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File: ThirtyThree.jpg (24 KB, 320x240)
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>What is Gematria?
>Simply put: Gematria is the practice of coding numbers into words. It is an ancient practice that traces back to at least the Hebrew and Greek languages, in which they used letters from the alphabet as numbers.
The idea that this system can apply to the English language gets brushed off by many. But thanks to the tireless efforts of some astute researchers, it's clear that not only does it apply, but it is used daily in news, media, and sports, with events in all three often coinciding with one another.
There may be even more to gematria than just the numbers words sum to. Attentive decoding of your own personal life, including family members, birthdates, and dates of important events, you may uncover some bewildering sycnrhonicities that seem to transcend true randomness.
The study of gematria and how it is being used against us by the elite ruling class is a young one, so we hope you too will take interest in this aspect of our reality. Those in search of true knowledge without willing to sacrifice their dignity should find gematria to be among the most interesting of intellectual pursuits imaginable.


Discuss findings and interpret phrases here.
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File: obesity.png (14 KB, 169x205)
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I knew it.
File: ohfug.png (13 KB, 164x210)
13 KB
The Las Vegas shooter's first name was Stephen

Stephen = 33

Born in "Clinton" Iowa

Clinton = 33

"Killing" 58 People (Tribute to the recent 58th Presidential Election)
Your post number spoops me.
File: 20170926202955_glitch.jpg (293 KB, 670x799)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
>Trump = 25
>People want trump impeached on the 25th Amendment
>Impeached = 44
>Trump is the 44th person to become President

File: 1507993762862.jpg (107 KB, 600x632)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
all the gold of this world, i cast it away. all the wine of this world, i spill it on the soil. all the passion of this world, i bury it deep. all of the crowns of this world, i give it to dogs. all of the books of this world, i hide it in fog. all of my life on this world, i gift it to death. all of the death of this world, i gift it to self.
I just googled the text and found nothing related, nice poetry OP, I'm serious.
>all the gold of this world, i cast it away. all the wine of this world, i spill it on the soil. all the passion of this world, i bury it deep. all of the crowns of this world, i give it to dogs.
I loved it up until here, I don't understand the rest very well, care to explain?

I found this on YouTube, and I'm wondering if anyone has solved it. Is this a real cicada puzzle or clever fake info?
(I'm op) MY DIGITS
>10/18/17(Wed)13:49:28 No.1977066
Folding the image over on itself and adjusting the opacity made it look like this:
000.000 c16
(Image of halved cicada)
Good Luck,

A google search for 000.000 c16 brought up (second result) a book on Monetary Systems and banking, relating to a list of countries and their ratios between gold, silver, and legal tender. The country correlating to 000.000 c16 is Switzerland.

Additionally, the wing overlap in the folded image looks to me like coastal landscape topography. Maybe a google map of switzerland would reveal a similar formation and narrow it down. If you removed the white cicada shape from the image and leave only the trace white dots, they look quite a lot like constellation patterns, as well. It may be possible that if looking up from the correct position, you will see a constellation pattern identical to the overlay of dots. So aerial, coastal landscape, and constellation pattern. As above, so below. Somewhere in Switzerland.

File: _91915564_ufo.jpg (30 KB, 624x351)
30 KB
A co-worker of mine mentioned that the European Space Agency had high quality images of UFOs. I figure if anyplace on the internet can confirm this, it'd be /x/.
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from memory yes declassified, taken through the periscope on a submarine. Searching the name and UFO will probably be more use than me
File: 7553568.png (611 KB, 1261x608)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
File: 1508164225780.jpg (64 KB, 590x857)
64 KB
File: a115.jpg (43 KB, 800x599)
43 KB

You dropped the ball there, Skepty. You were supposed to tell him that they're swamp balloons.

This bitch died 15 years before Obama was inaugurated. She said the 44th POTUS would be African-American. She also said he would be the last president. I'm starting to believe that Trump is kinda terrible and that spurious nationalism is dangerous.
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>Is that really so crazy?
No. Democracy is a sham. Maybe if people felt like they had no other choice they'd be more willing to fight for their rights.
There will be a shift into one world government while he’s still in office
File: reddit_trump.png (17 KB, 200x94)
17 KB
>I'm starting to believe that Trump is kinda terrible and that spurious nationalism is dangerous.
Who would have thought voting for a demented old fart with a crush on his daughter would be a bad idea.
>never underestimate the power of image lookup.

and never underestimate the power of laziness
Perhaps she means last traditional US president. 2020 will be the rock vs kanye

How can I find qt occult illuminati gf
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You can't. She will find you.
giv illuminati gf
how do i eliminate one
not good m8
she would be much over controlling
Fck off

How does one hurt/kill one of these fuckers /x/?
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I have no idea why people ever thought skinwalkers are malevolent or predatory towards us, they're just medicine men that wear animal pelts to gain cool powers. goatmen and fleshgaits are the ones that want to skin you alive so they can take your place like a bunch of bodysnatching aliens.
Yes thats the one. Thanks!
They're witches tho

That depends on the god in question.
But, aside from that, your conclusion that if the mortal instance of god could be killed, everything else can is shit. Try to shoot the Devil himself. Try to shoot an Angel. Try to shoot one of the demons everyone is so scared about.
Notice something? Physical force only works if you accept everything as purely physical, essential deconstructing all lore down to rabit animals and crazy ppl high on shrooms. Which, in turn, would invalidate your point of a higher being, since everything could be just a pipedream. Ready for that ?
i heard that if u kill one, you gain their power

Last night I had a dream that I was a spider-man and fighting some tough villain. Upon defeating him, I was transported to a school as a separate entity to the man who was spider-man. I realized I didn’t exist in that reality and was floating around. He was not spider-man but just a normal high school kid now and I followed him around like a ghost. The person who was the villain crossed his path and I saw he had a ghost following him too. I kept screaming that spider-man isn’t real and no one could hear me, then i woke up.

