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In the ER about to treat my first ever sunburn.

Ask me something
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I fucked up far worse.
>Be edgy teen me
>Mom forces me to the beach
>Insist on wearing my black hoodie while on the beach
>Overheat like crazy
Ever since then I've had issues with dry skin and absolutely horrible itching that I just can't ignore when outdoors and doing stuff, generally goes away if I start sweating enough.
I don't know what to do about it.
File: disbaitboy.jpg (45 KB, 1000x1000)
45 KB
Guys this is bait it's probably the same guy that made the er tick thread that got 300 replies
Do you scrub your skin when you shower? I only scrub hard on my bunghole and pits, moisturize them after.that and putting a lid of my alcoholism stopped by weird itching/dryness. Make sure ya sunscreen everything.
I hardly even use soap aside from on my hair and junk. Though I have tried loads of hard scrubbing and soap while in a sauna.
I've also tried a moisturizer, I don't really drink, and I haven't had a problem with sunburns for years, I pretty much always wear a thin shirt or something.
Nothing has worked thus far, supposedly it should pass after 10 or so years, I've had it for around 5 or 6.

im not trolling when i say this, but is living alone in a off the grid house as comfy as it sounds in the movies?
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Yes and no.

You have to manage everything yourself, from the food you eat, through the water you shower in, to the pit you shit in. You have to set up a cabin, with proper insulation/heating and keep it in a good shape, that means sanding/surface treatment every year (assuming it's wood, but what else would it be), and basic repairs every month. You have to set up a homestead which is a handful in it's own. Keep your tools sharp and shiny. Maintain shelter for your animals. Keep goats/chikens (anything bigger is useless) for meat and dairy, they are also great for manure and getting rid of shrubbery. Find a way to get enough water for you, your plants and your animals. Plant, water and nourish enough plants that will be enough for you through the winter and keep your animals fed too. And these are just the basics.

Humans WANT to be busy by nature. It keeps us happy. But unfortunately slipping into a numb daily routine where we do jobs we hate to make enough paper to keep ourselves a bit over afloat is the universally accepted way to go. I say if you are cut out for it, then yes it is very comfy. Especially with a dog and a rifle. If you think you can work as hard as your grandparents did in their prime, then go. You will probably not regret it.
Imagine being inside when a windstorm knocks it loose.
>With a gf/wife and several pets
>Not having children
a fucking shed
hypothetically, how cucked is it if I have kids but no gf/wife

File: 1526227702985.png (565 KB, 598x543)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
>exploring cave
>see this
What do you do?
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>multiple people laugh at a comment
>must be same fagging because people never agree
" Hi Mr. Bruin. I'm with the Township planning committee. We've sent you multiple letters in the past and unfortunately your dwelling is not up to par with the Township's code and regulations considering you haven't paid any dues, didn't file for any permits and your lawn is over grown. You have 24 hours to leave the premises. Have a Great day, Sir!"
This right here is why HOA’s are the devil.
Dont do it man. You sound like you have no experience and hes retarded.
File: 1494019308244.jpg (161 KB, 736x736)
161 KB
161 KB JPG

File: gaathafushi-deserted.jpg (44 KB, 550x348)
44 KB
Am curious if /out/ has ever tried to use Docastaway or took a boat to stay at an island to be at for a week or two. Any stories? Is it worth the few grand or is there cheaper ways?
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OK Grizzly Adams, when was the last time you hauled ass all the way to Indonesia? Logistics+transit time+cost=big trip
holy god the absolute edginess of this post
Why is the truth edgy? What happened to make you this way?
it's just fun to watch incels get mad.

>Deserts don't have jungles. Or seas
>Or seas


File: SrgHlrx.jpg (446 KB, 1600x1067)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
I've got a long drive tomorrow... what are some good /out/ related podcasts?
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Into The Wilderness by the Pace Brothers. It's on basically everything now. Including Spotify.

Lots on conservation and hunting but they cover all the /out/ related aspects, not just 'much guns' because they're not murrican. Well worth a listen.
thanks anon.. I'll give it a listen
Foot Stuff and The Trail Show are my favorites
slow your home
missing 411

How do you deal with living in a city?

>have to plan everytime I go /out/
>can't go for a walk without cars and noise everywhere
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Did you get yourself a skirt?
File: PSX_20180520_175226.jpg (1.49 MB, 4032x1960)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
>>registration fee
>What's that for?
State mandates that it be registered like a boat. But it's cheaper and requires less paperwork/stickers/hoops to jump through than a real boat, so Meh. $25/3years isn't bad, so whatevs.

