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File: image.png (12 KB, 626x512)
12 KB
Does anyone remember this thread?


A friend told me about it today and I'm curious. Were there more threads about those files? Did they mean something? Should we keep investigating?
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File: 5.png (23 KB, 1110x473)
23 KB
anyone else trying to solve it?
Just another fuckin I'M GOD Shit
would but all I am good at it audio stuff.
went through some stuff just for fun in Harmor resynthesizing the shit out of it, got some interesting sounds but nothing of interest I guess.
could you upload it on vocaroo or something? I'm curious.
just about to get some sleep, sorry man. if you have a nice download speed, go get the FL Studio demo, it comes with harmor and has no limitations except reopening project files.

I also tried some more advanced stuff but still had nothing suspicious. Maybe it needs some more work on the image stuff and if nothing comes out of it try resynthesizing the thing again?

File: 673388.jpg (26 KB, 263x400)
26 KB
What does /x/ think about this book? Is it any good for a absolute beginner? Does Kraig know what he's talking about?
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I came here to listen to people discuss magick. Quit your bullshit about religion please.
Interesting...reminds me of World Religions Classes
From what I've learned...these are Wiccan beliefs right?
Which ones? In the book? If so, not necessarily. IDEK if Wiccans do evocations and the like. They are more based in hermeticism/western esoteric tradition.
You really think these aren't related?

File: 1486575081626.gif (56 KB, 500x432)
56 KB
What are some theories you came up with by yourself?

>I think that we are lied to a lot about our progression in space travel and that we aren't half as advanced as we think we are in space travel,they just lie to us so that people don't feel like their tax money is being wasted
>I believe that the Clinton foundation created the Alt-right in an attempt to divide the political right wing
>I believe in Aliens but I think that the human race may be more advanced than the alien life force in our galaxy

I just like to clarify that I don't hold any political beliefs and consider myself centrist

How can I tell if I'm being monitored by the government/Deepstate?
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File: monkey-thing.jpg (46 KB, 469x480)
46 KB
kill yourself
if you are still alive then yes, you are being monitored

>kill yourself
>if you are still alive then yes, you are being monitored

top kek, anon will probably just think you're memeing
My method to know was to find something the deep state didn't wanted me to know and slowly taunting them.
I don't care about govt, I'm not doing anything illegal, I just wanna know how FB have managed to trace who I am without any personal info. It's literally impossible imo.

It's just a fake account. jackiechanbrucelee@gmail type shit. I wasn't actually trying to hide who I was from FB, just curious how they know who I really am.

Clever bastards however they did it
File: dwarf_fortress.png (55 KB, 285x506)
55 KB

What's the strangest alien you've ever seen or heard about?
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File: download.jpg (6 KB, 277x182)
6 KB
Hillary Clinton
>but he still can't figure out what exactly it is
>the guy says he think he might have hurt his head, asks Bob to please help him
>Bob takes a step forward but his instincts are going apeshit
>he looks at everything again
>that's when he notices it
>the fucking car is all wrong
>it looks like what someone thinks a car looks like
>it has all the right pieces but there's nothing extra, if that makes sense
>Bob says it looked like a cheap hot wheels knock-off, it just looked wonky and wrong
>he looks around at the back of the car and realizes that not only is there no license plate, there's not even a trunk
>it's just one solid piece of material with taillights put in it
>there's no manufacturer or model names
>Bob knows cars, and this thing is nothing he's ever seen before
>from where he's standing, he can see there's no tailpipe or even hubcaps

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 29384574832.jpg (18 KB, 267x200)
18 KB
Unfortunately it's an anticlimactic ending. Bob got where he was going fine, with no other problems. My dad knows the story, but I don't think he believes it. But Bob tells it to everyone he meets, so he obviously does. He's absolutely adamant about the guy being an alien. Years later I heard about the Thatcher Effect and nearly had a fucking heart attack when I saw it. I showed one of the pictures to Bob and he wouldn't even look at it. He says it's exactly what the guy looked like.
>pic very much related
Illegal wetback aliens
File: aliums.jpg (59 KB, 468x534)
59 KB
the second alien from the right is just a muslim in a burka, don't be racist.

