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47341762Can anyone confirm? Didnt click cause im not about that brah.[View]
47341473Critique my Diet: For breakfast at 6:00am, I eat alternate each day eating chopped carrots, or plain…[View]
47341704>bench max is 60kg 4 reps >stop going to gym for 3 months (injury from sports) >start again…[View]
47339129>need to add 800 calories to bulk[View]
47341356>30 days of nofap >start randomly making out with the air in front of me when no one is lookin…[View]
47339684pull ups vs lat pulldowns: in my routine, i do lat pulldowns 3x10. would i be better off doing 30 pu…[View]
47341376Unironic Goal Body based on Performance: Pic Related.[View]
47341637>drank a half gallon of yogurt again[View]
47339675How to look like Stallone in the Rocky movies? Thanks[View]
47338743Did any of you guys actually start eating one or more onions per day? If so, did it improve your moo…[View]
47341435>That person who eats only 1-2 meals a day and tries to fit in 100+ grams of protein Um.. sweaty.…[View]
47341348Idk where to ask and internet is shit at this, so I figured you d00ds might know something. So sinc…[View]
47333199How do i cure this fucking seboreic dermatisis. Its ruini g my fucking life. It sometimes goes away …[View]
47338941Routine Inspection Thread: Post your current routine, suggest improvements on others. I think I…[View]
47340740Is True Geordie /ourguy/[View]
47341173>He squats more than he benches: ISHYGDDT[View]
47339855don't ever question if vegans can make gains again[View]
47341056am i retarded for lifting at the end of the day before i go to sleep? i feel like it'd make mor…[View]
47340865>tfw got /fit/ for the sole purpose of looking down on people without appearing as a hypocrite W…[View]
47339841>eating your fellow mammals Why not just enjoy poultry, fish, and the occasional reptile?…[View]
47338143What is /fit/s waist-to-height ratio? It's under 0.5, right?[View]
47335725fattie needs help: How does this sound for weight loss and health as a lifestyle change? Chicken Dru…[View]
47336820Is it ok to lift every other day?[View]
47340615>we're all gonna make it What does making it even mean? And what do you do when you've …[View]
47336913I lift for Maki,[View]
47335354end of summer motivational thread: I went on vacation for two weeks and gained ten pounds. wtf fit i…[View]
47334349Yo /fit/ am I fridge mode? Pic of me with my bro. I'm the long haired homo on the right[View]
47340500What can I mix in with meals on my current diet to get more fiber? Currently eating 8 grams a day, I…[View]
47334677/meal prep/: Who else has taken the meal prep pill? Is it autistic? What are you eating? How often d…[View]
47334354How is military pt training? Is it worth the propaganda spewing?[View]
47340899Anyobdy know this guys routine?: >Can't find really anything on this guys routine except for…[View]
47334502Apple cider vinegar: Is this shit a meme or is it legit?[View]
47340945Why are clinically retarded people attracted to Keto diets like flies on shit?: Ketotards have got t…[View]
47337318how do you cope with the heat: >promised myself to lift and pull each day everyday all day long f…[View]
47340524How do I quit the nicotine jew, /fit/?[View]
47340717>He doesn't squat lmao1horse You fags will never make it[View]
47338442I’m 24. What could I be doing besides the obvious no smoking and getting enough sleep to prevent or …[View]
47337742>at gym >spot that cute braphog girl i saw few times and spoke to her once >say hi with smi…[View]
47337868PPL with Power Rack only: Any PPL routines that I can do with power rack and barbell only?[View]
47340647Hey guys I need some help. Whats the difference, if there is any, between >Seated leg press V reg…[View]
47339603Are kettlebell swings supposed to target the glutes? because I can't get them to[View]
47340546fit music thread: what music have you been listening to this is pretty chill https://www.youtube.com…[View]
47340504This is the best way to stay fit.: prove me wrong. you cant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_LIg00…[View]
47340465Why are there so many videos of people doing with with leg press machines? https://youtu.be/5iO8kFko…[View]
47339316OK, I know you can't get ripped doing a few pushup, situps, stretches and all, but what can you…[View]
47333156Have fun dying in your 40s[View]
47340355Hey /fit/. A little over a month ago I decided I wanted to lose weight and start lifting. I'm 6…[View]
47340259This summer it's too hot outside to go to the gym[View]
47335020Are gym thots retarded as fuck: They do some of the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever seen at the gym y…[View]
4733601938.7% body fat, how far gone am I?[View]
47337531Natural Aesthetics: >implying Juji is natural that roided ginger faggot pulled a fast one on you …[View]
47338595Have you ever experienced disordered eating? How did it develop? Are you still struggling with it, o…[View]
47332707advise me /fit/ brehs how do out of skeleton mode? >1.86/62kg (6'1/136lbs) skinnyfag >eat…[View]
47338071Are there any exercises that improve hip/waist ratio?[View]
47339218will this lift make me stronger and blow up my delts/traps? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LsIQr_4…[View]
47339153Where were you when this Asian uberCHAD moged the fuck out of the white men's last hope, David …[View]
47335069Fixing /fit/: A few days ago there was a thread about prohibiting people from starting threads with …[View]
47339726Can you guys rate my lifts? 6'0' 150lbs Lifting for 1 year and 10 months. Units in lbs. >low…[View]
47339458How much must I DL to not be considered a dyel?[View]
47336858Someone has to stop him![View]
47334256Does starting point = potential?: This both relates to roiding and not natty. Does someone's st…[View]
47337153Does eating steaks increase testosterone production?[View]
47337825Going to the gym doesn't do anything, I go every day for at least 40 mins, tire myself up and I…[View]
47339686I’ve been using this for a while but now the last few days I use it, my dick starts to itch. Is that…[View]
47339079anybody else laugh their fucking asses off when they see some goober in the squat rack squatting whi…[View]
47338295Band work: Is it bad to do band mobility/warm up stuff before lifting? My warm up for shoulders is …[View]
47339500How does one control homolust in the gym?[View]
47338004Guys I feel like SS doesn't have enough volume. I was pretty skinny so I was told to eat in cal…[View]
47339413Diet: Can you make muscle gains even though you have an absolutely shit diet and never eat at a calo…[View]
47339440gosh i wish that were me[View]
47339010Its winter here and i need to sleep naked otherwise i will wake up in middle of the night sweaty all…[View]
47337734Hey guys, its been one year on SS. What improvments can I make on my physique? Squat 300 Dl 385 Benc…[View]
47338113Athletics routine: Looking for a good routine for speed , agility, vertical jump and footwork. Somet…[View]
47335620Gym closed till Thursday: Other gyms take money from me and they're probably all closed too bec…[View]
47338733I’m fat, never worked out a day in my life. Now that I’m in college, I want to change that. What’s a…[View]
47334829Should I switch to intermediate routine? I've been doing SS and GOMAD for 6 months. My lifts ar…[View]
47338686Legit or not?: Recently, a buddy of mine gifted this protein powder to me claiming it contained genu…[View]
47339071I'm on to you /fit/. Confess now, or else...[View]
47339038>hit the weights >take a shower >get a clue >shave your hair >have sex…[View]
47336244Dieting thread: What the fuck am I doing wrong. It's like I have to shit all the fucking time. …[View]
47338772Bulking snacks?: Hey fit, recovering skeleton at Walmart here. What's a snack dense in calorie…[View]
47338866>go into newby threads >tell newbies SS is a meme and do a brosplit instead…[View]
47339009Is this a good workout for my vagina and butthole[View]
47339005>ctl-f >mog > no mogging thread Post your brutal moggings lids.…[View]
47337999Ass fat: How to spot reduce?[View]
47331926Rest day: What's a better schedule for rest days? ABC R ABC R or A R B R C R[View]
47338519>deadlift just reached 100kg at 62kg bodyweight Thanks 5x5[View]
47332873>have naturally Huge glute insertions >male…[View]
47338705Have no motivation to hit the gym: How to motivate myself? Can this help me?[View]
47335821What mode is this?[View]
47337794Will getting /fit/ cure my anxiety and lack of motivation?[View]
47338056What hobbies do you guys recommend? I am interested in cars, guns, church, history, lifting, etc. I …[View]
47336168Can you hit your lats with freeweights? or will I need to buy a pullup bar? Also I made a move on my…[View]
47337549Just happened: 80 kg 3x5 bench press Barely doing 72.5 at the end of my cut and now this after eatin…[View]
47338755goalweight: /blogpost Finally reached 80kg >pic related blogpost/…[View]
47338752Made it socially; not physically: When I was at my fittest, I let myself go downhill socially, had n…[View]
47338739How do I get my mom to lose weight? She eats like crap and won't exercise. She doesn't wan…[View]
47337228Sup /fit/ So I'm tired all the time, I don't eat too much, and I'm 90lbs overweight. …[View]
47337298>creatine and whey are just scams heh. >if you wanna make gains you just gotta train 8 hours a…[View]
47337295why haven't you swallowed the viagra pill yet /fit/?[View]
47330832Ageing is the ultimate gains goblin. How do we fix it? And why aren't billionaires like pic re…[View]
47338583Supersquats gets easier r-right guys?[View]
47337521Best yoga mat: Yo /fit/ what's the best yoga mat on market? Every review site is filled with af…[View]
47337948>tfw chronic sinusitis since age 3 >it looks like I have a broken nose on x-rays >leads me …[View]
47338344>In November 2016, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AA…[View]
47338338You do realise this is really bad for you do you?: I hope you know you achieve nothing with drinking…[View]
47337273Yo /fit/: I have bicep, need tricep. 500iq me on how to build the fullest all around, underside, out…[View]
47336634Is the Trap Bar Deadlift an acceptable substitute for the conventional Deadlift?[View]
47335260Do you guys show off your physique in shirtless pictures on instagram? I'm thinking about posti…[View]
47338012Does /fit/ fuck with flax seeds or nah?: I'm always afraid of the phytoestrogens. Some personal…[View]
47338212Having trouble hitting the gym....: I stay up late usually 3-4 am cus can't sleep then sleep 12…[View]
47338144Cucumber between exercises: Anyone else who eat cucumbers between sets/exercises? Benefits: >hydr…[View]
47338124any supplements i can take for libido? Horny goat weed looks like bullshit. looking for load volume …[View]
47338025Training for an Iron Man - program?: I've decided to get in shape for an Iron Man. Although I a…[View]
47333849If carbs are objectively bad for you how the come the french have the lowest BMIs in Europe practica…[View]
47338162Why were his quads so fragile?[View]
47338128Will this help me reach a new pr?[View]
47332912Hey buddehs, it's your Monday reminder to drink more water.[View]
47338091Are cheat reps really that bad? When I did cheat pullups my deadhang pullups increased. When I did c…[View]
47337965Do I even lift?[View]
47316051/fraud/ - oil in my butt: >hey there handsome mind giving me a spot? edition Before you ask your…[View]
47337981//: i need some help /fit. im tryna start deadlifting but im sorta scared of fucking my back up or i…[View]
47336469Is running actually good for you? I’m hearing very conflicting opinions[View]
47336083I have to say that as much as cardio kills gains, there is something about running that makes you fe…[View]
47337968Best ways to improve looks ITT for the average guy. We all lift and diet to look better but it'…[View]
47337847Will russian twists improve my greatsword skills?[View]
47337557Trying Keto, need some advice: I've read the sticky, lurked, and done a reasonable amount of in…[View]
47337391How to cure severe fatigue and lack of willpower? I can barely get out of bed and maintain personal …[View]
47337621>mfw failing at cutting what are some good high protein foods for all three meals?…[View]
47336717>have cringe attacks during the day >think about going to the gym and lifting with anger >a…[View]
47324257how the fuck do I eat 160g of protein?[View]
47336724Jogging or running? How long/far should i go? I have been steadily increasing my pace and distance, …[View]
47337426>walking back from the gym >dumb thot asks me if i want to go to her house >at her house …[View]
47337528Get shredded or massive: The eternal debate brahs. I could get shredded and be aesthetic as fuark, b…[View]
47337681Other Hobbies: I’m getting very bored of lifting weights at the gym. Been thinking about canceling m…[View]
47337678Power and hypertrophy: While boxing training.. Started going to these class again tues-Thursday and …[View]
47337633How many exercises should I do per muscle group? I lifted my legs for the first time today and felt …[View]
47337611>go for a walk >walking on a path in a deserted park >suddenly a bit titted fat thighed gir…[View]
47337091How do I become chad? >pic related[View]
47337632Shit: I keep wiping with wet naps and I keep getting shit, how do I clean my asshole properly withou…[View]
47337562Hi /fit/ Could you guys advise me on what exercise I could do to replace running ? I have major bac…[View]
47337320What is the name of this exercise? What does it work? Is it worth doing it?[View]
47334744>check out my kikebook for the first time in 6 years >look up all the girls who were too hot a…[View]
47329206how long did it take you to hit 1/2/3/4?[View]
47336642>'I told you there would be a surprise, didnt I?' Blaha BTF yet again, as Alex bench presses 347l…[View]
47337474Is this a good idea, /fit/?[View]
47333147/fit/ music thread: Post your favorite tunes, you blast while pumping iron. >tfw you will never l…[View]
47331977quark love: Seriously, why doesn't quark get the attention it deserves? 11-12% protein, 60 calo…[View]
47334808>'how do I lose fat' >'read the sticky' >'I DID!'…[View]
47336940Is starving oneself a good way for rapid weight loss? If one can overcome the mental barrier?[View]
47337395My sex drive has improved a lot since I started exercising and dieting 1 week ago. Why did no body t…[View]
