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Anyone want to know about the ayy lmaos?
At first I was wondering what the fuck aliums have to do with Grey's Anatomy.

But then I realized.

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So /x/ , I have several questions that need answered

>are skinwalkers real
>is it possible (or recommended) for one to track, pursue, and kill one
>if the ladder is true, how would one go about doing it
A couple buddies of mine have been doing some light research and some minor serious chats and after one night of heavy drinking and some clay pigeon shooting inawoods we've all decided we would like to give it a whirl.
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File: twutwut2.png (1.18 MB, 640x4687)
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>As for your comment on UFO Community? It's so easy to tell they're telling the truth, isn't it? I could make dozens of accounts and say shouting the name of Artemis or Dana or Cernunnos fixes it!

so about 1-3% of the US population reports being abducted by aliens, when you put that into perspective thats about 3mill-9mill people. there are people who actually research these abductions in peer reviewed study. part of the narrative of peer review study is that there is no spiritual side to the experience, and when someone brings up the spiritual side they are instantly discredited, and basically excommunicated from the field. this led to a backlog of abductees who cried out to Jesus Christ and the abductions being stopped in its instant matter, while none of the researchers ever had the intellectual honesty to bring up new information because the idea of acknowledging a spiritual side to the attacks (not just christ) leads to career suicide.

and you could make up accounts, but that would make you a dick who falsifies information.

> The fact you know what I was talking about obviously makes you the sand nigger. After all, you can't just study religion at university or college or online?

I'm not the one trying to pass it off as a true or credible source, your exact statement was the equivalent of you citing a goatfucker on how to raise your children.

>My point is, friend, is that people came up with fuck loads of different shit. I was citing the 3rd Abrahamic religion (Islam) view on the matter.

here's the redpill on Islam
Sorry, phone poster fag here, was one of the first pictures that came up.

>why would you want to
Well, why not? Hunting game that doesn't shoot back gets boring.
We knew enough to kill a shit ton of them and take all their land bruh

File: DB5w6-UU0AA3Ba3.jpg (46 KB, 1200x675)
46 KB
This is an attempt to terminate Lance Stewart's channel or at least flag a few videos.
File: 1489379936036.jpg (66 KB, 960x720)
66 KB
That legitimately reminded me of him.

File: red.png (413 KB, 1600x900)
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413 KB PNG
There were a thread on /pol/ about degenerate videos on youtube aimed on children. The "ELSA GOES ON TOILET AND SPIDER MAN HELPS HER WITH SYRINGE POOP" kinda ones. I'm new to /x/, but I'm sure the topic was discussed enough here, so I'm not creating yet another thread deducing "what the hell is going on here", rather share my observation and followed speculation.

I've followd a couple of links from archives and stumbled upon numerous videos with distorted, colorful pictures and lady-voice saying stuff corelated to color, like "Green. Your triger is Green Baloons". Trigger could be anything from object, actor, movie, franchise and even phrase. And then it hit me.

What if some terrorist attacks were carried not on behalf of Islam and rather by released trigger psyopers? "Red. Your trigger is Ariana Grande". Some attacks are whack and random, like the the muslim in Sweden attacking ticket checker for asking a woman in hijab to show her ticket. "Blue. Your trigger is the phrase "May I see your ticket?". You get the idea. There are a lot of seemingly unplanned terrorist attacks where it seems like the guy just snapped and went on his Holy Jihad rampage.

It's worth to mention a lot of comments under these videos are on arabic.

Another speculation was the date "22" in terrorist attacks:
22-05-13 Lee Rigby
22-03-16 Brussels Bombing
22-07-16 Munich Massacre
22-03-17 Westminster Attack
22-05-17 Manchester

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also cheating boyfriend, that's just fucked up
i flagged and reported to disney antipiracy tips....
it gets worse and worse.
now crossdressing and stealing.

also sorry for triple posting, but I'm really shocked at the moment
Well someone was asking for the profile pictures. Here you go a subtle Nightstalker + Cruz murder references.
PS. While trying to post this one of our computers went down and another had its isp and ip range blocked from posting.
wait wait wait wait

how the fuck are they able to use Disney™ and Marvel™ characters?? Would this not prevent them from monetizing their channels? Meaning that they cannot receive any ad revenu??

Tried some "3rd eye meditation" stuff since I heard it would help you with dreams. After 2 days I had the first dreams I've had in months probably. Anyone care to share their experiences with this?
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The "3rd eye" is a gland in the body that by very least regulates sleep & dreams, and by the very most is a pathway to receive extrasensory information.
>extrasensory information
proof or its bullshit
By the most, I meant from a "paranormal" standpoint. Assuming you believe in chakras and all the other stuff that relates to them, in which case, "proof" varies from person to person.
Like what forms an opinion, since there is no proper way of proving it from all viewpoints.
You should go get a b6 supplement. It really enhances your ability to vidid dream and increases dream recall. I love the stuff

File: Apu.jpg (5 KB, 190x153)
5 KB
Can I sue the iluminati for making me autistic?
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Was the procrss/circumstances
If you can prove who they are
File: vaccinate.jpg (7 KB, 300x238)
7 KB
>How is illuminati connected to this?
Mandatory vaccinations!
>watch the illuminati lose in court

File: Admin sm.jpg (85 KB, 960x694)
85 KB
I lived in a halls of residence from September - April during my time at uni and had vivid nightmares. Turns out the place I stayed at was previously a mental asylum, but the wards are gone now. Some of the buildings still stand they're just abandoned.

