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I dunno how paranormal it is, but what can you guys tell me about transcendental meditation?

Is it worthwhile or just some Hollywood "no really I'm a very spiritual person" celebrity new age bullshit?

Is it something I can learn on my own, or do you actually need a yogi or whatever? There's a place nearby that holds courses but I'd rather not pay if it's something that won't pan out. Made the same mistake with a therapist.

I appreciate any advice, thanks /x/.
I can't really speak to the potential benefits or drawbacks of transcendental meditation, per se. I've been practicing zazen for about 7 years now, though. It's definitely increased my ability to concentrate. It's also helped me with emotional regulation and becoming a bit more chill in general. I can recall a time when I came out of my sangha and got hit by a car. I was surprisingly unphased by it even though I broke my ankle.

Some of the more advanced practitioners I know have had bonafide "spiritual experiences" from meditating. I can't really say the same, although, I haven't exactly dedicated myself to the practice very wholeheartedly.

File: big bang2.jpg (214 KB, 800x600)
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Just like suns gave birth to us, is it possible that god truly is dead, and the big bang is his sacrifice to end his own life so that we may live?

The death of suns gives birth to the elements necessary for life. Could it be possible that the death of gods is what gives birth to a universe?
>failed shitposter containment thread

is water paranormal?

i was sleeping and had a dream i was at an indoor pool. the water was dark blue and the waves kept splashing and it freaked me out. the noise and the colour and everything was terrifying.
Yes. Did you know the human body is mostly made of water? also human body has skeleton in it. Therefore, using science, water is associated with skeleton. very spooky right?

wet skelltunz r2spooky4me

File: walstib.jpg (156 KB, 640x459)
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To: All those friendly people.

The first veil to vanish is ignorance; and when that is gone, unskillful behavior goes; next desire ceases, selfishness ends, and all misery disappears.

and stop not till the goal is reached.
May you thus safely cross beyond darkness.

File: glitch.gif (498 KB, 510x287)
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498 KB GIF
what's your favorite creepypasta anon?

File: ona.jpg (97 KB, 565x565)
97 KB
Anyone know anything about the Order of Nine Angles?
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All you're contributing is talking out your ass. You started out claiming they started on the internet (without citing a source) - then demanding "sources" when it was pointed out that they were around before that.
>The ONA as everyone knows it was born [...] on the Internet

Cite your sources!

>not himself adhering to the standards he's setting for others

Pssst, "As everyone knows" isn't a source.
anyone got a pdf of this book?

The Star Game looks pretty fun.

If you claim the ONA predates the internet, prove it. I cant prove a negative. Nobody can. Please lrn2logic.

I dunno might check wizard forums. Prbly got it there. Is pretty decent read so far.

File: desktop-1406693495.jpg (115 KB, 600x450)
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115 KB JPG
Portals to hell/the underworld, their locations, etc. thread
Well now, as a hikikomori you should know that hell is right in your room.
Good lord, how could anyone live in such fucking filth? I've been messy at times in my life, but god damn, at some point you've got to draw a line.

Of fucking course it's Ninja Gaiden within arm's reach.

File: 1-1999.jpg (196 KB, 632x420)
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196 KB JPG
Does anyone know of any good creepypastas based off true events? Like not recounting them, but having the story based around it, like how Roland Doe inspired The Exorcist?

>excluding robert the doll
>excluding the bunnyman
Cabin memories

Hey guys, I've been a lurker here for quite a while. I'm pretty into urban exploring, any of you know good abandoned and or haunted places in Connecticut that are explorable?
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Also, you've been to Belle Isle of course?
File: FB_IMG_1429482457298.jpg (22 KB, 600x337)
22 KB
I sure have.

Is that you in the pic?
If so, definitely yes.
Shadow dogs, skeleton pirates, ghost ships, and time portals on the beach
what time did you go anon

File: creepy.jpg (145 KB, 1615x1062)
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145 KB JPG
I'm sure yall get this question a lot but this stuff is just so interesting.

I haven't, but my mom has numerous times. A good chunk of her family have..
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File: images.jpg (16 KB, 268x188)
16 KB
Would you be comfortable sharing more about your wifes abilities? Any more stories perhaps?
I'm pretty sure dogs can't weep. Btw it was a nigger.
>Too bad this was before the age of cameras.

