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File: 1473615345257.jpg (274 KB, 720x960)
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274 KB JPG
I believe the Masons are overseeing a prostitution ring surrounding Boone County, Missouri. I have written the governor, the FBI, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Vice.

What would you do?
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if there is a pedo ring, which is very likely, I assure you that masons aren't behind it. Chances are its the government. look into local politicians and big wig elites. mayors, congressman, senators etc. i believe pizzagate is very real but i guarantee its not masons
It's Masons
Don't forget that the masons are also a secret society that nobody knows anything about.
Oh that's right! I forgot. That definitely aren't any extensive books on their morals, dogma, and rituals that are freely available to the public! How could I have left that part out!?
That's called normalization, new friend.

File: 1487451984690.jpg (28 KB, 500x500)
28 KB
What can you use magic for?


Can I use this for mundane goals like job, studies, etc?

Should this be used for wisdom, trascendence, etc

I honestly don't get the point of magic yet. Results. Yes, but in what sense?

Bettering yourself?
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File: Wee Wee!.jpg (49 KB, 687x437)
49 KB
The light at the end of the tunnel.
I use magic and dreams to have sex with little spirit girls. They love it.
>Results. Yes, but in what sense?

Whatever your priorities in life are, nigga. It's not a difficult concept. It's not carved in stone.
File: index.jpg (11 KB, 182x277)
11 KB
This is a good thread.
I'm really interested in learning if magic and runes and sigils and stuff actually work.

I have gone from:
>Christian->Atheist->Agnostic->Reluctant Christian
I kind of have made my own religion system up that I think makes sense. I'm sure there's a name for it and it has been thought of by millions of others before me, I don't claim to be some special snowfake, but basically, I believe that Christianity and the Bible are a good framework for morality, and I think that people who take it completely 100% literally are fucking dumbasses.

I used to take everything in the Bible literally, and I used that as my reasoning as to why it was wrong and Christians were stupid. Thank god I left that stupid shit behind when I turned 16.

I kind of think that every religion is true to degrees, and that all Gods exist. It all is a matter of believing. I also think we all have our own personal, inner God and spirit that we can call upon and channel for power and will. This is the line of thinking that has greatly sped me along into not being a depressive faggot anymore. I feel happier now than I have in years, and it's all thanks to religion. It's no wonder that most atheists are depressed. It's because they lack faith and God and are alone and reject all spirituality.

>Magick and conspiracies
I have read a bit about magick, and I've learned this so far:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Shaminism is possibly real; Need more research
>A personal magick system is quite possibly better than any other magick system that can be adopted, since whatever ritual you make up will be held closer to your heart and your inner god and spirit will utilize it better. I've read a lot over the past year of people who have such a thing and have great degrees of success.

Today, I'm going to do my first sigil ritual. I'm going to use my own blood for it. I won't summon anything though.

First I just have to figure out what symbol to draw. I don't know jack shit about sigil drawing.

On the subject of making your own magick system though I think it'd be very fun to just take a black notebook and create my own little codex of my magick system. It'd kind of be LARP tier though.

File: o-DREAM-MEANING-facebook.jpg (224 KB, 1536x1024)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
I am completely convinced that realistic dreams are yourself in a parallel universe. N-dimentional interaction. Anybody else believe in the multiverse?
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You don't have to be dumb to be angry. Nice quints.
when people get offended over nothing it is indeed kind of stupid
File: 1486644793076.jpg (26 KB, 500x413)
26 KB
Me saying nice quints instead of quadruple was a test.
Can't say I disagree
File: fluid-aliens-dream.jpg (48 KB, 784x560)
48 KB
There were these aliens that looked clear and translucent like gel or liquid
like the bubbles of water seen in this vid;
They also moved in the same sort of way, but the aliens were mostly humanoid in shape (like pic)
When they came in contact with real water however it made them lose their consistency so they fell down and were powerless against regular water for the most part. Some of them wore thin dark suits like plastic bags or elastic bubbles which made them able to move and swim through a pool. They kept appearing and hunting me but I kept splashing water at them and trying to tear the suits of the suited ones. They moved in such ways they could dodge a lot of hits but most of them went down easily when I really focused on bringing them down.

