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File: monkey-d.jpg (26 KB, 583x452)
26 KB
Hey /x/, I want to open myself up to astral plane or whatever word we use for what we can experience but not see or understand with intellect.

The thing is my entire life has been sort of like an r9k autist, but lately I've started to acknowledge the sensitive side of me, you know feels and all, nothing special just your average person who is smart and as a result sensitive too.

The thing is with this part, comes my sensitivity to maybe what you can say are spirits or whatever, but to explain it, it's like having a sense- say hearing but never hearing any voice, I feel like we actively block out a lot of "ourself" in our purpose related definition of "me". There is an alone guy in all of us, and he is more real than all of our egos- that come and go combined.

Anyway, my interest in this and will to practice haven't been ignited by some experience on my own, hell I don't think we by yourself can ever do something to verify it since this system -that alone guy is a part of not the ego, so like most of you, by nature or whatever through some connections I had chance to verify that it is indeed real, but before I ask the person and look like a delusional tool, I want to explore and measure myself against everything, see what sticks and how real I am, you know.

Now the problem is, my r9k lifestyle has led me to by highly insecure of myself and my life's worth of emotions(read:pain) pent up inside me, so pretty much I am a open delicious dish for all the entities or whatever that starve on negative emotions, and I don't want them sticking to me.

I mentioned purpose-related definition, what I mean is everyone wants something- for that they mold themselves according to that- and that is what they become.
The key here is desires, or as you call it in hinduism "vasna"(note: I am not much versed in hinduism, despite being an..), it's always said among the wise ones, "Only God is yours, everything else is perishable", I expect entities to be the same, but I just need someone who can at least be kind to me in exchange to whatever I have to offer "her" "them", so any experience.. advice?

pls respond?
Literally the title, in context of meditating and getting in touch with astral plane.
thx, will go through that.

Can anyone help explain that what is "Carl Jung - Synchronicity" in simple and easy words ?
I notice that it happen with me often but what is this and it's purpose ? just to make me feel good ?
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Synchronicity is when you infer deeper meaning to a coincidence because you /feel/ it must surely have a reason or cause. It's a poor judgement made by emotion instead of the facts of the matter.

We live our lives through this thing I would describe as a "Predictive Matrix" (this may already be a thing someone else said, I don't know). This is because we evolved as creatures who have to be able to predict things in order to stay alive. Like, where's a likely place to find food, what's likely to happen if I poke that bear, etc.

This mode of predictive analysis has evolved over time, and it operates on a subconscious and unconscious level as well. We pretty much know what's likely to happen most of the time, and when it doesn't, we can figure out why it didn't.

So, when we encounter coincidences that fall so far outside of our predictive matrix that we can't reconcile (make sense of) them, we call it a "synchronicity." Jung's theory of the Collective Unconscious is the idea that all humans have a shared history of experiences that we tap into, and it ties in because it informs our predictive matrix. Recent research in epigenetics confirms that memories and expectations can in fact be inherited, and that we actually *do* "tap into" the past of our species to a large degree... how far back this goes is unknown.

One way to deal with synchronicity is to just chalk it up to "randomness," and decide it has no meaning. But eventually, you have to face the fact that "random" doesn't really exist - it only means we can't see the pattern that lies underneath the apparent chaos.

Therefore, I recommend viewing these synchronicities as moments where we have to accept the fact that our perspective as individuals is limited, and that there is always a pattern we can't see from where we are in time and space.

I hope this helps.
Synchronicity can be described as a meaningful coincidence.

Some events, symbols, or random happenings have meaning especially for you. This is what separates the objective with the subjective.

It's purpose can be said to be anything ranging from confirmation bias (a weakness of your brain/psyche) to communication with the Divine.

Once you start believing in synchronicity it may become truly overwhelming.

Synchronicity is beyond cause-and-effect, an acausal magical property of the universe, an act of pure creation. A sign from your subconsciousness that resonates with your ratio

Your reality responds to your observations.

In a sense it is magic, but different from the magic we know: Where you use your will to effect change (cause-effect). Synchronicity is aligning your will to the universe and it changes you, without you being submissive.
Jung wasn't exactly a mystic

To understand Jung I recommend you watch some of Jordan Petersons lectures

I would say that jung believed in gnosis through the sacred but that was the end of his explicit belief in mysticism

>inb4 some faggot argues with me
I own the red book in hard back and have read it and all the philosophers that Jung had read. Jung was trying to achieve self actualization through exploration of his unconscious, he believed that this was what some alchemists were referring to, and he also believed that some alchemists interpreted the philosophers stone/golden lotus to be self in the Buddhist sense.

