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File: end-of-the-world.jpg (726 KB, 1657x1159)
726 KB
726 KB JPG
What is the scariest end-of-the-world scenario you can think of?
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File: Giygas.jpg (496 KB, 1568x1185)
496 KB
496 KB JPG

Eternal Hell.
File: c26.png (499 KB, 600x753)
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499 KB PNG
File: 1497972158380.jpg (108 KB, 904x711)
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108 KB JPG
What a bunch of illiterate faggots
Revelation being literally true along with the Catholic bullshit about eternal conscious torment.

Imagine spending your life completely unaware, doing lots of 'sins' and then an all powerful being comes along, destroys everything you've spent your life knowing, all the people you love, and torments you and them forever in the most supernal, most authentically powerful ways- for literally NO REASON.

Thats surely the most scary. At least all the other endings have an end. This never ends, but is something you will beg for an end to - forever.

things like this
like the fact humanity is slowly dying and it will happen within this or the next gen
and there is not a day thing you can do

File: IMG_0162.jpg (28 KB, 384x384)
28 KB
What do you think about this http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/842909/Planet-X-September-23-October-pyramids-Nibiru
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It used to be a quality London newspaper but now it's given away for free at train stations with the Metro. It's literally garbage.
Nudes of that dude?
some catscradle meme from /b/ in 2015... spread to /pol/

some discordian hodgepodge.
Oh look a Doctor Who screenshot on /x/
ladies and genelemen, i present to you, /x/.

People are saying its a projection. Whats /x/'s theory?
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Projection of what on what exactly
Next time post like an adult and provide a few lines of background detail so we can discuss things

Or at least a link. People are going to assume shill post or larp without an explanation.
not allowed to ask for context on x, bud
they are promoting the black cube ... testing holographic technology by using simple geometric structures
I think your answer is dipped in shill oil

File: cbs-vampire-royals.jpg (153 KB, 826x656)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
The British royals are descended from the Dracula bloodline. Coincidence?
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and sand niggers
arayans have the most trash gene pool, and basically they're sand niggers
owen wilson is my cousin
File: curseoliversweats.png (442 KB, 853x480)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
>They're vampires AND lizards

Christ. It's even worse than I thought.
the correct term is
>snow niggers

File: reee.jpg (56 KB, 720x720)
56 KB

also, post scary shit you find on WebSDR
analog monosynth and a delay pedal?
yeah they're about to drop a nuke on the music game
That's pretty creepy
number stations typically had these kind of intros. If you hear attentively you discern some kind of message in your sample, but it seems a just a bit analogically ciphered.
Can you share the fequency it was recorded on, anon, if you have it, and the mode LSB/USB,please?
Btw, i love the tune note sequence.


>muh eclipse
>small towns already running out of supplies
>everyone is stuck in big cities
>welcome to the future
Wvens the eclipse? Can you see it in erup?
nope just the united states and it will only be a true solar eclipse in this line across america.

my family on the west coast and here on the east get to see it. basically draw a line from washington state to SC

File: sandmankid.jpg (44 KB, 325x250)
44 KB
Were you afraid that a monster was hiding in wait for you as a kid? When you had to think about it, what did you picture? What was your personal "boogeyman"?
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For me it was this woman who I've had countless bad dreams about, she was literally all black except for her eyes. And in real life I believed she was this stain on my wall who would just plop out at night but before I was asleep she would just watch. So to fool her I used to fake that I died in bed, so I would be just laying on my back, and suddenly twitch hard as fuck for like 5 seconds and stop breathing for a few seconds or so. just part of the stupid shit I did as a kid
File: IMG_2343.jpg (42 KB, 375x500)
42 KB
When I was about 5 an older neighbour girl told me there was a dead body in an abandoned flat adjoined to the ones we lived in, I always had a mental image of the dead body being a kind of headless mannequin like the picture but with arms and legs that would come and get me.
File: hqdefault.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
these 2 motherfuckers. this is from some norwegian tv show named U-HU (norway here senpai) these 2 motherfuckers scared me because they walked trough walls and shit, sleeping standing up and eating chocolate powder (das nasty)
>huge black tribal men
did you get blacked.com?
I legit thought that michael jackson was hiding under my bed when I was a kid. A super creepy non human michael jackson tho.

any paranormal movies like pic related but not as crap?
i'm not even asking for a good one, i just want a professional ghost hunter story with dialogue that won't make me want to die. warning: if you rec me ghostbusters, your mother will get a nasty hiccup in her sleep tonight.
ghost busters 2
ghost busters remake
ghost busters the animated series
Althoigh I can't name one exactly like you described, check out We Go On.
>no Extreme Ghostbusters
Maximum pleb.
RORSCHACH as long as you don't have ADHD or something and hate slow build ups.

It moves at the pace of Munger Road. But when you finally get to the payoff...

Heya /x/.

I've never really posted here before, and I USED to lurk here a lot, but I've been thinking about this really strange thought I had recently and I wanna see what you guys think.
It's simple: Is history even real? Like, before our lives and everyone we know to be alive? Like, what if it's all fake bullshit planted by Illuminati or Aliens or whatever, and old people are just brainwashed?

I'm also really stoned, so pardon if this makes no sense.
>Tl;dr- is history even real?
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Formenko's works are pseudoscience. Too much Russian radiation and bad drugs during his lifetime. Mathematicians think they have everything figured out. He is just an old fool.
File: anachronism.gif (2.63 MB, 480x270)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB GIF
1984 doublethink is real.
farenheity 451 style book burning is real.
scrubbing stuff the big govt doesn't want to teach kiddos is real.
>thomas jefferson had SLAVES can't talk about him ever again
But yeah the illuminati hates facts so they just want to spew misinformation into their education system.
Illuminati ain't shit though
Fomenko is some of the best researched work in the historical canon. Perhaps you've not read it.
>Also a literally scientific approach to history
"History is a bunch of agreed upon lies."

