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How does a silk base layer compare to a wool one?
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Everytime you wash one, it can remove oils from the down, and it can cause feathers to bust through baffles making it lumpy

I love mine! Like merino, I will wear them day in and day out. Lighter than my 200 weight Icebreakers, they are better for shoulder weather. Very warm fro how thin and light they are. I would love a second pair!
Curious about silk too, I have shit loads of merino and literally only wear merino tshirts, but never used silk
That's not an issue if you use down-wash, just like you would use wool-wash for your wool.
also throw in a tennisball when you're drying it to prevent the down from lumping.

It's not going to destroy it if you do it the proper way.
Superior if you think you are likely to enter a mongolian horseback chase. You can just pull the arrows straight out.

File: IMG_9554.jpg (2.23 MB, 4032x3024)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
Hey /out/,

I've got Mardi Gras break coming up in about a month, and I want to go /out/ with my Hound. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback (male).

I know all of the basics (clean up dog shit, dont let the dog just run around like a fuck off leash)

My only questions are:
>does anyone ever go /out/ with their hounds?
>any recommendations on making it best experience?
>how do I provision carry weight for dog food & water for dog?

I think my goal is going to be just a few day (1-2) solo and on a primitive site. I live in Louisiana so Kistachie Nat'l forest could be an option. I also was hoping to bring a rifle with me and maybe a pistol but I am not sure yet. Maybe bring my .22, I dont think ill bring my .308 or AR.

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One of my friends has the same problem. He attempted to have it professionally trained but they told him it got a double dose of stupid.
yeah it sucks, oh well maybe someday......
File: dawg.png (780 KB, 568x956)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
Cocker spaniel and 45-70 in the snow.

Make sure you tire the dog out each day so he doesnt want to wander off when you are busy
Get him some kind of dog vest in orange or something so if he gets lost, he can be easily spotted and a hunter won't accidentally shoot him.
Dog clothes are definitely a thing. I got my dog a fleece lined sweater for the cold days this winter because he has a thin coat. Most are made for tiny dogs, and the ones made for large dogs are made for like labs and retrievers so if you have a barrel chested dog(mine's a pit bull) you may either have to order a size up and modify it yourself, though I found a brand that works for my dog. He hasn't ruined his Christmas sweater at all, besides tearing the pompom off. They also make proper thick dog jackets, but it doesn't get cold enough here that I feel like he needs one.

File: 1467564750069.jpg (512 KB, 1280x960)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
Any suggestions on lightweight padding for tents? I know I could google it but I'd like some discussion on the topic. I tend to steer toward drier desert climates whenever I go /out/ so hammock type set-ups won't really be ideal plus lately I've been going out with my gf a lot more so hopefully she'll become more interesting.

Lately we've just been bringing a couple of heavy throw blankets but we've been going more and more into the desert so walking a fair bit of steps up to the campsite with a bunch of heavy blankets won't be ideal as we get more adventurous.
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>implying slightly androgynous tomboys aren’t my fetish
anon you may be a faggot tbqh senpai.
If wanting to bang spunky short-haired pixies is gay, then I don’t want to be straight.
Would doing a sack touching dp with her make you gay? 'Cause, hey cuz!
Don't bring an umbrella

What do you guys carry for trips into the backcountry?

I’m building my own outdoor first aid kit to carry in my pack. I’m trained as a medic and I tried making a list, but it ended up being like half an aid bag, which is obviously more crap then I’m realistically going to need. How much is too much?
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And when you have dirt ground into your wound? Enjoy your infection.
i've made it this long. i expect i'll live through a couple more dirty cuts.
itll hurt but you could try pissing on it
>Paper Towels
I pack a white bandana instead. Multi-use and reusable.

>Wound wash
Unnecessary most of the time. Bleeding irrigates the wound, and as we've stated a FAK should get you to the hospital. Your focus should be on stemming the bleeding, let the doctors worry about infection.

