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File: serveimage.jpg (158 KB, 736x1040)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
In season three episode 2 they show a way to tie your shoes so they don't come undone, Doe sanyone know how to do it?
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sorry not gay lol
>Doe sanyone know how to do it?

here's the secret -

A secure knot? I use a Sherpa and it never comes undone. It's basically a normal knot but you wrap the lace twice at the end. The biggest problem you might have is tying an uneven knot.
Here ya go.
I know what a double knot is but the way they do it is different
This was it

I need an out movie so what's good on Netflix or Amazon? Recently watched Captain Fantastic and Into the Wild.
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The Hunted
Someone needs to make a real MGTOW film when women are shown to be the whores they are and the men excape to the woods and live happily ever after.
Agree. Take yourself out of the gene pool, you eunuch cucks!
I dont think you know what that word means
Hope this is just bad bait

File: 1497321265118.jpg (85 KB, 864x349)
85 KB
Good Survival guns thread
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M4 Survival rifle.
Very simple and durable, but in a semi odd chambering. .22 Hornet.

Originals are pricey, well over $1,000.00.

You will be better served by a 10-22.
Interesting, I own three, but fragile. Magazines are not well designed. Most aftermarket mags are of horrible quality.

These AR-7's should sell for no more than $100.00.

If you buy one, buy it because you like it, not because you think it will be a "good survival rifle".
What all am I looking at here?
File: athisthing.png (170 KB, 1174x420)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
What have you been smoking? Ten years ago they were $79.99 each. A crate of five was around $300-350 with no handpicked selection, or close to $400 for handpicked rifles.

How do you purify your water?
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Trigger please
I’ve been taking the sv3ridge pill so I don’t drink too much water, and if I do I rarely treat it

However, I use a bandana filled with fish tank grade charcoal (or stuff collected from my fire) to remove silt and absorb heavy metals like farming runoff and fern particles, to slow down my brain damage

5 years of long hikes and outings and I’ve never caught the shits, thanks Scandinavia! Plus, a lot of people who get giardiasis from “rivers or snowmelt” actually contracted it from poor toilet hygiene, aka not washing their hands before they eat, which skews statistics on infection rate
How would you catch giardia from your own shit if you weren't already infected? That doesn't make any sense.
I didn’t necessarily say your own shit, just general poor hygiene when in the backcountry.
I pee in my water. Urine is sterile after all.

I just bought this. Did i do good?
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Should've got a pair of Fjallraven Vida Pro trousers.
>thinks 36 is fat
Never lifted a day In your life
Bars, splav, or SSO.
I prefer Bars personally. Specifically their gorka 4 suit.
Blaha pls go
thnk u mr skeletal

File: IMG_20180721_210541.jpg (1.8 MB, 3979x2238)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
Does /out/ like my ghetto bug net for my cheap hammock? Two 4x6 mosquito nets and a bag of zip ties. What should I do to improve it? I still have a shit ton of zip ties left.

Also post your DIY /out/ stuff.
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well maybe i'm mistaken but does that net close at the bottom? how do you seal the netting? i'm from New England and mosquitoes aren't a massive problem for say, 10 months a year, but for the two horrid months a draping net like that won't cut it friend
dunno, im not OP so idk if it closes at the bottom or not
File: muh_laria.jpg (74 KB, 500x350)
74 KB
looks like it just drapes down to me, which is akin to having a boat with a hull that stops right at the waterline.
It just drapes right now. I'm going to fold the bottom and sides over and tie them off as well. Whether this works or not will be discovered when I finally take this hodgepodge mess out overnight. Thanks for the input though.
if you could come up with a system that makes it easy to close up once you're in the hammy that would help, a zipper is probably not realistic but maybe lining the whole bottom with velcro strip or a similar solution might help

File: bc_permit_200_1.jpg (18 KB, 200x330)
18 KB
Submitted a backcountry wilderness permit to do some camping this weekend on Wednesday, and the fucking rangers never e-mailed me my permit back.. so, weekend plans officially ruined.

