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44368966I'm a female who wants a thicker butt and a narrower waist. I already enjoy swimming, but I thi…[View]
44370323I had my first kidney stone in October and developed another one today. I was wondering in the futur…[View]
44371921Hi /fit/. (pls b nice, i just need help then ill leave u alone ;__;) I don't really belong here…[View]
44372678Do you ever absolutely fill up the bowl with logs and then sit on top for a while enjoying your 'thr…[View]
44369867>could literally be constantly getting laid if only I was funny How do I fix this /fit/…[View]
44370463/fit/ eternally BTFO[View]
44368732Are home gyms the ultimate ascension into making it? >never have to wait for equipment >no di…[View]
44368832Daily reminder to drink more water: Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEHH!! Wishing you all a g…[View]
44372646Post your ideals.[View]
44360588/fraud/ - Steroids are not magic edition: /fraud/ - Steroids are not magic edition Read all of https…[View]
44371883Is it true that training cardio is the best thing if you wanna train to get smarter? And is walking …[View]
44371637I think I'm getting the flu or cold. What do?[View]
44357846DIETS DON'T WORK[View]
44372007When taking protein, I know it's supposed to be 1gram/lb. of body weight, but does that include…[View]
44371614well /fit/? Why did you start lifting? I thought it would help me get girls. Boy was I wrong[View]
44367029How long did it take you to hit 1/2/3/4? a-a-asking for a friend[View]
44365715Dermaroller / skin needling / acne scar treatment: Does anyone on /fit/ have any experience with der…[View]
44356334Canadian philosopher Dr. Brian Pronger has revealed through his research that male sports players ar…[View]
44370080'bearmode' routine: What kind of routine would net me this kind of physique.[View]
44369159Give me your lifting tunes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeZDzorwv1s > inb4 metal…[View]
44371292>Overcoming your BodyWeight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAERZd8XtgQ [Embed] https://www.yout…[View]
44368567>Everytime I workout there's some old 50 year old guy who insists on working next to me >…[View]
44372217Does coffee/caffein have negative effect on thinking?: I stopped coffee and I feel clearheaded but I…[View]
44370386Does lifting make up for being a brainlet?[View]
44368453Does this actually have less than 1g of sugar per scoop or is something being hidden?[View]
44371761Someone explain to a dumb europoor 'flaring your elbow' meme when doing bench press, also how do I m…[View]
44372039>>44371067 >I would NEVER have sex with any of you, let alone even talk to you virgins. You…[View]
44371364>tfw constant memories of my parents putting me down all the time as a child >tfw could never…[View]
44371501>be me >week ago >snap chatting qt >she sends nudez >fuckyeah.jpg >start sending s…[View]
44371913>good workout >shitty nights sleep Did I just waste all those gains I made yesterday by not ha…[View]
44368321I finally fell for the squat shoes meme, after 2 years of lifting and squatting 3x a week i decided …[View]
44371885>Manlet drowned in the hot tub again[View]
44370755Just a reminder compression is not shear force exerted on muscles.[View]
44352325>go vegan >bloated >insatiable hunger >wake up fatter every day >go keto >never bl…[View]
44371651This mode is not achievable natty >biggest letdown why even live[View]
44371851Crafting: What are some /fit/ crafts?[View]
44369838>they will never stop putting estrogen in everything we consume >they will never stop demonisi…[View]
44371387To gain weight, should I reach my target weight first THEN work out? I'm at a really bad weight…[View]
44371400Can someone tell me why the fuck am i not losing weight I went down 1 t-shirt size and 3 or 4 belt h…[View]
44369529How do I become someone who looks more like this? Like, what exercises?[View]
44365564How much milk a day is bad for your health?[View]
44367981Why don't you stare back, anon? Why do you look away or pretend to check your phone after a few…[View]
44369435Are more asian males lifting nowadays?: i see asian men of various height working out at the gym.…[View]
44347257/fat/ to /fit/ stories: Tell us how you got fit, how it felt, and how people's treatment of you…[View]
44371073Qts from college send me friend request on fb but when i want to accept them the FR is not anymore l…[View]
44371154What the fuck are these links at OP? >https://www.bodyrecomposition.com/muscle-gain/initial-body-…[View]
44368645>think you had a pretty good day >add up your calories so far >its fucking 2500 already and…[View]
44368171How do I get to this mode?[View]
44365160What's the best trap building exercise i can add into my shoulder workout I've watched sho…[View]
44368761Guys, I need a lanklet advice thread. I'm 6' 3 165 lbs and I lifted for awhile when I was …[View]
44368692>oneitis messaged me out of the blue >said I've seemed different for months >said it…[View]
44366936Any manlets able to attract girls after becoming fit?[View]
44370650>tfw looking up old HS people and seeing the ones that got fat[View]
44370685Shoe ruining / Sweaty feet: I've ruined more pairs of shoes faster than anyone I know. >Feet…[View]
44367850Should I cleanse before or after applying my Mint Julep mask?[View]
44370331Did you drink your milk today?[View]
44371206>Deadlift PR[View]
44370893>that first vitamin C of the day[View]
44371017Strength Loss: What the fuck is going on? I lost my strength all of a sudden. > Be me. 5;5 manlet…[View]
44368614Whats so special about this water?[View]
44352408/fat/ - I forgot to put deoderant under my fupa edition: Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want t…[View]
44370095How do you handle injuries anons? I somehow fucked up my shoulder and haven't been able to lift…[View]
44370505ECA Stack: Burger here. Is there any way to get pure ephedrine in my country?[View]
44368113QTDDTOT: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread quizzical puppy edition How much sodium …[View]
44370856Olive oil. How dangerous is it? I consume about a half gallon of the stuff a month. Does it give you…[View]
44368972Does intermittent fasting work? I try it and in the mornings i feel like im about to collapse while …[View]
44370019I'm a bit overweight. (5'8 160 lbs). If my goal body is otter mode, should I lose weight …[View]
44370438List cheap hobbies: I'll start: >calisthenics >reading…[View]
44370077Hey /fit/, I'm 27 years old I'm 5'5 and weigh 130 pounds. I'm tired of being a w…[View]
44369617Hello /fit/ I have an issue. I am 5'11 I weight about 140 pounds I have less than 2% I want to …[View]
44370424Are medicine balls any good with burning fat, or is it more for muscle building?[View]
44344572Goodbye /fit/...I'm not going to make it.. Thanks for all the advice..at least when I kill myse…[View]
44367027What's a good weight and bf% goal for someone 6ft tall?[View]
44352842/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Let's Get This Shit On The Road Edition http://4chanfit.wikia…[View]
44366293red pill me on bottled water[View]
44368899Fasting thread? Let's go >be me >walk in on gf in bed with two other guys >that was a …[View]
44367851>that first sip[View]
44367992Some hours ago I started feeling weird, and noticing my heart rate go down. I measured and had 65 (r…[View]
44369909no greater disappointment than discovering your oneitis is nothing more than a typical roastie. how …[View]
44365558how many calories are burned after consuming 1 gallon of cold water? one Joules is 0.24 Celsius per …[View]
44367865Is this achievable natty?[View]
44368726What's even the point when you are a baby faced manlet.[View]
44366907My gym fucked up: >gym has a gym phantom >he requires the squat rack booth always be empty fo…[View]
44369512I'm still not over him being gone /fit/[View]
44363463Just wanted to throw /fit/ a bone if you guys were unaware of this stuff. Its a 10/10 rice substitut…[View]
44363650What are objectively the best nuts to snack on for maximum gains[View]
44361474/nofap/ but not /noporn/?: Is it effective to do /nofap/ without dropping porn? I've basically …[View]
44368946Face Injections: I can't shake my soyboy face, but I don't have money for implants. What c…[View]
44368444What kind of squats are these? https://youtu.be/kFon0kKfFJU?t=1m3s[View]
44368578is the keto diet really just a meme diet? i just want to lose weight and it seems to work great for …[View]
44367842who here lifts for christ our savior?[View]
44367878Back workouts: Hey /fit/ somewhat new, back to try again. Looking for something to fit into my routi…[View]
44368439Why have you still not taken the bloatpill?[View]
44367489Will I see any results from doing just deadlifts? I know they work the core but I heard they don…[View]
44369353https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/29293461/?i=2&from=pregnenolone Why aren’t you taking pic …[View]
44369358How soon should you eat after a workout: is waiting a few hours after you leave the gym to eat going…[View]
44368905Hmmmmmm looks good, you want some anon?[View]
44367185Are sit ups really bad for you?: Give me the complete red pill on sit-ups. Are they really the worst…[View]
44368714Why would you not do compound lifts faggot? >deadlifts healthy >squats healthy >bench pre…[View]
44369146Is it possible to get aesthetic doing pull-ups alone?[View]
44369331/fit/ approved mobility: Are static stretches just a meme? Shit-tier flexibility genetics calling in…[View]
44369010>You will never go back in time to highschool but keep your current body and slay all of that ptp…[View]
44352187Testosterone: Seriously, how do I increase my t?[View]
44367683So we can all agree that this is the most overrated vitamin, right?[View]
44369198>what’s your excuse for not have your own industrial scale?[View]
44369183Fucking planet shitness.[View]
44365712Achievable natty?[View]
44365496Can a muscle die?[View]
44366310Post your favourite meme exercises[View]
44368087Energy / motivation thread: How do you stay energetic and motivated? I have a habit of being extreme…[View]
44367882Cinder Block Workouts: too cheap to get a membership, anyone got any advice on cinder block workouts…[View]
44366696>Be me at gym >there’s a stacy squatting right in front of me, remind me of those gym thots th…[View]
44367009How many /fit/izens would it take to take down one bison? No weapons allowed[View]
44368907I feel good when I drink alot of water. The only way I can drink only water is drinking bottled wate…[View]
44366791>somehow forgot combo to lock I've been using for the past 3 months >have to go and ask t…[View]
44368693Back and posture problems: So I discovered today that I had lumbar lordosis. I always thought it was…[View]
44364736How to be alpha NEGAN EDITION: Okay guys, I've compiled a list of behaviors to display that ach…[View]
44368880Will keto make me lose my bubble-butt? :/[View]
44368373the sticky and all of your guys advice is for 5'8-6' folks i'm 6'4, what the fuc…[View]
44368539Cottage cheese and eggs. Thank you to the anon that posted this originally. It's fucking delici…[View]
44368667Hi /fit/. Long time no see. I haven't lifted in 3 years or so. I was pretty damn good when I wa…[View]
44364367*deletes nutrition as a topic*[View]
44367173>be healthy weight >lifting for quite a bit now >~12%-13% body fat >~7 minute mile time …[View]
44363807How many fruits do you eat a day?[View]
44368625Tinder thread. What do I say to keep this one on the line?[View]
44366301Progress pic help thread: top was a few minutes ago bottom was a month ago im 248 now i was 253 in t…[View]
44368038Anons I need your help. I’ve only known this girl for five days. We’ve kissed twice and hung out a l…[View]
44368427My chest and shoulder strength is out of sync with my lower body strength. I bench 185x5 which is mo…[View]
44365325Who here /tastygains/[View]
44365814>hey anon you've gotten pretty beefy lately. Wanna grab a coffee or something, catch a flick…[View]
44352875/fph/ /fph/ FAT PEOPLE HATE: EVERY DAY IS REPOST DAY -Edition[View]
44366152how do i get this neck?[View]
44367026How do I get my erections back?[View]
44366606Francis Fukuyama: What does /his/ think of this guy? Read The Origins of Political Order and I'…[View]
44368069Ever since I got /fit/ I notice I smile less often, walk with better posture, and don’t shake or stu…[View]
