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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 39 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1292484How the fuck do I get better at hiking uphill? I know it's a function of cardiovascular capacit…[View]
1294796hating tourists, can anyone else relate?: >be me >live in south coast of autralia most of my l…[View]
1294659What animal's scat is this?[View]
1286367YouTube: Who are your favourites? BC Bushcraft and Far North Bushcraft And Survival are a couple of…[View]
1297250I have always had this weird fascination with the idea of owning a shit ton of random land. I see th…[View]
1290260I live in Colorado and every week I'm out in the woods no matter if its rain, shine or snow I…[View]
1294380Moving to Alaska. What do?[View]
1295699Shenandoah and Hiking: Hello /out/ anons! My dad and I, along with my best friend and brother, are …[View]
1296017Hey /out/ been a while. I have a question about the identification of a tool. I was told it was for …[View]
1295742Knives: Higonokami Nagao Kanekoma, Aogami. HKI-100Black https://youtu.be/HfIXI14JwZg[View]
1293966Achilles tendon injury: So I thought about putting this in /fit/ or something but I think /out/ards …[View]
1289993>Be in my late 20's >Have no one to do outdoors stuff with because all of my friends don…[View]
1294493>have a week off soon Where can I go near Dallas, Texas for a full week and just live outside alo…[View]
1293319Blanket thread: Is there anything better than a woobie? For weight, price, comfort, and warmth, I ca…[View]
1295121Bows and sheit: Whats a good and affordable bow for a bugout/survival kit[View]
1296541A List of NYC’s Natural Areas: - Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge - Fort Tilden - Rockaway Community Park…[View]
1293153Chillax double: Costco has the chillax double hammock on sale for 29 bucks. Is a double too big if i…[View]
1295997Elevation: Let's talk elevation. I used to think a hike with an elevation of 1000ft was tough …[View]
1292694Great outdoorsmen from your neighbourhood: One of the most unknown but badass outdoorsman comes from…[View]
1296092Is Reinhold Messner the GOAT mountain climber?[View]
1293508Homegrowmen Thread #131 Farming and Gardening: Old thread: Search terms: Agriculture - Permaculture…[View]
1288157Caldwell, Honnold Break 2-Hour Speed Record on ‘The Nose’: >1 hour, 58 minutes, 7 seconds. The bi…[View]
1294910I’m dyspraxic and scared shitless at the prospect of pitching a tent on my own/not embarrassing myse…[View]
1293700Fishing & Tackle Thread: #234-“The Fever” Edition Previous Thread: >>1289764 Thinking abou…[View]
1296161ITT: /out/ heroes and inspirations Popcorn Sutton reminds me of my kin that lived in the mountains …[View]
1293242Thinking about getting pic related does anyone own one or used one? How do they hold up?[View]
1295086Anyone got scans of a map of Grand Staircase that has trails on it? General scans of maps are apprec…[View]
1295730Florida: SE Florida anon here. I want to get into /out/ activities. I have some basic gear and want …[View]
1295475Dyatlov Pass incident: What exactly happened here? >inb4 >>>/x/ This is outdoors related…[View]
1294536Anyone else summit Mount Katahdin? Story time![View]
1295858if I dial 911 in the wilderness of coloradon in an area with no cell Reception, will it connect? via…[View]
1294431how 'normal' is naked hiking, and how legal? apparently its not illegal in uk if its not t…[View]
1295008Can someone ID these berries?[View]
1295320Florida: Ok /out/ I live in Florida, close to the Alabama state line? Anyone else from here? What…[View]
1295112Currently /out/: 12 miles /out/, not a soul around. Just finished lunch. What do? I've got a bo…[View]
1295088What’s the longest hike you guys have ever been on? Pic related is mine[View]
1290505how does everyone feel about carrying a .22lr wheelgun while /out/?[View]
1291815so /out/, is it true that smiles > miles ?[View]
1294102Why do you hike anon? >know every single crook and cranny in the local forest >take someone on…[View]

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