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File: Spooky Tales.jpg (38 KB, 425x282)
38 KB
Old thread: >>19985404

Share all your creepy stories, Nopes, encounters, anything as long as it's original text.
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I think my neighborhood is haunted by a demon in it's forest. One of the trees were snapped one time during halloween with scorch marks at it's base.
Post pic
File: IMG_80429102-31-49102.png (946 KB, 480x854)
946 KB
946 KB PNG
File: image.jpg (12 KB, 251x251)
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lightning strike.

File: trump flight.jpg (24 KB, 552x414)
24 KB
Do you think it would be possible to convince Trump that the Earth is flat?

Like to the point where he starts tweeting about it?
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Just grab them by the pussy.
The pussy is flat (I know).
Hence the Earth also.

Donald J. Trump

ps. Great post!
Despite being an easy target Trump is a huge fan of NASA
Given that he flies on a regular basis and has for his entire life I think that would be a pretty tough sell, I mean the man can probably pull up the military's satellite grid on his phone at this point.
I KNEW you were posting at 4chan!
File: trumpyy.jpg (60 KB, 595x639)
60 KB
Can Trump Read A Map? Find Out On The 9 O'Clock News!

Our Savior Posts Amongst Us! No Doubt Those News Stories Of Watching All That T.V. Was Just A Cover For Donald Trump's True Awareness Of Where Global Power Lies! In ECHS! (I mean /x/!)

previous thread: >>19934452

Still requesting new art for future threads.
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Pretty good, although it's a bit small. Will save for future use, thanks.
File: bitchinhour.jpg (463 KB, 1410x2443)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
zzzzz sorry for abysmal android quality
i'm trying to doodle more n i like today's brain spew
How much do I have to Censor in order to post? did I get everything?

Also I'm back after a horrible bout of illness and depression.
Yeah, the cum probably isn't a good idea either.

Feel better, girl.
File: Dec_13_08_15_12__562.jpg (85 KB, 568x512)
85 KB
used the thing on your drawing

I let the chase continue
He wants only one thing now
He no longer wants my life
My life is so much hassle for him
He wants more tho
He wants many
I am to lead them
They are to follow me to their own slaughter
Like lemmings over the cliff
The children will be taken to the woods
One bye one
And go missing
Just the same
One bye one
I am safe for now

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File: image.jpg (41 KB, 336x188)
41 KB
Ah. Proxy. Hello. It's been a LONG while.

I doubt you're the real deal, though. More likely a really shitty larper.


File: alchemical egg.jpg (218 KB, 1024x768)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Does anyone here know of a society that isn't a puppet for our current corrupt "illuminated" control structure? Freemasons are currently mind-controlled puppets whose macro-purpose is to mask and distract from the illuminati.
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Put your trip back on, Ape.
A society within a society is the true society, and the "society" that it resides within is merely a shell with no true purpose. See: The CIA, and the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.
I have my own theories.
Elusive. The word you're looking for is spelled "elusive." With an E.
>A society within a society is the true society
I'm sure the "inner society" might think that, but it doesn't necessarily undo what the "outer" society does.
(Mirth is king)

triggered lol

File: images (2).jpg (5 KB, 320x180)
5 KB
Does anyone have information about this creepy video?
Sauce: RaiderDawg- My sister

File: turdcanoe.jpg (18 KB, 325x314)
18 KB
Hey /x/, I've been lurking for a while now. I know I'm just a naive mortal man but I want to do something extraordinary.

Is this talk of summoning real? I wanna get into this but it seems so fake.
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If you want real results, then you're going to need to spend a good long while building yourself up mentally, physically, and spiritually so that you're worth noticing. They don't have to answer just because some nobody asshole does the hokey pokey. If you're in this for 'proof', you're literally retarded; Nothing can be proven, because everything is unresolveable if you strip it down far enough. Either accept it or don't, setting arbitrary conditional bullshit to justify a conclusion you've already made is a waste of time and brainpower that could be put towards actual productive activity.
File: HPL-Smiling!.jpg (22 KB, 250x296)
22 KB
>ΘώΘ what's this
>implying this isn't how ever Lovecraft story starts
Of course you can’t fuckin summon something you actually believe these neckbeard dweebs?
Then he is stepping in the right direction. Let him proceed.
File: 4.jpg (14 KB, 300x300)
14 KB
>I wanna get into this but it seems so fake.
You got nothing to lose then right?

File: 100.jpg (24 KB, 345x424)
24 KB
Is our world natural or a creation of others?
If it is a creation of others are we simulated or actual seeds planted on a simulated world.
If we're any kind of simulation are we for study, or entertainment, or both?
If we're a simulation, do our creators know anymore about where they came from than we do?


