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File: download.jpg (51 KB, 700x458)
51 KB
With the coming promise of venison this deer season, and as the air gets colder, there is no better time for a jerky thread.

Currently I've been using Newman's own cracked pepper marinade bags, and also some Hi- Mountain seasoning with some additional seasoning crushed and dried from the homegrowerman pepper garden. I use an oven at 170 and toothpicks in the rack. I'm looking at dehydrators as well.

As a side note : A buddy of mine has DEC permission to hunt off any Coyotes on his property. Anyone ever eat Coyotes? Jerky?
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What would that gearset look like.

I'm thinking

>muzzle loading rifle
>big-ass knife
>adequate clothing
$300 will nab you an entry-level centerfire rifle OR compound bow OR modern inline muzzleloader and enough ammo/arrows and cleaning supplies to last a couple years. If you're in a shotgun-only area $200 will get you a new pump shotgun that's adequate for the job.

Believe it or not you can fully process a deer with a cheap skinning knife and bone saw (Old Timer Sharpfinger, $18, and Outdoor Edge Griz-Saw, $15), but for a beginner something like the Outdoor Edge Wild Pak ($40) will fulfill all needs and last for years.

If rifle hunting you will need at least a blaze orange hat ($5-10 depending on style) if not a vest ($6 for a OSFM cheapo), this will not be needed most places for bow or smokepole.

Clothing is, obviously, going to be region dependent but I hunted for decades and killed dozens of deer with a chink knockoff of a Carhartt coat from my local Fleet Farm ($30) and a cheap cotton hoodie ($8 at walmart) over jeans (you already have these, or at least should) and cotton waffle-weave longjohns ($20 a set at walmart). This got me by in northern Illinios, where it was common for morning temps to be in the single digits during gun season. If you're further north you'll probably need something a bit better insulated for gun season, but bowhunters and southerners kill a lot of deer in jeans and a tee shirt. I've always just worn the work or hiking boots I already had. Yeah, insulated boots would've been nice, but I've always just gotten up and moved around when I got too cold.

No, $400 is not going to get you a gucci setup or Sitka clothing. Yes, it will get you started, and you won't be FORCED to upgrade for years if not decades.
And you will spend the $600 and get nothing for it and blame it on the weather or global warming. Hunting is a hobby, buy your meat at the store it's cheaper and better.
then go away you pessimistic fuck.
File: starthunting.png (63 KB, 379x855)
63 KB
This guy's pretty close.

For where I live (south-central Missouri) this is what a gun-season outlay for clothing and gear would look like with no shopping around or hunting for deals.

Or are you just a sedentary office cuck ?

>t. forest engineering major (about 20% field 80% office)
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Architectural engineer here. Office when I want, on site when I want. Usually make it 50/50
I muster, draft and process wild/feral cattle on large properties throughout northern Australia.

Months spent sleeping out of a swag, riding around on motorbikes, four wheelers and horses. Occasional chopper rides. It's good fun
How 2 get job
Any opportunities for seasonal workers from abroad?
Yes. Loads. Come to Australia, they hire in march. You better be tough, cause it ain't the sorta job you do if you're looking for a soft one.

But seriously. 12-15 hour days are normal. And if you're working with scrub bulls you'll run a very real risk of dying if you're slow, either physically or intellectually.

But it's a fantastic job. Plenty of ack packers do it, so you'll be fine.

There's something very special about going to work every day knowing that theres a very good chance you'll get seriously hurt. And it'll make you mentally tough. It's hard stepping into a yard and being hit by a bull and then two seconds later you're ack in there playing with them.

It was my first year, got to ride bulls a few times as well which was a fantastic experience.
Sorry. As for how to get a job. Go onto gumtree.com.au and go to the farming and vetinary section of the jobs.

I literally have been offered four jobs in the last week (finished up working on friday of last week). But I've got the experience and a pretty good rep now.

File: 107.jpg (43 KB, 512x512)
43 KB
Old thread: >>1110706

Search terms:

Permaculture - Companion Planting - Raised Beds - Hugelkultur - Vertical Gardening - Square Foot Gardening - Polyculture - Composting - Windrow Composting - Mulching - Vermiculture - Espalier - Fungiculture - Aquaponics - Greenhouses - Cold Frames - Hot Boxes - Polytunnels - Forest Gardening - Aquaculture - Mittlieder Method - Keyhole Garden - Window Frame Garden - Straw Bale Gardening - Soil-bag Gardening - Lasagna Gardening - No-till Method - Container Gardening - Ollas Irrigation - Kratky Method

Chickens - Goats - Pigs - Sheep - Cattle - Ducks - Turkey - Honey Bees - Geese - Llama - Alpaca - Fish - Crayfish



Secondary Edible Parts of Vegetables:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Peas and some beans?
File: 20171020_173214.jpg (3.63 MB, 4032x3024)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG
Just planted some trilliums, ramps, elderberries, american ginseng, and an experimental batch of morel mycellium at my relatives place out in the country. Can't wait to see if I get any results.

