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File: 1524255259755.jpg (43 KB, 540x357)
43 KB
Anyone else see something like this in their dream? A narrow plateau sourounded by a crater with a really small black hole at the top.
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It's more closely related to the devils tower.
As for the I habitants, the only "foreign"(as in I don't recognize them) people are in the room behind the door. One guy, (tall, glasses, semi-muscular) and two girls. One blonde and average build, and another with darker skin and hair than the others. She was apparently the leader, and was pissed. She eventually tried to cut me with a weird dagger.
There are no inscriptions on the pillar, but there are a lot of trinkets and small belongings on it. Like keys, dolls, pretty much stuff you'd find as a garage sale.
I'm trying to think of how the fuck that thing could exist from a geological prospective. I got fucking nothing. Is that the result of industrial equipment cutting off a mountaintop or something? What the fuck, seriously.
>be volcano
>well up underground
>create massive lava chamber

>be dead volcano
>chill for a couple mil.
>get eroded to shit
>erosion continues
>suddenly massive hexagonal columns
>more erosion
>more columns

You get the idea.
pics or it didn't happen
W— j-

How about tits with timestamp? I didn't think to record it when it happened.

Also, I was dead half the time.

File: jonathan.jpg (1.83 MB, 2592x1944)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
I've seen this image posted around /x/ quite a bit. For a while it would get progressively larger each thread, revealing more of the image. I was wondering if there was any information on what it is, or if its just a meme.
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i've seen it before too, i dont have any info
last I saw the image was called "mathew"
really? i've only ever seen the filename as jonathan. maybe its possible its been posted as both
this, where have you ever seen it as jonathan op?
i don't have any proof or anything, but i remember seeing the filename as "jonathan", even when i saved the image myself i kept the filename i saw

Hey, /x/. Got any weird, creepy, strange, and or paranormal YouTube videos or channels? They could be either a series or interesting ARGs.

Here’s one that I have found:
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File: shaystjohnpink.gif (136 KB, 300x300)
136 KB
136 KB GIF
bumping for the love of my babe Shaye

this channel is pretty great https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtNSf-WBK1HJug8ti1Y1tgQ
File: acrylic.jpg (1.76 MB, 1401x1888)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
here is a painting i did of shaye


Master and Margarita part 7
(high quality Russian faerie tale)


Beyond The Door 1974 End Theme


Blue Signal: North Korean Traffic Ladies [ Tycho • Adrift ]

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Just found this on NouTube(Petittube ripoff) Not sure what to make of it. A guy in a wheel chair rolls around whilest a religous text to speech rant plays.

I think this young man in the wheelchair is a Christian and has trouble verbally communicating. He says that he has trouble walking and talking which explains why he is in a nursing home. He also survived a serious roll over accident in his truck that almost killed him and he plans to get married.

And if you do not believe what he says about Jesus Christ then "you are just spitting on the cross." He also names and belittles his "supposed to be" speech therapist as a racist and gives out a phone number where you can reach him. He talks about the "separation people" but more clarification would be helpful what he means by this term. He also ran out of texting minutes and won't have any more until next Wednesday. If anything, his video is a good lesson in listening skills.

A rebuttal (I am not taking sides in this issue):

False Prophets for Profit. Jesus Christ and Lucifer are brothers


Jesus is Lucifer


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I gains a ver rudementry grasp of chaos magic for a friend and shaman or guru if you will. I was primarily raised in shit east side pirimiter of Atlanta Ga, where such touching classics as deliverance derive from.

Any who I casted to immediately become fit and have intense energy and dedication like no man before and have the ambitions of Ora Nobunaga but also become peaceful and that I would exercise and get fit for my kids and get my nuts out of a woman’s purse and be a man.

Well I got what I wanted but I bit off much more than I could chew. Long story is this I pissed in Gods eye and he blinked, but I gained near unlimited peace energy and drive to help my fellow brothers and sisters.

I need to do a ask me anything so I can try to recover what this great secret was I uncovered was. I thought I had found the meaning of life but I think I just peaked at the divine and got put in place.

If your interested ask me anything.

File: 6411477.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
How many distinct "solomonic grimoires" are there, exactly?

What's /x/ description of these two?
Both descendants of the same ten-point oral tradition.
Pre-Lurianic and Post-Lurianic.

Also: >>20673138
>ten-point oral tradition


Give me the "real" answer.

