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/fit/ - Fitness

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48007573how does it make you feel when you eat carrots instead of fries /fit/?[View]
48007576Hey fit i need some help I use to be in shit shape but I've started doing light workouts for ab…[View]
48008313Adipower Cargo Trace[View]
48008746How important is it that i hit the -500 calories while cutting? Do i need to be very precisely? Wha…[View]
48006311What mode is this? >t. 6’ manlet[View]
48008684Honest thoughts on Trans lifters?: How does taking MtF hormones affect you in the gym?[View]
48002154Wrestling Conditioning: Hey /fit/ any wrestlers on here? would you guys be so kind to give be a prog…[View]
48007352If god doesn’t exist explain pic related[View]
48008345Is it at all possible to get thick wrists without using growth or being obese?[View]
48005991when do you stop being a dyel? what weight do you need to hit on: >ohp >bench >squat >de…[View]
48008770>You're NOT injecting synthetic testosterone? Are you nuts?[View]
48004951Does workout routine matter while extended cutting?: I'm about 266lbs right now and need to dro…[View]
47993831you boys enjoying life /fit/?[View]
48004547>tfw the only person that remembered my birthday today was the gym receptionist…[View]
47993268redpill me on eggs[View]
48008495How much time: Lads how do I achieve the mode on the left, been lifting for 2.5 months, should I kee…[View]
48003594Sugar is bad for y-: Guess not.[View]
48008691be me, qt nip gf good career clean living. why am i not happy[View]
48005603Does /fit/ do a martial art? If yes, wat do? If no, why the fuck not?[View]
48008574How strong do I need to be in order to overpower/rape a bear?[View]
48006406>tfw you will never have a normal outlook on healthy amounts of food 8oz turkey sausage on a slic…[View]
48008591>saunter into the gym >'all chest, no legs'…[View]
48007052Why should I squat again? Someone remind me[View]
48007594https://youtu.be/NGapthF9q9c “Yes, steroids work. Of course they work; look at these guys competing …[View]
48007018Help I was benching and i felt like my front shoulder muscle was tearing. Did not feel like a rotato…[View]
48004063ABS question: Whats your ab routine like? Do I need a ab day? Currently doing PHAT and finishing eac…[View]
48008442advice or recommendations: About a 2 years ago i lost all my body fat and most of my muscle mass, I …[View]
48008324Best books on healthy diet? What (((books))) to avoid?[View]
48006702What the best isolation exercises for aesthetics for someone who does a strength oriented compound r…[View]
48007234Lost a considerable amount of weight, no motivation to continue: So I went on a streak from 210 down…[View]
48007830i always get /fit/ then i lose motivation and stop being /fit/, then i hate not being /fit/ so i sta…[View]
48008252hi /fit/ I am an ex /fit/ from 2011-2015 I use to train and and work out at the gym to overcome my d…[View]
48006413>wake up at 5AM >be at the gym for 6AM >it's busy as fuck >go to gym after work at …[View]
48005858Woman here. How do I get a smaller waist and bigger hips?[View]
48006840Is there ever a point where one can graduate from /fit/ or 'make it' or is it an endless journey of …[View]
48007984How does /fit/ deal with depression, no gym buddies and still hit goals. > 254 lb > 5' 1…[View]
48005417>struggle to deadlift 1pl8[View]
48006054Anyone else /playing the long game/? >get gf that’s a little chubby with good genetics >used t…[View]
48007970Is it healthier to be fat and addicted to food or normal weight and addicted to nicotine?[View]
47999942Any tradesmen in?[View]
48005432You hear that, you greasy fuckboys? You just don't have enough dick for us thick girls![View]
48005546I’m running and getting more fit to impress my boyfriend. will he love me even more for this? I’m a …[View]
47999882Achievable natty? At 20 years old?[View]
48005642Whats the perfect profile-picture to use on Tinder, for maximum impact? what kind of a photo? angle…[View]
48006118>yah I work out >yah my gym is Planet Fitness so what?…[View]
48007733I just hit 4 sets of sex for 1 rep, is that good bros?[View]
48002480How can I get /fit/ in ways that glorify Jesus?: Of course my aim to get six pack abs is a concern w…[View]
48006125Are there girl gyms and guy gyms?[View]
48006185>go to normal club >zero girls look at me or even acknowledge my presence >have never had o…[View]
47997180Confess your sins /fit/ or Christian Chad will send you to hell[View]
48006670How much weight would I lose, if I lived in a bounce house/bouncy castle?[View]
48003885Goal bodies thread: ITT: post goal bodies[View]
48006866Anybody else feels a lot more motivated/pumped when you see someone with a similar frame who could p…[View]
48007333Redpill me on Massacr3 by Olympus Labs, if anyone has taken it.[View]
48004463>tfw you hit a new squat PR and turn around and see someone benching the same weight…[View]
48007297Phul and Streching Routines?[View]
48006503Help me out bros. >neighbor comes over to chat with parents(i have no college dorm) >says she …[View]
48007216what happened to massthetics: ne1 know wut happened?[View]
48007084I'm currently doing Phrak's greyskull. Is there a workout I can do on the other days of th…[View]
48004385Have you ever gotten really /fit/ and let yourself go? Did you come back from it and get back in sha…[View]
48004196>OHP is stronger than my back squat L-legs don't matter, r-right guys ?…[View]
48004995What kind of cardio do you enjoy doing?[View]
48005289how can I lose weight if junk food is the only source of serotonin for me[View]
48006667>be me >6 years ago >freshman year in high school >small and scrawny >first day of …[View]
48004343Is stretching something that you can just do all day? Like I'm watching TV can I just stretch f…[View]
48005927squat depth: How do I know when I've hit depth on lowbar squat? Until recently I was doing high…[View]
48005983Is this achievable irl?[View]
48006800Broscience Protein Requirements: 'Muh muh 1g/lb bodyweight protein is broscience' Maybe at one point…[View]
48002447Rep range for pull/chin ups: What rep range do ye aim for on your ___ up of choice? Guessing its wei…[View]
48004183I’m doing keto and had 5 eggs at 12:30pm. What should I eat now?[View]
48005936What’s up guys. So my name is Sam, and along time ago, I was in a psych ward in PA near Pittsburgh c…[View]
48005297How do I get ZOD gains?[View]
48006649took magnesium, doubled my reps overnight. I doing something wrong guys, right? is this shit even he…[View]
48005977Will dumbbell press increase my max bench? I'm working towards my goal of benching 300, but I…[View]
48006492post your most inspirational fit speeches www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxRZX9eDpCs[View]
47998707you are training abs with weight, ri-right anon?[View]
48005662I need help guys: Recently I've wanted to bulk up even more, to impress gf, I've started m…[View]
48003952I'm builtfat looking extremely close to pic related and I obviously wanna shed the fat and lean…[View]
48003762PHUL: I'm tapering a lot on my 5 rep ranges now from Texas Method so I think I want to go into …[View]
48006368Hey fit fags, im too deep in a bulk and now im fat. Ive been shredding for a week almost eating 1500…[View]
48005448How do I become a Olympic gold medalist in [spoiler]heavyweight boxing[/spoiler]?[View]
48006349Phil Heath made me laugh with a funny response he made on instagram to a guy who made a joke about h…[View]
48006064im fucking done with 'going to the gym' im starting a bodyweight calisthenics routine tomorrow at ho…[View]
48005969Slowly building a home gym. Only have a bar and plates. What's the most effective ABxABxx split…[View]
48005257Is wearing makeup bad for your skin?[View]
48003521help him[View]
47997880how can one thing be so based[View]
48006081Gyno? Also gyno thread[View]
48004393Has anyone ever reduced their bodyfat to 10% and still had hanging neck fat? My neck looks like pic …[View]
48002874how can i stop to think that im inferior, even if im inferior?[View]
48004221'You are what you eat!': Well, what are you?[View]
48004975Sugar: Red pill me on sugar and how to fucking quit this shit.[View]
48004614I can't stop eating mint oreos, anons, how do I stop eating mint oreos? I just ate twenty in on…[View]
48005982Guys I need some serious help with what direction I’m going in life. I’m 21 and a half, I’ve spent t…[View]
48004693What kind of workouts / diet do I have to do to get this aesthetic?[View]
48005572tfw you fall asleep at 10pm, wake up at 6am and know you are on the right path in life: Gains city, …[View]
47999017Scheduling/planning: Hello fit, I am a mildly autistic lurker that has been lurking for years. One t…[View]
48004688>going about life >irl 10/10 woman shows up for some reason >leaves >remark you don…[View]
47970466ITT: Your goal physique: Post your goal physique[View]
48002891>Rice is full of arsenic WTF am I supposed to eat now?[View]
48002947Is dancing good cardio?[View]
47997659Who here /5amfryup/?[View]
48004066Anyone here have a natty 8 pack?: What's your routine and diet?[View]
48003108Why: For fuck's sake, why?!! It's not like she's some random gym thot, you'd exp…[View]
48003178How do I get into turkish oil wrestling mode?[View]
47975832/fast/ - #313 - New Improved Diabetus Edition: FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the dis…[View]
48005756Put that coffee down! Coffee is for mornings only.[View]
48004575>You are old laid in the bed >you know you cant deadlift 600 lbs anymore >you know you cant…[View]
48002188>not training for years >eat like shit >sleep like shit >Unhealthy lifestyle in general …[View]
48005646You guys meditate right? It's like lifting for your mind.[View]
48005611Redpill me on coffee, is it good or no?: Should I stay away from it or no?[View]
48005708Stronglifts 5x5 vs Ivysaur's 4-4-8 program So as a beginner I've been doing SL 5x5 for abo…[View]
48005687>flex my neck everyday now because of neckpill you've taken the neckpill right?…[View]
47997017Show me what you're eating for lunch on this Sunday /fit/[View]
48005544tennis or volleyball?[View]
48001858When to Give Form Advice: How bad should a stranger's form be before I am morally obliged to gi…[View]
48000072Finally hit 1/2/3/4, but alas, I was too late. She's gone now.[View]
48003149do people actually believe this?[View]
48001590How can I train for hiking?: I go to the gym regularly, so I'm somewhat fit. But whenever I go …[View]
48005500KINObody more like MOGGED. this guys tiny![View]
48003364yo is pasta and bread bad for you?[View]
47999889Why does my eye area look so feminine and how do I fix this?[View]
48005115How do I finally get my ass up and start working out again? I caught some virus and I felt devastate…[View]
48002652I need your help /fit/. I am on quest for the perfect exercise regimen and diet to obatian the most …[View]
48005001has anyone else tried to do 3500 burpees a day? it allows you to lose a pound of fat[View]
48003892>family yoga time >so anon, why don't you have a gf yet?…[View]
48004470Convince me to keep going.[View]
48005224>>47994551 Truly a great leader. I mean seriously, just compare this to some fucking Obama tal…[View]
48005011would using a similar exercise routine that the military uses be beneficial?[View]
48004696>24 >Started working out regularly for the past month >BJJ 3-4 times a week >Overhead pr…[View]
48004793/food/: What the hell do you guys eat? I keep getting takeout everyday and eating peanut butter out …[View]
48005107What are your top sources of calories? For me it's >milk >chicken >yogurt >bananas…[View]
48003056Anyone know where I can find an inexpensive barbell or dumbell set like pic related? Thanks in advan…[View]
48001754penus butter sandwiges: Is peanut butter really that good for bulking or is it just a meme. I do rea…[View]
48001069Making money from fitness: How do I monetize my passion for lifting and fitness? I'm not at the…[View]
47998836what big box of protein powder should I buy? currently browsing through Amazon, and there's so …[View]
48003039tell me about the correlation between height and the amount a person can diddy. is it harder for tal…[View]
48004630SARMS: Redpill me on SARMS What Sarms and brand do you recommend? Also, wat do for PCT and dosage…[View]
48001063Which level are you on?[View]
48003121Is natty lifting a waste of time? I have been lifting for 2 years and it looks like i dont even lift…[View]
48003313The ideal male fitness standards: If you want to be considered a man, you must conform to these stan…[View]
48003888>be me >at the bar with some friends >order a drink >the waiter brings it to me along wi…[View]
48004357>that first can of the day[View]
48004083>be computer science student >mog everyone in the whole department despite being dyel Do you m…[View]
48004133bread is evil, pic related[View]
48004123Hey /fit/ How long until your clean bulk turns into a dirty bulk? >for me it's 4 days…[View]
