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Hey /x/

This is the inside of a sea turtle's mouth.

I'll leave you with some quality entertainment to ponder this fact over. You just sit-back and enjoy yourselves.

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What is this /s4s/?
File: 1492922112662.jpg (372 KB, 990x742)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
It's to keep fish down

t. scientist
Want to fuck it. Know I shouldn't.
Still want to fuck it.
Look at it though. They're bones all the way down. Think of the calcium.
It's interesting that your first instinct was to put your dick in it, is the fascination with your genitals something you want to talk about?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (76 KB, 1920x1080)
76 KB

Alright /x/ so,I rewatched this video after some years.
I remember laughing at how ridiculous it sounds but now I feel than maybe there is some truth in it.
I would like to hear your opinions on the subject.
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There are so many goddamn plot holes.
the voice and weird cartoon characters bother the shit outa me but there is some decent fun to think about theories and philosophies.
>Taking anything unironically featuring Interdimensional Space Jews and emotionless Martian descendants who secretly rule the world seriously
>If your toroidal flow your chakras and ankh your fap energy, you'll channel right into the Third Atlantian Thoughtrealm of Thoth!
Literally all I hear every time this guy makes a video.
Spirit Science is mostly retarded, take everything in this video with a grain of salt. Zechariah Stitchin is also a huge shill.

File: Angel Raphael.jpg (257 KB, 1740x916)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
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File: hqdefault.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
it's time to have some fun

with Uncle Samsonite
File: 1491694704335.jpg (31 KB, 450x535)
31 KB

He doesn't. He just believes he does
personally, i always thought angels just look like whatever they want to look like. cause theres so many diffrent descriptions of them; sometimes even in the same spiritual texts.

tldr angels are trolls

File: Dream.jpg (120 KB, 848x943)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Share your stories, tips, and/or help for me. I'll start my failed experience

>Be me, yesterday, researching hours of this shit
>Try rope method, then guided meditation for astral projection
>Doesn't do anything for me, but when I get up I feel strange, but no vibrating or buzzing to indicate anything

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thank you kindly
Except learn to test entities for honesty, because the first entity you come into contact with on the astral plane isn't necessarily there to help you, and you're gonna want to know the difference.
Ok so you wanna know what's my secret to semi-decent lucid dreaming? It may sound a little bit petty, but eating and then going to bed right away (mostly when I feel a little dizzy right after I finished eating) seems to hit the spot for me. Tonight after I finished eating pizza I just felt like going to bed, I literally couldn't have done anything else due to the dizziness. So I go to bed, I fall asleep in matter of minutes, and I dreamed in 3 hours what seemed to be two weeks of sleeping.

I dreamed the impossible, for example I remember dreaming about something that looked like me watching a movie in first person, a movie that I remember I watched a long time ago and that I felt attached to it and that it had deep meaning (even though I've never seen it irl nor it exists), then I dreamed about a guy that never actually spoke beside a couple times, a shy yet friendly guy who was replacing all the walls in a building of medium size with glasses panels, in a room with a telephone and two chairs, that was occasionally visited by another guy, at one point a group of three people walked through the building at which point I informed the "builder" that those people had not to be trusted and that they were somewhat evil. All of this while in a temporary window that I could feel being in my school years, with the pressure of homeworks (which I never did in the dream) and the figure of my teachers (that I also had in real life), just a bunch of strange situations that I felt had a deep meaning yet I could not explain the meaning of those right now, all around an interesting experience.

The only hold down of this is that you never feel really good after you wake up when you went to bed right after you finished eating food.
how can I learn that?
You're transitioning to a sleep state

Simply try to ignore it and keep your mind clear, if you get too excited or focus on thr vibrations you'll wake yourself

Been reading religious shit for the past few weeks, and honestly, I'm starting to really not understand the reasoning for staying a Christian when Corinthians 6:9-10 clearly states sinners won't go to heavan.

Then also says everyone is a sinner, and that your fathers sin are your own.
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(196:2.9) Jesus led men to feel at home in the world; he delivered them from the slavery of taboo and taught them that the world was not fundamentally evil. He did not long to escape from his earthly life; he mastered a technique of acceptably doing the Father's will while in the flesh. He attained an idealistic religious life in the very midst of a realistic world. Jesus did not share Paul's pessimistic view of humankind. The Master looked upon men as the sons of God and foresaw a magnificent and eternal future for those who chose survival. He was not a moral skeptic; he viewed man positively, not negatively. He saw most men as weak rather than wicked, more distraught than depraved. But no matter what their status, they were all God's children and his brethren.
Go to hell and deal with it,or find a religion that rewards you as you want
To sin is to turn from God.
The greater one's distance from God, the more pain their existence will entail.
Hell is to be entirely removed from his presence. Through sin we experience hell, through faith we feel compelled to do good works, and are able to feel the glory of His Kingdom.
Faith and works are separate, but inextricably linked.
Every religion contains some aspect of the truth but not it's entirety. Learn from the religious texts and others written by enlightened beings. Study the esoteric world and the occult; these texts are arcane to keep the Truth among the initiated. Look deeper than the surface and meditate. The answers lie within and these texts show the path. Ignore the detours of deception. There are no shortcuts.
File: 1486760000581.png (436 KB, 375x535)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
see >>18925387

the rules in the new testament overide the rules of the old one; like the stonning people and all that stuff. just suck up two johnny boy and you'll be fine.

