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File: 1524203229790.jpg (95 KB, 564x820)
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snorting @ ur life Edition

Ape's library:


Previously on /omg/ >>21750103
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>Again it's known that they DID do rituals..
Post sources that aren't Graham Hancock-tier.
File: 1526800252357.jpg (94 KB, 500x497)
94 KB
>Post sources that aren't Graham Hancock-tier.
Exactly! This is getting retarded.

The fucking Boy Scouts ‘do rituals'.
Explain your reasoning.
I'm not doing your job for you, you lazy fuck.

File: Untitled.png (2 MB, 1920x1080)
2 MB
Hey dudes, I went back to Rendlesham Forest to see the UFO sites and get distant views of the old top secret military training areas along the coast. I may pass out soon, but I'll post a few pics and descriptions.

Starting off with Orford Ness.

This is a strip of land off the coast, used for secret military tests since the Great War. There's a black radar beacon, which was the birth of radar, and a lighthouse which the police said was the source of the light for the UFO.

This pic is the Concrete Pagoda, which was designed so that the columns could explode while dealing with the atomic bomb if something went wrong, covering it in lead and concrete. Some people think that UFOs monitor sites dealing with nukes and military bases. The locals I talked to said they remember missile silos in the farmers' fields all over base, and Woodbridge and Bentwaters were dealing with the Russians in the Cold War. Over-the-horizon radar was also used. If WW3 began, it would have started here.
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File: Untitled.png (2.26 MB, 1397x909)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
Here's the sat-view of the Cobra Mist complex, still sprawling with antennas and strange buildings. Just north on the coast is Sizewell-B, a nuclear power plant.
Nice ! One of the most interesting encounters ever documented . ETs messing with nuclear missiles is a common theme around the world . I definitely believe this one . There were also a few suicides after this , some of the guys just couldn’t shake it and it messed with their vision of the universe . Sad . This kind of truth is definitely stranger than fiction .
WSFM , weird science friggin magic . For those ‘in the know’.
Excellent thread, OP. Really great stuff, thank you for your work and spreading this information.
To problem, thanks for the positive feedback! Id love to see more obscure paranormal sites in the UK, and I'm really eyeing some sites associated with Celtic uprisings and WW2 happenings, but I figure that's more for /his/

File: c725b919caad08aa.jpg (156 KB, 566x767)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
What I need from you:
>Feeling during dream
>Type ?
>Dream itself
>https://www.storyboardthat.com/ (optional)

Type: In order to give me the best occurence, i will now set it to types:
Type A: Dream happened during your normal sleep shedule
Type B: Dream during a Nap
Type C: Nightmare only half or an hour into sleep (30-60 minutes)
Type D: Nightmare in the middle of the night (4+ hours)
Type E: Nightmare after normal sleep and you wake up in the morning with it. (6+ hours)

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Same poster
The days after that dream (happened Tuesday), I wanted to feel the same thing again. I tried focusing on "energy" and stuff and now I'm able when I focus really hard on the back of my head while I put 2 fingers or a small object between my eyes at a close distance of my forehead to feel a huge discharge like a really strong goosebump going from the top of my neck to my toes.
I'm usually not into /x/ stuff but that thing really interrest me, if someone got an answer on what this is please tell me.
File: 3-senior[1].jpg (41 KB, 680x453)
41 KB
>Type A
I am going to simplify it. Fancy house, 1 floor, in the middle of the woods (still was in a neighborhood so I knew it had other houses next to this one). It was foggy, grayish weather.
This was someone else house and it was from a girl that looked like Ellen Page and lived with her parents and she had a cute black dog (looked like a french bulldog).
Every time we stepped in an other room that we had to open the door to cross, we randomly stepped into an other timeline. For example we stepped into the kitchen and the kitchen was degraded from the entropy of time (meaning it was like abandoned years in the future). We closed the door and got in the kitchen again and it was new like she moved in recently to a new house. There was an other example that was opening a room and her parents were arguing and we closed and opened again and parents were sleeping and in an other room parents were not arguing and very happy, those kinds of things.
It was basically this and I felt that this girl asked me for help to solve the issue this is why I went there in the first place.
Help me out here:
i had a dream where i was flying thats all
Age, 24
Feeling: an impending sense of doom
Dream: fighting in a medieval kind of army against a endless tide of enemies

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 185x272)
8 KB
Alright guys, I figured this would be a good place to discuss what happened to me.

The other night I had a dream. In this dream I was somewhere I had never been in my life, yet it existed as my high school in my dream. What I mean is, it wasn't actually where i used to go to high school, but in the dream I understood it to be my high school.

Anyways, I met some girl in the dream and we talked about things I can't recall. She led me to a classroom full of students and a teacher. I began discussing something with the teacher and I woke up, back in my apartment.