47332437Why are gyms in Italy so shitty and expensive?: Could any pastabrehs explain me how is it possible t…[View]
47335359Who /athenian/ here? In addition to weight lifting, I do photography on the side, am proficient at r…[View]
47334003What are you having for breakfast /fit/?: So whatcha eating? Im a bit lazy so I'm just eating a…[View]
47336810Calorie help: >Lean bulk (3500 calories) >Appetite is getting better, still feel like death e…[View]
47337334Cardarine is suppose to increase endurance and burn fat. My vo2max decreased and I gained 3 inches o…[View]
47336521Are there any physical things that turn you off when you’re about to get with a woman/man? Me? A fat…[View]
47337307what workout routine should i do to set world records? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUIeYObCdos…[View]
47337285A 4x a week upper/lower split is the best routine.: Can someone convince me otherwise?[View]
47336799Diet Inspection Day: What's your: >Height >Weight >Age >How many kcals do you eat i…[View]
47336533>use pc 6-8 hours/day >back doesnt hurt but has this wierd, constant ache is this bad and what…[View]
47337259>have fun d-d-dying on your omnliphore diet[View]
47336074Bicep growth.: My forearms are growing and are stronger but feel like my biceps just arent keeping u…[View]
47336505Are you at least athlete level resting heart rate and what do you do for exercise anons? I’ll start …[View]
47334244What happened /fit/?: Wtf happened to this board? Ughh, just look at the state of this pig sty. Fro…[View]
47329145What gives a round ass? Squats or Deadlifts?[View]
47337132Good Feels Thread. Pre-retardation Sv3rige edition.: >tfw 200lb bench pr at 164lbs bodyweight…[View]
47331793Can they change the sticky to remove the CICO myth? It's total bullshit because your BMR adapts…[View]
47327728>planet fitness >gold's gym >LA Fitness >etc What are /fit/'s favorite gym fra…[View]
47336905The rare American ogre: Why do all them dipping, hunting, fishing, camo wearing, four wheel bros in …[View]
47336599220lbs fatty here, so am i supposed to lose weight and THEN start something like SS or do i lift wei…[View]
47335969Anyone else here giving up on lifting or if not, taking an extended hiatus from it? I've realiz…[View]
47335807Face pulls: What is the better way to do them, over hand grip or underhand grip like pic related? Di…[View]
47329729REAL TALK-SHOULD I TRAP?: So, /fit/, I'm at a crossroads. While I'm by no means a beanboy(…[View]
47334912Brethern.. I need some help Is it worth it cutting down and not eating any junkfood anymore? Sure yo…[View]
47336534what's the /fit/ solution for IBS?[View]
47335370I don't get how protein works.[View]
47336753How do I find a good gym?Ive been doing bodyweight excersizes for a while and I want to upgrade.Im m…[View]
47336895Go on /fit/ get your protein[View]
47334023Is my gyno growing: Why is my gyno itching what the fuck. Does that mean its growing? Im doing a bul…[View]
47335693Just started an upper/lower split after six months of making next to zero gains on a full body routi…[View]
47336519Starting kito today lads: What should I expect? Any tips/advice, would be appriciate.Kinda anxious s…[View]
47333408Waht is a realistic goal in lifting for year 1 and year 2?[View]
47336720One week into fasting and eat in the evening atleast 6 eggs per day. It's actually hard for me …[View]
47335840carrots: >be me >love carrots how will this affect my gains?…[View]
47336619Brutal mog thread: imagine being a manlet in 2018[View]
47321609Do you think Keto is dangerous? Been on it for like three days and been hitting my macros but I made…[View]
47336597wtf is this? is this balding or is this just how my hair parts?[View]
47335842I have no idea wtf I’m doing[View]
47328173/mode thread/: Mode me lads[View]
47333617Thank you /fit/: Ever since I started working out, ive been getting mires, clearer skin, better cont…[View]
47336117Boxers: I'm going to go buy boxers for the first time ever. What should I look out for to make …[View]
47336416Heart Rate Monitor WITHOUT Internet Bullshit?: Looking for a heart rate monitor that has offline sof…[View]
47335384Advice you wish you could give to the younger you before you started lifting thread. For me, i'…[View]
47336233Would you rather start off with having a perfect body but have no DIY skills or have all the DIY ski…[View]
47336333>tfw fell for the carbs cycling meme[View]
47332301Just hit the beach, how did I look?[View]
47333017what mode is this?[View]
47336236are zercher squats really that good? bugez says you get a full body pump from them[View]
47336153dubs or I get banned[View]
47336097Zercher Squats: Redpill me on zercher squats. Do they offer any practical benefits over back squats …[View]
47325037Can you consume alcohol and still be /fit/?[View]
47336069How do you guys deal with haters once you got fit? I never had haters when I was an invisible fat sl…[View]
47335221back lifting after 8 month break squats were always my most comfortable lift, but now I’ve got nasty…[View]
47335904How do I achieve this mode?[View]
47332680Have you been doing your face pulls anon?[View]
47327026>there are people right now on this board that CANT bench at the very least their bodyweight…[View]
47331924So i got memed into ss and gomad and got fat, started losing weight while doing greyskull lp Now i a…[View]
47334681I have chronic severe water retention, so it-s impossible for me to gain definition, is there anythi…[View]
47331568daily reminder that this guy doesnt lift fasting is all you need to do prove me wrong[View]
47334763/fit/, you're all the only ones i can ask you this, since you're my only outlet in life it…[View]
47332302Show me your forearms m8: Post em[View]
47335744/sip/ shortage: Has anyone been having trouble getting /sip/s? I’ve been forced to resort to these o…[View]
47333023What does /fit/ think of hot cocoa? >skin health >brain gains >prevents aging You obviousky…[View]
47335596A B or C?: Ok Fit I'm starting to think maybe I'm dumbbell benching wrong. Do you: A- Come…[View]
47335276How do you eat so much?: I've started lifting and I'm finding it more difficult to find an…[View]
47335656Anyone have any experience on doing cardio stuff early in the morning on an empty stomach? I go to t…[View]
47334988if I split by doing on day A: bicep curls bench press triceps cable pulldown squats and on day B: …[View]
47331134Would you date a girl that lifts?[View]
47328593Eat big to get big[View]
47335641Well /fit/, are they right?[View]
47335687Just signed myself up lads! What can I expect?[View]
47332523>Arguing with fucking coworker >Accidentally call him a basedboy >He asks me what the fuck …[View]
47333887>*eats any starch* >*dies*[View]
47335326Tips on staying a young chad the logest? here are some >obviously practice fitness your whole l…[View]
47335270This is the best way to fix your posture. I had a serious spinal/neck injury and was forced into thi…[View]
47335548Body rate thread? What do i need to do to get abs? Just cut or what?[View]
47332793Office Weights: I've read the sticky and elsewhere. I haven't noticed a direct answer to m…[View]
473292801 diet for weight loss: I just need one meal that I can eat and a fitness plan[View]
47334580Why do many fat people have a FMA tattoo? A fat bitch in my class has the same one as Lust and I saw…[View]
47335474>everybody around stops what they're doing to watch your set is this what making it feels li…[View]
47330481Making A Fit Monastary: Does this sound interesting or stupid. I want anon’s opinions >land that’…[View]
47332682Reminder that women want STATUS above all else. Whether you excel in FACE, FRAME, HEIGHT or INTELLEC…[View]
47331147>6ft >Live in australia, Melbourne >Work in the city >Feel AVERAGE as fuck height wise …[View]
47335177So /fit/, Here is my great great great grandfather's roll call form from the civil war. I know …[View]
47335158My wife's son hates me for no reason, how do i get closer to him ? His hobbies are track and fi…[View]
47331736Everyone says cardio kills gains, I walk for 4 hours everyday at work. Am I ever going to get gains?[View]
47330855If sucking dick and swallowing semen increased your testosterone levels by 500% for 2 weeks without …[View]
47335107What's better? 4 sets until failure (therefore your rep count decreases each set) or 4 sets at …[View]
47326521/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: Approved Intermediate Programs for PLG >Bro Tier (must try hard and…[View]
47328884Steroids: Are streroids really worth it /fit/?[View]
47333499https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jynSQgtx46U >Lenny explicitly advocates bloatmaxxing What's …[View]
47334195Will I be ottermode if I cut? I don’t want to bother cutting if I’m just going to be skinny. Been re…[View]
47333532>Gym necromancer is doing deadlifts again[View]
47334898Cutting down a workout routine?: Hey all, so I've been following this 5 day a week routine and …[View]
47333862The only gains I’ve seen so far are in my calves; I’m great full to be growing but now the front of …[View]
47334761So sick of some of the whining faggots on here. Wahhh I cheated on my diet today. Wahhh I can't…[View]
47333364How can I become a faster eater? It takes me like 1,5 hours to eat 200g of chicken and 150g of rice,…[View]
47319368Symmetric Strength Thread: https://symmetricstrength.com/[View]
47332317Redpill me on IF for skinnyfats >insulin sensitivity >cut, then bulk >16/8 >Work during …[View]
47331071Lifting weights won’t make up for the fact that you are balding in your early twenties[View]
47331143Are these short biceps?[View]
47311529/FPH/ & /FPS/: Last one reached the bump limit. Starting off with some OC: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
47321020*destroys you in a debate against vegansim*[View]
47334167>that guy who thinks wearing as many accessories as possible will give him more gains…[View]
47334356anyone tried this brand of creatine? planning to order some and I was thinking ON since I use that p…[View]
47333669Show me your rotator cuffs Anon...(NON-NEGOTIABLE)[View]
47332240Side planks: Started doing side planks recently, is it normal that one side is definitely stronger t…[View]
47334257How long to achieve this physique ???[View]
47330228What went wrong?: I was watching this webm and it made me think, what did this guy do wrong? How doe…[View]
47334281Finally got out of the house instead of spending all my time at the gym or work. Went out with my th…[View]
47330360Recommend me a water bottle. I don't do protein shakes so I don't need a blender bottle. I…[View]
47333447What's up guys Jeff Cavaliere here ATHLEAN-X.com[View]
47331878Where my /biz/ /fit/ crossposters at?[View]
47331929Can't sleep for more than 3-4 hours, Since I'm working out I need deep sleep for atleast 6…[View]
47331536please explain to me if I want aesthetics why I should do Rippcucks 3 day piggy workout instead of a…[View]
47329455rate the first month of my bulk[View]
47332824Beginning workout: I’m sure y’all have gotten tons of threads like this but I’d like to ask if anyon…[View]
47333931Why the fuck are Americans eating so much salad and cooking oil? Even if you factor in the drop in o…[View]
47332346Falsely accused of stealing plates: The gym called the cops on me because they thought I was stealin…[View]
47330392Who here /no routine/ ? Morning - maybe squats Afternoon - maybe dips Night - maybe pullups Night ag…[View]
47333915>completely sedentary lifestyle >except for lifting every other day…[View]
47330223How to make neck/face gains? I don't want to go under the knife at all, but are there any work…[View]
47331745How fit were ancient hunter gatherers? How well would they do at the olympics?[View]
47324860ITT we try to surpass/outdo each other: I am gonna set the bar decently high for you guys. >I…[View]
47330731What's the best fighting style for defending yourself in a street fight >inb4 gun…[View]
47332898If your muscles repair and grow during sleep, then why should I bother eating protein at all during …[View]
47333126Alright /fit/, I’ve been working out consistently for about a year now and have been making pretty g…[View]
47321470My god /fit/... please please please tell me you haven't fallen for the sports underwear meme? …[View]
47333342is there any info on eating whilst working out? i always have done it whilst taking short breaks. i …[View]
47332952Just drank and took drugs for 36 hours without sleep then binged on this, I'm still not sure wh…[View]
47333606does your DADDY mire you uwu[View]
47322434What does /fit/ do for a living? Whats your schedule like?[View]
47318435TERRIBLE PARENTING THREAD: >ask mom why I never played sports as a child >'you did, anon. you …[View]
47318806/fast/ - #258 - Skeleton Edition: FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion of sn…[View]
47332080What is this mode called and how do I help girls in my gym achieve it?[View]
47314113Quick rundown on this guy? Apparently he eats raw and even rotten meat. How the fuck is he not dead?[View]
47333298Db bench: So I can press 70lb in each hand but getting the weights into the starting position remove…[View]
47332872NoFap general: Semen Retention edition.: tfw wanna do semen retention again for increased aggression…[View]
47332383Does /fit/ try to avoid BPA and all other derivatives? >Some 'BPA free' plastics are made from ep…[View]
47332726weightlifting with a broken rib: I'm a dumbass. I broke my rib. I still want to continue gymmin…[View]
47332462The camel crew: I don't understand it, what's the big deal about them? Why is it all thes…[View]
47329610When will they invent some incredible, new muscle-building drug that has no side effects? I mean, i…[View]
47331018I'm a noided cunt who's too afraid to do overhead presses because I'm scared I'l…[View]
47329259Any jacked manlet here go clubbing?: Do you pull girls ro do you guys get mogged by women in heels?…[View]
47332424When are hips too wide?[View]
47331622Stupid question: Why do you pay for a gym instead of getting paid doing some manual labour in a part…[View]
47333131if you had to start it all over again /fit/ what would your routine be? your diet? what variables wo…[View]
47331300Gray harir. How can I stop it?: I just found a couple of gray hair on the sides of my head and in my…[View]
