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/u/ is for discussions about the yuri genre of manga, anime, and other related media. Threads requesting images or series recommendations are discouraged (try >>>/r/ instead). When starting an image dump thread, please contribute at least 4-5 relevant images yourself.

Where to read manga:

Some notable scanlators:

Just getting into the yuri genre, or just looking for recommendations? Click [Reply] for /u/ guides to manga, anime, and live action.
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Before starting a new thread, please check the catalog for existing threads.

File: descarga.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
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Hello forum community today come with a proposal for those Spanish-speaking, what is it to make a dating sim or visual novel, I want people who know how to draw characters, sprites and suchlike, thank you for your attention
quieres hacer una novela visual necesitas alguien que escriba la historia ,alguien que dibuje ,alguien cree musica de fondo, y mucho tiempo y paciencia , ¿ que historia tienes planeado hacer ?
si necesitas programadores me apunto
File: 1467444416863.gif (1.67 MB, 700x700)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB GIF
File: 1467443388807.gif (1.58 MB, 1000x750)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF

File: CYnHxtxUEAId2TX.jpg (208 KB, 1300x1500)
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208 KB JPG
>no idolmaster thread
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File: 1439646976412.png (303 KB, 600x700)
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303 KB PNG
Hey, I like that card too, but nah. I wanna see Kirari as a happy happy bride with candy in her hair.
File: 55403663_p0.jpg (288 KB, 600x1093)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
I just want to see Anzu swoon over a handsome Kirari, because that's the king of thing she least expected.
You know, surprised blush and all. I like that cliche.
File: kimashi.jpg (437 KB, 1280x1440)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
>You know, surprised blush and all. I like that cliche.
You're all right.
File: CGTheater371.jpg (910 KB, 480x2103)
910 KB
910 KB JPG
Be alive!
File: Idols198.jpg (328 KB, 850x1202)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
>Anzu and Kirari give birth to a lazy piece of shit who only cares about anime and lollipops
Damn it Anzu.

File: amanchu.png (715 KB, 1942x1320)
715 KB
715 KB PNG
Continue From>>2075951
*Screenshots, pages, and discussion about general series, current or old, not covered by an existing thread, be it yuri, fanservice, subtext or goggles. Canon and non-canon both welcome.
*News reports about things relevant to our interest
*Original content that doesn't fit any specific thread topics
*Pretty much anything that doesn't have or need its own thread.
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Er, that really isn't what happened in Amanchu.

After finding out that Kokoro is a boy, Teko says that therefore the way he likes Pikari is different to the way she likes Pikari, and says she'll support him. Although it means she's not attracted to Pikari that way, it's not as though she says anything about lesbianism being impossible.
Have you seen Aria? It will be that.

It's going to be a beautiful feel good SOL anime, that's it.
>Have you seen Aria? It will be that.
Surprise het wedding at the end literally out of fucking nowhere?
You know perfectly well that wasn't what I was saying.

It's the first season. So nothing will happen. If ever there will be more, nothing will happen for more seasons.
THEN, maybe.
Google doesn't really care.

File: Spoiler Image (77 KB, 1920x1080)
77 KB
Hand h*lding thread
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Lewd as fuck warning.
Chiyo and Yuzuki from Nozaki-kun.
Harmony, of course.
File: Spoiler Image (8 KB, 356x254)
8 KB
I'm sorry for this.

File: Attention.png (82 KB, 490x630)
82 KB
Last Thread >>2066827

>New and shiny fic recommendation list: http://pastebin.com/RBuJQKms
>Ye olde rec liste: http://pastebin.com/NyBwmzVf
>Ship list: http://pastebin.com/U6sHLcN3
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A bunch, one for each hall on twitch.
Yes, it will be on again tomorrow as well from 2:30-3:30 CST at twitch tv/ rtxhall1
thank god. so they can hire animators that actually know how to use the software now?

i like the updates, ruby is my least favorite tho. she looks like a tavern maid. can't wait for fat chicks to cosplay her like the ones at renfaires that smush themselves in to corsets to show off their "great tits".
I'm not a fan of Weiss', but I think it will look better in 3D. Blake's will probably also look better in 3D, especially with the new cloth rigging.

A little disappointed that they chose a clip that didn't tease any new characters.

The V3 clip at least gave us Arslan and Reese.
>I wonder what he reuon with weiss is gonna be like.

Weiss will be furious Ruby is taller and has a bigger chest than her now.

