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File: gc-raft-phantom-hero-001.jpg (318 KB, 1506x1000)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
whats your dream /out/ trip? that one you have been "planing" since you were a kid. the one you have budgeted in your head 10000 times. that one you think about during your lunch break. forget about money, gear, time, family, responsibilities.

for me its 18-20 day run down the Colorado river through the grand canyon.
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6 months in Alaska will definitely cover it all. Unless you want to spend a lot of time in certain areas, that might almost be too much time even.
Keep in mind that a lot of Alaska is just empty stretches of wilderness bordering the highway system.
If you start in April, expect cold weather and lots of snow.
To be honest, you can probably do all of the Alaskan road system in more like 3 - 4 months and still spend a LOT of time in any regions/towns you find particularly interesting.
this guy FI/RE's
Hey, you could start with the Rockies. It's pretty cool. The Denver metro area is kinda a shitshow now, but there's plenty to do in WY, MT, ID, and southwestern CO.

I'd love to talk about trips out here. Shoot me a (you).
man torres del paine is not what it's made out to be. the crowds have ruined it. instead, go to the avellano towers or do the huemul loop at chalten. go to parque patagonia, cerro castillo, trek across the southern icefield in bernardo ohiggins. go to any of the places along the caraterra austral and near cochrane. go to cochamo. but man, having spent a ton of time in patagonia, just skip torres del paine. its more crowded than yosemite valley. if you must go, dont do the W. do the O instead, way more solitude when you get away from the W (still nothing like the rest of patagonia)
if you have the money, take the patagonia year course (or semester if you cant afford it). it is very easy to intern there after the course ends. I interned there after finishing a semester course last spring. it was awesome, met amazing people made connections for a lifetime of exploring down there. Im trying to move down to around coyhaique eventually and start a homestead.

File: logo_montbell.png (8 KB, 401x138)
8 KB
Are there a better brands? Is Asia Gear a meme?I lived in Japan via military for four years where I got to use a good amount of montbell products and totally fell for them.

That being said, now that I'm back in the US, I'm rebuilding my gear stock, even sniping them on Ebay is pretty rich. Is montbell/asia gear priced up for weeb memes or is it actually good?

Futile claim to starve off the Muh American-made /pol/sters, I have and go for USbased products as well, please don't shit this bed.
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File: ac6.jpg (55 KB, 600x800)
55 KB
I buy American made because I support American workers and their superior products to your slave labor chink trash. All this shit is made in China or Malaysia and then upmarked by weebs like you.

Pic related, this whole thread
Reminds me of one of the reviews on Amazon for a Snow Peak gas bottle left by a Japanese person. "I thought I was buying Japanese gas, but it's filthy Korean gas. 1 star."
it is made in japan
montbell is good, just as good as patagonia or north face imo. Arcteryx is obviouslly the best, but have spending absurd amounts of money.

pro tip: use the facebook marketplace to buy gear. I got an Arcteryx bora 80L that was used twice for $50

File: noods.jpg (2.51 MB, 3264x1836)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
Anyone ever find and use someone elses fire circle while off trail?
No, seems shameful. Especially, if you are LNT.
Wouldn't it be better LNT to use someone else's fire ring than to create your own right next to it?

Also, LNT can suck me.
I think he meant it's shameful that there's evidence of a previous fire to find since they obviously did a poor job of clearing it away.
File: 20171015_103207.jpg (2.23 MB, 3264x1836)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
That ring was very convenient. I think these are moose prints?

File: 1359752982998.jpg (84 KB, 700x714)
84 KB
Do you anons have any experience with this?

I would love to be able to make my own meals at home and take them with me on camping or hiking trips.

My only issue right now is finding the time and pressure for different foods. There isn't much information.
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Not him, but my research seemed to suggest you can't just use a regular department store tier vacuum sealer, but need one with a much hotter sealing element. Haven't thoroughly fact checked that one, though.

That doesn't say anything about being useable with mylar retort pouches.
Watch the video on the site, it does.
I want to know more about this.
>sauces and soups
Are you just using it for liquids or for whole dishes? Like could i make a plate of chicken marsala and bring it with me?

$250 budget
Essential items include
>fire starter
>first aid
>Reflective blanket
>Sleeping bag
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Ever heard of mosquitos?
You must enjoy sleeping with the insects.
Is this bait?
Sleeping with just a tarp; You're bait for the insects.
Mosquito nets exist, thick blankets exist. All are more convenient and less redundant than a tarp and a tent. The tarp is to help with warmth and keep any rain or whathaveyou away.