47332740Is there any proof to these routines?[View]
47332897Office Weights: I've read the sticky and elsewhere. I haven't noticed a direct answer to m…[View]
47331789Low body fat per still got a pot belly. What am I doing wrong? How do I fix it?[View]
47332391Theres an icy cold feeling in my left knee and hip and my lower back is in pain. There is also disco…[View]
47332778Slow Cooker Thread: Would you mind to help me out? I recently bought a slow cooker because I thought…[View]
47332197is it possible to maintain a decent face while bulking if its a clean bulk? Last and first bulk i ha…[View]
47332717>white nationalist deadlifter passes by when I brush my hair in the locker room >says 'you…[View]
47329835Hittin' the club: How do look? I refuse to shy behind my clothes when I rep 2/3/4/5 for reps…[View]
47328178What mode am I in?[View]
47332458How can I attain bronson mode?[View]
47332216>sarting a new set, doing 8 reps >Rep 1: 'fuck this shit's easy, I'm going to d…[View]
47332758Sardines in tomato sauce, with dijon, spring onions and cheese on sourdough toast. What are you ple…[View]
47331118My Russian gym bro: This is the story of how I gained and lost a gym bro in the course of not even a…[View]
47331418How do you deal with anhedonia?: I feel like I'm wasting my time, but I have no willpower to go…[View]
47330648How can i get my kids to be as /fit/ as her brehs? To anyone who hasn't watched Violet Evergard…[View]
47332266You have to choose one exercise to do for the rest of your life. You can only do this exercise and y…[View]
47332132R8 my program, /fit/ >Day 1 Deadlifts 5x5 Squats 5x5 Quad extensions 5x12 Pull-ups 5x5 OR Bent ov…[View]
47332545TAKE THE NECK PILL[View]
47330781What mode do I have to be and how much do I have to lift to turn into a kid who gets molested by mov…[View]
47321398FPH: Media brainwash edition[View]
47329065We're putting a team together...[View]
47332214>Anon! Take your top off bro, everyone's having fun apart from you >he's so quiet ha…[View]
47332247Abstract feels and fitness advice: >Been dating a girl for a few months >Shes fun, switched on…[View]
47331578Help me /fit/ I was doing some curls on one of these things today and when i was done with my set i …[View]
47330067How much muscle can I gain in 4 months?: /How drastically can I change my appearance for the better …[View]
47328681I just found out my favorite cereal has soybean oil in it and was made by Jews. Do I keep eating it?…[View]
47329726>been cutting for 4 weeks >love handles melting away >looking leaner >feeling better …[View]
47330189I used to deadlift, squat and powerclean heavy in high-school for football, but I haven't touch…[View]
47327950calisthenics motivation thread: anyone here trying to do at least intermediate bodyweight exercises?…[View]
47332168Can you workout your brain?[View]
47327974Morning training is best training: >get up at 6 >go to the gym in my building for an hour >…[View]
47331713How do I achieve Dodongo mode in a year?[View]
47332089>Mind-muscle connection[View]
47327145LuiMarco's cutting diet: I've seen luimarco on Instagram posing a lot of success stories o…[View]
47329734https://youtu.be/lXF6_icuQcU Can someone redpill me on the Angion method and jelqing? Looking mainly…[View]
47330204Full body workouts: Anyone want to redpill me on doing full body workouts rather than brosplits?…[View]
47331441Deep Voice: How do I make my voice deeper? My voice is fairly deep as it is but I want to have an ev…[View]
47330766Can guys with short biceps look good?[View]
47324630Bench press is nothing but an ego lift and waste of time. Dumbell press is the superior chest exerci…[View]
47331717pyf >when it's one of those garbage workouts where you feel weak and tired…[View]
47327853>it's another not hungry but wanna eat episode[View]
47327104Oats > Life: Anyone else consume an absurd amount of oatmeal? I make 2 shakes a day each with 3 c…[View]
47327230I'm putting together a team[View]
47328944High test-inducing showdown scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJXZgvAJkAQ[View]
47331753Running: I dont wanna[View]
47331198Noob Gains: Today I set two personal records in Stronglifts 5x5. I've been lifting for 4 weeks.…[View]
47326034Which one of these two channels will get closed first? I'm betting on cope again. >calls him…[View]
47323021/fit/ humor thread[View]
47331483Why do boomers even lift?[View]
47327836Who do you lift for? https://youtu.be/gqUPGa15Oto[View]
47329039Is this archivable natural?[View]
47328167food and cooking is an outdated unnecessary practice and source of nutrients and a waste of time and…[View]
47327898Are tattoos /fit/-related?[View]
47330727Implying thread: >implying this was hard.[View]
47331481gummy smile due to vertical maxilla excess: does this shit really matter or am I caring too much abo…[View]
47320129Manlets on suicide watch[View]
47330002some way to gain weight, depression, anxiety, procrastination, relatively healthy diet what I do????…[View]
47331527What does /fit/ think about tai chi/qi gong style body building? Like dooing lots of horse stance, h…[View]
47330011What do you guys think about Aubrey de Grey? He seems to believe that medical technology will be so …[View]
47331243Mufashi Protein: Hey guys so I asked my Mum if she could pick me up some protein powder and she pick…[View]
47329559How to workout smarter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fbCcWyYthQ Thoughts on this strategy? I tho…[View]
47328028eye surgery: Anyone done it? I want to but im scared. I know its cliche, but i went in for a meeting…[View]
47331288Everyone agrees that 2pl8 is the ideal bench press mark. But what about the closegrip bench?[View]
47331232Red pill me on naps. Provided you aren't clinically depressed, is it healthy so take midday nap…[View]
47329617How fast could a skeleton like pic related put on muscle?[View]
47328312Could you compete in a few years with him /fit/?[View]
47320463>he includes the bar[View]
47331096Whats your training playlist /fit/? Mine's this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TIgCkRu_Q-om3h…[View]
47328762*mogs your favorite food*[View]
47329049Routine Thread: Post your current/Favourite routines.[View]
47331061How screwed am i?: Ive been eating 1250 calories for 2 weeks >got pissed off my weightloss was to…[View]
47305937QTDDTOT: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Didn't see one in the catalog so I …[View]
47326433NYfags I’m looking for a good gym in Queens that doesn’t cost a fortune. Basically just need a plac…[View]
47330793Best Diet for Queen Eugenia: I respect Eugenia for the amount of tears she harvests from land whales…[View]
47330873/fit/ pets: Post your /fit/ pets[View]
47330826>Lifting 2 years >Went for a job interview today >Interviewer was a lady, about 50 i'd…[View]
47329078Post a more based exercise Protip: you fucking cant[View]
47330590So I am starting a new diet based on calories in each meal. Basically I calculated how many calories…[View]
47330682Is this considered big by normie standards? Tbh he looks kinda average, and this is how he looks in…[View]
47328193/20 something boomers/: 23 year old boomer appreciation thread? >OW MY BACK! :EDITION This thread…[View]
47329768You bros have any recommendations on joggers? Preferably ones that can stretch real good for growing…[View]
47330024Bodyweight routine found on reddit: Is this just a meme workout? Would this do anything substantial,…[View]
47330025Liver: 68g of liver gives this many nutrients. Liver and other organs are god damn super foods, and …[View]
47328645>Gorillas are only 1,6–1,7m tall[View]
47330177I think I have body dysmoprhia. My weight and lifts are going up but I still feel skinny. When will …[View]
47329248Are there any models on /fit/? What is it like?[View]
47326313Okay guys,a different kind of question What kind of martial art is the best in term of being a fucki…[View]
47329452Why is 'black soi boyism' impossible: Is it because they have a far higher manliness than other race…[View]
47328023/WG/: Wristlet General How are you holding up bros?[View]
47323853I think rock climbers have the best physiques out of any sport Thoughts?[View]
47318054Do you smoke cigarettes?[View]
47328530Are plant based protein powders any good?[View]
47327581How do you fix this?[View]
47330285Where should be put the straight barbell bicep curl with strict form in the 1/2/3/4[View]
47327329>ingest 6 grams of unregulated gook dust >bang out a full body workout at the gym with enthusi…[View]
47323333Do you donate blood? What to expect? I'm doing it Friday[View]
47330310Matrix squats: tight or nah?: Anyone have any thoughts on this exercise? Anyone tried them and had g…[View]
47327101What is the best way to prepare for the army? HIIT, weighted long walks and calisthenics (pullup, pu…[View]
47329818Why do I look better then you?: I smoke, drink, use drugs, don't sleep, and eat like shit... ye…[View]
47319529What injuries are you dealing with right now? >Sprained ankle >boomer back…[View]
47329967>walk into gym >see dis wat do[View]
47328117Does anyone have a low carb sauce that would pair well with zucchini noodles?[View]
47329634I'm 25 years old how fucked am I? I've gotten it tested 3 times and each time it's un…[View]
47330101A girl finds attractive what a girl finds attractive. But this is what you need to look like. Keep t…[View]
47328728>in locker room changing into gym clothes >stop by mirror to make sure my hair is ok >gym c…[View]
47329787anyone know which routine i need to follow if ronaldo's body is my goal[View]
47329953https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goC9ZE_h4dA what type of workout is this looks like some kind of thr…[View]
47329616Well /fit/? Are they right? Is therapy the answer?[View]
47326244Farts in the gym: Hi, /fit/. I work out at home and sometimes I crack some farts while I'm doin…[View]
47324042Hey /fit/ How do I make chicken breasts taste good time. The ones I am eating now could just as well…[View]
47328787what do you guys think on doing 6 months lower body and 6 months upper body anybody tried it ? also …[View]
47327558Now that you're fit, how do inferior males act around you?: I'm very good looking. 6 ft ta…[View]
47325208531 BBB brehs: If frequency is better for hypertrophy why do people suggest 531 BBB as the goat rout…[View]
47317502At what point did you realize that lifting has nothing to do with being an athlete?[View]
47329216Dumbbell curls: What’s the starting point for a respectable dumbbell curl?[View]
47328328How long should a cut take? How many lbs should be lost per month (I fear losing a lot of muscle)? A…[View]
47329521Running General: /Running General/- Welcome to running General, a place for all runners alike. Ques…[View]
47329414noob question here: My brother who lifts, recommended that I try out this routine since I'm a b…[View]
47329471I got a thing for /fit/ older woman, post some please[View]
47319644Psychiatry is a bullshit pseudoscience.: >your kid is always so distracted! >you should get hi…[View]
47317363CBT thread: Optimal lighting and post workout pump edition 5'9' 148lb[View]
47328875Is it necessary to get off creatine regularly for tolerance or can I take it forever?[View]
47328150kneewraps: Putting way too much thought into what knee wraps i should order. Any kind you use and wa…[View]
47326088Why are there so many carnists in /fit/? It's literally a mental illness that has nothing to do…[View]
47329035How do I into warrior mode?[View]
47322684WHAT'S UP GUYS, JEFF CAVALIERE, ATHLEAN-X DOT COM: >Eat this EVERY single day! (Or I'll…[View]
47328032Possible to improve my face, jaw specifically, with lifting?[View]
47328536Was Zyzz just one person? I'm here to challenge that view. Zyzz claimed to be one guy however u…[View]
47329081is exercising to help lose weight actually a meme? eating less seems to be far more efficient and yo…[View]
47327669You haven't masturbated today, have you son?[View]
47325788I tried cigarettes for the first time yesterday and holy fuck it made me not think about eating and …[View]
47328578Fat cunt (Pic not me): hey /fit/ I've been overweight for most my life and have been trying to…[View]
47328839/fit/ friends I'd probably be considered slightly overweight. I have hard muscle but a layer of…[View]
47326881Carnivore diet: What's /fit/'s opinion on this diet that is being pushed for by people lik…[View]
47326021>ywn make a random chick laugh and mire you while being forced to Zercher Squat like the Bugez Th…[View]
47328967Any reason why I can't just do Singles for Squats and Deadlifts? By singles I don't mean @…[View]
47327685Running or any cardio results in pic related all over my trunk and arms. Beyond aids, what is it and…[View]
47324612I'm going to do steak and eggs diet, twice a day for 5 days at a time for a month just to exper…[View]
47328511Are deadlifts necessary for good aesthetics? inb4 > uhhh they make you stronger so you can get a…[View]
47325967does this count as clean bulking?[View]
47325957EAT THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY ( NON NEGOTIABLE!) literally, unironically https://youtu.be/DjLCSPDNoB0[View]
47328515Tfw solid 9/10 face. Feels good not being ugly. A nice body just compliments my face lol. If u lift …[View]
47328617Holy shit: I thought I was just skinnyfat[View]
47328677Why do women have holes where their penises should be? How many vaginas have you stuck your penis in…[View]
47326217Daily reminder to get enough rest[View]
47327163whats the difference between incline flys and flatbench flies? See a lot of people in the gym do it …[View]
47328063Does anyone have the image of the zero ultra jojo stand meme?[View]
47327912MK677 and LGD4033: Have a few vials of each and want to start a cycle. Thinking 25mg of mk677 for 12…[View]
47328579I hear you haven't had your sip today, anon.[View]
47325317>BLOCKS YOUR PATH: what do?[View]
47325498>2 raw eggs >half a glass of milk >2 bananas >one piece of liver >one piece of garlic…[View]
47323380People you thought were big: ITT: Post people you thought were big[View]
47320914NoFap general: Share your experience, motivations and the reasons why you stopped fapping anon! Soi…[View]
47328426Muscle Imbalances.: How do you fix them? my left pec is weaker than my right it's been killing …[View]
47328429>Pic related is better looking than Gandy. Prove me wrong. protip: you cant.…[View]