44367803How long do you guys sleep for? Really curious on what's more important: duration (x hours a ni…[View]
44363191Cardio Gains: What's your mile time /fit/? Got mine down to 7:45 minutes using c25k. Also can …[View]
44368081What is the proper width for the bench press?[View]
44364315So apparently my blood pressure is dangerously high.. 163/90 I need to cut out sodium. What is the b…[View]
44363387I have $180 to spend and i want to get fit what should I order[View]
44366917reminder that this is considered a 'strongman' if you can reach this standard you are a freak[View]
44367134What song do you put on when you're about to attempt a PR?: pic unrelated[View]
44364436Are canned fish GOAT? >lowers heart disease risk >it has protein >it has all the nutrients …[View]
44366916Would you date a girl who weighs between 95 and 100?[View]
44366928Great meetup /fit/! I can't wait for next year ^__^[View]
44365925Is there any point in lifting if you're a 5'7' manlet? I feel like a phaggot every man is…[View]
44367099am i considered 'muscular'? Ive been going to planet fitness for 3 months[View]
44366251So is it best to have high carb snack/meal before a workout, then high protein meal/snack after said…[View]
44366617How much soy can I safely eat per day without increasing estrogen or experiencing other harmful effe…[View]
44361284>ctrl-f >No push ups thread Do it you swarthy cocksuckers…[View]
44367703>you're now aware of the weight that the brain exerts over the inside of your skull…[View]
44366113Stalled on OHP: I'm having trouble improving my OHP. Pic is pretty much how I feel. All my othe…[View]
44367001What did you do to learn form?: newfag here, looking to learn squat/deadlift/bench form, not sure if…[View]
44348148Just a reminder that real mean don't do egg white omelettes but eat the whole egg because it…[View]
44358994use it or lose it: Nofap is such a fucking meme > do nofap for 1 week > dick is soft and small…[View]
44367404rate my dinner[View]
44359666There exists no better album to lift to.[View]
44367353Are they no longer friends?[View]
44365999Post your iron gf![View]
44362935Oh look an ideals thread[View]
44367372tenderloin>breasts desu[View]
44365568What did biology mean by this?[View]
44367287I've been lifting for a year now and I started noticing that I appreciate guys who put work on …[View]
44367112Just wanna play football: >Join football team in grade 11 for shits and giggles >ohwowthisisac…[View]
44367227>tfw too much of a pussy to take cold showers How do you goys do it?[View]
44362366post the workout you did/are going to do today if rest day, post the workout you did yesterday barbe…[View]
44366271>count calories >lift weights >cardio daily >still get fat Should I just give up?…[View]
44367266Gyno Surgery: Im getting surgery to remove my gyno no friday. I am so goddamn excited. Any bros that…[View]
44366909my dad was a quarterback and my mom was the head cheerleader: >How the fuck did two chads make su…[View]
44361624what are some good posters to put up in my homegym? pic related[View]
44365391Assuming my bodyfat is around 18% and I'm a DYEL, how much progress can I expect to make in one…[View]
44367076ketards btfo: sugar doesn't play a central role in obesity or diabetes https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
44365049When i first started watching anime, it motivated me to start working out to pursue my dreams of get…[View]
44366948/FPH/ /FPS/: Where is the FPH thread? Get in here[View]
44362602What do you eat before a workout?[View]
44366938I have a dream that one day this BOARD will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We …[View]
44366912LETS CHAD TOGETHER: lost an inch of my waist legoo >BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWSACCCCCCK https://youtu.…[View]
44362633Can I get a rating on my PPL routine?: Bench or Flat DB 5x5 OHP 5x5 Flat DB or Bench 5x8-12 Dumbbell…[View]
44366565Hate to delete an old thread for this shit but: every caloric calculator I find on the Internet is f…[View]
44366058I don't understand How can he regain 100lbs if he is trapped in his room, with his only option …[View]
44366068Let's say you've been bulking on a beginner program for 6 months. Should you stay on the s…[View]
44366364why did his nipples get bigger?[View]
44366547Is mewing a meme if you're 18 and still growing?[View]
44366443Who here /cripplingdysmorphia/? I’ve got a no shit 8x6 singer but I swear it feels and looks so smal…[View]
44366291Anyone else can't focus on their studies the same day after their gym session?[View]
44366311Planet Fitness: I attend a uni that has a really great gym but it's always really crowded. Make…[View]
44366013thick/dad bodies inspiration: itt post dadbodies/thick[View]
44366687sup /fit what kind of exercices would i need to be able to lift someone with my arms and pretty much…[View]
44365190>been lifting 10 years >could probably place respectably at most local level shows >always …[View]
44365926How do I stop farting so much?: I don't even eat any onions anymore. What's the big deal?…[View]
44364543/nofap/: I relapsed again How to stop[View]
44366205Discord: Is there a /fit/ discord[View]
44365448Let’s settle it once and for all /fir/ 3x10 or 5x5 Which is the penultimate lifting scheme[View]
44366226Who else /fitlit/ here? Perfecting body and mind.[View]
44366514skinny to /fit/ stories: I'm tired of being a skinny little faggot. I've had it with being…[View]
44362861Confess your sins /fit/[View]
44366136What are some good apps for gaining weight? Today I took a pic of my arms and started crying. I just…[View]
44365116Srs question how do I achieve this mode[View]
44363428Is being angry and feeling like you want to explode or just punch someone a sign of high test?[View]
44362762what is a good belt to use for weighted dips? I have been using my leather belt for three years but …[View]
44363683Imagine you are a counselor at a fat camp. You are tasked with selecting movies for the campers to w…[View]
44363416how do i achieve this look?[View]
44362252Anyone have experience with these CAP dumbbells? Seems like they're almost the only brand I can…[View]
44365809Can anyone identify this vintage body builder?[View]
44360341Shaving General: What does /fit/ use to shave? I use a straight razor. It's easier on my skin c…[View]
44359802Ok /fit/, lets talk about alcohol.[View]
44365994>you're getting too big anon, why can't you just focus on toning?…[View]
44349965QTDDTOT: Questions that don't derserve their own thread thread Old one died a death Any decent …[View]
44339830/hobby/ thread: What is your hobby /fit/? What are some hobbies for a /fit/izen looking to make bett…[View]
44365324>tfw giant thighs that grind my dick into a pulp when I walk... how do I shrink these tree trunk …[View]
44365343Does /fit/ swim? I began doing laps in my gym's indoor pool after workouts in order to slim dow…[View]
44365791This guys spit in your gym squatrack, what do you do /fit/?[View]
44362398Self-defence course for women: Hi /fit/, what kind of martial art or training would you recommend fo…[View]
44363968Does your gym have a queen that you lift for?[View]
44363085Is steak, eggs and onions the most /fit/ meal of all time?[View]
44365766What exercises do I need to do to get a round thick fuckable ass I can show off in my skinny jeans? …[View]
44362755What organs can I remove for weight reduction and achieve maximum performance on the track?[View]
44360503>uni gym closed for nigger christmas[View]
44364921>Valentines is coming /fit/... y-youre not alone again this y-year r-right?? Afterall you did say…[View]
44365704>work out >get sniffles WTF BROS HOW do I get rid of them? Who /snifflefree/ here??…[View]
44365338On one hand I could start my diet tomorrow, on the other hand I could eat eggs, eggo waffles, ramen …[View]
44365636face is starting to get wrinkly from cutting; should i be drinking more water or do i need to increa…[View]
44365442There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating McDonalds for dinner if you start off your day with oa…[View]
44365582>Drinking milk on top of meals to bulk Give it to me straight lads.. I'm 5'11 155lbs an…[View]
44354920cum gains (fertility): trying to impregnate my wife; google is 95% 'natural ways to increase sperm' …[View]
44362919poorfag looking for hobbies: i even stopped drinking to save some money. give me some poor man hobbi…[View]
44365334So if you're a certain bodyfat percentage, say 20%, and you lean bulk (+250kcals/day), surely t…[View]
44363743What is the Plastic Love of /fit/?[View]
44350279Never forget[View]
44360723Does a jacked body help on tinder?[View]
44362561YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT[View]
44334324/nofap/: Day 13 here bros Who else is still going? I feel like I’m going to explode. Time to hit the…[View]
44363716What high protein foods should I include in my diet just to get my total amount per day up? I don’t …[View]
44363538newbie question: >Only time I can workout in the day is 5am before I start class and work >Zer…[View]
44363241I dropped my weight to 165, wat do?: So my normal weight is around 170lbs at 5'11', at the most…[View]
44365246extreme forearm pain: lads, i was squatting heavy weight and took a shortcut to put it on the ground…[View]
44365317OK bros no joke, I've been fapping for a decade to porn, never went too far, mostly anal. I had…[View]
44365226High HGH alphas MOG the SHIT out of high test betas[View]
44361298do you guys have experience with lifting and vaping? >does it decrease strenght? >does it decr…[View]
44358921What are your thoughts about Tony Horton and P90X[View]
44362362What things inspire you NOT to lift? I love this gif because I feel like I'm always gonna be t…[View]
44363052Type 1 Diabetic and can't put on weight: I've been doing SS for two months now and my stre…[View]
44360324Brotein: What kind of powder do you bros use? I've used pic related, muscle milk and standard w…[View]
44364264clickbait for retards: >Secret smoothie that makes you lose weigth while you sleep!…[View]
44363020how many eggs a week are bad for your health?[View]
44364900YOU spend all your time hitting the GYM, eating the correct DIET, and you still have NO GF. CHAD eat…[View]
44365056Alright, so I want to start getting into better shape. 19 years old, 162 pounds, a lot of belly and …[View]
44364741mfw my eyes hurt after 30min of browsing fit and shitposting. Do I need glasses?[View]
44364918What is fits stance on chicken wings?[View]
44364084>tfw calebhart42 gets back from agdq and livestreams a gym workout >dude who is clearly famili…[View]
44363201Is this for real?[View]
44364462Deadlift help: Why can I deadlift 200kg for reps but can't seem to get 220kg off the ground? Ac…[View]
44360799Are humans adapted to frequently eat fruit?: Here's my assumptions. Any validity? >Our bodie…[View]
44364678Fictional body goal thread. Also, is this achievable natty?[View]
44365017TFW Driver mode[View]
44360553no homo: >like 1 (one) fitness related picture on Instagram >suddenly my 'Explore' tab is full…[View]
44359777Warm memo that curing cancer and reversing aging are already possible. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2…[View]
44364999wrist size thread 7' here. Am I a wristlet?[View]
44363903pinched nerves: Anyone else dealing with this? What should I do? It makes me scared to lift. I just …[View]
44363875>he studied kinesiology in uni[View]
44363363Hello anon, I'm doctor swole. We got your xray results back and there's a few things I…[View]
44362779how do i consume less sugar ffs: the vast majority of the sugar i consume comes from fruit, quark (n…[View]
44363465What's your favorite workout song right now? Non-musicfags need not enter this thread.[View]
44362112how do I get a script for test[View]
44364040Is it possible to do weight training with calisthenics and still get gud at calisthenics?[View]
44356479powerlifting general /plg/: Stop being a faggot. Pay me.[View]
44363511how to work on this muscle? >inb4 roids[View]
44348474nofap + meditation + cold showers + paleo + lifting = GOD MODE Prove me wrong.[View]
44364410So my right arm has that and my left one doesn't ill post a picture of my left arm soon[View]
44361813I'm a male going through puberty (not under aged, just a very late bloomer). Do you guys have a…[View]
