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Over the years of studying esotericism I came to the conclusion that the true aim of the crooked path is godhood, escaping reality, creating one's own and its ceaseless incarnations therein.
At the moment of death you either decide to reincarnate, absorb into the noumenal ocean or become a god yourself. The latter you can only handle knowing you'll be alone forever but in the company of your own dreams, better dreams.

And as most of you remain at the whim of the Demiurge, in full self-satisfied delusion that life is either meaningless or a matter of submission, there is a promise greater than any capitulation to it.
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so what? it's like we need to bailout a bank now.
File: Vishnu.jpg (115 KB, 500x675)
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115 KB JPG
The real fruit of all esotericism is personal service to Godhead, whether in Vaikuntha or Golok Vrindavana.

Thats vishnu and all his avatars?

Also, which is the highest form or name, krshna or visnu?
That just sounds like the plot of puella magi madoka magica..

File: images (1).jpg (3 KB, 251x201)
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Hello /x/ I'm looking for CREEPY movies, movies that make you feel like there is someone sitting behind you, or someone watching you from a dark corner. Ive never really found any movies that made me scared at all, Ive watched most scary movies that are "nutoriusly scary" with a group of friends. Would love to find a movie that creeps me the fuck out! Please no mainstream stuff like "sinister" or "Insidious" thanks!
PS. Couldn’t find a good pic but you get the deal.
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Last bump
Sinister 2 and Insidious 2
One movie I found terrifying was gay niggers from outer space
I really liked the Den, got me feeling kind of jumpy when I watched it. Call me a faggot but the evil dead remake also got me, cause who doesn't fear getting raped by kandarian demons innawoods? Its really just personal preference ano . Support some scary movie streams on instasynch and you'll find something great.

File: questions for ghost.png (220 KB, 700x901)
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220 KB PNG
Is it true, /x/?

Sincerely, The Ghost

File: IMG_20150630_174924.jpg (1005 KB, 1600x1200)
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What does this symbol on my friends pants mean?
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File: COZMICKITTY-T-SHIRT.jpg (201 KB, 776x776)
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201 KB JPG

Killstar is pretty qt

>tfw no qt killstar bf
sigil of lucifer
File: Capture.png (57 KB, 254x224)
57 KB
File: know.png (1.83 MB, 1032x1248)
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1.83 MB PNG
>>>/fa/ day?

that he has a tumblr account or likes deaf grapes

File: 13thmansionposter.jpg (35 KB, 250x366)
35 KB
I'm interested in making talismans for my own and for every one I know that want that kind of help. I'm looking for grimoires that are well known and proved to work. The only ones I know are Liber Picatrix and Clavicula Salomonis. Do you know more?

Which one are the best for a beginner? Which one is the more economically affordable (you know the one that doesnt require too much money to make the talisman, at least for a beginner)?

I dont want to be rich or anything like that, I want a more suitable life to start practicing what is called the Great Work, and maybe the talismans can help? Also helping people is good too.

Lately, I've been having experiences with strange noises. The usual creaks, bangs, shuffling and sudden noises are implied, but frequently I have heard what can be described no other as a spooky ghost noise. Keep in mind, I'm almost always high when this happens. It doesn't happen every time I get high, and I don't get very high very often.

The sound I am referring to sounds just like you'd expect "a wiggle" to sound like. Almost like you were to take a piece of sheet metal and clang on it with your hand then wobble it.
I heard it twice last night in my room. It wasn't loud but it was very clear. The last time I heard it before then was in my girlfriend's old apartment, and shortly afterwards I felt something grab the upper part of my leg.

I have been told a similar story from my sister's current boyfriend, how he and a friend decided to get stoned and mess around at a graveyard (??)

Does anybody else hear this noise or have similar things happen to them?
wiggle wiggle. have you ever been so high that you not what went wore clothes. If you went on a walk across a field for it land that someone always brings 500 and someone buys a knife.

Sup /x/ I'm planning a cross-country drive with my dog from Wyoming to Nashville/western NC and eventually DC starting at the end of this month. What are some cool /x/-related things to do on the way? Any and all suggestions welcome! Stuff I have planned:
>Bell Witch Cave
>Camping at Brown Mountain
>Grave of Chang and Eng
>The Devil's Tramping Ground

File: nr.jpg (36 KB, 468x468)
36 KB
Hi, /x/. Long time no see! I've got some interesting stuff to report!

Last night and the night before at about 9PM after I'd gone to bed my Mom has been seeing weird lights or objects in the sky. She describes them as sparklers or translucent globs in the distance. I've been trying to get an impression of them by drawing them on the computer but no progress yet. She says they look like fireworks but they would have to be a new kind of firework because nothing she's seen before does this.

We're going to call in this morning to see if anybody knows about these things. I haven't seen them myself but there's a few reasons I don't think this is just July 4 drills. Yesterday on my way to work I walked past a puddle of purple gelatin goo by the side of the road. It looked shiny and weird and I thought it might be connected, so I scooped some of it up and put it in the tupperware container with my lunch. When I opened my lunch a few hours later, it was gone! The goo had disappeared into thin air without leaving a residue or anything! I felt stupid and should have snapped a picture but I thought it was something I could keep and research later but it actually disappeared.