48000455Facial complexion: How to get smooth facial skin as a boomer (28yo)? Does microneedling/dermarolling…[View]
48004460Use aids lose weight: This is a candy diet supplement from the 80’s called ayds enjoy keks https://y…[View]
48004440Pushups vs. dumbbells: I remember I used to bench press with a pair of 50s and I made significant ga…[View]
48000124Redpill me on nootropics[View]
47998900I have a power rack in my basement but the ceiling is too low for OHP, how do I make pic related? Al…[View]
48001473i usually shake when i lift, like bench press my arms vibrate like a prostate massager. what do? sta…[View]
47989411VEGAN HATE DAILY: VHG Vegan Hate General. How did they pull off this scam? How do they get people to…[View]
48002752what does /fit/ think of oatmeal? seems to be good stuff[View]
48002516Have kinda red face all the time,think it makes me look bad.Wat do[View]
48003139What is the best time of day to lift or do cardio?[View]
48004383What combination of any foods would you have for god tier nutrition, if you didn't need to worr…[View]
48003778in this itt thread: if i am fasting how much weight do you think im losing by jerking my dick? I lik…[View]
48002640Is this the ultimate protein shake /fit/?[View]
47999295>5'7 >123 pounds >19% fat >no exercise >eat like shit >family tells me I should ea…[View]
48004006Not sure if I'm being mired or if people are smiling at me because I look funny. How can you te…[View]
48003340Which one's healthier?[View]
48003015Why I always skip leg day[View]
47989680Is this the power of the CHAD?: >fast reflexes >stops time >winning expression CHAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
48003759NoFap is a meme[View]
48002807IGOR the tallest man: Why couldn't they remove the entire tumor?[View]
48000630Quick /fit/, you're about to pull off your final rep What's your finishing line?[View]
48003066The best way to test both mental and physical strength is by doing a 2k erg test. Prove me wrong.[View]
48001560Shit you do, even though /fit/ doesn't approve -fap as much as I can -do a brosplit -use kettl…[View]
48001985Just started going to the gym last month How do you guys deal with calluses? Hurts like a bitch even…[View]
48003871fuck me my tailbone hurts so much pls guys always lift with proper form and never push yourself too …[View]
48003475fapping doesn't lower testosterone. The alpha males have the most sex, and obviously have the h…[View]
48001538Takes me way too long to piss everything out: For years it takes me at least half an hour(hour and a…[View]
48003388Daily Jason Blaha word of wisdom: 'Getting fucked in the ass with a strapon by a girl is not gay'…[View]
48003223actually concerned: Before working out I was 178 ibs and I've only been working out the past 2 …[View]
48003334Daily reminder that if you lift for girls you’ll burn out in about 8 months. If you lift to mog othe…[View]
48003619What's your stack?[View]
48002864I pay for my program every month. Who here /wealthy/?[View]
47998162/fit/ BTFO: >Jacked as FUCK >Only eats leaves Tell me again how veganism isn't nutritiona…[View]
48002318Did lifting make you a better fighter?[View]
48002854Squats just make you look like a retard[View]
48003241Howdy, /fit/ partners. Dude from /lit/ here. I'm just tired of having a shitty-ass posture. I…[View]
47994411Fuark is there anything more motivational than the first hour of Limitless?: Movie gets me pumped…[View]
48002236Are my shoulders broad enough for it to be even worth it to start lifting via blahino's 5x5 aut…[View]
48001618How do I fix this gut even though I kinda have abs /fit/ Also aesthetics thread[View]
48003107Korea is such a paradise for fat haters. Making fun about literally every fat pride movement (this p…[View]
48001668New here, and the sticky is broke!: Here's the deal I'm 6'2, 170lbs and skinny fat. …[View]
47996655>that stinging pain in your chest after a good workout[View]
48002577For all big time cutters here: What was you starting point and how much did you lose weight in the b…[View]
47999863What's the rationale for using steroids? It's just like cheating. If it ain't natty i…[View]
48003303Mire stories thread! holy shit 60yr old cougar called me sexy, girl I haven't seen in months do…[View]
48001293REMINDER: You've made it when you hear people questioning if you're natty.[View]
48001136>just did a deadhang-to-chest chin-up while holding 53.4 pounds with my calves Bow before the bic…[View]
48002753Lads what's the best way to lose chest fat because I don't think I can go on like this[View]
48003181Ephedrine: I havent run an ECA stack in probably 10 years. The place I use to order from is out of b…[View]
48002871Minimalist Diet for an athlete?: I'm very busy and don't have a lot of time to make food. …[View]
47997526Guys this is really weird, i need your help, every doctor says im fine and i keep getting reffered t…[View]
48003186I'm going to try living off a powder that I can easily take with me and mix water into to turn …[View]
48001341Heart Gains: What's the best exercise for heart health? Muscle means nothing if you're dea…[View]
48001975How long before my muscles look as full as pumped??[View]
48001407Noob gains: When I gain those 3-4lbs of muscle after the first year where will they be? That doesn…[View]
47996614Most based form of cardio?[View]
47998785Thoughts on greyskull lp?: Has anyone tried Phraks Greyskull LP? If so, how did you find it and did …[View]
48002184Only have an adjustable bench and some weights (barbell + dumbbells) at home, is it enough to make i…[View]
48000154I've been doing 5*5 stronglifts for a good 10 months now. I've got my squat and deadlift t…[View]
48002930>Andre was 6'9'[View]
48001832What do you think? Waste of time or good way to gain muscle? Calisthenics video my friend keeps tell…[View]
48002811OK hey. My name is John I just started lifting and I'm 36 years old. Basically first workout in…[View]
48002565>12,000 kcal per day Why?[View]
48002491i want to be able to do weighted pull ups for reps with (my bodyweight= 180 lbs + extra 200 lbs= 380…[View]
48001005I just got one of these big bad motherfuckers as a present. Anyone got any good soup recipes for a b…[View]
48002598I was lifting and then I got a throbbing sensation in my eyes and a headache. Anyone else experience…[View]
48000520How long to get this physique naturally, assuming you start averagemode?[View]
47996501How do you avoid loose skin after losing a lot of weight?: So I'm 5'11, 244 lbs. I've…[View]
48002801>two weeks into nofap october, going stronk >work has been incredibly busy since thursday, hav…[View]
48001228One bodypart everyday?: Is there any benefit to training a bodypart everyday? For example arms, legs…[View]
47999435so uhh, what are the most /fit/ alcoholic beverages? >pic maybe related…[View]
48002623Weight loss: So what is your weight loss story? I am kinda bummed cause I really want to get in shap…[View]
47999879Is there a single interview where Brad actually talks about his workouts? You always hear people say…[View]
48002647convenient /fit/ food: Share tips/finds for eating healthy when on the go/planning fails you. To sta…[View]
47998432This is why USA is obese: >Part of this complete breakfast Huh...so this is what a 'complete brea…[View]
48001608Does finasteride / propecia diminish your gains? Does lowering your DHT synthesis by 70% have a mate…[View]
47997932Bulk or Cut?: Which phase do you prefer? I enjoy both.[View]
48002314Does a high deficit (+500 deficit) hurt much or at all if I manage to eat more than enough of the ne…[View]
48000076No x day: T rex mode and chicken mode are well known by now. Ever saw any other particularly unusual…[View]
48000627are biceps curls any good?[View]
47999155How do I get a 6 pack in one month?[View]
48002520I need to make a list with the exercises that I should avoid to do not affect my growth.I have a rea…[View]
48001534Is a carb a carb? 300kcal of oats Vs 300kcal of banana VS 300kcal of rice What is the best for overa…[View]
48001605Women: Fat Acceptance or Strength Acceptance?: I'm a little confused. The current SJW trend is …[View]
47991419These any good for swimming laps?[View]
47999476How does one train neck muscles?[View]
48001672How to Start: I wanna start weightlifting but i have no idea what I'm doing... I mean ive read …[View]
48002241Education: Tell me /fit/ whats the first thing you will teach your kid about nutrition/health/sport …[View]
47983618/cbt/ old one hit the bump limit edition: >205 bench >275 squat >480 hex bar deadlift >1…[View]
47999504>it will never be 2011 /fit/ again[View]
48000881can a skinny guy become good looking at all or would i have been better starting off as a american? …[View]
47999562weird oddities you do at the gym?: ill start: > rub shit on the toilet seat for the next person …[View]
48000892Hey /fit/ I've been losing it lately so I want to learn how to workout. Would 10x10 work for an…[View]
47997460Hobbies thread: STOP SCROLLING, FAGS. GO DO SOMETHING. You're fit now, go out and use that thi…[View]
47995186People with puffy nipples, when you pinch your nips they turn normal. This is gyno or local fat behi…[View]
48000235Post your god tier gym music[View]
48000609Teeth damage: I went to the dentist a couple of days ago and found out that I have some minor teeth …[View]
48000242Pain from doing dips: I have been doing dips in three months now and last session I feelt pain in my…[View]
48001251Inner dialogue and battles in the gym are okay right /fit/ What if you're battling something an…[View]
47998887Another day, another great workout[View]
48001483are these things any good?[View]
48001274>asian guy dating a white chick walks into the bar with an '800lb club' t-shirt on…[View]
47997976>be me, 19 >been 4 hours away from home and the closest friend for 4 months now, and will be u…[View]
48001551Whats the name of this thing?[View]
48001430New to this board. I read the sticky and have some questions. First, are the grams mentioned in it i…[View]
47998753>Meditating and Nofap but stopped counting days so im atleast 1-2 month plus >brainfog disappe…[View]
48001104Is it normal to feel dumber on a cut? Every time I go on one I notice my vocabulary gets smaller, I …[View]
48000279I fucking hate eating. I'm at 160 up from 150 now but I'm so fucking tired of eating peanu…[View]
47998740WTF is making it: You guys keep talking about making 'it'. What is your it? What do you want to achi…[View]
48000578Routine thread: Guys I have a question literally everyday jacked chad I know are running a bro split…[View]
48001327> everyday this guy at work eats a block of cheese for lunch > puts it on anything and everyt…[View]
48001336QDDOT: Couldn't find one in the catalog. Any baseline recommendations for sodium and potassium …[View]
47999379The cure to depression[View]
47985368/fat/ Eat your mushrooms: >Who is /fat/ for? For plump pot-bellied roly-polys who want to better …[View]
47997923Firefighter fitness: I've always thought firefighters have to be in great physical condition. T…[View]
47995891Being healthy ruins my life: When do I start feeling good? >Stop playing meaningless time burning…[View]
47998130What are some things you can say during a fight to seem tough? For example: >bout to dab on this …[View]
48000475i miss rich[View]
48001196are bicep kickbacks any good?[View]
47998691>tfw achieved initial goals: >16 >morbidly obese >250+ lbs, spent entire childhood playi…[View]
47999588Taylor Kitsch in Lone survivor: What does /fit/ think of this body, also how can i get this body?…[View]
48001296MARTIAL ARTS: A thread for discussing martial arts. I want to start learning some martial art, but h…[View]
47981571FPH: New One: Old one died I guess. Eternal fph[View]
47998490Say you wake up as one of these guys, realistically, what do you health and grooming wise?[View]
48000876This should be easy for you /fit/, right? Don't tell me you skipped cardio again?[View]
48000634>Be fatass >Hate being fat >Decide to lose weight by eating less and hitting the gym >Se…[View]
47999439Foam Rollers: What foam roller does /fit/ use? How effective is it at reducing soreness? Post recomm…[View]
48000810>that guy who does Skull Crushers xF[View]
47988567/PLG/ powerlifting general: Before you ask your retarded question about what program you should run,…[View]
47998421>5'11 >146lbs >was 156lbs a month ago I can't gain weight without drinking a lot …[View]
47999171is coffee bad?[View]
47998955How is it physically possible that I grew almost 2 inches at the age of 24?[View]
47995469>Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari (born 1991) was a Saudi Arabian man who in August 2013 was found to be …[View]
47982774Fit ideals: It’s been awhile[View]
47999088Remember to always stay hydrated, /fit/.[View]
47995345*schlop schlop schlop*[View]
47994749>wake up at 5am to go to gym and have a productive day >it's raining and cold outside, co…[View]
47998401>yo bro I'm fit af >weighs 230 lbs[View]
48000378How do I get action figure body?[View]
48000125real world bloatmaxx: If anybody wondered what a real life documented BLOATMAXX would look like... h…[View]
