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File: hqdefault.jpg (8 KB, 480x360)
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Does anyone know if the videos of Candace Newmaker's "rebirthing" have ever been released to the public? Apparently the whole thing was videotaped and the tapes were played in court. It's bound to be much more fucked up than that news lady's suicide.

For those of you unfamiliar with the ordeal:
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I read this thread this morning and this evening, saw an ad on TV where the spokesman said something to the effect of "there's nothing better than being born again".

I know I'm now doomed to a future of thinking of this story every time rebirth is mentioned and I don't know how to face it without fear.
He's in jail. Peter Scully I believe? There's a 60 minutes episode interviewing him. Doesn't even show remorse
it also doesn't help that people in the US outright refuses to believe that people can be mentally ill.
This thread kinda makes me want to stream a bunch of documentary/docudrama shit tangentially related - from Child Protective Services incompetence and corruption to prostitution scandals to fucked up stories like these.
File: Rising anger.png (387 KB, 655x722)
387 KB
387 KB PNG

We make a lot of progress yet at the same time we refuse to do so.

Goddamn it.


what does it mean?!

File: images.jpg (6 KB, 183x275)
6 KB
Random question: Do Grey's have bones? Like not some nanotubes skeletal matrix shut but actual, ossified, calcium bone.
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fuck you
You took it too far bro
>no replies
Kek. I love it when it's super evident that /x/ always pulls info out of their ass or those one hour YouTube videos that are supposedly redpilled
ayy lmao is an expression. it suits no particular purpose except that certain people feel compelled to post it either in response to another ayy lmao or when a picture of an alien is present.

It was also popularly spammed on /sp/ for no reason other than to be annoying.

Take that for what you will.
File: 42d.jpg (28 KB, 500x375)
28 KB
I would like to add that it also serves as something of a coping mechanism for people with fear of greys. At least for me personally the whole ayy lmao meme reduced the greys' image into something nonthreatening because of how humorous and ridiculous it is. Not even the Communion cover phases me as much as they it to, and I used to be paranoid of these creatures since I was a kid. It may serve as a shitpost on the surface, but in an ulterior sense it is quite therapeutic.

I don't know if this really goes here but I'm in need of desperate help. For the past couple weeks I've been trying to meditate and reach my spirit animal. My attempts have been failures but in my last attempt I saw something that scares the shit out of me. It was some sort of creature that was human in apperance but is extremely thin and walks on 4 legs. It's face is just a large mouth that opens sideways and has a ling wrinkly tongue. I saw it crawl about and then it grab me by the throat with its tongue. I don't know if this is my mind playing with me or something I really need to be afraid of.
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werewolves were the go-to horror movie monster 700 years ago. since a movie projector was just a fire with people making shadow puppets in fornt of it, everyone know a wolf/dog is the easiest to make.
Nowadays we're not too scared about wild animals anymore, so monsters have moved towards being deformed humans/aliens. Deep sea creatures still pack a punch since were still not used to them, but werewolves and such has moved into silly action-movie territory.

Anyway thats enough off-topic from me, since I dont really know much about meditation. Still I know that meditation can connect you to your subconscious, and since OP was faced with such a distinctly modern-looking monster it would hint that it was a creation of his own mind rather than something universally applicable.
i feel like those misshapen humans are as much a part of our fear history as werewolves. werewolves are after all, misshapen humans. every culture has tons of humanoid horrors dating way back. vampires and skin walkers and zombies and the like. Throughout history humans have always been as much a threat to us as wild animals. modern movies still play on those ancient fears. I dunno wtf happened to werewolves though. they used to be cool monsters but nowadays theyre just people who turn in to wolves. fucking twilight. i want my bipedal furbeast back!!
Is this shit related to tulpas?
Stop meditating on finding your spirit animal. Or maybe stop meditating completely, as it isn't good for everyone. I don't think Native Americans ever used meditation similar to the Eastern traditions. They had sweat lodges, harsh journey's into the wilderness, and in some regions mescaline. When they did these rituals, they were also guided by a shaman, and elder who had done this themselves, a master of their medicine.

Don't call out to spirits using your mind. Why isn't that obvious to you?

