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File: 1512763883717.jpg (78 KB, 499x499)
78 KB
Someone tell me where god is hiding I want to challenge him to a 1v1
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>the Bible
What does the bible have to do with God?

Sadly, his schizophrenia is so twisted he already fought you in his delusional world and probably beat you with fucking laser eyes or something equally faggot.

If you're being clever and teaching the perfection of duality with irony...

...Knock it off!
You assume the tower to heaven was a literal tower into the sky. Most of us agree now if there is a heaven, it's probably not in the sky.

File: 2226_1211320590_large.jpg (610 KB, 1600x1282)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
i kind of have an idea that i know who i am

i think many are using me for a specific reason and it has to do with david estrella

i think i have been clueless due to amnesia and people take advantage of that

i met people who were balanced and they weren't people of principle but i like their charming ways. they were like children.

i figure if you have the power to do something what would be the responsible thing to do?

i don't like secrets and i believe everybody should be free

but what if everybody is not responsible and they might hurt people?

what if going up is actually going down and going down is actually going up?

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admen help he smoke crack
File: maxresdefault.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB

Hyping somebody up is the same as hypnotizing. Thats why they sound the same.

To like somebody basically means thst you are alike. I like you = I am alike you. Nobody likes me = nobody is alike you.

The media means medium. Medium is a psychic medium who relays messages between 2.

The word ego means I in latin. When you say the word "I" what you are saying is ego.
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after the 3rd try you are locked out of the system
Wow so many shills arguing about nothing. I guess my statements were true after all.
What are you going to do with your newfound discovery, OP?

File: 1497415519439.jpg (10 KB, 268x188)
10 KB
I see a lot of cool photos related to ayylmaos, but no one has a verifiable source for the photos.

A lot of it, in fact, most of it is probably fake.

Does anyone have source for pic related, or any other ayy photos?

Let's sift through the bullshit and determine what is hoax and what is real.
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Sorry, was away.

You can still get this printed from the LA Times.
File: BettyHillZetaRiticuli.jpg (39 KB, 400x300)
39 KB
Betty and Barney Hill.

Betty drew a star map of a yet undiscoverd Zeta Riticuli system.

Carl Sagan refuted this in Cosmos, however.
The hill's were frauds.
Their memories under hypnosis was an episode of "the Outer Limits" that aired the week before.
They lied about where they were and what they were doing because they were scared of some racist cop.
File: 1493094686136.jpg (459 KB, 1500x2118)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
Makes sense. Interracial couples in early 60s.
File: 1482117597005.jpg (23 KB, 232x197)
23 KB
Pretty sure that shits been debunked.

ITT: /x/core music
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I listen to too much boc

this is just mucore
File: CS1296791-02A-BIG.jpg (34 KB, 700x700)
34 KB
File: 1510980825668.jpg (75 KB, 570x754)
75 KB

File: Pluto from new Horizons.jpg (464 KB, 2475x1605)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
After all the threads we had about this. Its finally happening. The attention died down last month but now its back.
>Called Oumuamua which means "messenger from afar"
>No dust trail
>unusual shape
>400 metres long and 40 metres wide in the shape of a cigar.
>alternating speeds at peak it was close to 200,000 miles per hour
>Absorbs 96% of all light and hard to track.
>Dark red colour.
>First confirmed technically "extraterrestrial" object detected in history.

If they did find something, does anybody honestly think they'd tell us?
If not a spaceship its certainly possible "someone" could plant a beacon on it with a message for any potential life in every solar system it goes through.

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dont be rama rama
Rawls for INTERGALATIC football stadium
wow to think it took millions of years
>those stars in front
A petrified alien penis.
When will we get the results?

is "flat earth" the perfect meme?

>triggers smart people
>fools idiots
>creates an argument that can be dismissed by idiots as a "NASA shill", to which there is no counter-argument
>can be "proven" with evidence that the layman can't dismiss

every flat earth thread on /x/ gets at least 100 replies and decends into trolling after the first post. anybody with a basic knowledge of physics can easily disprove the flat earth hypothesis, and yet, after 2 years, the meme still exists.

is it, dare i say.. /ourmeme/?
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Yes, why not?

let's just assume that the earth is as as the heliocentric system says so. in that case, we should be able to build a 3d model and test our hypothesis (the heliocentric model) with some predictions.


these are all 3d simulations of the heliocentric model. as we would expect, what these passive simulations show us matches what we see day to day very well. but we can't just accept that. lets make some proper predictions.

at 6:46:49 on jan 6, Jupiter and mars will be at their closest conjunction

you will see a quarter a degree of parallax of the moon at the next full moon.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>inb4 le NASA shill

Kings dethroned : a history of the evolution of astronomy from the time of the roman empire up to the present day; showing it to be an amazing series of blunders founded upon an error made in the second century B.C.

tldr; astronomy debunked

File: HNI_0034.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
Registering to the master is never the religion. 44Eccaleobion Elongation

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magetism stored life is years old think better red light stored life. i can tell you otherwise better! tells me to remove traces,anyway
Is this thread just evidence that >>20028280 was a preliminary failure and we need some measure of interventions to correct this so that our time capsuled time traveling brethren from the stars can appear/materialize or is there still too many defector that don't want to see TT or ET involvement yet?
feeling worse every day my master tells me to remember but its harder. last week i spoke of my masters 44Eccaleobion Elongation to me im stuck time is but a crawl please my master knows speaks throughme
my master is done with me. he releasing my fragile body,nolonger self supporting without 44Eccaleonbion Elongation goodbye he is leaving my removed soul my best to say is done
deus non malus est sed non bonus

File: 40187290.png (260 KB, 480x480)
260 KB
260 KB PNG

File: 1507472645602.jpg (3.14 MB, 3091x2664)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB JPG
Hello /x/, for a time now I've been trying to redpill my friends and family about the NWO, the Illuminati and such, but every time I try to explain these things to them I usually end up not being really convincing. I think it's because I haven't been able to really establish the link between all the puzzle pieces. I realize this is extremely difficult, maybe even impossible, but I wanna try. So I'm asking you to help me piece it all together. This is what I know so far:

>The Illuminatti are a group of extremely powerful people (Rothschild, Morgan, Rockfeller, etc.), they control everything, from economy to the media, wars, and goverment.