Okay we had plenty of chilling paranormal and ghost stories (as well as other unexplained mysteries), but how about stuff that are still paranormal and unexplained but without the chilling part?

For example, Zashiki warashi, a japanese spirit in the form of a little child that inhibits a large, old establishment and would do mischief to the people inside said establishment
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Nah, I want to read more about the Zashiki-Warashi. And other things.
From wiki, not sure how accurate:

>It is said that once a zashiki warashi inhabits a house, it brings the residence great fortune; on the other hand, should a zashiki warashi depart, the domain soon falls into a steep decline.
Sooo decline just limited to removing the "great fortune"? Or does it continue after that?
File: azuki hakari.jpg (24 KB, 400x300)
24 KB
The Azuki-Hakari is a poltergeist that comes out at night to make loud noises and scatter beans around everywhere.
What is it with cultures and the general belief that spirits inhabit objects?

File: jOJMxDn.gif (547 KB, 661x496)
547 KB
547 KB GIF
Why don't we create a fake UFO crash landing to proove we can psyop just as effectively as the CIA?

All we would need would be some eyewithness accounts and strange metal pieces laying around in the desert.
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I'm in. Let's do this
>why don't we do their job for them, without pay?
Allright, i live in an eastern European shithole, burgers report in
>implying you even need pieces of metal

You just need to make it look like its common knowledge and everyone else saw it already. People will lie their ass off for their 15 minutes of fame. How do you think we have all these stories about skinwalkers? Do you think people really go in the woods at night that often?
/x/ is the mind /pol/ is executor. let's do some cybermagic

Nightmares you've had that generally stick out
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My nightmare began when I woke up
I had this nightmare for 3 years in a row right now, randomly.The nightmare consists of me going in an unknown bathroom and looking in the mirror, after a while an demon like entity appears and i remember only saying the begging of a prayer, then i wake up having an feel of unevitable doom
I've had one a couple of days ago that's been on my mind since then. I'm going to try and recall it the best way I can. The dream was more or less divided into several floors of a particular building

Floor No.1
>I am in a large structure that resembles my old school, the bank at my city and a shopping mall
>on the couch next to a bunch of people, waiting to be called to a supposed meeting
>everything is peaceful apart from some menacing security guards
>everything is almost too pristine and normal
>go to the elevator
>the elevator only shows 4 floors
>4, 2, 1 and -2
>there were more floors but I couldn't view them
>floor 1 is where I currently am
>go to floor 2

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: e xz it.jpg (64 KB, 900x675)
64 KB

Floor No.4
>suddenly I'm inside an empty living room with 3 other guys
>something starts chasing us
>we start to run through dark corridors and doors and go up staircases that just seem to last forever
>as we go up the colors of the corridors change and the textures on the walls change, as if it was being viewed through different camera lenses
>the things chasing us never seem to catch us, they are never visible
>we come to a point were we even start laughing about our situation
>we even sort of become friends despite a horrible situation
>we reach a final door and open it
>we are back to the exact same room we were in the beginning
>and those things are still chasing us
>we decide to try and tear open a hole in the walls to hide inside them and let whatever is chasing us run past

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>I'm back at floor 1 and the guy that was with me is nowhere to be found
>apparently there were other prisoners from floor 2 here as well, they were being visited by their parents (the prisoners were all either kids or adolescents, or young adults)
>the families were completely oblivious as to what was happening to their children, they just acted like they were dropping kids at a daycare
>most prisoners did not dare to try and speak up about their situation
>the guards were watching too closely
>my family did not come to visit me so I was just trying to hatch an escape plan
>I meet one of the new prisoners, he's a boy from my classroom back in the 9th grade
>he wasn't even a friend he was just one of the nicer kids in class
>I didn't even remember him at all
>he is completely oblivious (as the rest of the prisoners) as to what this place really is
>I try to quietly tell him to get away and inform him of the situation
>but the guards are rushing the kids in and I don't get much of a chance to speak
>I watch as he goes back to the line

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1489974484832.gif (1.96 MB, 220x165)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
I will start. I have several but I'll just do one for right now.
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>TL;DR anon pisses off a ghost so it gives up on spooking him

>>suddenly hear a deep voice say "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" to my left

Why are there so many of these dumb faggots here?

