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Hey /x/ I was wondering what people's opinions on what are the most useful superpowers in the real world.
I mean, flying and super-strength are cool and flashy and all, but in reality, it wouldn't truly be useful in getting much of anything done.
so what do you think? Got any real world applications for anything?
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Yeah she was in heroes. It was Micahs half sister or something like that
>constant use of faggot
>tells other people to go back to /b/
Ok /x/ let's do this.
Post power, if it would be useful IRL, and how it could go wrong in way that only /x/ would consider.
Who cares about usefulness? If you have godlike superpowers you can make other people do your bidding. Let the plebs do useful things for you.
Just because you have super powers doesn't mean you can rule the world, or even have a chance at wining a bar fight. Different powers have different levels of usefulness. Powers like matter manipulation would be far less useful than something like squirrel powers.


what do you feel is going on? i have had some very odd experiences recently.
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Christian poster here: I apologize for leading this thread off topic and I will cease to do so. I myself believe I may have been a Targeted Individual or MK victim, but I do not know for certain. It would have come about through the involvement of the U. 's. Law enforcement in my life, or from. Ultra heavy Internet usage
"Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out."
Check out the intel exchange onion on the deepweb theres some very interesting pages about mkultra monarch with people claiming to have been targeted
implying they don't have the resources to do so and it is not profitable for them
It is not a normal practice it is illegal and degenerate being introduced to populations as normal

File: 20160211_031433.jpg (879 KB, 2560x1440)
879 KB
879 KB JPG
Alright /x/. I just heard a voice call my name. Its in the middle of the night. Aprrox. 3:17AM. This is where i currently reside. I sleep in a big garage with my roommate. My friend is over as well. I have class at 8:50AM. I woke up out of nowhere. To this voice. Been hearing shit all night. Roommate heard it too. Give me instructions m8s .wat do?
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> be me
> goes on /x/ in the morning
> sees OP
> OP is a pretty cool guy

Today is gonna be a good day!
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.
I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.
I post about the light mainly because i when i came back from taking a piss, i was really hoping i would see whatever the fuck yelled my name. But the damn thing wouldn't turn on. Of all the times to stop working. That light is usually super sensitive. Whenever i use to sneak my ex gf over i had to make sure she walked the right distance away from the light to make sure she didnt turn it on and have me get caught bringing a girl to the place for the night. That light was a fucking pain when it came to sneaking around. But after i heard that thing the light just stopped working. Freaked me out.
Also update
I got grilled by my homie's in-law for "yelling" in the middle of the night. i said it wasnt me. The bitch just proceeded to ignore me and dismiss my claims and went to work. What the actual fuck happened?
I, honestly, hadn't thought about that. Kind of feel bad now.

File: image.jpg (104 KB, 1024x427)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Hi /x/.

I've been working on an RPG maker project involving Creepypastas and the idea of Tulpas that they seem to create. It's just a small fan project which is why I turn to you.

Which Creepypasta characters would you want to appear in something like this? The only ones for sure are Slenderman,(which will be at best a cameo since he's been played out.) Jeff the Killer, (who I hate but needs to be there.) and Laughing Jack since I think he doesn't get enough credit.

Are there any big name characters that NEED to be there? Even the picture I attached I don't recognize half of them so help me out!
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I was working on a Pokemon-ish game based upon legends from all over the world, but in the end i had to kill since i couldn't come up with a decent game system.
I wish you the best of luck, OP.

I think that "big name" characters might be already trademarked.
Slender Man certainly is. The same with Ben, Sonic.EXE, all lost media pastas, Tails Doll and the Lavender Town syndrome.
In fact, maybe you should google copyright stuff. Maybe even things like the Rake, Smiledog, etc., could be already registered. I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

As a tip, stick to monsters and ghosts, and avoid the edgy teenager killers. The latter tend to poison things by attracting the whole Deviantart kids crowd.
glad I aint the only 1 that thinks that
What prevents someone from copyrighting half of these characters the moment they vaguely appear on deviantart?

Like how the fuck did someone copyright Slenderman and Creepypasta?
Victor(the creator of slender man) copyrighted the character

I think someone else also owns some rights to slender man too
Is OP coming back?

>inb4 just molestation stories

My Grandmother was Romanian Gypsy and would hold solid conversations with people who were dead in our family, I thought it was just a old country quirk but near the end of her life, noises would follow these conversations that sounded almost animistic in nature

i'm sure you guys have better ones
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My parents told me that I could make whatever I wanted to happen, happen when I was a kid.

Like how I apparently hated my 1st grade teacher and this bully so they died within a month of eachother.
>Apparition that looks like someone familiar with voices calling out their name

Crazy is not a conspiracy theory.
Hallucinations are not a government cover up.
Take. Your. Mother. To. A. FUCKING. Doctor.
Not that anon, but what if she refuses to go? It's not easy to get someone involuntarily committed, at least here in the USA.
1. Where's point 4?
2. Really want to read more of your stories.
One time I woke up to my mum looking down at me, as close to my face as humanly possible, breathing heavily. Apparently it was because she had some dream about me, but it creeped me out to no end.

