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Well its that time of year again guys, its getting colder and this winter I want to be snug as a bug.
What kind of silvers do you recommend?
Any tips on where to get them cheap?
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File: 627401.jpg (59 KB, 500x396)
59 KB
dat filename doe
too many metaphors mixted
These are just not that warm. They are fine if you are moving around a lot. https://www.sitkagear.com/products/solids/next-to-skin/core-heavyweight-bottom

I love these Sitka Core Heavyweight bottoms when I'm in the treestand below freezing, and they are also very breathable for when you start moving around so they don't make you sweat as much.
File: 1458258450821.png (121 KB, 258x245)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
>The shape of your penis head is to scoop their cum out so you can be the one that "wins."
>one exception disproves trends

nice try

File: Titanium canteen.jpg (215 KB, 1024x768)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
What does /out/ want for Christmas?
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They are all technically dewers
>"Military Features" are a complete meme unless you are in the Military.
>There are so many backpack manufacturers that can produce a pack that can suit your needs much better than a military pack,
>unless you are in the Military.
Ummm, good to know.
I just want an /out/ partner for christmas
File: buyfags gonna buy.jpg (104 KB, 810x532)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>>1157478 pot scrubber
>>1157474 vacuum
>>1157425 bandage
>>1157421 beverage
>>1157419 gelatin
>>1157417 tissue
>>1157374 vacuum flask

Fucking buyfags.
i keep coming back to this thread over and over looking at stuff and thinking about gear i really want.... but i think my gear chase is over. i dont really need anyt more stuff. i just want more travel days.

File: 41VC+CAzdTL._SY400_.jpg (18 KB, 310x310)
18 KB
Does /out/ fuck with radio equipment?

I want to get into some of this stuff and am thinking about getting pic related for emergencies and listening to amateur radio. What kinda stuff do you guys use/recommend for /out/ings?
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hobbies are designed to waste time desu
Thanks, i'll look into it.
I live in western europe so things might be different. I'll start looking for tutorials for my zone. The amateur hobby might not be as big as it is in the US but there should still be something, hopefully.
All sorts of radio is very active in Europe, especially amateur radio.

Just listening is super inexpensive, especially for HF. You can often get by with literally a long piece of random wire for an antenna and the receivers are reasonably priced. Look at swling.com for info on getting started with shortwave listening. primetimeshortwave.com has broadcast schedules. If you want to tune around for free and listen to all kinds of stuff from your mom's basement, check out websdr.org

When it come to transmitting and getting an amateur radio license, there is a massive array of things to do and ways to communicate. Voice communication isn't the only option. There's all sorts of data modes as well. Signals can be bounced around the ionosphere, off satellites, off the moon, off meteors and aircraft, or just repeated through other radios or the Internet. You can send voice and data, hunt transmitters, and even control aircraft.

If you do decide you want to get licensed, find a local club first and hang out with them for a bit. That way you can figure out what aspects of the hobby you want to pursue.

Often while /out/, I'll work satellites, maybe do morse code over HF with low power, listen to nearby repeaters with my handheld, or try to play with data on a tablet and a tiny portable radio. SOTA and IOTA are good /out/ related amateur radio activities, too.

I generally prefer not to take my radios innawoods but sometimes it can be a nice diversion.
File: radio1.jpg (44 KB, 640x480)
44 KB
this one is pretty good, but it won't help you get rescued from an uncharted desert isle
File: 1508138166834.jpg (7 KB, 231x218)
7 KB
>they never said anything of substance like we do here on the 4chan.

/out/ humor thread?
Lmao at this design.
Anyone have any experience with Rough Rider knives? Aside from the stupid design pictured, something finally sold me on their product (mainly the three bladed whittler with the tapered backspring). I like my Case Peanut (wish I could afford GEC) and any Victorinox and also on the other side of the spectrum my Manix 2, but would be interested in a cheaper slipjoint I may be able to abuse a bit. Anyone have experience with Rough Rider? Anyone know of any cheap brands of slipjoint that have carbon steels (1095, CV, etc)?
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For kids!

File: v.jpg (167 KB, 970x1293)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
File: vb.jpg (837 KB, 1500x1500)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
>In the American South that shit will rot away in a month.

loden is not your average american wool blanket. loden is made for alpine regions. the real bushcraft stuff.
OP, as usual, is a flaming queer.
>using a leatherman as a crescent wrench.
So basically void the original reason for hunting, i.e. getting large amounts of meat affordably for feeding your family. Sounds just great over if cuckmany.