47327733Gym bully thread:: Have you ever been bullied at the gym /fit/? Have you ever witnessed anyone being…[View]
47325911>gym autist effortlessly talking to hot girls in the middle of their workouts, absolutely no fuck…[View]
47328040carry on wayward son For there'll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don…[View]
47327606Does anyone know where I can get some clen I’m tired of not being shredded[View]
47328295Age 24 5’5” manlet here. What can I do to gain a couple of inches? Also is there any point to getti…[View]
47324617-The Way general- How many of you have decided to start on the path of Musashi and search out the ul…[View]
47326265boomers in the gym: this is a true epidemic >boomer in gym >sweat everywhere >music blastin…[View]
47322156>those familiar faces that you don't see at the gym anymore[View]
47327238I will make some exercise after wake up, like 6am Any tips to avoid something like death?[View]
47328254Pain: Okay so I'll be on a cut. I'll do good for like 5 hours after a meal but then my bac…[View]
47325489What's your reason /fit/?[View]
47328184:(: >tfw no gf Also, should i switch to PPL after doing one month of GSLP? If so, what is the bes…[View]
47327975/QUESTIONS THAT DONT DESERVE OWN THREAD/: l-lads i smoked fuckton of weed 2 days ago. half normal bu…[View]
47328130How to improve pain tolerance?: I tried playing rugby. Took a hit to the nose and for the rest of th…[View]
47326838Meme exercises you fell for[View]
47326474if this is my goal body would i be able to achieve it off cardio alone?[View]
47324932Clarence Kennedy?: What's /fit/'s opinion on Clarence, I've only found out about him …[View]
47328045>mfw my legs start hurting[View]
47326091>Is this your lunch? >Why are you eating this at 3pm?…[View]
47325704After about a week of doing a few reps every rest day my fucking hand hurts when I grip hard on anyt…[View]
47327784Is this stuff actually good at blocking estrogen for male bodybuilding? Or is it just a meme pushed …[View]
47326705How do I achieve this physique, /fit/???[View]
47327575Deadlift form: I read that proper deadlift form should be with feet at hip width but it just feels b…[View]
47323244I've just started the Couch to 5k program via an app, and I'm wondering if I can ignore th…[View]
473029358 months... Reached my goal of 200 lbs. Started Jan 1st at 260lbs.[View]
47327786If you cant do at least 20 pullups and run 3 miles under 18 minutes you are not /fit/.[View]
47327220Psychedelics thread: >Be Yesterday >took 8 grams of dried magic mushrooms at my best friend’s…[View]
47327014My genetics are weird My resting heart rate is between 70 and 80 rates per second Yet i have insane …[View]
47322071How am I doing?: Pic is me[View]
47327207Just about to show off my gains at the club, is this too much? I haven't hit 2/3/4/5 to hide it…[View]
47315085PULL-UPS: THE CHAD EXERCISE!!! >The Perfect Pull Up - Do it right! https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
47323033What's /fit/'s estradiol levels? I need something to compare to. Apparently I'm in th…[View]
47318944what mode is this ?[View]
47325415Post protein powder recipes[View]
47321077How come Jordi has such good definition? Is this the ultimate result of anorexic levels bodyfat with…[View]
47327544vacoom: just ur daily reminder to do ur vacuums. stey estetic frens[View]
47327272Zinc: I've been taking this shit, but I don't know why anymore. Heard it boosts test but I…[View]
47326380Anybody on /fit/ ever fractured their tibial plateau? Did you ever return to a moderately active lif…[View]
47325344Today's reminder.[View]
47327343Who else here has a SLAP tear? Got mine from being a weak faggot and getting my shoulder dislocated …[View]
47316885Should men do these?[View]
47326399If I can go 6 times a week should I or just stick to a 3 day a week program even if my lifts arent b…[View]
47324852What is /fit/s consensus on lecithin? It is said to be a great off the counter supplement to help wi…[View]
47327122Ultra-minimalist Homegym: Is there anything that can't be done with a set of adjustable dumb be…[View]
47268378LIFE PRO TIPS THREAD: >LIFT FOR YOURSELF, NOT FOR WOMEN. You will be happier in the long run >…[View]
47300251Fitness Cringe: Post 'em.[View]
47326514What BF% am I? Cut or Bulk?: Started lifting 5 months ago, when i started I was skinny fat, I'v…[View]
47318765does your DAD mire you[View]
47326703when will you realize gymbros who don't follow a routine for shit make more gains than you beca…[View]
47326701Ice Skating: Freestyle ice skating is great cardio![View]
47323320How do I achieve this mode, /fit/?[View]
47325128At what point does a snack become a meal?[View]
47326346only faggots need to work out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuRdEO_lAys only faggots need to work…[View]
47323236Did the /fit/ queen actually do what I think she did? Also barbell vs dumbell for shoulders?[View]
47326756What kind of macros are in chocolate chip cookies :3[View]
47325622Going full on /nofap/ for 3 months Any pointers?[View]
47313567/fat/ - Soda Jew edition: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/ people who want to bett…[View]
47326907What did you eat today, /fit/?[View]
47326691How do I factor in the weight of the bar during landmine exercises?[View]
47325182What are some good training programs for someone that has been training for about a year without hav…[View]
47326102is this bad facial hair for a 19 year old?[View]
47324285Will i lose much muscle at tdee-1000 during 8 weeks to go from 20% bf to 12%( i hope)? 1500 kcal at …[View]
47325673Hair+Sweat: How am I supposed to keep my hair and scalp clean, especially when I'm working out …[View]
47324090Is there anything more nutritious and tasty than milk? Literally perfect macros. If you only drank m…[View]
47315188fitness and grooming tips to be college Chad in the modern age: Be noticably muscular in a shirt, ha…[View]
47325833thoughts on narrow grip bench press? pic unrelated[View]
47324525Is THICC the new fit?[View]
47324714Do I have gyno bros? What are some things I could do to better my aesthetic?[View]
47326092Help: Just started browsing fit, am looking to shave off a good amount of weight. Currently close to…[View]
47323902Damn, deadlifting is actually pretty fun once you get over the lower back pain[View]
47326450Tennis elbow...during lateral raise?: I have dealt with a long bout of tennis elbow in the past (yea…[View]
47324623Anyone tried these?: Has anyone tried orchic supplements? This looks like a good quality one (non-de…[View]
47324150>befriend Chad >go to tons of bars, he wingmans me, we even go on a bunch of double dates and …[View]
47326423Cardio: So i started working out in the gym and the goal right now is cutting, from what i have read…[View]
47326332>grandpa was a massive giant, constantly working his ass off, was teaching math and physics >a…[View]
47314070/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: 'SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKIN' edition ITT: bench press, squat and…[View]
47324722/SFG/ - Skinny Fat General: '''Come out Come out wherever you are Edition''…[View]
47324360is this achievable natty?[View]
47324948Anyone trains mostly with Dumbbells?: I had a lot of problems in my bench press form and I didn…[View]
47325770About a year and half ago I was doing heavy weighted dips about 100lbs, I remember one rep distinctl…[View]
47326159What time of day is the best time to work out? I've recently tried to work out first thing in t…[View]
47323639What does /fit/ listen to while working out?[View]
47325972Need help finding a cheap meal plan for bulking. I’m in college so I don’t have a lot of money but I…[View]
47316577Is fruit a meme: When it comes to fitness is eating lots of fruit like in smoothies bad? Cos the sug…[View]
47325932How can I achieve Kurt Russell's aesthetics?[View]
47324620>tfw turned sex with fuck buddy because I’m on day 3 of semen retention…[View]
47325759Has there ever been a bigger mogging?[View]
47322903Hey /fit/ I'm going to the gym to run a few laps. Can you watch my dolls for me?[View]
47323742>be me >run approximately 6km by a lake in a forest >see several hot women there >be rem…[View]
47325482So I want to do a 2 day split as that works the best for my schedule, however I think upper/lower sp…[View]
47325589>eat something heavy >feel guilty even though under tdee for the day still >do 10 minutes o…[View]
47322148what is the /fit/ consensus on this programme for an absolute beginner[View]
47317939How would you raise your daughter, /fit/?[View]
47322762Why the carnivore diet is effective. Animals eat plants, collecting all the vitamins and minerals th…[View]
47325457Any good youtubers with good boxing workouts? I bought my wife some gloves and a heavy bag. Also got…[View]
47322064Core Strength: What are the GOAT exercises for core strength? Thinking of incorporating some hanging…[View]
47323656>kids at the gym: I was at the gym the other day and i saw a group of kids. like 14-15 year old k…[View]
47324149>he doesn't do weighted shoulder dislocates I did this today with a barbell and felt a sick …[View]
47325434https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hk8_QCuDSs >he cant squat 1000 lbs OH NO NO NO NO…[View]
47325278Enough is enough /fit/. I'm done fooling myself into thinking I can make the gains I want natty…[View]
47324010I need a bulking training that doesn't consume me a lot of time. My body is looking like this r…[View]
47325171>post body[View]
47323530I want to die: Not a manlet Not a hairlet Not a jawlet Not a facelet BUT GOD HAD TO FUCKING MAKE ME …[View]
47323830This wide hipped zero definition couch potato could beat any powerlifter's ass.[View]
47325066Struggling with energy levels, with a healthy lifestyle.: Ive struggled with low energy levels for a…[View]
47311788I'd truly appreciate some good advice:: Is it vain to continue lifting for women ?[View]
47325073What do you think about when grinding out a hard rep /fit/ I replay the moment my stepdad molested m…[View]
47324549Creatine, back at it: If an individual doesn't work out, is there any /other/ benefits creatine…[View]
47323527Fast or slow cut?: I got 13 % bf at the moment and want to get down to around 10 or 11 %. Is it bett…[View]
47325078Best Hypertrophy program for nattys?: Okay so I have been doing Omarisuf's hypertrophy program …[View]
47324843Skipping leg day: >Been lifting for 6 months >Started out doing a lot of squats on GSLP >Je…[View]
47321945Noob gains?: Just got a bench recently and started lifting about 2 weeks ago. I'm 5'7 (man…[View]
47324431Are you hungover /fit/? I mean you were partying it up last night with stacy right? Good thing its r…[View]
47318678What went wrong? Didn't he get his bloodwork done?[View]
47320543>that one mirror that makes you look the best: Where is it?[View]
47323964>be me >22 yo >6'3 overweight around 35-40% body fat >decided to start training to …[View]
47296207>go into work >'me and Lynsey are going to start the gym Anon, can you train us!?' >'omg a…[View]
47323193>tfw literal 5.5' wristlet I will never ever ever make it will I[View]
47322538Good Water Filter Suggestions: 1. Must be able to be shipped or distributed internationally. 2. Anti…[View]
47324797GOOD FEELS THREAD: Today I ran a 7m31s 2.5km after starting Cardio in April/May. feelsgoodman What a…[View]
47318866>Good job, girlfriend and friends despite being turbo manlet and balding I don't know how I …[View]
47321601Macaroni SALAD Chad superfood: Macaroni salad literally is the best muscle and test boosting food pr…[View]
47324021I've always had asymmetrical traps, is there any quick fix. Pic is me. Also is it noticeable at…[View]
47324386When she's sitting there in her underwear and you give her this look You know she's just t…[View]
47320181Red lentils: What’s the consensus on these bad boys? The macros are really good and I started eating…[View]
47324124Found a former thot who is married, has kids and her husband is a balding white guy I bet they'…[View]
47321234How do i unironically obtain a God's physique? >pic related: a God's physique…[View]
47323919Starting at home or gym?: What can i achieve with a weight bench & tredmill at home? Thoughts? …[View]
47323687so you are telling me you are not lifting for girls?[View]
47323933so ...this is /fit's/ god now I see all that effort he placed on looking 'impressive'…[View]
47323944Virtual Reality: Fitness with VR? Is it possible? I have an HTC Vive and want to get fit with it. An…[View]
47323524is this body achievable with just cardio?[View]
47321727Why does everyone pull up to their chin? If you don't lock out at the bottom and if your chest …[View]
47321679Does /fit/ count the clips?[View]
47322894>Did a full body workout workout yesterday >My legs and glutes hurt like hell >Upper body f…[View]
47321874Height really does matter: Face it, being a manlet doesn't get you much attention[View]
47319149What's his routine? Pose your anime inspo[View]
47323646>look at myself in a mirror. Think I look good >take a pic in same mirror >look like shit …[View]
47308438I want a pizza so bad /fit/. I WANT IT SO BAD. WHY CANT I HAVS IT[View]
47319889How do I stick to a routine without giving up on it in a few weeks[View]
47324350>that one black guy who wears a jacket and presses more than anyone[View]
47324113How does one motivate himself to keep training when he has a lacking and unfulfilling life and has t…[View]
47319117Why do women work hard for a body that is only attractive to repressed homosexuals? Repressed lesbia…[View]
47314624Should manlets be euthanized?[View]
47324038Ok so I'm a pretty fat bloke, I'm currently 128 kg and 20 years old, but about 20 days ago…[View]
47320745Has anyone tried this diet for cutting?[View]
47323393Good old Motivation thread[View]
47321587Going to the gym is the only hobby that makes me feel good afterwards: >Go to dance classes durin…[View]
47324105https://bodyrecomposition.com/muscle-gain/whats-my-genetic-muscular-potential.html/ Why do non skell…[View]
47323073>TRAINING PROGRAMS/PLANS So, let's discuss various exercise templates. What does /fit/ recc…[View]
47323940ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I'M GONNA DO NOFAP: You know, I've always hated the idea of NoFap, I thoug…[View]
47323986How manly is your voice /fit/?[View]
