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File: IMG_1680.jpg (312 KB, 1600x1200)
312 KB
312 KB JPG

Evidence of human settlement from
100,000 years before the timber niggers supposedly arrived.

My guess is these are marks from sasquatches using stone tools. I don't think it's evidence of the Thulean hypothesis because homo sapiens weren't even in Europe at that point.
File: Bill Nye.jpg (173 KB, 1367x2048)
173 KB
173 KB JPG


File: nephilim-goliath.jpg (115 KB, 640x640)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>timber niggers

you mean the indians? if yes, they weren't the original inhabitants and they didn't claim to be. The mound builders were, they were described by the later indians as red-haired cannibal giants. Their remains have been found;
File: nephilim16.png (926 KB, 574x904)
926 KB
926 KB PNG
oops wrong pic

File: Untitled.png (592 KB, 727x537)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
most important video on youtube right now
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Elite Zionist banker reporting in
>Oy vey, first of all this goyim is probably some bitter Dutch /pol/tard who was never allowed to join the Yahoodi Shekel's club, never huyd of him.
>Second, this yutzi says we tried to blackmail him. Feh! Blackmail? a small-time investment banker with a child sacrifice? We haven't done that in thousands of years. What a shlemiel, stop living in the past, Genfag!
>Third, The Elders of Zion text he mentions is absolute mishega! All lies
>Fourth, implying we worship Lucifer or Satan. If you believe in that, I have a menorah to sell you.
Oy, my head is spinning like a dreidel now
The Luciferian pedo killer sez what?
Wow it's literally nothing, and I suddenly feel veeery sleepy *yawns* I might just take a nap or two
>I love children! Literally!

fornication =/= "making love", another satanic perversion, twist of meaning, that needs to die

File: Mr._Meaty_Parker_Dead.jpg (39 KB, 490x429)
39 KB
ITT: Shit that traumatized you as a kid.
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File: 1492841565524.jpg (25 KB, 500x381)
25 KB

>Be young af
>seen this commercial
>turn off change or leave
This was the time i was a pussy cuz of the "jingle bells reverse"
frank sidebottom

fucking shivers man
Geez, what a shitty fucking commercial
getting yelled at and having to stand in the corner. made the corners my booger corners. I also peed my pants a lot and pissed into the vents of the furnace
File: schrei.jpg (140 KB, 804x1061)
140 KB
140 KB JPG

alright /x/ long time lurker first time poster.
according to some psychics and a witch i know i have a guide/guardian following me round im not sure how to communicate with him (aside from the occasional voice in my head which i pass off as my own) or see him properly.
any advice on how to go about it?
>inb4 schizo
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other things?
Aspire to the K&C of HGA. Check out the book of Abramelin the Mage. Profit.
The game is to pretend you're not that thing, and pretend you're human, now if you want to further pretend that something is following you around, sure go ahead. It will become true to you
Pay attention to the most minute detail in absolutely all your experiences. You will begin to see "signs" or "omens" appear. It takes some getting use to but, once you figure out what is yes/no, directions, etc., you will start to build a communication channel. Remember the law of attraction; your brain will be naturally attracted to the messages. I have not figured out the other direction, but it seems that just willing your feelings into existence works. I don't understand this part, so I can't be much help. Good luck!
i wanna have sex with my spirit guides, i have a girl spirit guide. I wanna fuck her so hard.

File: 1493084403935.jpg (822 KB, 700x1061)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
Alright fuckos, I need some help. Essentially I have no prior knowledge of any occult/spiritual teachings, and I'd love to know more about demonology and some of the more interesting aspects of the Occult, this shit probably doesn't deserve it's own thread but I'm an idiot who's literally just stumbled onto this site and is looking for someone to help me learn and get on some sort of path.
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There are countless systems and styles and approaches and techniques all governed by drastically different and often convoluted beliefs.

Try reading general books on the paranormal and occultism. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, collections of tales even. Any book with a title like 'history of the occult' or 'introduction to...'

You'll have to do this until you find a system that seems to resonate with you personally.

If a system doesnt 'feel' right to you then it will be no more useful than yelling for Jesus Christ to take the wheel during a car accident.

Once you find a system that fits you can start delving more into it.

'Demonology' isnt like Biology. We all agree on what a 'canine' is and how many eyes they have. In Demonology you're reading about pretty much every demon ever from every culture and many of them deny the existence of each other.

So just pick one you think sounds interesting and start there, move on if it doesnt fit.
I didn't even have to open the image to know this was Gremory. Fuck.
It's King Paimon you fucking retards!!!!!!



Good bye Mr. Rabbit. Good bye!

File: boo.jpg (44 KB, 735x524)
44 KB
Not quite
File: afhjjer.jpg (203 KB, 802x854)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
sauce on the picture?

File: 1493098719580s.jpg (2 KB, 93x125)
2 KB
We post the most Spooky Stuff on the internet.

No Weak Shit
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Probably real.
jesus christ
no there is no fibrous tissue
I remember this pic from a Youtube video thumbnail back in 2009.

File: IMG_7704.jpg (21 KB, 275x183)
21 KB
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Skip to 5:31

Also the reporter is banging
You had me hooked til the blood over intent part

Not especially the blood over intent part but the simple fact that your search results was swarmed with flat earth bullshit

I mean, you called Alex Jones a shill which is about right as a straight pole... But flat earth theory is just another fucking trick from the shills

Hell even the Sumerians had it all figured it out about our solar system and they precedes us by thousands and thousands of years
sumerian names are just parts of the earth dome like every damm god from the past, and the star from themidle is actually sirius man
what ball did u use?

