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42969493Are rest days really that important?[View]
42971110two years ago I lost a huge amount of weight and became a normal size for the first time in my life,…[View]
42964388supplements: just realized how easy it is to get protein with supplements >protein pancakes >4…[View]
42967368At what age do you become old and past your prime? I'm 28 and feeling like a fucking geezer. So…[View]
42971036>had no coffee since Sunday last week >have one large Starbucks coffee today at 4 pm >still…[View]
42970968>get on beginner program >decent gains >get on intermediate program >nogainZ What's…[View]
42969170hey guys, have you seen this? i thought this was amazing. vhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D59v74k5…[View]
42970925Things you do at the gym: >Start workout at around 3 pm >listen to audio-books while lifting …[View]
42969050What does perfect posture look like and how can one achieve it?[View]
42970863thoughts on the SL 5x5 app?[View]
42964253I hate pendey row/barbell row REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
42963314>Be /fit/ >Move to another country (foreign language) >Executive Position on the office …[View]
42969186ho do I avoid brapping during a hang clean?[View]
42968600is this shit actually good? a local importer here has recently started selling it.[View]
42970386Anyone here succesfully looksmaxxed through weightlifting? Post results.[View]
42969212/MMA ROUTINE/: This thread applies to any type of fighting style. Wether you train Sambo or Tai chi;…[View]
42970015How to get endurance like jungle people /fit/?[View]
42970532>that feel when normies wont think you are fit unless you have sick gunz Seriously what other pur…[View]
42968393I've been volunteering in Mexico City since the earthquake, spending around 8-10 hours both hel…[View]
42969938What is a good routine to help me get /fit/ for soccer?: I want to play soccer and ultimate frisbee,…[View]
42961508What will smoking Mary juana for 6 months do to my body[View]
42970425>aids digestion >improves oral health >makes your breath smell amazing Why the fuck aren…[View]
42968371Does anyone else dream of developing a home routine and getting themselves free of the gym jew?[View]
42965571First time posting to /fit/... I need a 4000 calories diet that cheap. Dont care if its eggs, rice, …[View]
42970353So i always masturbated with my right hand and when i looked in the mirror i noticed my right arm is…[View]
42969739DRINK MORE WATER: Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
42968717We post anime and lifting.[View]
42969583How do I get here?[View]
42968687do you have to be big to wear a cutoff? theyre comfortable and I like to see my pump but Im small af…[View]
42948074Tell me about your gym crush /fit.[View]
42969915me: this is me try 2 roast me[View]
42968809How do I find motivation to lift when I'm hungover?[View]
42966621What have you done to appease him fit?[View]
42966441ED help pls: Please help me /fit/ I'm 18 years old, I rarely get boners and my sex drive is als…[View]
42966390When will people begin acknowledging that keto and fasting doesn't work?[View]
42967679Looking to make some changes in my life. I am tired of looking at myself in the mirror. Is keto safe…[View]
42969500Just one chance to born >not a genetic freak[View]
42969522/wlg/ - Weightlifting General: This thread doesn't exist and it should, I don't usually ma…[View]
42967444I knows this isn't my fucking blog, i know, but i need help. >be me >training boxing for …[View]
42969710Do any of you have to deal with Randys Middle aged boomercucks who stop and talk to you in the midd…[View]
42967844Hiii <3 I'm a trans girl, just started hormones some months ago... but I wanna be as hot and…[View]
42964731Vegan General: Reasons to be vegan: - Vegan diet healthy for all stages of life https://www.ncbi.nlm…[View]
42968477Hairless shoulders?: Do most dudes shave their shoulders or are they naturally hairless? Also /bodyh…[View]
42967133is it normal to break down crying after working out? i have this really bad headache now too from ov…[View]
42966578Request for /fit/ the one that helps get 10$: What workout routine should I follow to make my body l…[View]
42969056Motivation thread: Need some motivation and /fit programs to get fit and regain my speed. 33yo 190l…[View]
42968077Putting protein powder on ice cream to make it healthier What are your healthy hacks?[View]
42968073Easy as pissing your pants[View]
42938699VEGAN GENERAL: A place for discussing all things vegan health & ethics. - Vegan diet healthy for…[View]
42967736Need help getting past this plateau: Was 261 pounds about a year ago but managed to drop a good chun…[View]
42960475tfw day 10 nofap why is it only good things happen to you on nofap? every where i turn a hot girl is…[View]
42969238musclefus here: Can we get a musclefu thread going?[View]
42966946what's the cheapest super poorfag cutting diet you guys recommend? just the typical frozen chic…[View]
42964448natty queen of /fit/ appreciation thread[View]
42968501Skim or whole and why ?[View]
42964820Should I worry?: So this showed up this morning on the left foot. We live in Central Florida. Any id…[View]
42960609/plg/ - powerlifting general: For the purpose of being strong and training smart. Scientific Princip…[View]
42963238Today's the day baby! RUBY 2017 THREAD!: It shit it piss it gate it me fat ass bitch woo naytch…[View]
42968637Do you think I should gain weight?[View]
42966367https://youtu.be/Krs83GDm800 btfo[View]
42968822need workout/diet sugetions: want to do slight bulking mostly just defining muscle mass. already pre…[View]
42968506This Novice/intermediate program is the best I've ever run.: The fist thing you need to know is…[View]
42967059Social Fitness Thread: >started approaching girls >been provided with two potential paths >…[View]
42966786>eat healthy for the past 2 years >do cardio 3x a week >take a selfie for the first time …[View]
42966232What's the most effective way to take this stuff? Typically I work out fasted anyways, and inco…[View]
42968748how many protons a day should i eat if i want to be BIG GUY[View]
42965543Requesting advice for forerarm growth: I need to add at least a few inches to my 14' forearms to no …[View]
42967626Is it true that many cups of noodles are very low in calories? As in: a full cup would have only 70 …[View]
42968663What's the average amount of time I should rest in between sets of pullups? How do I determine …[View]
42963594This is probably what the Ancient Greek Gods looked like. Strong and good-looking.[View]
4296418130 Designs in 30 Days Challenge!: Day 7: I think today's design is great![View]
42965862The back squat is literally the only exercise in the entire repertoire of weighted human movement th…[View]
42966046Why should I waste money on PWO when this bottle is $5: Caffeine is all you buy PWO for anyway. Red …[View]
42966389Hey bros, could you watch my chalk for me for a couple of minutes? Thanks in advance I'll be ri…[View]
42965644Is this guy full of shit? I learned about him through Elliott.[View]
42968345Chewing Supplements: I like to chew my supplements directly in my mouth instead of swallowing them b…[View]
42968316I need snacks, I need protein. How does /fit/ fill up between meals?[View]
42968040Is there a /fit/ discord?[View]
42967930Rate my din dins for tonight, lads. >tfw it's actually easy to lose weight eating this shit…[View]
42967514Time to quit my degeneracy. I'm losing weight, and I wanna get fit. Do I need to sign up to a g…[View]
42964406Do manlets really think this makes them look taller?[View]
42964728indian bodybuilder appreciation thread: indians have the optimal genetics for aesthetics and mass …[View]
42967793How many years of lifting to achieve this physique?[View]
42967553Duck walks: I'm trying to fight back months of skipping leg day. Will duck walks kill my knees?…[View]
42964664>start squatting in abandoned house >legs don't grow…[View]
42967712Can I do Starting Strength and skateboard on my rest days? I think I've gotten to the point whe…[View]
42968100Lost 5 lbs over the course of 2 weeks I CANT EAT ANYMORE[View]
42967996Locker room joocyness: Have any of you guys ever masturbated, or done anything sexual in the locker …[View]
42964286How do you guys who do brosplits like PPL periodize your big lifts?[View]
42967765Is this good for bulking?[View]
42966230>get sick with fever >try to sleep it off >can't fucking breathe >go to the doctor …[View]
42967702How much caffeine is too much?[View]
42966497Asking for a friend: How much force does a general street hoodlum need to produce, in order to crack…[View]
42947580Should skinnyfat people cut or bulk first?[View]
42950764/sip/ general: I find the lack of /sip/ thread disturbing. What y'all niggaz sippin' on to…[View]
42966891How do other meats compare with chicken breast? I suck at cooking chicken and I got some turkey minc…[View]
42952320Crossfit Gains Goblins: >brooklyn beckham squatting heavy with good form >crossfit retard tell…[View]
42967098Hello /fit/. Here is my experimental barbell I designed. There is a reservoir with super dense liq…[View]
42966600>age: 20-25 >sex: male >height: 6'5 >weight: 220lbs >body fat: 19.8% >muscle …[View]
42966788Status: I have Money and Looks. What it's Status?[View]
42967418There are some exercises I see guys with great physiques do all the time in the gym, namely: - Weigh…[View]
42963425Alright ![View]
42966853Anyone look into 'cool sculpting'? Is it a scam? I have the worst love handles that wont fucking go …[View]
42966201Just took 200mg of viagra so my blood vessels open up for more O2. Feels good man[View]
42964819help me i want to become hot like her what do i do[View]
42965160Day 4 of nofap, nosugar and nocaffeine[View]
42967579Good to see GOMAD is alive and well[View]
42965682can i get this body with only bodyweight and dumbbell exercise?[View]
42967081>walking to my flat after an aimless day of walking around Central London with nothing to do >…[View]
42967069Skin care: How the fuck do I get rid of Tinea Versicolor? It's fucking depressing.[View]
42963835Day 17 of NoFap: Its day 17, and it's getting harder. I feel a lot more socially smarter and un…[View]
42965614Injury General: After increasing my squat from 185-260 x5 this summer, I started getting pain in are…[View]
42964932What did I do to my arm? It hurts a bit but not really where the marks are.[View]
42966766Obese man here. Listen anons I require your learned opinions. What are the chances my gybo fat will …[View]
42967057Body fat: What the best body fat % to start bulking ? I've been on a calorie deficit for 12 wee…[View]
42963805How do you fix your posture?[View]
42965231>Glute DOMS[View]
42966683SEX DRIVE: I have recently cleaned up my diet and quit drinking and my sex drive has tanked. Before …[View]
42965857There's no reason to use protein powder except being poor.[View]
42966962>have always had medium-long hair >started balding >need to shave head >pencil neck REEE…[View]
42965490Would it be exaggeration to say that by far the best way to keep excess weight gain at bay while not…[View]
42960995Genetic Lottery: Haven't seen one of these in a while. What are the pros and cons you got? Pros…[View]
42967015I'm chubby and unhealthy but I'm too beta to go to the gym. I've started trying to ea…[View]
42960824All I did was power walk for two hours and when I got back to my dorm I had sweat this far down my b…[View]
42966814Does prozac kill your gains?[View]
42966982How does /fit/ warm up and stretch before a workout?[View]
42963976sum up /fit/ in one image[View]
42965914Hey, dudes, I want to become a speedy runner. Today was my first day and I ran 5km,that took me 26mi…[View]
42966257How do I become Brock mode /fit/??????? Is this attainable natty?[View]
42963934Stop telling fatties to lift. There's no good evidence that lifting 'spares muscle' d…[View]
42966586On October 31st I will have a fitnesstest that is mandatory to join the marines of my country. I hav…[View]
