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/fit/ - Fitness

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46562199>ate a pound of pasta for dinner again[View]
46562216How messed up are my lifts in relation to each other? Everything is lifted 5x5: OHP: 45kg Bench: 80k…[View]
46560053>Tracking calories for weight gain. >132 lbs, 5'7 = 2.780 cal (surplus of 500 cal) >Re…[View]
46556077Good Supplement Stack for Sexual Health?: What's a good supplement stack for sexual health? I w…[View]
46559862Scapula pain in one side Did chest and Tri’s Wed And it’s a dull pain that won’t go away Wtf do I…[View]
46560843Halp bros I think test is making me gay: Started using test a few months ago. Have never been remote…[View]
46562183>As a baby never crawl. >Suddenly get up and walk by hoisting myself up on couch before parent…[View]
46561689My goal physique. Big pecs and shoulders. Pic related. Any ideas on how to achieve this?[View]
46562173What does this board think of monks and their diets?[View]
46559799Was Rippetoe right all along?: I've been bulking for the past few weeks and have been gaining a…[View]
46560185What mode is this?[View]
46560605Is 'don't eat carbs at night' a meme?[View]
46562068Hey /fit/, i've been wanting to start a new workout routine, focusing on my upper body, my legs…[View]
46561766Why are fat people so angry?[View]
46554539I got pectus excavatum. Pic related but not that severe and my bench is pretty shit. Im talking 60kg…[View]
46548876Why are these fuckers so popular all of a sudden?[View]
46561588Reverse Wim Hoff: Is there any way to achieve the opposite of Wim Hoff? Aka how do you build heat re…[View]
46560906Diet and Exercise advice please: fatfag here Is there anything wrong in eating oatmeal /w chia seeds…[View]
46561521Can you say the same?[View]
46561685how you holding up /fit/? I can't be the only one here that lifts to mask their depression[View]
46560288Jokes aside, how do I go from skinny-fat to this?[View]
46561522How to increase test? Right now im doing, >nofap >no tv >no vidya >no anime >workout …[View]
46561090Virgin Jason vs Chad Alex[View]
46555328Is there such a thing as a monastery of gains? I have a gf and a job now, but kind of hate my life r…[View]
46561176Posture: Guys I fucked my shit up by sitting behind my desk for so long. I lost 15kg and now I want …[View]
46560240ITT: Autistic things you do before, during, or after a workout After an intense workout I spend abou…[View]
46557848Do you CCW at the gym? I don't because it's against the rules. I was there by myself late …[View]
46559628Is Quorn good for gains?: Seems to me the internet has diverse opinions on Quorn. On the one hand it…[View]
46561509>2018 >not taking probiotics it's like you don't want to live until the age of 200 h…[View]
46549582How dangerous is strongman?: I keep hearing people say that training heavy and strongman training is…[View]
46560507>skinnyfat >decide to intermittent fast >constantly do that thing where you swallow your sn…[View]
46560237Started my journey to fit 5 months ago. 15 kg down and starting to lift. Will i make it /fit/?[View]
46556010Unironicly a Marajuana addict: >get new job with long ass commute >hate driving >smoke a bo…[View]
46561374Anybody have Bradley Martyns new ebook? https://youtu.be/9Jb87nnMMJc[View]
46561223Is this a good routine? A workout Bench press 3x10 Dumbell rows 3x10 Fixed pull down3x10 Push ups 3x…[View]
46560596how do i get rid of loose skin????[View]
46559893I straight-up hate ejaculating: The lethargy, the anxiety, the lack of motivation and overall beta f…[View]
46561241are roaches a good supply of protein ?[View]
46559365Lets be honest most of us are social akward faggots with no social game. I get invites I go out but …[View]
46560576Is a proper pizza made in a wood fire oven rather than a fast food chain that bad?[View]
46560845Stupid Shit Normies Do - /SSND/: >Snack on a cut[View]
46560908Can I achieve this body without veggies?I fucking hate them with the exception of corn and I wasn…[View]
46560303how big do you have to be to wear a tank and not look like a skinny faglord like pic related?[View]
46553524pedo in my gym: So someone who appeared on Chris Hansen goes to my gym. He's really annoying an…[View]
46561028Does lifting improve your skin or does all the oil make it worse?[View]
46557875Let's say I start a fast. Eat nothing for three or four days, then eat a (sparse) ketogenic die…[View]
46560875What does it say about the fitness community when its most esteemed well-informed members have to re…[View]
46559925For how long do i have to use hgh before i start seeing changes in face bones? (18yo)[View]
46560808So I don't know how to say this. I have gyno, but I also spent years training and power lifting…[View]
46559085Century Biking: Hey /fit/ I live about 100 miles away from my parents and I wanted to try and bike t…[View]
46558763Find a flaw. Oh wait, you can't.[View]
46558704Lordosis, APT, or is my back fine?[View]
46559564Goal physique?: My goal physique. Would like there to be less fat on the abs/more of a techno Viking…[View]
46559228How to profit off of being /fit/? I was thinking >male stripping (like Zyzz) >bodybuilding com…[View]
46559428Are you a chad if your skull looks like this?[View]
46559977need some help: just lied my way into a job as a bouncer, what am i in for[View]
46555881/fit/izens that kicked the cancer stick habit, how did you do it? I've been smoking for a while…[View]
46560737>out of junk food in the house[View]
46560484Is Kratos mode achievable natty?[View]
46556902Climbers only how do you prevent skin pain? I heard one arm hangs are good for grip strength. The p…[View]
46559078Could starting to play video games help with weight loss? I have nothing to keep me occupied.[View]
46560619I'm not the only one, right?[View]
46560586Fake professional athlete wearing leggings under his shorts, logging his workout in a notepad.: Tell…[View]
46554786FUCKING REEEEE: Why do normies believe this shit? What basis do they have to just think 'that makes …[View]
46557207first cuppa the day do you guys drink coffee? is sugar gonna kill my gains?[View]
46538361QTDDTOT: >old one at 300 replies I'm gonna be working 3 times a week and don't feel lik…[View]
46558617>mfw I drink a strawberry flavoured protein shake[View]
46559508do I have gyno or just fat?[View]
46547360Is there any real benefit to eating a bunch of protein and getting muscled other than getting thots …[View]
46560355>don't flex abs >have gut >flex abs >have no gut and flat belly, some abs showing H…[View]
46559304Yoel Romero Natty?: I want to believe but if this was anyone else I would scream roids. Is it delusi…[View]
46558816Max pushups you can do without stopping when warmed up? In an hour? Day? Also, is this achievable na…[View]
46559975i dyed my hair and fucked it up, ended up having to shave it. how do i get it to grow out super fast…[View]
46559999beauty -> plastic surgery muscle -> steroids Is there something that is truly genuine and auth…[View]
46556090What's the goal after 1/2/3/4[View]
46559426Will increasing my push-up volume each day net me any gains? Or is it just gonna, you know, let me d…[View]
46559675Can't stand this cunt.[View]
46559866Anyone here don't set foot in a gym but still fit? I've tried a gym membership several tim…[View]
46557814What is his secret?: He's short and fat with a scraggy ass hobo beard, but seemingly unmoggable…[View]
46552350Mogging the Taliban[View]
46559966Just ate 6 of these, did I fuck up my diet?[View]
46559331Stop doing shitty meme strength only program. Powerbuilding is the future[View]
46551534Times your shoulders cucked you: >that feel when 18 inch shoulder span >at the club getting m…[View]
46558971Reminder that if you never had 99 strength, you're not allowed to post on this board.[View]
46558798Vitamins/herbs: Let’s talk about them. Which ones do we avoid? Which ones should we be taking daily?…[View]
46559278>177lbs >6'6'' would i look fat if i gained another 40 lbs? Also general weight…[View]
46559360Im on day 10 of nofap i think my balls are aching what do guys[View]
46554213Few hours ago I deadlifted 200kg and felt my brain about to pop. Then my head was hurting and almost…[View]
46559880Facebook: How many of you guys use it? I haven't used it for like 4 years, but since I've…[View]
46559376Rate my cutting diet: Currently fat as fatass, 5'9, 205. Don't even know body fat, but it…[View]
46558641How often should one switch between high weight+low reps vs light weight+high reps? DYEL here just f…[View]
46543301Lift for him today.[View]
46559530>leg extensions >still a manlet[View]
46559780Routune rate thread?: A workout Bench press 3x10 Dumbell rows 3x10 Fixed pull down3x10 Push ups 3x15…[View]
46559652medium weight + volume > heavy compounds get triggered virgins[View]
46559616Lifting will improve my conversations skills right guys?[View]
46559642Mires: >Friend told me about this app yubo infamous for trading nudes >ugly but gainz >upl…[View]
46557271Are ice baths just a meme or do they have legit health benefits?[View]
46559666>c-can I make it guys b-be honest[View]
46557967can you help me create a diet plan for bulking? I am slightly above 5'8 and 132 lbs. I don…[View]
46557576>LA fitness >no one speaks french[View]
46559618MY SUPPLEMENTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrfDFKTLifo[View]
46559383Why do I sweat so much? Most of it is probably humidity since it gets really humid and hot around h…[View]
46555041>GET IN THE CAR >NO TIME TO EXPLAIN how do you react, /fit/?…[View]
46555001These haven't stopped growing and I'm getting deeply, deeply concerned. Am I going to die?[View]
46559072So you’re getting your life together. You just reached lmao4plaet diddly, eating clean, and you’re p…[View]
46558838I've been boxing for 2 years now thinking about switching to something with more limbs involved…[View]
46557594/running/ general: MUSLIM QTS EDITION: Bring your questions about training and ask for advice. Tell …[View]
46555788Daily reminder to never lift for women. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRa3hBGYZ-w[View]
46557743Should I eat at maintenance to get my lifts up or keep cutting to get the fat off? 5'7 154 ≈18%[View]
46559199Does anyone else go commando while they lift? I feel like I get much better workouts, and this isn…[View]
46558767Plank: Would doing nothing but planks and wrestlers bridge be effective as a full body workout? Ive …[View]
46558570About to get half a gram of coke how long will it be in my system bros[View]
46559299post brutal bogs[View]
46551101/hairline/ general: 24 y/o male. How bad is it guys? Should I avoid creatine?[View]
46559255https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-eM6L24LE4 is this /fit/[View]
46558227Damn, I just got home from sparring in muay thai and I got worked over by a guy who wasn't as e…[View]
46559190>be dyel but somewhat strong >put 2pl8 on bench and unrack it >bring the bar down to my che…[View]
46556528Get stronk... thats the goal atleast: hey fit DL - 200 kg Squat - 150 kg Bench - 95 kg 21 yo - 71 kg…[View]
46558603Have you prayed to our lord and savior AlphaDestiny today?[View]
46557954Advice: I had gyno for years and cant't get rid of it. Any useful tips? Been browsing for a wh…[View]
46543816what do you guys do aside from lifting? I need some hobbies - all I do is lift come home and sit on …[View]
46558913What is the minimum amount you need to lift to look like you lift, with clothes on?[View]
46557399Mixed Vegetables question: Need some help /fit/ I got 1kg of mixed vegetables which contains peas, c…[View]
46559084Is greasing the groove actually a thing? Where does one draw the line to overtraining? Should i intr…[View]
46557862Pendlay Row: so how do you get gud at these without breaking form? always seems like after the 2nd o…[View]
46557874Bulgarian: I'm really self conscious about the size of my legs. I really like bulgarian style t…[View]
46537246/fast/ #219 - Lucy Lawless Edition: FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion of …[View]
46555922Good non shit tattoo ideas?: Post some good non-shit tattoos. Sick of degenerate sleeves, show me so…[View]
46555458>ate at burger king yesterday >ate at mcdonalds today I-I am going to make it, guys?…[View]
46558568>Gym Imam issued a fatwa against deadlifting again[View]
46557087Yoga: What's /fit/ opinion on yoga as a complementary activity?[View]
46558794Do you think I need more weight?[View]
46557384What happened?[View]
46558930Pincer impingement in hip- has anyone dealt with this?: I got diagnosed yesterday. I would appreciat…[View]
46556324What type of men do instagram 10/10's usually go for?[View]
46558710Where do i play soccer I liked it as a kid, even tried joining a team like 5 years ago and was prett…[View]
46554719How come in almost every routine I've encountered Squats are meant to be the first exercise to …[View]
46555839Is it possible to get a roidgod monster husband who looks like this when you're a dom trap top?[View]
46558716muscle strain: i strained from the outside of my leg, about 1/3rd of the way down the quad, to the m…[View]
46553867Is this even remotely possible natty? How the fuck do I reach Cavill mode?[View]
46554023Making It thread: >last night at a bestfriend's flat party >just got back from a year abr…[View]
46558010>low bar squat for the first time 245lbs >extreme muscle pain/soreness in picrelated area >…[View]
46558338What's the best form of exercise or sport to do if you want to just be healthy, flexible, and h…[View]
46556754Is it possible to get a 500 pounds deadlift at a bodyweight of 160 lbs natty ? How long would it tak…[View]
46557815Brehs I smashed a weight on my finger 37 days ago and the nail is completely separated from the skin…[View]
46558536let us discuss /ɛsˈθɛtJks/[View]
46524338/fat/: Last one died real fucking quick edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/ people who want to …[View]
46558526Just shave it, bro! Girls love that shit!: >Former Arsenal midfielder Freddie Ljungberg has told …[View]
46557270EAT GODAMIT: If you think you're eating enough, you're probably not eating enough.[View]
46558478Ok bros, after years of being pussy I decided I want to stop being a pussy and sign up for a gym. I …[View]
46552333weight loss: >be me >19yo fat fuck >weigh 290 lbs >on february saw myself in pics >t…[View]
46557939>started 2:00 pm >finished work at 6:00 am >feel weak, tired, body feels like i lost half m…[View]
46553481Saturated fat is good for you and doesn't raise choleste-: >saturated fat is good for you an…[View]
46557872Close grip bench or skull crushers? Which is best?[View]
46557473>have ADD >medication makes a HUGE difference >don't take any because every single one…[View]
46550278baby gainz: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/18/well/the-benefits-of-tummy-time.html if you're n…[View]
46554273How the fuck do I fix my posture I just got done researching how it is calculated and measured from …[View]
46558361What do when you binge eat on a cut ?[View]
46557679r squats good or not: newfag here i wanna do stronglifts 5x5 but everyone says squats suck dick plea…[View]
46557600Is intermittent fasting a meme? I heard it has health benefits, I don't want to lose weight th…[View]
46558317Reality: Did you ever realize that the fight of being /fit/ turned against your favor but kept movin…[View]
46558297Is there a pill form of all the probiotic enzymes that come from eating raw meat?[View]
