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45257791Was I memed? Anon posted that it's a good breakfast but it's SO fatty (I've also adde…[View]
45262181I work for some start up where like 5/6 of the founders are women and they are actually hot. How do …[View]
45268248Is calisthenics a reasonable way to achieve ottermode?[View]
45269960If it's late in the day and you meant to lift, do you sleep to get the proper 6-9 hours or do y…[View]
45268243So I started lifting seriously about 2 months ago and I noticed I have this problem. Before I starte…[View]
45267832I want to go to the gym everyday and generally go 6 days a week, but I've heard people say I sh…[View]
45263685ITT: body goals[View]
45258541what will happen to him now he's vegan?[View]
45269214'If youre a shredded sick cunt you can get away with anything brah'- Zyzz[View]
45249154/fit/ anime: What are some /fit/ approved anime? Obviously pic related[View]
45267023The 30-60 minute window to drink whey after a workout- fact or fiction?[View]
45269828>Have been lifting for two years >Still skinnyfat…[View]
45264097Im feeling sick af, got a runny nose and a sore throat. Should I still go to the gym? Im not coughin…[View]
45269516What FUCK just happened to me? >challenged myself to run for 20min >completed second lap >f…[View]
45268807fitbit api: our company gave us fitbits for some challenge. i was using it for a bit, but then just …[View]
45254926/fat/ - running out of wojacks edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better them…[View]
45269238Pain: Hey /fit/ skinny fag here I need your help. I strained my wrist about 2 months ago and I thoug…[View]
45269513I ate 10 medium-sized tacos with sour cream for dinner and i'm on a 'clean bulk'. Supposed to b…[View]
45269637guys please don't bully but i have a question about squatting i'm finally at lmao2pl8 squa…[View]
45269372New Discord server. Link is: 9EHbKAx Fatty General is for those looking for motivation in helping to…[View]
45269554So I juiced a red onion and applied it to my hair today as I heard it regrows hair. Let it sit for 2…[View]
45269413Healthy food on a diet: I've recently become very health conscious about my diet because of how…[View]
45268348Manlet hate thread: >Gym started catering to manlets Alright, which one of you halfmen infiltrate…[View]
45269440Me from two years ago was based as fuck. >'Don't complain about not getting gains if you fai…[View]
45263753post your weighted dips and pull-ups: Age, weight, years under the bar. 18, 160, 135x5 dips, 70x5 pu…[View]
45268050What are some workouts/movements i can do if all I have access to to work out is a forest in my back…[View]
45269414Husky Boys: How do I achieve the /lean/ body within two months?[View]
45269436>Oh, you're getting /fit/ and using online dating sites? It would be a shame if something ha…[View]
45266628What mode am I and how do I fix this?[View]
45261756How hard is going down from 12% to 10% bodyfat?[View]
45269459I never knew chlorine could fuck with tour urinary tract until I read this forum post. The question …[View]
45269458>mfw I ate well over 5000 calories today >tfw not even a fatty…[View]
45266331Why are sardines so DAMN GOOD!?[View]
45267494How to fight: Bros, I wanna get buff. I wanna be a tough guy. But I don’t like being mean. I have lo…[View]
45269389>tfw skelly but still unable to do a single real pullup Honestly it's humiliating to not be …[View]
45264671>putting coconut oil and butter into your coffee For what purpose?[View]
45269279How to fix and maintain sleeping pattern with no daily structure besides gym? (Currently job seeking…[View]
45264494Warm up/Motivation music: Post em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cwvQRc5hw0 >anime Is hype tho…[View]
45264103Hey fit, what does peak natty look like? Provide pics please.[View]
45268327How do you respond /fit/?: >'so anon you've been doing this... 'Starting Strenght' for 8 mon…[View]
45268567I see posting about raising test levels, is the female equivalence estrogen and could a woman raise …[View]
45266280Isn't it ironic that most amateur fighting champions don't lift any weight? The KINGS are …[View]
45268236Will I make it /fit/? Been at it for about a 11 months went from 130 lb to 160, (I'm 5'11)…[View]
45268369>that time of the year to start cutting >Walking into the gym >Recepcionist 'hey anon, are …[View]
45268687Crossfit 18.5: Who is doing it? Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of: 3 thrusters 3 che…[View]
45269101Alright bros, I’m fuckin fat.[View]
45266832Guess my weight. I’m 6 feet tall I was 270 a year ago[View]
45267767Ass Thread: Do females care about what a guy's ass looks like? Are bulgarian split squats real…[View]
45266887>people will argue that this is a steroid body[View]
45267295>starts keto[View]
45264674>Strength = size[View]
45268964Clind Steben: How do we make Clint /Fit/ ? He's already no gf https://www.instagram.com/p/BSb5s…[View]
45261178Why do so many bodybuilders die of heart attacks? An enlarged heart is not something that kills you,…[View]
45267105Can I get abbs by looking at my body fat?: I've never tried, but heard that you need around 11%…[View]
45268850I need to gain as much hypertrophy in the next month as possible. What do I do?[View]
45268198Does anyone have the PDF?[View]
45268095PTs: Why are commercial gym PTs so weak in general? They seem to always get clients to do meme exerc…[View]
45266903How do I get motivated /fit/? I'm 6'1 235 lbs. Want to get down to 190ish Where do you go …[View]
45268565Vertical Jumps: I just tested my vertical jump and could only make it 20 inches. Can I make gains or…[View]
45268726How fast should I expect to gain strength from hypertrophy or strength training if I'm eating a…[View]
45267063How do you become a better, more likeable person, /fit/?[View]
45255316Fucking bullshit ads: Can we have a thread for fit related bullshit advertisements & products?…[View]
45268214Here's a fun fact for you all. If you haven't done SS to get your squat up to at least 31…[View]
45267007>Fasted for one day and lost 4 kgs (8 pounds) Lmaoing at fatlets, i never knew cutting was this e…[View]
45267746Guess my bodyfat percentage[View]
45268213Seeing as fluids are more easily absorbed through the butt, wouldn't gay, unprotected sex be a …[View]
45267002>take testosterone supplements as experiment >'wow this is amazing' >making good …[View]
45266869DAILY REMINDER TO START A MARTIAL ART: https://youtu.be/fwDBXMMHyoI (turn on subs) If you're no…[View]
45267970I have a confession, /fit/. I think I might be high test. I show all the symptoms. >Highly confro…[View]
45267830Question for you guys. I've been boxing for 3 years and last September started Muay Thai and to…[View]
45266763Meme lifting no progress edition - Advice thread: Hi Started lifting in sept 17' till now with …[View]
45260425FPH Thread[View]
45260597How do I get bigger forearms? I started lifting late November of last year and have noticed mild gai…[View]
45266977Gaining weight?: Hi /fit/, I'm really skinny and was wondering if there's any way I could …[View]
45267614Newfag here What are some good exercises to do for chest and pecs? I don't have access to gym e…[View]
45267822neck training: just wondering what the /fit? consensus on neck training is. Tryina not end up on wor…[View]
45258169Where you at boys.: Always curious who browses /fit/ from my gym >Vesterport…[View]
45267204Does having sex before I workout kill my gains?[View]
45266103>that guy who still double knots his shoelaces in 2018[View]
45267637I can only do 2 full extension pull ups but I can complete a set of chin ups after that. Will that h…[View]
45255572In an RPG, who's more /fit/, Rogues or Warriors? Wizards/Mages don't count because they…[View]
45266610Gyno thread: Hello boys, Decided to make a change in lifestyle and set av goal to be low bf for the …[View]
45267639>leg day[View]
45267729How do I achieve 'Bachelorette contestant' mode?[View]
45264621This is trending in r/getmotivated. What do you think of it?[View]
45264668My (future) gf wants to get fit, she wants to improve mainly hips, abs and ass. Can anyone help us o…[View]
45262383Why is my shit unflushable?[View]
45262253can someone explain to me whats wrong with big lenny's chest?[View]
45266979What do you eat when you cut? I'm fucking tired of chicken and bananas.[View]
45261674> Be me: Handsome white arab male with a manly beard. 5' 9' 180 lb muscular and lean. > B…[View]
45246933When did you realize that the only thing that matter is your FACE? Lifting is a waste of time[View]
45267341What did they mean by this?[View]
45264405>failed my eye exam at the DMV WHY /fit/ WHY??? WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME THE PAIN OF BEING AN EYELET…[View]
45265285Do you respect women /fit/?[View]
45267477Co-enzyme q10: Anyone taking CO-Q10 for there peyronie's or general penile health?[View]
45267079Protein intake: Im 170 cm tall with 56 kg weight. From what i've learned if i lift i have to ta…[View]
45265158How bad is porn?: I've been trying to quit for 4 years but I always relapse, 23 never had a gf.…[View]
45267354So /fit/ I've been reading a lot about Mike Mentzer's high intensity training and was wond…[View]
45267155How bad are energy drinks?: How bad are energy drinks?[View]
45267239Is Tommy B our guy?[View]
45267220Why haven`t you taken the Boucicautpill yet, /fit/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-bnM5SuQkI[View]
45264142Goal body: I have met this guy in person Trust me this guy was up to his ears in pussy[View]
45266779Day 3 Anavar 75mg ED: I’ve taken other orals before and didn’t feel anything until week two. This is…[View]
45261820The boxing pill: About to pull the trigger and take up boxing 5'9, like 155 lbs. Never been in…[View]
45263743Thoughts on knuckle pushups? I heard it gives you big burly forearms.[View]
45265403>tfw biting off and chewing the calluses on my hands Why is it so irresistible bros?…[View]
45262654Swimming is the best all-around exercise prove me wrong[View]
45266860Pain in the sternum until I put my chest forward and stretch it as hard as I can to the point when i…[View]
45263293Do any of you guys ever use one of these?[View]
45266481>ask big guy if he knew anyone who could give me test e >he says no…[View]
45266055/fit/ questions: >why is hard work important in things i dont care about even if i'm good at…[View]
45266508Is stamina dependent on genetics? I go jogging three times a week, and I've been doing this for…[View]
45265353Motivation thread: I just ate one of these bad bois and now I feel like shit. I feel like I added 20…[View]
45264855What sort of haircut should i get fit?[View]
45266378Help with bodybuilding: Hello /fit/ i regard you guys as really experienced dudes in bodybuilding so…[View]
45264824How much do I have to lift to lift tfwnogf away?[View]
45265366Working out while sick: What do you guys think about working out whilst you have a cold/cough? I hav…[View]
45265980>incline bench press >can't fucking do it properly with 10kg dumbbells >can do it some…[View]
45265321Broke 18 yo who wants to get /fit/ at home. Any tips on how to ease myself into a routine? Will get …[View]
45264440Is this the peak male form?: Not too big, not too small, some body hair to look manly without lookin…[View]
45266219come join the best surviving /fit/ server! https://discord.gg/QCGM2X Lifting, steroids, autism, homo…[View]
45264157Criticism: rate/critique. starting my cut next month. What muscle groups am i neglecting? Am I gonna…[View]
45249391Powerlifting General - /PLG/: For the purpose of becoming stronger, and competing to demonstrate str…[View]
45266384>can't stop thinking of her How long should I lift before the narcissism finally kicks in?…[View]
45264660>Core shit because feel for the 'compounds cover core' meme >Core now playing catch up with re…[View]
45264221How dangerous are steroids?[View]
45266176I forgot how good running for a half hour feels oh my god I love you all.[View]
45265303Gaining strength while losing weight: is it even possible? I've lost over 100lbs and my lifts h…[View]
45265373Reminder that you won’t make it unless you have an intectually stimulating hobby. E.g chess, shogi, …[View]
45263607Tattoo rate thread Just got done with mine Also, what is the best forearm workout?[View]
45264594What does it mean when a girl goes out of her way to workout next to to you[View]
45264826Is replacing every meal with decaff iced coffee a good idea?[View]
45263513What do I have to do to make my body looks like this?[View]
45265937Does he eat vegans?[View]
45265654How do I not binge? Is healthy and tasty food impossible?: >almost nothing in my bank account so …[View]
45262171Is chicken and rice/broccoli a meme?[View]
45261055Alright, guys. I think I'm autistic. I've read the sticky and I just can't figure out…[View]
45265357Is it true that coffee makes you ugly?: Is it true that u age faster and you will look like shit if …[View]
45265742Dairy: In the last couple of months I consumed 5000mg of calcium daily at minimum, all through chees…[View]
45265747heavy bag: buying a heavy bag to put in the garden, im doing muay thai so kicks(low and high). can i…[View]
45265739https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVsrMpK_Oeg How do I achieve his level of confidence[View]
45263027I can't fucking do it any longer. I can't eat any fucking more CHICKEN. Jesus fucking chri…[View]
45260624Do I have low testosterone? 20y I'm shy, insecure, skeleton, awkward, non aggressive, scared of…[View]
45264667So I had 3 cups of coffee a few hours ago. Would it be bad for my heart if I drank a pint?[View]
45262049Dont you hate it when basketball americans hog half the wights in the gym and blast their ghetto mus…[View]
45264779Moving on from Gslp: As the title says I'd like to move on from Gslp since my progress has stal…[View]
45264130Redpill me on SARMS[View]
45263301Squat Stands: Has anyone here used squat stands? I'm looking to get started on the cheap, I got…[View]
45247578FPH - Fat 'People' Hate: CAM OHN[View]
45265203>Be me >DYEL >go to gym to not be a DYEL >I can only bench 1 pl8 >squat>1 pl8 + a …[View]
45264654Is Janosik-type thysique achieveable naturally?[View]
45264847Progress?: I'm bulking since October, it is slow as fuck and my lines are blurring. Cutting was…[View]
45265235If you can snap your own left arm with your own right hand are you super human strong or sub par hum…[View]
45260154NoFap General - /NFG/: This thread is for discussion of NoFap; what you're doing to help keep t…[View]
45254909/sips/ general What are your /sips/ like this week boys?[View]
45265052Got a question fit. I'm close to no longer being a semi skinny fat. Obviously the next step onc…[View]
45262963>6'23 >74,4 kg (164 lbs) i'm going at the gym for a week, now i eat 3000 calories pe…[View]
45262686Over the past 7 years, I've become a fat pile of shit. I'm making this thread primarily as…[View]
45262051Weighted Dips[View]
45262870How do I fucking fix my buttwink?[View]
45264878If you cant do 3 reps with atleast 200kg why do you even lift https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LsIQ…[View]
45263962Hello newfag here What is made it? Make what? What is being made?[View]
45264247Why does the human mind wants to destroy itself?: Seriously It's like you are never satisfied, …[View]
45264295Anyone else feeling like your standards for who or what they would fuck get consistently worse the l…[View]
45259223You do shave your pubes, taint and ass hair, right anon?[View]
45264066Is Cardio for soyboys?[View]
45264689Its not fair[View]
45264306Help a brother out: Cocky nigger in my gym always acting like he is though shit, tips to get bigger …[View]
45262251Did I make it /fit/?: 19 yo , 6 feet (not a manlet), 190 pounds. Results after 1 & 1/2 years on …[View]
45264571Why don't you eat some BIO fruit's peels ?: Such a waste to throw it all to the bin when y…[View]
45263521Anyone tried to count calories of &pizza? https://andpizza.com/documents/andPizza_Nutrition_Fact…[View]
45256260Besides lifting, what are some ways I can make sure I have the highest T levels possible? I know nof…[View]
45262374/fit/ cooking thread: Healthy /fit/ cooking thread. What are some good books that outline diet plans…[View]
45260212Cardio yes or no: I go to the gym four to five times a week. Doing mostly chest, arms, shoulders and…[View]
45263035Since this is the highest test board, i will ask this here. Why am i afraid of men? Like i have no p…[View]
45263986i cannot for the life of me get proper squat form: i have problems both with getting sufficiently lo…[View]
45264322>tfw when you get lunked[View]
45263339Which is the superior greenboi?[View]
45263957David Laid’s DUP program: is it any good?[View]
45262055Beard progress: my 2 year progression, with patches and light growth. Just be patient and it will fi…[View]
