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Post cool ufo pics/paintings
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>Alf was an incel that was so pathetic he couldn't even eat people. Had to resort to cats.
Watch this, finally understand Alf:
cats have been in contact with extraterrestrials for many centuries longer than we have

what the hell... i don't remember any alf ass banging. is this a mandingo thing? am i in a different timeline?
his NAME stands for Anal Love Furry
This is a good fucking post.

File: IMG_2735.jpg (70 KB, 971x675)
70 KB
How do I stop reincarnating after death?
I don't wanna come to this shithole again after I die

Pic unrelated
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File: Laefy.jpg (8 KB, 289x196)
8 KB
Long live Laeffy
You say goodbye to everyone forever
>I don't wanna come to this shithole again after I die
Then get your shit straight before you die. If you came back, it's probably because your last attempt failed to reach the goal you set out to experience..We are eternal, so a few hundred tries to get something straight, ain't but a thing...IMO.Love ya, man.
File: 1535487725118.jpg (23 KB, 460x288)
23 KB
Have no interest in what this place has to offer, or at the very least what homo sapien meatsuits have to offer. Make a choice to discontinue growth utilizing oppportunities here. Choose an alternative.

You also need to ask the superself/HS and work out what you actually want from reality. Most of you incarnate on earth are very conditioned and desirous of certain experiences so you keep dping here to fulfill yourselves+learn. It is voluntarily.

Most here will try and inspire fear in you or tell you that you don't have a choice, but you do. Do not feel guilt or unworthy in death. Try to forgive all and absolve those ties whether they were good or not. Because if you love spirits here you usually wish to help their narrative.
Reincarnation is honestly a bit of a misnomer that comes from our very linear perspective of time/space.

If you realize we only experience time in a linear fashion which gives rise to ideas such as these, you can alter your views on it dramatically.

A more apt term would be "multiple simultaneous incarnations" since all really exists NOW, the only experiential moment there ever is

Time and space are really concepts that exist within the infinity of being-ness, so it isn't subject to either.

So basically, all version of "you" already exist, and the "higher self" is the culmination of these experiences already.

A good place to start is by "evolving" to the point where this reality isn't someplace you're trying to "escape" from. Really it's you trying to escape from yourself.

File: Higher Astral Realm.jpg (147 KB, 800x597)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>spiritually evolved so fast and unexpectedly I must have skipped a few realms

Literally every board I frequent has changed in the manner of speaking and calibre of knowledge shared. Don't get me wrong there's still shitposting but even that's more advanced than my previous realm.

If you don't get what I'm talking about, you experienced a steady pace of growth and your realm transition was smooth and fluid, which is how it's meant to be so you don't notice.

Anyway just thought it would be cool to share, unless this is already common knowledge, I am a brainlet of this realm after all.
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Good post. I've noticed something very similar. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner, and I think by changing your beliefs and attention you sort of shift dimensions into a more yielding reality. I experienced deja-vu while writing this post as well.
you have a shittily large ego and it will hold you back spiritually and mentally now go fuck yourself kiddo
what happened this year why has 2018 been so tumultuous for everyone i know

Any more weird maps like this? I think they're neat.
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That's fine.
File: map_projections.png (241 KB, 650x1990)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
File: ice ball.png (530 KB, 960x649)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
my sides holy shit

File: download (1).jpg (94 KB, 1500x844)
94 KB
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Just skip to 9 minutes in...
but thats just a theory
The sound is not a theory though its fact.
The theory was why he faked it
File: 600x600bf.png (358 KB, 600x600)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
>spoopy royalty free sounds released 9/27/16
>mine guy uploads spoopy mine video on 12/1/16

I always knew he was fake. There's one video where he's staring up a mineshaft entrance and a spoop starts kicking rocks down at him. He points his camera upwards the ladder and says he's alone this time but his camera swoops by real quick and catches a glimpse of his assistant's hiking shoe kicking more rocks down at him in a cubby space next the ladder. Kek

It won't be long until he disables all his comments then you'll know for sure he's a phony.