46558240tfw you hear Man On The Run or Never Cry Again and you now remember those epic years in 2011-2013, i…[View]
46556962I was about 185 at my fitness prime and now I'm up to 213.5, the fattest I've ever been. M…[View]
46557062Dnp side effects but no yellow cum: Hi I'm on 400mg dnp since 6 days Did 200mg the first 6 days…[View]
46557941Any good exercises to get skinnier legs/thighs? By far the the hardest parts of me to lose fat from.[View]
46541190Why do you lift?: I lift so that girls will approach me and then I can reject them[View]
46557402>cutting for a month now >measure myself today, like I do every month >muscles stay the sam…[View]
46557169I can never poop until right after I've eaten. Why? I exercise, eat lots of fiber, drink only …[View]
46555554>Chad brought his airhead gf to the gym again[View]
46557617Day 1 Music lowers your testosterone[View]
46556687What about training your mind, you feeble fucks: So many people here are DESPERATE for ass, pussy an…[View]
46554328I am a 6ft skelly at 130 lbs. What is the best diet I should use to gain weight?[View]
465525616 month progress: How am I looking?[View]
46557108JASON BLAHA BTFO YET AGAIN: But coath, i thought you said rack pulls were useless and destroy equipm…[View]
46557251Do they lift?[View]
46554812What do you think of his physique? Do you think he lifts? He's getting praise for being the Thi…[View]
46557498ITT We are Chads >tfw eating pizza while fucking Stacy[View]
46556058Now that the dust has settled, what is /fit/'s consensus on these? Are they just a meme?[View]
46554234Any rope jumpers here? I recently started jumping rope but I have a problem: doing it indoors is rea…[View]
46556895Back cracked on PR Dead-lift: I was feeling really good in the gym and went for a 495 PR dead lift. …[View]
46556749when did you realize that going to the gym won't bring youth back?[View]
465567702 days a week: I am working full time this summer, but in August I go back to school and begin worki…[View]
46555893Rate my routine: Workout A: Bench Press: 3x5 OHP: 3x5 Incline bench: 3x5 lat raises: 3x10-12 Tricep …[View]
46553786Hello fitties, I been doing light cardio and weight training for 6 months now, I went from 9 stone t…[View]
46557162>decide to watch form videos two months into lifting >have to deload compounds by 50% across t…[View]
46556267working out on empty stomach eating only porridge and salads (meal twice a day) what do you think m…[View]
46557045Lower back pain and lifting: Sup /fit/ I have a relatively physical job that involves bending over a…[View]
46557043>blood test >have 550 test and hyperthyroidism NO FUCKING WONDER IVE HAD NO GAINS DESPITE EATI…[View]
46556793My routine is starting to bore me after doing it for 5 months. Going to the gym is becoming less and…[View]
46557034Higher volume HST routine?: I'm trying to fix my lagging upper body, especially arms, and HST s…[View]
46551569/functional strength/: What excercises give me the constitution and the mental discipline of a serbi…[View]
46555291Hey bros, my brother was a Marine in OEF and he killed himself last Thursday when he finally decided…[View]
46555106Help me poop: Every since I've switched to a high protein diet, shitting is a challenge. I…[View]
46553501Honestly: I completely lose my shit when I see a girl with perky boobs crossing the street. I don…[View]
46556889One trick to increase penis size!: Lose weight fatty! I've been losing weight, eating right, ge…[View]
46524797CONFESSIONS THREAD: Confess /fit/, your desires and sins need not be a burden[View]
46553639Minimalist Routine: What are the bare essential exercises you need for a fully comprehensive physiqu…[View]
46554986>tfw you OHP as much as you squat >tfw you bench more than you squat >tfw you BB row more t…[View]
46556592What did Stan Efferding mean by this?[View]
46556303What mode is this? Achievable natty?[View]
46556425Recently got access to a unlimited pool at my apartment, what are the best workouts?[View]
46556631Can I lift and eat a lot on one day (bench, OHP, DL, Squat, Pullup, Row) and then bike like 30-50 mi…[View]
46552516Thoughts on running in your room? I've been doing the couch to 5k program for a while now and s…[View]
46555867Would you date a fat girl anon? Fat as in pic related or larger. If no then why not?[View]
46556359I'm new to exercising and I keep seeing conflicting stuff about eating before you workout. Some…[View]
46554138why most /fit/ girl with developed back muscle looks awkward. pic. unrelated[View]
46554566what is considered a session? On the plebbit PPL program I follow, the plan is to add 2.5 kg after e…[View]
46556234>it wasn't just a fart[View]
46556158Goldberg: what's the closest a natty body can get to Goldberg level? his bodyfat wasn't th…[View]
46555822How can I thicc calves?[View]
46554676Posture devices: Do posture shirts/underwear/braces work? Anybody had long term success with them? …[View]
46549203Is this fit chick the ideal female form?[View]
46555997Who would have a higher SMV, a jacked guy at 5'9/175cm or a average/skinnyfat lanklet at 6…[View]
46555573How do I get a butt like this?: Any suggestions appreciated.[View]
46553564Happy: >really good and intense workout in the early morning with music >feel insanely good f…[View]
46556012Girls with six pack are sexy as fuck. Don’t get why people look down upon it. Most people seem to th…[View]
46555640Has he forever BTFO lifters?[View]
46553514Social Gains - humour edition: How do you guys make social Gains. I can pretty easily participate i…[View]
46553477>like bikes >hate absolutely everything about bike culture >have to pretend to be just some…[View]
46554954/forever small/: 1 of the reasons i started lifting 1.5 years ago was that i was always very self co…[View]
46555181>I'm assembling a team...[View]
46555735What’s the ideal macro split for losing weight without a decent strength base? I think it’s 40-40-20…[View]
46555905>no functional strength despite deadlifting lmao3plates and OHPing 1 plate (I know it's not …[View]
46553943Skelly anon is back I've went from 133.0 to 137.2 since June 14[View]
46554295Making it: Today I hit a deadlift and OHP PR this morning. I've started lifting seriously Janua…[View]
46542660Is it true that you're more likely to grow much more genetically stronger and bigger if you wer…[View]
46554742Skinnyfat thread: Is there any fucking way to get out of this hellhole? Even fatfucks have it easier…[View]
46550353I hate myself /fit/. I can never make the man in the mirror happy[View]
46555716Achievable natty?[View]
46552738Does anybody else get a type of schadenfreude when women get Mogged? Especially when it's a you…[View]
46552710How do I get this body?[View]
46555751/fit/ might be a board with a bunch of attractive males and(yes) females, who instead of flirting, a…[View]
46549752Can we have a hygiene thread? What sort products do you use to keep yourself at a higher level? I…[View]
46553226what is this called? I've been doing them for three months and they feel amazing[View]
46554356Is there any fitness regiment I can follow to achieve the body on the left?[View]
46550025are test boosters a meme[View]
46554907Thoughts on Johnny's physique and on this video of his in particular? https://youtu.be/_KT_Qu9n…[View]
46553550>be me yesterday >at event in my city >hang around with some girl >eventually make out …[View]
46554426How to make my thighs wider /fit/?[View]
46551885>first week of new job its over >bike messenger so that means cardio for +5hours daily >fee…[View]
46547499>start new job >going fine all's good for a week or two >suddenly on break see the mos…[View]
46553107>tfw owners of my gym have a dachshund and a cat >cat keeps staring at me while doing deadlift…[View]
46553882Give it to me /fit/, how big of gains goblin would be having 2 pints of strong ale be?[View]
46553205>that 5' 25 y/o carrying sandbags around the local park in baggy jeans and white shirt…[View]
46554988what song gets you absolutely jacked to the nines? If you wanted to, you could fight every manlet at…[View]
46554548are they natty /fit/?[View]
46552778Congress has introduced a bill to ban SARMS. The bill hasn’t passed yet but if it will pass, SARMS w…[View]
46552354/fit/s thoughts on the law of attraction?[View]
46554851loose skin: will I have loos e skin if I lose fat? I'm 120cm round. 177cm tall.[View]
46554927Just drank 1 of these bad boys right after leg day. Feeling pumped. Why haven't you taken the w…[View]
46554171What do you do if your girlfriend is a huge gains goblin?[View]
46554878weight gain: how do I gain weight if I can't eat more smaller meals over the course of a day (w…[View]
46554393hexagon vs round dumbbell which is better?[View]
46554793Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here[View]
46547265What's the best exercise to fix a broken heart?[View]
46554698I have a competition in me.: I want none of /fit/ to succeed.[View]
46554726>/fit/ tells you to squat How many 50 year olds do you see squatting? Take the leg press pill. Yo…[View]
46552371Sup lads, I cum about twice a day. What sups should I be taking to help my body keep up production? …[View]
46554657Balding: I just realized recently that my hairline falls under stage 2 of the Hamilton Norwood scale…[View]
46553345Bench press is nothing but an ego lift., Dumbbell press is superior in every way. People that do ben…[View]
46554055>been doing Bulgarian split squat for over a year >lift mad weight on it >switch to back sq…[View]
46554579Daily reminder, that to talk shit about a physique, you must post your own body, else you're a …[View]
46554468started intermittent fasting but gonna change continent soon: does a massive change of time zone aff…[View]
46551840Keto vs CICO: Starting to look like a decent bro but my bf% is too high. Will I get more shredded do…[View]
46546371Are farmer's walks the most underrated exercise of all time? All you need is a plate/dumbbell/w…[View]
46553058/fit/ - My dick has grown. Male - 23 Years Old: >1 inch length growth >0.5 inch girth growth O…[View]
46543392/fraud/: Ultimate COPE Edition New Rules: Any reference to coping or mogging requires your nearest …[View]
46549702I want bromance, not a gf: /fit/...I want to live bromance I don't care about having a gf, but …[View]
46547355ITT: the reason why you lift[View]
46553023Barbell thread: Hi /fit/. Several years ago i bought a shitty Cap barbell and weight set. The bar is…[View]
46554063Sleep general: Sup fit, I dun goofed last night. Last night at around 10 pm I took an adderall IR th…[View]
46554157My chest is weak af: Pretty sure I have absolutely shit lifting genetics anyway, but my chest is god…[View]
46550049I have a friend of mine who wants legs like this. How do I stop him?[View]
46553307>want to play sports again >can't because they are huge gains goblins Does anyone else kn…[View]
46554236oxygen gym in kuwait.: >girls in separate gym so no fucktards around trying to pick up thots. …[View]
46554124What’s the male equivalent of this body?[View]
46551623>bulking >cutting Just fucking eat clean[View]
46553063Hey guys, i'm new to bodybuilding and wanted to start this july. I found this program (pic rela…[View]
46551406>gym bully is taking pictures of me again[View]
46550735>tfw late 20s boomer who can finally squat his bodyweight for fahve[View]
46552487guys i ate too much today. How do i make myself stop :([View]
46551837The most iron-pilled youtube channels.[View]
46550613I don't really know where to post this. I just need to talk about it and get it off my chest si…[View]
46553050What is great about Finasteride apart from other DHT blockers like saw palmetto?[View]
46552958Reminder!: Do not ever lift for '''her''' she will never change just because you tried to better you…[View]
46551157Is it necessary to isolate side delts?[View]
46553659Thoughts on me[View]
46552936How do i unlock this mode fit?[View]
46552469I can't be the only one who's completely stopped paying attention to women above 6/10. The…[View]
46553895The Water, Go Drink It: Reminder to drink more water BUH-DEH[View]
46552652How do I target my front delt in a pushup? How do I work traps/rear delts at home? How do I work low…[View]
46551224>get paper cut >die[View]
46553878Swim Programs: I'm focusing on strength development with the Texas Method, so I'm lifting …[View]
46553958Is it true that raloxifene is the best bet when trying to reverse gyno? I have mild gyno thats about…[View]
465535201 compound/extras a day: Can any of you give me an idea on the results of this program? Its essentia…[View]
46553214How can i learn to do a split?[View]
46548523/fat/: >'Some anons think the lack of wojak-posting on /fat/ kills threads cause you dumb fucks c…[View]
46547441Ideals thread, femanon edition: recovering hambeast here, down 80lbs and otw to making it so plz no …[View]
46553806/fit/ - What mode do I need to be for a qt Korean to fly me to Hawaii to fuck?: https://www.youtube.…[View]
46553160Any of you know how to break a decent length (5-7 day) fast with the least amount of damage to the s…[View]
46553605Was that study saying fapping once a week=maximum testosterone production correct?[View]
46553566So does basically every single workout include biceps? Regardless if I do chest, or biceps or back,…[View]
46551045M O G G E D[View]
46553352Meat and potato appreciation thread: Why aren't you eating red meat and starches everyday /fit/…[View]
46553237what are your personal experiences with losing and regaining progress? Surely after years in the gym…[View]
46553485super pancakes!: sup, trying out new creations made protein cakes this morning Judge my recipe and g…[View]
46550483STDs: I am 30 year old HHKV because I have hypochondria and I am terrified of STDs But I have a sex…[View]
46550248should I be drinking cow milk?[View]
46549034is this too many eggs for dinner?[View]
46553382So I bought this EMS machine to get that 15% maximum strength and endurance increase the academic st…[View]
46552724Can we get a lanklet inspiration thread going? >Chris Hemsworth - 190cm…[View]
46551308Death wish mode: Ok /fit/izens I have given up caring about my personal safety in search of exciteme…[View]
46553078Have you ever been mogged by yourself?: And did it inspire you to lift/diet harder or did you get de…[View]
46551995why do people say jacking off leads to baldness but sex doesnt if you cum, youre releasing dht eith…[View]
46553249Cammy White Routine[View]
46550429Is this reasonable for Chest: 4x6- >Flat Barbell >Dumbell Incline >Decline Barbell Should I…[View]
46551802> Feel tfw no gf, anxious about my future and my insecurities and problems > Go to gym > Wa…[View]
46552062We all know that being jacked gets you a hot thot gf, but what bodybtype do you need to have for a s…[View]
46551881Crowded gyms are worse than death camps: I thought it would be a good idea to go in the morning but …[View]
46551852How do I get a butt like this?: Any suggestions welcome.[View]
46552943give me the rundown on SARMS. i keep hearing about it but i dont have a clear explanation of what it…[View]
46552918Did /nofap/ make you more or less likely to think about sex? I can see both happening. >fapping c…[View]
46551188what body fat % do i look like? i am 180Ibs, 5'11. yes i knowi look like shit. i cant go to a g…[View]
46551127calisthenics exercise list: >be me >going to go to with family to Europe for funeral related s…[View]
46552857How long to achieve middle aged kratos mode physique: If you don't look like the kind of guy th…[View]
