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My Wizard status has been revoked
I'm now in a relationship with a non-succubus woman
>G.gg..guys can I still into paranormal?
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File: cover.jpg (53 KB, 526x800)
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Wizards get more pussy than you've ever even fantasized about. But, hey... whatever let's you sleep at night.
File: 1511445797922.jpg (13 KB, 319x331)
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The only way that you can still be into paranormal is by sucking a ghost into your cock.

Only if you let her ride you, and peg you, in a ritual circle dedicated to Lilith.
You were likely always a cuck never true magi

File: IMG_6110.jpg (2.93 MB, 4032x3024)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB JPG
Any hints?
You need a 14 int.
You need 10 int minimum.
Going 14 int is just like commie lab geek

Is it plugged in?
Make sure you have correctly transformed yourself into the deity
Keep buying more shit for your spiritual awakening, dude

File: 1511585197722.jpg (35 KB, 446x491)
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File: tenor.gif (1.03 MB, 600x336)
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1.03 MB GIF

File: 500full-1.jpg (71 KB, 500x365)
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Hey /x/
Is it possible to 'reboot' our lives?
I feel like i'm stuck into a life that is not mine. I'm alone, sad, no job, etc.
I just want to reroll, get some friends and graduate a real degree and not the shitty one I currently have.
I also feel like I'm watching my life, and not being active in it, this shit sucks.
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im sure of it
Not to mention that as a human, everything can be taken from you in an instant, through no fault of your own, with no way to get it back, even if you had done everything right until that point.
File: 1512455347596.png (1.09 MB, 960x887)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
I know how you feel. Getting stuck in your habits and personality is very limiting.
Try either A)
a high does of ibogaine
B) shocking your brain with a series of car batteries and a couple electrodes.
C) depriving yourself of sleep for a week
D) Go walk through the woods at night without a flashlight
E) walk up the down escalator
My patron has offered this to me. I was dying of complications related to pregnancy and moments before death she dumped me into a new body. This one male. Figments of my previous life come to me in very vivid dreams or powerful feelings of deja vu.

My patron quickly made herself aware to my new person and uses these dreams to guide me in the path I wanted to take.
I brought it up before that everyone's situation as a soul can have unique factors. Teaching through pain is not the only way to, in fact it can be detrimental to spiritual growth. Fracturing of the soul some say occurs with enough trauma leading to holes in the auric field which in turn can lead to illness/insanity or invasion by entities. Possession of a healthy mind is somewhat of a prerequisite for proper learning and integration of ideas/experiences. Suicide in my opinion would ideally be dealt with on a one on one basis to determine etc happened, what is a best option for the next step etc. Reincarnation immediately to torture a being does not seem progressive. There are unlimited forms of service to others or ways of learning, it is not dependant upon physical incarnation only. Some NDE's report that suicides either get some sort of spiritual icu, or a space of immense beauty alone to reflect upon what occurred before moving on.

File: pensive-pepe.jpg (40 KB, 600x579)
40 KB
Is slavery okay if demons are the slaves?

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Tfw gender dysphoria
lol. this makes no sense whatsoever.
File: explaination.jpg (6 KB, 225x224)
6 KB
natural events are made by commands of the trinity, Jesus, God, And the Holy Spirit, there are other gods and religions such as Kek And Pepe, these orders shape the fabric of space and time, the relaxing treat of cold, breathable air and a classic pepe, before the rare pepes started, so now it comes to this: normies are cringy (and yes you are allowed demon slaves but dont be surprised if they erase those nice pepes of yours)
It depends on what you use them for. And how you do the slavery too, not all slavery is like american slavery. In olden days, slavery used to just be a short-term thing and you get to be integrated into the society you were slaving for as a citizen once you term is up
Are poo poo's okay if it's just food poos?

File: ECHS.png (826 KB, 800x800)
826 KB
826 KB PNG
10:02, Sat, January 20th (2018)

This thread is to signal to all that the binary female is now undertaking DMT to synchronize the sexual timelines for human genders.

Her name is Jacinta Alice Richardson.

You are all welcome to join in our timeline and synchronize alongside her.

She is very accomodating.

The method was simply using a volcano vaporizer and filling the bag with DMT.

Strap in everyone. Our timelines are about to get 'singularly synchronous'.


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And yes, Alice in Wonderland is in effect.

Even if you are into lolita succubus, you are accepted by us.

Those who do not have any psychedelics to align time physicality with can simply post in this thread for meditative purposes.
Curious passerby here.

Why did you choose Echs of all memes to shitpost by?
You are the ones that gave me the title.

Were I to use any other, you would not know who I was.

Humans need their eyes to understand but the image I posted was not created by my hands.

I honor the board that gifted itself, itself, unto itself.

How does /x/ feel about April’s fools day this year?
4/20/18 is better
sooper trooooopers 2 coming out.

Dear /x/

I hope you remember when I exposed the truth about #jillianepperly and her #jillyjuice

And remember guys, jilly always stated her parents worked with biotech and this gave her inside information into how the elite created weaponized viruses.

The truth, i believe, is even more sinister. Is this a psyops? What if Jillians daddy works at a company studying kidney disease and her mommy is on some AIDS foundation? What if this is another social media experiment?

And remember how /x/ shunned me and demanded proof of this deep conspiracy.

Howboutdis, yall need to research Jillian Epperly and Jilly Juice.

