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File: 1538085272175.png (788 KB, 701x813)
788 KB
788 KB PNG
Who else enjoying a comfy winter storm right now?

Power is out!
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Climate change wouldn't be an issue if whites would just say fuck it and take over the earth again. 3rd worlders have never and will never care for the environment. and their carbon footprint gets larger every day, it multiplies 100 fold when they migrate to a country like America.
What's your favorite winter movie lads? For me it's pic related
White Christmas
>To oppose climate change is to oppose evolution. In order to "develop interstellar travel" we must evolve as a species and as a biosphere. Climate change will cut the dead weight free.
I won't oppose evolution, but there's something wrong with speeding it up to rates where a mass extinction event is starting to take place. And I'm not exclusively referring to climate change, but other disruptive human activities as well.

Western countries still have by far the biggest carbon footprint, just saying. Yes, poverty means footprint can't just increase in the third world and all that jazz, but the fact stands.

File: th.jpg (12 KB, 150x100)
12 KB
/out/ backup trail food thread

Post best slow perishing sustaining foods

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Raise a family like you are supposed to do.
Pete? Is that you?
GDI-Conyard Tier. How many tiberium did that thing cost? 3000? 5000?
that one is not my style but this OP is right custom made high end boats in general are the ultimate outdoorsmen luxury item. as far as gear there is a split between people who seek high end antique items (Corsican knife) and those who are looking for the hottest tech gear (Scarpa boots)

the real split is more at the activity level. wicked rich people do specialty activities with a real high barrier to entry. Kite Surfing, Paragliding, Helisking - in more exotic locations.
*that one is not my style but this is right OP

Hey /out/, I went to Florida once and my landlocked ass was very impressed. Airboating, swamp lodges, great beaches, great food. I would like to go again and handline fish the surf. What other /out/ shit is there to do?
I totally don’t want to move there and build some shit on it because it’s literally the flattest state, I swear.
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File: IMG_2031.jpg (2.67 MB, 3264x2448)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
Fishing is great in Florida. Canals and random ponds and creeks off the side of the road are literally teeming with fish such as gars and snakeheads and oscars.
>What other /out/ shit is there to do?

Slap mosquitoes.
Do meth.
Smoke Newport menthols.
Go freshwater fishing.
Collect ass loads of lures you never use.
Get on the news as, "Florida man..."
Go look at the highest points in Florida wiki. Pretty much anything you would consider a hill is on that list.
Is South Georgia pretty similar?
Moving down there in a couple months and my yankee ass wants to see a gator

File: Cho oyu.png (393 KB, 597x444)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
How difficult is this mountain really?
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Should I put crampons over my Gators or Gators over my crampons
If they're actual crampons you'll have to put them on over your gaiters because of the instep bar.
File: 1446113813.jpg (461 KB, 1820x1213)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
Overrated. K7 on the contrary has only been summited once.
>500 dollar neon yellow boots
That actually looks terrifying.

Hey /out/,
Can we have a discussion on clothing for keeping cool, protecting from UV, and staying cool while active in very hot weather (45C/105F and up)?
Ideally full coverage clothes that are still cool is the aim, reducing the need for sunblock, while allowing air flow and sweat wicking.
Any ideas? Thoughts? Chad duster vs virgin legionnaire hat memes?
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File: images (5).jpg (29 KB, 437x701)
29 KB
What's /out/'s opinion on pith helmets?

I've got pic related from 'Nam. Ventilates like a dream and I like soaking it in water for evaporative cooling.
No that isn't how optics works you fucking brainlets. It is because those parts of your body are not normally exposed to the sun.
Literally just wear some khaki shorts, a cotton shirt that covers your arms, a big hat, and at least 3 liters of water for every hour you intend to be /out/ in the dry heat. I've seen a guy hiking in saudi LARP clothing before and he was still struggling because he was an out of state fag that wasn't used to 115F temps by noon and didn't bring enough water cus he thought his LARP clothing would save him the trouble. Don't hike in the late afternoon in the desert if you can't take it, I've hiked in 115F before but only short hikes of about 2 hours tops. Hottest day in my memory the thermometer outside said 123F (50C) at like 5PM.
File: untitled1.jpg (61 KB, 430x586)
61 KB
File: IMG_20180709_073617507.jpg (187 KB, 844x1125)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Um. Brell. A

File: nols_logo.png (23 KB, 1000x1110)
23 KB
In your opinion, is NOLS worth the cost or is it a meme?
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Those are good instructors then. I do the same thing whenever I help lead boy scouts on hikes.

Interesting because that's what the guy I know did.
Went on a 30 day Alaska backpacking NOLS course just this summer. I'd echo what others are saying about age. The average age for my trip was 18/19; I was surprised at how many people were still in high school.

