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Displaying 39 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1119012Would this hike be possible in the warm months?[View]
1118547Decent places in Southern california: 909 over here im was wondering if you guys know any good place…[View]
1117836Woods: Alright, /out/, first time posting here I'm planning to go to this pace near my house an…[View]
1119727Camp saws, axes and general wood cutty things: Kia ora fellow /out/ists! Just picked me up this kome…[View]
1117280This baby popped up for me out of some spread compost, to honour its spring I want to grow it but th…[View]
1112066Backpacking: What up bros. Really interested and enjoy hiking. I live in central Kentucky and hiking…[View]
1091158QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deseve their own thread Didn't see one in the catalog so I f…[View]
1118935Found this in my north eastern Georgia back yard. Wholly intact, haven't touched it yet. Three …[View]
1119532How can I increase my backpack carry weight?[View]
1119445/out shopping/: Newbie here, where should I order budget /out/ gear in the UK?[View]
1117141Hiking in Wyoming: Has anybody hiked in Wyoming? I find the state fascinating because of how desola…[View]
1117966Survival saw: I found an old trail and was cleaning it up a bit with a Coghlans saw. It was to small…[View]
1119322Went out hunting today, looking for some row deer. These fuckers were intense, I haven`t experience…[View]
1119352Horace Kephart Appreciation Thread: 'Provide with thine own arm, said the wilderness, against frost …[View]
1117754Homesteading general: What is your opinion about homesteading? Does the interest dies down once you …[View]
1111523That's not a real knife.: Are you a knifelet?[View]
1112438What alcohol do you like to bring along when you go /out/? Friendly reminder you aren't a hunt…[View]
1114553FIrst hunt: Hey guys. Just got tags for hunting this year (Northern NY). Friends have offered plenty…[View]
1117037'Stealth Camping': Anyone go camping in a non designated camping area? What was it like? Did you get…[View]
1118431Can anyone tell me what kind of plant this looks like, I know it's either a vegetable or herb b…[View]
1118424Reviving Garden Questions: Hello, OUT first time posting and recently stopped playing them goddam vi…[View]
1117339I'm going to be starting my very first landscaping job soon. Any advice?[View]
1118348Ice fishing: Any of you anons go ice fishing? I'm starting to develop quite the interest in fis…[View]
1096624Post /out/ gear that makes your dick hard. Even if you'd never buy it. >vehicles >guns a…[View]
1113879Doing the Continental Divide Trail next year, so I need a good 1 person tent that’s light, but prefe…[View]
1118972Beach Cruisers: I’m looking to get a beach cruiser for the first time and idk what to look at when g…[View]
1118890Hiking In Southern California: Hi all, So I love the outdoors and hiking but most of my friends are …[View]
1118827Greenhouse growing: Surely some of you fags have greenhouses? What do you grow in the winter? Here…[View]
1109183Geocaching: The official thread for all geocaching-related activities Share your profile, write abou…[View]
1116837Australian innabush general: Getting into camping for the first time since scouts and family shit, b…[View]
1118496Hey /out/ tomorrow I am going deer hunting. I set up a blind and some feeders near a trail I assume …[View]
1118687Angeles National Forest, sneak in through Cobbs Estate?: Any Los Angeles /out/ anons, I have a quest…[View]
1111724What the fuck is this What is the purpose? The moment you start digging you fuck up the edge How do …[View]
1116351Why we never see canyoneering threads on /out/? I don't do it myself but seems pretty neat.[View]
1118300Keith / Heavy Cover Titanium Canteen: So I just got myself one of these memenium canteen sets. I…[View]
1114441Anyone else hike in shoes like these? Also, I'm looking for new hiking shoes with interior dime…[View]
1118328What is /out/'s view on Tibet?[View]
1117519>High of 87F today I want this Indian Summer to end. Please get colder so I can wear comfy long s…[View]
1117169Maybe a more /tg/ or /diy/ thread but do you make anything 'primitive' yourself? Bows, wea…[View]

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