File: download (2).jpg (7 KB, 259x195)
7 KB
Are you enjoying hell bros?
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do you know what busy stuff there is for a ghost besides to eat you? idk but its a lot, by the seems if I see them.
File: IKIFEEL.jpg (24 KB, 800x450)
24 KB
Don't let the spooks get to you, royalblood bro.
>LARPfags, namefags, and pretentious druggies
/x/, no competition. Nice trips
>this is just repeating patterns since 50 years ago
For centuries.

File: 11134.jpg (6 KB, 225x116)
6 KB
What's with the long skull obsession in buddhist/hindu art?
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>link to articles written by whites living in america
>you don't know anything about India!

People do not give a fuck about Hitler either way, they have real shit to worry about that is much more important than wagging their finger at a historical figure. Like feeding their fucking families and not getting rekt by muzzies
Wow tell me more make believe shit about my own culture and its belief system you're really convincing me, Dylan
t. didn't read any of it. This is a well-known thing dude; maybe you should learn a bit about your own country lmao.

I still love ya, India:


You guys should choose Europe and not China.
File: larrydavid02.jpg (35 KB, 374x350)
35 KB
OR long skulls are symbolic of hats.
You’re a fucking idiot, did you read any of them? All these articles are saying the same thing, that because India is so far removed from the war that hitler has never been demonised as the allies did to his image, so as a result he is just a larger than life character who is interesting

Nobody is fucking worshipping hitler above other people, common uneducated people just think he’s fascinating

In fact the first article on that page literally explains the exact opposite of what you are trying to tell me

You are a fucking retard, fuck you for even wasting my time with this

Fucking whites are intellectually disabled

File: Auld-Lang-Syne.jpg (41 KB, 620x350)
41 KB
Is music magical? What's the most magical piece of music?

Imo it's Auld Lang Syne.


Can anyone else report weird perceptual changes from listening to and watching Randy Prozac’s stuff? He’s a guy who claims to have worked with the government for MK-Ultra, defected, and is trying to “wake people up” with his website which includes videos and music filled with conspiracy theories, misanthropy, and (supposedly) infrasound frequencies based on patented government research into altering the brain with infrasound... website is


His music on http://sentimentalcorp.org/systemsdeath_recordings/

There was an old thread on /x/ in which some people reported major (but temporary) and absurd changes in consciousness from listening to it for long enough, others who claimed not much happened. The creator’s own quote in an online interview is:

>yes i do use frequencies that can alter brain waves. i designed and recorded them myself based on available patented military research papers. and also my own private research into sick-building syndrome and the general field of infra-sound. this may or may not affect all citizens, and they are not necessarily negative or positive, they merely induce a fixed-state, not nearly as detrimental as what comes out of a television set, which is another patented mind control technology [...] however, not all minds are viable, and so i put the warnings there to give a “heads up” to the more susceptible ones. but in truth, they are much worse off on YouTube than on my site.. or grocery shopping.. which is a marvel..a splendor in subliminal thought control. anything i did was for the benefit of the viewing experience and latent mutual sensual interactions during REM sleep. i would never impose my will on another mind. my subliminals are of the ‘feel good’ variety. emanations of ambiguous technotronic meta-love with a gentle rinse of de-programming. nothing harmful, unless you’re already fucked up, then that’s in your own hands, or in the hands of whoever controls your hands, hence the warnings.
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Gonna try it. Will update in an hour
Do you guys hold a discord or something ? I feel really isolated taking interests in that and have no one to share the results with.
Randy Prozac is a self-promoting hardo.
cassette ended. not much was felt except anticipation that I was gonna get hit by a psyops bus and some heat and tingling as when I meditate but that could be because I didnt do much else than listen to it and that can be seen as meditation in a way. I'll follow up the thread. See you weird fucks around

One amazing tale I (OP) have is feeling a beeping in the back of my head in tune with a high-pitched beeping in a video of his, then the video cut immediately after to a diagram of a person with a beeping dot in the back of their head, at the same spot where I felt it — i forgot if it was the top and back of the head, or at the bottom just where it meets with the spine.

