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43609966Just watched the newest spider man with my mom and sister and the were going nuts over how 'ripped' …[View]
43615071penile erector sets: I had a friend who would put a throw pillow on his (presumably) soft junk and c…[View]
43613980Find a flaw[View]
43615894Any recovering druggies? How has fitness played its part in your recovery?[View]
43617134>mfw realized literally any good looking body is most likely not natty[View]
43616216Hey /fit/, I usually have wintergreen altoids, and when I do, I just smell wintergreen. When I don…[View]
43609800>not eating pasta while bulking definefely not going to make it?[View]
43617179Ben affleck for justice league[View]
43615354>very high-calorie >a ton of protein is pizza the best food for lifting?…[View]
43615600Can I become swole if this is my main source of protein?[View]
43616999>been around /fit/ for like forever >be fat and unhealthy >no motivation to do anything …[View]
43616116lump under deltoid, painful to touch: Anyone have any idea what this is? Noticed it in the gym yeste…[View]
43614710Is it pretty much inevitable that I will get loose skin from losing 150 lbs as a fatass no matter ho…[View]
43617007>the shy qts i crush on would never go for a roided up meathe-[View]
43616750opinions of huel for meal replacement? I would never drink that soylent shit and I need to replace s…[View]
43614503Have you ever overestimated yourself when lifting? How did it turn out, any injuries?[View]
43614671Make any friends at the gym /fit/?[View]
43616990Is there any better soda/sweet drink replacement than this? >1 (one) gram of sugar >no weird a…[View]
43616988Those stage three cancer ads on instagram https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5cDnZGXGYc[View]
43615256Is it possible to lose bodyfat but not weight? I'm asking this because I am in a cut but curren…[View]
43616590Is it true estrogen pills are the true red pill?[View]
43615865Jawrsize: Is meme or not? what's the verdict? Any facelets tried it out?[View]
43606634/plg/ Powerlifting General: This is a thread where chads discuss their aloha sport. We also occasion…[View]
43616093>tfw muscle imbalance >tfw arms weakest part of my body >tfw left arm basically looks like…[View]
43613847Is SS + GOMAD a meme?[View]
43609604W-Why are the feels heavier than the weights? What is the cause of this?[View]
43616291>another workout >another chiken breast >another scoop >another friday alone…[View]
43616589is a cheat day once every couple of weeks alright? i've been on a healthy diet for a little ove…[View]
43614514>trying to gain weight >130 lbs >okay time to add more calories >eat +300 calories every…[View]
43615216How do I become fit if I'm too poor to have clean clothes?[View]
43613544Rate my physique, /fit/.[View]
43616587>tfw only muscle that grows are legs[View]
43611864After lifting for a year, being 161 pounds at 6'2', and having all my lifts stall forever, I fi…[View]
43616494What is /fit/ eating tonight? Here is my cheat meal (8 pieces)[View]
43616339>he doesn't do 100 weighted calf raises a day[View]
43616409>Picture related blocks your path Wat do?[View]
43610778>tfw everyone who makes it leaves /fit/[View]
43614567>git fit >git gf >she loves me, I love her >stat being more honest and show her my sens…[View]
43616342comfy thread - cold out bulk out edition: >ate breakfast and just shitposting on /fit/ >readi…[View]
43611310Why do women pretend to like eachother, when they hate each other? I have never seen a man act like …[View]
43589650/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Strive For Greatness Edition >>Thread Theme<< What are…[View]
43615193>Girlfriend is full sticc mode, lives in another town for school >Go to visit her >We go gr…[View]
43614930Guys I need a quick feels thread Get it started before the night is up[View]
43615622/fit/, why is my stomach bloated from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep? I know it…[View]
43615678Brachialis vs Bicep Brac: Guys I have an issue[View]
43614943Guess what. You did nothing to achieve your gains. And if you havent made it you never will. College…[View]
43609199My UNI is pulling this shit right at prime gym time[View]
43614727EMERGENCY THREAD: This isnt fitness related but I'm freaking out. >like girl at gym >fina…[View]
43616078routine thread: post your routines boyos I need some advice on this routine, first some disclaimers …[View]
43609411Best legal test booster?: Looking to make a purchase of the closest thing I can get to outlawed ster…[View]
43603515ITT: unpopular opinions: >squats and deadlifts are bad for you long term. Do glute bridges and qu…[View]
43614414What's a good hypertrophy routine to move into after Stronglifts 5x5? PPL isn't viable bec…[View]
43615822/feet/ general: Healthy, strong feet are the most important joints of the body. Feet and ankle stren…[View]
43613881I was going to make a joke about buying this rack and weight set for curls, but I stared at the scre…[View]
43615317Old: How much does age affect gains? I'm a 25 year old skeleton who has never lifted a dumbell…[View]
43610338Reminder to get yourself a haircut >Tfw look fucking good as fuck now >Tfw i feel like i could…[View]
43612221What is low carb, for a 100gr., which is easily deductable from all product packaging. So not per da…[View]
43615279Why do people who take TRT look so weird?[View]
43610119necklets, when will they learn?[View]
43615332should I control the eccentric portion of the deadlift for max muscle fiber tears or is it ok to let…[View]
43615034Reduce bloating: What are some good tips to reduce bloating? I'll start: 1. Avoid lactose 2. Re…[View]
43601906Is NoFap a meme?[View]
43615158G-Stone Crips is West Coast Certified: stop d*ck riding them on this snitch a$$ website talking abou…[View]
43614498Gain weight fast?: Hello fit Sorry for bad English I am 20, and 187cm but only 66 kilo. I am very sk…[View]
43612926When people tell someone whose lifts are stalling to 'EAT MORE' does that imply that he needs to gai…[View]
43615426workout music: r8 my playlist >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsVp189jG0U&index=1&list=R…[View]
43615196How do I work on my jaw strength enough to be able to chew through a leather belt? My plan is to ge…[View]
43614954Auriculotherapy: Listen up, you fags. The girl in the pic is a coworker of mine, and I met her when …[View]
43612560Is touching the chest essential for bench press?[View]
43612322Why aren't you snacking on dried squid right now?[View]
43614451Does Chad always win? Is it over if you didn't win 'Most Athletic' or 'Ladies Man' in high scho…[View]
43614784hi let's talk about healthy eating[View]
43613550>tfw I want to bloatmaxx but I can't because I get the most disgusting farts when I try to e…[View]
43614077How is this routine?[View]
43611069>20 >kiss less virgin >never held a conversation with the opposite sex >klinefelter synd…[View]
43596914First day at the Gym: How was it?: /fit/ Do you remember your first day at the Gym? Tell us about it…[View]
43612376What's the point of getting /fit/ if a fat fuck like boogie will live longer than you anyways?[View]
43615054Snapping triceps syndrome: Anyone have experience with this? Any advice dealing with it? Pretty sure…[View]
43615004Has anyone else experienced increased aggressivess with increased test? I remember the first time I …[View]
43613937Started taking 25mg of zinc picolinate: >decreased sexual drive >more passive >short term m…[View]
43614121>when you realize that eric bugenhagen has the geralt of rivia physique…[View]
43614937saving for gyno removal surgery. anything anyone can tell me? who should i go to and who should i av…[View]
43614673>that guy that moonwalks when unracking for his squat[View]
43602866Have you ever been injured from deadlifts?[View]
43614780So /fit/ should you wait after you had meal before hitting the gym or is it okay to go on full stoma…[View]
43614769>go to gym >do a great work out >outdo myself, more reps and bonus slow rounds when the pla…[View]
43613248Why are gym regulars usually so aggresive?[View]
43614332What mode is this and how do I achieve it?[View]
43614685>tfw the highlights of my week/month/year is going to the gym, and getting drunk and shitposting …[View]
43614158Insatiable training appetite: This may sound like the weirdest problem to have but I cannot be satis…[View]
43614641>the virgin squat >the Chad deadlift[View]
43613674>come on anon it’s just one ice cream sandwich! Live a little! What do you do when you tinder da…[View]
43613300>my shoulders won't grow[View]
43614129>rich cousin Chad comes over for grandads funeral >literal Chad, tall handsome face etc >be…[View]
43614429Bend the knee.: And I’m not really sure why. We know that the accumulating effects of the increasing…[View]
43614578>be me >exercise for a couple years now >look nice and chiseled during and after the work…[View]
43611916how did people who you haven't seen in a while react to seeing you had gotten /fit/? >be dye…[View]
43614163If you lifted weights and trained 24/7 for your whole life do you think you could win a fight with p…[View]
43613579What are some natty celebrities?[View]
43613112Advice on how to stop throwing up on leg day? Been lifting for 2 years and I just had to cut yet ano…[View]
43612030How do you stay strong on those bad days? Where do you get your strength from? Do you have a family…[View]
43613836Thank you fit With your help i managed to level up from complete beta to a weak normie >went ou…[View]
43609121Does Elon exercise? Or is it the concealing/flattering garments?[View]
43614029Fitness coach?: Yes I've read the sticky. I know a lot about nutrition and exercise. I just nee…[View]
43613783Well well well, seems that tap water is better than bottled one.Whaddaya have 2 say? https://www.me…[View]
43612340Do I have asthma?: So basically im aware of my breathing and i feel where teh air goes and muscle mo…[View]
43610846Popping noises: Hi /fit/ My joints make popping noises (shoulders/wrists/elbows/knees) outside of th…[View]
43613266this robot is as large as a man. how can /fit/ even compete?[View]
43613892Why do I always feel weak? like i don't have the energy to work out my body feels so fatigued …[View]
43613989can this be achieved in 6 months from dyel?[View]
43612964I accidentally ate a soy vegan burger today am I gonna turn into a trap[View]
43610969Worth it?: I think about buying a A1 or maybe even the S4. I love the feeling and do need more card…[View]
43608908What's the best ways to increase test without roiding?[View]
43611384How can I become HIGH ENERGY Sleep and nutrition is fine, but my energy levels are always low[View]
43613467When is my sex drive coming back? I have been doing cardio and lifting for 3 weeks due to low sex dr…[View]
43613828>go through life thinking I was king of manlets at 5'11 >got measured for the first time …[View]
43610611OHP: is a 1,5pl8 OHP impressive for 1 year of lifting?[View]
43613493I finally ate some fast food after not eating it for 3 years. I feel like shit, why?[View]
43611880you're all going to have high blood pressure and diabetes by the time you're 40[View]
43608304All you need is red meat, organs, and spinach: You get all your protien and fuel from fats in the me…[View]
43611937What You Should Know If You Laughed At This Viral Photo Of Me: >I have a condition in my spine ca…[View]
43608165Is there anything to be concerned with when it comes to tea? Thinking about trying to have a hot cup…[View]
43606941What are some /fit/ approved manga[View]
43606414Cheating: What can I take to take away my appetite? Legal or illegal does not matter.[View]
43611400Probiotics/Fermented Foods: Hey /fit/ I'm getting into probiotics/fermented foods Is it ok to b…[View]
43608749What is a respectable power clean?[View]
43600321PUSH UP THREAD: Push ups- let's roll. Last 2 digits = amount of push ups you do. Bonus points f…[View]
43613611>'Oh I'll start losing weight and getting fit next month' >September 2015 >'Oh I'…[View]
43611693>when your grip gives out on the final diddly rep[View]
43612143>there is a girl you know >she is a normal regular quiet girl >tiny bit overweight >she …[View]
43611600how much can guts deadlift[View]
43611750How accurate is this? asking for a fřiènd[View]
43609910Who soyboy here? You don't believe in that bunch of bullshit, right? Soy is healthy and contain…[View]
