilistic sheep. But what if you can resist the death of your ego in the event that you find yourself at the level of teetering on that revelation that everything is connected, and instead of destroying your ego, you revel in it and let it empower you instead?
CHIM is a concept from a video game, yes, but how realistic is it? Think about how similar the concept of zero-summing is to ego death: you realize you live inside what is essentially a dream and that your self is practically nothing. But if you can avoid losing your ego during this "revelation", what happens then? Why not accept all of the truth behind the ego but let it empower you instead of turn you into a nihilist? Just because we live inside a dream, or are all connected, or whatever you believe after your specific ego death, why let that rob you of your self?
Most people are NPCs. The thinkers, the players, you know who you are. Do not let your ego be taken away. Be a psychonaut, meditate, whatever you need to do to wisen yourself on the nature of the universe, but for God's sake don't let it kill your ego. If not for the ego we are nothing.
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File: TESIII_Fargoth.png (1020 KB, 600x1000)
1020 KB
1020 KB PNG
Fucking put it back and stop touching my shit. Players think they can do whatever. Without us NPCs your just roaming a barren landscape, ya fuck. Show some respect.

It's like arguing with a WALL!
CHIM is only the beginning, you're becoming aware of yourself. We are not aware enough yet to know WHY we chose this state of existence. Or at least this consciousness is not
I haven't played TES in forever someone give me the rundown on CHIM
>let's go watch reality set

File: FB_IMG_1480185798681.jpg (29 KB, 501x411)
29 KB
Mass Worldwide Ritual
>visualize spiritual light covering your body
>visualize it growing and becoming a giant avatar of your body
>once its as big as you can make it, shape it into a pillar of light
>imagine a beam of light around you reaching into the sky
>make it explode and rip the fabric of space-time

File: sandman.jpg (79 KB, 350x489)
79 KB
Post Dream related topics here.

Please keep recounting of Dreams, Dream analysis, Lucid Dream/Astral Projection, sleep disorders in this thread.

Please redirect threads on above topic to be posted in this thread.

Please help keep this thread current. If a new thread needs to be started please use /DRM/ subject so it can be found by searching.
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Thanks! Gonna check some literature from thread too.
Thanks again Anon!
File: blank.jpg (11 KB, 896x729)
11 KB
Please help me lucid dream. I got B-6 and Galantamine to help with vividity but I just cant for life of me become lucid. I have mostly tried WBTB for my technique but with no success so far. What other techniques would you recommend?
Don't forget a dream journal. Or talk to someone about it when you wake up. I've been having more vivid dreams since I started discussing them every morning with a friend of mine.
I've always had weird dreams.

Once dreamt that Morgan Freeman held me chained in a black room with a single light above me. He was sitting in a chair trying to get me to talk but I refused, and he just stared.

File: 1513056459917.jpg (63 KB, 758x698)
63 KB
9 12 94 lone vally state hard wind mind break near sadness lonely have home now only digital.
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File: munchin pie.png (328 KB, 450x418)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
I'd totally eat that. The pie looks good too.
Well hot damn, you made me feel relief there because I thought OP's image was real
That's just disturbing as hell.

File: Untitled.png (225 KB, 1031x449)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
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New subject under surveillance.
Agents this is steel base
Adjust fire, polar
Add 320, east 473
Direction 1890
Bunker, when ready
All Units.
Tensions rising.Be prepared to intervene.

File: 18734256345 18.jpg (185 KB, 490x754)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
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File: 0373425634503.jpg (148 KB, 405x598)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
File: 0573425634505.jpg (218 KB, 600x600)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
File: flora.jpg (140 KB, 989x944)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
File: dark_a.png (27 KB, 431x430)
27 KB

File: image.png (53 KB, 403x448)
53 KB
Alright so lately I've been making strange noises, it usually goes like this: I start thinking about something, if I think about someone talking, then I unwillingly without opening my mouth, say what they say. Even my subconscious thoughts escape my body and are audible to others. It's completely audible and clear, almost as if I have a tape recorder hooked up to my vocal chords. The reason I bring is to /x is because I think it might have something to do with my ouija board shenanigans that I pulled last week.
Any medfags out there care to help?
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...I suppose literally killing yourself WOULD make the ghost think you're dead.
Not if you don't cut deep enough and the blood thinners force more blood out and the sleeping pills make you sleep, emulating a successful suicide whilst still being 99% safe and non lethal.
>ITT: pure, unadulterated autism
nobody "locks you up" for study. that's ridiculous.
If your not baiting go see a shrink. Sounds like onset paranoia/schizophrenia

File: 1466353882120.png (1.61 MB, 900x900)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
Hello /r/X

Is it possible to change my ethnicity? I am a Jew and I don't have anything against the Jews but I would really like to become a Slav or an Arab. Also, is it possible to become a Sasquatch?

