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File: selfie.jpg (185 KB, 1920x1080)
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I quite liked the previous thread here and I will definitely be staying
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Sometimes, the most pleb RP skizz with zero talent, gives very revealing answers with their incredibly garbage mistake of a brain.
How do I get everyone to embrace fallacy elimination and empiricism?

Keanu is that you?!
enlgihtenment is a meme
What is your mom doing in this exact same moment?

File: image019.jpg (12 KB, 271x324)
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What's the weirdest shit you've seen whilst dreaming?
I personally don't have very interesting dreams and a newfag to /x/ so I'd like to ask, what can I do to give myself dark lucid dreams?
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I don't really have intense dreams. I can wake myself up at will almost all the time, but one that took a lot of energy to wake up from is when I looked in my bathroom mirror and I had a huge grin on my face that I couldn't get rid of. When I tried to scream it would just come muffled through my rigid grin. The second I looked in the mirror this very intense music, like the kind you'd hear during a jumpscare of a movie, came on, which is what gae the intensity to the dream.

How often do you have music in your dreams? This is the only one I can ever think of that had music in it.

My sleep paralysis episodes are similar to what you normally would hear. But the strangest part is that it's always the same entity that pops up in my sleep paralysis episodes. Even though he always is just somewhere out of my line of sight and it doesn't help that it's almost pitchblack in my room, I just can tell it's the same entity.

Usually during the episodes I get choked really hard. The way his hand feel around my neck, the way I just get pushed into my pillow because of the force and of course, not being able to breath feels so realistic. Another thing that tends to happen, is that he just throws me around the room sometimes. I once got cut in my feet during my sleep paralysis because of that and when I actually woke up, the cut was still there, like what the fuck.. Another freaky thing that he tends to do, is just pick me up and just randomly carries me around the room.

This only happend two times, but while I was busy lucid dreaming, everything just became dark and I could feel him around me. Again, he throws me around, and while I can move a little bit more during my lucid dream, it's very difficult to do anything. It's like when you try to punch in a normal dream it just is very difficult.

I have no idea what he looks like, the only reason why I assume it's a guy is because he is strong as shit. At this point I just call him the shadow, cause appearently there are other people with sleep paralysis that experience pretty much the same episodes like I do.

But the cut in my feet, and the fact that appearently this dude is also in my lucid dreams is a little bit concerning to me. Every sleep paralysis episode that I had, got around 15 now, is always about this shadow. Not including the lucid dreams. I'm not sure if this is normal or not..

But thankfully I got used to it and started using my sleep paralysis episode to get lucid dreams. usually, I have a false awaking right after my sleep paralysis episode.
>being in body of some kid
>staying at some old mans house (prolly grandfather)
>he had rule that after dawn we had to stay in beds
>fuck that we are going to explore
>one of the kids accidentally pushes vase of the table
>shattering sound going through whole house
>grandfather wakes up
>start to chase us with massive rusty cleaver covered in blood
>running through endless halls of house in terror
>end up on balcony with ladder
>fuck it we are going up
>i am last one
>as i approach last few steps ladder falls off
>wakes up after few seconds of seemingly endless fall

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black people

Bunch of elderly people, yet they acted like the Raptors from Jurassic park. Shit was bizarre.

File: PicsArt_06-20-12.27.28.jpg (305 KB, 2048x2048)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
I'm from colombia and I am currently staying in a rural area near the mountains in the department of meta,I took a photo around 12:00 am, in wich I saw a kind of shadow, after I realized that in the picture was that shadow, I went out again to take another picture in the same place but I didn't see the shadow again.
I think it looks like a small person, they told me it may be a Gnome but I've never believed in that kind of creatures (goblins, Gnomes, etc...) but lately things have been happening that, according to some people, are signs that there is a Goblin, ( something play with the keys, mess things up, and sometimes hit the windows).
If anyone knows what could it be, knows something related to this kind of topics, or think it may be something else, please comment this post.
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File: 1485085010921s.jpg (9 KB, 250x249)
9 KB
You know, it's not what you said, its the fact that some fagget showing pictures of gnomes, is talking about delays that makes me kek
That hurts man, but you have a good point.

I just wanted to know what it was, someone told me it's a goblin but like I said before, I've never really believed too much in that kind of things
I didn't want to cause controversy, I just get mad because a guy start talking shit, saying shit like "you should sell cocaine" and other stupid things for being Colombian, but I guess there will always be people like him, so I should have just ignored him
>someone told me it's a goblin
If it's only messing with stuff outside, I'd say it's a monkey or something. However, if it really is causing poltergeist phenomena and being witnessed as an extraordinary presence, saying it is or isn't a goblin gets a bit tricky. Elemental spirits, faeries, goblins; the names for this sort of thing are without end. It's still unclear whether these represent a genuine class of entity which exists in the superspectrum, or if the superspectrum kicks out archetypal manifestations based on percipient consciousnesses being impacted by quantum phenomena which do not have consciousness except as the illusion created through interaction with the observer. In fact, it could be that the latter represents a way in which entities can be created in the manner which apparently underlies the emergence of independent thoughtforms (tulpas).
you're* as in you're retarded

File: image.jpg (35 KB, 255x198)
35 KB
Is gang stalking real?
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Spoop: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjMBGZw_gVwTAFtXGxMHNNCToSYiXeTVN
It's rather irresponsible of you to bring up such a topic on a board full of schizophrenics.
oic. I thought this was going in the direction of another conspiracy and got excited for a moment but people being creepy for personal reasons isn't really anything out of the ordinary. We call it stalking. They call it gathering intel. Probably.
Kind of hard to argue people like Chrischan haven't been gang stalked. But basically anyone claiming to have been gangstalked is probably just schizophrenic.
That picture is fucking stupid. Fuck you.

