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What is the difference between soul mate and twinflame? Same thing?
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soul mate is like "nothing can separate us"

twin flame is like mutual blood transfusion
That's disgusting.
A soulmate is a mate for life.

A twin flame is when a perfect soul was split into two.
File: 1536364283232.jpg (634 KB, 3840x2160)
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634 KB JPG
File: fire_circle.jpg (932 KB, 1280x853)
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932 KB JPG

File: Cosmic-Eye-Triangle.jpg (92 KB, 640x960)
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No special children. No special snowflakes. No undiagnosed or camouflaged mental illness. THE REAL DEAL. I wanna reach those who always knew. Those who can see through the smoke and mirrors. Those who can see behind the masks. Those who feel the blazing fire within and want to spread it without. Empathy, telepathy, synesthesia, are words used by those who don't understand. I'm asking for your words today. No delusioned children, no edgy teenagers. Just you. You know who you are. Just you. You know what we're going through. This is for us. And ultimately for them. Share your words, your thoughts, so that everyone can judge. We are here.
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I met one of my favorite people ever just by nonverbal communication. During our entire friendship we've been able to communicate none verbally. I wouldn't say its telepathic but my friends bother called us indigo children. I think of it as having a twin like communication from the moment we met. We live in different cities but feel it still every so often.

There's other people I've met who I could have conversations with and read between the lines very easily, not sure if that counts but similar to my friend (not as strong).

My friend and I have both had paranormalesque things happen, and strange ”coincidences”, intense dreams, etc.
These guys are blue from generations of incest. nothing special but southeners
nah... more like a community of idiots that all believe the same nonsense about silver curing everything, so they hyper dose on it.
pls make thread about this
/x/ - where delusional wizards come to blow themselves.

Does anyone have any experience with borax supplementation?
File: deathvalley6.jpg (40 KB, 304x400)
40 KB
It's alright but got nothing on Tide pods.
File: boron_supplement2.jpg (899 KB, 4125x1600)
899 KB
899 KB JPG
Don't be a poor fag. Just get boron from the health food store (pic related). Don't exeed the safe levels. The ONLY thing I've ever heard it's good for is decalcifying the pineal gland.

Borax should only be used to whiten clothes, and for killing termites / ants.

They use psychological techniques like classical conditioning and NLP to destroy your self worth and make you distrust your own senses by gaslighting you. They got ground level agents to try to get you hooked on drugs and other self destructive acts.They try to induce artificial PTSD so you get shellshock syndrome.

My theory on why they do it is they want to get individuals who are capable to bring radical change by their charisma (Che Guevara, Hitler, Stalin) to commit suicide so they can crowd control people better without any danger by anyone who could ruin their plans. Share gangstalking experience and theories in this thread.
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no, it's not. It is the detailed study of the shape and size of the cranium as a supposed indication of character and mental abilities. It is a quack science that was abandoned a long time ago... like bloodletting or boiling the evil demons out of people. You are a super duper retard.
File: jezes.jpg (53 KB, 600x646)
53 KB
you can earn people's trust by being consistent, stable, sane, responsible, helpful, agreeable, non-confrontational, cerebral and intellectual, above and beyond base physical instincts and passions, non-violent, open minded, able to see and think of all perspectives at once, caring and concerning, friendly and funny, going out of your way to do good for others, having in depth real conversations and letting people see your real inner genuine self, avoiding bad people, minding your own business, and so on. it's like the golden rule.
Phrenology was a term to indicate mental abilities to external(or non external) physical traits like cranium size, shape but also things like forhead size, nose shape and the like. Your physical appearance is a factor to asses your personality and even assuming it isn't directly linked, physical appearance + behaviour will impact how people perceive you. If you look trustworthy people will perceive you as trustworthy, if you look criminal people will give you less trust and so on.
It is an abandoned pseudoscience, and you know nothing of it. No one uses or teaches it nowadays. Stop being a fool.
shut up fags and watch crispin & conan discuss diseased eyeballs in an humorous way.

