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Semi noob here. So I've been planing to go to Dartmoor, south England this easter break for couple of day hike and camping overnight. However weather forecast doesent look to promising. It will be raining at the times and temperature might drop as low as -2 Celsius at night. I'm sleeping in waterproof tent. Also I'm taking two tarps with me. I have a waterproof jacket. Any general advice how to behave in rainy weather? Is light raincoat and rain cover for backpack worth consideration? Please talk me out of quitting this. Also pardon my English.

File: outdream.jpg (316 KB, 1548x618)
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>tfw you will never achieve the dream and get to live in a comfy cabin in the woods
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Force them to do it. They'll start loving it and regret that they hated it when they were younger.

Lived half my life when I was younger in Alaska. My father was an avid outdoorsmen and always took me out, hated it but now I kick myself in the ass for not appreciating it sooner when I was younger because I was in fucking Alaska.
i fought every inch my father dragged me into the woods
and am thankful for every inch he gave me
>have a job that pays enough that I could save minimum $1000 a month, so I could potentially outright buy a decent plot of virgin land somewhere within 5 years
>never save any money because I spend it all on booze to wash away the tension and anger being a cityfag wagecuck brings
>also can't move up to a higher position or try to get an education because my drinking and attitude kills my ambition and makes me unreliable in the eyes of my supervisors
I know it's my fault, but it still sucks to be caught in a loop like this.
Replace hunt with fuck and we're on the same page bro.
I see. man that sucks

File: IMG_20180311_105308.jpg (4.8 MB, 4160x2336)
4.8 MB
4.8 MB JPG
Father & Son OC edition
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File: 1521579553547.png (35 KB, 408x450)
35 KB
File: 1514915508182.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I lost my Victorinox that i have had for about 15 years.
I bought a new one which is exactly the same model but it's tools lock as they should, scissors still have the spring and the blades are sharp and don't have any notches.
But it just feels wrong.

i know that feel about losing a 15+ year old daily carry knife.

The model was still in production, but the grind and weight is different. Just not the same.
File: IMG-20180319-WA0000.jpg (1.48 MB, 2304x4608)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
A few days ago i found an old (20 years?) sak from my father, the blades were damaged but i did the best i could with my dc4, now its razor sharp and the can opener too, I plan to use it as a spoon knife, does anyone maybe know the modell?

File: squirrel-eating-snow.jpg (121 KB, 800x552)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I have always heard it's a no-no to eat snow. yet no one could ever really nail down why. I recently was on a field job in the North with some native guys who said the same thing. They said I would get dizzy and fatigued. I was interested so I started looking into it a bit more. hopefully this will be interesting to a few of you:

-snow is 90-95% air. So first off you aren't getting as much water as you think you are

-Obviously it is ice crystals so it will rob you of heat in melting

-snow is basically distilled water, which will tend to rob you of minerals since it is completely mineral free

-snow apparently absorbs air pollutants extremely well and can harbour the toxins, especially for example car exhaust and stuff like that and basically collecting whatever pollutants are in the air as it falls. Being distilled water it also has a tendency to draw in more chemicals

-apparently due to bacterial growth, it is only safe to eat fresh snow and recommended generally up until half a day after it has fallen and considered unsafe after 2 days (again it is tied in with pollution levels)

So in general I don't think it's a big deal to be eating snow here and there, but maybe not something to be doing on a prolonged basis. Add lowered body temperature, mineral imbalance, dehydration, ingesting toxins, and a bacterial infection all at once in a cold environment where your body is working twice as hard anyway and you can see how it could work to knock you down... even if each effect was just mild on its own.
Les Stroud talks about it in suvivorman in a number of episodes I forget exactly what he says but it's along the lines of he does it during the day when hes up moving and working since he is producing heat but to not do it right before nightfall cuz it can drop core tempreture before sleep

File: Fergus.jpg (35 KB, 421x648)
35 KB
I want to expand my library. What are some of your favourite /out/ related books? Fiction, non-fiction, doesn't matter. Give me what you got.

Pic related is one of my favorites.
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Not disagreeing, but was McCandless weighing himself daily? Seems like a made up chart but I don't know any of the details of his story.
McCandless had a detailed food Journal that detailed all that he ate. Thus they can accurately say how many calories he had coming into his body.

Then they used WHO (World health Org) guidelines on how someone hunting and fishing who male and his age would burn calories wise, and then tracked it with weightloss (as X amount of calorie shortfall will result in Y amount of weight loss)

So by the that they estimate he would have died around Aug the 3rd, and he died on the 18th. Which indicates the last few days he wasn't that active. But just on his food intake was not enough for him to maintain body weight above the BMI of 14. (under 14 you will die in a quick manner by starvation.
I saw this and thought "huh I don't remember posting this"

everything this anon has posted is 10/10, I'd check out Craig Childs as well, House Of Rain is great
I'm guessing that you're the same anon I replied to in >1231749 but the tests was redone and the plants turned out to be toxic in the end. The results where puplished in a peer-reviewed science magazine called Wilderness and Environmental Medicine.