47323709What are some signs someone will never make it? >wearing basketball shorts to the gym…[View]
47323561Fatass here. How do I stop shitting diarrhea?[View]
47323943I was thinking of into some martial as well as my training, I've always wanted to learn how to …[View]
47323766Is fitness a meme for girls? 90% of guys would NOT want a muscle girl.[View]
47323511Who was in the wrong here?[View]
47323172sandbag carrying: recently incorporated more of this into my training, really good way to finish off…[View]
47320845how's the first month of my bulk going?[View]
47298826mirin: >walk into a Lebanese food establishment >one of the female customer where mirin me. W…[View]
47317720I took 250mg of dnp 2 days ago and now I can't get an erection. What is going on?[View]
47321473Is it wrong to want to get /fit/ and /jacked/ just so you can eat a ton of food. I want to eat 3,500…[View]
47323661Boomer general: I'm 23 and look nothing like zyzz. How do I kill myself?[View]
47308347I'm going to the gym in an hour. Suggest 1 exercise, I'll do a routine of everyone who get…[View]
47323144>You will never make Viking Sons with Missmiafit from Denmark[View]
47323576These dark skin women are so easy to fuck with senpai[View]
47322520High blood pressure: So I just found out I have high blood pressure. Im 18, 120kg, 2 meters tall. I …[View]
47323505Maybe some of you have experienced this/have solutions for this, it's happening too often: >…[View]
47323471Hey anon, what are you currently doing to improve your life?[View]
47323274What is the absolute peak aesthetic body before it starts negatively affecting your look in clothes?[View]
47313903What music helps you lift?: What helps you reach that demonic lifting trance. Playlists or singles w…[View]
47320308Nordic Diet: If you want to reap maximum gains and health benefits from your diet and get biq and st…[View]
47311691>the only thing i can cook is reheat costco chicken (pic related) and microwave kirkland mixed ve…[View]
47323046Can we have an advice thread? > stats: 140 lbs, only do pushups and pullups pretty much > goa…[View]
47317796/fit/ how do I get some J O O C Y lats? Back size/strength is growing, but my lack of lats make my b…[View]
47323191>planking: [spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler][View]
47323187GREENPILL: Why haven't you took the chlorophyll pill yet /fit/? You literally will be able to g…[View]
47305239why is the average gym goer so weak? Hardly ever I see someone benching more than 1 plate or even do…[View]
47321039What should I do to warm up before the ivysaur program?[View]
47323058>yeah I used to work out a lot and I was way more buff. I’m getting back into it now. Like you gi…[View]
47322519This guy slaps your girlfriend's ass at the club and says it was just a prank. You're cool…[View]
47322358Is there such a thing as overtraining arms (or anything for that matter) as a semi-novice (been trai…[View]
47318470Why do weightlifting and guitar playing go hand in hand so often? Do you guys play? Who’s the most r…[View]
47321923Just got my estradiol and LH tests results back, I got them checked after a suggestion from an endoc…[View]
4732294223 year old boomer life.: - 20's boomer thread. - I'm just a 23 year old boomer Just an ol…[View]
47318233So /fit/, what program would you run, and what would you do, to become as aesthetic as possible in 6…[View]
47322201Where do you get your routines from, /fit/? I don't really trust the coaches at my gym because …[View]
47322690Am I going to die from not getting enough vitamin E?[View]
47287749/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Be Your Best Self Edition Welcome to Greatness. Let's start t…[View]
47320511We're all gonna make it: Finally got 2pl8 for 3 sets after 3 years of lifting. I could barely b…[View]
47316204>you will never cuck dudes based on your superior white genes >you will never get mired like t…[View]
47322181Home Gym General: /hgg/ What's your home death trap look like /fit/? Any new additions? Pic rel…[View]
47319135What kind of shape were medieval soldiers generally in? What about knights?[View]
47320188how many grams of protein do you eat per day?[View]
47298445>tfw haven't fapped for 5 days >tfw actually making more gains But i'm constantly an…[View]
47307125who else knows this feel[View]
47320385Stronglifts 5x5 or Starting Strength?[View]
47320885It's re-feed day /fit/, Help me decide what I'm getting today for my cheat meal. >Zen (…[View]
47318721/golf/ general: Whom'st here /swing/ with their bros?[View]
47322569No longer a khv. Only a virgin now. We're all gonna make it, bros.[View]
47322105Ask a cardio gremlin anything: Former track and cross country Star afraid of caloric surplus out of …[View]
47321445Can i do some other exercises instead of cardio for weight loss cause im half disabled?? 6'1 21…[View]
47319754>First ever fast: >Already hungry. Any tips?[View]
47305487Why do you really gym: Is it selfish 'I wanna gf' type motives confess faggots[View]
47318889Help An Ectomorph: I have decided to make a change in my life by going to the gym regularly starting…[View]
47322476Bulking w butterdogs: Would adding like 2 or 3 butterdogs into my bulking diet help me hit my weight…[View]
47321753>Friend brags about doing 2 pl8s >He’s using a smith machine >Refuses to admit he’s lying …[View]
47322417ITT: /fit/ feels: >start drinking the pro series muscle milk whey shit because two shakes is alre…[View]
47322393>tfw so weak get banned for being underraged after posting lifts[View]
47318004let's see dem arms fellas[View]
47322196If all you had access to was a barbell, 2 45s, 2 25s, 2 10s, and 2 15lb dumbbells, what exercises wo…[View]
47321316>tfw your cut is going well, but you're also an alcoholic, so you ruin it all and sabotage y…[View]
47321180What mode is this? How to obtain?[View]
47319956>lots of fucking women in the gym >want more space >decide to send threatening emails to th…[View]
47313841>no sugar >no alcohol >no cigs >no processed carbs >no drugs >nofap…[View]
47322059You know what's funny? I can snap and kill every mother fucker on this board if we met IRL. Ser…[View]
47320964Plank THREAF: Plank thread time, just like push up general but better. Last two digest is how many s…[View]
47311742Got a Amazon gift card to put towards a pull up-stand for dat dere groove greasing. Ceilings are 7…[View]
47318903gym fees: how much do you pay? I get $45 a month taken out of my bank[View]
47321713My left hip has been hurting a little when I squat now. Afraid I might sprain myself if I keep squat…[View]
47319213What do people mean when they say “X exercise is shit, do Y, it’s much better” I see this when compa…[View]
47320355How does /fit/ shave? Or are you growing an epic leddit beard?[View]
47320827Why do i get these red lines on my shoulder after i come back from the gym? They are much more red …[View]
47321024are shrimps healthy? are shrimps a good source of protein? I love shrimps and wouldn't mind eat…[View]
47320683Getting back into the gym: Iv been out of the gym for a while due to a few injuries. I eat well and …[View]
47317206pic is me, will weight lifting and a better haircut save me? mexicunt americunt btw so im automatica…[View]
47317075/swim/: Does /fit/ swim?[View]
47321172Why don't you keep a food diary?[View]
47319248eating daily protein in one meal: Ok /fit/ red pill me on why I shouldn't be eating my 100g pro…[View]
47316385Redpill me on him.[View]
473209072 Months apart. Feels like I'm making little to no progress. 5'9 158lb Lift 4 days a week…[View]
47318223is there anything wrong with using double cheeseburgers as a post-workout[View]
47317575Anyone have a babyface at low bodyfat?: Have a defined jaw from low bf but i think my soft skin make…[View]
47320817Maximize those gainz!: Looking for Trainings for maximal hypertrophy. I dont Care about strength onl…[View]
47320258Help me understand intermittent fasting: How is IF + calorie deficit any more useful for weight loss…[View]
47319884What's your favourite bicep and tricep exercise? What have you seen the best results with? For …[View]
47320707>attractive face >can't grow muscle for shit so no way to get a fitness YouTube channel o…[View]
47320928Post-workout meal: What do you eat after you work out?[View]
47317037I have suddenly become more flexible. I realized this while eating my toenails and I could eat them …[View]
47320401There's still hope ...[View]
47320523>just be yourself bro Any hope? I hate myself even though I lost 53 lbs through CICO. I cant find…[View]
47320555Spreadsheets: I got sick of losing my notebook and decided to make a spreadsheet for my workouts. Do…[View]
47319044Mfw Nofap has existed in my culture for centuries Mfw by practicing nofap I make my parents proud an…[View]
47320574FPH!: Didnt see One so i Made One. Time for some fph![View]
47319265Pull ups or chin ups?[View]
47317323>brother-in-law has minor heart attack after sextuple bypass surgery, put back on breathing tube …[View]
47319422>that guy who is to lazy to cook[View]
47320604Why is there a manboob epidemic, /fit/?[View]
47319614https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/52/6/376.full 1.6g/kg/day is all the protein u need brahs U CAN STILL E…[View]
47318980Popeye Brad and Seasick Lenny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbWMSEQ2zrs Is this the comfiest piec…[View]
47317273artificial sweeteners: Legit non meme question here. What are some artificial sweeteners I need to …[View]
47320526Inspiration thread: Is it weird that Skeletor is my inspiration unironicaly?[View]
47320005Gym sins: At the gym I sometimes masturbate in the sauna and finish on the rocks. It's an elect…[View]
47320477>2 weeks nofap >saw an athletic looking girl wearing lycra shorts walking out to her car >n…[View]
47320375Is it even possible to bulk if you have an allergy to milk and bread[View]
47318411is testosterone a curse? i remember, as a boy, wanting nothing more than wanting to live in the wood…[View]
47315147Mental fitness/stoicism: You guys got advice? I can still get nervous and fright, I laugh like an id…[View]
47318772Calorie counters on cardio machines are innaccurate, I get that. But just how off are they? 50cals l…[View]
47319472Get yoked to get laid, bro[View]
47319058Yoga & Foam rolling books: Want to learn more about yoga and foam rolling and techniques for bot…[View]
47317549Direct arm work: How much direct arm work are you doing? A whole day devoted to the guns? A little h…[View]
47317869soft sausage mid stroke: >start taking finasteride for hair gains >6 days later >bonking th…[View]
47301466/man zone/: whats going on in your life? are you following your goals and dreams? how you feeling …[View]
47319961Post your daily routine[View]
47319702What would you do in the gym if you were invisible? Me? I would re rack people's weight when th…[View]
47318593Post some clothes the 4chad would wear to work as a Data Scientist at a lue chip company[View]
47317893Keto foods: So, i fell for the keto meme. Im quite enjoying it so far and im feeling great, but i…[View]
47318922Does anyone else stuff their gym shorts so hunnies check out the bulge? I've got a nice tube so…[View]
47317294>Those are some impressive muscles....but they're forfeit against my blade... Your response?…[View]
47318857What would this mans 1RM squad and deadlift be? I like muscular but smaller legs, I don’t like my tr…[View]
47318542I usually lurk here, but do you guys have any advice for a girl who will be going to her first muay …[View]
47303776/TWG/: -The Way general- How many of you have decided to start on the path of Musashi and search out…[View]
47319539How do I reach this mode /fit/ ? Is it even remotely possible natty? This is the perfect male physiq…[View]
47304091Give me your fighting wisdom: T. 18 y/o zoomer who has been challenged[View]
47316511/fit/izens who went from 4-/10s to 8+/10s after working out, how's life for you now? Are people…[View]
47319631>be me >working parttime besides my studies >got to know 2 hottie college girls also workin…[View]
47316417Is this true?[View]
47319438Is there someone who shocked world more lately? 20 years of being sober, stoped snorting coke and th…[View]
47298497Flat bench is a fucking meme: If you only care about aesthetics just stick to incline bench. flat is…[View]
47319028fitness and global warming: How does global warming affect the current and future state of lifting a…[View]
47319407I burp really lot when I workout and it bothers me. I can't do pull-ups normally unless I push …[View]
47319346How important is rest? How often am I supposed to be doing it?[View]
47319280Erections would wake me uo in middle of the night and i need to nasturbate to sleep back Why is it ?…[View]
47317355Damn Jeff even gave him Vein gains[View]
47319258Did Penn Jillette & Kevin Smith really just eat potatoes for weight loss, surely they'd jus…[View]
47318862Poor student fag here. Im 6’3” have never been over 10.5st in weight i do plenty of cardio so im “fi…[View]
47319166Noob advice?: Got a bench and some weights and have been benching and doing other lifts every day or…[View]
47316820>tfw best friend texts me he's not coming gym today[View]
47317494Cry’s every night[View]
47306380Stop Butt Winking! (DISCOMBOBULATES YOUR SOUL!)[View]
47317058I'M IN LOVE WITH THE COCO: Damn bought some coconut flakes for keto and they are GOAT[View]
47318858>have doms >consume whey >doms improves is this placebo?…[View]
47318103/fit/, I need some insight. In short, I was at a festival, doing nothing but headbanging, exclusivel…[View]
47317470What's her routine, /fit/?[View]
47317929Can you really get this body from the barbarian lifestyle?[View]
47318577fat parents liked me better when i was fat: so i come from a family where i grew up eating total shi…[View]
47318175How does /fit/ deal with wrist injuries?: Had a TFCC injury on my right wrist 2 years ago and had to…[View]
47318068hydrate: dring,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wader hydrate you coward DO IT 2 b healthy u gotta dring healthy …[View]
47318373Can PPL still work with a home gym without machines to get in extra volume? All I can for example is…[View]
47309666He's got a big chest, so of course he wants to show that off. That's led to years of sun-b…[View]
47318726>tfw 23 year olds boomer and too lazy to cook It's all ogre for us 20 something boomers.…[View]