Have you ever harmed/killed anyone using magick or curse? What did you do and how did it affect the target?
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daily reminder karma doesn't actually exist, all that karma is doing is justifying their use of psychic attacks, if someone actually have bad karma you wouldn't need to use it against them it would already be acting against them well enough. What you are doing is targeting someone with a perceived sense of justice which helps a bit as belief is a strong component to psychic attacks, however this karma is just a construct of your mind, so everyone whiteknighting about that anon's using curses for revenge are basically doing the same fucking thing.

On a more philosophical level the entire idea of karma is completely contrary to the idea of evolution (unless you don't believe in that either) because we are the direct result of the most successful and violent creatures reproducing at the expense of all the others around them.
If you had a deep enough understanding of magic you wouldn't even be considering to use it for harm
You mean, like this? >>17332189
>cleanse myself

What do you mean exactly?
If y'all can kill people then explain Trumps beating heart?

If this magick exists then why wars?

File: 1442175179045.gif (408 KB, 408x303)
408 KB
408 KB GIF
Now that /x/ is shit where do I go for my dose of /x/philes?
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/x/ peaked with palm frawms.

It was all downhill from there.
"slightly psychotic"
kill yourself you goddamn edgy autist
File: frawms.jpg (19 KB, 400x392)
19 KB
i miss the fucking palm frawms
Fronds* dude. Fronds.
do you even get the joke?

File: roswell-debris-1947.jpg (59 KB, 520x627)
59 KB
>dozens of witnesses see a craft crash in Roswell
>army comes forward saying they have recovered a disc
>later changes their story to a weather balloon
>6 weeks later Truman signs National Security Act
>people have come forward saying they worked on the recovered craft

Why cover up a such an important part of history? Are humans not ready for extraterrestrials? And who are the government to say we're not?
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Sounds like a Nicholas Cage film
It's the unknown that drives curiosity. Even if someone "officially" acknowledges on anything people will still ask "why" because knowing there's Aliens or that Hoover and the CIA had JFK merc'd won't beam you into a higher existence.
why did so many supposed witnesses make up their story and change things over the years? why did glenn dennis lie about some nurse witnessing the autopsy

oh wait, cus no alien ship crashed

>Bob Lazar
Lol, ok. When did he find time to run prostitution rings and defraud the USPS while reverse engineering alien spaceships with his mail order copy of an MIT degree?
who told you about the book, anon?
If it is flawlessly guarded, how does anybody know about it at all? Much less all this specific knowledge of its contents.

It's self-indulgent fantasy. You would have to be pretty stupid to buy into it.

File: 3418293087_1c8d80ce93_o.jpg (319 KB, 1024x679)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Does anyone have any real Ouija board stories? Personal accounts or maybe something that happened to a close friend? No role play please.
>be me
>break out luigi board while with friends
>at my house
>we ask it stupid shit
"are you satan, lol"
>start attempting to piss off ghosts cause bored
>don't say goodbye
>nothing ever happens
>still live here 6~7 years later
good times
File: xD.jpg (71 KB, 600x656)
71 KB
>Luigi board
A friend of mine said she spoke to a demon with a ouiji board once. It called itself Saras, apparently. She just chatted and it said it would "see her soon". And that's all that happened. Nothing bad has happened to her. At least, not yet.

File: 066.jpg (85 KB, 504x378)
85 KB
Hey /x/, I'm here to tell you about what I think is the most haunted place in America in my opinion. That place is Doss Cemetery. It's a private cemetery that's off all main roads and sits in the middle of the woods surrounded by a rusting black iron fence. Now, it's not haunted because it's a cemetery it's haunted because of everything that's transpired there. The klansmen meet in the woods right across from the cemetery and some cult sacrifices cats under the tree in the middle of the graveyard( I've seen one of the disembowled cats there myself). I've seen the cultists there before and they tried to break into my car as I drove by the woods that holds the graveyard. I have visited it over 50+ at random times of the day ranging from 10 am to 4 am and have always had a paranormal experience happen. Sometimes it would happen in under 30 seconds. These experiences range from seeing shadowy figures moving around, deafening hissing noises, and full blown apparitions. I'll be posting pictures of the cemetery I found online while typing out my /x/periences at this cemetery. So sit back and enjoy
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Okay I'm back from my power nap. Hopefully some lurkers are getting some enjoyment from these stories.