Anyone here work in Landscape Architecture?

What's your role and what's it like?
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i realise there are going to be "boring" aspects to any job, but i really want to avoid mundane office stuff

i'm in the UK so i don't know how much would be different. but would it at least be worth it to study LA and then perhaps go into something else?

i'm really unsure about the final career goal, just as long as the degree isn't 3/4 wasted years with debt ontop of that
Why do you commie faggots think that you need a license to plant tulips? All licensing is anti competitive and designed to artificially create higher costs for consumers
I don't think I need a license. I know I don't need a license. As anon stated, licensure is a joke. I passed the test and threw the rubber stamp into a drawer 15 years ago.
I became licensed because I knew I could pass the test and thumb my nose at my previous instructors and employers and all the other contemptuous wimps in the profession who "ooooo the scary test will ask me to do slope calculations and quantities using average end area and Manning's coefficient and pipe cross sectional area and water runs downhill" but are on their knees sucking cock into associate and professor positions.
Studying LA in the US right now. Senior year. Worked in a firm for an internship over the summer, did a lot of autocad and photoshop work and went out on some sites. Firm is a residential/commercial/institutional design office, only 5 employees.

Job was okay, pretty boring but I was doing entry level work. However I do know that the owner made a lot of money from it. But, that's his own business and he's worked it out. Not everyone turns out like that, just depends how hungry you are I guess.

I'll graduate, then I'll probably take the LARE and see what happens after that.
My gay uncle and his partner are landscape architects. From what I can tell, his main duties include telling Mexicans what to do and collecting fat stacks of cash.

For a 2 man operation he is really raking it in. He also owns a backhoe and possibly a dumptruck.

Looks pretty dope desu.

File: 1200x630bb.jpg (30 KB, 630x630)
30 KB
Do any of you listen to any podcasts? Either outdoor related or just want you listen to during the boring parts of your activity
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Good taste
Podcast addict
listened to the craig demartino and just finished kevin landolt...both really great and made me not only want to get back to climbing but try and appreciate being healthy. thanks anon.
my nigger
fucking awful reddit taste

File: 263_P_1333277761548.jpg (36 KB, 600x442)
36 KB
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I've tried VFFs before and I won't be going back.
Barefoot runs on sidewalks after dark? not bad/pretty good.
Runs and hikes in Merrell vapor gloves? breddy good
Lems at work? great and cushy
Minimuses for running and hiking? dope.
Bedrock sandals for runs and hikes, especially with water? A-okay/good foot feels
Five fingers? You know how latex gloves all fit okay but never quite right? That's what happens when you introduce little mini-shoes for each of your toes. The upper dries at about an average rate, but not the sides of the toes. Have you ever folded a pair of jeans that were still only slightly damp, and in the morning they haven't dried a bit? Imagine doing that but with a bunch of actually wet bits of fabric that touch each other but don't ever quite see the light of day. Not to mention that the fabric smells on its own. Maybe not the mesh upper on the KSOs I had, but the insole and toes. Somewhere between normal wet foot smell and a hyper-concentrated pool gunk/abandoned hot tub.
If you need the toes, then do whatever you want. If you want minimalist, get something with a nice roomy toe box, zero drop, and as much or little padding as you want. Good luck.
When they get wet, they tend to stay damp for a long time. Had a hiking pair I brought up a (not very tall) mountain once and they didn't do well with mud or the rain/hail that drove me down.

Wore them as street shoes for a few years. They are better with toe socks (injinjis) but after going through a few pairs I've settled on regular shoes again. Toe socks are pretty great though, can't see myself returning to normal socks again
>what are toe socks
found the fag who's never had a gf. Every bitch has toe socks.
Any boots that are good for hot environments or people whose feet sweat easily?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (143 KB, 1280x720)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
My favorite camping is dispersed beach camping.
Unfortunately its pretty hard to find so please share any locations you know about as well as any beach camping tips.

This winter I plan on camping a bit in Texas then on to Sinaloa then take the ferry to Baja Sur.
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fuckin freedom
What is good in the winter?
I am up for anything that tastes half way decent since I eat all I catch
Redfish, black drum, whiteing, flounder, and blacktip are all good eating.
Technically yes, but as long as you dont bring glass bottles, arnt acting like a drunk twat and dont litter you'll be fine. I usually get boxed wine and some solo cups.because it has minimal packaging. Usually I burn the cardboard and pack the bladder and cups out with me.
That makes criminals out of normal people.
Really corrosive to society.
A well functioning society should have very few rules but strictly enforced

File: hike-the-jmt.jpg (412 KB, 1155x1200)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
No better trail in north america
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if its this much hassle just to fucking hike then hiking is gay...cant wait till they mow down the trees and create industrial jobs and project developments
>burgerfats actually believe this
Being alone as an American is the new normal but so is obesity, ssri's and heroin ods. When you normies are checking out that is a bad omen

>Forty-two percent of Americans live without a spouse or partner, up from 39 percent in 2007, according to the Pew Research Centers analysis of U.S. Census Bureau figures. For those under the age of 35 years old, 61 percent live without a spouse or partner, up 5 percentage points from a decade ago.

