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File: out1.jpg (73 KB, 746x514)
73 KB
We encourage you to have a look around the catalog first to see what we’re all about before posting your first thread. Topics typically posted here include:
>Outdoor recreational activities (Hiking, trail running, bushwhacking, camping, spelunking, geocaching, orienteering, expeditions, urban exploration, backpacking, etc.)
>Gardening, farming and related activities
>Hunting and fishing, and other activities involving the stalking or taking of game (including bird-watching)
>Outdoor survival, bushcraft, foraging, self-sustenance in nature, train-hopping, hoboism, etc.
>Outdoor destinations and exploration (specific trails, parks, regions, etc.)
>Water-related activities (boats, diving, etc.)
>Outdoor philosophy (conservation, Leave No Trace, protectionism, etc.)
>Outdoor building and living (cabins, huts, treehouses, etc.)
>Outdoor social activities and organizations (meet-ups, Scouts, NOLS, etc.)
>Gear related to any of the above topics

Most topics related to the outdoors are fine. Write properly, behave politely, encourage a respectful community, and most importantly, GO OUTSIDE!!
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Just a friendly reminder that threads about weapons which do not pertain to their use in outdoor activities should be posted on /k/ instead. Thanks.

File: IMG_20160903_171404.jpg (1.37 MB, 2560x1440)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
Any of you go into the Sierras this summer? I've been a few times for short trips and it's been fucking fantastic. Pic related is off trail in the emigrant wilderness, overlooking cherry ridge.

What do you do out there and where have you gone? This season I've also been to Yosemite a few times, an additional time at the emigrant wilderness, and East of the Sierras near Sabrina lake. Went into white mountain a little bit too. Currently near Tahoe at a Sierra club lodge, it's ok, not that scenic or remote though.
File: 1603107.jpg (4.59 MB, 3335x5170)
4.59 MB
4.59 MB JPG
i've only done mountain warfare training in bridgeport, but i would give just about anything to go back for non mandatory fun

Yet another National Landmark destroyed.

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File: h.png (163 KB, 450x267)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
oh noes
even the damn rocks are vandalizing the place.
what do?
File: 1422336302953.jpg (89 KB, 500x425)
89 KB

This makes me so furious.
>rivers are human beins
>fragile ecosystem

File: image.jpg (622 KB, 1920x1080)
622 KB
622 KB JPG
I live in MN and am gonna be hunting on my own this year for the first time this year.

What's the etiquette of setting up a tree stand on state land? I know the laws and all but I've heard shit about people claiming land and using it every year and having little chimpouts over someone using "their" spot. I also need to find somewhere I can access with my Focus. I'll be getting top tier winter tires so hopefully that will help with driving through miles of snow covered dirt roads. Gonna grouse hunt the forest I hunted deer in years ago with other people that told me about that claimed public land stuff that I've had a falling out with. Faggots had a rule where they would pool all of their tags together and someone wanted mine when he shot too many deer. He got real upset when I told him to fuck off.

There is a slight possibility of being able to hunt on a neighbors land if he's not using it but that's only slight.
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We do that here too only we don't pool them before hunting. We just give deer to people who don't have one yet and vice versa. Some people here will shoot up to 20 deer in one location, call everyone in, and distribute the deer. Sometimes, you don't even see the deer, you only receive the meat all packaged up and ready to eat. We are all family and friends and know each other uses proper butchery & sanitation skills.
Find where the deer are and setup your stand. When you're done hunting there, remove it. Or just build a stand out of local timber or some lumber from a construction site dumpster.
File: duck_PNG5011.png (3.36 MB, 1888x1750)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB PNG
Can somebody help me with the trespassing laws in MN? I have seen in a few places that it is legal to hunt on any non-agricultural unposted land, but at the same time I see forum posts and even news articles around claiming that you cannot hunt on private land without permission. I live up in the Bemidji area and there are a few ponds I was thinking of duck hunting on for my first try at duck hunting, but getting to them involves crossing completely undeveloped land with ambiguous ownership (not posted, but at the same time it is not part of a state forest or other designation implying state land). There is also a piece of land on the Mississippi up here that seems like absolutely ideal hunting, is completely undeveloped other than a road and some clear cuts, there are no houses under 10 miles away from it, I know (because a friend was thinking about buying it) that the owners of it don't even live in MN, and the land is completely unposted.

