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File: 20180102091142_1.jpg (162 KB, 1920x1080)
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162 KB JPG
Anyone got any good innawoods spook stories?

File: 0_guzzXOso91ktmozn_.png (1.32 MB, 1280x720)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
If the Feminine is the creative space, and Masculine the creating principle, doesn't it make sense that women are isolated from society in order to keep them pure?

I mean, considering how fucked up society at large is, it makes sense to me. As far as I'm concerned, the decay of our society can be almost entirely attributed to womens' liberty and consequent exposure to society.
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"Huurr if her pusy is muh canvas and muh dick is dah paintbrush"
So deep.
society isnt fucked up. its vastly better than 100 years ago, and incomprehensibly better than 1000 years ago

turn off your tv and go interact with reality. its quite nice out here
Purity doesn’t exist. Stop reading the man made, fictional bible and free yourself.
If they were supposed to be leaders they would have been cunning enough to actually keep their positions as that.

They've always followers anon unless they were royalty aside from the 1 out 1000 that are in politics, and usually they are more abrasive and unlikable to the average person more then the typical male politician at that (see Pelosi, Palin, Clinton, etc. etc.) . Not sure why you think they are born leaders.

File: ocean-image-1030x687.jpg (131 KB, 1030x687)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Enlighten me on the "Ocean at night" theory ?
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Artificial moon under the ocean being built visible at night
hypnotism programming in children through viewing a certain unnerving surreal advert on TV called "ocean at night" which was aired once and never again
Implications that these children grew up to be murderers school shooters etc.
Bump II
Bump III: Just Can't Get Enough
Bump IV : Boogaloo at night

File: avatar32469_319.gif.jpg (12 KB, 225x300)
12 KB
>Could use some spoopy image dumps you have
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>anon's only information sources are video games and TV

>i'm a huge humorless faggot please rape my face
what that sight mean?

im new sorry
Pic limit reached, fuark.

File: Buddha_Plant-Ganja.jpg (315 KB, 1080x1080)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
Any pro-tips to share or interesting experiences to report?
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So those moments aren't lost, people should keep a record, IMO. So those moments can be interpreted, those records need to include a lot of context, IMO.
nibbas, that sheet aint ADHD compatible. entertain me or gtfo!
>Let's put it this way kid. I make attractive lesbians go straight without all the girly grooming most men have to do.

Incel detected
Fag bag

Human beings have the capability to recognize patterns and things that happen over and over again

This is actually a good thing correct?

If you notice the same pattern over and over again than something is wrong or that's just the way things work?

File: pobrane (1).jpg (6 KB, 264x191)
6 KB
Dear anons, please, help.
I know that some of you can help.
I've been living in this shitty neighbourhood for almost two years now. Everyday is just worse and worse.
Basically, I live in a flat located in an old building. My neighbours are quite okay, really nice people tho. Except for this specific couple.
They are actually really nice to me and others. Older man with a wife I believe, nothing to be worried about, right? Well, lately they've been acting... weird.
I see them everyday when I'm going out to school or work and when I'm going back home. We always say "hello" to each other.
But not this day. Not this fucking day.
Everyone knows that these people are a little bit weird, they keep going around the whole building for like an our or two daily, they leave their apartment completely open, like they don't even care about robbery or something.
One day, I was making myself a breakfast and I've heard my doorbell ringing, so I opened the door and saw this weird lady (let's call her Granny). Granny asked me about salt or some shit, because she needs to prepare a breakfast for their son, he's going to be here any minute. So I got back to the kitchen, started looking after salt and I've heard footsteps. Maybe Granny wanted to talk or something.
So I got salt and I started looking after Granny. Surprisingly, she was nowhere to be found. Maybe she left, I thought.
So I closed the door, putted salt back on the shelf, made myself a breakfast and I started walking towards mt room, but something felt odd. When I opened the door, I saw Granny.
She was sitting on my bed in front of the mirror, staring at it blankly and smiling in this weird fucking way. I asked hiw she got there and if everything's okay. She just said that he's there, so I asked who.
>my son
Okay, so I towed Granny to her apartment with salt and told her to do a quick breakfast, if he's already here. She just smiled and wished me good luck in work.
Need to post the rest of the story as a response, brb
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I am at home. Nobody's here.
I've been so paranoid lately, because of that I check EVERY fucking place in my home and NOONE is here. Just me. Even at night when I wake uo in cold sweat, I'm checking everything. All the rooms are just empty. All the fucking closets, even under tables or behind other furnitures, nobody's there. It's always me and hopefully my delusions
Germany, actually.
If you have a friend or someone tell them to see if shit is happening like i said with the cameras and if shit is not happening after you set out cameras or anything that collects noise then they are watching you!!
I'll try to keep you all infirmed if something happens. Thanks, /x/.
>Granny was humming something mainstreamy, like a typical song from a radio

rain drop, drop top

File: anthropology.jpg (15 KB, 500x324)
15 KB
Does /x/ believe in Evolution? Or is it just another Big Conspiracy by the government?
Evolution has quite a lot of evidence in its favor. It's our understanding of it that's lacking.
Evolution is not wrungs on a ladder, like your pic related implies, but more akin to rays emanating from a single point. A squirrel is equally evolved as any man, we simply have different trajectories.