43610964what's the 1/2/3/4 of running?[View]
43603886CBT Skinnyfags Edition Get in here skels >149 lbs, 5'10, 19yo, 3 months gym…[View]
43613103God-tier lifting footwear: Post 'em.[View]
43608850Anti-deppressants: Anyone here take zoloft or any other kind of anti-depressant/mood elevator? Has i…[View]
43606629Why haven't you invested in caffeine pills yet /fit/? >has more caffeine than the liquid jew…[View]
43612364No FPH fat hate thread? FPH thread, becky edition: She just likes to parade around the house naked s…[View]
43609972Been going to the Gym for like 1.5 years, where to go from here? Friend of mine suggested doing stuf…[View]
43610786Did you cheat Anon?: I command you to tell me whether or not you cheated on your diet Anon. Confess.…[View]
43609244Dbol: Would doing a dbol only cycle be worth it? What are the benefits/drawbacks?[View]
43609535Soy turning the frogs gay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTSvLKY7HEk what do we do about this brah…[View]
43613284Does anyone else get depressed during and after working out? I've had this problem for as long …[View]
43613258Breakfast.: Hello, /fit/ I thought I’d come here to ask for some advice. I’m getting back into my he…[View]
43607713I have finally ascended, lads. 3000 ng/DL of test running through my veins. I have never felt better…[View]
43613220is he lifting with proper technique?[View]
43605517>protein farts[View]
43613159How do I get a job like this ?[View]
43612419Should I start Strong Lifts 5x5 or continue with my routine? Been lifting for 3 months. Currently do…[View]
43613023What are some good exercises for traps?[View]
43613080Do brothers tend to have the same penis size? I’m worried that my older brother might have a bigger …[View]
43606440How to grow a thicc neck like pic related?[View]
43611595How much weight is she doing?: Last digits confirms the weight on that machine. Doubles confirms how…[View]
43613061>tfw trap top who sips 75 15-year-old cousins a day Anybody else manage to quit?…[View]
43613056Toilet problems: I don't know if this is the right place to ask but here it goes. I've be…[View]
43608842Now that the dust has settled, can we FINALLY agree that starting strength and 5x5 routines are a hu…[View]
43612299Where do you guys get your whey from? > tfw I bought 4 packs of Bob's Red Mill for $4 at my …[View]
43611924Kettlebells: I'm thinking about buying a set of these and becoming part of the /homegym/ master…[View]
43612577wrinkles: I'm only 25 but I already have wrinkles on my face. What is the best way to combat t…[View]
43612903>started dating this girl >Super skinny cardio bunny type >Willing to do physical stuff for…[View]
43612565>be manlet in vietnam war >get sent on a suicide mission to die in a fucking pit https://www.y…[View]
43610106> be me > 26 > fat, ugly, smoker, sicklish > get 29yo gf 7/10 body 5/10 face > very l…[View]
43611944>claim that increased longevity and health are some of the reasons why you lift >do deadlifts …[View]
43612869Share your wierd rituals after working out/stuff on rest days: Here's mine: Hot bath with epsom…[View]
43612590Anyone swim here? If so I have questions I would like to ask :)[View]
43612267Mirin thread: Male Friends >holy shit bro you're getting jacked >dude looking swole >h…[View]
43612100All hail the natty king of /fit/ to be quite frank senpai[View]
43612735only eat breakfast- no other meals or snacks? is this bad? whenever i wake up i am like a bear comin…[View]
43608826Can we have a cooking thread? What are your go to seasonings? What are your go to recipes? Do you m…[View]
43612677If im always horny do i have high test?[View]
43610405Alcohol/addiction thread: Can we have an alcohol and maybe other addictions too thread? Discuss how …[View]
43610396Homegym general! I've built a power rack which is working pretty sweet. Deadlifts, bench, squat…[View]
43612482Any tips to reduce excess skin after weight loss?[View]
43612173Is it true that having higher estrogen levels will Make your lifts go up?[View]
43608676Am I supposed to feel like my spine will snap?[View]
43611300Redpill me on milk: Does it lower testosterone?[View]
43611506we post the best mass building back/shoulders work out. il start. pull ups, 4x12[View]
43598105Coffee: Stop drinking this shit. If you need the energy, it's because you're lacking somet…[View]
43606887Hey. Are you awake ? Im right here But can i ask you.[View]
43612394What's the best diet and why is it RAY PEAT PHD?[View]
43609926Rate my body, /fit/. I'm 5'6' for reference.[View]
43610690Is PPL the ultimate routine for aesthetics?[View]
43611270/fitlit/ iconography: St Sebastian is the perfect /fitlit/ icon. >Patron saint of athletes. …[View]
43611530How does Viper have muscles if all he does is smoke crack and rap all day?[View]
43609481Fuck this dude I can't breathe between sets: Why do pajeets bathe in curry and refuse to come a…[View]
43590216/run/ running general: I want to do more ultra marathons (possibly in the mountains as well). What w…[View]
43610835>Tired of feeling tired Is there any alternative program for advanced lifters?…[View]
43611938Trying to fall asleep I realised that gays are so fit from the increased test that comes after stimu…[View]
43609342The sticky needs revising: The sticky on this board should be changed, it has bad dietary advice usi…[View]
43611987Did you do your best today /fit/?[View]
43611921Do i look at myself in the future if i got a fullbody pump?[View]
43610460/abs/: I got anterior pelvic tilt and I'm combatting it by training my glutes and stretching my…[View]
43611670What is the best bodybuilding program? >protip: push/pull/leg isn’t a program…[View]
43609847Avoiding shoulder injuries: So I just started lifting seriously. About two months in, my bench is a…[View]
43608804I go to the gym 3 times a week and want to integrate squats to my routine. Is it a good idea to do …[View]
43610733To be honest /fit/ a lot of you guys want to be or are too ripped up. I'm more attracted to rea…[View]
43609979Fell for the listening to /fit/ meme. Thanks for the t-Rex thighs.[View]
43608918My 600lb life: Starting a rabb.it to watch the episodes here: https://www.rabb.it/Shiro674 Just copy…[View]
43610741Is she right or is this another case of normie and the grapes?[View]
43611275Are deadlifts even truly necessary if your goal is 100% aesthetics and hypertrophy? I feel like I co…[View]
43596581Why doesn’t he workout like a normal person? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HxrDQR_5JxY[View]
43608962OHP variations?: What are some good OHP variations? People always have good recommendations for the …[View]
43607813Knee joint pain: I run a lot and lately I have been experiencing severe knee joint pain. Any tips on…[View]
43611398anyone else on the 8 double cheeseburger a day diet? strength gains are incredible[View]
43606457How many plates do I need to lift before she’s mine?[View]
43608283Sorry if I missed this part, but I read the sticky and was looking at the TDEE calculator, and I get…[View]
43610938Is it possible to build muscles on your brain? We could connect pins to our brain and start pulling …[View]
43606797About to start EC stack with an A for Adderall. Adderall was just perscribed for ADHD. And I'm …[View]
43606336Air Force officer questions: Didn't know what board to post this to but it wanting to join the …[View]
43608834>gym opens at 0600 >go always at that time because social autism >finish workout >shower…[View]
43611338tfw day after deadlifts: Fuck me I hurts to sit down, but it feels so good![View]
43606083Wholesome content: Ctrl F: Manlet >12/12 search results Man this shit is pathetic. I don't …[View]
43610909Redpill me on Kizen + Sheiko program[View]
43603526/Fraud/ - manly bois edition: Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index before asking…[View]
43611054Effects of doing SL/SS while cutting? Noticeable muscles or just nothing overall changing?[View]
43611036You think being /fit/ will make you have any chance against me? Think again tard.[View]
43609413Why pants were invented: >13 inch calves >13.5 inch forearms >mfw…[View]
43609715Can I get a quick rundown on diet, lifestyle and supplements for increasing test?: I have seen a lot…[View]
43610554Daily reminder that natty lifting is a waste of time[View]
43602344Why do people think that vegans can't be fit? Its actually the case that people who are vegans…[View]
43605987>when the creatine kicks in[View]
43611013Beta time: Beta stories? I’ll start >join navy, work up to lieutenant, engineering section >ma…[View]
43607365What happened to his channel, also has anybody gotten good results from nether rows?[View]
43606790Can someone explain /fit/s obsession with squatting, deadlifting and low rep low volume strength rou…[View]
43609533SPERMS: How to increase them? Is it possible to reverse infertility? And how to boost erections/cure…[View]
43609621I'll swim about 200m (8 sets of 50m each) or so, then take a 30 sec break, then swim another 50…[View]
43607674/fit/ approved munchies: So I know smoking pot isn't great for gains, but the munchies can be n…[View]
43595326bodymode thread: How do I get this bodymode? srs?![View]
43606355You mirin?[View]
43608759> everyone shits on keto, paleo etc > literally the only thing that keeps me lean, energetic, …[View]
43610221Skipped Prom/Formal: Fellas, skipped formal/prom because of gym and poor mode. Do you think it was w…[View]
43610374How many tbsp of oats do you usually eat in a day? 4 here, which is roughly 60g of oats[View]
43605929i read somewhere that drinking alcohol, even beer, can lower testosterone levels.How do i go about i…[View]
43605899is left or right in the picture better form for face pulls?[View]
43610283Is lifting worth it if you’re mentally challenged? Asking for a friend[View]
43607133Will 1 baby aspirin a day slow my gains?[View]
43609698Nice board you have here boys[View]
43610309How do you get the 'Donald Trump' look. Those fucking hands holy shit, that's some gains, that …[View]
43609021Why is growing chest so freakin hard. REEEEEEEEE[View]
43610105Is there any actual medicines/vitamins/supplements that assist specifically in weight/fat loss? I al…[View]
43610171Ya'll mind if I[View]
43609012Does growing up mean giving up on squats and deadlifts and doing exercises you actually enjoy like a…[View]
43609595>following the shortcut to size plan, making some progress >All of a sudden I now need to pay …[View]
43610190pls explain: At the start of October my housemate and I decided to start trying to get fit. But it…[View]
43602727Why doesn't /fit/ follow the 100% beef diet? These two looks pretty good for being in their 40s…[View]
43609974Why is a total caloric surplus needed in order to gain muscle instead of just a protein surplus? and…[View]
43609672Is bulking a meme? Can it be done correctly? Which is better, a small surplus, a moderate surplus, o…[View]
43607220How do I get as lean but still incredibly strong as big pappa natty P?[View]
43610067This is what elite level fitness looks like[View]
43609740Just recently started to get really into working out so heres my story because I'm bored >Be…[View]
43606830>yfw you're 56 and have gyno https://www.instagram.com/old_fitnessfreak/?hl=en…[View]
43609235What is the point of lifting if you will look dyel as fuck with clothes on?[View]
43609450>wake up super early for swimming and gym in fasted state >swim hall opens at 11 due to mainte…[View]
43608183Progress thread: what mode is this? progress pic threads let's go[View]
43609656Am I allowed to eat anything when dirty bulking?[View]
43609410Rate my back /fit/[View]
43603598Where does fit shop for gym clothes? Need quality thick hoodies and joggers that won't tear up …[View]
43611328Times you ruined your life: This is kind of my fault and I feel like I want to die now. >been in…[View]
43606522/plg/ Panzer Lifting General: This is a thread where GDE's discuss their shit sport If you want…[View]
43609252/fit/ meme thread: Some of my OC for you to start off[View]
43608803Can someone redpill me on DNP? Is it the best fat loss supplement with minimal muscle loss? Should I…[View]
43606357Is 6 eggs for breakfast too much? I have a very physical job[View]
43609365If I still have stretch marks on my back does it mean i'm still growing?[View]
43608264ADHD general thread: Question: Is it normal to have to re-read the same page in a book multiple time…[View]