Anyone else hate when rangers are slow assholes? Takes two fucking seconds to e-sign off on a god damned free permit. I've got half a mind to just go out there anyway and risk the fine if one of these pricks tries to card me only to tell them my shit was permitted and they all fucked up by not processing it in a timely manner.
>needing a permit to walk into the woods
lol just go.
The ones where I live are old farts who don't even know how to email. It is better to go in person. However, perhaps you didn't get the permit because it wasn't allowed.
This. Permits are there to keep blacks, beaners, and city folk away.
>Please sir do you have a permit for that hike
Fucking lel why are anglos so fucking cucked.

Those who do not yield to the laws of the land are destined to find themselves with a rope around their neck. And unless you live in some hermit backwater (which you don't, you fucking larper) you'll find yourself bound to those same laws.

What stove do you guys use while /out
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Going off of the info from google 3000g of banana is around 2600 Cal and I think that is assuming all the weight is non-peel.
how did you get a jetboil for effectively free. are you a rep?
signed up for an rei mastercard and got a $100 giftcard. already have all the other /out/ gear i need, so i could drop it on a luxury.
here is a good description of specs and a bit of how it's been used.
such an awesome little stove

File: IMG_20180714_210551.jpg (4.79 MB, 4608x2176)
4.79 MB
4.79 MB JPG
I've got to get some things off my chest.

>hike to hot springs and find nice quiet secluded pool to relax in with my wife.
>things are going really well for ~15 min
>Hey bro how's the water right there?
>Guy comes down to feel the water even though wife and I are obviously enjoying being quite alone.
>Water's great man, perfect temp for only two people.
>He doesn't get the hint and puts his ~4yo kid in the water
>Start making out with my wife to make him feel uncomfortable.
>oh, cool anon, I think I'll find somewhere else.

There's like 40 of these little pools man.

Same trip, 15 min later.
>little kid runs up to me and my wife.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1449275022538.gif (27 KB, 467x300)
27 KB
OP is a typical wagecuck , he cant get away on weekends so he has to battle the other wage ies
Life is suffering for OP , all he has is the hot wife and he knows she wll either age badly or leave him and use him as an ATM for the rest of his miserable life.
If i ever hear or read that word on here again, I swear to fucking jesus I will masturbate to the thought of you mother shitting in your mouth.
This is an actual problem, how does one communicate the fact that when /out/ it is quite time/personal space, to the non self aware, and generally load/dumb/stressed average folk?
dont shit in the water you smooth brain fuck
you dont get to do that because the outdoors is not yours.
dont like other people in your space ? go much further out or stay home

File: RealKiwiHours.png (168 KB, 887x607)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Any Kiwifags out there? Enjoying your rainy /out/ings this winter? Anything planned for the spring? What's the best region for /out/?
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yea i been looking into stuff more, looking like Nelson or Dunedin is gunna be the ticket. Both close to /out/ stuff too.
File: south-island.jpg (2.25 MB, 3458x4611)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
I've never been to Nelson, but I've lived in Dunedin all my life and I like it here. It's small enough that it doesn't suffer from that claustrophobic big city feeling, but big enough and enough of a hub for surrounding towns that it has pretty much everything you could want anyway. You have the Otago Peninsula and the Silver Peaks a short drive away, and Central Otago, Canterbury, Fiordland and Southland only a few hours drive. People complain about it being cold but they're actually just retarded pussies.
Hey lads. I live in Nelson and it has all those qualities >>1317759 listed, chill af with those good vibes you're after and it's the perfect size town. Weather's bloody nice too. Can get a bit nippy in winter but never proper chilly with snow like down south, and it's still close enough to decent ski areas. The outdoors are pretty top tier in my limited experience too. As for increasing popularity, it does seem to be heading that way, I am noticing more Asians, especially where I work, but that's the general trend everywhere anyway. It doesn't seem out of hand though, the CBD on a Saturday can still be quiet and the housing market seems to have cooled (recently just sold houses twice in the span of a year, and they struggled), and relatively speaking it's really not too expensive. I actually really enjoy living here. Anyway, feel free to ask me some questions lads.
Can winter hurry up and pass already? I want to get into some quality fishing again. Christchurch btw.
Nelson is kino dude, perfect mix of rural and populated, plus fucking nice scenery all around

File: saa.png (705 KB, 581x607)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
The fuck do you do outside except take pictures to prove others that you've been outside?
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Drown worms, drink beer & booze and listen to tunes, and occasionally reel in a fish and if it's a keeper, eat the sumbitch.

