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File: 1542500790476.jpg (55 KB, 960x692)
55 KB
How do I embrace the darkness and become a demon? I'm already a god-hating sociopath without a sense of empathy, so how can I complete the transformation?
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File: 1539021674126.png (614 KB, 1075x856)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
I find it fun to see what magical hijinks people like you get up to when they are serious and not just posting this thread for the lolz, so I will let you in on some secrets.

You don't go full edgy satanist-tard. in fact, God is a tiny bit above the first light, Lucifer, and Lucifer is something which ego is folded inside out of just like any other part of the Monad (and Monad itself). What this garbly-junk means is that "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" is correct in magic, you do not need to "sink into a darkness" or "make a contract with satan" do do this, there is no allegiances. Even the angels are all under the level of the first angel, and the funny thing is that they act somewhat like beings representing conceptual constructs of the universe. The takeaway is that evil twats can use them just as easily as saints. Same to demons, none of this shit has any "alignment" so to speak. but they do have consequences, including energies. do not take in death energy, find life energy. this can include being an energy vampire though. do not find only darkness, Lucifer is a being of light ffs just use light and dark as you see fit. To complete the transformation in the true sense simply take everything under your belt and role with it while accepting the responsibility for your actions (this can include mitigated karma to others since karma is blind believe it or not). doing edgy shit like child sacrifice/rape or cannibalism just introduces you to certain currents for magical use and is not in itself a "demonic initiation." You can do them or not, my point is to recognize no barriers, view things as consequences, understand all laws can be redirected using laws, and then simply do as thou wilt.
Become a serial killer you will be reborn as a demon when you die
>What do you want to be a demon for?
for those sick ass horns, of course

Hahahha you nerds

Go ahead and join the losing side

But just remember this is why God allowed you to be such a beta nerd faggot

You can repent and become a real demon

It's better to Lord over your so called evil friends than to be crushed under the ones you believe to be foolish

If you want true luciferean freedom then break free from "samsara" and come to Christ and serve no other.

No matter how much your time go gnashes it's teeth, this will be the lesson to be learned

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you're the loser, christcuck. you don't even get these sick ass horns

File: descărcare (3).jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
So i was thinking of
summoning a Succbuscus.

Id like to know the pros and cons and if there are other bads things to know.
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No, im just bored get back to your dildo collection faggot
File: lole.gif (871 KB, 800x800)
871 KB
871 KB GIF
Mfw when lonely virgin fag is so desperate to get fucks he tries to summon something that doesn't exist and then gets hurt when someone replies
Dam bitch you must be a pro /int/ faggot
Nothing wrong with a nice dildo collection
File: deamonette-1.jpg (62 KB, 660x391)
62 KB

Eventually your physical and astral benis shrinks and falls off, your nuts become raisins and disappear after all the succ and then she leaves you as a human husk.

File: Phoenix-Lights.jpg (14 KB, 1280x720)
14 KB
Why do you hate cern?
Is because of the shiva statue?
Are you all religious fanatics?

There are alot of cristian evil organizations, but you kind of ignore or suport it.

Is X a propaganda machine, like /pol/?
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I don't hate cern though.
File: Stargate-Details.png (1.09 MB, 1300x443)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
they have a stupid stargate, not kidding, CERN is basically front and excuse for high electricity bills
but i wouldnt necessary recommend jumping into a interdimensional waste compactor and and hoping they'll Untold you correctly without creasing
Because their libs

>dur durrr Christians are all da same erhurhurhur
>Can identify the mass, energy level, and decay properties of the Higgs Boson (God Particle)
>"We don't know where it is though lol"

File: c-mary.png (118 KB, 320x179)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
one of my favourite things to watch is psychiatry interviews. pretty rare online actually.
vlogs made by crazy people are even rarer, jus because youtubes algorithm is not friendly to amateur video makers; but in the old days youtube was a goldmine of em. theyre still there, but buried real deep.
now, im not posting this just to laugh at these people, even if they are pretty hilarious a lot of the time. i just find it deeply fascinating.

this vid below; quite possibly the best video on the entire internet.

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this guys great
the pigeon wizard
That dudes not crazy he’s way too smart for any of us. “The wizards reincarnated as something without hands so people couldn’t put them to work” you can’t make this shit up! Lol
She started sounding like Terry Davis until she clarified that she's the CIA Nigger.