43607306Post your /fit/fu.[View]
43608828After lifting for a year, being 161 pounds at 6'2', and having all my lifts stall forever, I fi…[View]
43607248Is it true that proper posture includes sucking in your stomach?[View]
43606594Is there such a thing as too many eggs a day? The normie in me is still scared about the whole chol…[View]
43606043good feels thread: 95lb 3x5 LETS GOOO[View]
43605809>tfw you’ll never get mired like a crossfit girl[View]
43591535QTDDTOT: Is gaining 0.5 pounds a week considered ideal for bulking with minimal fat gain? Bonus ques…[View]
43605743>tfw a bot is more athletic than your average fitizen why even live bruhs? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
43609107gym grlls: i go to the gym to work out but some of these girls i cant help but look at. this girl to…[View]
43608720how do you fuckers stay motivated? how do you get over the depression, exhaustion, the insanity you …[View]
43607820Hey /fit/ it was my first time going to the gym and I was super nervous! Any advice? Also first time…[View]
43609013Metallicadpa's PPL: My little brother is trying to get into lifting. He wants to train as much …[View]
43608932Need some chest workout routines. My left pectoral muscle hasn't grown and I'm afraid I mi…[View]
43610489/META THREAD/: Meta thread since it's allowed, fuck you Global rule 11 >Advertising (all for…[View]
43607879Between Zyzz and Jon Skywalker who has a better body?[View]
43604910Am I gonna make it? >fried egg >grilled turkey breast >white rice I only used oil and a pin…[View]
43608502I have energy to exercise, I got pretty fit and shit, but when I go outside I can barely walk throug…[View]
43607888hey /fit/ how can I get my macros on a college campus without access to a kitchen? Is it time to jus…[View]
43607374Double+ Chin Thread I am female, mid 20’s, not fat on stomach but I have a lot of extra skin/flab un…[View]
43608133What keeps you going /fit/? I'm running off pure self hatred at the minute. I need to be punish…[View]
43608222noob: sorry for the long ass post - im new to both gym and here, a friend recommended i should get s…[View]
43597936/OHP/: Weightlifting master race here. Today I OHP'd 1pl8 for 5 reps, multiple sets. To all the…[View]
43602566How can all of you fat shame people? It's fucking disgusting how you're so prejudiced agai…[View]
43608713Workout Intensity Indicators: >Know I hit triceps hard when I can barley remove my shirt for post…[View]
43605631Just one chance at life >voicelet my voice pitch is so high its ridiculous, even some women have …[View]
43602387Which one are you? > inb4 sumo deadlifts are harder, they're actually easier…[View]
43594584Post back gains[View]
43608394Have you met your protein macro today /fit/?[View]
43607341What clothes does /fit/ wear? What is the best brand? I would say under armour, and that is what I a…[View]
43606604Vegans BTFO?: Honest question here, if all the fuzz about veganism is to lower cholesterol since it …[View]
43607969How do I stop pic related and focus on more productive things like gym and uni?[View]
43605536/fit/ I'm freaking out right now, I went to get my blood tested a week ago because i felt grogg…[View]
43606935how the fuck do i lose weight? i'm 270 pounds and 6 feet tall. i've tried so many options,…[View]
43604683anyone here went from low T bitch to above average T levels naturally? How did/do you feel before an…[View]
43607976GAINS PROBLEMS: >tfw you can't wear flattering clothes around friends or males without them …[View]
43603868how is this exercise called /fit?[View]
43606922>can you show me how to do it correctly? >what, why do you need help with that? it's the …[View]
43605565I eat 2 cans of tuna and 2 cans of mackerel a day. Will I died of mercury poisoning?[View]
43602722Has /fit/ ever been in a fight? After these videos were someone is making just one punch, one kick o…[View]
43604380I need 1000 calories fast! should I just chug 2 litres of milk or do you have any better ideas?[View]
43607019>pretend I'm vegan to fucc a thicc bitch >nut inside her butt >she has now consumed an…[View]
43607549How to acquire bone crushing jaw gains?[View]
43605785I need some non meme oblique exercises that don't look gay and meme while doing them.[View]
43607735What does /fit/ think of my waist to hip ratio[View]
43607566Is it possible to earn mass to certain extent but keep getting stronger and stronger without putting…[View]
43607777Lifting with low blood sugar: Any type 1 Bros wanna give me some advice? How can you tell if you…[View]
43606603Literally beast mode: Anyone else here who is /hairy/? It's one of the things that impacts my …[View]
43602487>he lifts for aesthetics >he doesn't lift to occasionally catch someone looking at how ma…[View]
43607256Fitness related times you fucked up: Girlfriend's ten year old sister asked me how to get a 'na…[View]
43607179Tomorrow i have a job interview, best chance so far to get a job and try to leave auschwitz, i'…[View]
43588219im a black girl should i aim for skinny and lean like those yoga girls or fit thick i want both idk …[View]
43606653Boldenone / EQ: Alright horse fuckers this thread is about EQ. I read a lot of mixed reviews with t…[View]
43607149>tfw gymthots hogging all the boxes[View]
43598662/FAST/ General FAT FASTING IS SUPERIOR: /FAST/ FASTING GENERAL What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for…[View]
43605634Winter Bulk: So, /fit/, how's the bulk going?[View]
43601574/fph/ Fat People Hate - Maximum Bulk Edition: We're missing our daily dose of fat people hate, …[View]
43604092anyone here have experience with MRSA? it keeps coming back got another bump on my back this is the …[View]
43605276>mfw I drink a can of soda after a high volume workout[View]
43604138>tfw fifth nut of the day Fuck this no fab shit brahs, this shit way too good to pass out on…[View]
43606176Give your best gym memes /fit[View]
43606724this shit tastes so good but im pretty sure its not that healthy thoughts?[View]
43605657Im not dramatically ugly or socially inept, I can, with reasonable success rate seduce a girl. been …[View]
43606645Hi /fit/ its been a while but im here again, i stopped browsing but didnt stop the gym, im browsing …[View]
43595095/plg/ - powerlifting general: Google docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/tZIonSOwhM3iM0gTYV…[View]
43606511How do i get out of t-rex mode? I fucking hate this shit. I do curls and i don't feel my arms g…[View]
43606450This is the ideal male body type. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
43605914Is there ANY WAY to change your shoulder-waist ratio for aesthetics?: OR is it doom from the start?…[View]
43605680Howdy /fit/, I am tired of being a fat neet. I want to be a /fit/ neet. What are the most effective …[View]
43604174>tfw have been stuck at 65 kg last 3 times squatting how do i progress? t. weak liftlet…[View]
43600622I have a bmi of 40 and would like to lose weight and build muscle. Any tips? There us too much confl…[View]
43606280>be me >order some supplements from myprotein >choose 'tracked shipping to Poland' >wai…[View]
43605515Should I gain muscle?[View]
43606261Intermediate programming discussion: What is the absolute best style of programming for the intermed…[View]
43579396Calories In, Calories Out: Uncanny similarities between articles and narrow time frame What is happe…[View]
43602733Rate my 60 yo Dad's progress: I have been training him for a month with weights. Before that he…[View]
43606131Shitting: I've been eating a bulk diet (using sticky as reference) for about 4 days and I'…[View]
43604679So in my work they said that i should get fit so they bought me a gym pass for 3 years any tips for …[View]
43605211I injured my AC joint in my shoulder while incline DB pressing, according to my doctor. I was coming…[View]
43605872thoughts: hi Fit, any thoughts on pic related? with light exercise would one be able to lose weight …[View]
43598804How do I get a body like this: Well /fit/[View]
43581695Shit normies say about weightlifting[View]
43601147How do you guys afford your lifestyles? Food: 80 a month Supps: 40 a month Gym: 16 a month Gear: 25-…[View]
43604420Anyone of u fitizens got any experience with Maca extract?[View]
43602237Is it Erectile dysfunction ?: I feel normal erection and full energy when I am masturbating. But I f…[View]
43602383Hey vegans? (VHG-vegan hate general): Why should i not eat fish? Who gives a shit about fish.[View]
43602995>tfw I fell for the compound exercises meme[View]
43605290Which is a better alternative to Mayo for chicken salad: plain Greek yogurt, vanilla Greek yogurt, o…[View]
43597126>normies think that his is buff as fuck[View]
43605393Good evening /fit/ I need help reaching my ''goal''. I've been going to th…[View]
43601779>when a normie says bread is healthy Some people will make me kill myself.…[View]
43605590Resting on the third day is normal right? Went to the gym today felt like shit couldn't really …[View]
43603581I've been getting back pain for 10-15 years, always in the same place in the middle of my back.…[View]
43604242> Be year ago > Just started college > Wow these girls are all so pretty > Start getting…[View]
43605266Skinny noob here trying to bulk up and get muscle mass. I’ve done some research and I’ve been workin…[View]
43602024Feelsbar: Because the old one died. So, how you holdin up? Let it all out. I don't quite know …[View]
43600930>'Oh I'll start losing weight and getting fit next month' >September 2015 >'Oh I'…[View]
43605490Cycle Report: Hey guys, don't know if this is yet common, but reporting anyway 30y old 6' white…[View]
43604980why are people who are into bodybuilding generally shy and introverted? i always notice how most peo…[View]
43603017Sup fit. I wanna start a push-up challenge. I figure if i make it public i can't pussy out anym…[View]
43604904How does a sprinter train?[View]
43601588Why do manlets do this?[View]
43599824Post what you lift for.: Put my dog down today. He will be my new lifting inspiration.[View]
43605341Does /fit/ play any sport competitively? If so, when did you start and how has lifting assisted you?…[View]
435819461005 lb babyyy. Lets see you do that anon. https://youtu.be/m8Oan8GD3Uw[View]
43601049/exhausted/: I don't know what is the matter with me fit. For over a week I have been falling …[View]
43604917Motivated but can't get into lifting: I lurk this board semi-frequently and I've read the …[View]
43602824Hey /fit So I have been trying to get a concrete answer to this for a while. I have Rls (restless le…[View]
43605000>stalling in bicep curls[View]
43597689>on nofap >balls are huge and full feeling having giant balls feels better than fapping desu…[View]
43601893>'I've produced no D1 athletes but D1 athletes should do what I say'…[View]
43577566CBT: Manlet Edition 5’9 152lbs Been lifting since September, otherwise I cut from 210 since March…[View]
43605037Is this good? Diet is just eggs, red meat and chicken, some times greens like broccoli or spinach. I…[View]
43605020Have you thanked him: Have you thank him today? Attacking the day and the weight is just a mindset! …[View]
43603553Reminder that your real height is from ground to eye level Reminder that your real height is from a …[View]
436041686’2 160lbs Should I bother lifting?[View]
43604122Day 5 of NO-FAP: I can already feel am getting stronger by the day. The only question is, where doe…[View]
43602950what areas of your life has fitness improved for you that you didn't think possible when you fi…[View]
43604580How do you guys cope?[View]
43604780Are there any special specific arm stretches I should be doing before and after curling? Only just s…[View]
43599441Pregnancy: So concerning fitness, what should a man do as part of his daily habits to increase the c…[View]
43604197Where were you when /fit/ got BTFO by Sam Hyde? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAAAbwEtZRo[View]
43601329What kind of vegetables sides do you guys make for your meals ? This is an area I certainly lack in …[View]
43590704Fit girls / test boost: Post as many fit girls as you got, need motivations for that sick pump and t…[View]
43583408How to Become Chad: So in this thread we will guess what it takes to become Chad and maybe actual ch…[View]
43604498My personal trainer told me not to do deadlifts with my ATP because I 'can't touch my toes'. Ho…[View]