47992469Why are gyms full of awkward, staring mofos?[View]
47999953Does being a wristlet mean your wrists are more fragile? Should I be wearing wrist wraps for bench p…[View]
47998995how do I achieve this physique?[View]
47999192I had a call with my doc last Friday. I have low test levels and will get probably a substitution.Mo…[View]
48000104Calisthenics: Wich are the best beginning core excercises for calisthenics?[View]
47997305Are deload weeks in 531 a meme?[View]
48000163Why does my trap/lats from the right side hurts when I stand straight? I'm not sure if its my t…[View]
47998724I hate squats. They feel so awkward and I don't like the feeling. I ashamed that I haven't…[View]
47998373Gym thot appreciation thread: Without gym thots we wouldnt give a shit about working out, they press…[View]
47998983What do you think of Zyzz's workout routine on simplyshredded.com is it more catered towards na…[View]
47999649Whats the current manlet cutoff for us asian bros?[View]
47998221Waht is a realistic goal body for 1,2,3 years of lifting?[View]
47999717What do I need to eat/do to get a chest like this?[View]
47997748/mg/ mire's genral: Post your recent mire related greentexts and pics here boys. Gfs and family…[View]
47995491Pushup thread: Pushup thread. Double post ending under 50. Do it for Her.[View]
47999419PR Song: RIFFS EDITION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ8v6im8INo Animu OST's and meme replies…[View]
47999837Keh-Gals: What the hell are kegels and how do I do them? An anon said they increased his peepee powe…[View]
47999072>he avoids the sun because of 'muh skin' >he doesnt know the sun is will be gone soon just go …[View]
47999299I took DNP at 16 for 2 weeks and I'm still shredded at 20 today, AMA[View]
47994291im 5'8 and 205, why do I look so obese?[View]
47999516>head is 25' in circumference >neck is only 17' is there any hope for me?…[View]
47995421What is the best fitness tracking watch?: Or are they a meme?[View]
47993005calisthenics routine for no equipment: What's the simplest, easiest to follow calisthenics /bod…[View]
47999665what did Helmut mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rolNAAXC6a0[View]
47999136Is there a StrongLifts type program for nutrition? Something I can follow mindlessly and be more or …[View]
47999627>lose a ton of weight >have to buy all new clothes because everything is huge on me now t-than…[View]
47998912Been taking this preworkout for a few days now. Why does this stuff make me feel so lightheaded?[View]
47998207Say you wake up as this guy, realistically, what do you health and grooming wise?[View]
47999487Im new to /fit/ so i dont understand the fascinating. Do you guys actually worship this pencil-neck …[View]
47991611Can I lose this weight in 3 months?: Use to be very fit. Going to Australia in new year and want to …[View]
47996403lanklet hate thread: why are lanklets so fucking weak?[View]
47999397>gym lich cursed me during my last rep >now have to grind in snap city i swear once I get out …[View]
47993021How do you deal with having no friends (This is related to emotional fitness)[View]
47993240This is some of the weirdest shit I've ever read. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/20…[View]
47997050Bulk General: Get in here if you're bulking >From what weight to what weight? >Thoughts, …[View]
47999287Should I do pushups for muscles?: Been working out with sets of 10 using heavy weights. Should I do …[View]
47997881DIY Endless Rope machine: I sprained a muscle in my leg and still want to do some cardio so I found …[View]
47998495Just a reminder that we all gonna make it brah.[View]
47998383I have a question for you /fit/. Is it a problem if i only have one dumbbell, and I have to alternat…[View]
47997588Cycling Thread: Cycling thread, discuss tips, equipment, maintenance, etc[View]
47998838this is what peak performance looks like: prove me wrong[View]
47998602How to use more chest in bench press?: I have an ass tier OHP to bench ratio right now, I can do 165…[View]
47995063CBT THREAD - SUNDAY EDITION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWV8ycDtNMg King of /fit/ here. Just ma…[View]
47998729>start bulking >gf wants less sex Fuck you all…[View]
47995416what's his routine?[View]
47996425Home Gyms: Home gym thread? anyone else want to share a pic of their homegym masterrace setup? pic r…[View]
47986795Would pushing a wall be an effective strength exercise?[View]
47998074College freshman little brother: Is getting sort of embarrassingly fat due to metabolism slowing and…[View]
47988847If you’re not eating pic related, you will never make it. Tap in lentilbros[View]
47997247A girl winked at me on the way to the gym. Hit PB on everything I did Why do women have so much po…[View]
47998447Why do we like glutes so much bros?[View]
47998872im fucking done with 'going to the gym' im starting a bodyweight calisthenics routine tomorrow at ho…[View]
47995870Neckpill: I fucked my shit doing neck curls with a homemade contraption. Went with a 3x5 lifting 8 p…[View]
47998231/Run general/: What's up /fit/. Post your: >mile time >weight >1 rm for squat, bench…[View]
47998033>'height is what matters' >'btw do all of these lifts that make you shorter' I'm not fall…[View]
47995585Does eating lots of garlic improve strength?[View]
47994965how to I build traps the most efficient way, currently I'm dead lifting and doing shrugs with a…[View]
47996985What is the difference between pull ups and chin ups? Pronated grip is 100% pull up and supinated gr…[View]
47997593Nutrition Advice: How many of you guys have achieved your target physique on a shit diet? By shit di…[View]
47998422goal physique: is this achievable natty?[View]
47998065>Benching lmao2pl8 for reps yesterday >Feel normal, go to work >Have this strange pain in m…[View]
47987052>you don't gain size from 1-5 rep range[View]
47998492Is this achievable natty?[View]
47991439how much do I have to seated db press to rep 1 pl8 OHP? Right now I can do 60s for reps also what do…[View]
47998223'I watch the Dark Knight movies for the ''plot''.'[View]
47995196Is honry a good preworkout food?[View]
47998446How to natty?[View]
47995356how do i fix anterior pelvic tilt? keep doing the usual lifts like deadlift, squat, bench, pullups a…[View]
47992274Stretch marks...: They will go away... right bros? I’m losing the weight I’m eating better, I’m addi…[View]
47979469What are /fit/s 3 favorite compounds? DL OHP Incline Dumbell[View]
47995489Does looking at porn when lifting really help your strength? https://www.medicaldaily.com/forget-st…[View]
47995784My shoulder hurts: When I bench and now when I OHP. Front of it feels like it’s being pinched and po…[View]
47983339What's it like having eating disorders?[View]
47995786BURNOUT: >over trained >over stressed >crippling anxiety / depression >gone from 8 hours…[View]
47990142Were they really based?[View]
47996567food: >that bulking feel when[View]
47995488does anyone here have anger issues how can i prevent them?[View]
47993852>Not rucking wtf dont you know it builds muscle, endurance, and character?…[View]
47996104VLG Vegan Love General. How did they pull off their altruism? How do they get people to purposefully…[View]
47996032Are push-ups and cardio enough to achieve and maintain this DYEL aesthethic?What about the diet?[View]
47995062ab circle pro: Has anyone here actually tried this thing? Thoughts??[View]
47992192What exercises do I do to get a toned body like this? How about diet?[View]
47997831Starting Out: >be a fat piece of shit >finally get something to click inside so I start actual…[View]
47995827How the fuck am I supposed to eat this shit?[View]
47994084The mind: Are you overcoming your weaknesses? Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, becaus…[View]
47997766Alright boys, I've been shitposting here since 2009 and I think I'm finally ready to star…[View]
47992591what are you eating right now?: post what your meals >pictured 50g oatmeal, apple and an obscene …[View]
47997277Why are squats so vehemently advised? I don't get it. You all want thick thighs and fat asses?[View]
47993364Fit is there anything I should know about frozen vegetables? They aren't some sort of Jewish tr…[View]
47995432I'm eating potato chips and can't stop. Should I throw the whole bag out so I don't e…[View]
47995447Im trying to cut out milk from my diet. What i can put into my oats instead? Almond milk and onions …[View]
47997030How do you know if a girl from your gym browses /fit/? I can't just go to her and awkwardly ask…[View]
47996909Will working out to thicken my neck muscles make my voice deeper and sexy? How do i make neck gains?[View]
47996498lifting music thread mexican gains goblin edition here's a bunch I like to play while lifting: …[View]
47993030Ok /fit/ the beta incels on this board are starting to get on my nerves with all the loser attitudes…[View]
47996190How do I get my mom to get in shape: She really let herself go the past few years. She gave birth to…[View]
47996009Onions and testosterone: Anyone else eating raw onions for a testosterone boost? Ever since I'v…[View]
47995475I miss him, bros[View]
47997205mog thread: post mogs[View]
47996067/femfit/: Do you squat for Chad?[View]
47996719>lose weight >start getting fit >still depressed What the fuck?…[View]
47997202>go to gym on sunday >very pretty grill there face 9 ass 7,5 >he has bf with her >bf is …[View]
47995982Getting back into fitness after on-off (over years): TLDR: Out of the game for years. Went through …[View]
47996320I stopped lifting a year ago because of knee issues that wouldn't go away. At the time there we…[View]
47993950How much you bench: 260 here :P[View]
47993673If breastfeeding is so good for infants, why do we stop drinking it?[View]
47993775Anterior Pelvic Tilt: >Anterior Pelvic Tilt How the fuck do I fix this shit?…[View]
47992482I hope your not a jobless loser /fit/.[View]
47996753Traps growing for no reason and it makes my shoulders look narrow pls halp[View]
47993881post ur lifting playlists: do it[View]
47995797How do you gain the self control to not eat/not stuff your face with empty calories and high cal foo…[View]
47995341BuzzFeed: Running a Marathon in 10 Weeks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm7OtVr7yCE >had only r…[View]
47996122>Think I tore rotator cuff again how can I stop this REEEEEEEEE[View]
47984055>not taking cold showers >not doing the wim hof method >not doing nofap >not exercising …[View]
47996234Redpill me: >Height: 72 inches >Weight: 140 lbs I'm thinking of doing calisthenics/cardio…[View]
47994562I'm almost 28 /fit/. I just started lifting (5'9 160) and since I was already in good shap…[View]
47993186How does this shit even happen? Don’t give me the “he’s comfortable with his height” because that’s …[View]
47993561Post your favorite foods[View]
47996026Why do we only talk about eating chicken eggs. Why does no one talk about eating cow eggs for gains?[View]
47996611i got a question anons. Im a 177cm 82kg 19m . I was 92,5 kg 3 months ago and i lost like 10kg by pro…[View]
47995762My wife told me she doesn't want to be with me anymore so I went the gym and broke my bench and…[View]
47985070Vegetarianism: All the nutritional goodness of a meat diet via free range milk and eggs without murd…[View]
47994394Rate my 2 months transformation Went from 260 to 230 lb[View]
47993445I started lifting in the past year and I've objectively failed. I never particularly took it s…[View]
47995972What routine do I need to do to become a fucking Chad like this?[View]
47996306>lost control and ate 4 boxes of 250g of cookies >felt like throwing up for the next 10 hours…[View]
47992542>Be me >Gotten really fat >Can see my fat gut and back fat just expanding and getting lar…[View]
47994504Hip trouble: Hey /fit/, I love squats, but the last couple times I’ve squated the left front of my h…[View]
47995396>that beta friend that refuses to the gym with you I just want him to be better…[View]
47995757How do I lose a pound a day?: Would running like a maniac and going into auschwitz mode help?[View]
47994293how can I convince my girlfriend to try to start losing more weight without insulting her? pic unrel…[View]
47996054I'm new to the west and going to Jack in the Box for the first time at 2 AM, give me your god t…[View]
47984786Does cigarette cause hairloss?[View]
47995496/Running/ General: What's the best way for a novice runner to build a good base mileage? I star…[View]
47994502What's trying to goblin your gains right now? > tfw lifting with a hernia Can't squat o…[View]
47994710hey /fit/, help me get to the goblin slayer physique. i know it's quite a bit unrealistic but i…[View]
47994984What is a good begginer program? Yes I've read the sticky and even meme like SS is included the…[View]
47973745Skinnyfats report in. Hows that recomp going brahs? 24/M/63.3kg 0 muscle but look fat, prob 15% bod…[View]
47981903What’s your daily supplement intake?[View]
