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How do I summon a succubus?

File: DSCF0343.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x1536)
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1.1 MB JPG
Magical architecture thread
File: vatican-courtyard.jpg (120 KB, 600x429)
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120 KB JPG

File: comfy.gif (63 KB, 300x420)
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Time travel confirmed in Bitcoin:
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>due to your own personal *perception of your* limitations
Incomplete perception is a limitation.
Perception is one of involuntarily expansive and infinite, or consciously dictated and bounded only insofar as you decide to limit it.

In either case, limited awareness problems are solved by having the role awareness plays in solving those problems pointed out to you.
Time Travel is supposedly the big espionage thing of our day,

and supposedly the tech for it is not that far off, maybe 20 years out, so the top secret world is close , if they dont already have it.
File: bunny.jpg (65 KB, 570x567)
65 KB
I honestly didn't mean to cause such an uproar.

Pretend it didn't happen. The Artificial Intelligence software and the attached device are getting shut down and destroyed, the notes burned.

All I was trying to do was get her back.

I don't care about the work anymore.

t. A Birdie from "The Aviary"

Only to have his uptopia ruined by Stacy??
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No he wasn’t
never trust a bald-headed guru
He was fraud but he was woke af and knew how to play with words but he was a fraud.
His shtick may have had some glaring problems and highly secular, self-motivated aspects, but I tell you what:

After years of trying to read western occult material, and after years of trying to understand Eastern religions, and after years of assholes directly misleading me on the internet, that guy in OP's picture was the guy who finally dished me some practical sauce on using meditation to achieve more spiritually aware states.
He honestly spoke too well for some, they needed someone to answer their begs. Rashnesh could speak to millions.

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (263 KB, 1701x1129)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
why dont homeless people just think happy thoughts and manifest abundance? Last year when me and my family were at our summer home I wished really hard for a ride to my friends house and my dad gave me a new car for my sweet sixteen!

Love and Light :)
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File: 1341575808975.png (434 KB, 664x509)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
oh no! A troll thread!

"create your own reality" is just Do As Thou Wilt rebranded
damn, his outfit is pretty /fa/
Because their brains are broken. They've manifested their current realities, would take a Herculean effort to turn that shit around. Even when they're helped they often end up back in the gutter because they've hardwired their brains that way.
my dear anon,

life can weigh like gravity on us all, we carry the sum of it with us through everything. It weighs on us all, friend. I'm glad you have light.

Superficiality doesn’t exist. Evil is superficial. If you’re more evil than good you don’t exist.
We work with what we have.

What is everyone’s favorite flying cryptids?
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File: Midgetus.jpg (5 KB, 448x251)
5 KB
>>20990413 It's not mothman https://featuredcreatures.podiant.co/e/363c7786ca196a

arabhar is a good flying cryptid
>Being a nitpicky faggot in 2018
>being this insecure about a word you hadn't even used yet
>Insecure used as a descriptor marks you as either a woman or a faggot
File: batsquatch-Canfield1.jpg (26 KB, 276x279)
26 KB
Batsquatch, a lesser known paranormal creature up here in Washington State

Supposedly hibernates in Ape Caves up near Mt St. Helens in the Winter time, but there have been other reports of it or other large bat-winged creatures around the forests here and there.

Also in the same area as many bigfoot sightings.

File: bog.png (545 KB, 829x417)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
no i will not
File: 1486167605863.png (228 KB, 428x344)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Here you go. Don't ask fornit again.
>Rothschilds bow to Bogdanoffs
>In contact with aliens
>Possess psychic-like abilities
>Control france with an iron but fair fist
>Own castles & banks globally
>Direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
>Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be be the first city)
>Own 99% of DNA editing research facilities on Earth
>First designer babies will in all likelihood be Bogdanoff babies
>both brothers said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51
>Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world
>You likely have Bogdabots inside you right now
>The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church. Who do you think set up the meeting between the pope & the Orthodox high command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged the Orthodox leader's first trip to Antarctica in history literally a few days later to the Bogdanoff bunker in Wilkes land?

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alternative history will save humanity. So much that we owe them...and they don't even care.

File: Jesus.png (830 KB, 511x740)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
Lately i have been reading the bible and i got surprised, why did jesus kill that fig tree?

18 In the morning, as he was returning to the city, he became hungry. 19 And seeing a fig tree by the wayside, he went to it and found nothing on it but only leaves. And he said to it, “May no fruit ever come from you again!” And the fig tree withered at once.

