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Never owned one but heard some good things.
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this person is >>1371212 girlfriend.
that will be too weak tho, go full tang.
>full tang
He's an anti-folder in a folder thread
victorinox is awesome too. the pioneer is for /out/ and the cadet is for innacity

File: outdoor autism.png (138 KB, 1248x2880)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
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I bet you fuck fatties, hoe.
File: outdoor autism - template.jpg (275 KB, 1248x2880)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
The outdoor activities together with my location are kind of contradictory but yea, fuck snow, I hate it (and not because of the cold).
We'll, you don't need to swim.
You can enter the water and stay in areas where it's at your hip level or so.
File: stats.png (159 KB, 1248x2880)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>living at the alps
>not getting into rock climbing
literally why?

File: images (27).jpg (77 KB, 687x446)
77 KB
I was wondering if there are many Australians on here and if so are you doing any /out/ activities?
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Where in Tassie are you mate?
Anyone else trying to do the Abel’s?
I’ve done about half a dozen of them just bought the books online and am waiting for them to come, I can’t wait to get enough time off work to get back down there and climb some more.
File: IMG_20170121_131703.jpg (1006 KB, 1520x2688)
1006 KB
1006 KB JPG
Hobart, with family in rural north east.

A mate of mine's cousin just completed all the Abels in under two years. Absolute mad man. He had to get boat access up the Gordon River for a few. I've done Ossa and Frenchman's, will get a few more in this summer. Pic from Frenchman's.
I love the idea of living in tassie but it just gets so god damn cold, how do you motivate yourself to do anything outside in the winter
It's really not that cold man. I actually prefer winter bush walking - there are no flies, you don't sweat your tits off, snow is pretty, and there are very few tourists.

I knew it's smelly, but I needed proof.
You tarp fags are a peace of shit hipster posers.
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The shepherd hooks and nails are titanium, but the V pegs are aluminium.

Hammock master race
Stop buying from Harbor Fright Tools.
Good mattress, good bag, base layer, fleece trousers and jacket, thick socks, warm hat, and a buff pulled over your eyes. That's how I do it.
thanks, I can never keep the caps clean as my hands are always dirty after work and I forget to wash them before shit posting.

File: Untitled.png (1.19 MB, 864x930)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
How exactly did this happen? This is where she got lost from. 44.970000, -70.445337

As long as she walked straight in one direction, wouldn't she hit a dirt road that could lead her to civilization?
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>on the Appalachian trial
East coasters were a mistake.
>there are people who don't know how to whistle for rescue
I don't know how to whistle period.
File: fox40whistle.jpg (16 KB, 350x293)
16 KB
With a whistle.
>Considering they give you a class with terms for you to memorize for an hour or two, for two or three days
You get 1 hour 1 time and then you're supposed to "read about it" (they don't provide anything to read) in your "down time" (you don't get any down time).

Then they do the daytime test right after a PT test, and if you fail that you do more PT instead of them actually telling you anything.

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
First time posting here.

What, in your opinion, is a good video game when it comes to emulating the outdoors experience? For hunting and survival, I've enjoyed Cabela's hunting game (2013) and Seven Days to Die, if you remove the zombies, does a nice job of a comfy camping experience.

What are some /out/ approved games?

Thank you for your time,

t. an outsider
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Seven Days to Die used to be like that. They changed it.

Seven Days to Die is top survival comfy, if you remove the zombs.
For me 7 days scratches the same itch as Fallout NV, but without crashing every 5 fucking minutes.
I turn up the difficulty, turn down the loot spawn chance and turn down horde's personally.
File: 1431292539266.png (245 KB, 400x347)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
>Perhaps too many video gamey elements
>giant fucking robot woodland creatures
>kill robots with a stick
Depends. I usually run around the map and when I hear an animal call, I stop and call back. Usually they are audible from far enough that my running didn't affect them too much.

Although noises are the #1 animal deterrent here. I have startled over 10k animals and about 9000 of those were by noise.