File: 1537018840412.jpg (436 KB, 974x1365)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
>Be lardass
>Live in florida
>Walking on garage treadmill
>2am, all the lights out, fan cooling down my balls
>Garage door wide open
>Too dark in the garage to be seen
>I can still see out on the street thanks to street lamps
>Can't exactly bring my desktop out there so I'm mobile posting
>Can't post on mobile due to region ban that doesn't appear on computer
>Toiling away on the treadmill, lurking /x/
>Lurking in a skin walker stories thread
>I say under my breath
>"Skinwalkers, huh"
>Nasally laughing-hiss from the direction of my washing machine (to my right)
>Straight up scream like a bitch and fall off the treadmill

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Also, it sounds like it was laughing at you and then scared of you after you fell over. Not rational behavior, maybe it's a retard skinwalker.
Or they've learned to be afraid of Floridians because they're fucking crazy.
>the boomers will get mad if i kill something
False, anyone in Florida for more than a year thinks it's ok to kill large wildlife
Everyone knows real skinwalkers can only be found in Texas... like the most famous of them all, Skinwalker, Texas Ranger.
Being a floridian I'm guessing you have 5 feet of property before its your neighbors lot. Just knock on the doors with lifted Chevys in the driveway and get the neighborhood together and go hunting for it OP.
I must not have put enough emphasis on boomer
>Yfw the boomer who voted dem for the last decade tells you all about being a good republican
it was a crackhead. the drugs fuck up their brains so much that they revert into gollum from lord of the rings and steal your various electronics bro

File: images (1).jpg (14 KB, 259x194)
14 KB
As the title says I'm interested in knowing if there's any useful literature or documentation on learning and developing psychic abilities (specifically remote viewing or psychokinesis). I'm aware of the released CIA documents, but as far as I'm aware that contains nothing as far as how those abilities were developed. I've seen numerous threads discussing the topic and too often it seems to just devolve into a bunch of people spouting vague pseudo-spiritual babble and claiming its possible to learn without offering any actual proof, applicable methods, or verifiable resources. Interested in hearing informed responses and recommendations of practical resources and educational material on the subject.
trial and error and practicing i learned my abilities by learning from someone smarter than me and practicing
Using what methods?
for remote viewing I just close my eyes and look into the abyss until i start seeing energies for me i can literally see energy coming out of people can feel it and also smell it

my astral projection is shit i always forget im in a dream and most of my dreams are already written down like a huge message

File: download.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
So what do you think of Gaia.com? Do they have good videos that I cant just find on my own for free? Are they pushing disinfo?
i dono. they were the ones claiming those mummified alien discoveries and that dropped off the radar pretty damn quick. they seem like basically a clickbait organization. im not paying for it
One of their former employees was claiming they were pushing a secret pro Satan view of the world
Every serious person who went to work withthem left disgruntled. They are riding the gullible new agers wave and cashing in on it. No wonder willcunt is working there with his buttbuddy Goode.

I love how Christians will literally hear voices but every religion and spirituality besides them is schizo or false.
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I'm not your buddy, pal.
It's not assumptions. Abrahamics like to moralize and sugar-coat their mystic and magical practices with quasi-neutral terminology but that doesn't dismiss their practices being nearly identical in format and exercise to both historic and modern conceptions of ritual religiosity.
in Africa, schizophrenic people hear nice voices, like their ancestors

the whole thing is filtered through the cultural substrate where here society is stressfull in voices
You're in for a surprise kid
“””God””” tells pastor Jim to marry a black woman and that it’s time to move on past medieval bigotry and embrace the gay pride movement. Based God changing Christian morals every ten years.

File: 1537403481137.jpg (32 KB, 432x282)
32 KB
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fiddle me timbers
Why are you posting if you've invested nothing into understanding it? It's a pretty clear picture of what it says it is. Plenty of YouTubers do the hard homework for us. It's engaging; I'm proud to have a government that wants our engagement this much. They NEED us and they're coming to us on OUR terms. This movement will lead to big things if we support it. Trump has all but said openly and out loud that he supports Q. Remember that all of television and most of journalism is the enemy of the people right now. This is not hyperbole.




I followed it from day one for several months, at first it was intriguing but its shown itself to be bulllshit

It has accomished nothing except riling up self righteous conservatives who constantly decry that "its happening!" even though nothing ever happens

Literally no different to any other roleplay you'd find on this board
Names, dates, and times of future events, when?
Continue with your day job, i.e. fondle them boomer balls. A larper needs an audience! SAD!

File: WYaktWI.jpg (855 KB, 907x6937)
855 KB
855 KB JPG
Are they a meme or are they real? I'm not talking about "are they real" as in do they exist separate from your mind, I know that they'll always just be figments of your imagination. However, is it possible to truly create a tulpa that is beyond your control, that takes on a life of its own within your mind?

I already have pretend conversations with myself all the time, and now that things have gotten really lonely I'm starting to daydream up other people, but I've never really put in the effort to creating a true tulpa. But, if this tulpa thing is real and not just a load of bullshit, I definitely want to create one.
oh god, not Ni
alright have fun dealing with a screaming pony tulpa
While Ni is definitely on the extreme side of things, I'd be lying if I said she wasn't roughly in the ballpark of what I was hoping to achieve.
same.. except giantesses arent my fetish, my fetishes are a bit more.. acceptable (not really, even giantess fetish is more acceptable than the shit i like)
There can be a sense of bitter loneliness when you have an impossible fetish and are no longer attracted to normal women or scenarios. It can feel downright hopeless, and I could easily see why an anon might create someone like Ni.

