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What was his endgame?
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He didn’t have one. Went too far with drugs and LSD, with social programming used for mind control. He knew everyone, in entertainment and more. And when he was used up, rats left a sinking ship. And he sank.
He was no redneck. He lived in the Hollywood hills you mongs. Partied with Rock Stars. Pure concentrated evil? Maybe.
File: 1489684574287.png (32 KB, 1172x675)
32 KB
Damn. Thats deep!
he understood the human condition and exploited weakness in people to control them
Nah. He was just a lifelong criminal/conman that knew how to manipulate naive hippies with drugs. He admitted plenty of times that all his guru shit was complete nonsense.

Is she a rogue MKULTRA agent? Her rants about being kidnapped and put into camps somehow led to a nationwide manhunt. Its easy to call schizophrenia but there might be something more

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The thumbnail made it look like a buckler with three big glowing slash marks in it and now I'm disappointed I can't use it as an image for dnd.
File: furby necronomicon.jpg (59 KB, 709x757)
59 KB
Are you fucking retarded?
How high up on the spectrum are you for you to interpret OP's image of frying weiners as "a buckler with three big glowing slash marks in it"?
Go outside for fuck's sake.
>something more
Hopefully for her kids sake its just medication, i was put on a antidepressant and it made me go kinda schizo and if i had continued i could see myself getting near to this point. hopefully the institutionalization found that out and all she needed was a detox. When you start speaking gibberish and dont question yourself there is something wrong.

Same here.

File: whofuckingcares.jpg (31 KB, 720x540)
31 KB
"UFO" #wtf
pic unrelated

File: IMG_4309.jpg (63 KB, 482x724)
63 KB
How to I use the occult to bring me a man that will make me happy forever as my husband? :(
I don't believe in twin flames and soulmates desu but I just want someone I'm compatible with and can grow with and am attracted to
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In the 1980's there used to be a house in Atlanta called Ravenwood, in that house was a lady called Lady Santana, if she is alive, she would be able to guide you....that's all I have to offer here
Girls are lucky. All you have to do to get someone as a girl is have a vagina. Even the ugliest of girls have a good chance of getting a boyfriend. If there is a girl out there, no matter how ugly she is, there is always someone out there who would fuck her. Boys are different.
Marry me.
Or you could just, stop browsing this trash place, become a better person and go outside talking to guys? I think you might have a better chance that way instead of using some shady shit you know nothing about / consequences

Look at the ugly fatty claiming that the problem lies with people who doesn't like her iceberg figure instead of herself.
Why would a man want a selfish materialist wife with health problems who will pass her bad habits on to their children?

File: 1517352594882.jpg (210 KB, 1000x742)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
what would you do if you summoned Monochromatic irl?
>Inb4 some variation of kill or rape
I'd probably put it in her butt.
It's just that she's so fun to bully. Gives me a erect

How much of Buddhist cosmology is typically accepted? How do you get past ideas like Mount Meru which doesn't seem to exist? Wouldn't this mean the Buddha was wrong? And how could 28 Buddhas have existed in such a short period of time for humans to have existed?
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Buddhist cosmology doesn't work the way any other cosmology works because it relies on you to complete your spiritual progress before you explore the spiritual realm.
I don't know dick.

But that's a cool picture, man.
Thanks, that's why I chose it for clickbait
This is correct

File: devil-handshake.jpg (15 KB, 620x349)
15 KB
that's im sick of my shitty life.

i've decided to sell my soul to the devil for $50m and a loyal beautiful gf.

is my soul worth that much? and how can i go about discussing a deal with the devil.
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>If you're not good on your word,
this is just so rare today.

That’s the only way you can reach people and give them words that actually have power to them.

Why do you think people say JESUS CHRIST when they are trying to curse. As a collective consciousness, we have given that name power. And it’s name is associated with THE MOST HIGH. If we don’t have a human to relate and inspire to be like that is actually GOD HIMSELF IN THE FLESH then what else am I going to try and say to help you understand that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. I’m not saying you have to go to church or be a goody good boy freak.

I’m going to be rolling at EDC this year and it’s the only time I am doing MDMA. God is down with that. Dance because you’re alive and God gave you a soul to experience his creation.

Our spiritual sides are so real, it’s just so easy to forget it’s there when THE MATRIX has you distracted.

It is what it is.
Bro you're fucking stupid. There are 2 possibilities.

1. This can actually happen, in which case you are giving up eternity in heaven & eternal pleasure for ~50 years of fun

2. This isn't really a possibility, in which case you're making a deal with nothing.

Either way, you're fucking stupid to make that decision.
The way you're going on it's like you think I'm some sort of atheist. If anything, I'd posit that the sort of atheist that gets up on stage to debate christians actually believes in the abrahamic god more than many sunday christians do, and as such is owned by that god. What's more is I'd say that denying the existence of spiritual phenomena outright comes from the same cowardly and reductive impulse that leads folks like you to worship some mid-tier ghost with a WAY puffed up ego.
it happens by accident m8

you don't realize you're bargaining with your eternal soul until it's too late

File: witch-151161_640.png (56 KB, 640x497)
56 KB
Does /x/ have a janitor or anything right now? This thread is not a complaint, I'm just confused why threads and posts so rarely get moderated and what's going on currently.