>The UN is just a cover for them to impose their will on international affairs without having to worry about any backlash coming back to them.

>They have even staged, together with the Mossad, 9/11 and with it they justified their invasion into the middle west.

>The Patriot Act was born from the panic of this event and also was a way for them to start gaining more and more foothold with the american goverment and it's population.

Those are the few things I think I can
convincingly and thoroughly explain and give reasons for them, of course I might be wrong.

Now the information that I can't seem to wrap my head around is the following:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We Want Moshiach Now!
File: 1269613564979.jpg (75 KB, 618x420)
75 KB
Ensure a Jewish tomorrow!
File: 6738958569_8e71ce4309_b.jpg (638 KB, 1024x765)
638 KB
638 KB JPG
Moshiach is Coming Now!

;) ;) ;)
I've always wanted to be on a watchlist! :D

File: serveimage.png (150 KB, 420x237)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Ancient Aliens
You can't deny it, you actually watch this show and you somewhat like it.

>fuck youtube for deleting them
>all seasons/episodes on dailymotion
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I watch a lot of long conspiracy/alien videos to go to bed every night. It's like a lullaby for me, and the more silly but serious sounding, the better.

The show is spinning it's wheels hardcore. They repeat themselves over and over and over because they've exhausted their "theory". I wish there was a show to discuss weird shit in general without needing to fit it under an umbrella idea.

Also, there are pretty thorough debunks of the the show's bullshit all over the internet. AA "theory" is obviously bullplop, but at least it is fun bullplop.
I believe
yea i watched abit and i liked it but after 2 seasons it lost its interest and started droning on

Now I know most creepy pastas and stories are fan fiction. There has been news where people commit crimes in the name off. I know three people right now after showing them all of marble hornets and other slenderman videos ect who are now suffering from “ slender sickness” they are paranoid highly agitated and at times have violent outbursts. They seem obsessed more than the average joe. Has anyone witnessed actual “slender sickness”? Should I let authorities know that these people might be dangerous ?
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It spooked me alot compared to most things back in High School. It plays on a common feeling that wherever you look, you feel like you're being watched either from fear or paranoia. Not just people who actually claim to see shit, just the fear of, if something can be anywhere at any time playing on that.
Any paranormal activity can make you sick. I get really weak and shaky, like I have low blood sugar, most of the time when I go investigating (haunted places).
Even things I know aren't real spook me every now and then.

Like that really old video on YouTube of a girl who looks away from the mirror and her reflection starts turning into a demonic face, it made me deadly afraid of mirrors for about 5-6 years.
Dude I'm terrified of mirrors lol. Mirrors and woods, nopenopenopenope
You don't need Slenderman to be paranoid, we live in a world of cameras and survelence as it is. Though such devices aren't planning your demised, anything you do out and about will be used agaist you.

File: fdsafasdf.png (387 KB, 628x652)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
some famous guy on twitter posted a series of pics of a supposed weird looking child in his bedroom while he sleeps. the tweets are getting pretty popular right now

what do you think /x/, hoax?

here's a link to this guys page where the thread is along with the pics https://twitter.com/moby_dickhead
Probably fake but still creepy as fuck.
Neat gimmick but I don't have the interest to follow it regularly

File: IMG_1433.jpg (93 KB, 546x546)
93 KB
hi /x/ demon here I've been trying to make this one christian boy become a trap so that i have a nice bode to take over any advice on how to do this?
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File: poison-milk.jpg (18 KB, 162x216)
18 KB
>dose one
i am sorry
>>20028213 me
>>20028178 a demon
are fighting over control
>>20028240 my tulpa
is just interjecting
File: 1511708546353.gif (1018 KB, 500x500)
1018 KB
1018 KB GIF
Just become a trap and take hormones. You have the right to morphological freedom. Repressing these feelings will just end up with you killing yourself once you get older and regret never taking the plunge.
As much as I want to agree about morphological freedom, studies have yet to show that HRT and gender reassignment are sufficient to prevent or dissuade suicide attempts.

But checked, also.
>demon here

>has to come to /x/ for possession tips

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. 0/10 b8

File: Potrerillos-750x400.jpg (90 KB, 750x400)
90 KB
hey guys, im going to some mountains in argentina this weekend, pic related, its the mountains before the andes. Im bored and curious, what can i look for, do, etc thats /x/ related? skinwalkers, evidence of satanic rituals having been done, etc. very grassy place with lots of uninhabited parts like woods n shit from what im told
You can not go alone to explore 3rd world countries. Will you be armed during the expedition?
no because the world isnt africa nor am i going to a favela, its a nice tourist location, now back to /pol/ with your racism cunt.
Learn about the history, it's quite fascinating
>accusing others of racism
>shitting on africa in the same sentence

I remember being 14 once too

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