File: download.png (6 KB, 186x186)
6 KB

ITT general theory and evidence for the Bhutanese Shadow Market. Where is it located? Main proprietor? etc.
are you looking for condos in Bhutan?
Dreams of long life, what safety can you find?
They sell things that claim they will make you live longer. Most of its just aphrodisiacs and scam artists running a long con on some gullible Eco-friendly types.
would you like to buy the golden gate bridge?

What does NASA mean by this?
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A fake patch for a fake patch. Kek.
Looks like a patch you can buy for 20 bucks in "look mama i'm cool i'm redpilled i'm not like other people" online shops. Match it with a aluminium paper hat and you will look like the dumbass you are.
take your meds
meds are not necessary

at least it was what the green guy told me...
that cloak and dagger makes me think about spy vs spy

File: JbIxC-WOMOw.jpg (169 KB, 1024x683)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
How to have a better birth in my next life? What are the kind of things I should do to develop as a soul?

I'm kind of willing to throw everything away to be a wandering monk.
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What about people with alzheimers, or just old enought to be lost in their own minds, would you say they your brain can malfunction but your soul remains intact?

I wasn't thinking of doing it, altough I appreciate your random concern, and I do understand what you're saying, I simply meant it feels shitty knowing that you can literally work your ass out, and do everything within your reach to try and make your life and your close ones lives better, and still your best bet is to brainwash yourself to feel good about whatever you end up achieving, knowing what you truly want is literally impossible to get. Like if you were trying to reach the goal but could only walk in circles, and you could walk faster and harder but at the end, you can only follow the same circle, and your goal just wasn't even there.
Yeah that would certainly suck but my point still stands....
File: IMG_0588.jpg (31 KB, 225x224)
31 KB
I'm coming back regardless
>Do you think everyone has their own soul?
There are infinite souls. A soul can have many material lives; each soul is eternally distinct.

>Not me, the me you talk of is the ego, I'm talking about "IT"
The "IT" you speak of is the soul, which is what I meant by "you." Not the body. Not the mind. Not the intelligence. Not the ego.

>The evolution of the human being lies in the gradual realization that "me" is an illusion an assumption, a non entity.
No. Though this is only the nihilistic aspect.
>Realizing that there is no "me" the duality of "me" and "God" dissolves in the minds acceptance that there is only God(Unity)
THIS is the Monist illusion the covers the desire to usurp God's position. Everything is God, but God is not everything. The dissolution of "me" is a temporal fantasy as much as identifying with the material.

>This duality is an illusions, just as the moon being a source of light is an illusion, in reality its the sun reflecting off the moon which gives us the illusion that the moon is the source of light.
Even here there is the sun and the sunlight. The sunlight is part of the sun, there is no sunlight without the sun - no sun without sunlight. Yet as you say - the sunlight is not the sun.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Don't listen to this fool. Promiscuity is fine and healthy. Just don't be perverse.

File: 1312009030029.jpg (58 KB, 300x362)
58 KB
can we get a creepy images thread?
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I'm assuming it's from the Dyatlov Pass. Look it up. Pretty spooky stuff.
File: 1493098518358.gif (913 KB, 500x500)
913 KB
913 KB GIF
she's twelve though...
>who cares
File: 1487449147995.jpg (51 KB, 478x600)
51 KB
You don't know how hard I am right now.
Me on the left

File: WP_20170426_21_35_05_Pro.jpg (2.17 MB, 3264x1840)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
I don't know what's happening! Over the last few months I have been getting electric shocks from everything. Metal doorhandle, everyone I touch, toaster, my cat, my dog, I could barely touch anything within reason without getting a shock!
However, two days ago, in the kitchen, I went to clean up. I grabbed a wooden spoon and received the biggest electric shock of my life. I was completely stunned. How can a wooden spoon give me an electric shock???
Then. Just now. Having pizza with my friend. After we finished, I went to take his empty pizza box, made out of cardboard, to the kitchen. Guess what? A massive electric shock. From touching only a cardboard pizza box???? What the hellll??????
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: dowanthouse.jpg (25 KB, 630x424)
25 KB
I still don't understand? How can my nerves cause electric shocks from wood and cardboard? I always thought it was a 2 way occurence, requiring a conductor and another object which electricity can pass through, and as far as I know, electricity does not pass through wood or cardboard. Can anyone explain this, Barney style? I'm really concerned. Where is my next unfamiliar electric shock going to come from? A brick????
>I get it all the time.
yeah, from metal.
Hey that pizza on that box kinda looks like David Bowie
Perhaps your cells are building up static electric charge internally. Then when you squish your fingers against something, the charge dissipates, and you feel a zap.

It could be an electrolyte imbalance. It could be pinched nerves, or some kind of cellular damage. You sound unaware of this, but electricity was originally invented by studying the nerves in frog legs.

Organisms are hella' electric. But feeling it as sharp sudden shocks is typically an indication that something's imbalanced.

Also, no doctor worth their salt (lol) is going to think electricity -> brain damage. Every certified physician learns during their cellular biology lessons that human cells have sodium ion and potassium ion channels built into them. These channels allow the body to balance a persistent static electric charge, which is necessary for the conversion of ADP -> ATP, which is the molecule that powers just about every organ in the human body.

A certified physician could tell you more, but most likely they'll tell you to drink a bottle of gatorade and eat a banana. And if that doesn't help, next they'd check your blood sugar for diabetes, in case it's nerve damage.

File: 123.jpg (122 KB, 480x360)
122 KB
122 KB JPG

at 1:49:00?
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playing joe rogan questions everything
get in here!

File: 5x7IYx5.jpg (21 KB, 396x513)
21 KB
Best Joe Rogan podcast ever
weeb crew is gay



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