43604374'Manlets BTFO': pic related[View]
43603397need some advice: Last year I went from a DYEL skinnyfat manlet at 170 lbs to a way stronger and way…[View]
43600039Easy gains. Prove me wrong. Protip: you literally fucking can't.[View]
43604294My training partner says smoking hemp oil in a vape before bed helps him relax and greatly improves …[View]
43602503I don't lift but I do yoga, run, swim and do gymnastics. Should I lift? Also, 20 years old. Wou…[View]
43602492How do you feel after lifting?: Besides the obvious of feeling great, the next day I typically feel …[View]
43589553>walk into the gym >see this Wat do ?[View]
43601949When will the inevitable SNAAAAAAP happen?[View]
43603623Basically, I have little time to meet my daily protein intake. Basically, it also happens to me to b…[View]
43601983I’m 160lbs, 5’10, 13%bf... I’ve been bulking at ~3,500kcal for over a month and I haven’t gained a p…[View]
43602156Can lifting make up for being short in height?[View]
43602468Body is falling apart: Ever since the school year started ive felt really bad. Idk if its because of…[View]
43592895Disliked at your gym?: How is the vibe at your gym? Nearly every time I try to be social it ends up …[View]
43595009ROUTINE RATE THREAD: Post your routine to have it rated. Also rate mine Monday Squat 5x6 Bench 5x6 P…[View]
43600795guys,i really need your help. once fine day, during my squat session, i was practicing the valsava m…[View]
43568973/fit/ music: What metal does fit listen to? Post an album that can top jomsvikings, but I don'…[View]
43598444>fell for all the ss memes >end up with an upper body like jerma's bat boy Do not neglect…[View]
43600937This was my go-to after the original Jack3d got pulled. Were am gonna get my DMAA now?[View]
43602514How do I start?: Hey /fit/. This is my first year on university and I just found out that I'm a…[View]
43603114S I P B O Y S: Check out what I just scored, senpai[View]
43589199What waist size would be good for a 6'1' guy? Like 30' maybe? Discuss waste sizes and I'l…[View]
43601964Hey /fit/ how do I achieve this mode?[View]
43603092How many accessories are you allowed during a beginner program? There's alot of exercises I wan…[View]
43601939Mike Mew Pill: Ascension: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh9OqEd5z1k You know guys over the past ye…[View]
43590012Fat shaming is a thing now. How will /fit/ ever recover?[View]
43603251Where do I start with powerlifting?[View]
43603362QA: How to deal with guys? >show them you're no pushover and you're good How to deal wi…[View]
43602753>show us your muscular body, anon >wait, why do your abs look like a zipper?…[View]
43603157Jock blackface is NOT okay: On behalf of all jocks I'd just like to say that the jock blackface…[View]
43594405Do i have to worship nurgle in order to unlock this level of bloatsthetic?[View]
43603181If I get /fit/ enough and develop good game can I find a rich milf to provide for me while I play vi…[View]
43603160I get trigger points quite often in my shoulders and neck. I recently got torticollis, severe necka …[View]
43600633How fast is tanning: My skin is very white and i just started tanning; After 2 weeks of 30 mins a da…[View]
43602994Suicide: >W3D3 on Sheiko >tired all the time >no energy left for life Does it get better?…[View]
43602886what exercise do I do to lose weight? I know it sounds retarded but I just started going to the gym …[View]
43602961>mfw you're not bloatmaxxing[View]
43601139/skelle/ need wojack edition: >Who is skelle for? Lanklets mostly but skinny manlets exist and th…[View]
43575118/fat/ anime edition #5: Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves through meani…[View]
43602858Double chin advice: I'm starting to get a bit of a double chin, and was wondering if there is o…[View]
43602729Lmao: >when dyels fell for the sip meme >And protein bars…[View]
43599962'hey anon, you've gotten pretty beefy lately. Wanna grab coffee or catch a movie sometime? Or w…[View]
43602401Shoes: Best deadlifting / general use shoes? Have owned the 20v3 for 4-5 years now and considering m…[View]
43602410to the bros that have gfs: How do you manage a healthy relationship with her with your fitness lifes…[View]
43595702Just curious to see how many people who are over 30 here? If there are any, how long have you been l…[View]
43602795nowhere in the sticky does it say how to lift a tousond pounds teach me, fit[View]
43602619>Don't drink water, there's estrogen in it! >Eating hormone pumped meat is totally o…[View]
43602449hey guys, /mu/ tourist here... just a friendly reminder to be careful when you're doing your 'p…[View]
43598734/water/ general: >Increases energy and relieves fatigue >Promotes weight loss >Flushes out …[View]
43589414VEGAN GENERAL: Milk is unhealthy edition A place for discussing all things vegan ethics, politics …[View]
43601947>ate one little candy on cut >feel like shit I'm weak…[View]
43602430Is this steroid or lightings and angle?[View]
43592286Reminder that gains are temporary[View]
43602456Oooh anon, your mother tells me you've got a new hobby? Lifting is it? Can you explain what it …[View]
43602423Stupid question time, I am 5,5, and 82 kg sadly a lot of that is fat, i was 57 kg 2 years ago, but i…[View]
43601760Post what you’re eating right now. >Cottage cheese pancakes. Calories: 568 Carb: 62g Protein: 60…[View]
43602166I lifted heavier yesterday. I got dizzy, but i feel no pain in my muscles the next day. Does this me…[View]
43593659/fraud/: /fraud/ - cute pets edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index before…[View]
43601647vitamin D deficiency: so I just got my blood tests back and my vitamin D is at 20.. For a while now…[View]
43602013>being fat is unheal- I think it's time you apologized, /fit/[View]
43602064vats on yer mind? now that I've got your attention /fit/, considering I can squat 300lbs curren…[View]
43601288blue collar: Be quite honest lads,is manual labour good for thoughening up or will it destroy my ten…[View]
43600434Dynamic Tension: Anyone ever actually use this Charles Atlas stuff as your program? >just use fre…[View]
43602040Can 18 year old still grow taller?[View]
43600802>see some 160lb dyel in lycra doing the splits and other gay stretches on the mats on my way to t…[View]
43601946I’ve been on and off /fit/ for like 8 years or something now, and I feel like I have a strong unders…[View]
43594668How do I go from 5'10 dyel virgin to 7'0 300 lb 9% bf gigachad? What can I do to be more l…[View]
43601992Stretch marks: How do you deal with stretch marks? I'm a newbie to fitness. I've been lift…[View]
43600356hypothyroidism: Anyone here with thyroid problems? hypothyroidism is what I have apparently. Next we…[View]
43601773>He unironically watches this fraud[View]
43601641Where's Waldo: Wow there hasn't been a Mike Mew thread in weeks guys wtf. What my beloved …[View]
43597709Howdy /fit/!: Anyone 'round here got any tips for me to look like the BlG 0L' NATTY PAPA h…[View]
43595390is scooby handsome?[View]
43601688how into Zeus mode?[View]
43600987Is this the god tier breakfast food? >high in protein >low in calories…[View]
43599551I know I'll need to eat more to get better gains but I don't want to be fat again. Is it …[View]
43600374if higher rep sets = hypertrophy: why does fit fuck around with low rep meme routines at all? seems …[View]
43596149What app do you use to track your lifting stats?[View]
43598664Any good 5 day routines?: Strength and Hypertrophy focused[View]
43601353Will training if sore affects my recovery?[View]
43601591>that guy who comes to the gym smelling like cigarettes[View]
43601560Recently... like starting a two months ago... each time I get horny I want to deadlift, squat, do so…[View]
43599685Hey /fit/ if you wanted to push and pull weight without a sled outdoors, what would you do or use?[View]
43592345what underwear do you guys wear? (a homo picture to make it /fit/ related)[View]
43597557Honestly /fit/. What are the chances, benefits and risks of a highschool gf if you're over 20? …[View]
43601458>wants to lose or gain weight >isn't manually counting his calories Go download an app f…[View]
43600728why am i so shit at squats: https://youtu.be/FmZ8eYciyqU[View]
43598079Everyone talks about low t here but has anyone here actually gone and got it? I'm 21, will they…[View]
43600933This madness needs to STOP Wake up, looking myself in the mirror I look flat, weak Next day wake up,…[View]
43600546Stomach vacuums: Hey guys I've been working on my posture a lot for some time, but the problem …[View]
43601267suggestions: hi /Fit/ i have an issue i currently weight 188 lbs and i am 6 foot tall. i have man bo…[View]
43599168Overhead press replacement: So i got an injury (probably tendonitis) where doing the eccentric movem…[View]
43599475Stop lifting weights, goyim.[View]
43600997>tfw forever small >tfw forever hurting >tfw forever hungry we're all gonna make it br…[View]
43597651Is there a /fit/ approved list of sauces and spices that are good to use?[View]
43594109About to graduate with my Kinesiology degree See a lot of misinformation on here Ask me anything[View]
43600352I can walk faster after training squats and deadlifts[View]
43600584Can we get a motherfucking situp thread?[View]
43599870Who /gymbully/ here? >stealing plates off dyels mid set >putting the barbell on the top of the…[View]
43599713I get training muscles but why leadership? The U.S military is one of the greatest factories in prod…[View]
43600863if i add creatine to my coffee: will the heat kill the creatine?[View]
43600902Anyone here work /fit/ related jobs? I work as a loader for ups and was wondering how do I fit a goo…[View]
43597421Brain Gains: I'm looking to get my brain working post what you like to read or study and help b…[View]
43597614Does boxing a bag build muscles or is it just for cardio?[View]
43600776Why is the lookism presence so strong on /fit/? How do you guys cope knowing your site is practicall…[View]
43597142What are some great /fit/ approved movies? Not bullshit like pain and gain please but good MMA train…[View]
43577015Is there anything more cringeworthy than grown men still doing martial arts?[View]
43600700Help /fit/ my left shoulder hurts when I do pushing movements now. It feels like something is being …[View]
43592985ITT: Actors who you used to think looked huge.[View]
43596450What exercises to fix bad posture?[View]
43599623/jaw/ General: How does one get jaw aesthetics like this? Is this even achievable natty?[View]
43589047Is there a cheaper alternative to sips[View]
43598776Looking for some Insight /fit/ I'm a 20 year old ausfag suffering from what i thought to be low…[View]
43600637I have low test (just above the mininum recommended for my age), but not low enough to get medicatio…[View]
43597970>tfw can't get /fit/ because I have gyno and it'll look retarded God dammit. Why is the…[View]
43600580I always read losing weight too fast is a problem, because you get it back fast too. How fast can yo…[View]
43600542So. How do I make this faster? >Caloric deficit >liftan 4 times a week >very little cardio …[View]
43599485Any /fit/izens using pic related? Is it any good or are there better alternatives. >inb4 poorfag …[View]
43599940Spine compression: So, today I was lifting some stuff over my shoulders, and as I walked I felt my s…[View]
43596483I'd like to get into MMA and Jiu Jitsu and all that shit, but I just hate Brazil and Brazilians…[View]
43599031Why dont body builders get verified on instagram ever? do the soy boys that work there get offended[View]
43598947Should you flex your abs while squatting or is that just a faggot /fit/ meme?[View]
43599644Hey /fit/, /v/irgin here. I'd like to get more fit and wondered what you guys think would be a …[View]
43598532Thoughts on Nsuns 531 LP?: Thinking about starting it next week, seems fun Pic related[View]
43599369natty, just finna keep a reg schedule, been lifting seriously for maybe a year-ish modified 5x5 pret…[View]
43595582>How you holding up? The bar is open, let that shit out for once[View]
43598707Is it possible to train yourself to Samus's body?: Or do you have to be born with certain featu…[View]
43597029Alright /fit/. Hit me[View]
43598723After my last breakup (which I can't get over) my sexdrive died. And charisma as well, I don…[View]
