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File: 1506201896376.jpg (112 KB, 1242x1213)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Is there a way to become a god of a miniature universe?
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>I don't exercise control.
Gee, I wonder why you're not God.
>Being this much of a fucking newfag
but you're already god of this universe, silly.

you're just pretending you're not.
File: sh-buchobad2.png (608 KB, 544x800)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
>miniature universe
<miniature person

File: snakey.png (322 KB, 338x326)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
does religion terrify anyone else? not in a "i'm afraid of going to hell " sort of way but more so that people are out to get you sort of way?

im a functioning schizophrenic and the worst mental moments in my life were brought on by fear from my catholic/christian families

i am lucky enough to live with people who don't make me feel tormented anymore but there have been a few times in my life where the concept of god has nearly sent me over the edge

it feels like people are trying to steal my soul/mind

even if your thoughts aren't as insane as mine, i'd like to know how religion makes you feel
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Hell was 'created' specifically by churches and power structures to scare people into following the system at be by scaring them into complacency and following leadership, and rules. It's a control tactic that goes back all the way to egypt and sumeria (and possibly even before then)
Fear used to be much stronger than today. People see so much on TV and the Internet that no one really cares when you tell them about scary things, they only care if they see it.

Back when religions were more popular relatively speaking, telling anyone something scary would scare them because they didn't hear many stories like that before.
But symbolically hell exists as a sort of conscious state of struggle, pain, anxiety, agony, sadness, depression, war, genocide, plague, carnivorous. The hidden meaning of the 'hell' even though the literal version of its not real.... is basically any and all conscious states with the aforementioned descriptors. Most of existence of conscious is spent in these 'hells'.... think "getting eaten as a conscious being (squirrel, rabbit, fish, bug) they all try and survive but the carnivorous systems in place induce control, and tremendous sub-collective trauma to all evolutionary systems similar to ours.
cont'd further
in fact if you look further..... churches, and govts, and people all actively promote HELL, by farming, and slaughtering livestock....which is both detrimental to the environment, peoples bodies, and to the sub conscious collective. people take eating meat for granted, as it's "necessary for nutrition"... little do people know that you can get all amino acids from plant sources like peas, brown rice, nuts, etc. The system actively promotes carnivory because they are in fact trying to emulate their version of 'satan'... which is just their sub collective consciousness rebelling against their permanence in this rebirth cycle of 'hellacious' majority. the upper elites are seeking 'revenge' on nature subconsciously or maybe even actively because of the levels of eternal damnation they faced to get to where they are in the hierarchy after an untold amounts of rebirths. /truthgate
cont'd furtherer The industries of capitalism promote material goods, high experiences to addict you to the system to put your through another layer of hell (work hell).... we could have already changed society if we simply invested in super automation to the maximum instead of military installations. If we capped birth rates, inbstalled automation of everykind, and made engineers the rulers of the land, we'd be in the so called 'unatainable' utopia. The rich manes will never allow this because they think they've karma'd their way to their body (maybe they have), and in continued act of rebellion promote hells as a sort of inside cosmic joke (a fuck you) because ive spent x amount of time in hell to get to this perfect state of sage being. The masses to them are simply like in the Indian caste just lazy, battered souls, that haven't climbed the pyramid of consciousness. /sage

File: SAV_PolCam_STILL.jpg (196 KB, 1200x628)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Has anyone played daemon_9? Is it legit or is it a scam?
Bump... I want answers to this too!

File: stars in motion.png (21 KB, 700x450)
21 KB
Last night i was out watching the stars, when i noticed a tiny light moving among them

At first it moved towards the left, then i sat up and i lost it, half a minute later, it was back, going the same way it came. Pic rel'd

This night, i was out around the same time, and i saw it again, just 15 minutes later this time.

