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File: persephone-page-13.jpg (664 KB, 1600x1200)
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664 KB JPG
Eleusinian Mysteries

The Rites of Eleusis, or the Eleusinian Mysteries, were the secret rituals of the mystery school of Eleusis and were observed regularly from c. 1600 BCE - 392 CE. Exactly what this mystic ritual was no one knows.

Nobody know what form these rituals took. We do know, though, that those who participated in the mysteries were forever changed for the better and that they no longer feared death.

Who participated in the mysteries were forever changed.

Cicero writes, "Nothing is higher than these mysteries...they have not only shown us how to live joyfully but they have taught us how to die with a better hope"
File: maxresdefault.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
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I couldn't find the articles right now but there was a research done that showed having good sex makes people believe in afterlife and souls.

I'm fairly certain all iniciatic schools with "mysteries" did practice sex magick, which is just a convoluted way of talking about non-lustful, deeply intimate sex.
Maybe sex and drugs, but not sure about sex.


At Eleusis they would rest by the well Demeter had sat down by, would fast, and would then drink a barley and mint beverage called Kykeon. It has been suggested that this drink was infused by the psychotropic fungus ergot and this, then, heightened the experience and helped transform the initiate. After drinking the Kykeon the participants entered the Telesterion, an underground `theatre', where the secret ritual took place. Most likely it was a symbolic re-enactment of the `death' and rebirth of Persephone which the initates watched and, perhaps, took some part in. Whatever happened in the Telesterion, those who entered in would come out the next morning radically changed. Virtually every important thinker and writer in antiquity, everyone who was `anyone', was an initiate of the Mysteries.
File: Eleusinian-Mysteries.jpg (109 KB, 1252x630)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
The Eleusinian Mysteries: An Unresolved Ancient Greek Puzzle

File: wvtKw.jpg (56 KB, 347x450)
56 KB
This old decrepit farm house my family owns is legit haunted.

What would you do in possession of real life haunted house?

We never go there and are just gonna sell it.
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File: 1492982711548.png (825 KB, 1913x4041)
825 KB
825 KB PNG
Just gonna leave it here.
Don't do that, if you publicly acknowledge the house is haunted you'll have to disclose it to a potential buyer and I imagine that will lower the property value

File: m5Ca7oU.gif (403 KB, 380x298)
403 KB
403 KB GIF
>sacrifice poor people to the ghost

Ha, almost seemed like a good idea until I put it into perspective.
>not wanting to buy a haunted house

File: j5UrAlQ.jpg (32 KB, 480x454)
32 KB
>tfw you realize reality is fabricated entirely by your consciousness and you can manipulate it at will
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how about you manipulate it so i get a few million dollars senpai
you can only manipulate your perception of reality, but you cannot change every aspect of said reality.
I swear I almost did it once.
>there are people in this thread right now who aren't living their ideal life

You've got the power too my dudes. A man with a million dollars can be poor if he wants more and a man without money is rich if he desires none.
thinking reality is only make up of what you want, your fears and insecurities also shape it
just what else would you do if you could manipulate reality? i mean seriously, whats better than discussing reality with people?

File: mojo_rootwork.jpg (75 KB, 640x480)
75 KB
Does anyone here have any experience with voodoo, hoodoo, root working, etc? Curious on what /x/ thinks of voodoo.
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Baron Samedi approves this thread and has jokes for you

Thanks, if the OMG thread comes back up, then I will ask them to put this one in the library.

I'll contact the author meanwhile in either case.
On second thought, the work is public domain.

Good herbal correspondences for those interested in creating mojo bags, gris gris, nation sacks, jack balls, sachets, etc!

File: 4BbeSiog.jpg (12 KB, 240x240)
12 KB
Hey /x/ i have been lurking for some time but this is my frist post, for a year now i've had this kind of weir prescense in my house, sometimes it turns on and off the screens of eletronics like my phone or my monitor but lately like a month or so i've been feeling it a bit stronger like sometimes i fell pressure on my face or stomach and when i extend my hand on the bed it sometimes feels warm wich is weird because i sleep with my A/C on so my whole room i cold as fuck, so thats what has been going on.
What should i do /x/?
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das me nigga
you paying rent for me now boy
File: Solar Sky.jpg (502 KB, 2560x1440)
502 KB
502 KB JPG

Light and airflow.