47995772Gaining weight: If I wanted to gain 10lbs in a month, would that be possible? And if so how i'm…[View]
47995368Is there a certain time period I should wait between cutting and bulking, i.e ~2 week period of eati…[View]
47995173The king of /fit/ has returned: https://youtu.be/mWV8ycDtNMg[View]
47994928Thinking about getting a pair. Thoughts?[View]
47992835Is this archivable natural?[View]
47993916thanks guys: you know what /fit/, im happy to be here on my saturday night with y'all. this bea…[View]
47993773It's possible achieve this mode only with bodyweight and diet?[View]
47986994/fit/ webm thread[View]
47994715Read SS and starting Phase 1 this Monday. Do I really need 3500-6000 calories? Or can I just do my T…[View]
47993503Listen hate me all you want but i came to this realization after my lsd trip this morning. I appreci…[View]
47994651Question for my clean cut bros: How easy is it to buzz your hair off without it looking fucked up? C…[View]
47988637Why do we even lift when the world is becoming see attached image?[View]
47988325Smart/Fitness Watches: >Currently looking for a affordable smart/fitness watch What does /fit/ ow…[View]
47995085Post yfw you finish a heavy 10 rep deadlift set[View]
47992695Which athletes so you wish to be more like? Just /fit/ characteristics - not /biz/.[View]
47995011I want to quit /fit/ i have all the money, the girl 10/10 of mu dreams. The perfect life, the perfec…[View]
47994547>Decide weight lifting is too hard and punishing >Switch to only jump rope >Eat before I ju…[View]
47994796Diets don't work:: >>Counting calories >>Eat TDEE only >>Yet gaining weight D…[View]
47994262hello /fit/ i'm sure you guys get this question a lot but how can i lose weight? i've stru…[View]
47994966huel: what does /fit/ think of this stuff? seems pretty good, massive protein intake and all that ot…[View]
47989597Reminder that if she doesnt keep her beauty to you and only you, doesnt live for u, doesnt please yo…[View]
47990019i'm an absolute noob when it comes to lifting, how do i go about to do deadlifts with absolutel…[View]
47994269>You need to follow a program >You need to shock the muscle WHICH IS IT…[View]
47994845Post least favorite bulking food: For me it's the roastie. Why are there so many on /fit/ latel…[View]
47992904How do I achieve this natty?[View]
47994813This is how I operate and I lose weight. Triggered much?[View]
47992271how /fit/ do you need to be to pull this off on the 31st?[View]
47993469Lost 50 pounds with the help of /fit/ during the last year and a half to realize my dream of becomin…[View]
47992510You're still dedicating your supersets to me, right /fit/?[View]
47993425ever since i turned 18 ive been into trannys and cd's: what is wrong with me?[View]
47993969This is a cry for help: Today I went to a wedding and witnessed pure happiness from all the attendee…[View]
47987371Alright fit, we're making mandatory fitness standards for the world. Everyone on earth has 1 ye…[View]
47992391>Bro you're only balding because of your shitty diet and lack of exercise…[View]
47993162>tfw you bench 1pl8 for the first time we're all gonna make it brahs…[View]
47993689Any tips for getting into working out and staying consistent with it? The gym is like torture to me.…[View]
47994128I'm sick as hell and want to get better asap, anyone have any tips for getting over a cold/sinu…[View]
47993486Boxing drills: Hey /fit/ i've been doing boxing drills for a short bit of time now, but I feel …[View]
47994286Roiders, how do you keep yourself in check from being an aggro cunt?[View]
47994238I think i may have been counting my calories wrong and it caused me to almost give up cause i wasnt …[View]
47994076Why in the hell would you lift for a western woman? This makes no sense.[View]
47992853Can one be both fit & low test at the same time?[View]
47990684Who has it? Where can I torrent or stream?[View]
47991571>eat 4k calories daily >still lose weight despite being 65kg…[View]
47992977What can i put in my backpack to make it heavy so i can go rucking?[View]
47992489This is considered muscular in asian countries. What the fuck is going on with asians?[View]
47992587>210 bench >230 squat >cant deadlift due to recovering back >25 pullups >165 lbs …[View]
47990472Why does he look so old now /fit/? Is it from eating all those junk fast food?[View]
47992628Anyone here ever own a local or franchise gym? Is it worth getting into?[View]
47993968Lighter Dude: Be me 13 In Germany at a souvenir shop. See a cool propane lighter Only 2 euros whyn…[View]
47993688Whats the point of being a lanklet if im ugly as fuck?: All my life I ve been looked at as the goofy…[View]
47991128Basically I'm looking for the /fit/ approved running equivalent of SS. Something comprehensive …[View]
47989455How do I not look like this?[View]
47992362Lift Wars: >starts taunting the pit people waving a 5lbs around like a lightsaber >friend gra…[View]
47992235how to cope with being a handlet? i'm 6'2 with 8 inch hands my fingers are skinny as hell …[View]
47992550This thread will probaby die/I never post anyway: Anyone here doing nofap+cold shower+Wim Hof? Æooki…[View]
47993796How long do I have to lift before fitness becomes a part of my lifestyle?[View]
47987455ANSWER THIS QUESTION RIGHT NOW, FAGGOTS!: If you have 2 twins who have the exact same bodies, muscle…[View]
47979405> get a decent haircut instead of Great Clips for once > realize I have god-tier hair genetics…[View]
47993265Keep going /fit/: >be me >20 y/o anon >Lost a lot of weight, got jacked >stopped watchin…[View]
47985699How does one unlock Alan thrall mode? Say something nice about your natty king[View]
47991920Lobster daddy said I should only eat meat. I've lost 20 lb and my skin is turning a very pale y…[View]
47992723What's for dindins /fit/?[View]
47993598What's the best look for a 6ft 5 endomorph like me[View]
47983805>Reasons why to not workout for women Skellies with big dicks can get more ass than you…[View]
47992028Sleep and Sleeping General: How are you sleeping anon? Are you getting enough hours every night? Whe…[View]
47976531Post em. https://symmetricstrength.com/[View]
47993331These last 40 days I've been eating too much and stopped going to the gym. I need to cleanse my…[View]
47984394Does getting /fit/ actually decrease my chances of getting a gf. I study mathematics, and literally …[View]
47992462What's your favourite Rich Piana video?: I'm bored and want to watch some quality Rich con…[View]
47988906Recommend similar internet forum to /fit/, but without using words cope, kys, cuck or jew in every p…[View]
47992176>calf doms[View]
47988988The tea chad > The coffee virgin: >Enough caffeine to stimulate you, but not to keep you up …[View]
47993052How do I enter Ben Affleck The Town mode?[View]
47993185>lifting for 6+ years >still never been sub 15% bodyfat At this point can I just assume my bod…[View]
47981353Has your life improved since getting /fit/? If so, in what ways?[View]
47985110Why do people shit on starting strength program? Obviously you won't gain mass because it'…[View]
47992079When should I start cycling creatine? ASAP, or only once I've reached my natty limit?[View]
47992117>tfw you get vascularity mired Mire thread[View]
47992535Am I ever going to be good enough?[View]
47989649Vegetarians of /fit/ what do you eat to get gains? Enlighten me I’m new to this[View]
47989087Working out w/ no sleep. Is it unhealthy/not worth even working out?[View]
47991921How are you supposed to cope with extremely intense food cravings & hunger pangs if you’re a fat…[View]
47992110had to go home after just 2 reps on the first workset of the first exercise because I had gas[View]
47984266Dark circles of death: How do I get rid of dark circles, I've had them for the longest time, I …[View]
47980091Is this the actual natty limit? Has there ever been anyone who surpassed Sandow that was 100% guaran…[View]
47988514Any experience with pic related?: I wound up with a set like this basically for free, but looking at…[View]
47992737What muscle does this movement train?[View]
47991382>maxing out sumo DLs >on last rep testicles retract into body >mfw when balls literally dro…[View]
47990590What can you do without any gym equipment? I can think of pullups, chinups, pushups, situps, crunch…[View]
47990760>Overeat and become fat because of mainstream dietary advice >Obvious solution is to not eat u…[View]
47992357fucked every week: >play football >do well >fuck my knee and back every week Are there any …[View]
47985669How good is greyskull for skellys: Specifically this version[View]
47990995There's this girl who's intelligent, has a great smile and face but she's fat. She…[View]
47991056Is mewing a meme?[View]
47992722What mode is this, and how, if possible, can it be achieved?[View]
47987362Will my muscle soreness get better over time?: Skinny dude here. Got into gym and lifted yestarday f…[View]
47992443Please recommend a workout. I need gainz not just rely on skin color.: Does anyone have any stories …[View]
47986557ITT: NECKPILLS: Daily reminder that if you have a pencil neck you are wasting your time lifting unle…[View]
47991780/NoFap/: How do you focus the desire to masturbate in other activities?[View]
47992399Added to weekly staple absolute easiest and goat way to consume mince: Pasta DROPPED Tacos cheaper …[View]
47990228>Past a certain age, a man whose only accomplishment is getting shredded can be a bad thing So wh…[View]
47981584How people treat you?: Ever since I gain more muscle (150>175 @6'0), Ive notice gradually be…[View]
47990171'Thy muscles art truly impressive, HOWEVER...' *tips fedora* *teleports behind you* 'Pshhh, nothing …[View]
47992503How the fuck do increase my appetite lads?[View]
47991119Long Femur/Short Torso: How do my fellow Long Femur/Short Torso-fags squat below parallel efficientl…[View]
47992080What does /fit/ wear to the gym?[View]
47990678Why does being sober suck so fucking much?[View]
47990369Decided to start going to the gym: Need help with basic gym etiquette and advice on how to not look …[View]
47992281left shoulder pain for over a month. I don't know what to do guys. I am not even sure if it…[View]
47989089Under arnm Stains: How to prevent them when not working out? All I have to do to get them is sit wi…[View]
47989593Just writing down some of my thoughts Years ago when I was broke and in my 20s I had a dream I would…[View]
47992286How do I convince my college freshman little brother to care about fitness & in turn, pursue hig…[View]
47985627ITT: Good meals for bulk and cutting from your country: I'll start turkey kebab If you want t…[View]
47991676Thoughts on smelling salts?: I've been fucking with them mostly out of boredom, but I know that…[View]
47990569Is plastic surgery the final boss of /fit/?[View]
47990520Sudden aging: I’m 33, I’ve always been complemented on my youth. People still think I’m 19. However …[View]
47992036Kegel for bette ejaculation: Does anyone know what kegels should I do to get better ejaculation…[View]
47988755Why do people squat on these fuckers?[View]
47989389So I've had a question for a long time: Is Elisha long Natty? The guy clearly has overall good …[View]
47991530How much does your natural basic body build matter when it comes to getting stronger? I joined 2 of …[View]
47985959Mark Rippetoe: >pretentious >tries to sound smarter than he is by making statements that mean …[View]
47991452Recovery from muscle atrophy + trauma: So long story short. 30yr old 6'3' worked a construction…[View]
47989036/DIPS/ General: the Chad dipper vs the virgin smoker edition: What brand do y’all dip? Do you dip at…[View]
47991933>He thinks 1/2/3/4 is a good standard for anything[View]
47991416where do I get these calf sleeves?[View]
47987326Body dysmorphia: >be me last night >in bed with girl ive been talking to for a while >she k…[View]
47979796Friday Night Pushup Thread: Comfy Edition At work and need to get a good body weight workout. Roll …[View]
47991487how to get /fit/ using just dumbbells? I don't have enough for barbells or anything, and I live…[View]
47991543hi /fit/ , i like to eat oats to gain muscle but i think its making me fat. what should i eat to rea…[View]
47988926Rate my workout routine: Monday: 1.) Biceps curls - 5 sets, 15 reps each hand 2.) Upright rows - 5 s…[View]
47991519Am I gaining anything by pausing all my reps when warming up on bench?[View]
47991358Why do chads have a lot of respect for manlets who lift weights (buff in a t shirt)? Deadass, whenev…[View]
47991456I'm skipping leg day today and there's NOTHING you can do about it[View]
47990837will i make it bros[View]
47988760>subscribe to this gym we're open up untill 11pm unlike other gyms >sorry you cant come i…[View]
47991035Who do you look up to?[View]
47986380What type of whey does /fit/ use? Concentrate, isolate, hydrolysate, or a blend? What factors influe…[View]
47978172So tell me /fit/,you still have your 'beard'?[View]
47987002>walk into gym >'YOU'RE A LITTLE LATE, I'M ALREADY TORN'…[View]
47991221I work out four times a week - two days, rest, two days, rest, rest, repeat. I do cardio twice a wee…[View]