43599505>knock-kneed from years as a fatty Anybody else know this feel?[View]
43599717Is 5 days training at a week strength and hitt the best fat loss methode?[View]
43596666How much does a bed affect sleep, /fit/?[View]
43598058/sleep/ general: What time do you go to bed, /fit/? What time do you wake up? How quality is your sl…[View]
43599373Good way to get get iron as a dirty vegan without supplementing?[View]
43597232This is me with my little sister we we're both just taking a walk around the neighborhood there…[View]
43599358Rack Pulls instead of Deadlifts?: Thoughts on using rack or block pulls as a deadlift alternative? …[View]
43598183hey brahs can i get a form check on my overhead deadlifts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e8bQ7_lc…[View]
43599428Oke lets make it realy simple If a nibba works out 5 days a week Eats healthy Dos hit Can a nibba lo…[View]
43598495>been lifting for two years >never satisfied with how big I am >want to be an anime girl mo…[View]
43597038Does it matter what time you workout?[View]
43599063We're all gonna make it someday brahs!!! Fuark the haters!!![View]
43599301>tfw when your face and body doesn’t match your autistic personality and everyone realizes you’re…[View]
43599190Hi /fit so is any of you familiar with the site beach body and if yea can someone tell me a program …[View]
43593640/Connor Murphy/ General: Is Connor Murphy autistic? What does /fit/ think of his videos? https://you…[View]
43597811Snowball time, thoughts experiences?[View]
43599129Played alot of sport plus went to gym as a teenager, stopped for about 5 years due to parties and bu…[View]
43599139https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bB-5IJZLeVM What do we think of Mr Fast's part 2 on how to lose…[View]
43597635ITT /fit/ approved lyrics from songs 'Got a frame like Bane, call me young Tom Hardy'[View]
43594823I'm gonna be honest. Started working out with a personal trainer to meet really hot guys. Would…[View]
43599052Fuck it.: Want to lose weight but I hate people and going outside, list some exercises that I could …[View]
43598603Doing a stairclimb next year. Weighed all of my gear, 85lbs. Need to go 70 stories, aiming for a su…[View]
43596564>always been self-conscious about pencil neck >find out about the neckpill >mfw Also /neck …[View]
43598868>ywn hear Good fucking Mooorrning Goddamit, let's get big! Ever again. Feels bad bros.…[View]
43598916What do you guys think about 4 scoops of ASS a day[View]
43597913> not mewing > thinking you're gonna make it…[View]
43598463A reminder anons that he made it. And that one day, you may. One day.[View]
43596819Anyone have experiences they'd like to share on clen? I'm pretty big already muscular wise…[View]
43596747So I've decided to get on the keto tip. Can someone give me a rundown on thier experiences with…[View]
43596145Losing weight is easier than I thought, too easy even Ive been obese and overweight for pretty much …[View]
43598597that new paki kid on fitmisc is dumb as fuck srs. brb asks all these questions about sarms and PHs e…[View]
43598455>no one ever told me about bruised backs when squatting heavy Why didnt you tell me fit?…[View]
43598646Is he natty? https://youtu.be/aCVw6igO7U4[View]
43598043BACK HELP (GONE SEXUAL!!): Why does my back look so weird, /fit/? Also this is now a back /thread/.…[View]
43598525Pro weight loss advice: Sup brahs, with cutting season coming up i thought i would share a pro weigh…[View]
43597094At what age did you quit lifting?[View]
43595746>One chance at life >born with negative canthal tilt, droopy asymmetrical eyelids that make my…[View]
43598467?: I’m not going to make it am I ?[View]
43598460so much workout i need to eat. so much food i need to shit. so much shit i need to coke. so much cok…[View]
43594043What are you doing this holiday season /fit/? >visiting family? >being a /comfy/ NEET?…[View]
43598214When I'm doing my long hours of cardio my nipples start to bleed from contact with my shirt. Ba…[View]
43587514/fph/ Fat '''people''' hate: requesting the gigabyte terabyte niggabite meme (pic sorta related)…[View]
43598253I got what seems to be pimples on the underside of my ballsack, how do I get rid of them? I shower e…[View]
43598240Data collection attempt #1 (apology): I opened the thread because I was working on a PERSONAL projec…[View]
43597390I have no social capability. im a burden to my friends. All I do is be sad around them and they see …[View]
43598194Whey without SOY and without LACTOSE: Whey without SOY and without LACTOSE Is there any in the marke…[View]
43598238New around here, I was just wondering if there were any excercises or balls, bands, etc. that I coul…[View]
43598131>tfw a 7 year old photo of yourself is within the top 7% of profiles on a website for beautiful p…[View]
43596761Retard gains: Gather round, fit, gather round. I must tell you the tale of my tard strength friend. …[View]
43596637Is rest really the only way to heal a rotator cuff impingement? How can I keep up my shoulder and ch…[View]
43598113coffee with sugar and milk: I miss coffee with milk and sugar. caffeine pills and black coffee scrat…[View]
43596106noko: /fit/ I’m bald, havent lifted in 4 years, and just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. To keep…[View]
43595935Daily reminder that only people who are self conscious about their body get fit. Chads do whatever t…[View]
43597917>lifting heavy won’t give you gains >ss is a troll >everyone who’s a winner in a sport does…[View]
43597935Just mixed peanut butter and greek yogurt for the first time today because I wanted peanut butter an…[View]
43597115sit ups: how do I hold my own feet down when doing sit up exercises?[View]
43597886I'm done with Greyskulls routine. What routine do i do now?[View]
43595087Who /so warped by incredibly dgenerate fantasies and porn that real woman are boring or disgusting/ …[View]
43593407Any ACE Personal Trainers here?: In terms of studying this manual I've realized that it is incr…[View]
43588071Lifting for girls: Those of you that only lift to be aesthetic, why not just do what this guy did? A…[View]
43595040Are androgen receptors a meme. I keep hearing how the shoulders and traps have the most androgen rec…[View]
43596622I don't get it, why people here think fasting contradicts CICO rather than complementing it. Yo…[View]
43597617>Walk into Jim >Gym vikings kill me Wow Jeez…[View]
43597381>tfw you realize you wasted thousands of hours on 4chan and videogames instead of doing something…[View]
43595695My right shoulder is fucked forever /fitbros If you dont wanna end like me remember to keep yoursel…[View]
43597075What are some good legs exercises I can do with dumbbells? I only have sets up to 65lbs, so squats a…[View]
43595809How bad is LA fitness? I live in Canada and just moved and this is the closest gym to me. Is it cuck…[View]
43597520Wassup goys? I was wondering if anybody had lost weight faster after eating over your TDEE for a cou…[View]
43592073Just consumed 1720 calories worth of heavy cream because it was 'keto friendly' and now I feel ill Q…[View]
43595403>tfw you discover you gym's Instagram page and spend the next half hour browsing through the…[View]
43596690Can someone tell me how reliable mechanical scales are? That's all I have right now and it says…[View]
43597425Physique update thread?: Coming back from an injury.[View]
43597473THis is ur daily remmindor that any blood goeing to ur brain is blode not goeing 2 ur muscles, Allwa…[View]
43594940Tattoo Ideas: Been Working out for about a year and a half. Decided that when I'm able to bench…[View]
43596588>be me >can’t stop thinking about cheating on my girlfriend >love her. she’s my best friend…[View]
43596695First time mirin' experiences: What was the very first time you had someone aknowledge you gett…[View]
43595503PB AMA: I just ate an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting. AMA.[View]
43595864Help: Bros. Today was the day I told the last of my friends that didnt know, that I have a boyfriend…[View]
43595921>been going to the gym for 5 years >have never seen anyone with a big dick in the showers, eve…[View]
43594797Why am I tall if I eat so terribly?I thought nutrition was a key factor in your height[View]
43597298Trying to get viral in the fitness industry. Any tips. My page Is called Beast Movement on Facebook[View]
43596968Starting a juice fast: In January 2017 I was 260lbs at 6'2' tall. I have lost 37lbs, but this i…[View]
43594138How do I get huge lats?[View]
43597177What's a good powerlifting/strength training program I can do in tandem with my kickboxing and …[View]
43595986Go do squats and see blood on bae. Can I die from this, /fit/?[View]
43597062What are some really overrated lifts?[View]
43595954>dude, wtf, stop using machines[View]
43596872How long does it take for a traps strain to fully heal, /fit/?[View]
43596853so I was doing diddlies yesterday and felt a sharp pain on the right side of my lower back, near the…[View]
43596374what do I do with these to get big[View]
43593497What Would Varg Say about protein powder? Asking for a Russian old timer who keeps stubbornly insist…[View]
43595720Are bodybuilders athletes, or artists?[View]
43596670Why lift when it's all about he face?[View]
43596136How much research did you do into lifting before lifting? Tell the truth[View]
43595364What the fuck is wrong with me? Before anything, these are my stats Height : 5'8 Weight : 155 l…[View]
43596532>Exercise >Eat >Weigh more than before I exercised…[View]
43596223Can I take whey in hot water with honey and lemon juice? >pic related: goal physique…[View]
43595798Eric bugenhanen: Hola amigos. watched Eric's video where he said focus on one compound lift eve…[View]
43588727/FAST/ THAT KNEE-SHAKING GOOD FEELING: /FAST/ FASTING GENERAL What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for …[View]
43596523so I have lost a bunch of weight recently, dropping from 138 lbs to 116 lbs. I'm 5'4 and a…[View]
43596380>come workout with me anon, I’ll show you how to lose that fat from bulking Well, anon?…[View]
43593835Seriously why the fuck are there so many different programs? I'm trying to find something simpl…[View]
43592212Does /fit/ wear sweaters?[View]
43595158Are grits healthy? Dropping some fried eggs in them makes a top tier breakfast.[View]
43596466How do I eat more: 6'1 205 been lifting for 10 months. Currently doing PPL. Have seen nice noob…[View]
43594856You get his muscles, but you have to take his IQ too do you agree?[View]
43596231/fit/ books?: is this any good? or is it a meme?[View]
43592338L A T S: I have a home gym with all dumbbells and barbell weights, what are my options for working o…[View]
43593581A track and field trainer at my gym asked me to quickly use the trap bar i as using for a hurt athle…[View]
43595799I think someone heard me mumble 'I fucking hate the Jews' while I was warming up, I assume I wasn…[View]
43590743why lift when it's all about the face?[View]
43595667Bmi: If you had to guess just by looking what do you think my body fat % would be ?[View]
43596392Flabie routine rate: Hey /fit/, recently ended a 4 year relationship and I'm wanting to get int…[View]
43589458Any dutch /fit/izens here? I'm moving to Alkmaar in February and want to know which gyms are go…[View]
43593250How's your social gains going?[View]
43592471Do you guys work your glutes? For guys it seems that glutes are only worked when doing squats and de…[View]
43590712>tfw smoking 75 cigarettes a day anyone here managed to quit smoking cigarettes?…[View]
43595208How many of you have an average looking / plain jane SO /fit/? How does she feel about your progress…[View]
43595889>same age as zyzz when he died >lanklet manlet should i end it now?…[View]
43591308CBT: Wide Hip Edition Currently on a Hard Cut Haven't been serious about my fitness for a while…[View]
43596117Help plz: This is my first year joining track and field and I want to know how I can improve in my d…[View]
43591255>tfw teethlet I don't smile because of my fucked up teeth. I want to get braces but they are…[View]
43588287What's /fit/s opinion on hiking?[View]
43595541Hi I would like to take steroids: How do I avoid the acne[View]
43594264/fit/, I hooked up with a girl the other day, she wouldn't let me smash but we dry humped throu…[View]
43595901You need the body of a greek god if you even want a girl to stare in your direct-[View]
