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File: rasputin.jpg (191 KB, 864x570)
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191 KB JPG
Hello /X/, We're looking for people with Supernatural abilities and people with something to offer in researching those abilities. If you're interested please join us on irc.rizon.net #SMGR

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A few decades ago perhaps, now being a fag is the norm. Sorry.
That is highly homophobic
I am a fag myself. What's your point?
I have the rare power of common sense.
It helps me to call out rp bullshit on chinese websites.
What does SMGR stand for?

File: psi.jpg (5 KB, 275x183)
5 KB
How are you sure woke ain't just another level of the dream?

answer the phone

File: Li2030.png (297 KB, 1024x585)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
What do you think life will be like in 2030?

We're about half way to the last year from the 2020's. The 2020's are going to be crazy, as far as technological advancement in terms or AI and robotics. I've started to wonder what will life be like in 2030.

The one i'm most interested in is video games and AI in 2030. So, supposedly we will have human level AI by 2029. And, there are game building AI's right now. I picture gaming of 2030 being kind of like this, yea there might still be AAA gaming, although i doubt it. But, i imagine talking to my AI personal assistant, that is as smart as a regular person while i play a game like Skyrim, and then i tell them, ok give them game 2030 tier graphics, graphics where it is probably impossible to tell the game from looking outside. Ok now, i always wanted to be able to sail a boat in the game. Give me a little boat, like the one on the north coast, with a little sail. And, presto, the AI tweaks the game, and i can sail my little boat across the map. Ok, i want to sail my little boat around all of Tamriel, generate the world from the lore, and the AI generates the coast of the whole continent in real time.

The other i wonder about is how crazy things will get when robots and AI take all the jobs,
I can only see things becoming worse.
Looking up doesn't mean breaking your neck
i just hope that by 2030 my credit score has made a significant improvement

File: 1509656403771.jpg (9 KB, 229x220)
9 KB
we are spiritual
we love the occult
we tolerate respect
here is my onionsdrinker discord
obey us
File: 1506488562557.jpg (23 KB, 374x404)
23 KB
File: 1513127599819.png (254 KB, 700x700)
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254 KB PNG
File: 1513491701762.jpg (263 KB, 818x840)
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263 KB JPG
File: 1514181819566.png (23 KB, 645x729)
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File: 1524879815811.jpg (69 KB, 520x735)
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File: succubus4_1024x1024.jpg (39 KB, 738x426)
39 KB
Asking for a friend.
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I wish they would all look as good as this image,( >>20987545 ) but the fact is, that this is what will be sucking on your Johnson (pic image)
and it will also grow a monster richer that will rip your a new A-hole apart. and then force it into your mouth too. (No joke!)
File: 225qa7.jpg (26 KB, 583x476)
26 KB
Your friend is gonna get AIDS. That thread a few weeks back with the Succubus who was taking questions backed this up. They said most are infected with AIDS. Just don't do it OP. Tell your friend not to as well.
>implying succubus aren't diseased too
Better to take your chances with a real whore and probably be fine. With a succubus you will definitely get infected with a veneral disease.
Are you a wizard?

File: 0.jpg (57 KB, 462x470)
57 KB
Faces of /x/
File: 4207.jpg (118 KB, 470x470)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
File: Shea Dobson.jpg (290 KB, 1079x1280)
290 KB
290 KB JPG

File: 3456792.jpg (211 KB, 653x832)
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211 KB JPG
You gotta be fucking kidding me man
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Who would fake this shit? What the fuck?
i wonder if spacecraft designs in the image of the firmament is a clue

It's real
File: thomas_moray1.gif (3.29 MB, 2000x1491)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB GIF
You don't understand how fucked up the US patent system is. People patent almost anything they can think of with no real research, engineering, or effort. Then later when someone makes something even 1% like the patent they sue for royalties. Usually the lawyers will pay them a few thousand to fuck off, because it's cheaper than fighting it.

It's legalized extortion. There are entire law firms that do NOTHING but buy millions of these worthless patents, and then randomly sue real inventors and companies for shakedown money. They are called "patent trolls" after the mythical trolls that demand money to simply cross a bridge.