47990739Stamina help: Had my first boxing match today heavyweight. Round 1 was mine knocked my opponent out.…[View]
47991353What is your general rule about recovery guys? I mean, doing HIIT over three days really wears me do…[View]
47988658Do people Mire your gains /fit/?: Why do men Mire me when im bulking Why do girls Mire me when im cu…[View]
47989401>tfw you realize muscle size has nothing to do with muscle strength >your genes are the decidi…[View]
47991060I Thought I was 6 ft and ended being 5 10 at the gym[View]
47990137Meditation.: What you fags think about meditation? Is it bullshit or it has some benefits?[View]
47987219What's your opinion on rings /fit/? Also I can do muscle ups what exercise should I progress to…[View]
47985540Is it possible to fat and fit at the same time? Like, being fat doesn't necessarily mean you ha…[View]
47990661>Reads the sticky >is now a fitness and health expert >knows more than (((professionals))) …[View]
47990756how can i get into oly lifting if i'm a brainlet who can barely manage deadlift and bench techn…[View]
47990991>ottermode alpha male that has an active social life and several interests >shredded as fuck m…[View]
47991030I had a very interesting and exiting experience recently. While pulling myself up using a cross bar,…[View]
47990954When is the gym typically the least busy? Ive been thinking of going between 8 and 9 PM to avoid hav…[View]
47989533/fit/ how do I fight my hunger cravings. They get so intense and I feel like I'm wasting my tim…[View]
47989941Do women enjoy chest hair?[View]
47990925I've started cutting, becuz tired of being fat fuck despite having great genetics. is PH3 effec…[View]
47989682NOTHING BEATS MEAT: Just lol at vegans who claim meats bad for you. How come whenever I eat a good, …[View]
47987227What am I in for and should I do it? Stats: 90kg, 200cm[View]
47990492I'm a poorfag and my pitbull is buff but not enough Are there any protien powders that work for…[View]
47990733Hi /fit/ in looking for PHUL routines i want to look good and kick ass in muay thai and jiu jitsu (c…[View]
47986106Wim hof method and brown fat: During the summer I was taking cold showers. Late september I got sick…[View]
47981786Why do girls dress like this at college gyms rather than actual gym cloths and shorts?[View]
47990584>start squatting heavier >knee pain becomes unbearable >go to doctor >'your kneecaps are…[View]
47990396Babby's first knee injury: I just started lifting about 6 months ago with SS, made great gains,…[View]
47989091How do I get bigger mussels?[View]
47990163Hello /fit/ Tell me about your rock bottom and how you overcome and bounced back or are bouncing bac…[View]
47988682Pec tear??: Any of you guys experience this shit? 2 weeks ago I felt a sharp pain in my pec so I sai…[View]
47988687feels thread: just wanted to share this with you /fit[View]
47988557fit cafe: Hello welcome to fit cafe, mind the pull up bar on your way in. Can I interest you in our …[View]
47989842I Believe in Us: I Believe in of all of us, anon's. >no porn >exercise everyday >work…[View]
47990012Progress/transformation thread[View]
47988425Remember me?[View]
47988800Where do you guys work out when you're away from your home gym for a week or so? Looking for so…[View]
47988326im fucking done with 'going to the gym': im fucking done with 'going to the gym' im starting a bodyw…[View]
47982823What are /fit/s 3 favorite isolation exercises? DUMBELL CHEST FLIES Smith hip thrusts Leg extensions[View]
47989086Edging: Is it a Goldstein brand trick or does is actually boost testosterone? i tried it and it ruin…[View]
47980408>he lifts for a girl[View]
47966516/fit/ pets: Let’s see them, lads. Are they /fit/? What are the pros and cons? Pros: >natural sent…[View]
47987635Motivation: I bet you are less fit than this Maid[View]
47989216How can I pull this tattoo off?: DADDY[View]
47988285Hey fit, I’ve been browsing this board for a while but I wanted to ask you how do you stay motivated…[View]
47989755Why do you lift?[View]
47989031STRENGHT AND CALISTHENICS: Hi, /fit/ Yeah, I know calisthenics is for fags and real men do 1/2/3/7 b…[View]
47989709DYEL in distress: I need some advice bros. I've been lifting for a couple years and made some d…[View]
47988426/habit/ pill: >He hasn't taken the /habitpill/ You don't actually think you're go…[View]
47989657Someone remind me what that pump feels like I miss cable rows so much. That lat pump That bicep/fore…[View]
47987228Do normies appreciate nice bodies? Personally I think that they have no idea how hard you have to wo…[View]
47983709What percentage body fat should a woman have?[View]
47989498>ITT Kettlebells for Martial Arts. Yay or Nay?[View]
47989542>the midget hazaras are at the gym again[View]
47988470pic unrelated whats your jogging 100 m sprint time ? my jogging 100 m sprint time, (hand timed by my…[View]
47989497Time to prepare for the bulk, whats your program: Winter is upon us brethren, what program shall you…[View]
47986139I need a new routine, and some diet advice: Hey /fit/ I need some help. Like a lot of help. I know m…[View]
47986527This is fitness after all, so how many of you read the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by W…[View]
47989360I need to start lifting again, doctor's orders. I've had a humerus surgery (elbow to shoul…[View]
47988719Minimalist Training: Whats most minimalist training program that is well rounded at effective? What …[View]
47988259How are your rotator cuffs, anon?[View]
47984661I had an argument with my coworker that his cardio is useless, and we came up with a solution to tes…[View]
47985178How do I burn 600 calories without leaving my apartment?[View]
47988543Started SS a while back. Finally seeing the gains. Feels good lads. Is this what making it is?[View]
47988291whats your motivation fit, mines when you fuck up somone in a sport and all the black kids make that…[View]
47984771>all fastfood is unheal- >chicken=protein=good >veggies=not caloric, overall healthy=good …[View]
47987748How do I estimate what 1g of this stuff is, without a digital scale? Also experiences with it? I tri…[View]
47988893>want to cook high quality food for a meal >get lazy and just eat some bagels slapped with che…[View]
47988565Do you feel good?[View]
47989015Hey bros, Jeff Nippard said that you should train a muscle group with 10-20 sets per week yet I trai…[View]
47988768how do I gain the maximum amount of strength while gaining minimum amount of muscles and body mass?[View]
47988304The Great Gama: 'At the age of 22, he lifted 1200kg stone (2645 pounds) up to his chest and dropped …[View]
47987721/moderation/ meme: Im pretty /fit/ anons >Lift 6 days a week >hit bw protein daily >23 year…[View]
47986708So I had gastroenteritis due to eating some contaminated shellfish a few days ago, and it sucked bec…[View]
47986737Who is your Griffith /fit/? Who caused you to curse the unfair hand you've been given. What for…[View]
47982781>tfw bf is injured and can't go to the gym for another 2 weeks I win gym.…[View]
47988603>enter the gym >bass house blasting from speakers…[View]
47987245Do you remember to wear your squat strap and squat plug while you squat?[View]
47987977What's the cheapest way to get a hanging chin up bar?[View]
47975463What are some key NPC exercises or other gym habits? Things like the typical NPC chest workout: >…[View]
47988650>33 years old >can't do 1 (one) chin-up…[View]
47986457Most people know shit about nutrition: After several experiences I just realized that it's poin…[View]
47988566When will I stop being hungry all the time? When will my stomach fat go away? I'm so tired.[View]
47988258How do I not feel tired all the fucking time[View]
47975324/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: RULES: >no lifting blogs >I want to die >no expressions of he…[View]
47985055/STICC MODE/: Auschwitz escape edition: Share your experiences in escaping low weight high metabolis…[View]
47988244taters: enough about eggs how many potatoes are yall eating a day? just had a yellow and sweet potat…[View]
47987802Boys, I'm 26yo, been working out on and off since I was 17. I look like shit rn. Since my back …[View]
47988116Will I be able to cut body fat and retain muscle if I cut down to 200lbs and clean bulk back to 210l…[View]
47988455/cocoon/ General: can someone give a disambiguation ?[View]
47988203daily reminder that if you don't lift on a completely rigid, 28mm bar to deadlift you are liter…[View]
47984117Russian Women's Figure Competition: Ever seen one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA8RlCdEaeA…[View]
47983912Swimmin bread: Recently a new indoor swimming pool opened in my neighborhood and I decided to switch…[View]
47987822>180cm/5'11' >67kg/148lbs >love handles, no abs, no jaw, and chubby cheeks Should I bi…[View]
47977923>Friday night. Why are you here?[View]
47987352how long can someone jog for? by seeing where my limits are i can deduce my pain threshold and gain …[View]
47988347Workout music: >not picturing yourself as a 17th century pirate fighting British naval officers a…[View]
47988148Did I impinge a nerve?: >me >only exercise I ever do is assisted dips, pull ups, chin ups, and…[View]
47986050Why are the seats on the upright versions of these so much worse than the ones lower to the ground?[View]
47987055Drugs and lifting: /fit I'm need of some advice. About to consume some mdma. Not going to a clu…[View]
47986622I can’t stop eating Can any former fatties tell me their stories? How did you start and what motivat…[View]
47983314Is it easier to look good as a girl than a guy, do they have it on 'easy mode'?[View]
47987613I got cold so I skipped all exercising for a week. Now I'm thinking - is it wrong? Should I hav…[View]
47988137Natural /fit girl thread: Let's give our appreciation to these girls[View]
47987847Hey /fit, do you shave your body hair?: What do you guys think about shaving? are hairless humans th…[View]
47986792I cant seem to lose any weight but I'm making crazy gains this year. I 4x'd my cardio endu…[View]
47966658ok how the fuck do i get bugenhagens body? he has the ideal male physique: huge, defined but not sup…[View]
47981674>NoFap 3 weeks in >horny as imaginable, literally thinking about fucking every girl I see. …[View]
47987797halp me /fit, i've lost like 20 pounds in the last 3 months, the upper torso is ok and the bell…[View]
47975828No dirty bulk for you, mate!: https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/10/12/uk-calorie-cap-pizzas-burg…[View]
47987027losing weight makes your shoulders looks broader or narrower ?[View]
47984172Piece of advice: I saw a dude post about him lacking discipline and motivation but before I managed …[View]
47984323How do I get rid of these stretch marks? Was thinking of tatting them over. Something in dovahzul or…[View]
47987684>gym has been acquired by another gym chain and is closed for refurbishment for two weeks…[View]
47986673did he gained it all back?[View]
47985266is the ivysaur 448 routine a meme?[View]
47985321I can't do a single chinup what do /fit/?[View]
47987397Compression Shorts & Tights: How do the shorts improve performance? Are you able to lift heavier…[View]
47983848What is fit’s theory on only eating for part of the day and “starving” oneself for the rest? How doe…[View]
47986237>that guy who browses 4chan between sets: What do you do between sets, /fit/? Don't tell me …[View]
47982782fph: fat ppl hate threat pls[View]
47980563how do i kill the video games goblin?[View]
47987506post your gym out/fit/[View]
47987395>caffeine >macros Did I find the perfect pre workout bros?…[View]
47987306>Mummy tells you to eat your vegetables if you want to grow up big and strong >refuse, eat can…[View]
47967165ITT: Trigger /fit/[View]
47984252A study I saw recently gave me an idea. It said that doing multiple sets doesn't seem to increa…[View]
47987099How can he only weigh 155kg (342 lbs)?: Ok this guy actually looks built including decent thigh musc…[View]
47986204would an neanderthal be able to outlift modern humans?[View]
47986626>tfw I’m /fit/ now and girls still don’t like me I thought I just had to lift, wtf bros you guys …[View]
47986456Is this possible natty?[View]
47980586Skincare/ Youthmax/ Plastic surgery/ Looksmax general: No point in lifting if you are ugly, how are …[View]
47983685If you're still watching porn you're a fucking loser and you need to quit right now: 5 mon…[View]
47986090If you've had to have your wisdom teeth removed, you are a jawlet and a subhuman. Regards, pea…[View]
47986160is PHUL a meme?: Is PHUL a meme? The hypertrophy part of it doesn't seem to be hitting enough v…[View]
47985456Alright you fuckers. I may have fallen for the meme. How do you build these so-called useful muscles…[View]
47986838How do I go from flabby fat to pic related?[View]
47984821it constantly feels like something is stuck in my throat or that i'm choking. wtf is the deal w…[View]
47980368How does /fit/minimise hangovers so they can go lift again? NPC's who don't drink on Frid…[View]