43590129>start working out >feel like a pathetic dyel >everyone looks bigger than me >one year …[View]
43594509What moment are you training for? i'm waiting for the 3 fat bitches to finally give me some rea…[View]
43595054Today, I failed a 265 lb squat, I was wondering if Onw of you anons could help me figure out why? I…[View]
43593606I am sad: How are my random internet strangers on a self improvement subsection of an anime image bo…[View]
43592489Feel good /fit/ moments: >can no longer wrap thumb and middle finger around my wrists >gained …[View]
43594123I have mad DOMS throughout almost my entire body. I've been to the gym weight room monday and t…[View]
43594270Test booster: Will pic related make me a beast?[View]
43592663How does /fit/ eat their oats?: How does everyone prepare their oats? I've been adding frozen b…[View]
43595354Friendly reminder half reps are the key to aesthetics: How great is our king ?[View]
43593971tfw the gym is only thing keeping you together[View]
43588131Food Thread: List everything you are yesterday and/or rate other people’s meals >Bowl of honey bu…[View]
43595674Pleb here I'm 5'9, 134 pounds, finally have started on some sort of basic plan. I realise …[View]
43595371>girl said i was too young for her >shes 5 years older its not fair bros…[View]
43593887Why is the fitness industry so crooked? I feel like nobody is genuine about wanting to help people a…[View]
43591052How do you keep yourself occupied during the mind-numbing borefest that is cardio?[View]
43592874Is it possible to get fit while having a vegan diet?[View]
43594933Cheese: How's that not number 1 food for /fit/??? >27g protein per 100g >22g fat per 100g…[View]
43594642Rememeber this is what awaits you after getting /fit/, status and wealth...[View]
43595274>'Do you have low self esteem or something?' Is this what people really perceive me as when they …[View]
43594980i'll start tomorrow...[View]
43593197ITT: what makes you get out of the bed every morning? In this period I can barely find a motivation[View]
43594147Is it bad to engorge yourself on some days? Pic related is my weekly plan of eating.[View]
43590336Fitness giants join forces: Now that Alex and Jeff have joined forces to give you all the secrets on…[View]
43595341don trump jr lifts: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbVksLAjZZK/?taken-by=donaldjtrumpjr 375 and perf fo…[View]
43577471>it-t's all natural bro, I-I swear![View]
43584662/plg/ - powerlifting general: Dog that looks like blushu Google dogs: https://docs.google.com/spread…[View]
43591769Recovery from raw laziness.: Hey all, so I'm 28 and one thing has been thougroughly established…[View]
43589853>been eating fish and chips at this good place for years >today I ask the cook what kind of oi…[View]
43594381Alternative methods: Anyone else keep a workout log? Since I started recording absolutely everything…[View]
43594176How feasible is it to make your own protein powder and sell it? I'd be happy making 50k a year[View]
43594001i have a really a bad knee so can’t do squats or lunges without severe pain. Is it worth my time do …[View]
43594969>he doesn't pray to the light to get face gains...[View]
43590788Is it just me or does protein stuff literally always taste absolutely disgusting[View]
43594764Are ec stacks bad for you?[View]
43594359if i just walk can i get back in shape: i have bake problems and i have alway bin a fan of walking t…[View]
43589396Superior Genetics: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/609204/eugenics-20-were-at-the-dawn-of-choosin…[View]
43594439Why do you lift? I lift because I know within the next 10 years we will have sex bots that will be s…[View]
43594727What does crucifixion work? I feel that its a dyslexic dead hang but has potential to be a non meme …[View]
43591087just started lifting: so i'm benching 90 lbs and want to get my form right i watched that video…[View]
43591270I measured my height today guys and I shrunk a quarter inch. I'm scared guys, what do? Am I shr…[View]
43594739bone lengthening: Who here /bone-lengthening/ surgery? Just opted for max extension (6 inches) and …[View]
43594754i just ate an entire large bag of doritos: should i throw up?[View]
43593480Cut or Bulk?: what can improve on?[View]
43593629Been having a supertight lower back the last two weeks, since I started a PPL routine. It isn't…[View]
43594572Genetics feels thread: >6’1 >handsome >popular >be in magazine-worthy shape >people …[View]
43591174Why is this /fit/izen tired all the time and what can one do for a consistent reliable increase in e…[View]
43594130Fitness YouTuber edition: Okay, this may be abstract for here. Can we get a “Fit Youtubers who don’t…[View]
43593911Neck Thread: Post your neck faggot[View]
43588389>get /fit/ >get a nice job, 6 fig salary at 26 >get a nice car, BMW 3 series >live in a …[View]
43593935Vitamin D: How much daily sun exposure do you need? Is it necessary to supplement with Vitamin D if …[View]
43593165I have weak genes and can't grow a beard. Is there any supplements that can help? will lifting …[View]
43556594Push Up Thread: >type push up in the search >no results Get 'em boys…[View]
43594380LIVE INJECTION SHOW: Alright fellas.. another live injection show and home brewing. Starting at 7pm …[View]
43582628Mirin thread? Mirin thread. >This happened yesterday >Went to pick up my stepson from school …[View]
43586669Helpful image thread: Lets have one of these, to better our lives inside and outside of fitness.…[View]
43593769enlighten me on noob gains, /fit/ when do they kick in - is it when you're first starting to tr…[View]
43593836does anyone else have problems sitting in public transport? it is always awkward when someone sits b…[View]
43592319Anyone else make themselves /tendies/ after a comfy gym session?[View]
43593343Deloading: What do you do to deload? Is every 4th week 60% 1rm with some varied assistance more bene…[View]
43594110SST: Where did Steroid Source talk move to? Don't want to bother the /fraud/ thread?[View]
43592956Sip boys in the white house: grip the sip.[View]
43593478>calories in, calories out[View]
43591636My mom is 5'5' and my dad is 6'1', I always wanted to be tall so I drank milk every day of…[View]
43593091Where do you see yourself in 10 years?[View]
43591459How bad are these for me lads?[View]
43592348I have unaesthetic large and puffy nipples (diameter wise), they look fine when hard, and it's …[View]
43593326>''Bro, do dumbell benchpress' >Isn't barbell better? It's pretty much the…[View]
43590208Cut or bulk?: As the title says desu. 5'10 163lbs.[View]
43593783need help: I am a male, 5'8'', 18yrs and 220lbs. I wanna lose around 40lbs. What diet…[View]
43593748> FEEEEEEEEELS[View]
43592650*blocks your path* Hey anon, word on the street is you're implying I use synthol and roids. Car…[View]
43592633How can I get a body like this?[View]
43593045Roid Face: Is roid face a thing ? Or do they all just have lunatic/retard face ?[View]
43590557Will working out help me become less of an introvert? Will people respect me any more or less? What …[View]
43593561The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very very brightly, …[View]
43592772STOP obsessing over insulin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eq8VObUFsk[View]
43592654Give me a pump worthy of Mordor.[View]
43592594Pizza is the best thing to eat after exercising.: By that I mean homemade pizza. It has everything y…[View]
43593272Who was in the wrong here?[View]
43588764whats on your gains station today boys?[View]
43592991How do you /fit/izens beat your sugar cravings? It’s the one thing that causes me to binge eat.[View]
43592667My pecs are normally firm but a little extra fat always stays there. But not visibly sagging. I ate…[View]
43575197Why is there so many edits of chloe?[View]
43592533>he has to stand to reach the lat pulldown bar[View]
43590018shoulder injury: following a dumbbell press dropset I've developed severe shoulder pain - most …[View]
43590226>manlets are losers that will never get wom-[View]
43593223Squatz and oatz may break my bones but words will never hurt me[View]
43593206>look in my gym locker rooms mirror >look like absolute shit >look in my bathroom mirror …[View]
43593007How long do you wait in between sets?: and how do you keep track of that time in the gym?[View]
43580392ITT: Gym Gripes: >Go to gym >See people on their phones while resting for another set or while…[View]
43586705How do I get wrist gains guys? rest of my body is growing just fine, wrist stay the same what do?[View]
43587682Take personal responsibility Do something that scares you Make a damn schedule[View]
43580644Apps: What fitness apps are you guys using?[View]
43586791Cupping an ancient Chinese medical practice that uses small suction cups to bring blood to the skin,…[View]
43588309Men Fragance: >Buy expensive men's fragance >It fades This really grinds my gears Any ad…[View]
43592893>realize I don't have my workout song on this harddrive >start downloading >spontaneou…[View]
435920296'2 manlet here. Is there any hope for me to grow a few more inches? I'm 18 yrs old[View]
43592417I tried asking this before in a QTDDTOT but nobody had an answer to my problem I have this huge knot…[View]
43590883Who is animes god of swol and why is it broly?[View]
43592493/fit/ I'm convinced that heavy back squats are killing my posture and making me sick I feel lik…[View]
43591875stock cube: is it ok to eat stock cube with bread for dinner?[View]
43590180any runners experience pain here before lasting multiple days[View]
43590269/OWL/: Does anyone know a nice 3 days/week program?[View]
43591130What's their fucking problem?[View]
43587672Who’s up for a cheeky Nando’s?[View]
43590962About to run out of meal plan money and there's still a month left in the semester. How the fuc…[View]
43584250that first sip of the season[View]
43592107The reset - do am I understand GSLP?: I'm doing Phrak's Greyskull LP. Today I tried to ben…[View]
43592380You do know that if you are jacked, handsome and charming enough, women will mentally inflate your h…[View]
43592446Will you grow muscles faster or have higher density muscles if you eat 'better' protein sources? Wou…[View]
43589875Elbow pain: Sup /fit/izens, wondering if anyone has advice on how to deal woth elbow pain from press…[View]
43582475What advice would you give the younger version of you that just started working out?[View]
43591123Thinking of getting one of these shirts for the gym, what do you guys think?[View]
43591328>doesn't listen to grindcore while lifting it's like you guys don't even want to m…[View]
43582077Are jeffersons better than deadlifts?[View]
43581058What’s it like being <6’?[View]
43587846Do you think you could beat up a rottweiler if you lifted hard enough?[View]
43590925>hot guy starts working out next to me >he's lifting 3pl8s >hear him make grunting noi…[View]
43589951Post happy /fit/ feels General goodfeels thread >tfw when your prostitute compliments your muscul…[View]
43592113>wake up next to my loving wife >run with my dogbro until we're both exhausted >eat a …[View]
435883075’4” alpha chad manlet AMA: I might be able to give you lengthlet betas some advice on picking up gi…[View]
43584558/fraud/: /fraud/ - fixing the OP edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index be…[View]
43589162FUCK: >Be me, DYEL >Can't do an unassisted pull-up >Start doing negatives >On rep 3…[View]
43591945Just one chance at life >Not having victor delamarre double tendons Why live ?…[View]
43591247why did I throw up at the gym yesterday?[View]
43591873best workout ever: >few weeks ago >feel shittier everyday cause last work out was a year go …[View]
43591737Is there a dumber strength-related sport? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RP_WeKJfmo[View]
43587988Does anyone else feel skinny in clothes? Like my body is good naked, defined muscles and all that an…[View]
43590766Normies hogging my squat rack again...[View]
43591633Fuck me. I dont care what split you do just do this in your workout for these muscles. These can als…[View]
43591264>deload week >notice normies judging me How do you survive deload week /fit/ ?…[View]
43591503IS this ok gains for 2 months? Started off kinda thicc with no muscle mass. Ate a lot: powered thru …[View]