44362847Hi /fit/, how do you shop for a treadmill? I live in the northern midwest and I need a treadmill bef…[View]
44362864How Can I Stop Being Hungry?: I am fat, like 298lbs at 5'11' fat. I keep trying to lose weight …[View]
44362698Where do I get ephedrine in Germany?[View]
44363999>tfw think I have a rotator cuff injury >tfw can't do OHP or bench without shoulder hurt…[View]
44361169Who inspires you to lift?[View]
44359106The good shit: https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=…[View]
44363890>currently drinking coffee in central London to feel less alone >telling myself it's my l…[View]
44364079Duck Feet: Anyone here have success with changing the way their feet point while standing/walking? M…[View]
44363911Effectiveness?: Are the seated alternating db curls effective, less or more than standing?[View]
44364131>40+ year old man squatting 1pl8 >ask him how many sets he has left >with annoying look on …[View]
44363574What do you listen to while exercising? I usually listen to pic related[View]
44360387How do I into void elf mode? Are void elves ottermode?[View]
44362754how to get traps like these?[View]
44363003Achievement Thread: Hit 200lbs on 3x5 squats and felt like a champion, I cant wait for 2lp8. What ac…[View]
44361432What happened to the stream site with 'to catch a predator' on all the time? used to be posted all t…[View]
44361309ITT: modes you want to achieve but don't know how[View]
44363200Are gains halal?[View]
44359853/fit/, I just matched with s braphog and I need some lines. >she’s the one on the right…[View]
443637682 weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my lower back, and I just pulled a muscle in my shoulder/back today…[View]
44363722Ancient Greeks: -20lbs dumbbells; -Natty physiques; -Mired by other civilisations; -Looked amazing. …[View]
44358679Why can I bike 25 miles, but not be able to run 1?[View]
44363651When you guys learn that it’s confidence, social ability, and looks that get girls, and not just loo…[View]
44363628Fitness is all about bettering yourself and that should include all aspects of life. How do you beco…[View]
44363572please redpill me on probiotics[View]
44359701>tfw 5'3 130lbs >novice lanklet lifts are proficient/advanced for me on symmetricstrength…[View]
44363153Give me one (1) reason I shouldn't just stop trying and end it all. I'm never going to mak…[View]
44358418I'm an 18 year-old male and I eat like shit. I want to grow a beard but it won't happen i…[View]
44357752Greek Yogurt alternative: Anyone have an alternative to greek yogurt? I used to eat about 300g befor…[View]
44361786What routine for this? Will I need roids?[View]
44363375VRchat fitness boy: So the other day I bought a vive for shits n giggles, and I thought of something…[View]
44362500American athletes: >In Muttmerica these are athletes[View]
44362992/shg/ - Skin Health General - GET IN HERE BOYS: Haven't seen a thread like this. What are some …[View]
44362664Good to see you, Bud!: Whoa bro, you're looking fucking jacked dude. How is being buff treating…[View]
44361037>10 lb plate >$8 >1 and 1/4 lb plate >$10…[View]
44361815Rate my shit today brahs. The green stuff it's just green sauce[View]
44359178Coming off keto: How to come off keto with gaining it all back? What are your experiences with comin…[View]
44361919I have narrow shoulders and 6 inch wrists but I can still gain fat and muscle. Am I an ectomorph or …[View]
44358672Searching for good training routine for women![View]
44360683Why do fatties always love doing these at the gym? They look so pathetic.[View]
44360805>that first dump of the day[View]
44354476At what age do MILFs expire?[View]
44361863Open-eye visuals following workout: I had a strange experience the other day. I went for a seven-mil…[View]
44362995> the gym is closed today for MLK day IT'S NOT EVEN A REAL HOLIDAY…[View]
44359458Oatmeal Add-Ins and Combos: A good friend once described oatmeal as a canvas on which to paint your …[View]
44361641What's your piss like with your protein intake?: Eating about 1g of protein per lb of lean mass…[View]
44362880I want to get fit give me a shot: I have shit posture . Some anterior pelvic tilt. Rounded shoulders…[View]
44343696/Mirin/ thread: As it's Sunday lets post the mires we got this week[View]
44350404Songs that turn you into a monster at the gym?: post songs that stimulate your adrenal glands and th…[View]
44361784/fit/, I could use some advice What you see at the top of the image is a normal person's chest …[View]
44356809>tfw thin neck How do I fix this bros?[View]
44362369American Football Thread: Post Height/Weight/Position >6'5 , 220, Defensive End…[View]
44362118What are the most effective dumbell workouts?[View]
44362258I prefer lifting only compounds and doing full body workout. I fucking hate rest days though and not…[View]
44358813What do you put in your gym bag /fit/?[View]
44361221I had a heart attack at at the gym over a year ago due to a previously diagnosed heart condition. My…[View]
44362389What's the deal with aspartame and sucralose and artificial sweeteners? Are they generally bett…[View]
44362298>mfw I realise its not carbs that make me bloated, not fats, not protein, not water, not caffeine…[View]
44351819How do I obtain Krillin mode? I want to become the strongest human.[View]
44361524Coffee: How much coffee does /fit/ drink? I do roughly three cups in the morning over the course of …[View]
44361849ice cream fitness 5 x 5: Is the ice cream fitness 5 x 5 a good workout for a beginner. Im a bit of a…[View]
44361617What kind of lifting routine will give me faster punches/kicks?[View]
44362263So if I lower my bf% will I become less of a subhuman and have a more decent profile?[View]
44361953I-is it really possible?[View]
44362273>Tfw has begun letting 14 year old girls in yoga pants workout at my gym This is it lads…[View]
44361499aight /o/, show me yo mfin memes ![View]
44359616Should i train abs: My abs still hurt when I flex them, I worked them out 3 days ago with a routine …[View]
44361799Any physiotherapy students here?: I'm 20 and about to drop out of uni again (mech engineering).…[View]
44360663How much cinnamon should I sniff for maximum gains?[View]
443465549 Things That Connor Murphy’s Video Experiments Reveal About the Female Mind: >1. Appearance is t…[View]
44362182Hey /fit/ I gained a lot of strength through playing football and working for the docks at UPS. How…[View]
44359179How can I fix these horrible bitch hips? I don't work out abs or obliques[View]
44362087Do women like butts as much as men do? Should I start a squatting centered-routine?[View]
44361542Rich Piana memes: Post your favorite meme about the best natural bodybuilder ever.[View]
44361614Will this be me if I do push+pull twice a week each and legs once? You only truly skip leg day if y…[View]
44361999Looking for fitness rescources.: Spent the last few years of my life smoking pot, watching tv, jerki…[View]
44355542Symmetric Strength + How long you've been lifting thread 7 months[View]
44361031What is your ultimate goal, /fit/? The point where you truly are done? Mine's lifting 100 kilos…[View]
44357832Should I go to the GYM if I'm going for Ottermode? Will I be okay as long as I keep my calories…[View]
44359515Will creatine gains an inch to my arms?[View]
44361929does anyone else here feel like theyre too old to start lifting / long gone from their peak to even …[View]
44360700You're in the gym and your GF slaps this guy's ass. What do you do?[View]
44361234I just bought a dumbbell and a set of weights for a max 10kg load. I'm doing SL with 60kg squat…[View]
44353729/owg/ Olympic Weightlifting General: Can you stupid incels stop letting the thread die Edition?? …[View]
44361910Recipies dump thread[View]
44361727Will switching from Cow milk to Almond milk help me lose my bitch tits?[View]
44359192Warm Up Cardio in Lifting Shoes: N00b here. Getting into working out to increase my overall wellness…[View]
44361808>lifting for 8 months >STILL cant high bar squat 225 for 5…[View]
44361204Lift heavy, rest every other day?[View]
44361552If I buy one of these am I falling for a meme? I already deadlift but I have shit forearms[View]
44358485>coworkers talking about sex[View]
44358380Cutting General: You HAVE started cutting for summer right? >tfw bloatmaxxer cutting for the fir…[View]
44356943>Boogie will relapse after his surg-[View]
44360637acne: anyone have any experiences with accutane? 8 days into it and my face is a fucking minefield…[View]
44359835How much do I have to lift to get a blonde German woman to truss herself up in leather and whip me w…[View]
44358671Literally mommy[View]
44361682Who is this 'Natty' everyone's always talking about on here?[View]
44360104Need some advice: Recently i made a plan to workout everyday of the month except the wednesdays. Im …[View]
44361500Can you be fit and vegan?: Can you be built to /fit/s standards with a vegan diet?[View]
44360419>visit /fit/ >attain the knowledge to get /fit/ >find the motivation to get /fit/ >make …[View]
44355067Getting my daily dose of testosterone. What's your breakfast looking like /fit/?[View]
44359739Hello. I'm new to /fit/, and I've been looking to lose weight. Anyway, I'm interested…[View]
44361574>that guy who wears a snapback in the gym[View]
44361562Week 2 down: Week 1: Down 7lbs, 7lbs total, 115lbs left to go. Week 2: Down 6lbs, 13lbs total, 109l…[View]
44359750I just wanted to thank the MVP of meal prepping.[View]
44355199>enter the gym >GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG…[View]
44343820Current Body Thread- /CBT/: Post your age, height, weight and pic of yourself and discuss. I’m 18, …[View]
44361120How long should my cut/bulk cycles be? 3 months bulking 1 month cutting?[View]
44361302Vegetarian Bulking: I’m trying to bulk but I’m having a hard time getting the proper amount of prote…[View]
44355438Daily reminder to drink more water: Daily reminder to drink more water buddehh Specially if you…[View]
44361372Does mass=strength: My lifts don’t struggle when I cut down at all but people here constantly praise…[View]
44360436How much do bodybuilders make a year? How much do powerlifters make a year? How much do Olympic lift…[View]
44345714Ideals thread.[View]
44347322/fast/ #86 Making it edition: >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermitte…[View]
44357534Is there any poster in /fit/, who really is aesthetic or mired by others? Someone who really has a …[View]
44361243just realised that i stopped having morning woods. Is this a bad thing /fit/? What should i do?[View]
44357760>Be at home lifting weights >Hit a new squat PR of 155kg >All of a sudden hear my mother sc…[View]
44351725*ruins your workout*[View]
44361132The milk cure: >SAS fella gets sick >Drinks 6 gallons of milk >Suddently cured Explain this…[View]
44360442>enter gym at peak time >no benches available >everyone looks confident af >don't …[View]
44358444Anyone tried switching from caffeine to maca? Did the powder for 2 weeks, started to have diharrea a…[View]
44361027>1975+43 >wasting your time doing anything but curls, pushdowns, and flat bench…[View]
44358827How much protein should I take? Im a 60kg 18yo male and I already get around 130g of proteins from m…[View]
44360258Hello fitizens I think ive fucked up. I downed about 60mg dmaa and 300mg caffeine and had a 2hour ki…[View]
44355872/short/: >tfw 165 cm tall[View]
44359124Prescription drugs and fasting: Hey /fit/ I'm about to start a prolonged fast today but a quest…[View]
44360423>he’s trying to impress us with his deadlift by dropping the weight and making noise instead of s…[View]
44357908Watch out /fit/! There's a handsome man in your bathroom mirror![View]
44359634>feel hour at the gym >guy with gf comes to laugh at us…[View]
44359713>be at gym yesterday >teenagers come in >wearing gymnastics team t-shirts >absolutely m…[View]
44360266How do I go running without embarrassing myself?[View]
44359909Have shit body, determined to regularly work out: Pls help, horrible body, not exactly fat just don…[View]
44359847Manlets: >manlets When will they ever learn?[View]
44339665>hey anon! Want to workout together?[View]
44358922Tell me of Rich Piana. What made him so big.[View]
44358070redpill me on forearms will pull-ups make my forearms bigger?[View]
44358632>tfw gyno[View]
44349979Who else /judo/ here?[View]