File: Static_Electricity.jpg (55 KB, 600x602)
55 KB
Imagine a super leightweight sleeping bag in which the padding expands with the push of a button, creating a comfy place that superbly isolated to heat or cold envrioment.

No doesn't exist, but I just remembered that they invented fabric that has "memory", can conduct electricity or even change shape. It doesn't need to lift you off the ground like a Maglev, but make stuffing repell (or attract) itself enough to create space for air.

Did I just invent the ultimate sleeping bag for you? Hurry and build it, consider this a freebee invention you could get super rich with.
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You'll never find me.
Ah the fag bag
Can I shape it vaginally?

Like a birthing canal with no entrance or exit?
The inflating part has some merit though... What if you could inflate your sleeping bag like you do a sleeping pad? Could that reduce weight? Breathability goes out the window though for sure.
if you have fibres thinner than hair and make them repell each other with static electricy, even if the achived distance is super thiny, it will make a difference if there are billions. It doesn't need to be air thight.

What is the best material for an axe or hatchet handle?

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d Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe iz ah classic toohl iph d outdoors nd remans d best-saleing model from d revered Gransfors range. thanx in large prt too its logstanding reputation 4 reliability, ease iph use nd supab build quelaty, it iz arguably d most popular axe in d work iph bushcraft. Indeed, Ray Mears heralded d's model as "d nuber whone axe choise 4 bushcraft" 4 manny years, till d release iph d Gransfors Bruks Ray Mears Wilderness Axe collaboration in 2010. pleas note dat d's model fetures d exclusive 'Ray Mears Bushcraft' logo on d handle, nd knw d typical Gransfors Bruks logo. d Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe iz a excellent all-round choise 4 woodwonking in d outdoors. It fetures ah larger head nd loger handle dan d Wildlike Hatchet model, nd therefore provides moar chopping power. However, d Small Forest Axe iz still small enough too fit in2 ah rucksack. d Small Forest Axe iz excellent 4 felling trees nd limbing, nd d length iph d handle meens dat it kan b used efficiently wit whone hand or pressed too bigger jobs wit two.
>Sad but true
What do people see in the axe? I can see why the Scandinavian forest axe or wildlife hatchet would be popular, but i don't see any use in a "mid" size ax with a 20-22" handle, too long for one hand too short for two hands
Mostly for chopping firewood.
Then you've never used one. Which means you may not ever have needed one.

If you're hiking to a campsite (as opposed to through hiking), you may not want to carry a full sized axe, but want something with a little more leverage than a hatchet.

Same goes for trail maintenance.

Hell, a mid size axe is VERY handy for processing and limbing.

There's basically an infinite amount of head weight to handle length combinations, and they pretty much all have some function behind them.
Are "bushcraft axes" still trendy? Cause i've got a custom Husqy Carpenters axe hung on a 26" thinned handle that looks pretty fancy and am considering if i should sell it for 100€ (90€ for the axe and new handle and 10 for profit) or if i can gouge the price up to 120-150€? Think the bushcraft fags would fall for it?

File: boots4.jpg (669 KB, 770x578)
669 KB
669 KB JPG
Fan of Corcoran boots, looking for full leather boot with these specifications.

-Rubber soles, not a fan of original leathers.
-Connected tongue, would like to be able to stand in water up to the top of the boot and not get drenched
-fuck zippers

-no insulation, using wool inserts

Planning to use them for cold weather hiking and survival.
I couldn't find a Corcoran without a zipper or disconnected tongue.
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Corcoran jump boots are pretty wide, they shouldn't bunch up your toes. Why not just get a wide size?
File: 20171214_000647.jpg (1.33 MB, 4128x2322)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
I've abused the shit out of my Magnums, they're still treating me well, I can be ankle deep and not get wet, even with the zipper.

Get your feet properly measured. I have 4E width feet, and most advertised "wides" are a 2E if that. Can only fit into Merrell wides or XW army boots.
Shame they're in the UK. Guess I could just get some and hope for the best, but...
Try Keens.