Unless, if we're a simulation, our creators speak up.
One of the reason you might be having trouble is the wording.
We live in a Dimension.
To be more accurate, we live 'between' Dimensions. 'Existing' and being 'Aware' satisfies both conditions. It's just binary at a higher frequency.
>fuckin fireworks n' shit
Oh no anon it’s much worse than that
It’s real
Like that’s its whole deal
That’s what the “universe” or “all of it” just does and there’s nothing you can do about it besides play along
I mean really simulation hypothesis doesn’t answer what’s “real” for the creators
It always implies there was a “real” universe at one point so what’s the nature of that reality? why is it extra real?
Have some ice cream or something I guess

File: the_nightmare_600.jpg (8 KB, 600x315)
8 KB
> be me
> A 6 year old boy
>it was at the afternoon, i remember i woke up and saw a person in front of my bed, but he was all black like a shadow i couldnt see eyes or mouth, just the silhouette of a person moving i knew that thing was watching me, that thing was crouching and then standing up, like if he was trying to hide, then i get really scared and i covered with my bed sheet. any experience with the shadow people?
Yeah i had tried this while in high school and during my lucid dreaming i had also encountered 3 shadow people.
Same happened to me when I was a kid

File: creep.jpg (141 KB, 960x960)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Im bored of spooky paranormal greentexts, theyre all the same. Anyone have stories about running into strange, creepy or dangerous people? Ill start, I posted this in /k/
>working at a subway
>just myself and one other co worker, boss is MIA
>big crowd of people getting angry that they have to wait, telling me to hurry up
>tell them to either shut the fuck up or leave, I aint going any faster
>one guy I know is going to be a problem, pacing back and firth and talking to himself, making such a scene even the other customers are looking worried
>I get him, he demands some crazy custom shit we dont even do so I tell him no but I can make something else
>no im not, the guy who signs my paychecks tells me I cant so either order something else or fuck off
>he says he'll kick my ass, I say go for it
>he stares me up and down and walks off, trowing his ticket into the air
>fully expecting a fight with my manager, but it never comes, the guy has presumably left
>little while later Im walking to my car after my shift ends and I hear "HEY" behind me
>its the guy, marhcing towards me with a machete
>have a licensed carry permit, I start backing up, telling him thats not such a good idea

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Strange that the house was unlocked while your parents were out.
The kids probably left it unlocked.
Fellow vet here. Usmc. Trying to get into it exhorts with my MSc in info systems and Comptia sec +. Why the fuck is it so hard to land a cyber sec gig. Starting out entry in my area still pretty lucrative it seems. What's the deal? Also readying for cissp. It'll be an assoc level but should be good enough to get a job right?
Got me good
That doesn't even sound believable and nobody believes you faggot.

File: i-want-to-believe.jpg (33 KB, 600x600)
33 KB
Are aliens real?
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Yes but the big question is do they visit earth?
Of course.

If there's a reoccurring theme in the cosmos, besides the transformation of energy, it's that the cosmos never makes 1 of anything, but instead makes shit by the billions. "Life" is no different, including intelligent life.
maybe you should smoke less weed, and consume less pills
How legit is Unacknowledged? Guy seemed to know his stuff.
File: passport.jpg (20 KB, 214x320)
20 KB
Maybe, but most of what people think are aliens are more like rogue thoughtforms, or perhaps there are entities who naturally exist within the superspectrum. Beyond that, illuminated organizations have disguised themselves as such entities since ancient times.

What happens when you masturbate? I read somewhere that demons can enter you or enjoy watching you. How do you deal with your sexual urges? What is the relation between sex and spirituality? Is it oke to indulge or does the accumilative 'sinning' add up to something?
General sex / spirituality thread, feel free to contribute
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this was good. can we get some more variations on a theme?

The effects depend entirely on your attitude towards the deed. If you perceive it as something unwanted and shameful, while aspiring to be a good person within, then it will drain your energy in proportion to how strongly you feel about it. If you consider it an empowering act, then it may increase your vitality instead.
Has it ever occurred to you that the primordial female doesn’t want to go through the ordeal of childbirth every single time it gets off?
Quit being so selfish anon it’s not good for your chakras
>guys, is jacking off paranormal?
>desire is the cause of all evil
>desires a happy life

Congratulations you’ve played yourself
Would you like to try again?

File: cern jew magic.jpg (38 KB, 640x480)
38 KB
Repeat number 2
So it has come to this, mendela effect, daemons from anti-matter, black goo, morgellans disease, all of it is just Cern Jewish Magic that involved altering the DNA of humans to make insects crawl through their skin which the archons feed off of but offer this in exchange for control over people. And what about that island that used to be to the left of Australia? Pic in coming. I mean im serious Fox News even reported on the Mendella effect and now theres people saying that Moore never lost the election but its only because they have probably reached a level of autism we havnt seen before. Now like that guy from silence of the lambs never said "Hello Clarice" and its all because of this dark dank jewish magic thats summoning portals at cern which originates with Cyprian and his jewish jew spells.
What do you think?

What is the most dangerous or vaguely /x/ related job a civilian can get?

I want to see some shit.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Shrink, due to the suicide rate.

Security guard in the ghetto, due to cultural enrichment.
Police see a lot of crazy stuff.
No it isn't.
This is true, assuming he considers that civilian. If not, then security guard on night shift somewhere old (if you prefer spooks) or high traffic (if you prefer weird people).

Most shrinks and clergy don't have any contact with loonies. They're dealing with ordinary issues: couples counseling, anger management, compulsions, intrusive thoughts. To get at the good stuff, the people who are schizo or possessed or both, you've got to take your qualifications to the right place. Those are prestige positions, there's competition for them. Being fair, OP has no chance.

Yes it is. OP is lazy. Let's not make an issue of it.
Truck Driver or Taxi Driver.

I used to drive a cab and now I own my own rig and you will see some shit anon.

File: FUCKING FEET FAGS.jpg (239 KB, 775x943)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Why is nobody talking about this?
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Something is a foot in Canada.
>Feet washing up on Canadian beach
its me

I'm cutting their feet off

Old news is old faggot

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