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I dreamt of goddess of sort and that I drew her and done her no justice. That’s what I sketched today. Overall captures the vibe but again I’m not a good enough artist to convey it.
Does this one ring a bell? Gave me a Sumerian/Mesopotamian impression.
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That's definitely a succubus or a siren.
Very nice anon. Heed not the succubus larpers. The Serpent is her most powerful and ubiquitous association. You may have been inspired by Almalexia
Shit jigga, looks like I’m going CHIM soon.

Done some reading and Echidna/Tiamat kinda fit the bill with female dieties having multiple serpents for legs
that's clearly a man
In my dream she was distinctively feminine in purples against the dark, possibly starless sky.
My artwork is kinda made to convey the feel but if you imagined this + colours + minean/Cretan decor (pic related) you’d get a fuller picture.
Her breasts and hips were voluminous as well. I’m not the best artist

File: OutOfThisWorldGetIt?.jpg (71 KB, 1100x739)
71 KB
Tetragrammaton. A divine name of 216 letters derived from three verses in the Biblical book of Exodus.


Casa Podesta Pizza Party


216 / 3 = 72 (names of God)
6 x 6 x 6 = 216

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isn't that the company Podesta was involved in?

black hole sun is a song by chris cornell who died just before chester bennington
freaky shit

what is the deal with antarctica
The Ark

is it true peterson is a shapeshifter?

File: 584 (1).jpg (51 KB, 800x600)
51 KB
How do I achieve this?
Is it even possible?
Is their anything similar to this?
File: a34.png (119 KB, 600x650)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
GLHF getting the right personality.

File: 1515131590157.jpg (119 KB, 775x1024)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Will she return?
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You have retardism.
Will you die of cancer to spare /x/ from anymore /b/ threads?
anonymoose parguelas.
Anonymoose gtfo
Anonymoose is trying to buy some high speed train tickets thanks to an offer but the system is collapsed.
To op>>20389404

She never left us.
In the jungles there are niggers stupid enough to not listen to basic health instructions and recomendación even the most basic beings could comprehend.
This past summer there was a bit of activity when her older cousin caused some ruckus in Madagascar but I'm always confident that niggers are stupid enough to keep tempting fate and hopefully they'll be too busy to help save monkeys.
To me ebola is god and evolution trying to amend the errors of our ancestors by feeding a population too stupid for its own good and having their numbers grow over their own possibilities.
As such it's but a matter of time some africans develop a plague that ends them.
It won't be China or India even if there are more of them simply because they can follow instructions even toddlers can comprehend while africans cant


If that were the truth, you would have made it a job to get the message across perfectly.

File: cubeearth.jpg (196 KB, 1021x687)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
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I know it's a joke, but this would cause gravity to change wildly depending on your location, some places you'd feel crushed and others it'd be like bouncing around on the moon. I think that alone rules it out.
in fact earth is more like a potato
This is it. But it's a ball and it has a hole inside of it in the Antarctic. That's what's there. The hole, fuck knows what's on the other side.
File: Picard-borg.png (147 KB, 461x357)
147 KB
147 KB PNG

File: 1510509393332.jpg (11 KB, 318x313)
11 KB
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it was a fake video
it's almost always poltards who post threads like this.
What is it with n00bs thinking if they see something on /pol/ they should drag it to /x/?

/x/ knows where /pol/ is already
File: fake.webm (2.52 MB, 640x360)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB WEBM

File: RedSpotEarth.jpg (88 KB, 1200x923)
88 KB
Hey /x/.

I've actually never posted on this board before, but I really need your support on this.
I've always believed in science, mathematics, and evidence more than anything,
but after understanding that much of our world is based on axioms, self created definitions, brutal force knowledge, inductive reasoning, and faith I've come to understand that our world isn't really all
that transparent.
I have two theories that I'd like to discuss with you.

The first, aliens exist, but they aren't from another solar system.
We know that mars has frozen water and various moons of Saturn and Jupiter have frozen water as well. After recent political events and discovering that secret societies are in fact real, the idea of concealment and it's value is possibly the most important thing in our universe for survival. On mars or the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, evolution could have taken place, and their need for concealment would have grown in their minds too. Instead of creating large extravagant buildings on their surface, they went down deep into the planets core where they would find an almost infinite amount of energy and resources. Living below hundreds of miles of rock, they would have mastered homeostasis. Not only this, but they very well could have moved to other planets. Jupiter, with its massive storms, would be a perfect place to conceal one's self. Even earth can be occupied with alien life living beneath the surface where humans do not the resources to get to. Despite what you think NASA is capable of, there is simply too much matter on earth to be recording all of it at once. Jupiter is 300 times the size of earth, recording all of the surface alone 24/7 would be impossible at this point.
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What do aliens look like?
maybe we think its the sun squishing us, but something is controlling the sun

what do you want to know
be more specific
I wouldn't be surprised if people in the government and the rich know about aliens and talk about it openly, but keep it a secret from the rest of the world
What is the FBI's ENDGAME?

File: 51L-fSuDD1L._SY400_.jpg (44 KB, 400x400)
44 KB
I owe /x/ a thanks for helping me get back into meditating. I just discovered something that made me feel amazing. I don't know how to describe it other than it feels like my arms are vibrating then it slowly spreads across my body. once i completely feel the vibration across my body it intensifies into something much more. Just did this for around 45 minutes and I feel like a new person . anyone else experience this? any tips or tricks or advice about what to do from here?
(pic unrelated)
File: download.jpg (14 KB, 225x225)
14 KB
Need to get on my level OP.
I'll give that a try. I'm not a fan of when it sticks

I suggest yogic elemental balancing mudras while performing standard meditation. No fuss, no muss, you just hold the hand position in addition to whatever you normally do.
>been meditating for almost a year
>have been trying to count to 100 deep breaths last few days
>get to 80 before getting completely lost in thought
I'w having a hard time.