43590274For any given exercise, how do i determine an appropriate weight and number of reps? I am a newfag.[View]
43590290Bronkaid sauce: So since it's impossible to find bronkaid in pharmacies anymore, where can a gu…[View]
43589229Does anyone know who makes the best squat diapers? I was thinking huggies but I want something less …[View]
43579228/fit/ is so depressing. >wahh low test >wahh no fap >wahh tfw no gf >wahh x Let's …[View]
43591137Sup /fit/ poorfag here What are good workouts for getting stronger without going to the gym or buyin…[View]
43585110Calorie Deficit: /Fatfuck/ here. Looking to cut. Hard. I want to calculate my deficit needs, but eve…[View]
43587917>weight loss surgery doesn't wor-: Based boogie proving /fit/ wrong yet again.[View]
43590166Remember: 1.) FACE 2.) HEIGHT 3.) FRAME These are all GENETICALLY DETERMINED and cannot be change…[View]
43591092Why do fitness chicks that lift look like gremlins?[View]
43589235>tfw Olympic athletes are now doing Stacy strides >why…[View]
43585680You have that power, too: How are you improving, /fit/?[View]
43591003Blood keeps shifting out of my muscles I guess due to bad posture/muscle tension? I am trying to fin…[View]
43587209Boxercise: Fuck me lads. Went along to the local boxing gym and tried a boxercise circuit. Actual bo…[View]
43590707Anyone else lift harder when there's people, especially girls, near you?[View]
43590588My shoulders hurt I think my tendons are shit[View]
43587253Are calories from milk a myth? ive been 170lbs for a while now making no progress so decided to add …[View]
43589769Training going to shits after adding cardio: Hi guys, hoping you can give me some advice. > been …[View]
43590878By some slim chance do any of you /fit/izens work in the Starret Lehigh building in Chelsea and use …[View]
43584260ways to reduce brain fog or just social anxiety during keto flu?[View]
43588155Would this work?: So basically lads I'm pretty fit and I was thinking what if I get a thirsty a…[View]
43578069>lift to achieve high school oneitis >check her social media >she puts on weight and gets t…[View]
43590652Lifting while sick: I've had cold symptoms for about as week now (congestion, massive snot prod…[View]
43590013>So Anon, I see you've been working out. Have a girlfriend yet?[View]
43590612Body Fat %: Just got my results back in. Is it time to bulk or cut? 5'8 (173cm) Fat 14% (23 lb…[View]
43587322Women workout split?: sup /fit/? My gf wants to become a lean and mean killing machine. The problem…[View]
43588875>stalled on 145lb bench what the fuck is wrong with me[View]
43588710How do I get a woman like this?[View]
43580126Gym etiquette: I might join my local gym next month, and I'd like to ask you guys what practice…[View]
43582670/fit/Rap/Trap/Hiphop: Looking for some new genretic Rap for training. Post youre pump up Rap/Trap/Hi…[View]
43585406When did you realize that lifting has nothing to do with being an athlete?[View]
43590427Balancing activities: I'm going to university in a big town next year. How would I go about doi…[View]
43590346New guy here, I've read the sticky and get the basics of weight lifting, cardio and diet but I…[View]
43590181Is intermittent fasting real or just a meme?[View]
43582632>C'mon anon, take off your shirt! We wanna see those abs ;)[View]
43590311>Its a song comes on that reminds you of better times exactly one year prior episode while in the…[View]
43590232Anything wrong with this can of corn I just picked up for 25 cents at Walmart?[View]
43583422>ITT: Meme exercises you see attention seeking sluts with daddy issues do in the gym I’ll start…[View]
43586877I got banned from my gyms because of my spontaneous erections (it's a health issue, not a perve…[View]
43587533What are some scientifically proven ways to increase testosterone?[View]
43590039Fucked up shoulders: Can /fit/ lend a hand? Experiencing sharp muscle pain roughly around the latera…[View]
43589274Grill here LET'S TALK SOYMILK So I hear soymilk is full of estrogen, or helps produce it whate…[View]
43589645How many gains are in fresh blood?[View]
43589313Was doing IF and ended up puking outside of my window to eat. Do I eat even if I'm outside my w…[View]
43589868>Not praying to Crom before lifting[View]
43589922How's my routine? 1 hour x swimming 1 hour x upper body lifting Next day: 1 hour x lower body …[View]
43589906>Lift as much as you want >you will always be 170cm…[View]
43589088Is this a meme?[View]
43589784stop watching porn[View]
43577634Would a /fit/ anon date me? I'm a personal trainer.[View]
43589704Could I get a form check on my OHP? thx https://www.instagram.com/p/BbKbUqhnZgb[View]
43589441Form check!: Form check me. This is 165, and I've been lifting for 3 and a half years, what do …[View]
43588345Saturated Fat: Lots of people try to avoid saturated fat because it's commonly taught that satu…[View]
43585288Fit self improvement discord https://discord.gg/hQyQWZV[View]
43589642>on HGH and test >grow .25' in height >jaw gains >voice starts to crack sometimes, sound…[View]
43585692>tfw its deadlift day[View]
43588851I hate cardio. It's boring and it's painful. I hate lifting even more. It's even more…[View]
43589044>start focusing on lower body, specially glutes and hamtrings, both get bigger now when im on a …[View]
43589187Getting molested 101: Guys, how fit does one have to be to get molested by others? What was your per…[View]
43584117Would you cut off one of your fingers to fix a part of your body? >jaw >pecs >nose >ey…[View]
43587918OATS ON TESTOSTERONE BTFO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfMKKmocnzs[View]
43587605Jason blow claims > rich pinana the god king > was one of the biggest salers of anabolic in t…[View]
43588838What is some meshuggah tier music that will existentially destroy my workouts and make me leave my w…[View]
43584268Who do you lift for?[View]
43584198Would you consider this a 'fit' body?[View]
43584116ITT: ask broseph anything. :-) If you don't know who I am get into a time machine and go back 7…[View]
43587608Check your posture: Do it now[View]
43589327>'Oh I'll start losing weight and getting fit next month' >March 2016 >'Oh I'll s…[View]
43585950Anyone else finds themselves handsome af after the gym or it's just me ? Must have something to…[View]
43589322I want to buy and use a rowing machine and hopefully at some point power rack in a larger room in my…[View]
43583835Um keto fags...[View]
43576912QTDDTOT: didn't see one up post your stupid easily-answerable questions here[View]
43586461>finally get my son into lifting >comes out as trans 6 months later did I cause this, /fit/?…[View]
435709126 months progress: 166 on left and 130 on right. 5'5 manlet. Did 5x5 for the most part with acc…[View]
43588781>pic related[View]
43585400Is this a realistic goal for me? I really want to look like this, but I'm starting to think it …[View]
43575481How's the weight loss coming along bros?[View]
43586459/test/ General: Besides heavy lifting, what else can I do to increase my test? (eg. exercises, diet,…[View]
43583755How THE FUCK do I do this shit? It looks amazing and I tried to do something similar and it's l…[View]
43586340Why can I bench 170kg for reps. But I can't even one rep max 200kg[View]
43586338What workout routine does /fit/ recommend for my gf?[View]
43586840>finally squated 2pl8s[View]
43580456Just happened: 105 kg 3x5 deadlifts[View]
43568804Show me your butts /fit/[View]
43588184>too poor to maintain a healthy diet ill never make it lads[View]
43585834Do you have any tips for losing weight?[View]
43586852Fix your fucking posture.: I've been neglecting my posture my whole life but recently decided t…[View]
43585450>tfw got blood test results >tfw as I feared, low test >tfw 400 at the highest Do I even bo…[View]
43587350Would you recommend water fasting? Have been giving it a look at and would like to see if anyone has…[View]
43588557I can't keep doing this anymore.: I can't do this anymore it's getting hard to breath…[View]
43587766Hair: What products are best to hold hair in place (like pic related) without giving it that oily/gr…[View]
43586685So... Two weeks ago I did my usual 5x5 squats,bp,bbr on saturday, 2 hours of mountain climbing and h…[View]
43588002Peeing at night: Anyone here figured out some sort of secret to not needing to piss during the night…[View]
43587439How do you stay motivated, /fit/? Not just to go to the gym and to workout. To do well in university…[View]
43587518is soy sauce ok or does that have estrogen too[View]
43586894What is /fit/s recommendation to boxer shorts My boxers keep riding up now, when I move around at wo…[View]
43584236About two years ago i picked up the dirty habbit of smoking after about 6 deep. I dont crave smoking…[View]
43585105>last week >couldnt hop 95lb for 1 >today >go to ohp rack after benching >finally do …[View]
43588203Don't give up anon. We're all going to make it. I know it may seem hard, even impossible r…[View]
43581390Which is more acceptable to /fit/, using roids or wearing a wig? And which gives you more boost in a…[View]
43588141>lifting doesn't fix your personality[View]
43582851>tfw smoking 75 cigarettes a day anyone here managed to quit smoking cigarettes?…[View]
43588160Testosterone and Health: tl;dr: Life is in shambles, cortisol tested high, SHBG also high. Test low …[View]
43580248This is what women want: Women took lots of creepshots of men they found hot on the London Undergoun…[View]
43586066I just moved out. Skipping on details, it will take a few months to set myself up with this cheap gy…[View]
43585522Im worried that im getting too fat, should i cut or keep bulking till february? Stats: height 6…[View]
43559362CBT: sports edition >19 >6'5 >210 >Wrestling in hs >Now Rugby in college >mma…[View]
43586810How do you start?: I feel dumb writing this but I just seem to not be able to start doing fitness re…[View]
43587307/fit/, do you ever fuck around with these things? I'm giving it a go and noticing my left (domi…[View]
43587702Can you get /fit/ with just a pair of barbells and a bench?[View]
43578313What happened to TGO? Where did his gains go?[View]
43587129>mfw 6'3.5' tall >Gym buddy is 5'7' manlet >he lifts at most 5kg heavier than me,…[View]
43577598ITT reasons you lift: reasons you lift[View]
43576665/FAST/ Fasting General - I Forgot What Taking A Shit Feels Like Edition: /FAST/ FASTING GENERAL OFFI…[View]
43584462duhrrr i wan b stonk liek goku :O ][View]
43587805>tfw too brainlet to make pancakes[View]
43585761I have just woken up after a bad sleep, I have some tendinitis action going on in my elbow, my lifts…[View]
43587245>he loses weight slow and steady instead of going between binging and then fasting combined with …[View]
43586608Erectile Dysfunction: I used to have some depraved and heavy masturbationsessions on speed. I dont e…[View]
43583085With a body like this should I just end it all? What are some good bodyweight exercises to enhance m…[View]
43586136Failing nofap send help: Guys help I can't resist the urge to rape myself it's day 10 what…[View]
43587279Will lifting help if I am Indian?[View]
43586976>myfitnesspal is not working[View]
43586328Are you cool with the owner/manager of your gym?[View]
43585852How to avoid injury?: From NEET TO FIT[View]
43586266How do I achieve this mode?: https://www.google.com/maps/@44.4251924,33.6850932,3a,75y,4.2h,82.86t/d…[View]
43586750is rope skipping a good form of cardio?[View]
43581687Effects of alcohol: How much of a goblin is alcohol? I love whiskey and just got a new bottle of pic…[View]
43586516Greg Plitt https://youtu.be/rLJG61jE6O0 https://youtu.be/GR0cvc9QXLs Thoughts? Why didn’t his death …[View]
43585978*Brraaaappppp* So, how do YOU combat protein farts? They stink and cramp your style when you've…[View]
43586334Becoming alpha: Left pic is me in 2015, right pic is now. 105kg - 81kg. I went from fat beta to real…[View]
43586661Is it normal to have days when I can barely lift the same as I did last week, and days where I smash…[View]
43579989Achievable natty?[View]
43580584How do I unlock Achilles of Troy mode /fit/?[View]
43585547What would Eric Bojinhajin do?[View]
43583005Form checc: Second day at the gym - /r/ deadlift form checc[View]
43567900>22 year old girl deadlifts more than you. inb4 hurrr strength doesn't matter only aesthetic…[View]
43584822They never learn do they?[View]
43586106What happens here?[View]
