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File: bf8.png (15 KB, 322x380)
15 KB
How long do you think this will last? I hope is solved itself by August.
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can someone fill me in?
File: addendum.jpg (103 KB, 574x819)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Photographic evidence of Keter Level SCP-LGBT escaping containment and spreading itself onto the website.
Lgbt shills have to force pride month onto everyone by changing the emblem and refuse to listen to anyone who has a problem with it. Over the years the site has been slowly ripped from us and now its onge. Its over boys. Also there was some stuff with a joke scp doorknob that got ((((peoples)))) panties in a twist.
This isn't the type of problem that solves itself. It only gets worse. These faggots will try to push their agenda onto any creative space for no reason whatsoever.
Cant forget the literal self insert featuring the trans female tumblrite homestuck fan.
Cognitive dissonance, is why I didn't write this post myself.

File: ea57d76667839aa9.jpg (290 KB, 1052x1052)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Hello, it´s Dreaminterpretation time.
Give me your LAST dream, if its not, at least say it. Write it short, no novels or big stories.
Plain,simple but vivid and with detail.

What I need from you:
>Feeling during dream >Occured (e.g. right after i went to sleep,after i woke up, during a nap and so on)
>Dream itself
>https://www.storyboardthat.com/ (optional if you want a faster read, but not needed. If you use it, you will be prioritized)

Use the Website to give me more visuell content.
I know, under some circumstances, it´s not possible to create it there.

Dreams from the last thread can be reposted, if there was no interpreation.

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>your curiosity has triggered a group of tricksters that don´t want to be revealed
>Don't want to be revealed
>Literal fucking army of coyoteniggers niggering about in the forest
How did you come to that conclusion anon?
Hungry/Resisting temptation?

I saw a dead green snake in a basket. I wanted to eat it for some reason, but changed my mind. I saw it was coiled around an egg and ate the egg instead. After I ate this, I felt a presence behind me (could not see) who had a scarlet snake in his basket. The dream ended.
I was laying on the kitchen floor in a hotel room (Not enough room in the beds) and feeling like my body was lead, with a foggy mind, probably due to the carrying of concrete during the day
In the dream, I was in the front lobby of the hotel, and a girl I dated in high school walked down the stairs. She looked me in the eye, and I started to feel really tired. I sort of just, fell down and lied there, and she went and lied down on my arm and went to sleep. The whole time, there was a smell of burning cake, and I can still remember the dream almost perfectly three days later
>I felt at peace then all of a sudden I felt it all like I had power.
>I woke up with 5 hours asleep feeling wide awake like I slept for 10. I felt powerful.
>I've been having a recurring dream of being in >14th century duel. Every time I wasn't able to >complete it. This time I did. It was more like >game of chess and strategy then a duel. It was >so fast paced it felt almost inhuman. Parrying >and returning blows at speeds you couldn't >comprehend. Then it all just kind of slowed >down(Keep in mind this was lucid, I'm usually >omnipotent in my dreams but this time >something was restricting me.) After parrying >and being pushed into a corner I got the >opportunity to strike, I feinted a strike making >my opponent start to lose balance and go >backwards to avoid the fake strike to the face. >I took a inhuman side step into his blind spot. I >quickly sliced open his back of knee. Still >standing he took a wide and powerful swing at >me. I instantly parried and with quick flick of >the wrist his sword flew clean of his hands. I >immediately followed up with a superhuman >kick to the chest knocking him backwards then >onto his knees.
>Taking the fastest sword swing possible aimed >at the back of his head decapitating him instantly.
>It gets darker something is pulling me in
>Then I wake up.

>Felt very passive, but intimidated
>Woke up immediately afterwards
>In my current form; I was lead to an overpass with the promise of obtaining magical powers. Through a secret passage, there was a roughly 4-story blue library. Out of a large (~2 story), black mirror: an albino yeti with the head of a tarantula extended it's open hand to me. A small, pale flame floated in it's palm; and it said "Touch my warmth"

>And then I woke up... Words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

File: 1505701373123.jpg (13 KB, 246x232)
13 KB
it's almost like it's actually about torture or something
Thanks for remind me of that game, i had It forgotten on my library

File: original CIA meme.jpg (56 KB, 569x802)
56 KB
A member of the CIA gave me this meme. I would like anyone skilled at energy work, clairvoyance etc. to analyze this meme and tell me about the mind of the person who made it. This is an original meme from the CIA.

I am trying to diagram the CIA as a hyperdimensional life form. The psychic part of the CIA has transcended space-time and formed a gestalt with the regular mook CIA. Together, they form a beautiful hive mind. I believe this hive mind at times communicates through /x/.

When it produces special memes, we can use those memes to contact it again and form a telepathic bond with it, much like the vaunted "4chan alien photo".

tl;dr we make contact with the divine consciousness of the CIA
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Chill dude, it was emailed to me November of 2015 by some throwaway
real OP here, I got it on /x/ two days ago
you could get an ultrasound
What is it that the meme is supposedly connected to and why does it have you spooped in all caps??