Links that mention it is illegal to hunt on posted land and say nothing about unposted, or straight up say you can hunt on unposted land:



The regulations also mention that you cannot hunt posted private land without written permission and do not even mention unposted private land.

Then there is stuff like this which straight says that you must have permission to hunt on any private land even if unposted:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

As a side note, the migration has apparently not started here so there is nothing but resident ducks around, mainly woods and teals. Do I have much of a shot at seeing ducks if I just get set up on a random good looking pond/stream w/ wild rice before dawn, drop out a dozen mallard decoys, and wait? Maybe a quack or two here and there when I get bored because I am garbage at calling. I could also try using a whistle call which seems a bit easier, but wouldn't a teal call coming from a group of mallard decoys make them suspicious?

Goddamn it sucks not knowing anybody who can teach you to hunt. I always found it sort of funny how much new fisherman struggled, but now I feel like that one fucker fishing in a put-and-take trout pond 3 months after the last stocking and casting a giant topwater, but with ducks. Grouse hunting is easy enough, but this feels like a much more complex game.
I don't know much about what you're asking, but technically Game and Parks people should answer your questions (they're a government agency and that's part of their job) or direct you to the document that contains the answer. I don't live in MN, but I regularly look up real estate information in my area on County Assessor's websites. Since it's a county based system, some are really good, and some really suck, but you can get the owner information you need and a little more background information as well.

File: burdei.jpg (81 KB, 600x390)
81 KB
Hey /out/siders, do you guys have any tips for building a burdei or dugout home? Just bought some land here in OH to build a dugout home. Any suggestions or tips? Also general dugout home thread.
Build some extra hidden rooms for panic room or rape-closet, depending on your preference.
Make sure watwr doesnt come in
Like snall rocks on a resevoir at the door

File: barefoot.jpg (91 KB, 800x532)
91 KB
Anyone on /out/ having experience with running barefoot? Which advantages can i expect?
Should i start?

Any Tips, suggestions?
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Except the fact that if you live anywhere where it gets hot and you decide to run you will burn you fucking feet. Also have fun stepping on sharp objects.
This is sorta true. Some people have awful strides and others are have naturally perfect gaits- even after years of running in nikes or whatever. It's hard to say if the transition will be hard. For me, I've always run in the woods and so transitioning to barefoot wasn't hard at all.

Definitely wasn't a fully aware thing. I just took it easy, and took my time. Once I got to a place that I felt comfortable did I start seriously trying to build speed.

The main thing that pisses me off out there is people say "wow ur brave" or "don't get hurt" or whatever stupid shit they say and it's NO MOTHER FUCKER I worked to get here, planned and paid attention. I never stop to talk to those folk, but it does get annoying to hear that once or twice a run when it's busy out.
File: DSC01751.jpg (3.5 MB, 4912x3264)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
I live in Texas and I climb barefoot. I've done over 2k feet vertical gain in one session climbing barefoot. only downside is having to take a cheese grater to the thick skin that makes you all but impervious to sharp objects. glass? lol, never been cut by glass.

yea, walking down the middle of a black tar road for extended distances is brutal, climbing on the sunbaked sections of rock you can feel a bit of a burn, but I never get boils.

then again, I grew up here, so I just sweat too much to let my flesh burn and boil.

sometimes the cheese grater isn't enough, so I filet the callouses off, then use the cheese grater to round over the sharp edges.

here's a pick first day projecting some DWS, my foot placement wasn't the best, was dragging toe a bit, but I sent it.
Well shit, man, let's see those fucking feet then.
>I willingly damage my body for no reason other than to appear more macho than them thurr limp wristed faggots

File: AUBNbOJ.png (240 KB, 291x393)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
>global warming is showing no signs of stopping
>soon enough, reliable, long snow seasons will be gone
>countries which are already hot will become deserts

All because the fucking normies "need" their big house, big car, huge amounts of electricity, shit shipped from around the world, etc. And don't even get me started on industrial fucks, these pieces of shit literally just fucking dump shit /out/doors because it's cheap.

