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File: pl 380.jpg (18 KB, 310x310)
18 KB
What shortwave radio do you own /out/?

I have a Tecsun PL-380 and I use it whenever I go hiking, thinking about upgrading to a Tecsun PL-880.
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File: DUANE.gif (1.89 MB, 275x206)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF
i recently realized how important a radio could be in an emergency situation. i bought one of these a month ago and got all inspired to get my license. I passed my exam today fellas
More info needed. Post specific make and model info,
Bought a UV-5R for UHF use (mainly 4x4ing) here in Aus. Why is everyone on CB radio 45+ and a fucking weirdo?
File: etonfr250.jpg (534 KB, 1125x2000)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
that's a good pic of brah!

I've had this Eton FR-250 for over ten years. The knobs feel cheap, but the reception is pretty good and it comes with a hand crank, rechargable internal battery, and LED light / siren. I'm nostalgic about it because it's what I used to listen to Coast to Coast AM when I was a kid.

I also have a digital Grundig 400, about the size of the Eton's speaker panel. The tuner is supposedly better because it's digital, but the reception is absolute shit. Garbage, do not buy.

I also have a Palstar R30A HF receiver. It's a fantastic desktop piece, made around 2012, very sturdy construction and simple controls but pretty much requires an outdoor antenna setup.
I should add that I'm looking at buying a Yaesu FT-2900 transceiver for the shack, or possibly the Jeep. A home base setup is nice to have if SHTF, but it would be nice to call out as well.

File: PAN.png (260 KB, 726x476)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Mine is pic related.
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they do when you set them up like a tard like >>1204593
I did 30 miles the other day. I still hate myself a little
I don’t really care about an extra pound here or there, but you have to draw the line somewhere. I get a heavy duty backpack to keep my shit safe but everything else is as light as practical.
File: Snapshot_002.jpg (61 KB, 460x345)
61 KB
A medium sized jar of Vaseline and part of a roll of shop towels.

I like to know I can take care of anything that might come up while I'm out there all alone
Not true. An ultralight fleece is indestructible, there are zero environments a silnylon tarp or pyramid tent couldn’t handle, and you couldn’t grind a hole in xpac fabric in 3 years of daily use unless you were literally throwing your pack down cliffs, that’s why climbers use it. Talking out of your ass, you’re not army, you’re not a forest firefighter, you’re not a miner, you’re at worst going to have to deal with packing out 70lbs of meat or staying dry in a storm through a valley or setting up a base camp on a mountain

Quit the larping and take less useless shit, armchair. Do you think your ancestors carried Le Epic Woodsman Bugout Survival Gear?

File: Male_kodiak_bear_face.jpg (827 KB, 1600x1200)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
Would a bear go after marijuana in a tent/backpack?
Every pet I have seen is repulsed by the smell of dank weed.

Aside from the plant itself, would they be attracted to smoke odors in clothes?

>ib4 dude weed lmao
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File: 1487880340304.jpg (94 KB, 519x533)
94 KB
doggo was ok

didnt eat much just a few bowls in a film can that looks like she nearly ate as well

Can u imagine a grizzly with the munchies? That's a WMD.
Is it really though? Depending on where you look, or who you ask, they'll make the case that cannabis is also toxic to humans. There's still a lot of bias around. Alcohol is also "toxic" yet we sell it at every street corner, yum yum! Toxic has a very ambiguous meaning.

There is also the fact that just eating nugs doesn't do much in itself, unless the relevant molecules within have been activated beforehand, either through heat or prolonged contact wih oxygen. But that's another topic entirely.

>inb4 hurr durr you feed pot plants to your dog you monster
There is a dispensary billboard in Colorado that advertises dog biscuit edibles. So I doubt it's that toxic.
File: b91.jpg (67 KB, 680x510)
67 KB
'toxic' is kinda harsh, but there can be effects.
>The minimum lethal oral dose for dogs for THC is more than 3 g/kg.
>deaths have been seen after ingestion of food products containing the more concentrated medical-grade THC butter.
>Higher dosages may additionally cause nystagmus, agitation, tachypnea, tachycardia, ataxia, hyperexcitability, and seizures.
>Two dogs that ingested butter made with medical grade marijuana in baked products died.
likely the dogs mentioned in the other study, but neither say the edible type or how much was ingested, could have been brownies eaten by chihuahuas
>Marijuana (inhalation) caused a slowing of body weight gain.This suggests a malabsorption of food or a more fundamental metabolic disturbance.
>The resting heart rate was increased (by 32% at 3, 30% at 6, and 15% at 9 months)
>Alpha1-globulin, eosinophils and lymphocyte count were significantly decreased.
but then you have

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Lavette Bottle.jpg (4 KB, 300x300)
4 KB
What are your opinions about lavette bottles?