42964362I have decided to not be a weak pussy anymore. What's a good 3 or 4 days/week workout plan. Whi…[View]
42966725Should I do PPL or SL5x5 to get a physique like pic related?[View]
42966667I have been lifting weights for almost 6 (six) years and I've never managed to get lean. How do…[View]
42964456>I'm all natural[View]
42959787How many eggs do you eat a week? Also what is this that I'm hearing from MDs that the recommend…[View]
42961526why are so many people on this board obsessed with aesthetics and caring what women think of them in…[View]
42966576rare larry[View]
42965108Best work out for biceps and abdominal region and how much time a day for workouts?[View]
42964159Bout a week old. Probably gonna have to miss out on hitting my bottom half for a few. Should I just …[View]
42966453Once you've become /fit/ and reached a level of aesthetics and are mewing, are you OK putting a…[View]
42965636What is the best program to do after SS?: Is this it? Intermediate 4 Day Split Model: Competetive s…[View]
42963386Returning after a year and i need a good routine to get motivated. Ive done meme PPL should i just g…[View]
42964339What's the point of having a /fit/ body when your mobility is shit?[View]
42966213Cereal: What cereal do you fux with, /fit/? I am a poor college fag and get this shit in the big bag…[View]
42965593How many nights of rest do you get between working out the same body part? I used to do 5, now 4 Guy…[View]
42961975Lifting every day: Does anyone here lift every day? If so give opinion and routine[View]
42964390How do i get /ludus mode/: ???? Starting stabs?[View]
42966120>tfw sneezing on DOMSday[View]
42964592Good Back Exercises?[View]
42964982Does fat & carb intake even matter when bulking / cutting or should I just focus on protein and …[View]
42965820How do you guys normally position your arms? I do the right, but my tricep hardly gets as defined as…[View]
42965793Help me out here, because my doctors won't tell me shit. I have horrible seasonal allergies, an…[View]
42965453/fit/ help I was bench pressing the other day and my right arm wouldn'y relax and keep on stay …[View]
42964879Flexibility: What are some good ways too increase my flexibility at home. I feel stiff all the time …[View]
42965744So I started serious lifting, around 4 hours or so a week, this May. Over first month or so, I did n…[View]
42962265>he doesn't start his day with a bulletproof coffee Literally a dead giveaway for never maki…[View]
42965725Happy after injury: >Working up to deadlift 3rm >On my last warmup I think I pulled a spinal …[View]
42965711Okay /fit/. Lets say I have a highly physical job that requires constant non stop cardio(bending, st…[View]
42965681What do I do after 60lbs: I've been going to Planet fitness for a while now and the highest dum…[View]
42965315Best Ab workouts: I've tried doing cable crunches yesturday and that was preety good, felt pree…[View]
42965077Quick question /fit/, do girls actually care about muscles? I want to lift, but it would be solely f…[View]
42953941Mirin General: /mirin/ general - Mommy mirin' edition >Go back to school after summer break …[View]
42965232What a fucking pig.[View]
42965473any former Miscers here?: used to post heavy on there until the mods banned everyone and the forum g…[View]
42965322Bulking Macros: What is a good macro ratio for slow, clean bulking? Currently I'm looking at 20…[View]
42965417Should I gain weight?[View]
42965158Hey lads, At college I was quiet and reserved lanklet, but had some friends. Didn't keep in con…[View]
42964275Train. Your. Neck.[View]
42965074Everyone here on /fit/ scares me[View]
42965296wtf /fit/ I had an easier time with Asian girls before I got /fit/, and now they all avoid me. What …[View]
42952757Pissening stack: So, the Piss Lord has finally revealed his stack for us in this video >https://…[View]
42962003Is diet really 90% of getting in shape? Are you fuckers meal prepping???[View]
42965226A simple question about whey: >inb4 read the sticky I did, thats how I know what whey is My quest…[View]
42964375What's your chest workout, fit? I'm a beginner still but am looking to add new stuff to my…[View]
42964604How much does he squat?[View]
42954633Post em: 5'8 210 bench 405 squat 445 deadlift[View]
42963295Is keto the solution to diabetes? Or dairymeatindustry/jewish propaganda? I don't know who to t…[View]
42964442Insomnia: Whats the fucking point anymore /fit/, I fucking tried I really did. For the last 5 years …[View]
42963674>be me >be flat barbell bench pressing >be mid-set >'hey bro, you using that 10?…[View]
42965039barley: why don't you retards eat something else besides rice and potatoes? no wonder you cant …[View]
42960664>be me live in northern Ontario >graduate from uni >get good job at company's HQ loca…[View]
42964267>he doesn't even compete in raw powerlifting and will never compete in raw powerlifting yet …[View]
42964059how to fix your fucking abs: posting till i see some sexy abs[View]
42955754RISING UP: Claim your training montage song. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btPJPFnesV4…[View]
42962917Am I fat? I'm 5'5 and 108 pounds. Should I start losing weight?[View]
42964757is this dude natty?[View]
42962867The official /fit/ tattoo thread: Come one, come all![View]
42963112/fit/ i need to lose 30lbs fast how do i do it?[View]
42964391Cocaine: Looking for advice on how to stop doing blow. I've been lifting for 5 years (biggest g…[View]
42964486Are squats necessary for big legs?[View]
42964033>slight layer of fat around body fat >need to run calories deficits >30 mins per day on ma…[View]
42963961Calves thread: Is this the solution for bigger calves? https://youtu.be/EszwYNvvCjQ?t=232[View]
42964542>See guy from a distance >Think 'wow he's big' >Get up close >Realize I'm much…[View]
42961792Who is this? He's alarmingly grand in size I do say![View]
42959277So, I lost a testicle about a year and a half ago (cancer. The right one. Lefty is now The Highlande…[View]
42963876RUBY DELRAY MISFITS: Anyone got any streams? Will lenny compete? If so will Jay kill the event coord…[View]
42963479i finally hit 225lbs for 3 reps, how do i manage to increase my reps? It weights so frikin much for …[View]
42964428Why the hell is getting lean so hard? I must be over-estimating my calorie requirements because even…[View]
42964300>waiting for green walking light as I was going to work >other people waiting on both sides …[View]
42963597forive /fit/ for I have sinned: Forgive me. I have wasted months taking Mass Gainer. I have been...i…[View]
42961854What do you guys think of Jeff Cavaliere and should I try out any of his programs?[View]
42954904>First time doing squats >Only do 40kg squat >5 sets 8 reps each >Legs get so destroyed …[View]
42964138Pull Ups vs Pulldown Machine: I'm putting together a workout plan. I'm trying to put toget…[View]
42963511Ready or Not: Anyone going to Lost Lands to show off their gains? Am I ready /fit/?[View]
42948290/fraud/: /fraud/ - correct link edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/ before a…[View]
42963899I hope your post-workout meal includes a tin of redpills[View]
42929041Cbt: Cbt[View]
42964019>not training twice a day never gonna make it. 1 hour of intense lifting 3 times a week is pussy …[View]
42961912Eyesight gains: Even if I get /fit/, can I make it with glasses? I'm blind as a fucking bat. I…[View]
42964095Are stomach vacuums a meme?: Anyone have any progress with them?[View]
42962324Nutritional info in restaurants: Do you trust nutritional information that McDonald's or other …[View]
42963863fuck... i feel like shit now after this pic. Im 20 yo I weight about 75kg I'm 187cm tall. Im ba…[View]
42962598Is meditation a meme? Will they give me mind gains?[View]
42960270I hit my toe. It hurts a lot. What do? Give it to me straight, doctor 4chan.[View]
42961388I still can't believe he's gone bros...[View]
42962874Gym Ethics - General: Acceptable to hit on girls in the gym? Especially if they squat with dumbbells…[View]
42963855Why do chicks have to be so fat nowadays? This meme has to stop. I see so many pretty faced fat girl…[View]
42961795Lifting in the morning vs lifting at night. I've been lifting in the mornings for the last 5 ye…[View]
42930521/fit/ humor thread[View]
42960947How is this possible???[View]
42960150>one chance at life >calvlet[View]
42963862>tonsil stone came out while lifting heavy This isn't the first time, I have a pretty clean …[View]
42962886god tier tattoo /thread/[View]
42962468Who else here /hype/ as fuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNINLaq8lo8[View]
42954884Can someone tell me the story of Zyzz? Who was this legend I hear of spoken in reverent whispers?[View]
42963775skill > size[View]
42963698>be me >22 years old, asian >Mom says we need to talk >'anon you need to use protection'…[View]
42963047Are these healthy?[View]
42963067How do I achieve Senator Armstrong mode?[View]
42958443What's her routine?[View]
42958491tattoos general: So what are the hottest and most aesthetic tattoos a guy can get? I'm thinking…[View]
42959431How /fat/ do I look??[View]
42962932>sleep >wake up to a 8.5/10 abysmal pain in my left calf >internal screaming until it stops…[View]
42963079Is 1 day a week where you relax on diet beneficial for long-term cutting progress? By 'relax' I don…[View]
42962811/fit/ tattoo thread[View]
42961257A good 3x/week full body routine focused on aesthetics, /fit/? Also, I can't spend more than 1 …[View]
42960570How do I achieve super butt?[View]
42962127>wanna do squats >manlet used the rack before >pins set way too low >need to unrack bar …[View]
42963419help me: what I have to do with this shitty body?? i'm 22 and I want to improve my bad conditio…[View]
42963001ayy you guys gonna join me in a /fit/ tattoo thread?[View]
42956906is there anything more fucking pathetic then 'gym culture'? like get excersize and move the fuck on …[View]
42963251Would it be crazy to eat the peel and toss the rest of the fruit out? I heard that the peel is the h…[View]
42961980power metal = best lifting music: Why you fags dont listen to power metal while lifting? just liste…[View]
42963109Sara Piana BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAKd0gkPx3I Have you guys seen this?[View]
42942389QTDDTOT: Skol! Edn. Is there any problem with going straight from a cutting phase (say 12 weeks) to…[View]
42962994tatooine thread[View]
42960140>At gym right now. >Both cages are occupied. >One by resident powerlifter. >Other by fat…[View]
42960228New, wanna be /fit/ here. I'm just about to start actually getting my life in shape, starting w…[View]
42962633Why do so many people squat without safeties, or outside of the cage/rack completely? I just don…[View]
42962377uk bros you ever got banned from 'all night clubs' that use that scanner system? Is that shit legit?…[View]
42962810let's have a /fit/tattoo thread[View]
42962822tattoo thread[View]
42962486*blocks your locker* >anon why do you make such loud noises while lifting? Are you on roids or so…[View]
42962931Pregnant and uterian cancer: Now english translation! This give hope; www.livmodercancer.com[View]
42958415What's wrong with me /fit/? I've started dating my current GF last November, and she lost …[View]
42962885is it worth taking dnp cut off a few kegs? I weigh in at 125.5kg and want to cut to 95kg over the ne…[View]
42959207Is this a good way to break your neck or is it a good tool to have at home?[View]
42962828I did t-bar rows yesterday and my lower back is sore now. Is this due to bad form? Also I'm sup…[View]
42962677tried jerking off with hook grip? I know dicks are thicker than barbells but just try the same appro…[View]
42962812/fit/ tattoo thread?[View]
42962475>stand up straight with a light-flex >look almost passable >bend over >sagging bitch tit…[View]
42962494How is this possible: >82kg 5'8' >excess bodyfat from bulk >cut for 3 weeks >abs no…[View]
42961243H-hey /fit/ros... sorry only used to being on /b/ I wanna get fit, but can't find the motivatio…[View]
