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File: bathory.jpg (43 KB, 402x400)
43 KB
Is there something about distorted guitars and screaming that is inherently satanic?
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>because the 80's and 90's were suffocatingly puritan

Lots of bizarro world view of just a few years ago going on in this thread.
Because Black Sabbath was never satanic in the first place. I think almost all the members are different degrees of christian The member who read out of the satanic book did it as a joke and didn't think it would work, thats why he got so spooked. When you read the lyrics to their songs they never endorse evil, only warn of and describe it. Kind of like how Hieronymus Bosch's paintings are scary as all hell but the message behind it is to beware the evil and act as a warning
Oh, Homer...

How about the fact that the music resonates with some of us? Could it be the dissapointment for mankind has something to do with the callous degradation of the environment and the blatant self serving hypocrisy of others? Do you consider anyone who has ever seen a horror film to be muh edgelord?

One can't stop the momentum of something, much like the irony of seeing a boatload of kids in the same Emperor and Cradle of Filth long sleeve shirts in the middle of the blistering Texas summer circa 1997.

The precursor pol smoker Vikang.
"Learn to love and forget how to hate"


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im still pissed about not getting a razor scooter
your mother and grandmother would have tattoos and septum piercings if they were born in 1990. If you could time travel their younger selves to the modern era
>I think it's our laughter that keeps us young.
this is the gayest thing ive read in months

File: a57a0-12banimus.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
How do I contact my anima in the jungian sense?
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Maybe the information would be more realistic and things looking more like a script (in my perspective) so I could feel I was a step ahead because I was paying attention instead of feeling I am being smokescreened making it worse. The example you give me about the pen blowing up is itself a good example. But my case maybe would be something like turning the next corner and crossing her accidentally many times until she notices me too much thinking I am stalking her or something when I just accidentally showed up because of some clairvoyance reason. These are just examples it never actually happened before like this but other stuff happened and I don't want to talk about those specifically.
Today it seems their friends were talking about her and they seem to give me a lot information indirectly for a very few minutes and then they left the room. I don't even know if she is the person they were talking about and the description was something that caught my attention as well. It just felt I needed to know this information today but it also feels its me pulling shit up. But it looked like a video game where you eavesdrop someone and you get the specific information from the videogame scrip and then the characters leave the scene and you keep going with the video game quest.
I can imagine that. I've never really experienced it in quite that way. Mostly I think it is because I try to stay on an even path and I let go of what others think of it. There are times though when it is too much to stay grounded simultaneously. I ask for my guides to slow the flow at that times or provide greater undertsanding as to the meaning.

Synchronicity to me usually just means Im flowing. It is a state of being for me. I'm not looking for the deeper meaning in all of it, just signposts to use like markers to let me know I'm still in alignment.
My guides can be messy but one of them is too much optimistic and the other, which I think is my Anima, is kinda pessimistic. Mostly is the other one who takes most of the spiritual matters and I can barely comunicate with it but I was able to do it before. I get tired when I try and get confusing messages so it runs things on the background mostly but it gets messy. Ill try to channel today and deal with the stuff somehow.
Put simply -- understand your projections and observe your feminine behavior.
She will either bring you to new heights, or drag you through hell by your balls.
of the books that I have read:
- Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious
- Aion
- Dreams

Archetypes goes into great length, but Aion hits harder in a lot shorter period. Dreams is good for understanding the influence of the Anima on the dream narrative.

File: 8DxmZY6.gif (240 KB, 320x320)
240 KB
240 KB GIF
>2010 /x/: Creepypastas and people who want to share paranormal stuff while being aware of it's fictiveness

>2018 /x/: Conspiracy bullshit (not even good ones, mostly shit like "alyums captured my dog-tier) and people with serious mental issues who genuinely believe that stuff

What went so wrong?
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File: 1540150929542.jpg (159 KB, 960x720)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>complaining about /x/
>continues to use /x/

Nobody is keeping you here fag, I'm sorry you're not satisfied or willing to accept the reality that things change and you won't like the things you like forever.
File: whatDo.jpg (154 KB, 1110x792)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
WOW WOW WOW we don't use the F word here
Talking about the grifters or whatever? One of my favorites (well, top 75) because it uses the “once you think about it it comes after you” trope pretty well

File: 1c3.jpg (25 KB, 500x285)
25 KB
Does crossdressing have any spiritual/occult implications?
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+50 confidence
-50 giving a fuck
Fucking sheeple
File: 1533435318840.png (1.01 MB, 1702x2471)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Ishtar/Innana had crossdressing and even fully trans priests and priestesses