Upon waking, I quickly find 2 people online in completely separate places mentioning spider-man or absorbing a spider’s powers.

What does it mean /x/? Is it a weird coincidence or is God or something trying to give me a message?

How to lucid dream.
Does any body here has a reliable way to induce lucid dreams?
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Ask yourself every hour or so if you are asleep. This will eventually become a habit and you'll start asking yourself in your dreams.
File: On Lucid Dreaming.png (82 KB, 1635x931)
82 KB
I'm not so sure about the "reliable" part desu, much of it is based on patience but I'd say the randomness factor prevails.
I've had good luck with alpha brain and (power to sleep PM) sleeping pills from whole foods
I take two alpha brain pills for three days than four alpha brain pills and two of the power to sleep PM pills as it says on the bottle
Haha, no lucid dreams for you!

File: sip.jpg (58 KB, 500x406)
58 KB
Do you ever become acutely aware that you're not actually in your body, but you're trapped inside and looking out through your eyes while your body operates by its own will?
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I’ve experienced something similar, I could be talking to our lass then it’s as if I become aware, I’m still in my body but know I’m seperate to the guy still chuntering on, i even remember thinking what the hell is going on as I was still talking to her but It wasn’t me speaking I was observing the conversation from my own mind. I’m shit at explaining stuff.

Every time I make some life-changing decision. I have zero intent or motivation to do anything, but when the time comes, I just get up without thinking and do what I have to do, and it takes my life one step forward again. It blows, where is it even taking me? I just want out of here
Only once. I went into a K-hole and it was the worst experience of my life
>not being one in body mind and soul. Also know as the holy trinity, the father the son and the Holy Ghost
>wonders why they feel separate
Sounds like an episode of some sort of disassociative disorder. Or, you know, some shit about spirits and whatnot.

File: 1371252813741.jpg (47 KB, 435x571)
47 KB
Ok /x/ please hear me out.

I'm well aware that this board is filled with larpers, schizophrenics and all flavours of more or less crazy people. From time to time you see threads of people claiming to be from the future or in possession of some deeper knowledge unknown to ordinary people.

So, let's cut to the chase: I don't give a fuck who you are, where are you from, or what agenda you're trying to push - if there is at least one person/entity/whatever that can somehow peer into the future, your task is simple:

Give me the winning lottery numbers.

I assume you'll know my e-mail and what country I'm from, so don't bother posting it here.

If you want something in return, I might consider it, but anything stupid, pointlessly cruel, or shit that might get me in prison is out of question.

I'll give you one week. game on.
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>give me free money
File: 1508310972882.jpg (38 KB, 600x800)
38 KB
Look at those digits and you'll have your win Anon.
File: 1489720007561.jpg (45 KB, 300x433)
45 KB

File: wallhaven-181461.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1080)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
Why am I becoming obsessed with cthulhu? it's almost all I think about, also does the conspiracy theory that goes along the lines of, the cthulhu mythos is true and lovecraft was trying to warn us but then people started to worship him so he began to wake up leading lovecraft to disavow it as fiction hold any value?

general spooky ocean stuff thread I guess
no, because he was not worshipped in his lifetime. he only ever published in pulp magazines like weird tales, he barely made a living. he wasn't famous until after he died.
that's a shame sounded like a cool conspiracy shame cthulhu isn't real
You could always try performing the Call to Cthulhu ritual, link related.

what ugly feet desu
would not lick/10

File: PHGoTFF.png (366 KB, 497x447)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
OOOOOooooOOOO I'm a Ghoooooost!
File: Images34.jpg (7 KB, 265x190)
7 KB
Oh ummm woops.


LOOOOooooooOook how spOoooooOoOOOOOoooooky I AM.
File: 1477430399440.gif (1.16 MB, 360x198)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
Fuck off
....i wanna put it in your booty butt...

File: maxresdefault-996x560.jpg (74 KB, 996x560)
74 KB
Whos the child in Revelation 12????
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what launch?
Falcon heavy? Announcement of their intent to launch astronauts into space? Secret project code named zuma?
Oh i dunmo man. I think there's hope for us. We're just so used to being force fed all the shitty things from around the world on the 24hr news cycle that it seems like the world is only populated by shitty people.

Take heart brethren. Whatever comes is an adventure. Nothing less. Rise to the challenge! Gird yourselves in anticipation! Be not fearful but rejoice. We are mortal and every breath is numbered. We can either let them be full of want and melancholy or make them the very breaths that begin a new wind across our world.
Right on! Rise up in peace!
Resist the constant and relentless bait!
Asuka > Rei

File: Paul.jpg (5 KB, 211x238)
5 KB
Random Thoughts about dreams and the guy from the band Wings.

stop shilling youtube and make an actual thread.

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