You don’t have to think about who you are, you are who you are. If you don’t like who you are change it, you have the power to do so. This is your brain, it’s yours no one else’s, perception is not reality, reality is reality. When you perceive or try to define or categorize what your looking at, you yourself are tricking yourself into not perceiving reality as it is. The levels of consciousness are simply how aware and in control you are of your brain, control your brain, the easiest is meditation, simply letting the thoughts go or connect with the rest of your brain. Tulpas are literally stupid, as you are making a pocket in your brain or giving a part of your brain it’s own definition. Divining is weird because for the most part your literally sensing another’s brain from afar and reading them, astral I don’t know I’ve never been successful that I know of. I dislike how the most important thing we have is not taught about in schools, your body should be a number one thing thought. Growing up in high school I was able to tell people things about their body they were not consciously aware of.
The best form of meditation, in my opinion is prolonged steady cardio, don’t blank your mind, just focus on your body and how it works get to know your body. A lot of health problems can be resolved, in my opinion, from working with and using your brain capacity to help your body and give it what it needs. Health over sugar and sweets, please for the love of god, especially when you’re sick, it just feeds the illness.
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>If you don’t like who you are change it
You missed the critical component, OP.

If you don't accept who you are first, you'll try to change a mirage instead of the real you, and fall deep into the ego trap before you reality where you went wrong.
Thank you
people never change. ask dr house
Just because de house was scared of change, more importantly, being hurt, especially by people he cared about and past mistakes to other people, doesn’t mean he didn’t want to or hoped people would.
I've come to the same conclusion. Humans are trifecta, your being itself based on it. Take care of the mind and body, and the soul elevates too. It's almost like it's blatantly obvious, but if that's the case, why such an unhealthy society?

Diet and exercise fellas, need it for the pews and the ghost hunts.

File: Pre-War Bonnet.jpg (8 KB, 313x161)
8 KB
Ever since 2009 whenever I saw this bonnet I wished I could wear it and always picture it on myself whenever I saw it.

At first I didnt notice I had an imagination of someone else wearing it In a blue dress but now I recognize myself as that person.

Is it a cursed piece of headwear? Does this happen in other circumstances to people?

Could this hat possibly have changed the entire outcome of my life..?
Nice oddly feminine hat fetish you got there fag, must be hard to imagine yourself wearing an old lady's hat for 9 years and do completely nothing about it
>nice thread
File: OPandHisHat.jpg (216 KB, 1180x788)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
It's definitely cursed. I can confirm.
I used to own one just like this and it always had those annoying woven spikes around the inner rim (where the hat-bowl-bit and the flappy-rim-bit connect). They would catch on my hair and make my head itchy.

4/10 annoying but I looked cute tho
I just saw this hat on the street a couple hours ago, pretty sure it's cursed

File: pepedance.gif (96 KB, 248x203)
96 KB
A long time ago there was a video of a flute player with a bag over his head (or something like that). OP said it was something odd and when I watched the videos, the flute playing made me feel weird. It was quiet strange and I could not find the videos again the next day.

I posted about it a week or so after and people remembered but could not find the videos also. Now it's been a couples years, but does anyone know what I am talking about?
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I recant. Instead of a bag is was a woven basket. Kind of like this: https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CAHPZY_enUS705US708&biw=1366&bih=654&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=hx4vW_i2LqnNjwTAz6-QDg&q=flute+player+with+basket+over+head&oq=flute+player+with+basket+over+head&gs_l=img.3...16892.17556.0.17622.
If you watch some of the videos of Komuso monks, the videos posted long ago are comparable to a Mozart Komuso. It was pretty rapid or very complicated notes and masterfully played. It left a really strange feeling
oh shit, I found it.

i remember seeing threads about the weird leper looking flute player. don't remember any details though. i can't recall if people just said it was some weird homeless person, or it if really was a homeless person.

File: hqdefault.jpg (38 KB, 480x360)
38 KB
We are given the illusion of freedom but we all just have different sized cages. Some of us get big comfy cages because their owners think it will increase their yields. Some of us are in tiny cages because their owners don't see them as valuable as their other human livestock.

Pay your taxes. Buy shit. Eat shit. Reproduce and die. And then there's the loosh....
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Ironically on-topic in more than one way.
That's a christcuck lie.

by reclaiming your sovereign free will and revoking your soul contracts with the system of domination and control and invoke your higher self's will and intention

Freedom comes with the use of freewill at ALL times.