45263710Redpill me on DPS: Have seen the name thrown around and ive googled it amd looked at products that u…[View]
45262603Dairy: What's the consensus regarding milk and dairy on /fit/. I drink about 4 cups a day throu…[View]
45263891Good feels thread: >just hit lmao2pl8 diddly >that sense of satisfaction and warm tingly relie…[View]
45264114>lol bunch of random shit for the day Why do people do crossshit again?…[View]
45261725>I miss going to the gym[View]
45264078>leave pork fillet to defrost overnight in fridge >frozen on date of purchase, had many days l…[View]
45252348Wow...... really makes you... think .......[View]
45262105>Being strong and attractive and fucking many women is good anon, but starting a family like I di…[View]
45263278how do i into kiedis mode?[View]
45262751Bulk Powders: I just found this website, what is the consensus on them? I might want to order some L…[View]
45259559advantages of being manlet mode:: #1 muscles are more noticeable because everything else is smaller …[View]
45263965Can we get a /fit/ reading thread? Post some fit related literature[View]
45247331/run/ - Running Thread: Running General Got questions? Get answers. What do you think is the running…[View]
45257653Boogie is already beating your cardio routine what is your excuse?[View]
45263808Daily reminder that training your calves doesn't make you gay[View]
45261749Training every 3 days: Is training simpley training every 3 days the GOAT frequency for long term ga…[View]
45263200>When you look in the mirror one day >You don't recognize the 30 year old man looking bac…[View]
45263259I drank an active yeast culture on a dare. I have fucking awful gas and I crave sweets but I'm …[View]
45259447These are the most important muscles in your body to maintain if you want to avoid injury, especiall…[View]
45261940/adv/ is too gay about muh gf issues and they won't answer anything beside of that but here is …[View]
45263486What does it mean when you get fat boners throughout the day? Time to senpai, or your body is saying…[View]
45260398Does anyone else feel like the stronger, fitter, and more alpha they get, the more they want to have…[View]
45263475me after I take too much preworkout[View]
45261716How bad is energy drink for the brain?: How bad is energy drink for the brain? Is it bad if I use it…[View]
45261708The customs stole my yohimbine i ordered and only got synepherin and coffein for my cutting stack no…[View]
45261577How is this possible?: >bald >manlet >ugly /fit/ told me guys like Statham can't get l…[View]
45263340la creatura...[View]
45262909How does one go about getting nice traps as a nattycuck Pic related, i need to flex my traps like th…[View]
45261616androsta 3,5-diene-7,17-dione: Is it legit? how does it compare to prescription AIs/SERMs?[View]
45260021>Summer is coming What are you supposed to do if no friends?[View]
45262101Any /fit/ people just eat when they’re hungry? I calculated macros and shit years ago no heart to do…[View]
45248626I lack purpose: My life has been messy for a while now. I'm a senior and my hobbies and interes…[View]
45263172Getting back into it, need pointers and advice: I’m 26, 205 lbs at 5’11 and I’ve been sort off off t…[View]
45260572Legs aren't really that important guys, I just want really nice abs you know?[View]
45263117ITT: One way tickets to snap city.[View]
45263126Kinobody Free Programs: How to get programs free: https://youtu.be/weA00-Cf4iQ[View]
45263023>be fat >5'9' 230 pounds of pure fat >dont think I eat that much every day. Really onl…[View]
45260778Manlet hate thread. There's nothing worse than a loud, angry short man overcompensating[View]
45262901You're walking down a pathway wide enough for one on the right and left. You are walki on the l…[View]
45260599is using a belt cheating?[View]
45259309Why would anyone want high test?: I've noticed that we've got a lot of test threads at the…[View]
45262598An anons descent: Hey. I just got rejected for the atleast the 20th time in a row. I can't find…[View]
45261503This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
45257729sprained ankle: any tips to rehab a sprained ankle? tore a few ligaments about a month ago and its s…[View]
45257870Question to fit: Skelly here trying to gain weight. I drink 1L chocolate milk daily, croissants, don…[View]
45242688Let's get one of these going. You know what to do. Rate others'.[View]
45260035Can somebody offer me a clear and tangible role genetics play in sports/lifting? Whenever somebody l…[View]
45261026>be a shut in autistic robot >decide to change life around >get /fit/, dress clean, sociali…[View]
45258058>On a cut >Moms comes to visit >Hey Anon, I haven't seen you in such a long time so I …[View]
45260066$adboys Thread: Need more depressing gym music. Nothing gets me more pumped for a big lift than digg…[View]
45261442Is it okay if I go to the gym tomorrow instead of today? I only slept 4 hours this night and am very…[View]
45258028STATIONARY CYCLES: So what's the meme on these bad boys? Can I actually get decent cardio out o…[View]
45254049/fast/ #149 Best Korea Edition: >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermit…[View]
45261573So I just got my test levels checked after my sex drive finally came back so i got blood work done. …[View]
45255015Post people getting mogged[View]
45262102Give me some motivation to stop fapping,I've ruined 2 months of NoFap because of my gf and her …[View]
45262061Fatigue: I've been drinking 2 cups coffee, an espresso, and 4 cups of green tea a day. I am exh…[View]
45256859What would fit do in this situation? https://youtu.be/mLG4ArsG_ts[View]
45261151Apple Cider Vinegar: How the fuck am I supposed to drink this shit? I’ve had a lot of nasty shit to …[View]
45259524which workout / diet would Link do if he was real?[View]
45260365friendly reminder lifting won't help you fix the deep existential crisis you're going thro…[View]
45260792Lanklet here. 6’4” 168lbs. Long story short, I’m going on my dream vacation in 3 months time. I wan…[View]
45247837/fraud/ shitposting general for non-natty's: It's all about shitposting general. Read all …[View]
45260496>He uses the manlet urinal[View]
45262177Hey brahs, I was at a strip club recently and a Latina (she was a patron not a stripper) told me I h…[View]
45260893What is a decent Mass Gainer? I plan on using it to supplement my caloric intake but to also in a pi…[View]
45259776>tfw nothing has been going well since the start of this year >can't even get decent slee…[View]
45262188Sauna Stories: lets have your weird as fuck sauna stories lads Gay experiences, strange left behind …[View]
45262184Looking for old videos: There was this bearded guy who used to upload videos of himself powerlifting…[View]
45260847>I deadlift for aesthetics[View]
45261780>5'11' vs 6'1'[View]
45261937I need to vent a little. Good morning /fit/ I'm 5'10' weighing in at 197ibs (just checked…[View]
45258760Eat your soybeans: 'It is unclear if phytoestrogens have any effect on male sexuality, with conflict…[View]
45258715>Hear girls on the train talking about how they don't like 'really bulky guys' What was the…[View]
45254523beard gains: redpill me on minoxidil for beard growth I'm thinking about giving it a try once I…[View]
45251720Obesity crisis turns the UK into 'the fat man of Europe' - but American men are even fatte…[View]
45252527STAY SOBER GUYS: >at my brothers st Patrick's day party > brother gives me pot brownie …[View]
45260332SQUATS OATS - /SO/ The Beginning Edition: Alright /fit/... ive decided to take this meme to heart, I…[View]
45261605What exercise is she doing /fit/?[View]
45239313My steroid transformation: Why haven't you run your first cycle yet? I started taking steroids …[View]
45260110Any homegymmers willing to help a weeb out? I posted a video of a weeb fit challenge but it has no r…[View]
45257479decided to get this leg lengthening surgery because I'm tired of being called manlet and gettin…[View]
45259297What the fuck happened to Brian lately? He's so damn loud he's basically screaming, and is…[View]
45261380Let’s be honest to ourselves, /fit/. You don’t have pictures of yourself not because you’re not phot…[View]
45256421>lift for 5 years but do no hypertrophy >can 1/2/3/4 but nobody even thinks i lift >quit li…[View]
45258005Is dancing a good way to get /fit/?[View]
45251946What is the /fit/ stance on pic related? How bad is it really to have a couple beers a week? I'…[View]
45256119I noticed that I can spar really well when I stop thinking, if that makes any sense. Today, I was sp…[View]
45261434>bro gives me a 'free trial' at LA fitness >figure I'll try it out, why not >we don…[View]
45259174Slaps your moms ass: What will you do ?[View]
45260947How does /fit/ feel about their leg gains? >I skip leg day every day How does /fit/ feel about my…[View]
45259555Anyone know good ways to be less alpha? I'm just good looking and I'm dominate by nature s…[View]
45261395>tfw too much of a brainlet to get into fitness[View]
45261189I live close to Egypt (Crete) and today the atmosphere is full of dust/sand w.e. that is because the…[View]
45257177Daily reminder to drink more water: Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
45259632>Come back to home town after one year >'Holly fuck anon, you look massive' >'I didn't…[View]
45260877Interview: I have an interview at a gym in an hour, /fit/. How should I prepare? pic not related…[View]
45260397ITT: stupid shit normies do in the gym >carry around milk jugs[View]
45259863You can't fix your posture if your skull isn't properly formed. The skull bones are not se…[View]
45260815Are these physiques about average?: I'm doing an 80/20 effect experiment on tinder/pof/etc. I…[View]
45258826Grip strength standards: https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-test-your-grip-strength >The Test:…[View]
45261083>when you realize a morbidly obese woman has her bare ass literally on your face How do people ju…[View]
45260779this is what peak male form looks like[View]
45259998Beginner programs: What are the best programs in the sticky? Also any good programs that aren't…[View]
45260665I've been doing 4 month of 5x5, and I want to switch to a program with less squats and more upp…[View]
45260165Is my gym footwear autistic ? They're comfy af and I've created an emotional bond with th…[View]
45260918Thoughts on replacing back squats with front squats as a beginner? The front squat feels so much bet…[View]
45260727Help me bros. Lately for the past week I haven't been able to sleep early, I wake up late, I fe…[View]
45259917I tracked my day yesterday. Does anybody else live like this?: >8:00 AM, alarm goes off >snooz…[View]
45260748>binged almost every day on junk food in recent years >currently on third day without junk foo…[View]
45257724M I L K: why isn't all milk lactose free if so many people are intolerant? why should i give a …[View]
45259798WATER FAST: I will be starting a water fast on Monday. I have many health problems and I think a wat…[View]
45260404Help me /fit/: I have a paper I need to write, and I have no idea what the FUCK it's asking me …[View]
45259990How much do I bench?[View]
45257992Any tips on getting rid of love handles? I have been doing ab exercises for a while but they don…[View]
45256470>grew from 5'8 to 5'11 after 18 Who /barely escaped/ here[View]
45254316Is eating broccoli and chicken everyday a bad thing? I love it. It's cheap, tasty and healthy.[View]
45260527are onions a meme?[View]
45256331Discipline Gains General: What does /fit/ do for discipline gains? Here's my routine >On my …[View]
45259682Is sprinting the best complement to lifting there is? >trains you for pure explosive power, not g…[View]
45254536How much does a person who looks like this lift?[View]
45260456muffin boys: any of you former chubbos have a muffin top then lose it after getting fit? In the proc…[View]
45253374What's the ideal weight for a 5'11' male?: I'm tall as fuck but I also need some weig…[View]
45259154Post meme lifts, discuss them with interested anons, berate and debate over whether your favorite li…[View]
45258646How long to get over my caffeine addiction? When I'm done, will I get the same buzz from green …[View]
45256868Starting ab exercising. Would appreciate some tips. Also, how long until I get noticeable results? A…[View]
45260178>not a brainlet >still always get mad at shit >get test levels checked during check up out …[View]
45255637Best /fit/ stories and gen humor thread: give me your best.[View]
45250130Injuries Tred: Okay r/fitness, tell me about a time where you severely injured yourself but managed …[View]
45257841Did you guys know girls pee when they lift? Jeepers![View]
45254393My GF is trying to sabotage me: Over the past year I’ve been cutting from 260 down to 200. I’ve hit …[View]
45251153>'Do you seriously weigh your food before you eat, anon?' Does weighing your food really come off…[View]
45259886>go camping for a week eat like garbage, come back weigh like 200 up from like 192 >Go back on…[View]
45255965>father was 6'3 >at 19 I barely make 5'7 Every day I want to end it. Is there any ho…[View]
45254492Is retard strength real /fit/?[View]
45258558What are the best habits I can have during the day? Except: >Nofap >Cold shower…[View]
45259500Recovering my past? Lower back pain: Long story short, which probably will still be a long story: I …[View]
45259469LADS I hate running but I'd like to increase my mile speed and distance. Is it possible to bett…[View]
45259743Anyone else her smoke cigs? Been working out for a month so far, cardio is hard but thats probably f…[View]
45259720Hey /fit/, I've not been exercising for quite a while, so I got a Rowing Machine today in hopes…[View]
45259690How the fuck do I stop eating so many calories at night? I don't know how I should space my m…[View]
45257960>water tastes sweet what the fuck is wrong with me?[View]
45259677FATTIES BTFO ONCE AGAIN: Even Pastor Anderson is hating on fatties. Tell me anons of /fit/, why are …[View]
45259609>2018 >not eating balut Why aren't you eating /balut/ yet, /fit/? >Calories 181 >Fa…[View]
45259629I started not letting myself get my day started unless I do 50 pushups when I wake up every day. Wak…[View]
45259474lads how do you make oats less dry and thick? It's real hard to get through a bowl of oats, ban…[View]
45259529Recipe threat? I'm done with rice and chicken for awhile. Bonus points if its cheap, because i…[View]
45258106Best exercise for rear delts?[View]
45259483okay /fit/ i've run into a problem. I'm just about at the end of my cut and have basically…[View]
45258969Started Zoloft today lads. What should I expect? Also one of the potential side effects is increase …[View]
45259452How do you bigger thighs/butt without losing the fat doing squats. t. literal skeleton who wants to …[View]
45257355The guy who deadlift with towel because his hands hurt[View]
45259236>start doing new training program >worried it's not actually working and could be doing a…[View]
45257593FIX YOUR FUCKING POSTURE: DO IT My back is all fucked up because I tried lifting without fixing my p…[View]
45259280How to increase appetite?: I have no appetite. Even tried taking MK677 -- didn't do shit. Last …[View]
45255715/fit/ shortcomings thread: Been doing 3 days lifting 5-6 days Muay Thai/BJJ for about 2 months with …[View]
45259338I'm at 5'9 60 kilos. Ever since I started lifting I started getting really bad nausea in t…[View]
45259318BROTAL general: The BROTAL is the total of your max bench press and max strict curl. the strict curl…[View]
45258679Farmers Walks: How do I add more weight to farmers walks if I'm already using the heaviest dumb…[View]
45254500Progress Thread: Alright /fit/ how far have you come? Pic related is me in 7 months at 6'2…[View]
45259258does anyone here actually lift or do you guys just post memes and bash on people who actually lift? …[View]
45253377Steroids to prevent mass lose during diet?: I have about 90 lbs of fat to lose, and I plan on doing …[View]
45258021>bored of cutting[View]
45246988>Moist advanced military unit in the world >No weight training >All calisthenics and cardio…[View]
45258319Squats!: Alright gents--I've been babying my left knee because I dislocated it 7 years ago. I…[View]
45248459Exercises for Bad Knees: I'm 22 and trying to get /fit/, and the main thing holding me up from …[View]
45256401Redpill me on walnuts. Are they a good fat?[View]
45257510losing weight slowly: hey guise, im a fatty who isn't really bothered by being fat but know tha…[View]
45259104/fit/ daisuki~~[View]
45258996Are there any any particularly good body weight exercise apps?[View]
45257332How about some progress on this coronary disease you fit faggots :^)))) douchehouse btfo[View]
45258971>protein farts in the shower[View]