42959697What are some good wrist exercises? Whenever I do rows, I look like a raptor with my hands in the up…[View]
42962571>lift for 1 year >nothing in my body changed is natty lifting a meme?…[View]
42962474should I lift if I have a cold? I don't even have fever nor cough, just stuffed and red nose[View]
42962213If i do 3 sets of this every day will it make me fit? Or should i buy some weights?[View]
42950603/owg/ Olympic Weightlifting General: Haven't seen one of these in awhile. Those of you who are…[View]
42961618Is this Skin Cancer?: I noticed this a few days ago it's on my back by my left arm, and it…[View]
42957458So you are saying traps of girls dosnt look hot? Hint: you guys are gay if you say no[View]
42960813How do I get here /fit/[View]
42950568How do we battle the cancerous shit in this video https://youtu.be/dLNTb2zfh3Q Seriously, watch it,…[View]
429621501m74, 79kg, 17% body fat here. How do progress towards pic related?[View]
42962998>leading a project at work, have a 9/10 coworker on the team >i have no social skills and I…[View]
42958785>that 4th poop of the day[View]
42960685I’m pretty flabby but not fat and I need to gain a few lbs of muscle quick. I workout several times …[View]
42952111GROWTH PLATES STILL OPEN: /fit/ I really really need your help right now. My plates are still open s…[View]
42961658If your wrist isn't over 19 cm or 7.5 inches you cant consider yourself a man and must forget a…[View]
42959175/fit/ summed up in one image.[View]
42952594>there are people on this board right now who unironically follow this manlets fitness 'advice' L…[View]
42958530What are his bulking secrets, /fit/?[View]
42962302/fit/ related music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPJIVY9Sk1M[View]
42943765Is this accurate?[View]
42961738Yea you are /fit/ but are you beta?[View]
42961596Why does it seem /fit/ appreciates Latinas more than the betas on the other boards?[View]
42961404What kind of roids do I need to acheive this look and not the stereotypical paper skin gross roided …[View]
42962137I tore a hole in my good compression pants right on the knee. Can I repair these at all?[View]
42961465daily reminder: TRY to look your best do not just try to get stronger or bigger, LOOK YOUR BEST[View]
42961741got thanked by this soft pawg the other day for eating fruits such as pineapple/mangos/strawberries …[View]
42960967do you guys think this is natural transformation and time frame is right ? thanks https://forum.body…[View]
42960505Cheat days are _______ .[View]
42961944Is it bad that the only reason I want to get fit is so I can camwhore better on 4chan? I love flaunt…[View]
42961788>started talking to girls >hit on fatties with nice faces >would probably be a 9 if I slimm…[View]
42961946>not doing hammer curls Yikes...[View]
42961939Why haven't you taken the toenail removal pill yet /fit/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XSbvs…[View]
42959282ITT: /fit/ musicians/bands: I would say the Misfits were all pretty fit back in the 80s, and Doyle i…[View]
42961680stats thread 6'0 162 might be 3rd time posting internet is spotty so im sorry[View]
42956648Are you flexible and mobile? Can you really call yourself /fit/ if you're not?[View]
42961149>there are no weight lifting gyms here, all pussy DYEL commercial gyms full of machines and gym s…[View]
42957587Is /nosugar/ the new /nofap/?[View]
42961765Man scaping: I have an amateur fight tomorrow. Should I wax my chest and happy trail? Pic related…[View]
42959762>Hey son, why don't you go get something to eat in the fridge? >What? High fructose corn …[View]
42961713Whats the best split brehs?: Been using a bro split for months, feeling like I should spice things u…[View]
42959072Who here wears cologne to the gym? I figure why not? Females love it over the smell of butt sweat, r…[View]
42958696How do you deal with loose skin and stretch marks from loosing weight and from working out?[View]
42961422>he thinks cardio kills gains[View]
42957999Rugby players are kind of aesthetic, aren't they brehs[View]
42960769Since the BMI only takes weight in correlation to weight, and that not even to ideal body volume, it…[View]
42952560I hit just 20 push-ups in a row I must be a literal god. Can anyone stop me?[View]
42961341Please buy my beans[View]
42961055Post bulking goals[View]
42960376A story: >come to gym >workout >notice new guy >looks buildfat kind of neh >Tatoos ev…[View]
42960552how 2 get tsumode?[View]
42955208Bulletproof General: Welcome to Bulletproof General! Diet in a nutshell: 1. High Fat, mid protein, l…[View]
42957876/Friday Night Feels/ The feel bar is open. Come on it and sip on your protein shake. How you holding…[View]
42961021>30 >Daddy still drives me to the gym Anyone else here lifting with mental disorder that means…[View]
42961152Do Clothes Affect Your Life And Experiences?: http://twincitiesview.com/clothes-affect-life-experien…[View]
42951864What's /fit/'s opinion on vaping?[View]
42960938how do i achieve this body? pic related[View]
42958159How do I raise my metabolism?[View]
42961004>TFW started imagining posters who say nice things on 4chan as pretty girls…[View]
42957848>TFW 85 pound overweight manlet Any of you faggots know good workout routines that can speed up t…[View]
42937722>he doesn't listen to anime music while lifting It's like you don't even watch ani…[View]
42958726Is this good for me?[View]
42959810>Overhead pressing one plate >no one can stand against me now…[View]
42960669Got hit by a car: Got hit by a car while crossing the street. How long should I wait to exercise??…[View]
42960703>2017: >still wasting your time with 'squats' LOL you all fell for the meme didn…[View]
42959301/fit/ BTFO!!!![View]
42957524Are you even lifting ?: what's your excuse ?[View]
42956028>tfw when 18 and 5'11 How do i grow taller /fit/? Just an inch or two to offically stop bein…[View]
42955997Hiring /fit/ model in MN: Hi /fit/, I'm a little off of my home board here (and my comfort area…[View]
42958008>tfw wristlet[View]
42960529Pre workout: Why does this shit make me so itchy? I take one scoop and my face feels like it's …[View]
42959763DRINK MORE WATER: Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
42951693/plg/ - powerlifting general: >Adults only edition. >compulsory listening https://youtu.be/mCP…[View]
42959214What mode are Janoy's feet? Seriously though, why are his legs so fucking vascular despite him…[View]
42957899Mark Lauren Bodyweight Exercises: Mark Lauren >Ex military special unit instructor >says bodyw…[View]
42960200What's /fit/'s opinion of this guy?: Specifically his diet. Is it redpilled? Is it just pa…[View]
42958665/k/ ardio: /k/ here Why don't you train like Delta to be supreme operators waxing tangos? Del…[View]
42960311What Do /Fit/?: Alright, I've got both a good and bad situation. The other night, I got drunk f…[View]
42959149CT says.[View]
42958109Steroids Before Natural Peak: Hey /fit/, why is it that many celebrities who are nowhere near their …[View]
42959110Figure Drawing: Would it be uncouth to draw people at the gym? Or has anyone ever attempted to bring…[View]
42958669>do shrugs >lip curls like I'm snarling How do I stop this?…[View]
42958768Can you follow this plan and achieve Zyzz's physique w/o tren? I personally think it's pos…[View]
42959850Good Gym Feels: Today at the gym I saw a kid who obviously had never lifted before, he was even wear…[View]
42955327-GLUG- General: Who here gluggin? Whats your favorite glug? Essentia for me. Bottle is aesthetic an…[View]
42954409Special Ops Selection- Possible torn meniscus/ knee pain HELP[View]
42956407What does /fit/ think of /pol/?: /pol/ started doing /fit/esque 'self improvement generals' >>…[View]
42960003/wearables/. who wears them? i've been thinking about getting a fitbit charge 2 to keep track o…[View]
42959931>start dieting >stomach felt like it's dissolving from being acidic >stomach growls no…[View]
42959003Bodyfat % estimating test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oWcpweTuXs How well did you do at guessi…[View]
42959807I though it was a meme. Whenever I saw people posting stories like that, I thought they were just me…[View]
42959910>Hip thrust 4pl8 >No one can bully me now…[View]
42959873Reminder that there are midgets taller than 6'2 and you're a manlet if you're not at …[View]
42958132You can only use Photoshop to be /fit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLNTb2zfh3Q Prove me wrong.…[View]
42959565Are there any major differences between using multiple smaller plates and using one or two big plate…[View]
42959822Forearmlet cutoff point (in inches) - what's the consensus?[View]
42957262Ultimate PR Song Thread: Metal Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2DMQ0DyqdE https://www.yout…[View]
42949334>had been feeling symptons of shoulder impingement for over a month, only getting worse >he re…[View]
42956637bulkin on chik fil a? whats the concensus? chicken sandwich no mayo about 30 grams of protons n 40 …[View]
42954494Kids: How do I make sure that my kid does not eat an 'unhealthy' diet and start smoking cigarettes? …[View]
42959690What did they mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQP6c_xLetk[View]
42956250Body Type?: Im having a hard time determining what my body type is, and am trying to set up macronut…[View]
42951268>only 650 ng/dL total test just end me please. 8x6 incher and 550 lbs deadlift didn't prepar…[View]
42958801Unironic Sip Thread: Just finished one of these for the first time ever today because of /fit/. Had …[View]
42958842Does boxing fuck up your head if you use headgear ? serious question tkx[View]
42954826Which one of you morons gets salty on pubg?: 'I deadlift 155' 'I'm a sick cunt bruh' Jesus Chri…[View]
42958439I tried the keto diet for about 8 months, and lost around 17 kilos (12 in reality once you subtract …[View]
42943822Woah......................... weight loss surgery actually works?????? Why are we all wasting out ti…[View]
42940975Mewing General: Anyone does mewing here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqlxAdmky10&t=8s What …[View]
42959196Is it okay to break in the middle of a cardio session and then continue it or should it be continuou…[View]
42959232What can I do with my homegym?: I wanna get out of this degenerate slump I've been in for the p…[View]
42958996what the fuck are you guys even talking about here, i can't tell what is a meme and what isn…[View]
42958161What would you do???: Hi guys, 19 y/o male here, 6'0, 180. I'm at about 205s/180b/250dl. W…[View]
42959095Rate my form[View]
42957664How often should you reefeed?[View]
42959082so we can conclude that natty training wont lead to anything, when did you decide to start training …[View]
42958562What can I do for my upper body alongside with 5x5? I wanna train my upper body at least 2x/week, so…[View]
42958909I need help, I need to change myself. I'm not skinny and I'm not fat and I'm one of t…[View]
42944458What did /fit/ teach you?[View]
42958533is he lying as usual?: https://youtu.be/kBSwoI8kc0o?t=275 is the monkey prick a fake unnatty?[View]
42958237Is the only reason we eat vegetables so that we get enough fiber to take a shit every day reliably? …[View]
42928638Is Indians being weird at the gym genetic? Does the Indian population have some sort of gym autism e…[View]
42958712FOOTAGE OF RICH PIANO HIGH AF: Hotel footage of Piano at 11:00am before an expo. https://www.youtube…[View]
42958409>quit drugs and alcohol >been sober for 2 weeks after hard relapse >second week of starting…[View]
42954229HARDMODE NOFAP IS BULLSHIT: So listen children of Temple of Thor (Gym) Do not fear not pulling dead…[View]
42956059How can I achieve gladiator mode?[View]
42958134What his routine?[View]
42957827https://mindbodysoulproducts.com/2017/08/28/rainbow-light-mens-one-multivitamin-review/ Most multivi…[View]
42954145What's your cheat meal/snack of choice brahs?: Mines Popeye's fried chicken and hot sauce…[View]
42953741/nofap/ - Day 3 Edition: The third day is always the hardest brothers, but we can get past it[View]