Anyway, he unfortunately took down this video (he may repost it, he frequently takes off and reposts old videos, changing the layout) so I can’t prove it. But it seems he had oddly specific knowledge of a frequency which would make people feel a beeping/throbbing in the back of their head. A possible support for this, though, can be found in one of his songs (filled with Golden Dawn/Kabbalistic symbolism, and references to sex magic, a pretty /x/ theme), called “In Terms of the Golden Dawn”, where he makes specific reference to “the back of your head” in a spiritual context.

in the back of your head, in the primitive parts
and the shooting stars inside your heart
between the pillars of the eye in your mind
the material world has made us blind

i wanna turn on all the lights that sleep inside you
feel the sephirot start flowing through you
it's only for you that i sang this song
and that's in terms of the golden dawn

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: itrsh.jpg (87 KB, 500x607)
87 KB
Everything vibrates

Everything that exists is made out of the same substance – Creation which is a conscious vibration. To put it in another words – everything is a one, giant vibration. A vibration that can take many forms – energy, soul and matter. Vibration that is connected with electromagnetism is limited to physical dimension, but there are another dimensions based upon another laws. For example astral dimension.
All of this is suspected by human scientists that already came up with superstring theory (which isn't without flaws, because more accurate understanding would be “superbubbles”). You have to yet to discover the mechanism that makes those vibrations, but as for now, it wasn't discovered by any member of Galactic Union. We have a few hypothesises but we cannot verify them. Our thoughts can alter vibrations in our surroundings but they cannot create vibrations.
Everything is a vibration, including spiritual body. Each soul is “coded” by its vibration which allows to distinguish it from another soul. It also allows for telepathic contact from any space within present universe. The same case is with thoughts or any other means of information transfer.
File: itrsh2.jpg (10 KB, 210x210)
10 KB
The intention of message is more important than the message itself. Quite often words that are spelled the same way mean something different in different languages. For example, Polish word “czerstwy” or “nieświeży” in Czech means “świeży” (trans.: czerstwy, nieświeży = stale or unfresh, świeży = fresh).When we touch or look on someone we are also sharing a vibration and that's why sometimes from the very first moment we know if we like someone or not.
Vibrations also influence other vibrations. Sometimes they synchronize sometimes they don't. It is possible to alter structure of water or any part of human body by vibrations.
Thanks to thought vibrations that are connected with healing, it is possible to perform a self healing. Quite often after giving placebo to an ill person he starts to recover. Despite that the placebo medicament itself doesn't have any medicament as an ingredient, it contains a healing vibration that was created by patient itself when taking it. When we take real drugs the healing may happen because of vibrations. Chemical ingredients of drug also have impact on treatment – they can either help one to get better or make things worse. The treatment may be only the faith in healing power of some item and religions are taking advantage of this. They use it to either prove divine power of some pictures or items or to tell you that the healing was a “God's gift” or “Holy Mother's job” and not accumulated vibrations of followers which gave a healing power to the patient.
>rehashing ancient tantric truths
>while larping as ”the galactic union”

I pity you

the only thing vibrating is your fat anus
What is the name of the demon(s) who sold you on this lie???
Tfw singular thruth.

File: Download.jpg (7 KB, 194x260)
7 KB
Is life a test by God? I see the signs everywhere and the satanic internet and science seems like a big distraction from it. Also how many people are ignorant of this. Seems like 99% of humans don't realize we are being tested. But can God really throw them all into hell because all their life they've been distracted from the ultimate truth? That's pretty harsh. Everyone should get a chance for salvation but the earthly distraction's are so powerful. Fuck satan! Because of him so many innocent people are probably doomed.
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You have been deceived by your parents and they have been deceived by the church which is a cult. None of what are talking about is real. The word “hell” is not even in the bible. If you don’t believe me go open it up and look for yourself. Most christians who are American or European don’t even know this because all their information comes from some guy standing at the front a room yelling his opinions at them.
He did test Abraham tho and told him to sacrifice his child.
Well, yeah. Any fool thing can happen in a book.
We are all responsible for the evil sin that we do, say and think. God is not harsh. He is Just. Because he Just he Must punish sin. If he just let ppl off the hook he would be a corrupt judge, not s just one. He has commanded all men to repent of their sins and he has provided the means by which you can be saved. It's through faith in his son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Everyone knows God exists. They simply suppress that truth their their own unrighteousness. People LOVE their sin they want to keep the Truth that God is real and one day they will give an account for their life because their deeds are evil and done in darkness. If the Light (Jesus Christ) is acknowledged then their sin is exposed for EXACTLY what it is.