47986128Am I gonna die from eating chicken, beef, and eggs or not?![View]
47979723why do you think men today are so weak and fragile /fit/? is it because we discarded warrior culture…[View]
47983546How douchey is it to drink my proton shake at my uni classes? I don't have breakfast so a prot…[View]
47985169Are you the big man of your family /fit/? Who's the big man in your group of friends? >have …[View]
47986555CUT COKE: Replaced Coke with Coke Zero at the beginning of this year but i'm still addicted to …[View]
47985497>Signed up for a gym card last month >Haven't gone a single time How do i get the motivat…[View]
47986520>be a 23 year old lazy, alcoholic piece of shit with no sex drive at all who plays vidya >chro…[View]
47986652Sumo deadlift thread: Lanklet here, I have long ass femurs and arms so my conventional looks like a …[View]
47983142Friday Night #Facts With FIGJAM - Protein Edition: #Fact: Not all sources of protein are created equ…[View]
47986004People who have had a tummy tuck: Ok so here it goes. I was really skinny, broke leg put on tons of …[View]
47982978/fit/ how is your heart health? Are you gonna die from heart disease in 30 years or what?[View]
47986493Do you know any useful books for a newbie starting in musculation? I'm cutting a bit first but …[View]
47982103Cope thread: >Just shave it bro, you're ripped girls will love it…[View]
47986470is this video accurate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8ZAKJgg2wE[View]
47984537How fit do you have to be to become a firefighter?[View]
47986308Poop Problems on Keto?: I only recently started keto maybe three weeks ago. The first two weeks I st…[View]
47985308What is your preferred method of inspecting your weight? Particularly, if you start out overweight. …[View]
47985414What's the best exercise for chin day?[View]
47983718Tips for quitting alcohol?: Alcohol is my kryptonite. All the lost gains and excess fat I have is fr…[View]
47980174Is training upper chest a meme?: I've read somewhere that it's pointless to train upper ch…[View]
47985908Who is the jew of the gains?[View]
47986063Is it possible to have this much mass at this low body fat % natty?[View]
47986209>The fat is only going from my shoulders and legs >My belly has been gradually looking proport…[View]
47981935Calisthenics vs weights What is best?[View]
47985041>Takes your dumbbell[View]
47985515>gym doesn't open until 7am on weekends[View]
47985939So...is it suicidal to eat 300g of peanutbutter a day to bulk?[View]
47984581Is there a way to be super strong but look skinny? I want people to underestimate how strong I am, a…[View]
47985710Going grain-free: Going to try to completely eliminate all grains from my diet in an attempt to fix …[View]
47985945Daily reminder to read the fucking sticky: eat your damn eggs Mason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
47983128Someone pls explain[View]
47984067I'm ready.[View]
47982545Any of you jerk off before you workout?[View]
47985814Red pill me on this matter: is it really conducive to optimal health to carry around muscle mass ove…[View]
47976305Does someone here actually hip thrust? I wanna do it but I'm afraid i people might think I…[View]
47984400OKay: Bros, hearth has been feeling weird for 3 days in a row, sharp pain when increased blood press…[View]
47985239When you forget to instinctively suck your gut in because you don’t need to so much anymore[View]
47983865What did you notice once you got fit?: Im not talking about stuff with girls or people treating you …[View]
47984782Eggs: How many eggs are enough /fit/? Also are eggs actually bad for you?[View]
47983287is he natty bros[View]
47974977God I wish that was me.[View]
479854291 week gainz: Help me out /fit/ Got talking to a qt last week and hit it off really well, i've…[View]
47983722I fucking hate doing squats and don't care about my legs strength wat do[View]
47984862Reg Parks beginners 5x5: Reg Parks beginners 5x5 Opinions?[View]
47983084How fucked am I, back is even worsw[View]
47982091Post your boomer workout song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIuOWv-mLP4[View]
47985316Meme me: So I'm getting over my depression and I want you to meme me back into lifting. I have …[View]
47983948FRECKLES: I have freckles on my body similar looking to pic related. Am i still gonna make it? Do co…[View]
47982942Mirin these arms /fit/? They are 18.5 inches[View]
47985128Guys I used to be a skeltal but now suddenly I gained 4kgs without changing anything like my eating …[View]
47981849Anybody else feels more motivated to push one more rep when you see someone who could become stronge…[View]
47985261Hi /fit/ , i've recently started working out and would like your opinion on my routine and diet…[View]
47984103Can someone give me a quick rundown on cholesterol content in chicken thighs? 500g of boneless skinl…[View]
47985136What is your go to snacks fit when you still want to be healthy? For me it's banana ice cream a…[View]
47985124>tfw rotator cuff DOMS[View]
47984153Am I neglecting my hamstrings if my only leg work is squatting twice a week and trap bar deadlifting…[View]
47970064How to get big forearms? They seem to be the only thing you can really show off while clothes unless…[View]
47984119Adderall: I was thinking about taking adderall to help with college classes, have any of you had bad…[View]
47984255>try pic related because of the boomer meme >it tastes like absolute shit >doesn't eve…[View]
47947654/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: You're Gonna Make It Edition Welcome to Greatness Now Let…[View]
47981208Anyone else? >Be me >Self-pitying loser >Lonely >Depressed >Suicidal thoughts >Dis…[View]
47984324Forearms: What are the best isolation exercises for some juicy, thick, popeye forearms? Also, post f…[View]
47982876im fucking done with 'going to the gym': im fucking done with 'going to the gym' im starting a bodyw…[View]
47984657Thank you /fit: Just wanted to say 'thank you'. /fit is a board that actually made my life lastingly…[View]
47984560>bald guys aren't attracti--[View]
47983354Im on a bulk gaining 1 kilo a week Lifts are getting pretty strong, im also gaining size but im lack…[View]
47984487rowing machines: Redpill me on rowing machines, /fit/ I've been casually lifting for a while no…[View]
47983792what is the absolute failproof way to losing fat (mostly around the belly and double chin) to start …[View]
47986230How do you know if your a Player or an NPC?[View]
47983824Made the switch to frozen mixed veggies rather than buying fresh and preparing them myself due to be…[View]
47979894>10 eggs?! What the hell is wrong witchu[View]
47982616I weigh 81 kilos. I'm trying to lose weight and build some muscle. I'd be satisfied achiev…[View]
47984517> be me > skinny 18 > weight 62kg > go to school > come home > weight 61kg Guys ho…[View]
47977626Prove you don't have body dysmorphia[View]
47975425Squat vs leg press Which one is superior according to /fit/?[View]
47978850Im intoing cocoon mode how to cope with loneliness on lonely nights?[View]
47982371Body fat estimate?[View]
47984465Another round of heart disease on me my friends! Cheers![View]
47965940Tattoos are beta and non-aesthetic: >2018 >still falling for the tattoos meme We’re laughing a…[View]
47984091Good night /fit/[View]
47983361What's the hate with Wing Chun? A lot of practitioners from other well known martial arts like …[View]
47981156Do women find this body type attractive?[View]
47983994Who Misses Their Gymbro?: We just don't lift together that much anymore, live too far away.…[View]
47981748What are some recipies you use to help you eat chicken breast? I like chicken marsala[View]
47984076Is going anorexic the only way to become fit.[View]
47982354>Be 5' 8' skinnyfat poorfag >Find out there's a gym in my neighborhood called Planet…[View]
47982680Just a few simple questions: I've read the sticky lads. I just have a few questions. If i misse…[View]
47983345>'Welcome to the Salty Spittoon, how tough are ya?'[View]
47970561>Hey handsome, you mirin'?[View]
47983807Im too mentally weak to do a lot of push ups like i used to How can i get my stamina bacm besides ta…[View]
47983958Could I get a form check, please?[View]
47983890Lifting mishaps: Anyone break a fingertip before? Should I just squat and do calves and abs for a we…[View]
47983905Here's a game for you /fit/ Based on this picture alone, what stands out to you? What would you…[View]
47981937Hi /fit/ What are some of your favorite meals that don't ruin gains? What do bjj guys like eat…[View]
47983628Dog 1vs1:: >be me, with fucked up schedule >have to go to gym at 5 am, but used to waking up e…[View]
47983613need weight loss: hi /fit/ i no want neckbeard anymore so pls gimmie diet and exercise to lose 20 - …[View]
47965823How tall are you? What height would you be if you could chose freely? >6'2 >6'5…[View]
47982535>skipping leg day I hope you don't seriously do this[View]
47983661Anyone else doing the 2222 push ups in a day challenge? Its for vetetans suicide to make sure those …[View]
47983286I'm 6'4 260lbs, I could stand to cut a little bit I'm not fat (abs are outlined not v…[View]
47983573can someone send me energy i need them to do push ups i have no energy[View]
47982315How do I beat the hookerpill /fit/? >be 30 year old boomer >pay a few hundred and get fit 19-…[View]
47983202Remember to get those eye gains /fit/, if you don't have hunter eyes you literally won't m…[View]
47982363Hi /fit/. Chronic alcoholic here. Bulking and lifting hard. Somehow making progress this time. How w…[View]
47983219wide hips FIX: okay im not doing legs anymore for the time being untill my upperbody catches up now …[View]
47958467/fat/ - archived edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For plump pot-bellied roly-polys who want to better …[View]
47982581Do i cut before i start ss?: I'm 6ft i fluctuate 190-195 lbs could i go straight into ss? or sh…[View]
47982906POST DYELS AND MANLETS THREAD I wanna see how bad I am[View]
47983070Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy: Is there literally any evidence supporting it at all or is '12-15 reps for…[View]
47982648guys i cant squat what do I do? If I try pic related it only works if my legs are wide as fuck, othe…[View]
47974415>this guy slaps your ass in the gym locker room What do you do /fit/?[View]
47977481>on nofap for two months >cures my pied sex with gf is much better >gf goes back to uni (lo…[View]
47982997Best work routine for flexibility ? I can easily reach my toes but I want to be able to put my feet …[View]
47980030What are some Fit approved manga/anime other than the popular ones: berserk,jojo;s and baki[View]
47982136Friday night feels: having trouble gaining weight, do any of you guys have any good recipes for bulk…[View]
47981009Based youtube channels: Is there a better youtube channel? 2minutes videos, concise and direct https…[View]
47982423I played WOW with Zyzz(Aziz) back in 2005-2006 Didn't even know he was the actual Zyzz until ab…[View]
47982710>that 30 year old guy with michael jordan jersey at the gym[View]
47982583What exercises are you doing to penismaxx? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2693994/Man-mort…[View]
47981486What is 'Core'?: Can someone explain what 'engage your core' even means? I've been doing squats…[View]
47980288I'm 13% body fat but even when I was 10% I never had visible abs. Why?[View]
47980741No matter how hard I try, I absolutely cannot improve my cardiovascular endurance. I've tried s…[View]
47982395How's your Friday night /fit/? Currently in a bar waiting to go for some food. Remember, being…[View]
47973353tfw you go off-cycle: https://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/10/11/arnold-schwarzenegger-apolo…[View]
47982650daddy needs crunchys and gains: i need crunchy snax now that arent gay[View]
47981809How does he do it?: >drinks 4 sugary drinks >eats 2500 calories, mostly carbs >still /fit/ …[View]
47981061any other poor fags here? how has being poor affected your fitness goals for me i live in a fixer u…[View]
47982013These snickerdoodle protein cookies are so good that I binge ate 9. The problem now is that I'm…[View]
47982306I'm about to go to the gym for the first time without a partner to tell me what to do or spot m…[View]
47981501andractim gel for treating gyno and penis enlargement ? Anyone have any experience?[View]
47981460Tips on quickly reaching Advanced or Exceptional?: I've been lifting and eating autistically fo…[View]
47980388Gym buddy thread: ACAC in Germantown? Looking for someone to chill with while liftin[View]
47982317Lack of discipline and motivation. Can amphetamines help? Hitting a line or two before workout until…[View]
47982071ITT request redpills regarding particular subjects. Could be a supplement, exercise, routine, etc. D…[View]
47980812Itt: post muscle groups, guess stats for said group[View]
47981366>he does biking/swimming for cardio distance running is the alpha cardio. prove me wrong…[View]