42950576What workout should I do to look like the Iron Fist?[View]
42957646Has any ever ordered from maximpeptide? Looking for a clen source.[View]
42956222Where is the lowest point of the barbell in a bent-over row? I'm looking it up and some start w…[View]
42958460Know any good core workouts: I need to do my core know any good ones[View]
42952239Is the total gym a meme? I'm an oldfag who doesn't feel like going to the gym. The total g…[View]
42952491What mode is this?[View]
42957145Swimming: Is swimming the best sport a human can do? Benefits: >1. It Will Improve Your Cardiova…[View]
42956390What mode is this?: Pic related. OP wants to know the name of this mode.[View]
42958369Whats your opinion? Is /fit/ really the most memeeist board on 4chan?[View]
42957418Are there at least some practical advantages to having wide hips?[View]
42944797/run/ - Running general: Running 26.2 miles barefoot to school in Kenya chased by hyenas everyday ed…[View]
42957036abs for the babs: my gf and I broke up because I wasn't /fit/ enough to have abs. What's t…[View]
42957812>/fit/'s roid abusing heroes are dropping like flies >meanwhile guys like Arnold Schwarze…[View]
42956353>doing deadlifts >young man next to me is pulling 5pl8 and isn't even fat >damn bro ar…[View]
42958153Just one chance >born slow twitch dominant[View]
42958122yohimbine hcl: Any source of powder of it in eu?[View]
42957784Hey /fit/ How do i gain weight? I want to gain 120[View]
42955142A simple proof that 'MUH CALORIES' shit you guys spew is unscientific nonsense. >eating 3500 cal…[View]
42956736https://youtu.be/f5CklHsmzdM >3:15 >tfw no thicc bros to squat RAW with…[View]
42956023which sips do you prefer?: do you like the og sipper or the new kid on the block more? and why? i li…[View]
42957063Beginner running program?: hi /fit/ I want to try getting into running. I'm currently not in gr…[View]
42950699/fat/ i'm starting dieting from tomorrow edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want…[View]
42956505Fit infographics Does anyone else have some that they can share[View]
42957139Skinnyfat or just skinny? 6'2 ~170lbs. I'm not sure if I should be looking to bulk or jus…[View]
42955116Let me start out by saying I hate tapping. Its not close to sex, and it will make you lazy But no fa…[View]
42954083How do you train endurance running? Need to be able to run 1km in 3:10[View]
42956451What do you wear to the gym?: What do you wear to run/go to the gym? My shoes are fucked and a lot o…[View]
42957704What did he mean by these?[View]
42953882hey /fit/, this has to be steroids, right?[View]
42957699>start drinking more water >skin doesn't improve >start getting headaches because it…[View]
42957653Chad's Clothing: Sup y'all, Chad Thundercock of Chad's Clothing here. Just wanted to…[View]
42957474How long does it take my back to recover?: >have lifted and also failed 190 kg 1RM mad squats in …[View]
42956514why are you not on gear you pathetic fucking faggot?: this is what happened to me after ONE CYCLE, a…[View]
42954733So apparently the manlet pit at my gym 'wasn't built to industry standard' and 'a fire hazard' …[View]
42955801How long should I wait?: How long should I wait to smoke after having my lower impacted wisdom teeth…[View]
42955362Creatine: IS CREATINE NATTY?[View]
42956048Good /fit/ feels: I don't know if it's just been a stressful day or what but I hit the gym…[View]
42949587Decide my punishment: Well /fit/. I did it. I finally got that qt3.14 I've been autistically co…[View]
42955106>he's called mike mew >he popularized mewing what the h*ck are the odds of that?…[View]
42948610Why doesn't 1/2/3/4 include rows? What would the equivalent for rows be?[View]
42953675Anyone else here have sex and regret it? I spent a year having tons of sex in college (thankfully wi…[View]
42955334Hey /fit My gf (22 yo) has always been skinny, but she complains that she has put on some weight (to…[View]
42956440BreathPill: Reminder that breathing is just as important as anything else when exercising. Blood is …[View]
4295315730 designs in 30 days day 6[View]
42956875yOu hAvE BeEn vIsItEd bY ThE SpIrIt oF RiCh pIaNa, YoU ArE GrAnTeD ThReE WiShEs[View]
42956238How do you sort yourself ?[View]
42957230Muscle Imbalances: Ever since I broke my left forearm(radius/ulna) in a stupid football game my left…[View]
42957211ITT: /fit/ changed your life[View]
42956370Is bodyweight exercises only better than going to the gym?: Am I paying money to the gymjew when I c…[View]
42954231Basketball pick up games are the GOAT fitness hobby besides lifting. Most people can find a league b…[View]
42956988D-do I look like I lift already? I've been lifting regularly for only a month, but I had traine…[View]
42955211let's settle this once and for all: Does cuckdio kill gains?[View]
42952941booze thread: We know booze is pure calories, half of people i talk to say its a poison and kills yo…[View]
42956296Is wrist size really that important?[View]
42955263Ever since I got fit skinny girls just don't do it for me anymore, is this just me?[View]
42956555/fit/ I need help and I'm ready for the hate and the 'read the sticky' but the first …[View]
42956214growing breasts: Will eating french fries with soy sauce on them help me grow breasts?[View]
42956459Who stinky sweat here ? People at the gym are starting to badmouth me because I fucking stink whenev…[View]
42942505Post best ingredients to get be it for the nutritional value, their effects or their taste giving na…[View]
42956599>Tfw rest day Are steroids really the answer? I just want to go Bulgarian national weight lifting…[View]
42952627Post your handicap[View]
42955642>enter the gym >she waved at me first We're gonna fucking make it lads…[View]
42953738>run high dose cycles of test tren mast and anadrol >gym noobs ask me how I got this big >o…[View]
42954312PPL for a beginner? Should I follow coolcicada's PPL routine as a beginner? Will I see any good…[View]
42952754Who else feels as if they started sweating much more since getting /fit/? Before I could have severa…[View]
42955704Salt.: So earlier this week some faggot posted this video about salt being good for athletic perform…[View]
42901859/FAST/ Concientious food objector edition: /FAST/ FASTING GENERAL What is /fast/? Fast is a thread …[View]
42956092I come in peace!: Ayy Lmao[View]
42955738/fit/ spotify playlist: Let's all contribute songs and make an official /fit/ spotify workout p…[View]
42955721Hang the Roasties: Don't let that plastic whore steal his legacy, /fit/. We mock and make fun, …[View]
42956525Post /fit/ recipes[View]
42955042Mens sana: Could he have been saved by lifting?[View]
42955747How do I get thicc eyebrows?[View]
42955671How to recover leg,arm and chest muscles: Hey fit bros I have been working out for a while to improv…[View]
42954931>the normie standard to ripped is a lot lower than /fit/'s[View]
42956290Starting strength mixed with bodyweight training.[View]
42956014Will eating this give my gains?: It's gotta be better than Ben and Jerry's right?[View]
42955201>mom forgot to buy whole wheat pasta >again How do you cope with gain goblins?…[View]
42955193What is your favorite song to get ready to lift? https://youtu.be/isxvXITTLLY[View]
42955474Should heavier people have lower max heart rate? I am 5'11 206lbs with abs, serratus, obliques,…[View]
42955939>the body can only process (?) protein a day If you eat double that, you can eat 0g the next day.…[View]
42954331redpill me on brussel sprouts[View]
42953002I just got braces. Still didn't get to the 'it hurts' part yet. What can I / can't I eat? …[View]
42953957workout splits: hey guys, i wanna know your workout splits and what you do for each muscle group. re…[View]
42955509What do u guys do to save some time in the gym?[View]
42955876Can someone give me a calorie estimate?: They claim this has 360 grams of burger meat. No sauces, ju…[View]
42948040hypertrophy as a novice: Is it alright to add 5x10 lighter/manageable loads after main 3x5 work? Wh…[View]
42954603I was squatting today and didn't warm up properly, I had a bad form during 1 rep and felt pain …[View]
42955787I feel good after lifting but it doesn't help my confidence or social skills What do[View]
42955790The true hero of /fit/[View]
42955758I've been making some gains the last six months but I went too hard on the bulk, so now I have …[View]
42949727Reminder that Jordan Peterson could bench 200 pounds in his prime. Why cant you?[View]
42954500Orchestral version of the Rich Piana Natty Anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QK2IBiHdr8&t…[View]
42948712Where do you train /fit/[View]
42948925Is apple cider vinegar a meme? Normie friends can't stop raving about it.[View]
42953641What is objectively the best physique type and why is it bear mode? Reason 1: manly Reason 2: manly …[View]
42955515>be me >used to have dreams where people would cuck me or embarress me and I would take it …[View]
42954427How many proteinshakes do you drink/consume daily? Between 2-3 is my amount.[View]
42953992Honestly is there a point of doing deadlifts if you already do back work and squat? It just seems li…[View]
42953965Good Triceps workouts: I havent seen much growth nor progress in my triceps. I've mainly been d…[View]
42955138How bad is refined sugar? Is any amount gonna fuck me up if I'm trying to lose weight and lower…[View]
42954391one legged guy wants to get /fit/: Hidy there /fit/. I want to get into shape but I have a fake leg …[View]
42954162Reminder that this woman is more of an athlete than any of you losers[View]
42956233>fit gf left me How do you cope? Lifting isn't making it better[View]
42956252> Still thinking about her while you lift[View]
42954732Too poor for gym, any good bodyweight routines to gain muscle?: I can't afford the gym. I was w…[View]
42950563Anyone here ever get erectile dysfunction? Went years without having sex, then went out and got back…[View]
42951684*blocks your path*[View]
42954695tfw: I'm new to /fit/ and i'd like some help in getting into shape. However I have a lot o…[View]
42954772What is the chance to get std from a protected sex with prostitute?[View]
42955077Give me one reason your not Jawzrsizing for maximum jaw aesthetics[View]
42955037>short >balding at 20 >can't grow a beard >assymetrical face >average dick with …[View]
42954406Should powerlifting be classed as a mental illness?[View]
42944584Fit approved shoes: I’ve always used Asics.I’ve tried other brands, but they’re just as good as Asic…[View]
42952644Protein Bars: So /fit/, I'm looking for a protein bar to have as a regular snack, and can'…[View]
42952453I had sex with a stranger last night and almost embarrassed myself at how weak I am. I couldn't…[View]
42954398Your split: Which split are you running and what's your goal? Also, best split for dem dere aes…[View]
42953885Is injecting all that anavar really worth it??[View]
42954745How can you satisfy a guy like this without a 8x6?[View]
42952344What's the best way to get a thick neck? Are the regular heavy compound lifts sufficient or sho…[View]
42947367This is what keto does to people[View]
42952295are steroids made with animal products fit? I'd like to go on cycle but as a vegan (to be healt…[View]
42953202Currently trying to escape Auschwitz mode. Gone up from 68kg to 76kg since July, problem I've r…[View]
42942973Fitness myths: >heavy lifting is required to build mass >you can't get big muscles going …[View]
42952193where u go?//?? i got scoob[View]
42952499Advice: Hi /fit/ I'm new and I want to ask for your advice. I've been a moderate fatty all…[View]
42944711what do you eat to satisfy your sweet tooth?[View]
42954400What are you supposed to say when someone goes 'That is soo cool!'. I usually laugh and say 'thanks'…[View]
42954557I used to workout five days a week. I felt good about myself but also struggled with disordered eati…[View]
42953745Does /fit/ have a waifu they lift for?[View]
42953724ITT: Gym encounters of the normie kind >chatting with a normie gym goer >his bench is 120kg of…[View]