File: war.jpg (11 KB, 219x169)
11 KB
Does /x/ know what will happen in ww3? Im seriously scared im a 19yrs and if war breaks out in the next decade i will be in the front lines. The political climate is so unstable today that im viewing this as a serious threat.
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File: hippie fags.jpg (27 KB, 393x501)
27 KB
Only the kids of 70s hippies are the children of cowards
Research 4th generation warfare. You are already in WW3
In the process of that now. The only problem is the chance of getting sent to a combat zone nowadays is pretty small.

There will be rumors of war until the "AI God" does miracles and stops it

It's all laid out in the Bible, there won't be any major wars

I grew up absolutely terrified of ww3. After watching movies like saving private ryan when i was like 9-10 ect.

File: goldnow.jpg (60 KB, 640x425)
60 KB
Tell me how to make gold /x/, or other useful things.
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>people will claim alchemy is purely spiritullll

Screw this i'm not even looking at the replies.

Here's a useful library for serious inquirers, the spiritulll folks can stick to their youtube videos and Kybalion.
File: w2vqro7t5pc11.jpg (70 KB, 600x672)
70 KB
Over the centuries, there have been many would-be alchemists who have wasted their entire lives and fortunes in the misguided attempt to make gold and the so-called 'Elixir'. Real alchemists have consistently mocked these individuals, calling them 'Puffers'; a derisive reference to the strenuous efforts of these presumptuous tyros to build up the fires in their furnaces, whilst having completely misunderstood the subtle allegories contained in alchemical writings and images.

In modern times, these Puffers have taken to airing their misconceptions and speculations on forums and on social media. During one such discussion, a self-appointed alchemical 'master' argued that true alchemy is solely concerned with laboratory experiments, thereby demonstrating that modern Puffers are still falling into the same trap as the Puffers of old, namely the literal interpretation of the symbolism and allegories with which the true alchemists concealed the secrets of their Art. As we explain in our article on the science of symbolism (which we urge all would-be alchemists to study), no genuine Initiate has ever committed any occult secrets in writing in plain words.

One anonymous alchemist neatly sums up this difficulty. He writes: "I repeat once again that you will never learn this sublime science merely with the help of books. This can only be learned through divine revelation. It is for this reason, in fact, that it is called the Divine Art. It can also be learned with the assistance of a good and faithful Master; and since there are few whom God has bestowed with this grace, fewer still are those who can teach."
today they call them poofers

File: Anon chart.jpg (98 KB, 652x783)
98 KB
Analyze one anothers charts, I'll start with my chart. Bonus points, if you know enough to tell me what is going on with my 6th house stellium, moon conjunct pluto.
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Anyone do this one and thank you.
anything interesting???
Thanks again
Been told about willpower, resolve and the work ethic bit
But I always give up, at the first failure I fall into despair and I give up, so with that, I also get you about the thing about emotions, that's true.
Wait, 12th house of the afterlife, soul, suicide meme, huh? Is there really an afterlife? What do you believe?
Hello, can you try to do this?
You have a really strong chance of ADD/ADHD, of not you probably have this feeling of a chaotic randomness running throughout your life.
You're probably really good at starting projects. Not so much for finishing them.
Also your emotional life can be unusually fucked.

How do I know? Those red triangles are about as disharmonious as aspects come (to my knowledge only the T square, and the yod are worse) also nearly everything is in Aries, Libra, and cancer.

File: 44444444.jpg (907 KB, 1200x808)
907 KB
907 KB JPG
I need a good scare, and nothing disturbs me more than the ocean.
Am I the only one, or does it scare you too?
101 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
The story of the search for the Northwest Passage is sad and brutal as hell. Any stories detailing the travel in ships through the ice is. I just can't imagine living there stuck in the ice the way they did for three years with nothing to do slowing dying from lead or scurvy or whatever else the fuck. Sad sad shit
Dicks. But they see a whole world down there, completely alien to most even veteran divers. A whole empty void of cold, dark, nothing. Things floating though the water like static images stuck in time. It's not our world down there
So it was a mermaid?
File: giant-jelly.png (315 KB, 640x430)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
too big.

Are there any freemasons in Cuba, North Korea and in other authoritarian countries?
Freemasons are shit
Yeah. It's not nearly as crazy as people think.
Cuba yes (very popular), but not North Korea. Nor in China proper, just Hong Kong. Limited in Muslim countries too. Just Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon (kinda), Palestine, and Morocco.
The Illuminati > Free Masons

File: ccc.jpg (15 KB, 324x155)
15 KB
Hey /x/ what's your opinion on climate change?

