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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 50 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1361421How do I find an /out/gf so I don’t have to go backcountry alone[View]
1354878Name a worse state for /out/ings[View]
1361512Sand sculptures: Does anyone have tips for us regarding sand sculptures. What are the basics? Where …[View]
1360850How is Snugpak gear rated on here? The reviews and the prices seem right, and I'd like my own …[View]
1359336Do they still roam the Ungava peninsula?[View]
1352764The real reason we go innawoods: ITT escaping the constant drone of women[View]
1358496what are you sleeping on when /out/? Comfy setup pics are very much welcome[View]
1360773Winter Goggles: What sort of eye protection does /out/ wear when it gets cold? Any preferences for s…[View]
1358708Redpill me on /homesteading/, bros. What’s the best place in the lower 48 to buy some land today?[View]
1360679could use a hand IDing these please. pic related. thx.[View]
1360211Is hunting Africa a valid /out/ experience? It is quite expensive. How do you even decide what dead …[View]
1355772Going /out/ Need a knife.: Gunna start backpacking. All I need now is a knife. Looking for something…[View]
1355712So which team are you on /out/?[View]
1360470defense against animals when /out/: I just read this article about the necessity of carrying a gun w…[View]
1359171Bear Stories: I live in a tent and work to save money. Came home to this one day. I will post more o…[View]
1358134How am I supposed to deal with these flying assholes? I can't even have 10 seconds of peace as …[View]
1358406/BTG/ Hey guys, so I've been working out a route for my month long bicycle tour of Japan and th…[View]
1359907Dispatching dangerous animals: Hey /out/, I was told to post this here. What is the best way, beside…[View]
1359628What is the best place to buy land in Colorado? I just want like five flat acres with water rights. …[View]
1354409/Mojave/: Can we have a mojave desert? The Joshua Tree/Yucca Valley region is incredible and the bes…[View]
1360945Kway Kway[View]
1360548At what point are pack llamas necessary when you’re /out/ Besides packing out game[View]
1359877Conservation officer: Not sure what board to post this on so its up to you lads. Im really working t…[View]
1352353gorka suits: Has anyone tried gorka suits for fall and winter camping? What did you think of it. Ho…[View]
1354027Which one should I move to? >inb4 fuck off we’re full[View]
1360314tfw keep eating bug out rations: >pack away delicious MREs and survival rations >cant resist e…[View]
1360768Has anyone tried these? I've heard good things about their clodhopper boots but didn't kno…[View]
1349178What's your favorite jacket to wear /out/? For me, it's the good ol green M65.[View]
1359458Underground Man Cave: My bros and I have a plan. We are going to dig a a hole from which will we the…[View]
1360236How to avoid conflict with these satanic beings?: So >be me >take scenic route to work >it …[View]
1359099Hi there /out/, has anyone taken a survival course before? Any recommendations? I've been think…[View]
1360280What do you think about when you are alone out there? Do you talk to yourself?[View]
1359950Solo Backcountry Camping: /out/ in four days I am going solo camping for one night in the mountains …[View]
1353212Homegrowmen Thread #148 Farming and Gardening: Old thread: >>1346896 Search terms: Agriculture…[View]
1360232Why do the mountains give me such strength and clarity, bros[View]
1357891i went mushroom hunting for magical mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, or panaeolus cinctulus. just ba…[View]
1356754Wish i ahd friends to camp together but they all quit in the last moment. Problems of camping in a s…[View]
1356993Summer /out/: Where'd you go this summer? Share your photos and experiences >Old Trail, Tar…[View]
1359724Day hiking lightweight system: >water >snacks >headlamp >sak Are trail running vests a g…[View]
1355002Does anyone enjoy going /out/ for some disc golf?[View]
1358363yuru camp: here is yuru camp hot cooker[View]
1359444First time camping: Hi, /out/. I’m not a noob to outdoors stuff, fishing, hiking, hunting, etc. But,…[View]
1358423Any of you go magnet fishing? Not to many /out/ things to do where I live so I bought a magnet and I…[View]
1356962How do I get into the mountainman or longhunter community? I'm interested in the historical ree…[View]
1358478How to build a cabin: Does anybody have any resources for me to learn how to build a cabin? Books, w…[View]
1359927Help what type of plant is this? It looks like a stump but i dont know the name of it[View]
1359320Valuables protection when camping or hunting: How do you guys protect your valuables when Hunting/ca…[View]
1359326Coleman tent?: Im an eagle scout who still goes camping about once a month. Im not doing to much rug…[View]
1359306White mountains thread? Anyone done it?[View]
1359011Would I be warmer or colder if I put my inflatable mattress inside my sleeping bag?[View]

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