And when stalking an animal forget running, it will hear you and run away ad infinitum.

And don't be fooled by it being "realistic". It is the MOST realistic, not "actually" realistic. Ballistics, parkinson weapon sway and "lol don't hit both lungs, heart and spine are much better dude" can annoy some people. You just have to remember it's a game.
And it looks beautiful.
the long dark is arguably the best

Just for science i need answers : how do you pack eggs for a breakfast /out?
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freeze dried powdered eggs
File: DSC_01731.jpg (97 KB, 683x1024)
97 KB
this anon is correct. powdered milk and powdered eggs are somehow regarded as loathsome surplus Korean War rations, but actually they're quite good and an elegant solution to many of /out/'s woes. depending on where you get them and in what quantity, powdered milk is usually like 1/20 the cost of bottled milk. a 1kg bag makes like 40 litres of milk for $5 and it doesn't spoil. i've stopped buying bottled milk because i keep wasting it. stir a couple spoons of the powder into my coffee or cocoa and it's amazing.

now, powdered eggs tend to be a little more expensive than fresh eggs (unless you buy legit Korean War surplus or in massive bulk) but considering how convenient they are it's 100% worth it for extended /out/tings. fresh eggs are fine for a day or two but longer than that you're better off carrying the powder and just stirring up some scrams over the fire in the morning.
Flour + powdered milk + powdered egg + baking powder = bannock.
i'll be dead in the cold cold ground before i carry baking powder anon

File: ships-at-sea.jpg (48 KB, 750x496)
48 KB
I'm thinking that I want to end up on a boat for a career. I could be doing physical labor, computer maintenance, cooking or anything so long as I get to do it on a boat. Does anyone know a good place to start finding jobs that have me on boats and ships? I'm thinking I want to live in the North East of the U.S because I like the colder temperatures it has.
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In the meantime. Have some shipyard cat.
File: ;3.jpg (85 KB, 511x676)
85 KB
>Anon asks a question about fishermen and how they are dealing with things
>Wild morons suddenly appears
File: here it is.png (33 KB, 1020x426)
33 KB
Oh, wait, you are here just for (You)s.
Here, grab a big one and get /out/... wait... what?
Look at that good boy.
türk müsün ulan?

Is this a black bear or grizzly? Saw outside of Polebridge, MT today.
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I would say without question this is a Grizzly bear. The dishes face and shoulder hump are dead giveaways.

Pic unrelated
Grizzly, black bears are smaller and look like giant rats.
To be perfectly exact, that’s a Coastal Brown Bear (Grizzly, Kodiak).
>Polebridge, Montana
>Coastal Brown Bear
Hello retard
and also i have seen grizzlies without a hump too.
shape of the head may be the best indicator.
>grizzlies without a hump

also known as black bears

File: 412DA2FE2NL.jpg (23 KB, 500x286)
23 KB
You can only have one flashlight. What's your goto, your end all be all of flashlights for you?

Looking for opinions on the best all around flashlight. not junky POC.
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>You can't hide your heat.
if i remember correctly in the desert wars it was found a $5 blanket defeats a $25k digital infra googles
that is quite unlikely, particularly in the infrared doesn't just show difference in relative temperature, what it's really is showing is the emissivity of various materials. this is why if every single thing you're looking at is 98ºF you'll still see a clearly revealing difference between materials that have higher and lower heat emissivity. now the infrared can be fooled by highly reflective (100% emissive) materials like, say, a silver mylar emergency blanket, because it just reflects everything around it. but, for one thing highly reflective surfaces hide what's behind them fairly well from infrared ( although they still show up very well defined and conspicuous and have an unnatural pattern of reflection), mylar is otherwise (with natural or night vision optics) the complete opposite of camouflage. it's just not really feasible to use shiny foil to try and hide, and even if you do it's not really going to work.
A headlamp is fairly limited to your facing direction at a straight to downward angle.
A flashlight can be more freely moved to light up the periphery and is generally better shaped for being used in hand than a headlamp.
Shakelights are God tier. All the rest is ABSOLUTE junk
Lenslight KO

Pretty cosy this this fine morn.
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Do you guys use a groundsheet when you pitch your tent? Something like some tarp or cotton canvas to cover the ground and provide a small base to try and save the bottom of your tent from getting ripped up especially on gravel or rocks?
Thinking about it actually. I don't know whether it is possible but ants made little holes on the bottom of my ten t
That's part of the DisInTegration brother. Embrace it or else it will engulf you.
he comes with me every time. love this dog.
It's called a footpad and I at least use it religiously.