>year later
>father lost his battle with cancer
>then lost my meowers
>joined paranormie forum to look for answers
>met a woman there, considers herself enlightened, spewing new age bullshit left and right
>anon rolled 100 for retardation
>decided to get in touch with her
>she decided to teach me
>showing me me how to meditate and meet my spirit guide using her methods
>also sent me her old tarot deck
>at the same time my older sister started living with us again, seeking shelter from ex husband
>sharing room with her

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: CAM00160.jpg (836 KB, 1920x2560)
836 KB
836 KB JPG

>during breakfast my mother told me about her night experience
>woke up to hear a woman humming to herself, the sound travelled around the entire room, combined with knocking , then stopped, in the morning she found one of the drawers open
>asked the forum lady about it, bitch told me i opened a passage or some shit, asked me to talk kindly to the spirit and tell it to fuck off
>wtf woman
>did as she told me so, and woke up the same night with a feeling of danger , i was so scared for my life i ran to the kitchen, sat on the chair and started praying like a motherfucker
>something very cold started to crawl up my leg, i felt like i was losing my grip on reality, and entered a dream-like state, then it stopped and left me alone, the presence vanished
>next night wasnt any better, i woke up again scared and left my room
>theres a big mirror on the corridor, right when i passed it i caught a glimpse of something black following me
>next day visited the forum again
>just when i entered i saw the guru lady fighting in the chat with other users
>spoke with the others, turned out the lady is batshit crazy, and i mean batshit crazy even in spoopernatural standards
>they told me to get rid of everything she might sent me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: learyharvard.jpg (28 KB, 540x376)
28 KB
i just finished reading Prometheus ascending and i really liked Leary's eight circuit model. But now i found this

was timothy leary a MKULTRA chill?
is the eight circuit model bullshit?
was RAM a chill as well?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Leary did nothing wrong.
Please explain.
I think Leary did work for the CIA for a while but was eventually converted to the psychedelics/occultism counter culture in the end.
>In the end.

He was a mole fron day one, CIA generates less loyalty than an allimony dodger.
If Leary was a shill for the CIA then why did he tell everyone to question authority and end up in 35 prisons.

File: unnamed (3).jpg (28 KB, 550x266)
28 KB
What does /x/ think of India?

Any stories ?
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Then your missing the point. Go read the Indian gossip sites.
you mean like america, europe, and everywhere else?
File: Project_Veedal.png (249 KB, 386x236)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
I believe Marahashi and transcendental meditation are cons. Hell, the KGB was studying TM as a weapon back in the early 90s. How to induce in their enemies the feeling that they were already defeated, before even trying to defend themselves. That knowledge is what Avramenko was pursuing.

Pic related: Far left is Avramenko R. he was the chief Russian "black project" scientist.
Indian poo painting forum.
I don't believe** rather.

File: star.jpg (13 KB, 281x180)
13 KB
Hello X

Who can tell me about a planet called Ritax 3? What is his astronomical name?

File: abc hack.png (406 KB, 896x575)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
Please check it out the video
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It's obviously not normal enough for you to know how it's done.

How is that different from other paranormal subjects?
i can't explain why one of my cars isn't working. should i post about it here? i don't know specifically how it works, so it's paranormal right?
WARNING! Idiots may be closer than they appear.
forgot about this meme

Either lucid dream or interaction with another plane of existence.

An anon once explained this to me
Giant spider like beings, moving through black portals on the wall.

Any anon with experience in this?
16 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Somebody has been reading China Mieville and is trying to be profound but comes across as a spotty teen virgin.
Can you guys who can lucid dream frequently please talk to the sun and tell me what it says?

That's what he said.
Damn. I knew he was suffering. He told me he was trapped. I promised to find a way to free him.

Today is the day, friends!