File: 0002662986_10.jpg (27 KB, 622x634)
27 KB
Hey /x/ can we have a chat? I've been thinking about this board lately. I feel like there's been a shift in the style of posting on here and I'm wondering why this has happened. I've heard someone describe /x/ as /b/'s little brother now and it's hard to disagree. The shitposting rates have gone up. Either that, or the amount of quality posts has gone down and shit stayed the same.

I remember back when skinwalkers first showed up. When they were still kind of scary. I remember the good innawoods threads. I remember the quality ARGs that would drop in like bombs every few months. Everyone would rally to uncover whatever mystery some other user had crafted for us. It was fun.

We weren't so virulent towards each other. Sure, if you were being a dumbass you'd get made fun of, that's standard. But it seems like anytime anyone posts something mildly interesting you have to sift through tens of people bitching about it not being paranormal enough.

Thing is, most of the stuff that truly counts as "paranormal" is, in it's very nature, going to be very RP heavy. Or at least seem that way, accept this. The the place for it is contained in those threads.

But when someone posts an urbex thread or an Internet oddity why not give it a chance? Speculation at what's truly going on is fun. Humans are problem and mystery solvers. We want to get to the bottom of things. I've seen incredible work get done between /x/philes when given a proper challenge. I was here for M3Ps, and even though it was just an ARG in the end it was fun.

Am I or are all of us just getting too jaded? If something really neat happens on here again will we (dis)miss it?

What do you all feel about the current climate of this board?
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/k/ is a pseudo-sister board (not that we have sister boards anymore) because innawoods n shit
the drugs thing should be pretty self explanatory
she said it the best, but no one listened.
You've got to expect a paranormal board to be shitted up with skeptikooks and their loony rantings.
File: containment.jpg (155 KB, 400x400)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
There isn't much to say. 4chan simply got too big and we're full of constant shit all the time; literal underage newfags running around shitting up everything they touch. Lurking is no longer encouraged and the mods are as much newfags as the fucking children are.

File: 1459557067160.jpg (33 KB, 613x533)
33 KB
Where are they? Looking for folklores/legends in your area. List your zip and your story.

File: tara1.jpg (26 KB, 320x298)
26 KB
hey guys, im really interested in all this "tara" thing, but i cant find hers real video or music

bring all the information u have

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File: ingalkoor.png (157 KB, 300x298)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
post your eyes and you shall live deliciously
File: 1469294704082.png (174 KB, 590x350)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
i allready live deliciously, sorry
File: ingalkoor.png (815 KB, 1200x1200)
815 KB
815 KB PNG
File: tara4.jpg (31 KB, 254x266)
31 KB
>it is good to see you again, son

ive been trying to find something that i read here a couple of years back, regarding discordianism and other such matters, was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction, i don't remember the title of the book / volume. but it had one line in it that was repeated more than a few times.
something in the lines of " the dragon spat forth X amount of frogs from its mouth"
i would really like to re-add this to my digital occult collection. plz help?
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most excellent and noble of you sir. thankyou.
Really? It's in the fucking bible? Thanks, won't have to sift through the discordian folder then
just looked through the Principia Discordia and dint find it in there. still going to need help.
Sorry, looked through the entire chaos magic folder I got from the mega. There was no such reference to a dragon in that context. There were numerous references to Dragon the Satan and/or Cthulhu, some to dragons as mythological beasts, and a couple of references to D&D
It was there, the British agent had a run in with it.

File: IMG_20140104_180737.jpg (434 KB, 1536x2048)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
here's my old journal
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quit reading chaos magic and fake SRA articles.
Nigga tryin to be Patrick Bateman
You sound like that nigger bitch from the dark tower books. The one with split personalities
Jar Jar Binks posts on /x/? That's pretty impressive, Jar Jar!
>thou Joy is radiant
*thy Joy is radiant
>as thou slips
*as thou slippest
>thine setting
*thy setting
>as thou go
*as thou goest
>thine mortality
*thy mortality

If you're gonna use shitty archaic English, at least do it right.

File: Alien_Isolation.jpg (63 KB, 260x300)
63 KB
What are the creepiest games out right now? Pic related is by far the creepiest I've played in a long time. It's a little too drawn out, and the ending is awful, but it's one of the best games to play with volume way up and all the lights off.
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If you want atmospheric creepy, you might get that out of Death Stranding given the hints towards what its content it.