42954433Is Yohimbine safe to take with adderal or vyvanse? Also what are some general yohimbine best practic…[View]
42939224Is this the new king of fit?[View]
42954377So I started making educational videos on youtube. What do you guys think? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
42952237Had an argument with a friend who said that tighter clothes make you look bigger. Do baggy clothes m…[View]
42949038Hi /fit/, My workout routine is pretty good, but can someone recommend me a diet which will get me l…[View]
42952725Right faggots, listen up. I know your all stuck in your autistic rep ranges, but open up your dense …[View]
42952991so /fit/ I've always had slim wrists (not me but pic related) is there any way for me to gain w…[View]
42949904Anyone have any song playlistst hey would recommend for cardio? All you find on youtube are generic …[View]
42952818Brosplits: Are brosplits that bad? I've seen plenty of natties in my gym who do them and look b…[View]
42954129ive been exercising since 2017.07 I dont have ANY VISUAL gains but i can lift more then i could at …[View]
42949430DRINK MORE WATER: Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
42948774are there any blanket positive hobbies out there like lifting that are relatively simple to start bu…[View]
42952535Thoughts on my gf /fit/?[View]
42954077How much running is too much? I currently run 4 miles per session three times a week; in a edition I…[View]
42950501>Start lifting in 2012 >'You don't need to Isolate the Traps bro, just get a 5 plate dead…[View]
42951106>Have a flea problem at home. >Tfw fleas are literally stealing my gains through my blood.…[View]
42951916What is your plan to find a woman who will eat nutritious instead of sugar and junk food during preg…[View]
42953773Muscle Imbalances: Ever since I broke my left forearm(radius/ulna) in a stupid football game my left…[View]
42950330Scapula/ weird back: Is there something wrong with my scapula / back or am I retarded?[View]
42953592Muscular Christianity thread 'Also, the hearts of the children of man are full of evil, and madness …[View]
42935397>lifting won't bring her back What was her name, /fit/?[View]
42951523What do you faggots do on your off days? Hard mode: no friends and no gf.[View]
42951082Do i look like a sack of shit? I don't work out but i am going to start a body weight routine. …[View]
42949819What are some fair criticisms of Mark?[View]
42951460Cardio and lifting on same day: Hey /fit/. I train boxing in the evenings, which is pretty cardio in…[View]
42953110>spending several days per week in the gym to look like shit in cloths that you wear 99.9% of you…[View]
42953355>he does overhead press instead of arnold press[View]
42952284Redpill me on brown rice[View]
42953437Little Goals: What are your little goals to keep you feeling satisfied when you have a long way to g…[View]
42948513Would it be possible to achieve this mode by doing: > 10 Pushups > 10 Pullups > 10 Squats …[View]
42953140>mfw bench is higher than squat and dl[View]
42953041muh water weight: >Be two days ago >Eat 1800kcal >Run 2.5mi >No weightloss >Be this y…[View]
42946139>tfw banned from the gym because I couldn't solve the dumbbell lizard's riddle…[View]
42950428Leg strength training: Hi guys, Im from /o/, How can I increase my leg strength? I walk daily about …[View]
42950429How can meatcucks even compete?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-56SZxNlLI0 >tfw you will never …[View]
42951661Working out at home: Hey /fit/ches, started to work out more reguarly and already seen results. Can…[View]
42941158guilty pleasure: What's your guilty pleasure, /fit/?[View]
429525833 a Days: So, I was thinking of modifying my routines to a three a day system. >early morning car…[View]
42952894Hey /fit/, I'm a huge fag that keeps quitting and restarting every year working out and exercis…[View]
429510206 foot 200 pounds can do a real pushup: I'm a neet living with a cat lady and taking care of my…[View]
42952802Is this meal /fit/?[View]
42951105/fit arm measurement thread: Post your ceps measurenents and stats[View]
42949400>gallon of milk a day >not gallon of kefir a day LOL It's almost like you don't want…[View]
42952677hey guys, I found the secret to getting mires[View]
42948590/hcg/ - Halloween Costume General: What's everyone going as this year? Posture related, it…[View]
429424562 fatties argue: Which one of these fatties is right?[View]
42952416A problem i've noticed all over /fit/: here's something i think this board needs, thank me…[View]
42950105Cheer Workout tips?: 18 yo, 5'-11' 208lb male I'm trying out an SEC school for cheer in Ap…[View]
42951245im confused by this screencap. if he only needed 130g of protons, couldnt he have just eaten 10 eggs…[View]
42948576Cardio: How do I get good at this? I gas out fast when I'm doing sports.[View]
42951782yo /fit/ was just wondering what the best 5-6 day routine for working out looks like to you. tryin…[View]
42951606Recommend me the best 2 day a week routine for hypertrophy for an intermediate lifter.[View]
42948588>got fit >girls approach me now >can't say anything I'm getting depressed and los…[View]
42950466how do i get over being cheated on[View]
42953104Manlets, when will they learn: This guy is a famous 165cm rapper from Finland. Lmao at this manlet.…[View]
42952812I'm 5'5. Am I going to make it, brahs?...[View]
42952309What do you think about blood flow restriction? Is it a meme or does it have benefits?[View]
42951908*braps your path*[View]
42950739Does the 5:2 diet actually work? Asking for a friend[View]
42949573/LFG/- Lifting for girls: In this thread we will talk about lifting to be aesthetically pleasing to …[View]
42951365I read some book that /fit/ recommend me about sex. I read said book once I want to re-read it but b…[View]
42945465/plg/: My arms have already grown.[View]
42951107Am i doinitwrong?: So i just started lifting 2 weeks ago. 3x a week, pretty basic exercises. I aim f…[View]
42952212I want to look thin but strong. Whenever I do push-ups it makes my whole body look huge because I al…[View]
42937117Gym Buddy thread? Post gyms and find a bro >Courts Plus NC[View]
42949242Assuming they have the same training, diet, and cycle that Arnie did, is it possible for anyone to a…[View]
42952123What's up /fit/? First time poster here. I'm 27, 5'11 at 180. I've never been in…[View]
42950547Alright /fit/, for reasons I won't get into, I can't use the gym for two weeks. I have a p…[View]
42951309I feel like my ass has got a lot firmer after doing squats for about 3 weeks.[View]
42943428Protein powder flavours: Best/ worst protein powder flavours you've ever tasted?[View]
42947874Be real with me fit. Is that naturally obtainable?[View]
42950938Weet Bix: are these cunts ok to eat? im stopping my cut soon and going to be at maintenance for a fe…[View]
42951426Whats a good Iodine brand: and how much do you take? i want the anti fluoride and cognitive benefits…[View]
42945187*blocks your locker* >why do you grunt so much anon? you look like a freak. Are you insecure or s…[View]
42947757What mode is this?[View]
42949865A Sincere Message of Advice to all Manlets: Dear Manlets, please don't bother. At first I thou…[View]
42951827I wanna see them ex fatties like me. >Stats 176cm up, 86kg, 92kg respectively down, 73 on both.…[View]
42936479are there any preworkouts left that are worth a shit?[View]
42951167is this male pattern baldness/any sign of impending baldness[View]
42951117How often is it ok to eat fast food?[View]
42951605When do you go to the gym?: I started going at like 2am when I first started a few months ago so I c…[View]
42929323Cringe thread: >working our for 7.5 months >enters a female physique competition Why are wome…[View]
42949287Workouts for a specific sport: Posted Jui Jitsu here a few days ago and it seems we have a shit load…[View]
42949807Reminder that there is 1 (one) exercise that defines your fitness level and generally what kind of a…[View]
42951482Is high rep, short rest and isolation for natties a meme? The simulus can't nearly be stressfu…[View]
42950913what is your goal body /fit[View]
42919599QTDDTOT: Did I gain weight? 165.5 on the scale last week Today I woke up at 166.2. I at a lot in a s…[View]
42952043Kinda making it friends >be me in highschool >be an autistic skelly, only clothes i have are c…[View]
42952527Why lift when the ONLY thing that matters is your eye area? Bad eye area = it's over[View]
42952908Tinder General: help me /fit/, I finally matched a qt[View]
42950931what do you wear when lifting?[View]
42949532What did Sara mean by this??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq1GsaTG5Dg[View]
42951006why aren't you fat fucks doing construction. it's the most chad job ever. you're lite…[View]
42951024/CBT/ - Looking built in clothes edition: Do you look like you lift in clothes? I'm not talking…[View]
42950985What does /fit/ think of the following Novice routine ? It's basically SS (inb4 Rippetoads tell…[View]
42951186How good is the potato diet for cutting? Eating nothing but potatos for 14 days, then eating potatos…[View]
42951174Bum arm: Looking for any advice My left arm is just fucked. It's underdeveloped. Slightly small…[View]
42943309/OHFIT/: Where are my Ohio /Fit/izens? Circleville reporting in[View]
42950201Is there a point?: Just as I start to see gains, I notice that my hair is thinning at 23. Never used…[View]
42936775What does /fit/ think of Jon 'Jujimufu' Call?[View]
42951100gym: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPJIVY9Sk1M[View]
42951135Just got my wisdom teeth out and have some questions: I'm 28 and just getting them out super la…[View]
42949207you guys know its your last day to live right?[View]
42949547Havent worked out in way too long, Need to become a greek god: Hey guys, I'm trying to start wo…[View]
42950584Would you buy it?: https://youtu.be/9e4MaSZGxoc[View]
42950314/fit/ fantasies: >after years of lifting I've come really close to reaching 2/3/4/5 >just…[View]
42950231Dermarolling: Is dermarolling a fucking meme? This hurts like a bitch and actually makes me cry. Doe…[View]
42949664fellow fat fucks how much weight have you lost so far, how do you feel?: at about 75 pounds still go…[View]
42949525How is there no thread on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBSwoI8kc0o[View]
42950502How does /fit/ feel about coconut water?[View]
42947182/fit/ Roast my supermarket shop: Please bully then post yours[View]
42948958>TFW want to run a cycle of test but scared of getting an infection or dying from a bad batch…[View]
42950022Is it advisable to alter Greyskull a bit so I'm hitting the big lifts twice a week each? Someth…[View]
42950657>PROOF SARA PIANA IS A METH ADDICT (AKA SARA HEIMIS / HEIMISDOTTIR) This shit is getting crazy ht…[View]
42945063>Leg DOMS[View]
42949515Bulletproof General: Welcome to Bulletproof General! Diet in a nutshell: 1. High Fat, mid protein, l…[View]
42950642Does the 5:2 diet actually work? Asking for a friend[View]
42945629How to make thicker my bones?: Drinking milk doesnt working Pic related[View]
42950293What's up /fit/ I'm slightly overweight, smoke, drink and don't exercise. My diet is …[View]
42949857Workout routine: Hey guys, whats your workout routine to achieve a good decent muscular body. pic re…[View]
42945908>body hair is one continuous carpet >very little hair density difference between the armpit an…[View]
42949494I am a former fat fuck. I was 357lbs last I checked before I went on the 'California is way too damn…[View]
42950051Workout with just a pull up bar?: Alright guys so I need a workout that I can do with a door pull up…[View]
42949655>lose 30 pound >waist-hip ratio actually gets WORSE What gives /fit/? Shouldn't the numbe…[View]
42948997I fixed it.[View]
42949733Where do I buy test? Dark web? Also, How much should I buy to insure I always have a bottle laying…[View]
42947398How do I deal with stress better and stop getting overwhelmed, /fit/? Last week I was doing fine, th…[View]
42950284Milk and Honey: I go to Uni every day and the food there is shit I want to drink milk and honey from…[View]
