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File: english-freemasonry.jpg (268 KB, 700x434)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
>They're just boring old dudes socializing, guys!!!

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There are yearly dues but for most chapters it's less than $40
how do you pronounce "shoegaze"?

For Freemasonry? Freemasons for Dummies is actually a good start, despite the name. Otherwise it depends what aspects you want to read about.
have fun selling your souls because you were too spineless to be your own man and needed to join a club (to anyone who needs to join a cult to succeed in life)
Sounds like someone got blackballed.

File: the fool.jpg (321 KB, 704x1024)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
New Divination general.
Previous thread: >>16633564

http://pastebin.com/2Wp1Q074 (embed)

ScryGuys guide for divination:
http://pastebin.com/0q3jAE9z (embed)

Divination General - for readings and discussion of theory/practice

Let's be good to each other and get this going.
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this is the kind of guy that supports trepanning on mental patients.
Nah, sedatives and padded walls are fine.
Alright, given the lack of querants I will cancel the final Lenormand reading I was going to do.

For all of my querants, thanks to you all, and for the rest, have a good night!
Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated

File: Megan-Reptile.jpg (92 KB, 606x606)
92 KB
Long before /x/ became the Tulpa huffing Woo-fest of tinfoil hats (where 99% of everything discussed here can, and is, attributed to Skinwalkers & Jinn) it was once a haven for subject matter that actually had a slim chance of possibly being real. Whether it was cryptozoology, UFO sightings, Historical mysteries or even Urban legends it was the meat of what made /x/, well... /x/. So in honor of those elder times long gone (in favor of dropping shrooms to talk to machine gnomes) let's reminisce and indulge our suspension of disbelief rather than the play acting that has become so endemic on this board.
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Fine, last thread like this I made snowballed and people posted so much of their own interesting stuff, sorry it didn't happen a second time, but rest assured this thread will no longer take up the precious space of Machine Gnomes threads, Astral Projection, gestalt believer culture nonsense, "How-to-Tulpa", Angel art dumps and so forth.

Polite sage to keep from bumping this.

(inb4: "lol u so butthurt newb go bak2 /b/")
Squids don't have claws...
You admit that it's complete pseudoscience but post it anyway? Faggot.
File: Squid Hooks.jpg (22 KB, 580x375)
22 KB
The arms and tentacles of at least some squids have "claws," or, more accurately, hooks in them.
Not every lurker here is a faggot like >>16638229
who apparently reads every single post on /x/.

I liked your thread. Some stories here were new to me.

You could lay off the "what's wrong with x" and jus post cool shit though.

File: navajo_witch2.jpg (53 KB, 600x952)
53 KB
It's time to discuss Native American paranormal topics including cryptids, ghosts or paranormal activity on Indian Reservations, Native American legends, shamanism and more.

What do you think of "The Howler" - supposedly video taped here by National Geographic?


This might be one of the most spooky and seemingly authentic Native American cryptids or monsters next to Sasquatch in my opinion and I really want to know more about them. Supposedly they have been filmed on other occasions.

I'm way into Skinwalkers at the moment as I made this /x/ game with a few other anons for the Ludum Dare compo, in fact the review is from an /x/ anon:

I'd like to add more Native American things to my other games, my main project here for instance: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=495223051
has Hugags which are North American legend, but not Native American.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No, you misunderstand. I am saying that some people make up things and brand the as "authentic" native stuff. Stories, clothes, whatever.

I am upset that people do that. People of all races are free to learn our culture and stories. I just think people should not call something native when it isn't.

You feel me?

theres no scent better than it, except maybe pussy

damn nigga

I thought you were some gay tripfag but youre pretty alright

You understand

Many thanks.
Anyone personally get the painfully stereotypical paranormal stuff?
"Spirit visions", "talking to nature","ghostwalking", all that crap cowboy movies openly ridicule?

File: 9228.jpg (87 KB, 1000x733)
87 KB
Come join us and make friends and talk about spooky shit !

#/x/philes on rizon

Use https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.rizon.net to get on here or hexchat

So come on down

and please post your favorite alien pics in this thread
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why, I didn't vote for v/h/s
That wasn't the punishment. The next movie night though, that shitty mermaid movie will be on the list.
Is irc channel still up?