46552787How do the thousands of underage NoFappers on this board cope with the fact that they'll probab…[View]
46552547How do I make the most out of my bulk? I’m currently eating at around 2800-3000 of my TDEE. Thanks t…[View]
46552618i overeat clean foods help?[View]
46552117What's a good 2 hour a day routine for a NEET who makes $10k a week? I have a power-cage and a …[View]
46552433IS MY T BACK?: So I had a pretty bad painkiller addiction after an injury from an accident about 7 y…[View]
46552599We LIFT because we want to be men, not whatever this guy is: Your great-great-great Grand dad was pa…[View]
46552586Stop with this faggot shit.[View]
46551033>tfw 33% bf skinnyfat Is there any hope?[View]
46552562story time: What's your backstory, /fit/? Where'd you begin, where are you now, where will…[View]
46551877>stop having coffee on days before heavy lifting to avoid harming my sleep, instead of having it …[View]
46550548Would punching these on the reg help tone my body (or parts of it)? How long should I punch them for…[View]
46552538Retard strength.: >desk cuck at a gym >just hit 1/2/3/4 after a year >finish my workout and…[View]
46551330Really considering bulking through the summer and stopping after christmas now that i know what i…[View]
46549144I fit, been cutting for two months but had a rough day on thursday so ended up on a bender ending la…[View]
46551215Anal gains (srs): I didn't know where else to post this and since it's technically about b…[View]
46552158i need serious advice on how to sleep. i can never fucking sleep. i am sitting here at 4:30am just t…[View]
46551182How long do you spend in the gym? Feel free to list your separate days as well. Should I limit my wo…[View]
46547437What mode am I fellas?[View]
46552048Foam Roller: Should I buy an expensive brand name one or the dirt cheap stuff on ebay is equally as …[View]
46552180Your ass will never be this fit: Thank you, gene pool Thank you, human nature Thank you, unfairness …[View]
46550061Not sure if I'm asking the right board, but I'm just curious if there are any military guy…[View]
46552177going to a party for the first time in 6 months /fit/, everyone is 5-10 years older than me and i kn…[View]
46546880Need some information on bulking with small wrists and arm bones. My arms and wrists are naturally p…[View]
46550665>too fat to bulk >too small to cut Is there hope?…[View]
46551360Is it possible to make it as a skinnyfat? >no why not?[View]
46551983http://www.4chan.org/rules#fit >/fit/ - Fitness >1. Images and discussion related to dieting, …[View]
46551480Normie fitness cringe: >That one normalfag that posts fitness quotes on his instagram page and ta…[View]
46551668Does breathing through your mouth cause facial and chin deformities? Is this the cause for chinlets …[View]
46535876do you make sure to take good care of your teeth, /fit/?[View]
46550247I just got a script for adderall. What precautions should I take to safely lift weights and exercise…[View]
46551213Is bear mode achievable natty if I'm a nigger?[View]
46548579Rate me[View]
46548219How do you define 'making it' ??[View]
46548776>tfw have started dread rest day[View]
46551126Should I do Starting Strength if I have thoracic scoliosis?[View]
46549546just got my test results: PROLACTINE 8.35 ng/mL FREE TESTOSTERONE 14.7 pg/mL TESTOSTERONE IN BLOOD 6…[View]
46551611I'm not obese or anything, but I have some flabby patties on my stomach. If I sleep for a long …[View]
46551586Hey guys. I'm 26 year old and i'm getting fucking turkey neck already. It's really pr…[View]
46551028How does metabolism work?[View]
46545548Is wrestling a good way to get fit?[View]
46547686Am I making decent progress with my squat? I'm 6'1 170lbs, 29 year old boomer. Also, gene…[View]
46551541/fit/ - What is your fav bulking meal?: First day bulking today and I'm gonna have my first big…[View]
46550214Stats board. Ill start >6'2 >215 >350 bench >420 squat >460 deadlift…[View]
46551271Running: Western States 100 edition. How has your week been? Had any good runs? Why/why not?[View]
46551356>enter gym >DONT YOU WORRY DONT YOU WORRY CHILD…[View]
46550611>Broken wrist >Asthma >Mild agoraphobia >Poor JUST…[View]
46545034Chad is real, and his name is Rob Gronkowski[View]
46547983Does /fit/ love white rice? It's the only carb that doesn't potentially give you bloat and…[View]
46540839/fph/: https://www.uea.ac.uk/about/-/normalisation-of-plus-size-risks-hidden-danger-of-obesity-study…[View]
46550649How to get big legs?: Ok /fit/. I'm going to start putting in the effort to get big legs. No li…[View]
46549637If I weigh 105kg, and walk 16km in 4 and a half hours, how many calories did I burn?[View]
46550877Make sure you start the day off with a nice first gulp of the day.[View]
46547209Do you ever test your limits and put yourself in uncomfortable situations on purpose to toughen up? …[View]
46550892Does pic related mean smoking cigarettes is ok?: I was about to quit smoking but then I saw this pic…[View]
46550273What are they putting in the water guys? Why do I have this shit?[View]
46550470The grunts people make when working out are the same they make during sex >tfw the qt 3.14 at gym…[View]
46551038Is creatine smoking a meme or nah?: I was talking to one of my gym buddies about supplements and he …[View]
46538269ITT: our biggest gains-goblins[View]
46550680If you join the military can you still make it[View]
46550425Arm Help: Alright I just hit 1/2/3/4 on my maxes. I have strong legs, a strong chest, a strong back,…[View]
46550511Fuck I hate having a gf, I just want to go back to lift, sleep and eat.[View]
46547005Whats the best intermidiate routine for female? I was thinking about a push pull leg routine Not sur…[View]
46549178Dumb past habits that made you fat thread: Post habits that you've lost or gain that have affec…[View]
46543799>have a crush on one of the trainers at my gym >qt /fit/ bubble butt >see chad hit on her …[View]
46550792What did he mean by this?[View]
46546923Vital Vegetables to eat per day: What are the vital vegetables you must eat everyday for a healthy l…[View]
46549617I fucked up /fit/. I ate vh chicken and oats all day This is 3 eggs with 2oz of cheese and 2tsp of o…[View]
46550741Guys I need help. I'm a 6 feet tall Indian and I weigh around 95kgs How do i get /fit/?[View]
46550701what's the difference between squats and deadlifts when done with dumbbells?[View]
46550565tomorrow i will say hello to the qt trainer at my gym. wish me luck guys (:[View]
46550302Appetite suppressant: Sup fags. /biz/raeli here in need of assistance. Long story short I injured my…[View]
46549662Is working out once in the morning and again about 2 hours before bed bad?[View]
46550615Crooked uneven smile: Is there any exercises I can do the strengthen the right side of my face? When…[View]
46550596>Haven't had a chance to lift heavy in months due to illness >Finally get back to the gym…[View]
46549103Motherfucking gains goblin on the other side of the wall keeping me from sleep. How do I deal with t…[View]
46549470I'm assembling a team...[View]
46549921best gyms.: I'm looking for a gym to join, I'm starting my journey to getting fit, changed…[View]
46550400Hey /fit/ How do I get a fitness chick once I get down to 13% bf. I heard they hit you up and shit b…[View]
46550354Anyone here running westside? also, where can you watch the fucking documentary 'Westside vs the wor…[View]
46550359How to /homewrecker/ mode, /fit/?[View]
46548664>lifters with black sun and iron cross on their clothes/tattoos entering the gym What exercises o…[View]
46550338> YNDTP What sets and reps should I do for curls & chin ups[View]
46548601Why do fat fucks think they have to exercise to lose weight? This notion is holding back so many obe…[View]
46548681Is body fat % a meme?: I have a BF of 9% but i look skinnyfat. Is this shit a meme or am i just a fa…[View]
46550197How do i stop obsessing over my diet? i knew before that i could lose weight easily without even thi…[View]
46547236What do i do about gyno, /fit/[View]
46548357Yohimbe: I bought some Yohimbe to lose weight (and also holy grail) but I looked at the ingredients …[View]
46550176do yall know any way to decrease water retention/water weight? i feel like im retaining too much wat…[View]
46548430Clean eating vs paleo: the great debate Personally: I'm doing well on a sort of soft paleo beca…[View]
46550079Does anyone have good guides to self-hypnosis? I'm looking through google results as well, but …[View]
46547183Vidya workout music: ITT: Prime vidya workout music https://youtu.be/a6BbvCC0VI0 https://youtu.be/Vy…[View]
46549125Does the dysmorphia ever go away? Will any amount of size make me happy?[View]
46549221Just drank some energy drink at 4 am boys: HOW TO STOP[View]
46549965/fit/ in a nutshell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeqTfm8OPXQ[View]
46547453do you man scape?[View]
46547830Just matched with this milk truck on tinder, dubs decides boys. To keep faggot mods from deleting th…[View]
46549832>tfw about to take pwo and go to the gym at 10pm on a Friday I'm excited I've never gon…[View]
46549806I'm getting depressed with all my free time now that summer is here /fit/, is it ok to go to th…[View]
46548747Just barely missed 365 on bench. How do i improve lockout bros. Pic unrelated[View]
46548100>first time nofap >day 28 >about to relapse Help me /fit/…[View]
46549158Fit martial artists.: Michael Jai White; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bewi8-Bkq6E[View]
46545304>tfw as you start to gain muscle you realize how garbage your genetics are…[View]
46549525>tfw only mired by black chicks and land whales Is this what 2 years of hard work gets me?…[View]
46545545>go to gym later than usual >see hot girl at gym >mentally note to start going to the gym a…[View]
46546253Are the Queen's bodyguards natty?[View]
46546604>tfw ill be 22 old boomer at july 1st >tfw still addicted to porn and cant do nofap g-guys pls…[View]
46547640Is it normal to feel pissed off at the fact that fat bitches are treated like princesses by thirsty …[View]
46538456The Great Sportsman Jack Johnson: Jack Johnson. >Just a poor American negro. >Learns how to bo…[View]
46547346T Booster Blend: Rate my T booster blend. I put all the following into a blender and drink this thro…[View]
46548088>be me >400 pound whaleman >started eating 3 600-calorie each meals per day >started wal…[View]
46547595You harsh cunts have truly inspired me to work harder and to not be such a beta cuck faggot boy I…[View]
465415725 Things I didn't know about HIV before I got HIV from an Estonian chick 1. It won't kill …[View]
46547483you may not like it... yeah you know the rest[View]
46544567>back to lifting after 2 weeks of being >fatigue after 2 exercises Is this normal?…[View]
46547173What the fuck is a stomach vacuum?: Is this shit a meme or a legit exercise that produces better abd…[View]
46543574How do i achieve this body?[View]
46544882Anyone thought about becoming a male stripper: They make bank >1500 bucks a week >just for dan…[View]
46548428>go to gym because /fit/ told me to do so >first day >2 guys tried to hit on me honestly wh…[View]
46545615is creatine a meme? it sounds way too good to be true.[View]
46548692So Anon, you say you lift? Take off your shirt then[View]
46548537Isn't 4x10 squats and deadlifts too much? I know a guy whose routine for legs is pic related. (…[View]
46548347Do you have a gymbro?: How did your bromance start? Do you workout with him/her and have your lifts …[View]
46548032>he stalled on OHP again[View]
46547806Should fruit be avoided at all costs if you're trying to maintain or cut your weight. If so wha…[View]
46548808AAAAAH If the David that just hit 1 rep 4pl8 deadlift Ishere and had a weirdo come up and try and ta…[View]
46546909Arnold says overtraining is a meme. Is it a meme?[View]
46548947Will running in the morning and then working out after kill my gains?[View]
46546549Roid Rage.: How do you deal with an aggressive older brother? He started juicing a couple months ago…[View]
46548268How do you quantify progress in a martial art that doesn't have a ranking system? When you lift…[View]
46547024Sup /fit/, Just got finished with college, found a job, a girlfriend and all that. Finally got some …[View]
46544881LOW T: I am turning 22 soon and I look like a 15 year old, I have like 10 facial hairs in total, bab…[View]
46547531Does pic related mean smoking cigarettes is ok?: I was about to quit smoking but then I saw this pic…[View]
46548798mfw the fucking boogie thread is more popular than actual fitness threads[View]
46548824Rhabdo Concerns: I just finished the 8 hour meme workout and I feel exhausted yet uplifted. However,…[View]
46547619Is being a prisoner the ultimate way to get gains and make it ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMo…[View]
46546714>be skinny >visible top of ribs skinny >still have protruding stomach If this is just where…[View]
46548214what's a good biceps size for a 6' dude[View]
46548066quik: Is nesquik any good or is it just junk?[View]
46546650I just broke my dry fast to lick the salt off a potato chip, how fucked an i?[View]
46532448How long did it take YOU to 1/2/3/4?[View]
46548501how can I lose fat and build muscle at the same time if Im not obese? will eating enough protein but…[View]
46546089GF'S ASS: How do i tell my gf that I want her to have a bigger and a firmer ass without her baw…[View]
46545592Canadian Fitizen General /cfg/ - Tim Hortons and Whey edition: Canadian Fitizen General /CFG/ - Tim …[View]
46547105Post BRUTAL mogs[View]
46499433/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Keep On Keepin On Edition Sticky: http://4chanfit.wikia.com/wiki//…[View]
46532920stop memeing you fucks. now give me the reason you are working your ass off everyday.[View]
46546615Bitch Tits: So ive been working out for a couple of years now, and my mother finally started noticin…[View]
46541675What does /fit/ think of ultra endurance athletes? Ironmen, Ultra marathon runners and the like[View]
46545347> went to the pharmacy to buy Mg after HIIT > stank like a wet horse that hasn't been was…[View]
46546173Castor Oil: I need help asap >suffer from constipation since 1 year but has gotten better the las…[View]
46547724Is this shit a scam or nah?[View]
46547887While posting at fit -Stress about my NW 2.5 constantly -Think I'm a DYEL -Think I have to be…[View]
46545737Do I look like I lift?[View]
46547363diamond, wide, or regular /fit/?[View]
46544835Am i going to make it like this /fit/?[View]
46548107>there is no point of lifting because you can't change your face![View]
46548017do you poop before or after lifting?[View]
46547901I did power cleans today You don't have to jump very high do you? I just jump enough to get the…[View]
46544678Is he high T?[View]
46547662What are the best exercises to fix a shitty posture due to too much sitting? like rounded shoulders,…[View]
46547350any of you guys ever had sleep anxiety? if so how did you overcome?[View]
46524271Motivation: i lost my motivation folder. can you guys post some motivational pictures? also. what mo…[View]
46547488. >be me >add cardio on monday >squats and deadlifts drop by 10 kg this whole week…[View]
46547818>veni vidi vici tattoo Should I?[View]
46547392Is this t shirt /fit/ approved?[View]
46546484are bluetoothh headphones dangerous for your health? i'm kind of paranoid that the radiation co…[View]