20 When the disciples saw it, they marveled, saying, “How did the fig tree wither at once?” 21 And Jesus answered them, “Truly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen. 22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”
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File: kek.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
>He can read only one alphabet
No, your very lack of development destroys you. Jesus just acts it out dramatically. You can’t become more conscious unconsciously. A hateful, bitter, undeveloped person can’t be forced to be more conscious and loving. It has to come from within. All others can do is sow the seeds in as many places as possible and hope they take root. Another parable of Jesus.
File: wall_o__text-.jpg (165 KB, 615x820)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Learn how to properly format your posts.
God hates figs
>God hates figs
no God hates fags

File: 12319395.jpg (144 KB, 1200x825)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
What an astral projection feels like ? What are you able to do ? Is it possible to meet people while doing an OBE ?
File: trashman189023610.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
For me the take off feels like when you're riding a roller coaster and after the first slow climb, then you ride down fast, there you go. You can't miss it, it's overwhelming. After that you'll meet tons of thrash who'll want to suck your energy. You better stay away from the fauna, they are not your friends, they're only looking for a free meal. Not everything in there are things, some are entities with thinking faculties so beware. Entities are harder to dispatch and cunning, they will trick you easily if you are gullible.
it's like realizing you're standing in it
I had my first experience yesterday.
It's like a waking dream.
I was in space and then I got on another planet.
I could see, hear and touch everything and perceive it in full.
I never thought it could feel so real. I really think it was.

File: images.jpg (11 KB, 246x205)
11 KB
Should i summon a succubus and is it dangerous?
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How do I summon one? I don't care about the potential danger.
Has there ever been a serious discussion on this shit?
I would suggest you search up previous threads on the archive, or you could just go read the current succubus thread that's also ongoing currently. The spirit lady one I mean.
yes space people are dangerous
No you shouldn't.
Yes its dangerous. You could catch the AIDS. Succubus all have AIDS these days and most have Herpes too.

File: IMG_3845.jpg (75 KB, 1080x1080)
75 KB
if you're not a satanic interdimensional monk you havn't gone far enough down the rabbit hole newfag
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File: v15.jpg (490 KB, 1240x671)
490 KB
490 KB JPG

i take your post as satire.

But, i reached the very bottom of the rabbit hole, and it made me sound so crazy repeating anything i know to Normans that there is no point in teaching them or telling them anything.

The only point forward from the bottom of the rabbit hole, comprehending the world is nonsensical bullshit, is inwards,

Becoming a god, and then transcending onwards,
yeah, standing in dirty holes pointing at stuff doesn't exactly seem very sane either.
File: AVATARGingkoLeafPhoto.jpg (654 KB, 850x565)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
If you're not at least Chow Yun Fat in Bulletproof Monk; you're the one slacking.
Based anon.
You ever read fosforos and the catechism of lucifer ? Very great reads.
Also venerating shiva and especially Mahakala is where it’s at.
bragging about taking your mind through a white rabbit's frantic asshole as it tries to squeeze back out of 3/4 inch hole...

shit, I bragged.

File: deeswalmartfema.jpg (136 KB, 742x960)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
One of the many ways they're fucking with you is with chemtrails. They've been spraying the skies for quite sometimes now, but only in the recent decade have they've openly admitted to it. Partially. They admit to supposedly battling global warming. They spray a fine mist of materials such as sulfur dioxide, alumina, or calcium carbonate into the stratosphere to block the sun and prevent climate change. This is all about defying God, the Truth. The sun represents God, light, Truth, enlightenment, life, and they want to prevent your access to it. They want to have full control over life because they're God larpers with no real intentions to ascend to a higher density. They want you here on this realm where they have power and control over you. Living life under their rule lowers the consciousness of people rendering them unable to realize the truth, and begging to be kept enslaved.

What other ways are they fucking with us?
>They've been spraying the skies for quite sometimes now, but only in the recent decade have they've openly admitted to it.

Cloudseeding has been a thing for decades you absolute fucktard, and the explanation is that it causes rain.
Cloud seeding is different than blocking the sun energies with chemtrails, you dunce.
File: Renaissance11.jpg (33 KB, 800x335)
33 KB
>using commercial jets to systematically block the skies Animatrix style
if sun energies are being blocked, why is solar power being used more?

I wanna put my astral on yur cawk.

File: IMAG1532.jpg (2.47 MB, 3024x5376)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
Kind of odd how different angles have a different light from the moon
File: IMAG1563.jpg (2.58 MB, 5376x3024)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
this post again
File: 1529736836598.jpg (43 KB, 253x199)
43 KB
Yea do you know the origins behind the first pic?
Sun + distance + moon = some sides strong some sides not so strong light

Here you go
File: ee7.png (8 KB, 493x402)
8 KB
>whao the moon looks different at different time of day with different cameras.

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