File: seeds.jpg (150 KB, 990x556)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
where do you buy your seeds
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Please, see: >>1229065
Oh I just realized you're talking food seed, my bad, sorry everyone, go back to homegrown.
My balls produce them.
Go back to /co/ Chuck.

Name a better /out/kino than this masterpiece.

McCandless was a retard but fuck what a good story.
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>Get a load of this guy
>He forgot Sinise made a primo adaptation with John Malkovich
redpill me on it
its stupid but fun
the sequel is even more retarded
He was an active conservative.
>made up a reason for him dying even if it just that the idiot starved
Made up what?

"Our results confirmed the presence of L-canavanine (an antimetabolite with demonstrated toxicity in mammals) as a significant component of H. alpinum seeds…. In the case of Christopher McCandless, there is evidence that H. alpinum seeds constituted a significant portion of his meager diet during a period before his death. Based on this and what is known about the toxic effects of L-canavanine, we make the logical conclusion that under these conditions, it is highly likely that the ingestion of relatively large amounts of this antimetabolite was a contributing factor to his death."

- Presence of L-canavanine in Hedysarum Alpinum Seeds and its Potential Role in the Death of Chris McCandless, Wilderness and Environmental Medicine in March, 2015


TLDR: The seeds that he consumed a lot of turned out to be toxic in the end. It was documented by pictures that he had foraged a lot of them and bags of them was found where he died sugesting that he had more food stored but died anyway. Furthermore McCandles blamed the potato seeds for his weakness in his diary, a diary wrote on the blank pages of a field guide to the region’s edible plants that specifically explains precisely how to distinguish the the known-toxic sweat pea from the wild potato indicating that it described as non-toxic (but it was).

File: 15217314439931243578065.jpg (2.76 MB, 4032x2268)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB JPG
I just caught this stingray and i want to eat but im not sure if these worms are a bad sign.
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I didn’t even know you could eat stingray. I wouldn’t think the meat was any good.
put him back in the water Jackson
File: 1521155876636.jpg (43 KB, 640x694)
43 KB
Fuck dude. I wouldn't ever ocean fish without at least a tether.
I gotta buy some rope now along with my next rod.
Tastes like scallops.

File: CatchA156.jpg (210 KB, 576x560)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Finally got a sample of the patch we were discussing previously.
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you sound like a good dude, I wish I would've bought some originals from you way back when, the guy who made the store has pretty much completely abandoned it.
Profit isn't everything anon, you are immortalized in the memes of this board now.

The patch game is a cruel mistress
I must be owed about 20 pints from people who offered cuz they were that impressed with what we accomplished. I'm just glad I got something special started and actually saw it through to it's completion. Not too bothered about other people making money from the designs really since if they have the ingenuity and business acumen to pull it off, then fair play, that's the World we live in. I just chose not to go down that route because like I said, there's more important things in life than money. Therefore, I missed out. I've seen loads of examples though where people will take another artists work or a movie poster or something and simply upload it to one of these mass production printing websites and re-sell it. They literally do no fucking work themselves except upload an image. The company then prints and ships it for them and all they do is receive money for no effort. Just seems like a scumbag move to be honest.

>the guy who made the store has pretty much completely abandoned it.
The one with the really low grade patches his friend was producing on his own machine? Probably for the best really, the quality wasn't exactly the same as the other anons runs, was it?
File: yuru.png (1.86 MB, 1600x900)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
10/10 perfect


File: gregory.jpg (224 KB, 1486x1861)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Just curious
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cuben = dyneema
Not as durable as xpac. I'm big into ultralight but a cuben pack will last 1 thru hike, an xpac will last 4. For only 60-100g heavier.
File: 5.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Hey OP, do you own that Gregory yourself? How do you find it?

My girlfriend is on the look out for a larger pack than the one she allready has and she is considering a 70ltr. gregory that looks like the one in your pic.
Thanks in advance!

File: IMAG0522.jpg (1.64 MB, 2592x1944)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
Stealth Camping General /SCG/

Hey /out/,
Do we have any stealth campers here?
What dose you're setup look like? I usually use tarp shelters for this scenario as it's easier to adjust it to the site, and weather conditions.
This is probably one of the biggest situational elements for me. A fire hole is pretty easy to set up, but no matter how stealthy you're fire is, it has an unmistakable smell.
I don't take too much risk. I have stealth camped on private property before, but never been caught. I'm always prepared for situations going bad quick. I have ways of signaling where I'm at. I'd think that choosing to camp some place you wouldn't be found, and alone, qualifies as a huge leap towards an emergency.
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>I don't understand why people would have an extreme dislike for the exact kinds of edgy people that make most people want to go /out/ just to avoid having to encounter
>rich people cultivate expensive animals and fish
Rich people living out in the countryside raise their own fish and game? What country is this?
Yes and no. The down side is that rains 80% of the year so there is never any try tinder except for some the summer months which gets monotonous
You must be on the west side of the mountains. We get a few heavy rains and the rest of the time it's sunny and warm on the east side.