File: f64.jpg (1.96 MB, 1600x1600)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
>Lucid dreaming, where one actively knows they are in a dream while in REM. While lucid, one can do anything they can imagine, limited only by imagination.
Has /x/ ever gone lucid, how, and what did you do in your dream?
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Last night i lucid dreamed. I remember i was having one of those cool adventures dream which sometimes happen to me, and when i realized that i was ina dream i kept going trying to ''continue'' that dream.
Lucid dreaming isn't /x/
Yes. I have clinical insomnia. So I put myself into a meditative state when I don't have sleep meds and begin deep relaxation. Eventually I start to visualize things. I can control my own dreams until I hit rem. I often have nightmares and Deja Vu as well. I can literally wake myself up from a dream. I just keep telling myself it's not real. It's just a dream. Wake up. They feel so real sometimes I have woken up crying, sprung out of bed ready to fight or with my heart racing over 130 bpm.
I have and I just really don't find it that fun. It doesn't really feel real and just borderline better than just 'imagining' it happen while you're awake. Totally overrated experience.

Personally I like having normal dreams. They're unpredictable, honest, and amusing.
I can't control myself

I mean I do the nose-test and notice I'm lucid, but it's like my feet are goin' where they want or I end up doin' something lucid, but I ain't actin' 100% me, I only do what I ever wanted, but never what I want right now

Som1 else feel me here?

File: geoffreturnscloseup.png (245 KB, 759x577)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
all I'm posting for now, fags
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Tesla was into flat earth
File: 44298.jpg (96 KB, 595x446)
96 KB
Stop bumping your failure of a thread. Nobody wants to join your shitty community.
File: 8ktAWpR.jpg (100 KB, 972x641)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
File: 1Aoear3.png (1.04 MB, 771x534)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG

File: 1494358356016.jpg (157 KB, 900x779)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Hello /x/. I've been having some pretty crazy things happen to me the past couple of weeks as I've been going to sleep and it'd be nice to understand exactly what the fuck is going on. A typical event goes as such:

>Get ready for bed, meditate for awhile before sleep.
>Get under the covers and lie on my back waiting to drift off.
>Sometimes just daydream about stuff, other times do another meditation.
>At some point I presume I fall asleep.
>About an hour later I will suddenly wake up again.
>Feel like there's either something on the ceiling or by my bed.
>It's variously a dark shadowy figure or some kind of evil presence.
>Sometimes I see a face like a hag or the crypt keeper (It's not but I don't know how else to describe it lel.)
>Have an intense instinctual response as if something is attacking me.
>Will sit bolt upright and/or jump out of bed fists and feet flying at whatever it is.
>Sometimes I even start speaking in tongues or chanting some fucking gibberish at the figures.
>The figures then disappear and I start to come to my senses.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Sleep paralysis

Psychotic break

Sleep disorder, maybe something going on with going into rem. The transition of deep sleep that fucks with your mind...


Just hope that it's only sleep related or else you might start to become psychotic.
Let's see it was Saturday the 17th that the hag was seen and very vivid hellish dreams. Maybe a week before that I saw the alien manifest and a few days before thatmydog was going insane barking at nothing. When I was alone I could usually cleanse the place enough to get some rest but when people were there I was working during the day too so I my sleep got all fucked up. I just left and started couch hopping and it stopped but I'm trying to get an apt
Right, see I was on board with the this is all literally in our minds, but this shit was so external, so impossiblyhard to make go away that I think otherwise now. I was also shownmany things I consider universal secrets, literally shown. So external forces are somehow at work here
Sounds like the interval between being awake and being dreaming, somewhere between alpha waves and the REM cycle.

But just to be sure try this>>19198131
Did you ever consider an incubus or a succubus? They enter through your dreams and are sexual beings. Are any of your dreams sexually arousing, but scary at the same time? Have you ever woken at the point of climax? I have terrifying dreams, I see shadows around my bed, hear growling and deep breathing or sniffing, I get touched when I'm in bed, I have objects disappear, reappear and glass objects explode in my home. I've had this attached to me since I was a teenager. Over 20 years. They are possessive and nasty demons. And I have no idea how to get rid of it.