42950218How often do you guys take off days? I've been working out nonstop for the past 2 weeks, how im…[View]
42947742Does this look ok?[View]
42946504Acne: ACNE THREAD Any dermatologist online? I got told that Vitamin A helps with acne so I'm cu…[View]
42949894when did the criteria switch so that men had to be several inches taller than women? what excercises…[View]
42943936Gooooood Fuckin Morning everyone![View]
42949934>run into an old female friend >go to greet her >she goes in for a hug >mfw I was going …[View]
42949972Hey fit, cutting starts this upcoming week and im looking for god toer cheap bulk foods to buy to ha…[View]
42948632If you ever achieved Chad mode would you actually be happy?: Are Chads really happy?[View]
42946447Hello /fit first time ever here. i have an utterly most important request. about a year ago my girlf…[View]
42947810So let me get this straight Protein can be converted into energy, yes? And can also build muscle. So…[View]
42949628Personal Training at a Gym. How is personal training even a thing? >Take someone with a gym membe…[View]
42949436Is it worth it to do one more rep if you know you'll severely sacrifice your form?[View]
42943880/fph/ - Fat People Hate: 'Why doesn't my friend/drug dealer/guy I've slept with find me ho…[View]
42949475How do I get my gf to look like this /fit/[View]
42948387http://www.newportplaintalk.com/news/article_5dcb2f37-d008-53d0-a729-0752891ff48f.html FYI if you bo…[View]
42948668ITT we make new fit song: Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner, sometimes I feel like m…[View]
42948732>not weighing all your food before your meal You're never gonna make it breh. I'm surpr…[View]
42949256>2017 >still doing squats instead of leg press…[View]
42938046*destroys your back in 10 reps*[View]
42948472/jam/ thread? What do you guys listen to in the gym. Me? I'm a [spoiler]bionicman[/spoiler] htt…[View]
42936448Can i be jacked and a creative?: >inb4 pretentious autist try hard I love artsy 'alternative' shi…[View]
42948414is it me or is it the meal plan on scooby's site a shit box. gives me only one meal plan for on…[View]
42946655>eating less food will make your body go into starvation mode and cause fat gained instead of fat…[View]
42949119How long did you lift before people referred to you as 'the buff guy' or 'muscles' or something like…[View]
42947415Hey /fit/ ive got a question. Ive been working out for a few months now and ive lost around 30lbs, n…[View]
42949198want lean mass, also want large bod. what do?[View]
42949178What's your excuse /fit/?[View]
42944756Rich Pinna high as fuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7ehsIwTnvc Is he still the natty king of /…[View]
42947425Claims of Rich Piana using steroids and drugs: Getting real tired of the slander against the natty g…[View]
42947448Can someone recommend me a solid PPL program with my given equipment? I'm a complete skinnyfat …[View]
42948255How to hit this level?[View]
42948968Hey /fit, for the past few months i've been having this strange sensation in my back. Whenever …[View]
42948983Raising Test: So the generally favored macro split is 20% fat, 40% protein, and 40% carbs. However A…[View]
42916395/FOREARMS/: Have you been training your forearms /fit/? What's the best exercise for juicy fore…[View]
42948402Daily reminder: if you're not dedicating part of your training for the collapse or the civil wa…[View]
42945655>go running in London soon after moving here >wear my contact lenses to see where I'm goi…[View]
42947702Routine Timing: What's an ideal range of time to spend in the gym? I typically go 2-4 hours thr…[View]
42936934/fat/ big mac >six pac: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves throug…[View]
42948890Supplement/Lift Schedules: ITT we post our schedules and rate/critique others' I'll start:…[View]
42948828Explain wearable weights (e.g. weight vest, anklets, etc.) Is it possible to lose weight or gain mas…[View]
42948466Peep my natty 1month cutting trans: Gang[View]
42944791when am i going to look super hot???: it's been a few months now and i still just look like a s…[View]
42946130Pic related is undoubtedly the best accessory exercise for Squats and Deadlifts. Prove me wrong /fit…[View]
42938509eat more salt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amJ-ev8Ial8&t[View]
42948449diet: for a diabetic. any advice? just got the news.[View]
42935295Buddhism is The Most /fit/ Religion: So fit why haven't you made those spiritual gainz?[View]
42948553>He counts his daily or weekly deficit instead of yearly Think long-term baka…[View]
42945383>start bulking >eat big to get big >have MASSIVE shits multiple times per day Is this a ble…[View]
42944581Gyno surgery in 24h What should I be prepared for? Much pain? When should I begin to workout again? …[View]
42948459This fucking guy. He is not one, but many. >comes to gym when it is empty. >strolls around ass…[View]
42948416When you're calorie counting do you consider every day meaning 24 hour period or waking period?…[View]
42943067Is training for hypertrophy a meme? Strength surely means muscle mass, right?[View]
42948133Squats stuck at 285 3x5 for working sets and I've already deloaded once before. Is there anythi…[View]
42948361Is my workout completly wasted if I pull an allnighter that day?[View]
42930623Motivation General: Hopefully I die doing deadlifts today.[View]
42940601Everyone has shit bicep insertions: Everyone has shit bicep insertions, but a lot of fitness people …[View]
42945308what's the hardest part of a move like this? is she strong as shit or just flexible?[View]
42940407>You will never go to a festival with the aesthetics crew and muzz like a sick kunt Why even live…[View]
42947017I am about to loose 10 pounds in two days, I have been keeping track of my fasting, so far I feel ok…[View]
42948158Bench Press General: Brother wants a benchpress for his birthday He has three kids and can't go…[View]
42945109Weight Loss Mystery: Now that the dust has settled, I need your help, /fit/, to solve a mystery. I w…[View]
42944613How does he squat 500 lbs?[View]
42948044What mode is this? How do i achieve it?[View]
42945114Anyone here with a bipolar disorder? I think its really affecting my gains since i cant complete my …[View]
42945903L-Theanine: is L-Theanine a meme or does it actually work in terms of decreasing stress/anxiety? pi…[View]
42947859Minus 100lbs. Trust the process guys[View]
42947537>lifts >takes a sip of water >loses gains I hope you don't do this, /fit/…[View]
42945864Sprinting and working out (PHUL): Hey /fit/ im 18 still in highschool and curious about sprinting an…[View]
42945822>trainin for 4 years >196 lbs >11% bf >5'11 >graduating next semester with a masters …[View]
42947128Isn't strength and general fitness supposed to generate mental strength? It's not that I…[View]
42943807Post them joocy neccs boyos[View]
42947979I lifted for 2 years without training legs once and can currently bench 245 5x5 how quickly will my …[View]
42947153>don't eat soy brah, it's full of estrogen >drinks beer every night because it'…[View]
42947526is he the hero we need?[View]
42942749Where do you guys workout, does everyone pay for a gym membership?[View]
42942971/ourguys/ are back!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As4Xx5pbi5s If germanbros can be kind like la…[View]
42947281>Live on own >No job, penniless student >Can only afford baked beans on toast for breakfast…[View]
42946283Ok so I ordered some Test E but I hear that it's not so great for adding muscle mass. What ster…[View]
42946471>tfw I'm right handed and my left arm can lift more How do i fix this?…[View]
42931428/fraud general/: /fraud/ - nogfedition (aka every edition) Read all of http://gh15biblebodybuild.blo…[View]
42945876Without any memes, what's the absolute natty max for someone who's 6 feet tall and has low…[View]
42947476>be me mid august >go on holiday for 10 days >no workout opportunities except for swimming …[View]
42946591Should I be consuming milk? What about whey powder?[View]
42947205Is Almond Milk a meme?: >larp as me >drink almond milk exclusively for 6 mo, on top of high fi…[View]
42946992What's the cheapest foods I can buy for gains /fit/? >tfw poor[View]
42942430Bulletproof General: Welcome to Bulletproof General! Diet in a nutshell: 1. High Fat, mid protein, l…[View]
42947391>doms in front neck muscles[View]
42943851Is there any way to control fat distribution on your body? If I'm gaining fat, I want it to be …[View]
42947357hi /fit/ i have a problem: So I have been working out for the past year trying to break out of skinn…[View]
42944318Post your bicep work out. I am very curious. Sitting incline dumbbell curls 3 x 10 @ 35lbs / 15.8kg…[View]
42946075Routine thread: Strained hip adductor while squating so I need recovery routine. I was thinking slig…[View]
42946874a man of taste[View]
42946461How do I into King of Fit mode?[View]
42945999What am I missing from my sal ad[View]
42943848Aspartame: Do you trust Aspartame?[View]
42945619Hi guys! I'm from /o/ so I'm not very aquainted with /fit/. Can you please tell me guys ho…[View]
42946707/fit/ recipe thread: post simple /fit/ recipes that an autist can make! I'll start[View]
42946609Canadian Prtein?: I recently bought my first protein powder and it was from CanadianProtein.com and …[View]
42947021Why shouldn't I sacrifice carbs for more protein?[View]
42905638Do you think lifting would've saved him?[View]
42941397Water fasting: >promotes the release of IGF-1 and HGH >preserves muscle mass >literally mel…[View]
42942999https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9jLjhB60HU starts at 8:00 >'lifting for yourself is bullshit' …[View]
42944852Workout Schedule (Cutting): Hey guys, Im starting a LPP split 6 days a week and I currently work out…[View]
42944529>Yo bro, how ya doin'? >Got all kinds of supplements and equipment down here y'know?…[View]
42945001>the gym gays keep inviting me over to 'hang out' im not gay so i obviously wont go but they hav…[View]
42946873Newfag here I got told i shouldn't do deadlifting because apperently my left shoulder blade is …[View]
42943371Why aren't you keeping your own chickens for eternal gains? >free eggs >free meat >cu…[View]
42945823REMINDER: Daily reminder that if your workout lasts longer than 30 to 45 minutes you're just ov…[View]
42945196Please help me /fit/, I have genetically big fucking ass. At first I thought it was becuase I was fa…[View]
42945501Is Jason Blaha natty?[View]
42943192hey /fit/ i'm new to the board, most of my days are spent on /k/ and learning and practicing to…[View]
42945009/sip/: The best sip[View]
42946804Started working out a few weeks ago, come to the decision to switch to a 3 day routine rather than 6…[View]
42946776> god damnit I've been doing high bar pause squats this whole time…[View]
42946572> is this the perfect macro split?[View]
42946742eat mammoth balls is no cheating me natty me natty[View]
42946005Dont forget to train your legs boys[View]
42946631need help pls: how do i get into super mutant mode?[View]
42944550What's your core workout? >3x10 ab wheel rollouts >3x15 weighted russian twists >3x1 m…[View]
42939637>854lb squat >683lb dedlift >480lb binch can any of you dyel compare to this weak woman?…[View]
42943614>on 3rd month of SS >Squat, Deadlift, and OHP keep going up every session no problem >bench…[View]
42940886/meditation/ general: Where my mindful niggas at? What position do you meditate in? I 'learned' medi…[View]
42946384Hello /fit/. I posted this 3 years ago. The Original screenshot (server is dead so I can only show t…[View]
42945793Its been a year since the best gym I ever went to closed down. Press F to pay respects to powercraft…[View]
42946001Making a rich piana tinder acount What should i do?[View]
42942466AMA: Hey /fit/ I operate sound and lighting for male strippers pic related, ask me anything[View]
42944197Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/human-a…[View]