File: dragonskull2.jpg (83 KB, 800x522)
83 KB
Do you believe in Dragons?
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Moot was a dragon once
File: tiamat.png (64 KB, 320x384)
64 KB
Tiamat Ummu Hubur
Yes, they weren't giant like that though.
When did this board become the final limping refuge for desperate namefags and ego-driven LARPers?
I talked to a Dragon twice, when I was high on LSD two different times. He visited me and partially took over my body as he was speaking to me through my head and showing me visions of him and two other things two different subsequent times. I still believe I can talk to him while off LSD, but his voice is not clear and obviously not my own thoughts when I try to reach out to him.

I don't know about physical dragons in our plane, but this being made it very clear to me that he was a being from another dimension and ruled his own other dimension and space, and could overlap his being into this world over everything and control events.

He looked like a green Chinese dragon to me, but his scales were kind of phosphorescent and would shine azure blue. This was kind of important to me, because I am white but speak some Chinese Mandarin and other Asian languages, and green and blue are not traditionally seperated in Classical Chinese, and how they color code their dragons is important to them. So, a blue or green dragon could be translated as the Azure Dragon either way, which is supposedly an important Dragon deity in Chinese beliefs called Qinglong.

He never named himself directly, I was texting my friend answering questions through him to her, and he would not name himself directly to her either. But he also only spoke in mostly riddles, with a few exceptions, and I got this impression later that he was a Chinese deity or Asian deity, and when I did research later, the things he said and told me fit in with being this Qinglong. Who is supposedly not just one dragon, but several different dragon beings who are also simultaneously one based on their color scheme. But he also told me he appeared in other cultures as other beings.

File: Voyager-records-631.jpg (42 KB, 631x300)
42 KB
I always see people on /x/ talking about how they don't want aliens to know where earth is.

Can we talk about the Golden Record? It basically explains life on earth, and where earth is, and it's on the Voyager spacecraft. I'll post some of the images here, but I found this video with all of them on it (for the post) that explains them.
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your real body outside the matrix VR system typied it unconsciously, but here in the simulation you only think you said it.
Holy shit, this comment chain was autistic.
File: 826663125450.jpg (26 KB, 255x357)
26 KB
I remember that this disk played an important role in Transformers mythos.
Sounds reasonable
File: 1529042079251.gif (1.07 MB, 500x500)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
Niggerfaggot please. Highly rational aliens upon looking at those diagrams and the kind of tech on the Voyager itself (a very crude probe that would be produced by a civ that has just achieved spaceflight) would be able to estimate that they're dealing with a civilization of lesser sophistication than them and that quite probably some info on the disk are mistaken/incomplete.

I had a prophetic dream last night.
I was in the future traveling to Berkeley.
I stayed at a bed and breakfast, and a local girl took me to Berkeley University to see the Tower.
It was a tower built to receive an energy source sent from space to power the grid on Earth.
It was 4 giant light beams connected to space satellites.
Anyone else seen this?
How do you know it was a prophetic dream if it didn't happen yet?
Fucking dickweed.
File: awoo_power.png (451 KB, 900x1000)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Nothing good ever comes out of Berkeley. It is the source of all degeneracy and bullshit west of the Mississippi. Also, let's collect petawatts of space energy next to a major fault line, and one of the most densely populated areas in America. What could possibly go wrong?
I never said I understood WHY the tower was at Berkeley.
I’m merely sharing what I saw during a dream travel.
Cerns babysister is under Berkley according to Anthony Snatch

File: IMG-20180617-WA0000.jpg (63 KB, 1600x1600)
63 KB
what is the next step in human evolution?
what comes after homo sapiens?
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File: 1526268492625.jpg (977 KB, 1100x550)
977 KB
977 KB JPG
Pic related
The next step of human evolution is our ascension to Heaven
homo tech or homo aquatic

Were psychoactive compounds responsible for the creation of conscious thought, language and creativity in early man?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
no, it's actually the opposite
these substances bring us backward on the evolution path, to a state of mind closer to primitive man. Language, creativity, reason and logic are higher brain functions on the opposite side of the scale. Psychedelics help us connect with our primitive state based on instincts. A state of mind where we didn't think or reasoned, we just acted on impulses, instincts.
I wonder if the metaphysical correspondence in number of some constellation is the same as that of the sort of substance you are considering.

If it is, it is likely closer in history to recorded mathematics that something like you are describing would have occurred, and you are probably intuiting some ordinary intellectual encounter that would best be handled soberly.
No. That's actually retarded.
hey retard, do animals have the creative, cultural, communicative and emotional capacity of humans?

think before you reply

File: 37.png (9 KB, 684x567)
9 KB
What's 37×3×3×2 guys?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1337.jpg (28 KB, 600x750)
28 KB
File: 7 19 13 37 2.png (37 KB, 788x580)
37 KB
File: 7 13 19 37.png (6 KB, 640x480)
6 KB
Op here, sorry mate, all the posts are by me

File: Image.jpg (57 KB, 1024x576)
57 KB
Can you astrally tell someone that you like them or want to touch them through dreams or telepathy?

If yes, then how do you do that like in meditation the best way possible.

Thank youu.
77 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>muh feels
no one cares faggot
you're not that important
>astrally tell
try a phone u dumb cunt
t schizo
Well you can use telepathy through a computer on a lower iq animal and you can command it to do stuff by just thinking but thats it.

Dreams are just a place where your brain is deleting useless stuff and that.
When i mean computer you just connect shit with electricity and shit
I’ve fantasized about fucking a woman and getting fucked by a man and both times it felt like it was actually real so I do believe that astral sex is real. I usually have sex with pornstars.

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