Hi /x/
I’m a raging adolescent who’s been having all sorts of fucked up desires and thus tried to learn lucid dreams as of recent. ITT i was hoping to share some weird dreams or hopefully find someone who could tell me what to do with the ones i’ve been having because some of these have started bothering me. I’ll start:
My first documented lucid dream:
April 19
>be me
>female who just finished first year of college
>it was just after the end-of-year party bc first year of college just ended so everyone was celebrating, some people half naked, some people with messy hair and alcohol breath, etc.
>everyone was going down this spiralling staircase that we called ‘the void’
>it was going down a fuck ton
>people were doing this to test their fear, banter etc.
>I myself was half naked in my underwear and a crop top and barefeet, preparing for a slumber party with female friend and some other girls
>i go down out of curiosity, knowing well I have to stop at one point
>shit gets darker, the ceiling starts to lower
>i stick to the walls
>most of my friends have already gone back out but some are still ahead
>I predict that it must eventually decrease in room space to crush you and you become deprived of oxygen
>I hear a girl scream and the girl behind me instantly goes down to save her.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Dream no. 2:
At this point several dreams have occured between then and now. regret not documenting bc i realize it means im making progress but this is the weirdest one by far.
April 21:
>spoiler: I had a dream that my first best friend in college (all our other friends shim him and I together) and I fucked. It was bizarre.
>It started out in the house of a stranger’s family. I think his house and his family was cursed with Stephen King’s The Shining-esque apparitions and monsters and I had to help them. My memories are too fucked up, can only recover some of the visions.
>his family consisted of him, his wife, two sons and two daughters i think.
>one of the sons kept having weird shit happen in his sleep. He had an astral projection problem like in Insidious - i walk into his bedroom and there’s this giant eye oozing out if the wall above his bed’s headboard, breathing and blinking.
>the father himself kept having nightmares that he’d wake up in snowy open fields in the middle of nowhere, and he’d run to his house, open the trunk in the basement and said son’s dismembered bloody body would be found inside.
>his family decide to move one day and i have to help him. His son is missing.
>time skip bc my memories are too fucked.
>best friend and I were standing opposite each other, ready to head out of this building (presumably to have a night out with the others). One of our friends were also in the room but they were just standing next to us minding their own business, oblivious to the situation.
>I think I was fixing a button on best friend’s jacket for him when he was helping me fix mine.
>He slowly leans in and kisses me.
>everything becomes a blur and I just remember we had extremely aggressive sex.
I wake up.
Some of these things are actual things I’ve thought about in real life (e.g. the void, where my best friend and I might end up in the future, etc.) so I’m not too surprised about them appearing in my dreams. Some of the fucked up bits bother me a bit though and I was wondering if anybody could tell me more about them, anything I can learn. I just want to talk about it with someone.

File: john-lang-1.jpg (79 KB, 500x374)
79 KB
Let's talk about this.
>activist starts posting/talking about Fresno PD corruption (entrapment, stalking, harassment)
>knew a lot of people in the Fresno activist community
>tells local news and others that he was going to be murdered by the police
>stabbed to death
>house lit on fire
>death ruled as suicide

Here's a couple of clips about from/about him:
Here's a few more.

File: cern.jpg (136 KB, 599x390)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Hi, sorry I am new to /x/ but what the fuck is CERN? What are they REALLY doing there? I refuse to believe they built a 40 mile long collider or whatever to look for a tiny particle.

Is it a wormhole or what? Something is definitely shady about these douches.
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File: Who.jpg (21 KB, 288x346)
21 KB
>instead just ask random anonymous retarded trolls.
But this is (((their))) worst nightmare
Shadow government pump and dump, works like stocks.
Not everyone wants to be your personal encyclopedia, faggot. I can't fucking stand people like you. You are using the INTERNET FUCKING GOOGLE IT
File: Ep02_-_paranoid_okabe.jpg (57 KB, 1280x720)
57 KB
There are things you shouldn't know, for your own good.
Why does everything have to be a fucking conspiracy. Holy shit. You just need to google what other particle accelerators look like to see it's just that. As to why they would spend so much time and money to find just one particle, well, some people actually care about understanding the mysteries of the universe instead of believing in fucking fairies and ghosts.

File: 1368367039137.jpg (134 KB, 752x711)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
ITT: the mkultrapill
I think 4chan has been gov backed at some point or infiltrated with bots and their agenda is to make you more degenerate and more corrupted so the evil doings of our leaders look familiar. Same goes for movies, i was pretty hc when it came to gore and liveleak and shit like that but realized how fucking destructive it is to your mind in the long run.
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It could be true, but have you got any evidence?

