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/u/ is for discussions about the yuri genre of manga, anime, and other related media. Threads requesting images or series recommendations are discouraged (try >>>/r/ instead). When starting an image dump thread, please contribute at least 4-5 relevant images yourself.

Where to read manga:

Some notable scanlators:



Just getting into the yuri genre, or just looking for recommendations? Click [Reply] for /u/ guides to manga, anime, and live action.
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Before starting a new thread, please check the catalog for existing threads.

File: EV80.png (571 KB, 800x600)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
A Kiss For The Petals - Maidens of Michael http://mangagamer.org/sonohana/maidens/index.html
You can buy it here: https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=1&product_code=1044

A Kiss For The Petals - The New Generation! http://mangagamer.org/sonohana/newgen/index.html
You can buy it here: https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=1&product_code=199

A Kiss For The Petals - Remembering How We Met: http://mangagamer.org/sonohana/rhwm
You can buy it here: http://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=1&product_code=149
Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/397270/

Official website: http://mikajyo.pink/
Fuguriya website: http://fuguriya.sakura.ne.jp/
News and info: http://petalsgarden.axypb.net
Sono Hana guide: http://petalsgarden.axypb.net/where-should-i-start-with-a-kiss-for-the-petals/

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I doubt Craig knows more than the rest of us when it comes to why the series is dead in JPland, i.e. jack shit. I'm not particularly concerned about further localization efforts, which he might actually have information about, I just want new content.
This. It's hilarious retards still think that autist knew anything relevant, despite every single precedent proving he's just an irrelevant errant boy who acted self-important. At this point I'm starting to think it's him who samefagging these threads.
File: DnNX7vXU8AA_zCD[1].jpg (52 KB, 400x533)
52 KB
Reminder that this thing is still going on
>"I just want new content"
>"I'm not particularly concerned about further localization efforts"
>According to you all it's dead forever
I certainly wouldn't mind more English SonoHana, if nothing else but for original uncensored 1600x1200 assets and a competent game engine, but I'm not convinced there's enough profit in chasing gaijin money to push the devs into actually producing new content in pursuit of it. I'd sure love to be proven wrong though.

File: 132433724346.jpg (70 KB, 640x480)
70 KB
Miss Sakaki, do you belong to any clubs?
No I don't.
You see, I belong to the astronomy club. We do research on stars, talk about outer space and sometimes we go stargazing. Soo uh.. if you like, would you..
Would I what?
Oh sorry, if you're not interested in that sort of thing it's ok I understand. Please forget that I said anything, sorry!
Sakaki: I wish she'd invited me.

This show has to be remade /u/
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That is a hilarious Trope when yomi confesses her feelings and Tomo looks at her confused, saying, wait I thought we've been dating this whole time!
well thats unromantic
File: 1494527956912.jpg (48 KB, 331x239)
48 KB
Yomi would love to help Tomo with her homework.

Alone time with Tomo is the best time after all, Yomi really gets to bond with Tomo and calm her down.

Sadly Tomo only wants to copy. It's not surprising that Yomi is so overly frustrated about it.
File: 1506570038102.jpg (1.26 MB, 3000x3000)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
fill in the free spaces /u/
I forget if it was manga only, but there was a scene where Nyamo asked Chiyo to marry her.

File: 1524731790260.jpg (176 KB, 850x1133)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Zenkai no Rabu Raibu: >>2640794

August 1st- Chika Takami’s Birthday (Aqours)
-Aqours Club Theme Song CD released
-Aqours 4th Live, Day 2, Round 1 Lottery begins at 12pm JST and ends on August 13th at 11:59pm JST
August 3rd- Honoka Kousaka’s Birthday (µ's)
August 4th- SIF Kanshasai 2018 Day 1 feat CYaRon, Dengeki Group at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo
August 5th- SIF Kanshasai 2018 Day 2 feat Nijigasaki Idols, Aqours, Ucchi, Emitsun and Soramaru at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo
August 6th- Aqours 4th Live, Day 1, Round 2 Lottery ends at 11:59pm JST
August 8th- Rikako Aida’s Birthday (Riko Sakurauchi’s VA) (Aqours)
-Setsuna Yuki’s Birthday (PDP)
August 9th- Granblue Fantasy Collaboration begins
August 11th- Results of Aqours 4th Live, D1 Lottery, Round 2 Lottery announced. Successful applicants have until August 13th, 9pm JST to redeem tickets.
August 13th- Last chance for successful Aqours 4th Live, D1 Lottery, Round 2 applicants to redeem tickets. Offer ends at 9pm JST.
-Aqours 4th Live, Day 2, Round 1 Lottery closes at 11:59pm JST.

