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File: Ted.jpg (81 KB, 645x380)
81 KB
Hey, /x/.
Tonight I was at a party, sitting around with a bunch of friends. There were two dogs hanging with us, including one like pic related, named Ted. Ted was pretty chill and barked once or twice when newcomers came in, but no more. Then, when this one person entered, he wouldn't stop barking. This dude put out his hand to the dog, who nipped at it.. something he certainly did not do with anyone else. The dog did not stop barking, and was eventually brought out of the room.
My question is this: What is up with this guy that provoked such a response? What did the dog know from across the room as soon as this dude opened the door?
Also, general stories of freaky shit that dogs can sense.
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kicking them in the throat?
it's to do with mood/state/vibe really.
when i've been down i've had random dogs on the street will try and come up to me like they want to console me. when i'm energetic i can bond/play with dogs really easily. when i'm feeling annoyed dogs will just bark at me for no reason. i can also make dogs totally clam up when i try.
Go fuck yourself
This. Dogs are very good at interpreting human moods. The dog in OP's story was defensive about that guy leading me to guess that at the time he had some ill intent more so than all the other people.
File: 1476158636015.jpg (82 KB, 622x483)
82 KB
It is obvious to me dogs can read vibes or states.
But can anyone explain to me how my dog would be able to now who is calling my door bell? I live at 5th floor of my flat. If stranger calls the bell, it barks, if its my mother, my dog will get excited and happy. The door bell sounds the same way, my mother might come back at different time of a day.
Also I visited 2 haunted houses and my dog would be uncomfortable while being in them, which is strange too.

Salutations! was wondering if any extra terrestrials would like to post in this thread so that we humans can learn

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Can we have alien lewds in this thread?
File: 54678390.png (667 KB, 724x694)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
Greetings, Earf Honkeys. I am J-Rome of the Dinduite People of the Planet D-troit, star system Sekh'sahn 8.
File: 1471770917479.jpg (26 KB, 479x358)
26 KB
supposedly 4 billion years old and dumped in this universe by someone else
Are you quoting that movie "Gay Niggers from Outer Space"?

Cryptids general. Bonus points for Jersey Devil.
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I have some interest in the beast of bray road.
Perhaps I will seek it at some point in the future.
Sliver decks aren't very viable

Half man, half goat Satan Spawn in Kentucky

>No Rougarou
>No Grunch
>No Lake Pontchatrain Monster

File: 20161128_205559_Fotor.jpg (202 KB, 1920x3413)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Can /x/ tell me what this says please?
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The dead of a village lie here after taking refuge and drowning

Makes sense, thank you.
>no death character
>no village
>no water
>no peace/hiding character

come on lad
Overall it doesn't make much sense. The first compound means cross (as in a Christian cross), the second two characters don't compose an actual word and the third compound doesn't compose a word because the very last character doesn't exist, to my knowledge, in Chinese.
He who have itchy bum,
Also have stinky finger.

Trust me I'm an expert

/b post, some creepy shit might be paranormal.
really makes me think

File: DL9.png (1.16 MB, 1600x900)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
What can I do to experience something paranormal?
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Dream. Dreams are paranormal phenomena that everyone experiences. They cannot be explained through scientific means. Consciousness itself is inexplicable despite the sum of human experience being built upon it so it's no surprise that altering your own consciousness quickly illustrates that literally everything may not be exactly as you have come to believe it is.
Stick two fingers up you butt, leave them there for a few minutes, take em out and stick em up your nose - now inhale.
Tried it. Didn't experience anything paranormal, all i got was a boner.
Hang around places that are considered sacred in your culture.

Allegedly haunted and spoopy places don't always work.

alright lads, thought I'd share this as it was interesting to read people's last words


also creepy web content general

File: Rydernigga.jpg (8 KB, 180x279)
8 KB
I'm an ex-christian who is still unsure about the existence of God.

Can someone give me concrete proof that God exists?
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It is possible that life could exist on moons, as well as comets and the like
Well shit man; this just rekindled my efforts to try and be more compasionate and loving to others. Though I've made good leeway, IE now feeling sad for others and almost teary when I hear about horrible disasters overseas as opposed to just completely ignoring.

