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File: outisin.jpg (389 KB, 927x1200)
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1.48 MB JPG

File: 5D.jpg (96 KB, 720x548)
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Can someone please give me some good ways to let my spirit guide know that I love and appreciate her? I'm 16 and have recently been communicating with her via meditation and astral projection. I get intuition, audio, visual, thought, and number sequences/patterns everyday. She has made me feel so relaxed and happy knowing what there is out there, she has helped me heaps and I just want to be able to show her how much I care and love her. Btw she presented her name to me as Narnia. Thanks in advance :D
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File: capture2.png (5 KB, 406x157)
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My intuition tells me to trust you and not let religious stories get in the way

I am literally Satan.

Trust me!
>space simba
>narnia is about a lion and astral realm/space

Haha! Hornswoggled!
File: 1522288989159.png (459 KB, 640x507)
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459 KB PNG
Nice efforts to portray yourself as some evil energy vibrating on a low frequency, when in reality you're some stinky larper.

File: egg.jpg (14 KB, 413x469)
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/OMG/ Occultism and Magick General

Library Link:
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But it looks like letters of some sort? I can tell the second line starts to degrade. This was my first attempt at any sort of meditative drawing like this

Im not sure what this is? Enlighten me?



Anyway here's the full image if anyone is interested.
>every occultist is like crowley

Wew lad.
Orgies are haram desu.
He's a Bishounen bastard, isn't he?

File: DSCF0366.jpg (2.85 MB, 4000x3000)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
Alright, X, I got a problem. The business I work for just moved into a old building in a very rural area, and so far it's given me and some other people bad vibes. Pick related for context on how it looks inside. There's a work shop and offices, and there's a small basement, and it's in a wooded area.
>Lights are almost always on in the offices when manager opens the place even though he's the last to leave
>People keep hearing the sound of someone wearing heavy boots walking around in the shop
>Complaints from people feeling cold when the building is basically a heat trap
All this could be because the building's shitty and old, but the thing that's gotten me and some of the others spooked is that two different people who work different shifts complained about hearing the sounds of children playing out in the woods behind the building. The break area basically amounts to a smokers shack and is outside near the woods, and there's no logical reason why they should be hearing anything like kids playing around outside, as we are in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. What should I do, /x/?
>what should I do /x/?
come back when something actually spooky happens

Is sex with ghost possible, if Yes then please explain how, I'm tired of being a virgin.
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nah, not that rule. solid as a rock. kys and then score with ghost grills. it's the only way.
when you realise that sex is exchange of energy and fluids you will understand that sex with ghosts or whatever is possible

now if that means that you will lose your virginity? no being a virgin is something physical myrriads of ghosts can fuck you and you will still be considered a virgin
What if you put your penis in my butt, am I still a virgin.
File: 1522121157971.png (501 KB, 1079x809)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
I dont like ghosts
You can chop your head off instead

File: giphy.gif (856 KB, 500x700)
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856 KB GIF
Is it possible to date a skeleton? What would it be like?

File: Mind-Blown.jpg (41 KB, 412x516)
41 KB
>Consider that if one atom is non-locally affected by every other atom in the universe, then within each atom there is a detailed set of information about the state of every other atom.
>Consider that if this detailed set of information is detailed enough, the map could very well resemble the terrain precisely
>Consider the possibility that within each atom is a *nearly* identical micro-universe that mirrors the macro-universe because of this
>Consider that there are conscious beings in this macro-universe of atoms, made from atoms.
>Consider that if the terrain (macro) includes these conscious beings, then so does the map (micro)
>Consider that since allegedly the macro-universe human beings/conscious beings have free will, so too the micro-universe beings.
>Consider that the beings in atom x, may not have made the same choices as the beings in atom z
>Consider the sheer fucking number of atoms in the universe, each containing a universe
>Consider the sheer fucking number of atoms in the micro-universes, that each contain a universe
>Consider that somehow anon, OP is still a fag in every fucking one of them

mfw I am the OP
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Or what if the explosion is what released them
you know less than you think you do.