Since triangular craft have been talked about for decades the patent applicant figured he could get some shakedown money when these crafts are eventually made public. Or better yet, sell the patent to a "patent troll" firm and make his money now, while he files even more stupid, vague, and hypothetical patents.

Fun fact: there are 6000 patents deemed critical to "national security". If you EVER try to patent a "free energy", "over unity", or "anti-gravity" device you can expect it to be confiscated with NO COMPENSATION. Then you are issued with a gag order upon threat of indefinite detention. If your machine is advanced enough you might just disappear along with all your work and notes.

I remember browsing Amazing1 in like '04 or '05 - we've had the blueprints for actual hoverboards for over a decade now. I was pretty annoyed when that whhelie bullshit came out and there were fucking news stories all like "Well, it's back to the future year and we don't have hoverboards like in the sequel yet but we do have these" like, fuck off.

File: Alex.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
This Alex Jones guy has go to be the clearest example of an illuminati sleeper cell I have ever seen. He is clearly a paid shill to make skeptics seem crazy. Anyone who would consider him even a slightly valid clearly has the wool pulled over their eyes.
nah he's just a genuine psychopath. Wife divorced him and took the kids for a reason.
I can barely believe he could get married. I wouldn't doubt the only way he could sustain it for so long was the money he was getting.
First image on /x/ to successfully startle me
sad that his loyal audience can't see through his bullshit

I view alex as an entertaining news host, his agenda is reversed anyway deep down he knows, but deep down hes probably too far gone.

File: 30f00c0.jpg (41 KB, 540x405)
41 KB
Hey /x/ im house/dog sitting for my uncle and roughly every 1-2 hours i get this heavy scent of burning sage. It doesnt matter what part of the house i go to or even outside it just reeks like someone lit a smudge stick. My uncle nor his wife (as far as i know) arent into the superstitious and despite my better efforts i can't get in touch with them. Everything i look up online sounds like utter bs "angels are blessing you" "its a sign of good energy starting to fill your life" while these very well could be the case the websites and people who post them seem to be the kind of people who think they see jesus in their latte.

Im unsure if its related but the dogs im sitting seem to flip their shit shortly after the smell shows up (like 20 or so minutes later) now ones a puppy so her going nuts isnt uncharacteristic of her but the older pubber im watching is usually chill as fuck. No barking unless someones knocking at the door, usually just hangs out and looks goofy. But now he keeps barking at nothing and continues to attempt to hide under one of the beds in the back of the house as well as behind me, the couch and my backpack all of which are in different areas of the house.

Im comming to /x/ because i dont really know where to go for answers on this and im eager to see what you guys know/think of this or if anyone's had this happen to them before.

Pic unrelated i can't post without one.
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Why would your uncle use carrot tards? Does he usually play old card games or collect items of a certain interest?
well what about you OP? anything significant came up before you started house sitting? or just came into contact with someone who may dabble? since the dog is a new addition, it might just not be used to you, not realized uncle isn't around and realizing still kinda startles it while older dog is just in protective mode becomes young one nearby. considering the signs id say either you encountered a dabbler, or ur uncle dabbles, or dogs were startled by the switch over, and someone in the neighborhood has been smudging. thx for the update, have a great night.
Stop shitposting and it'll clear right up
diabetic ketoacidosis.
get checked
well if you want to entertain superstition, there isn't anything bad about sage at all. It is by all accounts purely a device of good vibes, burning sage is a thing that people do to get rid of something bad or lighten or clear things up in some sense.

I personally adore the scent of sage so I'd consider you lucky in that sense.

File: RPC LOGO.png (26 KB, 531x175)
26 KB
With all the shitstorm of the last days some of us decided to start again. http://rpcauthority.wikidot.com/

It will probably be a decent succes. R...r...right, guys? I still think "authority" sounds retarded tho.
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So far it looks like the general consensus on RPC is that it is not part of the same universe as SCP.
Think of RPC as SCP through a looking glass.