>inb4 what if you can't get to a doctor
You should know the availability of medical help at the location you wish to travel. If there won't be a doctor around for a few days, plan accordingly.
>you could try pissing on it
I wouldn't. Urine isn't sterile despite what you've been told.


File: 1512368752205.png (29 KB, 261x195)
29 KB
Secret Santa 2017: Epilogue

Keep reporting in anons, post pics of your gifts and wishlists. Many anons' gifts are still on the way. If anyone wants to late gift please do. Be sure to check the last thread for wishlists that have not been bought for.

Last Thread (hit bump limit: >>1151311

Alrighty everyone, post your Amazon/etc wishlists and let's do this! Please be reasonable and fill your list with lots of inexpensive gear so anons can afford to gift a few people. Expensive gear is fine too but don't get your hopes up.

Also try to pay attention as the month goes on and try to gift anons that haven't been gifted yet.

Honor system, do as you please. Be nice.
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File: IMGP2131.jpg (413 KB, 1355x2048)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Yeah that should work nicely. It'll be a nice contrast using an omni/cardioid for MS compared with the shotgun's narrow MS pickup.

I got a pic related for myself. Mini dual shotgun. It's so fucking nice, such a perfect solution for what I want in small-scale stereo recording. I love my spaced omni rig for ambience but with this little dual shotty I can record tiny things up close and it'll reject all the ambience and make it sound like you're immersed just in the little world in front of the mic. So much fun, and Sennheiser doesn't cut corners with their R&D.
I would if I was with a group of 10 people.
File deleted.
Small bonus gift arrived this afternoon. Thanks Anon, I will sew it on to my meme pack
File: Untitled3.jpg (2.35 MB, 2352x3136)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
Woops fixed the pic
Im the anon from germany, I got some people something, I hope everything arrived safe and sound. Still got nothing though...

.de 19J7YSNR0BOH

>military guys go all day walking nonstop in these things
that means these must be good for hiking r-right?
t. got some for Christmas
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They are very comfortable once you break them in, Good for extremely wet countries. Make sure you get the real ones and make sure they have the panama sole. The lack of ankle support can be a problem for lots of people however, I wore them for a solid 6 years and loved ever second of it until I eventually smashed my ankle and ligaments due to the lack of any support at all.
Second or thirding Magnums. Tried a few of the other army meme boots but they blow them away in terms of comfort and durability.

I wore Magnums for about six months and the first sole fell off. I put it back on with some glue, and then the second sole fell off. From what I hear too, Magnums are actually pretty bad. 5.11 are what I have now and I have to say, much better shoes.

Don't get Magnums, they have a reputation for falling apart. Comfortable, yes. Durable, no.
>implying those will keep their color.
At least black ones can be shined to look new.
It's called a hog brush and soap. You wear them scrub until you get all the crap out of them, and walk them dry. They will look basically new, but a shade darker.

File: IMG_5813.jpg (139 KB, 2100x1386)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
What happened to homeless general. Been a while since I've been back here as my /out/ relating activities (fishing) has died off due to circumstances. I used to enjoy lurking the homeless thread as I live in a van and sometimes would get some good tips. I saw it bred a lot of hate and some homeless fags were being somewhat insufferable though. So what happened? Was it purged or did they all just die? Am I the last living homeless guy?
313 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
We get the odd shitposter in the thread who consider anyone not living in a 4 bedroom house to be homeless hippie scum.
File: 1511542212259.jpg (171 KB, 898x1177)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
i miss the guy who was posting these pictures, i want to hear his folk punk!
>A dog can't indicate shit.

border patrol took my weed once
I was road tripping and then pull over after a while to smoke a joint and walk around. after about half an hour I get back on the freeway and within a minute/mile away I'm at an immigration checkpoint
"so what were you doing back there?"
"looking at my phone"
"do you have anything in here were looking for?"
"why is our dog barking at your car then? , can we search it?"
"can I decline you're request for a search"
"you can but our dog signaled that we should search you so we will anyways"
"okay go ahead... FYI i have a little bit of pot of there,"
~they find the pot within seconds~
"well sir, this is a federal checkpoint and pot is federally illegal so we're going to confiscate this and destroy it, you can be on your way now"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: rsz_img_20160412_232814.jpg (119 KB, 581x1033)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
drop me a line man i'll email you what im working on
What the fuck

