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File: 511.jpg (56 KB, 406x700)
56 KB
Please redpill me on the Psychology Industry
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The second lacks skill... not what I meant to say, I meant to say the second lacks goodwill. A rhyming shift, that was a new kind of error.
ok look. I'm really great at finding good combinations of ingredients but I'm awful when it comes to timing everything that needs to be cooked. Chicken is ready to be taken out of the oven right at the same time the noodles are boiling over and I need to put the veggies in the pan before the butter burns and sets off the fire alarm.

What does that say about medicine and psychology?

Uh oh, someone didn't like someone sharing firsthand experiences with the sham industry their major is based around.
I'd say general lies for profit, not jewish

File: Giant of Kandahar.jpg (36 KB, 601x316)
36 KB
Are giants real?
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File: Goatslik.jpg (229 KB, 720x1230)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Stuff like this is unnatural and pisses God off, but that's the plan for the secret occults that run the world.

i don't wish kind things on who made that website
Fucking maniacs. Why do the normies not listen!!
File: Humanpig.jpg (123 KB, 720x1227)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Secret occults have won on dumbing down the masses. Satanism runs this world. It's in government, news, Hollywood, elsewhere.
Everyone today is selfish and greedy. Stuck watching t.v., consuming, stuck on media entertainment, etc, etc..
They tell us that ancient creatures were not real and there was no flood..yeah right..
Homer truly did see the creatures he encounter and we're creating them again..They hid our true human history and indoctrinated us with occult science and pseudo science.
Soon we'll have some strange shit walking around. Chimeas, centaurs, griffins, animal heads on human bodies..all that shit
the real giants are so big we don't even see them

File: 1497442382515.jpg (13 KB, 299x303)
13 KB
/spg/ SKY PEPE GENERAL - ''First edition'' EDITION



Coordinates: 13 48 1.0, -8 28 20.5"
IRAS micron 100


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F you dum butt
ur a flippin flippity flop!
hey dumb nut! what dont you check ur mirrors!?

New footage

File: IMG_1234.jpg (164 KB, 1024x1024)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
I forgot this guy's name but I think he's fascinating.

Have you ever seen any of the videos from the YouTube channel "LETSGETFREE4"? It's a channel dedicated to exposing Saturn worship.

There are fuck tons of these videos on this YouTube channel featuring this one guy that talks about Saturn and gets into serious detail about it at times.

File: 1486323485873.jpg (178 KB, 746x1000)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Bill, yes I am watching his videos right now as I found this thread.

Funny how these things work.

These videos are great for a new perspective on reality,.
File: 1497776205869.gif (1.5 MB, 640x360)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF

When you shift your focus you "change" your reality.
Saturn is a complete bro, but there is no need to go around exposing yourself on his behalf. He's not into it, and you might get arrested.
"Masons call it the great architect, jews call it the great designer" 30s into the video and he's already bullshitting

File: old church.jpg (2.56 MB, 2448x3264)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
So, I have the opportunity to have my tarot read and maybe screw with an Ouija board with friends. Pretty benign stuff, Nothing crazy at all. Just dumb, fun time.

However, there's this one niggling thought in the back of my head; not a strong concern, more a strong curiosity. We'd do this at the place we all work at, that being a theater built into an old church. It's just shy of a century old, it's Spanish-style, no graveyard or anything; it's actually flanked by a lot of houses and the like, the downtown area kind of built around it.

My question is, is there any bad luck or anything there, is that bad juju calling for a curse or whatever the fuck? There's something in the back of my head that says there is, doing tarot in an old church. I mean, it hasn't been a church in a long time, but I've always held to the ethos that if you don't want to be in a horror movie, don't do stupid horror movie shit. This seems like some stupid horror movie shit.

>tl;dr: Is it a bad idea/sacrilegious/going to get you cursed if you do tarot in an old, defunct, haunted church?

>pic semi-related, looks somewhat like it, but it's much less fancy and doesn't have a tower
As an individual who has been studying and reading the tarot for twelve years, I can confirm that it's literally just slices of cardboard with pretty illustrations printed on them. Absolutely nothing paranormal about them.

> so why bother with it for ten years

The subconscious mind responds to symbolism (i.e. dreams). That's why.
Fair enough. There's just a stigma, that's all. I do like the "subconscious" aspect of it, too. I suppose Ouija is just cardboard as well, but still, you have to wonder. I've always been odd about things like that on "hallowed" ground. Don't like screwing around in graveyards, either.
A church would not be cursed, except for the fact that it fell into disuse. If you were doing it in a tomb, or a haunted house, probably not good juju.
Well, that's comforting. I'm less concerned about the church itself being cursed, than getting cursed for doing not-so-Christian things in it, though that's really just modern perception and it wouldn't be anything like actually vile. Always just a wonder.

File: IMG_1067.png (856 KB, 1136x640)
856 KB
856 KB PNG
How many of these are just memes/jokes? How many are real?(include a brief description plz)

File: IMG_20170622_195905.jpg (3.58 MB, 3036x4048)
3.58 MB
3.58 MB JPG
A few days ago a friend and I went down to Staunton, VA to check out the Dejarnette hospital. We explored all the floors and it was pretty much gutted of anything interesting.