I planted 3 1-ounce bags of ramps so I better get a nice patch going.
>from seed

Really, good luck with that. They are a bitch to germinate. Some seed companies acid etch before selling them, so that helps. But, they need acid etching and cold stratification and good nitrogen content in the soil. Otherwise, they can take as long as 2-3 years to germinate under normal conditions.
Yeah, I read that they are quite persnickety. In the case of the elderberries I am not counting on them to grow, this was just an experiment since I needed to spend an extra $10 to get free shipping on my order. If I get even 1 in a few years time I'll be happy.
>fertilizer I ordered was stuck in customs inspection for over a month
>assumed it was getting rejected
>bought local fertilizer
>literally two weeks later, the original fertilizer has been released by customs


*hunts on your property without permission*
File: itscominrightforus.jpg (102 KB, 400x400)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
shoot him and claim you thought it was a goat
File: 1501176866710.gif (3.8 MB, 480x480)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB GIF
>mrw I have been chased from their land more than I have chased them from mine
File: cb.gif (1.94 MB, 247x160)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
>*hunts on your property without permission*
hunting animals
looks like the predator has become the prey

Poaching is a time-honored tradition.
No true scottsman respects the idea of private property.

File: 9610.jpg (31 KB, 620x388)
31 KB
>no knife thread
Maybe it's for the better but I'm starting one

I'm looking for a good, small carving knife. Something that's easy to handle and can get in those tighter spaces. So far I've narrowed it down to an Ahti Tikka and a Roselli Grandmother knife after a small amount of research. I'm leaning toward the Ahti since they made my current knife and it's excellent quality, but the Roselli seems more what I'm looking for in terms of the blade geometry. Anyone have any input on this? Price is comparable (+/-1$) so I'm not factoring it in

pic related, the Ahti
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This company is probably pretty good for EU customers, VAT of your selected country is applied to the price and they have free shipping for orders over 50€:

They have a pretty good selection of knives from all over the world, I got a Spyderco Endura from them a while ago.
File: modifiedchogan.jpg (166 KB, 736x981)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
What does /out/ think of hawks?
File: 20171020_162535.jpg (823 KB, 2560x1440)
823 KB
823 KB JPG
I found the spiderco dragonfly a year ago and I fucking love it. I bought the Kershaw launch 1 swichblade yesterday and am stoked on it
I like it man. you don't happen to be in the 801 area are you? I have a friend who makes knives with a similar style
I like hawks. They're pretty cool birds that have really powerful vision and sharp as fuck claws.
Cool axe btw

File: IMG_20170606_192023.jpg (4.53 MB, 3000x2250)
4.53 MB
4.53 MB JPG
Dogs are the ultimate /out/ companion. Post your doggen.
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File: CAM00772.jpg (2.82 MB, 2448x3264)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB JPG
Never shave a long hair dog. The fur acts as an insulator both ways, keeps the sun off and dissipates heat in the summer
t. Chow/aussie shepherd mix owner
10/10 dog
File: 2017-10-17 19.14.56.jpg (4.03 MB, 4032x3024)
4.03 MB
4.03 MB JPG
Nolla. 8 months old. 30.5Kg
Full awesomeness. Hates running people, black people, and rabbits.
Hikes well. Obey like no other.

I love her.
I've had it happen with my beagle in his older age (so much I started taking a wagon with me to put him in) and once with my current dog, stepped on something and just refused to walk. What is their daily activity like? It might just be too much for them all at once.
I've been seeing so many basic bitches getting Vizslas. Can you shed some insight on why they are the new pumpkin spice latte?
>Mutts are actually the healthiest dogs
Not always. Much better than a BYB but you can still get pretty unlucky with mutts, especially when they are designer breeds.
Could you call animal control or a shelter? that really sucks
That's not a choke collar, it's a prong collar or sometimes called a pinch collar. It's a training tool to get dogs to stop pulling, and oddly enough is often used on dogs with tender trachea because a properly fitted prong puts no pressure on a trachea at all, whereas collars, chokers and even some harnesses can put strain on that part of the neck. I can tell the owner is a faggot though because the prong is on outside of training, it's not fitted properly around the neck and it's too big and falls below where it ideally should be hanging. Prongs are a useful tool but only if you actually know how to use it.
The filter on this is fucking garbage, nice dog though.
Sex really doesn't matter if you get the dog fixed. If not, then females would be easier to train to not run off and shag but are also a bigger liability because you are stuck with puppies if it does get shagged.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 7-30-2017 phone pics 486.jpg (3.45 MB, 4128x2322)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB JPG
>8 months obeys like no other

Well desu that shits is about to change for at least 6 months here come soon.