Spending 2 hours trying to understand suffering and having a dream like that. Though I doubt it will happen to me I really would love another dream like that.

Guess I'll just share a unique dream I've had relating to God to bump the thread. I've had other more unique experiences but they're hard to put into words.
>Having dream
>Walk into a room
>Inside the room a woman/demon/necromorph looking thing suddenly comes out of a woman
>Starts ripping a part a man sitting on a bunk bed
>Tearing open his stomach and eating it
>Turns to me and starts rushing at me
>Start crying/yelling/screaming "Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!"
>Third cry just pauses the entire dream
>I suddenly wake up

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
in layman's terms, there's no physical pain in the "afterlife" because you don't have a physical body, what you have to worry about is where your soul ends up
Let the newfags acquire basic argumentation skills.

That said animistic here, my God can beat your cloud riding fag any day.

>Hunt for Otaku Gamer with interest in Paranormal on 4chan and related anime boards.

What did they want him for? Who was he? Who knows?


>Stratfor admits to using remote viewing to find hostages in Beruit


>[CT] Huh? Mysterious 'Vortex' Warned Is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Any muses out there?

I just recently stumbled across a debate about 432hz or 440hz tuning. The claim being 432 is the natural resonance of nature and 440 being an Illuminati nazi plot to sever ones link to the spiritual and perpetuate hate and war subconsciously.

Internet searches are flooded with tinfoil hats and youtub is all about "healing" music.

Can someone guide me to the truth? /mu/ seems like the wrong place.

Example healing
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>going by how many people are telling me I'm wrong, grass really must be red!!!

ever notice that time seems to pass by even faster than before? it's because they're raising the frequency from 432 to 440; 8 cycles faster than before. they want to shift consciousness and the entire planet into a more negative place.

Just go outside and listen to actual nature. Objectively the best way to listen to it.
It could be all just suggestion. Have there been any double blind tests done to see if people registered any physical difference between 432-440Hz? That should answer the question.

File: 1474740029030.jpg (201 KB, 1300x1300)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
What does /x/ think about this video? Apparently this Russian guy created a homunculus. I've tried researching it but I can't seem to get a definitive answer on what's happening in the video.

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Not an argument.
Not a very good troll, OP
Shill your retarded videos elsewhere, Boris
um, >>18388005
is a perfectly good argument.
a homunculus is a man-made human, not just "some thing that can move or is alive"
it isnt a chimera either, because it aint animals grafted together.

its just a thing that can move because of cell clusters being able to respond to stimuli.
Homunculus isn't a 'small human'. Read Paracelsus.

File: baphomet-yuri-leitch.jpg (189 KB, 465x700)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Is Baphomet Jesus Lucifer or neither?
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Jesus is Lucifer, so yeah
File: 1399251741399.jpg (26 KB, 328x292)
26 KB
I fucking hate you guys.
Jesus is actually Yahowsha, which means "Yah is salvation"

"Jesus" is certainly not bringing salvation by any means other than the Towrah, so please stop equating him with Lucifer in a some gnostic understanding that actually falls apart if you bother to read the Towrah, Prophets, Writings, and words of Yahowsha.
Dafuq did I read?

File: SIR-NOFACE-one-sheet.jpg (495 KB, 1295x1600)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
Sir Noface


has anyone seen a screening??
cool memes bro
I tried posting about this about a month ago and didn't get any responses. Good luck.

File: MAP of Inner Earth .jpg (308 KB, 538x552)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Why is flat earth taken seriously when hollow earth makes much more sense?
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both are true

earth is flat and hollow
why couldn't they just be cave systems connected via honeycomb tunnels and use sonar
So you fags got nothing? Just going to ignore this?
this is the real answer

obviously the flat earth conspiracy is used to discredit legitimate research by making critical thinking and pattern recognition the hallmark of tinfoil hat retards instead of a well-informed citizenry

File: rudrachakrin.gif (16 KB, 312x343)
16 KB
Hey I think you all know who I am
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I know.

Mahamudra boy.. get cool.
.. ask me about it. They initiated me about that...

She made awful prayers.
Tell us more
File: falcon2.jpg (469 KB, 1920x1200)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
not on my watch

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