44360282Anyone else fapping 3 times a day for dat dere test boost?[View]
44358235Do you think I'm fat?: I don't feel fat but yesterday a friend told me I was and teased me…[View]
44352702What does /fit/ think of Power to the People routine?[View]
44358190my son is about to hit puberty... how do i make the most of it so he doesn't turn out to be a f…[View]
44358909How much rest is necessary for someone who's been lifting for less than a year? Could I do 3 pu…[View]
44358069>tall guys can't get bi- this guy is 6'7[View]
44359719I think that the most important factor that comes into play in becoming aesthetic as a natty lifter …[View]
44360043Can you work out the same muscle groups once every day? Or is it true that you can overwork them and…[View]
44358574Twinkiest Board: Which board is the twinkiest and why is it /fa/?[View]
44356399Is there an advantage to lifting more than 4x/week?[View]
44352286>3 lifts you do that you absolutely love 1. Deadlifts 2. Chin/Neutral/Pull-ups (BW or Weighted) 3…[View]
44359848Will lifting change ugly face?[View]
44359477anyone else has super incosistent shits? like not shitting for 5 days, then fiber loading and shitti…[View]
44358356>that first pre-workout line of the day is there anything better?[View]
44359466bf estimate for a jawline like that?[View]
44349593/fraud/: /fraud/ - Non-shit Op edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index bef…[View]
44354376Which body type are females generally most drawn towards?[View]
44359043H-haha s-sip bois 2018. Am I d-doing it right guys?[View]
44359795I started eating only meat+vegetables a few weeks ago and I have no had any dick-cheese forming on m…[View]
44359010What do you think the macros in human flesh are? Not that I'd ever try it, just curious haha[View]
44357618Worth it?: Is Saw Palmetto a meme /fit/?[View]
44358419>nofap for 2 weeks >jerk off 3 times in less than 24 hours Convince me not to end it all bros.…[View]
44359302>on a strickt diet >buy candy anyway >eat candy >throw it all up afterwards >check ma…[View]
44348890Reminder Wrestling is the ultimate 1v1 unarmed survival redpill, (including headbutting) This is how…[View]
443568193 months ago decided to join a gym Go almost every day feelsgood.jpg After new year I find the machi…[View]
44359639>but anon, these chicken fingers have 30g of protein and the breasts only have 20g, see? that…[View]
44353189Wizardy- I don't fuckin' know: How do I get the Petrucci look /fit/?[View]
44358802>'175cm is an optimal height on a man'[View]
44355582Decided to fuck a guy today instead of a girl. How's this gonna effect my gains /fit[View]
44358875Headphones: What are some good and reliable wireless headphones you guys would recommend at a decent…[View]
44359478The key to good gains and overall health? Eat as many traditionally prepared animal products as you …[View]
44357884Is SS a meme or will it actually get me some strength and size pretty quick[View]
44359387I sleep on my back and I found sleeping without a pillow is way more comfortable.... is it just me?[View]
44358719/fit/ board-meeting: The /fit/ corp board-meeting has assembled. Please anon, go ahead and present y…[View]
44359207As a somewhat fit guy with no social skills at all, how far can I get on Tinder with my bio just bei…[View]
44352144So you're in the club and this guy goes up to your girl and says 'This is Mark Bell from Supert…[View]
44358733>ate 4 chili cheese burgers >4 hamburgers >steakhouse fries SAVE MEEEEEEEEE…[View]
44358346lads which squat stand should i buy the one on the right is more expensive but is it worth it?[View]
44356825fuck me /fit/ I absolutely have no motivation. Skipped gym yesterday. Presentation on Thursday about…[View]
44358366Question on steroids: So what do the most used steroids actually do? Do they just mimic testosteron…[View]
44358783>Aunt using weight watchers gives me fitness advice Mfw[View]
44351556Is strongman just crossfit for obese people?[View]
44355449I've got a standing desk in my office and a lot of downtime at work. What are some good exercis…[View]
44358724Reminder that THIS is as big and lean as you have to be for women to find you attractive.[View]
44358666Fasting Day: Ate way too much yesterday, need to get a fasting day to make up for it. Normally eat 1…[View]
44344554>I still see SS being recommended here >2018…[View]
44358458Is this any good? Ill post my symmetry man below.[View]
44356299Most of the fat in eggs is monounsaturated (the one universally regarded as healthy). Why do people …[View]
44358579What's your excuse for wasting your time in the gym instead of practicing actual sports that al…[View]
44357512how to achieve gladiomode /fit/?[View]
44357465What If I just want a big neck, traps, triceps, lower back and quads.[View]
44356176How do I cook or season this stuff so it actually tastes good?, eating it raw is somehow more tasty …[View]
44352242Body Goals: Post em. also is this possible without steroids[View]
44352880un-ironically how do I into Connor McGregor mode.[View]
44356966How do vegans get their calories and protein?[View]
44351485Anyone here used pre workout for studying? Good or bad idea?[View]
44357889>deadlift 5plate 1RM >still have shitty upper and lower traps >still have shitty hamstrings…[View]
44356335Why lift and shovel food into yourselves? >look older >technically be obese on BMI scale >d…[View]
44354260>Best friend stopped lifting cause he felt like he was becoming a douchebag Is he right?…[View]
44352326Alright /fit/ I am 6'2' with (obviously) pale, aryan tier genetics and 175 lbs (uncomfortably l…[View]
44351630What muscle does this workout?[View]
44353914Have you ever had an ex girlfriend try to come back into your life after you got into good physical …[View]
44358092As a lanklet I can damn near leave taint marks on the ground but every manlet I see is doing half re…[View]
44357383Is it possible for one to massage oneself too roughly during DOMs, to the point where it could be hi…[View]
44358031u mirin traps brah?[View]
44357409>see buff guy at bank >he's carrying plastic bag full of money >ask him what's up…[View]
44356653Creatine: Will creatine my arms bigger?[View]
44357450I just fight my gym owner and got kick out. Sorry for bad English[View]
44354155Sunday night feels thread: How was your relationship with your father, /fit/? https://youtu.be/du40m…[View]
44354872Got a health question for you guys, my 3rd toe got red and swollen and really painful a few days ago…[View]
44357327My local Walmart has these on sale for like $14 each, they only go up to 12kg though, can I make any…[View]
44356867Dream gains: OK, I know this is going to sound retarded, but Jesus Christ I don't know what to …[View]
44357774/fit/ Diet: How varied is /fit/'s diet? I find myself often cycling between the same 11 things …[View]
44357799Growth hormone: Let´s talk about compound movements and the release of growth hormone, and how this …[View]
44356244This is the natty body limit[View]
44357724https://www.webmd.com/men/news/20021015/duct-tape-gets-rid-of-warts hopefully this gets rid of the w…[View]
44357716>tfw you fart on the gym paki >again[View]
44344410What is the best way to hang a pull up bar from this beam?[View]
44357619>he fantasizes about himself, having made it and having tons of female attention, taking an incel…[View]
44356212IF: Is it a bad idea to workout intense (1h lift + 1h cardio) fasted in the morning (16/8 IF daily)?…[View]
44356893Can someone something tell me about bloalords. Why do they wear the fat?[View]
44357187Are biceps the ugliest, most man-like trait a female can have? This makes my dick shrivel because if…[View]
44354303Soyboy-Posters: How do we fix the soyboy-poster problem on /fit/? Can we BTFO them back to /pol/? Th…[View]
44355976Is potential injury more dependent on total weight or load relative to how strong you are? Can a DYE…[View]
44357299Height gains?: I'm 19 years old, and want to make the beat out of the remaining time that I cou…[View]
44356384How much do I need to be able to bench press in order to get a gf?[View]
44356443If you could only do 2 excercises for your legs, which ones would you pick? Squats would most likely…[View]
44355231How much do you have to squat to have a firm and perky ass as a man?[View]
44357003Keto + IF: Why haven't any of you told me this was so effective holy shit. >lose 8kg in 2 w…[View]
44357107Day 5 here and had a work meeting yesterday and when it was over I went up to a girl I work with on …[View]
44351178/fit/ HOBBIES: >MMA >Hanging with friends >Training/ Lifting >watch Netflix >smoke …[View]
44353093What do I do: >First year uni student >partying in dorm >start flirting with girl >I…[View]
44357183>ywn be Kane mode Why live?[View]
44356163What squat shoes does /fit/ wear? Decided to try my old pair of boxing boots which I'll be tryi…[View]
44356725ctrl+f 'onion' No results: >why should I eat onions? Based on a study conducted by Iranian scient…[View]
44355569How do I find a cute cosplay gf?[View]
44354312I got a flat secretary ass from sitting at work. Will waking on an incline actually make the flat sp…[View]
44350228I'm sorry /fit/, I fsiled nofap 2018. How are you all holding up?[View]
44354649What's the fastest and /fit/test way to cook chicken[View]
44351402Fit confirmed retarded. 'Soybean and related soy products are high in phytoestrogens, plant estrogen…[View]
44354931Truer words have never been spoken[View]
44356131/fit/, what does it mean when a girl sends random snapchats a lot that are not personal but still a …[View]
44356347>Fap to hot chicks >Finish >Rather than feel depressed I feel motivated to go out and do it…[View]
44348481Can someone explain to me why fast food is bad?: If you're a skinny fuck or even looking to bul…[View]
44346191Do you still drink protein shakes???: >Doctor told me at exam that 'hmm you look like you lift I …[View]
44356327What do you use for electrolytes during a fast? Does it help with cravings? inb4 'ur not fasting if…[View]
44354353What would fit like for me to try for my hair? It seems like peppermint oil and pumpkin seed oil are…[View]
44356584There must always be a balance on fit, as two powerful groups rule this board...the light and the da…[View]
44354787/bwg/ - BodyWeight General: >Overcoming your BodyWeight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAERZd8Xt…[View]
44352129Guess who just turned 18 today, bitches. Give me some 17+ workouts for me to do. CHOP CHOP[View]
44353602>At the gym earlier today >Fat guy (300lbs+) is sweating up a storm on the eliptical >Get o…[View]
44356732Alright /fit/. It's been months of UR A FAGGOT SOYBOY and UR A FAGGOT MEATKEK nigger I'm n…[View]
44346851Be honest /fit/. Whats the hottest girl you think you can get? A 7/10?[View]
44356745What's the deal with tribulus? What effects does it have if any? I bought a jar for the lulz as…[View]
44352616Nutrition Information, Curing Cancer, and Reversing Aging: Innovations on standard dietary practices…[View]
44352874>first day back in gym >had to take a month off due to knee injury and then bad illness >al…[View]
44354464SHOULD I be doing these type of exercises with my Scoliosis? Better yet, has anyone with scoliosis d…[View]
44353658My neck...: What ya think of this back senpai?[View]
44354472Will SS make me look like Tom Hardy in Bronson?[View]
44356604I ate some raw onions and now the back of throat stings, will i make it /fit/?[View]
44356006Arousal theory: Redpill me on hyping up before a lift[View]
44356570Gym THOTs so distracting[View]
44355374Why the hell does it look like it costs him zero effort? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZewGON5hJPk…[View]
44356428What is wrong with me?: 180 cm 23 yrw old 66kg and I look like shit. Why am I so small ai look like …[View]
44356242what the fuck /fit/ ? we low test now ?[View]
44345453Powerlifting General - /PLG/: Raise your expectations. >don't stalk Latvian thots.…[View]
44346147I've been reading about how vitamin D supplements can help alleviate mild depression and help r…[View]
44353450STOP DRINKING MILK: A recent report by global market researchers Mintel estimates dairy milk popular…[View]
44356008How do I achieve Tyrant mode?[View]
44356289Cellphones at the gym: If you are one of those people that uses the bench for 30 minutes, 3 of whom …[View]
44355787Martial arts for women: 'Sup /fit/bros and bras. What martial art would you recommend for a 5…[View]