File: ina.png (632 KB, 644x614)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
It's been a long time since we've had a comfy innawoods thread here on /x/

So gather around, show us your loadout, tell about your paranormal encounters out in the wild

For new folks: https://innawoods.net/
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>Use charcoal

I prefer salt
shit is this in Kilos or Pounds
File: result.jpg (166 KB, 680x650)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Ye, Suicide bomber kit
>one pistol magazine

It's no surprise that the human imagination latches onto fantastic concepts such as ancient aliens, super advanced lost civilizations, simulated realities & reptilian alien races using catch-all terms such as "red-pilled" to sanction these ideas born largely of pop culture and science fiction. Tangible mysterious such as Area 51, Mohenjo-daro and the Pyramids allow us suspension of disbelief for the unknown becoming anchor points, a foot in the door if you will, for much of this this real life fiction we construct around ourselves. But surely there must be something there, at least one truth hidden among the all the noise.

That said, could their be a truth behind man's collective fears, a horrible unimaginable darkness in our past not chronicled in our writings. Are the lost histories of our earliest civilizations something mundane or sinister and does the truth still lie there somewhere burred beneath the surface waiting to be discovered?
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The fanatical clerics who manipulate the disillusioned and disenfranchised Muslims of the historically & politically abused middle east to enact their agenda of Jihad on the modern world. The xenophobic Jewish battle axes who will use any excuse of "self-defense" to enact military genocide on their Muslim neighbors. The delusional Evangelicals who insist on continued Christian involvement in the middle east because the Jews need to be in Israel for the world to end. The conservative right who perpetuates and celebrates religious ideologies of anti-islamism, anti-abortion and anti-lgbt to garner easy votes and side step more relevant socio-economical issues. Big Business and the Military/Industrial complex who uses all of the above to justify involvement in the middle east all for the sake of oil and other resources.
So, the rich? Or what?
i absolutely HATE reading

but holy fuck does this catch my eye
Believe it or not, not everything is black & white easy to process "us vs them" drawing lines in the sand.

When we're talking "evil", we're talking the numerous facets of humanity shades with all the shades of gray and more flavors than Ben & Jerrys, not some singular New World Order group that we can blame each and every one of the world's problems on.

Life is complicated and so is concept of good and evil.
I just lost the Game.

File: heart-chakra-image.jpg (350 KB, 1600x1600)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
This thread is dedicated to my understanding of basic reality, a philosophy known to the ancient Aryans of India as Rita or Rta, I'd be interested to see youre thoughts on it anons.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Part 4: Life and all of reality evolves through time, what we would think of as the "Intelligent Siddhas" would be a more simple agricultural based society resembling something like 500 B.C. India. The Energy Siddhas would be like that but more like the descriptions of what Africa was pre-Annunaki invasion of this Earth in which all the beings in that area were supremely psychic, could telepathically communicate with all life around them, but still lived in nature for the most part, with or without agriculture perhaps but something alongs those lines, oh and Im sure people could fly all over the place as well. What comes after that generally are what we would think of as Star Trek stuff when people becomes so exalted in their essence that they leave the energetic nursery of a Solar System and go off into the outer material Universe and can more or less control their vessles ie astrology wouldnt apply but knowing the archetypes and how to mix and match them certainly would. There are four great arts in my mind which represent the four great psychological archetypes and they are a simple way of describing the different types of pleasure one can experience as William Blake described being the Angels of Science, Painting, Music, and Poetry. The Angel of Science in the enlightened state is actual voidness itself and pure silence whereas the visual ascetic, dancing ascetic, and expression of love for other beings ascetic are different ways to ride the wave of being and interact with other waves of being, note in the unenlightened state the Science art includes basically what the west would think of as researching.
Part 5: The Intelligent Siddhas will, in my understanding, manifest the Art of Science the most and spend their duration of enlightenment mostly enjoying the bliss of pure being but will spend marginal amounts of that duration enjoying the other three arts where as the Energy Siddhas will spend a smaller amount of time enjoying the Angel of Science and a larger time the other arts (perhaps near fifty fifty) and the Moral Siddhas will spend a larger amount of time enjoying the Angels of Painting, Music, and Poetry vs. that of Science. You would think since Moral Siddhas are super advanced in their complexity that the opposite would be true but ask any Gemini for the most part and they would say that this manifestation of Purusa actually makes alot of sense lol. Essentially though the enlightenment state represents being able to control the funnel of infinite knowledge and bliss and the life you enjoy in samsara is a reflection of what you enjoy with your mind in a pure and infinite way in moksha and what you enjoy the most will be represented by what stage you become enlightened in in the development of reality as it goes in and out of existence in between Mahapralayas and also note I think that we spend two thirds of the sum total of all of reality in Mahapralaya and only a third of it being unenlightened in Samsara, basically a fractal representation of waking and sleeping but it's Self balancing so when we sleep in Samsara we are for a short time connected to the Source so we can recharge.
Well there it is! Would appreciate some input if any that yall might have.
>they actually come from the planet Mars
>The original meaning of the word Yoga meant the sum total of all vibrational movement

Where do you get these from?

