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File: White Aliens.png (489 KB, 1603x843)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
So what's the reality of human origins?

Were we taught? Genetically modified?
Is it bad translation to aliens?
Are Gods just great humans that had their names passed down as legends from the Epic of Gilgamesh and other Sumerian Tablets?
Is that why our Western-East Indeo perception of greater powers is so different from that of the North American Aboriginese and East Asian religions?
Is Christ a Roman-Modernized version of Horus / Krishna?
Do Reptilians actually exist or is it extreme technology from an ancient world that allows the Elite's Agents to morph forms? Does shapeshifting actually exist?
Is Saturn the original name of Satan? Was he Chronos?
Was Prometheus, Lucifer? Is Lucifer a different entity from Satan?

How microscopic are we in the terms of the universe, or a better question, how devistating can we be to the Universe if we persist?

Answer me!
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proof? anthropology is a non science, it's some art shit that got tacked onto the end of archaeology with no actual proof.
it's islam, muslims of every shade need the gas chamber.
kys stupid fuck
I could believe that. White people uniquely seem to harbour a deep disatisfaction with the Earth. Almost like we don't belong here.

File: IMG_2693.jpg (1.74 MB, 4032x3024)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
How do get rid of the pain in my head? It's behind my eyes near the back of my mouth in the pituitary area. I was told to get a CAT scan a year ago, but I want to solve this problem a different way. I thought it was drugs, but I've been off them and it's still there. I'm always tired no matter how much sleep. Magic, meditation, ...anything? Pyschelics are the only thing that have made me feel the way I should... if only for a moment.
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It's probably a tumor, get actual medical attention, you dingus.
You're options are going to a doctor or risking things getting worse.

Come on, even your local witch doctor if you have one, just seek medical advice. After that you can draw runes on your bedroom door in crayon or whatever else /x/ tells you to do.
Looking for "options" is what will kill you. Modern medicine will cure you, not fucking bathing in incense. Steve Jobs was a billionaire and could of been treated by the best doctors in the world for his cancer. Instead he did other options and died.

Get a CAT scan and get it treated. Stop being some edgy new age faggot.
kinda sounds like a sinus infection, had one that give me killer headaches. go to a clinic and get checked out
Proof that you can cure cancer without medicine or surgery.

File: 1485150140130.png (937 KB, 880x1175)
937 KB
937 KB PNG
Why do some of you hate Tulpas so much? It's basically partitioning your brain to have a second source to consult with that is as smart as you.

Yes, there is some piles of shit that use it to jerk of to ponies in their head, but I see it as a tool to improve yourself and utilize your brain's full multi-processing ability.

So tell me, those of you who don't use it as a sex toy, how has it effected your life? Pros? Cons? Go!
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File: 1376805837874.jpg (106 KB, 391x364)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I mean, depending on your definition of demon you're not entirely wrong. Demons, traditionally, were just personifications of certain thoughts, concepts, and powerful emotions.

In that sense, tulpamancers are creating their own head-demons.
How would one fully take control of someone? Would the person that created have to willingly relinquish control or is there a way to do so without consent?
File: 1433450354492.png (53 KB, 700x700)
53 KB
The same way most people can't be hypnotised unless they want to be. At the end of the day your Tulpa is an extension of your own self conscious desires both about what you want out of life and the person you want to be. By giving it a seperate form and voice, it can become very easy for these subconscious thoughts to bleed into your everyday life and influence you because at some deep, dark level you WANT them to influence you.

If you lack the willpower to keep the two seperate then you can effectively place yourself into a sort of hypnotic trance where you're under it's "control" until you can shake yourself out of it. or a volatile form of post-hypnotic suggestion where aspects of you and your tulpa slowly begin to merge until your personality is a combination of both.

It varies from person to person, and to what extent it can happen. The mind is a complex thing, and there's a lot that can go wrong with it when you wire it a different way than it's suppose to.

Ultimately maintaining willpower, a strong sense of identity, and recognizing that you're tulpa can't do anything to you unless you want it to is the best defense against this special brand of ego-death.

Or just embrace it and go full merge/possession to self-actualize your subconscious desires. Whatever man, I don't judge.
Good advice.
I will take this into account. Thx.

File: 1487664836792.png (411 KB, 974x548)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
Anyone else had a persistent ringing in their left ear lately?

I know it's not tinnitus. Ideas? Suggestions?

The implication is that this has paranormal origins, of which I'm sure.
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google military evacuates civilians from antarctica and get lots more.

Aliens? would be cool I think.
WTF? Right?
guys???? hello??? what do you think?
For a little over a week now, left ear. A long time ago I was looking into muscle-testing, something about communicating with your subconscious and having your thumbs move. It apparently takes a while to master, after some time I didn't really see success but I noticed my ears would ring.
I began to journal the time, length and frequency in relation to what would happen around me. To conclude, it to this day serves as a warning of "good/bad" events.
I have had this ringing occur 3 times over the last week. Always out of the blue and always in the left ear. Is something going on here?