45258511Hey /fit/ what do you guys think of Alpha Destiny? Also what do you think of his Naturally Enhanced …[View]
45257569I just keep eating: I just keep eating. I keep eating and eating. I can't stand it.[View]
45257023Injury General: Any of you guys dealt with tricep tendonitis? Is there an excercise fix?[View]
45257310I did 200 calf raises 3 days ago and my calves are still so fucking sore that I walk like a retard. …[View]
45258066Skinny arms: Arms are about 14inch flexed. Right now I'm doing pharks with accessories, I'…[View]
45233903Egg Whites vs. Regular Eggs. Which should I eat and why?[View]
45258768how many years of lifting will it take to go from dogmode to bearmode with 5% bodyfat?[View]
45258746So, what is peak /natty/? Pic maybe related[View]
45257014I don't know if I'm just an autist but I noticed that short girls and manlets are treated …[View]
45257526>lifts to compensate for face: cope >lifts to compensate for height: cope >shaves head when…[View]
45258061Hey /fit/!! How do I achieve this physique?[View]
45257664tfw no natty nobleman warrior physique >Analysis of the skeleton, which was unearthed in 1997, re…[View]
45255635Motivation Thread. Anything as long as it’s motivational.[View]
45256105>Eating your bulking meal while listening to Dio's Black Sabbath after working out Why nobod…[View]
45258391Bloated/puffy: Why do I always get bloated/puffy especially after intermittent fast? I eat a normal …[View]
45258284someone asked me to spot them for the first time in my 2 year lifting career h-have I officially mad…[View]
45257208>be me >5'5 fatty asian manlet >never exercised before in my life >will never be /f…[View]
45257498This is your girlfriend tonight.[View]
45251847>Girl grabs arm in work today >'Wow anon your arms are so big!' >'Haha yeah' >Run to toi…[View]
45256056>mfw there are new people on this board who very likely do their OHP in the squat rack and think …[View]
45255454For some reason I cannot for the life of me increase my bench press. I've tried Texas Method an…[View]
45253657>tfw too tired after wage cucking to lift[View]
45256353PCT: Alright guys lets start with some background info: I have been lifting for 7 years (started lif…[View]
45253425McDonald’s just switched over to fresh, never frozen meat. Are you gonna keep up your diet? Or go ba…[View]
45257927I am having pain right bellow the knee on the right leg. Thing is I can't think of what hurt th…[View]
45256067Is 30 grams of protein too much to have multiple times in the course of two weeks? I'm new to l…[View]
45257832Was I supposed to measure my arm circumference unflexed, having my arm hanging freely all this time?[View]
45257576I have a question for y'all grills and medfags. I'm an 18 years old girl 1,70 m and 77ish …[View]
45257050So I recently tried one of these badbois and was fucking astonished to see this only has black beans…[View]
45257184HELP ME: I’m doing shrugs with 26 kg dumbbell but I must be doing them like a retarded person becaus…[View]
45237062Qtddtot: Qtddtot - Old one is dead >Should a skinnyfat bulk or cut first and why?…[View]
45257567Gyno: I work a very labor heavy job, but I want to get rid of my Gyno is there anything short of sur…[View]
45253177I'm 23 now, when will I actually feel like an adult?: I'm 23 now, when will I actually fee…[View]
45257193Im obese. I cant squat ass to grass and have problems going down to the barbell. Whats the problem? …[View]
45253810Redpill me on push-ups: keep hearing about them, here and there, but can they replace benchpress? ca…[View]
45255303Are testosterone boosters worth it? I eat well and lift but I feel like I exhibit some signs of low …[View]
45257015>alright guys, I'll try exercising this wa- >'lol, that won't do anything dumbass' …[View]
45255117/fit/ I dislocated my shoulder two weeks ago, and then again last Friday. Does anyone have experienc…[View]
45257411>local guy is hogging the communal gym hard hat for his curls What does /fit/ usually do in the s…[View]
45255880>tfw skipping a few days of workouts because sick I feel my gains being sapped away.…[View]
45257120R8 my cancer[View]
45252566I lost my sex drive: It has been a couple of months since I lost ~ 90% of my sex drive and I don…[View]
45257233I threw out my back: and I threw it by farting how to I speed up recovery?[View]
45256123What routine would fix this?[View]
45257311newfag here. started lifting this week. i want to become bigger and loose bellyfat. should i just co…[View]
45255873Advice.: I'm 30 yo, 240 Lbs, I would like to build muscle but not get any fatter than I already…[View]
45256698End of semester goals?[View]
45257115Cardio or no Cardio?: Asking /fit/ bros who actually have six packs, not one packs. Do you do any ca…[View]
45255697Kazotsky Kick (or whatever): Ok so I've seen people do this in my college, on YouTube, in meme …[View]
45257150The Greeks made the gods in the image of their own perfect masculine body type. Does this mean otter…[View]
45257131About to have lingual frenectomy How to train tongue after surgery[View]
45253274advice: So I'm a grill trying to make it. I lift, but sometimes I also use the aerobics room to…[View]
45255593When does a shit lifestyle catch up with you? I haven't slept well in months because of coffee.…[View]
45251937ITT:we discuss shower strategies: What are some tips and tricks you guys use to make public showers …[View]
45254552>bro gives me a 'free trial' at LA fitness >figure I'll try it out, why not >we don…[View]
45254290>thot at work literally told an asian coworker of mine that he should stop eating soy products li…[View]
45247303Are there legitimate ways to get penis gains? I’m tired of my 5.5 inches.[View]
45254939Workout routine: Hey /fit/, I'm finally starting to stick to an actual workout routine after fu…[View]
45256785YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT: https://youtu.be/_o9TfSEgLRU[View]
45254157>walking back from gym >going back to dorm >three guys I know but don't really hang ou…[View]
45256617Listen up you fat faggots: First you have to understand something about me. I'm 6'2' tall …[View]
45256905I can't be the only one who 2ants cris creatura to brappp all over my face and chest can I?[View]
45256228Bros in Recovery General /br/: I'm pretty new into sobriety/recovery and am working on my 90 in…[View]
45256831Why are people in the fitness community so mentally unstable?[View]
45256442>2018 >not smoking cigarettes What's your excuse for not smoking, anon? Smoking cigs w…[View]
45256377>deadlifts are the only thing that make me happy Anyone else get this? Seriously, doing Deadlifts…[View]
45254352>tomorrow is bicep day[View]
45256291Winemaker: NEW FAG HERE So I'm coming for /gif/ and there was a NoFap Bread. What are the pros …[View]
45256596AM I FUCKING RETARDED: https://www.stingsports.com.au/products/power-pro-lifting-straps?variant=3247…[View]
45254433>He doesn't eat 5 dozen eggs a day Never gonna make it.[View]
45256649Has anyone been to the pools at picked up girls cause of your body? I was swimming and two qte.14 we…[View]
45256631/sig/ - Self Improvement General: How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Lifting isn…[View]
45255373What's even the point of lifting as a manlet?: Why even lift as a manlet? Every time I go to th…[View]
45255788Does /fit/ have a gay alien skull or a warrior skull?[View]
45254927>use MyFitnessPal, they said Is this a meme?[View]
45254617Weight loss challenge: Your waifu comes to life and says you can use her body in any way you want, b…[View]
45253933is trump browsing /fit/? >that 70 year old guy that goes to gym[View]
45254162mewing: redpill me on mewing /fit/. Has anyone actually done it successfully?[View]
45253649>i hear talk you don’t bench >yep. i hear talk it’s a useless, needlessly dangerous lift…[View]
45254858What do you do in this situation? He/she looks like she squats 2pl8[View]
45256199Sick of water. What tea can I drink? Should I go e-shopping and cop some Japanese shit? Please fucki…[View]
45256216How old is too old to be a Chad /fit/?[View]
45255617You're at the gym and this man slaps you on the ass, what do you do?[View]
45241595Who do you lift for?[View]
45253391How much do you need to lift before you unlock the ability to use a stand?[View]
45254120most orgasms in 1 hour (male): i keep reading that the world record for most male orgasms in 1 hour …[View]
45246597how do i get a body like this?[View]
45255777Reminder that neck beats height, face and frame[View]
45253269Be honest /fit/, are you a manlet and does it affect your (lifting) life?[View]
45255662What's a good protein powder for someone to have in the morning so i can work all day doing som…[View]
45255251NAC and other detox sups: NAC is supposed to be good for your liver. It can clean out paracetamol fr…[View]
45254778guys I've been doing boxing/kickboxing for like 10 years and I can only go hard paced on a heav…[View]
45253056why are there so many from /fit/ that are into vidya? where's the connection? what does vidya h…[View]
45255142Have you ever gotten into an altercation/argument with somebody at the gym?[View]
45252809Holy shit kek, Fat acceptance is everywheere. these SJW are the people we have to live with RIP >…[View]
45255963Should i fast as skinnyfat with gyno?[View]
45255391> MGTOW[View]
45255269I've been a big Boy for the majority of my life need advice: Im 5' 11' 230bs and have a go…[View]
45255948Lifting music: weeb edition: https://youtu.be/oxFgWrmg7Rk https://youtu.be/FRivqBxbHRs https://youtu…[View]
45254189Zack Telander: Idk who the the fuck this guy is or where he came from, but he's one of my 6 cha…[View]
45255375/leg/: What leg muscles am I not hitting if I only do running and biking?[View]
45254238I'm 20 and the bald spot in the back of my head is getting bigger and more noticeable by the mo…[View]
45255515THIS WAS NOT /MIRIN/: Prove me wrong https://youtu.be/1WhQ-AEZovE[View]
45255729>be 6'4 >first day at new job >female coworker asks 'hows the weather up there?' >s…[View]
45255113Is girl cum extra calories?[View]
45255629/fit/ BTFO https://youtu.be/UeVnYHyewuU?t=363[View]
45253473>Enter gym looking to squat >See that all squat racks are occupied >No problem >Go up be…[View]
45254731Guys use this shit on your teeth to make them whiter. Already been using it for s week and ive seen …[View]
45255377I've been on keto for a week and a half. I'm doing it to clear my acne and to lose some ex…[View]
45253560So I'm starting a new diet Organic whole grains only lots of lean meat lots of veggies will I l…[View]
45252637Do you even have a chance with women as a manlet ? 5'11 here, everytime I see a guy with a girl…[View]
45255496How do i increase my squat? currently i can squat 225 for 5 but i feel like i cant go further after…[View]
45253375How do I get the eyes of a hunter?[View]
45247982THE HOLY CUTTING TRINITY >yohimbine >ephedrine >caffeine Any questions?…[View]
45253057What do they like ? How to get their attention ?[View]
45255439I was 269.4 LBS on 8 February 2018 I currently weigh 239.8 I walk roughly between 10.5 and 15 km…[View]
45253614>OHP >Tense abs >Cant breath as you raise the bar Explain how you do this exercise without …[View]
45253702explain this one you freaks[View]
45253768My C4: Is there any saving it bros?[View]
45255307Neck Pill: I'm trying to take the neck pill but having some difficulties. I feel like the only …[View]
45254408>tfw you finish a set and notice someone looking at you[View]
45255346>thinking sumo counts as a deadlift[View]
45254509Bike part question: I was getting my bike ready for spring, had to replace a few spokes on the rear …[View]
45249965>when you're in the middle of a set and you remember that you're ugly as fuck…[View]
45252966Real women got curves nigga[View]
45240816What is the equlivant of 1/2/3/4 for women?[View]
45255244The Greatest Workout Playlist: Found this one day bored on Spotify. This is the greatest workout pla…[View]
45248916What's your dinner brehs? >pic related my unimaginative oats and skyr…[View]
45255126Mental Gains: Anyone else watch this? Seemed a bit exaggerated to me. I went to a top university and…[View]
45253306Assuming I’m 16-17 percent body fat, what’s a reasonable timeframe to lose 4kg?[View]
45255172Snoke is a numale: and Kylo Ren is a typical /fit/ user. >snoke sits on his ass all day and clear…[View]
45254742>eating ass Why. Just why.[View]
45244001Is farm strength real?[View]
45253303Boogie has ascended: I can't believe my eyes. Good for him.[View]
45253653strange drug screen results: took 2 home drug tests with 3 hours apart was positive for amphetamine …[View]
45255056New Discord server. Link is: 9EHbKAx Fatty General is for those looking for motivation in helping to…[View]
45255045Can water fasting be used to perma bulk? So say you eat above maintenance and workout on non fast d…[View]
45254285drinking: does anyone else get extremely depressed the day after drinking? i drink maybe once every …[View]
45254960Hi. How does one go from skinny fat to just skinny and lean meaning low body fat and low muscle like…[View]
45252429How to make money in the fitness industry?[View]
45252048Is there a more inspirational fitness story? Boogie was immobile and at death's door when he st…[View]
45254528>be me >at the gym >qt doing squats in the squat rack >while I’m walking past her, sh…[View]
45252067Why is there a raptor on the sticky?: Is it just to grab attention, or is it a metaphor for cardio b…[View]
45253496>Gym 5 days a week >NoFap for a month >Good diet >Drinking lots of water >Plenty of …[View]
45253985Is he right about being able to cut and bulk at the same time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv5xE…[View]
45242870/fat/ 13 pints and a KitKat edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better themsel…[View]
45254774How to get this physique? hes 5'7 and 245lb[View]
45253404M A N L E T C O P E Half of the video is just an ad so just skip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17…[View]
45252989>Nice muscles. You made me use 15% of my power.[View]
45253237No matter how many weights I lift or how many excerise I do. There is one muscle that is not trained…[View]
45254014any other vegetarians/vegans on /fit/[View]
45254612>that 30 years old electro who shittposts on /fit[View]
45253370>Female relatives: 'So, anon, are you looking for a girlfriend?'[View]
45248271>ywn have fit latina yoga girl / wife that calls you daddy JUST https://youtu.be/nsVry95-Ia8…[View]
45243277Survey time /fit/ >your height >how long have you been lifting for now >how many girlfriend…[View]
45246269When are you no longer considered DYEL? /fit/ says if you can hit 1/2/3/4 you’re not DYEL anymore b…[View]
45253339Lunch ideas: I literally eat this every day with lunch plus a small can of chicken added to it. It s…[View]
45252606>Surprise you dumb cunts. I am a fucking twink like I fucking said. I am 6'1' and weigh 160l…[View]
45254263Which one is best?[View]
45226345/Martial Arts General/: /MAG/ > /ASP/ IS FOR WRESTLE FAGS EDITION >Post routines >Gifs an…[View]
45252660What type of earbuds or headphones do you wear to the gym?[View]
45251035How’s that summer weight cut going, anon?[View]
45247198>ITT we draw a picture of an exercise and other anons guess what it is I'll start…[View]
45253672Do you guys have any good protein shake recipes? I'm tired of just having whey and want to spic…[View]
45254171My inner elbow bone sticks out: Not my pic but similar. I know that increasing mass will help make i…[View]
45254166>tried soy >found out I have a soy intolerance Is it over for my gains?…[View]
45249791How do I stop shaking my leg while sitting? Ive done it for as long as I can remember and can't…[View]
45254241>that 30 years old guy with mommy issues who browses /fit[View]
45242552Redpill me on sarms: Do they help all that much? Are they for pussies who are too scared to pin? Wil…[View]
45252934hey /fit/ why are you not training everyday 71kg, 5'6 (manlet) I've been doing the followi…[View]
45251564I can't do a single pull up bros. I never thought I was that weak. Is it my poor form? Why are …[View]
45251384blicky got the stiffy (uhh)[View]
45253023Bulk or cut?[View]
45251072Been sleeping with no pillow for 1 month now. Not sure if I even had 1 good night sleep.[View]
45254002The Kind of Motivation You've Been Looking for All Your Life: Looking for something more physic…[View]
45253526/fit/ approved movies: Childhood was idolizing frodo, adulthood was recognizing sam as the true role…[View]
45252026I’m tired of fucking sluts, /fit/. How will I meet my soulmate and the mother of my children? To mak…[View]
45253941How bad is it bros? >be me >doing leg press, final rep >put a lot of force into this bad bo…[View]
45251586Abs on shit food: How do you respond to this /fit/ He says he knows the secret to abs with fast food…[View]
