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File: DELETE.jpg (27 KB, 335x400)
27 KB
So, what's the thinking on claims that Aleister Crowley was a British spy employed by MI6?

In his younger days, dude served and trained as a spy, but some scholars suggest he remained so throughout his entire life. They claim that pro-Irish Independence and pro-German marches and speeches he made in the leadup to WWI were staged to make the Kaiser's argument lose credence, since it had a maniac like Crowley on board. Other reports suggest because of his work as a German propagandist, he persuaded the Germans to sink the Lusitania, thus leading to America's declaration of war.

If this is false, it's Crowley, the egotistic (as we all know he was known to be, on occassion), trying to raise a little hell and then trying to save face about it.

If it's true, then by having a hand in the beginning of WWI, Aleister Crowley kickstarted a chain of events that changed the face of the entire world over the course of the next century. He effectively did what he set out to do, and began the next Epoch of human existence.

What does /x/ think?
It's probably not true.

File: four horsemen.jpg (46 KB, 720x258)
46 KB
Anyone know of any bizarre or disturbing alien abduction cases, shit like the hopkinsville encounter?

I remember reading one about a woman who was abducted by aliens in her bedroom and was seen by a UN ambassador and his bodyguards floating outside and then th two guards sent threatening letters to the girl and said she saw her at a beach making castles with the aliens and the whole case was left unsolved due to the complete bizzarity of it all.

Please, if it's interesting, feel free to post it...

(Pic unrelated)
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FOUND IT LADS http://www.ufocasebook.com/Manhattan.html
I would love to hear about sexy abduction cases with anal probing.

The feeling I get when aliens inject that huge anal probe is just magnificient. I would like to do it every day!
>bob hopkins hypnotism

fake memories...
Fresno alien story is pretty good. Some guy in the woods.
Ha. Lads. I like that.

File: Erth.jpg (48 KB, 405x303)
48 KB
HOLLOW EARTH!!!!!!!!!!
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didn't claim shit nigger, just that the Earth isn't fucking hollow or flat, and believing it is makes you a retard who thinks Jules Verne was a documentarian.
>didn't claim shit nigger

>we might as well live on the back of a quarter with people like this in the world.

>believing it is makes you a retard who thinks Jules Verne

Blindly believing everything you read in your 20 years out of date high school text book makes you worse than your intellectual betters from the past who thought the earth was flat.
long as there is room for the sun they captured then they could use geo thermal energy.
how was that guy called again 'waccawaccawaccawacca...'
I like the Pellucidar books.

File: 1154990796790.jpg (23 KB, 491x443)
23 KB
Hello /x/, I am wondering if anyone here knows much about abductions?

I never believed in aliens, ufos, or abductions until quite recently when I started to have strange experiences of my own shortly after seeing ufos.

For the past 2 years I have been experiencing what can only be classified as abductions. At first I assumed it was bad dreams but then I started having experiences awake, when this happened I assumed I must be having some sort of psychotic breakdown but after multiple doctor visits, MRIs, and different medications the experiences kept happening.

My first experience was a couple years ago shortly after seeing a triangular shaped craft and 2 egg shaped vehicles that would change from metallic to glowing orange-red. I woke up in a state of sleep paralysis, nothing unusual, however seconds after waking up I heard this humming sound and then a flash of light and I woke up. I shrugged this one off to being just
a dream and nothing beyond normal sleep paralysis. Then the second experience happened, I was woken up by what felt like a sonic boom, I sat up in my bed and in the corner of the room was a dark, tall, shadowy figure. This figure rapidly shot towards me, the next thing I knew I was waking up again and 2 hours had passed. I thought this too must've been a dream but it was so vivid and I remembered it like I had been awake.

Things have only gotten stranger and more vivid and to the point that I have seen these beings, which is why I have sought medical treatment. A few months ago I had my first sighting of what can only be called aliens. I was getting ready for bed when I kept seeing this flashing through my window. Seconds later 5 little off colored white beings came through the wall. I was frozen in place, I couldn't move, the beings shimmered, and one looked directly at me and that was it. Following this I woke up on the floor next to my bed.
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My sister told me about this time 3 years ago she was sitting on the roof of my garage(she was watching the place while I was out of town) she said she was looking at the stars then three lights in a triangle came from the distance and stopped above her. She claims she woke up on the couch with no memory of how she got there. I questioned her about it many times and she never changes the story or details and remains very adamant about what she saw.
Hi op , important question do you live in a rural area and if so how close is the nearest neighbor house to yours?
I think OP died.

Damn aliens. Abducting our OP before he could give us pics.

looks like an upside down ballsack, no wonder all they want to do is analy rape up and violate our inoccent assholes, there nuts... literally! unpside down nuts!

they traveled countless stars, but raping all land creatures they encountered along the way.

>I can post a picture of this, but for now I would prefer not to do that.