44356230>been lifting for a few months >used to be a hungry skellington my whole life >im slowly ga…[View]
44355632What is this weird tea/cola drink that American women have while walking around the streets in their…[View]
44355051How much protein can I eat in one sitting?[View]
44351011Come back home fellas! Reminder that playing WoW and lifting goes hand in hand. Just look at Zyzz wh…[View]
44355879Friendly reminder that this is the ideal body to get girls all other body types just look ridiculous…[View]
44355830Please help this man: If /fit/ doesn't give this guy some advice, he's going to die within…[View]
44355391How do I stop roid rage?: I don't take roids but I just get so angry when my mom tells me what …[View]
44354826Swole from Home: Best ways to workout at home? I own minimal equipment and although I'm getting…[View]
44354598Felt really tired today and decided to stay at home to laze around and sleep the whole day Any downs…[View]
44355096How do I unlock hermaphrodite Satan mode?[View]
44355801Nerve and vein issues: Anyone had issues with pinched nerves and inflamed veins? I just want to be a…[View]
44355078>go to a nearby gym entrance for the first time >puss out last second and go home WHY CANT I G…[View]
44355174Am i doomed to a thick ass?: 5'6 270 but even at my most fit at 210 and benching 260 i could not los…[View]
44351716All my favourite snacks contain Soy, What do /fit/?[View]
44355158When you say >you got to eat big to get big How big exactly?[View]
44352022How to eat more: Hi guys, I'm 5'9 133. I've been losing weight for the past year I…[View]
44352838Is it better to lift for shirt-on or shirt-off aesthetics if I want to get grils?[View]
44353068SS + GOMAD: How the fuck do I GOMAD in CANADA with our outrageous milk prices?[View]
44355010hey bros what could be the reason for growing 2' on both height and dick in less than 2 weeks at age…[View]
44354726OWG - Olympic weightlifting general: Rei is a bae. >If you are new to weightlifting please read t…[View]
44352743how many years of constant lifting with a good diet take to make it from ottermode?[View]
44352839What's the most /fit/ sport? Boxing requires loads of stamina and training but you don't g…[View]
44355075/fit/ should I become a irl streamer ? I would stream lifting weights, cooking food, going to partie…[View]
44354481How much is drinking going to hurt your progress if you're trying to build muscle?[View]
44352193Foam rollers: What kind of fucking foam roller should I buy?[View]
44355173/fit/ I'm trying to get swole so I can move to Japan to wrestle. I've got a bit of chub bu…[View]
44355117Hey /fit/, should I bulk or cut?: I'm about 115 lbs.[View]
44352979>Not putting on UBERMASS https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=20&v=4i_rbuCMP6U…[View]
44354937Anyone know where I can find a bunch of these Stronglifts 5x5 logs? I would like to see other people…[View]
44348235New lifters : don't fell for the 'don't isolate your arms, chin up and rows are enough for…[View]
44353362How much protein should a 150lb male eat per day? I'm struggling to get 100g per day because I…[View]
44349481Calisthenics: What does /fit/ thinks about calisthenics? I have recently started with this as guidan…[View]
44353925Who else has the /flu/ right now? This shit is probably the worst it's ever been for me this ye…[View]
44354526Issuance of Insanity 3.0 - Jamie Lewis: Anyone have a download link??[View]
44354738What day nigga excuse/argument pisses you off the most? I'll start: >I'm not an egoma…[View]
44354764Sick gainz: Is it okay to lift or do cardio when you are feeling sick? I had a fever this saturday. …[View]
44354491How to control roid rage?[View]
44353112GOMAD since Jan 1: Alright, so I'm really skinny and everyone said that GOMAD works really well…[View]
44354753so uh... is puberty possible at age 27?[View]
44349933How do we tell the difference between guys who are natural and guys on juice?[View]
44348545Is anyone else driven by pure hatred? I feel that it's my most defining emotion, and the one th…[View]
44354200>Overweight (307lbs) >Want to build muscle Do I just wait it out until I've lost all this…[View]
44353343Energy bar bullshit: Why are energy bars so popular? I tried one, it tasted like shit. Why do you ne…[View]
44354220>tfw 21 and already baldin should i fit or just wear a hat[View]
44350274>Gym was already cramped before new year >See multiples people at the front desk signing up ev…[View]
44331997>'Hey Anon, you're in really good shape, can you help me slim down?' 'Yeah sure, I do Interm…[View]
44354582Yo hol up, where my tinder threads are? also post your protein shake recipes[View]
44354129Going for a lean build but don't know where to start. I usually workout at home doing bodyweigh…[View]
44354349Calisthenics + dumbbells? idk what I'm doing: I'm skinnyfat, 5'11 at 185lbs, I am wor…[View]
44353301Any orthopedics here? I'm a 119kg man with a knee injury, I'd like to know how much would …[View]
44328786>TFW tummy starts to show the first signs of a six-pack Post your latest successes, /fit/…[View]
44353734hey i'm a weak bitch I weigh 145 lbs and im 5'8. Lifts are Bench 135 Squat 135 Row 115 I…[View]
44353140In desperate need: Hello lads, I'm in need of your help or just some advice. So my situation ha…[View]
44353353Tfw When you set off the lunk alarm[View]
44352645How to get a chest like this?[View]
44352437Meal Prep: What does /fit/ in a week?[View]
44351715Obviously the women of the world are currently competing to out-thicc each other for our attention. …[View]
44350198Competition bumper plates?: Hey /fit/, What do you think of this type of plate? I’ve got a local who…[View]
44352061Meat Slop question: Anyone ever make silverhydra meatslop? I forgot to brown the meat ahead of time …[View]
44352044My family doesn't give a damn about my fitness, they just want me to earn more money. Anyone el…[View]
44353480Why are normies so against home gyms? I told a few of my coworkers that i'm assembling one and …[View]
44353125why lift when it's all about the face?[View]
44353560How do accentuate my muscles? Always enjoyed the swole appearance of the biceps.[View]
44352085what are some at home exercises my GF can do for her ass?: My girlfriend really likes my ass and i b…[View]
44353200Can you cut and bulk at the same time?[View]
44353153How does heavy cardio not build legs? Like playing basketball, you’re constantly exploding your body…[View]
44348099>be me >started losing weight >my mom is fat (not obese) >so far, i've lost 11lbs …[View]
44346766You take rest days, don't you?[View]
44352079Is it possible to do a decent bodybuilding with only a Power Rack and Barbell? If so, what routine d…[View]
44348500what excersizes should I try at the gym? I got a membership recently (not a nyr fag) and I don'…[View]
44352185Grip Trainers: Do these things do anything?[View]
44351093>2018 >not lifting for girls yikes[View]
44325078what shoes do you lift in, /fit/?[View]
44351547I'm at the gym but I don't 'feel like' working out today due to depression so I'm afr…[View]
44351875Stretches: How do I stretch properly? Not necessarily in the context of lifting, but do you guys hav…[View]
44353001Maxing Out: >been lifting for 1.5 years now, but ive never maxed out and dont know if i should wh…[View]
44352976Is there a way to decrease your height im 5’7 and I wanna be 5’4 or 5’3[View]
44351671'Salt is bad for you': >feeling lethargic >go get a salad >pour a painful amount of salt on…[View]
44351428>tfw last bulk day >now going on maintaining to prepare for my cut this February It's bee…[View]
44352969Beta-alanine as a pre-workout for cardio sessions. Good idea/bad idea?[View]
44348897Martial Arts General: How do I obtain flexibility and balance needed for kicks in Taekwondo? I'…[View]
44349602Will checking out girls get me banned from the gym?[View]
44347400Symmetric Strength: Standard curl bro. 5 months lifting, 2 with a porper program (nSuns 5 day). 6…[View]
44351595Fitness Bands: Anyone into these? what are your thoughts? Are they good for strength or are weights …[View]
44350442>there are people that look like this that LITERALLY get paid to work out how does that make you …[View]
44351400Why do women get rhinoplasty (nose surgery)? Pic related, wouldn't even care, hell, some even l…[View]
44350472Fight Night: UFC Fight Night: Stephens vs Choi General discussion, banter, and memes Hopefully someo…[View]
44352506Why the fuck are you monkeys still doing bicep workouts?[View]
44343871>benches 155 lbs once https://instagram.com/p/Bd6R0jtFrTH/[View]
44352660Natty or not?[View]
44352025Is it possible to bulk successfully while keeping a good set of abs?[View]
44352569I have a hole in my chest. Best way to fix it?: As title suggests, I have a condition that makes me …[View]
44327098What music do you listen to when working out?For me its mostly death grips[View]
44352270When did you realize The Press™ is merely an accessory for improving your bench?[View]
44349522What do I need to train to beat this bar? Its not like a pull up bar in that it's free spinning…[View]
44352060H O T S A U C E: what's a good low sodium replacement for flavouring my bland diet of bro foods…[View]
44350990FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK >started lifting, doing yoga, meditating, vitamins etc >stopped weed, alcohol…[View]
44352438Do you still do it?[View]
44352409What is the ping of this machine? Do I have skull-crushing tier thighs or is it just made for really…[View]
44347585>tfw 88lbs/5'9/f Ok guys I'm seriously underweight, accidently lost weight due to stress and…[View]
44350135Good boxing gym around Montreal?: I'm looking for a good boxing gym with great trainers that is…[View]
44349097Earbuds thread?: I've been using Bluebud C's for a couple years now but they're start…[View]
44350526Whats the best, Cheapest and preferably Easy to eat Calorie dense food. appetite has gone to shit an…[View]
44352162Should I stop eating this? I can't afford any other salmon[View]
44348118>uses a foam roller for the first time[View]
44352148>he needs a $100 belt to keep from throwing out his back in a squat How about you take some weig…[View]
44347838Why are saturated fats said to be bad for you?[View]
44352051new to weightlifting and fitness: hey fit, to give you an idea of where I am, I have zero experience…[View]
44351869what do you do during wet season when it is impossible to work out outside I need my dose of sunshin…[View]
44334539Onionfag: Did the bald onion dude ever post his test results from doing the onion challenge?[View]
44327137/fat/ - I ate the whole pizza edition: Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better themselve…[View]
44351917Why is /fa/ full of starving gays and 'wymen'(?) I went on there thinking there would be fitshion[View]
44349589Could someone dump their /fit/ cooking recipes, please? I lost my folder.[View]
44348652Where has my appetite gone?: I need some help. Stats: 6' ft 160 lbs 19 years I have been tryin…[View]
44349337I'll help you gym rats find a girlfriend: 1. If a girl goes to the gym with her hair down, she…[View]
44351508How do they trust prisoners with heavy weights and barbells?[View]
44350036rise /fit/[View]
44350007Fellas whats all this onion shit about help out a newfag[View]
44351541You haven't made it until everyone is mirin'[View]
44351078The truth about /fit/: If I worked out for even half the amount of time I spent browsing and posting…[View]
44351034Couch to 5K: Is this a meme or does it work? Discuss. Also, I'm 18M 6'2' 175lb and I haven…[View]
443515042018 is the year of NoSurf: Stop mindlessly browsing the internet, and become the you, you want to b…[View]
44349342MUSIC THREAD: Let's hear the songs you faggots use to break PR's https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
44347255Herpes is an epidemic: This is serious, I'm fit and it helps attracting women but I just found …[View]
44348005What's your opinion on meditation?[View]
44348576REST DAY: Got my coke on, my cookies on, and my netflix on. Life's good bros[View]
44349457sooo i just got the protein powder and bought shaker off amazon, havent used it yet.. what do you gu…[View]
44349396My gluttony: I eat 2 peices of toast for breakfast but would like to eat 8. I eat 1 sandwich for lun…[View]