43576443Supplements thread: What are some supplements you guys take? Have you guys ever tried this shit? Is …[View]
43586095ITT exercises that are a one way ticket to snap city[View]
43583636Is it okay if i do concentrated bicep curls on the edge of my bed. Or am I doing nothing for my work…[View]
43585939>Trying to get my shit together >Start going to the gym at non-autistic hours so the weight ro…[View]
43586226>gym pt is doing group hiit sessions all evening >will be using the entire gym >won't …[View]
43585880>be 6'4' >whenever a girl mentions my height tell her im only 6' >mfw…[View]
43584650review brah hates sips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsMJe8Niv9w&t=1s wat do[View]
43584955Hey /fit/, need some legitimate help with a health concern. I'm a 26 y/o male in decent shape w…[View]
43585986Is 100x100 bench an impressive feat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mra5TSWT2xw[View]
43577972Low T: Hi /fit/. I'm a 24-year-old male who never works out and has a shit diet. Over the cours…[View]
43585706>Day off from work >Few other guys and gals have a day off as well >They spend it drinking …[View]
43583717So how much do I have to lift to even get a chance at this? It seems like i'm destined to be al…[View]
43576837WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS?: The American Heart Association recommends limiting saturated fats – which…[View]
43579331Do fitizens play videogames? Steam, Xbox, ps4, switch?[View]
43585855sexiest man alibe :DDDDDDDD[View]
43585599Quick nightly workout: I'm looking for a quick nightly workout that I can do in under 20 minute…[View]
43585759Goldberg: if you have a chance to torrent or stream it, watch the WWE 24 episode on Goldberg release…[View]
43584678Hey /fit/ What are some good exercises you can do in a small space like a dorm room? Some workouts g…[View]
43585013natural HGH - x factor peak and decline: when does your natural healing factor start to diminish? i …[View]
43581636PHUT is the best workout routine: Try and prove me wrong... >4 days a week = optimal…[View]
43585703What is your go-to when you crave spicy foods. I've been craving spicy ramen hard even though I…[View]
43583473>girl tries to ask you to share a set[View]
43585318>Lifting heavy won't give you gains bro >i bench 135 for 10 and my chest is huge >dead…[View]
43584415how many calories do boogers have?[View]
43583833Redpill me on ZMA: SEEMS LIKE A GIMMICK DESU but it does give me some krazykewl wet dreams[View]
43585033Any swimmers here? Ive been trying to improve my form and I've asked numerous lifeguards and sw…[View]
43583190What's the point of exercising if you were born with fat genes?[View]
43585513>Jefferson deadlifts are better than deadlifts >why are you doing conventional Lifts…[View]
43576842Tall people can't make any gains without roids and that's a fact.[View]
43582970What are some forbidden things you should NEVER do in the gym?: Asking for a friend who's new t…[View]
43581298I have been a vegetarian my whole life and am currently vegan. Should I try meat?[View]
43585319how to increase vertical? are squats and deadlifts good ways? I know plyometrics, but what else? I …[View]
43582630/fit/ whats the consensus on the rowing machine? Is it a waste of time or good all around machine on…[View]
43539986/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Not a fucking roll thread edition Sticky: http://4chanfit.wikia.co…[View]
43584485How do you guys hit on girls at the gym? Hard mode: this involves a THICC af latina who goes to the…[View]
43583415So around 2 years ago I started to exercise, I did it daily and i was able to control my chips and s…[View]
43585098Talking to women at the gym: Gorgeous older (50s) woman is always mirin at the gym and I want to do …[View]
43571296What does /fit/ think of calisthenics? Did some shit from YouTube for abs yesterday and some arms fr…[View]
43582730Chips/Crisps: So ik they're both bad for you but on a bulk diet which is worse, potato chips/cr…[View]
43584097So what's the consensus on mass gainers? I don't mind gaining fat if it means I can lift h…[View]
43581496Max Pushup Gainz: I can max 10 pushups. I work at a warehouse, I can bust out a quick set of 6-8 pus…[View]
43583512Currently left. How much to I have to bench to attain right?[View]
43582916Does /fit/ lift for their husbando?[View]
43583992I eat 4k calories every day (maybe slightly under somedays) all measured on mfp. Are there really p…[View]
43584568Fatty here, I'm thinking about becoming an hero through starvation, any tips?[View]
43583333/Neck/ General: Post what you do to get a big neck. I'll go first: Weightlifting[View]
43577930Why even lift it doesn’t grant you a gf?[View]
43581253/FPH/ Fat people hate thread: No fat people hate thread ? Fat people hate thread[View]
43583178How to get Cardassian trap gains?[View]
43581953Are chiropractors legit? I want to see one for some mild neck pain, but I'm really on the fence…[View]
43581991Is there a better beginner routine than Jason Blaha's Ice Cream 5x5?[View]
43581968Not Hungry AT ALL for HOURS: After I workout I'm not hungry at all for 5-6 hours. I still have …[View]
43582219is there any downsides to incline bench pressing rather than flat bench pressing? it feels safer[View]
43582290reality is..: you will still look better than 95% of the male population even as a natty within 1-2 …[View]
43584070Moving to Phoenix at the end of the month. Anyone know any good gyms? Preferably ones that allow cha…[View]
43583664Do heavy squats make your arms bigger?: Asked an OG in the gym today what he did for arms and he sai…[View]
43582582So i'm a 340 lb 6'5 monster and i've decided to get jacked. The last 3 weeks i'v…[View]
43583737Would you give up all your gains for a qt gf?[View]
43580447What are the best toppings/combinations you can put on a pizza? For argument sake let's say hea…[View]
43582527bulk or cut from BF %: hey /fit/ been running GSLP for a month now and my lifts are great however my…[View]
43583801Whats his technique?[View]
43579854Do you think you could beat up a jaguar if you lifted hard enough?[View]
43571013/plg/ - powerlifting general: Google dogs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/tZIonSOwhM3iM0gTYV…[View]
43581408>be me >165 cm tall >im short >cant do nothing >why not try /fit/ >do shit >4 m…[View]
43580459How does one achieve pic related?[View]
43577536>just eat more, bro[View]
43582105first day at the gym today. I ran on the treadmill for 10 minutes at 7 miles. My heart was 190. Is t…[View]
43583185Progress: In 6 months I've lost 50 lbs, 4 inches off my waist, dropped 2 pant/shirt sizes, and …[View]
43582814the skinnyfat dilemma: /fit/ what's the verdict on this shit? For someone who is new to lifting…[View]
43581726How many calories and proteins do I need to bulk?: I'm 6'1 and weigh 90kg so rn I'm t…[View]
43581536Hip Thrusts: A-are these the best accessory to include in my routine if I want a thicc ass? I'm…[View]
43576204/fraud/: /fraud/ - Awaiting MasT edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index be…[View]
43583263I lyc lof wohts![View]
43578895How do I become an amateur MMA fighter with a background in only boxing? I'm 6'3' 215 lbs.…[View]
43581838Shoulder on same day as bench?: So today I decided to do my shoulder workout on my chest day. I coul…[View]
43581959the madman actually did it[View]
43583111> hi boys! I ate two cans of beans today. I’m currently on the toilet AMA…[View]
43582023>the pizza cravings are back[View]
43579237Who /stinkyfeet/ here? Mine are so bad, alway been. From when I was a kid shoes and socks smell like…[View]
43580673Anon, where is your tongue right now?[View]
43581370Is this the best I can hope to look without being a /fraud/?[View]
43582765When you bench press do you count the set up rep?[View]
43581019I'm 6'2' and 161 pounds. I've been lifting for about a year now and haven't actu…[View]
43582932What's the best way to work you're Glamour Muscles?[View]
43580925getting /fit/ and can't deal with it: once was a /fat/ fuck, was used to being treated as a wei…[View]
43580668any tips on keto diet?[View]
43580840How do you manage a vegan bulk? If I'm eating 3500 calories, that means 70 or grams of fiber, a…[View]
43578900How do Ketofags get their Potassium in? Are they doomed to eat nothing but avocados for the rest of …[View]
43578044Has anyone run 5/3/1 I’m not doing jack shit?: I want to run 5/3/1 I’m not doing jack shit because I…[View]
43582867Hey /fit/, how likely is it that a 140kg person was recommended a 1500 calories diet from an actual …[View]
43581905Well /fit/ is it true?[View]
43577780Motivation thread: Also wtf is up with the misogony on /fit/?[View]
43582689Running question: When ever i run for 4+ min i start wanting to spit out saliva uncontrollably (just…[View]
43576909Do you read a book between sets to make those /fitlit/ gains?[View]
43582609/fat/izen here, with a question and / or discussion. I'm a recovering / still fatty and I'…[View]
43582686Anyone else forget they're not meant to be making gains while trying to lose body fat?: I keep …[View]
43582671How much could he squat?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FRtFnqKfBE[View]
43576286Hello brainlet manlet skeleton here how do i gain muscle and eat properly also is it worth it to get…[View]
43580517You still want to buy chicken?: Plumped chicken commonly contains 15% of its total weight in saltwat…[View]
43576438Wtf???? He died????![View]
43581022Does striving to be the best even matter when a fat fuck like boogie will live longer anyways?[View]
43581122What health trends annoy you /fit/? > charcoal Out of fucking nowhere charcoal becomes the fuck…[View]
43582419/Iron Giant Mode/: Who else here is striving to achieve Iron Giant mode? What is Iron Giant mode you…[View]
43582228New Program: So I'm a new fag and need a new workout program. I've been doing random worko…[View]
43571511I benched 225 for the first time today.[View]
43581484Ectomorph noob here, I have a question. I have done a bit of research and I’m keeping my diet in che…[View]
43582095how do you normally eat your veggies /fit/? i find some turmeric or curry powder is the easiest way …[View]
43580406go to salad?: ey guys whats your go to salad more specifically toppings so that its at least bearabl…[View]
43577043What's the fastest way to gain strength? adding weight every workout in very small increments? …[View]
43574021/fit/ Movies: ITT: We post /fit/ approved movies Pic related: Movie about a man who overcomes his sh…[View]
43581393Why does society exonerate females and not males?[View]
43582024Erwctile dysfunction: I used to have some depraved and heavy masturbationsessions on speed. I dont e…[View]
43571085Loose skin: Loose skin: wait or are there any supplements that help reduce it? How long does it take…[View]
43582012Is this any good?[View]
43581995Nootropics/Vitamins/Supplements: How can you live with yourself making physical gains and no mental …[View]
43581198Thinner without losing weight?: Im a fat lady at 102kg and ive been eating less for quite some time …[View]
43580967Cut or bulk?: As the title says desu. 5'10 163lbs[View]
43580817Why do people go to gyms? Why not just buy the equipment and workout at home? I bought a gym members…[View]
43572221why do black men look more jacked and ripped than men of other races even if they are the same weigh…[View]
43581760>that girl that lifts heavier than you[View]
43581751https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4urb_0wgcj0 Like the top comment pls. I want to see tony and lenny t…[View]
43581653How do I avoid stretch marks when bulking?[View]
43578790Cut feels: >1200 Cal day to cut Post 400 cal meals. I've got half a cup of granola and half…[View]
43580432Undisputed king of /fit/: You ignorant slaves, finally taken notice, have you? Only now do you real…[View]
43581174Has anyone ever tried making their own steroids and/or are they horribly dead?[View]
43581133nofap: Why is this being pushed so heavily on this board nowadays and other parts of the internet? …[View]
43575105Progress Thread: Post your progress photos, fellow /fit/izens I haven't posted my progress in …[View]
43580909strain recovery: WTF bros cant even go anywhere near parallel on squats i think i have a groin/inner…[View]
43573587/fit/ pets: who gets fit with their four legged friends?[View]

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