File: 43731939_p0.jpg (219 KB, 600x545)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Previous: >>2057185

AZALEA (Dia onee-sama, Hanamaru, Kanan) debuts on May the 25th with Torikoriko Please.
Guilty Kiss (Riko, Yoshiko, Mari) debuts on June the 8th with Strawberry Trapper.
Aqours were at the SIF Thanksgiving Festival in Japan from May the 21st-22nd. Aqours will officially join SIF JP on July the 5th.
LL Sunshine will be joining Weiss Schwartz this year. Trial Decks will be out on September the 16th.
Love Live! Sunshine airs on July 2nd. Only one week away!
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File: Sunshine217.jpg (100 KB, 433x640)
100 KB
100 KB JPG

It premieres today. If we made µ's dream come true, let's help them shine.
File: 1439856286778.jpg (190 KB, 1280x720)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
I'll give them a chance.

I thought they looked a bit generic at first.
-Dia as a closet sentai fan (seiyuu joke)
-Mari singing Anisongs in her spare time (seiyuu joke)
She's suave, but Tsubasa deserved more character development than what she got. Too bad that most of the TsubaxHonk doujins either characterize her as either a goofy stalker or a yandere molester. My ideal Tsubasa is one who's suave to most others, but warm and sensitive to her loved ones. I just want an excuse to see Honoka on top with her.
> goofy stalker
Mainly Ooshima's fault.

> yandere molester
In large part perpetuated by that girl best known as gecko.

It's a real shame because both of these artists are pretty good with drawing, but their characterization is so, so, terrible.

I figure Tsubasa and Honoka take turns or switch every once in a while, though. Only one party topping is going to get stale fast. And with two personalities as forceful as theirs, switching seems like one way to keep the relationship fun.

File: 1463417163726.png (745 KB, 832x905)
745 KB
745 KB PNG

*All artists welcome
*Try and keep references to one image
*Try to avoid unnecessary posts, so as to not hit the bump limit too fast.
*Be patient - requests take time per artist. Delivery time may vary and artists will not necessarily tackle requests in the order they are posted.
*You may also post /u/-related drawfag pictures from other boards, provided they are credited accordingly (or at least state which board it came from).
*Try to actually draw stuff occasionally.
*Have fun.

previous thread >>2042811
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Requesting Amber and Marina doing whatever you want, but preferably not lewd.
File: falcom and cave.png (1.54 MB, 1972x1056)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
Cave and Falcom kissing and some heavy petting please! Or scissoring/double-dildo sex
OR here, I love it anon! Highlight of my day, the faces really make it. Splendid colors and coloring, too. A thousand blessings upon you, straight from Madokami.
File: Hunter x Zinogre req.jpg (1.08 MB, 3000x1765)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Requesting a dark skinned hunter with long black hair wearing the Vangis set fingering a Stygian Zinogre girl so hard that she loses control of her lightning from the pleasure.
I request merely any yuri of my waifu, Chiaki Nanami.

Recently led a friend through the game (Super Danganronpa 2) she's from and he just got through the part where she is executed. Feeling sad.

I don't care who she's with, what they're doing, or the lewdness level of what they're doing is. I just would like yuri art of her, please. You could even draw her with a genderbent Hajime Hinata (the protagonist of Super Danganronpa 2) if you felt like it.

small imgur album with additional references if you want: http://imgur.com/a/zdyVc

What does /u/ think about LWA?

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Western also love Tokyo Ghoul anime so...
Japan being retarded doesn't mean the west can't be retarded, too.
The anime is well funded because Turner Broadcasting's Cartoon Network Adult Swim is flipping a large portion of the bill Trigger will not be losing money, don't worry. That being said the show might be a bit watered down in terms of fanservice.
People here think it's great. I was surprised they even added it to Netflix.

For a series whose only selling point is its hot female characters, there's a criminally small amount of yuri out there.

Please share what you have, /u/.
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>Big Black Cunt?

>high quality yuri pic of multiple pairings
>Erza and Lucy a quarter mile in the distance


File: new_canadian_flagship.jpg (66 KB, 750x512)
66 KB
Post/discuss western /u/, movies, tv, comics, games. pray more lesbians don't ascend as AIs.