We are more and more alienated from each other every single year, and all of the comfy /out/ places are being fucking destroyed by civilization.
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>Climate scientists who go against the mainstream (i.e. the convenient, extra tax-justifying/generating and fear-mongering "if we don't take blind actionism WE'LL ALL DIE!!!") opinion aren't silenced by governments and other corporate-controlled organisations by cutting/completely removing their funding
Good goy - yes yes, paying €10/kWh electricity or €10 per litre of petrol will absolve us all from our crimes against nature - I know I did it for """climate protection""" at least, ah I can sleep well again!
Where are the proofs, brother?
Proofs are required

Certainly, you're not just picking a boogeyman to explain something unpleasant in your life and making wild conspiracy claims as to why everyone is plotting to make your life slightly more annoying
>Proofs are required
Yes indeed, for "global warming" to be actually affecting us so negatively that insane extra taxation is necessary
As I said before - you want my money, then the burden of proof is upon you, that's how the market works. You wouldn't buy, say, an electric appliance that "maybe" works half of the time either, would you?
I highly doubt you'd even accept the numerous studies regarding the effects of climate change on this scale, you probably think they're just lies by jew shills, so I'm not going to bother
so we're all gonna ignore that picture?

File: my size.jpg (550 KB, 1200x1200)
550 KB
550 KB JPG
What music do you listen to while /out/? Also what's the most /out/ album? i vote pic related
It depends on what i'm doing. If i'm just relaxing by a lake or pond I usually like to listen to Loren Connors Airs, but if i'm hiking I like to listen to jazz (Kamasi Washington The Epic) or ambient (Andy Stott Luxury Problems). Just situational.
>going /out/
>plugging /in/
i know different strokes for different folks, but for me being /out/ and listening to music are incompatible
File: _zog_bilderberg-resize_75.jpg (2.3 MB, 2576x2220)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG

Hi OP,

I like nature a lot and I love to listen to the sound track of this video:


and this video:


on my iPod while I am hiking outdoors. In case you are wondering what the soundtracks of these videos are about, they are political speeches that talk about the people on this list:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: b8.jpg (258 KB, 1600x1200)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Knife General Thread, anyone?

I just picked up a Swiss Army Tinker. I haven't had one of these since I was a kid so I was wondering what the steel quality is like on these. Just wondering what I should expect regarding how often I'll need to sharpen and how good of an edge it'll take. I was deciding between it and another Rat-1 to replace the one I lost. I liked the Rat a lot.
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Use slightly wet sugar and a toothbrush
File: IMG_20160923_183158565.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x1440)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Just used some kitchen cleaning product with an old scourer.

I wanted to do some mustard patina but damn I haven't seen it this shinny in years.

I once bougt a rust eraser for 2 eurobucks. It worked really well for spots like this. Looks just like an eraser for pencil.
Brillo pads work really well for rust. I guess steel wool will too, but I always used the ones with the blue soapy shit on it. Get them wet and do work.
400-600 grit sandpaper works well also.

File: Poncho-Liner.jpg (88 KB, 500x335)
88 KB
What does /out/ think about "woobie"? First time I heard about it. This guy:

...is jizzing all over with excitement, but Amazon reviews do seem to be quite entusiastic. Plus it does take little space.
Worth it? Original military ones arent that cheap either, is it quality?
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Did I hurt your feelings by insulting your fucking blanket?
so how do you make one of these?
I really enjoyed your argument. It made me feel warm inside.

Warmer than some shit fuckin' BLANKET!
you still here? too subtle for you?
is it not past your bedtime?
>will pack down to about the size of a grapefruit
that's a big goddamn grapefruit

File: 1474438610577.jpg (658 KB, 1350x900)
658 KB
658 KB JPG
do you UMBRELLA when /out/
show me your best!
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
watching anime fights over and over doesn't count
What about a formal training environment over the course of 7 years?

That good enough for the outsters?
File: IMG_20160924_064720-1.jpg (268 KB, 1962x922)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
You have a lot to learn about gentlemanly edc.


Tag says Lifetek. The only 9 rib design. Do rec, Amazon.