I laid there for a few seconds and fell asleep again, and I was exactly where I left off before, but the teacher was arguing with me about something. I stopped and looked around the room at all of the students and they were all staring.

Finally, I decide to end the arguement. I tell the teacher that this is all a dream and no one in the room is real. At that moment, all of the students just disappeared. The only person left was the teacher and he was grinning ear to ear.

He looks at me and says "Good job, anon, you've figured it out. He walks towards me and vanishes as he appears to pass through me.

I woke up again and felt this strange sensation, like I had gained something. The teacher felt like a separate entity from me and he joined me. After this, I controlled alot of the dreams I had the rest of the night.

Any of you have any experience with this sort of thing? I have tried to lucid dream before but never accidentally just did it. Just looking for some opinions.
Lmao, do you have other dreams that are vivid maybe its like a story line like a quest for you to achieve something you wwant
Every year since I was about 10 I have very vivid dreams of the amusement park in my state. Each time it's something different, like one time the whole place had slasher movie bad guys running around. Another time I was riding roller coasters with total gaps in the tracks. Other than these annual dreams I can't particularly remember any very vivid ones

File: 122.jpg (137 KB, 1024x1024)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Anyone have any cool links on saturn? I know about the black cube and other things but want to know if anyone has made any other connections
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Isn't demigure this guy from overlord?
Prov that agyptians was black because Mars looks more like a black guy

Thus why mars bars are chocolate = BROWN

We was kangs of the stars

I'm interested on the lost works of Aristotle. Can you post them? Please.
wait bro you believe in scientology, I know the other guy's a faggot but c'mon

heaven is a state of being
have your way
pave your way
with utmost sincerity
and crystalline clarity

be careful with what you care for
trust your transpersonal self
but test your limits
with great courage
and curiosity

the event horizon is coming to present itself
be attentive to your environments to adjust
but do not worry about bad circumstances

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: goku.gif (2.5 MB, 435x250)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB GIF

Every once in a blue moon, something strange happens to me while I sleep. I traverse the astral realm and do things I cannot comprehend. I find myself navigating the "roads" by instinct, as if I'm walking through my old hometown. The roads, their destinations, are always consistent between dreams, which truly makes it feel like an actual "place", but what interests me more than the environment are the deeds I find myself mixed up in.

Often, I find myself teamed up with one or two other individuals. They're never people that I recognize from my waking life, but there is still a feeling of trust and brotherhood between us. Our objectives vary. One time, we attempted to sneak into someone's astral "vault" and steal something important, but were caught in the act and swiftly expelled and spiritually scarred. This most recent time, we chased an entity in the form of a human into a sunken world. We banished him by severing the limbs from his body and dropping him into the ocean, letting him to sink to the bottom with no hope of escaping anytime soon.

I never understand the nature of these acts we are committing, or the reason they must be done... but this most recent time, I witnessed something. After banishing the strange entity into the sunken world, we left that realm and blinked onto some kind of vessel. The room was rather large and open, and although there was no sign of any machinery, I instantly knew the place to be some kind of "engine" room. One of my companions shouted something about how, now that the entity was banished, the engine would work again, and sure enough the "engine" came back to life. Engine being a massive glowing tesseract floating in the middle of the room, constantly shifting and flowing into and out of itself.

Does anyone know what it means? What kind of vessel would run on a tesseract? Why would banishing an entity cause it to work again?
ur gay
been a long time since ive talked to another traveler.
my connection to that order was cut off by the system.
myself and about 4 others all had varying spiritual abilities.
in a dream I suddenly became lucid. then a portal opened near me and a ragtag group of people came out and asked me to join their cause. we were dismantling the systems hold in various areas of the multiverse by removing key items in the dreamscape. I had a few dreams about this group but after about 2 weeks, agents closed in on my dream form and I have yet to attain that level of lucidity again.
do you have any abilities that youre aware of?
The people you're with are possibly guides. They don't sound like good ones though, if they're having you help steal energy from others that's not cool. You should try to meditate and contact positive guides
>do you have any abilities that youre aware of?
Thinking about it in the moment, I can't say for certain. Nothing comes to mind, but perhaps I'm too naive to notice. The only thing I'm aware of are these rare, strange dreams of working with "travelers", as you call them. Also, I guess it's worth mentioning that, despite my best efforts, my body maintains itself quite well and wounds/illnesses that never seem to affect me much.

You think these strangers I work with are the same group that you had contact with previously? What sort of system are they trying to dismantle?
Your concerns are my concerns, too. Despite feeling a sense of brotherhood with these "guides", there is a sense of wonder... are we on the right "side"? It seemed a grim fate for that entity we banished to the bottom of the ocean. The vault breach I was less bothered by, as the "guards" of that vault appeared in the form of Nazi soldiers... but couldn't that have just been an illusion? Not everything in the Astral is so black-and-white. The Nazi appearance could have been me seeing through to their real nature, but it also could've been an illusion put in place by anybody, even possibly the "guides" I'd been working with.