Did you get nervous or uneasy when you first started solo camping? How did you deal with it?

I’ve camped a good deal with others, but I’m trying to go on more solo trips. Most of the solo camping I’ve done has been at campgrounds, so I’m a little uneasy going on overnight trips alone in remote areas. I have a gun, which makes me feel a little better, but not much. Tips?
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File: IMG_20180719_052536_HDR.jpg (1.84 MB, 3120x4160)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
God could you imagine overpowering some skinwalker boy you found sneaking around your camp at night? Imagine grabbing his neck and holding him down as you pull aside his loincloth and and put your dick in his ass. Imagine how he'd struggle and futility try to fight back and hit you with his small weak arms as you forcibly take his virginity. Imagine finishing in him seeing him whimpering and quivering on the ground below you
Not really. The land hates you white people, so your colonial ancestors were sensitive to this. Proper Amerindian or Asiatic Horsemen descendants don’t feel out of place.
File: IMG_20180916_213039.jpg (45 KB, 750x744)
45 KB
god why's my dick hard
>don’t feel out of place.
I suppose thats why all the amerindians are crack addicts, winos, alcoholics and welfare queens.
Except neither of those groups go /out/ anymore

File: image.jpg (706 KB, 1800x1200)
706 KB
706 KB JPG
Anyone getting into mountaineering? I did some of the Class III and IV 14ers in Colorado and now wanting to do some in winter then Rainier & Denali. Don't have a good team setup for it though.

What mountains/routes you guys planning? AT ski or snowshoe? Any alpine or vertical ice climbers?
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Pakistan no, Afghanistan yes. Spent 15 months over 12,000ft in the Kush mountains.

Other than getting shot at almost daily, 10/10 would recommend.
Roughly 19,000ft up the side of one of the Kush mountains.
Kili and Elbrus were guided, Kazbek was with friends.
Damn, I had no idea storms could get so violent they would destroy basecamp.
Been in one that ripped up several 4 season tents, and that was only at 4600m.

desert camping episode when?
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File: yurucamp.png (113 KB, 500x591)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
The only thing more autistic than watching anime is complaining about anime on an anime themed imageboard.
File: lonercamper.jpg (95 KB, 1080x1080)
95 KB
bumping to share true happiness of camp
You should bump by posting some of your yuru camp outdoor OC's senpai
Anyone seen this?
I have a copy but haven't seen it.

File: Cerium-LT-Hoody-Flare.png (438 KB, 450x625)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
>Need a down jacket
>Shopping around still
How are arcteryx down jackets for alpine climbing and hiking?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Waterproof takes a little longer to dry, breathes less (they both don’t really breathe), weighs more and packs up larger

For general hikin n travel, a non wp will be fine, look for one without sewn through baffles for maximum loft n wind resistance

they are good, but overpriced.

but doing aerobic activity while wearing a down jacket is not recommended.
File: 0.jpg (9 KB, 195x258)
9 KB
I wear their shoes. laces broke first and the soles lasted for 10 months. the shoemaker was able to fix them.

iam from europe. not sure if arcteryx makes a difference between their products for the canadian/us market and their export versions.
They’ve just recently started making shoes so I’m not surprised that they’re crappy. As far as their other clothing goes, it’s super fucking expensive but it holds up very well. I’d say if you have the cash to drop on an arcteryx jacket, go for it. You won’t be disappointed if your wallet can handle the beating.
Looks like a tire company mascot.

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