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File: 318GiUmpQkL.jpg (13 KB, 500x469)
13 KB
/out/ what s your backpacking cooking setup?

I'm starting from scratch. Thinking about getting a BRS burner, JetFuel fuel cannister, and TOAKS titanium pot. Then just a plastic spork for utensil.

I figure I can stir my foods with a stick or something.

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I use the BRS stove and a small toaks pot. It works great but the arms are pretty thin. I only use it to boil no more than 2 cups of water so it’s perfect for that. If I wanted to cook with say a liter I would use my pocket rocket.
The BRS is a great stove, I don’t think you’ll regret it
>You recycle
i use the same, whisperlite
you hot pot in the woods, fatty? enjoy your picnic
File: ok.jpg (15 KB, 355x355)
15 KB
i have that, I'm afraid to put gasoline in it though. So anyway I got this thing and 1/2 gallon of 91% alc. Test it out when it gets here. always just start a fire I guess.

File: 1506277986157.jpg (638 KB, 600x3846)
638 KB
638 KB JPG
Post infographs, books, etc.
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File: 1407415045979.jpg (26 KB, 394x217)
26 KB
File: 1404983462182.jpg (254 KB, 1024x1578)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
>(to protect bark)
File: 1521239884741.jpg (81 KB, 408x408)
81 KB
Feel free to use.
All others are useless without this

File: ThruHiking1.jpg (377 KB, 1500x1125)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
A (WELL TRAINED) dog is the ultimate /out/ item.
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Dolphins are rapists and have a "they're all pink on the inside" mentality. Don't trust those sea niggers.
I've been attacked and almost killed by a dog at the age of 13 and have a phobia around stranger's dogs but atleast I'm not a massive fag like you who gets butthurt about unleashed dogs in the wild and pepper spraying some random dogs that I encounter.
Is this your friend? I like it a lot.
I'm sorry, what?
fucking awesome.

File: 20171116_075054.jpg (645 KB, 1920x1080)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
Best hunting story? Any wild shit happen while out lookin for a buck?
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Be me deer hunting in S.C.
need to shit.
drop paints and start shitting.
turd hanging from ass I see a doe watching me.
shoot her dead.
turd dropped.
Get home and learn Obama was president.
two smelly shit's in one day.
Might wanna get ur eyes checked mate. You lucked out for sure.
File: roe.png (2 MB, 1091x938)
2 MB
Not very exciting but shot a roe that was further up a glen.

It tumbled down into the stream.

Waded up the stream which had turned red with blood.

lol, underrated post.
>his first time posting on 4chan

File: DSC_6566-S.jpg (43 KB, 400x268)
43 KB
I'm 6'3 and 280 pounds, and I really like the outdoors. I've recently moved to a more rural place, and the town his this little two mile hiking trail it seems like no one really uses. I went down it a few times, it's only around two miles are so, but I always reach the end out of breath. It's an uphill trail so going back is always easier.

At the end it takes you to a little clearing/lake. I've never seen anyone else come here and I feel really at peace with no sounds around me or anything. Just nature.

Should I just do this trail every day? I mean I'd have to lose weight if I do that, right? I've always wanted to hike the appalachian trail after college but there's no way I'd last with the current state I'm in.
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I am 6'1" and 410# and I still go out all the time.
If you drink alcohol and soda regularly seriously change to drinking water. I quit drinking for about 2 years when I moved to the countryside and had so much energy to got nice and fit.
Back in the city for a year and in six months of drinking I put on 50 pounds.
I bet he took his best looking one for this very important meeting

I am shorter then you, and was heavier. Out made exercise not a chore and most likely saved my life.

Grab a stick and get walking. Even if it just 1/4 a mile you are still lapping the people on the couch
Drink more water, go /out/ more often, exercise while you're /out/ (don't just sit in your tent) and you may find yourself losing weight.

How does /out/ deal with that unsettling feeling you get while alone deep in the woods/wilderness? Call me a pussy, but there are times I get pretty unsettled while solo camping if I don’t have a gun on me.
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Dude I had a similiar experience on a rural road in rural NorCal once. I was driving home at like 3 am when all of a sudden this fat naked guy comes running out of the woods angrily waving his arms at me. I can still see the blur if his pasty flesh in my headlights. Maybe he needed help or something but fuck that I raced straight home and locked all my doors.
Very comfy story anon.
Like that's a bad thing. Isn't it past your bedtime, baby?
But I'd rather be in public where there's plenty of "civilized" people around as opposed to being somewhere where it's just me and one other person around, especially since the place I often camp is prone to squatters and general backwoods deliverence type people.
>goes to gun salesman
>"Yeah I'm looking for a Judge revolver"
>"Well damn, whatcha hunting with that?"