Open the blinds, let the Sun shine in and open the windows, let the Air flow well.
thanks for your concern but the reason i jumped to paranormal is because the house i have is next to a lot of abandoned places and some of them had things like pentagrams and so, it usually turned on the things more than of for example when i lay on the bed preparing to sleep it usually plays with it for a little like turning it on and off for like 5 times then it stops, i jokingly said a time "can you turn it on" while i was trying to look at the time on my phone but was to lazy to pick it up so it turned on after that i said "thank you" and the monitor flicked, i don't really feel it like a evil kind of ghost but it's still pretty spooky.
I just have one window and the sun doesn't come in because there's another house blocking it.
File: Sun Wheat.jpg (593 KB, 1920x1200)
593 KB
593 KB JPG

Lights on, window open, say Psalm 91.

The Good will rush to your aid if you even think of the help and are sincere about it.

Know this though: The fear is their food. They want the fear. That is why they do odd things to creep you out, to make you afraid. Then they siphon off the energy released or something like that.

You must be confident.

Think of this: If there is something bad there, there is something Good somewhere. You just need to call it and it will come. That's why I'm avoiding saying "God". Call upon the GOOD.

They will come.

But you must have fresh air and light, immediately you will sense the difference in the atmosphere there if you add air and light.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 2017040895135528.jpg (111 KB, 1080x608)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Caught this on one of my game cams. What the fuck.
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Nigga bunbuns be fast as hell
fucking kek
File: hopsheep.png (12 KB, 669x434)
12 KB

File: 6 inch blt on italian.png (139 KB, 742x697)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
hit me with some spooky greentexts /x/
(pic not related)
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Thank you very much anon! Haven't been on 4chan in a few years, I'm out of the loop with creepypasta/greentext/spoopy stories.
can I just say i love this format of there being a tl;dr up top? it's so fucking nice
Same, sometimes I get halfway through a long one and it ends up being retarded, but I don't want to read ahead and catch spoilers either.
>be me, 5 years old
>short, white, obsessed with power rangers
>just moved to the projects
>literally the only white kid there
>manage to make a single friend, a little black girl with dreadlocks
>always play together outside
>we move one day
>new house is nice
>few weeks later hear a knock at the door
>just turned six so I'm a big man able to do manly chores just like a man
>was nap time with mom but I gotta be a man
>I open the door and see who it is
>it's the little girl
>she asks me to bring my mom outside to play
>I wake mom up and we go to the park

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
brought tears to my eyes. based snowman

File: 6HlzJaA.jpg (61 KB, 640x960)
61 KB
Share the scariest greentext, images, webms, whatever you have. This thread is for terrifying stuff only. I want to be scared. Pic unrelated
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I have shamed myself and my people. Goodbye
Wank me out
this whole sites freaks me out when i dig into it, shits fuckin weird
File: IMG_2554.png (102 KB, 378x676)
102 KB
102 KB PNG

File: IMG_3376.png (3.53 MB, 1242x2208)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB PNG
feces not faces

File: 1474847604905.jpg (31 KB, 680x680)
31 KB
how do i fuck a ghost?
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cut your dick off so then you can fuck the ghost with your dick's ghost
File: descartes-anon.png (779 KB, 1632x3465)
779 KB
779 KB PNG
On the method.
They only want Chad
in its cloaca
god bless that anon. nevar forget

File: 1414796616501.jpg (54 KB, 570x480)
54 KB

File: ob.jpg (7 KB, 236x241)
7 KB
Ask yourself: Am I conscious?
You might think that your consciousness is the one who answered, but it is also the one who asked. There is no way to trap it and see what it really is. It is like a dog chasing a hare but when the dog catches it becomes the hare and it starts again.

Is it paranormal do break this loop?
Is it godlike?
Can one achieve this while alive?
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I wrote earlier that I hope we can one day understand how consciousness forms from computation. If that wasn't your point of interest then I can't follow what you're talking about anymore.
File: ecodex_47.jpg (15 KB, 257x271)
15 KB
Consciousness is the continuous flow between the voice and the listener.

Consciousness is the snake climbing the world tree.

Consciousness is void and matter mixing in space.

Consciousness is 0 and 1.

To break this circle is to break yourself.
Understanding life is a noble goal, but are we really smart enough to do so? You cant explain math to a mouse. If we were able to understand life, i think we would already have done so. At the end of the day, we dont have the mental power to understand it all. That doesnt mean the answers arent there.
Shut the fuck you stupid monist, fucking monism I'm sick of you fuckwits trying to tell people they are God
You can think of reality as a set of options. Everything you experience can be observed as a set of options for the next thing which is to be observed. The ultimate option then is "what sort of options do you want to have the ability to observe?" On the one hand, being repeatedly offered the same options you don't want to choose can be irritating, even offensive, like a DDOS attack to the senses. On the other hand, the only way to not experience having those options offered to you is to give up the ability to choose them.