My boy was super obedient as a pupper then 11 month it was like arguing with a toddler for 8 months. He listens pretty well now but it doesn't help he is like my little brother and I swear he does shit just so I get the grumpy voice.

File: 220px-Nammatjknoydart.jpg (8 KB, 220x165)
8 KB
Who /brapping while /out// here?
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Anon, I have brapped from the top of mountains

When I go /out/ hiking I will wait at the trail head "stretching" and looking at my map until a cute girl walks by and starts hiking. I will wait another 5-10 minutes so its not like I'm stalking her, then I will start my hike. I will hike fast enough to pass her in a little bit, make a cute comment like, "oh hi again!" Then I will keep hiking until I am ahead enough that she can't see me and I will hide in the bushes. When she passes by my hiding spot I will let out a loud blood curdling fart, vibrating by anal sphincter so hard that my glutes cramp. The female hiker will inevitably be surprised at frst, but when she whiffs my butt pheramoans she jumps in and makes love to me, accepting 3 or more sperm loads. It happens every time.
I have never farted.

Is this true?
I only get gassy when I eat a lot of bread.

File: s-sawyer.jpg (95 KB, 1057x758)
95 KB
New !
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that sucks anon
Speaking of logs.
Got to love the axe expertise of those men.
>reading comprehension
He was claiming he hiked 20-30 miles in then stayed there 7 days on 3 gallons of water TOTAL. Which works out to 0.428 gallons a day.

The recommended daily intake of water for a "normal" person (not hiking innabush for a week) is 10, 10 ounce servings, 100 ounces, which is 0.78gal. 3 gallons is 4 days' worth of water at sedentary lifestyle levels of activity.
Anybody who's served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, or sub-Saharan Africa drinks at least 3 gallons of water a day because body armor doesn't breathe.

Yes they need to take electrolyte supplements, yes they need to pay attention to their hydration levels, yes water intoxication is a thing.

No, it's not extraordinarily harmful or "near certain death" like you seem to be implying. In 14 years of constant warfare in 2 countries, fewer than 100 servicemembers out of the SEVEN FUCKING MILLION to have deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan have died from heat related injuries (heat stroke/water intoxication/dehydration). More old people die in JUST MIAMI IN ONE YEAR from heat injuries.
The lifestraw's shit-tier design

File: IL-IN24k.gif (93 KB, 842x889)
93 KB
Next fall I will be moving to either Illinois or Indiana. What outdoor activities are there to do in these states?

I'm used to western states with lots of public land and mountains, wondering how I'll get /out/ without either. What's the flat land like? Where do you go hiking? How are the rivers and great lakes? I know a lot of deer get shot here, but I don't know how the hell you hunt on private lands.

I'll be in Northern IN, Chicago, or Central IL, for reference.
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File: thAKFPPQGE.jpg (20 KB, 251x167)
20 KB
only if you are starving

back in great depression times and all the dust bowl there was a poem that said something about "four plus twenty black birds baking in a pie"
File: th96O2STCN.jpg (12 KB, 203x160)
12 KB
hey op
how old are you?
im not sure about Indiana but getting an IL FOID could be a real shitstorm
if you are under 21 you need your parents to fill out a form and it has to be notarized by a notary public
that's right the age is 21
get your form done and it takes the state 3 months up to a year before you get your card
File: Slug-Practice-800x600.jpg (160 KB, 800x600)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
another scoped shotgun for you

you really don't need it that bad. the bead sight is good enough

you can get these slug guns in all types
semi auto pump bolt action single shot
While yes the bead sight is good enough (and I've killed a LOT of deer with an old, 70's vintage 870 Riot cylinder bore), the scope helps a lot especially in low light (provided you get a decent one).

That being said, soo fucking glad I moved to Missouri

I'm over to, but honestly the FOID thing sounds like such a pain in the ass that I probably won't hunt if I'm in Illinois. I'm only moving east for 18-24 months, so I'm probably just spend some extra money and draw a tag back home.