When we were finished we stopped at the gas station down the street for drinks and this guy stopped and he looked at us with the creepiest face we've ever seen and said "so what did you find?" And my friend said, "I don't know what you're talking about" and he said "I saw you come from there" and we said "nope" and he said "you didn't find that opened window and I said "nope". But on the top floor there were spent shotgun shells and we were heading up the last set of stairs to the attic we opened the door and got a blast of this hot foul smelling air. It smelled so bad we had to run down the stairs.

My friend is smarter than I am when it comes to privacy like that. I would have just said "it was pretty lame. There wasn't really anything to see." But now I can't stop thinking, "was there something in the attic?" Or was he genuinely curious as to whether there was anything interesting in there.

Anyone else ever experience anything similar?
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File: IMG_20170622_200455.jpg (3.59 MB, 3036x4048)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB JPG
Well, unfortunately, we were only in the area for that day and we're too far to just go there whenever we want.
Yes, I have quite a few but nothing too terribly interesting. Mostly just peeling lead paint and graffiti
It was during the day and we knew it was hot because heat rises, but when we opened the door to the attic we didn't expect the smell. But we just brushed it off as a bunch of dead animals or some shit until this dude stopped us.
yeah he is obviously trying to imply that in his bullshit rp shill story.

it this really happened call the cops or you'll get in trouble. otherwise shut up its gay.
That's funny I've explored that hospital I live 15 min away from Staunton. I've been up to The attic but I don't go to far into it. The floor is to dilapidated and sunken in. I dont remember a foul smell, though this was about a year and a half ago. That place is really creepy and if hauntings exist that would be the place for them. There has been plenty of death and suffering there. You guys check out the crematorium out back? And I hope you had some kind of air filtration the air in there is dense with asbestos and other nasty shit.
Thanks anon...

File: world-map.gif (300 KB, 1200x715)
300 KB
300 KB GIF
Mandela effect is real

You see this map? Are you honestly going to tell me that South America was that far left? No fucking way. It was always almost directly below the US, but now there is nothing but fucking water.

Open your mind. They are lying. They always did. Recognize the truth.
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South America all the way to the right of the usa is beyond distortion
Those maps are always in accurate because the world isn't flat.
maps vary
File: wtf.gif (37 KB, 634x323)
37 KB
In some realities Moscow is directly below Scandinavia.

Crazy shit.
go on google images and type in 'world map' dipshit and see for yourself

What's your verdict on it? Real or fake?
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If fake, why would they take the time to add tits to it?
So they could fuck it.
1960s furry porn. It all makes sense now.
I want to believe. Bigfoot is absolutely fascinating.
Here's my verdict

File: image.jpg (1.38 MB, 3264x2448)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Hey guys. Forgive my literacy , i did not pay attention in school.

So i have chosen to seize existence. A sort of suicide. I dont know what to expect or feel. But its happening. I dont know of im the first or if i will meet others. I dont know if it even matters.

But heres what i do know. I cant do it anymore so i admire you guys. I never had a horrible life. But i already lost what i wanted and its too late. They say each person has their own limit. This is mine. It may be dumb but it is.

This is what we are meant to do. this is the answer. I want to share it with you. But it $&&$$$ its useless. But i will do it anyways. As my last strand of humanity . Before i am completely gone and i can/wont .
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if you become the observer, who will be the one to experience the world?
File: 14338166.jpg (57 KB, 600x480)
57 KB
Don't kill yourself, faggot.
Yeah thats what i fear but really it cant be much worse than feeling powerless to do anything. I get what your saying too. But i have a theory too. It got to the point whete i didnt dream anymore. I just woke up lived my life. Then i really woke up! It was weird. But i think with this i can have a chance at trying things and see how it goes then rewlly do it. Of course thats a theory. I just want a. Ew way of living i cant adapt my self to this one
I am the observer and i live the life . But as an observer controlling it without the downside of thoughts.
I found that I could still 'dream' with just my mind, but mostly they didn't have much awareness or meaning in them. When I have nightmares I wake up and realize I was disconnected from my heart a lot. I reconnect with that feeling within, then I start to have lucid dreams, that are good and they have meaning to me spiritually. I still seem to have some barriers to go through, but they heart always gets me out of the lower levels of the astral and into something where I at least have conscious directive of my actions, some levels of magic, and the ability to get 'answers' from the spiritual awareness.


I went through that exact same experience from the first word to the last.