I love the music in the silent hill games
Limbo of the Lost

Yeah man, that's going to be a trippy game for sure.

Also btw! if you have creepy cursed or something videos or files like: barleybreathing.exe, mereana mordegard glesgorv, smile.jpg, barbie.avi, jodi.org,goddess bunny,or some other creepy shit then contact me!

File: order.gif (21 KB, 614x860)
21 KB
Is there any truth to the legends of vampires and other undead humans? Is it possible to live beyond our given time? What would it take to achieve immortality?
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There's a reason people always urge others that whatever undead creature is hosting a dead body is not the deceased. The brain is only capable of so much storage. Living beyond our capability tends to result in the human equivalent of the blue screen of death, no matter how fit or healthy your physical body may be.
Seek Cain.
From what i heared our brain has enough storage to store a couple hundreds of years, so there is potential left. The question is can you stand centuries of bullshitting all around the world, or will you turn crazy before the space in your brain runs out
Why those cities in particular? Do they have anything to do with the vampires who come to /x/ to give out surverys to potential donors/new vampires? I remember them requesting the only people who apply for the surverys are ones who live in the cities that they listed.
The immortal only envy the dead.

Do not follow this path.

File: smile.jpg (40 KB, 400x500)
40 KB
Hey guys!
remember the smile.jpg?
if you have it please send me!
im searched it for years!
contact me on atikin2005@gmail.com....

File: albulmartcover2.jpg (75 KB, 1280x883)
75 KB
Hey faggots. What is the creepiest thing you have ever seen on the internet/deepweb? I want to scare myself tonight.
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no worse than human-cenipede imo
Daisy's Destruction.

Not even all of it, but that broke me.

I didn't sleep for two days.
File: really nigga.jpg (39 KB, 344x314)
39 KB
alright, usually, you guys wouldn't hear about this
but this was fucking epic
>start feeling like i got to take a shit
>"i got time for one more..."
>click gif
>start reading
>freak the fuck out
>butthole release
>shart as I swipe at my screen
>shart so loud that i wake up my 3 year old
>he comes walking in and instantly smells it
>he gives me the look of pic related
>"daddy, it's ok. i can show you how to go poo poo on the big-boy potty"
4chan made me look incontinent in front of my toddler
Something freaks you out, how profound.
Heard of the guy but never knew the videos actually made it to the public.

Are ESPers and Psychics real? Is it possible to develop psychic abilities? Tell me about it. With the stuff you guys believe in I feel like this has a chance of being real as well.
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Ghosts, Lucifer, Evil Spirits, Demons, etc...
I dont remember claiming the upformentioned to be true
but the esp stuff when dead children talk to you throughout an oscilator in some conartist's basement is fake as fuck
I wasn't implying you did, but a lot of people on this board seem to think those things are real. I don't believe in any of those things anyway, neither do I believe in ESP, but I'm curious about you guy's beliefs and reasoning for it, if there is any.
Maybe there's a way to make machines that can do esp like feats.
After all man cannot fly by themselves but man makes planes instead.
The problem is someone need to come up with a theory that can be applied.
As for demonstration of esp both sides have their own beliefs with their own proof or absence of proof.
The kind of person that word is usually associated with are all fakes.
>Is it possible to develop psychic abilities?
The average human, at their absolute best, can use the omniscience to get a partial view of something(location, future, another person's senses). It's not quick, it's not practical, it's not easy. It might as well be a spooky parlor trick.
>Are ESPers and Psychics real?

>Is it possible to develop psychic abilities?
It is possible o improve existing abilities, it is not possible to develop new abilities.

>Tell me about it.
Meditation is the key for all abilities, just remenber to ignore and forget any abilities you discover through it. They are all traps to deviate you from the path of enlightment, don't be fooled by the trap of pride.

>With the stuff you guys believe in I feel like this has a chance of being real as well.
Most stuff in this board is bullshit, this is not the case. Both the US government and the soviet union spent millions of dollars researching it, and they would not do so if they did not have conclusive evidence of the existance of this phenomenon.

And no, you most likely will not be able to develop your powers, even if you are born with inate talent for it. It requires years of meditation and focus to obtain said powers, and most people simply lack said capability.

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