I never had nightmares at home (1 or 2), but in this place they were frequent - my flatmates mentioned having them too. The first one involved a long black creature crawling up towards my bed. The second time I was laid on the floor and a force grabbed me towards the bathroom door which then opened and a gremlin-like creature peered round giving an evil smile. The nightmare that freaked me out the most involved the bed I was laid on leaving my room and traveling from door to door, I knocked at each door but received no answer. Finally, one of my flatmates opened his and I told him I was being possessed. Often I'd wake up in a panicked state, sometimes unable to move or with my mouth wide open for a few minutes.

The place itself never felt homely, even during the day there was a weird sense of discomfort to it. Could these bad dreams be paranormal related or just good nightmare material? I wonder if it has anything to do with the patients that suffered there, perhaps their bad energies coming through. If you have any nightmares you'd like to discuss here, feel free.
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This is how it looks now, surprisingly more similar to the old buildings than I had originally thought!
You check out any of the abandoned buildings?
Afraid not, people would go early hours of the morning. They said the buildings gave off a weird vibe and caught orbs/mist on camera though.
File: 1466722240190.jpg (54 KB, 465x576)
54 KB
Oh, well maybe go sometime and take photos. I'd love to see what you find!
It'd be very interesting to see from a firsthand perspective, I'll post on here if that happens.

File: eeeUntitled-1.jpg (51 KB, 713x271)
51 KB
does /x/ believe in the "plateaus are just giant petrified tree stumps" theory?
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t. dropout
If that's true, why aren't there more of them and in greater concentrations?
File: 1466122237540.jpg (81 KB, 1024x768)
81 KB
>people that are shaping the young minds of tomorrow lurk and post on /x/
>"Bachelors" is just a by-word for "I don't know shit".
This is true. Just finished my bachelor's and holy fuck I know nothing.
Who's this sexy skeleton?

File: daydream.gif (466 KB, 480x436)
466 KB
466 KB GIF
Hello /x/, I'm here to ask about a mass "daydream" that pretty much everyone I know has had. Basically the jest of it is this:

>you're on a long car ride, likely bored so you imagine that a man/animal is chasing your vehicle.

>it usually is dodging obstacles/running into them or "anime-running"

How many of you did this as a kid? The person running differs from person to person but the story is usually the same. Some creature running along side your care jumping into objects, and racing you. It's been freaking me out since I realized that almost everyone I know does it, I just thought it was a strange childhood game since I never talked about it or even thought about it. What could it mean?
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People's eyes do that automatically, there's too much visual information to process in between otherwise.
I still have this sometimes.
For me it was a stick figure man. Every morning on the school bus he would run along side it, but only on the grass. When there was pavement he would jump over it. I didn't read the whole thread so not sure if this was mentioned, but I read a theory that this started when video games became mainstream, particularly platformers like Mario.
used to do that too when I was little
I've had and still have this occasionally, except I always pictured someone on a skateboard doing rail grinds on gaurd rails and shit.

File: 129873189273.jpg (89 KB, 1100x859)
89 KB
Looks like I'm taking the reigns here. Post theories, ask questions, and all around search for answers amongst each other. Lets try not to fall for roleplayers though.

Here's a few shit I've collected.
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Unfortunately. The closest supernatural person I met was this guy who had synesthesia that could almost with 100% accuracy tell how someone was feeling.
I forgot synesthesia was a thing, I have no lost myself since you replied in looking it up and reading about it.
they are out there friend. be patient.
yes. but the info is not in the public domain I f course.
Do you think your subconscious might be onto something?

File: 20170624_221249.jpg (3.31 MB, 5312x2988)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
Was this a good purchase? Any tips on reading tarot cards for the first time? And general tarot thread, I guess.
Yeah head over to the div general anon. Scroll down a bit and you should find it

File: images.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
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Internet reptilian videos have already been debunked dozens of times.
These are artifacts and glitches that occur due to video compression.
Notice how no one every mentions the surrounding areas ALSO distort.
Because it destroys your stupid argument.
Always look up debunk videos to remain intellectually honest.
I dont think Simon Cowl is a reptilian , But I would not leave my wife with him on a boat .
They're listening..
The cats..
Go on pls anon. My tinfoil hat is already on

File: blak.jpg (7 KB, 480x360)
7 KB

found it on youtube roulette
what the fuck no context
Ehh I got nothin but bump anyway these can get interesting sometimes
Christian sounds like a douche

File: fgdcf.jpg (383 KB, 1920x1080)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
What kind of joke is this?
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No man
File: Simadonnalated.jpg (99 KB, 800x594)
99 KB

>shouldn't of
>should not of
why is this thread not deleted? why is this site still up?
you cant be that retarded...

search: google april fools + mars...

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