47976755Women like that type of men?[View]
47981379Achievable natty?: His arms look ridiculous for a natty. Do you think he is natty?[View]
47973111What have you done to destroy your ego recently?[View]
47980580I only do pushups, pullups, Ab work, and running. Can I still make gains that way or is this my peak…[View]
47980612I don't really want to be fat anymore but I have pretty much no motivation to actually put the …[View]
47982226how to take sarms help[View]
47981171Anybody else self-conscious about buying stuff at the grocery store?: I don't know why but I al…[View]
47980731Masculinity isnt something thats given to you, it something that is proven and earned. How are you g…[View]
47980668You aren't mentally ill, right? Staying in shape means you're mentally ill. Get help. I…[View]
47981955How do I know how high my body fat percentage is ?[View]
47980382god damn /fit/ >transfer to new uni >old friend from HS is there >he's gotten fat and …[View]
47981666Could lifting have changed him for the better?[View]
47981590I do my arms 3 times a week is this too much? I just want them strong. I don't want flabby tric…[View]
47979678Pushup thread: Salty /fit/oon Edition If you roll anything under 50 reroll and add your numbers unti…[View]
47980090Loser beginner's guide: >Be obese guy, finally decided to lose weight through dieting, so fa…[View]
47981873Can I use adjustable dumbbells to do weighted dips/chinups? I have ironmaster dumbbells upto 120lbs …[View]
47981671blogpost/sports fitness: Do you do any [spoiler]non-combat[/spoiler] sports? I did volleyball in hig…[View]
47975420WTF do they put inside ZMA /fit/? I took it yesterday (not the same brand as in the picture), and ha…[View]
47981320i have extremely weak glutes, to the point where i can't stand with one foot up for more than 2…[View]
47980447R8 my physique ples Morning shape before breakfast[View]
47967664/CBT/ pls help me get a gf edition: 145lbs Bench 200lbs OHP 145lbs Squat 250lbs Deadlift 275lbs…[View]
47981241>tfw rest day and you just wanna go lift the pain away[View]
47981774Fit Modes: Does anyone have the picture showing all the fit modes[View]
47980396Has /fit/ made anybody else lose all respect for fat fucks? Especially as a former fat fuck myself, …[View]
47981507I need help dying for Israel: Hey /fit/, went to my first poolie meet yesterday and I realized that …[View]
47974371Rate my progress: /fit/ been working out for just over two years. Was initially 49kg in first pic an…[View]
47981499making double the gains when having a drink every day: im not even kidding, ive gone on and off expe…[View]
47944767/fit/ humor thread: fit humor[View]
47981627>watch video on how to correctly do curls >use full ROM >concentrate on doing the curls cor…[View]
47970089I’m 5’2 (girl) and fit made me extremely insecure about my height that I wear pic related with flat …[View]
47981631Somewhatnewfag problems I feel like I'm making dumbass mistakes in my workout. I'm doing S…[View]
47979680Any manlet mires?: Seems like all the mires on /fit/ are of tall chads. Is it over for us manlets? p…[View]
47981263> havnt done real cardio in over 16 months > used to run 2 miles nonstop post workout > dec…[View]
47980369I love them, are they healthy?[View]
47981030How to obtain intimidating protruding abs?: Everyone always talks about getting a flat 6 pack , but …[View]
47976570>dyel twink friend pays personal trainer for a gym session 1 day a week where he does meme exerci…[View]
47980029I'm not even posting this as someone who is vegan or vegetarian but seriously how in the fuck h…[View]
47977407I certainly hope none of you faggots use the aging accelerator machine.[View]
47981328Hey /fit/, Obese retard here. I doubt anyone will remember me, but that's okay. It's been …[View]
47979603Mire thread? >Go out with tinder qt I've been talking to for about a month > 'Wow, I didn…[View]
47979582>Yo bro hand me that can of pussy[View]
47981279Food Problems: I need help with ideas for meal prep lunches and snacks for losing weight So far I ha…[View]
47980005Is he natty? Why don't I look like him after 6 years of lifting? My stats are OHP 120 3x8 Dips…[View]
47979500Are people who don't lift actually more healthy than people who lift?[View]
47980119Please tell me you are leaving humanity behind CMON![View]
47979884Blond-haired Master Race?: So, is Brandon Beckrich actually the biggest bodybuilder with naturally b…[View]
47981190Strong necks: How to get a strong neck guys ? What exercises work best to get a thick yoke ?[View]
47961437Fuck brahs I’ve spent the past two months watching vegan videos and I think they’re convincing me. C…[View]
47979761Plyo thread: Name me a more Aryan discipline than the javelin throw. Not only that but it is also us…[View]
47975989I will get out like this and steal your onetis tonight: Nobody can stop me[View]
47979526Do girls prefer your body when you're bulking or cutting? pic related[View]
47980639How do i get big delts without training my traps They seem to grow for no reason[View]
47978858Lets talk cooking and food and grocery list I’m a vegetarian so I bought two vegetarian books that I…[View]
47974519Sarms general thread: Been reading up on sarms for the last 5 months. I wanna do a cycle or two to h…[View]
47980018I’m a gymcell: > lift 1.5-2 hours a day > have “friends” at uni, In group snapchat > they a…[View]
47977700Yoke: Is this guy correct? Yeah he is a funny looking manlet with a shitty beard and fluffy face, ig…[View]
47976816post your bw and how much you can do for weighted chins 200lba+70lbs for 5 reps[View]
47975915Who here lifts for their daughter?[View]
47977149How the fuck do i eat clean 3k calories in one meal without fucking puking? is it impossible to eat …[View]
47979985Who /scoliosis/ here?[View]
47979165I have a bad headache. It hurts behind the eyes, a noble the temple and above, and the back of the n…[View]
47980842What to ezt: Guys, what could i eat to gain strength and weight ? Im 23, weigh 130lbs and am 5'…[View]
47980836can you name a better combo no. no you can't[View]
47979365Would this work like mewing?[View]
47980432MyFitnessApp or Cronometer?[View]
47961552Does everyone else always wake up to go pee?: I ALWAYS wake up about 4 hours into my sleep, unleash …[View]
47980381should i shave my chest? sounds gay to me but i see all you twinks doing it on here. my entire life …[View]
47978222How long did it take you to build this piece? pic is not me but I have the same underdeveloped chest…[View]
47975348Keep up your beard gains brother.[View]
47980734i have a full day off and i have access to a pool and a jogging track, should i spent some time on b…[View]
47979645Routine thread: Post your routines Im currently doing phul routine (Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower) W…[View]
47978118This is not how you rack the barbell in the front squat position.[View]
47980312IS THE SHOCKING (THE MUSCLE) PRINCIPLE TRUE? does the body really know you are going from this exerc…[View]
47972474LMAO at all you fags who ain't genetically predisposed to making it LMAO[View]
47978297Who here still ugly?: >Start trying to become alpha last year >Mewing >Lifting >Watch RS…[View]
47978113Anyone every hear anything about using nicotine in thegym not in dip or cigarettes but gum in a pure…[View]
47980508Healthy receptive thread?: Hey fit time to get some clean, home eating done and thought I’ll share m…[View]
47979256Who else eats his peanut butter like this out of a bowl? Imagine using the VIRGIN dull knife way and…[View]
47980299>2012+6 >he still hasn't hopped on the GOFIG bandwagon (grams of figs tutti i giorni) we…[View]
47979243how do i achieve this physique??[View]
47977944waiting for this to come in the mail. why does big lenard take this for lifting? What benefits does …[View]
47978889Anyone else here /dead/?: Dozen eggs a day[View]
47978768How do i start as a skinny fag?: Fought depression and reaching goals. Wanna get /fit/ and fix socia…[View]
47978972What's the biggest one can get as a manlet without looking like you're totally overcompens…[View]
47973523What do I do after SS? I am 5'5/165 cm and 135'ish lbs/65'ish kg. My OHP is 65 kg, my…[View]
47980233>1 month and a half ago, the ligament in my shoulder went out a bit so I couldn't go to the …[View]
47980213>worked 8 hours yesterday >had 3 hours of night classes >did an hour of cardio after >sl…[View]
47977529Fictional goal body thread: Post em.[View]
47980107>be me >finally consistently hitting new bench PR's >then one day I feel it at the hei…[View]
47973716Why are more gay men at the gym (on average)? If the usual population is 10% gay I'd say at lea…[View]
47980117>>34824174 >>34950090 Realized these were the only progress photo's I have. Anyway…[View]
479799983 questions /fit/ 1. How you eat your greens fit? 2. What you think about PHUL routines? Give me one…[View]
47977368Forearm thread? I’ll start R8 and be R8ed[View]
47979088its CHINESE TAKEOUT NIGHT what is /fit/ having for dinner?[View]
47976959/plg/ - powerlifting general: I just really really like this image I want to see it for an entire th…[View]
47979967Hi /fit/ I just started going to the gym the other day. I did a weight routine with a friend and it …[View]
47979564>mfw people take fitness advice from an anonymous animefag rather than to read the sticky…[View]
47974087holy shit how come no one told me cottage is not only great lifting food, but also fucking delicious…[View]
47972774I wanna stop being a fat fuck but I hate the gym. What's the bare minimum I'd have to buy …[View]
47975636My gay little bro wants me to take him to the gym. He's a tubby teen and has never been very ou…[View]
47979543I’ve been mewing for the past two weeks, now my jaw won’t completely close because only the front of…[View]
47978629Skelly general: >be tall as Christian bale >have 11kg on the machinist >still look underfed…[View]
47978712How do you guys stay motivated to stay in shape? Is it more or less a lifestyle you've adapted …[View]
47979563is this a good routine? i will try it next week[View]
47979611What is /fit/'s opinion on amfetamine/coke? >Lifting while under the influence, yes or no? …[View]
47961789Where do /fit/ guys usually hang other than the gym? Need me a muscular husband[View]
47979683Do you haev more energy at the gym: directly or shortly after your breakfast during the day duting t…[View]
47979316how to increase test?[View]
47979598/aesthetic/fit/ exclusive: I am a 9/10 when I gym but currently maybe a 7/10 cuz not taking lifting …[View]
47979227> be me > friday night > girl that I wanted to go out with cancels due to girls night >…[View]
47978616This is unironically my goal body: How do I achieve this?[View]
47977445I know that protien/muscle powder for dogs exist but I'm a poorfag Are there any brands that wo…[View]
47975542My wife needs to increase the size of her legs and butt because of reasons. What else besides squat…[View]
47978451me strong like great buffalo[View]
47979202Doing a 5x5 right now to build strength back after an injury. Bodyweight 160 Squat 300 Bench 180 De…[View]
47978328Does kratom reduce test? I didn't start lifting until after I started taking it so I don't…[View]
47978462My bone structure is so fucking small and also at 5'8, 1 year of lifting and im barely bigger t…[View]
47979234>that day when you finally figured out how to retract your scapula[View]
47977048>been going to the same gym with my brother for the last 6 years >bro recently comes out to me…[View]
47976835How do I into Bruce lee mode?[View]
47978916Is the ideal male physique natty?[View]
47978257>girl i used to date now trains with her boyfriend at my gym[View]
47977412>start lurking /fit/ and lifting >start getting turned on by fit dudes just mirin gains, right…[View]
47979137What do you use to clean your face? I bought this thing yesterday but I almost feels like it for mor…[View]
47978758How strong and big will I get if I just DL, Chine up, Row one day, BNCHPRSS, SQUAT, OHP the next, th…[View]
47979093Achievable natty?[View]
47964954When did it become acceptable for women to be fat?[View]
47975569You will never look as good as him: keep coping[View]
47977446My ass blows out of proportions when I bulk. Is this just genes? How do I bulk without my ass gettin…[View]
47978034Dietary Boost For Muscle: >>When excercises aren't switched up your training the body adj…[View]
47979022Tamoxifen or Raloxifene ? which one better to block estrogen ? Do you have any experience?[View]
47978491First time posting go easy: Hey /fit I’m kinda fat (6’2 and 222 lbs.) and I’ve been going to the gym…[View]
47974364how do i stop mouthbreathing while sleeping[View]
47978213How do I get a body like sgt kyle reese?[View]
47977346Is sitting like B even necessary for proper posture? I can have my body upright just fine but sittin…[View]
47975760*gives you a heart attack*[View]
47977880Anyway I can make my leg day fun again? Just opening with back sqauts or zerchers and doing movement…[View]