It's hard to say what any of it means since I'm sure of so little.

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 299x168)
9 KB
Not seeing a good thread to share stories in right now, so I'll make this one. Anything from ghosts, coincidences... Whatever you want as long as it's spooky. I'll start:

>Last year, maybe year before
>No plans, felt like getting out of the house
>It's sunny out
>Wind up in the center of hometown, where there is an abandoned ironworks? Iron factory? (I'll look up later if it's an issue)
>Figure that it's dangerous to go alone, take rock
>Pick up a few rocks to throw, decide to throw them in to scare anyone inside and find out if alone or not
>Make way inside first room, in the back of the factory
>Toss rock through another doorway into the rest of the building
>Possibly hear voices, not sure
>Continue onward, then toss another
>Definitely hear voices coming from above me this time
>Sounds like kids, figure they're no trouble
>At the end of the next room there are some stairs going up to the main floor

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

How is your meditation going, /x/?
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here's an audio pack of guided meditation: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9avnnk9e5180bon/Meditation.zip/file
and here's a handy PDF: http://meditationexpert.com/ebok/howtomeditate.pdf
good. I have reached enlightenment. gg ez life
Everything is alive.
Everything is creates.
Everything communicates.
Its going pretty good op thanks for asking. How about yourself?

Also wanted to share a safe technique people can use for deeper meditation sessions.

First get into any position you find comfortable.
Now inhale slowly for 6-10 seconds
Next, hold your breath for 6-10 seconds
Then, exhale slowly for 6-10 seconds
Repeat no more them 10 times.
Keep all inhales/exhales the same length

Try this out and you will feel your body relaxing with each breath making it easier to focus.

File: 9780143131687.jpg (45 KB, 313x450)
45 KB
This book is a redpill for Simulation theory.

It describes the Artifice we are in.
16 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
i see alot of posts like yours with zero evidence just bitchyness
it has little to do with hermeticism yet people see it as a hermetic bible of some sort
do your own research or at least search the archives kid
For those who don't like The Kybalion: What would you recommend instead?

All of the lattice depends on a point

There are no numbers but 0 and 1 the on and off switech of ein sofs light as they call it

This dynamic has built the whole universe

The one cannot be taken out of the construct

The one, the light which all life lives in and lives from is CHRIST

The Anointed One

All of this and more important as said by Jesus, the I AM

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

how I can achieve my best possible vibration / mind state?

File: against-domestication.jpg (37 KB, 377x400)
37 KB
Since the start of the fall, I've infatuated (for lack of a better term) with a particular person whom I'm almost certain has psychosis. I encountered him in a dream in late September, then saw him in person in early October (wasn't able to talk to him personally though), then had another dream with him a few weeks ago.

Now, for the past few weeks since then I've been experiencing what I believe to be psychosis of my own. I've been frequently hallucinating while out in public, feel paranoid all the time, feel like a disgusting person, have all sorts of false memories of posting things on social media which I never posted or shouting words in public which I never shouted, feel like I want to hide, etc. It's incredibly agonizing. Perhaps this is a bit out there, but I'm wondering if there's any link between his psychosis and mine, i.e. me becoming "attached" to him mentally has caused his condition to spill over into my mind, or if my dreams involving him had anything to do with my current mental state. I should mention this guy dabbles in mysticism and the occult.
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I have no desire to be romantic with this guy. He's much younger than I am (I'm almost 30, he's 23 IIRC). I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should contact him and talk to him as a friend.
Why would our "parallels" want to connect?
Bumping for answers
I believe you can reach the gates of madness through dreams if you immerse yourself enough. Lately I have been experimenting with lucid dreaming and for a time I had really conscious dreams - even a few layer-ones - but then it all turned around. Nowadays I absolutely unconscious in my dreams but reality started to become dreamlike. I have mild visual hallucinations, false memories, blurry sight, a slower sense of time, etc.

This being said I cannot tell you for sure that your insanity comes from your dreams but I think we are experiencing a similar phenomena which makes it even more interesting.

File: boyband.jpg (100 KB, 860x484)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
While trying to remember a missing part of another unrelated dream of mine this morning (an alien abduction dream), I remembered another dream:

So there's this boyband and they're heading somewhere. They're surrounded by a huge crowd of fans, but the security keeps them away. So the band can move comfortably in a space of maybe 15 feet diameter.

I don't know why but suddenly I am in that free space in between the band members and suddenly one of them keeps staring at me very weirdly. I think he's the leadsinger. He looks a bit like the one in the middle of pic related but with short hair.