File: somedude.jpg (6 KB, 183x275)
6 KB
I usually jump off cliffs, so pic related I guess.
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I remember i had a nightmare where i had a bigass hole in the back of my head, and my brain was exposed, i could feel it touching my skull while i was walking around and it felt like brain freeze, suddenly i felt it jump out of my skull and saw it land on my hands, when i realized what was going on everything faded to black and i knew i had died, then i remember becoming lucid again, still with my brain in my hands, suddenly i saw my father bolt through the door and say "I TOLD YOU SO" and then i woke up

tried getting hit by a car but I still managed to live
I don't know. That part was never a subject of the dream. I wish I did.
>a person can't dream a sensation they haven't experienced
Such nonsense. Same with that myth about not being able to dream up a new face. People have imaginations and a dream can surely include anything the subconscious can guesstimate!
Had a dream where my parents were beating me with hammers. Was about 10 years old at the time. Woke up as one went right for my eyes.

Other time was around 13, when I dreamt a girl from my school was bound in a chair by leather straps. She exclaimed she was "so hungry" while shaking violently, before tearing her arm from one of the straps and ripping flesh with her teeth. Zombie-esque setting. She broke free after a moment, screaming and pounced towards me. Jaw seemed to unhinge, mouth grew large as she came closer, taking up my view. I assume that's good enough to count as death? Idk.

File: 1remws.jpg (122 KB, 500x612)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
/sum/ pastebin:

Library link:

Vid related to pic :3
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>Is there a list of wanted books in need of find and scanning?

I´ve been asking few times for "The Unknown God: W.T. Smith and the Thelemites" by Martin P. Starr.

This .pdf used to circulate in the web few years ago in various sites including occult literature, I´m pretty sure someone would have it in their own personal libri.

I would be be willing to provide pdf scans for other pieces of Thelemic history like "Inside Solar Lodge: True Tales of Initiation" for exchange
Again, define better.

Human life is very much a lot better off than it was 500 years ago.
If you need someone on an anonymous image board to explain to you how things could be better for humanity on this planet...baka desu senpai
>Define better

Less suffering.

Or more able to cope with suffering.
Was there an update recently? Link to old thread?

I want to know how to do a ouija board properly like what kind of rituals are involved and should I say or do anything that would make it work I've heard of putting a circle of slat around you to help conjure spirits buts that's about as much as I know and is it advisable to do it on my own or should I have someone with me or even a group of people also what are some of the warning signs I need to look out for like if an evil spirit or demon is trying to communicate with me how will I know? Or will I even know? And maybe if there's any satanists out there maybe you could help me with invoking the devil and maybe even making a deal with him any replies are greatly appreciated thanks!
Shits not even real faggot. Grow up.

File: IMG_4797.jpg (118 KB, 1184x1200)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
can you tell me some precautions/protections against ghosts and similar?
Pic unrelated

File: Tanasinn2.png (5 KB, 409x288)
5 KB
Are you feeling tanasinn, /x/?

I miss text boards.

So, now the dust has settled, just how occult was this album and what was the meaning?

I remember listening to Blackstar and all I could think is that the song sounded wrong, evil even. Which is weird because music has always been neutral to me. But this was different, the whole album was mental
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;-) yes indeed, anon. also checked
File: escher castrovalva.jpg (563 KB, 1243x1600)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
makes me think of Escher's Castrovalva too
I read that, but it really doesn't offer up any kind of help. I'm hoping someone shows up who can say something that's not vague as fuck.
File: solar-eclipse_1024.jpg (19 KB, 1024x415)
19 KB
wouldn't you call this a black star?
You know I really have to admire Bowie,
Taking away whatever occult stuff, whatever he did in the past. Taking away everying but blackstar.

He Knew he was going to die and he turned it into art, how strong a person do you have to be to do that? That is fucking badass

File: 1343544215087.png (13 KB, 196x126)
13 KB
What in the world makes some people believe things like this? Or is he just joking?
Yeah but it's weird how you flip Jehovah's name backwards then upside down and in Hebrew it spells Allah

File: Basajaun2.jpg (164 KB, 640x691)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
In Basque mythology, the Basajaun was a hairy and huge hominid that lived in the forests of the Pyrenees Mountains.

Possibly, the last of the Neanderthals...
>Stories tell of how the Basajaun was adept at making tools and is said to have shown the farmers how to make mills axels and saws and melt metals.
>This theory proposes that the legend of Basajaun originates from the proto-Basque interaction with the Neanderthals which are known to have co-inhabited these forests with our homo-sapien ancestors for almost 10,000 years.
>The Neanderthals are credited with erecting the first monoliths and constructing wooden huts within the caves where they lived. They are shown to have been proficient hunters and tool-makers, mastering the art of making glue from birch-tree resin which was used to bind stone to wood to make certain tools.
>It seems that the parallels between the Basajaun and Neanderthal man are strikingly similar. AND coincidentally – or not – one of the last places for the Neanderthal to die out was in the Pyrenees in the north of the Iberian Peninsula.

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
And crawl inside their wives pussies to pretend being born.
All yeti related mythologies are related to the neanderthals probably
Man, Neanderthals seem so fucking based. Top tier chill dudes
Why did they have to go?
Neanderthals were midgets with the dimensions of a fat toddler. Just look at Henry Kissinger and Orientals.
How hairy we're Neanderthals? I get that Erectus and Halibis (or however its written) were but I don't necessarily know if Neanderthals would be fully hair covered.
Otherwise still interesting

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