My experience was great. Being away from civilization for that long did wonders for my mind, especially in Alaska's beauty. The instructors were really knowledgeable and clearly loved their jobs. I learned a lot being forced to work with and live with other people, as much as it was a pain in the ass sometimes. It gave me an opportunity just to be a person living with other people in a sort of group life. In regards to wilderness skills, I grew most in the areas of navigation/pathfinding. I knew map/compass stuff going in, but my area (Appalachia) is too wooded for contour lines to be much use in navigation, so I got much better at that and general short-distance pathfinding over rough terrain. Got much better at outdoor cooking too.

Most of the value I got from the course was being able to experience Alaska, which I'm not poetic enough to describe, and to be able to safely spend a month away from civilization, in the woods, exhausting myself every day. Would recommend.
Wind River anon here.

A quick search on their website shows that the sailing trips available to ~23 and up are relatively short - the ones in Baja are a week.

Dunno what you're working with as far as time and cost goes, but having done a longer - 30 day - course, I can definitely vouch for what this anon >>1398018
said regarding sort of the mental reset that a longer course can give you. It's pretty amazing what returning to civilization feels like after being in the elements for a month.

So with that said, I'd recommend the longest course you can feasibly partake in.

The Wind River Range is beautiful and rugged, and I plan on making a personal trip back there soon.
>>1397265 >>1397275
I did their Amazon trip when they still had it. Think they stopped it after our group. We had all ages of people. Do not think anyone was under the age of 20. We had a dude who was 35 on the trip. We had a guy get bit by a snake. Another had a finger dislocation. Finally a group of people got ravaged by killer bees. I played in a river with a bunch of Indians. Really cool experience. We did a bushwhacking trip in the Serra Ricardo do Franco park. We were up in a part that took a solid 20 days to get too. Near the border of Bolivia. It rained heavily one day and when it stopped there were these amazing rainbows falling over the valley, with small waterfalls flowing into the area around us.
So what alternatives are there for us oldies, I'm talking late 20s. US is cool, but ideally non-US courses.

Looking for a hunting slingshot, heard the scout is pretty good. Recommendations?
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They eat literal trash
So do you.
That's not a slingshot.
That is most definately a slingshot

Let's see how a whittling thread works out.

Post your past, future, & WIP projects.
Post advice, questions, & comments.
Post tools, design ideas, & methods.

Whimmy Diddles, Boomerangs, Guksi/Kuksa, Forks & Spoons, Totems, Flutes, Xylophones, Fishing Lures, Bobbers, Frog Guiro, etc.
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Carving a whistle:

The removal of the bark for this blew my mind. I'll have to see what species, where I live, can do that.
What tool does /out/ recommend for carving?
A full carving knife, spoon, & gouge set. However, all you really need is a, "chip carving knife" or "cutting knife," with a large handle. Those blades are somewhat similar. Brandnames are not too important, but don't ever buy anything made in China. The steels from there normally don't hold an edge very well. Also, get whetstone, strop, and oil for the blade. Always stop and check the edge every so often when carving hard dense woods. Stop the project and sharpen/hone as needed before continuing.
File: 006_0768a.jpg (752 KB, 1024x683)
752 KB
752 KB JPG
I made a whistle. Wooooo. Now the skin on my hands and fingers are tender. I haven't used a hand drill stick like this in years. Also, if you use a hand drill stick, know that a thicker stick is much easier on the hands. Drilling the hole is the hardest part. If you can do that easily enough you can make some nice whistles and you don't need to keep the bark like in >>1398601

File: 5046349-BK000.jpg (165 KB, 2500x2500)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
I'm looking at picking up a new flashlight to replace my old halogen Mini Maglite. Specifically, something that I can use for emergencies (i.e. in buildings, outdoors, etc.) and illuminating short-range and long-range (like down a dark path at night at a camp)
What should I pick up? Would something like this Fenix LD22 work? It's a little on the expensive side for me, but I'm willing to pay around $40–$80 for a good flashlight.
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Tell that to my iPhone that dies when it gets to <30F.
You're welcome. The Th10 is a step up from it, takes the more expensive 18650

Firefly (0.2 lumens, 65 days)
Low (11 lumens, 107hours)
Medium (172 lumens, 9 hours)
High (490 lumens, 178 minutes)
Turbo (750 lumens, 118 minutes)
SOS (750 lumens, 270 minutes).
Can find them for 40.
File: 1469822680076.jpg (310 KB, 1600x1200)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
Forgot pic.
I noticed that when I was taking 4K video on my naked iPhone 7 of our local Santa Claus Parade. It would shut down maybe a couple minutes after I would start to record.
Armytek VS Thrunite

File: Campground-Tents-6.jpg (102 KB, 492x328)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
No fancy, hardcore shit. Just relaxing, fooding, drunking, casual stuff.

What do you like doing when doing?
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>Point of a van is to not have to pay rent or book into a hotel/hostel when traveling
>"Lol just pay money Bru"
doing gf in tent
>not understanding he’s a part of the dark underbelly of society no one wants here
>not going to a shithole country where his shithole lifestyle is welcome

High road kek
You can absolutely do this. I did it for 4 months, only paid for a campsite a few times when it was cheaper than the gas to get somewhere free.
OK princess, we'll try not to offend your delicate sensibilities in the future.

