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File: highlander.jpg (211 KB, 1200x791)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
How does one go about searching for this? Any good leads /x/?

Note, I want immortality where I can still get killed/commit suicide, so I don't end up trapped and unable to die, like floating in space or something.
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There can be only one
>I want immortality where I can still get killed/commit suicide

Then you're not truly immortal, you shitposting sperg. You just want to live an extremely long life with nothing but yourself being able to end it. Good luck. Might as well wish for a trillion dollars and a catgirl harem while you're at it.
>Any good leads /x/?
Have you considered alchemy?

>300 years
Why would that be the limit? I'd love to see where we end up in, say, a thousand years. Would be difficult to keep up with linguistic evolution, perhaps, but would be fun to see what happens to humanity.

Time travel would probably be more effective though. And honestly I'd rather go to the past anyway. Now, living through THAT would be interesting.

And really, how much longer could we possibly have as a species?
I just want reincarnation
Wut? Schizophrenia is a hell of a disease. Or your on flakka.

File: tyddjgj.jpg (25 KB, 247x320)
25 KB
>implying YHWH is not derived from hyy which was the west semitic/Canaanite cognate of Akkadian (east semitic) Ea derived from the Sumerian E-a an epithet for Enki, lord of many waters.
>Implying Enki did not usurp the rightful creator Anu, the Sky Father, as principle god in the Sumerian pantheon
>implying sky and sun worship is not the natural status of humans from every major religion (including Indo-European
>implying the Judeo-Christian-Islamic god is not a mishmash of old stories of feeble hyy, a minor semitic god, and tales stolen from the righteous Sky Father combined with tales of Enlil, Lord of Storms

Discussion of the Sky Father phenomenon and it's status as recurring motif in human religion and mythos
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File: Happy.jpg (1.17 MB, 1600x1200)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Except Ea in the smuerian myth betrayed the others for power. Insert missing tablets and Ea is banished, left on earth while the other leave to their planet.
>How does one become an initiate

An Initiate of the bound chaos gods?

Fortunately it is rather difficult to do, due to the fact they are bound in the place they belong.
>Primordial goddess of chaos
>Abzu her mate


Not my god and not our creator.
Ea? Enki? Chief of the Anunnaki?

The tablets of destiny are held by Marduk.

What in gods name are you talking about?
Ironically Dao and Logos denote a natural order. An order at times incomprehensible to humans, but nonetheless ordered.

File: document from heaven.png (382 KB, 793x406)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
Man gets arrested for claiming to be Jesus and mentions a "Document from Heaven" being released. This isn't the first I've heard about this recently... could this be legit? Any other thoughts or ideas about the alleged document?

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Commies also say Jesus was a mythical being, and according to you, the entire history all the way to the Ancient Egypt might have been a hoax.

Let me ask you a question: why? Why would someone go so far and forge the Gospels, the historic accounts from back then?

Why not just award Jesus a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize and say he's real? There's a lot of people who believe everything the governments say. Why not spare yourself a lot of trouble?

>Jesus started out as a celestial being subordinate to god who communicated with people through revelation

What proofs do you have of this claim?
fuck this retarded thread. OP confirmed for sucking cock
In Paul's authentic epistles all he talks about the way of knowing Jesus is through revelation and OT scriptures. He also talks about Jesus being exalted to godhood and given the name Jesus which only makes sense if he was an angel with a whole bunch of names. The born of a woman is an allegory and the "born of the seed of David" he uses the word for manufactured from god, he uses the same word in Greek to describe Adam. The brother of the Lord reference was a reference to James who was a baptized Christian, he called all baptized Christians brothers and sisters.
Also, they wrote the gospels to make revelation irrelevant so people can't say "Well, I talked to Jesus and he told me this instead of what he told you"
OP I think the vid was removed. Is there another source?

File: a0642029519_10.jpg (60 KB, 977x700)
60 KB
How many times have you "died"? What happened after? Is this the same world you started in?

I'm not talking about mandela affect crap, I mean times when you really should have died but somehow didn't.
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excellent trips
I remember 3 moments from 3 different lifes, i got them all when i was in kindergarten and i still remember them. and all of those moments were my last. first was me freezing to death in a cold/antarctic like place with some other 'friend', we were in some igloo like building, but it was biggish, no crouching or anything. second was running away from something or someone on some jungle like island/beach and i feel from a cliff, but the sky wasnt blue, it was orange, but bright, the sun wasnt setting and the third one was me feeling weak and laying down in some mechanical/giant robot like place, i remember looking at the sun setting through out a futuristic window/hole
That's not how I see things. My phenomenological experience, my experience of being, was gone. Yes the processes that induce the phenomenon of consciousness still existed. However that is not "I", not my experience of reality. "I" did not exist, my body and brain did, and my brain continued to function, but my awareness was completely absent. Thus the instantaneous jump from one experienced moment to the next, although hours had passed.
I was doing my homework one day and a group of kids come up to my table and trade drugs. The next thing I know cops show up behind us. Now being the black guy that I am you'd think that grabbing my bag and packing away my laptop and charger (that easily could be mistaken for a gun) while the cops are standing there point blank would raise a question as to why the didn't tell me to not reach for my bag/didn't shoot me there. They just stood there and smiled. They let me pack my things. And the even let me go--literally laughing at me but arresting the kids. Like the moment was paused and I was allowed a free pass.
To say it more concisely, my self did not exist because I didn't experience self. You can't argue against that, it's a statement of experiential fact.