That's fine, it can't be any worse than Stranded

File: image.jpg (63 KB, 430x537)
63 KB
Did I just go lucid while dreaming?
While I was dreaming, I thought to myself really hard "you are in a dream", and suddenly I got this odd tingly feeling and this ringing in my ears, and all I could see was this weird orange static for about five seconds before I woke up

Also general lucid dreaming thread
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yeah mang, its hard to lucid dream without wakin up

or maybe lucid dreaming becomes easier when your body is starting to wake up

when i do manage to do it without waking up i have a hard time commanding anything to happen/appear - if it works at all it usually starts fucking up and twisting and melting
i assume you were in a very light sleep so there wasn't even time for an actual dream scenario to form

my one involved me just sort 'waking up' in a really drab room with an open door on a small bed, with my friend and his gf lying on another bed next to me, and a large CRT TV on the other side of me. this is when I began wondering where I was or why we were all there

my friend insisted we watch some DVDs he brought, mostly old 80s cartoons iirc that I didnt really want to watch (cause I was getting kind of annoyed and trying to negotiate the odd scenario we were in) but he put on anyway. there were random people I never met coming in and talking to us wanting to know who I was, others ignoring me, before leaving the room. I was ignoring them all

then the features of the room just switched. a large wardrobe appearing where the TV was, with the TV now at the other end of the room. the top half of the TV was now blown off as if it exploded without me noticing (I could see into the remaining guts) , yet it was still playing whatever we were watching

at that I was like 'fuck this' and laid down on the bed ... then I woke up irl

>sorry for rambling post, but I enjoy being able to recall weird dreams like that when I get the chance

I've only had two lucid dreams ever - if it's a legit lucid dream, you'll invariably do all the stuff you wish you could do in life

and you know it'll only last about 30 seconds if you're lucky -- so you're going to fly, blow stuff up, throw cars around, and have sex with as many hot chicks as possible

anything beyond that is bonus time - that's what really fascinates me, all the stuff you're liable to do once you've gotten the fire and chicks outta your system
One of the lucid dreams I had I remember I was walking down the street with my friends in some sort of apocalypse (a recurring theme in my dreams) and I just decided to float while sitting cross-legged. Not very special, I know
File: 1441158932107.jpg (16 KB, 575x412)
16 KB
If you pay attention to your perceptions as you go to sleep you can see several changes to your ability to see and hear. Observing these closely every night will eventually lead to you remembering your vision shortly after passing through the threshold. If you continue to spend time focusing on the things you see there you eventually see things similar to those shown in 'inception'

There is a place that we must connect with for a few short minutes or we continue to feel unrested. Neurologically the reason for the need of sleep is for a cleaning of the corrosive buildup resultant of the electro chemical interactions in our nerves. The 'place' is our boundary of perception while the corrosive material is chemically removed. It has the appearance of form in this image and size of a small black piece of fruit

File: 1402963229579s.jpg (4 KB, 250x186)
4 KB
Hey /x/. I used to browse here a lot a few years back but haven't stopped in for some time.

A friend of mine recently had to send his computer into the shop because he thought he had downloaded some kind of virus. At the same time he kept telling me about weird shit that keeps happening to him in his house. The main one is he's been having issues with both lights and his television turning either on or off when he knows that he left them the other way before leaving the room and returning. He hasn't actually witnessed them going out, but they're always opposite of how he left them.

From what I heard the only real thing that he noticed being up with his computer is that he kept finding image and text tiles in his download folder that he had never knowingly downloaded.

Long story short this got me thinking, do you think it could ever be possible for some kind of paranormal entity to either fuck with your computer, or maybe even could the computer be the original source of whatever is fucking up his house?

Pics mostly unrelated- just the only thing I still had saved from when I used to be on here a lot.
Also while I'm thinking of it, should I recommend for him to maybe leave an iPhone or something recording when he leaves a room to see if he can catch anything happening.
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Guess most poeple saw that video on youtube explaining the original thread and decided it would be fun to mess with the /x users
If he has unsecured wifi with openly shared directories it could be someone fucking with him. I have seen this done before.
Omg OP yu got damons in the conpoopr?
Yeah. There's plenty of evidence that poltergeist activity is possible. Just google around or check out the Occult Section in your library and look for memoirs, there's actually by scientists and other reputable so[slash]u[/slash]rces (my favorite is actually
Sorcery by J. Edgar Hunley)--people tend to keep the stories on lock, and not say much, to keep people in the dark or because they want to keep their names hidden or their scared as fuck by what they've seen. But dude it's on the news--people fall out of airplanes all the time and then there's the story of Rasputin and his prophecy and shit like that. Either the entity or whatever was doing the shit, or making it seem like the shit was happening.

