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My best freind is gone. I told my family we should get in touch with her but they don’t remember her. I used to have photos of her with me but now other people replace her. Last time I visited my home town I even looked for her. I feel devastated at times because of this what happened to her?
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Thats so sad!
She doesnt have a facebook or a phone number?
Yeah I’ve tried.
No, not from what I know.
Pay for a professional tracking service next then
Your friend and I have a lot in common, but I doubt im her because there is a degree of certainty that no one from the past will ever care to seek or revisit me.

File: facebook.jpg (172 KB, 960x672)
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172 KB JPG
Has anyone ever come from death? What happens when one takes his one life? isn't it better killing oneself than dying miserably?

File: thumb-44648.jpg (31 KB, 350x434)
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pretty curious. Considering it
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its not?
what if i'm a vampire and you just pushed away the one person that could help?
what now

How long ago were you turned ? And was it of your own volition ?
Vampires are born. Not made.
Might as well ask to be a succubus while you're at it.
what species?
Are vampires the reason florida is so crazy?

Do they really live underwater off the coast?

File: ispban.jpg (177 KB, 1919x1012)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
This just happened to me in /pol/, it wasnt something I personally did that broke the rules i dont think as it looks like a full range ban, and i was being a good boy too... for the most part.

Anyone else get this too, it seems its only on /pol/. What do the mods mean by this?
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I think it has something to do with aliens
Makes sense
I have this also.
I can post comments, but not threads
I had this happen over the past couple of years from time to time it disappears in a few weeks to a month
I havent ayy posted since thursday though. >>20393354
I cant even post comments
hmm k, i should take a break anyway.

File: 201802222.jpg (12 KB, 105x140)
12 KB
Meme magic... how does it work? Can it be harnessed? How can it be performed? Any resources on learning more or creating it?
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i agree with op kinda
im just not really sure whether it is real meme magick or whether it is heaps of coincidences. It could take time to tell, but coincidences are bound to happen.

Convince me /x/

There is no such thing as meme magic.

It's the phenomena of collective consciousness.

When a certain number of individuals actively pursue one goal, it becomes manifest in living reality through the conscious will.
The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies and Magic

Need a pdf copy of this book
X please help

holy fuck how does i into statistics i think i just popped wood

Will I go the hell for being homosexual and an occasional pedo or can I go straight to heaven for donating to charities?
I have very strange and scary dreams and visions of burning alive in real hell.
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what are you on about retard?
also the holocaust
never happened
forgot to mention no you can't go to heaven for donating to charity
you must accept God into your heart
a life of sin is forgived if only you ask for it in earnest
and an eternity of peace and happiness waits as a reward
slow very painful death will be your close companion
File: IMG_4686.jpg (93 KB, 500x500)
93 KB
>occasional pedo

You gonna burn

File: AreYouPrepared.png (217 KB, 1080x1080)
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217 KB PNG
Where is god right now?
Answer below.
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File: shitting bricks.gif (887 KB, 441x368)
887 KB
887 KB GIF
jesus christ is in heaven now
Apparently in The True World and apparently in The Divine Realm.
I dont know who I am

Looking for scary movie recommendations from netflix? There are too many to look through all the shitty ones.
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i dont watch nearly as many movies as i used to but i liked that one.
Bababook, it's so bad it's scary that some people consider it a good movie.
Babadook had some cool imagery that was wasted on a shit story
anybody down to rabbit a scary movie with me?
Yeah im down

File: curse_removal.jpg (92 KB, 640x480)
92 KB
How dangerous would trying to curse someone for an inexperienced person?
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>How dangerous would trying to curse someone for an inexperienced person?

How a spell works
Ah. You seem quite impressive. Do you believe I should be euthanized?
No, you have the right to live. I think your genetics should end with you though.
That's fine with me. I find there to be immense sorrow within the society around us and all the pain everyone goes through. The idea of procreation, making a vessel for someone to inhabit the human condition looks like an act of cruelty. Regardless if I was an ideal specimen I still would not. To each his own though, freedom of choice is important to me.
sevenfold cums bak don't trie

a fishing trawler called dianne sank off the coast of 1770 Qld Australia with the loss of 6 crew. there were 7 in total on board one lone survivor made it off but the other 6 did not.
the police found the position of the vessel, they did a search only found 2 dead still on board.