File: 262.png (233 KB, 566x533)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
I have come to the conclusion that the language and mindset behind computer programming/syntax - is Satanic. Now I understand why Facebook protects evil people and silences the good. F

For example, here are some phrases used in Facebook's coding:

- parent node . remove child

- listen.handler

- heartbeat enabled . artillery on

- disable heartbeat

- this piggy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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All python programs are satanic. I mean, think about it- what form did satan take in the garden of eden? that's right, a fucking snake.
It's not supposed to be taken that literally, lol.
>Now I understand why Facebook protects evil

according to fakebook's community standards, bullies and trolls using fake names to admin private groups who raid, harass and torment other people

is not in violation.
more like demons don't bother with people on 4chan since they're already damned
White people

File: BeFunky-collage (19).jpg (2.28 MB, 3152x3264)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
Tell me /x/ What do you believe about superhuman powers. Where do you think they come from? Do you have one? Can you train to get one? Let's discuss everything.
That painting guy has legit autism.

File: image-w1280.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720)
53 KB
Was there anything paranormal to what Jack the Ripper was doing?
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Aleister Crowley claims to have met him and was given bloody tissue from the victims and he was apparently accordin to crowley a big fan of his

Ofcourse Crowley could have made this up as he made up a lot of shit
File: crowleyspal.jpg (494 KB, 1000x1000)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
>he was apparently accordin
>Aleister Crowley claims to have met him and was given bloody tissue from the victims and he was apparently accordin to crowley a big fan of his
>Ofcourse Crowley could have made this up as he made up a lot of shit
Well Crowley was a teenager when the murders happened. Unless he met the killer years later.
>jack the rippen

He claims that he knew D'onston. While that's not certain, he certainly knew Vittoria Cremers, which is the source of the claim that Crowley had a box of the Ripper's bloody neckties (not tissue from the victims).

Here's a link to one of the better looks at all that; a pdf of this book, >>21633826


File: Sadako-vs-kayako-3.jpg (97 KB, 1024x683)
97 KB
How do I summon a Kayako?
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I don't like to kill asians.
Why don't you create a wendigo?
this guide is for summoning a Sadako you fucking faggot

It's not that easy to summon a Kayako tho. You have to basically find a mental bitch and have her and her child killed just like Kayako was killed in the grudge. Then, a few months later after the evil curse has ripened, you have to live in that house where she and her whole family was murdered. You don't have to be the killer however, it would be hard to escape jail anyway.

When a Kayako arrives and crawl onto you from the stairs you have to be brave and react fast. Instead of being a scared faggot like everyone else and trying to escape (this behaviour will make her murder you) you quickly wrap your arms around her, pull up her nightdress, pull down her panties and slide your dick into her pussy all that before she kills you. then she becomes your eternal waifu

godspeed anon
this, but you forgot the most important item: it needs to happend somewhere in Japan. If not, it wont success. Otherwhise you'll get an attention whore ghost possessed by some kind of american dumbass shit like her cuckhold husband didnt pay much attention to her sexual needs or whatever.
Then, and w/ your guide, OP will get a Kayako chan fucktoy. Guaranteed
First you need a kayak. SIt in the kayak and shout "OOOOO" this will complete the ritual

File: 1539125669632.gif (471 KB, 267x400)
471 KB
471 KB GIF
Is tap water safe to drink?
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There are people in this thread RIGHT NOW that think that they are magically immune to gay-making juices as soon as it's from a source other than a tap.
>fluoride because big science words and Alex Jones said it's bad.
Wrong. It is illegal to put Fluoride in the water in many parts of the civilized world, like where I live in Italy, because it's a neurotoxin. This is basic science, and it's sad that the US is so ignorant of this fact.
Probably not, because why does the tap water taste metallic unless I run it through a filter?
Anyone else getting shadow banned right now? Been happening for a while. If this gets through take alkaline supplements to decalcify your brain
Link to the paper, please. I'd like to read it for myself

When studies say fluoride is a neurotoxin/can lead to neurotoxicity, you have to pay attention to the dosage that they use as research. Yes, it is "basic science" that a lot of chemicals are bad to ingest, and fluoride is for sure one of them, but basic science is just that: basic. A full understanding of the substance is required to get a good idea of the risks of ingesting it. Again, I don't advise drinking fluorinated water, but the symptoms are massively overplayed by conspiracy theories mixed with a lack of understanding

Aliens are real and we have known where they are for 40 years,the bootes void. A vast 350 light years across sphere shaped void in space where thousands of galaxies should be. The only explanation is super advanced aliens devouring the energy of every star around them with dyson spheres. When they find us they will be like, that's a nice star you have there be a shame if anything happened to it.


