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File: Raphael.jpg (81 KB, 663x804)
81 KB
What are your angel related evocations/rituals/spells and could you post them and/or just discus angel magick?
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I've read the Ars Paulina and Ars Almadel,they're pretty good
He should work at Abercrombie and Fitch
Also I want to say The Arbatel has angel magic in it. So these are four pretty great sources/systems that have been in use for extensive periods of time and have been found to produce results by those who implement them correctly, up to the modern day.
So, hope this helps OP!
File: hqdefault.jpg (4 KB, 480x360)
4 KB
If angels are hyper-powerful shapeshifting beings is there much of a difference?


>first ever interstellar object seen in solar system
>dark red colored = organic material

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since you posted nicely I will sage
bumped to piss off that other guy. cheers, op!
>Dark red
>not oxidized iron
Interesting. Almost as if all the other threads become shit because they don't post new information. Maybe "first come first served" is the wrong approach after all.
where all that oxygen come from tho

how did it hold still long enough to oxidize then get slingshotted across the solar system

or if it oxidized while traveling, are there just huge pockets of oxygen floating around? doesn't seem likely

File: thefuck.webm (1.4 MB, 640x358)
1.4 MB
Can I get a fucking source and explanation on this please?
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to OP

they are blond nordics, inside the cigar UFOs

long history of interacting with humans but very mysterious and hesitant to become too involved or assist us much unless we are willing to be more spiritual and less warlike
the chibi ayy is frolicking around his mommy pestering her to let in the rave that the other bigger ayy is throwing, while out of nowhere comes in another even bigger ayy and just bursts his load on the rave attendants after hours of anal probing.
ayy lost in yuro. see, it was eurobeat et.

Speculation versus experience hmm.
Shit man I hope I don't trigger an interdimensional invasion with this post, but: >>20028280

File: image.jpg (16 KB, 185x170)
16 KB
Me and Anubis have conquered ourselves. Yay.
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>he's a man.

He's a God with a Jackal head
File: Jackal_helmet_01.jpg (52 KB, 484x760)
52 KB
>Pic is a drawing of a helmet of the Jaffa and not actually a representation of Anubis
Funny shit is funny.
File: images.png (3 KB, 225x225)
3 KB

If he's got a dick he's a man. Here's a power symbol all men share that goes beyond boundaries.
"Anubis and I", you fucking illiterate schizo.

Anubis is not a God nor a man, just a higher dimensional being

File: 6rgdonm.png (17 KB, 500x314)
17 KB
I'm following this YouTube channel named A-326-29-816 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3zz1ku84LOvZADulj83kQ
I shrugged it off as some ARG or a creepy music channel. But I don't know if there's more to it? The correspondent twitter @A_326_29_816 retweets a lot of GOP political stuff.
Can anyone explain what is this thing?
[Post a Reply]
probably just a random music creator with conservative opinions.

Experiences, successes, failures with the Goetic Spirits
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I am sitting in my new house with it freezing and howling wind outside.

I have my fire place roaring comfy. Doggo is next to me. Hotty girlfriend in the other room asleep. A year ago I had nothing.

Gremory has given until the cup runneth over.

Highest recommendation.
I have had success. Physical evocation. Time and again. The Goetic Spirits are real.
Y'all niggas need to read imperial arts.
Da fuck???
So you guys are just pretending, no? I hope so.

Anybody knows what this symbol is from? I drew it from memory but I just cant remember where I've seen it
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Looks like Gucci
That's a spiral "in the middle," not "at each end." Trace the actual path of the hollow part of the spiral for a mindfuck. The pic you posted does represent balance.
That image is pleasing
File: spiral2_43503_md.gif (12 KB, 640x279)
12 KB
Here's another that's closer to the "at each end" type
That's just two spirals. At best it would represent equilibrium. There's no infinity in the middle or even to speak of.

File: Galaxy_pepe.jpg (417 KB, 499x499)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
The rare galaxy Pepe is unrelated, but you may save it if you wish.

What i'm about to describe is 100% accurate.
I'm not superstitious, but there is no explanation.

I was never afraid of the dark, but starting 3 months ago and seemingly ending 1 month ago, there's been odd goings on while I was trying to go to sleep.
First, there was an odd scraping noise. It sounded like a spring being unwound and then slowly becoming coiled again. It would move around my room and stop right next to me, at the foot of my bed.
I thought nothing of it at first.
This continued fairly often (Looking back, it feels like it was every other night but I can't say with absolute certainty) until it came to a head. Sort of.
After a while of this happening, long enough to become used to it at least, I saw what I can only describe as a figure. It was black and vaguely humanoid. The only reason I saw it is because the hallway light was on at the time.
It was kind of surreal, as I was half asleep at this point, but I very clearly remember it just... Looming.
It wasn't there when I fell all the way asleep and then woke up. I don't know what that means.

I don't have any pets, and I didn't at the time.
People lived with me, sure, but the noise couln't be explained by that.

