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File: 1471751193471.gif (2.19 MB, 388x218)
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2.19 MB GIF
What group of people are the most psychic?
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Really sensitive and not very smart people
I don't think they can.
hey cool I didn't know italians were supposed to be extra sensitive. can anyone share more info?

my dad is 100 percent with green eyes, mine are like 80 percent blue 20 percent green.
Any group of people with the intelligence/madness boost.
Most prominent are the Jews, but there are families out there which put the Jews to shame.

File: hqdefault (1).jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
If anyone can explain this or try to explain, please do:
>be me 5-6years ago
>me and my friend met a gypsy
>we started to talk with him about his life
>just fucking around
>i bought a pack of cigarettes, and asked him if he wants to smoke
>he said yes, and i gave him 3 ciggies
>hes like chain smoker, smokes and by another
>i just said to him with a normal voice and a good intention to its not good for his health to smoke 1by1
>gypsy in my country means poor, so i meant maybe he wont have other ciggies later
>he looked a little bit angry and ashamed and looked down to the ground
>then the light from the ciggie fell to the ground and start spinning in circle
>i felt anxiety and had a hard time to catch a breath, its something like we've fell into trance
>i looked to my friend and he was just standing there looking at the gypsies face terrified
>i've pulled my friend and tell him to go

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File: maxresdefault.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
How can I control someones mind? I don't necessarily want it for evil reasons, I just want to see if I can do it and use it to get out of tricky situations
You can't and if anyone on here says you can then they are pseudoscientists. MK ULTRA was a project to show how mind control is impossible.

File: love_void.jpg (656 KB, 1024x779)
656 KB
656 KB JPG
G̷̬̗͂͒̿̋̃͂͌̄̈I͖̦̜̞̔̐́̿V͕̗̞̦̇̊̈́͝E̵̩͉̭͙͎͙̩̳͑̎ͭͤ͆͂̄́͢ ̴̡̖̩̼̥̹̗̘̣̆̐̎ͤ́ͦ̃̿m̨͉͈͙̱̏ͮ̍̍͝ẻ̢̥͎̻̣̬͍̰̭̓͂ͫ̽͢ ̬̱͇͖͐̑ͩ̆͒ͨ̐Y͈̳̜͂ͧ̋͋ͣ͌ͅo̰̤͒̽͐̽̈́̈́͟͢ũ̶̧̱͕̜̪̳ͪ̕r̛̞̣̗̆̊̃ͯ̂̽ͣ͞ ̦̜̜̑ͫ͛̐͂̑Ș̶̨̮̪͙̹̗̣͔̇ͧ̏̀̈͜ͅO̧̹̖̼̹͚̱ͩͫŨ͖̞͙͓͙̼̻̮͔ͩ̈́͗̉͢L̼͎̍̂ͮ̀̃͝S̸̪̜̬̬̺̦̱̙̐ͮ̆͒ͧͅ
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>for the right price
Maybe if you show me how to do the cooltext effect m9
I’m kinda using it rn... Ask me later
"Zalgo" text = enable unicodes'n'shit
Much appreciated anon

File: 1496174667884.jpg (97 KB, 600x720)
97 KB
hello /x/
my kundalini is active
in what way should i meditate?
which mudra?

This is where the lies come in.
There is no real 'way'. That's up to you.
The deceit lies in the lack of movement. Still meditation is only good for a while. Tai Chi would be the next logical step. Then dancing. Then the final goal is to maintain a meditative state while performing everyday tasks. Then, if you can do that; meditate sitting still again; it provides an extra boost, every single time.
Remember, whatever you're trying to achieve needs to be reached on your own terms; not those set by others. This is the key to clarity of mind.
op here
i have heard things like thai chi are bad when you have an active kundalini because you should surrender to the energy and not move energy around

and i'm kind of moving energy around when using a mudra

thanks for the adivce
i'll try meditating while doing everyday stuff
haha *tai chi
my chi is FUCKED!

What do you guys think of Fata Morganas?

File: nuclear&alien.jpg (38 KB, 615x409)
38 KB
Can anyone suggest me a good documentary about nuclear and alien?

Also, paranormal documentary thread.
Take one bathplug, a chicken, two golf clubs and a single tomato, place them on the head of a Llama (difficult) then ignite the lot using the farts of a penguin.
read the bhagavad gita.

File: image.jpg (1011 KB, 3264x2448)
1011 KB
1011 KB JPG
Semen is a disease of the mind
ok whatever makes you feel good

If you didn't guzzle so much cum, your brain wouldn't be floating in it.
I guess that is why Crowley was batshit insane.
File: 1455143755602.jpg (272 KB, 953x1200)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
Better expel as much of it as possible then
Thank you for the responses /x/

This is gonna sound so desperate and pathetic but is there any /x/ way I can talk to someone specific who has died? The love of my life was murdered a few months ago and all I want is to talk one more time. I vaguely remember a dream where we talked and she knew she was dead, and we talked about how much we miss each other. I can’t remember much more of the dream than that. Is there a way I can force that again? Or use an ouija board, or see some kind of psychic? Literally anything. I don’t care what kind of consequences it will have on me spiritually. I would rather die if it meant I could never talk to her again. Any ideas? Anything is appreciated.
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You will feel her there with you. Talk then. Do not keep her past the two year anniversary. It is then that she will ascend.
You won't find any answers down that road, anon. At best you're deluding yourself with childish mysticism. At worst you're damaging the natural order for selfish reasons. There is no positive outcome here.

Accept that there are things you can't change, and understand that you shouldn't try. Give yourself time. Move on, live, love, have a life.