File: mitd2.jpg (570 KB, 1920x1080)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
Midnight in the Desert with Art Bell


Streaming Links:



Popup Player: http://player.streamguys.com/dmr/sgplayer/player.php

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 9PM-12AM PST/12AM-3AM EST

Guest: Peter Davenport

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If dubs Art's wife Airyn will die of an "asthma attack" before she turns 30.
Fuck you, trying too hard, automatically discounted.
If dubs Art will get frustrated and quit his show before this year is over.
If dubs this Anon here >>16642657 will get prostate cancer.
Linda Godfrey is Thursday's guest.

>ortean investigator and former teacher, newspaper journalist Linda S. Godfrey is the author of sixteen books on strange creatures, people and places including The Beast of Bray Road, Weird Wisconsin, Weird Michigan, Real Wolfmen; True Encounters in Modern America, and her most recent, American Monsters; A History of Monster Lore, Legends and Sightings in America. She has been a guest on several national TV and radio shows, Linda is also a commercial and fine artist. She illustrates many of her own books, and lives in Southeast Wisconsin on the edge of the cryptid-packed Kettle Moraine State Forest with her husband, dog and youngest son. Her next book is forthcoming in 2016 from Tarcher/ Penguin Books and will explore the even stranger side of strange creature sightings.

Starting about a six months ago pee has started showing up on my floor, mainly in and around a certain room on the second story. I have multiple pets but they cannot enter said room because i normally keep it closed. The pee has been found in other rooms on rare occasion but never in any rooms with open blinds. The pee has appeared within two feet of me on multiple occasions even when all my pets are locked outside. I am getting super pissed off (pun intended) at whatever is peeing on my floor since I have a sandy tan carpet that stains easily. On multiple occasions people who come over have reported seeing a small child or humanoid figure run past them in the corner of their eyes but I have never seen it myself. In the room where the pee mainly occurs stuffed animals have moved over night, however nothing has ever been stolen. The pee itself smells almost like human urine but not quite and is usually yellow but can sometimes be a reddish dandelion.

Any idea what it might be and/or how to get rid of it? I have decided to name it the pissterghiest/peegoblin, i've heard giving spirits a name is a horrible idea, but whatever.
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File: Raccoon.png (307 KB, 600x350)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
It's a raccoon in your house.
File: MEDJED.jpg (74 KB, 713x499)
74 KB
Wrong! This is clearly the work of Medjed, the Ancient Egyptian ghost dick fish god, and Lord of all 4chan!

You have received the Lesser Blessing, OP. Rejoice!!
Poo Poo Pee Pee
My ceiling is not leaky, and I doubt it's coming up from under the floor due to it having very varied appearance spots including on top of bags and boxes.

File: mini-alien.png (256 KB, 480x269)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Extraterrestres, pruebas de su existencia
God is salvation
File: ohmy.png (199 KB, 345x459)
199 KB
199 KB PNG

Eye see.

File: Forest-At-Night-3.jpg (381 KB, 1920x1080)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
Hey /x/,
I have a cool ghost story for all of you that happened this summer, I'll do most in greentext but let me give some back story. I wasn't really a superstitious guy until after these events. Basically I work at this summer camp all summer, heard plenty of ghost stories and shit but it never really stuck to me, I figure this place has too much positivity to harbour anything potentially evil. Anyways, story time:
>be me
>spring camp time (all the grade 8 trips)
>get a pretty sweet cabin for this session
>sessions are only 3 nights, 4 days including drop off and leaving day
>have a meeting every night (just time for the counsellors to socialize)
>come back after meeting one night around 12
>all the lights in the cabin are on and all the kids are up against one wall, absolutely terrified
>"Anon! Anon! Something is happening"
>figure its just kids going ape shit because it's the first night at camp
>calm them all down and they get back into bed
>after about 15 minutes with the lights off shit starts happening
>spring-pulled door slowly opens half way then slams shut really fucking loud

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This is anon back with the story. I'll try to greentext but on mobile so we'll see.