The other day I saw a thread that only existed to discuss a tripfag (nothing else, not paranormal) and it was here for 2 days before it got archived.....not even deleted. Things like that me wonder what's going on? And yes, people reported it.
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Fucking kek
Faggot trans defensive about being a faggot trans
k, well have fun there tiger.
File: IMG_2708.jpg (19 KB, 326x287)
19 KB
if dubs traps r cute
this has been fun
Pretty sure he is.

File: The day the Earth smiled.jpg (1.46 MB, 8100x3150)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
What the fuck is the Cult of Saturn?
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File: 1478726618298.jpg (128 KB, 750x464)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
The Kabba was built by Abraham.
..and /pol/ shows up.
File: img_4909-3.png (160 KB, 407x476)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Anyone has a pdf copy of this?
The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies and Magic

File: cheesy.jpg (124 KB, 1125x740)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
heres what i could get from the last thread, post away boys

repostan from deleted thread

Alright /x/, I've been studying this shit for a while and I'm going to dump some stuff from my collection.
I'll update https://pastebin.com/7Yt6y3kF with any good additional links I find.


This is an executive summary of what Pizzagate is and what it's about.

An absolutely giant collection of infographics, links, and evidence.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
50 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
No! Please link me. I just saw a bunch of updates on the wiki and I suck at looking for newsblog articles.

It and a bunch of the other stfuf are also in my pastebin https://pastebin.com/7Yt6y3kF .
Also, let me clarify. This article doesn't relate to Madeline McCann, and I'm sorry if I accidentally made you think that. It's just superb background reading.
Man kinda of topic but how masons show their profiles in facebutt is incredible.. nobody gives a shit about being discovered... this world is a fucking mess
You act like masons are supposed to be a secret thing. They aren't. Lol.

File: New Testament.jpg (45 KB, 833x460)
45 KB
Why was the past filled with miracles and God literally helping people on Earth, when nowadays nothing like this happens?
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That was my point. Every era is full of strife and fear. The past wasn't some mythic golden age different from today.
Did you read Acts??
Miracles are happening. Weird thing is hollywood special effects and video game graphics are really good. Much of the real stuff is considered recreatable.
Every world religion completely btfo!!!!!

It does happen, all the time. You just have to be in the right places, with the right intentions and the right people.

Few in the world saw Jesus, even less interacted with him.

There are many who work miraculous healings. Search, pray, meditate, study and most of all, avoid the thorns.

File: 20180225_043938.jpg (347 KB, 1280x480)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
OP of "make a wish" here, yesterday I visited a person which I know, who has a "satanic bible" to read in it/ touch it, simply to test if I would feel different.
The Results:
Reading:Got a fuckin headache, by resding the words, not a nice one.
Touching:Weird Feeling, weird hits it best.

So Guyz, I want to hear your ideas about why that did happen (Picture of the book will follow, sadly it's in german)
Info:I am not a religious person but spiritual, made a contract with a god "christian one" still member of the christian church, but I don't feel welcomed in any church, I am tolerated, but not very welcomed.
Thanks for help!
(Was not going to do anything with satanism to fullfill my wishes...)
(Original Pic, will sent a clear pic of the book soon, but not the orignial)
OP clear photo (german, can send a english one)
What in the world is your question anon?

For a fairly in depth forum with people who know the Satanic Bible real well, I suggest checking out the 600 Club.

My Question is why dafuq did I felt different by only touching/reading it?
Got it.

First and foremost, the most real magic you will experience is in your mind. Black magicians call this the "Subjective Universe". More normie terminology might be words like "worldview" or "paradigm".

In short, if you believe a magical experience happened, that is subjective to you, and really happened. LaVey was a charlatan and a trickster, he was an expert at the psychological aspects of magic. In my opinion, touching the book affected you because you wanted to, even if subconsciously.

As an alternate explanation, it is entirely possible that the darkness is calling you. This is generally a subtle effect, that results in a desire for knowledge and evolution. We call this the "Black Flame".

Second question from you: do you want to go down this rabbit hole?

File: 1952-whitehouse-ufo.jpg (16 KB, 640x480)
16 KB
Is there any supposed paranormal phenomenon you accept is real?
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's always a larp
>Notice how UFO sightings have decreased drastically
Except they didn't, fox just decided to stop showing ufo documentories. FX and fox were the only two channels that would show that type of shit and they don't do it anymore.
ngl, I'm hella skeptical but I can't shake off the feeling that God exists no matter how much of a dickhead he may be.
yea dude im gonna have to jump on this one also, i witness 3 ufo communicating with each other with pulsating colors over the oceans horizon. it was beautiful but suspect as fuck. they were way to far for my camera to catch any of it :(
i wonder if MUFON statistics for instance actually support this claim that ufo sightings have decreased.

File: 246x0w.jpg (6 KB, 246x246)
6 KB
New /x/ discord servers.
Guys from the 4craft made it.
Fuck Mineman.
Is there any reason to not expect this one to suffer from the same exact problems literally every other /x/ discord suffers from?
What were the other problems?

File: Astrology-2.jpg (84 KB, 600x502)
84 KB
Which signs or planet positions indicate that someone is naturally good/talented at lovemaking, ie fucking.
124 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
Leo reporting in, what does this say about how I am in bed?
You single?
Are you all trolling? Or does this just mean people with my birthday are all fucked up smfh
>just mean people
Welcome to 4chan.
thta would be interpersonal you fucking dumbass

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