44347050Obscure preworkouts: I take white vein kratom before hitting the gym, especially the white borneo st…[View]
44351294Muesli: So my job is super sedentary and i need something that i can eat while at work (maybe replac…[View]
443474115/3/1 boring but big: Redpill me on 5/3/1 BBB[View]
44350563>reading old forum posts >stumble on this >GOMAD is actually called GOMED fuck what now…[View]
44350761I started lifting 1 month ago and also got on a weight-gaining diet. Since then, my back and neck ac…[View]
44349385What kind of exercises will help me extend my back and hips in less than a millisecond? Look at this…[View]
44351088>ywn be so chad that beautiful, pure girls will literally cry in your prescense and beg for you t…[View]
44350629Anyone here ever use anti-estrogen and anti-aromatase supplements? Do they work?[View]
44351177Hey /fit/, I've decided that I really need to turn my life around and actually get back in shap…[View]
44349645How do I achieve this look? Both body and underwear[View]
44349984This is a recent picture. His entire facial structure changed. Is he on HGH?[View]
44349991How is it possible to maintain your muscle mass while doing intermittent fasting? I think it's …[View]
44349557good /fit/ feels: Finally broke my 17 rep max on deadlift today! I hit 315, I've been working a…[View]
44349702CUTTING CHEAT CODE:CHEW & SPIT: So before I start this, I'm ottermode but a former fatty. A…[View]
44345846>ctrl+f >fictional goal bodies >0 results What the fuck /fit/? Anyway, who here /StarkMode/…[View]
44348541Honestly if you aren't at least 6'6 no one will really notice that you're tall outsid…[View]
44349996I want to fast, bros, but college is starting back up on Tuesday. I notice that I usually function w…[View]
44349379what is /fit/'s opinion on chiropractors? is it a meme or do they actually help people with ba…[View]
44347111I Mewed for 2 months now and I have been able to breath through my nose 24/7 since the second week. …[View]
44350874Is it normal?: I can't get motivated to lift unless I beat off first. Am I the only one?[View]
44349217Where can I find ideas for meal preps? I've been eating the same thing for a while now and I…[View]
44341264Started banging fat chicks after I got fit.: How so? >train to get the hot girls >suddenly bec…[View]
44348921>laugh at all the manlet memes on /fit/ for years >never measure my height >assume Im 6ft …[View]
44350672Rate my eggnog recipe: >1 glass of milk >3 eggs >1/8 cup heavy cream >random amount of s…[View]
44349818Rate my physique, /fit/.[View]
44345993DICK GAINS: How are those 2018 dick gains coming in? >Making sure that your jizz tastes delicious…[View]
44339159How do I get clear skin without Jewish Pharma? Will eating a raw onion a day fix my mild acne?[View]
44340260how do i achieve abs like pic related?[View]
44349800>that guy having a existential crisis in the squatrack[View]
44349148Is it true lifting will make you go bald?[View]
44348123Is this salvageable?[View]
44345431>tfw hair up top thinning. >Only 26. Why should I even try?…[View]
44350447/blg/ - Best Life General: Who here living their best life? That is to say, that TODAY, not in 6 mon…[View]
44350400>he doesn't slice his garlic razor thin, so that it will liquefy in the pan with just a litt…[View]
44346734Why do I have man boobs?: One of my friends called me mooby :-([View]
44346945How do you become a great man?[View]
44333418Any other /fit/izens spending another Saturday night alone?[View]
44350269So basically, I grew up an athlete, not like in a chad way but I was very much into riding bicycles,…[View]
44347966Festival vibes: You know those feels you missed out on? The feels of teenage love? Of having that on…[View]
44344643Shoe Lifts: Thinking about buying a pair of thick insoles for my shoes. Partly for comfort and partl…[View]
44333424/OWG/: No olygf Edition >If you are new to weightlifting please read these first and check the ot…[View]
44349349Relaxation: Rest is the most important part of making gains. Post some songs/vids that help you rela…[View]
44350201Post-holidays blues: >not able to go gym over holiday period >visibly gained body fat >weig…[View]
44349736Could use some advice Just finished my first week of sticking to a workout routine and actually maki…[View]
44340827Why didnt you go to the gym today you fucking incel?[View]
44347353what's the best approach for eating good meals at university: i'm in catered halls of resi…[View]
44348144/injuries/ and food: Hey guys. I'm injured my knee and have been given a schedule from my PT-do…[View]
44347921not really fit related but fa are a bunch of faggots. what is your go to aftershave i'm looking…[View]
44349421Achievable natty? What's his routine? Diet?[View]
44349242>first date in over 5 years and since I started working out (after overcoming depression, college…[View]
44349845Ideal body general: This is the perfect male form, in body and spirit.[View]
44342531/fph/ Fat People Hate: FAT PEOPLE HATE Kill it with fire Edition[View]
44348290Good protein sources: >tfw 4 eggs 5 days a week How unhealthy is that? I'm drinking a lot …[View]
44348201I'm a skinnyfat who wants to escape the skinnyfat hell. If I cut I will end up looking like an …[View]
44344088Who else /Sunday lift/? Mass in an hour. Have to lift fast. Load up 12 pl8 on the sled. Ear buds in.…[View]
44348847Hey /fit/men, I've been repeatedly struggling with pain in the back of neck and the bottom back…[View]
44334227Gorilla Warfare: How many /fit/ bros would it to conquer a full grown alpha silverback gorilla? Hand…[View]
44345871Grey Hair: Is there a dietary supplement I can take to prevent or reverse grey hair? Someone told me…[View]
44341963I've been smoking weed for a few months now, and I still hit the gym everyday. I don't fee…[View]
44339140>be walking the nearest bus stop on the campus >girl suddenly approaches you >'hey, wanna w…[View]
44342272/fit/s opinion on Keto diet? Seems easy and fun, Im just scared of the times where I need to go out…[View]
44349416Mountain traps: What's your recommended workouts? Are high pulls supposed to hurt your wrists a…[View]
44347935>that guy who blow dries his ass[View]
44348947hi /fit/ let's talk about gym attire what's your experiences with compression shorts, prim…[View]
44345078>You in da club with your gf as this man grabs her ass from behind and says: 'This is mine now.' …[View]
44344374be honest, how many of you actually fell for the SS+GOMAD meme?[View]
44348429What should be done about Futurelets? Futurelets are people who will become manlets in the future as…[View]
44339321Can a buff manlet get a girl like her?[View]
44346616Anyone else watching this meet just for this goddess? Anybody got an IG name, need to stalk[View]
44346566Why do you guys continue to believe that low carb/keto is a meme? I legitimately have only been eati…[View]
44348247ITT we guess each others' lifts based on pictures.: ITT we guess each others' lifts based …[View]
44347123What are the actual benefits of NoFap?: I am an avid fapper and are there any benefits to stopping e…[View]
44348696Is it possible for dumbbell pullovers to make your chest wider or is it just a meme? My upper body l…[View]
44348577>Oh no I can't eat that it has too many carbs[View]
44349090Why don't you just paint your abs on your stomach? No need to starve yourself all day anon[View]
44348717>be me >eat nothing but bananas my entire life because of vegan mom >never lift anything ev…[View]
44349079Which is the worst gym you've ever been. How was it bad?[View]
44348579>you will never have the strength of 1000 men why even live ;_;[View]
44346621One Handed excercises, upper body.: Hey guys I only have 1 1/2 arms, the biggest problem for me is t…[View]
44347518Post workout comfy: Where are my sipbois at? Also, name a more glorious combination[View]
44348053Are squats/deadlifts as bad for your knees as everyone says they are? My knees are pretty questionab…[View]
44346519>You need to eat more calories/protein to build muscle >But in doing this you will still gain …[View]
44348691Is it possible that a lanklet could still be juicing? There’s a teenager at my gym right now deadlif…[View]
44348695>eat like shit for a week >stomach fucking hurts ans i feel like utter shit How do normies eat…[View]
44348798Anyone else need /fit/ to keep motivated? When I stop browsing /fit/ I quit going to the gym. I need…[View]
44348726She natty?[View]
44348292Biceps on Chest day, Triceps on Back day: Getting back into it after being sapped of motivation by U…[View]
44346276What was /fits/ obsession with this jackass at one point? His advice/routines were cringeworthy bros…[View]
44328406/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: http://4chanfit.wikia.com/wiki//sig/_sticky What did you do last w…[View]
44348036I'm a big guy, yet I get startled super easily and my face becomes the shade of tomato when I f…[View]
44348559How do I get better?[View]
44347841Bulking Meal Prep: Hey, fit. I’m struggling to gain some weight and I mainly think it’s because I do…[View]
44346531Does /fit/ eat the skin on the grapefruit or cut it out?[View]
44348365>fucking douchebag is using literally every single 45 lb plate in the gym for his squat…[View]
44348434I've been wearing my shoes like this to the gym for years and now all of a sudden everyone is c…[View]
44347703> Lifting doesn't cure the loneliness[View]
44347688Is this natty achievable in couple of months after getting out of 8 year long coma?[View]
44346960Why aren't you bouldering, /fit/?[View]
44332275>tfw wristlet Just fucking end me, you can work out your forearms, but you cannot improve the gi…[View]
44348230What keeps you going /fit/? For me it’s my intense hatred for (((Them)))[View]
44343014Unironically why are so many women fat? Too much alcohol and Starbucks?[View]
44346629Do thicker women have higher sex drives?[View]
44348254I can’t put on size. Do I have to become fat to get big?[View]
44347650Dumb but useful /fit/ advice: What are the most random pieces of advice that you've seen on thi…[View]
44348213How does /fit/ deal with disproportionate sides? I’ve notice my left arm is noticeably smaller than …[View]
44346672Learning to be a PT online?: I want to learn to be a Personal Trainer, only I don't want any ac…[View]
44346198>Sorry Anon mind if I rest at your place for the day? >Also i'm using your home gym >B…[View]
44347159>tfw I'm a beta cuck who likes legs >why can't I like breasts like real men anyone e…[View]
44340721AthleanX confirmed soyboí Also athleanx hate thread[View]
44348069Is this stuff any good? Thinking about buying some.[View]
44345818Sleep fitness: /sleep fitness/ You spend 12 hours of your day resting your gains. >6.5 hours if y…[View]
44347477Natty?: Ok boys, I've got a slight issue. Recently, I met some teen at my gym who is pretty bui…[View]
44346067How does it feel knowing you're never going to make it? CELLS.[View]
44347869>be me >think that salts are all the same >as in they're all 'ingredients: salt' >l…[View]
44347500>and this is our son anon's room >he's quite the fitness enthusiast!…[View]
44337498Cheating /fraud/ general: Stop being poor edition. Previously on why don't cows have to work ou…[View]
44314653MEATCUCKS BTFO BY ALPHA DESTINY: >2018 >still getting protein from meat >still getting can…[View]
44347664Is this shit legit? Will drinking this every day get me big while doing the obvious training.[View]
44343512Sexual Health- Late Bloomer Edition: Sup /fit/, so I lost my virginity pretty late, im 24. It went p…[View]
44345669Mostly out of shape, but I take boxing classes. Which workouts will help me with boxing the most? O…[View]
44346845Powerlifting: Had first powerlifting meet yesterday, and weight class was 181, lots of short strong …[View]
44334359What's this 'high test' meme with fat chicks? pic related is what high test really li…[View]
44347809Daily reminder /fit/ We're all gonna make it: We're all gonna make it lads[View]
44347740>31 C (87 F) what routine for temperature endurance[View]
44347753So, what where these supposed to be? Where did they come from, and why was the episode black and whi…[View]
44347182Rate my physique, /fit/.[View]
44346201Is it a bad idea to lift with a torn rotator cuff as long as I'm doing lighter weights/more rep…[View]
44344809/fit/ memes you fell for >Don't isolate biceps rows and chinups are enough >OHP is enough…[View]