Confirmed for bait.

File: Kiseijuu_v07_p001b.jpg (278 KB, 2083x1400)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
One more volume after this and we're done!

You all know the drill by now. Please DO NOT POST PICTURES here so the image limit won't be reached as quickly. Don't post or link the bad translation either, seriously, they couldn't even get the names of the characters right. That's just sad. And if you could bump this thread occasionally, especially when I'm away, that would be appreciated.

Previous threads:


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Of course not. It was a brilliant plan and it worked perfectly.

NAG//Net Art Generator//


* Enter a spooky word or two
* Pick settings, push buttons
* Post your best results
* listing the words you used is helpful ( I know, the word(s) appear in the image name for those that don't change it, but it's easier in the post, but whatever...)

[ try using 2 images if pictures too dark or too cluttered ]
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Black magic
West coast bloods
Sleep Paralysis
abduction experience
twin peaks

File: lovec.png (195 KB, 547x443)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
Hi, I was wondering if one of us could help me, I'm finding a book or a good font about possession
I mean, internet got much information about this topic but all that is cinematic cliche

File: 1352677744811.png (78 KB, 899x938)
78 KB
Holy shit /x/ it's been a while. What's new? What's creepin' everyone out these days? Let's have a thread about it so I can catch up!
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Started it here
I'd like to see just one thread, one thread on /x/ survive for more than a few days without being invaded by schizophrenic shitposters.
One can dream...
Does anyone here know where to find the andre files?

File: image.jpg (40 KB, 400x493)
40 KB
So I'm going to share my experience with you all. Don't care if you faggots think I'm fake and gay, im sharing because nobody else to talk to. Feel free to post your own strange experiences as well. Btw I'm on my phone so excuse my typos/autocorrects. Here we go.

>Be me, 20 y.o.
>About a year ago
>Home alone, sitting in my garage playing vidya, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes etc.
>Garage door is halfway open, nice breeze rolling in
>Get up to grab another beer, open fridge, grab beer, turn back around
>There's a fucking guy peeking under the garage door staring and smiling at me
>Stare back, don't know what to do
>2 or 3 minutes go by, both of us just staring at one another

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It's called common sense.
>There's a fucking guy peeking under the door and smiling at me
>Stare back, don't know what to do
>2 or 3minutes go by, just staring at eachother
What the fuck is wrong with you
A wolf lives in my house, so I just prop the doors open most days so he can come and go

It seems like every time we take a walk, someone tells me that dogs aren't allowed outside without a leash,
usually while holding their dog on a half meter cord

I don't care
I have an energy efficient heater, so I keep the windows open during winter
>About a year ago
>2 or 3 minutes go by, both of us just staring at one another
People... Seriously? Some serious plot holes here. Wanting to believe so much that you ignore blatant red flags is a very bad thing. We need more harsh skeptics in the paranormal community. Not every dent in the mud is a Bigfoot track. Oh, and there are a lot of people out there who get a serious high from tricking gullible fucks like you, there was even a thread not too long ago about it on this very board. People saying there's nothing more satisfying than freaking people out and tricking them into believing something they made up. Open your eyes, children. (Oh, and not your third eyes, those ones don't exist.)
Canada fag here, in Newfoundland everyone has there doors unlocked because most commuties out there are very tight knit. I know a few people who do that out here in Alberta as well.

Fuck Montreal though, that place is a fucking shithole.

ITT: Draw what follows you.
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Kill a dog with your bare hands
File: hi.jpg (175 KB, 1920x1080)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
I've seen this issue before. Tell me anon, do they ask you to "give them the pussy, boss"?
Dude see a psychologist or something, sounds like you got some real issues, nothing paranormal but still sounds pretty f'ed up
My ass follows me everywhere i go, swear one of these days ill beat the tar outta that nignog if he keeps it up
This is good advice

Electroshock therapy may be just what you need

So /x/ what do you think the chances are of Ice-Ocean planets hosting alien life?

It seems recent discoveries for both Ceres and Enceladus have shown that both of these celestial bodies likely host large oceans underneath a thick ice crust, meaning that towards the center of them exists a warm water climate suitable for life similar to the life we find in deep-sea.

What this means is a planet does not necessarily need to be within a habitable zone of a star to host liquid water, and that any source of heat will do.

What are the chances these aliens exist in our own solar system?
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he meant intelligent life (i think), of which our circumstances were pretty rigid.
Same logic applies.
Your friend is so painfully obviously you, you imbecile. Get out of Academia and make room for the REAL students like me. If you aren't in school for STEM, M.D., or DDS. you are just wasting resources.
>If you aren't in school for STEM, M.D., or DDS. you are just wasting resources.
Not him but that's possibly the single most arrogant statement I've ever read in my entire life.
And we once lived in trees. Protowhales such as Ambulocetus are no closer to societal construction, let alone interplanetary travel, than dolphins.