47317389I'm tired of being a skinny-fat dweeb. I'm making an official vow to get strong and fit an…[View]
47315609/Fit/ feels thread My old t-shirt smells like a girl i crushed on in school, it was a while ago, but…[View]
47318597Supplements: Hello /fit/, I've just recently started to go the gym everyday for the past 2 week…[View]
47315704ITT: Post lifting music: What have you been listening to lately while exercising /fit/?[View]
47317487Eating at $100 a month WITHOUT COOKING?: Is it possible /fit/? 2 Boiled Eggs in the morning, (roughl…[View]
47318324>be me >scrawny >havent been able to stick to workout plan for like the entire goddamn week…[View]
47317861How will you ensure your son a high place in the playground social strata?: Or will you make sure he…[View]
47318318big celery: if i eat a shit tonne of celery will i become fit?[View]
47318534What does /fit/ think about L-Theanine? Was told by a friend it helps with anxiety.[View]
47312832Creatine: I started the gym 20 days ago(going nearly every day), about 3 days ago I have bought this…[View]
47317060>dirtybulking >cutting on keto this is objectively the best way to diet >b-but you will die…[View]
47318120>be fat >can row 155 pounds for 3 sets of 12 >can lat pulldown 140 for the same reps >st…[View]
47317096R8 my routine >3x8 squat >3x8 dips >3x8 chinup >3x8 tricep extension >3x8 bicep curl…[View]
47318448Is pic related the literal pinnacle of what a /fit/izen can achieve?[View]
47314294>do pullups (assisted) for the first time >still have DOMS 3 days later is this normal?…[View]
47317781>Be unitimidating People pick fights with you and try to beat you up >Be intimidating Everyone…[View]
47318211>skip leg day >girl wants to sit on my shoulders at festivals >can't squat her…[View]
47317735Is it ok to have a potato only diet?[View]
47317831/fit/ music thread: What music have you guys been listening to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS0B…[View]
47318281I stopped going to the gym because I got hemorrhoids from deadlifting. I want to go back, but what …[View]
47318178Working on my jawline: Are these exercises legit /fit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvWzyrQASZk…[View]
47311356ITT: Uncomfortable Truths that you really should admit to yourselves for your own good. I'll st…[View]
47317531elevated pull-ups: /fit/, i found that doing pull-ups at an increased elevation helps with grip stre…[View]
47318167sup kings i'm trynna get a homegym setup, essentially consisting of a power rack, a 45lb bar, a…[View]
47315411Is it possible to get materials at Home Depot or somewhere like that and build a squat rack? It seem…[View]
47315427I am embarrassed by my fat family members So much so that I cannot be seen in public with them Fatn…[View]
47317993How do I stop binge eating? I feel like eating is the only thing that gives me satisfaction, and im …[View]
47318250Try and convince me becoming /fit/ is something worth the time and effort for someone in my position…[View]
47315798>PL total of 476 Who else is a '''''man'''''?[View]
47311185Why the fuck won't my overhead press go up? I try drloading, microloading, doing more assistanc…[View]
47318202Mile run time: What's the mile run time equivalent to 1/2/3/4? Want a good goal to work towards…[View]
47318116>lost 105lbs >hovering around 25bmi >still need to lose another 25-30 lbs to my goal weight…[View]
47317300body dysmorphia!: tell us about your body dysmorphia, anon. I've been a stick my entire life. i…[View]
47302761/fast/ - #257 - In Soviet Russia Fat Eats You Edition: FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for…[View]
47317941this is the ideal male body. you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
47313454Will joining the army kill my gains?[View]
47298382Thailand /fit/ meeting 2019.: Hi guys, Does anyone remember the exact day the Thailand /fit/ meeting…[View]
47312044Jews in the FDA: Thoughts on this?[View]
47314586Is there anything more discouraging than asking your gf if you look more jacked and she always repli…[View]
47317449road to chad: lets help each others become chad /fit/. i currently follow a ppl, but i bet my friend…[View]
47317289>enter gym in 2012 >PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT…[View]
47315143I wanna influence my mom into having a more healthy style of living. I don't wanna make her sta…[View]
47317795>it's easier to buy XXXXXXL clothing than it is clothing for medium/tall men Why is this all…[View]
47317708Are some people really born stronger than others?[View]
47316656Holy fuck how can I reduce my anxiety? I'm swapping jobs and will have to work for at least 3 t…[View]
47317147No wonder people are fat. Whoever was associated with this article is a fucking idiot who knows noth…[View]
47316649Titanium nails in the face: There is no medical advice forum, so I will try here, since a fit man su…[View]
47311679>mfw other men instinctively pull their woman closer upon seeing me Who else knows this feel?…[View]
47315954Meal Prep Freshness: I've just started meal prepping so I can bring lunch to work. However, all…[View]
47317483Just a daily reminder that if you dont look like this you are not /fit[View]
47317429How many months into lifting til I can take steroids? Or is it a sooner the better kinda thing[View]
47316934You have been visited by the Regrow Ratto: Type thank you regrow ratto and enjoy a cure to hair loss…[View]
47317299Who is this anon and what is his routine? He said he does full body six times a week. Please respond…[View]
47315986Why does my chest look normal when my nipples are hard but when they're soft it looks like gyno…[View]
47316136I have a theory about calories. I don't believe that it's always 'calories in calories out…[View]
47315824YOU LIED TO ME /FIT/: So turns out oats lower T levels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfMKKmocnzs…[View]
47317211Can't fucking sleep: Just woke up at 6 AM (yurofag) after six hours of sleep, it's too dam…[View]
47317340How did (You) get /fit/?[View]
47312230What is the cutoff for wristlet status?[View]
47316644>tfw when you lifted for her >tfw when you did a total body recomp for her >tfw physical g…[View]
47316618I literally can’t stand going to the gym anymore And it makes me sad because I actually like lifting…[View]
47314254How dangerous is a 500cal diet? I've googled it and went on other forums and this diet is recom…[View]
47313112Is this a healthy breakfast[View]
47315234I can bicep curl 50 kg on a barbell for 20 reps with good form And a 80 kg max Do a one legged hip t…[View]
47308272I wanna do the sv3rige diet[View]
47316640> a horse is 2200 pounds > ohp'd a horse and then threw it > have to bench at least 30…[View]
47316924>Walk past girl/intimidating group of guys >look straight ahead Whats the right thing to do he…[View]
47316222Is it worth it?[View]
47314492I’m putting together a team[View]
47316855Why is going to a non chain , small humble gym is so comfy How is your local experience with gym cha…[View]
47313722Natty gainz: When did you realise that the size you are after 3 years of lifting consistently with g…[View]
47315917So I got a job stocking mats on shelves at a uniform factory and it's pretty heavy work. Pushin…[View]
47308214>be dyel >been lifting for the last month >normally go to the gym at 6.30am before work …[View]
47316219The Gym Shapeshifter Theory: I have come up with a theory which I am sure plagues nearly 100% of glo…[View]
47316676When ever I try and do squats, when I'm going back up I always loose my balance and almost fall…[View]
47315777>drank 4 beers and wanted to rip somebody's head off anyone else wanna beat someone's h…[View]
47312566Agony > A shoutout to my fellow fatties: >be me, be fat all my life >try to lose weight for…[View]
47316743>Underweight fag >Family(mother) extremely worried I'm underweight >Doesn't care…[View]
47312696Why do all the drug lords look like fat pigs? these guests have a lot of money, they could have the …[View]
47315131Rate my schedule: My current routine: Sunday - Back and Biceps Monday - HIIT Tuesday - Chest and Tri…[View]
47313069Anyone ever make their own bacteriostatic water?: Its become too expensive and hard to find, so I…[View]
47315224I THINK it was July 25th I stopped drinking coffee, but I don't know for sure because it wasn…[View]
47315554Posture: How do I fix my posture?[View]
47315957Just took two scoops of Hemo Rage, 800+ mg of caffeine in total. My heart is still beating crazy fas…[View]
47315867Muscle Imbalance: Right hand dominate and my right bicep has always been a little bigger than my lef…[View]
47314741What routine do I need, so I can do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOo9VNNC6xg[View]
47315718>body gets better and better >body dysmorphia gets worse and worse >self image stays the sa…[View]
47316083>be me >getting noticeably swole, wimmin are starting to notice >former co-worker chick I d…[View]
47308799Thoughts on shrugs?[View]
47316339Im unironically preparing to compete in my schools battle royale. What programme should I use to pre…[View]
47313870how is this possible?[View]
47315214SURVEY QUESTION FOR /FIT/: What kind of spirituality, or lack of, do you hold and how do your aspira…[View]
47314630I have 17 days to cut down for an unexpected holiday, I'm a chubby lifter and want to maintain …[View]
47316289Doingit.marblecarving: Do I look like I lift fit ? I started lurking here 3 days ago. Was 170kg for …[View]
47313413I've read a few articles on saunas and they say that they help increase growth hormones and inc…[View]
47316064What are some essential superfoods?[View]
47316216what do you guys think on doing 6 months lower body and 6 months upper body anybody tried it ? also …[View]
47315737What are some food I can make my kid brother eat for height? I know it is largely genetic.[View]
47315877Let’s talk juice: Sup /fit/, my doctor think I will benefit from a boost in test. I’m 33 and my leve…[View]
47315956Fit feels: Why is my confidence and self worth so dependent on validation? Why do I get sad and inse…[View]
47314680How did the Greeks look like this natty without modern nutritional/fitness knowledge?[View]
47313587Goal bodies:: What's your goal body /fit/? How close are you to achieving it?[View]
47316014I am only 6'2'' but taller than almost all of my friends. I noticed that they all get…[View]
47315022I'm 5'4' (165cm), small shoulders, and I'm getting to the point where I'm lookin…[View]
47315145APOLOGIZE: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F2SxttbzRNM He met Alex @ a recent bench meet and claimed h…[View]
47314461Call to action: This is for all you out there still consuming pornography. It's harmful to you…[View]
47315641does anyone else do calisthetics i want to do a push up without my feet on the ground but it is real…[View]
47315480how much should i deadlift if i bb row 140[View]
47314215How bad is it if my hairline resembles this... I'm really fragile so go easy on me[View]
47315669>finally hit 140 kgs squat >on next training barely lift 130 WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?…[View]
47315267what do /fit/: Between Muay Thai or MMA, what would /fit/ choose and why? Boxing is also a possibilt…[View]
47315569STOP WATCHING PORN NOW: I noticed something curious about this. Im on day 4 of NoFap and when I try …[View]
47311674Celibacy makes you live longer: https://www.google.com/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2017/01/17/bad-news-guys-ce…[View]
47315413SARM's: Has anyone tried these? I'm curious as to whether they're just a meme or if t…[View]
47303357What muscles does this work[View]
47312134Rubber plates when Deadlifting?: I was at the gym today, loaded 135 on the bar, and was warming up. …[View]
47315324>Natty: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM199607043350101 Natural lifting is a fucking me…[View]
47314542Hows my Push Pull routine? Im doing ABxABxx[View]
47311754Just look at the natty fullness of those muscle bellies![View]
47314623Is it possible to get this big natty? Or is he on juice? Or is it dependent on genetics?[View]
47312691>pay $70/month for this >only alternative is planet fatness .tfw…[View]
47313945Do you stretch in your spare time /fit/?[View]
47315254When do I stop being a novice?: how to know if I'm intermediate and I need to change my progres…[View]
47295984CBT - End of Summer edition: Other CBT is over 300, what are your plans for after summer anon? I’ll …[View]
47310991does /fit/ wear watches at the gym, or is it too dangerous?[View]
47303433Girls Don't like Asi-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_EWumZjKKk Just read the comments. How …[View]
47314599What do you/ think of milk and other dairy products?[View]
47304149Are their any martial art classes that aren't full of MMA wannabee's or autists role playi…[View]
47313533>Grew up in a two parent household >have five siblings >Older Brother >Older Sister 1 …[View]
47315052Is gomad good for ab growth?[View]
47313616recommend cheap/efficient/healthy food: for a cutting bro. thinking batch cook chicken breast, white…[View]
47315047I'm already on a multivitamin and creatine + d3 bit supplementation regime. Is there anything e…[View]
47310866>Dude, stop eating carbs Well this explains Shawn Baker's lab results...…[View]
47314862Do any of you wear headbands at the gym?[View]
47315050Have you tried TRT? What side effects did you encounter?[View]
47314181b-b-but my african genetics!: PEOPLE THINK THAT THIS GIGANIGA IS NATTY! https://youtu.be/Txyav_tWlG8…[View]
47313062Should i fast even if I'm not fat and pretty fit?[View]
47313057Are these strict 135 curls?: Are these strict or am I cheating[View]
47314609leg day: best leg exercises for a natural look not bulky?[View]
47312158Do I have gyno?[View]
47314753ECA stack bandwagon: Weigh in on your opinions and results regarding the ECA stack /fit/ Hardly ever…[View]
47313545>he doesn't jump rope for glute gains: What's it like leaving half your gains on the ta…[View]
47300664Fit Humor: Post 'em. Does anyone have the screenshots of the guy on tinder being an asshole and…[View]
47314062Is abs/definition pretty much reliant on having good lighting?[View]
47313846>Sick of being like 130 lbs forever, start counting calories and lifting >Little over a month …[View]
47313921Why do girls always use these plates that look like plates but they aren't? I always see them d…[View]