Put it this way: You believe in an afterlife, clearly. Do you imagine the dead have time to linger and watch the mortal world, really? Don't you think they'd have a bunch more interesting, cosmic things to do?
Plus, afterlife being what it is, a cosmic timescale is more likely, so you might as well live to be 110 and die happy, surrounded by loved ones. There isn't a lot of difference between half a blink and a full blink, as time goes, but you'll be a lot better off if you have a lot of fun stories about your life and heartwarming stories about your grandkids to share, when you meet again.

Keep it real bro.
>My girlfriend was murder halp
I don't buy it, fuck off.
>unnecessarily cunt-ey
Fuck yourself off friend.
You can talk to any dead person you choose.

File: 200.png (6 KB, 150x150)
6 KB
I am a gray. how do i use my ship?
Take a step back, and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACR
kys, then upload to the nanomatrix.

File: 1507703630882.gif (1.91 MB, 240x135)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
How many people here have tried psychedelic drugs including but not limited to: Psilocybin (mushrooms), DMT, LSD (acid), Mescaline, peyote, 2c-b

How has this affected your belief in paranormal?

Pic unrelated, RIP
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Took 18 shrooms and went from a nihilist to a Buddhist.
25i is better than LSD IMO.
I like 25i and think it is under rated
LSD is better imo though

very interesting. what type of music did his band play?
Well at the time he was a sappy singer/songwriter kind of neckbeardy type musician, hes definitely much better now though. he plays very aggressive blues-y rock, basically just straight up rock n roll, and hes extremely talented. The last few shows I saw him at in the spring I actually had a blast at but he acted like he owned the place and has a bunch of cronies that are kinda weird hipsters so i stopped going.
Hasn't really affected my belief in paranormal stuff too much but I do feel like there are different energies in different surroundings.
But that could be a natural human reaction.
For example you don't feel comfortable on a public subway, at least not the way you do in the privacy of your own home.
Much like the same way how doing psychedelics in nature bring more enjoyable experiences than doing it in an inner city ghetto.

Anyways I've only tried one psychedelic

File: image.jpg (44 KB, 640x816)
44 KB
So /x/, I was just browsing /b/ (please forgive me) just because I felt like it and found this thread. They're all sperging out as to what it is.
Username: admin
Password: admin
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i did too...yesterday noone talked about this google shit and tons of people opened the link
>NU-/x/ igonres this thread
File: flower.jpg (20 KB, 430x570)
20 KB
Nu/x/ ignores most good or somewhat good threads. What do you expect from a bunch of fedorafag, Reddit "skeptics"?
To be fair the reddit fags are less of a problem than the edgy teenage "writer"fags.
You are now a canoe raping, rabbit raping, soap eating fart sniffing hedgehog.

Surrender your bathplug

Hey x how does somebody just accept enlightenment. I have proved to myself that enlightenment really is the beutiful experience. Some try to say it is just realizing the self, but it isnt. Its actually seeing the beauty and structure of the world for what it REALLY is. Its a beautiful feeling. Only im afraid to go back to it, I become too powerful and beautiful. Everybody talks to me and is in love with me. Why cant I just accept that life? part of me keeps wanting to return to my actual miserable life.
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
OP, I said
>But your life is about knowing all of the mountain, and until you have explored all of its land you can't just go and live on the top.

And you said
>my life is so uninteresting...Im just weak and lonely.

That's the 'land' you need to explore, the unfinished business.

I like what the other anon said about relieving the suffering of others. But I don't like to get too judgemental that people "should" live a life of service. I do like a quote I came across, sorry dk who, "Ask not what the world needs of you, rather, ask what makes you come alive. For what the world needs, is people who have come alive."

This is the cutting age for you, where the juice is. Why do you feel that your life is uninteresting, why do you feel weak. Take this on, and questions of enlightenment will become almost irrelevant. Life isn't about answers, it's about asking the right questions, the hard questions.
damn, cutting *edge*, not cutting age.
Enlightenment can actually be very frightening.

t. someone who knows
File: nagarjuna.jpg (184 KB, 960x644)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>Some try to say it is just realizing the self, but it isn't.

"God is unknown to those who know him, and is known to those who do not know him at all.”
Trying to attain it is. >>19770990
I agree. I have been exploring this land. Maybe i have to truly see why i am the way i am to let go of that ego? I really do see what your saying. I have been self reflecting for the past months. I am trying to see whatbis the origin of my struggle. I keep coming across old thoughts i had of my self when i was younger. I always thought i was special and amazing, when i turned 14 i slowly discarded thise beliefs. I started to think only lowly of myself. In the back of my mind i always thought one day id reach my potential but it never happened and ive run out of time to express it the way i day dreamed it. Done with college in 2 months, so ill mever be the cool guy who fits in or what i wanted. I started to chase enlightenment at age 19 after my first day of work. Work made me hate life so i wanted an exit strategy. Enlightenment is my way out of every problem in life. The issue is im running out of time to be leaisurely. Will i ever get to it in time?

File: la.jpg (1.38 MB, 3000x2998)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Sorry for being an ass hat..
You are forgiven

Thank You.

File: Satyr.jpg (20 KB, 316x382)
20 KB
They are creepy as shit. Are they real or are all the creepypastas about it just fake?
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I routinely channel my inner-goatman to make friends in the big city. It's gotten me quite a bit of good times.
>with eyes full of lust

These eyes?
I turn into a goat at full moon

My dick is rock hard right now...
File: 1501511860530.jpg (42 KB, 480x393)
42 KB
yes daddy

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