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File: 1493608813974.jpg (232 KB, 1000x771)
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Rob Zombie night!
Now Playing: House of 1000 Corpses

Come watch comfy horror: Goosebumps, Twilight Zone, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Beyond Belief, Tales from the Crypt, and more

Movies by request.

cytu dot be/r/sleepsnug
cytu dot be/r/sleepsnug
cytu dot be/r/sleepsnug
File: comf.png (644 KB, 674x816)
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644 KB PNG
How long has this been going on? Who are you?

Whenever i turn on the computer to watch porn the cat stares at it. When i don't he keeps bugging me and meowing like for food to turn on the porn. Is he possessed?
Nah he just wants to see some
No. He just wants to get laid. Or he associates on thing with another. Maybe you actually get up after porn. Kek.
what kind of cat is this? it just spooky
File: 413.gif (962 KB, 350x197)
962 KB
962 KB GIF

Do you think it's possible some celebrities are entirely fictional people?
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Selling your soul as an "Icon" is the same thing as selling your soul to the devil.
You get a part of you locked in here eternally.
Amy Winehouse never existed.
the paul mccartney thing maybe, i was thinking about celebrities today and thinking about how they exist on earth, i never liked how forced they are on everyone tho
File: max headroom.jpg (27 KB, 230x320)
27 KB
How quickly people forget.

File: merging-neutron-stars.jpg (129 KB, 780x439)
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129 KB JPG
I know everything
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What color is my Shirt?
what's my rating I hope it's 8/10 I just want good pusi
what is the future of humanity?
No, actually meat and noodles. Now pizza.
File: 1508132298073.gif (469 KB, 512x807)
469 KB
469 KB GIF
Does Madi like me? Or am I reading too much into the situation?

File: images (1).jpg (10 KB, 246x205)
10 KB
So why did an 80,000 squared kilometer hole open up in Antarctica? Why are top politicians flying to Antarctica recently and not revealing their objectives? I'm scared.
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All this anger here when it's only the coming of friend of all children.
Lol the Illuminati card game is based off of R. A . Wilson's Illuminatus! Trilogy
Like The Underdark?
>everything in bible is true

nice meme
This is a LARP he talks about how a lot of media is based around antarctica and he brings up Game of Thrones but the the series came out as books way before any of this Anartica stuff blew up.

File: IMG_9167.jpg (371 KB, 1208x1208)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
So I've just had a family member who's come running In from his house shaken up because he's been attack by something demonic he told me like this
>be him mid 30s 6,2 at least over 90kg
>in bed after a night with his mate smoked a bit of dmt(don't know if that's significant cuz of the whole spiritual thing)
>and after the trip went to sleep
>got woken up buy him getting lifted out the bed and thrown against a wall like he was a ragdoil
>his hands started to convulse and he was fighting it trying to get his hands to stop
> but it was too powerful and something was attached to his back
> calling out for it to show itself, had the sence of dread that he wasn't just fighting for his life but his soul
> run out the room still calling it to show it's self
> run to the door and head to my house
> now chilling in the same room with the dog
Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what this could be or how this could have even happened
Pic related this is the house that it happened in it's a old manner house owned by his friend as it was his family's home, his friends mother also died in the house (don't know if that helps narrow it down)
File: 1502963333920.jpg (15 KB, 319x331)
15 KB
DMT Is a heavy Physcadelic and he most likely hadn't finished the trip. It can fuck with you alot.

File: myniggabro.jpg (8 KB, 350x239)
8 KB
When I was a child, I had an abusive mother who would do whatever to get attention, whether it was that I should be medicated for whatever fucking disease she made up that I had, etc.

I was pissing blood for a good amount of time, and I started people paranoid due to people attacking me frequently in and after school. For some reason, I started to believe/had always believed that I could see supernatural things.

My mother took me to one of those "psychics" to enforce my thoughts, and she thought that it was rather interesting - instead of getting me out of it, and ensuring me there are no bad spirits after me or whatever.

When we arrive at this psychics' guys place, it's evening, and as soon as I take a step inside, one of the light bulbs explode. He also had many paintings of supposed dead people, he'd paint when they visited him. It's black from here.

She took me to the hospital and what not as well, and I got diagnosed with something that could've basically ruined my life. Psychosis/insane - I am not sure, it's something I never asked about.

One day I break down, and tell my dad what's been happening, and long story short, I stopped seeing my mom for a period and lived with my dead in a healthier environment, where he would show me the "voices" I would hear, would have a logical explanation.

After a while, I became normal again, and am not the slightest afraid of the paranormal, and I even tried to force something "paranormal" to happen in my adult years, but I have seriously never seen or been convinced since I was a kid. It's really interesting imo, but to be honest, I think spirits/ghosts/shrinks are rather immature to believe in, as I think it's truely you who doesn't have control over your subconsciousness/fantasies.

What are your thoughts, and would there be a way to regain the memories you had when you were a child? It'd be interesting to know whether I actually SAW things, or if I BELIEVED I saw things.
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Its not immature at all. You have to actually believe in it. Don't wait to be convinced.
This is the same type of "faith" stuff that you people give Christians hell for.
>as I think it's truely you who doesn't have control over your subconsciousness/fantasies.

fundamentally my friend, it's both. you have to acknowledge that it *may* be true without imputing any personal significance to it.

whether it's another person or a spirit or your subconscious mind that says it, what do voices really matter at all? no matter how legitimate or illegitimate the source.
>What are your thoughts, and would there be a way to regain the memories you had when you were a child? It'd be interesting to know whether I actually SAW things, or if I BELIEVED I saw things.