File: download.jpg (131 KB, 622x505)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Should I shit in my shoe in a cold survival situation to keep body heat material close by?. Would there be a better thing to to with such a resourse
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
serious question

anyway to be resourceful with poo?
I keep mine in a plastic bag to fling at any normies that venture too close
You can use your shit as fertilizer
It's actually better to smear the poo on your face for a tactical camouflage advantage
This is actually really dangerous, it's better to use animal shit as human shit can contain parasite's we're vulnerable to. Just look at that North Korean defector who had those massive worms in his gut -- that's from human shit being used in your food.

I just stumbled upon paramotors yesterday on youtube and watched a bunch of videos about them. You strap this gasoline powered fan to your back connected to a parachute and you can fly through the sky at speeds up to 60mph.

I've done some research and you can buy them for under 10k. You, anybody, can go flying for under $10,000. That's fucking nuts! I definitely want to get into doing this.

Check this out:
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How much weight can these support? I’d think an average weight man could fly with a normal light-ish weight camping kit. Has anyone here ever flown one out to a remote campsite?
Think paramotors are cool? Check this shit out. http://www.vortechonline.com/b1920/ Fuck paying 10k, fly for a grand!
Nigga ain't nobody building that shit.
Not my fault if>>1183529
you're a lazy faggot.

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 281x179)
11 KB
I originally asked this on /b/ about ten minutes ago but I mostly got questions about deer pussy. Anyone interested?
37 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why would you do this as a profession?
File: 1487978683960.jpg (16 KB, 500x294)
16 KB
Don't you love it when a deer is gutshot?
File: IMG_20171210_180231.png (791 KB, 1080x820)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
Do you guys fuck the deer's served head amd ass after you got you nuts off by shooting it and inflicting massive pain and fear into what is essentially an over grown rabbit? Due to the fact that you feel so little in your day to day lives and this is the only way you ever get to feel dominant since no woman in this day and age would stick around to let you take out your insecurities on her to feel masculine when in fact you aren't and never will be?
Great thread OP, 40 replies and zero responses, go fuck yourself. Sage.

What does /out/ think of putees? They were used in WW1 in place of gaiters with the added bonus of ankle support. I never hear about any hikers/hunters wearing them and there’s very little discussion surrounding them.
66 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Spend a few continuous weeks in the desert and then get back to me about keeping sand/scrub/dust out of your boots and socks without gaiters.
They keep my socks clean from sand/scrub brush when hiking in the desert. Make your feet slightly sweatier because heat funnels up your leg but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Useful in snow too as others have listed. I generally use them any time on trail when conditions call for mud, grime, etc. I can go for much longer on 2 pairs of socks because the socks just need to dry out at night from sweat, instead of needing to have thorns, seeds, dust, etc washed out of them
A tight sealing gaiter on a boot can also let you ford a shallow stream without soaking/filling your boots with water of you step swiftly
As a viking reenactor I have to say that nobody tablet weaves winingas. They just buy wool fabric, cut it to length, and sew borders so the fabric doesn't fray.

Also, there are many ways to wear winingas but they tend to work best when paired with wool pants since they tend to "stick" better to other wool fabric. If you tie them wrong they can cut off circulation just as easily as wet putees desu.

That said, they do look cool and they're not exactly hard to make yourself if you have basic sewing knowledge.

Honestly, though... probably best to keep winingas to reenactment kit.
To clarify, tablet weaving is for belts or trim for clothes. The belts are arguably a reenactorism and not historically correct.

File: 0117181615e.jpg (69 KB, 800x600)
69 KB
It's snowing in some parts of Eastern NC today.