Though it could be interesting if there are mentions of RPC in SCP and vice versa as 'that other eerily similar organization in the other reality', and after a few incidents both agreed to deny access to each others' realities.
No they started deleting archived versions. I think it was the doll that killed women that had its history removed. I remember the change was to do with "XY identifying males or some shit"
I think there is potential therd
I like my plan better. No offence.
I think it would be interesting as them being each others competition
they basically want the same thing but each want to do it their own way

File: 1521250652131.jpg (166 KB, 800x600)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Last time I came here, I believed in God. Now I come here again, and I don't really believe that Hebrew Yahweh nonsense anymore.
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K... keep me posted.
God is Light and Goodness; everything else is poetry.
Christianity built some pretty good nations but it became weak with all the wealth the west have gathered and are in the realm of feels over facts.
I take it OP found all the hypocrisy in the garbage text of the bible
Good on you OP

>wrath is a sin
>jehova is a wrathful god
>but god is perfect
File: The Holy Light.png (44 KB, 461x270)
44 KB
This to be quite forthright.

File: IMG_3535.jpg (2.33 MB, 3736x2842)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
I am visiting your planet.
Getting here was not that easy.
Using this website because of the unique visiting.
Using computer we confiscated for study.
If you have question ask.
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Why is our planet full of garbage
Anime is uniquely human, why do you think they went to all that effort to come here?
males with big dicks have to post em
Yeah, post genitals or gtfo

What a fucking LOSER

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I think this guy raped me in my dreams
Ancient aliens were right all along.
did he fist you with his cerebellum?
File: 1529791155525.png (6 KB, 195x259)
6 KB
he looks like a ayy bro, but also like a bro
maybe he just has a tiny face?

File: personality.jpg (136 KB, 838x589)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Can anybody on /x/ read and interpret this for me? Also Astrology general if anyone else wants to join in.
56 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Anyone else still doing charts?
Welp it is close not all is true but it has ring to it. The enviorment plays a big role too in way you will be so stars are only one of the factors in my opinion. Astro is only a skechsheet and your life and you fill the rest, so a lot of luck and hard work is needed yo achive lot if you have grate stars. Also what you see about my love life? Thx
but you are far from accurate
File: PSX_20180624_104830.jpg (292 KB, 748x1026)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
how much of a dumb asshole am I?
do I look like a nasty alien butthole?
people say I am too stubborn with things, but also that I lost my drive somehow. how do I get it back?

earlier tonight i was walking my girlfriend to her car and as i was saying my goodbyes she got this horrified look and covered her face. she glanced around, terrified and acted unable to look at my face. when i finally got her to explain what happened after several attempts, she finally told me that "my pupils grew and turned completely black" and my entire face changed and looked like a completely different face. I've never seen her this afraid in my life. my face tingled and i got goosebumps over my entire body.

I got her to calm down for a moment and told her nothing was wrong and that we were both safe. then, thinking that the scare was behind us and we could laugh it off, just to mess with her, i whispered something like "i am dreleknorek, devourer of worlds" (which is just a demonic sounding name i made up on the spot to tease her for thinking I was possessed or something) just kidding around hoping that she would get that I was teasing, but things were much more serious than i thought. i was tipsy so I didn't realize this was a bad idea. she started sobbing hard and screaming "what did you just say???" and wouldn't believe me when i said I was kidding.

47 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

OP, give her some time to come down from those situations. Prodding her with "jokes" like that only exacerbates whatever it is that happened.
Once she's had some time, gently bring up if there's anything that's been especially stressing her out lately; ask her if she's okay. Be interested in her well being, and listen.

Stay safe.
come back and give us updates op
File: images (1).jpg (6 KB, 242x208)
6 KB
You are possessed by a big gay demon OP, doomed to forever be plauged with faggotry
File: who.png (397 KB, 617x359)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
>t dreleknorek aka slayR of puss
>t dreleknorek the cuck-type demon letting other ghosts bang her in bed
I can give you an entire list of Catholic Priests I know / have known that are good, godly men. But you don't really want that do you?

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