So what does /x think about Sufism? Is it a heresy? Is it a part of gnosis? Does sufism lead one to directly interact with the divine?
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File: IMG_20170505_022947.jpg (2.15 MB, 3264x2448)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG

Read 'The Conference of the Birds' by Fariduddin Attar

Thank me later
Who /Omer Khayyam/ here?
>philosophy of islam
You mean rape little girls, disrespect women, kill your neighbor, steal from and murder those of other religions, and be a complete piece of shit?
Just like christians.
No, just like the Catholics. I'm no christian, but only the catholics and the fundies (who ironically don't read their bible) piss me off. I'm some sort of heathen/esoteric hitlerist/kekist, and I will openly admit that if you truly follow the teachings of Kristos, you will be a kind man and a good neighbor. That cannot be said for anyone who follows the path of Muhammad (pigshit be forever upon his beard).
The catholics suck though, they're just Italianized kikes with better hats.

File: Magic-spells.jpg (79 KB, 1067x687)
79 KB
What's the most occult thing that you own?

What occult thing would you like to own?
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A 5 AD script detailing the birth of the Buddha in Pali language. I obtained it through questionable means.

I would like to own the fucking Voynich Manuscript or the Codex GIgas AKA devils bible

How does someone self-initiates into a system? What has A.'.A.'. that the other systems dont have?
Well, A.'.A.'. has better potential for self-initiation than most organizations because of structural considerations of the rites, and none of the A.'.A.'. lineages extant are too appealing to me. Technically they are all "legit" which basically makes none of them legit as they are decentralized, etc. so That's why I am self-initiating.

How to:
Read ALL A.'.A.'. class B documents.read and understand Pyramidos, wait the probation period, then perform Pyramidos. You are now a Neophyte of A.'.A.'.
Ape can help a lot with questions on this over in the /omg/ thread, and all the texts are there too...but he is on vacation or something right now.
Looks like it was worn as a necklace, anyway. Anon, if you are worried about getting obsessed with an every-day activity, the risk for various obsessions in occultism is, say, at least 10x higher than that.

File: 374.png (32 KB, 553x485)
32 KB
This is the sigil of god power. Tell 1 truth about yourself in exchange for a wish.
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I am a schizophrenic. Please let me get a first class in my exams.
i find my cousin hot, i wish i win the jackpot lottery
Since the death of my dog, my emotions have almost all entirely depleted and since then I have trouble socialising and I now have anxiety

I wish to live forever. To specify, I want to be around 20 - 30 forever. I'm saying this so I'm not some old bag of dust living at age 1,000.
I barely have emotion and I jerk off to some degenerate shit, I've almost attempted suicide and secretly hope for immortality and the end of the black race, I wish my mom's leg would heal
I'm depressed and secretly want to be a girl. I wish to find true love.

File: vhs.jpg (17 KB, 214x317)
17 KB
best horror movies thread?

I need some recommendations.
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File: resolution_xlg.jpg (434 KB, 1030x1500)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
This right here, my friends, is one of the best hidden gems on the horror genre ever created. This movie is completely awesome, although it is probably not for everyone, especially if you are one of those persons who can't handle thinking out of the box.
>all those names with devil in it
>post ending with 666
I'm on to you, Satan.
File: d10r.jpg (63 KB, 500x334)
63 KB
This movie was not shit. For anyone thinking of giving it a watch, definitely give it a go. They don't hit you over the head with the underlying theme, but it doesn't take a brain surgeon to get what they are trying to convey. Worth a watch IMO.
Neat. Imma watch that shit right now. Thanks, Anon.
Paranomal Activity 3 actually managed to be pretty good right up until that terrible shitass ending.

File: 1493868825069.png (475 KB, 960x738)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
So does anyone want to discuss this game?

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>what is creepypasta

I enjoyed the first few but found that the pacing was a little too slow. Dude still hasa lot of opportunity to fuck it up though, the "censorship" thing comes to mind. Hopefully they don't go for the "it was just CP all along!" bullshit end or something.
I think it'd get more of a reaction from him if it was CP or gore or something like that.
I think it's info he doesn't want us to know.
I'd bet my life savings this is nightminds pet project.
I feel more spooked when I am the one who's playing instead of watching. Hopefully the guy uploads the exe of that game after he's done with his videos.
>>19053319 Also shit's too clean to be a Playstation 1 game, Wouldn't be much of a mood killer if he said it was a Dreamcast game instead.
anyone look into the windmill and girl's friend disappearing?