How hyped are you for the collapse of industrial society, /out/?
298 replies and 68 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Looks like your average black majority or democrat stronghold neighborhood.
Fukushima literally destroyed the pacific.
Are you mentally ill?

Read my first post again. I am stockpiling waste motor oil and never once mentioned petrol until you decided you wanted to prove your intelligence by informing everyone that petrol goes off.

Later in the post I also mention collecting tires and plastic, which you would have known were for a Pyrolysis plant had your knowledge on the subject been deeper than a 4 minute google search.

What a fucking joke.
underrated post
Do you live in siberia??

Is it normal to feel exhausted when you come home from a few days of camping /out/?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's totally normal, it's just sweet lyme kicking in. ;))
File: 1531974206817.jpg (262 KB, 800x677)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
No, it means you are not getting enough exercise, have a poor diet, and/or have poor social interaction in your life.

I feel energized when coming back from camping/hiking/vacation since I've been able to see more of the world that I don't normally get to see.

>strenuous physical activity

Are you one of those people complaining about "hauling such a fucking heavy piece of equipment into the woods!!!" when all its just a fucking cast iron skillet?

Who knew /out/ had edgelords like this. This board is certainly getting diverse.
File: 1530977206460.png (55 KB, 500x411)
55 KB
>being healthy = edge lord
File: 1532309643754.jpg (17 KB, 357x350)
17 KB
>have poor social interaction in your life.
This only affects extroverts. The main thing that wears on me while camping is the constant interaction with the people I bring along with me whereas going by myself feels like multiplying my coffee intake by 4.
t. introvert.
>not getting enough exercise, have a poor diet
>implying this is abnormal today

File: Tack-House-Exterior.jpg (613 KB, 1500x998)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
thread about tiny house outdoor living
>Where to live?
>how much would it cost?
>how much would it cost for overtime?
>how large of a trailer?
please share other kinds of simple living such as cabins or shacks.
84 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
The levels of BTFO are off the charts
I couldn't believe no one recognized this. Then I realized I'm not on /k/.
>only my secret club knows about one of the most prolific and famed serial killers
Or maybe it's common knowledge and no one felt the need to point it out.
Sounds pretty comfy desu. Thanks for the info.
Thanks anon. I probably could've made my posts seem less confrontational to the camper guys though, just to avoid the unnecessary bickering.

No problem. If you have any aspirations for building one, I wholeheartedly recommend it. You just need to know how to roll with the punches sometimes.

I need a good knife for both /out/ and self-defense, but due to my country's legislation the blade has to be under 4 inches.

What do you guys recommend?
40 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
And what about every country outside of the US which makes pepper-spray illegal????

My man, I wish I lived in the land of the free. But outside your country every other shit-hold cunt-fucked aids-infested primal-group which calls itself a country has adopted these dellusional-leftist values which are based on '''hur-queen-moms-queefs-behalf"" to be that any defense of the self against a coloured attacker must be the most heinous crime on this planet.

Therefore, no weapons, or devices that could be used as weapons may be allowed to be carried or used by the law-abiding public. If you get accousted by a pack of niggers then after they beat you to death then you should call 911/999/000 and an officer will show up with a few hours to document your gevious bodily injuries or your demise.

WTF happened to this world that the mainstream population forgot how the WORLD acctually works.
Rank a few of the best to knife pls
What about outside of the woods? Did you think about that my melonine enhanced '''''''frinend'''''.

Do you know, that niggers are actually litterally less evolved then every other race on the planet of this earth. I learnt that recently in my studies. You darkies stayed in africa while every other race spread out and deveolped it's own culture, created socities, and then after the industrial revolution you were all still living in mudbrick houses......... why dat? Racism????? Yah boi????????!

What, niggers sold inferior niggers to the US to be field niggers? USA got the worst of the worst niggers out of africa to work their fields and then someone decided that they should have equal rights????

Kek, those niggers back in africa must be keking in their graves.
I carry a Gerber Counterpart. It suits me well, but it seems that people often have mixed experiences with Gerber knives. If money is no object, look into Benchmade brand knives. The Freek, mini presidio, etc are good choices, because I feel it's safe to assume that spring assisted knives are also illegal.

As far as blade type goes, a plain edge without serrations and a drop point are best as far as general utility goes.

If you're going to use a knife for self defense, get a blunt knife as well and train a LOT. A knife is not nearly as simple to use as a gun, it's an expert's weapon.
We're talking about self defense in the woods. OP mom is clearly due for the rape when he leaves them.
>I learnt that recently in my studies.
You had to learn that? I thought that was thats a given, like don't look into the sun type given? Anon, I'm not black. As proof, I have multiple kids with the same woman, who I'm still in a serious relationship with.

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