It's been a while m8s, time to reveal our autism power level and buttdevestate the board again.

>muh lite gear
>muh 0.07g shaved off
>muh $1K upmarked tarps
>muh zpack
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
FUCK. bless you
File: 1475367947410.jpg (67 KB, 480x410)
67 KB
File: 1456095502012.jpg (69 KB, 920x380)
69 KB
it's because gramfags are the vegans of /out/.

>Neckbeard rage

can a kind anon please recommend me some day hikes in and around Pittsburgh pa? needs to be public transit accessible because no car available
How close to Pittsburgh?
i go to university of pittsburgh and it needs to be public transit accessible from there.
I used to live near Pittsburgh but didn't use mass transit. Seems like it might be tough to get anywhere but city parks with that requirement. If you can find some way to get to Racoon Creek that has plenty of day hike options. My favorite place was Hillman State Park though, since almost no one used it.

File: logo_montbell.png (8 KB, 401x138)
8 KB
Are there a better brands? Is Asia Gear a meme?I lived in Japan via military for four years where I got to use a good amount of montbell products and totally fell for them.

That being said, now that I'm back in the US, I'm rebuilding my gear stock, even sniping them on Ebay is pretty rich. Is montbell/asia gear priced up for weeb memes or is it actually good?

Futile claim to starve off the Muh American-made /pol/sters, I have and go for USbased products as well, please don't shit this bed.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
it is made in japan
montbell is good, just as good as patagonia or north face imo. Arcteryx is obviouslly the best, but have spending absurd amounts of money.

pro tip: use the facebook marketplace to buy gear. I got an Arcteryx bora 80L that was used twice for $50
File: MontBellHex.jpg (613 KB, 1280x853)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
My travel tent is a MontBell Hexagon.
I wish they still sold gear in NA because my tent has been tops.
I bought the Montbell Ridge Line 30 backpack last year, and the Down Multi Blanket #5 this year.

The backpack was made in Jordan and the quilt was made in China, says so right on the tags.

File: cfy7Dq2.jpg (996 KB, 3456x4608)
996 KB
996 KB JPG
redpill me on ultralight
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: sketch-1508452972614.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
UL is like great for fair weather camping, but you gonna be miserable in bad weather.
If you're willing to spend enough money, there's some pretty comfy bad-weather UL shit.
piss of to pollack
>literally shaking

File: twobears.jpg (76 KB, 960x540)
76 KB
So the last Amazon Budget list was stupid as shit- tarp and tent no sleep pad?

The idea was interesting to me tho, and could maybe turn into a sticky for all the noobs coming on here going "tell me what to buy".

>Budget is $250

Here we go:
>Shelter- can be a tent, hammock, or tarp & bivy combo. Make sure the other shit works with it tho. (bug protection is a must).
>Sleeping bag/quilt/blanket- try to go for something that can handle 30F or 0C
>Sleeping Pad
>Cookware & Stove
>A fleece or something warm to wear

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>this gearfagging bullshit again

how about fuck you
We need to prioritize what items are worth investing more into than others. I'd say the most important ones are
>sleeping bag
You can get away with everything else being super cheap, but those three should take first priority imo.

Hello again, old friend. I'm beginning to recognize your posts.
lol, you're way to angry about shit.
File: untitled1.png (13 KB, 510x210)
13 KB
Did you reply to yourself?

>No human had ever climbed Nepal’s Nangpai Gosum II. The 7,296-meter mountain is so dangerous it keeps would-be adventurers at bay while many taller summits were climbed decades ago.

>This was so until October 3, 2017, when German climber Jost Kobusch, 25, reached the summit after three days of climbing. Even more impressive, he climbed to the summit alone.

>The peak contains sections of bare rock, thin ice, and a lot of rockfall. It’s also arduous to reach, surrounded by numerous 7,000-meter mountains, making any attempts incredibly challenging. Four previous expeditions failed.

>Kobusch first attempted the route on Sept. 25, but had to back down after the sun melted sections of ice crucial to his ascent. He tried again, successfully, beginning Sept. 30.

>The young climber adds another notable ascent to his growing resume of impressive alpine climbs in the Himalayas.

>hur dur can't go /out/ because no friends
When will sc/out/s stop making excuses?
33 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Abseiling, he carried 500m on the first attempt. left it at camp at the second successful try and only carried a harness in case of heli evac.
everyone here is a bickering faggot

>arguing over trekking poles
File: 1474554239010.png (524 KB, 1000x1000)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
How do we know he actually climbed it?
i mean, there were no witnesses.

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