This is the paradox of freewill. There is more than one solution. How people solve this paradox determines the configuration of their soul. This is generally speaking what this world is for, at this time. Because life on Earth has been isolated in a spiritual sense, whatever solution people do arrive at in regards to the paradox of freewill is considered to be their authentic choice.

You may call this godlike if you wish. However, this is the time of people learning and discussing publicly ways to both break out of causality, or reestablish it when broken. Far from being an impossible task while alive, it is a trending realization. Indeed, completing a life *without* arriving at a decisive solution to the paradox of freewill is a good way to reincarnate with your memory blank slated on a world like this, where the solution hasn't been predetermined already. Or said another way, worlds like Earth are places where new souls--which have never experienced reincarnation in recent memory--are grown.

Whether you want to believe that continuing one's consciousness beyond the point of organic death is possible or not is a question I will let you decide for yourself.

File: 3faiths.jpg (204 KB, 1926x600)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
/x/ I come to you with a message from God. First a little background on myself. I was an atheist from most of my life, 6 to 28 years old, I'm 31 the end of this year. I've had a bit of a rocky life, raped and molested at age 6 and the reason why I abandoned God. Started using drugs hard at age 11. Incarcerated from 14- 18 and homeless off and on from 18 to 25. I should also point out that i have an 8th grade education and an IQ above 140. When i was 28 I decided I would start a religion for profit, after all hope sells. Well I was sitting in my room one night thinking of ways to start my skeem when I came up with a theory I have on mars. Mars is roughly 1/3 smaller than earth and is made of the of the same material and formed around the same time. Mars being 1/3 smaller than earth it's molten iron core cooled 1/3 faster, rendering the planet uninhabitable. I then theorized that the former inhabitants of mars were able to travel space to earth, bringing with them the value of gold and silver. These 2 elements are vital to intergalactic space travel as they would be needed in massive amounts to produce the massive electrical systems needed to travel the stars. It was at this point my life changed, sitting there in my room trying to come up with a religion to scam people out of money, God came to me. Not in a vision or with a voice but a simple tap on my head followed by what I can only discrib as waves through my whole body, or like if buckets of water had been dumped on me. I just knew, God is real, Jesus Christ was the physical manifestation of God on earth. There was something else that came with this knowledge as well, the true meaning of the Holy Trinity, and foresight to the things that are to come. The synagogues of Satan will be formed soon, it'll be formed when the Vatican, the state of Israel, and the Saudi kingdom will come together to form what they will call the Church of God. After the synagogues of Satan is formed the antichrist will reveal himself.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I really shouldn't just blindly believe this. It seems legit but you know God will open my mind if I need to know.
>Gods will =/ man's will

You have the free will to choose for yourself. God will plot your course, it's up to you to follow.
Watch a porn Anon. Your balls talk dusty
>the time I saw an angle.

I gigled like a 14 year old girl.
Sad I disrespected them. Glad I made my brother happy.

File: IMG_2403.jpg (53 KB, 808x1149)
53 KB
Are there any religions & faiths believe the PRACTICIONER to be the most powerful being?
27 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Kashmir Shaivism. The ultimate goal is for the practitioner to wake up and self-identify with Shiva the supreme consciousness/deity. It's a small sect of Hinduism. I can answer questions about it if you like.
Why does the Manifest sit on my dick to animate me?
Judaism. It feeds and encourages narcissists and sociopaths.
What is the difference between kashmir and non kashmir shaivism? Also what are your main sastras
File: Rosebyanyothername.jpg (53 KB, 288x432)
53 KB

Meanwhile, the four groups, through the divine powers of the Buddha, saw the bodhisattvas filling the empty space of immeasurable hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of lands. Among these bodhisattvas, there were four leaders. The first leader was called Superior Actions, the second leader was called Boundless Actions, the third leader was called Pure Actions, and the fourth leader was called Steadfast Actions. These four bodhisattvas were the foremost teachers and leaders among the assembly. (LS 15: 1.8)

“For those children of the Buddhas
who have been practicing many good karma
and seeking the unsurpassed wisdom,
the Buddha will teach them the pure way. (Lotus Sutra 1: 2.14)


File: v-sigil-shadow.png (361 KB, 1000x1000)
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