~Napoleon Bonaparte

I think I'll trust his opinion, given his position he probably knew more things than I ever will.
What we think about prehistory is all lies, and there are some truths about recorded history, but thanks to Howard Zinn and people like him throughout the past, we have diverging accounts and corrupt info about a great number of important events.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (111 KB, 1280x720)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
/pol/ How can you let this happen ?
Even I am not american I still MAD AS FUCK

because there will be eclipse across and DIVIDE usa in to two this month before the great sign in revelation 12 will complete on September 23, 2017

If you love your country you must DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT"S TOO LATE
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Thai's are the mongoloid niggers of asia
So are we going to tear down every person who wasn't a perfect liberal by the standards of 2017, regardless of what good they may have done? Because you aren't going to be left with many historical figures. Even Gandhi thought blacks were inferior.
Thanks, but you can keep your Maoist cultural reformation. I prefer history based on truth, not feelings.
That seems to be the point. Marx knows best...
I hate my country. Let it burn.

File: badlands 1.jpg (186 KB, 908x525)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Alright /x/. I don't really trust therapists, and my dad won't talk to me about it. I would've gone on ignoring this, too, if I hadn't started having the nightmares again. I need to get this off my chest, and maybe find some closure.
I'm not going to greentext everything, but a lot of it will be. I'm pre-typing this in notepad, and just trying to stay cohesive.

I live in the high desert of Oregon; I won't go into any more specifics, for obvious reasons. There's three characters to this story; me, my dad, and a friend from soccer, Nick.
I'll include some pics as they become relevant of similar places in the Badlands, from Google.
I don't have any original pictures of this as back then my phone was a piece of shit just for texting and calls and I wasn't into photography, so I never got a camera.

>be me
>15, fall of 2012
>live in a fairly rural part of town, like to be outside, and as I'm homeschooled, dad tries to get me into extracurricular sports
>I make it onto a soccer team that's not really an official team, but it's something to do and I don't get fat, dad is happy, etc
>make a friend, great forward, his name is Nick (I'm not changing his name because Nick is a fucking common name and I'm bad at making new ones, there's somewhere around 80 "Nick" people in that town anyways.)
>towards the cooler season, we three decide to go camping, dad's happy because it's a "guy's trip", and that I have a friend
>nick is happy because he doesnt go that often, I'm happy because I love the desert
>take my family's two dogs (german shepherds) and stuff for a two day trip

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Condense your fucking fanfic, jeez.
> white
This is about the time I realized this story is pretty stupid
>The White thing
>Nigga what
Do u really expect me to take your story seriously at all when u write it like a family guy episode
I think he's referring to the dogs biting or attacking it soon after/simultaneously
this site is full of racist, lets go back to /r/eddit :)

Is is possible to lose your ability to use magic? Can it be taken away? Can outside factors affect your ability?
Magic doesn't exist so no, you can't lose it. Not sure why you believe in something so asinine.

>Can you lose it?
If you let it be lost.

>Can it be taken away?
If you let it be taken away.

>Can external factors affect your ability?
If you let them.

Nothing in heaven, hell, or on earth can do shit to you if you don't allow it. If you truly forbid things from occurring, they will not occur. If you allow things to occur, they will occur. Unity of selves, pumpkin.

File: IMG_2229.jpg (31 KB, 529x396)
31 KB
Does anyone have a link on this video. I know I saw it on a Spanish channel somewhere in 2006.
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File: 1502410420662.png (488 KB, 837x570)
488 KB
488 KB PNG

Ugh I fucking hate Youtubers.
Romanek Is completely full of shit, These pictures were around long before Photoshop, and yes they are stills from a video.
File: 453sbwp.jpg (12 KB, 415x248)
12 KB
anyone have any stories involving hybrids?

inb4 larpfags

All of this stills are from this video:
Oh yeah that guy. He's fake but his shit is still creepy.

File: eclipe total path.png (1.85 MB, 1898x972)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
In nuclear experiments carried out in the 1990s, scientists allegedly discovered an isotope of mercury called "red mercury" that is the densest matter ever found (21 grams/cc). Details have been lost in a wave of secrecy, however, the properties of red mercury make it ideal for a suitcase-sized, non-radioactive neutron bomb, as well as a possible source of nearly endless energy. To add to the intrigue, rumors have circulated that natural deposits of red mercury have been discovered in Grenada and Iraq. It can be manufactured only during solar eclipses. Previously known only to select siddhis & yogic masters.

Follow the thread for more info
15 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fake as shit, but it's hilarious that the rumor has spread and people selling red dyed liquids to terrorists for money.
Sam Cohen told me this personally about 20 years ago and I believe it. That physicfag knew what he was talking about.
t. anon who knew the inventor of the neutron bobomb
Density doesn't have shit to do with making a nuclear bomb. It has to do with unstable electrons/atom.

Learn basic, basic physics before you LARP.

Iron is pretty dense and that shit stops stars nuclear reaction in its tracks, which, to say the least, is incredibly powerful with tons of "momentum".
So what isotope is it? How many neutrons, protons, electron shells?
I heard the red mercury rumour was started by the US government, as bait for terrorist groups who would naturally be interested in buying it.

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