So, what, the 1840s? You tell us a ghost story, but forget to tell us that YOU'RE A GHOST YOURSELF?????????
File: shadow_woods.jpg (148 KB, 800x600)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I don't know what the hell it was but long story short, i was downstairs messing around in my grandmas basement (that i was currently living at in the process of moving) and there was this one guest bedroom that i got bad vibes from. the door was sorta open and pitch black inside. i usually kept the door closed because of the bad vibes. so when i went to go close the door and right when it is about to shut a pale hand comes from inside the room, grabs the door. and tries to pull it back open. i walk backwards while watching the door in disbelief. i have had weird stuff happen to me and my family since i can remember and think it followed us from our old house. but this is the craziest damn thing that has happened to me out of all the stuff. my cousin has also seen a figure in the woods that vanished behind a tree. there are also Indian burial grounds around.

File: 1.jpg (1.23 MB, 960x960)
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1.23 MB JPG
Previous thread here: >>16162716
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i made a collection of resources that includes pdfs of both threads, all 70 audio clips, a tl;dr to show your friends and more
Did our thread die?

Everyone's gone mang.
I don't think it's "dead' per say, Just waiting for the next bit to start!
eager for this to have more

File: a7yVrZ2_460s.jpg (37 KB, 460x351)
37 KB
How do you know you are schizophrenic?

I have a lot of fucking voices in my head, from my perspective it feels as if there is about 4-5 people living inside of my head. I'm also bipolar and depersonalized, had some serious problems with chronic depression and insomnia since I was 13-14.

On the other side, people respect me and know I'm the last person to not fuck with, since a have good history in martial arts and am kind of a psychopath, but also the most down to earth person everyone knows and always willing to help everyone.

I was depressed for last 5-6 years (I'm 19 now, but my parents went through a bad break up when I was 8 and a lot of other shit happened also..)
I have also developed tinnitus recently and had a bang in my head last year from chronic depression. Both of my grandfathers died when I was still alive, one from vein popping in his head and the other one from tumors developing in his head, even though he was very healthy. He passed away being 66 years old. How fucked am I?

The only thing that ever helped me were psilocybin shrooms and meditation, since I felt as if all the persons inside of me developed into one being which was me and lived in the present moment.

Anyone have related experience?
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>Insted asking a psychiatrist/psychologist/councelor I'll ask a bunch of kids online who wants to summon succubus and tulpas, because they might mess with me head.

Bloody christ, you are stupid.
Yup, this is the smartest thing to do. Tell the attention whore to selfmedicate.

/x/ ladies and gentlemen.
dont abuse them then. you can abuse anything. You can abuse milk :)
Have you tried to remove thetans?

>that reading comprehension

No, John. You're the typical /x/ retardation.

File: Badger.jpg (2.22 MB, 2064x2040)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
Hey /x/, Badger reporting in.

First off I would like to apologize to all of you fine Anon's who have supported me all the way through my struggles. I am also sorry for not having the time to check my last thread and somewhat abandoning it, but I will get to my reason's as to why I haven't been posting.

First off, some bad news. My home has become too depressing a place to live whilst I'm dealing with the aftermath of this demon. I am now staying over with my good friend Paul who has kindly let me crash at his for the time being. He isn't the sort to believe in ghosts, demons etc. so I have my excuses.
My partner isn't home until the weekend so I don't have to worry about her arriving home with all of this going on, and I come to you all once again seeking advice. I need to be able to create a safe dwelling for her and it needs to be done by Thursday/Friday; I need to be home by these days basically.

Good news is that I've gotten in contact with someone who has experience dealing with malicious spirits, including the one I am fighting with. I explained my situation to them and they have provided me with materials that can help me combat this evil, but I don't have the time/money to rely solely on their opinion.
This is why I am seeking your advice once again.

Even though it's my last resort, I am willing to summon a protective spirit using the same methods as I have previously used. I am seeking your advice as to what spirits.

I would be extremely appreciative if one of you could provide me with a link to the names of these benevolent spirit's, or ''angels'' if you will.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hi there! This is my first time lurking in /x/, probably for 2hrs + a quick nap.

I have faithfully executed demons and excoriated them when I sense something malevolent.