Knowledge is Power
Applied Knowledge is Freedom

Know Thyself

File: MrlDAqg0.png (348 KB, 401x401)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
hey /x/ why would god create people with mental illnesses and people who are crippled? so say god creates someone with a mental illness and that person goes on a murder spree does god punish that person? is that fair?
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Isn't that the whole point of Eve eating the apple and creating sin? we fucked ourselves up?
Eve introduced us to knowledge. Knowledge is a good thing.
But thus created sin. it was a trade but since we know have knowledge we have to deal with this on our own essentially.
What about split personalities? Your brain dissociates and creates a seperate identity just so the actual you doesn't have to cope with your current situation. Are you responsible for your actions in that persona?
God created all things, but he didn't cause the spread of bacteria only the wicked did.
Its like He is the Sun, it creates the light, but also creates a shadow. He created sin. but he does not sin.

File: edkelly.jpg (26 KB, 220x232)
26 KB
What would have happened if he was successful in summoning Yamato-No-Orochi???
File: yamato_okita.png (216 KB, 588x449)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Yamato no Orochi would've been summoned and done whatever it is Yamato no Orochi does.

File: 1492044776773.jpg (80 KB, 670x670)
80 KB
Hey x ive been pondering this very seriously do mexicans have souls?
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I'm Mexican how do I know if I have soul?
wait how do we know if everyone have a soul?
What is a soul in the first place?
This fucker lies, dont believe this soulless yuca. Please, do us a favor and disapear mayita prieto scum
No. That is fucked up.
how can you have a soul if your country's spirit is indestructible
File: Esse.png (629 KB, 1182x730)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
>Hey x ive been pondering this very seriously do mexicans have souls?
Obviously their souls are mexican, and they go to mexican heaven or hell, San Pedro and El Diablo take care of all that micro-management.

File: 3301.jpg (57 KB, 1280x720)
57 KB
Cicada 3301 was carried out by Danish and international sperm bank, Cryos. The successful 'candidates' have since been undergoing genetic farming. AMA
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>It's essentially engineered evolution
Then why go through the cryptic memery? The CRISPR tech that we are currently developing will be infinitely faster and (hopefully) more predictable at engineering the future of our species. It would be much more valuable to secure that technology to ensure it is used to the benefit of all mankind then a slow trickle of trying to breed an ideal population over generations.
Be careful, OP. You are now being monitored.

no i'm too poor for that

it is like a tight wire across an abyss

on one end of this wire stands animal and on the other stands superman

man stands in the middle

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
A million times THIS
Yeah, that's just Attention Deficit Dullard jealousy.


Why do we do it?
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only noticed after you pointed out.
>be autistic
Theres a 4th option, innawoods, being a hermit, being self sufficient.

Its almost impossible to do these days, though.
Sounds kind of dumb since majority of people out there are all average and wont survive as a hermit in the middle of nowhere
It's not about the money, it is about your loosh.

What kind of energy are we talking here?

File: image.jpg (178 KB, 660x661)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Can you see auras? What does it look like?
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It changes.
Sometimes gold and black, sometimes pink, ect
Took a strong to mild dose of 2ci before with my friends and saw auras for the first time. It was like this colourful glow coming from their skin that was moving over them like a wave pulsating from them. It was beautiful to experience. Towards the end of the trip we all saw little glow worms growing from all of our heads and waving around. Good shit.
Only saw it once, around one of my teachers. He had a white halo around his body and didn't seem to have shadow.
Depends on the person. I don't see colors as much as I "feel" them. It changes from person to person.

I see 'em every now and then. I was at some sort of training/orientation/etc years ago, and the trainer (the happiest middled aged black woman you've ever seen) was doing the instruction/training....the woman was rocking an aura that was a good 2 or 3 inches off her head/body, and it was lemon yellow (like I said, this woman was happy as fuck for some reason). Most auras I have seen (again, I don't try to see them, and it doesn't happen often) are whitish, or sort of like smokey.

File: seedearth.jpg (60 KB, 890x501)
60 KB
What if the Earth is like a seed and if we nourish it, it will grow and expand out into the universe? Is there a sci-fi book like this?
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what if it's only a transformation
Templates, as in the shaped templates on the back of the dops?
Yea. The large bits that the dop goes through.
I assume an error in the template shape would translate into the gem, magnified, so I'd like to make my template pieces as precise as humanly possible.
Yeah. I mean, I'm a woodworker so I personally make them out of wood because, well, I'm a woodworker. And also because I usually only use jewels for inlays on hand crafted items, so they don't have to be perfect under a magnifying glass.

But if you're looking for extreme precision, I suggest finding someone with a 3d printer. With how cheap 3D printing has become, you will have a hard time finding any other option with that level of accuracy on a budget. Additionally, it is incredibly easy. Just learn a bit about one of the basic free softwares available, and within 20 minutes you should be able to get simple 3-8 sided flat polygons drawn up and ready to print.

If you're using a 3D printer, it will be pretty accurate right there. If you print several sizes of each polygon, you will be able to keep the distance between the template and the end of the dop as short as possible regardless of angle, and decreasing that measurement will further improve accuracy. If you do this, I doubt anyone using anything less accurate than a professional jeweler's digital calipers would be able to find inaccuracies in the final product.
Thanks anyhow anon.

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