The technique is similar to astral projection, except that you imagine yourself in 4 dimensions. There is a 'snake' of connected images containing the trajectory of your body in motion. You want to project your consciousness backwards through that chain of events.

You could also wait for the material to come up in dreams, and then keep a journal.
Thanks for pointing this out

Is it possible to create a movie that is laden with as much numerology, symbolism, secrets and hidden wisdom as the Bible? I love reading theories about occultism in film and I want to write a script and perhaps create a very low budget film that contains these qualities.

To get more /x/ about it, I think that magic can be channeled into a creative piece by throwing in hidden synchronicity containing symbolism relating to the content of the creative piece itself, meta in essence.

I want to make something about witches and vampires, because it's just fun. What I really want to do is create something that will almost act as an ARG.

File: download (41).jpg (3 KB, 287x176)
3 KB
Give me blackest blackpills you got.
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you arent alone.

File: 1508346392357.png (7 KB, 477x284)
7 KB
What if nothing actually exists outside of the US. The US a relatively low rate of foreign travels compared to other nations. The few that do claim to travel abroad could just be paid disinfo mixed with unpaid plain liars. What if all the foreigners you see talking on the internet are just a mix of CIA operatives, bots, and shills larping as foreigners. Isn't it strange how 99% of people on /pol/ and /bant/ have such a firm grasp on English even when it's not their native language. What if all the illegals and "refugees" we see on the streets aren't real people. What if they're clones created by the government to suppress the real people. Making them have a different skin color would be an easy way to distinguish the clones you've engineered.

What if the world isn't flat? What if what we believe just barely exists?
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I am Spanish and do live in European Mexico, so I am AI.
Every time I think I won't be surprised by how dumb muricans can get I see something like this... I'm european you dumb shit. Oh, and english is a european language and europeans (non uk) speak english well cause we aren't poorly educated, fat, sub-humans. The world if reals you schitzo autistic fuck. Fucking prime example of murican stupidity, arrogance and ignorance.
Nothing exists but you.

You're the only conscious being
English is the most widespread language in the world, Dumb americunt, of course most foreigners on this taiwanese stone etching discussion board know it.

Also, if only the U.S exists, how did it form? Is ALL of history just a hoax?

t. argie

File: f75.jpg (37 KB, 862x622)
37 KB
File: 1479185711399.jpg (421 KB, 620x929)
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421 KB JPG
Ai L'Myaoh
awww so cute i want to hug the tiny ayy

File: What-is-Faith-Healing.jpg (23 KB, 615x409)
23 KB
There are a lot of you running around with problems, maybe I or another "healer" have tried something on you in the past, however the real potential is the power of faith, and charitable sharing of energy between people as equals.

Let us engage in a faith healing group here, name your ailment and we will *all* heal you, we will work on one another as a group.

8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
okay welcome, you should be seeing something in your mind's eye.

we'll start with your teeth. teeth problems are very hard. also a tooth issue can cause pain throughout the body.

if we heal that first it might heal the rest of the system. I am looking at your tooth and wishing it well, my will is good.

and jealousy and anger, do not blame yourself. I am looking at your spirit and it is a good spirit.

you have nothing else to do. let your body be for 3 days it will get better and better starting now and be healed.

3 days. forget it. 3 days okay?

alright, that is a separate issue. for the money? draw what you want. multiple times. draw and draw, this will be your magic.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
next person to post ITT gets a tropical bird
File: Bee-Eater-Bird.jpg (52 KB, 800x556)
52 KB
this bird
a hot and sexy magic bird
File: Untitled.png (24 KB, 440x494)
24 KB
ka kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

File: DobbswearModels72med.jpg (16 KB, 212x240)
16 KB
Get Eternal Salvation and praise Bob!
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Don't let the conspiracy win!
File: shiish-qabobala.png (398 KB, 684x916)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
Fuck em if they can't take a joke
File: dobbsrelic.jpg (29 KB, 600x450)
29 KB
File: bobtrip.gif (1012 KB, 500x655)
1012 KB
1012 KB GIF
File: subgenius_propaganda1.jpg (231 KB, 960x672)
231 KB
231 KB JPG

File: astrology.jpg (273 KB, 1000x1000)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Hello /x/
What's your sign?

Bonus points: MBTI and ennegram type

Personality themed discord with chart readers: AVRjqsW
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How to cope with a 11 house lilith?...It feels like hell
wow youre a pos like chris-chan
get over yourself and improve your life quality.

mine is 9th house conjunct chiron

a lot of shit can suck, but there's always good things in a chart too focus on those work through the bad things or just find a way to make them work for you
Can someone link me to a site that explains the meanings of Lilith in different houses and zodiacs?
Perhaps even conjunctions etc.?

File: images (2).jpg (5 KB, 229x220)
5 KB
Japan !
that's not from japan
An American white guy made this.
This image disgusts me - get rid of it.
File: giphy.gif (3.73 MB, 462x256)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB GIF
No, no he is just wording a name, in this case: "Japan!"
It's not like he is so retarded to not realize that the person on the image is not asian or anything...
But i might change my opinion since people over here believe that the earth is flat so...

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