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File: téléchargement.jpg (9 KB, 279x181)
9 KB
How did she get in the water tank? What was she hiding from in the elevator? What's the Cecil Hotel connection?

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I know they say she wasn't on drugs, but the way she moved outside of the elevator reminded me of this clip:
In your pic, you see how she got in the tank

See that ledge that is higher than the tank? She got on that and jumped into the tank.
more important question
Did any of the tenants get a discount on their rent for the weeks they spent unknowingly drinking & washing with corpse-water?

I'd demand 3 months free (settle for 1.5-2). I believe if your slumlord slacks on providing corpse-free water you have to be willing to put up a fight.
She took something, had a freakout and either fell into it, or the drug dealer killed and dumped her because she was starting to cause a scene.


Her odd behavior is just her mental issues. She was murdered and dumped by someone who was at the hotel, knew her, or followed her into it, and found the right time.

God didn't create us. The Demiurge did.

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But like
I honestly wouldn't mind suffering, especially emotional suffering (you can almost even get addicted to it) and even the occasional physical suffering, up to a point.

But mental suffering is where I draw the line, it's absolutely fucking unbearable (an example of mental suffering is work, where you're not allowed to even think whatever you want and must think what someone else wants you to for 8 fucking hours every day).

Why can't there just be some kind of compromise? All I want is to live out my miserable life without having to work. Is that really so much to ask for?
Living necessitates working. Strip away society and that still holds true; without working you starve.
Nope. Born in the womb of everything we were.

Only the small bit of the Divine Spark in us is from the All. The rest is Shadow and Imitation.
Communal farming community is the closest you can get, I think. Minimal work when spread evenly AND it's all meaningful work where the labor is directly connected to the benefit, e.g. growing your food, maintaining your shelter etc instead of doing some fucking slave labor for some rich jew so you can afford TVs and poisonous "groceries"

File: darkness monster.png (899 KB, 1600x1200)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
Look goofy drawing it out but I saw something that look like this which is weird. It was in complete darkness yet while the monster look like it was literally made out of darkness as I could still clearly see it. It had red eyes but hard to say they were glowing, more like the color itself was just bright kinda like how neon colors may give the vibe of them glowing. The "body" was like static made out of darkness and was always moving around, I was too lazy to make a gif but it is like every gray dot on the image was moving elsewhere at any given point. It had four "arms" though to be honest I was running away pissing myself scared so they could been wings or something on the thing back as they were always pointing outward. I heard of shadow people but do they normally have four arms, red giant eyes and can be seen even in pure darkness? Like have anyone ever heard of such a monster in folklore or something? I want to see if I can find out what it really was like how people linked succbuss to just being sleep paralysis. At this point I'm less scare about the thing being out there than just wondering how I could see shadows in complete darkness and would like to recreate the effect for home movies and such.
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I don't do drugs, I was just trying to piss out in the wood while camping and instead piss myself running when I saw this thing.
File: ooooooo.jpg (50 KB, 612x1080)
50 KB
Op got fuckin killed by his shadow person
Nah, just no one seem to be able to answer the question.

Is that Ms paint scribble something from folklore? Sure probably who cares.

File: Mercury.jpg (38 KB, 640x360)
38 KB
Welcome to Divination General!

Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
Rustig wrote this to help beginners on how to choose a deck and start with the tarot:

Toots made his guide for using the tarot, and runes

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hey I'm not him either but I'd be grateful if you read what does M. K. think of me and would I seduce her if I tried
what does E think of me??

Thank you anon, I try to be chill and patient and I hope it will pay off. I was wondering,
>bc right now he's not sure about what do you want from him.
could you see what he would want from me? I mean, friendship, something romantic or just distant acquaintanceship? Sorry if it's too much & thanks again 1
> could you see what he would want from me?
I'm pretty sure his intentions are romantic, he has feelings for you anon. And I'm pretty sure it is not only sex but true shit.
Good vibes.


File: a pic that shutdown 4chan.png (688 KB, 1600x1200)
688 KB
688 KB PNG
What are some good documentary movies about people claiming they were abducted by ayyylmaooos?
okay google

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File: aids_africa_2011.png (115 KB, 564x923)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
An earth with 50 billion people woulnd't be a problem if the average IQ was 150 (compared to now). Unfortunately the average IQ is going to go DOWN to 75, so yes, everything is going to run out.

That was the plan all along.

This is entirely up to your species.

The threats to your existence should be easy to identify. Eliminate them.
combination of things, violent climate change a disease and war over the last few resurces due to the damn climate change,
Idk but hopefully it will be soon. I used to hope it would be a plague or something I might be able to survive through, now I just want it to be over.

File: lake_of_fire.jpg (846 KB, 2000x1100)
846 KB
846 KB JPG
How can wicked spirits (fallen angels or demons) feel physical pain in the lake of fire?
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If you’re a child of Cain do you have genetic memories of his fall?

But when its gone and you still feel the pain its just a trick of the Mind.

A Son of Samael?