File: 1534192261969.jpg (1.11 MB, 2634x3522)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Post pictures of wizards.
>bonus points if powerful looking elder-type wizards
189 replies and 139 images omitted. Click here to view.
Powerful thread.
File: Wizard.jpg (60 KB, 400x397)
60 KB
lel, you're a wizard wizard.
File: qw-whale-art_grande.png (17 KB, 600x600)
17 KB
>Satanic high priests

I can guarantee you that Tim (Oberon) Zell has NEVER said anything like that. He's about as fluffy as you can get and has repeatedly put down and spread misinformation on all of the LHP traditions.
File: 1501174582169.jpg (334 KB, 1161x869)
334 KB
334 KB JPG

File: h33.png (222 KB, 512x288)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
File: 1422840634693.jpg (16 KB, 300x400)
16 KB

File: scaredpepe.jpg (29 KB, 587x378)
29 KB
If you believe in government psyops, it would make sense that you would believe that the government wants to make conspiracy theorists look insane. This isn't hard to figure out and we're already well aware that this is true. So where would the government agencies who wish to disseminate insane information that people might believe put such information? Well since the conspiracies that are legitimate are political in nature, they would seek out areas such as /pol/. So with government focus on /pol/, the quality of the board would obviously go down and slide threads would dominate. This is why in the current state of 4chan /pol/ is not the only board for conspiracy and oddities. /x/ also exists for this. So the government would have to now work on disseminating false flags in BOTH boards, and likely would focus on this board since most disillusioned anons eventually make their way here. Thus, /x/ AS A BOARD is a counter-psyop that is made to distract people who make slide threads, posting them here and wasting their time so that /pol/ anons and others can attempt to combat a more manageable amount of spam and invoke serious discussion. We are the flypaper. It doesn't go deeper than us being the conspiracy all along.
I get where you're coming from but I don't think the government is why /x/ is filled with stupid people.
You have experience in this?

Tell me /x/, I know about automatic writing, but a thought came to me, can't computer savvy magicians also use something called automatic coding? Could they use it to write perfect exploits they otherwise would not know how to make because they do not have the target specific information to be able to code such a software exploit without the use of spirits and automatic coding?
File: Nuclear explosion.jpg (56 KB, 1280x720)
56 KB
Think of the implications.

File: image.jpg (156 KB, 800x815)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
I was wondering what /x/ could tell me about a dream I had involving a Sigil. (Pic not related as the design)

I was in a house and there were these Jim Henson esque rodents who were talking about the birth of a new God that was soon to be conceived. In the dream, I had a feeling there was a demonic context to this, and what made it strange was that the rodents formed themselves into a Sigil by lining up in a circle and patterns within it. And then this odd highlighted aura beamed up out there created pattern, highlighting the sigils design.

I can't remember the exact design beyond it having curved lines within a circle. But I do remember distinctly there being a 6 or a 9 in the center.

Then the dream shifted to me in an airplane and there were these small pipes that began jutting out of ceiling panels, that made Mario sound effects, and a gas being released from these.

I started drifting away on the plane and felt an extreme sense of panic as it felt like people were on board ready to do experiments on me and the other passengers. I went lucid and had the feeling that if I woke up from this dream, that I'd find that the airplane and the pipes was my true reality.

Now I've dabbled in sigils barely for anything beyond short term gain, and wanting to get laid. I'm wondering if I created one subconsciously? What would it mean? Really would like your guys opinions.
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Funny enough my nickname is B
The name "Becky" popped into my head, for some reason
I've had lots of synchronicities relating to that name, too
I've also woken up to light, almost playful scratches on my back and I've felt someone crawl in bed behind me before as well
wth, a bunch of larpers jacked OP's thread
OP here, I'm a little disappointed. Not like I'm asking to be catered, but I feel like people are just using my thread as a soundboard for their larps. Not like I was expecting anything out of /x/.
I had the weirdest dream ever. Normally my dreams are about real life shit with maybe 1 or 2 weird twists. But 2 days ago i had the weirdest dream.

I was woken up by a servant who held my robe. As she put on my robe i was walking downstairs a giant golden stair case surrounded by cosmic energy. I was opened the front door of my palace and i was the entire earth beneath, terrifyinly accurate. Then the entire planet combusted into golden fire and somehow it was amusing for me as i laughed my ass off untill i awoke in real life.

Wtf is wrong with me?

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