45252323Muscle Control: Muscle control is THE forgotten red pill that will eventually make a comeback. http…[View]
45252790I just had a massive cheat day after 3 weeks. 4,000 calories. Did I do the right thing /fit/? How do…[View]
45248294confess to your sins/ cheats /fit/[View]
45250222when did you realize body types are crucial to making it in bodybuilding and all other areas of life[View]
45253889>4th day of lower back doms[View]
45253121so /fit/izens redpill me on this how much can I eat of that in a week without dying in 6 months from…[View]
45253335Cholesterol: Cholesterol is a sterol, which acts as a base for synthesizing other hormones, specific…[View]
45250479What does fit think of the WISCONSIN METHOD https://youtu.be/Z1yPJc-vQDc[View]
45253773Could this disgusting unfunny sack of shit hurry up and die please?[View]
45248640A group of braphogs at my local gym won't stop making fun of me since I told them about NoFap, …[View]
45251142Start doing bodyweight exercises and cardio[View]
45250446Are women more attracted to this type of a man (bold, full beard, strong, savage) or they like more …[View]
45252837soybeans ≠ estrogen: https://youtu.be/eDdDXxHRWbE?t=20m49s D E B U N K E D E B U N K E D[View]
45249994question for you guys about my girlfriend: She expressed interest in losing weight soon, she's …[View]
45241226How do I achieve this aesthetic[View]
45252593Do girls actually get hit on a lot? my gf went out with her girlfriends drinking for her friends bir…[View]
45253002Currently 15% bf. Want to cut to 12% in the next month. Should I grab some tren?[View]
45253490Am I too skinny?[View]
45252386Friendly Advice Thread: How are those gainz going lads?[View]
45248446What's my mode?[View]
45252458Why doesnt Chad ever post pics of his 10/10 cock slave? Wouldnt you want the world to know your hitt…[View]
45252450go watch this on youtube fucking shit that hurts /watch?v=V1zFeHJzS5E[View]
45247447Critique thread: What should I work on fit 6ft 200[View]
45253252>drink a shot of test before every workout for the last three months >no results What the fuck…[View]
45252796>that 30 year old guy who goes to the gym[View]
45247717I got tons of fucking Floaters in my vision, is there anything I can do short of surgery in order to…[View]
45252567overhead shit and squats shrinking you: give it to me straight fellas. can i get big shoulders and l…[View]
45250716Why do beta dyels hate fit women? Is it jealousy?[View]
45248593Is it possible to cover up my pectus excavatum with muscle? It's fairly shallow and not quite a…[View]
45252919Is it gay to have a butt day as a man?[View]
45252413I’m fucking crying this is funny as fuck. Her step father is based af.[View]
45252251I'm usually a cardio fag, but recently when I run maybe half a mile, my dick starts to bleed. I…[View]
45253082Comfy thread: >tfw laying in bed after leg day[View]
45253071Durianrider: What do you think of the content on his channel? https://www.youtube.com/user/durianrid…[View]
45245430Is sushi the ultimate /fit/ food?[View]
45252832How's your day going? I just broke my nofap streak. I don't know what it means to make it …[View]
45252134what does /fit/ think of 'LAX' is it a pure form of cardio?[View]
45249687>he doesn’t listen to heavy metal while lifting heavy metal[View]
45249971Any of you ever shit yourselves while squatting?[View]
45252618I’m having some pain in my rotator cuff tendon area It’s a dull ache after bench pressing and goes a…[View]
45251930Serious question, guys. How's the personality of these /fit/ girls you know? Is it possible to …[View]
45252756Is pooping in the middle of my pull up sets cheating?[View]
45250331Motivation: Why is it, that some days, we just lose motivation? I get that discipline is always bett…[View]
45251478My fantasy is to be 6'6+, incredibly strong, and look like a model so that I can mog everyone t…[View]
45246177>take melatonin >sleep all night but wake up feeling groggy and sick >take zma >same thi…[View]
45246055>mfw seeing guy with thicc legs doing leg curls Is it gay if that makes my heart melt?…[View]
45250450Have you had your /selflove/ levels checked /fit/? The issue of self-Love decides how independent we…[View]
45252361Vince Gironda diet.: This is the dude that trained Swartz a nigger. This guy recommended a diet for …[View]
45251427>masturbating supposedly lowers your testosterone >sex is still somehow fine…[View]
45252572>dad tells my mom to grab the big black trashbag >sister and mom look at each other and giggle…[View]
45249252Am I Cutting Too Hard?: I'm currently cutting on roughly 1000 calories a day which is a 1750 ca…[View]
45249130>training with high volume as a natural[View]
45245462/fast/ #148 time to stop edition: >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion of interm…[View]
45252202Please tell me you don't still steam broccoli, and have converted to roast broccoli masterrace.[View]
45250794>girls sits next to me on the bus >stop browsing fit because I don't want her to see me w…[View]
45252319This is the healthiest thing you'll see today[View]
45245855Big assets routine: Hey guys, how can I get a phenomenal natural big ass? With machines or free weig…[View]
45252347Is hot chocolate healthy for a male?: Is hot chocolate healthy for a male? I'm bulking and want…[View]
45252372i know that a drop or two of blood while wiping isn't that bad but it's happened 7 times i…[View]
45252022T levels from face: So is my face high t or low t[View]
45252406What exercise is she doing?[View]
45252329What is this mode called and how do I achieve it?[View]
45247599Goal body thread Also, does anyone have that photo of the bulky guy asleep in the backseat of a car?…[View]
45241617ITT: things that give you more testosterone >nofap >lifting weights >having sex with women …[View]
45251305Lactose Farts: Been having a ton of lactose farts recently from drinking about 2 Liters if milk a da…[View]
45243244How does he do it?: He is 46. Does he have an anti-aging routine?[View]
45244499Push up time, boyos Chest/tris/shoulder day for me, and my gym closed because of the snow. So I…[View]
45249327TALLMEN BTFO!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17qdLw2P4EE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17qdLw2…[View]
45252126I've noticed that if I drink a litter of gatorade 2 hours before I workout the difference in pe…[View]
45252150A spoon on this with my lunch can't hurt, right?[View]
45251149Where the fuck can I find a reflex bag that has the spring in the middle and not in the bottom? like…[View]
45250335If you could only do one type of lift for the rest of your lifting days, what would you choose? If I…[View]
45249714Acetyl L-Carnitine plus L-Glutamine: Took these two together couple days ago and ended up getting th…[View]
45251763Protein farts: What the fuck is happening to me /fit/? I eat about 25-35g of protein every 2 hours f…[View]
45248205https://youtu.be/HEaNR8a7r6g @12:01[View]
45250503/fitlit/: Any good recommendations for /fit/ books? I'm not really interested in any of that ps…[View]
45251938>”Get your fat ass on that bench, Private Dyel!”[View]
45250868What do you eat every day? >oats + full fat milk + some raspberries >sesame and sunflower seed…[View]
45251911Cutting Question: When eating at a caloric deficit do you get a lower bodyfat percentage eating at a…[View]
45204922/owg/ Olympic weightlifting general: Yagi says hello, and please respect team japan edition. Rebecca…[View]
45250523Are you /fit/ enough to kill every chicken you have ever eaten if they were to be raised from the de…[View]
45250772Eating While On A Roadtrip: What kind of food could I bring with me on a 4 day road trip that would …[View]
45249837Honey: Has /fit/ taken the HoneyPill yet? The health benefits of this shit is off the charts. >al…[View]
45249926How strong do I need to be to work on a construction job? I lift for about a year, but have stopped …[View]
45251703>that guy who wears a belt to do curls[View]
45250168>how is my form anon?[View]
45208548hey /fit/ how's your nofap streak going? any noticeable increase in energy?[View]
45251660Maca and rhodiola, do they really work or is a waste of money!?[View]
45250990Who else /poorbulk/ here? How do I get over 3k calories when I can only afford a lunch and a dinner?…[View]
45251385Doing keto for about 3 weeks. Just ordered hot wings but they were drenched in this red sweet sauce.…[View]
45249381im now 5% body fat at 140....how do i bulk tho[View]
45249043Cutting: >5'9 200lbs with slight muscle >currently lifting/cardio 6 days a week, and eati…[View]
45240031>hit front squat pr >compression shorts reek like cum anyone else get this? also, fit girl thr…[View]
45250858Let's say you're 5'11 and a half. Do you round up or down when talking about your hei…[View]
45249766>'I'm not getting a gf with this dyel body, I want to make it first' Why do I have this mind…[View]
45249880Cheap protein source thread: In his newest video he walks around his neighbourhood. Trying to find o…[View]
45225985QTDDTOT THREAD: What's a good alternative to peanut butter? It isn't widely available in m…[View]
45251205fit is it acutal possible to have low sugar amount of suger in your diet I have went to the super ma…[View]
45250863>tfw skinny fat but have a 10/10 face and pull bitches without ever putting a foot in the gym…[View]
45250623How do you become a chad if you have the looks? I look pretty good and I'm fit and I dress well…[View]
45250245Is the old man gonna make it?[View]
45250698>tfw 5'9 and my grandfather was 6'1 >22 years old I'm not going to make it am I…[View]
45248489my 4’11 goth gf can squat 250, whats your excuse[View]
45249010The DYEL fasting solution: I assume a lot of people who browse /fit/ are not really /fit/. They…[View]
45249012Routines: Post your routines, boys. Criticize & help each other so that we can all make it. I pi…[View]
45250290I'm a skelly manlet who looks like an eleven year old. can't get a normal job due to extre…[View]
45250908Any anons, i was wondering if you all knew any work out plans for someone whos trans. i've been…[View]
45250714>Wanna work in, Anon?[View]
45250835Hi there, I want to incorporate single legged hip thrusts to my training. But there are many ways to…[View]
45250561How do I know when I hit my natty limit?[View]
45249874When did you realize that cutting is gay?[View]
45249333What do you think about this whole body type/aesthetic? Is it the most based?[View]
45248756Hair: Can we talk about hairstyles? What kind of hairstyle should an autistic DYEL have?[View]
45250486Why haven’t you made it yet /fit/?[View]
45248449C O P E[View]
45248697/Cope/: Back to the manlet pit, Aaron.[View]
45247710>lifting doesnt make talking to girls less scary[View]
45250291fucking shit Fuck you /fit/ Fuck you, fucking killyourselves retards I'm unironically starting…[View]
45250301OK, so we all know that protein timing is a myth, but what about carb timing? Is there any benefit t…[View]
45250000(((Who))) could be behind this?[View]
45250273How bad is this for me? >INGREDIENTS Whole Grain Oats, Invert Sugar, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil,…[View]
45248343What /fit/ dates can I do? I am literally out of ideas. >inb4 bring her to the gym…[View]
45248653I am aware of 1/2/3/4/ but where does barbell row fit into the equation? It's considered one of…[View]
45249690This literal midget can bench more than you. When will you bow down to the true power of the ultimat…[View]
45245327Barbell Row: How do you do them /fit/? >Strictly horizontal or more upright back? >Pulling to…[View]
45246860achievable natty? shoulder mass and vascularity are suspicious[View]
45249779>can do 1pl8 bench for 8 reps within my first month of working out Feeling good guys, noob gains …[View]
45243906Has anyone else here had erectile dysfunctions due masturbating so much? I've masturbated 3-7 t…[View]
45235125How long did it take you to get a gf[View]
45248585gym shoes: What do you wear?[View]
45249479/fit/ memes you fell for >Compounds are enough for abs >OHP is enough for shoulders >Natti…[View]
45249793Girls and killers: >tfw murderlet When are you gonna start working on your murder gains? Bitches…[View]
45249116>there's a wierd-ass anon that keeps removing nips and resizing bellybuttons this has to sto…[View]
45249662>shoulders DOMS too much to do anything >they flare up in pain when i try to bench, dumbell fl…[View]
45238595Cbt 200lbs 5'11.759999 king of manlets[View]
45249775I don't have celiac, but I used to get acne from eating wheat. I stopped eating it for a few ye…[View]
45248583>Japanese scientists say eating McDonald's fries could cure baldness How will keto baldlets …[View]
45249053Any tips for a lanklet trying to get bigger arms? I've been lifting for several months and hav…[View]
45248664anybody ever mess with cutting 2/3 days a week? >eat maintenance 4 days a week >cut 1500 3 day…[View]
45248045food: General Food thread Post them GO!![View]
45248889Can't study without caffein....: I used to drink monster and drink caffein or green tea, but si…[View]
45249500How do I stop the spics at my gym from obtaining ultra instinct?[View]
45248777How much is your Pendlay total, /fit/? https://www.t-nation.com/training/better-than-crossfit-and-po…[View]
45249148ABS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET...i've tried everything and i'm still flabby with no abs.. What …[View]
45247964Is he the last samurai of weight lifting?[View]
45238241why am I like this? barely put on 10 lbs muscle from beeing a skinny faggot. and I already have this…[View]
45247728How do I make face gains?[View]
45249404>GOMAD >I am actually happy and feel good…[View]
45249155belly fat: How I get rid of it /fit/[View]
45248087How do I into Ellen Page mode? It's my goal body.[View]
45246784Hips v Hamstrings: /fit/, I did Hamstring curls yesterday and during my exercise I felt a lot of act…[View]
45246667do you wear sweatpants?[View]
45229376For Who do you lift ?: You can't answer 'For Me'.[View]
45245997lifting is a meme: >wasting money on retarded amounts of supplements, diet fads, and a gym member…[View]
45247985life hacks: ITT: them blends / mixes / shakes that you came up with pic related its oats + protein p…[View]
45248687How much does one uncooked spaghetti weigh?[View]
45232770/plg/ - powerlifting general: Welcome to my thread[View]
45243486>hot girl wants to hang out one on one and get stoned >last time i saw her she said 'wow anon …[View]
45248776What is a healthy diet?[View]
45247703will you be lifting heavy today?[View]
45248624Are vitamins a meme? If not, what vitamins do you take?[View]
45246718Is lifting is fun, why do you need excuses for doing it? You have multiple 'why do you lift' threads…[View]
45245761Best gluten free carb sources: Got diagnosed with ceriac and can't eat any gluten. What are th…[View]
45248297>doing power cleans in the only spot available >10 feet behind Smith machine with a gym thot w…[View]
45248564why do girls have bigger asses than guys? my stupid ass gf has bigger glutes than me even though I …[View]
45247868Should i try Rich Piana's 8 hours arm work out?[View]
45246028>move to Berlin >want to start cutting for the summer >find out that ephedrine is not OTC h…[View]
45241664Deadlift Frequency: Real shit, is it unhealthy deadlift again 2 days after I hit a 1RM? Other than t…[View]
45248116Ryan gosling in a place beyond pines: How the fuck do you achive this Bro split? Or ss?[View]
45248596Been lifting for 5 years and it feels like the conventional stuff doesn't work as good as befor…[View]
45236192How do I treat acne?[View]
45244112/Time/: Time is running out anon! Almost 1/4 of the year is over what did you do? Work towards your …[View]
45227733How fit do I have to be to get qt asians[View]
45248342>lose 20kgs >body starts to have a V shape >gf says one day 'is your dick getting bigg…[View]
45248214Want to start going to the gym this week, am a skinny guy 60kg/175cm. What should do first? How to …[View]
45248150Newfag here. I'm 20 years old. 69 KG. 5.8 feet I want to lose weight and fats. Give me a time t…[View]
45234378Whiskey: Whiskey Ok for Fit?[View]
45248158binge ate to maintenance calories, what do?: its 2pm right now, Should i do my lifting ses followed …[View]
45247306If you had about 2 months to drop as much fat as possible, what would you do?[View]
45243690ITT fitness hacks: >drink 4L of diet soda a day >lose weight…[View]
45229583Daily reminder that this is what girls actually want[View]
45247758Does your partner support your fitness goals /fit/? Or are you in a relationship with a gains goblin…[View]
45246008My home gym will be ready this week (hopefully) and i need to figure out 7 day routine.[View]
45245234Office /fit/: For those of us that are successful and command other men, or those that sit in a cubi…[View]
45247781>nofap day 2[View]