>The higher number of spouseless households comes as the marriage rate declines precipitously. Just half of American adults are married, down from 72 percent in 1960.
>obesity, ssri's and heroin ods
As I have said I only like to be alone since my close friends don't enjoy going /out/. Not fat nor drug user neither depressed.
I rq'ed after the fattie gave up.

File: 1480763903998.jpg (670 KB, 1000x667)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
paying for tours doesn't count edition

Previous thread: >>988998

Asking 'any spots in x' will most likely not yield any useful responses. Find your own locations, it aint hard, google earth and flickr's map search are your friend.

If posting photos, your phone pictures don't need to be 3.95mb, resize.

proper pastbin coming soon
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This was about a year ago. Legit can't wait to get back to Montreal, the urbex scene is so fucking cool.
Former Ami here.
Used to walk all over Bremen and B-haven.
I'd love to see Garlstadt, near Osterholz-Scharmbeck, if you ever get out that way.
Oh, sorry; disregard.
Looks like the base (Garlstedt, formerly Clay Kasserne) is now a Bundeswher logistics school.
Take care

Thought it was NI too. Looks like an abandoned linen mill near me
File: IMG_1294.jpg (269 KB, 1080x1081)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
I took a porcelain dog from an abandoned mansion in Oxford, the place was gonna be demolished so I saved him, he sits above my PC

File: IMG_1157.jpg (33 KB, 600x600)
33 KB
Finally in a position to be able to get and properly care for a dog.

looking to train it for hunting, preferable pheasant and waterfowl retrieval. i do plan on having kids in the next few years so that's a factor.

I've been thinking about a catahoula since i'm a louisiana native(state dog).
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İ dont want to be harsh but a big percentage of People who buy Golden are buying because they are just jumping the bandwagon.
A lot of goldens suffers from depression BC of the negletion and not knowing what to expect before having a dog
Do they really?
The one where FBI Agents like me. Get to shoot your dogs in front of you.
Border collie, they generally excel in all areas of dog ownership.
GF and I are getting a lab.Will use it for retrieving, blood tracking and finding mushrooms.

File: origami.jpg (57 KB, 736x528)
57 KB
I want to get a bushmeme tarp to replace my blue walmart one. Can anyone justify the DD over my other two options?



11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
How do you care for ?
>Have one myself
proof it?
>ITT shilling
File: 1297517837571.png (54 KB, 581x307)
54 KB
you did what? with what?
Plasches are quite small, if you're the kind to not sleep in the fetal position it may be unsuitable.
OP here, I decided to order the DD a few days ago, will post when it arrives. Decision came down to the tie-out points. DD looked the most solid out of them, and I've heard that silnylon is generally better than poly.

File: roasted.png (358 KB, 552x543)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
>Buys Biolite because the concept is cool
>Figures out pretty fast the major problems with it
>Make thread trying to justify purchase
>Pose as multiple other people defending the Biolite
>Eventually get called out
>"Well I enjoy using it"

This seems to happen at least once a month on here
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Many , yes.
I get the feeling that you have never actually had a fire in the blue biolite though.

That's not bad, the aspect of it where a fan stokes the fire for you is a legit good idea.


It uses the TEG to power a fan that sucks air into the fire, so combustion is more complete. This greatly reduces smoke.
I think I'd want a side loading door for additional fuel. One where when you open it, you have the option of turning off the fan.
I thought about that as well but I dont think you could do it without fucking up the geometry of the unit.
Not a huge deal to lift the pot for a second and toss in a handful of fuel though.
You do have to feed it a lot though cause the fan burns it up so damn fast.
That's true.

File: 1495477622839.jpg (108 KB, 799x1280)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>told to get >>>/out/ again
how do you lads deal with it?
scientists say that 99% of this board's traffic is from people clicking >>>/out/ links
File: WFFqt0k.jpg (77 KB, 720x435)
77 KB
They meant to point you to >>>/trash/

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