Are you enjoying the weather? What are you doing?

I've been out playing with my dog
pos other pic of dog
File: 033.jpg (3.63 MB, 3456x2592)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG
Snow pup thread?
That is one ugly dog!

You'd better leash it or be ready to have it pepper sprayed.

File: Untitled.jpg (84 KB, 705x559)
84 KB
How do you preserve your food? Either for long treks, or for months at home without refrigeration.

Success and failure stories welcome.
Plastic bag + rope + creek

If the water is below 50 degrees itll keep for a while
Dehydrator was a big step up for me, making jerky and dried sauces for pastas and bannock.

If I had to go full retard on a food system, I'd drop a grand or two on a vacuum sealer for mylar retort pouches and a pressure canner so I could put virtually anything into a pouch and make it shelf stable for ever. I dream of such a system.

Also for anyone who wants to know, there's 2 components to botulism, there's spores and toxins. The spores are everywhere, and the toxin they produce when they eat your food is what poisons you. Cooking the toxins denatured them and makes it safe, but it's why you need a pressure canner to kill the spores so the food is truly sterile and can be eaten without cooking.

File: 1501668865947.jpg (38 KB, 667x720)
38 KB
Do you go out by yourself or do you bring friends?
nevermind. dumb frog poster who was too shitty for another board killed it.

File: fukuoka.jpg (19 KB, 264x353)
19 KB
Hey /out/
I would like to ask for your advice, situation is the following:
I graduated a week ago, so now i have a degree in horticulture. My long term goal is to save up enough money to buy a 1,5-2 ha land in my home country (Eastern Europe region) where I can set up a smallscale organic farm. To achieve this, i have to get a job and grind first. I would like to work in my field, but i can not make money out of that around here. So I'm thinking about going west for a couple of years, to get my hands dirty with some full-time or seasonal farm/outdoors work. Any help is appreciated, point me to forums, share your experience, tips, stories. I'm really desperate here.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
OP here
I do not know about the laws in the US concerning agricultural-land ownership. If it is a requirement to have a degree to buy land, go for it. If you plan to chase a career in agronomy at big companies, go for it. If your plans are to go small scale and organic, getting a degree would be a waste of time in my opinion. You have to learn way too much shit in areas useless for your cause like marketing, economy, industrial-scale crop production (think monsanto-style methodology), a ludicrous amount of raw and potentially useless data (this happened with me in courses of ornamental plant-production mostly), etc. All in all about 2/3 of the stuff I have learned would only be useful if I planned to chase a job in some super specified area, and half of that will be outdated in, say, 5 years if not less. Hands-on experience was way too scarce as well, most of the 3,5 years was classroom stuff. Needless to say this is not a field you can become an expert of in a classroom. Also, organic farming was a specification, in the base curriculum it is barely mentioned.
Bare in mind I know nothing about how this goes down in the U.S.. If it is somewhat similar, I would say it is a waste of time considering your goals. Getting real-life experience at full- and small scale organic farms, learning about organic production in the means of self-education and saving up some money to fund your future farm-projet would be the way to go.
File: westland-kassen.jpg (154 KB, 1024x687)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Yes, the dutch are the autistic geniuses of the greenhouse-industry. I'm already looking for job opportunities there. I have some moral dilemmas tho, as I think that kind of agricultural practice is the very basis of the first worlds overconsumption, and a prime example of technological insanity. None the less, I do not really have the option of sorting things out on a strict moral basis right now, so I go wherever I get a chance to go to.
I'm gonna derail this thread.

I'm studying electrical engineering technology, what's a quality /out/ job i can get? I live in Canada btw.
>hear stories of people changing massive resistors in the middle of nowhere from helicopters for distribution purposes
You need to put in hundreds of hours before anyone will even refer you to that kind of work. Get busy, boyo.
3.8-4.9 acres is not alot of land. I'd look for 10-12 if it was me. Never know if the land prices will skyrocket.

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