45245803>was always a skeleton >wristlet >start going to the gym about a month ago >quickly run …[View]
45247949>balding will be completely cured in your lifetime >tinnitus will be completely cured in your …[View]
45244650>health and fitness ‘expert’ >gets boob job aren’t boob jobs pretty unsafe? why do so many of …[View]
45247680Is eating strictly “healthy” worth it? Do the benefits outweigh the pleasures that come from occassi…[View]
45241816Diet Coke Alternative: >tastes better than diet coke >won't give me cancer Coke won. Thi…[View]
45244804Hello /fitizens. Need advice. 161 at 6'0. Lost around 100 pounds. 26 now, got my gyno removed a…[View]
45246268This right here is some magic shit: Looked like I took clen after a month of using this shit. Trust …[View]
45247406Life long natty, 5 years lifting. want to lose some fat quickly over the next 6 weeks. Known about p…[View]
45246167grug push big metal rings grug get big[View]
45247711Does anyone else get a 'tingling' feeling when they eat chicken? It usually happens when I…[View]
45246396This Russian manlet benches more than 5 plates but still gets dwarved by females[View]
45247430How do I into Bruce Campbell mode?[View]
45241130>Chad threatens to beat you up are you strong enough to defend yourself /fit/?…[View]
45247099What, still here? Hand it over. That thing, your free weights. For my gains[View]
45245659So it's all roids? I started a month ago and getting nowhere near what I expected as a natty se…[View]
45247428>he lifts for girls[View]
45247446>Typical Marine >No weight lifting program >Acquires this body…[View]
45247485>cardio day[View]
45246440>the guy in the gym who only does bench[View]
45245972>walk into gym >AND THE HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE HATE…[View]
45247271I met this guy at my gym the other day >in good shape >chasing his dreams and reaching his goa…[View]
45246719>Start working out baby >It'll be fine >no you won't get extra testosterone and t…[View]
45247330Protein reduces testosterone: http://liveanabolic.com/what-they-want-you-to-believe-testosterone-and…[View]
45246865/fit Autism: >always lead the topic when I meet new people to sports (as it is the thing im famia…[View]
45229271>tfw too intelligent to lift http://test.mensa.no/[View]
45246996>Chicken for protein >Guac for fats >Low carb tortilla to hold it together bc I had my oats…[View]
45246709>entire office is out due to snow storm >finally get to pump office full of protein farts Fee…[View]
45243461Why lifting is for fags and insecure nerds: Hey, why don't you gays realise that lifting weight…[View]
45246139is it ok to do cardio while taking creatine? Thinking of going swimming tommorow, with the idea of d…[View]
45245774Starting social: does anyone else get the feeling they are a DYEL for social skills?[View]
45245901I do not have access to a gym. But I do have some dumbells. I realized I've been neglecting my …[View]
45246104Is alternative the biggest soy genre ever?[View]
45244881Anyone here ever tried eating 1g protien per KG bodyweight to see if you actually lose gains or are …[View]
45245605Was I in the wrong here, /fit/?: I have a question, but first, a bit of story time: >Wake up. Dri…[View]
45243078Good cutting desserts?: Pic unrelated.[View]
45246895I upped my deadlift set weight last week. Didn't feel anything at the time but the day after my…[View]
45246931If I'm running a PHUL 4 day split that basically looks like ABxabxx, what exercises can I do on…[View]
45241201Mewing thread: Boys. How the fuck do I mew? I can't figure out the technique to swallow and the…[View]
45246717fem anons my gf is 160 cm weighs 48kg (so almost underweight) and is a skinny fat i told her to eat …[View]
45244803Remember: MUSCLES DO NOT COUNT ON SHORT GUYS No matter how hard you lift, how strong you get. You wi…[View]
45246398How frequently/what dosage can you take steroids as an aphrodisiac and not have your testes change i…[View]
45246605As a complete beginner who has never done any physical labour or training, how much will I be able t…[View]
45245090Why aren't you eating /balut/ yet, /fit/? >Calories 181 >Fat 10 g >Carbs 1 g >Prote…[View]
45245458HIIT vs LISS: I was looking this up when coincidentally manlet nipptard posted a video discussing it…[View]
45242563I can neck curl a 45lbs plate for 5 sets of 20 and my neck has stayed at 15.5 inches. Was I memed in…[View]
45239793Is it me? Or am I addicted to running? >Can run nearly 2 miles on a tread mill without breaking …[View]
45246328Testosterone/Roids bad for health???: I keep seeing posts like >>45239402 What is bad about it…[View]
45246431ITT god tier rest day films[View]
45245888Can we have a Manlet hate thread?[View]
45245746terrible posture: What should I know when starting lifting after years of terrible posture computer …[View]
45243315/nutrition/ general Doctors are not to be trusted edition: Daily reminder nutrition is being sabotag…[View]
45245899Fat Malabsorption: What do you guise know about fat malabsorption, if anything? Does exercising 'fix…[View]
45246309Times you got mogged by the elderly: >Leg day. >After squats and presses move on to leg curls.…[View]
45245714Ideal body thread. Skeletor is the only correct answer, fight me.[View]
45245570I think I have PTSD from my back injury. I haven't actively lifted in 3 1/2 years. I resubbed t…[View]
45245313What songs do you listen to while lifting? Pic related[View]
45246275High-Volume exercise throughout the day: Hi /fit/ Can't really find any results googling this …[View]
45222995/Cutting/ General: Who here cutting for summer? >hour on the elliptical edition.…[View]
45246150Can I still wear clothes like this...: When I become /fit/? I am scared that being swole will reduce…[View]
45244084Why is my strength levels so erratic fit? Two days ago i was lifting like a god. Today i could barel…[View]
45244372Ok guys my first time at the gym wtf do I do now[View]
45245815Help Me Out, Bros: So i have a dilemma, /Fit/. I've been lifting for a good seven years now and…[View]
45246101How do I achieve this mode? And how long would it take? Routine + diet?[View]
45244478Intermittent fasting while trying to gain muscle? (Increasing calories in current diet) Is it just a…[View]
45245224Hey /fit/. I just turned 19, and I'm 5'6'. Every day is unending torment. If I were to sta…[View]
45245317*breathes in* GUYS LOOK I-I*exhales* PHOTOSHOPPED OUT THE NIPPLES*shits pants*[View]
45244744Things nobody else would lift for: This is what i lift for[View]
45245907>Mom is making me fast again[View]
45243947Is it true that if my TDEE is 2500 calories, but I eat at a deficit of only 1500 calories a day, my …[View]
45242673Daily reminder to drink more water: Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
45245226Ok, bros, time to get real with you. I hadn't fapped for a while desu and this morning I decide…[View]
45245429Thoughts on this? Today I start lifting for the last time, won't quit or miss any day.[View]
45241634>The manlet guard fell asleep >Manlets managed to escape the manlet pit and are now using the…[View]
45244724Lanklet here: Let me cover my situation real quick: I'm 6' 4'', 19,5 years old, …[View]
45245525I've been weightlifting while but realise I need to do cardio. I want to hit two birds with one…[View]
45245433wtf is up with everyone drinking these now? healthy or just another meme empty calories drink?[View]
45242717So... Is he fit?[View]
45241909Going to fuck a black chick tomorrow what should I expect? Never been with a black chick and never r…[View]
45242061What does /fit/ think of yoga[View]
45211103What song pushes you through that final set, /fit/? For me, it's Through the Fire and Flames[View]
45233297/fraud/ gay sex general: only dated 2 girls but dumped 3 times edition NO source talk read the reddi…[View]
45235537What is the most Chad thing you have ever done? >Be wearing stupid snake skin shoes ironically on…[View]
45244119How much steroids would I need to maintain the SCUUUUUUM GANG physique?[View]
45242894Cardio general I've just gotten a bicycle, and now cardio is FUN and practical. fuck running. C…[View]
45238299/fit/ humor thread[View]
45239021>ppl Literally the stupidest meme routine in existence. How many of you can pull 500 from doing …[View]
45245528>go to snap city >can't gym >depression comes back fucking hell why do i need to lift …[View]
45245084We've all been trying to get away from the pre-programming society teaches us, like how fat is …[View]
45245639powderfags btfo: just chug eggs like rocky and the rothschilds. http://www.cleanlabelproject. org/pr…[View]
45243017Doyle: Anyone know anything about this guy's routine? I know he doesn't look like this nat…[View]
45242922do you pick your callouses?[View]
45235070Fat people hate - /fph/: Boogie edition[View]
45242005Does sex count against nofap?: I understand the concept of no fap is to up your test by not busting …[View]
45243159boyos i started lifting two days ago. today i still have enormous muscle soreness. should i go to gy…[View]
45244302How much protein in a cheesecake?[View]
45245254What’s the most /fit/ city on earth? Sparta, historically, but what about modern?[View]
45244679Is he natty?[View]
45244290Are these enough for zinc gains? About 15mg.[View]
45244481Favorite classic bodybuilder: Post your favorite classic bodybuilder. Mines Jessup Willcoz seems obt…[View]
45244966How the fuck do I fix my chest? It looks like my left pec is smaller than my right one. Also the gap…[View]
45243660BACK VS FRONT SQUATS: Hey /fit. 27 yo faggot here with multiple shoulder dislocation in my history. …[View]
45244916All of you who are manlets, balding or whatever else, I think i have a story to share with you. …[View]
45245144Whenever I drink milk, my shit turns into pure liquid. This A2 milk apparently helps with digestion,…[View]
45242760Is this a good milk to drink?[View]
45243807Lately I've come to realize that, in social settings, I tend to ignore the girls I'm not a…[View]
45241354SARMs: Hey /fit/bros. I've grown sick of natty lifting. I'm thinking about taking SARMs, …[View]
45242754>m-men don't hit the wall >goes bald kek…[View]
45244253>hairlines growing back[View]
45241755You've never seen gym staff clean the barbells because they never do. Your grip strength hasn…[View]
45241994Anyone try GOBAD? I'm interested in getting into Dracula mode[View]
45244581Shill me a good mixer: Looking for a solid, reasonably priced mixer like pic related which is availa…[View]
45240627How did specialists of an entire country managed to fuck up this bad? Its one of the many reasons wh…[View]
45244022Is this a healthy meal?[View]
45243734ITT: People you thought were ripped before you started getting /fit/[View]
45244595>squats and deadlifts are useless for aesthetics[View]
45242917How the fuck does /fit/ do Keto? Reading about it made me realize bread and potatoes are the largest…[View]
45223087Things you wish you'd known when you started lifting: I'll start >It's going to ta…[View]
45239350I can't believe the things you claimed weren't memes: Here's what legit happened to m…[View]
45244329Is anyone else here normal?: Like, decent looking, well off, went to college, white collar job, have…[View]
45244048Why aren't you quenching your thirst the Chad way? Have you ever noticed how many bottles of th…[View]
45242290Gay/Bi thread Anyone else bisexual? I'm kind of devilish and love making girls jealous knowing …[View]
45240049A gains goblin nobody on /fit/ has ever spoken about just took away my ability to consume enough pro…[View]
45240237Drugs: thoughts on taking LSD or other similar drugs before a workout? I took a 20ug microdose today…[View]
45243167>Micky the Manlet escaped his cage again[View]
45244265So what the heck should I eat? I have irritable bowel syndrome.(I get piercing pain in same exact sp…[View]
45244117>diddly day yesterday >day 7 nofap >get halfway through third set >notice boxers are wet…[View]
45239239ITT we come up with alternative names for exercises. I'll start: >skullcushers ---> cran…[View]
45242867Anyone here used SARMs? I'm reading about LGD 4033 but it seems to good to be true and 90% of e…[View]
45243354Stretching: Do you stretch? If yes, why? If no, why not? What is your stretch routine? What are the …[View]
45244347How do I increase penis girth?[View]
45244336My my right bicep is literally an inch thicker than my left. It's gotten to te point where it f…[View]
45243819Is it possible that the fact I had my hands elevated on a desk to use my computer to play WoW throug…[View]
45242194Cutting general: To all my IF bros, Im planning on doing a cut this spring after hitting 1/2/3/4 for…[View]
45241868My ass is always moist to some degree. It's not leakage, just swamp ass. How does /fit/ combat …[View]
45242709Hey i want to look like this, i already have a big brow as it is but also want to make it more protr…[View]
45243274Thailand meet happening?[View]
45243939Are there legal steroids in Australia that really help put muscle on?[View]
45242377Anyone wish you traded your fit body for a 10/10 male model face?: As an average looking brah with a…[View]
45234658>that guy who takes a sip of water after every set[View]
45233363/fast/ #147 - Salt water edition: >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion of interm…[View]
45243950i have this at home, how can i get the most of it? should i do series?[View]
45243900Redpilled Gum: What are some good gum brands that don't contain soy, sugar or anything that kil…[View]
45243718post yfw fat people think they're strong >'it's..it's not fat! it's muscle!'…[View]
45242425Fatass here. Fuck. I did 4 weeks straight and lost only 10 lbs. This is going to take fucking foreve…[View]
45233343I haven't been here for the 6 years >Post the spiciest /fit/ memes of recent years. Let…[View]
45242245>tfw mogging doesnt work in anime[View]
45240218I've had male pattern baldness since I was 17, now I am almost 25. Just went to the barber, and…[View]
45243809>my brothers are extremely hairy >are bald at a young age >are short >are dumber than me…[View]
45243563>that girl in the gym who squats more than you[View]
45243693Just tore apart my shorts on my 70th goblet squat[View]
45243646lester burnham here from an old thread a week or two ago. Just an update - leaving my wife and takin…[View]
45243348How long does it take to achieve 2/3/4/5 natty? What do people that are natty and can do that look l…[View]
45242764Who builds muscle faster? People who do strength routins or bro splits? I'm a woman purely lift…[View]
45243114>get fit >get herpes making out with some club sloot this is your bi-weekly reminder to stay s…[View]
45243525I'm literally white. Is it a good idea to go to a tanning salon? I have seen pictures of myself…[View]
45242599What are some exercises you invented or named a certain combination of exercises? Nothing serious he…[View]
45229490When are you not considered a manlet anymore? Personally, I think 5''11 (180).[View]
45241609my left bicep is smaller than my right one, what do i do /fit/[View]
45233473What’s the most important thing /fit/ has taught you from your time on here? For me, it’s the red p…[View]
45238753>girl commented on my calves on st pattys >grabbed them with both hands >asked me to flex t…[View]
45240811>'I opened up this magazine and I read through it, and it was the whole plan, laid out. I asked m…[View]
45241002Did I just get a bad Doctor? Help anons: Just went to the doctor and he was an absolute cunt. Laughe…[View]
45242763When will we see a white man break Bolt's records?[View]
45243018>mfw getting DOMS for the first time[View]
45242167>lose almost 20 kg weight >start working out regularly >still depressed loser with no goals…[View]
45243076Resting blood pressure of 150/80 Imma die of a heart attack or stroke before I hit 50. I'm not …[View]
45243190>make a manlet thread: lasts 3 days >make a fitness related thread: 0 responses the absolute s…[View]
45226040CBT CURENT BODY THREAD: 23, 160lb, 5'11 I feel like I look like shit for 10% so I'm cuttin…[View]
45243120Does anyone have that picture comparing 'men then vs men now' and the bottom row is a bunch of jews?…[View]
45241496To be alpha, you HAVE to be aggressive: Let's take a look at the research: >winning fights r…[View]
45227743Post best body you could realistically achieve[View]
45241006what is the best way to stop drinking Coke[View]
45238091Are abs a waste of time? I know you’ll never get a six pack or lose fat just by doing an workouts, b…[View]
45242696Why do you still think about her, anon? You keep thinking you will run in to her one day and she wil…[View]
45241620>be 20 year old >5 ft 11 >attractive,muscular from years of gym >39 year old manlet come…[View]
45242791Any reviews? Seems to good to be true: Hey boys been looking for test w/out prescription and came ac…[View]
45242749>that one shitskin manlet who yells and grunts loudly while doing bicep curls…[View]