Back story: This happened yesterday(technically today) at 2:30 AM CMT. I'm an armed security officer and was working a graveyard shift at one of our worse off posts. It's a rather large apartment complex in the Sharpstown area of Houston, Texas.(Google that shit, it's a terrible area). Although it's big, all of the apartments are really close together and the pathways are only big enough for one person. Now keep in mind, I just finished reading a story on /x/ about a dude that worked for a pizza company while in college, and met a super creppy motherfucker out in the sticks. But anyways

>Be me.
>Sitting outside in front of the office, watching the front gate.
>2:30am hits
>I'm thinking "Fuuuck, time to patrol, I don't get paid enough for this shit".
>Start my usual patrol, plan to walk the property fence line, look for any new breaks in the fencing, cuz fucking crack heads.
>Usually follow that up with a walk through the interior pathways
>Something is off. It's too fucking quiet.

Keep in mind this is the hood, there's ALWAYS at least 3 or 4 motherfuckers just strolling through.

>Remember that a few cars got broken into around this time, every time when there was no one out.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Enter the building cluster. I hear something or someone rummaging through the dumpster on the far side of the cluster. It's about 60 yards away

(The dumpster is behind the buildings on the right, basically in the furthest corner of the complex, so I can't see it til I walk down there and turn the corner.)

>Thinking its either just someone throwing a bunch of shit away or raccoons

>Either way, I'm bored AF so time to investigate

>Get about 20 yards from the corner and sound of my my boots spooked whatever it was cause the rummaging stopped.

>Immediately knew it was raccoons, cause people in this neighborhood don't get fucking spooked by footsteps.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Cont. Ending

I hopped the fence to give chase, but again, I don't get paid enough for this shit, and he didn't commit a crime. So I gave up before I entered the woods. And I shit you not when I got back over the fence, I heard that bitch yelling "Caaaaaatch meeeeeeeeeeeee". The whole thing was unsettling, if not by how quick that lankey thing could move, but his appearance alone. And those god damned eyes man. Anyways that's my story, if anything ever happens out here that's remotely spoopy I'll share.
>I heard that bitch yelling "Caaaaaatch meeeeeeeeeeeee".

I fucking laughed at this.
Lmao yeah looking back it was pretty funny. But when I heard it it creeped me the fuck out

Hey fellow Xphiles, I'm trying to summon a succubus to suck my own piss out of my dick and then brutally kill me (that way it's not suicide but I'm getting my wish for death granted). Any recommendations? I'm new to this whole summoning thing, so any books (along with a way to read them online/buy them)/videos/texts/etc. on how to summon a succubus would be greatly appreciated.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1013341699.gif (859 KB, 600x664)
859 KB
859 KB GIF

>Rummage through the garbage near ATM machines for discarded receipts.
>Find the receipts with large amounts in the bank.
>Adopt name of individual on receipt if it's on it. (Some receipts have them, some don't).
>Meet girls in clubs.
>Give girl your phone number on back of aforementioned ATM receipt.
>Girl thinks you're rich, will suck dick
>Get accused of rape.
>Get convicted and forced to register as a sex offender.
>Get raped in prison, because that's what happens to sex offenders.
>Suffer from PTSD and related, chronic depression and alcoholism upon release
>Kill yourself
>Find the receipts with large amounts in the bank.
>Adopt name of individual on receipt if it's on it. (Some receipts have them, some don't).

Kid too young to have ever had a bank account making shit up.
>Wants to summon what amounts to a sexual parasite
>Wants it to kill him after drinking his piss (?)
Are you retarded OP.

>The kids' TV actress turned pop star is arguably creepy for her robotic public presence and never-changing makeup, clothing, and hairstyle, but if that all seems normal to you, consider her apparent obsession with the occult. Arguably, the most interesting thing about Ariana Grande is the fact that she speaks about demonic possessions in interviews.


Illuminati got her mind, soul, and her body.
Secret society trying to keep their eye on her.
>sulphur smell
>random fly
how are those signs of a demon?
Sulfur smell has always been classically identified with hell. Flys are associated with Bealzebub.
Ms. Grande a cutie, though.
Sounds like someone blasted ass in the car with her.
I'd blame it on satan too if I was in that position.

Lets talk about Birdboy /x/, raised as a pet bird by his own mother.
He and some several people who were found like his conditions are real abductees.
Not paranormal
Well it sure as shit isn't "normal" either.
This boy was conditioned to belive he was a bird via influence of the mother. And having the surroundings of the birds to interact with was able to mimic them.
On the same [as to /is to], the movie Mama with the two feral girls and the demon hostess, what would the two girls be imitating?


If everyone on this board understood the inherent truths of the Tao, /x/ would become obsolete inescapably. All paranormal beliefs will be dispelled under its obvious principles and you all will feel much more at home in reality, rather than craving the escape.

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