I want to take my friend, Luther out in the woods. How do I do that? (And yeah, he's a man)

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I've been on this hellhole since the days of Duckroll, buddy. Now stop bringing /pol/ to an otherwise palatable board.
>implying /out/ isn't an an-prim eco-tribalist board at heart
>carrying that pan around
When PUBG is life

File: tarp.jpg (1.33 MB, 1512x1512)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
What is your favorite type of shelter?

For me there is no other options than tarp. Lightweight, versitile and fast to build. Perfect for almost every situation. Tarp with hammock is also pretty comfy if there are trees.
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If shit is crawling inside your sleeping bag, you're doing something wrong

Having a tarp that big is awesome though, especially during bad weather when you can fold it up into a nice little enclosed space
Yeah i think it will be good, but i need to practice setting it up in different configs.
File: Image1.png (161 KB, 750x600)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
>using a tarp
>not using a hammock and set all the ropes on fire during the night just in case

Bro are you suicidal?
I've done trips in tents, bivvybags, swags, done trips in hammocks. Now i wanna try the tarp setup. But ive done shittonnes of military exercises and we only sleep under hootchies so im just anticipating this will be a much comfier experience.

File: Cambium-e1395182205607.jpg (316 KB, 1242x900)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
I've been trying to learn more about winter foraging this year, and the best thing I've learned about is pine cambium. It tastes like shit thought and it's hard to harvest. Do any of you have any tips on how to collect and/or make this shit edible? I'm thinking of collecting some water cress and boiling it all together, but I have yet to find any water cress.
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Pine fucks up your teeth too. Look for wintergreen leaves & berries. Not going to make a meal out it but it tastes awesome. Tough though, chew up the leaves for a while & spit them out
Lmao you should learn about things before making shit up
Dude, the ground contains so much shit that gets filtered and then consumed by the tree like mercury, the water gets filtered but the minerals stay in the cambium
>living someplace where there's enough heavy metals in the ground that tree sap is dangerous

Time to move.
White europeans havent been on this continent long enough to evolve as the Natives have lmao look more towards what your ancestors did not what these ancestors did

File: 2018031695105432.jpg (541 KB, 1415x1887)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
Any idea what this plant is? My dad's front yard in Sarasota. He wants to plant more and I've been looking all afternoon and can't find anything.
Also see: >>>/an/2614897

But, I think they are starting a new thread soonish.
How tough are the leaves? Are they sharp and rigid? At first glance I would say monkey puzzle tree but they're usually thinner than that.

File: archive.jpg (168 KB, 650x461)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Lets get another /out/ recording thread going.

There were some great /out/ rec threads a while ago, and I'm getting into outdoors recording myself. Planning to make a parabolic microphone to connect to my Olympus WS-853 recorder I got for Christmas.

Any Anons wanna contribute? I would love advice for complete beginners.
133 replies and 58 images omitted. Click here to view.
also >>1206710
Maybe I should do a bit more research on this.
But for me, if I look at a picture of something, it's a quick and effortless way to experience it.
But for a recording, I have to stop whatever I'm doing and focus solely on the audio. I'm also no familiar with how long yall make the recording, but I ain't got time for hours. I can see it as an ambient thing though.
enjoy your stuff fellow sydneysider
That's the problem with people these days, they want the quick and effortless way for everything.
The hard way is often far more rewarding (recording sound vs taking a picture) and in my opinion you gain an indefinitely deeper experience of place when listening to it compared to looking at a static image.
That's not to take anything away from photographers, some people can really capture the essence of a place in an image.
I'm a photographer myself and there's absolutely no relation between what I do with pictures and sound. Worlds apart.