Not sure if you believe in Jesus Christ, nor am I sure if this can work with nonbelievers, but try to use Jesus' name! For example, just speak with TRUE authority and let the positive and light flow into you. Leave no room for doubt, because that is a passageway for demons to give you fear. Rather than ask for an angel's presence, why not ask Jesus to be in your presence! Do this before entering the home, and just meditate (set your mind) to having Jesus with you.
So just walk bravely, as if nothing is there and just a room--I am so sorry for missing your post on whatever has been happening to your home.--

Then confront the demon in every room, and say "In the name of Jesus Christ....I command you to flee from this home" or "I command you to return to where you came from....in the name of Jesus Christ".

***TIP/POWERUP: Carry a Bible and read a Psalm out in every room to invoke the Light or "good spirits". This is super recomended, just go to the local church and tell them (trust me, we will save your home's ass in a heartbeat if you tell us about demonic possession)

But do try my advice and let me know if it works? This may help others, as I am not sure if only people in the Spirit can remove demons or not.
Can someone link me the first thread, please? I don't visit 4chan very often, I'd love to read the story.
http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/16161341/ (this thread was comedy gold)
http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/16163634/ aftermath
EDIT:: Go to a church and talk to the FIRST PERSON you see on what has been happening to your home. Just one person at your nearest church, and perhaps they may cast the demon away.
Simple as that my friend.
Thanks very much, Anon! This story is really interesting. I'm so sorry about what you've been facing, Badger, I hope things get better and this demon leaves you alone. Remember, guys, you shouldn't summon demons because you'll have to pay for what you ask for. Generally, the price is higher than you first thought.

File: 1432675144073.png (343 KB, 4356x768)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Any idea whats going on in here or any info to get in?
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Can you send that wallpaper?
wasn't strange.com the site that had some dude's wow guild info + plus some tentaives rpg's -games and stoories - of his own making?)

people thought it was an arg, but it wasn't, then the user got a hold of the shitstorm and tried to make one, but it was shitty and everyone got disappointed; something like that.
Would have thunk he could sell that domain name for quite a bit of dough.
It seems to be owned by some tattoo parlor, Strange Ink.

No parlour with that name in Toronto though

File: th (1).jpg (92 KB, 540x750)
92 KB
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Here's my experience

When I was young, around the age of 6 til at least 9 (when we moved) every night a shadowy figure would stand by my doorway, just staring. Sorta like OPs pic. He'd never move, first time I saw this shadow I thought it was my dad, so I called out to him, not a word. This happened every night, i'd never see this thing at any other time of day, just at night. It'd always be in the same place, and never move.

Once I was brave enough to run passed it and high tail it to my parents room. I remember feeling ice cold running through my door way.

and might as well add this, I remember him standing there, I fell asleep, woke up in the bathroom, standing up in front of the sink, face bloody from trying to shave with my dads razor.
Might have just been me sleep walking, but when I was cleaned up and put back in my room, there was the shadow again. much closer to me, instead of being in the doorway he was a few feet from the foot of my bed.
Experienced LDer here.

>all the sudden my perspective zooms out making me feel tiny
Your dream has ended and zooming out of it is one of the common sensations when this happens.

>feel as though i cannot move
You have had a false awakening or woken up to the sleep paralysis. As for the latter, it's normal to halucinate in such a state of mind, but being actually pulled out of your bed isn't.

If it was false awakening, you were still dreaming and your experience is easily explainable. As for the sleep paralysis, I would guess you have fallen asleep during it. It's very easy to reenter the dream if you don't move at all when you wake up and you said that you couldn't move.

Your dreams doesn't necessarily have to be inspired from outside. Your emotions and expectatons have the highest impact on them - you couldn't move, terror has overcomed you and your dream turned into nightmare because of your own fear.

And finally, I would say, that the reoccuring has to do something with the above mentioned expectations. You find yourself in the similar situation as before , you expect to be pulled out of your bed and the exact thing happens.
There has been some interest in these lately. I'm noticing a pattern. Myself, when I was young, I used to see the hooded figure flash before me at random times.

Anyway, it seems that they appear mostly to the young.

They tend to vanish in most cases relatively fast after being perceived.

No one has been harmed apart from having the shit scared out of them.

Anything else noteworthy?
they're demons, I've seen them
they are in a world of their own that parallels our world
That sleep paralysis shit's for losers. I saw a shadowdude, I think the one people call hatman, when I was about 6 years old. I was learning to ride a bike and I glanced at my parents to see if they were watching me. They weren't, but a figure was. As he turned and walked away, I slammed into a pole.

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