Please prove to me that Im wrong. Prove to me this isnt a psyops. Thanks.
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I am so fucking confused
Me too, me too
it's a facebook nigger, trying to dox another facebook nigger. ignore. carry on.
Man, that shit keeps getting that much use?
Jesus motherfucking Christ.

It is time to start answering questions.

Here are things I'll be open about





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I'm not a hippy, I work 2 jobs to just get by, I'm a nobody.

I don't even hate it.

I just get to help and talk to people all day, while I have plenty of free time to enjoy the gym or go to movies, and plays. I can go see operas or go to concerts.

Stop being so materialistic
It is possible to live in a mandala palace after death
Any thoughts on when we reach critical mass for the event? I already feel the energy coming. Can't wait to see what higher levels of awareness come with it.
Some people is able to recognize other people just by their writing style.
>Or wizards and mud bloods.
Same shit, different name.
There is no such thing called a Muggleborn, they had squibs in their bloodline anyway.

File: �ngelo fel_800.jpg (17 KB, 400x300)
17 KB
Ice wall Edge? Really?
>Believing in the FE meme
Your own fault (unless you're doing sarcasm, then you're alright)

Recommend me some good spoopy children's entertainment (books, television, movies, video games).

Recommend it if you like it, even if it's just a one-off episode of an otherwise non-spoopy series.

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this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfZjwk9kXDo
Nice effort, but it was animated.
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Sounds like Foster's home for abandoned Imaginary friends, anon

File: 4chan.jpg (244 KB, 1920x1200)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Is there anything that's related to 4chan that was popular but can no longer be found?
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never heard of 420chan, eh?
File: 1515925067528.jpg (42 KB, 600x400)
42 KB
Wang october trope cypres tango
We already have a gore thread, its called /b/
I don't recall Xeno being popular, just him posting a lot. I can recall only one instance of him being actually useful. If you want to talk about posters we haven't seen recently and kind of miss, bring up Jack or Hijinks or Lawliet.

File: file.png (714 KB, 640x480)
714 KB
714 KB PNG
give me a quick rundown on Vampires, /x/. After hearing this podcast am almost 100% certain that Vampires are responsible

It's the only thing that makes sense. They're the only being with all of the "powers" required to pull this shit off and have the motivation to do so as well
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they are the same person dude, im not convinced you arent her LOL
Nice to see you again
Aw c'mon.. let me inside and give me a chance to show you how nice we are.
Well I more just want a good old fight, so if there are any vampires who would like to start terrorizing a town near me so I can hunt them down and give them a smack down
If a vampire just lied down and let me stake them that would hardly count
Who is he?Is he a vampire?

File: davincipainting.jpg (66 KB, 555x759)
66 KB
There’s this guy named Jason James Bickford on youtube who’s just casually cracking esoteric codes and predicting the future with what he calls, “unified code theory.” He uses it to find hidden codes in the media. He claims to have solved the JFK assassination hoax, solved the real Da Vinci code, predict terror attacks, and is able to predict events such as the outcome of the Super bowl. It’s one of those things that if it’s bullshit then it’s bullshit. If it’s true though, then you can be in the 0.00001% that’s aware of this info. He claims that he is being actively censored, and left on ominous comment on one of his recent videos that he’s going to be dead within a year because he cracked the code. Someone who can spoil the elite’s false flag events and their rigged sports games probably isn’t going to be around for long. Here are some videos
What It All Means 1: Bickford Theory
Unified Code Theory: Everybody Is Tyler Durden
The real Da Vinci Code
The JFK assassination hoax
There's some real interesting stuff here. A lot of his videos are all over the place. Look at his playlists for more organization. Some interesting takeaways from his work is that a lot of the news can be manufactured bullshit. It seems they can just photoshop pictures and paste them on made up news stories. Also anything on tv can be CGI. Some of the people you see may not even exist. One of my complaints with him is that his videos are very “artsy.” He doesn’t just come out and say exactly what something means. Anyway, I originally found this guy through /x/ so if you find something really interesting, please share it with other people.
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File: nfl.png (1.62 MB, 1440x2560)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
but is he casually cracking esoteric codes and predicting the future?
File: 1492571246378.jpg (141 KB, 845x883)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I can't tell if this is legit good material or not because I can't pay attention to him speaking over music with text saying completely different shit on top of music with sound effects and animations and holy fuck that is a mess. Simpler is better.
Alright I'm in. Try putting Trump Shutdown and Schumer Shutdown through an anagram generator online. This is some real deal shit. Try anagramming your name for some personal insight.

Truth dumps won.

Shutdown her scum.

File: reality glitch.jpg (117 KB, 1290x722)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
So, /x browsers, has any of you ever had a reality glitch?
Well, i did and here's the story
>be me
>be 4 years old
>get invited to a birthday party for the next day
>do stuff that you do in knidergarten
>go home
>go to sleep
>wake up
>go to party
>play with friends at hot-potato (i won a gormiti action figure)
>we eat, we dance, we play ecc...
>wake up
>mom says
"wake up anon, you have to go to your friend's birthday party"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Exact same thing is happening to me, except the word is "jew"
this happens to me a lot actually. I have dreams of events that could happen the next day or years later. One night I dreamed of me sitting next to my grandmother in bed, she was very sick looking and not breathing. That same week she had a stroke and I was able to stop her from dying. It's weird and this is the first time I have ever talked about it.
Top kek
ive had that afew times... feels kinda cool too, ya know
I was just stumbling upon air.

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