If that's the problem in your case, your condition is same sex attraction right?
Porn has messed up your mind. And that mind needs to get cleared from those views.
Understand that this condition you're facing is not something you're born with, it developed in your mind instead.
It is not going to be easy to get rid of SSA, but some sources contain helpful instructions, you should read it and listen to them. Know the borders

File: 3 - 1.png (12 KB, 668x460)
12 KB
dammm /po|/ shit
Politics are paranormal
All the thing the gov does is shitty and gay. 4chenmkultrausafailure.

File: IMG_0357.jpg (144 KB, 768x454)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
If all is one then we are not only one with the good benolovent things of everything but also we are also one with evil and molevelance so why do so many people beileive that to gain true spiritual understanding you must only do "good" deeds and if god is transcended from all then isn't he also transcended from morality ? If he OBEYS to moral laws then can you even call it god ?
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File: thelight.gif (491 KB, 517x640)
491 KB
491 KB GIF
Almost everything has evil in it, but it is our duty to reject evil and choose good. We have to learn how to put our faith in the light.
File: 466px-Yin_yang.svg[1].png (12 KB, 466x466)
12 KB
You are looking at it from a dualistic mind (good vs evil). Never strive for doing good. Rather strive for something like compassion, there is both good and evil in there, if you would divide it into its individual components
Evil is chaos and chaos is the natural state of the cosmos. Order is good but that shit is a lot harder to obtain than chaos
Chaos is not evil and order is not good, there can be good chaos and evil order

Chaos being change, sometimes things become stagnant like water when left unchanged.

You can also have evil in the form of order, look at any "dictatorship", even fantasy ones, ie. The Nazis', The Empire in Star Wars
>good chaos and evil order
More precisely, when order is evil, chaos is good.

I just finished Veronica

Based off a "true story"

So do people actually get in touch with things on Oujia boards? I tried one once and nothing happened. Do they really follow you around afterwards?
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File: sandra_escacena.jpg (34 KB, 640x1054)
34 KB
Lemme story tiem. #1

My classmates did it in our class the day before our christmas party. This happened when I was in first grade. Only a few attended the preparation day, me included. Though, they didn't have a board, but they made one using a paper and a coin.

I was watching them perform it and shit, teach wasn't in the room. Me and my other classmate were only watching them, not joining. It was all fun and games, but they decided to perform it somewhere else in the school, instead of the classroom. There was this bridge which connected the bldg A to B, and they did it there. Legend has it someone committed suicide from there (also, school was previously a legit cemetery; the playground objects (slides and swings, etc) were placed right above or next to the unmarked, blurry graves). Anyways, I was talking with my other classmate before I heard someone crying very loudly, while running. Those who played came back running to the classroom, where they immediately closed the door once they came in.
Pls continue
Oh snap
Story tiem. #2

Once they came back, they were all panting and crying and shit (others were on the verge of crying). Running from the third floor to the ground floor sure wasn't an easy task, but it was strange to see them exhausted to this much. I don't remember my other classmate's name, who didn't play along, but I'm pretty sure she was a girl. Let's call her Heather.

Heather and I asked them questions, common questions like, are you guys okay? What happened? Did you see something?

It was starting to become very worrying because they weren't answering and they all looked so scared and spooked and shit. I don't remember what they answered, but sooner or later they asked if there was someone outside, to which I answered 'yes', because, yes, there was someone outside. They asked because they were all trying hard to not look at the windows.

Outside our room. Peeking on the windows (right next to the door my classmates barged in from). A horrible... face. I don't remember much. The face was looking at them, before it turned its gaze to me. I wasn't scared, for some reason, and I even stood up to open the door. I opened the door, looked at where the 'ghost' was just beside the door, who looked at me, harmlessly. It didn't speak, but I wasn't scared. I came back inside, told them that there's a person on the window but they (my classmates) wouldn't budge. I raised my voice and when they finally looked at the window, the ghost disappeared. I've really forgotten how it looked like, I couldn't even remember how it appeared. I'm a grade 11 right now, so it's really hard to remember.

Oh, and, after that, we came to the bridge to check it out, when, well, the coin was there, but the paper, no. There was also one of my classmates that was left behind in the bridge, crying hardly with her face buried in her knees. It took a while for us to get her to stop crying.

The next day, nothing much happened. It was a fun christmas party! And I only got a mug. Sucks.