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Tell me more about this succubus creature you mentioned. I've heard of them but only know basic stuff
He must have only left the one post. Does anyone else that actually cares to listen have an explanation?
i'm still here
succubi are the personification of your sexual frustrations and desires to be dominated by a female
basically you are a sissy
^Why the fuck does it say auto

Can i get a second opinion?
Another thing that i forgot to mention because fuck you, i don't have to justify myself which makes me think it's not a succubus is that the figures and shapes were looming since I was born. It'd happen off and on but this has been a thing all my life.
I don't think i'd have sexual frustrations at 7 years old.

Hey guys, I think this belongs here. I'm just questioning myself as of late as if I should try to kill myself. Not for depression (anymore) but because I can't seem to die. Something or someone is preventing my death. I've attempted 3 times, I tried to hang myself, I tried to OD, and I've drank bleach (the most recent one). Had necrosis of my organs and internal bleeding. Was for sure I died. But I woke up, in the ER, and after 2 weeks I was able to eat solid food. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this. Pic unrelated.
take your attention_whoring and stupid pic to >>>/adv/
fuck off
File: 13457919735.png (253 KB, 500x500)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Have you ever heard of quantum immortality? It's a thought experiment where you, the observer, survives everything, due to swapping over to a parallel universe where you the suicide attempt fails, consider loading a gun and then pulling the trigger, and nothing happens. I might be getting the entire thing wrong, though.
>Something or someone is preventing my death.
Something here. Can affirm it's not me. Must be a someone doing it. Probably the hospital people you mentioned.
Why do you genuinely reply? Like you have to be underage or samefag because if not you're the cancer as much as OP is that killed this board

my laptop screen feels like a trampoline and it is making me ungodly angry at everything around me
/x/ isn't your personal blog

What are your experiences with her?
She’s seemed interested in me lately.
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I bet you watch Rick and Morty
The Wife? Sure is Lilith,
Lilith particle Anywhere.

Ancient Serpent
File: 1508654134065.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x2967)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Lilith is the queen succubus. Depending on her mood, she will drag you down into her various fetishes (in the original sense of the word). לא

I sent you a hangout request go ahead and check it out

So I've always been pretty skeptical about the paranormal. "Most miracles are nothing but random events, etc." Up till recently when I met someone who could accurately predict certain events which otherwise couldn't have known of.
It'd been bugging ever since. So after hours and hours of giving it thought I came up with this conclussion. Someone, or rather something, who could possibly see the future (according to what I understood from those bullshit videos about dimensions) must have shared information with him. Which is the most "logic" thing I could came up with.
Do you think that those who he speaks with are nothing but beings from the 4th/5/69th dimension communicating with him? If so, why would they? Is Christian God yet another transdimensional being?

Understanding dimensions
Monotheistic deities can be proven to have limited or nonexistent oversight. I can provide the method and experiments to prove this.

EDIT: Shame that this post wasn't seen for the peace treaty it really is.
what methods are you talking about?
Those already deeply available to higher dimensional entities and constructs. Putting them here and now would be the willful advocation of a liar. And I will not be that advocate.
File: 1510332301402.jpg (453 KB, 1318x1021)
453 KB
453 KB JPG

Don't looking into Andrew Basiago
The fuck?

how do I get Vajrayanist GF?
well from pic related be black and date grill with

File: weird.png (32 KB, 336x202)
32 KB
Okay /x/.
This thread will probably get 404'd, because of me even mentioning it. As all of them do on 4chan.
But. I want to know what will happen if I try to discover them.
People say use extreme caution when searching it, some people say not to search it at all.
If anyone could inform me, that'd be great
(pic related)
134 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Glass Camera

Yeah we went over this already.

Apparently he was a veteran of the Rhodesian war in which Kissinger was involved.

I didn't mean to quote Glass camera btw, was responding about Nick price
Glass camera
Object oriented ontology
Limbic brain conditioning
Fetal farming (Pepsi, Nestlé)

Robotic earth
Underground bases (DUMBs)
Malkasian paradigm
Ocean at night
Radiation zones covered up (natural park closures)
Sabinch tomatovic tape (spider porn)

This is all I can offer good luck
>Fetal farming (Pepsi, Nestlé)

Sure Mr. Olavo de Carvalho...
how legit is this?
cuz i want to build it

File: dougal.jpg (15 KB, 200x265)
15 KB
>tfw live in the Middle of Nowhere
>bedroom door suddenly opens
>androgynous Asian with a big ass and wearing a one-piece swimsuit comes into my room, short of breath, looking around and then leaving,
>Bedroom door opens again.
>An elegant bookcase is being pushed in by the Asian in the one-piece
>ass still looks huge with this pushing and heavy breathing
>pushes it directly in my line of sight and leaves the room again
>He comes back in and closes the door behind him, walks directly towards my bed and crawls in
>He aggressively acting as a Little Spoon, pressing his huge ass into me
>I can feel how wet his one-piece is
>He is aggressively burying his ass into me to the point where I thought my balls would pop;
>He then turns to look at me, gets up and walks away
>mfw thinking about it when I wake up the next morning
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File: 1493182209176.jpg (22 KB, 750x422)
22 KB
See I just get attacked by shadow people during sleep paralysis.
Sleeper’s demon. Incubus.
You can't even get your made up demons right. Incubi are not the little spoon.
but I'm bi, anon

gee wizz, golly gosh

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