I need an easy to follow guide on how to care for a Bromeliad. Pls help.
see: >>>/an/2547851 or >>1155539
Used to care for those things. Mild sunlight, bromiliad food, refill central cup when it runs out of water, don't let it get too cold. When the flower dies off, it doesn't usually grow back but the green part stays alive. Pot it in loose bark in a pot that drains well. Don't let the bark get completely dry but don't keep it too wet.
Bromeliad plant care iz easy ans requires knw spacial toohls or fertilizers. Feed thee plants wiff ah half strength fertilizer evry month in thee qrowing season.

Water needs ate easily achieved bye filling duh cup at duh base iph duh leaves. duh water taht collects in duh pot shud bee emptied out wkly tuh remove debris ans duh death insects duh stagnant water tends tuh lure in2 duh cup.

Set teh pot in ah saucer iph gravel filled prtially whit water too increase humidity nd help provide ah moist atmosphere. mak sur teh roots or knw submerged in teh water or teh's myt invite rot

sum bromeliads qrow weel as “air plants,” wich a glued or nested onto logs, moss or aother non-soil organic items. ya may haf sen Tillandsia plants wired onto coconut shells whit knw soil. thesw plants collect all d food n moisture thay need whit their leaves bt need ah liitle help from ya in d indoor setting.

File: I_Say_Kill_Em_ALL.jpg (331 KB, 610x550)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
I hate these things. They fly, they swim, they play dead and worst of all they bite like a bear trap. anyone else run into these things or something worse.
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File: comfy.jpg (41 KB, 600x579)
41 KB
>Live in Britbong
>Only bugs that are an issue when /out/ are ticks in the Highlands
>calls in sick to work to spend the next 3 days flossing

Also nice quads
>have knowledge of these from summer camp
>visit Savannah, Georgia
>not only see this, but about 3 dozen other species of ground crawling/flying wasps

The biodiversity in that place is amazing
Nothing like a group on chinks blocking the way when they take pictures of everything with their iPads

File: tree ropes dessin.jpg (101 KB, 1200x900)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Sibling enjoys hiking and setting up his hammock. Any gear that ties in with that I can buy him?
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https://dutchwaregear.com makes some of the best hammock accessories, their trap flyz for example are sick! Add a spool of dyneema line and you will make someone very happy.
Get him a fleshlight

Nothing like a good jerkin in the woods
File: 21923898208.jpg (72 KB, 390x366)
72 KB
glock because of gnats. oh and: avoid paracord.
>avoid paracord
>avoid some shitty bracelet
I would rather recomended to avoid that fucking monster from your picture.

File: view_content-1.jpg (70 KB, 450x600)
70 KB
Backpacks... Why don't people just invest in a good frame that fits their body, then strap a 30/40/50L drysack and bottle pouch to it?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thought about it. Where do I get one of these frames? Would prefer as light as possible.
DIY maybe?

File: 670140_ts.jpg (14 KB, 385x385)
14 KB
Basically this plus a 110L dry bag that wont tear is all youll ever need
File: 157373_1.jpg (12 KB, 921x423)
12 KB
those things break or melt in the sun, I wouldn't touch that.

Why not just buy a few of those (pic related)? They can be cut with an ordinary saw, drilling a few holes, connect it with steel screws and you're good to go.

The straps and padding is a different story but probably also not too hard to make. I just haven thought about it yet.
Could also go super old school and build Roycroft A wooden pack frame, some of the acacia bushes here have some light strong wood that would do pretty well.


File: serveimage (19)-4500x2250.jpg (2.03 MB, 4500x2250)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
What's the longest you've been out for?
What's the furthest you walked?
Did you ever cross national borders?
Brag and discuss
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>>1158844 cont again

>Specific interesting stories?
I was once taken in by an elderly couple in a shack by the beach and given a three pound sack of squid dried in its own ink. I took their dog for a walk because they were too feeble to, and collected snails for them from tidepools while walking the dog. We roasted the snails over a hibachi in their shells and ate them with foraged greens. They explained fishing as a lifestyle to me. They gave a whiteboard marker that I still have on my desk to this day.

I was picked up by a guy who is a teacher at a special ed school. He called in sick to work, took me to a $50 sushi lunch, took me to visit a lighthouse where a movie was filmed, and then offered me a bicycle. I declined the bicycle, because I had no idea how feasible bicycling across Japan would be, and I was literally starving on a day to day basis. Didn’t want to waste energy.