File: IMG_2112.jpg (71 KB, 489x820)
71 KB
Has anyone had any benefit from using binaural beats? Are there any negative side effects? I would appreciate any information on them that can be provided. (Pic unrelated)
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Just listen too some ASMR videos if you experiance it. I can't tell a difference between them, if anything I get deeper relaxation and calmer with ASMR vids.
I used them with the Silva Ultramind system. The beats themselves are nothing more than training wheels to learn how to drop into alpha and theta brain cycles.

I use them to help me sleep, works a treat. Get an app on you're phone and give it a go. You don't need the volume way up for it to work. Should be able to still hear things around you.
I used to use them at work. If nothing else, they drown out the chatter in the office.
They help me sleep when I have insomnia.

File: aG1K7Gz_460s.jpg (60 KB, 460x452)
60 KB

Is it even legit? And if any of you got any experience, try to explain what the fuck is going on
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jerk off
Astral projection is real but very dangerous

The jist of it is that your body and your soul are tethered together by God knows what and that you can separate them through meditation but return to your body by following the tether. However, once the soul is out of the body demons can enter the vacated "home" and stay

Dont do it, there is nothing out their worth seeing to risk demonic possession/influence
Do you think I could create a thoughtform to protect me when I astral project for the first time? I am making a tulpa (please don't meme me) as part bodyguard for when I get more into astral projection.
>astral is dangerous
>need meme body guard.

The only thing dangerous is laying to waste your gift that God gave you.

God is your protector.
You get out. Now. Go on, shoo. Shoo, boy git on outta here!

File: ruya-tabirleri.jpg (47 KB, 710x533)
47 KB
Tell me your dream and I will interpret it for you. I have a lot of islamic dream interpretation books. I will translate it for you faggots.

My mother had a really complicated dream like 10 years ago. That entire dream was in that one book. The person she saw in her dream would die according to the book. I shit you not guys on the same day her father died.

I am playing dark soul 3 right now but post your dreams and I will tell you the meaning.
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I have the reoccurring dream where I crush the Saracens and reclaim Jerusalem.
All I remember is that I had aquired a neat cowboy hat, brown with a leather band. I woke up upset when I realised that I did not, in fact, have my cool new hat
Twitching versions of my friends with their faces seemingly scribbled out by a pen chasing after me in a flesh maze, with a version of me that was like them sitting above the maze and watching me run around.
in my dream last night i made a pizza in a plastic bag on a grill.

your turn
You teach them how to interpret their own dreams, you get punished otherwise...
Your responsibility, its up te yee.

File: MOLOCH2.jpg (63 KB, 625x467)
63 KB
Hey there /x/
What do you know about Moloch?
Redpill me if you will, I'm very interested.
Thanks in advance.
Was never a genuine god, just a misinterpretation of Phoenician customs by the Hebrews. Got actual worship on starting with post-Renaissance esoterics.
Read the Bible anon.
has some what of a connection to child sacrifice and seems to be generally considered evil
it's the god hillary and the jews worship. see mentions it in the leaked emails

Whatever happened to the Ayy discord guys?
feds or discord staff came, de-admined the admin, and shut it down
but all the people were gonna move and start over somewhere else, but then it all got shut down before i got hold of where. just looking for anyone else that was in there to continue
The ABC got to us , we got too close to the truth, we have been warned and threaten. People this is real, the real pic is out there. The location and map to the DUMB is out there too. Don't give up friends no matter how much pressure
Can't we just create another server on discord?
whAt is the ayy discord

Anyone here from or live in Oregon?

What are some spooky stuff about Oregon. Sightings, stories, places, anything.

File: IMG_1591.jpg (64 KB, 640x745)
64 KB
I'm a walking portal

How do I close it? I think it's chakra related.
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Controlling the flow (Should feel like energy or almost like a frequency being emitted), if it's your third eye Chakra (More than likely it is).

It literally acts like an eye, you can close it, and open it. Pretty sure you can never ever, close it once you've opened it. At last not permanently, but discipline is the key here. Try to get a feel for it. Good night, I'm going to go to sleep now. Hope that helped.
File: 20161216_144630.jpg (101 KB, 589x364)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Just sew it back up like they did after your operation. Pic related.
Pray to Eashoa bin Yoseph, God in Man
It did help, thanks anon. Demonic portals seems very third eye territory.

Ok. Spent all day trying to get in touch with my serpent power. Now, guess I'll have to, I don't know... remove that from my body?
Will it close portal? I know it'll scare away the creatures though.

File: Near Death Experience.jpg (32 KB, 670x409)
32 KB
Clinton describes near-death experience: Former president Bill Clinton says that during his heart operation last month, he had visions of life and death, mingled with images of his wife and daughter. “I saw, like, dark masks crushing, like, death masks being crushed, in series, and then I'd see these great circles of light and then, like, Hillary's picture or Chelsea's face would appear on the light, and then they'd fly off into the dark,” Clinton said in an interview on ABC's Primetime Live.

I thought this was spooky as hell. After that how can he still be Luciferian? Also general Near Death Experiences thread.
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Best thread dies... Larping gets 300+ replies.
i think bill is just roped in and realizes he'll be killed if he says shit about what his wife is doing.
Google George Foreman near death experience...