42945758If fiber slows the uptake and absorption of sugar into the blood, and prevents an insulin spike, wou…[View]
42945414The main reason people are so inspired by Zyzz are not just because of his body or his work ethics b…[View]
42941039Let's talk about increasing life span and general health. I myself lift but at my age I'm …[View]
42944553Hey /fit/ been lifting for a good few years, 5'6' manlet 85kg ~13% bf, have realised lifting is…[View]
42942933Take a seat: Anon, tell me everything you know about fitness.[View]
4294025330 Designs in 30 Days Challenge!: I've challenged myself to do 30 shirt designs in 30 days to i…[View]
42942754>calories in calories o-: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFTVNLC7ysej-sD5lkLqNGA https://www.yo…[View]
42943782Why are poor people so fat[View]
42947687if guys can have a preference for big breasts and thin waists, then it's okay for women to have…[View]
42944948I have trouble bench pressing 20lbs on each side Im not gonna make it, arent I?[View]
42942697>Hey anon, why do you eat so much tuna? Don't you know that it causes brain damage?…[View]
42942772How do I get a body like this? Yes, I read the sticky. It was shit[View]
42945554>Oh, your quads! You're practically a T-rex! >But who knows, SS+GOMAD could solve quite a…[View]
42937490>Can only bench 155lbs for three reps[View]
42945697What mode was Morten Harket? Is he /ourguy/? >those arms HNNNNNNGGGGGG[View]
42945255Started taking university classes, should I cancel my gym membership and start using the 'free'unive…[View]
42945678My boss has a lazy eye How do I stop looking at the lazy eye every time? What is wrong with my brain…[View]
42943265Daily reminder to train your neck.[View]
42943803How much gains can you make by playing an instrument?[View]
42942460Is it healthy to eat dry oats in yoghurt? Or do I have to cook oats in milk/water?[View]
42943519Can i get fit just from doing exercise at home?: Skelly here. 125 lbs, 5 ft 8, 26 years old. Going t…[View]
42945367Lengthy story, I am a recovering fatty that has been doing GSLP, cutting, and C25K for about 9 month…[View]
42942461https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7ehsIwTnvc video of the piano man all fucked up on drugs[View]
42945232What does increasing the resistance on an exercise bike actually... do?[View]
42940285how do I get massive forearms?[View]
42945201How do i workout when im tired af from work ?[View]
42935542/plg/ - powerlifting general: I went to the doctors and it has been confirmed my arms definitely gro…[View]
42935586CALORIES IN CALORIES OUT FAGS BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcMBm-UVdII[View]
42945132>take 150mg ED for 3 days for PCT >turn into a fucking moody bitch Just end it.…[View]
42929433Final solution to the manlet question: >be manlet >legs gets cut off in an 'accident' >get…[View]
42944587To all you /fit/bros who are also /fa/...is this the right size shirt we should be wearing to get th…[View]
42944752Gainers and Protein powders: Newfag here Are Gainers/Protein powders worth it /fit/? Which is your f…[View]
42933548Hit on a fit girl at the gym to day: >be me >notice hot fit girl I've never seen before …[View]
42935260>he left us 26 days ago 26 days of arms[View]
42944309What routine can I do that would get me functionally strong (for grappling) but not lead to Snap Cit…[View]
42938928>The gym falcon picked me up and dropped me into the manlet pit What the fuck I'm 6'0 …[View]
42942627>buying 5 kilo proton powder sack >15% off sale, ignore it >next day 20% off sale, ignore i…[View]
42941496How far are we from fitness being a thing of the past? When we can make 'at-will' body modifications…[View]
42944410IS CORTISOL AY MEME: How does cortisol levels affect fitness, /fit/? Lately I've been passed on…[View]
42942285Redpill me on rice[View]
429434901 mile run: I have a 1 mile run tomorrow, but my tendons near the calves are fucked up. What do you …[View]
42942454Anger: Anyone else here get motivated to work out harder at the gym when they see someone who they f…[View]
42942162Supplements Thread: Hey, I was posting about increasing serotonin and dopamine with protein. ..Just …[View]
42942254Who here has made lifting mistakes that held you back for a while? I fell for the Stronglifts meme, …[View]
42942737Could you help me get /fit/ in my current situation?: Hey /fit/, user from /lit/ here. Not sure why …[View]
42942723*blocks your path* >'I thought you said you were going to be big enough to fit into your Ryu cost…[View]
42941437Is my new haircut fit approved? I just tell the barber to make it shorter on the sides. Also, hair…[View]
42942293HEY GALLON FAGS: where can I get one of these that doesn't cost 30 bucks? wtf[View]
42943286Sup guys I've been overweight since I was 4 years old, 16 years later my doctor thought to get …[View]
42939232>get home from gym >'come get that sip anon... it's your first one today' what do…[View]
42944362music about how fucking amazing i am: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y68vdnw5Yc post your gym tune…[View]
42944356Any of you read this?[View]
42944306What mode is this?[View]
42944178>b-but face is all that matters i might as well be a fat fuck[View]
42941277wh-when will i get a tinder match?[View]
42943920Help me with my TDEE!: Which TDEE formula is the most precise? >23 >67 inches >290lbs >4…[View]
42939906Filter water: I want to filter out hormones from tap water. Problem is that i am always traveling. I…[View]
42940728What do you think about this LEEENNNYY? you cookie cutter porn addict[View]
42943547>browse /fit/ in between sets just to make sure nobody took a pic of me and made a thread about i…[View]
42938777How much would this cost?[View]
42944044Who here /made it/? >cousin is over at my place >shes hot >comes to the gym with me one tim…[View]
42943854>be me 3 years ago, 23 year old kissless virgin >/fit/ convinced me to start lifting >get /…[View]
42941565What does /fit/ think of this book? Are there other social gainz books (suitable for autists) you…[View]
42943839when does bulking season start boys? all of my lifts have went down since i started cutting for summ…[View]
42942111Is this good testosterone?: sup /fit/ did a testosterone check couple days ago and received this - …[View]
42942940How Do I get this body type?: Hey /fit/ >How do I get ripped like this goy >I am 6'1 and …[View]
42943860What would give you a better looking physique and better health? Say; 2,000 calories (160g protein)…[View]
42939694can someone please post the photo of the dude taking pictures of the girl in the gym and you can cle…[View]
42934822why is he so weird?[View]
42943318ephedrine: Anybody still use epehdrine pre-workout and can you still get it in the states?[View]
42943229My back looks weird, what is wrong with it??? Specifically upper back has a skull looking face on it…[View]
42941364Voicelets: /fit/ always makes fun of attributes you can't change, for example: manlets, facelet…[View]
42943571should i buy a kettlebell?: my routine: A (Friday) A1: Barbell hip thrusts 3x 20 A2: Pull ups 3x F B…[View]
42920294OHP appretiation: What is the best upper body lift and why is it the overhead press? Also for discus…[View]
42943511/who/: Who hear has a near perfect back, but a shitty front? I have too much visceral fat and it mak…[View]
42943440Hey /fit/ I'm going to start working out at a gym soon. I'm not looking to have an amazing…[View]
42943367Anyone having a cutting cycle that lasts just two days? Or do you know how I could alter this? Would…[View]
42936943Fph: Fph thread utterly delusional edition[View]
42941992Chinlet: Hey FIT, who chinlet here? when i'm facing down my chin seems like the one in the pic…[View]
42941470UNFUCK YOUR SQUAT: 10/10 part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3Ci9ANd-jw part 2: https://www.you…[View]
42918913Skelly progress thread: Post your progress, as a skelly!, the first picture wasn't even at my w…[View]
42941185did i lose weight[View]
42943063How do i get rid of body flabbyness: Im skinny, but my body is like a bit chubby, dunno how to expla…[View]
42939471Any anons here have any knowledge regarding nootropics or general health boosting supplements? Have …[View]
42942185I am not fully /fat but definitely not /fit Here's my stats, what's my best strategy?[View]
42940277/mealprep/: is meal prepping the only to make it? explain how you meal prep, add as many details as …[View]
42939458What mode is this?[View]
42939519Why are you lifting, /fit/?[View]
42942791How do you know when you're too sick to lift? I assume if you're fighting anything serious…[View]
42940847After watching this video I was thinking about the kid hooked on salt.: The little salt addict died …[View]
42942144>go to store to buy food >healthy stuff costs more than unhealthy stuff >tasty doritos or t…[View]
42942302I miss his reign..[View]
42940250/fitlit/: Ok im gonna leave this place forever(hopefully) You guys have taught me a lot and supplied…[View]
42942865I read that people got different strategies for cutting. What do you think, is it okay to miss the c…[View]
42942858>Cutting Diet: >Calories: TDEE - 500 calories >Protein: 1.5+ grams per lb. bodyweight >1…[View]
42942852Hey guys. So I finally decided to stop being such a fat useless piece of shit and lose the weight. I…[View]
42942726Routine thread: Couldn't see one in catalog and wanted feedback on something I'm embarking…[View]
42942787Newbie Questions: If someone else has some questions, feel free to hijack. Is the angle an important…[View]
42942048is monk mode no-fap the ultimate redpill: Have we been had? I've reading Greek philosophy and p…[View]
42935447How do you treat acne? I've had this since tenth grade and it won't go away[View]
42942679How do I unlock Trent Reznor mode? I'm not a manlet so that might not help[View]
42942667Is this /fit/ approved?[View]
42941785Shoulder side definition: How do you get your shoulder nice definition in the side view?[View]
42936741Mind sharing your protein shake recipes, fellow /fit/izen?[View]
42937892Very hungry while sick: I've been cutting on 1800 calories a day for the past 3 weeks (maintena…[View]
42942381>Start getting serious about lifting >feel like shit after every work out >finish workout…[View]
42935050Ive only been lifting for a year, can someone tell me if I have god tier genetics or not[View]
42942423How to be a good gym partner: do any of you guys go with a friend to the gym? a friend wants to come…[View]
42942022Progress thread?[View]
42939957Just be yourself[View]
42941952Is this dude natty?: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXNaEmHjudq/?taken-by=crossfitwhl[View]
42935399What is /fit opinion on Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse etc?[View]
42942223What is this hair colour called? Also, Muscle-Thicc Thread[View]
42941413There was a thread on /pol/ just now by a vegan who said milk contained female hormones that gives y…[View]
42936129If anyone has a grocery list of healthy shit to eat that is cheap it would be greatly appreciated if…[View]
42941800>have just under 22' bideltoid width >widthmog pretty much everyone except turbofatties >se…[View]
42940756I'm poor and there's no gym nearby How do I get big[View]
42941491>Go to doctor for check-up >he checks my penis and balls >tfw I recently shaved…[View]
42936044r8 my hypertrophy routine boys[View]
42939859Are genetics just a meme?[View]
42941816Hard hitting pr songs Been listening to this a lot recently just for the lines 'take out my insides …[View]
42935595Carotene Tan: Have you taken the orange pill yet /fit/? I have and I'm drowning in puss. Pic ve…[View]
42939901Let's talk about the elephant in the room when it comes to gainz goblins: internet usage and sp…[View]
42940484Do heavier weights burn more calories or are calories burned relative to my strength?[View]
42937139It's never going to go away. All I do is cut, cut, cut and lift, lift, lift. My chest and arms …[View]
42939818Does anyone here actually lift for women? It's a complete waste of time. Women don't want…[View]