If you don´t know it, these are little bottles designed to wash out your ass after taking a shit when out. It is much better for the environment and I think it should be even cleaner and healthier. And if you are out for a longer time, it is a pain in the ass, carrying all the toilet paper you need for some weeks.
I personally think it is a valid alternative, and I will give it a try.
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>it NEVER rains in the desert
even death valley gets rain/snow. pls to be silent anon.
He's right, toilet paper takes months to decompose in deserts and deserts are much more fragile than woodlands.
pls to be silent sameanon

lolllll you're gonna ruin the desert that's hilarious to me
no. i'm not a eurofag. kys faggot

is this what the average /out/ anon looks like?
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>implying i would ever let my chad friends know i watch chinese cartoons
>implying im not a regular member at parties per invite of chad because i hide my autism so well
kekeke try harder laddo
File: 1518408117555.jpg (428 KB, 1280x720)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
that's all he could come up with as a response?!
>>1199067 plenty of people cook next to where they sleep with no problem. it just all depends on what country your in.
File: 1517395626919.png (29 KB, 657x527)
29 KB
Not that anon, but there is a fine line between "Caring what people think" and knowing what to do. I want to fuck some 14 year olds that come into my work every few days. Does it mean I will if given the chance? No. Because I have standards that apply to my everyday life based on the society I live in.

Just because you like something and want to do it, does not mean it's okay based on laws, regulations, and simple cultural principles that have been formed over hundreds of years.

TL:DR stop thinking watching anime makes you unique you stupid fucking faggot. Literally nothing wrong with caring what others in your community or society think at all, in fact the opposite is applied to this situation.
>TL:DR stop thinking watching anime makes you unique
I never said I was.

Perhaps you have me confused with the tripfag.

I need a single or two person tent for being all the way down here, but I'm not sure what sorts are good for it. I originally looked at the Divine Light but heard it can have problems with storms bringing in rain through the zippers on the wind blown side. And since I'm in Florida, heavy rains are pretty much guaranteed at any point save the dead of winter.

What tents would /out/ recommend for this bug infested sauna of a state?
i would recommend a hammock instead
>off the gross ass swamp ground
>cant get eaten by gators
>maybe youll have an iguana cuddle buddy
yeah hammocks are the best
otherwise you'd probably want a double walled tent such as the tarptent Notch if you use hiking sticks
or something like the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2
Florida fag here. I use a hammock. Keeps the sand out in the scrub forest and is easy to pack up with our random rain and humidity. Comfy too.

File: 462662202.jpg (172 KB, 396x594)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Just spent a day and a half at a very cool campground that most people use for a basecamp.
Hot showers and picnic tables and fire rings.
Good times when you have been going without for a bit.
Anyway, shared a few beer around a communal campfire with a bunch of mostly couples. Some women who was a literal womens studies proff somewhere was holding court about white male privilege I shit you not. All the wives were very interested and there was a lively discussion.
The men were mostly silent and maybe did some nodding.
Later there was bickering coming from many tents.
I really had to chuckle , I wonder how many guys here who brag about their /out/ qts have to bite their tongues more and more these days.

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I hate you both equally for even enduldging this subtopic on /out/. take it to /b/ or /pol/, faggots
File: 'Merican Woman.gif (952 KB, 310x310)
952 KB
952 KB GIF
Fuck white women, literally. Use them as jizz rags and cum dumpsters. Just never marry one.

Once you marry one, they fucking turn on you.
is there a story here?
tell us what happened anon
Is there any way to track the actions of a mod?
Do we have any recourse when one goes bad?

File: giant-backpack.jpg (60 KB, 460x650)
60 KB
If you need to use hipbelt you got too much or too heavy stuff.
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K rambo
Okay. Are you declaring yourself tougher than Rambo?
This is how I felt recently, I brought so much crap for a 5 mile hike like a retard.