File: IMG_1896.jpg (154 KB, 699x393)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
anybody else who's lived in the appalachians experience some shit at night? what is it about the appalachians that makes it so prone to paranormal shit?
i haven't experienced anything big myself (thankfully) but i know many people who have and some minor things have happened to me. was at a party tonight and i overheard friends describing seeing a random light hovering around above the forest in their back yard, moving weird then vanishing. sounded like a UFO

occasional monster stories too.... from orange bigfoot things to weird... human like things with transparent skin.
i regularly heard weird noises, shouting and yelling in the forests at night though.

whats happened to you OP?
idk what makes it so prone to things, thankfully nothing terrifiying has happened to me yet but i think a big factor is that the deep appalachias are basically just fucking jungles.
who knows whats in the countless caves?

us who live in them have merely carved out tiiiinty little holes of civilization basically. the rest is sheer wilderness

I've been around the tn/va area for about 10 years now. Saw a couple of ufos. One with a friend during a tornado. The other was really strange. I was out on my porch smoking a cig and a family of deer are running across the lawn and, all of a sudden, ALL of them just stop and start looking up. I look up too. It was really cloudy and dark but there was a shape on the clouds. It was circular and huge. Never forget it. Like 5 deer and me just staring in the sky. They got spooked and ran off. I told my gf when she got home. She said I was drunk. On another note, I think most ufos are military craft. It took three decades for them to tell us about a damn stealth bomber.
I think the region you inhabit matters as well but there's lots of cave lore around these parts. Everyone and their grandma has gone hiking and into a cave or two and has a story to tell, and most of them will tell you to stay out away from any place that's not well known, and even then.
Post stories guys

26 minute video summary of years of research
Bridges are overrated
I do self-enquiry to achieve this

File: zcamera-20170624_215038.jpg (843 KB, 1555x2074)
843 KB
843 KB JPG
And he took with him the person
And he took with him the soul
Knowing fully of the absence of god
Abradon condemned and protected as the ages of the chosen had ended it left humanity in its vast wretchedness of neutrality and evil and nothing higher
hey there! my name is minecraftpro229 here and today I want to tell you about my minecraft skywars lets play I'm starting. if you'd be so kind to look at my channel that would be radical,,,,,

File: Enlight8.jpg (475 KB, 1200x1200)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
Was Abraham Lincoln unharmed after being shot, then subsequently cryogenically frozen, coming out into the world as George Bush?
i mean the proofs right there shit
OP is full of shit, and I'll tell you why

He says Abraham Lincoln is George Bush, and then posts a pic of George W Bush
The man has a point. Undebatable proof.
If this was real I would be extremely disappointed.

File: ayy.jpg (87 KB, 585x516)
87 KB
Can we talk about this?
For what I think I know, there are a lot of mysteries regarding ancient civilizations, such as their secret to build megalithic structures, weird recurrent topics and technologies in different cultures and the endless piles of unexplained stuff that keeps on piling up.
Personally I think a lot of what is said on the show is speculation and bullshit, but every now and then some theories really add up and makes way more sense that what is officially accepted.
Mainstream archaeology dismisses every single one of these theories, refusing to discuss them, calling them bullshit and claiming their own calculations are a perfect match for their theories as there's no such thing as these "unexplained things"
>Ancient Ayys: "It is mathematically impossible with the supposed technology of the era to build the Great Pyramid as they say it was, evidence points to the contrary, not with an army of 1000000 slaves.
>Official Scholars: "Preposterous!, of course it's possible, the pyramid was build by Khufu using slaves and logs to drag the blocks, also iron saws to cut the perfectly fitting blocks in all their buildings, our mathematicians confirm it"
>Ancient Ayys: "We have objects that are not supposed to exist in certain periods, C14 dating gives odd results that don't agree with the official theories"
>Official Scholars: "Objects? What objects?" or "That's bullshit, of course the dates are correct"
Who's side are you on /x/?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've been through all the ancient aliens material over and over for years and the end result is:
drumroll please
idk man

It has always seemed to me that to jump to space aliens is a massive logical leap considering we still don't have real tangible evidence of aliens. The ancient advanced civilization explanation seems like a much more likely hypothesis to me. The only problem seems to be some of the logistics required to move stones around, ie the fact that even today the only cranes capable of moving that much weight are massive permanent structures for loading container ships. This implies that the civilization(s) that built these edifices (pyramids, andes structures, gobekli tepe) must have been extremely advanced for the time, at least at an industrial revolution level if not greater to have the metallurgical knowledge to build these types of installations. The issue with this is that if this civilization existed, we would certainly know about it due to the scale of the industrial infrastructure required. My solution to this is that these structures are much older than they are normally assumed to be. In all likelyhood, the pyramids and andes structures are probably in fact contemporary to gobekli tepe (12-15 thousand years) rather than the 3 to 5 normally assumed.
I like the show. Very entertaining even though some theories are kinda unlikely.
I think the silliest part of the "aliens helped build the pyramids" theory is asking why aliens would travel many light years to help some primitives stack some large blocks of stone together. You would think that aliens would have better ways of building things than that.

And we should never underestimate what determined people with lots of time can do. Look at this church here - a single man, Justo Gallego built this over a few decades. Now take 20-30 thousand peasants, working during the "off" season between planting and harvesting, over the course of a few decades, and some very impressive stuff becomes possible.
This. One of those things that can be fun to watch but also not take seriously.
yup but it's waay more down to earth than ancient aliens. And it makes sense actually, dunno if it's true.

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