42939162People you see at the gym thread: Who do you see often? So there is this guy at the gym, see him al…[View]
42941050Was i just oblivious and everyone is doing it? Else, why is literally everyone who does fitness not …[View]
42939095Does smoking affect gains?[View]
42941551Hey /clit/ I don't feel like I'm getting enough out of my shoulder workouts. What's …[View]
42941509How do I lose water weight without dehydrating myself?[View]
42939645>this guy slaps your ass in the locker room What do you do?[View]
42935297Some /fit/izens recommend this guide: https://renaissanceperiodization.com/training-volume-landmarks…[View]
42942146Manliness: It doesn't matter how many hours you spend in the gym or how much you can lift. If y…[View]
42937843In a few weeks I start on Accutane to cure my incel skin. Will this affect my gains /fit/?[View]
42936312ITT : People you pretend to be on that last rep: >that fucking scream…[View]
42940759Was he natty? How do I achieve that physique?[View]
42939194Does Marky Mark Wahlberg know the Whey to make me big and strong?[View]
42940744Hey /fit/, I smashed my knee cap yesterday and got it wired back together today. I'm going to h…[View]
42928608I'm genuinely concerned that King Leonard Persin Jr will die sooner rather than later. It'…[View]
42938857why do i feel nervous when i dress well[View]
42941311Proof no matter ur lifts ur face depends on genetics. how mych do u guys squat? he does 450 for 10[View]
42940589small head/skull: white men curse. dicuss[View]
42941176How to i fill this depression around my waist? I know im quite skinny but there are ppl much skinnie…[View]
42941181OK /fit/ I have straight forward question I am DYEL skinnyfat can I continue to drink till puke 2 d…[View]
42941250Has anyone lifted before, got ripped, stopped for a number of years then gotten back into it, only w…[View]
42940832What's for dinner /fit/? You...you do cook, don't you?[View]
42941037Does this guy speak the truth? Can it be done? Where is the proof? I thought that losing weight and …[View]
42940828what are good exercises routine for man with bad back. i fear I've ruined my life[View]
42936048Remember why you started guys[View]
42935728How much per month do you spend on fitness and supps? Me, /fit/s true God, only does cardio and spen…[View]
42939654How does /fit/ dress well during winter?[View]
42940173Effectively working core into your routine: Hi /fit What is the nest way to work core exercises into…[View]
42938909When doing weighted dips, is it better to use one big plate or several smaller ones?[View]
42937537How to get a jawline?: Can someone link a workout or is this just hereditary[View]
42940840So we all know that protein timing is just bro science. But what about carb timing, is there anythin…[View]
42939354What the fuck is this shit https://youtu.be/HyMFHDyhOB4[View]
42940408Overdosing?: is there any downsides to taking higher amounts of creatine or protein?? what should be…[View]
42938604Why do you lose strength when you cut? Isn't cutting just losing excess bodyfat?[View]
42933182Alcohol vs /fit/: I feel like I'm a high functioning alcoholic, I come home every night and hav…[View]
42931241This is the physique limit in which girls want in a man. Anything beyond this and you're enteri…[View]
42940658How do I make consistent gains?[View]
42938415What? Why???[View]
42940134Is this fake?: Supposedly this guy was obese and middle aged. And he became an MMA fighter? Is this …[View]
42940262College football: I just realized I haven't done a sport since my freshman year of high school;…[View]
42928966>tfw gym bouncer says you aren't attractive enough to lift there.[View]
42868359/run/ - Running general: Autumn SOON edition >Training Plans https://www.halhigdon.com/training/ …[View]
42936867should I buy porta bars?: > $35 OZbuxs > Max. load capacity of 100kg I have a basic home gym a…[View]
42937957The pinnacle of YouTube fitness drama[View]
42939322Get in here /fit, halp me achieve/General motivation thread: Skinny (somewhat fit) spooky here. I wa…[View]
42940249>tfw the bench bar stops >lowers >then stops again Is there anything that can match how te…[View]
42939741How does one stop that 2am hunger?[View]
42940238Does using a butt plug affect gains?[View]
42937939DRINK MORE WATER: Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
42938222>do IF >fast for 23 hours and not even hungry anymore >eat one meal of the day >become h…[View]
42939657I'll get my bicep blaster today. Can't wait to impress the ladies with my arms![View]
42939836Is it okay to be having headaches and feeling hungry when I'm cutting, or did I do something wr…[View]
42939578trouble with bracing on squats. need belt. need belt recommendations. recommend pls[View]
42927002Did lifting cure your social anxiety/sperg behaviour?[View]
42935933What BF% do I need to land a gorgeous woman like this bros?[View]
42939884Do they really work?[View]
42939851How do I get rid of my bloated poop gut?[View]
42933038Is it considered beta if I have to use a spotter for bench press?[View]
42935175How to meet calorie requirements on keto?: I understand you have to eat high fat mod protein and low…[View]
42937645I'm currently, finally, making a change and losing some body fat. I've been skinny fat as …[View]
42938231how can i be /fit/ if i'm 6 ft but have tiny hands? for reference, they are smaller than my fri…[View]
42937595Make your waifu proud: Confess your /fit/ sins anon, so that your waifu may forgive you. I didn…[View]
42935945Anyone else kind of hate their parents for putting them at such a disadvantage? I'm talking fit…[View]
42939406Alright /fit/, so I decided to go to a “performance centre” that caters to competitive athletes in t…[View]
42939020which barbell for home gym: hi so i'm a girl looking for a barbell. the gym i go to mostly seem…[View]
42938215How do I know how many calories I spent during a 120 minute (roughly) workout? myfitnesspal doesn…[View]
42935300What do you guys honestly think to yourselves when you see an ugly DYEL enter the gym?[View]
42939011>tfw 5'7[View]
42939252Recently I've taken to wearing an International-style singlet for all my workouts...Cycling, we…[View]
42937070Should I lose weight?: I'm 5'6' and weigh 137 pounds. I want to lose weight, but everyone …[View]
42939268>be me >2015 >be 19 >lose 35lbs dieting and exercising in about 5 months >start lifti…[View]
42937309Why do people have a certain amount of reps/sets for lifting they follow when you're supposed t…[View]
42937952>Not doing bear-back pushups Never gonna make it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvfFcwVzaQg…[View]
42937180Weight Loss: 6.0' 81KGS (little muscle, mostly fat) I still look fat, man boobs, gut etc. With a shi…[View]
42934034Chin Study Thread: Hey guys, I have some theories on aesthetics that have to do with people's c…[View]
42938671The fact i feel attracted more to anime girls than real girls means im a low T beta male ?[View]
42940497Is the wall real? And if so - what age does it start?[View]
42937570Building my own Home Gym: What are the most basic things to buy? A bench, a barbell, weights and som…[View]
42937392How do you get over your existential angst and knowledge that your life will one day end? Is turning…[View]
42939697Feels and Forearms: >be me >talking to qt coworker past couple months >hit it off and hang …[View]
42938145How do I get my girlfriend to start working out /fit/? I met a qt malaysian girl at uni and she…[View]
42934952Who else /liftingtofendoffacrushingexistentialcrisis/ here?[View]
42938737sets reps volume and stuff: This seems important but I see so little material on it. I'm intere…[View]
42936306Why do people like this autist again?[View]
42938823What do /fit/?: Okay /fit/ Im 6'2 210 (of not very toned fat) blonde hair blue eyes male I used…[View]
42938838I have a curious question So currently I am 6'4 and 260 pounnds roughly varying on a day. My goal is…[View]
42906024Face Improvement General: Modern Humans have largely developed improperly. Posture issues are presen…[View]
42936779What do to sleep better? For some time i'm literally waking up after 2-4h and can't sleep …[View]
42938637hes right you know[View]
42937862Do these actually work? I'm sure they wont get you 'gainz' but will they help fat boi…[View]
42936842Workout Music: ITT: You tell me the best workout music and why it is drum n bass.[View]
42930674/DNP/ general: How cone nobody is talking about this delicious yellow poison anymore? I would'v…[View]
42937143About to get gym membership through Uni and really want to go, but is there a 'minimum strength' i s…[View]
42937365At what size is it genuinely difficult to make gains?[View]
42938368If i do a bunch of these with really high resistance bands everyday, will i develop a huge ass back?…[View]
42934206What do you think were his final thoughts before the lights went out?[View]
42938171Crossfit,....... I've been doing CrossFit for a couple of months and like it more then the gym …[View]
42938344SEASO OF BULK Vol.1 100 push ups every morning. If you can't/won't your a failure pussy w…[View]
42936262What did they mean by this? Why won't myfitnesspal let me track my progress when I'm tryin…[View]
42936505Instead of managing your macro intake to lose weight, why not just only eat foods with a low calorie…[View]
42899209/mirin/ general - Mired only by males edition >Walking down street >Some dudes from some organ…[View]
42937799Would doing squats and a few of its variatons be enough for the legs? (except calves ofcourse) I don…[View]
42937257my girlfriend is in pretty good shape, runs and lifts(focuses on lower body with still some arm and …[View]
42935988What do you boyos think of my wresting gains?[View]
42938151Kangaposter here Can I mix part black coffee and part Milo as a preworkout? Also how does kangaroo m…[View]
42934339Whey vs. Casein Protein: If you could only pick one, which would it be?[View]
42938032>checking out gym medusa's 'squat form' behind 7 mirrors >go back to my set …[View]
42937023/functional strength/: Who would win in a no holds barred fistfight for $1000, The Monster™ or Big L…[View]
42937713Is it possible to work out at home with basically no equipment? I think I have two weights, like 45 …[View]
42937812>juicing for 3d delts >not injecting for 4d…[View]
42937888This is Dale Chance 3 days out from the Ruby Classic[View]
42935468>Lifting casually for 6 months >No gains at all WTF I followed the sticky religiously…[View]
42937264>i've eaten 2kg of vanilla yogurt today[View]
42937498>running up my driveway, slipped and busted my ass. >Have bad knees to begin with. > practi…[View]
42935735How do I force my bitch ass body to get some rest? >stay up a little bit late >decide i'v…[View]
42935982Has anybody gotten big arms with calisthenics alone?: I'm sitting at 15 pullups and 40 pushups …[View]
42930372OSTARINE/SARMS general: OSTARINE: If running a 10mg for 8 week cycle, or a 20mg for 4 week cycle, wi…[View]
42937720>going to gym regularly again >lots of supersets now >get a good sweat going every workout …[View]
42937656/fit/ Newbie here, Read the Sticky but just curious: What's a good way to find out your startin…[View]
42937611Feels/Hate thread: >college orientation 3 weeks ago >here two skinny tall dude bros talking …[View]
42935692How accurate would you say the following statement is: Virtually every strength, speed, or endurance…[View]
42937669>doing warmup sets >start sweating like crazy…[View]
42935608steroids: I have high free testosterone naturally, according to a blood test. Are steroids even wort…[View]
42937558does running/walking count as a bodyweight exercise since you're carrying your own bodyweight??…[View]
42937026Bros I've been gassy as fuck past 2 weeks... But I'm usually not and my diet hasn't c…[View]
42937115I got fat!: I have had a really bad year so far and I got fat because of lack of time to work out, l…[View]
42937481Cutting back on calories?: Anyone ever tried extreme calorie deficit diets? I want to eat 500 a day.…[View]

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