>Did you get yourself a skirt?
Nah, not even gonna mess with that. I dont get much water in the boat, generally. Probably don't even need to put the rain cover on the bag, but better dry than damp.
Have you looked into used boats? No idea what your budget is like, but used canoes and kayaks can be had for the $100-$200 range
I listen to a lot of music through commutes and ignore most things and just look forward to the weekend. I make my weekends out, although I'm limited by time and accessibility since I have no car. I go on this board to live vicariously. I recently discovered a out spot in the city itself which is interesting and is far enough away from where most people would go unless they had to so no noise and beer cans and used condoms strewn everywhere.

I'm planning on immigrating to Canada a few years from now. Maybe even further try to buy some land near a city/town and build a comfy modern architecture house. Nature-wise, what is the comfiest province to live in ?
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BC is actually the worst place to live if you want to not be charged up the ying yang.

I would highly suggest Quebec or Ontario for nature. Can't beat the river and lake systems.
Isn't the cost of living in Quebec super high even by Canadian standards? Don't know much about them aside from the whole separatism thing.
t. west leaf
No, it is actually much cheaper. Especially utilities. The only possible issue is that you are under Quebec taxes. But they usually adjust your pay for that if you ask (assuming you work in Ontario perhaps).
It depends on what you like. If you like the mountains Alberta and Bc are the obvious choices. Bc you can get into a nice little mountain town, but you will be taxed heavily and wages are so so. Alberta has lower taxes and higher wages, but you will only be in the foothills near the mountain not directly in the range.
Quebec is a beautiful example of the whole river and forest aesthetic, but rural Quebec is only a good place to live if you are French or from a former French colony. Otherwise you'll never really be accepted.
The territories are breathtaking but very harsh and it can be difficult to get a "real job" depending on your field.
The Maritimes are in my opinion strictly worse than costal Bc if you like sailing. Their economies are universally horrible.
Saskatchewan and Manitoba are mostly just a lower cost / lower quality Alberta or northern Ontario.
Northern Ontario is alright, but it will always get screwed politically by being attached to Toronto.
Overall, I would say Alberta and Bc are the obvious choices followed by the territories. Also on a personal note Toronto and Thunder Bay are by far the rudest and most unpleasant places I have ever visited in North America, Europe, or Asia. I would highly recommend avoiding them.
You'll be accepted just fine as long as you don't act like >>1273285 ex-pats who shit on their host country while aggrandizing the one they had to leave to seek a better life are insufferable and deserving of mockery.

A 15-year-old from Vancouver, Washington, earlier this year acknowledged wrongdoing and said he was batoning in Eagle Creek Canyon on Sept. 2 when flames spread quickly.

Hood River County Circuit Judge John A. Olson awarded the $36,618,330.24 restitution to cover the costs of firefighting, repair and restoration to the gorge and damage to homes


>make america great again
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I mean, he'll clearly have no troubles starting a fire at least
I’d start another one, right outside town on a windy dry day.
Newfag here
How does batoning start a fire? Friction between the blade and wood, and then he just let it get out of control?
I mean if he was fucking with homemade napalm, I'd say good, but in this case, I wanna feel bad for him.
File: 0546412552.webm (1.92 MB, 608x342)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB WEBM
>The 15-year-old from Vancouver, Washington, earlier this year acknowledged wrongdoing and said he threw two fireworks in Eagle Creek Canyon on Sept. 2 when flames spread quickly.
Read the article next time lol.
People just have a problem with batoning wood, it's a meme on here.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (662 KB, 1280x720)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
Do you want to try tree planting? Or, if you've already done it before, what was your experience like?

Here's a comfy video series on the subject: https://youtube.com/watch?v=4iPZjeskMtM
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I've not done it but I kind of want to. I heard the only requirement for the job is to have both arms and legs and an unending hate for your own life.

Just find out what's native to the area going back a long time, and buy some little babies and plant away.