Next one took place when I first turned 16 and got my license so about 5-6 years ago. I went with my cousins and my oldest cousin's wife. We get out but she stays in the car because she's spooked. We walk into the entrance and start looking around for anything weird. We wandered around for about 5 minutes before we all ended up back at the entrance standing side by side looking back into the graveyard. My cousin's wife flips the lights on the car and starts blasting the horn. With the graveyard now illuminated and our ears getting blasted, we can now see why she did that. In front of us we could see someone's breath. Not a person. Just their breath from it breathing. We stood for a second thinking our eyes were just fucking with us because of how disoriented we just became. Then we heard a very low, guttural growl coming from in front of us. We backed up slowly to our car not taking our eyes off this steady rhythm of breathing in front of us. We get in the car and leave with nothing else happening. From his wife's perspective she saw a 4th person appear when we all ended back up at the entrance. That's when she flipped on the lights and blared the horn so we would notice it. She said it looked like a man had emerged from the woods and was staring at us and we weren't reacting at all to it. I didn't see anything until she flipped the lights on and even then I only saw the breath of whatever it was.
Now I just want to explain how unsettling this place is. Right when you cross the "threshold" of the gate you instantly feel uncomfortable. I do at least. There's just this feeling like you're in a crowd. Hundreds of eyes on you and almost claustrophobic feeling. Just nothing feels right inside of the cemetery and I never feel safe in it. I don't go alone anymore because of this feeling because I almost feel overwhelmed by myself. Even in the daytime it's just unsettling. I think something really evil resides in there. I don't know what it is or which of all the myths and rumors to believe on how it got there.

I went there by myself once and there was a black coyote sitting in the middle of the road(by sitting I mean literally sitting) I have never in my life seen a black coyote before that moment. When I pulled up in front of it it didn't react at all. It sat there unmoving even when I would honk at it. Eventually it stood up and slowly walked over to the entrance of the graveyard and sat down at the gate. When I got to the top of the road to turn around and went by again it was gone. Just weird shit happens there and that's honestly the only animal I've ever seen there before.
Dude I heard there's dead people in there.
> been there 50+ times
> not even a single spoopy pic

Ok m8e
I'll take pics when I go back there next week for yall. Probably a video or two as well.

File: 874.png (93 KB, 339x321)
93 KB
Are there any penalties, or do you think there would be, for releasing a soul by suicide? This is assuming souls exist and there is some sort of continuation after death, in some way.
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You don't have to stay here. Any external device that makes you feel obligated to can always be deconstructed into some form of artificiality, at its core.

Just be sure you know where you're going before you leave.
As for penalities, do you think there should be penalties?
File: 1449050384797.jpg (9 KB, 199x242)
9 KB
>This is such bullshit. Go to Africa and tell me about all the devout and fearful Christians making the most of their lives through constant prayer.

>niggers good christians
>pope telling them abstinence is good
>rape happens more
>who is the better christian

I don't know OP, why don't you try then post results?

File: global warming.jpg (221 KB, 1158x666)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Tell me of the magickal negro and his powers of global warming.

File: Wind-chill-poster.jpg (29 KB, 277x413)
29 KB
ITT: Horror movies you've seen that just stuck with you for some reason. Year/subgenre/underground or not it doesn't matter. Pic related.
247 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 34436.jpg (20 KB, 212x300)
20 KB
This one is actually bretty good.
Was it tales from the crypt....no the other multiple horror movie shorts ..tales from the darkside?

No they were all movies and none of them were that old. Early to mid 2000s.
I feel like i recognize the second one you're talking about, but I can't for the life of me figure it out.

I guess I just watch way too many horror movies and they all start to muddle together into one big mess.
>Damn youngin I was guessing movies from the 80s not the 2000s
>Why dont you sit around this fire and let grandpa tell you a scary story

What's a cool book to read about medieval to modern esoterism/"compendium of occult things" (sort of like a bestiary)?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Cornelius Agrippa's Declamation Attacking the Uncertainty and Vanity of the Sciences and the Arts is a summary of magic and occult ideas since Greco-Roman antiquity and in his Three Books Concerning Occult Philosophy there is a classification of demons. Not
Medieval tough, Renaissance.

And de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal is a 19th century book on demonology with cool illustrations.

If anyone can recommend a medieval bestiary I'd like to know about that one too.
Wikiped is a pretty cool book continually written by paid demons. They are paid by certain folks that they don't like to criticize. But also people who don't post on here and spend their lives obsessed with a specific god or idea. Like the article on goddess worship.
Like >>17343002 said, Aggrippa kind of wrote a "state of the art" thing with his three books. Took a lot from Ficino and Mirandola.

You should also look at his sources, the Clavicle of Solomon and the Picatrix.
I've read his occult philosophy. Doesn't offer much informations regarding the higher beings.
It is a 5 tome series with info on pretty much all of them.

File: 1393209728367.jpg (47 KB, 451x600)
47 KB
I'm curious whether human emotion is a way of reading minds. What do you schizoids think?
Emotion via body language. Yes.
Human emotions can lead to predicting the actions of a person.
However that doesn't mean you can read their mind.
You can manipulate them through their emotions though, influencing their thought process.
emotions, thoughts, same thing
File: freshfruit.jpg (27 KB, 480x360)
27 KB

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