>Nature also known as Prakriti is not evil as some hindus would say but represents a limited fractal representation of the potential infinite scope that the mind can conceive of to enjoy and appreciate in enlightenment, however based on my understanding Prakriti and Sakti are NOT the same thing, Sakti is one of the tripartite aspects of the Purusa which is the hindu term for ultimate reality in the yoga sutras.
I don't agree with how you are using many of these terms. Can you cite their usage? Purusa is the energetic, the active aspect of reality. Prakriti is the energy, the catalytic/environmental aspect of reality. Purusa utilizes prakriti, and sakti can be considered in terms of a purusa's potential to utilize prakriti.
ITT: deep analysis of Little Red Riding Hood...

Does anybody know the origin of this picture? I've reverse image searched it and can't seem to find the origin.

Thank you
Found nothing thats a definant source goodluck with your search.
its a pic of Lilith
The moon, snake and third eye reminds me of shive, whatever it is it's probably inspired partly from by Him.
Try reading the file name.

File: grey.png (240 KB, 406x352)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
They are real. They are out there. They are abducting innocent people to get their genetic material. The government realizes this, and they let it happen because they get alien technology out of this ordeal. Greys are real and they have a deal with our fascist state to prey on its' civilians. We need to let people know what's happening! How else do you explain cows getting butchered, people getting abducted and the government refuses to acknowledge it? Because the government KNOWS AND LETS IT HAPPEN.

General grey thread
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According to the reports, not in alll cases. Sometimes, there is a considerable deal of the old in-out-in-out involved.
maybe they only rotate a little ways, like how you can turn your hand palm side up and then palm side down. they could have really flexible ligaments in there.

would be easy as hell, just stick your tongue out and let them rotate their junk. easiest fifty spacebux ever.
>even aliens are out to cuck us
File: 1477251273194.png (255 KB, 1200x900)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Kill yourself, reddit. We don't correct people here, grammer nazi reddit faggot.

File: IMG_20161023_175253.jpg (742 KB, 2592x1944)
742 KB
742 KB JPG
Seen this kind a thing when meditating, Anyone know what this symbol means?
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close enough.
Give me some good info. Pls?
Bottom left could be a representation of an eye, indicating the third eye, I tend to see a different but similar object during meditation.
The top right symbol heavily resembles a vagina, possibly indicating some form of birth or creation
Thank you ^_^

It can have two sources: Your personal unconscious or your collective unconscious. In the case of the former, we can't tell you. We don't know you. In the case of the latter, it reminds me of a syzygy, which represents duality. But it can be something else. Thing is, unless you put into words what that looks like to you, it won't really be possible to interpret.

File: 1475563715860.png (883 KB, 1920x1080)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
how do i become an exorcist? i mean like fighting, or however you get rid, of them?i've been thinking about this for a while and i'm think of going on a road trip this summer and i want to fight a spirit while i'm out. any books to recommend?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Read the ghostpuncher pasta and start lifting.
>>18263071 (OP)
I heard a good book was the bible : /
It isn't a hobby. Once you start down that path you will be watched because you are a threat by knowing too much. You will have to guard yourself and others against corruption for the next of your life
Rest not next*
>accept that spirits don't real
>join the catholic church and be appointed by a bishop

Pick one

File: 20131010041425221.png (179 KB, 512x384)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
What are some of your favorite individual creepy cartoon specials? They don't necessarily have to be Halloween episodes as long as they're spooky and fit the spirit of Halloween.
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File: Halloween-Tree-kite.jpg (146 KB, 1269x957)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
I'm reading the book now. Pretty sure whoever was the witch was a dude. Is Jenny one of the others? I could swear they're all boys.