44347588Hey guys, i posted some days ago about My deadlift form and I have since then worked a little on it.…[View]
44346015What youtube channels related to fitness do you follow?[View]
44347529Ok guys im 27 6,1 and 155 pounds and have 10 years smoking around 5 cigs a day I used to play soccer…[View]
44347248Who here /chinlet/? If you don’t have a cleft chin then you are beta and a chinlet. Cleft chin Maste…[View]
44346722Dating with loose skin: Anyone tried it? I got mired and full on propositioned the other day I worri…[View]
44347481Loose skin: When does loose skin start to become a concern? I'm sure I'm well within the g…[View]
44346186Give me the Pillowpill!: I saw some references to nopilliow(sleeping without a pillow). Is this just…[View]
44346359/fit/ hobbies aside lifting for toothlet: does /fit/ have hobbies aside lifting with a good social a…[View]
44347424mfw I'll have loose skin and still be marred/ugly after years of hard work.: starting to think …[View]
44342987>will never have a nice body unless i spend 5k on gyno surgery[View]
44347407How do I go twink-mode[View]
44347406explosive strength v. time under tension: Hey /Fit/ How does doing things like an increasing number …[View]
44345880Cheat meals - end of cut celebration: Celebrating end of 3 month cut. Lost 10kg. Aiming for 10k cal…[View]
44345572>Ice cold showers >Intermittent fasting >Keto >No fap >Gym…[View]
44344370let's have one of these gay threads[View]
44347173looking to start drinking red wine every day as part of an ongoing effort to improve my health. is d…[View]
44345862What's that one lift you can't do and why, /fit/?[View]
44346786give me one good reason i shouldn't get the $5 box from taco bell right now.[View]
44341124How is possible? I always thought these guys were naturally enormous[View]
44346528Intermediate programms: So at this point i think I'm an intermediate lifter and im looking for …[View]
44345823IF if I'm still growing: Should I be doing IF? Will it fuck up my growth? I'm an 18yr in h…[View]
44344976Guys. What do women look for in a man? I need some help figuring this out. What do women want in a m…[View]
44347019How much weight can I expect to lose per week on 5 day OMAD and 2 day fast?[View]
44342368>Set up a place and time with a girl >Girl doesn't show up Why do I even bother?…[View]
44346538Sup /fit/, I need dietary advice. If according to science people, your body absorbs like 20-25 grams…[View]
44345380>average /SIPS/poster[View]
44340434Does your Gym allow you to work shirtless?: so far the only Gym I've found that allows me to go…[View]
44334998Hey /fit/, what do you think of this routine for picking up girls? >wear shirt inside-out with ob…[View]
44346797How do I make myself eat more..? I'm 5'9 and I weigh 112 pounds. I want to gain more weigh…[View]
44346588Anyone else still feels anxious to go to the gym?: No matter how long I have been going to the gym (…[View]
44345360Hey /fit/ what's your favorite cereal?[View]
44346765AHCC: Do you guys think that this site is a scam ? https://pocketcapsule.com/[View]
44346146Why lift when it's about your face?[View]
44345863Going back to the gym tomorrow I need help on routine: So I did 4 months of SL but stopped. I'm…[View]
44345965Why do you lift? For me it is so I can look aesthetic during the all you can fuck buffet that is Hol…[View]
44345105Alright lads I have a girl coming over later and I'm extremely nervous about premature ejacula…[View]
44342960Day 6 here of nofap and had a work meeting friday and when it was over I went up to a girl I work wi…[View]
44343454What is a good program for an absolute beginner?: I read the sticky, but heard that SS is actually t…[View]
44346283I was wondering how does alcohol (real stuff, not fucking beer)/cigarrettes affect weight gain or lo…[View]
44342699I want to have a nipple orgasm. Could anyone tell me if their nipple sensitivity increased as their …[View]
44336511>rich piana dead at age 46 >normie skinnyfags live to 90 why shouldnt I just give up and get f…[View]
44345910Give me some songs to listen while i workout[View]
44346436>never do arm isolation >arms are you best developed muscles >try to train calves as often …[View]
44345782My tongue goes numb some times when eating raw onion, and it bothers my stomach just a little if I h…[View]
44326079/fast/ #85 fat people eating makes me lose appetite edition: >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread f…[View]
44345822Itt: that one muscles you suck at: Anons chime in with yours, share tips to improve I'll start…[View]
44346218Ways to boost Testosterone naturally (Without Roids): Hey guys, what are some natural lifestyle/diet…[View]
44346370Greg Plitt, was he /v/'s king?: This guy is what people should strive for aesthetically and men…[View]
44341414I'm a /b/tard who does nothing but lay in bed all day. I want to get fit, but I can't find…[View]
44339920Obviously he's not Natty. Why hasn't he been popped yet?[View]
44337512Is starting strength a meme or is it legit? Asking as a total begineer[View]
44345833do you do glute ham raises /fit/? are they enough for getting glutes for thots to mire?[View]
44346265Best no-equipment routine ?: On holidays for 1month away from and was wondering what could be the be…[View]
44346037>get /fit/ Everyone suddenly treats you better... Why didn't they treat me like this before?…[View]
44345875Jason Blaha - World's Most Dangerous Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W30YdmOvi0A…[View]
44342847This is it bois, my first sip ever[View]
44343337What can I do to prevent dementia in old age? I’m 22 now and my grandfather had it before he died. L…[View]
44341902How do I achieve goal body?[View]
44346196Working out one week, skipping next week, working out following week again: My job has a pretty weir…[View]
44345010Where to start?: Ok I want to get /fit/ now but where do I start? >What are some good exercises …[View]
44340712Who else needed a CPAP after falling for the neck meme?[View]
44345992Is 5'11' really small????: I don't notice when a guy is shorter than me but when a taller …[View]
44346028Wasn’t paying attention yesterday and bumped the edge of one of these bars directly on my temple. I …[View]
44345587This Chinese 5'4 manlet triad boss goes to bed with 6 Chinese women. What is your excuse?[View]
44344208Was it autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC4RqHV6wsk[View]
44343320Brehs How do I stop buttwink? My mobility is really good but I can't stop my ass from popping o…[View]
44345952How do you fight /fat/ fucks?: Their fat absorbs all the damage and spreads it around the body, they…[View]
44344750Quick question on intermitten fasting: does drinking coffee influence your fasting state? Info I…[View]
44343889Lift harder.[View]
44345870Work out plan?: Looking for a 'lean or soccer player type of build' regime to use for my work outs (…[View]
44340836/fit/ approved careers? I need something physical that pays okay, but something that won't comp…[View]
44342570Holy shit: https://youtu.be/OwumhG4uUu8 Memes aside, This guy has to be unironically retarded[View]
44344118>that old dude who you keep catching staring at your dick at the showers…[View]
44340957I met Caleb Hart and he told me some shit at a party at AGDQ, dubs gets to ask me anything and I…[View]
44345731How long does it take to gain 1 inch to arms?[View]
44345164If you've been browsing /fit/ for more than 1.5 years and you haven't reached a top 5% phy…[View]
44345501Who else here think their shit was stunted? I'm 18,6'3, still growing but think I could ha…[View]
44343093$$$: How to make a living being a healthy, fit bodybuilder? i.e getting ripped like Zane, but on low…[View]
44345422/fit/ how do I intermittent fast? I'm thinking of just drinking water on Sundays. Is this a goo…[View]
44343417Auschwitz mode to lean progress: Post here your before and after pics , only ex skellies allowed…[View]
44344569>Sees a manlet: day ruined[View]
44344048Meanwhile on bizarro /fit/[View]
44339333why is low-test the norm in today's world? is it really the tiny soy traces they're put in…[View]
44345494>GOMAD Day 6 6,1 60kg was 57kg It's working really good. I think I gained more muscle in the…[View]
44344801Stretching: I've always believed stretching is meme for pussy-ass gymnasts with negligible bene…[View]
44336904Nutrition Information, Curing Cancer, and Reversing Aging: Innovations on standard dietary practices…[View]
44341947Confess your sins anons. I just ate pizza for the second night in a row knowing full well i'd g…[View]
44344593Depression Thread: Disgust has become part of the normal. Walls, lamp, cotton T-shirt, successfully …[View]
44341504How do I reduce stress fit? It's killing my gains.[View]
44334966plg: 60lbs on your total in a year. Buy the book edition.[View]
44344846How much do you need to lift to get girls like these?[View]
44344498Is buying/using a treadmill a good investment opposed to outdoor running or is it a meme?: I'm …[View]
44345242>tfw play ball hockey >tfw block shot with big toe and injury it Fuck…[View]
44344706You Make or Break Your Life Between 5am-7am: How you spend your morning determines your success in l…[View]
44345178How does /fit/ feel about Bodyboarding/Surfing?: Definitely not an exercise to put on tons of muscle…[View]
44342821/fit/ I need a new hobby and I'm thinking of taking up boxing. I'm 23 years old and I…[View]
44344998How do I achieve Norton mode?[View]
44342766>tfw ausschwitz mode throughout school >tfw finally started lifting at age 22 >work like a …[View]
44342782>want to start a family since age 13 >work hard in school >work hard in gym >have slight…[View]
443441602 weeks of bulking at 15-20% above maintenance, 2 weeks of cutting at 50% of maintenance. Would this…[View]
44345009Food Thread: Name some food that you find really useful when eating big. 2 Cups Pasta (Penne): ~1000…[View]
44341570Gym love help: >walk into gym >receptionist smiles and says, 'hey how's it going, /anon/?…[View]
44344255Started taking SARMS...: Been lifting Natty for about 2.5 years now, started doing a cycle of SARMS …[View]
44342638/PHENIBUT/ - Phenibut General: Share stories, dosage and social gainz![View]
44340626When I look into the mirror I see myself small, but when...: When I look into the mirror I see mysel…[View]
44344779>hey anon you've gotten pretty beefy lately. Wanna grab a bite to eat or coffee sometime, ca…[View]
44336450>vegans can't get hu-[View]
44340472>vegans can't get yok-[View]
44326474fraud/ - Lest we forget edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index before ask…[View]
44344217Is this achievable natty?[View]
44344185Best way to calculate macros: How does fit do it? I am calorie counting but want to step my game up.…[View]
44344337Does AlphaDestiny post here?: Be honest guys, do you guys think Alex is a fellow /fit/izen?[View]
44342901/Bear/: Bear thread #2: 'Stop working legs' edition. >What is a bear? By my definition as a bisex…[View]
44333161It turns out you can change your eye color from stinky brown to exotic green and chad blue with your…[View]
44343990>Begin tren a/test p cycl >350mg/week; 50mg every day >adex 0.5mg every 3 days >Literall…[View]
44344211Anyone else goun for Uncle Dante aesthetic?[View]
44336655Make this taste nice: Anyone got a way to make this disgusting shit taste nice? I've tried blen…[View]
44344081Progress: Hey there /fit/. I just managed to do .5/1/1.5/2 or half of 1/2/3/4; 3x5 format, aswell as…[View]
44342389Right, The GF has been spending some decent time in the gym however she's convinced 'cardio' is…[View]
44344140Ok guys im 27 6,1 and 155 pounds and have 10 years smoking around 5 cigs a day I used to play soccer…[View]
44338026This 5'6'' manlet has fucked thousands of girls all over the world, way more than any…[View]
44342382Broke boi gym: I have to walk 2 miles back to back to go to a dumbbell only gym. Only dumbbell one b…[View]
44337514/fit/ analface: lets see who gets the most pussy[View]
44334721No amount of lifting could have prepared me for this feel[View]
44335108just found my meme: describes me 100% minus the virgin part. mind = nuked[View]
4433858650/50: /fit/, how does your high test affect your decision making?[View]
44338355Weekend Feels Thread: >be loser who graduated college almost two years ago >after already taki…[View]
44341731Is going to the gym hangover a good idea ?[View]