46542514Is there any hope?: Just found out that mouth breathing fucks you up really bad. I have athsma, and…[View]
46547528>That fat fuck at the gym drinking blue Gatorade in between his sets of ez bar curls…[View]
46545007Am I a genius or a genius /fit/ I am consuming 4 of these sonsofabitches a day and nothing else. …[View]
46547759>DAY 2 NO CAFFEINE im trying to lower my tolerance so i can get the euphoria and rush i used to g…[View]
46544850Laughing lines(wringles) - well this is depressing af: I'm 27 turning 28. I've been hittin…[View]
46547633Im poor as fuck, what are some bodeyweight exercises I can do to grow noobie gains? t. skinnyfat who…[View]
46546116How do I get rid of my ego?: I got incomprehensibly mogged in every way by a woman at the gym today,…[View]
46544472Got ripped. Still cant talk to girls: You fuckers lied to me[View]
46547644What's the ideal bodyfat% for strength?: How lean can I get away with if I want to train for st…[View]
46545908What the fuck do I eat?: There is something seriously wrong with me and I have next to no clue what …[View]
46543957What's your diet /diet/ General: Everyone knows diet is more important than exercise. So what…[View]
46546760are you above average looking, /fit/?[View]
46545763How do I achive this mode ?[View]
46547339how tf do I sleep? no matter how tired I am, no matter how little i’ve slept, no matter what i’ve ea…[View]
46547132*blocks your fragile path*[View]
46547370>tfw lookism and /fit/ has made me feel beautiful and confident Thanks guys.…[View]
46547080PreWorkout: Can someone recommend a prework with no Creatine that actually works - I don't want…[View]
46546947okay bros I need some help. how does a young bro flirt and try and make a 9/10 QT fancy him and make…[View]
46546912What the fuck FIT? This shit is deadly!: >Be me. Fit and have my daily protein source from eggs, …[View]
46547269Hey /fit/, been working out for about a month now. Things are going good and my lifts are getting be…[View]
46545277>was doing some gif related during some down time at work >coworkers looked at me like somethi…[View]
46544595Checkmate, /fit/ards...[View]
46547280will alternating between shrugs and face pulls everyday improve my geeky neck[View]
46545188Cold or hot showers?[View]
46547060Sup /fit/, I just got done with college, found a good job, a hot girlfriend and all that jazz. I fin…[View]
46540275Our big boi: >Boogie has been on tinder and having dates with girls What's your excuse?…[View]
46544028>read /fit/ and do starting strength, count macros, lift with good form, focus on negatives and g…[View]
46546466Post em my dudes[View]
46546737Sex Boosts Test: Why are so many people on /fit/ not sexually active when it has been scientifically…[View]
46545731>bf mogs you at the gym[View]
46507134Books: What book(s) changed your life and how?[View]
46547127Year of the Snitch listening party thread: Get in here! Team Peep runs this Death Grips party thread…[View]
46545506yo niggas how the fuck do I gain muscle mass I'm 5'10 155 lbs and I've been working o…[View]
46544516I got told i could be a model by my friend's mom. Should i start cutting or continue bulking?[View]
46541927Best exercises for a manly face like pic related?[View]
46547035Switching up my squat variation boys. Been doing Bulgarian split squats for awhile but I'm gett…[View]
46545524Does gatorade actually work for weight loss? I've been told it helps bring my energy back after…[View]
46543978Is there a legal steroid that's easy to obtain or any tips you can give?[View]
46545344Staying on a diet: How do you focus on dieting /fit/? I'm a 22yo guy, in uni, 175cm, around 75k…[View]
46545579My job keeps my legs relatively swole. And I can buy a bar/bench and some weights from a dude. If I…[View]
46543254>this is an 11/10 body to women Explain this.[View]
46543300>6'4 spooky skelly mode >have to gain 6 pounds in 20 days to join air force What do fit…[View]
46546763i need a food or foods that will help me gain as much as possible on a 90 dollar budget, ill buy in …[View]
46545456What body fat % is this? 15%? How do I avoid fridge mode? Also, fuck Albania.[View]
46544429Hey fit I’m going to the bathroom can you watch this for me?[View]
46529935CBT - Hold my cock, fag: Post body and lifts 5'10' - 179cm 173lb - 79kg Squat: 245lb - 115 kg D…[View]
46546426>be me >have had serious problems with amphetamine/substance abuse problems in the past, start…[View]
46546670>forgot to eat breakfast and lunch again[View]
46545992>Be me >First week at gym >Doing deadlifts >Struggling to do 225 for 5 reps >Girl wal…[View]
46530625NOFAP: D A Y F O U R[View]
46543056Can we have WEBM thread?[View]
46546137Is it true that powerlifting is a sport for nerds and incels, and that Chad only uses powerlifting t…[View]
46536705>Hey bud, can you gimme a spot real quick? Your response, /fit/?[View]
46544873Hey /fit/, today was back day for me at the gym and, as I was leaving, u noticed my left rib was pro…[View]
46545540>go to the gym every day >only lightly jog on one of the machines for 7 minutes >go to the …[View]
46544219Deadlift back rounding: I cant be perfectly straight when I get into the bottom position and my back…[View]
46545876best routine to train for surviving mass chimpouts? >inb4 5.56 x F[View]
46544140ITT: Music for beast Mode[View]
46534247> walk into gym > FASTER THAN A BULLET > A TERRIFYING SCREAM…[View]
46539644Do you prefer small or big gyms?[View]
46545918I was working out at the gym, like 5 other guys were there doing their stuff. Everyone's focuse…[View]
46546011so down to brass tacks, rugby players are the most /fit/ overall, right? anyone have any good routin…[View]
46534708/running/ general: POUND THAT PAVEMENT EDITION: Bring your questions about training and ask for advi…[View]
46545898Hitting a muscle once a week vs twice: As you become more advanced, you need more volume in your lif…[View]
46546180What the fuck why does this piece of shit machine hurt my lower back and not in a good way[View]
46545891Anyone here gone or goes to a UFC Gym? Been thinking about joining to just get trained and work out.…[View]
46524048/plg/ - powerlifting general: Old me https://youtu.be/3mbBbFH9fAg New me https://youtu.be/onbC6N-QGP…[View]
46535664GAINS GOBLINS: Gains goblin thread? > be me > fat used to be and worked out lost 50 kilograms …[View]
46535919Shaving thread: How the fuck do I not get razor burn? My current shaving routine >use beard cli…[View]
46544696CBT- current body thread: I didn't see one in the catalog so I thought I'd make one Though…[View]
46544531If I really just want to lift to be healthy and look good, do I need to continue progressing with my…[View]
46544405Rations as oats replacement?: Since I got let go from my job I've been cutting costs on a lot o…[View]
46544332is /fit/ noselets?: >not training nose muscles >optimal breathing for cardiovascular gains …[View]
46545526How can I get toes like this?[View]
46542601Guys rate my wife believe me or not[View]
46545681>tfw need to stick a needle in my ass Anyone here take testosterone? I've been on HRT a litt…[View]
46542709>tfw i see an unironic 9/10 6' tall qt in the gym >tfw no idea how i could possibly even …[View]
46545273>forced to take a rest day after 4 intense lifting sessions because im sore all over so this is h…[View]
46544722post cheesey / cringey things you watch before lifting ITT here're mine https://www.youtube.com…[View]
46545755How does one find a training partner: Training with other people is such a better use of my time /fi…[View]
46544558hey /fit/, this year i've tried no-fap for like 25 times my record is 2 days how do you guys do…[View]
46545499https://youtu.be/RRa3hBGYZ-w BOOGIE FUCKED A 20 YEAR OLD 10/10[View]
46545415How can i calculate my calorie intake properly? I don't have the tools to weigh my food.[View]
46545590my scapula wings like crazy, whats the best way to fix it?[View]
46545690Form: Is it more beneficial to deload and fix form or keep lifting heavy with a less quality form?…[View]
46545699#BLOATLYFE: >tfw doctor gives you shit about being insulin resistant…[View]
46543805What are your plans for this weekend, bros? Are you continuing to improve yourself?[View]
46545527>walk into gym >Heill Óðinn, sæl Óðinn >Heill Óðinn, sæl Óðinn >Heill Óðinn, sæl Óðinn…[View]
46543649Why do people say recomping is impossible and that you should bulk/cut when this girl did it in a fe…[View]
46545535Psychological advice: How do you stay motivated to lift when your motivation and emotions are like a…[View]
46538728So if our eyesight gets worse darker there is, does it mean that we are getting more blind whenever …[View]
46545171>The only death by peine forte et dure in American history was Giles Corey, who was pressed to de…[View]
46545436>gym thot took my barbell to do some curls >uses her momentum starting on the 2nd rep with no …[View]
46543544jean joggers in the gym: are jean joggers alright to wear to the gym? i like that they look good out…[View]
46544682Approaching 0.5/1/1.5/2 on a cut (except my squat is nearing 2 and my deadlift 1.5). Still DYEL but …[View]
46544951If you could choose 3 machines: and no more than 3, which ones would you choose ? No dumbbells allow…[View]
46545113>get /fit/ (sort of) >can only get erect for traps and bubble-butt black girls why.. >pic r…[View]
46542992Who /sick/ here? >tfw fever >tfw diarrhea (literally liquid shit) >tfw I just want to di…[View]
46545255>when he takes off that cap and you see his bald spot[View]
46544955What's a good 2 hour a day routine for a NEET? I have a power-cage and a rower.[View]
46545260What are you working on?: /fit/izens, What problems that you are working on? >(fitness/girls/bus…[View]
46542659>need to take 2 months off lifting due to injury >1 month in having suicidal thoughts When I…[View]
46544766weird squatting issue: So my lower neck/traps are sunburnt and I tried squatting yesterday and it hu…[View]
46544451Hi, how do I achieve gains on the muscles in the bottom of my feet? Trying to get taller[View]
46544935What ever happened to Rich Panini posting? Did he stops making videos or something?[View]
46544512https://youtu.be/KoUPDmuZ2TU Bow down to me weaklings[View]
46523848This is the worst lift ever. >works literally nothing until you reach 3 plates >more dangerous…[View]
46543651Is he, and the other guys on Love Island, natty?[View]
46544869hey /fit/ in an effort to be less of a fatass ive put myself on a 1200 calorie diet. Since ive start…[View]
46544588In this thread: Stuff you did that magically increased your gains. Steroids excluded.[View]
46544921anyone had problems with gallstones?? How do we avoid surgery guys?[View]
46542848i've realized that bracing and core strength is the number 1 determinant of how heavy you can l…[View]
46544014Who else /shit posting in a bathroom stall while waiting out the last few hours of work before the w…[View]
46544208Hey /fit/, how would one drink a monster without killing themselves[View]
46540738How is this fair? Men can lose on 2000 calories a day and my maintenance is like 1800. I'm tire…[View]
46542245What excercises can I use to train the lower back for rucking? Context: Every time I go on a march (…[View]
46543897Rate my body: Pic related[View]
46544666Here's my problem /fit/ >skinny >ectomorph >5'8' >heart condition Is it possib…[View]
46543988what do you do if you're facially ugly? Like to the point where people have called you ugly to …[View]
46540497Where does /fit/ get /fit/?[View]
46543895Making it: What exactly means to 'make it' for you? Achieving your goal physique? Getting pussy? Bei…[View]
46539174BlG MlKE THREAD: Hey guys, who's up for a BlG MlKE THREAD??? Yeah man!!! A whole thread about B…[View]
46544720/fit/: hey fit DL - 200 kg Squat - 150 kg Bench - 95 kg 21 yo - 71 kg (bulking from 62) What should …[View]
46544309Reminder: The six pack is for underachievers: Everybody and their brother has a six pack nowadays an…[View]
46544317Do introverted women really exist? If i keep lifting and eating chicken breast will i find one that …[View]
46542710is this fixable? will I have decent results if I try or are my insertions and structure just to shit…[View]
46541957/Mewing General/: How are the jaw gains coming along?[View]
46543448stop doing barbell rows[View]
46543814CBT and Stats - Poverty Camera Edition: 282.5 lbs. formerly 422 lbs. 28.4% body fat 5'11.5' OHP…[View]
46544353Just get a tan bro. easiest looksmaxx for fit guys.: Also, anyone got a link to that russian looking…[View]
46544127Practical solutions.WE NEED THEM AND WE NEED THEM NOW!: The sheer depravity of a physically fit red-…[View]
46536906Why aren't you a vegan /fit/[View]
46544207>mfw ugly but still attract girls because of confidence if you are ugly but act manly and dont ov…[View]
46541859>Lost 75KG >Still ugly as sin[View]
46542895Stand Up to Bullies: In spite of my muscles I still don't know how to stand up for myself even …[View]
46543183How many pl8s do you have to squat before you can crush melons between your thighs https://www.youtu…[View]
46539366If humans were meant to be vegans then why do vegans have to supplement with different kinds of vita…[View]
46536867So whats the point of 3 sets?: Prove to me that 3 sets is better than 1 set. I don't think it i…[View]
46541438just broke my 2 month /nofap/: whats the most successful way of suicide?[View]
46542975>be me >slightly autistic but look good >deep af into nofap >in the best mood of my life…[View]
46544087Shoulder impingement: >cant bench, overhead press or even squat /Fit/, what is a good way to get …[View]
46542107Reminder that lifting RUINS your facial aesthetics. Pic related, doesn’t lift. Proving me wrong is …[View]
46526835What’s going on here? Is it some kind of photoshop?[View]
46544052What kind of body can I expect if I only do pushups, squats, and sit ups? I'm a poorfag and I l…[View]
46544125i really miss my fren /fit/ when is he coming back?[View]
46542460Red pill thread: Squats are bad for you. Vegetables are bad for you. Caffeine is bad for you. Women …[View]
46543843Retro Bodybuilder Fashion: Hey /fit/, where can I get these unique clothes? I checked ebay but could…[View]
46538885/fit/ feels general: There is always sunshine after the rain edition We'll all gonna make it br…[View]
46541805Is it true girls like veiny forearms?: If so >why aren't you taking the forearm pill, /fit/?…[View]
46539790box squats: I am a hockey player who tore almost the ligaments in my knees. This has made it very di…[View]
46533804What squat routine do I need for an ass like this? I need it because I want to steal any chad I want…[View]
46543396Does it matter if I lift at 5AM one day and 9PM the next? I switch at random based on convenience[View]
46543413Wtf is this?[View]
46541263Why are bodybuilders typically such loners?[View]
46531732YOU HAVE TO[View]
46542150The devil's nectar: >There are people on this board who still drink Daily reminder that all …[View]
46541477I started lifting 2168 days ago and I have missed about 15 lifting sessions in total from illness. S…[View]
46541830Lift 5x a week. cardio 5x a week. 6ft. tall. weight 235 lbs. Weighed 290 lbs a year ago. Still have …[View]
46543743So I just started exercising and I noticed a tight feeling in my muscle during and after the exercis…[View]
46537894Can I get this big in 2 years. I will be roiding and i'm rich so I will have an excellent diet.…[View]
46539492Now that the dust has settled...: Was it sound advice?[View]
46542670Can he do 1/2/3/4 for 5 reps?[View]