Let's discuss actual encounters with the Goetic Demons

I've dealt with Prince Stolas. Helped me dig up a couple thousand dollars worth of gems from the ground. Gave me excellent information on roots and herbs.

Tries to be underestimated due to his form but I always deeply and respectfully reply to him that I know he is a mighty Prince and that I do not for a minute believe that we are equals or allies.

Who else has real encounters?
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I was referring to Bael. (aka Baal, Nimrud, Marduk and many others.)

He is famous for defeating Tiamat and taking part in the creation of mankind.
So is Tiamat also Leviathan?
Yes and no.

Tiamat (mumu) is before the sea, before time and before order. While calling her Leviathan is accurate it is also over simplifying what she truly is, which is rather complex.

One could label several of her agents as Leviathan and still be somewhat correct.

I hope that makes sense...
So evoking Bael is to evoke one of our creators?

No, addressing him in such a fashion would likely call something entirely different.

Imagine if some decided to change your name and credit you with things you had never done. Then illustrated you as a deformed fiend.

How would you treat those that addressed you in that fashion?

What makes the Goetic texts dangerous? The above is just one example.

What tool does a Goetic practitioner posses to defend against something as old and primal as them that watch above? None that I am aware of.

File: 1475128900896.jpg (685 KB, 816x1136)
685 KB
685 KB JPG
Are there any types of demons, monsters, etc a human can take down with bare hands? Whether the creatures are real or fake
There are probably a few, but generally speaking they are meant to be mystical and shit. They are meant to draw power in an abstract form from some unknown place.

TLDR: A few, but not shit demons, No.

If you class weapons such as swords and daggers (legendary/holy weapons, not just a kitchen knife) as by hand then you could add a few more to the list.
Hands alone?

LOL no...
those gremlins, I could take em, I could take five of em.
Entities that exist in our world have to follow the laws of physics so usually they are quite small and don't spend very long here. Gnomes, Fairies, Leprechauns and Imps to name a few. Some like Djinn and Titans are larger, but humans pose an existential threat to them so they have since closed us off completely.

File: MapUSARegions02.png (1.64 MB, 2506x2600)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
What's the spookiest state in the US?

My vote is Virginia, a bunch of weird shit, or Louisiana. Never been but have any of you been to the bayou at night? I hear its scary

Spookiest US state thread
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File: SierraEscarpmentCA.jpg (424 KB, 2359x600)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
I don't know if it's the spoopiest, but California could be considered spoopy if you have a fear of open space and desolation.

When most people think of California, they think about Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Fransisco. I live in L.A. now. I used to live in San Diego. I've been to San Fransisco several times. Down in North County San Diego, there were some spoopy places. A lot of that area is chaparral and canyons with the occasional subburb spattered in between. It wasn't uncommon at all to hear packs of 20+ coyotes running around and howling near your backyard, or in it.

Back to the point though. If you get out of the cities, drive maybe 45 minutes, you can get into some pretty wild areas. I have a personal fondness for the Mojave Desert and Death Valley. It's amazing how many abandoned mines and little towns are out there in the plains and mountains just waiting to be discovered. There's also a bunch of abandoned WW2 planes hanging out in Antelope Valley near Edwards A.F.B.

Head a little North of Death Valley and you enter into the Owens Valley, Eastern Sierra Nevadas, and Alabama Hills. It is mind-blowingly gorgeous. Miles of flat expanse hit the a wall in the Eastern escarpment of the Sierra Nevadas which rise from the Owens Valley at 4000 ft above sea level to over 14000 ft above see level in less than 3 miles laterally. On the Eastern side of the Owens lie the Alabama Hills. Many old Western movies were filmed there. Pic related is the Owens valley. Looking west from the White Mountains towards the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. There's still a lot to found out here.
Scariest thing about the poconos are the hicks and trailer folk. The weather is crappy and the only supernatural thing is how fucking terrible the Bagel Heaven in Tannersville is.
File: 1466053488406.png (177 KB, 580x418)
177 KB
177 KB PNG

>> mfw you ran away from a perfectly fuckable paranormal qt
920 here as well
Live in Minnesota, love Wisconsin. But I agree that MN, WI or upper MI would be the creepiest states.
>100's if not 1000's of miles of forest, that hasn't been fully explored.

File: I feel it.jpg (127 KB, 500x376)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I feel like I've exhausted the internets supply of /x material.
I have delved into all the conspiracies, real, theory and weird (SNAKE PEOPLE!). I have gone through all the cryptids, monster sightings, alien stuff and other related topics.
I have seen all the documentaries, listened to all the podcasts.