Once at 2am, I was dropped off at a mountain town 40 km from Nagoya. I started walking toward Nagoya when I was stopped by a police officer around 4am. He was questioning me and I was politely answering. After he realized I wasn’t a threat, he took me out for gyoza and beer as the sun rose and talked about his time studying abroad in Seattle and how his wife wants kids but he’s nervous. I got to ride in a Japanese cop car, interesting experience. He took me to the train station and bought me a ticket, some snacks, and more beer.
>>1158845 cont final

>How did it all end?
Finally returned to Tokyo, exhausted, a day before the fall semester started like nothing ever happened. The only difference was that most of my clothes were destroyed or thrown out (useless weight), I grew a ponytail and sideburns, and I had a wicked tan. I finally got some money and took out student loans in addition, so I was fine for the rest of the year.

As for UCEAP, they never wrote back to me acknowledging my report. They also removed the program I took from their listings. However, a solid year later I received a $6000 direct deposit from UCEAP that remains unexplained to this day.

>Stop blogfagging / nice larp bro
If anybody wants more stories from this trip, or stories from the time I hitchhiked / island hopped on the southern Japanese islands, I can tell those as well.

very very interesting story anon.

deserves a novelization.
very nice, reminds me a lot of the film Cycling Chronicles: Landscapes a Boy Saw (you should've taken the bike)
How many of those late 20s office ladies did you fuck though??
also pretty lucky for you that it happened in summer rather than winter
Sure, tell them.

Have you hitchhiked like this in any other country?

File: 1512308106198.jpg (35 KB, 566x337)
35 KB
Does /out/ carry an instrument with them?
50 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Had a jouhikko but I broke it bad. No idea where it is now. I miss it. Even when professionally played it somehow sounds beautiful and horrifically grating at the same time if played alone.

Made a 15 tab kalimba but gave it to my sister. I really like them when you tune them not to sound all dreamy.

I have a banjo and I just bought a jew's harp to fuck around with.

Hohner Special 20/Golden Melody, Suzuki Bluesmaster are good entry points in my onion.
Hohner Marine Band is great for beginners and is pretty much the standard for professionals.

Hohner Special 20 and Blues Harp are good too, but i prefer the sound of Marine Band.
File: 1513143361746.jpg (37 KB, 305x316)
37 KB
only my own "instrument"..i play it quite often if you catch my drift
Get a nice wood ocarina, they're a lot more durable and have a more /out/ sound.

File: s-l225[1].jpg (6 KB, 217x225)
6 KB
So, I see boot threads from time to time, but I'm interested in socks opinions.
Background is, I'm in the UK, and my feet are bloody freezing when I'm out.
Look on google, and I am getting lots of mixed opinions. Some say pic related (british army arctic ) are good, any thoughts ?
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Will do. I asked for a pair of the long johns for crimbo so I'll post back here if they're good. Only concern is that I'm allergic to natural rubber so if they use elastic in the waistband it could be an issue, but it's a pretty minor allergy and has only really bothered me in socks so far, and there's a good chance they use spandex anyway since it's vastly superior in terms of longevity.
Smartwool is owned by the north face, therefore it is slightly overpriced and the customer service is shit. Icebreaker and Darn tough are the ways to go as they're backed up by a lifetime warranty
File: serveimage.jpg (266 KB, 1920x1440)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Glad I found this thread.
I work exposed outdoors in a sedentary role for 12+hrs with no heat sources. I have been using Baffin Softshells (-4F rated) for moderate cold and then Baffin Impacts (-145F rated) for anything below the teens.
Trouble is, these boots are so warm with my Cabellas Ultimax Merino midweight socks, my feet sweat quickly and I end up with cold feet.
Should I try only wearing a liner and nothing else or something?
Anon, everthing is a meme here.
File: 20171213_193702.jpg (2.6 MB, 4128x2322)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
I made myself a pair of these for camp shoes/hunting using the soles from a pair of cheepo aqua-socks and sowing on a pair of wool blend socks. Pretty cozy. Now they're more like moccasins or would that be sockassins?

File: bow.jpg (8 KB, 175x175)
8 KB
I don't have a photo with all my rifles in it. I'll just list:

Win. mod 70 (extreme weather SS) in 300 wsm
ruger scout in 308
No.4 mk1 lee enfield in 303
rem 700 in 223
ruger 10/22
mossberg 500 in 12 GA

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