45241509Sleep is ruining my life: >Never able to sleep at night so constantly oversleep >Wake up late,…[View]
45241902Mirin thread: I did it lads. Post your mire stories.[View]
45236887>that guy who OHPs in the squat rack[View]
45232495>keratosis pilaris[View]
45240246mischievous: >tip gym receptionist >she tells me to have a good day >don't…[View]
45240881While I was taking a shower today, I saw a decent amount of hair fall off of my head while running f…[View]
45242512>DO ss >get strong as fuck >move on to intermediate programing >turn into fridge mode …[View]
45237588So, what do you guys substitute power cleans for in SS? I just alternate with more deadlifts at a lo…[View]
45242349Anyone been to a massage therapist? Interested in trying one out. Deep tissue or swedish? Male or fe…[View]
45241900Is this transformation natty?[View]
45238113Should I go for this aesthetic?[View]
45241200Why can't I just substitute a regular press for a bench press? I don't care about the ego…[View]
45241749>be me >packing 10 inch cock w/ good girth >every girl i hookup with compliments me on it …[View]
45241283hey r/fitness, I decided I want shoulders now. never worked out in my 18 years of life, literally a …[View]
45242278Alright, /fit/, here’s my story, need some fat burning/weight loss tips >be me, back in December …[View]
45239742I started lifting for the first time in my life on February 22nd. I’ve been at it for a month now. I…[View]
45240015Shaving belly / chest: Do you do this, /fit/? I dont think I want to shave my chest but hair on my b…[View]
45242077>start cutting >5 weeks in >still looking like dog shit…[View]
45242052What does /fit/ think of homegym setups? Is it worth it if you have the money and the room?[View]
45239032femanon here, I'm currently a fat land whale and I'm now getting into shape but I have an …[View]
45242017Go through the front page and see how many threads actually have to deal with fitness. What have we …[View]
45240771>Started taking 3000IU Vitamin D3 two weeks ago. >Haven't been able to deep sleep for the…[View]
45240883Does /fit/ know this feel?[View]
45241352Lived my whole life thinking I was 6'1', today I found out I'm actually 6'2'. Feels g…[View]
45241421Kettlebells: I'm interested in kettlebell training, /fit/. I need some old guy strength. Anyone…[View]
45240896>he doesn't own a cat for those sweet toxo low inhibition gains Daily reminder that toxoplas…[View]
45241133Simple Bulk: Currently ottermode skelly at 5'8 140lbs and I'm thinking of starting a simpl…[View]
45241298I'm not going to make it.....: >No willpower >always hungry >making a Whole degornno …[View]
45239882>lost too much weight to wear my old clothes without looking sloppy (even with belts) >too poo…[View]
45241582So this guy at my gym works out TWO major muscle groups in 1 day. This guy setting himself up for fa…[View]
45235723Exposing genitalia to the sun gives you a 200% testosterone increase >Trying to make it >Not g…[View]
45241445Does anyone here ever feel the desire to best the living shit out of someone? Back when I was younge…[View]
45238913Any other tradesmen on here? I'm a pipe welder/ heavy construction worker Carrying chains is g…[View]
45238484Deciding between high and low reps is too confusing[View]
45239926What was your most alpha moment? >pick up latina gf who was at coworker happy hour >Know she…[View]
45241338>tfw just shaved my whole body so much definition now[View]
45239812New Discord server. Link is: 9EHbKAx Fatty General is for those looking for motivation in helping to…[View]
45241111I just failed penis inspection day at school. Any penile health tips guys?[View]
45238088>finally ask girl out >get projected Why?…[View]
45241288Amount of time I spend in the gym far less now because I'm not doing a bro split, end up over w…[View]
45241281I did 5x5 for like 7 months, what do I do now?My lifts stalled for a month or so while I cut. Is the…[View]
45240079does getting gyno make your nipples more sensitive? UwU[View]
45237542>Lifting on Saturday, the day G-d chose for rest You don't do this, right /fit/?…[View]
45241025How much lean body mass do you lose when cutting?: Is the ratio something like 1 pound of lean mass …[View]
45241118Hey recently saw Sheer Test on Amazon. Is this a safe investment. Will I get results with it?[View]
45240478Is there a way to shorten my neck?[View]
45238962>be moaning while doing arnold press >overhear some chick and her friend giggling what do?…[View]
45238661Do you /fit/ the bill?: Is this why you lift? What did she mean by this?[View]
45240248How many pounds do I need to lose to reach a solid 10% bodyfat?: I’m 5’8 and weigh 275 lbs. My lifts…[View]
45241137>be me emaciated skelly >decide to use some workout equipment at work >use a seat chest pre…[View]
45241164>tfw no strong mass gf[View]
45237319Jealousy from lesser males: List your stories[View]
45238489How to achieve this physique?[View]
45240185>dude quinoa[View]
45239378Peanut Butter: Hi /fit/ I just ate 4700 calories of peanut butter. AMA.[View]
45240486>that 30 year old grug at the gym[View]
45239147Hey /fit/ help me unfuck this girl's diet plan. It's one of those 'Mom's coworker' sc…[View]
45239647>tfw work at gas station >Tfw bully was a 6'3 white football playing chad who graduated …[View]
45240313How do you guys stay driven to keep doing to the gym? I've been going almost every day since No…[View]
45240496Possibly urgent: I just started lifting hard for the first time in my life. After a sesh of curls I …[View]
45233956what are the best exercises to work out your tongue muscle?[View]
45239068Supplements - Post your shit: What's /fit/ currently taking? Just Gold Standard Whey for mysel…[View]
45240374what'cha eatin, /fit/? pan-fried chicken thighs, rice, spinach on bottom, green beans on the si…[View]
45240517I got under chin fat in the last few months even though I had no weight gain, I actually fucking los…[View]
45237983Women love killers: Do murderlets even have any chance? When are you gonna work on your murder gains…[View]
45240268hey /fit/ first time posting here, currently 25, never really been thin my whole life, ive gone up…[View]
45240433fatcamp: sup /fit/ I need to change something in my life, I have 0 willpower, but I'm somewhat …[View]
45240193Rate my back, also whats lacking and bf% estimte 6 feet height 157 lbs[View]
45239616Do any /fit/izens in Pittsburgh want to get paid to workout with a DYEL a few times to help me nail …[View]
45232766>huhuh I can’t control my portions, better just not eat all day and drink water instead to lose w…[View]
45238423anybody have any experience taking phenibut for study? what is a safe dosage i can take 3x per week?…[View]
45239290how do i fix my face? Physically I'm pretty strong but idk if anything will repair the damage I…[View]
45239666/onion/: >eat an onion a day >facial hair starts growing for the first time in my life Did I f…[View]
45237989el maldito devorador de verdura...[View]
45239766SELF IMPROVEMENT THREAD What has /fit/ been doing to actively improve themselves? I'm starting …[View]
45240117Is it better to Intermittent Fast or just eating less?[View]
45240143I have very faint back dimples and I'd like to get them to be more pronounced. I'm already…[View]
45240137>walk into the gym GAN GAN GAN KACCHIDAZE[View]
45237476>running on path >approach old couple walking in same direction as I am, backs are turned to m…[View]
45227374Is it true that the pendulum swings in favour of men when they reach their late 20s/30s? Ie you have…[View]
45239369Is milk good for fit diet ? And milk + oat everyday ?[View]
45235423>tfw a woman tells you to 'man up'[View]
45238972I hope you all lift for real women and not skinny bitches with boy bodies[View]
45236638what are your thoughts on cheat days? i decided to make a change and start eating right i used to ea…[View]
45238189We're all going to make it, brah.[View]
45238908General health DR apointment: Hi /fit/, I am going to the Doctor today and want to get as many thin…[View]
45240013#hmm: I am doin enough cardio/ab excercises that the ole’ aberinos are starting to show. No fap has …[View]
45236107Aromatase inhibitors for the treatment of puffy nips: Sup /fit/ During my adolescence I developed a …[View]
45238819this is what the average /fit/ poster looks like[View]
45239765Name a better bulking food pro tip, you can't[View]
45239771Ate 2500 kcal in dry roasted peanuts (500g of it, no salt), lads. Am I fucked or is it the ultimate …[View]
45235911why do i still smell after showering? i still have my primal smell even after washing all over(inclu…[View]
45239011Looking for gym bros: Delaware county area. Anyone wanna be my friend?[View]
45239787>Manlets: Oh dear....[View]
45239498steroids aren't drugs... ri..right guys?[View]
45238961Cole Robinson Meme dump: I found out about this Snake Diet thing after knowing about fasting for a y…[View]
45237648Goal Fictional characters thread[View]
45236132how do you make a fast easier?[View]
45238832So why haven’t you tried nasal snuff yet?[View]
45239663>just getting used to new gym and new routine >getting comfortable with all the regular guys …[View]
45239746Help please: So you know /fit/ I started training recently and it got to me with a lot of haste that…[View]
45239222Have you noticed that your gains have gone up if you swallow semen after a workout? It's pretty…[View]
45238625>one shot at life >look the way you look How you holding up anon?…[View]
45239641arw there any benefits for fasting until lunch or later?[View]
45239184how to achieve this mode?[View]
45239689At what point should I consider buying a barbell? Dumbbells seem more flexible for a starter. Curre…[View]
45225005/fitlit/: What is /fit/ reading? How much do you read per day?[View]
45224710La creatura vegana...[View]
45238267Preworkout: What's the best preworkout? I'm new to lifting so I've only ever used the…[View]
45238945ITT: we question our sexuality: I think the constant gay memes and looking at cbt's/pictures of…[View]
45238598are there any downsides or side effects to supplementing for big cumz?[View]
45237851According to Varg this is what a healthy European man looks like. Strongfat. If you are chasing 'aes…[View]
45238044Am I underweight?[View]
45239570Autistic Question: Does bf percentage become lower when eating at a caloric deficit of 500 or 1000 c…[View]
45239110so since he's dead now can we say we're lifting for him instead of Zyzz to get that sweet …[View]
45237453What are these and how do I get rid of them? They appear when I flex my buttcheeks and they're …[View]
45229368/fat/ You can get through this plateau: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better them…[View]
45232080Try being Savage: M 31 here. Up until 28 I've lived the 'Chad Life'. But at least in my case I…[View]
45239048What are /fit/s go to songs/albums for PRs/heavy lifts? Discovered Pantera through my lifting buddy,…[View]
45239181When did you realize you had to give up the gloves and start lifting to feel like a man? I feel as a…[View]
45238944>TFW NO GYMBROS TO LIFT TOGETHER feels sad men[View]
45238774Im getting a ready for a bodybuilding competition and can't stop snacking. I need help because …[View]
45239253>that guy who bought unprofessional dubbells instead of sign a gym membership…[View]
45239022How be ripped like crossfitter or bodybuilder and not look like a bloated power lifter?: I want the …[View]
45237525If muscles grow stronger by responding to intense pressure through lifting, shouldn't you in th…[View]
45238147muh studies: >But all of this might not be necessary. A brand new study was just published ahead …[View]
45237397Lat Pull downs or pull ups for a wider back?[View]
45217642Any /fit/izens from Portugal here?[View]
45238166Staple food while cutting?: What’s your go too? Why don’t you eat pickles? 0 calories.[View]
45237988/fit/ security: Does anybody on /fit/ have any experience working security(concerts, mall, bodyguard…[View]
45238466GZCL METHOD: Thoughts on the Cody Lefever Gzcl methodology?[View]
45236088Have you taken the buckwheat pill yet?: Per 100g: >343kcal >3.4g fat >72g carbs >13g pro…[View]
45232881are dates good carbs?[View]
45239012BROS... https://chaturbate com/lizrose90/[View]
45238940>tfw stalled on 185 lb squat[View]
45237022Is there such thing as legitimate penis gains? I’m tired of my 5.5 inches.[View]
45238209What brand of caffeine pills is best?[View]
45238864good luck making it without looking like Wat Tambor >implying that you look like Wat Tambor >t…[View]
45234228at one point can you just start training at heavy compound lifts every day? it looks like all these …[View]
45238720Squat Goal: Finally hit my squat goal. 225lb. 2 Plate Son >Celebrate with squat face…[View]
45237769>gym is closed tomorrow for a snow day >between the snowstorms and coyotes I've missed li…[View]
45238330R8 my ABCABCx chad bro-split lads[View]
45233612/run/ - Running Thread: Running thread. Anything you would like to talk regarding running? Any equip…[View]
45237738I'm starting to supplement L-Glutamine. How many grams do you guys take per day? Online is sayi…[View]
45238877Efficient weight loss products: This is Emily she lost all this weight in not time with a limited pr…[View]
45237396why haven't you taken the Weston A price pill yet? Civilisation causes physical and mental dege…[View]
45238852Anybody have the copypasta of the brah who pretends to be a girl who was raped when he takes showers…[View]
45235794I do abs in the evening but the adrenaline keeps me wake at night. Any solutions please ?[View]
45237458When did you realize you were a collosal piece of shit that wasn't going to make it? If you hav…[View]
45237498how to achieve this?[View]
45234886>continuing to eat meat after watching this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYwhSX3ltJg…[View]
45237257Did lifting build up your self-esteem: Lurking /fit/ for the past few years has made me hate myself.…[View]
45237966What's his workout?[View]
45237860Help me out bros. I weigh 235 lbs right now. I need to weigh 215 or less by April 10th. What do I do…[View]
45237454Did I do good /fit/[View]
45238297Can I replace barbell squats with machine hack squats? I can't do bb squats or deadlifts correc…[View]
45234575>concentration curls >gym is full of holocaust deniers…[View]
45232985Hey buddy[View]
45217633thin fit or thicc? What's the best shape for females?[View]
45238168What do I have to do to get that body?[View]
45234158What do you do if you miss reps on volume day for Texas Method? Do you still shoot for a new PR, or …[View]
45237377Can someone give me some staples on a good chest workout routine for mass. Googling it gives me too …[View]
452338832 months cutting. How do I look like? Before 198 lbs After 183 lbs 19 years old[View]
45236738BEET JUICE: is this stuff a meme or will i become superhuman?[View]
45236693Thoughts: Is it a meme?[View]
45238105>Hey bro mind if I work in with you between sets?[View]
45237061>tfw /fit/ is just /r9k/ with muscles All that picking up stuff and putting it down again didn…[View]
45238173Shit you think to yourself when lifting: YEAAAAH LIGHT WEIGHT TODAY BABY[View]
45235526PUSHUP THREAD - GIANTDAD EDITION: Gotta get swole to wield that +5 chaos Zweihander and walk around …[View]
45229825NoFap day 10 NoFap Last 2 digits[View]
45238045Can we have a looksmaxx thread?[View]
45233700Tfw quasi-mode build Like why even try if you have height if you dont have FRAME[View]
45232442/fit/ feels: When your gym crush isn't here for leg day to watch you squat ass to grass[View]
45237999Why do people do 100-rep sets? If you can do more than 12 then it's too light[View]
45234683Goal Body Thread[View]
45236562Fit approved hair styles[View]
45236442Fuk u /fit/ now at 5'11' I consider myself a manlet: I got so concerned and insecure that any d…[View]
45237867Give me some good workout programs or sites where I can find also I've read the sticky.[View]
45236389Cutting problems: >be me >trying to cut from 15-17% bf down to 10-12% >family is aware of g…[View]
45236471Just signed up at this gym and you can test your body composition there. I feel like it's prett…[View]
45237647>used to have a girlfriend who I loved and fucked for hours >she would constantly orgasm on my…[View]
45237829is kale the only micro you need: whats up just ate like a ton of kale mouth tastes metallic, like af…[View]
45237803>Anon, the manager from your gym just called and told me you were doing death lifts again!…[View]
45235746Can anyone help me out? I want to follow a dumbbel (15 kg/ ~30lb each) and calisthenics (I have no b…[View]
45226832Friendly advice/support thread What's buggin you /fit/?[View]
45234746>1/2/3/4 rock >No cave girl why?[View]
45235619>lifting for a couple years >go from ~160 to ~210 >gain some decent size but just a step ab…[View]