46538225Why do most people have shitty patchy beards these days?[View]
46540830What's my bf% 6'4 225[View]
46541156Took the 'social gains' advice from here. Now I go out weekly , get hammered and my progress in the …[View]
46527950Rest day is over[View]
46543579>mfw /fit/ is just a poor mans /out/[View]
46539285any martial arts practitioners in here?: there are many ways to make your own punching bag. have you…[View]
46543393SkInNy Fat Gorlz: http://www.tmz.com/2018/06/22/gloria-allred-houston-texans-cheerleader-lawsuit/ fu…[View]
46542130Thinking of doing No-fap but wondering about nocturnal emissions: Will it occur?How would you stop i…[View]
46543481whats your vertical jump ?[View]
46543441>yfw the nofap debate has been going on forever[View]
46543098Reminder that the best thing you can do for your mental health is get off of /fit/, get off of 4chan…[View]
46539802So what the hell did Alex do to Blaha that he is so mad at him? It almost sounds like he assaulted s…[View]
46535879Macros while on a cut: What macro spread does /fit use while on a cut.[View]
46542604>He doesn't isolate the largest muscle in his body Why?[View]
46543204Going to the store: More specifically Walmart. What are some yummy foods to buy? Doesn't have t…[View]
46541715imagine going back in time and giving preworkout to the mongols 30-45 minutes before they went on a …[View]
46541814Has anyone tried the carnivore diet? Do vegetables really cause inflammation?[View]
46541260>not doing armwrestling training >not being mogged 17 year old curl bro Pick one https://m.yo…[View]
46542097Is this achievable natty, or do you really need Rare Candies and Protein?[View]
46543219Hi /fit/ is it possible to 'just be positive' my way out of Manic Depression? That these Manic episo…[View]
46541955WHOLESOME FIT THREAD: In this thread anons post about the things they are proud of themselves for th…[View]
46541684Smokers of /fit/ thread: Smokers of /fit/, what is wrong with us. I keep trying to quit but can…[View]
46541949Supplements: So do any of them actually do anything? Been lifting 5 years and I've only used pr…[View]
46541134Am I cute ?[View]
46533635Post progress pics lads > Pic related is me after 2 years of lifting and looksmaxing…[View]
46541846Chaotic Good Encourages others to improve Anti-Supplement (at least what he preaches) Wants everyone…[View]
46542801What are /fit/'s thoughts on yoga?[View]
46540365Suggest me lower back exercises to prevent lower back pain.[View]
46542839>weighted dips[View]
46542768oddball routines: Thoughts on my oddball routine? It's a 4 day per week 4 days in a row upper/l…[View]
46542773ITT: Genetic mogs >21 inch floor-to-knee >21 inch knee-to-hip >21 inch hip-to-shoulder >…[View]
46541435Ok so how can I improve my endurance by running twice a week? So far I've been running five kil…[View]
46541644Aspergers and confidence: I've made a fuck ton of confidence gains in a year since I've st…[View]
46542564What are good cheap foods for building muscle? I know eggs are good, but I can't just eat that.[View]
46540709How do I turn sadness from my breakup into motivation to get fit and workout?[View]
46539386This place is holding me back and I'm putting a stop to it right now This place is a damaging w…[View]
46541044Natty Bro Split: If you are natty, tell us what has worked better for you, working muscle more frequ…[View]
46540494Is there any way to cure really mild gyno FUCKKKK[View]
46541617https://youtu.be/Dsl3kM8ZZ74 Rate form please[View]
46537667Is Indian food not good for gains? I fucking love this shit so much and i'd kill myself if I co…[View]
46542303Attainable natty?[View]
46541889I havent had a wet dream in 21 days .is my T low or high? Is the pipe broken?[View]
46541997ITT: the worst aspects of lifting >hands rub against bar and hurt later on when i wank…[View]
46540852Who do you lift for?[View]
46542364>Lifting? Why would you do that bro, just stop overeating. Girls only care about the sixpack.…[View]
46541474is /toyfit/ a thing?[View]
46541966How do I get rid of lower abdomen/oblique fat? I’ve lost 25 pounds already and it’s still there.[View]
46541078Rate my gf /fit/.[View]
46538961>that 30 year old at the gym squatting lowbar[View]
46540425Haha, bacon and barbells, thats one epic shirt! Muscular and nerdy, absolute madman. Who wouldn…[View]
46542036Is it true he doesn’t lift?[View]
46530468why do people do this? whats the point[View]
46538187Senpaitachi, i've never tried any whey protein. I'm about to order a bucket because i…[View]
46542171Fuck guys, I really don't think I'm going to make it. Been a shit ass week, fucked up gett…[View]
46541738>neck pump[View]
46540814Does anyone train their forearms seperately? I have small arms compared to the rest of my body but m…[View]
46542204Is this the natty limit?[View]
46541536I've successfully reached 1/2/3/4 But now, there's nothing but emptiness inside. How do I …[View]
46542090Is it harder to get a 6 pack as an adult if you were fat as a kid/teen/adolescent?[View]
46538921Can Tren actually fix a jawline?[View]
46539613>just shave it bro women love that shit[View]
46541002Achievable natty?[View]
46541258Been talking to a girl seriously for a month now. She thinks I'm a chad for some reason so my g…[View]
46541877SIPPY CUPS: post your sippy cups. I'm currently sipping from pic related >he doesn't ha…[View]
46541400WTF /fit/ SHE told me she wanted to be exclusive SHE told me she didn't want me talking to othe…[View]
46541419If he's not natty, how did he pass the strict drug tests?[View]
46540150FIT FEEL GOOD THREAD: >Be lazy neet for years >start of year decide to slowly swap out shit ha…[View]
46541647if you could trade 1in of height or dick length for 10lbs of muscle, how short would you be willing …[View]
46540945Hello Mr. /fit/, may I have my cheat day today? I've been a good boy![View]
46541180Post Symmetric strength man + pic of your body Yo i'm entering green mode![View]
46534747>tfw small talked with a grill today at the gym We’re all gonna make it brah…[View]
46541035How far should I go with my bulk? I'm at 188lbs now, 5'10 rn[View]
46541606caffeine shampoo: Does this work /fit/? >plz respond, I need help…[View]
46541560Vegans rejoice![View]
46540817CUTTING MOTIVATION: I need a shot of motivation and FAST, there's only so much my novice discip…[View]
46533942/fraud/: Escape From New York Edition New Rules: Any reference to coping or mogging requires your n…[View]
46539953How can you train yourself to take punches?: I'm starting boxing sparring. I'm afraid that…[View]
46541240>that guy who rushes through his lifting session and does tons of meme exercises and wonders why …[View]
46539418I can't do a single pullup to save my fucking life. Been lifting for 1 week on a 3 days full bo…[View]
46526043>meanwhile at the /fit/ mansion...[View]
46517233Which Jordan Peterson videos are the best for mental gainz and in general? He has so many godamn vid…[View]
46541409morning, fatties[View]
46539320>Been benching for a little over a month >Started doing 3x5 for 105lb for benches >Stuck at…[View]
46540962Tell my why I shouldn’t skip hamstring day right now[View]
46541069Why dont i feel pic related in my pecs and instead more in my shoulders? Should i stick to barbell B…[View]
46539617I am done with cutting, went from 92 kg to 85 with my abs barely visible at 6'1, and my strengt…[View]
46540886/DEF/QON 1 GENERAL: Which one of you guys is at Defqon 1 in the Netherlands? We gonna do a /FIT/ mee…[View]
46533303books on fighting and discipline: I'm looking for some good books on fighting, about fighters, …[View]
46537696>bench press tomorrow[View]
46538357Men going their own way: Why is this board so obsessed with women. Why can't you just be a man …[View]
46538754> he can't snatch bodyweight[View]
46541022After lifting, have you ever gotten some girls wet by them just looking at you?[View]
46540612How do you attain this body?[View]
46538833This is the ideal body. Any bigger and you look like you're overcompensating/not functionally s…[View]
46541163>that 8th mugga of the day[View]
46539096Posture: So how do you inprove your posture i have my ass sticking out but i didnt notice it over th…[View]
46540537Rate my (weeb) after workout also what did you have for today?[View]
46536697Peanut Butter: Is it good for bulking?[View]
46537920Does sweet potato really cause diabetes?[View]
46539184Any asians dude here have thick necks?[View]
46540900Daily reminder that being 15% body fat or less is the #1 most important thing: Face > everything …[View]
46538665please rate my retardproof keto plan: I don't like to fuck with food prep, shopping lists, or l…[View]
46540773Bodybuilding program thread: Pretty much since i started lifting ive been on a bulk and training for…[View]
46539087>search catalogue >no mirin thread It's like you're forgetting why we lift, /fit/. T…[View]
46539292https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rjajn1mA8gQ >thinks bending pans makes you strong…[View]
46540804>anon you need fattening up, have another slice >stuffs 3 slices down her throat >wtf anon…[View]
46539901I AM FUCKING DONE WITH MOTIVATION. I need discipline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM_xlkBuSac I …[View]
46538945*gets laid more than you*[View]
46540195So I just went to the gym for the first time, and my anxiety is gone, I feel like a fucking god, my …[View]
46535262One nut: Any other /fit/izens out there with 1 nut? What're your stories? How you holding up? U…[View]
46540673How do you achieve the 'golden age' look?[View]
46540652n00bs can build muscle mass, but not maximal strength, with low volume: 'It is becoming increasingly…[View]
46538246Skelly to Chad: Hey /fit/ bros i recently started working out and it feels great. I'm a twig an…[View]
46539421Home Gym: Best place to put it? I've got a decent sized room but its on the top floor and has c…[View]
46537472My body looks like the guy in the blue pants, how do I fix it?[View]
46539567Anyone else getting good ass muscle gains? >be me 2 weeks ago > 2 months into lifting > dec…[View]
46540209Can somebody explain to me why I should only do 5 sets of 5 reps on the reddit PPL program when doin…[View]
46532625is too much tuna bad for you? it's a pain in the ass to defrost and cook chicken[View]
46540441I'm having trouble with my knees and quads during sex. I've suffered from knee tendonitis …[View]
46538472How do guys with naturally built bitch tits actually 'do it'? 'Do it' I mean by waking up happy ever…[View]
46540261>30 days to finish cut how do i stick to this shit? i wanna see it as a lifestyle like uni or whe…[View]
46530344Do you think he’s a nice guy?[View]
46538062/nofap/: Day 5 into nofap boys I can solidly say that my hate for everything that doesn't posit…[View]
46539816How would your life be any different if you're attractive? I'm listening to 'Psycho-cyber…[View]
46540186Don't forget to stretch/fit/[View]
46539097I accidentally ate 3.5 pizzas throughout the coarse of 2 days. That's 10,500+ calories. How do …[View]
46529981Fat people hate - /fph/: Boogie edition[View]
46538264hold me lads: i feel like im not goimgt to make it i have tremendous strength and built but cannot l…[View]
46537549Ban me ban me ban me please forever[View]
46537613>he wears sweatpants to the gym: >sweatpants >no-name walmart shoes >plain t-shirt The b…[View]
46539915How do i make my cold go away as quick as possible? I wanna work out but i have a cold as of now, po…[View]
46538162alternate steroid intake methods: I want to start doing roids to help with my gains but needles both…[View]
46539183How on earth do I get this physique without roids?[View]
46536694Just reminding you all that this place is 95% misinformation.[View]
46539560Everyone tells me cutting is wrong cause I have no muscle, but isnt it insane to start bulking looki…[View]
46540322>Don’t go to college and most girls will look down on you, but you save so much money >Go to c…[View]
46538718As of this morning I've officially quit working out. Just came back from a night wageslaving to…[View]
46539591question: Question for the people who are always at the gym when I workout; what job do you have to …[View]
46534947how do i get thicker wrists[View]
46539325Noob help with workout routine: Hey /fit/ need help with planning a workout routine. Im a male, 18 y…[View]
46539543Time for a check in >day 27 nofap >dealing with a little bit of temptation rn >have had the…[View]
46536706Do I look like I was athletic before I started lifting?[View]
46539053Do you use straps? Should you use straps? I'm finding it difficult to do heavy deadlifts becaus…[View]
46537452Who is the camgirl boogie hooked up with? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRa3hBGYZ-w[View]
46537881Is there anyone on this board who ACTUALLY lifts? Post current body[View]
46535451Workout frequency: The routines in the sticky thread say to work out 3 times a week, this seems real…[View]
46536582Strongest thing you can beat up: whats the strongest thing you can take on 1v1? dont even try to say…[View]
46537984Sleep: Why is it that when I neglect training I have no problem sleeping for 8+ hours (12 hours if I…[View]
46532213No internet! whos with me?: I realized by biggest vice in life is my internet consumption, I am addi…[View]
46537845>manlets doing 185 DL and slamming the weights its time to find a new gym!…[View]
46539210this guy sexes your mother easily, it does not matter if you lift.genetic looks money status[View]
46538585How does your body structure effect your penis size? I have noticed the following with my erect peni…[View]
46538578>today is tricep day[View]
46535906Wtf is this?[View]
46536169what did women mean by this?[View]
46533831Progress thread: From 208 pounds to 185. 6 foot 2 height. I wish my hips werent as wide. Suggestions…[View]
46538657/fit/ - How much bloating is normal?: Hey /fit/zens, I've always been skinny fat and decided to…[View]
46535715Do you guys trim your hair so you can see your gains? >Just spend 2 hours trimming/shaving my wh…[View]
46539040He doesnt do a hero pose 1 hour a day everytime he wakes up: https://www.google.com.mx/amp/s/www.psy…[View]
46538305its cutting season anon, how do you deal with hunger? ill start: a lot of sparkling water and 1 meal…[View]
46536133how do I achieve this mode /fit/[View]
46538505>take a short break from /fit/ >there's a new fad in town so you retards are only eating …[View]
46535411So I was wrestling yesterday and was paired with this chick. She is a bit chubby but has big tits/as…[View]
46535749Looking for advices: Looking for some advices, this is my 'gains' and I'm not satisfied with th…[View]
46534613/sips/ General: Fellas I've delayed my daily sip all the way til now I'm bout to crack int…[View]
46538814Is it a really bad idea to deadlift this morning if my back is sore? It's sore/tired from paint…[View]
46537387>blocks your path[View]
46537733PSA: If you aren't wearing these to the gym, ywn obtain a wheyfu: Facts about short gym shorts:…[View]
46535501can you bulk on sushi?[View]
46536761So lifting kills your back, shoulders, and spine? Why do it? Just to be lumpy and big?[View]
46540430>get fit >bang girls >live with anxiety Why are we doing this to ourselves?…[View]
46537793Alright fit i didn't see it in the catalog so might as well ask. How do I run for more than a f…[View]
46533371best cut meals: pic related >an entire pound of this is ~100 calories >sprinkle parmesean on i…[View]