He's slowly coming closer to me and it's like I can read his mind, I know what he's about to do and I'm terrified. I'm panicking, backing away, tripping and falling on my butt. I look up in complete terror, look around and there's the damn crowd of fans everywhere and nowhere to escape to.

The guy's coming closer as I try and crawl backwards as much as I can and everyone knows full well what about to happen and all of them are just watching. I can't believe that noone is trying to hold him back and away from me. The moment he reaches me I wake up, shuddering, trembling, frightened and I'm so damn glad that this was only a dream.


And after remembering this dream I remembered immediately another one:

I was somewhere outside, sitting on the grass and suddenly there was a completely black demonic Werewolf shaped like thing with no eyes or face. It pushed me down on the grass and I was fighting as much as I could but this creature was so unbelievably strong and everything was futile. It raped me and I didn't wake up right before it happened like I usually do with nightmares like this. I could feel everything and everything felt so damn real. Finally I woke up when the thing was done and I cried... tears of horror and relief that it all was just a damn nightmare.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I smoke weed so I dont remember m'y dreams
>The feelings I have for you
Oh come on... this makes me sad. Don't feel compassion for a stranger on the internet... especially not for someone like me. I'm a huge pile of "shit", beyond salvation as you can see. The song made my eyes water a bit. Listen to this, it helped me a lot lately and have a nice sexy Ginko (pic related). It soothes my soul just like the anime Mushishi and Ginko does :3

>As suffering seems to be the immediate object of existence
I don't agree with this

>I might suggest that you're living a fuller existence than nearly anyone else I've met.
And I didn't even nearly told everything I lived trough. Most things I don't even remember immediately. They lie there semi repressed in my memory and most of the time I feel like all of that wasn't even part of my life until I actively remember or am reminded. Otherwise it probably would be too much to endure I guess.

Don't worry I won't share much more right now. Everything I "threw up" the last few weeks was enough to make me feel a lot better for months now.

>I don't consider suffering negative quality
I disagree again. I don't consider sadness a negative feeling. You can be sad and happy at the same time. But suffering is just shit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>You don't recognize your valor.
I try to but honestly, it's very hard for me.

I hate the fact that I'm not stable like other people. That's what my therapist told me and I think she's absolutely right.. Highly emotional people like me feel emotions a lot more intense than normal people she said. This makes people like me way more likely to feel euphoric or "break" and fall into depression.

People like me are people of extremes she said. Thats what most creative people are. Musicians, artists etc..

>As much as I've desired it, the idea of actually living in the way you do makes me scared. It probably always has.
It's a life full of strife. You struggle constantly with the urge to end it all. Now I can kind of understand why my father lost his damn mind.. I hoped I'd keep my sanity. I'm still fighting to stay sane. I understand why you're scared.

It's a scary place here.
File: 1537339459522.jpg (52 KB, 880x698)
52 KB
I lol'd hard at this. Thank you ;)

File: 1537081022487.jpg (95 KB, 900x704)
95 KB
What is the craziest cospiracy you believe to?
145 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
I cant tell whether you just crowned me king or doomed me
I've definitely experienced the same things just not to the degree that you have. When I was young there were many times where either in daydreaming or just as i'm lying down but not asleep i'd see sort of snapshots of something and a few of the times i would end up seeing the exact same thing later in life. I wouldn't get physically ill just a crazy Déjà vu type feeling. As for the visions I've experienced those as well, again its usually right as i'm about to go to bed but not asleep. They are almost always very mundane things and are never as intense as real dreams but I definitely have them. Typically i'm either just walking around my house or driving somewhere, or ill envision myself at work or school. The reason I can distinguish them from dreams is in the process of seeing this vision I will still be able to clearly feel my body laying there and all the other external things in my life like my fan running or the TV playing or whatever else is going on. Very weird shit...
I should also distinguish in these longer drawn out visions I have never felt like I've predicted something once, for me those only came with the real quick snapshots that happen in daydreaming or outside of the visions when i'm just thinking before sleep.
John McCain is alive and has his own cell at GITMO.

File: 0 (0).jpg (178 KB, 1456x819)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
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File: 666501 (4).jpg (286 KB, 640x350)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
File: 889998 (1).jpg (260 KB, 942x816)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
File: 20160340.jpg (115 KB, 780x654)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
File: z.jpg (353 KB, 1389x939)
353 KB
353 KB JPG

File: Join.png (2.08 MB, 1470x906)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
capital M capital T
Well then don't.
File: come.png (122 KB, 1481x355)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
The fuck? I want to go to Ronald Reagan's Moon Base.
File: 1525041928630.png (104 KB, 533x294)
104 KB
104 KB PNG

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