Really scary but he heeded the warning...
I know X is just ridiculous

>good deeds matter in life
>worldly honors don't

Well gee you don't say! Thank god we had some celebrities to tell us this, otherwise I'd be thinking my employee of the month plaque would get me into heaven.

Gotta love celebrities' 7th grade interpretation of life, death and, of course, fucking politics.

File: 1855500_orig.jpg (30 KB, 612x344)
30 KB
Extraterrestrials began disclosing their presence here as far back as 1913. Please read: http://cognizantnationhq.weebly.com/blog/et-disclosure-1913-case-proven
You need to understand why they are doing this - because the all the evidence is pointing toward them doing it again.
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the Ayys are here and ready for some of that T H I C K A M E R I C A N D I C K
File: 1388186446449.jpg (97 KB, 470x334)
97 KB
Nice Alienware logo
u kno it
Pretty good read. Thanks, OP.

Who do you think really killed the kids? I don't think that the three are as innocent as some claim. There was definitely enough smoke there for them to actually be suspects. Here are my three potential killers

> it actually was damien, jason, and jessie
They actually did kill the kids because damien was an edgy mentally disturbed retard and the other two were just dumb enough to follow him.

> Terry Hobbs
The boys caught him engaging in gay sex and he accidentally killed one in a fit of rage, and then had to kill the others. He has a history of violence, gay activity, and sexual abuse. His own family even thinks he did it.

> a random trucker
They were killed next to a truck stop. It's not farfetched that this is what happened. Maybe the trucker was Mr. Bojangles? Who knows.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I though the first one and the third one were girls...

hm...would hit
it was a blood sacrifice but not by these 3.
>Who do you think really killed the kids?
Peter Jackson
I think Hobbs did it. Although the retard did confess multiple times, though his confession has huge holes in it. Such as the boys being in school at the time of the murders.
Just ordered that book. Is it any good anon?

Recently while visiting my brothers house, we got on the topic of the paranormal. He claims that there is a spirit that they have named "Ghost Jim," or GJ. After hearing this i went through the house and was looking around. As an aside, i do not claim to be a psychic, medium, or what have you. I believe that everyone is a quote on quote psychic, some are just better at it than others. Whenever I get near sp00ks, i get very anxious and shakey. As i was walking through,certain rooms stood out more than others. The kitchen has a very awkward, almost unsettling vibe to it. It has extremely shitty cell service and as soon as you walk out, full cell service. The stairs are constantly cold, according to my brother, even during the summer. In his sons room, there is a little door that leads to a small attic with about 4 foot tall ceilings. Now here is where I start to get worried. My brother just called me and said that shit went down. Unfortunately, my brother does not know the safety limitations of this stuff. He asked GJ to enter his daughter's(let's call her Daisy) body so he can talk to him. Daisy's eyes closed for about 15 seconds, then opened. The lights were flickering, but not like in the movies. Just every 30 seconds or so. For some time he wondered how GJ was even in the house. Ghost Jim's name is Jimford, and him and his girlfriend got into a car accident while they were living in the house. Jimford and his girlfriend live in the attic within my brothers sons room. Normally i wouldn't bat an eye at this, for Jimford and his girlfriend have never hurt my brothers family. But Jimford told my brother that there is a demon living in the backyard in this dirt mound. This demon supposedly, looks like a pig with German Shepard ears. One red eye, one brown eye.
A few months ago, my brother was remodeling the bathroom. While taking a shower, he was pinned up against the wall. Jimford had also told my brother that its a good thing he keeps the front door shut at all times and the back door locked, because there is another spirit that can only enter the house with doors wide open. After hearing this, my brother thought Daisy was just giving bullshit. He started to yell "Daisy! Daisy!" Jimford was offended by this and exited Daisy's body and retreated to the attic. I dont know what the fuck to do /x/. The closest thing i've done relating to this is just saging my house. I wanna dig up some records relating to Jimford, that shit has to be public right? The dirt mound and the other ghost, guys im clueless. I wanna help my brother. I will do research after i finish typing this out, just thought i'd drop this in the meantime. Tomorrow i am going over to get pics, and hopefully pickup the supplies I need to get rid of all this shit. Thank you
goddamnit forget to label (2/2)
Your brother is a fucking idiot. He invited a demon into his daughter's body. There are likely not multiple demons and everything that he's "hearing" is pretty much a lie. Your brother , and now his daughter, are in spiritual peril. Time to break out the crosses and start a serious exorcism. If either he or his daughter are not comfortable calling on Jesus to dispel the demons, they need to get over that feeling ASAP. Their souls are literally on the line.

i feel you my dude. i once called on the name of satan which was incredibly stupid of me dont ask me why, but after that, my life went downhill and after 4 years of it, i came to a point where i almost died. to make a long story short. the gospel was preached to me by this man. the very sight of him made me feel child-like happiness, but i was under such distress for 4 years now, and for once i felt genuine happiness? from that day forward i have not had one depressed thought or any thoughts of suicide and i cannot deny Christ at all after becoming a witness. Jesus does save, and he died for our sins and that I know for a fact and i cant deny it.

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