46534136Anyone become attracted to thicker, chubbier chicks since lifting? Could this be because of higher …[View]
46538697hi /fit/ i was doing some push-ups and whenever i actually pushed up i felt tingling in the muscles …[View]
46516257>He lifts >But doesn't have tattoos Explain yourself…[View]
4653782350 g oats 3 scoops of whey Add water Mix Nuke in microwave. Quick and easy high proton breakfast. 6…[View]
46537220Rate My Workout: https://cdn.muscleandstrength.com/sites/default/files/workouts/10weekmass.pdf…[View]
46538301HELP: I was able to lift lmao 4 plates deadlift for the first time thanks to you guys. Now I really…[View]
46537810>the biggest factor in human happiness is having a close circle of friends and family >you ha…[View]
46538467>Intermittent throbbing in right thigh all day This is only from increasing my squat by a few kgs…[View]
46538337I need gains. How much of this shit should I drink a day? >Pic related[View]
46538048Skinnyfat : bulk or cut: I should bulk or cut? Knowing that this picture is not representative and i…[View]
46536548BULKING ON A BUDGET: Who here on a budget bulk? I'm moving out of my parents house and taking u…[View]
46537750I’m going to start walking like the average Amish man >18,000 steps a day I’m getting back into s…[View]
46538299>There is muultiple stories about how lazy Paul Dillet was and barely did any cardio at all. he w…[View]
46536778How much would women have to grow before they would become the stronger sex?[View]
46537170pre workout: what's the best pre workout, money is a factor, trying to get the best bang for my…[View]
46535551How can I Mew when my pallet is so narrow that my tongue can't even fit in between my teeth?[View]
46537953Blisters after running: (Pic Unrelated) The current runners I have are new and were the only shoes t…[View]
46536230>be at the gym >cute girl with a datass walks into the gym >instantly gets hit on by three …[View]
46536004x: spoiler: shoulders dont grow natty[View]
46536558>that guy that wears basketball shorts to the gym[View]
46537444Well, after increasing my diet up to 3000 calories you guys were right, I've already gained 3 p…[View]
46534472creatine: So should I be take it everyday without any brraks, unlike how people used to do? Also how…[View]
46531552Overcoming Sexual Anxiety: How do I overcome my sexual anxiety once and for all? I have it very bad.…[View]
46537153Does anyone have any advice on burst capillaries? I squatted for a a new 5x5 pr and now i havd red s…[View]
46535933Where the FUCK can i get this Met RX shirt at. Also Greg Plitt was natty.[View]
46537601>blocks your path What's up Anon?[View]
46535475>doing chest press machine >get done, go to grab towel to wipe machine down >turn around an…[View]
46537156/keto/: so you're telling me i can just eat cheese and meat and butter all day and be on the ke…[View]
46536481>tfw generally you are a nice guy and everyone wsnts to be around you and you go out of your way …[View]
46536796How to exercise my chin[View]
46536411My body is pretty much the one on the left (except im not a poo in the loo). I've trained for 3…[View]
46534033>Hurt my leg pushing my friends car (fucker had it roll back on me) >Can't squat or dead …[View]
46536848Jealous?: I can lift a 35 pound weight above my head and hold it there.[View]
46536617Why the FUCK does anyone back squat when they could front squat and deadlift?[View]
46536065So I contracted a personal trainer.: He's making me workout 2 hours per day, 5 days a week. My …[View]
46534392When are you going to stop paying Schlomo for the right to be fit? Why are you paying operating cost…[View]
46535670that 21 year old zoomer who hasn't hit 1/2/3/4 but already has hernia[View]
46535937please /fit/ help a fat anon keep the girl of his dreams! >I some how got a girl who's way o…[View]
46536569Weekly vs Daily calorie counting?[View]
46536693Who else here /BBAD/? Butter block a day.[View]
46537290What kind of foods you used to crave before getting fit vs what do you crave now? I rarely get cravi…[View]
46535526Am I fat /fit/[View]
46533977Still got a LONG way to go but in my eyes I've made it. Former fatty and now my body and streng…[View]
46534914Is there hope for manlets if you get /fit/?[View]
46530165Is this attainable natty?[View]
46535258PULL-UPS: The Chad Exercise! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGo4IYlbE5g[View]
46537189Just a thank for my /fit/: Me face when lifting was actually all worth it. All the dietary restricti…[View]
46537184>Get new pre-workout >Try it for the first time >NotBad.jpg >By day 5 i'm plugging …[View]
46535021>found out I have genital warts last year >look in mirror 2 days ago >genital warts on my t…[View]
46537201Pushups thread: Roll 89 GET[View]
46535791I'm a poorfag and need someplace to lift until my situation improves. Is PF worth it if they on…[View]
46535563achievable natty?[View]
46535345>used to be super /fit/ >had great body >got a gf >i get fat >she doesnt like me any…[View]
46526817how to achieve this body[View]
46535099If you don't compete there is zero reason to squat and deadlift. They are backward, dangerous, …[View]
46536983Bent penis issue: Yello /fit/ I'm here to discuss an issue I have come across with being the fa…[View]
46533526/fit/ goals thread: haven't seen these once in a while.[View]
46534913Define 'making it'[View]
46527847stop stretching[View]
46513609QTDDTOT: >old one dead How do you go from skinnyfat to ottermode? I’ve been lifting for 8 months…[View]
46536340Hey /fit/ I don't have any motivation left to go to the gym. I've been lifting for 4 years…[View]
46534545After dropping LSD I have this passion to lift, It literally feels like I have a raging fire within …[View]
46536335How do I know if my routine is pure shit or not?[View]
46536680Tasty ways to get your protein: >boil/microwave peanut butter and milk, nutella if you'd lik…[View]
46533325Aesthetic Bodies: Show me a more aesthetic body. >You can't…[View]
46517362FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water…[View]
46535840How does /fit/ feel about indian food?[View]
46536543Advice Thread: Give tips and tricks you've learned in this thread. Novice ask Advanced Bros que…[View]
46536161so fucking frustrated: I'm 26 m/5 10/163 lb. A few months ago I asked my old man, who used to b…[View]
46532819Would you rather lose all of your memories or all of your gains?[View]
46533523Is lifting considered a hobby? Can I put this on my resume and not be laughed at?[View]
46536222Anyone working on recovering their gut health? How long did it take? What did you do? Did you have a…[View]
46534749If you were paid $100 for every fat person you got to a healthy weight (and who remained a healthy w…[View]
46533733Need help with routine/diet: Hey guys I'm new, I've read the sticky but want to double che…[View]
46534876Should I do bench and weighted dips on the same day? or should I do them separately[View]
46535863How do I into Toon Summoned Skull mode?[View]
46536194THOT PATROL GENERAL: The gym is your temple, anon. You go there to offer sweat to the bloatlord almi…[View]
46536017rate my jawline /fit/[View]
46534473Depersonalization or Derealization: Do any of you guys suffer from this shit? I feel like I'm o…[View]
46535422Hey /fit/ I'm hoping you can assuage my confidence here. I'm a rookie, only been lifting f…[View]
46534328Just switched from SS to PPL. How do I know if i'm progressing on PPL? I know when I was progre…[View]
46535709Service Academy: Hey /fit/, I’m trying to get into the United States Naval Academy (I wanna be comm…[View]
46534279story time: >eat chipotle for lunch >usually i eat after gym but was starving >take prework…[View]
46535878Is it worth paying extra and driving to a farm to get raw milk or should I just eliminate it from my…[View]
46534707>that manlet at the gym who works squats in with you when you’re doing incline bench because you …[View]
46535266So I'm 21 and I barely sport facial hair as substantial as pic realted. Anyone gone through thi…[View]
46528699How you would define a masculine man? What seperates a faker from the real deal? Non meme answers pl…[View]
46534165Hi /fit/ im a new fag to lifting and weightloss and shit but anyways i was just wondering Does drink…[View]
46535075ITT: people at the gym that make you go “hmmmm” >that woman on the treadmill who runs like one of…[View]
46535676Mog thread: (Also Taylor thread)[View]
46535697How has this board gotten so retarded? >ib4 it always was (I fuckin know) >squats are a meme …[View]
46531850Is this what girls like now, /fit/? Wide hipped ottermode? >tfw narrow hips Fuck my life…[View]
46535097Why do I always feel sick after squatting???: Seriously, I can bang out 200 pushups and situps, then…[View]
46533389How do I convince my little brother (17) to not juice? He doesnt have the knowledge/wisdom to do it …[View]
46534887>that guy who lifts over 30+ with no wife, no career, no responsibilities Even though being aesth…[View]
46535602Can I get a decent ascended twink physique on a diet of tendies and watermelon?[View]
46533783This is an average swedish woman. How can other women compete?[View]
46534027>he drives to the gym to do pullups[View]
46532867Why are people so proud of this guy? He doesn't have a good physique or anything. He just lost …[View]
46523755Pushups: 89 GET[View]
46534412Anyone read Supertraining?: >Seems the claims that it makes, backed up by evidence are quite coun…[View]
46533312Anyone quit or majorly cut back on alcohol/drugs? How did it make you feel?[View]
46534262Deadlift: Can rack pulls substitute the deadlift? The lowest part of deadlifting is hard for me to d…[View]
46535151How does /fit/ activate their almonds? >Mandatory literature: https://www.wikihow.com/Activate-Al…[View]
46529024>when you finally realize that everyone saying 3pl8 squat is easy does powerlifter style half squ…[View]
46532476Hey guys I just hit 1/2/3/4 today, where can I pick up my voucher for one free gf? Also please RSVP …[View]
46534388/fit/ + /lit/: Post your favorite books about lifting and eating[View]
46530062Social gainz: >decided to approach girls on the street as /fit/ advised me >took 1g of Phenibu…[View]
46534058>tfw my sweat doesn't smell >can reuse gym clothes many times a week >smells mild at w…[View]
46535175>le super smart bodybuilding master McCarthy >is smaller than the literal autistic Genova who …[View]
46496239ITT: Guide to Making It: 0. Get rid of your victim mentality. >>If you're one of those po…[View]
46530626I've only been getting 3 or 4 hours sleep per night for months now. How bad is it fucking my ga…[View]
46493931>tfw you realise you're one of the gym NPCs[View]
46534390Why haven’t you taken the /bloatpill/ yet, anon?[View]
46534065Getting /fit/ was supposed to make my love life better, not ruin it: >get /fit/ >girls I usua…[View]
46533829>person A does weighted chin-ups and dips only >person B does curls and skull crushers only Wh…[View]
46532683>he doesn't wash his scoop[View]
46534873Is the American diet the optimal diet for GAINS: It seems to me that the American diet is optimized …[View]
46530258>actually, I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat because it’s unhealthy. >ugh why can’t I lose we…[View]
46534796Tinder thread? Get rollen[View]
46534538Ever been cucked by someone else on /fit/?: Mods pls don't delete. I know it's you bitch, …[View]
46534480>that 20 year old manchild using an altitude mask[View]
46534744What's the point of getting fit if you can't beat up children afterwards?[View]
46534589>Schlomo the gym owner counting the collection plates from the dyels, fatties and treadmill whore…[View]
46533281ECA STACK: First post you're favorite compound lift! So is this considered ECA stack? Has anyo…[View]
46533059MAKING IT STORIES: Boogie recently told a story on a podcast about how he has slept with a 20 year o…[View]
46534557Doing it: I'm going to get big. 6'1', 180 pounds currently. Haven't worked out in a l…[View]
46532089Anyone screenshot Stephanie Buttermore’s nipslip last night?[View]
46533764Do onions really raise up your testosterone? And by onions I mean pic related. Not basedboy basedmil…[View]
46534354I'm done, /fit/. I'm done trying to be a 'sick cunt'. We were wrong. Zyzz betrayed us. In …[View]
46534474Female celebs who do powerlifting or otherwise serious strength training: Jessica Biel is an obvious…[View]
46534500Law: What is required for an individual to get contact ban?[View]
46533058Not Stronk Enough /NSE/: Thread dedicated to the real king of /fit/. Is he the only one in /fit/ tha…[View]
46533581>be me >skinny fat kid who’s just kinda there >invisble outside of friend circle >decide…[View]
46531830Why didn’t you tell me about this /fit/? >can go longer >shorter refractory period >harde…[View]
46533725Trap Exercise: What is the single best trap lift? Will it differ if the goal is size vs strength?…[View]
46534235How do into Christian McCaffrey mode?: Look at those arms, and those abbbbbbsssss. No homo though.…[View]
46534028What mode is this? And how much daily onions intake do I need to achieve it?[View]
46533937Do I need to gain weight?[View]
46533988How do I get an adonis belt?[View]
46528943anyone ever been to a chiro here? Thoughts on them?[View]
46533155Daily reminder to just take adderall and roids to become super human, get plastic surgery and minoxi…[View]
46534114>that 28 year old guy that pays for a personal trainer at the gym[View]
46525449Face gains thread[View]
46523793>decide to bring gf to gym after she insisted she needed to lose some weight >have fun teachin…[View]
46531781>...wait >anon, don't tell me you're a... >...bicep peak-let…[View]
46532817Best budget bulk meals? I'm 6'0', weigh 140 lbs, and I look like I just got out of a POW c…[View]
46533186Where the fuck did my libido go? I haven't been aroused in like 2 months, haven't fapped o…[View]
46527999/FRAUD/ BTFO YOU C.UCK.S EDITION: Before asking your genuine and earnest questions, make sure to rea…[View]
46529797>that 20 year old manchild doing dumbbell punches[View]
46531202what mode is this?[View]
46524810Should I get breast implants if I’m completely flat right now? Do any of you have them? What do male…[View]
46533304What are some things you do to get more /fit/?: Things you do to get more athletic, me: >skip sta…[View]
46532122https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fbCcWyYthQ Well, /fit/? How come you overtrain and get less hours i…[View]
46533853>tfw too intelligent to wake up early: https://personal.lse.ac.uk/kanazawa/pdfs/paid2009.pdf…[View]
46531068Maceration practices: When is /fit/ going to stop supporting the egg industry? Eggs have high choles…[View]
46533660Is this crap worth it? Don't I just get the stuff through the food I eat?[View]
46532740I just made a group on kik for fitness , self improvement and bantz. We got girls too. Join us #sumg…[View]
46527915How to get this body?[View]
46533728What festivals are /fit/ going to attend in the summer? Was to undisciplined to cut to ottermode, bu…[View]
46532282What muscles and abilities does this develop?: Thinking about getting my own tire and sledgehammer b…[View]
46531455how do I get a smaller ass?: I have weird proportions and my ass is huge, it stick out pass by back …[View]
46532005>one chance at life >5'11'[View]
46516131Femanons, is there a way to get hips like this or is it all genetics?[View]
46496346/running/ general: Yes that's right, just because you lift weights doesn't mean you should…[View]
46530267Why are fit women hard to find in the real world?[View]