Previous thread: >>2061668
249 replies and 50 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's not available anymore.
I've always wondered how it works - can the artist decline a request on patreon?
>decline a request
Not after money has changed hands, I wouldn't think. But I don't know the website's rules, or whether legal action can be taken against an artist.
In the case of Picolo_kun, though, a "monthly doodle of your choosing" is promised to patrons. It's not the same as a proper commission -- he couldn't possibly have the time every month to complete 10 full requests of satisfactory quality, so I'm guessing "doodle" means that you get what you get and you're expected not to complain too much.
>Brides to Be
>A wedding in a haunted house. A supernatural thriller about love.

Just saw this trailer for a movie, anyone see/hear anything? Not sure if I want to try renting it or not. The writing/acting seemed decent and the horror element give it an interesting twist even though I don't really like horror.
There are also two videos on that channel Together Forever and Practical Things that were shorts with lesbians.
>[It] is the kind of economical, smart, Hitchcockian film that M. Night Shyamalan wishes he could make

Oh snap.

Anyhow, haunted house is usually crap. The trailer kind of makes it look like a sex sells thing.
>monthly doodle of your choosing
Where are you seeing that? All I see is "Monthly custom doodle sent to your email" which might mean he draws something he wants without any input and then sends it to you as a surprise.
I just wonder, cause I'm curious whether someone can hit up an artist, pledge 20 bucks and say "yeah, I'm paying, so you better draw dungeon rape porn now". Though I imagine it depends on how the pledges are constructed and someone who doesn't want to draw any would not leave them to free interpretation.

File: CXKPFoaUkAAEK22.jpg (267 KB, 1920x1080)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
>Previous thread >>2056752

>Links of Interest


>Akira Mini OVA translated and HQ

>LadyLady Mini OVA stream
>LQ Rip

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Careful with NY, though. Preordering figs in this store is okay, but the in-stock ones could be pre owned or bootlegs.
That would explain why Mirei is so cheap while Mamori is actually pricier.
where is it being sold for a discount????
File: 57695688_p0.png (506 KB, 627x887)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
Momoka could drown in those boobs

Previous thread:
254 replies and 163 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 52479138_p12.jpg (174 KB, 478x693)
174 KB
174 KB JPG

>Mn- Jeez, you're all about my belly button. You dummy~.
File: tokakaraoke.jpg (73 KB, 450x630)
73 KB
Idol Tokaku is such a silly thing
There needs to be an AnR idol SoL spin off.

File: 14627679942701.jpg (93 KB, 500x702)
93 KB
New fanfic thread.

Old thread here:>>2047464
196 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Haven't seen much Indiana Jones'ing in the fics, just character drama.

I don't count the rewrite of the first first TR game, because that's dumb.
i think it was particularly prevalent in HS because of how the comic is written.

yeah, i usually prefer it to first person. weird 1st person like that can work in favor of characterization, but i think it's hard to make it feel like a "voice".

Haven't read RWBY in a while so i am probably behind in recent fics. an anon is working on compiling a new fic pastebin here: http://pastebin.com/7PfNUaCG

the Innocence/Vengeance/Repentance trilogy is lauded a lot in the threads but i haven't been able to get through it. WR tends to not be my jam though.

these are some authors I like:
https://archiveofourown.org/users/CourierNinetyTwo/pseuds/CourierNinetyTwo/works?fandom_id=767851 (I don't remember any dicks but the mafia AU has blake as a them iirc)
http://archiveofourown.org/users/Xekstrin/works?fandom_id=767851 (warning for dickblake in at least one fic, i think they're tagged with nonbinary or the category will be "other")

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

HA SHIT i misread your initial comment. sorry for all the RWBY recs.
Aw, the drunk trope...fucking annoying. Especially because the rest is good. Goddammit.
But aren't they all deep angst?

File: 1429165612210.png (2.6 MB, 1754x1240)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
Last thread ded.
268 replies and 154 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wish I could filter rl shit.
File: 1360468712051.jpg (68 KB, 700x700)
68 KB
Thank you for saying it. It was getting ridiculous. Cun? Really? And we need to know about how much you like giving it in your married life? Are you going to tell us how it tastes different after she had 'the kids' and how you don't even need to be turned on anymore to enjoy it? The other anon likes having a girl sit on their face (which just screams pink eye by the way) to give her oral, and they tried to time it to the second? Lah dee dah, I've had a seven minute orgasm, hurr durr durr. Is no one else in here an actual lesbian anymore? Is it all straight guys?
You're right. This isn't the place for that, and I apologize.
Eh, it's fine every once in a while. I wish you luck on the road you've chosen.
dafuq is going on with her left ribcage? Is it pregnant or animorphing into a giant boob?

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