Their tech would be like magic to us.Smart money says they are A.I. run amuck.
40 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>We scan the universe 24/7 and see no signs of alien life
our exploration of the universe is minute, it's the equivalent of an ant looking under its foot and concluding it's alone in the universe
>Dude, ayyliums don't real, man
why not go to another universe then?
I think aliens exist somewhere in the universe and that UFOs are very real but very human.

My guess is that the technology was developed in the 1900s and has been kept out of public light as 'effectively' as possible. The fact of the matter is that these things exist and there have been so damn many accounts of sightings by people of all kinds of credibility, some even being fucking military generals and commanders.

I think these ships exist but aren't capable of interstellar travel because they require Earth's magnetic field to operate.
You sir win the internet

File: 12973123.png (236 KB, 680x208)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>He thinks Mothman was an owl
>He thinks Flatwoods was an owl
>He thinks the Hopkinsville Goblins were owls

File: boo.jpg (15 KB, 315x241)
15 KB
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Absolutely I showed it to some friends and even people who have no idea what it means get a laugh out of the apparently lazy design.
It'd be better if only the eyes glowed, way spookier.
What was that btw and in which video?
Fuck, I think it was his video shout out to fans today, I want to say, I have been binging his videos today honestly. I have one on on the side here too. But basically all he says is "I didnt want to carve mine because when its carved it looks too glowing and interesting, when it's just drawn on it looks boring and bland, I prefer it this way.
haha good one hadnt gotten to that one yet thanks :)
I do find him both informative and relaxing after a day at work. He keeps his cool and doesnt act like he's gonna burst an artery at each headline like a lot of the youtube folk seem to do.

File: 1540062088315s.jpg (3 KB, 125x93)
3 KB

what if animals are god's true chosen ones because they are innocent and don't try to control god's world like the humans do?

what if human's suffer child birth pain and depression and stuff because god prefers the animals who live naturally and don't try to sin against each other like the humans do?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
And you give the wolves guns and something worth while to fight each other they'll blow each other away. You're talking about a wolf eating a rabbit, that's natural order, I was talking about in species fighting and raping. Also animals will steal from each other because they're dicks just like us. To say they are purer is to say they are better, which they're not, we're just smart monkeys, we're fucking animals, there is no difference at all. We just have the best brains,that's the only difference, but all animals have different mental capacities.
The question asked was “what if animals are god's true chosen ones because they are innocent and don't try to control god's world like the humans do?”

The answer is that IF animals are god's true chosen ones because they are innocent and don't try to control god's world like the humans do, then animals are god's true chosen ones because they are innocent and don't try to control god's world like the humans do.

The answer to any question that is “WHAT IF something happened” is always “then it happened”. What would happen if I fell over? Then I would’ve fallen over.

It’s a retards question that doesn’t mean anything because it’s rhetorical.
Do you think bees snuggle?
They snuggle in front of their hives each evening and watch the Sun go down. :D
It's interesting that the term "natural order" is used to describe the kind of relationship you've described. Certainly, the rabbit gains nothing at all from that kind of relationship and the wolf gains all. Both have their own needs but asymmetry prevails regardless, and however horrible all the other variety of things exchanged tween them may be they are all an expression of that fundamental idea.

Insofar as the human world is concerned, can it really be said that all its variety of manifestations therein could not themselves be part of a like sort of "order"? If so, then all this is perfectly "natural", however distasteful it may appear.

File: crus.jpg (110 KB, 468x708)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Which Christian Denomination (Includes Catholics, orthodox and Mormons) is the closest to what the Bible calls the church? Not asking for reasons why you believe christianity is real or false. I just want to know from those who have knowledge on the subject to tell me which one and why. I do not care if you are a believer or not either. All may answer.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Logically, you would have to go to the Orthodox part of the equation because it's the oldest and least changed from the original, but even then...Christianity was much more pagan back in the day. It evolved, even in Orthodoxy, into what it is today. Originally it was much closer to other pagan religions that are very similar (with savior birthdays at christmas, etc) like Dionysus, Mithras, and so on.
its a Lebanese sect. I thought there would be differences.
You have to know some basics:
Christians are separated from Jews, so if you're looking for a christian denomination of Church, forget the Old Testament. In New Testament there's no such thing as Church; that appears with the Roman Empire (you know the history, and how that went)
If you're looking for what God denominated as Church, well...in all Old Testment, there's only one place where God communicates with the people.
With Jesus coming to Earth, all the rules changed.

Also, the catholics distort the Bible when they ally with the Empire (politics)


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