Just planting 5 little fellas is making a big difference
My question is are there jobs every season? I would think the industry since I've heard there are more people going into it and price per tree is decreasing. I've also heard the stories that the job puts a lot of stress on the body, your living conditions are shit, you may meet some characters who you think might murder you out there and the money may not seem worth it. Also been told that it's a nice job for a college student in some outdoor minded major to make money for the next semester.
I believe fall is the best time to apply for next season's jobs. Rookie planters in Canada seem to mostly work in BC's interior and up north, Alberta, or northern Ontario. Coastal BC is for veteran planters only. Planting is definitely in the top five most physical jobs: you carry 40 lbs of tree saplings on your hips all day, walk on uneven terrain littered with tree debris, work in mosquito-infested areas and in the blazing sun or freezing cold rain, and dig holes using only one hand while your other hand holds the sapling you're about to plant. Planting attracts weirdos, people you'd see at a Rainbow Gathering. I think rookies make about 10 cents per tree, and BC pays the most. Saving money shouldn't be hard unless you're the party-type that indulges in alcohol and drugs. Most camps have cooks that make everything for everybody, and the meals are surprisingly high quality.

File: IMG_20180521_162909.jpg (2.47 MB, 3488x3488)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
i have this little birb thing i want to grow flowers in it, but i want to grow something small that will also bloom for a solid length of time
any recommendations on what i can grow?
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You can bonsai near anything.
Rediculous cunt. Good luck trying to 'bonsai' something tropical with massive leaves. Also no direct sunlight either.

Just put a succulent in op.
You start when they're small, poindexter.
Silver Cluster Cactus. I have one in a smaller pot, oh probably for 5 years now.
It flowers and makes fruit near constantly, and requires very little care/water.

Not the prettiest, but a cool little cactus.

File: la garita.jpg (86 KB, 889x600)
86 KB
Have there ever been any animals from the oligocene found persevered in ash from the la garita eruption?
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Or when the Mexican restaurant near you has to print in their menus:

>All quesadillas have cheese
The reason we call it a welded tuff rather than ash is because there is actually a distinction between the two.

ash deposits can produce vertebrate fossils. For example the bentonite mudstones of the Morrison Formation were made of ash from eruptions of volcanos in the Sierra Nevada during the Jurassic Nevadan Orogeny, and happen to contain huge numbers of plant and animal fossils including the dinosaurs its famous for.

Welded tuffs on the other hand don't contain vertebrate fossils because they were way too hot at the time of deposition.

so when I say ash is not known from La Garita, I mean very specifically that cool, wind-borne ash deposits are not known. The sorts of ash that preserve bones without burning them up.
Thank you based geology man
Thank you, that is very helpful. I wonder why it didn't produce much cold, lightweight ash.
It did, but that ash wasn't preserved. Most sediments on the planet don't wind up being rocks. They just get moved around for millions of years until they become something else.

or they become rocks and are then eroded away. Either way the cool ash deposits from the volcano didn't survive to modern times.

File: Pirinees.jpg (326 KB, 1024x768)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Hello /out/, first time posting here. I'm gonna start camping solo soon since I cannot get any friends to come with me and appreciate the cold and comfy nature.

I have an aluminium pot and pan, I was wondering what could be the best way to clean it while in the mountain and having no water source. I know soap is a big no, just wanted to know what you guys can recommend me.

Also, any advice for a first timer are more than welcome.
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The other side of the mountain, france between Albion/Toulouse/Montauban.

>Aluminum is toxic

Quit trying so hard to be a moron
Lovely country, been there some times.
Ok, but first you stop trying to be a retard for a second.
Must be the result of common core education.
t. Boomerposter

File: rollan.png (734 KB, 1006x410)
734 KB
734 KB PNG
You can choose 5 items to bring with you before you get randomly teleported out into the wilderness. The last digit of your post is the environment you get teleported to. For the sake of this game, all of these environments are 100 miles from the nearest civilization (nearest other civilization in the case of 9).
How screwed are you?
70 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
ok, i'll bite

hammock w/ integrated bugnet
reflective tarp (thick kind not mylar)
mag bar w/ integrated ferro rod
long handled carpenter's hatchet
large steel bottle

rollan (anything but 0 or 4)
I'll just grab my bag
Fire stick, metal pot, knife, paracord, vx-6r radio to get my ass rescued because only 5 items no thank you mister
Biggest kek
water purifier
sleeping bag

If I was about to backpack all the way across Russia with a min. budget, how many times would I die and how long would it take?
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You seem like a paranoid tard.
the only thing would be if you ran into the russain nut collector squarel. take your family jewels in the middle of the night.
File: tfwnigger.png (86 KB, 176x201)
86 KB
If I were you I would do it along the steppe and not try to go north into parts of Siberia, it would still be hard as fuck but less chance of dying.
Plus you could listen to this album in the area he came from.
At first, you have to be vaccinated against encephalitis if you go full /out

is there anywhere good to go /out/ in east central florida (space coast area)? i love the outdoors but it feels like i live in a goddamn swamp

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