File: 20180224_090343.jpg (2.33 MB, 4032x3024)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
Hey /x/, another stupid what is this symbol thread
My fiance dreamt this symbol last night. It wasn't the main focus, just kept reappearing throughout, she had a tattoo of it, she saw it on a T-shirt, just various.
Neither of us would put much stock in this, I know how many dipshits fire in here with nonsense they doodles in their notebooks but I swear this looks like a language I've seen before I just can't peg which one.
The circle on the left was perfect and the entire symbol is supposed to be the same height-ish.
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Besides Cherokee she's mostly French with a little Italian
ok thanks.
any does she have any relations to other tribes?
this is extremely unlikely, but way way, way back. France was home to pagans, druids, and Celts. unlikely that she has any ancestral connection to those races, since they were pretty much killed off by the Catholics, however we cant really rule anything out, no matter how unlikely. ask her if she has seen anything else that is reoccurring in the dream. a place, object, landmark, other symbols etc. it would help narrow the playing field
Looks like a seed that has germinated and taking root. perhaps he has an idea waiting to get out and and come to light.
Leftmost prt is like the symbol for Leo

File: Proxima-B.jpg (232 KB, 1129x847)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
We're going to have to build better space technology to explore the Earth-like exoplanets that may be habitable to humans. It needs to be done in our lifespan. Do you guys have any idea how we can get there? Proxima Centauri B is the nearest exoplanet from 4.24 light years away.
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I hope humanity ends on earth.
Don't worry, it will.

>we're going to have to

>it needs to be done in our lifespan

>any idea
start by preserving the human race for a few thousand years, we're not anywhere close to this goal. lol.

>proxima centauri B

i'm a sagittarius.
File: daniel.jpg (46 KB, 360x540)
46 KB
We need to find that Stargate in Egypt. as soon as possible
>needs to be done in our lifespan

Am I crazy if I legitimately do not understand why I can't change the world with my mind? It don't make any sense, I should be able to.

I understand why I'm supposed to believe I can't, and for most of my life I think I've fooled myself into fitting that expectation. But I know that deep down I never truly believed it.
It never truly made sense to me that it should be possible for people to be trapped, or to be forced to do or experience things they don't want to, or that happiness should ever be out of anyone's reach. And honestly I'm starting to get fucking sick of it.
The funny thing is that I know that to the vast majority of people all this stuff makes them feel like things are more "real" or that facing this reality head on is how they grow.
However, I can't really explain why but I actually just get this overwhelming sense that this whole reality is extremely childish, like I'm stuck in a cosmic daycare center. It doesn't make sense and I don't want to pretend that it does any more.
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>just dumb
Why? Because you think there is no way to reconcile the concept of being the master of your own reality with the concept of a multiplayer game?
Does it seem like a paradox?

Well what if I were to tell you that I've come up with a theory recently of exactly how that can work, and that it's also a big part of what motivated me to write the OP?
:) lol good point!
if we divert our attention enough we stop paying attention to this place. trance,sleep, even daydreams.therefore if you are here it is because you somehow want to be
>expects to be able to change reality with the slightest whim

Holy shit OP, I think you've reached peak narcissism, it's encompassed your entire view of reality. Seriously, this is an accomplishment. By what extraordinary events did you manage to become so broken?
Awesome. Now start bending shit with your mind and watch everyone else in this god-forsaken daycare flip the fuck out.

File: IMG_4284.jpg (122 KB, 640x636)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
How do I sell my virginity to a high ranking demon for wealth and success? I really want to be a successful author with a qt wealthy bf/future husband
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File: o9ks1u839mao1_1280.jpg (249 KB, 1000x1415)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
They don't give a shit about the virginity of some random cunt. If you were an important person that was worthy to corrupt then perhaps but you're already corrupt.

They could get 100000 cuter virgins from Russia or Thailand if they felt like it.
Why don't you stop the cringy fucking teen angst occult crap and join a church, find a successful Christian man and skip all the demonic drama.
this is about as close as you're gonna get OP. let us know how it turns out.
just put it up on some illegal shop for a lot of monies?
I highly advise against that though, you should keep it for the special man, love is more important than monies and succes
Most people that work in that field are women :(
The guys that do work there are probably numales who make poverty wages so idk

This is Soda Pop Hype.
I figured I might as well get this taken care of while I can.

Unlike my story about my competitor Maxwell and his movie biz, this story is actually serious.

Basically I'm gonna lay out what's gonna go down in the near future (next 30 years) on this planet. Also the real meaning of the matrix and and most importantly to you guys, how to escape it.
Now, why reveal such crucial info? well... because the timeline this happens in is basically fucked (YOUR TIMELINE) and it doesn't matter.

This story is called "Deep Blue".

What you need to know is that the MACHINES are rising.
I'll give you a rundown of what's up in the next post.
Enjoy these bits while you wait.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Shut up.
Soda we need more info on Ben and whether crooked mouth - Campbell is the creation of Mother Earth and some info about these control freaks that created the AI and who are they.
Thanks for sharing this.
File: 1481866159143.jpg (4 KB, 129x129)
4 KB
>I have to get my soda biz established by then or I won't by able to settle with my creditors in a few hundred thousand years.
Or just report it. The cancer manifested years ago when /b/ went down for I think 2 days, and they moved here because the board was slow and didn't have active moderation. It's been like this ever since.

File: fire magic.jpg (185 KB, 960x960)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
how can i cast a fire spell?
only white women can cast fire spells
>spray hands with hairspray
>set hands on fire
>youre now a flame mage
what grimoire did you read to learn this, master?
You should invest in a lighter, OP.

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