and also just dont listen to catholics cause there full of shit.

Former Dutch financial executive blows the lid off the system of blackmail controlling major institutions. Mindblowing stuff, one of the most credible testimonies i have seen on this topic. Skip to around 22:00 if TL;DW
I'll only believe this once this guy turns up dead from an apparent suicide due to 3 bullets to the back of the head

File: dark-woods-nightmare.jpg (74 KB, 600x400)
74 KB
I know this subject is not particularly paranormal, but I suppose this is the most appropriate section to post. Regarding what this post is all about, I just wanted to know everyones vivid nightmares, a nightmare so clear you can still remember it to this day. I'll start first.

I was lying still, I can't move or anything, my back went totally numb but I can still feel the cold cement scraping my back. Then it me, someone is dragging me across the floor, I can't quite see it, but I know It's a human judging from the silhouette. Then he ( Or she ) stopped and snipped my restrain, which is a rope that I didn't even notice, I was confused, so I decided to look around. The appearance of the place is quite dull, It's like an empty house without any paint, just cement, and the dark atmosphere didn't help either, I see some windows, but all of them are covered in mud, so I can't quite see outside, if there's even an outside. It's awfully cold so I presume it's built underground. But then, I felt something, I felt pain in my lower left leg, It was an agonizing pain, It felt so real yet I didn't give any kind of reaction, I looked down and saw a bear trap closed on my feet. I was terrified, I can't move or else the pain will just magnify. I crouched down and for some reason, I held the bear trap and proceeded to clamp it down even harder, the sound of flesh and bones emerged and I'm yet to give it my hardest, this lasted for approximately 3 minutes or so, I just smash the bear trap constantly, It seems like I was desperate to escape, yet I sense no urgency. Then it happened, I woke up feeling thirsty and the sound of my heart beat is all I can hear...

That finishes my story.

How about yours?

File: 1490008509813.jpg (1.05 MB, 1380x1080)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Hey guys, I am looking for a book that my cousin used to have, I dont know its name.

I know I should probably put this on /b/ but I thought that you guys would know more about it.

Its a compilation of creepy, disturbing, vile pictures of drawings on sticky notes, all were by the same artist.

pic unreleated
>I am looking for a book that my cousin used to have, I dont know its name.

Ask your cousin

inB4 I can't ask him for some inane reason or GASP! he's dead
Could it be "Sticky Monsters" by John Kenn Mortensen?
On the Writing of the Insane

File: dmnhunter.jpg (227 KB, 1100x831)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Any demon hunters on /x/?
Tips for regular guy wanting to demon hunt?
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I'm not sure why people think it's a magical language. People used to speak it colloquially, you know. I get salt though. Preservative, used to be rare and expensive.

Thanks, saving this to my folder.

Most shows should.
File: 1475685472002-int.png (530 KB, 473x468)
530 KB
530 KB PNG

Study Sociopathy and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Find 'people' who exhibit a large number of the traits and behaviours associated with either or both.

Kill them by any means necessary.
Are you suggesting the OP become a serial killer/assassin?

Supernatural is awesome when it starts fades hard in later seasons
It's much more a successor to The X-Files than Buffy. Several former X-Files people work on Supernatural.

So my first time posting here. Last year my gf and I were laying in bed. She was napping and I was on the laptop.

I was thinking about a show I wanted to watch and trying to remember the name. I swear, I didn't make a sound. She had just worked the night shift and needed rest.

I was wearing headphones and i tried and tried to think of the name of the show. For like 3 minutes it bothers me. I thought hard and finally get thought of it.

'Aresred development!!" It finally came to me. I repeated the name in my head only. A few times but kind of thinking, "yes!, Finally! Arrested development" swear, I never spoke outloud. Not a whisper.

So, I watched a few episodes, quitlety. Time went by and my gf woke up. I asked her how she slept. She said fine.. except when I was yelling about arrested development....

I swear, not a sound. This 100% happened. No lies, no bullshit. I've never told her or anyone. I'm not even a believer in crap like this.

Anyone ever experienced anything like this?
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Don't quite understand your experiment.

