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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 50 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1386623Ax0rz thred: Batonny chop chop no good. What does out use to get firewood? A full-size axe is nice i…[View]
1397322I would like to start growing potatoes indoors in low or no light environments, specifically in lock…[View]
1396234Anyone else afraid to walk bare feet on the beach because someone might have buried razors? to walk…[View]
1386359which state has the most disgusting beach?[View]
1397240Moving Out - Need Road Atlas Recommendation: Well anons, I've reached the point in life where i…[View]
1394993I'm looking for MREs for a Youtube video I've had in mind. I live in Canada and these are …[View]
1394447is this a meme tool? i just weekend camp but i want to be able to make hot meals without a a big fir…[View]
1389726purifying water is a meme, yes? I've been drinking from tons of streams, creeks and lakes and n…[View]
1387374Bike Touring: Does anyone enjoy bike touring? Share stories trips, bikes whatever! Heres my bike I b…[View]
1397070~Outdoor Gear Definitive Power Rankings~ Real Nigga tier: >Quechua City fag crisis who only goes …[View]
1396667Kentucky /out/ism: KY anon here, anyone know of any good lowkey outdoors spots for hiking, exploring…[View]
1393008How can I be a wizard like John Muir[View]
1392111What was your last out meal Recipe Bacon Sausage Chopped cactus (had to improvise) Mushrooms Po…[View]
1392885So its like this /out/; leafanon here, planning a trip to australia with a good buddy of mine in the…[View]
1393743can anyone tell me what mushrooms these are? I'm thinking maybe honey mushrooms but not sure. t…[View]
1387089diggy diggy hole: a propper entrenching tool is more valuable then an axe, a saw and a knife prove m…[View]
1384165Home Medical kit: What should i buy for my medical kit?[View]
1393635Shroom: Does somebody know what kind of shroom this is? It is growing in my Container[View]
1384484Post good /out/ books. >literature >fantasy >guides >manuals Anything goes as long …[View]
1395742>2018 >Climbing mountainlets Seriously /out/?…[View]
1396300Farm hand as a student job: Can someone give me the redpill on being a working hand on a farm as a s…[View]
1396811Hey /out/ people, i’m looking to do urbex. Do you have any tips, tricks or material that I can use. …[View]
1396550Wildlife conservation: In your opinion, what is the single greatest threat to wildlife cones efforts…[View]
1394892Best gloves for shooting & hunting? I have some neoprene-ish gloves with dexent dexterity but my…[View]
1394719Wearing training pants when /out/?: Someone gave me these training pants as a gift. All my other pan…[View]
1394056What power bank do your recommend form /out/: I've got my eyes on these two: Anker PowerCore+ M…[View]
1391180Best mountain range views.: Mountain range thread! Where are the best places to hike? (Pic is Mt. Ka…[View]
1395291I found and old austrian short sword. Scales and guard are long gone but the blade is still sound wi…[View]
1396271Outdoor pocketknives: List good pocket knives for food prep, whittling, and easy maintenance while o…[View]
1392750Watches: I just bought this GD-100-1BER. No compass, no gps, no barometer, only the essential, but m…[View]
1392132Anyone ever go scuba diving? Seems pretty cool. I'm listening to a audio book about it now.[View]
1392232Hi /out/, I will buy a new car soon. I really like the look of the classic Uaz 4x4 van. I am in Euro…[View]
1383636Hunting Trips: ITT: Post your experiences with hunting trips or hunting lodges. I haven't hunt…[View]
1391746Will he make it? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6349769/British-soldier-attempt-person-cro…[View]
1385911Are rain jackets a meme? All the praise I see for Gore-Tex feels like it's paid advertising and…[View]
1393083WA SHTF: Best places to go in western WA when the police start confiscating weapons?[View]
1394774Just climbed up mount San jacinto yesterday to the peak it was gorgeous 10/10 would do again. You fe…[View]
1394236European dear skull mount: Calling all hunters and sick fucks that play with dead animals what is th…[View]
1394200>Not friends to go on an /out/venture with[View]
1395180metal dedectors: any dedectorist fags here? i want to buy me such a thing, what should i get? i wann…[View]
1395793Currently stuck in a paddock that just got flooded near Broken Hill Australia, I drove in an overgro…[View]
1391060Trapper hat/ushanka thoughts: Thoughts on this hat? https://www.mackspw.com/Jacob-Ash-Hot-Shot-Boys-…[View]
1395946why stupid normies trying to eat anything ? and then die here on /out/ ?!? literally every shroom …[View]
1396897Is there a gas or electric burner that would be good for the kitchen? I use my (gas) stovetop very i…[View]
1395582Pray for our sweet lionesses: http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-california-fires-woolsey…[View]
1387456Nude hiking/nudism: Anyone here ever been on a nude hike or like to do any other outdoors activities…[View]
1394945Anyone ever had the urge to do the Mccandless?[View]
1395759CAIRNS: What do you think about cairns?[View]
1395828Looking for trails to either backpack over a weekend or day trail run. I've done many in the NC…[View]
1394507Any Aussie's know any good hiking spots around the toowoomba/gatton area, mostly what I can fin…[View]

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