Is anyone here from around Lane County? We're in Lane County just west of Eugene and the stuff looks to be going down over there, so populated area with possible anons.
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File: WITH A HERRING.jpg (39 KB, 720x480)
39 KB
>camping in the hill just west of here in Berkinfild,herring/smelling odd things
Huge old wooden stadium in Eugene burned down. Probably some assholes fucking around.

Or aliums, I suppose.
Or it was some demons dumbdumb pissed off. WE (people of Eugene) got NO INPUT in the decision to start a war in OUR CITY, a war which has cost me my connection to helpful entities that only fuck with you if you fuck with them. I've lost progress I'd made because some turd went and started a misinformed crusade.
Seconding the Eugene meet up idea. Maybe we meet AT the burned stadium
OP here. I read those threads and it sent a chill down my spine. I don't want to be living this. I'll be avoiding like the plague from now on. You guys have fun.

Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist phenomenon?
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Hoarder with OCD? What a weird ass goon.
File: 38JKHN.png (611 KB, 616x719)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
>Helped a friend move into his house.
>First night there we're sitting an taking a break.
>A broom that we put in corner leaning towards the wall fell forward.

Another time

>In his kitchen
>have a plate on the counter
>plate lifts up a few inches and flies several feet
>hits the wall and breaks
>hear some voice from behind me "it's just an automatic door"
I bet it was the janitor

and agreed, it was fucked up, dangerous, and just wrong. Hence, lack of judgment. That was the scary part. I said I wouldn't do it again, didn't I? Take a quaalude, brother
lol just don't take strong disassociatives

Shit is fucky and a good way to either lose your mind or do something you'll sorely regret

Or fuck it and take a bunch of DXM, snort a fat line of K and puff on some PCP and see how disconnected from reality you can actually get

>inb4 "reality"

File: strange.jpg (128 KB, 450x374)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
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File: Untitled.jpg (41 KB, 650x492)
41 KB
Have a go at this


File: 1333386785083.jpg (137 KB, 593x895)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
ITT: I'll interpret your dreams if you give me thoughts on mine

>sitting in a booth, I think I'm on a train
>putting my make up on
>notice some guy sitting next to me
>looks a lot like a guy I went to high school with
>can't remember his real name but in dream he is Sam
>we make small talk, can't really remember about what
>he tells me that he has a child with his ex
>we left the train and are now walking through a park similar to one I live by
>he puts his arm on my lower back
>I tell him I'm married, but I am looking for someone to talk to
>We continue to walk and talk for hours, it all seemed so real
>we get to a staircase leading to my apartment
>a little girl stops us and asks why are we there

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I often have longish conversations in dreams. I think it's likely that these sorts of dreams are common, but they're mostly forgotten, since there isn't any action involved. It's also rare to remember what was said in detail.

Most dreams either have no particular meaning or point to a fairly obvious insecurity. Maybe you feel your husband isn't paying enough attention to you. Or maybe you just needed something to fill a dream cycle with.
The events of a dream arent as important as the general vibe they gave you, if youre looking for meaning behind them.
Eg: my time at school was pretty shit so Id probably be uncomfortable around someone from school in a dream. You might have had a great childhood though, and so seeing a childhood friend might have been awesome.
Go into more depth with how you felt about the events in your dream.

Something I've been fucking with. What is the deal with the number 9? Any occultfags care to help me out here? This pattern does not seem to work with 3 or 6. However 9 will always equal 9.

For example:

18 =9

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Nope. I was looking for the term "modulo arithmetic" . Thanks
Any number:

e.g. 456
456 - (4+5+6) = 456 - 15
= 441
4+4+1 = 9
This is because 456=4+5+6 (mod 9), so that 9 divides 456-(4+5+6). This means that 456-(4+5+6)=9k where k is some integer, so 456=(4+5+6)+9k. We get the following:


Since 9k is divisible by nine, the sum of its digits will be as well.

you're welcome OP
literally this. OP seems to be mentally defect or something.

File: amnesia-pigs-feat[1].jpg (369 KB, 1920x1080)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
Streaming Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs on twitchtv /mrchesterchapman

There will be screaming and unnecessary pausing.
Get in here!
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amnesia is /x/ enough to post here. you ass
game's shit
Yeah but this isn't a board for you to advertise your shitty little stream, fuck off.
go in and watch him, it's like he's trying to become a meme
Yeah come watch. If not to thank mr skeltal in the chat.

I've heard that aliens consider humans as nothing more than containers for souls. I don't get it.
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>I don't get it.

Because there's nothing more to get. The ancient aliens crowd don't do any more than make something up and then say 'because reasons'.
maybe that's because those bitches have gone through a lot more evolution if they have spaceships and exploration and shit. I need my gaems, yo.
Robert Lazar mentioned a book that contained the history of earth and that it said that humans were referred to as ..containers for souls" and that souls could be traded in something like a barter system.
File: 1403755303834.gif (1.87 MB, 480x271)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
yeah it's kind of like tupperware for them.
File: Angelic.gif (3.11 MB, 602x800)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB GIF
>I've heard that demons consider humans as nothing more than containers for souls. I don't get it.

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I will fight with dogged restance
File: 1429835942739.png (216 KB, 393x391)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Cat party when?
that would be implying my cats dont already control my life

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