File: IMG_20180219_042300.png (758 KB, 1080x1090)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
I'l put u in situation, one of my frends make himself a tatoo of chinese or japanise words, but he wont say what it means... Do someone here can translete it to me?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's the Chinese character "Ai" (pronounced: "eye"). It means love, but technically on it's own it's not a word, no more than a prefix or suffix is a word in English. Chinese characters don't mean anything unless they're part of a phrase, and very few word phrases are a single character.
Long story short, it means love
It's me >>1207304 again. Your answer was easier than I thought, just Google searched your image.
Love. Your friend got a tattoo of Japanese kanji "ai" which means "love."
That's so 2002
Japanese is a better language and ai alone is a word and means love
He should've done 鬱 instead.

File: 1394217693911.jpg (550 KB, 1920x1080)
550 KB
550 KB JPG
Hello /out/!

I saw an interesting thread on /b/ (yes please do condemn me) that asked


No bodies, no signs of struggle, everyone just up and vanished. The world is yours and yours alone.

As you would imagine most replies were about the amount of amphetamines they'd collect and such, but there were interesting takes too.

What would YOU, seasoned sc/out/s do?
Travel light and scavenge or hunt for food?
Or would you settle into an already established farming settlement, where livestock, tools, seeds water and many more things are a given.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Fuck the art, fuck the history. I would go play soccer.
Nigger you think you're hot shit don't you? Fucking Reddit cunt. Cryogenically stored eggs have a 20% of being successful in birthing a human.
I’d go house to house, eating their food, going through their stuff, and looking for nudes to fap too. Leave a big cum stain on the pillow and move to the next house.
Shit I know my stress and anxiety would be gone. Coming from Commiefornia.

No expectations from others, no boss breathing down your neck, no worrying about making ends meat.

Grab a gun or two, a knife, a pack with food for on the move and just wander.Wether if its innawoods or the concrete jungle. endless cars with gas in them for you to get around..

shit the list would go on and on.Sounds fucking comfy to me.

I mean.

File: wolf-tame.jpg (70 KB, 920x576)
70 KB
Has anyone seen a Wolf innawoods. I had only ever heard them before. Wolves are fucking massive and astonishingly beautiful.
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>"hurr shoot any bear that looks at your general direction with at least full box of .50 bmg"

When the bears are wearing armour plate, its needed.
10/10 A+
okay i concede if you ever find a bear wearing stanag 3 armor you can shoot it with heavy machineguns.
Bears are forest niggers

Other than your backpack, what other bags do you carry your essentials on(keys, wallet, cellphone) while /out/?
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Esee candiru
how embarrasing for you
Thread from 2017

Yes, there are just hordes of people around and commenting on my choice of bags when I am out picking wild berries and other edibles.
File: 1435945967217.gif (2.23 MB, 320x384)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB GIF

File: boo!.webm (2.36 MB, 720x404)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB WEBM
just lifted this off /tv/. fuck diving forever.
308 replies and 73 images omitted. Click here to view.
looks like fruity pebbles
File: grant us eyesssss.jpg (34 KB, 500x349)
34 KB
oh no
Is there a webm of the orcas’ BF the great white.
Chicken for lunch?
Why isn’t he doing it with his bare hand?


File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Do you mostly /out/ by yourself or with friends?

I used to motorcycle camp with friends and it was always a blast and i never felt uneasy about anything. Now days i don't really have friends, or a motorcycle so i only hike with no sleepovers. I feel a bit uneasy by my self in a forest at night. Every mouse running around sounds like a bear or a hillbilly.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.

No reason just one to many deliverance type of movies i guess.
I either camp with a my only buddy that likes /out/ or solo hike only. I'm trying to go on my first solo overnight and I think as soon as I get to do it for a couple times I will be able to do it 100 times more because you'll get used to it. You start understanding the noises, the wind breeze and honestly the experience of sleeping under the stars alone might be liberating as fuck

Yeah i think so too. Did some solo night hikes and the first time it was scary but the second time it was OK.
Tbh I'm a sheltered cityfag, I doubt rural people have difficulties camping alone even in the first times.
No /out/ friends desu, but I think even if I did I would prefer to keep by myself

File: 20170513_204428.jpg (3.74 MB, 4032x3024)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB JPG
How often do you go /out/ alone? I've stopped going with friends and I can only enjoy my time innawoods by myself in solitude.
there is already several threads about this. and most people here do go alone.
Are you the same anon making the same thread every day? Do you have autism?

samefag - no
autism - maybe
I answered this in the other threads but I don’t have any /out/ friends so I’m forced to go alone. I don’t mind it though desu, it’s quite nice

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