45237395PANDA EXPRESS????: I'm an extremely lazy person who wants to eat 'better' but don't know h…[View]
45237043https://sirartwork.tumblr.com/post/172079750453/im-setting-up-that-patreon-page-still-trying-to It…[View]
45237550>burdened by work, uni and studies >Start taking Ashwagandha because of /fit/ >Stop giving …[View]
45234183https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HCcpirJLX4 sry its german Funfact: If you only take steroids und do…[View]
45236470>go on underground train >sit in seat, not next to someone >group of teenage girls who want…[View]
45236586>Cutting for the first time in my life after 1 year of dirty bulking >That fucking URGE to eat…[View]
45236445How attainable is the look of Sven Karlsen?: Not the actually WSM winning strength, that's 1:7,…[View]
45234715what the fuck is a guy supposed to do with a body type like this? I hate my fucking life, is there e…[View]
45236624Can you honestly give me a single reason why I shouldn't just cruise on 500mg of test? I'm…[View]
45237198is there a limit to how much fat your body can store per day? If I eat, say, 3000 calories more than…[View]
45236983>eat everything as long as it fit your macros[View]
45235638WHAT THE FUCK: 90kg lady here with underactive thyroid and am on birth control. I know how to lose w…[View]
45237267What can I do to improve my physique?: I think I might have gyno but I would like input on what I ca…[View]
45235610>Oh I can't eat that it has too many carbs[View]
45237384>Weighted dips[View]
45237112>when women get bored with old meme exercises and invent new ones https://youtu.be/SQ1nerFFvls Je…[View]
45237196Do you watch and fitness YouTubers? If so, who do you like to watch?[View]
45229526Height: What height is best >not too tall to hurt life expectancy >not too short to be called …[View]
45236266hardgainer troubles thread was eternally hovering 150lbs and then I got sick for about 5 days and di…[View]
45232289>she left me god i hate being alone again[View]
45234012if you are natty and arent hitting each muscle group 3 times a week, you're a fucking moron[View]
45236681>girl is almost begging me to fuck her >literally kisses me, goes into her room, and says 'com…[View]
45236809Any UK /fit/izens watching Quest Red for Kirtsten's 600lb life?[View]
45237055I hate women, minorities and fat people, I have extreme body dysmorphia, I may or may not be gay and…[View]
45236103Just drank a protein shake with 3.5 cups of oats. AMA[View]
45231692Natty check: Let's get a natty check going, is Logan Paul natty?[View]
45231032Fat people foods: >When you have to sit and watch that fat family member stuff their kid after th…[View]
45237169Skinnyfat general: How do I avoid being skinnyfat? I am bulking right now but I feel like more of it…[View]
45235201is he natty bros?[View]
45234875What the fuck is up with these guys holy shit.[View]
45235487Do I look like I lift?[View]
45237045Why do normies like watching sports so much? I’m a fairly fit college student and I see nothing appe…[View]
45237119>tfw you finish your workout and take that first hit from your JUUL™[View]
45236789*steals your idea*[View]
45237089>6am in the gym locker room >totally empty >middle aged guy enters >chooses to get dress…[View]
45237063>it's a superfood![View]
45236854I need a new gym: So I just moved and I need to find a new gym in the area. Should I go with a mom-…[View]
45235614Winter Fatigue: This winter is too damm long and even if iam working out 4 times a week and having v…[View]
45236200Hey guys, can someone please give me the /fit/ approved food charts? I'm going to buy grocerie…[View]
45236858Am I wasting my time?: I've done a bro split with incorporation of the main five compound movem…[View]
45236154>Gym is packed with 10+ people >Everyone starts to leave as soon as you enter (especially the …[View]
45236324POST WRIST, FAGGOTS! I'm 6.5' around myself.[View]
45236095>lifting for girls[View]
45236296What do with this body. Please advice. Only sport I do is walking around with a heavy bag.[View]
45236716we talk a lot about test levels, but usually about total test, while free test is arguably more impo…[View]
45234891If you can't accomplish at least 1/2/3/4/5/6 within 1 year of training, you're never going…[View]
45236587I am a former weightlifter and need some tips on how to attain max flexibility since in my life I ei…[View]
45236062why do I turn into a furnace at night when I lift weights that day its fucking my sleep up[View]
45232034Pull-up help: How long do yall think it would take for the average individual to go from 4 pullups t…[View]
45236403Hey SS newbies, if you need a powerclean form check were over here. >>45204922[View]
45235272>tfw walk 6 miles at work every day >too tired to exercise after work Please guys I can’t be t…[View]
45226813Fictional goal bodies thread[View]
45233541Skin care: I need a new skin routine. A lot seem to irate my skin I used to like that coca butter bu…[View]
45230617/tri/ Triathlon General: Never seen one of these threads before, but I know some of you are getting …[View]
45235841I'm in search of a routine. I want to train chest two times a week and i want to train on monda…[View]
45235448I'm going back to my hometown in a week. I want to surprise all my friends and family with the …[View]
45236262How much weigth can I gain with Creatine Monohydrate? 4-5 kg?: How much weigth can I gain with Creat…[View]
45236228goal bodz: is this achievable natty? if so what routine do you recommend?[View]
45235410Clavicle width for bodybuilding potential?: How important is this. I sort of have narrow looking sho…[View]
45235587What should macros be?: I am 177cm, 68 kg. I really need to gain weight and I have done a shitty job…[View]
45228572La Hapa Bonita, en mejor criatura.[View]
45231776Trying to make a fitness schedule for my wife. I am not very knowledgeable at all so could you help …[View]
45233516confess /fit/[View]
45232840Dream body What is your goal? >Mine ryan gossling in a place beyond pines >How far are you fro…[View]
45225755/HEX BAR GENERAL/: for those that like to deadlift without ruining their backs[View]
45232329Black/Arabic chick trying to get this dick Why do I never get this kind of attention from white fema…[View]
45236117Hey SS newbies, if you need a powerclean form check were over here. >>45234926[View]
45235120Come home at 8pm from college everyday. >No Food Come home one pancake left. Decided to not to ea…[View]
45234432should have been me[View]
45228726What's your favorite hot sauce for your chicken breast?[View]
45235834Is Doing 4x12 each of curls and hammer curls overkill?[View]
45229360I raised my test levels from 387 ng / dl to 802 ng / dl and now I just feel aggressive all the time.…[View]
45234829Achieving the impossible: /fit/ I just got approved for Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer school. It's…[View]
45235603Feeling that tickle in my throat. I think I've got a cold coming on. Is there anything I can d…[View]
45235698Cardio: I walked about 4 miles on a strenuous trail, and the work out only lasted only an hour. Do y…[View]
45233286Chin/jaw: What can I do to fix my chin/jaw? How bad do you guys think it is?[View]
45235579How's your Morse shit, /fit/? >Solid: dot >Not so solid: dash Mine is W, I pooped a hard …[View]
45234635>On the first proper cut of my life >1000 under TDEE at 2250 >Tracking literally everything…[View]
45235364>ITT post your favorite movies involving fitness[View]
45235562I got a big dick: (you know what that means) My feet hurt like a mother fucker because some of my s…[View]
45234407Is there anything wrong with cutting only 1 lb/week or 500 cal deficit per day? I always see people …[View]
45234326>Anon you have such big muscles, what sport do you practice? Am i the only one who never admits o…[View]
45235421Help me understand /fit/ I run 4.5 miles before work at least 4 times a week, followed by 4 sets of …[View]
45230945height general.: >great grandfather 205cm >grandfather 190cm >dad 186cm >me 175cm at 18 …[View]
45235242>done with gym >excited to get home and indulge in postworkout festivities >remember i need…[View]
452331593 pl8 lifts: I'm confused, is that a 45 and then 22.5 on each side? 3 45 plates would be uneven…[View]
45221217ITT: God-tier fruit and veg Name a better fruit than this boyo, I dare you[View]
45235150Is it okay if you feel a pain in the inner elbow the next day after doing curls? Also it feels prett…[View]
45235315i have been tried nofap since 2015 but my highest record were 1 week,help me guys,i wanna make it[View]
45231971In 3 years Boogie will be more fit than I am: This is getting so scary,I laughted at this Man for ye…[View]
45235202it's okay to have some ice cream once in a while. r-right?[View]
45234921SS opinions?: anyone had any luck with Starting Soy (SS)?[View]
45235107UK test check: UK fag here. How tf do i get a test check through the nhs? do i just phone up my usua…[View]
45233802What should I do when I cant lift? Mobility exercises?[View]
45234813My knee hurts.[View]
45234816Reminder that if you take steroids before reaching the natty limit you are pathetic[View]
45234676>He doesn’t eat a low-fat diet Enjoy your bloatmaxx physique and heart attack at age 40.…[View]
45230288What mode is this?[View]
45234949Bully Academy: Alright faggots, in this thread you give me various situations from your daily life a…[View]
45233531>doing some cleaning >found an old tub of whey I thought I lost >bought it around 2013 >…[View]
45234702What's your happiness routine, /fit/?[View]
45233404Who's your marathonfu, /fit/?[View]
45234808Should I put myself on HGH or just wait and continue with the swimming?Also how risky and effective …[View]
45234725>that guy who squats everyday[View]
45232508How to achieve this aesthetic?[View]
45234739Motivation thread? Motivation thread.[View]
45234283Thoughts on Ben Pollack and his programs: Ben Pollack is a pro powerlifter and a soon-to-be PhD. Ben…[View]
45234346neck and jaw training: Anybody ever try this?[View]
45231497Tounge: You aren't a tounglet right?[View]
45230366What is considered skinny these days?: So I'm 5'10' and weigh 155 lbs. Am I considered ski…[View]
45230354intermitent fasting + keto: hi everyone. yesterday i started my first day of fasting, and passed the…[View]
45228283Have I achieved ottormode?[View]
45231197Does lift cause hemorrhoids?[View]
45234530I'm still in the untrained section of the chart for most lifts after about 2 months so far, but…[View]
45232053>He doesn't do 7-day interval fapping >Literally denying yourself a 46% test gain…[View]
45233105/hab/ - Habits General: What are your daily habits, big or small, common or uncommon? What are some …[View]
45232854I hope you don't use the hot tap /fit/[View]
45234313What are some good tricep isolation exercies I can do with dumbbells? trying to escape t-rex mode[View]
45231482If I take a half hour nap in between my sets does it count as a full workout?[View]
45232554When did you start lifting? Did you enjoy prime teen pucci?[View]
45232133Hey /fitf I want to start running and in general getting into shape. But right now it is difficult f…[View]
45229181Is it true that when you have lower back pain from deadlifts, squats, military press, bent-over rows…[View]
45233513How many kcals /fit/?[View]
45233509>tfw you fell for the compounds are enough for abs meme How do I salvage this? What ab routines c…[View]
45230111>excited and savage right before a womans clothes come off >lose all interest after the clothe…[View]
45218323Do girls ever post progress pics here? If so post em![View]
45230167whats the best app for calorie counting?[View]
45227883My Pick: /fit candies: what are /fit approved candies?[View]
45234189Is Jim Florentine /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1l4OP78MjI[View]
45233958Is this achievable natty?[View]
45234162The power of soy: https://www.reddit.com/r/Whatcouldgowrong/comments/85pfnv/throwing_your_cellphone_…[View]
45233202Is nicotine good for you in moderation? Caffeine and Alcohol is good for you in small doses[View]
45234155Should I go for this aesthetic? If so, do you think good genes (for the muscle, not beard) are requi…[View]
45231389How do I fix zipper abs?[View]
45226595I always hear dumbbell worshippers talk about how the Dumbbell press is better than the bench press.…[View]
45232019/fit/ pls tell me how to stop needing women >be me, 24, /fit/, mostly good balanced life, making…[View]
45233846I can't do most workouts since I have a micropenis.: I avoid 60% of workouts in the fear that, …[View]
45230483Whacky testosterone experiment: Ok, so I was looking for test info and found a link that contains th…[View]
45211904Post the 20th image that you have in your /fit/ folder[View]
45226993>8-12 for hypertrophy[View]
45231587Tfw Cassady Campbell became a Chad >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Kil1_q8P6Q…[View]
45233619It's 3pm. I'm alone on campus eating my prep meal.[View]
45232939Hello there neighbors, It's been quite a long time since I've seen any of your smiling fac…[View]
45226720What would happen if a skeleton(10%bf) did a 14week cycle of 500TestE, dieted properly, had a solid …[View]
45232361You may not like it but this is what peak aesthetics looks like[View]
45233636Is it possible to get rid of loose skin after weight loss? I lost nearly 45KG since last year and i …[View]
45219251Can I reduce my cardio time if I use pic related?[View]
45231681heh well /fit/... you may have the muscles, but do you have the brain?[View]
45233015why do you guys go to a shitty globo gym and not a real gym like pic related?[View]
45233469what did he mean by this: ?[View]
45231172Anyone else get a shit ton of sexdrive after taking creatine? I'm taking it for two weeks now, …[View]
45233368how do i stay 'in the zone' when i lift? i keep thinking about other bs and wandering off (got a hom…[View]
45231453How do I into weightlifting?[View]
45231657/fit/ Music: Post your best lifting songs, /fit/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvxTIuQLPVQ…[View]
45232689What do I do lord?[View]
45209905Mogged: How to deal with it: So I was out on Saturday night with a girl, just at a bar having drinks…[View]
45230562Gynecomastia?: Is this Gynecomastia? I’m only 5ft 10in, and 148lbs. I’ve been working out for the pa…[View]
45232885top tip thread: top tip 1: add 30ml of olive oil to your next shake, the emulsifiers in the milk all…[View]
45232506What do you drink /fit/? Besides water[View]
45231917poke: Are poke bowls /fit/ approved?[View]
45232816Explosive Diarrhea: Explosive diarrhea after breaking 36 hour fast with 2 pizzas What do?[View]
45229515Why aren't you eating /balut/ yet, /fit/? >Calories 181 >Fat 10 g >Carbs 1 g >Prote…[View]
45231958Breakfast: Mix em up. The vanilla ones here in the greatest nation in America have significantly les…[View]
45230477how do i beat my dad at armwrestling?[View]
45233074Should I care about the amount of carbs and fats when bulking or it doesn't matter as long I…[View]
45221614Powerlifting General - /PLG/: Quit powerlifting. You're bad at it, and you're not having s…[View]
45231908Would you get surgery for gyno like this[View]
45231791almost done with my creatine loading[View]
45232946Have I ruined it?: I have made very good gains the last few years. Lifting more and more, feeling co…[View]
45230736gym buddies: Tell me about your gym bros, /fit/ >best friend from high school >go to different…[View]
45230357Sup /fit/, I used to get a diamond boner when just holding hands with my(ex) gf. Never had sex tho, …[View]
45230985help /fit/ I need to gain weight to unfuck myself >twinkmode 68 kg at 1.85 m >recently cut out…[View]
45231272Anyone on for a tradesmen? I’m a college grad but I’m tired of working in an office. Any advice on h…[View]
45231261/lanklet/ master race: My diagnosis today. Permanent vertebrae fracture. P e r m a n e n t.[View]
45232719Deloading General: Do you guys cycle food/water intake? As with everything fitness related it seems …[View]
452304827 DAY FAST: I am starting my 7 day fast today. I will also be doing a full body workout 3 times this…[View]
45229333>Show me your abs, anon! You've been doing that 'Starting Strength' program for months now. …[View]
45232640ANYONE else walks into the gym angry and get out ascended ?[View]
45231635/fit/ BTFFOOOOOO[View]
45229377swimming: Which is better? Swimming after torso day(back, chest, abs, shoulders) or limb day(arms, l…[View]
45232498What's your favorite fitness/lifting/bodybuilding youtube channel?[View]
45226604>It's been three years already hold me /fit/[View]
45232358How to achieve this aesthetic?[View]
45231470friend is pussy whipped: How do I help this poor fucker >my gym and beer buddy > is a cool guy…[View]
45223257/fit/ Humor: We're Totally Normal Around Here Edition Old thread died, post those screencaps.…[View]