You mean jerk off because of the intensity? And should she have an idea without knowing what I was thinking?
I'm sure, I mean... There have been times when she literally brings up things I'm just thinking about. Like, odd things. Out of the blue. We've been together forever (15 years) and I know that they say that after a while you start thinking alike, start finishing each other's sentences but it seems like that's just a bullshit way to explain something more.
it is an emotional release, like your "Arrested development!! yes!"

that is what sends the message with more intensity.

I wouldnt say mess around with this stuff, but since youve already noticed it at work...
Right, ok. That's what I thought. So emotion has something to do with it maybe. We've tried guessing cards and shit to test each other's psychic tendencies,

Like I said, I've never told her the arrested development thing in case it freaks her out but I've brought up the psychic thing a few times.

I dunno, I'd like to see how far we can take it.
Emotion has everything to do with it.

File: higxi2w9ojsy.jpg (24 KB, 604x453)
24 KB
The brain doesn't create consciousness, consciousness creates the appearance of a "brain"

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Quick pro tip: Almost everything released by the CIA is either disinfo or psyops.
>No drugs.
I thought they were using certain drugs to help them get to an altered state though
What do we do?
you don't read the documents and dismember the organization.

Checked. Also, why does this chick have white-girl features and freckles? Is she some kind of potato-gook happa?

Tulpa creation Thread.
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>Everyone on 4chan is autistic
not me. ive been tested
nobody is fucking proud of being oldfags. i wasnt patting myself on the fucking dick you illiterate wasted cumshot
File: 1487639041607.png (83 KB, 640x300)
83 KB
Is this really a thing or are you just warlocks trying to induce DID in /x/ posters for lulz?
Tell the truth.
Gays call other people fags all the time lol

File: image.jpg (30 KB, 439x369)
30 KB
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What kind of a question is that? Why did you ask that?
Not exactly. I have my own religious views, but I do consider life and therefore Nature sacred. [spoiler]And fucking hate humans.[/spoiler]
Do you hate yourself?
I don't really consider myself human. Or the rest of the species human. One or the other. I'm a different species, that much is certain.
File: RomeQuake.png (335 KB, 1539x659)
335 KB
335 KB PNG

So pagan I'm a god...



File: IMG_2384.jpg (97 KB, 550x422)
97 KB
What employment (if any) is there for cryptozoologists?
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File: 1385779129103.gif (955 KB, 360x360)
955 KB
955 KB GIF
How do you get a cryptozoologist off your doorstep?

pay them for the pizza!
Write, also youtube style shows, not the most steady income but an interesting documentary can go really far.
You could be a YouTuber and make videos on cryptic creatures. Cryptic creatures are already interesting enough, all you need is to add a sprinkle of entertainment and spookyness.

I'm sure you'd be successful if you're passionate about cryptic shit. Lots of people love spooky animals
Mining for cryptocurrency.
Be a real zoologist or other -ologist! Darren Naish is the best example of this I can think of; he's a paleontologist working in the U.K. for the University of Southampton. He also writes Tetrapod Zoology for SciAm, and writes books about cryptozoology.

No time for explanations, I need photos, paintings and information about the best archangel.
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Yes, thank you
File: Archangel, Michael.jpg (111 KB, 1125x710)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I love seeing different takes on Archangels
File: images.jpg (9 KB, 153x209)
9 KB

Metatron is pretty much the closest to god in terms of the archangel/ascended master hierarchy.

I've been in contact with Metatron for at least the last 5 months. I could probably channel some info from him if anyone has questions. I seem to get the info I need at the right time, so I don't do stuff like that often..

Unlike the other archangels who communicate through synchronicies, vision inductions, and emotional vibrations, metatron basically speaks through mathematics. This is because mathematics draw closer to the natuee of god (think fibonacci, astrophysics) than verbal language which is woven into the emotions.

I dont think you are wrong as I had an experience that led me to what I call my "origin story". Never had pot or edibles before and it was classic story of "hey this isnt working so I will just eat it all" A DINKS first foray into growing weed and making edibles. Led to a long and frightful night for both my wife and I. I am unwilling to share the name that rang inside my head until I had to scream it in wails of pain from feeling forsaken (I do not know if would give other power over me). Now I search as coyly as possible for more information/others and hope my purpose has changed from what I fear it may have been..also why Azrael caught my attention. What has been said by the "iels" is close to my truth and I thought a bump and letting you know you're not alone would be nice.
File: Angels.jpg (70 KB, 854x480)
70 KB

>Human form is my favorite.

What a piece of worke is a man! how Noble in
Reason? how infinite in faculty? in forme and mouing
how expresse and admirable? in Action, how like an Angel?
in apprehension, how like a God?

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