Have to commit sudoku and roll a new character.
Miguel Serrano says it's possible for a Jew to mutate himself into an ancient Aryan Hebrew, so you can give that a shot.
File: 1510720475183.gif (984 KB, 360x250)
984 KB
984 KB GIF
>implying jews are a race
yeah but Aryans are soyboys. I want to be a Slav or an Arab.
I'm an ethnic slav and it's alright.

Who is she
Her name is Sally Sturgle and she's not very happy with you.

Do succubuses have clinical healing powers?
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Really? I think if there's anyone who can turn a gay man straight, it's a succubus.
fucking /topic
the opposite actually, OP

File: 1497698241785.jpg (42 KB, 679x459)
42 KB
Any meditators here?

Been interested in getting into some eastern style meditation/yoga to help expand my consciousness. Looking to start with some pranayamas and then some chakra work.

Any tips for a beginner?
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what he is referring to is known as mindfulness meditation (a ton of scientific studies have now been made using this style).

You can find it in the buddhist teaching vipassana. Basically, it's a totally non judgemental way of viewing an object of consiousness. Commonly the breathe is used but the fact is, if done correctly, literally anything can be used - a car alarm, feelings of pain, thoughts etc.

Non judgemental is the hard bit. Its to see an object without desire or aversion, to say this is good or this is bad, or to use it as a way to attain a state of mind, to set a goal in other words. You are simply being aware of what is happening with no desire for it to change, get better or anything.

Easier said than done, all you mind knows if desire in obvious and very subtle ways.

If you stick at it and get it right, when meditating ( focussing on the breath for example) you will be distracted by thought and you will peacefully acknowledge the thought and return to the breathe again and rinse and repeat.

I have only been able to do this properly once, but what lead after that meditation was overwhelming peace and raw compassion for others filling me up and a sense of alertness and gratitude. I'd never felt so content in my life.

But again, seeking these states is going in the opposite direction. Craving for enlightenment is walking in the wrong direction.
Anyone else here get muscle spasms when meditating? I'm a novice meditator here, but there's been at least two times now when I've felt like I'm getting down into a really deep state of trance, or something like that, it feels amazing. But right when I feel like I'm about to fall or get sucked down into an even deeper state, half of my body will jerk with an intense muscle spasm that will take me out of it with no hope of getting back anytime soon. This specifically has happened to me twice now. Anyone know what's up?
Cross-legged, but I'd rather do the dragon posture because it sounds cool (too bad it hurts too much. Getting past the pain is a goal I have, but meh).

If your hips hurt, sit comfy but straight in a chair, hands on your knees. Imagine you're a pharao and your knees are Anubis lmao. It's a mighty posture for sure
the breath is the most important thing, i used this metaphor in another thread and it seemed to explain it well so ill try it again here

imagine your mind like a river, your breath is the flow of the river, as it twists and turns, effortlessly conforms to the dimensions of the river and glides around stones. thoughts are like leaves, floating down the river, in the beginning, your mind will be flooded with thoughts, the river overflowing with leaves. this is okay, as long as you continue to focus on the flow of the river, your breath, after practice you will be able to clear the river effortlessly

as for position, look up burmese, ive found thats the easiest to do for anyone with low hip mobility, or sit in a chair, as you mentioned the spine straight is very important

ive been meditating for a while and would be happy to answer any further questions any anon might have for the next few minutes or so
You could address this please >>20027321 if you can? If you're still around.

File: flatland_600.png (73 KB, 600x487)
73 KB
Could Flatland be real and if so, how do I even get to this different dimension?
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We are flatland to higher dimensional beings...
This is what I keep trying to tell people

The Earth appears flat to higher dimensional entities, but round to us because both we and Earth exist on the 3rd dimensional plane

Maybe flat earthers are just living in 4d or 5d
good you keep it a secret.
all the geometrical shapes are my slaves now.
we do live in a higher dimension field.
there are people who know this and operate on all levels of existance.
the 3D, above and even below (2D being the contracts and so on)
I'm going to turn Flatland into a top down survival exploration game modelled on Dark Souls difficulty.

The chromatists have burned the kingdom down, and you're on the run into the wilds of Flatlandia to discover the strange wonders outside the metropolis.

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