I was looking for more information on the Milton Hyland Erickson hypnosis method. He was able to put people in a state of hypnosis by confusion during the initial encounter. It makes guy be asking a nonsequentor question or intentionally mess up the handshake. This caused the conscious mind to figure out the intitial encounter while he started speaking to the subconscious mind.
I am looking for information on how it was done and to recognize when others are doing it to me.
weird i stumbled across his wikipedia pages literally yesterday.
from what i understand, the thing about hypnosis is that the subject has to be in a hypnotic state for it to work; and it can either be really beneficial, or seriously fuck someone up
The thing about his methods is the person/target does not know it is happening. They never “go to sleep” like the common methods. “You will now go to sleep” vs “if your tired close your eyes and go to sleep”.
look into NLP and the 'handshake interrupt pattern', which is based on the trick Erickson did. The theory behind it is that you are conditioned, and hence a trance when you shake someone's hands. so it would work by reaching for the person's hands then grabbing their wrists or something, which would break the 'pattern' and cause you to go into a sort of limbo trance where you are susceptible to suggestions.

yes, Erickson was a sneaky devil, everything he did was conversational hypnosis, in other words you would just think you were having a conversation with him while falling deeper and deeper into trance.
You'll often hear people say that we are "creatures of habit," and this is true, to an extent, but it doesn't really explain the fundamental reason that this stuff works. In other words, it doesn't explain /why/ it works.

There's an old con artist's trick that's relevant here. The main factor in all con artistry is being able to pick "targets" that seems most gullible, but the same basic principle applies to everyone. Once you have a victim, the basic tactic is to get them to "go along with" whatever you're saying. They might have doubts that it's a genuine Rolex, or if it's fool's gold or fake diamonds (cubic zirconium?), but they'll "just go along with it" if the con artist presents themselves in a trustworthy fashion. Despite the fact that the act itself is ultimately untrustworthy.

So how do things like instant inductions and confusion inductions work? Simple.

You "just go along with it." Because that's how human interaction works. Nobody ever actually addresses anyone else on an existential level, we're all "just kind of" going along with society and social norms and culture and tradition and everything we're taught and so on and so forth.

The purpose of enlightenment is thus to see all this conditioning, all these habits, all the communal hypnosis for what it is—and drop it.

Once you're free from "just go along with it"-style habits, you are said to be en"lighten"ed of these unnecessary "burdens."
a very common `confusion` technique is give a command while you surprise people. like saying `sleep` as you bump or give an unexpected, strong handshake

File: s-l1000.jpg (133 KB, 1000x750)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Can you guys share some information about the Ahnenerbe?

These guys were really interesting, going on expeditions to search for relics. Real life Indiana Jones type of stuff.
55 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
the letter was found in there according to the news, and i dont see any errors. the only weird thing is the word "team" being used where i agree that this wasnt liked, ut some low SS pleb that just wrote the report might still have used it
>Said the Khazar.
Again... Jews are not a chosen people and have never been led by God. However, they have a clearer genetic memory and this allows some of them to reinvent old concepts slightly more frequently. They are not smarter than any other people.

correct, cheap fake
Obvious fake skulls carved from old animal bones.

>See expanding Earth theory, potentially compliments hollow earth.
Both are works of fiction. The earth doesn't expand in this way and is not hollow.
The myth was born from primitive people rediscovering ancient underground complexes the size of which impressed them so much they presumed the earth itself was hollow.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (121 KB, 1920x816)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
File: 1520922633388.jpg (5 KB, 213x237)
5 KB

So I was watching Thief Of Baghdad, and someone referred to the biblical Solomon as the "King of Jinn", I believe. Jinn does mean genie, but it's mostly used now to describe demons. This lead me to an apocryphal book called The Testament of Solomon, written in the 1st millennium CE by an unknown author, who seems pretty wise in spiritual discernment himself, and even has a record of talking to a demon who knew about Yeshua Hamashiach's death and resurrection long before it actually happened. So like the book of Enoch, it seems to follow the Bible pretty well.
So basically King Solomon is given rule over demons when he is given a ring from the archangel known as Michael. This is where the Seal of Solomon (pic related) comes into play, which has since been used in Judaism, Satanic Judaism, and other Esoteric circles. He used this ring to make demons build the temple for him. However, this is conflicting with the narrative of what happened in the Bible. Now, correct me if I'm wrong as I haven't read 1 and 2 Kings all the way through in a while, but when I went back to 1 Kings, it said Solomon used human workers to build the temple.
Either way, this more esoteric side of Solomon has definitely piqued my interest. Thoughts? Has anyone read the Testament of Solomon? Would anyone like to offer more knowledge about demonology and how demons can be controlled under the right circumstances? Or is it simply false teaching from an apocryphal source?

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