46530496Sup /fit/ Do you know of any effective routines/programs to do cardio at home? I'm sick and tir…[View]
46533679How many of you go Beast Mode /fit/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqmyHMq6BTA[View]
46531976Can someone give me a weight gain method that is as simple and effective as GOMAD but doesn't f…[View]
46532033Is there some special technique to engaging your pectorals when benching? I've been benching 7 …[View]
46533076Gym music thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-ICoox_dKo[View]
46532992Pic unrelated, company I'll be interning at is providing food, I need a 'medical' rea…[View]
46532081What is the Average FTM Testosterone Injection?: 'The daily dosage of injected testosterone will dep…[View]
46533150Finally getting that ogee curve noticeable. What about you bros?[View]
46532436How do I 'make a move'? I can get girls to become interested in me now. But that's about it. No…[View]
46533517Tobacco Products Before Bedtime for Dreaming: I started dipping or vaping hihg nicotine doses before…[View]
46529931If this is a myth, how is it so widely spread even today?[View]
46531642Why aren't you a flamboyant PUA yet? The bitches beg for you to swallow the pill, yet you'…[View]
46532976How does it feel that women dont' care about your low bar squats and only care about arms?[View]
46525629I have ADHD, so often I go trough periods of doing absolutely nothing, as in I just browse /fit and …[View]
46530897>latsbrah made all of his best videos private >mostly political bullshit is left on his channe…[View]
46533335What mode is this?[View]
46532151Hey guys i am currently really overweight, about 250 lbs. 5'11. I saw this image on fit and i w…[View]
46533271Americans discuss soccer: Any other Americans watching this world cup as their first experience of p…[View]
46532846Motivation help: Hey, so I used to be really overweight and just wanted to be healthier, so I was on…[View]
46529508Why aren't you rehydrating with Hot Dog Water?: Explain yourself shitbag.[View]
46532340>Tell my normie friends I'm doing OMAD >They now think I have an eating disorder…[View]
46533212Some people need pre-workout supplements and shit but this and some water is all i need to get pumpe…[View]
46531800Average looking dudes. please take the neckpill.: you might not be a gigachad in the face, but at le…[View]
46533162What was the message of this film? It doesn't seem like a typical revenge story.[View]
46533032Why are you guys wasting tome lifting when its all about the wallet? Money is all that matters[View]
46531704Is there a /fit/ Discord?: Also /fit/ memes thread i guess[View]
46532006How do you know if you're actually depressed or have Low T?[View]
46530289If you had to choose only two chest exercises which would them be? My chest is falling behind everyt…[View]
46531449General encouragement thread: >be me today in changing room >just finished leg day >lookin…[View]
46532320this is the end of the manlet's last hope[View]
46531706>fat girl on tinder >interests: fitness[View]
46530978Does anybody else laugh their ass off when they see a guy at the gym squatting while having a dyel u…[View]
46529321My heavy bag arrived today.[View]
46531594>He still squats heavy: >2018 >Still squatting heavy >Hasn't yet joined the gloriou…[View]
46532528Tfw 8.5 inches There's a reason why I don't post threads asking for advice on how to get g…[View]
46532712The game is rigged my friends. I haven't lost a droplet of weight in the past month. I've …[View]
46532929>go on date >get along really well >talk for 2 hours >walk back to parking lot >girl …[View]
46532686how do i get a gymbro?: i had a gymbro during my highschool years and it was the best time of my lif…[View]
46533006Fit ideals. Post em[View]
46530429I'm going to bulk how high should my TDEE be? I'm 6'1 (185) and weigh around 73kg. Is…[View]
46532811>That 15yo BOOMER thts obsessed with facial structure[View]
46532820Why stronkmen better back vs. front?: Anyone else ever notice this? The guys who's backs look b…[View]
46530664NoGym day 32[View]
46530022ITT we post fitnes meals that we invented I will start: chicken breast spaget cucumber and chici sau…[View]
46529905What’s the actual, unironic path to Lachowskimode?[View]
46524015Bitch Press: How'd this stupid meme shit become the most popular upper-body exercise?[View]
46532565>dad is a boomer How could i let this happen?[View]
46532079why are people not fapping?: Why rnt they doing it? How does it help ur fitness? Pic unrelated…[View]
46531521Have you noticed that the DYELs are the most vocal ones? They also tend to be the ones trying to tel…[View]
46531996Can you become unmoggable? Or is everyone susceptible to getting mogged?[View]
46532433>3 - 5 hours of sleep a night for the past two weeks >I'm so tucking tired I just want t…[View]
46526257WOAH!!: I mean.....WOAH !!! Am I right?[View]
46531904Is it possible for me to get strongfat or built on a soul food diet?[View]
46529214How do I achieve this body?[View]
46530167Is this achievable natty? Goal Body Thread (GBT)[View]
46530870>sleeves tight when I have a pump >loose and baggy every other moment I feel so deflated on re…[View]
46531733Calisthenics?: Can someone give me the red pill on calisthenics? I'm a poorfag and can't …[View]
46531318> that guy with the entire day devoted to 'abs'[View]
46532205I'm in no way promoting the use of steroids, but how did bodybuilders know when to make the cha…[View]
46531665>board is called fitness >50% of threads pertain to bodybuilding which is by definition not fi…[View]
46529902>mire myself >smiling >get a full boner just from looking at body >don't even look …[View]
46532109Why me: >be me >23 >5’9 >dad is 6’1 and mom is 5’8 >little bro almost 17 and is 5’11.…[View]
46532044I masturbated again this week. Feelin' like a real piece of shit. Didn't even train today.…[View]
46529812Started the Warrior Body program after doing SS for six months. So far it seems really really easy. …[View]
46531860Is deadlifts + front squats the ultimate combo? It seems like deadlifts target your glutes, hamstrin…[View]
46532063What do I need to work on to be able to do this?[View]
46530497Lower bicep is small: What can I do about this to even it out? The part near my elbow is tiny compar…[View]
46530385Hey /fit/ my weight is 130kg and im 180cm long so yes im a fat fuck and im gonna change it Tommorow…[View]
46526912Anything else to add to my list of insecurities?: >manlet >shoulderlet >jawlet >chinlet …[View]
46527937The only reason why it appears that bro-splits give better results is because 99% of people run a br…[View]
46531936I'm getting cramps: They come and go but at different places from my back to my legs for a few …[View]
46531792I shaved my head recently and all has been well. Accept the last few days my acne has kicked in and …[View]
46529784Can I Grease The Groove until I get buff? Only picture /fit/ related that I have.[View]
46528415Ring fingerlet hate thread. Lmao @ the correlation between a short ring finger and shitty lifts[View]
46530786whats the point of lifting if you're a short skeleton with small bone structure?im never going …[View]
46530221Two Scoops: Today something magical happened /fit/: my new container of protein came with two scoops…[View]
46531773>overweight and lonely >start lifting two years ago >end up with really tight body, proud o…[View]
46519987I hurt myself today: to see if I still feel[View]
46512441I need fitness help. Im a femboy so idk how to fitness.: Hi friends. Im a pretty fit (no pun intende…[View]
46524998no fap: 10 DAYS LEFT GOD HELP US[View]
46527039/fit/- This is 100% no bullshit. My testosterone has increased.: For a year I was a lazy fuck, playi…[View]
46529834Alternative to SERM's: Gynecomastia reduction & REBIRTH?: I bought these pills a week ago a…[View]
46529929What are foods that fill you and stop your cravings for as little calories as possible? i ate like …[View]
46531518thick thighs: My thighs are very big and, even though some of it is muscle, a lot of it is fat. Will…[View]
46528558So I hit my head about 6 weeks ago and got a pretty severe concussion, even had a non-epileptic seiz…[View]
46529303Vegan Marathon Runner Fiona Oakes Wins Guinness World Record in a Cow Costume https://www.livekindly…[View]
46531310I got a fitness tracker and a body fat percent scale. I now also track macros and calories. Which ap…[View]
46525165Nofap general - im going to kill myself edition: ive had 100 day streaks but just dont care anymore.…[View]
46531514What are /fit/ approved YouTube channels? Fitness related please. Honestly I don't care about t…[View]
46531426T levels: How do I increase then /fit/? I want to learn how I could optimize my testosterone levels …[View]
46530903poor skellyfag here trying to get a bit /fit/ I don't have a rack to set my bar on, so i just …[View]
46531482>TFW No Bulking License: The state of (((Great Britain))) https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/201…[View]
46529149Prove to me that Crossfitters /fraud/: >inb4 just look at them[View]
46531457Hey /fit/, summer skincare time. What sunscreens are good? Do I need to treat a sunburn with aloe or…[View]
46529850What do you guys think of my routine? I've been really depressed these past few weeks and am ge…[View]
46520932CBT: Flat&fat edition: Post em bois 182cm(6 foot) 87kg(191lbs) Whats My bodyfat? Cutting, lost 2…[View]
46530507can i be a trap being 6'2 and average ween[View]
46531343So why are 'training clothes' made for DYELS who obviously don't train? I mean just look at the…[View]
46530748Am i the only guy who visibly cringes when I see a skinny dyel (new to the gym) running on the tread…[View]
46530867>working out at the 4-way cable machine >a girl comes up and starts using the other cable righ…[View]
46530082How do you do the negative phase of the deadlift? I'm at lmao3plates and trying to drop it in a…[View]
46530968Keeping daily motivation: Hey fit. I'm a fat dude whose been trying to make better choices rece…[View]
46530406Tell me more about 1x5 deadlifts. How does that even help? I'm a dyel but I seriously don'…[View]
46523389How can I learn to be an extrovert?[View]
46527509What kind of physique can be achieved using just a rowing machine?[View]
46525362>just shave it, bro[View]
46530596Who here fell for the body dysmorphia meme? >t. guy who gets told he's handsome but still th…[View]
46529988Is this achievable natty[View]
46530868Chad thread: Any tips on how to become more alfa/chad, outside of lifting? Like shit that girls admi…[View]
46530874Any /fit/izens do any grappling [bjj, judo, wrestling, sambo, etc.]? How do you adjust your lifting …[View]
46528343>upper back rounding on all exercises Especially fucks me up on front lever and bench press. What…[View]
46530489caffeine shampoo: Does caffeine shampoo really help regrow your hair? >Imagine being bald in 2018…[View]
46530899Hello /fit/ I'm 22, 1'73m tall and weigh 60kg, currently doing 6 series of 20 reps with 23…[View]
46506162What's your motivation to be fit? >Don't want to die a fatass or be a stereotypical Ame…[View]
46530035Swimming Routines: Looking to do some swimming to add some cardio to my routine, any programs or rec…[View]
46529115I hurt myself today: to see if I still feel[View]
46513877I lift to cuk weaker men, what about you /fit/?[View]
46528429So I'm new to lifting, and I'm slowly learning about correct eating. I love the meat part …[View]
46529827How do I make Levator palpebrae gains? I want to tighten this muscle to lower my upper eyelid exposu…[View]
46528111Is voluntary imprisonment a thing: >trying to lose weight >every goddamn human being around me…[View]
46530623http://muscleandbrawn.com/12-week-intermediate-deadlift-workout-routine/ A deadlift routine that onl…[View]
46528782Would XXXtentaction still be alive if he bloatmaxxed? Pic related is leaked CCTV footage from the sc…[View]
46530615Lifting and peopels perceptions of you: Would he have become a billionaire if he looked like pic rel…[View]
46528855How tight should a lifting belt feel?[View]
46528654How do you recover from the gym faster?: Every time I work out my legs they ache for days. What…[View]
46527072Glutamine: I realize glutamine is completely useless for bodybuilding but has anyone had any success…[View]
46524991ITT: We post the dumbest health and fitness related decisions we ever made >started smoking to lo…[View]
46529800Who's Jason Blaha? Why's he famous? Why does /fit/ hate him so much?[View]
46530304Do I do tricep dips with the handles closer to me farther away? Bonus: How does one focus specifica…[View]
46530290>I once saw a guy in a roid rage open a door by ripping it off its hinges with his bare hands. To…[View]
46528871I have been Doing OMAD , keto , for about 5 weeks went down from 120 kg to 98,4 i want to start exer…[View]
46528313I used to booli Boogie a lot on here, but honestly guys. We should be proud.[View]
46527812Aren't high placed lats a structural flaw?: If high lats are a structural flaw then how is a gu…[View]
46530149m o g g e d[View]
46530112please /fit/ help a fat anon keep the girl of his dreams! >I some how got a girl who's way o…[View]
46526908What do you listen to while exercising?: I will start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm932Sqwf5E…[View]
46513348FPH/FPS: >be me mommy's 587lbs bundle of joy >get the flu because the sail I use to cover…[View]
46529959I was told that standing dumbell curves are a bad exercise. What's an alternative?[View]
46527026He got fat, being a billionaire ruins your physique?[View]
46528968Fit meals thread.: Post patrician meals, what theyre for (bulking, cutting, recomping, etc) and what…[View]
46529292Do you guys know a good insulated gallon thermos I can carry around with me on campus? I want to do …[View]
46529385>that 21 year old boomer that does trx[View]
46526232*walks into the gym* >deees >pa >cito…[View]
46526961Bought a 10kg Kettlebell yesterday: What now?[View]
46529633wrist fracture from falling and metal implant in wrist, it will stay there for life they said its ov…[View]
46529551I know, I know I've let you down I've been a fool to myself I thought that I could live fo…[View]
46523612Why do ugly rich guys get such hot women? First of all how do these guys even show to the girl that …[View]
46529645Is this allowed?: So, would i be breaking noporn if i wanked to a vídeo of myself fucking a girl…[View]
46528907Choose 1: >Tall, but because Marfan's Syndrome >Manlet, but healthy…[View]
46525807Ketosis General - /KETO/: Newbie edition. What do you swap your carbs for? More meat or more veg? Wh…[View]
46529433Will just eating soup give you diarrhoea? It's turned my shit to pure liquid[View]
46529504How much do I need to bench to get this kind of gf? >inb4 be white, already am.…[View]
46529627mr krabs didnt fap: you think that fucking big meaty crustacean GOD created his own business from th…[View]
46529636What is your morning routine? How do you wake up and 'get after it?' I wake up with so little energy…[View]
46526002Who am I lifting for /fit/? More specifically, where is the girl I'm lifting for from?[View]
46527248There is nothing worse than this.[View]
46529449Self Made Pizza: Ok so I've made myself an American style kinda pizza from scratch with a shit …[View]
46521075https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFpizvKpZ3M f-fuck bros. I know that larger cases of obesity are hea…[View]