If you don't clearcut the trees a hundred yards in every direction whenever you set camp, you're not a true outdoorsman.

File: s37773_2048x.jpg (31 KB, 1000x600)
31 KB
Does anybody carry a buck knife? Is it worth it still?
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Is there any reason why I shouldn't jump on the opportunity to get a $40 Buck 119 Special if I'm looking for a sturdy self-defense knife for hiking?
>self-defense knife
Nice larp
By self-defense knife I mean "I'm in a position where I'm confronted by an animal or a crazy woodland hobo. I need a weapon that can be accessed easily that works in short range and will bring definite results if used on a living subject."

I debated a tomahawk or a big fuckoff machete, but both of those are genuinely more tools. The tomahawk CAN be used up close, but you need to retrieve it. The machete requires travel. So unless you're scaring off your opponent with the sheer presence, you're fucked if they get in range on you. A good knife with a long blade lets you grab it and get stabbity. It's dedicated and good for the role.
A gun, the only thing a knife is going to do is intimidation anyway.
You are all turned around here. A tomahawk is a weapon first and a truly shitty hatchet in camp. A knife that is good for anything outdoors is shitty for fighting. If you want a knife for self defense, you will need to look for something fast, light and with at least a 7 inch blade. Something like Bagwell Hell's Belle or a Jim Hammond Flesh Eater. Just remember - there are no winners in a knife fight, there are only survivors. You will get cut. You will get cut badly. In the woods, you will probably bleed out before you can get help.

Only a dipshit carries a knife for self defense. if you can't get a gun for some reason, a fucking shillelagh is the next best thing.

File: pl 380.jpg (18 KB, 310x310)
18 KB
What shortwave radio do you own /out/?

I have a Tecsun PL-380 and I use it whenever I go hiking, thinking about upgrading to a Tecsun PL-880.
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Why would an amateur radio
op not use AM; or is SSB/FM
"the only way"? lol
File: il2byqnafc8z.jpg (14 KB, 500x300)
14 KB
>"the only way"

C4FM Fusion, DMR, P25
AX.25, APRS, PSK31
File: sony cfs.jpg (136 KB, 1400x933)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Hey. So i have this radio, is this any good?
Does anyone dick around with satellite TV?

I thought it might be fun to get a Ku-band dish and try to pull down TV signals but I haven't been able to find a solid answer as to whether or not I'll be able to pull down signals from satellites outside of north America. If not, would upgrading to a BUD do anything?
garden camper +1

File: aMNi0UF.jpg (284 KB, 1920x1080)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
I want to camp somewhere spooky.
>in b4 Aokigahara forest in Japan
Not like that, preferably places where it wouldn't be just plain wrong to camp around but that also have a spooky environment and/or history to them. I am from the United States btw and would prefer not to have to travel outside the US.
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Jesus christ, its like you austrialians deal with so much shit that you lost all fucks.

since skinwalkers arent a real thing
you should be quite safe anon
if you do come across a skinwalker be sure to make at least one photo of it
even if it is your buddy in a bear suit at least give us something more than shitty greentext
thanks anon and have fun
So did anything exciting happen? Any NSA-approved waterboarding and/or buttplugging?

Calm water at night is spoopy. I need waves.
File: Webp.net-compress-image.jpg (1.87 MB, 5952x3348)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
Just go off trail deep into the forest of British Columbia. Spooky, yet beautiful

File: .jpg (221 KB, 960x960)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Almost literally the only thing I enjoy in life is being outdoors. The only times I don't feel depressed are when I'm in nature. I've wanted to be a park ranger or conservation officer my whole life because of this. The issue is I'm terrible at science and maths and most jobs in this sector require a relevant degree which would be impossible for me. I don't care at all about money or material comforts as long as I have enough to survive off. Surely there are some careers in conservation or forestry which you can reach through learning a trade or practical qualifications. (I'm in the UK) I just want to spend the majority of my time alone in the wilderness, I'm sick of being a shut in doing dead end jobs I hate.
66 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1.jpg (67 KB, 852x480)
67 KB
I will be clearing brush on the roadside, I don't think there's too much room for career advancement, lel.

Talking about a different job anon, not advancing in your job cutting grass with a bunch of convicts/illegals.
I know bro, I'm just taking the piss at myself. But desu I was a neet for far too long and this, despite being hard work, is a simple way to get into the active life and make some shekels to get me going and eventually find something better down the road. Being a neet is all nice and dandy but my small plot of land won't buy itself this way. What I would like to do is to move into the forestry/arborist lime of work, maybe doing this job will help me on that.
You're not gonna be believing me, but you inspire me.
File: faller.jpg (1.12 MB, 2656x1494)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Become a tree climber, tree faller (logger) or work for a tree company. I did it for 2 years was hard work but it's great working outside every day

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