Shoot and eat animals. Drink up while grillin' em.

Chill in the hammock. Rub one out if the GF didn't tag along.
I kinda wanna kick that.
I sit and enjoy the feeling of not being around other people, their fucking phones, shallow conversations, and their fucking filth. God, I hate people. I hate them so fucking much.
File: 1453107154985.gif (997 KB, 250x188)
997 KB
997 KB GIF

>tips fedora
this, but it's more the simplicity of it. All struggling for survival but each living being just being, acting purely on instinct without angst.

Greetings freinds
curious question, anyone here got any good experience about camping around Tassie?
I know you need to buy a parks pass to access the national parks but what is it like really?
Im finishing up my camper van and plan on doing a van life extended live in my van type camping thing. Kayaking, fishing, hiking and chilling in nature are what ill be doing.
So just wondering if anyone has and insights, ? can recommend places etc
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
sweet setup. it being tassie when i see the van i'll say hi
Since Tas is such a small place, can we organise some kind of semi-anonymous chatroom for /out/ists in the state? I'm buying 122 acres of rainforest there getting finalised now and i wouldnt mind meeting new people.
File: IMG_20170121_131703.jpg (1012 KB, 1520x2688)
1012 KB
1012 KB JPG

Definitely park up and do some of the bushwalks. Frenchmans Cap and the Wineglass Bay circuit are pretty easy and worth it.

Also spend some time on the west coast. It's super speccy and unlike any other part of Australia. Check out Strathgordon and Scott's Peak Dam. Drive your van from Corinna to Smithton on the western explorer track to acquaint yourself with the tarkine.

Pic from Frenchman's Cap last year.

http://bushwalk.com/forum/ is like 90% about tasmania/tasmanians posting.

alternatively where would you like your chatroom?

where are you buying?
Southern tas, ill bring up the property when ive secured the transaction. I dunno how chatrooms work outside of skype, people use discord nowdays right?

File: IMG_20180717_172726_569.jpg (798 KB, 1620x1620)
798 KB
798 KB JPG
Best playlist for that 3+ hour roadtrip?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>japshit pop "music"

Most music by these respective artists is good driving music
The Grateful Dead

check out Live/Dead, Veneta OR 8/27/72, Cornell 5/8/77, any gig from '73-'74

Also the albums Workingman's Dead and American Beauty
Me and the boys used to like to play the Tragically Hip's greatest hits album Yer Favourites. Good times
Fleet Foxes and nothing else
Yawning Man is the world's best driving music
Mellows you out when those truck stop stimulamts have you grinding your teeth into dust listening to their little brother Kyuss
Any related Palm Desert acts are also acceptable entries

File: TEXAS.jpg (61 KB, 616x450)
61 KB
>two and a half times smaller than the US
>Over twice the population
Jesus Christ, yurop is overpopulated as hell. How does /out/ing even work on a continent like that?
244 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
How can Austr*lian bois even compete
File: mogged.png (11 KB, 362x378)
11 KB
File: 20170702_115559.jpg (3.79 MB, 3264x1836)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB JPG
Last I checked Estonia is in Europe and we don't have the /out/ problems of so-called western Europe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_and_population_of_European_countries population density along with other Scandinavian countries (cheeky insert 'Estonia can into Nordics') is on the low side. Plenty of free state-managed camping areas, trails, lots of forest area, lax rules about camping. Also almost no non-whites, if that matters to you.
that image look rather sterile.
I live in Manhattan and still have access to world class /out/ings upstate.

File: 20180716_074222.jpg (3.21 MB, 3264x2448)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB JPG
Post your latest outdoor excursions

I'll be dumping some photos from yesterday, hiking up Grays Peak, Colorado - 14,270'
39 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
No pocs ;(
File: 20180720_192025.jpg (4.75 MB, 4032x2268)
4.75 MB
4.75 MB JPG
Somewhere in Dalarna, Sweden on hilofay with my wife, and her first time hiking.
Great Sand Dunes in Colorado
Holy shit I'm so jealous.

I have no money and realistically no time right now. As soon as I get some spare cash imma hike around here one sunday.

I'd also like to go with someone, but most people I know are lame as shit.
I was in the same situation in high school. When I left to study iin a bigger city I met people who hiked and now I love going out. You'll make it, man.

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