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File: 1515174702596.jpg (672 KB, 1200x849)
672 KB
672 KB JPG
Happy Birthday Riko!
File: DnYzrnKUAAAy6c2.jpg (247 KB, 1200x886)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
File: 1525493412110.jpg (317 KB, 851x1200)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
File: 1537388811.jpg (262 KB, 583x827)
262 KB
262 KB JPG

File: itou1.jpg (232 KB, 728x1033)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Because a /u/ without Itou Hachi is not /u/ at all

Previous Thread: >>2660407
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File: mfw.png (188 KB, 259x550)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
>a onee loli end isn't feasible in the long run
it's not, i want them both to have a happy ending
minori is like 28 and the loli is 6
while i'm here, does anyone know of more oneeloli content? i've already read yuzumori san
Do you also want oneshots or just serials?

File: 26916782_p0.jpg (667 KB, 1050x800)
667 KB
667 KB JPG
Last one >>2673146 is about to die.
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File: 15748123_p0.jpg (946 KB, 1181x1748)
946 KB
946 KB JPG
All of them! I like to explore different combinations and see how each pair would interact.

That was... incredibly good. The last thing I expected to see was someone being inspired by that delicious picture to write an even more delicious story. The end even made me laugh!
Very nice! We need more stories like this and the chess one from last thread.
I agree
What other ships would you like to see stories about? Do you have any ideas for scenarios?
File: 59489987_p0.png (1.84 MB, 1600x1851)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
I would love some EvaxNatsuhi hatesex.

File: 1536564096748.webm (2.69 MB, 960x540)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB WEBM
Will Aoi and Hinata turn their relationship around today? Will Hinata say something today because Aoi simply cant see subtle displays of emotion? Did Hinata say Baka or Sukidesu in the tub?

And why won't Hinata wear her hair down more often?
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File: 1533224703427.png (433 KB, 1016x569)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
This basically same as asking to get married.
No one seems to be happy that the drama is over. Why?
I want more drama.
I didn't particularly mind the drama, though I was hoping for the resolution to include a hug or something.
File: 70760528_p0.png (677 KB, 719x1000)
677 KB
677 KB PNG

File: ritsuka x bb.jpg (203 KB, 1200x1705)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
FGO NA User list
List of NA F/GO /u/sers
760,336,105 (Elanya)
047,042,187 (Celeste)
523,026,020 (Saint)
510,567,668 (Robobot)
658,593,770 (Nana)
900,621,176 (Ayako)
800,382,373 (Infini)
738,015,745 (Kalilith)
247,271,757 (Zemicchan)
135,677,727 (アキラ)
750,451,770 (SAVAGE)
433,700,307 (Zhana)
473,556,961 (Gudako)

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which fight?
I know the level 90 can drop 120+
I got a MLB Heracles lvl 90 in my list. He could help
Raikou with the White Rose CE is incredibly magical against that pair if you can make sure she makes it through the second round without burning her Mana Burst.
It isn't really a problem, but when I got to them, only Salter's NP were at 100%, so when he survived, he focused all his attacks at her and it kinda pissed me (still killed him the next turn). But I went there again with Poverty's Jalter and was able to win first turn, then I realised that stage just drops petals and I still need to farm medals. But thank you both.
St. George is amazing in this event I had to find out.

Radio show Q&A:https://pastebin.com/bmE8fcC8
Stephanie Mission: https://pastebin.com/ZR2D9qGG
Beautiful Woman in the Forest of Relaxation: https://pastebin.com/qw413AyL


Picture dramas:
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 01 [BD 1080p AAC][3176D9C2].mkv
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 02 [BD 1080p AAC][3D232A7B].mkv
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 03 [BD 1080p AAC][AC6BA8B2].mkv
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 04 [BD 1080p AAC][691FDF28].mkv
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 05 [BD 1080p AAC][01B9231F].mkv
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 06 [BD 1080p AAC][193D95AA].mkv

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 67929774_p0.jpg (367 KB, 2150x1512)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
What version of Snow White ends like this?
I'm still hoping that they eventually make a Peter Pan event in GoM.
The good one.
File: 70760765_p6.jpg (91 KB, 428x1024)
91 KB
File: Spoiler Image (368 KB, 630x900)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
Movie concept art leaked.

File: katta.jpg (2.42 MB, 2000x1420)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
Continued from >>2498298

Ongoing manga:
Read Saki here: https://mangadex.org/manga/160/saki
Download Saki 0-60 here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kk870ig01a85tx3/Saki_Chapter_0-60_%5Bnull%5D.rar
Download Saki 61-104 here: https://mega.nz/#!FiQmAAiB!cnbiS5NaLqD4a1ADx4HIkWsw7vo2NXv6k_kQA7zipy8
Download/read Saki 105-current here: http://dynasty-scans.com/series/saki
Download/read Saki Achiga-hen here: http://dynasty-scans.com/series/saki_achiga_hen_episode_of_side_a
Download/read Saki Biyori here: http://dynasty-scans.com/series/saki_biyori_bg
Download/read Saki Shinohayu here: http://dynasty-scans.com/series/saki_shinohayu
Download/read Toki here http://dynasty-scans.com/series/toki
Yen Press Saki: the usual place

Completed anime:
Download Saki (season 1) here: https://nyaa.si/view/320245

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>I don't think the LA is a good argument when it's the animes that are debated.
it's still part of the franchise and basically it's the same story, but LA expands things that Achiga Anime/Manga does not do and were parts that could help the Achiga narrative in general, not just the Yuri.