>posts suggestion that copenhagen is the correct interpretation
>tells me to look up things
>doesn't look up non-locality or debroglie bohm interpretation

yeah ok bud. we're just having a bit of fun here. We are well aware. We didn't need a brainlet to come try to sound smart and shit on our wild speculation fun.
>don't need or have information on every other atom
The field they're actually made of might...
I never suggested Copenhagen was correct, it's just that in the scientific community, Copenhagen and the Many Worlds interpretations are the most prolifically debated, and actually have evidence based insight for the mind bending properties of reality, unlike the faggot shit in the OP. You're just blowing Paulies exclusion principle out the anus of somebody who's diet consists of solely tide pod curry. I know of non locality.

Actually a more interesting direction to take your thoughts.
Now you have to wonder. Is this the macro, or the micro? Is it both? An infinite layering of dimensions inside atoms each diverging ever so slightly from the last. The infinity of the multiverse is tangible.

File: download (2).jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
where did he go? i dont believe he just got taken away that easily.
Wherever I am, I must also rape

File: 2018-06-24_151510.png (99 KB, 963x681)
99 KB
Mandela effect : Do anyone else remember it ?

in the episode of "thunder god johny " of cartoon network johny bravo , in the end johny bravo request to remain in heaven after defeating ice-giant .

i clearly remember from my school days that ly it was the girl who said "you're a dufus and god's dont like dufus"

but i find now it is the norse god who said this


File: r3tyu2i.jpg (84 KB, 452x493)
84 KB
Have you ever seen one of these things? I worked as a guard in an abandoned dock and the people there said that the gnomes don't let you sleep at nights.
>be me working
>two weeks later I started
>after midnight
>hear scratching on the walls
>go there and see nothing
>there is no wind or animals
>same thing the following nights
>one week later I see a little thing moving behind a tap
>It's like a muddy little human and there are 3 little dogs following it
>looks at me
>I quit and never return to that place
This was on may of 2017. I can make a draw of that thing if you guys want. I also know an old women who see that thing on her backyard.
Any similar stories?
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how are they? what do they want?
what/why makes them dangerous?
Bumping for drawing
File: 1456171247049.jpg (115 KB, 600x661)
115 KB
115 KB JPG

File: xxxpired.jpg (72 KB, 817x602)
72 KB
I'm entirely certain there were strong supernatural forces behind XXXTentacion's murder.

Initially I believed X was killed by the grand pontiff of Hell, Baal-Berith (or Bolfri). Berith appears wearing red (X's killers were alleged to have been wearing "red masks") on a horse (the killing was a drive-by), Berith is most powerful Monday evening and night (X was killed Monday afternoon) and during the month of June, and according to Christian lore, Berith is associated with murder and blasphemy. He also organizes pacts with Satan. Considering all this, and knowing X was open about his involvement in the occult and demonology, it was assumed he invoked Berith in order to gain success and fame, only to have Berith claim his soul early.

However, I evoked Berith (night of June 19) in a full ritual using his sigil, candles, incense, and a black mirror, and asked him if he did in fact kill X. He said no, but did concur X was killed for being into the occult and for being stupid with it. Spirits snatched his soul because he was "nagging" them too much; legit occultfags know you never get spirits to do your proverbial laundry because they will demand you worship them and fuck with you if you don't. Berith also showed me an image of the guys who gunned X down: dark black dudes, tall and skinny, saggy pants, one of them had grills I think, and they were holding huge guns in front of their black car. He also showed me whom I believed to be another shitty rapper from Florida, Kodak Black, with the killers (X and Kodak were friends, no idea how he's linked to any of this).

I am fully convinced this is what occurred: the spirits angry at X possessed the three to go kill him. Considering how X's death was especially violent and unexpected, this makes said explanation even more plausible. (Also take into account the arrested killer referred to himself as a "demon" online.)
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Good point
Yes, Satan often appears at a crossroads. Curse of 27 was also satanic (Robert Johnson made a pact with the devil for his talent, got killed at 27).
Memphis rap emphasize the "four corners" - and it was Jung who recognised the four tiered eschatology of god, as three parts holy son sppirit and father, with an additional fourth part usually rejected by christianty the evil side, satan, the side which challenged Job.