facial hair while outdoors?
when outside a long time facial hair

do you incorporate facial hair into your style so when the returning not look weird?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Not facial hair related but body hair in general.
I'm a pretty hairy guy, especially in the nether regions and I'm not just talking about my cock and balls, my ass is horribly hairy as well. After regular work days my underwear is usually smelling pretty rancid. When I did a three day hike the smell was following me so densely the people I was with made me walk 20 steps behind them. What do you guys do for hygiene specifically around the crotch? I'm pretty scared to take a razor to my ass crack so if someone has a better suggestion than that please help me out.
Trim your crack hair with clippers a week or so before starting a hike. (If you do it right before you leave the ends are sharp) wear loose trousers or shorts which are easily (or a kilt /bottomless if you can get away with it) take a washcloth in a plastic ziplock bag pre soaked in soap and when you start to smell give your bits a good clean.
File: 622347823451.jpg (14 KB, 194x259)
14 KB
i give 0 fucks about tidying up my hair, ever
Beards attract insects, get stuck in branches and zippers of your jacket.

I shave regularly when /in/ but leave it if I'm /out/ for extended period of time.
Thanks bud, I'll give it a try.

I’ve only climbed with friends and at rock climbing gyms, but i’m looking into buying my own gear now.

I’m hoping to get into top roping with a buddy of mine, so we can belay for one another.

What is good beginner gear and any essential tips?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
it wasn't clear and i'm sick of yelling at all the fucking morons who do that.


and in addition to being safer thicker rope will be more durable to beat the shit out of toproping.

backtracking a bit, dynamic rope is only critical for leading. i have a semistatic i use for setting up trs. that being said i'd still recommend starting with dynamic so you can move into leading without have to drop $$ on another rope.
Going to a physical shop and asking these questions would also be good, so you don't get the wrong stuff online which could kill you. They're happy to help!
When I started climbing at a gym I almost exclusively did bouldering. Mainly cause tops were always super busy and no one wanted to use the bouldering walls but they're a great way to get started. Most places will have "courses" set up, usually marked with different coloured tape and they're great for getting a proper mental warming up to climbing.
OP here, Thanks again for the advice everyone! I got a 60m dynamic rope, 2 black diamond momentum harnesses, six pack of quick draws, two dog bones, carabiners, atc-xp belay, chalk, and an iphone charger. Anything else I need?

I also have some friends who are experienced climbers, especially with the local top rop courses in the area. I’m planning on starting with the courses i’m already familiar with and the branching out once i’m more experienced. Thanks so much again for the replies! I’m a total noob at this, so your advice is really
appreciated! Let me know if I need anything else.

Anyone have any good climbs recently?
Good shit. What's the thickness of the rope? Above 9.5mm at least?
As I said earlier, >>1227419
You'll want to bring a tarp if the anchors are ontop of the face to prevent the rope from getting too friendly with the jagged edge of the rock.
It's also great to carry your rope through the approach with if you dont have the rope coiled. Simply poke a hole on just under a corner, large enough for the rope to slip through, and tie a loose overhand knot to keep it from slipping out.
Other than that you should be good.
Maybe nylon runners to help extend your rope from the anchors to create as little drag on the ground for the rope as possible. 60cm Nylon should be fine. ~$5 investment that has a ton of uses.

Recently, went out to Haycock PA to worked V6ish Bokow. Going to Safe Harbor soon to climb some 11c. Hydroman I think. Should be a fun time if the weather stays dry. Where are you going op?

File: tokyo-1.jpg (314 KB, 1439x809)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
Have you done some long exploring in a major massive city?
Losing yourself in the concrete jungle.
49 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.

Explore NW or NE or a specific neighborhood like Cully or Hawthorne or Hollywood. Alberta Street is dope.

If you just wander around downtown Portland you will find nothing but homeless people, tourist traps, and overpriced food.
Sounding like a true Torontofag.
There's a lot of English speaking in Montreal, knowing French isn't a necessity. It'd be good to learn to assimilate with the locals though. Make sure you perfect the accent, French Canadians are notorious for disliking any non francophones.
Shitty New York is easily the second least worst city in Canada.
Went as a medical escort to tokyo when I was in the muhreens and guy I was with was doing better after surgery but didn't want to walk the city so I took the train 2 hours from out in Yokosuka into downtown and just walked around by myself. I remember it was one of the coolest experiences just being different from everyone and a outsider for once all by myself kinda just wandering around and observing. Wish I would had the opportunity to do it more but you had to go off base with at least 1 other person down in iwakuni where we were stationed at so only worked out since it was just us. Woulda been fucked if command found out though

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