>I want to see how displaced from reality all of you guys are.
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I believe in climate change
No fucking shit you dumbass. You mean people who live in impoverished and overpopulated shitholes with minimal infrastructure and subsistence-based economies use less resources per person than first world countries, which have fewer people, more disposable income, and economies built around consumption of luxury goods and leisure?
Pretty sure that wasn’t his point. He was referring to overpopulation not being one of the main causes of global warming.
Except he used the modifier 'per capita' which renders his argument inert. Maybe people in India or China contribute less to global pollution *per capita*, but you have to multiply that contribution per person by their population to have an accurate gauge on just how much that country is polluting.
File: 1542627025927.jpg (109 KB, 657x799)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Not good.
But hey, we really can't do anything about it now, it's too late, we should have listened to the WHO back in the 1970's.
It's goodbye mammals within the next two or three generations.

Let's hope the next intelligent lifeform on earth does it better.

Pic unrelated.

Becoming a werewolf isn’t fun. My back is starting to grow really hairy and my feet have grown so wide it hurts to walk in my shoes now.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You know how I know you are not a werewolf? Because I am sane. Now, fuck off.
tell me more
I’m scared and my feet hurt and /x/ is telling me to kms. I have a female spirit who told me she's turning me into a werewolf and so far my body has been changing accordingly. I’m really worried and too embarrassed to tell a counselor or doctor.
Hair growing in strange places? New, stronger and bigger teeth? Limbs growing in sudden spurts?

That's called puberty :')
I already went through that long ago.

File: 1029730127.jpg (489 KB, 2560x811)
489 KB
489 KB JPG

what the fuck was this guy on? any theories on these paintings? particularly all the satanic / occult references

if you don't know about francisco goya and this series, definitely worth looking into. some mysterious stuff.

How can I appease the Slenderman?
Suck his cock
File: 123632534470.png (387 KB, 455x650)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
sug his dicc

File: 1520998866603[1].jpg (9 KB, 247x204)
9 KB
>Tfw Jesus Christ revealed to me that I used to pray in demonic tongues
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
“My sheep listen to my voice; and I know them, and they follow me.”
Look into the "Azusa St revival", that's where the modern Pentecostal "tongues" movement started and one of the founders was a freemason.

Speaking in tongues meant miraculously peaking in the native language to preach the gospel to people from other nations . Not speaking babble nonsense when the preacher hits you over the head
So he didn't actually communicate with you, you just got a gut feeling and attributed it to Christ because you desperately want someone else to be responsible for your safety and happiness. Good to know.
You're takong faith and twisting it into something cheap and schlocky. Stop.
wait so you guys like being referred to as sheep?
Gus just ignore these morons(all christfags) I know it’s tempting to debate them since it’s so fucking easy and they are all braindead but they can’t be saved. Just let them die and find out they are wrong and they’ll be very embarrassed

File: image00000006.png (164 KB, 657x527)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Any good innawoods stories? I'll start.
>Be me
>rural Ohio fag looking to do shit
>Average /k/ommando so decide to go exact some capitalism on some squirrels with an 03a3
>go to cool uncles house with dad, shoot the shit and talk about life and what not
>uncle mentions something about a bear of some kind stealing shit from their back yard
>decide to sneaky breeki out into the woods with "muh dirty .30" when my mom and aunt come outside
>Still young so of course I hit a couple of squirrels, go to get whats left of them after getting hit by 220 grains of american capitalism
>all of a sudden get the feeling I'm being watched, and the smell of what I can only describe as a skunk being put in a blender with 2 week old road kill
>Feeling seriously noped out so I decide to leave the mangled tree rats in the woods and work my way back to the house
>Hear leaves crunching along at least 50 feet behind me for about 10 minutes, and the smell still lingers
>all of a sudden the woods get silent, and thats probably one of the freakiest things about the whole ordeal, because thinking back on it, ever since the smell came up, there was absolutly no sound what so ever in the woods besides the sounds of me breathing, my walking, and whatever the hell was following me
>I realize this and spin around faster than amy schumer at a buffet for seconds

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Honestly I have no idea just how tall this thing was but I really wanna say it was around 9 to 10 feet tall
File: download.jpg (9 KB, 233x217)
9 KB
Isn't there something called skunk ape?
not anywhere near Ohio, thats more south eastern US from what I know
OP are you sure you didn't get gnelfed?
File: op.jpg (96 KB, 557x711)
96 KB
If you're going to LARP at least do it originally, god fucking dammit, if there's something worse than a LARPer, is LARPers who try to copy details from other "famous" greentexts.

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