In fact, my notes show I'm in for their 54" full size, so yes.

> bumberchute /out/ approved
How to be highly ineffective in staying dry and making hiking anywhere hell. Just get a rain jacket.

But what am I kidding. This is a bait thread anyway.
Thats a cool photo.

File: archaeology dig.jpg (101 KB, 625x375)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Has anyone dug around their backyard or attended public archaeological digs for interesting objects?

How do you go about it and what have you found so far?
Bump for interest
Me just some old bottles. I could upload it if you really wanted. Nothing worth much.
File: IMG_2688.png (653 KB, 667x1000)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
I dont go to many digs but I do my own poking around. Found a lot of shit recently. My best find so far is this Angostura point. I've found some knapping tools, and a few other points as well. Tons of broken spear heads and knife blade.

File: IMG_0010.jpg (272 KB, 1080x1080)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
#86-"Not Enough Hours" Edition

Previous Thread:

Still have no time to go fishin. Outside of work and sleep, I'm still trying to finish cleaning out the old house and organizing shit in the new place. I doubt I will get out this weekend, maybe another week and I can try to hit some of these canals off the Intercoastal.

Pastebin and Imgur. Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin.
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Its not that a boonie hat is goofy I don't give a damn about goofy
I just didn't like it
I preferred to tuck a damp wash cloth under the back of my baseball cap which looks goofier than either of these
This is the only burn I've had since April
I dont like skid myself. But not everyone can be a niggerboy like you.
File: IMG_20160919_051253.jpg (29 KB, 452x389)
29 KB
Made the same mistake last Sunday. God damn California sun is stronger in September than what I was used to. I'm taking sunscreen tomorrow.
Im whiter then sourcream. When I'm fishing I don't fit into the sterotype. Im a pus and don't go out until after 4pm tho.

Too bad my motorcycle is down and out for the weekend. Because I'm installing nigger rigged saddlebag frames. But I need bags because fuck carrying around my jacket and gloves everywhere! And hopefully ill be able to install a cable lock for my helmet.
Where I come from, the sun in September is weak as fuck so you can go out and never get burnt. You can imagine my surprise last week.

File: IMG_6965-800hut2.jpg (163 KB, 800x533)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
No Questions That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread so I'm making one.

Thinking of going bush to study and get away in the Tasmanian Central Highlands Plateau. There are equipped huts all over the shop im just wondering what /out/ would bring as sustenance for about 5 days.

>pic related, the nicest hut up there.
270 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
post it anon, I can contribute some too
Here it is, gents:
48 beers and durries
If cotton takes a long time to dry, why does it feel cold? Shouldn't it feel cold because it's efficient at transfering body heat to water and evaporating it faster than something more insulating?
It could be argued that cotton probably evaporates water faster, while as other fabrics shake water off while in liquid form.
was $20 dollars cheaper a few weeks ago.

bought one and I didn't have the chance to use it yet. A lot of reputable people liked it for the price, so there's that.

File: 2360774-3-4x.jpg (363 KB, 1920x1440)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Need recommendations on some new boots for going /out/.

Any advice?
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Jungle boot guys are trolling. Merrell Moabs are generally considered a great value for money entry-level boot.
I have moab shoes (I do regret not getting mids) and they are pretty cool.

I hear good things about Oakley's boots.
I own a pair of Thorogood American Heritage 6-Inch Steel-Toe's that I love. They're pretty heavy, and the soles will suck after a year. i had them re-done with Vibram soles and they're the best /out/ and SHTF boots I know of.
the new oakley boots suck. they are nike teir. I was going to take a pic of my last good pair of oakleys but they are in my truck. I have sv2s in my room.

oakley gave up on making good boots around 2010. I still own 2 pair. one is ruined with blood but still works and the vibram soles are mint. the other pair is almost new.

best hot weather boots ever.
They wear out fast though
Fuck's sake. Seems like they switch to making these things shit the minute people find out about them, these days.
I mean, how long did Oakley even make those boots?
Moabs I hear aren't as good as they were but those have been around some years, right?

I've been thinking about copping Salomon Jungles for this summer. Anyone know anything about them?

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