File: image.jpg (106 KB, 640x1136)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Was told I could/should post this here, what do you guys think?
Link goes to Dropbox, that's what the pic shows. 12th attempt at posting this, finally worked.
Self bump, I want some feedback

Hey guys.
I remember a thread where a weird youtube channel was posted. Kinda like marble hornets, but no slenderman.
It was this one guy who found a backpack in the middle of the forest with a CD, a bullet and some other junk in it. His videos got more weird and the last one i've seen was about him picking some kind of "last drop" with supplies up.
Does anyone remember the name? Would love to see if he posted another video.

File: canvas.png (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
For this experiment we'll need healthy women. Preferably older than 18, ideally 21-28, on up to 35, but anyone will do so long as they're not in your immediate family. For best results, you'll want someone completely anonymous, but due to the ability to not be female on the internet, obviously you'll have to actually meet them IRL.

The experiment is pretty simple, so you can introduce yourself like so:
>hi I'm so and so
>would you be willing to participate in a ten minute social experiment?
To prepare the experiment, either draw the sigil (pic related) on the ground, print it out, or be ready to draw it on their hand. You probably want to avoid drawing it on their hand, because:
>have you seen this symbol before?
If they recognize the symbol, the experiment ends. They don't count as a valid subject. Ideally, this experiment will be done in three days, but it might take a week to organize enough test subjects. Either way, when we have enough data on how women react to the sigil, the experiment can enter its second stage. I'll post stage two when I feel we have enough data. I'd like to test the sigil's effects on at least 20 women before stage two begins.

The sigil does nothing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. This is to get a baseline reading on how sigil magic works. I made the sigil just now, so I don't want to hear anyone spreading rumors about what it does or does not do. If you want to be part of this experiment, you'll need to save/print/memorize the sigil, optionally reading the guide to using sigils that I'm about to post (you can skip it if you're familiar with sigils), and doing the experiment without reading what other anons have posted. It is critically important that nobody who conducts the experiment has any idea what the sigil does or might do. If it has an effect, we should be able to determine that from double-blind experimentation. If your test subject even /thinks/ she's seen this symbol somewhere before, she's probably not a good test.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>I don't want anything weird happening because I showed some women a sigil.
Then you simply do not want magic to happen. Doesn't get any simpler than that. If you like, in a week or so, you can try constructing a similar—but different—experiment that isn't quite as double-blind. Weird things are *supposed* to happen. Maybe there's some class of people that happen to be a little more sensitive to magic, and doing the experiment could be slightly dangerous for them because they'll go all hypochondriac on us an start feedback looping the sigil in on themselves. It's entirely possible, and truth be told such an "attack"/abuse of the sigil is possible. I haven't designed any effects that should refute it. If you don't feel the experiment is safe as of this moment, then don't do it. If you're worried, fine.

Remember: She has to /agree/. If her instincts tell her no, fine. I appreciate your concern and it's a valid worry, but it is paranoia. All I've done is make something double-blind. In theory, even in most theories, even many magical ones, it /should/ be safe.

Dunno what else to tell you.
Not how double-blind experiments work. I agree, that would be a nice control variable to embed in more rigorous experiments, but this is the /magic/ hypotheses. We can't actually guarantee the sigil does anything. It functions as its own baseline, as well as an other sigil could or would. There's no "does nothing" sigil we can construct that we could ever verify was seriously doing nothing. Ensuring nothingness is all but impossible, if not by sheer logic, than by sheer magic-doesn't-exist. We can't divide out the role of the placebo effect, here.
Aye. Control groups are nice when you can guarantee the control variables actually control for some variable. We need a baseline positive result to base further results on; we are testing the null hypothesis itself.
If you don't have a control group, you cannot get a "positive result" for such a hypothesis.

There's also no reason to believe that you can't make a squiggle that does nothing, as if every squiggle is "SUPER WIZARD POWERFUL".
File: wizard.jpg (664 KB, 793x1024)
664 KB
664 KB JPG
I'm interested in what you'd learn from this, but judging that these people will be strangers trying to make idle chat while standing on a sigil, you probably won't be able to see any deviancy from normalcy since you don't have a baseline of their personality.
Also, if you just made that sigil up why would you expect any results at all? My guess is that this experiment is needlessly involved for something that will yield little to no results.
If that's all we get, that's all we get. If we get something more interesting, it ought to stand out from the background of common society. Hence: Social experiment. I'm more interested in what the anons report than how the women act.

File: 4142980744_93a922302b.jpg (135 KB, 375x500)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
come and join us to see what frightens us
13 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
come and get scurred!
Is this you iWork you faggot
File: Deep_Ocean.jpg (27 KB, 900x563)
27 KB
File: x.gif (896 KB, 500x750)
896 KB
896 KB GIF
Eternal life

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