>be grand pontiff of hell
>can literally transcend all time and space
>decide to waste your power on killing a hood rat
This pile of cancer is going to be the new tupac judging from all the attention his death gets. Nigger got shot by another nigger, it's natural selection.

File: darkworker.jpg (73 KB, 300x320)
73 KB
Ask a benevolent Darkworker anything
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A person who serves himself/herself and only himself/herself . It's not a happy path.
if you dig into serving yourself hard enough, it becomes obvious helping the people around you is a great selfish way of doing things for big returns, as in a small investment of help yields way more than it was initially worth. efficient selfishness is what people call selflessness. also i can relate to grudge against existence, very relatable, but why call anything a god, you become part of the silly ass monotheistic crowd by having any stance towards it. it's caring. take responsibility for your belief structure, kill god mentally, it has a place in your mind only, you will be rewarded for doing this, by deeper parts of yourself, attain greated power. gl anon. the slot "god" occupies in your mind is a waste of energy that is not serving you.
After reading some of the lore I have some questions.
If a Darkworker only ingests energy and never expends any, why don't they turn into singularities and start ripping spacetime a new one?
What do they do with the energy they take in?
Isn't this paradigm a little bit simplistic?
>Isn't this paradigm a little bit simplistic?
It's actually quite complex, hence the lack of happiness. The path that leads to happiness requires having a simple, child-like mentality/attitude, which is something I'm not willing to accept.
But with a natural ability to draw in such energies shouldn't there also be something to do with them?
It would seem to be an awful waste of time if the drawing in was the only skill involved.

I work for a suicide hotline. I’m the guy people call when they are about to kill themselves. AMA
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thanks. sounds like the job for me desu
Are suicidal grills willing to pork before they plug into the electrical outlet with a fork if the poker can twist his toung to reach places a bullet never could?
File: master_archon.jpg (81 KB, 648x1000)
81 KB
The higher spiritual vibrations of 4% of this board have been successfully lowered back to median acceptable levels. 2 units of milli-loosh have been deposited into your account.

L0 dark forest penetrated in local theater. GBN system integrity wavering. Reversion to Beta timeline imminent. Hold fast. Help is coming.
How good of a conversationalist are you? How good of one would you have to be for this job?
Ok, let me try asking this question in a more understandable way, I thought that way of asking it would be a lot less... rapey. Do suicidal people let people do anything with there bodies before they go? I guess what I'm asking is do people brought to suicidal thoughts care what happens to there body before they kick the bucket? To be as precise as possible (fuck me im saying it in my head and I feel like a touchy uncle. I'm not considering this but am asking out of legit curiosity.) if someone gets raped just before they kill themselves, do they care? I'm asking this to try and solve the question of if people kill themselves to escape, get attention for a movement, or both?

Spirituality & Occult general


Welcome to the Inner Circle, where we talk about anything and everything to do with the occult. This includes but isn't limited to
>conspiracy theorists
>people who believe aliens exist and are on earth
>occultists of all shapes and sizes
>theologians and deeply religious people
>mystics who believe in religious ascetisim
>flower children, for people who indulge in psychedelics and psychedelic culture
>shamans and people who practice shamanism
>anyone vaguely interested in any of the topics above
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File: 1529571488421.jpg (54 KB, 564x564)
54 KB
>being this mad
File: 1480391202698.jpg (8 KB, 184x184)
8 KB
>being this much of a faggot
please keep bumping my thread ty
File: 1529147358782.jpg (43 KB, 900x600)
43 KB
File: ladda_ned.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
stop samefagging OP

File: t76fc76ffgrg.jpg (24 KB, 506x108)
24 KB
Anyone else getting these spooky ads?
Any explanations?
I wish they can go away. I am convinced people on this website only click them on accident.
but why is he bald? is it algorithm logic? it feels like im living on a nightmare version of the internet

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