47295668/fraud/ - FREE OUR BOIS: FUCK THE POLICE edition Before you ask your silly questions be ready to get…[View]
47314378Today's reminder.[View]
47313807ITT: Times you met artists[View]
47314525Metabolism too high: Can’t gain weight. Stuck at my natural plateau. Is roids the only option? Pic r…[View]
47314488What's the worst that could happen?[View]
47313869How do I fix hyperlordiosis? It’s not too bad right now but I’m afraid it might get worse[View]
47313561What's the best way to fail at bench without a spotter? I want to shoot for maxes but the new …[View]
47314519Alright /fit/ so I need your help. About a year ago I hurt my knee playing basketball. I thought no …[View]
47312454Can you build muscle swimming?: I hurt my shoulder months ago and have been unable to lift and I des…[View]
47312512why the fuck do my inner thighs hurt when i squat do i need to warm up for an hour or something[View]
47313245how does one improve on jogging? im a chubby weak guy and after 30seconds of jogging my shins hurt a…[View]
47313862How long have you been lifting? Have you surpassed 1/2/3/4? When did you first start browsing /fit/?[View]
47311299If this doesn't motivate you to take the neckpill, I don't know what will[View]
47314486Gains killing sex drive?: >workout hardcore for months >lose urge to fap >fall in love wit…[View]
47312615HEY KETOTARDS!!!!!: Look what I got here ketotards, are you breaking out in hives yet? Look at that …[View]
47314279Are my Nipples akwardly small?: I've been told by three people that they are; but these people …[View]
47309220/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: Approved Intermediate Programs for PLG >Bro Tier (must try hard and…[View]
47314080Why did Arnold have such shitty delts?[View]
47313843>Have you taken the worm pill? Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused from the toxoplasma gondii paras…[View]
47310520What's your motivation, /fit/?[View]
47311723Gonna do a week where I just do loadsa pull ups and chin ups. I can currently do like 14 pull ups bu…[View]
47314145Is Lake Chad the fountain of youth?[View]
47300543/keto/: *sip* why havnet you gone keto yet? shits amazing. if you dont you must be fat.[View]
47312234Does /fit/ swim?[View]
47296800What is /fit/s opinion on the full English breakfast?[View]
47304813Is a PowerBlock worthwhile for working out at home instead of regular dumbbells? They seem like the…[View]
47313996>her tinder bio says “gym life” >she’s fat…[View]
47313737Bros I have been on no-fap for about 4 days and I feel like I am about to fucking burst with semen s…[View]
47310979Acessoary work for the main lifts: So I was looking at a video and the guy talked about accessoary w…[View]
47307583What cooking YouTube channels does /fit/ watch?[View]
47313608How do i get into treestump mode[View]
47311805After concluding an extensive research on (((steroids))), I've come to the conclusion that roid…[View]
47313967Vegans are gay[View]
47312585Does anyone work out with enough frequency and intensity that you have DOMS literally every day?[View]
47313840>listened to physio youtube experts like Jeff and other big heads >been working on my external…[View]
47310982Did anyone on /fit/ ever go to snap city so bad that they can't squat or deadlift heavy ever ag…[View]
47313080>Yeah anon is pretty cute and all, but those high bicep insertions are a total dealbreaker. I eve…[View]
47315284Cheer up thread: Bros, I’m sad as fuck caus of a girl. Can we have a cheer up thread. Holy fuck I’m …[View]
47311716What is the science behind that high you get after a large keto fry up? Or is that just me?[View]
47313539Does /fit/ use multivitamins? Other supplements?[View]
47313699>still have clogged pores and some acne at 19 >lift regularly >been on accutane >moistur…[View]
47312288How do I stop my Dad: My dad got me into lifting, but I’ve grown beyond him. Whenever I’m not at col…[View]
47313713HELP!: Hey guys, been lifting for about 30 minutes now on SS, my chest and triceps hurt like hell. I…[View]
47313236Post your favorite triceps exercise For me, it's close grip bench[View]
47313336Dad: >Tell me again dad when you knew you'd finally made it. Y-You've made it or are go…[View]
47313594>be me at work >have to work with the gay guy >I tell him I have started the gym last week …[View]
47309332>GF deadlifted 80kg first time in the gym She has potential, how do I make her interested in goin…[View]
47313511I work at a cafe and regularly have to throw away a bunch of hot dog buns Am I a fool?[View]
47312750That thottie who does literally 40 different ass exercises and nothing else.[View]
47305314friday night: so /fit/, how's ya friday night/saturday morning?[View]
47313379>walk into aztec gym https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUhVCoTsBaM[View]
47312886What are your PRs (in kilos), how long you been lifting ? What do you want to improve ? Bench: 120kg…[View]
47311903finally: managed to OHP a plate for a rep today. strict form. autistic af so don't have anyone …[View]
47312500Is creatine in milk okay?: Will creatine absorb properly if I put it in my milk-based protein shake?…[View]
47308143Phillionfit: He claims to have been lifting for several years, why does he look so... Meh[View]
47313368What does fit think of operation werewolf?[View]
47313115>He 'bulks' after Summer ends Just admit you're a lazy pos who will one day give up the gym …[View]
47312518Let’s get a grocery store list going > eggs, milk, bell peppers, chicken, black bean, brown rice…[View]
47312482I eat 6 mcchiken a day and still building muscle[View]
47312535I’m starting to get really burned out. I’ve been on a cut for a month and I’ve been stalling for abo…[View]
47304833CALISTHENICS: What does /fit/ think of calisthenics? Gay as fuck?[View]
47313316We found that USA beef contained much higher levels of estrogen, particularly E2, than Japanese beef…[View]
47312372>abs started to show We're all gonna make it[View]
47310976Fit fashion thread: What are some college approved business casual (no suits) clothes you can wear e…[View]
47308551Due to social anxiety I'm a /homegym/ faggot. What are some good youtube videos/tutorials on a …[View]
47307868>feel lethargic all the time, brush it off as a minor depression or something >try OMAD for tw…[View]
47312865gained 10lbs dreamer bulking: today is the first day of cutting. FUARK IM SO HUNGRY. Have fapped, sl…[View]
47310702Are nuts good for trying to build muscle?: I’ve been trying to build muscle through lifting and it’s…[View]
47312974What is this mental affliction I keep getting every time I start to work out. I look at myself and I…[View]
47312799Should calf rises be done shoeless?[View]
47312470I dislocated my shoulder again. Last time was exactly one year ago. I was so happy because I was hav…[View]
47312292It's lunchtime, /fit/. What are you eating?[View]
47312668I am about to quit my job today since I start at my new one in about 7-14 days and to kill time for …[View]
47312893Hello /fit/, is v shred legit?[View]
47312878ITT: trivial shit in the gym that makes you mad: >boomer spending an hour on the leg press, even …[View]
47311884I will never be able to eat junk food EVER again![View]
47312495This smoke is fucking up my runs lads. What can I do for cardio in my house?[View]
47311721>Go to the gym 2 hours earlier than normal >Every single person is 6'2+ >I'm 5…[View]
47312708>didn't cut fast enough to lose these in time for the late beach season AGAIN…[View]
47310042>mfw the gym shiekh is preaching his curls again[View]
47295484/FAT/ - Help Edition: Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/ people who want to better themselves through meani…[View]
47310271Do you lift for strenght or hypertrophy fit? Tell me your reason why you chose the one over the othe…[View]
47312558It follows: >go on Instagram and read edgy 12 meme posts about Mexican dancing alien song >sc…[View]
47300053Zyzz came to you in a vision last night and told you to assemble the In/fit/inty Stones. What are t…[View]
47308179Constant muscle relaxation for high test?: Has anyone done this, it makes you really rested at all t…[View]
47312465Does anyone else have experience with this program? I've been doing it for a few weeks but dead…[View]
47309768Tell me the truth /fit/ should i be eating cereal?[View]
47310690Should gyms have a designated corner for people who are there just to use their phones? How else can…[View]
47311669Fix your anterior pelvic tilt! It's the biggest gains goblins for your workouts, mostly for you…[View]
47305125Transformation bread? Pic related is me. Left is Dec 2017 weighing in at 145 lbs and about 18% bf. R…[View]
47305600How do I achieve Geralt-mode?[View]
47312371Tabata??: The evidence supporting Tabata as opposed to sprints for fat loss is promising.[View]
47310815>Been losing weight for 3 months >have small 'refeed meals' once every 2 weeks >l…[View]
47312338hard job: Greetings, I have a really hard job, when i first started i couldnt work two days in a row…[View]
47305578Friday Night Feels Thread: What'll it be, anon What excuse do you tell girls as to why you…[View]
47305517This shirt too tight?[View]
47311082Squats are to glutes as [BLANK] are to obliques. Please fill in the blank /fit/.[View]
47305343why so much hate for blaha? his body looks like shit, he rounds like a robot saying the same thing a…[View]
47309472GOMAD: Pic related is my current body, should I do gomad?[View]
47312186>go to gym >someone plays somewhere over the rainbow on purpose >the entire gym’s face when…[View]
47312128>Bacne won't go away[View]
47308869How to become a fat cunt fast?: Ayy lmao srawnster here, what’s a fast and relatively cheap way of g…[View]
47312124/fit/ Thoughts on laxatives?: Post binge, water weight/bloat reduction. Any benefits of laxatives be…[View]
47306101And this is anons room: He's quite the bodybuilder[View]
47312008So does oatmeal really increase the chance of getting cancer by a lot??[View]
47309658How true is this picture? Does this happened to you?[View]
47308804This place was so obsessed with onions not so long ago. Why has the onionfever ended? Did it turn ou…[View]
47311530I knew this was coming, I posted a few days ago to let y’all know my dog has cancer and that I’d be …[View]
47311939feels thread: Just rant or talk about your feels here and to keep it fitness related, what's yo…[View]
47302480Back pain: Anons who blew a disc and went to snap city? Was did it feel like? A sharp or dull pain? …[View]
47310730How to get Edward Norton's skinhead body?[View]
47310829Mires Thread: *searches catalog* no mires thread, what are you gay?[View]
47310754Is this a good ratio?[View]
47311175Best nutrition shop?: Where do you (in europe) buy your protein shakes and pre workout? Mine from my…[View]
473101505'8: So I'm 5'8. I'm 21. What can I actually do about this. Even if I reach 5…[View]
47308500What do you do when you're resting between sets?: I go at a time where I'm totally alone s…[View]
47310011What up /fit/ Is swimming a good way to become an alpha ?[View]
47306717Petition to ban all things related to girls.: Itt; we petition no girls allowed. No sexy images of g…[View]
47311553>have to take 3 week break from stronglifts due to exertion headaches >app tells me to deload …[View]
47311501Why are anti barbell calisthenic fags online always ugly and skinny ethnic dudes?: Whenever I go in …[View]
47311059Exertion headache: I think I got an exertion headache/tension headache from squatting a measly 82 kg…[View]
47305104motivational pics thread some fresh OC for my dorm room (yes I stole the gif from the FPH thread)[View]
47310373Fuck this I was making decent gains from being a skelly and then I fucking got sick for three weeks.…[View]
47311290Carpal Tunnel?: Every time I grip a barbell/dumbbell I get a weird feeling in the meat portion of my…[View]
47310757What kind of training you need until you can do them Slav squat dances?[View]
47310327/fit/ rekt webm: post webms about people fucking failing in the gym[View]
47294010How is he natty bros? He gets drug tested randomly all the time and has even livestreamed them testi…[View]
47306961why isn't there a bodybuilding routine for beginners who just want aesthetics the way ss is for…[View]
47307525posture: has anyone seen gains from trying to fix their posture? Shit like that shoulder lean? dork/…[View]
47310959how to build muscle without using my elbows?[View]
47310155Is this effective? It feels effective but idk[View]
47308028>Don't worry bro, the human spine evolved to support a 400 pound barbell…[View]
47311021What good are your gains when you haven't reached enlightenment?[View]
47307238My head hurts, my throat is full of pleghm and my nose is running. Do I go to the gym anyway and gri…[View]
47309568Is it the abs starting to show ?[View]
47306599full body: >claims he's into /fit/ness and muscle culture >only does a 3 or 4 day 'split'…[View]
47305389What’s your secret, /fit/?: >claim to be 6’5 >actually 6’4 >not really >only 6’4 when …[View]
47310929are there any benefits to intermittent fasting if i am at a healthy weight already?[View]
47303224Friday night. >Why are your here?[View]
47310794>realize my hair is falling off >shit, i gotta do something >decide to stop balding >hai…[View]
47310651how to achieve this natty?? Also this guy still alive.[View]
47310665What would you fags have done?: >walk into gym >see dude that looks like pic related >he…[View]
47307152i fuckin hate my shoulder blades, i look decently cut. but i got scapular winging and i like a damn …[View]
47309310How do I go Bicklemode[View]
47306538>tfw Jesse can deadlift 3x more than you[View]
47303300/FPH/ & /FPS/: Because there must always be a FPH & FPS thread. >King of the Pannus Editi…[View]
47309891Is this true?[View]
47302382What are 4chans highest test boards excluding /fit/ cause its #1) and lowest test boards?[View]
47310342Facial aesthetics thread Post tips, tricks, suggestions and facial exercises you do yourself. Starti…[View]
47310075>eating 3500kcal daily >stuck at 90kg (198 pounds) Do i really have to go higher? I dont know …[View]
47310098If you need a rest day after every gym day, does doing some semi-heavy lifting for chores/work inter…[View]
47310085dips/ chin ups/ lunges/ hanging leg raises: That's all I do. Without weights. Will I still be a…[View]