45225274Does using a hexbar count as a legitimate deadlift?[View]
45232320Need some pointers: just moved into a new condo and i need some help. they have a free “gym room” bu…[View]
45223575/fit/ pets: Hey fags, what's the most high test pet for you and why? I have a fucking Dilophosa…[View]
45231925ITT: Share your regiments when you first started becoming /fit/: How did you guys start out?[View]
45229020What are the best shoes for squatting? Can't find adipowers in size 11. Also, should shoes like…[View]
45230791Body Fat: Is Intermittent Starving the best way to reduce body fat?[View]
45221669no fph thread? let's fix that[View]
45227649Routine rate and share: Share your routines Rate and crticize others >Everything is 10/3 >Star…[View]
45231622Vegetarian is the true masterrace diet >grow taller >live longer need I say more…[View]
45229885gym crush: tell me about your gym crush, /fit/ >thinn spanish looking qt with nice legs/ass >w…[View]
45231915How many gains somone should reach with avarage training and eating in 1 year?[View]
45223732Unpopular (but true) opinions: I'll start >nothing is wrong with using straps >naturals d…[View]
45230131Should I try nofap? I read that it's useful to do it 2-3 weeks and from then on you fap 1-2 tim…[View]
45231412Idk if i should ask here or sports, a friend of mine want me to get into rugby so il go today to wat…[View]
45226517hey fit what do you listen to while you work out?[View]
45231829PUSH UP THREAD: yo where tf is it?[View]
45231219Is creatine a good supplement for rugby players?[View]
45221199I need a senior quote about lifting. Give me ideas. And yeah i downloaded the same picture two times…[View]
45230987hey /fit how do i cut without cardio shit? pic related[View]
45231255>Suns out guns out Who not ready yet[View]
45231252Is jelqing a meme?: I keep reading about it and theres a lot of anecdotal evidence and before/after …[View]
45227438Is there a noticeable difference in tightness between fucking a regular woman and a fit woman?[View]
45230955How the fuck do I fix this. I got barely 16' arms. From the side they look impressive (according to …[View]
45231177Alright how bad is my gyno? Unfortunate fat distribution or should I just bite the bullet and get my…[View]
45231369Why is the personal use of anabolic steroids without medical need illegal (in most countries)?: We…[View]
45232878Post em boys: http://sizemeup.info/index.html[View]
45230413Natty testo: So this fucking retard at the gym said that I'm not natty because I take testo. Of…[View]
45229705help me bros should I stick to freehand/calisthenics or start lifting weights I have been getting co…[View]
45231078So I did banded box squats for the first time, and even my pecs are sore. My band tension was defini…[View]
45230607Me on the right.[View]
45231139What mussles does vaping work? My face is not perfect yet[View]
45226136are calisthenics a meme? I wouldn't mind looking like this chinaman....[View]
45230880handlet here, hiw do i get bigger hands /fit/[View]
45231231Is an all potato diet good for losing weight? Maybe throw in some running?[View]
45231178>chick I dated while abroad has got a new boyfriend Lads what are some exercises for the heart? I…[View]
45230283Do you guys clench your teeth while lifting? Is it a bad sign if you do? For me, I do it enough duri…[View]
45230958What do you wear to show off your muscles?[View]
45228849Male pill: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/new-male-birth-control-pill-safe-does-it-work-…[View]
45230161At the gym and around town I get looks from many thots. I try not to notice them but sometimes when …[View]
45228034Daily reminder to drink more water: Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
45228619Do I need to wait to train after leaving blood for blood tests? Dropped off only like 5 of the typic…[View]
45221030/FRAUD/ - masT is GOD: PREV >>45208647[View]
45229434Wrist Injury, what to do ?: Hey guys. So I had an accident that left me with an injured wrist and I …[View]
45228116Why don't you eat more beans?[View]
45230848Okay /fit/, i have wide hips. The question is, just how bad is it, and how should I combat it?[View]
45229045What should i do from here? Kinda tired of being this size now I struggled to gain much muscle last …[View]
45230219Do I need to stop drinking these are they actually that bad for you?[View]
45215905>get qt 7/10 competitive swimmer gf >Her cardio is insanely better than mine > Started taki…[View]
45229112Since I got /fit/ I started dreaming about forcing hot girls to give me rimjobs. Wish I could just w…[View]
45230517stretch marks: I've been working out for a while and I started power lifting recently to try an…[View]
45229716How to stop mumbling: I constantly get told to repeat myself /fit/, how do I speak more clearly and …[View]
45228989I've been eating my own semen for three weeks for the protein boost and I'm already seeing…[View]
45230708>guy runs pretty fast >'Man he did not skip leg day XDDDD'…[View]
45227585Haven't seen one of these in a while, post your ideals. C7 is the goal.[View]
45229436Blogpost incoming: What's your excuse for not being fit? My body was literally filled with meta…[View]
45227067reminder that a good butt one of the most sought-after physical features by women, and while it…[View]
45227890Ideals thread. Rate others.[View]
45209059Where did you go wrong /fit/ Why aren't you talking to her right now?[View]
45230199shoulder pain from rugby: I recently started playing rugby again for the first time since I was 10 w…[View]
45230068What ever happened to that guy who used the women's restroom at the gym during the night and st…[View]
45230287Why do I only notice fat and ugly women miring me? It disgusts me. Is it because I have enough self …[View]
45228697I'm a fat fuck (6'2, 230lb) eating 1500-1700cal a day, high protein, low fat, low carbs. I…[View]
45230173>look at this soyboy[View]
45229773Elbow pain from bench press?: I think bench pressing and OHP may be the source of my elbow pain. Is …[View]
45228996>tfw your entire back is sore[View]
45227952Whats with all the hercposting lately?[View]
45229703Breast Oil: Hope you guys aren’t consuming lavender https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2018/03/1…[View]
45228362Grey Hair: Alright /fit/, redpill me on grey hair. I'm 26 and I've got a shitload of grey …[View]
45228677I'm two weeks into my '''lifestyle change''' (diet) and all I want is a fuckin little caesars[View]
45226383Paralympic powerlifting is bench only: Which other two lifts could you add to such a competition, as…[View]
45228386>tfw no triathlete gf[View]
45229278someone forgot to turn their 3D off[View]
45224433Was Starting Strength a mistake?[View]
45229655Should I hit abs every day?[View]
45224452Skin care: How do I find a decent cream I'm half Greek eat well drink lots of water(also lots o…[View]
45229838>mfw she smiled at me d-did I finally make it?[View]
45229324rate my weekly shop: rate my weekly shop 210g oats >750g for $1. 19 2800g cottage cheese >3k…[View]
45229860When did /fit/ realize it ain't nuddin' budda peanut?: https://youtu.be/h0jK49VZqc4 Seriou…[View]
45213592Me? I lift for Ana.[View]
45229707>he doesnt add animal fat to his macro Whats it like having no building blocks for muscle anon?…[View]
45229796When you go Keto but it makes you feel weak in the gym so you start taking Creatine[View]
45228678What is the /fit/test breakfast and why is it bacon and eggs?[View]
45227791How /fit/ do I need to be to get a girl like this?: They look at me for a while then look down, what…[View]
45228470What % is this? 69.2kg, 168cm[View]
45229409Rate my lunch 1-10[View]
45228477How have you used your strength to defend POC and other marginalized grpups? Social Justice gains ar…[View]
45229372>i dont lift for girls, i lift for self improvement[View]
45228874>mfw I see a 30 year old at the gym trying to squat 1pl8[View]
45228515Is there anything wrong with cutting only 1 lb/week or 500 cal deficit per day?[View]
45228080>usually try to limit the amount of carbs I eat >eat more carbs than usual >get extremely h…[View]
45228917losing weight: Alright, I know there are many guides for it but here's my case. I don't ea…[View]
45227484Bought a carton of unsweetened almond milk to try it out, it was legit one of the tastiest milks I h…[View]
45228060hey /fit. i am a beginner and want to start with stronglifts 5x5. because of a serious injury i am n…[View]
45222406what is his IQ?[View]
45206250This is a good point, what happened to men? Is it possible with the widespread use of plastic and in…[View]
45229055can you still fast after you've cried can you cry while fasting?[View]
45223371What is keeping you from making it?: For me, it’s my twin sister > be my sister > semi profess…[View]
45228782Is he natty?[View]
45229231anyone else /noobgains/ here >3 months ago pic related >get tired of dyel >start actually l…[View]
45227992Righto fellas, my gf gets back in 4 days and I haven't seen her in 2 months. Give us your best …[View]
45229152>Part of my left wrist hurts when I try to curl heavy Do I need to improve wrist strength? See a …[View]
45220606Other than getting leaner is there a way to get rid of face fat? My face has always looked dispropor…[View]
45229143What's with old people only doing tricep pushdowns?, do they know something we don't?[View]
45190255Confess /fit/[View]
45229073I'm so proud of myself Skeleton has finally built up 1h worth of stamina in the gym. Last month…[View]
45227799Me: >24, F, 5'5 >Hourglass figure, maybe slightly pear >Runs 5-10 mi a day >Heal…[View]
45228454hello, guise could you suggest me what to do with my hair? pic related, it is the second day after …[View]
45228884Muzzlett: Help me extend my muzz /fit/ >learn how to muzz about a month ago >work on it for l…[View]
45224504I got to thinkin. what if we just never find gfs[View]
45223579Is it possible?: Age Range: Early 20's Height: 5'9 Weight: 390lbs Weight goal: 200lbs/ Sli…[View]
45225139Hi /fit/. It takes me hours to get to sleep on a night and even though I am a neet (and I usually ge…[View]
45228920>55lbs list in 10 months >from 255lbs to 200lbs Am I doing good? 6'2'…[View]
45228915Can I eat cheat meals on bulk diet once a 3 months? Also, is my diet good? 2530 kcal, 158g protein, …[View]
45228465On a 6 day PPL Elbows aching lately Am I not resting enough? Don't want to cause a long term i…[View]
45227277i just want to marry a /fit/ chick and have 5 kids[View]
45226594Could protein shakes be the reason I'm getting a gut? Just started taking them a few times a we…[View]
45223957Lifting Shoes: Are pic related alright to do squats, deadlifts and general leg stuff in? I want to r…[View]
45224317How to achieve this body?[View]
45223659Is Freakazoid from CSGO natty?[View]
45226980SS + Gomad master race[View]
45227282Redpill me On Kale: Is raw Kale good for you or not? I trust you /fit/, so tell me.[View]
45225889Thanks /fit/: You saved me. Stay tuned for part 2 next year.[View]
45227910anyone here manage to ever do something like this? reccomended routines? I am decently built and goi…[View]
45227232>that guy who goes to the gym on a wife beater[View]
45225491Hey anon, you look hungry[View]
45226799Routine request I have heard that p/p/l is the best routine. So bros I’m asking can you guys please…[View]
45227702>receptionist offers you a membership discount for couples.[View]
45224381Do you drink milk? I love cereal and don't want to give it up[View]
45228040Any medfags here?: Im a poorfag and have no insurance and want to know if this is worth going to the…[View]
45227838How long do you guys take to workout? For me it's 45 minutes maximum from the time I get in the…[View]
45224674Motivation: What motivates you to workout, /fit/? I used to be a huge cross-fit guy (minus the douc…[View]
45228204For all of you wanting to do bodyweight training only, I recommemd trying rope hangs. It’s a great b…[View]
45228185Headharness: Can you train the whole neck with head harness?[View]
45223672Top paediatrician demands a 10,000% increase in weight loss surgery for children to avoid 'obes…[View]
45224039>burn 1500 calories on elliptical early morning >sweat a lot, heart rate constant 165 >eat …[View]
45217376POST YOUR ROUTINES FIT: Routine Thread[View]
45226585Why do I now only find buff girls and /fraud/ chicks attractive? [srs]: When I was a kid (early teen…[View]
45228073So did anyone ever had success talking up chicks at gym and nailing that /fit/ poon? Sometimes i see…[View]
45227440Yoga: /fit/ is very focused on lifting. And that's great; I love lifting. But I'm also a y…[View]
45224786How the fuck do I make these go away?: How the actual fuck do I get rid of these pimples? Over the …[View]
45224073How is Fronk so big at 146lbs? Is he 4 ft tall? This mans body composition still perplexes me He…[View]
45227938Beer Diet: The Beer Diet. >1800 calories >1000 of those Beer…[View]
45226855What is the best fighting style to learn defend myself from drunk alcoholic wankers at my work? Cut …[View]
45227650>that guy who wears basketball shorts to the gym[View]
45227887So I'm coming off an injury of over a year of being bed ridden, and I'm weaker than I ever…[View]
45220811Witness me brothers. Today marks the day i start my journey towards weight loss, any exercise or die…[View]
452265683 most overrated exercises for aesthetics Deadlift >useless ego strong lifter exercise >work…[View]
45227048GENETICS AND FITNESS: Has anyone tried the Fitnessgenes or DNAfit. Are they any good ? I already did…[View]
45227587you guys ruined me with your soy bullshit. I was 180 lbs before, eating whatever I wanted, feeling b…[View]
45225920I feel like my arms are not promotional to my chest and back muscles they feel small How can I incre…[View]
45224481So I've been hitting the gym pretty consistently and making gains, but I feel as though I'…[View]
45226930Is gloots for the sloots just a meme? Do girls actually like guys with big asses? If so, how do I be…[View]
45227071What's the best workout routine to do when you can't get out of bed?[View]
45226005D-Aspartic Acid: What's yall's opinion on this shit. This actually work for boosting test?…[View]
45227300>tfw you drink 2 scoops before bed and feel the gains being added in real time Comfy /fit/ feels …[View]
45221156Multivitamins worth it?: I know in a perfect world I would get all my vitamins from my food but I do…[View]
45224636Sup, /fit/. I learned that most protein powder products contain soy. How can I avoid this? I'…[View]
45225285Are dwarfs just manlets? >smaller than girls >angry all the time >holds grudges…[View]
45222487I want to become Mr.Olympia, serious: I've been training my ass off for 3 years now, and curren…[View]
45227185Classical weightlifting is the red pill of lifting. All other practices are a meme.[View]
45226778>start lifting >eating (relatively) right >sleep 10 hours a day >sex drive goes through …[View]
45227163>terrible allergies all day >giant sinus headache >don't eat anything >fart >act…[View]
45227582>be 6'5 200lb DYEL >trying to EAT BIG TO GET BIG >almost hit 4k calories today >doi…[View]
45227240>Not curling the bar while squatting[View]
45225930Taking test in mid 30s: Hey guys, I'm having a bordering midlife crisis and looking to get my a…[View]
45224549>buy chocolate bar >serving size 27.5g=143 kcal >total weight = 55g Why can't they ju…[View]
45227208Has anyone used this stuff as a protein? Seems a lot more convenient to prepare. I've been drai…[View]
45226017we all will made it[View]
45225203>browsing /fit/ at a night club[View]
45225656Is this a good workout?[View]
45226607sexual and mental health question: Do you guys ever wonder if some girl had your baby without tellin…[View]
45225088Anti-Anxiety / Depression Food: Are there any foods that help Anxiety / Depression. Going to a Psych…[View]
45225058How did he do it?[View]
45225818a break from counting calories: what if I stopped counting, lads?! I've been on a rigorous diet…[View]
45224769If he can make it, so can you.[View]
45226932caffeine: So I've cut out soda completely and energy drinks for the most part but I've sti…[View]
45226923What mode am I atm fit? Roast me hard to motiviate me to lift~[View]
45219264What do I need to work on?: any advice welcome[View]
45225786>tfw attempting to cut sodium from my diet[View]
45223979>OHP plateau'd for 2 weeks now[View]
45226772How the fuck do they pack so many calories into this shit? Where the hell are they hiding them in th…[View]
45225103Alright lads, whats the consensus on squats? Plugs or Diapers I'm thinking of getting some adul…[View]
45226965Wtf did you ppl do to wojak? He was such a good meme[View]
45226115Finding a gym in Toronto. This is my first time looking for a gym and I would like if anyone from T…[View]

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