4 still missing presumed dead, the vessel was salvaged this week and the police did a through search and no 4 missing crew were found.

all were professional divers that could free dive so WHY did they all die besides one.

pic of vessel .
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i fear OP has never seen an angry ocean before. There is nothing scarier than the sea when she is raging. No level of experience could prepare you for the weather those men encountered.
ummm hello i am well aware of an angry sea, you are one of those people that just believe what you are told and go about your day.

there was a rain event at the time but none of this typhoon or cyclone shit.

as yous can see in the pictures the vessel was well equipped for rough weather and has no problem.

and if it was just a bad incident then why did they get the fire service to do gas tests and a structural tests to ensure its safe to be investigated.

too many people have been involved in this incident. so if it were just a everyday accident then only a couple would have checked it, but they have forensic scientists and crash investigators, naval architect and some other specialists id say at least 10 personnel have been called in to investigate.

so i believe something else has occurred and the police want to find out if foul play or sabotage or illegal activity may have been conducted.
File: 9482452-3x2-700x467.jpg (70 KB, 700x467)
70 KB
yeah there was by the looks not a defective vessel.

Saturday night edition https://youtu.be/82oSu6gIvms

Library: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ
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Weak chi.
>Thelemite with terrible reactionary political opinions

Color me surprised

Ur mums a hoor
I love nsa psyops in this thread

How to destroy them.

Step 1. Remind them that the illuminati says the world is flat.

Step 2. Remind them how many people were murdered for trying to prove it was round.

Step 3. Accuse them of being a paid illuminati agent.

Step 4. Post scientific proof that the earth isn't flat.
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File: funked.jpg (2.16 MB, 1720x8208)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
Guys. I very clearly explained how to deal with these faggots. Why are you even engaging them?
More effort than you put into that sentence, but that really isn't saying much.
>pathetic troll can't even visit a website
>"Armarium Magnum" translates roughly as 'the big book cabinet'. This blog aims to be a repository for book reviews, mainly of books on ancient and medieval history, but also on early Christianity, the historical Jesus, atheism, scepticism and philosophy.
For a non-christian website they sure do spend a lot of time attempting to debunk atheists.

I am not the kind to post here usually. I have been visited by an creature that destroys my energy when he touches mine, he says he comes from the place below the void and that he is an abomination but does not know what he is. He regularly visits me and brings his victims which he assaults in more than one way and eats them, sorry but what the fuck is that creature?
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Does sex with cryptoids count as being furry
Leave anime playing in the background when you go to sleep, eventually you'll turn this Eldritch creature into a weebo.

After he gets really into anime He'll become a shut-in and you won't be seeing him any more.

But he may become an active 4chan poster and he may even talk to you about Magical Girl and Idols anime.

If he really has tentacles he'll move to Japan as soon as he finds about hentai.

You have to be clever OP.
is OP about to get a kawaii monster boyfriend?
Hope he puts him a cute name.

Also, if the Eldritch being ends up being female, then OP is one really lucky bastard.
IDK, that body op posted does not look like it has breasts at all. It's probably genderless. Still, tentacles, tho.

OP of "Make a wish" here.
I want to give any answers that I have and which I can tell to the people who might have a question they seek a answer for.
Want some examples?
what is the afterlife? What is death? DoI have potential to become a god myself?
Is there a god/s? and another really god one:How can I get more self confidence/discipline?
Some good ones, ask what you want, I will try to answer everything I can.
You might can think if better ones, but the best question is subjetive, ask what is most important to YOU, simple as that.
Will of curse still be working on the old wishes/new ones!
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File: IMG_4709.jpg (66 KB, 500x697)
66 KB
I like horrible.
I wish I can undo the "wish" I made when God gave me center stage
File: IMG_4453.jpg (257 KB, 1000x1500)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Skills such as telekinesis, telepathy, pyrokinesis, etc., can be achieved? If so, how?
File: 1518238682276.png (680 KB, 724x407)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
I know

File: fyjyfjtyd.jpg (30 KB, 750x422)
30 KB
Has anyone ever acquired useful knowledge from dreams? Or are they always just gibberish?
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I hear so much music in my sleep. How do you remember them? Do you write it down/record yourself whistling it?

All the time, OP. Dreams become more informative once you actively refine your spiritual awareness.
Read Freud's Interpretation of Dreams. Dreams say a lot about yourself that you don't realize or don't want to admit.
Nothing useful. I can already analyze dreams to figure out I have a fear of bills or didn't like the shit I had yesterday and was dreaming about toilets. I'm talking about USEFUL knowledge.
>Sleep in parents room when I was 16
>Dream that dude I hate from school enters same parents room
>Feel a dreadfully evil presence from him
>Scared as fuck, but save face and ask what he's doing here
>Says he is the devil
>I ask why you are here and why you look like the dude I hate
>Devil says I don't believe in monsters so he has to take the shape of the closest thing to one
>Then he tells me to pay attention to scary dreams
>Tells me fear in dreams is meant to make you remember shit because its such an intense emotion
>Says there is always another message encoded in scary dreams

Then I woke up. Same room. I still think about what this dream told me. Interesting shit yo.

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