47306502My 14 year old bro wants to start getting /fit/: He's skinny, about 110 pounds. Anything I shou…[View]
47307432post your >favorite sip >favorite lift[View]
47306860>those 3-4/10 girls on the bus looking at you like you're a god >you catch them doing it …[View]
47308951What do I have to do to have more stronger fists ,more power in arm wrestling and have bigger hands …[View]
47310114I wanna do a standard bodybuilding diet[View]
47309483Can you wear compression socks and compression tights together when running?[View]
47310076I need some advice. Im weight lifting for years now but i wanted to make my body more effective not …[View]
47309689How hard would shredding the fat and get out of fatass territory be after bloatmaxxing for like a ye…[View]
473010245'8 148lbs Should i cut or bulk?[View]
47309694Skinnyfat rural poorfag here. I want to start working out, since everyone says it will cure depressi…[View]
47292699EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO WATERFAST IN 15 MINUTES: I am the Master Faster the legit non eating man 2-3l…[View]
47309899Been going to the beach 2x a week since mid june. Always swim at least 90 min.: I go on a cut every …[View]
47307531thank you dr hitler![View]
47308305Bennefits of cold taking cold Showers ?[View]
47309380what in the world is this for?[View]
47309789>he fell for the steroid meme Enjoy your health-related problems and body dysmorphia I guess lmao…[View]
47304099How does one become an alpha manlet? Pic related[View]
47308330how do I lose weight with this?[View]
47305865So who here has managed to succesfully reverse long term gyno with tamoxifen or other SERMs? What do…[View]
47308640Girls aren't primarily after your physique, they prefer wisdom and commitment to your goals. …[View]
47309015Casein = shit: Casein tastes like shit, what the fucking fuck. It's all grainy and sticks to yo…[View]
47304838Got the stomach flu about a week ago, got past the fever and diarrhea, but now I have really soft st…[View]
47309003Is pic related a good program to do after starting strength? I love compound lifts and see that it h…[View]
47309585This board doubles as health right? Recently when I've been having sex my dick gets too fucking…[View]
47309528what's a respectable back extension 1rm for a 68 kg man (male)[View]
47306815I am thin as skeleton: I am a doctor to start with but my friends cuss me everyday that you can trea…[View]
47307383Can surgery cure herniated disc permanently?: I dont feel any pain in my lower back anymore. But if …[View]
47309397I THINK it was July 25th I stopped drinking coffee, but I don't know for sure because it wasn…[View]
47308443What other programs are there other than starting strength that are worth trying?[View]
47309321Thoughts on the 4 day routine at the bottom? https://legionathletics.com/hypertrophy-how-to-build-m…[View]
47307118Fuck it I'm tired of asking in constant /QTDDTOT/ and /FAT/ threads. What are good dumbbell wo…[View]
47310226All boomers report in: I'm 23 years old. I'm tired. What's the point to any of this? …[View]
47310300Has anyone tried changing their age on tinder to late 20's early 30's to get more matches …[View]
47298520/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: >tomato man edition Approved Intermediate Programs for PLG >Bro …[View]
47306699I'm putting together a team... are you in or out?[View]
47309120Holy shit I just did barbell flys and it was amazing. Balancing the barbell activated new muscles gr…[View]
47307089Leg day: I have heard many times that working out legs causes your body to release more hormones and…[View]
47305906Role model/inspirations/influencers: Big Lenny is unironically my biggest inspiration and role model…[View]
47308037I don't have the ankle mobility to reach ATG on my squats without adding extra rubber inside th…[View]
47307727is it safe to cover my calorie goal deficit with boost, ensure, etc?[View]
47307925Best ab exercise?: What is the best ab exercise in your opinion? I just found out that crunches are …[View]
47307685Getting fit won’t make up for the fact that you are balding[View]
47308522What type of program would be better for trying to lose fat? I have to lose about 20 pounds before j…[View]
47308835WTF can we only fit 9kcal max in one gramm of food? Like wtf do i have to eat 100g just to get 900kc…[View]
47307809WHAT IS A HUMAN BODY CAPABLE OF: What the fuck man do we need to deload?[View]
47307136should i fap before or after working out? >inb4 dont fap at all[View]
47307313Should I bulk or cut? I'm 174 and 5'5[View]
47308615Legs: Anyone else hate leg/back/shoulder day but absolutely love it at the same time because you can…[View]
47308690I'm only 0.5/1/1.5/2 and that puts me as 'intermediate' according to symmetricstrength after 3 …[View]
47306766Is yoga effective for toning muscle?: I'm not trying to bulk up just trying to tone up my legs …[View]
47305413What makes it cost $50? Are they worth it?[View]
47307636>enter gym >'solo' is being played for the 9001420133769 gorillionth time >mfw…[View]
47293032Oats give cancer: I've been eating quaker oats for a hell of a long time, what do /fit/ https:/…[View]
47303679For anyone here that has gone through a rotator cuff injury, I was hoping you could give me some adv…[View]
47308380So you’re over 6’3 huh?: Can you dunk a basketball /fit/? If you can’t why not? ITT state height, sq…[View]
47303610Today's reminder.[View]
47308311Is he our natty god?[View]
47270790IN MEMORIAM RICH PIANA: BIGGER BY THE DAY: Almost one year ago today, on August 25th 2017, humanity …[View]
47304567The final boss: /fit/ I come to you with a discovery You have tried nofap, cold showers, meditation.…[View]
47307719>Wow. you got some real muscle on you, son... Im impressed[View]
47306390Can we get an embarassing accidents that were salvaged thread? >go to gym >first time i'v…[View]
47307489https://www.livescience.com/63308-homo-erectus-laziness-extinction.html Homo erectus died because of…[View]
47308144What the fuck is his problem[View]
47307428>tfw 26 year old boomer >have girlfriend, uni degree, ok job and in ok shape >still feel li…[View]
47304431'hes cutting? Dump a stick of butter into his meal.'[View]
47303285How do I get this wide?[View]
47305654College Gym Thread: Post your college, rate its gym, maybe find a gymbro Ole Miss awesome weight roo…[View]
47307217Someone in the gym noticed me from 5 months ago and complimented me on my massive squat progress. Ho…[View]
47305772>2018 >still hasn't taken the cauli-pill yet >fewer carbs/calories than broccoli >s…[View]
47307373>tfw balding at 20 Should I just wear a cap all the time for dat double d mode or should I shave …[View]
47307699Don't know why but I like working out without a shirt at home.[View]
47307527Wtf do i do /fit/ my gym is closing 2 weeks for holidays i dont wanna lose my gains[View]
47306933Lifting and Skating?: Recently got back into skating as a 23 year old (stopped when I was 16). I don…[View]
47306084Hey /fit/, the tendon on the inside of my right elbow gives me grief when I do pulling or curling mo…[View]
47307277>be skinny boi >man you are so smart! >gain 20kg in a year >man i thought you were stup…[View]
47304617>be me >haven't been regularly going to the gym for 5 years >decide to pump my guns on…[View]
47306902>achieved body weight squat for 3x5 today[View]
47307184Why the fuck am I so slow? Boomers on Strava unironically run faster than me. I was way faster in hi…[View]
47292073Sexual health thread: How do i fix my libido? I've tried a million different things to help, bu…[View]
47307131>workout >unable to get an erection for hours afterwards What the fuck does my body mean by th…[View]
47306533Professional advice thread: Professional advice thread. Pro advice only thread. The only music you n…[View]
47306537Good genes?[View]
47305062Would climbing 12 floors in a staircase help me become more /fit/? I've recently started doing …[View]
47306758every inch counts[View]
47305946Ab exercises: I fucking hate training abs so much. What are your favorite ab exercises that are actu…[View]
47306495Anytime I try fasting or eating small I can feel my muscle dwindling away while the fat stays and I …[View]
47306301How being fit changed your life or something: >be me >have been a fatass my whole life, vidya …[View]
47306415>150 servings of C4 Extreme for $36 Is this worth buying?[View]
47305178oof: >I start workng out to become more attrative fro the ladies >pay much more attention to m…[View]
47306799stopped going to the gym since my friend who owns a homegym moved back into town, problem is that he…[View]
47305346Is walking on a treadmill at 3.5 to 4 mph for 40 minutes good cardio?[View]
47304425How the fuck do I fight someone stronger than me? I get bullied everyday by these faggots in my dorm…[View]
47307080What macronutrient satiates you? For me it’s Carbs (non-sugar sources) > Protein > Fat > Ca…[View]
47305857what's his secret?[View]
47305497my 1000 deficits keep turning into 700, should i bother restraining myself more or just keep it as i…[View]
47306095What is the optimal human diet and why is it the steak and eggs diet?[View]
47305839You have to go back.[View]
47305463Food thread: Post your favorite /fit/ food For me it's Greek yogurt with some bananas[View]
47303451how much does he bench?[View]
47301654I just took 250mg of DNP. What am i in for??[View]
473042085/3/1: Anyone her done 5/3/1? ideally someone with 3+ years lifitng experience who trained for stren…[View]
47306642>be doing keto >visit /ck/ >mfw…[View]
47305089Bros it's pizza Friday. Should I order a pizza or should I make chicken pasta instead.[View]
47306512Do HGH enhancers like Growth Factor 9 help height growth? Are they actually effective when your grow…[View]
47304710How do i do a push up /fit/?: i'm 108 lbs at 5'7' and trying to recover from anorexia. i w…[View]
47308299How do you stop wasting time on 4chan? When I first go here, I can't leave for hours. I'd …[View]
47306230whenever I starve myself it makes my feet smell really bad. what do I do?[View]
47306412Hello /fit/, this is THE ALEXANDER LEONIDAS here reporting my nightly ruminations about ((“excercise…[View]
47304169Good lifting music: Ill go first: https://youtu.be/5bqf87Brq1Q[View]
47306233failure thread: what diet should i start next week for real this time[View]
47300834I started smoking weed recreationally during the evening. I've noticed some things since: >w…[View]
47293197Can we somehow petition the mods to start deleting threads with females in the op. This is /fit/ not…[View]
47303650why haven't you taken the bald pill yet /fit/? >start losing my hair at 23 >it's bee…[View]
47306391I've been working out for the past two weeks after living a mostly sedentary life. I am 28 year…[View]
47302934Biggest fitpills: Men need fitness. Women dont.[View]
47306357How is this possible?[View]
47306344is 1500 calories a day a bad idea?[View]
47306349Get to it soldiers![View]
47304348Swimming: >start swimming >get godlike V shaped body >my shoulders are big enough for 5 sta…[View]
47302152>be low on cash and hungry >credit card maxed from student loans >cant afford food >cant…[View]
47303876Ever since I stopped browsing /fit/ and 4chan in general, life seems to just get better. Yeah it…[View]
47303356Can anyone tell me how to get a bomb ass beard[View]
47306088Why does /fit/ try to larp as Chad instead of rise up against society as fellow gamers?[View]
47304758Lip Gains: What are some ways to make lip gains /fit/? Is it true that drinking exclusively from str…[View]
47306011>work out so hard >eat so well >look pretty fucking good >only get mires from fat chick…[View]
47299819>start doing cardio >decide to go out for a run >6'0 slightly almost 210lbs so somewha…[View]
47304402Kryptonite thread[View]
47305083How do you defend against becoming this /fit/: Hardmode: How do you become the bull It's painfu…[View]
47302523What should a cyclist do in the upcoming winter months?[View]
47302756lifting while in medical/dental school?: Hey friends, I am wondering if I will have the time to cont…[View]
47305151Heart Rate monitor Calories Burned: Hey gang, I got a heart rate monitor, a chest one, that connects…[View]
47304176Post your fridge /SIPS/: >tfw ,dedicated 2nd a fridge just for SIPS.…[View]
47304186>spent $180.10 on fast food in the past month fugg[View]
47304790>/fit/ in a nutshell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayv2RaFpQtI[View]
47305382i keep gaining weight after going on a fast, I lost 50 pounds but im now gaining a pound a day any o…[View]
47304227I just turned 20 and I'm still ottermoad, give me one good reason I shouldn't say 'fuck ha…[View]
47303280Best diet tips for gaining muscle while minimizing fat.: I cut all summer. Down to 9% body fat. I wa…[View]
47303446What's your opinion on surimi sticks, /fit/? >98 calories >15g protein >mostly water i…[View]
47305464>be me >squatting in university gym >personal trainer and his client in the rack next to me…[View]
47301321Why does everyone always fall for these extreme meme diets like veganism or keto? A good diet isn…[View]
47305444body goal: hey fit, not sure if you can help but what would one have to do to achieve this body type…[View]
47303894Is this the best /fit/ drug? >No calories like alcohol >Provides fiber >Makes appetite disa…[View]
47305403Mmmmm.... you want this.... come on anon, you will simply make up for it tomorrow...[View]
47304189Why are obese people not automatically classified as having an eating disorder? You’re literally eat…[View]
47303897/swim/: Does /fit/ swim?[View]
47304121Brehs my gold standard whey has the expiration date on the neck instead of the bottom, did i got sca…[View]
47303998>That person who ONLY EVER drinks water (preworkout/whey protein included) and doesn't drink…[View]
47305038Are hex bar dead lifts viable?[View]
47302475Who will stop this man? Can he be contained?: https://youtu.be/-UxFpsgh2M0[View]
47305048Can I teach myself to like fish? I've hated fish ever since I was a kid. Tuna, salmon, whatever…[View]
47303471Rate my routine: Hey guys, can you rate my routine. Thanks Push (A) Incline bench press 3x10 Incline…[View]
47303466Hiit vs Running which is better[View]
47304654What would happen if you theoretically could synthesize protein down to its purest form, combined it…[View]

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