It was too zigzaggy to be a shooting star or a satelite, and airplanes usually won't swing that much either.

could've been a drone, i guess, but it moved relatively slowly, and would have to be really far away for that

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I've seen the same thing, I've also seen them "teleport" from one part of the sky to the other
Just one or two ages back (like, years). Searching UFO on his channel is probably the best thing to try.
If you've seen stranger stuff, feel free to share some stories

But i'm inclined to believe it was just another planet. what do you think about that?
elliminate every possible reason before you jump out and scream that you saw a spaceship eh
Well, yes, of course.
But to be fair, i think it may have been Mercury. It's supposed to be visible around this time, and the planets are supposed to have similar, swinging movements

Still moved a bit faster than i thought it would, though, but it's the best explanation i have

File: 1493410345166.jpg (46 KB, 1440x900)
46 KB
When I die I want to leave behind an heirloom that my descendants will ascribe mystical/ovcult ideas towards. How do I go about this? I was thinking maybe a huge hourglass in a room noone else is allowed to enter but I'm open to ideas.
Pic not related
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one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard come out of /x/
Buy land out in the middle of nowhere then maybe once or twice a year you go out there with some building supplies and work on building an altar.

Next you should learn Latin, well enough to write in it, then start writing a manuscript. Get to at least 100 pages, more is better though. Fill it with diagrams depicting rituals in the most obscure way possible as well as a map to the location of your altar. Try to leave some traces of "rituals" there that line up with what you describe in the book. Transcribe imaginary conversations with extra-planar entities, describe prophetic visions and visions of the distant past. Escalate the tone later on to become more fearful and frantic, so that you are just raving and repeating yourself constantly in the last chapter. To finish up the tome you should bind it in a nice leather cover and put a lock on it, then wrap it up nice and tight in some kind of canvas covering.

Lastly: Get a trunk or chest, something water tight, and fill it halfway with white sand, then put the wrapped up tome inside and finish filling up the chest/trunk with sand. Put a lock on the chest. In your will refer to it as "the ark" and instruct that nobody is to open it under any circumstances.
You're going about it all wrong.

Last Chrismas, my grandma gave my uncle a big decorative egg she found for cheap at an antique store. "I thought you could make it an heirloom." This is completely the wrong attitude. You don't go buy something with the intention of it being an heirloom.

An object becomes an heirloom because it has MEANING to the person who first possessed it, and that object is passed along to the next generation to honor that imbued sense of meaning. As generations pass, that meaning becomes increasingly mythological in scope.

So, to answer your question: live a provocative, interesting, meaningful life. Have kids and tell them the stories of your life. At the end of your life, bestow something important to you to one of your kids to take care of. Boom. Spooky heirloom.
Yoir analogy doesn't work. The implication IS to imbue meaning to te object. But in an abstract way that can't be solved. I don't want something that'll be precious to my descendants, I want something that'll fuck with them
This is actually pretty fuckin genius, especially since I'm an amateur horror and scifi writer, my kids and grandkids would be thoroughly spooked and think their grandpa got his inspiration from otherworldly encounters

File: 231423421343.png (369 KB, 639x319)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
They are arriving and they will continue to arrive.

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holy molly
I bet I can beat them in a fight.
Do the feds know about these "indigo children"?

Whats the deal...do 25% of indigos turn out to be super special and become Bill Gates, Elon Musks and other super geniuses that push humanity forward?
File: 1504468539534.jpg (62 KB, 960x540)
62 KB
>Although no scientific studies give credibility to the existence of indigo children or their traits, the phenomenon appeals to some parents whose children have been diagnosed with learning disabilities

>learning disabilities

>the shirtless boys.

i have been dreaming about them , what about supporting them , given them tools to do his job.