Is there nothing new under the sun?
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You can write non-fiction and spread true stories. Create a new unsolved mystery thread, urbex, folklore and their histories, etc. Creating content isn't just fictional. I can't believe it's that hard for you to understand
Sounds like a dream.
forgotten languages man. even if its a collective of people they have access to some cutting edge research. follow some of the cited names and studies at the bottom. its all real research
titans are real
what the fuck man, too soon.

File: FL SANDERA M OR NOW.jpg (25 KB, 407x312)
25 KB

Hello /x/!

DISCLAIMER: Our goal in this research isn't to find out if it's true. IF it does happen to be true, this information is absolutely revolutionary, nothing we've ever seen. Our interest lies in the languages and the source of the texts they are translating.

We are a crowd-sourced investigative collective studying ForgottenLanguages, this is an open invitation to help us with our research.

Tl;Dr ForgottenLanguages
>Site full of articles in mixed up and evolved dead languages using a very advanced piece of software called NodeSpaces v2.0
>Articles cover every single topic imagineable
>Human testing (on IS soldiers, very recent data)
>Interspecies Communication
>Particle Physics

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
41 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_8389.jpg (103 KB, 750x416)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>le sigh
That's been established
File: 1474586606230.jpg (88 KB, 848x760)
88 KB
The web page is closed for public access. How can access?
In private.
They claim they are using a software called NodeSpaces v2.0 to transform laguages in order to find a pattern.
Where is the source code?

File: crescent 5.jpg (51 KB, 413x302)
51 KB
Old photos thread? Clowns. ghosts. killers. freak shows. creatures, or just eerie/weird vintage stuff

Photo from Crescent Hotel aka the house of 1000 corpses known for the murders committed by Dr. Baker in 1886
File: Family Photograph.jpg (63 KB, 504x514)
63 KB
File: Woops.jpg (39 KB, 403x359)
39 KB

File: IT-clown.jpg (36 KB, 443x325)
36 KB
Anyone have any theories about the recent clown sighting that have been happening in rural areas of the US?
Inb4 Juggalos
113 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Where abouts in LI?
Muh nigra. There don't seem to be many of us here.
True dat. Should take up the clowns and start an anon sighting. xD
South Texas reporting in.

I had scrolled over this topic a few months ago, didn't think anything about it.

Just got home from grabbing a tall boy at my neighborhood corner store... the lady asks me 'have you seen any clowns yet?' I
was like 'clowns?' She said 'it means the cartels are starting to move in'.

Now I'm from South Texas... lots of mexicans.. in general. But why would it start on the east coast and not begin from border states? Idk man. Somethings up.
I tell ya, saw a carrier on the tv. = hard top = round top = circus = clown car = steve the guy that puts gas in the clown car = knows an uncle jack who dresses up like a clown on birthdays. think your on to something.

File: image.jpg (35 KB, 400x400)
35 KB
What are some good horror movies on Netflix?
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you can afford Netflix, you can also afford Shudder.

The Babadook

The Fourth Kind

Dark Skies

I have no fucking idea why I quoted you. My bad.
The Babadook was fucking garbage.

File: unicorn1.jpg (88 KB, 800x600)
88 KB
Are unicorns really these sex-crazed beasties who want to take on the virgin maidens, or is that just an epic meme?
File: indian-rhino.jpg (318 KB, 1100x687)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Meme. Many of the earliest descriptions of the unicorn are likely that of the single-horned Indian Rhinoceros.
... which instill terror in virgins due to their massive dongs.
Epic meme nothing. The actual story was they're so pure they wouldn't let anything less pristine than a maiden near them. That's the exact opposite of sex-crazed. I'm going to make a very slight leap here and call you a brony who can no longer tell the difference between folklore and fapfiction.
Nope, I'm no Brony. Tried the first three episodes, couldn't see the appeal.
> Are unicorns really these sex-crazed beasties who want to take on the virgin maidens

Wait, what? I thought Unicorns were meant to be pure and magical and shit, not horny motherfuckers. Must be that Mandela Effect again.

File: NJTRAIN.png (1.14 MB, 1238x681)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Can anyone explain this creepy shit?
53 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>This wouldn't have happened if you had bought my coffee!
>Why do you think I have an ad for it every 15 minutes, wake up america!
this looks a lot like the krebs cycle redrawn with a meaningless symbol set in order to mentally masturbate /x/philes.
Britbong here, can someone coherently explain the meat of this shit? All I know is a train crashed, and there was a Dr Seuss train quote beforehand. Sounds pretty spoopy.

In terms of news, barely heard anything about it over here. Only really got a Sky News article notification on the app.
This is so fucking creepy. The train crash happened the day after
Fuck. This is very fucking creepy yet /x/ will keep talking about skinwalkers

Whats the general thought on Psychics are they just shills or is there more going on here?
got mixed feelings about this, personally.
some are total con artists and shouldn't even be allowed to have their own brand. some might be totally genuine. then again, you could only speak in favor of them if you had a first-hand experience with them that turned out to be true. if not, you'll feel betrayed.

been watching a lot of Psychic Twins on youtube and I honestly don't know what to think. they predicted a lot of crazy events and wrote several books about psychic intelligence but then again, I saw some girl on youtube talking about her channeling session with them and she felt like she just lost money and that many things they told her weren't even remotely true.

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