47976830My knees hate 315lb squats. Should I stay here a little while and let my knees adapt to the load? Or…[View]
47978635NEW VIDEO IS UP!: I love this fucker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRBt7slEU7U[View]
47976282Just ordered this. What else can I add to my repertoire to combat hair loss? >tfw been receding …[View]
47977051How do I get legs like saquan?[View]
47974076What's your fitness story, /fit/? >fat as fatass when preteen and teen >lose 100 lbs at 1…[View]
47976901ARE WE FRUGIVORES?[View]
47977558sprinting hurta my leaping ability: when im not into sprinting my vertical is 30-31 inches maybe 33-…[View]
47978105/icg/ - Iron crotch general: Why have you not started practicing the ancient art of iron crotch trai…[View]
47975124Eating livestock food to gain: Hi /fit/. Are there any disadvantages to eating food intended for liv…[View]
47976532/fit/ jobs and side-gigs: I’m thinking of finding a gig as a bouncer. I’m moving to Boston soon and …[View]
47975116What the typical routine to get this type of body? Is it cardio heavy or calisthenics?[View]
47977727Why can I do 20 of these, but can't curl half my bodyweight per arm with dumbells?[View]
47976652jeff is life jeff is love: anyone ordered his program? im tempted cos his youtube advice is godtier.…[View]
47976614How do I figure out what is wrong with my knee and fix it without spending thousands of dollars? No …[View]
47977307Who here doesn't really mind about looks but just how strong they can get? I'm 2 months in…[View]
47973202Lift for Jesus[View]
47971319>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW that can’t run an 8 minute mile…[View]
47973348Cardio Gains: >do 30 minute cardio >huff and wheeze 5 minutes in >feel like death halfway t…[View]
47975941Leaving humanity behind: Reminder that if you are /fit/ but not overweight according to the BMI then…[View]
47977414How the fuck do I stop being so horny?: Started lifting two years ago and my sex drive has done a fu…[View]
47976011what mode is this?[View]
47969121Is this thing good for punching[View]
47976104is there anything like this but with softer vocals and more of a psych influence?[View]
47976474how do manlets cope with the knowledge they get shorter by the day ?[View]
47976191/Attention Femanons/: my gf is a gym newbie who I've been trying to help as she wants to lose h…[View]
47977829Good evening /fit/ What are some good exercises that i can do even if i have a broken foot?[View]
47977002I wanna get big! How would I go about training my bigness assuming i am eating enough?[View]
47977018Knee stiffness/pain after deads: So after doing deadlifts a day ago I was sitting at my desk and my …[View]
47967057/fph/: Time fo one of these.[View]
47976250ITT: fit assembles and programs a novice progression[View]
47976496>be me in 2013 >Skinny, lanky type >Out of shape >Decide to run a marathon >Train for…[View]
47976737>tfw having a cold since yesterday ITs all over. All gainz lost.[View]
47977639when will they learn ?[View]
47977012>day 3 of fever Goodbye, gains. I hardly knew you.[View]
47976137What the fuck man. How can a man be under 6 foot? I mean 5 foot 10 I can kind of see but some men ar…[View]
47977428KETOTARDS AND PALEOTARDS ARE FINISHED!!!!: https://youtu.be/QZ0K3eIGMls Seriously, how in the fuck d…[View]
47977242MK677: what do you think about mk677? and about cycling its solo ?[View]
47977411Does sleep apnea stunt growth ? most of my old buddies who had puberty at the same time ended up way…[View]
47977320Effective stretching excersises?: I used to do tae-kwon-do, and i really enjoyed it, althogh i stopp…[View]
47973337What mode is this?[View]
47976558Routine: How do you manage to do all the exercises in 3 workouts? There's so much stuff to be d…[View]
47977227That gym npc tries to talk to you for /fit/ advice[View]
47977117>chew on an onion while browsing 4chan >now my keyboard smells like onion…[View]
47976736How has your life changed from fat to built? Did people treat you different? I need some motivation …[View]
47973983Starting Male Gymnastics How can I learn what the fuck to do to learn gymnastics and bar movements, …[View]
47974320I did chest and shoulders on tuesday I did deadlifts and back on thursday What can I do today? my gl…[View]
47975768Diet supplements???: What is /fit/ opinion on diet supplements? Since we can see the articles talkin…[View]
47975772These are female legs. Rate them, /fit/.[View]
47975276how does /fit/ get their proteins? for me, it's a bag of yellow jackets every day my dealer sel…[View]
47975771How do I achieve Bon Jovi mode?[View]
47974932How come there isn't a single diet that gives you all the vitamins and minerals that your body …[View]
47976861Let’s say I’m trying a clean bulk and working out 4 times a week. On the days I’m not working out I’…[View]
47976144Hello fit firts time posting in this board and first time doing exercise in quite a while, just want…[View]
47976678Daily Struggle: I wake up in the morning... Triggered. I reach for a high cupboard and can't re…[View]
47976403Improving sex: >make it >girls literally just walk up and ask to fuck me now >literally n…[View]
47973672>Be me >Lift day >Sick AF Wut do? Pic related.…[View]
47974683Why do strength gains come in spurts? I just hit a 10kg bench PR after 3 months of stalling. Anyone …[View]
47970701you may not like it but this is what peak female looks like.[View]
47965884/plg/ - powerblogging general: im stornger than u edition[View]
47974730Chin up thread, last two numbers. It'll fix your posture from all the push up threads. GO![View]
47975366Street fighting: How does /fit/ react when someone tries to fight them? >Long story short some ma…[View]
47976279Dumbbells for noob gains: Hi /fit/, I've started losing weight and I want to get some beginner …[View]
47976127I just got a 1.7m bar that only has knurling at the edges (for squats), the centre is just smooth ch…[View]
47975444I need a pre workout that does not taste like chemical waste.[View]
47971411any manics lurk on this board still? whats your favorite Jason Genova moment .[View]
47976352Best Health and Fitness Websites: What sites are the best resources for lifting and nutrition?…[View]
47974468do most of you even lift?: so much >tfw no gf cucks. lifting makes you stronger and healthier. ma…[View]
47974057Should I pay £35/month for a gym membership? It's a really nice gym but it's pretty steep …[View]
47975135I am working Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm-6am. That's why i always skip worko…[View]
47973968How big are your tits fit?[View]
47971281post the diet blockers[View]
47972105Favorite Protein Shake Recipes: Mine is vanilla powder with ice, a little bit of vanilla ice cream a…[View]
47973993RIP /ourguy/[View]
47975015Do you know any good tutorials/guides/websites etc. for intermetting fasting? I want to loose my bel…[View]
47974625Fat or gyno?: Someone please explain my bitch tits. The more I cut the more prominent they become…[View]
47975944How long will it take to go down from 18% bf to 12?[View]
47972817>Tfw flared ribs >Ywn look aesthetic shirtless…[View]
47976009I have a slight chest deformity where my sternum makes my right pec jut out an extra inch or so. Are…[View]
47971077Ant tips for handling the urge to tap bros? I can usually make it about 3 days. Longer if I've …[View]
47974190>whey >peanutbutter >oats All that shit gives me acne what to do…[View]
47973684It is well established that it is key for men's health to increase their natty testosterone lev…[View]
47954995How much do you guys tip the receptionist at the gym? I usually tip 3-5$ sometimes more if she is cu…[View]
47967516I consider doing leg lengthening surgery: Bascially I'm 180 cm so 5'11' and I feel like I…[View]
47972513did smoking weed as a teenager make you a manlet. /fit/?[View]
47973912At what age do you stop growing?: From all the sources i could gather its 16-18, do you know /fit/?…[View]
47970498>NEETs will never understand that 'quiet Friday afternoon' office feel. Do you lift bef…[View]
47971938/posture/: I've been playing video games 5 hours a day the past month (while listening to audio…[View]
47969965My dog got hit by a car today and died in my arms. Im asking you bros to dedicate some lifts to her …[View]
47975333Any fitmisc faggots here? Did they shut it down?[View]
47974675>Anything fitness related >Always directed toward retard novices and people who need to lose w…[View]
47974797I only visit /fit/ after I have a good workout[View]
47972349What are /fit/ approved religions to help motivate you in the gym?[View]
47974617What body type is this?[View]
47974006Voice: Voice exercises is fitness How did you improve your voice and ability to give speeches? It…[View]
47973066What's the point brahs: What's the point of any of this Motivation is fitness related…[View]
47972043Unironically good fitness Instagram's: here's one that I know of... https://www.instagram.…[View]
47974943ITT: Albums you listen to for no reason[View]
47973173>Anon why do you always flex your arms during sex?[View]
47972206I'm trying to get back in long distance running /fit/ and would like some pointers or tips plea…[View]
47975246MANLETS: Look I also used to think this height thing was a meme and an exaggeration. I'm 5…[View]
47975235well you know the keto diet can really help you lose weight[View]
47972082>get memed by /fit/ that vitamin d increases test >start taking two 5000ud vitamin d tablets p…[View]
47974784ITT: Post your goal height: >Current height 5'7'' >Goal height 6'1'…[View]
47969889What is better to improve martial arts like BJJ, judo, box, muay thai? Yoga or gym? And why? I cant…[View]
47974020I still need to eat 600 calories bros but I'm already full Wat do?[View]
47974984I literally can't gain weight. I have to eat a fuck ton of food. I've been working out for…[View]
47975027Do you have enough confidence and self esteem that it affects the way you walk? Personally i walk mo…[View]
47973451What lift will make me forget about the fact that I am bald in my twenties?[View]
47972827Confess: We all sin Anons what's yours?[View]
47974302>'How do you like my gains Sonny?'[View]
47973428Troubled by premature ejaculation: Hi guys, Forever I have been somewhat troubled by ejaculating ea…[View]
47973814> nearly achieve a full week of exercise > end up debilitatingly sick…[View]
47967324If you're below 6'2: You know, I never really thought this was true until starting to obse…[View]
47973785Jeffposting is now reddit as fuck. RIP.[View]
47973600Is sublingual B12 a meme? What does science say?[View]
47971203Is Serge the most aesthetic off all time?[View]
47970171i'm a fat fuck and im gonna kill myself soon i dont have anything else to say i just want to le…[View]
47974518How long until i can do 666 push ups in a row i can do 66 now[View]
47973304Motivation Thread[View]
47972049body in shutdown: I ran a 1200kcal deficit for over 6 weeks and trained every day for over a month (…[View]
47974346im a fucking fat pathetic loser fuck it, im tired of this shit i used to look okay as a teenager, no…[View]
47968418Post ideal body - /ideal/ body thread[View]
47973350I have 2 dumbbells that both go only up to 17~ lbs and planning on buying new ones. What is the opti…[View]
47974209What is the ideal body fat percentage for a female?[View]
47971564Secret Weapon Exercises: What strictly non-meme exercises do you do that you don't see many oth…[View]
47972900greasing the groove: Anyone tried the 'greasing the groove' method for pull ups? How did it work out…[View]
47971973How to lift as a beginner and maintain a life: I'm not like the most outgoing person on the pla…[View]
47972959female /fit/ motivation[View]
47955107>gym wizard cursed the squat rack again[View]
47968899If you haven't reached 1/2/3/4 your opinions DO NOT MATTER[View]
47973128which new garmin fitnesstracker should i buy: hey everyone. i've been running with a garmin for…[View]
47972035Is this website legit or is it funded by (((them)))?[View]
47974123Blog: >a little over 3 months into SL >nearly failed last 2 reps of second set of my measly150…[View]
47971567Are these a meme or should I get some?[View]
47972285ITT things that dyels and novices say >deadlifting is a great full body mass builder…[View]
47974049>Not fortifying mental strength literally what are you doing with your life you weak willed faggo…[View]
47973985>The facepulls anon, quick! No time to explain.[View]
47973511>success breeds success >confidence breeds confidence How do I get a win?…[View]
47971285I think I fucked up my heart guys. Years of sleep deprivation, sedentarism (before I started lifting…[View]
47973935Post comfy lifts >now >lifting at home >raining outside >window open >squats >lou…[View]
47943979/fast/ - #312 - Silent Hill 2 Edition: FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion …[View]
47969084>Benching 2pl8 till failure for the first time. >Struggle through my first 7 reps. >Ascendi…[View]
47965874Which of these guys is the most aesthetic?[View]

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