So when someone goes to hell it is not Harsh or unloving it is just and right. It's what we all deserve because we ALL have sinned against God who made us.

Even more so when u consider that God came down and literally DIED on our behalf. Paying the sin dept for us. When someone rejects Christ and continues to hate him then they just store up more wrath for themselves.

Jesus rose from the dead 3 days later. He will return at the end to judge the world. Repent of your sin and put ur faith in Jesus Christ the Lord

Religion is important and I think people should believe in what makes sense to them but it is not worth killing each other over it.
I personally don't accept or dismiss the existence of a God because I think they are both very good possibilities and I think we will never know for sure rather he exists or not therefore we should not give a fuck about which person is right and which person is wrong

What do you think anons
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The Bible stole stories and changed names and places of things that happened thousands of years before. You must be new to the Bible (and the 300+ contradictions it contains).
You must be new to logic.
Christians stole their values from pagans and other religions before them. Extremely common knowledge to anyone with an ounce of university education. The Ten Commandments were nearly copypasta directly from older texts.
I'm not christian but christianity sees itself as a continuation of judaism which itself sees itself sort of as the first religion as adam believed in god. So it does in that context make sense for old stories to be in it.
And yet they stole stories older than Judaism. And of course Judaism stole stories too.

File: IMG_5157-1024x768.jpg (194 KB, 1024x768)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
>be me 10, in Mexico at the time
>go to mom's home town, called Acapa in Hidalgo
> hilly area, weather and rain is cold, rarely gets above 85 f
>be in grandma's house, kind of a bad house but it's all they had
>its like the pic exept it's not colorful and it has no roof. And it has a kitchen built on it on the right side, with opening and no doors so anyone walking by could see us cooking.

I had heard of duende before and I had always imagined them as gnomes before this.

>be chilling with family until it's time to go to sleep
>sleep time
>everyone is getting ready, setting down their blankets(no beds)
>lights out.
>hear a drum being played, don't care, am tiered
>drum gets closer, still don't care
>fall asleep

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: norte.jpg (33 KB, 720x720)
33 KB
Mexican fagg here so I'm going to talk in spanish because I assume you can talk it.

Cuando fui el año pasado a un rancho en medio del campo por las noches si escuche varios sonidos en la noche

Recuerda we que en las zonas de campo en especial del centro del país hay demasiada actividad paranormal.
Hay especies de duendes que si se peuden meter a tus sueños e.e

Solo ocurre de forma muy rara

I was In charge of cleaning out some old laboratory when i found a dusty 16GB thumb drive hidden away in a drawer.
It had a few things in the the flies but this one in particular caught my attention.
It was called Copy of Copy of Atomic Code Particle Elemental-1
It was set to the old Excel format lets see what you guys can make of it.
16 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hyper Physics, that's a new term.
>It had a few things in the the [files]
>This is everything
>1 file
the others don't correlate like i said this is the one that caught my attention.
Last night i tried to see any connection but its mostly just documents bureaucracy crap.
Yes but they're still files, they might have something in them. For all I know they could be MSDS sheets or important paperwork. Post that shit niggy, it could have useful info

File: file.png (1.64 MB, 800x960)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
So tell me /x/
If god created us as said in the bible, why did he create the rest of the universe?
other planets, solar systems and galaxies, huge voids in space like the Bootes void. Why create all that if it has little to no impact on humans and earth?
Could it be that angels and other celestial beings are Aliens who have come to know and serve god, and we're the next species that he's chosen? Or could it be that there is no god at all?
What do you think /x/?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: file.png (51 KB, 237x213)
51 KB
Aliens would explain why Angels have such strange appearances
I didn't mean that angels are aliens but more that god created more than one physical race.
only chariots(and insert 20 different names for that) have that appearance there are also angels that appear as large humans
Such a silly argument. He can hardly just make it a glass circle around earth
But angels are beings made out of pure light.
Also 'chariots' are generally used for humans to ascend to heaven during meditation.

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