> Achiga, and S2 don't have a focus on relationship
that's the problem, S2 has as an excuse to be a sequel, but Achiga does not have the same excuse and that's why episode 4 of LA shows even more potential wasted, AkoShizu has bases, but it was never a correctly established couple, you can blame it if people prefer AkoSeira.
Like the other anon said, a story can have many EQUAL focuses. S1 was a stellar example. It's about SakiNodo progressing from (one-sided) rivals to being the relationship that both the main characters revolve around; the promise to go to the Nationals together. And it's about Saki's journey to face Teru.

The team has 5 persons but I'm sorry, the other 3 are just secondary cast. It's like a cooking manga where the MC's goal has always been to find his mother again AND to defeat the main rival friend. All the cooking competitions is his journey towards those two main purposes. It's not just a pointless cooking after cooking like in many SoL cooking manga. The main focus is not just on cooking itself; it's an instrument towards two very clear end goals.
>The team has 5 persons but I'm sorry, the other 3 are just secondary cast

they are main characters, even Kyotaro, like Achiga, including Harue, the secondary characters are the other teams.
Kyotaro isn't a main character, he's just a plot device that should be written out, since he isn't needed anymore. Especially now that Yuuki has accepted Kirame is what she needs for happiness.
File: 1442674411096.jpg (576 KB, 1200x900)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
B-but Nanpo...

OVA subs are out. The cutest show ever made is back.
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File: 70127329_p0.png (803 KB, 787x1063)
803 KB
803 KB PNG
File: 70145520_p0.png (2.18 MB, 2000x2000)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
File: DnLohmoU8AA8ldM-orig.jpg (223 KB, 850x1202)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
File: 58038456_p0.jpg (133 KB, 576x1024)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Make Cocoa submissive.

File: 70580032_p0.jpg (605 KB, 1240x1754)
605 KB
605 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>2682810
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File: judymahiomkeng.png (93 KB, 1080x1200)
93 KB
Kuro too
You would be wrong.
File: 1537365476843.jpg (102 KB, 660x1133)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>even the seiyuu ships the characters
>manga chapter about a girl getting dumped for another
>my junna, my claudine

File: YnS.png (3.17 MB, 1416x1512)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB PNG
Memorial Book for the franchise as a whole so far comes out September 29th. Will contain a KuMeYu bonus LN detailing what the Sentinels did during the last battle in YnS, YnS and WaSuYu illustrations, a summary of the universe's history that comes with a yet unreleased illustration and a new staff interview.

No projects ongoing apart from the mobage. Akamine LN is likely but not confirmed.

Good WaSuYu and Yusha no Shou subs by MajiYuusha here, official Amazon subs are poor quality.

KuMeYu drama CD volume 2 translations here:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That'd be nice, if they do a thorough rewrite of it.
Yes, they'll rewrite it into Yamabushi Shizuku wa >Yuusha de aru.
They'll rewrite it and add a Nogi and a Yuuna
And they're blatantly gay for each other. KuMeYu needs some actual yuri that doesn't feel like the homo vibes between shounen rivals.
I'd absolutely prefer a YuYuYui anime to a KuMeYu anime. They'd be mad to do anything other than NoWaYu or a proper S3 though.

File: anime swordlesbians.png (715 KB, 625x885)
715 KB
715 KB PNG
Previous: >>2642318

PokemonSplatoonFireEmblemXenoOctopath, you know what goes in this thread already.
197 replies and 141 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dana will almost certainly cameo at least. Hopefully with Jill in tow.
Well, Anna showed up at the end.
I wouldn't be surprised if the MC is bi and there is a yuri route
Why is it that people are also ignoring that her and her boyfriend also have a strained relationship because he's a criminal?
For all we know she'll drop him for a waifu that could create a healthier enviroment for her kid. Especially since her boyfriend is a criminal.
It might have multiple paths because they don't just want to make another VA-11 Hall-A

File: 1530799983363.jpg (118 KB, 815x1000)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Let's post some good Woomies that love each other very much.
260 replies and 187 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 023.png (991 KB, 1036x1516)
991 KB
991 KB PNG
This is the artwork for the next japanese splatfest
apreciated but It could have been better a mega or a link to Imgur. Either way, there will probably be more splatoon threads since /u/ loves cephalolesbians
I'm glad the Squid Sisters have such a supportive fanbase

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