Also, holy shit, Bradbury's prose is the purplest of purples.
Tim Burton didn't do Coraline though (but it's the best out of all those).
Season's Greeting
It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


Sandman (1992)
That was great

What's /x/'s opinion on Stardust Ranch?
It lacks trees but the view is good.
it's a ranch that grows start dust, stupid
makes sense
File: Abschiedtour.jpg (106 KB, 788x788)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I think i should simply go and move there^^

File: 1477252296062.jpg (200 KB, 1000x786)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
I had a dream last night that I was with a group of six people. These six people were consumed by greed.

A being noticed their behavior and offered them to play a game and in the end of that game they would be offered riches but only if they won. The six people were skeptical I said nothing and just watched them. Finally they decided to come to an answer and follow the being request for a game just as a joke because they could care less they just wanted something fun to do and a reason to drink. There were three women and three men the being explained the game and they began. They had to put their hands over their eyes and close them the last person to take their hands off their eyes would be hidden by the being then they would guess where the being hid the person they had no time limit on how long to guess where the person was. They started the game a girl was the first to go, they thought they be clever and look for her before making a guess without the being finding out. They spent a week looking for her and finally gave up. The being replied "well then you have 5 more people to get the answer right but whatever people that are left when the answer is right are the ones to be rewarded". I watched the five remaining people become with greed answering wrongfully one after the other in hopes of being the last one to keep the wealth to them self. I found something odd because the being looked human to them and while they knew I was there they knew I was not apart of the game and the being tried to ignore my presence as much as possible. I found it odd so I began to look around for a name of what the being went by I finally found a book with the name Vassago just written repeatedly along with stating it was a fallen angel. I returned and there was only one person now I called out Vassago name and he fled away the last person grieved for what they had done knowing they never see their five friends again.

What does this dream mean?
Were the six people in a car in Dallas in the early 60s by any chance? Are you sure it wasn't 4?
They were in a car some point in the dream but when the game was going on it took place mostly in a house. Their house was in city but ten mins away was lots of farms with lots of hills. Like this. When they first encountered the being it was at a pit stop on their way home.
File: Greed.png (16 KB, 116x138)
16 KB
It means you forgot to use the catalog. >>18253839

File: 1475090956500.png (269 KB, 562x409)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
So I just discovered Eris, Chaos Magick, and Discordianism. I'm really liking the ideas they represent. I only just found out that magic/alchemy is more of a psychological than a physical phenomenon.

I'm going to start reading the Principia Discordia and was wondering what you all thought about these subjects or if you could point me in the right direction to find out more.

TLDR: Red pill on Eris, Chaos Magick, Discordianism
202 replies and 62 images omitted. Click here to view.
Entropy is a foolish concept? Well, slap my ass and call me Sally cuz I've suddenly got a loooot less to worry about.
And what does this have to do with losing the Game? The game I just lost.
The Invisibles being a hyper-sigil is also useful for /x/philes
File: 1477151944471.png (119 KB, 500x286)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
File: 1476630840049.jpg (14 KB, 289x292)
14 KB

File: signsalien.png (546 KB, 782x465)
546 KB
546 KB PNG

Get in here and help us comb through the latest emails, lets see if there's more evidence of Aliens in the latest batch... if not I'm sure we'll find more evidence of government corruption along the way.

>Paste last 4 digits of your roll to the end of either of the below URL (keep the 1 or 2)
>Post summary in this thread with a link to the email if you find anything interesting



>Wikileaks.org seems to be down for some people, let us know if you can't get to it
>If you find something juicey you can find more emails in the database from that person by Googling 'Wikileaks [their email address]"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
lets see
see wat? hab u sen an elien plS?
"1" was a link to an embassy in Tokyo, "2" was a "may the force be with you" greeting.
Well you could at least talk about the UFO video leaked from the emails.


File: 20160810_152048.jpg (2.12 MB, 4160x2340)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
My dog often barks at nothing in the most random places in my house, he will also stop and just stare blindly at walls and doorways. Sometimes he likes too run around and act like hes interacting with another person when there is no one there. Is there anyone else out there with a dog or any other pet that dose this?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1477279721130.png (358 KB, 409x517)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
You need to play with your dog more. It's obviously bored out of its mind.
My cat would just stare and sometimes move her head around as if she was following a person walking/moving around, but there was/is nobody in front of her. Parents always said she was checking out ghosts.

Event Horizon
File: 100_2027.jpg (381 KB, 2304x1728)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
Not sure if Animals see"ghosts" in particular, but i am convinced that the finer senses of some animals allow them to have sensations that our human sensoric Perception would simply miss. We still dont know how other species process their eyesight, sense of smell etc..so it COULD be possible that your Dog barks at the Smell of your W-Lan Repeater or something..

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