File: scariest.jpg (14 KB, 612x358)
14 KB
say you are given what ever funds and resources you ask for to make you very own paranormal tv series, what would you make?
for arguments sake nothing you ask for is unreasonable so long as its based in reality
I would make normal people summon demons and prove that nothing happens.
I'd make a series about paranormal beliefs around the world. Not to try to find evidence, or disprove things, just an informative series about /x/ type topics.
It would be fun to approach the subject in a scholarly way and just document it as mythology without judging validity one way or the other.
I'd 100% prove the existence of "ghosts", whatever they are, with a budget of under 100k. Easily.
I call it "Going Back"

interview detectives, social workers, forensic technicians and the like about their most fucked up cases. Most of the time it would be the unsolved or unresolved ones, occasionally a closed case but one that left them haunted or changed an existing law
a mix of 60 minutes, the first 48, and unsolved mysteries with a true crime aspect

Why do you hate the DKMU, /x/?
File: giphy.gif (471 KB, 474x379)
471 KB
471 KB GIF
>fat (what happened to yoga, anyway) drug addled 'wizards' waging "meme" war against hippies and conservatives
>Frequently make threads here (or used to) trying to farm loosh, etc.
>literally every bit as cancerous and autistic as keksuckers
What's to like?
They've been trying (and failing) to shill the chans for almost a decade now. They are drug addled degenerates. They LIE with fucking every breath. Edgelords to the max. ABSOLUTE CANCER. Make a mockery of every real occultist out there. Do not understand a single fucking god or entity they claim to work with. Outright disrespect Kek. Declared war on Kek and chan culture, after failing to co-opt us. Expect everything and give nothing in return. Absolute douchebags. I wouldn't let them suck my dick.
Fuck you DKMU, rot in hell.
Example of their faggotry.
And let's not forget how they tried to parasite off of the "wiccans hex trump" nonsense. They're like kikes, but bad at jewing.

Are You guys famililar with the Youtuber called Black Biggot? Here is a rundown:

>BB uploads a video claiming his old neighboor worked for area 51

>the worker one night while drunk as fuck exposes that aliens live at the Orions belt

>the video gets 2 million views and his channel gets over 30k subs, he dedicates his channel to alien reaserch, UFOs witness interviews etc.

>suddenly one day his channel gets terminated for no specific reason and BB is refusing to answer why it happened

BB behaves very anxious and wierd on his new channel, and is refusing to talk anything related to UFOs and aliens

He reuploade his area 51 video though, but after that he started to behave wierd..what do you think guys did the CIA MK ULTRA him for knowing to much? Link: https://youtu.be/xcuhJ2QoFxQ
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
if they are traveling from there to here, traveling in between those stars follows the logic.
x is so full with shills, if there is no possibility to have a conversation than why should anon stay?
For every "shill" on /x/ there are ten LARPers, two skeptics, two believers, and a schizophrenic. Shills are not the problem with having a discussion on /x/.
Are there actual goverment shills who are trying to derail threads about UFOs and alien etc on /x/? Makes me wonder..
He said they lived around the stars in Orion's Belt , he didn't say that they were all literally next to each other.

File: visualdissonance02.png (666 KB, 999x999)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
This is not some bogus story or cryptic roleplaying. This image is created as an attempt to trigger subconscious functions via visual stimuli. It is based on proven research, nothing "supernatural". I am not related to any corporate or scientific affiliations. Please look at the image uninterrupted for one (1) minute and report any emotions, visuals, desires, or bodily reactions you may experience, beyond that which would be reasonably expected. Thank you. (Do not stare at the image for a prolonged amount of time if you suffer from any severe medical or psychological conditions.)
39 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
juggalo face in the upper right hand corner
Probably just confirmation bias, but I felt somewhat nervous and sensed pressure on the sides of my head.
Felt an urge to turn around, supressing it.
When i saw this while scrolling i instantly jumped what the everloving fuck
File: 181.jpg (80 KB, 540x540)
80 KB
Immediately after I opened the image the eye cavities began to expand and the skull began to shrink like it was in a vacuum sealed bag. I think my eyes were just unfocused but it gave me a minor shock. Otherwise nothing happened.

File: shms.jpg (19 KB, 220x285)
19 KB
So i was on the internet the other day and i found a book that claims it teaches magic, i looked deep about this book and it's an Arabic book that was that is very old, also it's one of the big sin's in islam and apparently any muslim that reads it basically is never going to heaven.

What does /x/ think of this book? has any one read it before?
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>be half Armenian
>dont know armenian
I know literally three other languages but they arent relevant much.
No good russian occult studies, no goos hebrew occult studies, I guess english is good for some translated pdfs...
Ape use your museum shekels and pay some spic to translate Shams Al ma'arif already.
Its probably the book of Enoch
Or the middle part of the bible that was taken out that talks about Alchemy
Roach here, it's not. It has nothing to do with bible or book of enoch

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