rambling rambling

i have found a plastic figure kneeling , and i see so many knees bending on my stream, well is nice to see some respect i see old soldiers and old shepherds , and apparently some african builders , thanks for your recognition , i would like to do something for you, but it seems i am still bounded and chain by my leg , it's not longer irradiating me , but it seems the ones who surround me are still unwilling to deliver your support and gifs ,to the locals , que tal si hablan conmigo antes de poner una bala en mi espalda , puedo escucharlos hablar de eso en sueños y pienso que sería un error matarme solo por estúpido dinero , saben el dinero tiene muy poco valor dentro de un agujero negro y si mis instintos/sueños son correctos yo podría ayudar a todos a evitar una muerte aplastante , ya saben que me importa un culo sus estúpidos títulos y ambiciones de medallitas y colgar banderitas y aparecer en periodiquitos y notichimbos, nunca quise nada de lo que ustedes tienen y por eso busque lo mío en el internet , seguí mis sueños y hay gente dispuesta a apoyarme , dejen de tener envidia de alguien que nunca fue nada para ustedes , ustedes tienen sus roscas y yo jamás fui bienvenido en ninguna de ellas , me pase toda una vida tratando de triunfar en sus empresas y trabajos pero sus roscas siempre me han hecho el feo , cuando le pedí a los cielos un trabajo que el mundo necesitará , el destino puso este jueguito en mi camino , me tome este juego como un trabajo y aparentemente es un trabajo que no ha sido hecho en muchísimo tiempo , entreguenme las herramientas que los illuminati me estan enviando , por supuesto que podría estar equivocado pero esto es lo que he soñado , ignoren esto si es solo un mal sueño .

File: 1472025245998.jpg (127 KB, 1000x960)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>driving home from work
>see orange light hovering in the air
>drive under it
>it's slightly higher than the powerlines but not by much
>on the interstate so I can't stop
It looked like a lantern flame just floating there. It spooked me. Anyone ever see anything like this?
Shit man how big was it?
Sorry for the late response, fell asleep after I made this thread. It was the size of the light of a street light. The glow was nowhere near as bright though, it has a much more natural glow to it. It looked 100% like a floating flame. That's the only way I can describe it
Yeah once
>be driving home to Texas from OKC
>the stretch of I-35 thats fucking darkness for gorillions of miles of indian country
> over a hill
>suddenly a huge blinding orb of literal pulsating fire over the road
>ask friends in car if they see it
> "huh... yep... thats a ball of fire"
>get right underneath it
>its a shell gas station sign
We'd all been awake for about 24 hours

File: 1506012297744.jpg (72 KB, 481x666)
72 KB
Can anyone help interpret a dream that I can't get out of my head?
>be me
>in a big, dusty bookstore at night
>dad with me
>employees starting to close up
>distinct feeling of unease
>dad says he used to come here a lot
>we go behind a big bookshelf into an enclosed area
>he takes an oversized book made of parchment off the shelf
>opens it
After this point I can't remember what happened in the dream. I woke up in a cold sweat when it was over and I had the distinct feeling that I saw something arcane or beyond my comprehension in the dream. Does anyone know what this could mean?
It means your mind is trying to interpret something about your relationship with your father
Maybe that you never knew much about him on a personal level and wish you spent more time together

Here’s a scary thing that happened yesterday checking out
>be me, 2 Year’s ago
>cooking a snack after school
>suddenly I see something blue out of my window
>”IS THAT FUCKING SNOIC?!?!” I screech, fearing for my life
>it changes colors to grey and says
>”I’m Heff the Jedgehog and sleeping go”
>I’m keeping my composure, thinking it’s a prank
>before then someone comes from tree chunk
>tall and black with faceless
>the end?
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This story is a fucking
I fucking hate this shit story it's so fucking ga-
Well there goes sleeping tonight you fucking faggot.
your shitposting is so bad i am now going to kms
I'd rather see these obvious shitposts over and over than these god damn larp threads

I was the victim of electronic torture/harassment starting 7/2014. The main perpetrators were an organized crime syndicate comprised mostly of small time thugs/bikers, but went higher up to drug manufacturers and ex military contractors and cyber-criminals.
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Haha. No I think it was a mistake. This is a newer ip and it said I got banned back in march. Haven't posted at all
Not possible. Phreaking days are over.
Im wondering if there was any way I could request surveillance video or something from back then to track the criminals down. Again I could prove their electonic harassment to the courts if I had it. The only footage I have is of richard. It's at my lawyers on a dvd from when I was falsely accused of theft
If there is evidence or strong suspicion of criminal activity (note IF), you can get it with a court order. Or, use social engineering and politely ask for a recording.