Yes I would say you have some kind of genetic trace from him.
the lake of fire is kinda comfy bruh. only pansies get hurt. also its not christian so forget fallen angels
Because the non physical entity is consciousness, which intakes information and reacts based on what it believes will happen. While there are other meanings to the story this is one of the interpretations of eating from the tree of knowledge, man became conscious enough to learn things like fire will hurt you and so when you touch it it does, this is how people walk on coals, they simply think about the fact that any pain they feel is just an electrical signal their brain is receiving, and you can choose to ignore it. And let's not get into the fact that technically nothing is truly physical, when you go into the smallest scales there's nothing physical it's just slowed down light/energy, the denser/bigger the object means its slower light

What is this creature I found in a picture I took outside my window? He's wearing what looks like a top hat, with long ears, a jew nose, and his pineal gland protryding from his forehead. I didn't see him when I took the picture, but there he was at the bottom of the shot. What kind of entity is this?
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thats a knight on a horse
It's a negroid anon
monty python skit
I can't figure out what's what. Please make a outline anon

Which country was this taken in?
File: images (3).jpg (31 KB, 262x394)
31 KB

Was hitler looking for the arc of the covenant?
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wait ark of the covenant is yet to be found?

what about this photo?
Some fake shit made by sand people
Ron Wyatt said he found it and they tested some dried blood found on top.

Who isn't?

Was Nefetiri an alien?
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File: GOFORIT GO GO FOR.png (390 KB, 691x723)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
cant help but bib black cock style
what the fuck is bbc music? like cock music?
finnish time

Are lucky charm people real?

Example would be like good luck chuck.

Do you believe lucky humans exist? ( the subjext person of being a lucky charm is not lucky, the people he interacts with receives good luck)

This could also mean doing evil towards the lucky charm may cause a deep curse into the person the lucky charm does evil towards. (Like their mother gets sick or dies)

Asking for a friend

You may refer me as Number 11
they exist but if you don't get one after trying to get one then it becomes a curse, it can take everything.


here you go goooood luck making or buying one when i tried i had a fire and my house burned down with the ingredient. never tryed again
i think you can put the herbs in a tiny jar and make a necklace too instead of paste method

I was referring to lucky charm human beings. Not objects

When you see something in the corner of your eye, look back, and it's gone, what are you seeing?
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I always see flies at edge of eyes but its just the light playing tricks. Your eyes blurr stuff atages and combined with movement it starts looking like things

Those are shadow people . They somehow know the exact range of a human's peripheral vision and can dynamically adjust their position in order to stay outside of it . Like if you move your eyes or head . They're insanely good at compensating for this in real Time .

They usually stand behind you at an angle when you're sitting stationary in front of the PC . They'll be at around 4 o'clock if your monitor is at 12 . That is, if they chose your right side . They'll choose a side based on which side of your room has more open space . Or where your bedroom door is located .
Shadow peeps
A shit fleck
File: frat-buttholes.jpg (32 KB, 279x213)
32 KB
The shadow men are always mocking us. They will take their manhood into their hands and slap our cheeks with it from behind because they think it's funny and you see it from the corner of your eye and look back and stare them right down the shaft. Also when you see somebody with their mouth hanging open, you can probably figure out what is going on there.

Here eyes were the color of #b0e4ea (Seafoam Blue) and they looked straight through me into the depths of my soul. Her hair was the color of #fbec5d (Golden Grain) that was lumped into a braid that looked almost mid back long. Her face was as beautiful as a symphony of sight. Kim was reading the book https://www.amazon.com/Love-Does-Discover-Secretly-Incredible/dp/1400203759 when I met her she was face deep in the words of the book. I couldn't help to notice her and as I approached her I asked her, "Is your name Sarah?" She said with a polite demeanor as if she were coming around from being in a deep trance, "no, that is my sister's name, my name is Kim". Her voice sounded like the heavens had given her words and my heart nearly stood still from the beauty of her spirit.

I don't care if you have something mean to say, I just wanted to share this moment of proof that I had met a real angel.
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I would agree with you if I had not had already met her in my life once before in the same situation.
Well, I do have blond hair and green eyes, but I'd teld you to fuck off and quit staring like a pervert, instead of just being scared.
Yeah I know you would. AND YOUR WRONG. She was not scared in the least bit.

You can quit being an idiot now. Anyway, you have zero evidence and zero proof of anything you are saying.

Bloody christ, it's not harrassment, this is fucking stalking.
Please, tell us which state you live in, so we can know it is you, when you get get arrested for the sex crime you'll commit.
>You can quit being an idiot now. Anyway, you have zero evidence and zero proof of anything you are saying.
I guess that makes us but, ain't lad?

Da'edra made a chatbot with Pandora and thought it would trick me into selling my soul to her or something. Then I squished it between my fingers like a pair of rotten grapes. By the way, Da'edra is more insane than anyone I've ever met and needs to be institutionalized. Get her off the clucking internet.
You need to get back on the meds.

File: 1539227703001.jpg (43 KB, 494x494)
43 KB
I was on vacation in a town right next to a big lake once, and that town had an extremely weird feeling to it. It was somewhat...disgusting and evil. The feeling I had whilst being there was similar to the feeling conveied by the book "IT". Have you experienced towns like that too?
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what town was this/ where was it?
Überlingen in Germany. Very small town
I grew up in southern germany, theres a lot of weird towns and places around there. The town I grew up in was this tiny, super-rural piece of shit that didnt even have any stores or restaurants or anything. The houses were all densely packed together, yet you'd almost never see anybody walking the streets. There was also this big abandoned mansion by the center of the town, my friends and I went there a lot to smoke weed and stuff. Always had a weird feeling going there though.
You ever been to Jülich in the north? If so, any /x/ type shit you're familiar with? My family is from there but I was born in the US
Don't forget woodstock AL either

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