46526253Anyone else feel insecure around their non/fit/ friends?: I went on a camping trip with my friends e…[View]
46529548Hey /fit/. Kinda new to the gym here. What are your thoughs on rowing machine ? Ive lost a bit of we…[View]
46528772Any experience with this mass gainer?[View]
46529254>tfw going gym with only 4 hours of sleep[View]
46529488Intermittent Fasting/ Breakfast: So I've been doing IF in a 16:8 window pretty unwillingly beca…[View]
46528530What's up guys, V Shred here, athleanx.com[View]
46528177How can I achieve this body?[View]
46529182>he doesn't do Cross Fit Do you want to get big, /fit/?[View]
46525946SARMS: do you need to use PCT after taking sarms like ostarine?[View]
46529400Meme gym advice: Pretty much just list usual gym advice that's useless and not true (and why) I…[View]
46525792Today is the first day of my keto, /fit/. Instead of the usual bowl of oatmeal with mixed berries an…[View]
46517426how to obtain this body?[View]
46528636NETHER BEASTS 800 PIN SQUAT WAS LEGIT He posted a video from a new camera angle on his new channel h…[View]
46523090What is your Wilderness?[View]
46527598>That 20 year old who tries to get /fit/[View]
46528847I'm new to the concept of training and I've read the sticky, but I'm still a little c…[View]
46528997>be me >black >cut my hair short already >age well >when I start to bald just cut lo…[View]
46529072when does it get better?: >wake up go to gym >force myself with every ounce of my willpower to…[View]
46528033drink more water buddeh [spoiler](not the original buddeh)[/spoiler][View]
46529155If you're natural you should only lift 2 times a week. End of discussion. https://www.youtube.…[View]
46529065>walk into gym >rain check I get the rain check I dont want your love its tainted…[View]
46526559Things that make someone who is a 9+/10 instantly pleb tier > she has tatoos (especially a tramp …[View]
46527857how many calories does being cold burn?[View]
46528197What did planet fitness mean by this?[View]
46528946I feel it anons. I'm DYEL but I feel it. Just started last month after many temporary phases of…[View]
46527433Neck Pill: have you taken the neck pill yet?[View]
46527033Would UBI compliment a /fit/ lifestyle?[View]
46526966The other day my Dad mogged me. He goes to the gym like 3 times a week, whereas I just do callisthen…[View]
46527678So what do I do when I get sick of eating this?[View]
46524239Pull-ups: The Chad exercise! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGo4IYlbE5g[View]
46528694How do we deal with the 'fat problem'[View]
46527773Will I lose weight if I bike for two hours a day and lift heavy, but still eat 3000 calories? I cant…[View]
46528364Where has the rum gone: But I’m sure you it would be have fun you a oo day after a long night of I w…[View]
46528642Redpill my on watermelons: I'm struggling to lose weight. I started some 2 months ago, I'v…[View]
46524919whats your excuse?: >That 46 year old guy at the gym >lmao why even bothe- Oh never mind. Me…[View]
46528166Stop watching an*me.[View]
46521355Alright has anyone tried this challenge yet? Is it actually effective or is it just bullshit? Do fou…[View]
46528507i just ate 3 krispy kreme donuts in a row and i'm stressing[View]
46527314is this achievable natty? how long would it take and what program and diet should I follow?[View]
46526264What do you do between sets? My habit is to do stretches.[View]
46526686Internet addiction: How many of you are addicted to the internet? Can you go a whole summer week wit…[View]
46528124Has anyone done a study to determine how much calories a person loses based upon how much weightlift…[View]
46526852Lost all Motivation to Lift: Recently got over Pneumonia, which while I had it, I was essentially a …[View]
46527410I'm new to the board so I'm just trying to get some inside of what I need to do to meet my…[View]
46527652What is the antagonist muscle when running[View]
46527634How to grow arms. What’s a good arm hypertrophy routine and how often should I do it[View]
46524412>want to start cooking chicken in order to drop my protein shake >look up tutorials on how to …[View]
46526651Ay faggots, alt-right Chad here. Long time listener, first time poster lmao (laughing my Aryan off).…[View]
46527437>its a natty does a bro split and wonders why he makes no gains episode…[View]
46512702>white males lifting for white women when you just could move to any asian country…[View]
46527994Made It Ed . Roasties begging you to fuck em: Post msg pics videos of roasties beging You to date, f…[View]
46526809If you aren't on the water with your rice and chicken this summer showing off your winter gains…[View]
46527504Have you noticed other men negatively changing their attitude towards you since you became big? At w…[View]
46526769Does anyone else get headaches from chin-ups and pull ups? Usually by the third set I feel completel…[View]
46521045how do I fix my silly looking Bicep?: see pic related. it's way too thin, and hammer curls only…[View]
46528129How do i cope with the fact that no matter how much i lift i'll never look like this?[View]
46528115during a dry refeed if you need to sweat and dont have a lot of water subq will your body get it fro…[View]
46527500How many times a day is it normal to eat? I used to do five times a day when I was in high school, o…[View]
46527836>that 16-35 years old who thinks that if he lift heavy stuff for enough time someone will love hi…[View]
46509025Any Canadian /fit/izens here?[View]
46527335Quick question: Despite going to the gym, I still have a bit of fat on my chest. Will adding a coupl…[View]
46523856YOU SHOULD NEVER BE SORE AFTER YOU TRAIN: So I was listening to this faggot talking about how you ne…[View]
46527619Daily Mog thread: Let’s have some mog photos and stories boys[View]
46524704/fit/ - Instead of going for a run, can I just starve myself?: I really can't be fucked going f…[View]
46522795>he fell for the liver killing powder meme[View]
46522040Friendly reminder to femanons that weight loss doesn't have to mean sacrificing your curves if …[View]
46526301Itt: Add to pic related I added bright environment because a bright environment simulates sunlight …[View]
46525635Nootropics: Any of you dabble in nootropics? What's your stack and what do you do? I want to s…[View]
46527381Is it weird to be obese (6'3', 320 pounds) and have 175 pounds of muscle while rarely working o…[View]
46526853Why does the Boomerposting meme include a can a of monster /fit/?[View]
46527322Henry Rollins core: how can i achieve this kind of body? I need to become autistic?[View]
46527637Making it back to the gym: Sup /fit/ Ive been working out without any equipment for the last 4 mont…[View]
46524805Can you guys please tell me how to grow my forearms and biceps. I can curl fifty but they're s…[View]
46526102Thailand Juice Trip: need some advice, I'm going to live in thailand for 3 months in October. I…[View]
46527580I am on fat loss cycle with keeping the muscle and I wanna order me a protein powder to make things …[View]
46527462are there some 'ideal' ratios of lifts for a well balanced physique? I talking something like 1/2/3…[View]
46527440>board focused on fitness and self improvement >brainlets can't even write properly Makes…[View]
46527134/Complexes/ This thread is dedicated to the technique which does it all, bigger, stronger, fitter, l…[View]
46527310you are not a boomer if you start lifting at 19..r-right,/fit/?[View]
46526714Anyone read this book?: Seems the claims that it makes, backed up by evidence are quite counter to s…[View]
46526659What is more unhealthy than landwhales smoking cigarettes?[View]
46527053Bodyweight vs. Weights: I don't get why i'm so much stronger in bodyweight exercises and w…[View]
46525884routine thread: I posted about getting an exertion headache last week and I have been taking a break…[View]
46527188going to deadlift heavy in ~30 minutes give me your best deadlift songs please I can't fail my …[View]
46520627/fit/ podcasts thread: >2018 >listening to music while lifting when are you going to see the l…[View]
46525637Wrist injury: So 2 days ago, I was doing my workout. >Bench press, overhead press and some other…[View]
46520677How long till I get abs? Getting impatient here. 5'9' 168 lb.[View]
46519291>humans are only animal on earth that have to consciously regulate their weight, or else become f…[View]
46525279Bulk or cut if you're a fat 30 y/o?[View]
46525563Looksmaxxers of /fit/: What steps should I take to become masculine and aesthetic? SUGGEST anything.…[View]
46526029How do you recover from a night of bad sleep?: Bad sleep totally derails me the next day. Even if I …[View]
46525429Shave or wig: Should i keep using a wig or just shave it all off? Been using a wig for years and re…[View]
46525336I used to smoke cigarettes. i quit them. i used to vape with nicotine, i quit that too. but i am con…[View]
46521437Thoughts on Tretinoin? Is it worth getting if I have bad Rosacea?[View]
46526672>700+ Bench Press >micropenis Why do all powerlifter have micro penises?…[View]
46526155Anyone else here who is exercising even though their body is pretty fucked up? I'm not talking …[View]
46525581Used to powerlift in high school, then took a break that ended up being too long. Getting back into …[View]
46525464Hey /fit/. I'm pretty sure I have a hydrocele. They apparently go away on their own after a few…[View]
46524231I've lost 50 lbs in 2 months so far, started at 250 and I'm currently at 200 lbs. I'…[View]
46519944does estrogen really make you fat? i thought that was a meme[View]
46526540>he isn't in SPB right now What's your excuse?[View]
46523694>Confuse your muscles[View]
46526566STOOL GENERAL: General poop thread. I'll start. How do y'all niggas deal with the amount o…[View]
46524892Chad thread? Post all your Chad's you've found on social media.[View]
46524793Is this the male peak?[View]
46526413What strategies helped you never struggle with caving in on your water fasts ever again?[View]
46525121Middle aged thick women give the best god damn blowjobs on the planet and none of you can prove me o…[View]
46515195This is by far the most under-rated exercise for helping with core strength & stability for stan…[View]
46526466Saw this on /ck/: Which one would be good for gains and which would be good for cutting? Full Calif…[View]
46518135/fraud/: Chillwave Edition Before asking your genuine and earnest questions, make sure to read: http…[View]
46526018What if i ignore rest days? Im newbie, 3months into lifting. Its so boring on down days.[View]
46526156Pic related was told he'd never be able to walk on his own let alone run, was autistic and told…[View]
46523165Was he abused as a child? What causes someone to want to do this to their body? Is this the male equ…[View]
46526206Requesting pic of those two models that /fit/ used to post here, that are blonde and shirtless, and …[View]
46525250Anyway this crazy bi polar girl i used to want to bone messes with my heda daily, i really dont care…[View]
46524416Is 5x5 good?: Help a newfag out. I hear a lot of shit thrown around about things I thought were okay…[View]
46525055>literally shrinks his stomach size >still consumes enough calories daily to maintain his wei…[View]
46526196This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
46524764Goal body thread: Is this the peak of male physique?[View]
46526104I feel dull pain in my lower back when I'm sitting, for days now. Did I fuck my shit up, /fit/?…[View]
46525949How to not be a social retard??: Getting big doesn't fix your social retardation. How do you fi…[View]
46523615Any tips on cutting sugar out of diet?[View]
46525622Whole foods, plant-based diet.[View]
46523820I literally CAN'T STOP FAPPING, what the fuck should I do? self-control doesn't work at th…[View]
46524596I've been watching the entire Friday the 13th series because I love slasher bullshit and I…[View]
46525064I can finally squat a plate, but my ass is not very round, like my cousins. What should I work on?[View]
46522837Is lowlevel muscle soreness permanent?: From what I understand, it's small tearing of the muscl…[View]
46524621>want to get /fit/ and have big muscles >literally every time i pick up a weight I fuck my bac…[View]
46524178Hey /fit/ Everytime I wake up my lower back hurts like fuck. But I have no problems with it during t…[View]
46524333Been using 5g creatine since 2014. Shouldn't I be balding by now? (Srs)[View]
46523267what did i just watch?[View]
46525461What are pointless exercises?[View]
46525538Storytime: That guy in the gym thread: >be me >set up squat rack to barbell row >put 1 pl8 …[View]
46519046hey, tldr; im skinny fat and I want to get healthy/fit, any pointers? more info: https://forum.bodyb…[View]
46525733Body fat %: Well /fit/? Is there any sense to try to fix this shit[View]
46523393>willing to put in time improving my stats in video games >not willing to do it irl Why is thi…[View]
46520812/Fixing Anterior Pelvic Tilt General/ FAPTG: How is it done?[View]
46523530Hey guys im 33 and i was thinking of going to the gym, should i even bother? Pic related[View]
46525609>that 30 year old boomers still lifting weights and still browses /fit/…[View]
46521484Deadlifting is useless and only fucks up your back prove me wrong[View]
46524951Oops sorry for flexing on you aha >MOGGED[View]
46525320>Stop balding.[View]
46525195Any of you guys work 60+ hours and manage to stay pretty fit?[View]
465220065'10' 105 The closest Gym is about a hour drive away with favorable traffic. What can I do to bulk u…[View]
46523717SNACC: >go to store for protein snaccs >nature valley peanut butter dark chocolate bars >15…[View]
46525530Is this achievable[View]
46524496Stories and mire thread: >Be me (sorry for my english because i am a stranger, not normal english…[View]
46524053-teleports into your stomach- heh nothing personal kid[View]
46525359how strong do i need to be to walk on my hands[View]
46525163Beard Growth: I'm basically only lifting because I thought it would help me grow a beard that…[View]
46523258Post APFT score: I just found my APFT score card from 2004. No idea if they still score the same way…[View]
46523951Dysmorphia: I’m probably around 20% BF and want to cut down but every time I look in the mirror I fe…[View]
46514631How has wagecucking affected your gains?: Well /fit/? How do we escape the hell of corporate wage sl…[View]
46525298>nigga shave that shit[View]
46523740What would you rather look like?[View]
46524425How do I learn to eat a lot?: I'm skinny-fat, 6'5', 220lbs, and I started working out cons…[View]
46525156BALDING?: 2g of L-citrulline a day will cure your thinning hair fit related: >What's your f…[View]
46522668Substitutiing Creatine for Sleep: If you take creatine, and instead of training, you go to bed, gues…[View]
46522796>deadlift >I'm still alive[View]
46523754What do you do after getting home from a nice long workout? pic related, it's nice to relax[View]
46522503Should I have a separate day for each of the big 4 lifts or what do you combine together? I usually …[View]
46519678>have home gym >Still can't get motivated to life regularly Fucking hamstring Dom from h…[View]
46517156Hi guys, can I get some advice not sure if I should slim down or try to get more definition on my le…[View]
46523795Pre-Workout: Alright /fit/, what's your go-to preworkout?[View]
46524907>just do bench press brah[View]
46517262To scared to lift: >be me >be 'skinny'fat femoid >very self conscious about body >5…[View]

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