So this morning i woke up with a dead arm. completely numb, couldnt move t at all from the elbow down. in the moment i freaked the fuck out thinking i may have permenantly fucked up my arm by sleeping on it bad. feeling came back after a minute, though as did ability to move my arm. now that i look back on it, it really did feel otherworldly, like my arm... wasnt mine. anyone ever have this happen? now that ive experienced that, ive been thinking about how full sleep paralysis must feel. Any tips on how to obtain sleep paralysis from those who have had it?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_3264.jpg (56 KB, 528x543)
56 KB
>anons arm fell asleep and panicked out of pure retardation
I'm giggling so fucking hard
Whenever this happens to me I'm quick to shove it down my pants as it feels like someone else giving a handy.
>neurons require oxygen and sugar to function: the thread
But how is that supposed to work?
If your hand isn't sending any sensory signals, how is it supposed to receive and act on sensory signals?
File: hose.jpg (12 KB, 300x281)
12 KB
Putting pressure on a tube like your veins or arteries will cause the blood to build up and tinkle out very slowly, this will cause you to wake up if it gets serious and your blood can't circulate because of it.

If you move the arm or gently bang your arm a lot it will move the blood out until the vein reforms to a less compressed shape and the circulation becomes normal again.

The "pins and needles" or "sleeping" feeling is very common and well known by everyone. It is caused by the prior reason, because it usually instinctively causes you to use the arm or hit it which is exactly what you should do.

File: th (1)_1.jpg (2 KB, 306x204)
2 KB
I was looking through the /x/ board and someone mentioned a thread saying something about a alien named Myziam or something like that. If you guys remember the thread or have a screenshot of it can you post it here. Thanks!
It's still up
OK. Thank you so much!
File: 1499048257962s.jpg (2 KB, 125x125)
2 KB
myziam is actually a prescription drug given by doctor's to controll traumas and damages from all the but HURT faggot ass op
OK, thank you. I guess

File: e61.png (117 KB, 680x788)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
My physical body is now too limited to house my vast enlightened consciousness

What do?
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Sharpie in pooper.
If that were the case you wouldn't have a body currently
Everyone's consciousness is larger than their physical body. It is quantum. Welcome to normal.
File: IMG_2860.jpg (94 KB, 640x640)
94 KB
Your spirit leaves and your body becomes an animal. That's what happened to the proto-humans. Of course that was due to the body becoming too unfit to house their spirit as I imagine happened to you.
Top Kek

File: almonds.png (23 KB, 368x364)
23 KB
CERN is bad because...?
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How will you explain the opening ceremony full of symbols and signs? It was very weird. Why would they make such an event for some physics nerds?
I also learned the science from rick and morty
stain gates is a message from the future

I like this poster.
You make fun, but apply the same mentality to the CIA, NSA, FBI or even to a lesser extent central branches of the government and it's totally valid. Apply it to the concept of NASA with the knowledge that we were in easily the densest period of peacetime espionage in all of history and suddenly needed millions and then billions of taxpayer dollars a year to "go to the moon" and it's totally valid. Apply it to any foreign military action that doesn't fit the internal propaganda canon and it's totally valid.

Yes, there is an unfortunate pitfall in conspiracy theorism wherein believing that you're being lied to by collectives that control the information accessible to you makes all evidence irreparably dubious and compromised. However, the more unfortunate truth is that you are in fact being lied to by collectives that control the information accessible to you. So even if the theory is incidentally retarded, it still propagates the broader, more important realization.

Every conspiracy theory is somebody's first conspiracy theory, just be patient and point out how they're incidentally wrong so they can better apply their time and energy to addressing actual problems.

File: 1495691818818.jpg (23 KB, 518x450)
23 KB
Aspiring 3d artist here.

Tell me whatever you want me to model, /x/ related.
4 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: flat,800x800,075,f.u6.jpg (49 KB, 800x444)
49 KB
this demon pig
heh in process
Whatever you think a "Scroblin" looks like
Instead of a cat with a human face gimme a cat with a human ass
A new ayy lmao dance sequence with x-files theme remix background music. Should be easy if you can animate, if not meh.

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