>March 26 is the 20th anniversary of a grisly discovery in Rancho Santa Fe: the corpses of 39 members of a religious group called Heaven’s Gate. They committed suicide believing their souls would travel on a UFO to new bodies in a better world... It was front-page news in probably every major newspaper in the world. There were specials on network television. A Time magazine cover with a close-up photo of wild-eyed group leader Marshall Applewhite is one of the signature images of the 1990s.

What are your memories of the group?

Any recommendations for reading, listening or viewing pertinent to the subject?

How do you believe they should be remembered?
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File: crime scene.jpg (90 KB, 400x454)
90 KB
The strangest thread I have seen on this subject is archived at 4plebs, and you can find it here:
Ti and Do ran their cult for a long time, and in a wide variety of places, so they piled up a bunch of coincidental links to other people who are topics of conspiracy speculation.
The above linked thread sews them all together.

there's a lot of good stuff in this story about their efforts to get their name out to people in the entertainment industry, including shopping a script around for a television series.

>The script incorporates the Heaven’s Gate cosmogony. Humans are bit players in a vast galactic drama, including at least one alien summit on Mars. The protagonist is a telepathic man-dog descended from the Atlanteans who has a crystal embedded in his forehead and journeys to Earth to grow a soul. Rio and OLLODY started the first version when the group lived in Pleasant Valley, Arizona, and DO decided that a screenplay would be a ticket to the masses. The first draft was several hundred pages long, and featured concept art for all the different alien races and ships. NBC, Rio said, was interested.

>All of this checked out when I tracked down Alex Pappas and Rick Singer, the producers who shopped the script around in 1996 and 1997. They ran a company called Way Out Pictures with Mark Bakshi, son of animator Ralph Bakshi and current president of Paramount Production. They were introduced to Heaven’s Gate when the group rented a house from Pappas. DO found out about Pappas’ ties to Hollywood and set up a meeting. “It was pretty wild shit,” Pappas said. “Good, but unwieldy. Needed rhythm.” When Pappas suggested cutting half of the story, especially the elaborate extraneous alien races and planets that only added confusion, DO and Rio were reluctant. “I asked, ‘Why?’ ” Pappas recalled. “And they said, ‘You don’t understand. This is all true.’ ” Pappas and Singer brought in writer Alan Haft to help pitch a take on the project around town. “NBC had Dark Skies then,” Singer said. “So they were getting into sci-fi, and there was some traction there.”
I guess the gate was

File: Talisman.jpg (29 KB, 1123x68)
29 KB
Some guy posted in a thread that got archived that he somehow made a loneliness talisman(Pic related). Any suggestions on how to craft one myself?
Also, General Talisman Thread.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Also, do you have experience in summoning? There's one more thing I want you to do.

There are two ways we can do this. I want you to reach out to my godform, Ambria. Her new purpose is to bring lonely souls together. She lives in the sun, in the spiritual plane.

Draw a circle on your palm. Draw a smaller one inside, with an A in the middle. Now draw sun rays around the smaller circle, to represent the sun. Now say "Dear Ambria, please help me find love." That's it.

If you are good at lucid dreaming, next time you are lucid, look at the sun and say "dear ambria, please help me find love." If she doesn't respond, find someone in your dreams and tell them you want to talk to the sun.

Good luck! If it works, you'll find your answer in your next dream.
And yes, of course it's real, but only if you believe.
>where a vial of putrid bodily fluids on your person to attract positive attention
Something tells me that's not going to work.
It's got a closable cork.
Thats sounds an awfully lot like the green text of the MLP autismo who jerked off with dead rats to his dead sister

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If you go full schizo from psychedelics then you were doomed anyway, extremely intense trips only awaken somebody's latent schizophrenia.
If everywhere you go you're accused of the same thing, maybe you're the problem.
Oy vey. Delete this.
That's not how clinical schizophrenia works. If you have a predisposition to it, it can be brought out in many ways, but if you don't have a predisposition, it's simply not schizophrenia. There are a lot more factors a Dr. looks for when diagnosing something as serious as schizophrenia. It's not just, this person is questioning reality, therefore schizophrenia.

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