44338248How the fuck do i fight with some1? Got assaulted by 3 drunk dyels few hours ago and i was kinda par…[View]
44342977Soreness Impacting Lifts: I started lifting around a month ago, ever since i started i have had issu…[View]
44336407so I'm a 6'3' lanklet and I weigh about 75kg ( 165lbs for you amerifucks) I'm pretty …[View]
44342413How do I add more fiber to my diet?: >go to cinema for the first time in two months today >one…[View]
44325883husbando thread[View]
44343599What's the most fun way to do push-ups? I'm bored of the standard version. Also, what…[View]
44342186/BLOAT/ GENERAL: >2018 >still a twink kek who's gonna LIVE IT in 2018…[View]
44343458What is the most /fit/ cut of steak?[View]
44339807Obesity Epidemic: How do we stop it? It just keeps getting worse.[View]
44339861>tfw claustrophobic >scared of vagina >need space >don't want a warm snail slimey …[View]
44343061Fight Thread: Let's start fight thread up. Questions, tips, videos, stories etc. https://www.y…[View]
44340200>third day of no fap Send help please[View]
44327818Any of you guys on Finasteride for hair loss? How were you diagnosed? I saw a dermatologist the othe…[View]
44343030Vitamin B: how much is good, and how much is too much? I already get: 4,4 mg B6 2,5 mcg B12 from mu…[View]
44330370Ideals thread: Another ideals thread? Post em[View]
44340132His faces just says it.. ''You'll never be like me... bud.''[View]
44336539Is my body too fat gone / what are your opinions ???: I’m male 22 5ft 8” and weigh around 300lbs…[View]
44342845Can i get a scientific answer on the effects of soy on the human male body ? Whey makes me fart and …[View]
44342955Are 50 pushups, 15 pull-ups and 30 dips in a row a good beginner goal? If so, how to achieve that?[View]
44342941Pay the sex. Have life. Love book. Fuck Me. Pay you[View]
44340323I want to start running nSuns 6 day squat program but I am retarded and have no idea what accessorie…[View]
44342626muh dick: >fap >feel tired, crave eating (sugar especially) like a motherfucker >no fap …[View]
443379081 dish 24/7: Is there a dish to rule them all? I mean something I can make up twice a week, put it i…[View]
44340366Got some whey isolate for the first time today. Can't stop my self from just eating it dry the …[View]
44341350>Not being 7 feet 7 inches Never gonna make it[View]
44342738Is it possible to do PHUL with only a barbell? Or should I suck it up and shell out for Dumbells/do …[View]
44338097What can I replace milk with?: I have very fast metabolism and gain something is very hard for me. I…[View]
44342613rate my supplement stack /fit/: >whole milk >vitamin D >raw onions and garlic >cocoa pow…[View]
44342528meals on intermittent fasting / food thread: post ideal meals for IF, mealplans or fit foods in gene…[View]
44341645>I do CrossFit[View]
44338110Gyno: What are some ways to help get rid of gyno? I've never used steriods and I've notice…[View]
44339099Thought I'd share some good news I got tonight. I had stage 2 hypertension, whenever I took my …[View]
44342458What do you guys do when you're injured for long periods of time? I tore my rotator cuff and I …[View]
44342269>finish date with a girl >imagine my entire life with her after the date What exercises will h…[View]
44340977Vomiting all the time. Nauseous. Diarrhea. Any solutions to this or to just wait it out? I drink wat…[View]
44341629So, carbohydrates get stored as fat if too many are consumed, and cannot be stored as muscle. Fats a…[View]
44338753>Saturday night #1021 spent alone on Chinese forums talking to people who constantly put you down…[View]
44340243What are the best wireless earphones for running, working out etc? Money isn't really an issue,…[View]
44341988>tfw getting too big for my clothes >tfw too poor to buy new clothes W... What do I do, lads?…[View]
44326476Thoughts? https://youtu.be/I0uhDZ06hrQ[View]
44342280Workout advise people thread >working out arms >already 2 sets into Tricep Kickbacks >big g…[View]
44338835How Do I get a body like this?[View]
44341239What muscle does this workout?[View]
44341794BICEP PAIN WHEN CURLING: My right bicep hurts when I am doing heavy curling. It kind of feels like t…[View]
44338502>be me, 18 >physically an ogre >320 pounds at 6'3' >literally built like shrek >…[View]
44340037What are some good books to read for motivation and positive thinking gainz?[View]
44338429ITT we are the average gym goer: >goes to bench >loads bar >better stretch my rear delts fo…[View]
44341499>What are the best machines to use to gain aesthetics? I’m 6’4” and 160lbs, and not allowed to pu…[View]
44342113What is he doing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sbzmhqVOXI[View]
44342093Lower back and knee issues.: Have chronic pain in my lower back from ages of lower lifting I think t…[View]
44340015Rate my cheat meal >chicken >spinnach >roasted veggies >fresh fruit >500~ cal of pean…[View]
44341363BOXING GENERAL: Sup /fit/, in a few (3-4) months time I'll start boxing again after not having …[View]
44340251Can low weight, high rep ranges still allow for hypertrophy provided you go to failure/fatigue? I do…[View]
44336391How much steak and eggs should I be eating every day for optimal test production and general health …[View]
44336237>lose 70 pounds >now feel pain in my tailbone whenever I'm sitting >can't work, …[View]
44329856Alright let's settle this once and for all. Who is the king of natties?[View]
44337801Do we secretly do this?[View]
44341309What's the best time of day to go to the gym to avoid others? I hate lifting around others.[View]
44338459Autophagy: >lost a lot of weight >skin on belly begins to sag (also stretch marks that i have …[View]
44341310What's the point of having muscles if you can never go back and sleep with Chad's cheerlea…[View]
44341708> Daily reminder lifting won't take away your loneliness[View]
44341434Sad nigga hours: WHO SAD BOYS HERE >tfw test levels are 200 so gave up on lifting and never going…[View]
44340226hot as fuck but how much $$$ does he make? lmfao!!![View]
44339440>tfw have lifted for 5 years >Tfw have never hung out with anyone in over 5 years because I ha…[View]
44339868If you went on a cut and could only eat ten food items what would you pick ?[View]
44337453What's your skull circumference, /fit/? A large skull makes the difference between human and no…[View]
443414855'7 110lb guy wtf do I do: Hey guys I'm 5'7 110lb and was wondering where or what I s…[View]
44341385>talking about natural limit >gives an example by entering his stats in a calculator >5…[View]
44326857Who else here full /caffeinepills/? Recently discovered how awesome these things are >dat energy …[View]
44336235The Jalapeno Pill: Have you taken the jalapeno pill yet, my brothers? Research demonstrates that peo…[View]
44341081>been lifting for 6 months >going through a heavy dry spell >about to bang 6/10 co-worker w…[View]
44330879>Work 50 hours a week >Lost motivation to go the gym due to not having enough time How do you…[View]
44339990>year ago >be noob >doing 3x10 for the 4 main lifts except 3x5 for deadlifts >making pis…[View]
44340297What drives you, fit? I am driven by my failures in high school and college and constantly use them…[View]
44341193Shoes: I need some shoes for the gym. I run a little bit to warm up and then squat, deadlift and cle…[View]
44335822This is gonna sound stupid but can ya make me feel like shit? I started lifting a month ago and I…[View]
44340594Who GOPJAD here?[View]
44340885>tfw 165 cm I don't even know what to do. Getting /fit/ didn't even help…[View]
44340676How do I deal with heat hives? I can’t get fit when I keep breaking down in itchy pain all over my b…[View]
44339338Magazines: is there any magazine/quarterly that is good for mens lifestyle? Is GQ any good? <in …[View]
44340699Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me with a muscle imbalance issue. For some reason i seem…[View]
44333252Should I take Vitamin D? What supplements is fit taking?[View]
44340945Cutting advice: i'm starting my first real cut when this semester begins, last time i tried cut…[View]
44334464You natties are happy scraping the shit... Because you've never seen a sick cunt.[View]
44335827bulk at 250 or 500: I've been lifting for 6 months and I'm going on my first bulk Should I…[View]
44339872Does your jaw click?: >pic unrelated anyone here's jaw click when they open or close their m…[View]
44340570Hey 4chan, I've been beginning to clean up my diet, and I'm wondering where to start. So f…[View]
44340743Do you make farts while you do exercise? Is it embarass? I make fart but most people have headphones…[View]
44340662Twisting curls: Will starting twisting curls in reverse position give me more gains than starting wi…[View]
44339796Tell me /fit/, what does a perfect routine truly need?[View]
44340581JOOCY: G'day /Fit/. Starting off, 6ft2, 110kgs, around 15-20%BF. I have recently finished a sec…[View]
44333628can we get an onion recipes thread going?[View]
44336732>that first sip of the day[View]
44340055I work only 14 hours this week. How much time should I spend at the gym? Technically I have all day …[View]
44331872FPH FAT PEOPLE HATE: >search catalog >no fph >shaking my head…[View]
44333287I see threads about Youtubers like AlphaDestiny and Athlean-X here all the time, but what does /fit/…[View]
44340020Stem-cell therapy?: Any /fit/izens get this done on their injuries? Heard in some cases shit works. …[View]
44334285How do I make jaw gains?[View]
44339821Why does he look so small but act like he is big?[View]
44337398I'm 28.1% bodyfat and want to be 25% in one week: It's been it's been 4 and half mont…[View]
44338368Roid: Why haven't you taken the roidpill?[View]
44336551Do I need to lose fat before doing steroids?[View]
44337536Lean bulk bros: What does your routine look like?: For those who bulk properly (slow lean bulk) what…[View]
44340069Walk into the gym..: >I FOUND A GIRL BEAUTIFUL AND SWEET...[View]
44327508CBT: Last thread got archived. 5'7 181.4lbs[View]
44339926Give me your energy, /fit/. I'm at a party after a long time with people I don't know and …[View]
44326431Chad Career/Jobs: Is your line of work lining up with the characteristics of a Chad? Do you use your…[View]
44339846>cute gril at gym >pass by her >she doesn't completely ignore my existance think im go…[View]
44339832should i take pill form of test and tren that i found online?[View]
44335770Inspirational quotes[View]
44339564Asthma and CBD: Any asthma bros figure out running without dying? I have to take a power test in a w…[View]
44339328What's a good routine so I don't get nervous before every social interaction? It's re…[View]
44339375>take MACA to get out of nofap flatline >does nothing for sex drive, but is an amazing pre wor…[View]
44339528What are some /fit/ approved headphones for lifting weights?[View]
44337917when did you realise guys are not supposed to talk about lifting with other guys cause thats gay?[View]
44339243Hey Fit Pepe Collector here again.: Been awhile since I was last on. I have stopped dieting, but not…[View]
44339188Why are 70% of men in the world such degenerates? Does no one marry for genetics anymore? Why do peo…[View]
44339426motivation thread: motivation thread lets go[View]
44339363Does height matter more than build?[View]
44339065Semester starting up and how do you guys balance going to the gym with studying for class? Do you li…[View]
44339517Post your before pics on here, BUT only if you've already made it[View]
44335119Br0ken Dick: I got prescribed opiates after an accident at work, I took some and I jerked off the ot…[View]
44339378>Talked to a girl and singed The Beatles songs with her >Didn't fell in love with her T…[View]
44330660High Test thread[View]
44337377Embarrassing Gym Moments Bread: >be me >benching normally except I'm benching AFTER doing…[View]
44334373>Gay dude trying to stealthily take pictures of me at the gym[View]
44338685what happens if you jog uphill a lot but are already super skinny?[View]
44338424what is wrong with people who have facial tics? ive met quite a few 'blinkers' and i'm curious …[View]
44338311/fit/ dinner thread Post em and rate em[View]
44338089fit, brown and 5'6: I am fit but I am brown and 5'6. Its hard to find girls on Tinder, wha…[View]
44337084Nocturnal Emissions: I've been on no-fap for seven days, and last night, for the first time in …[View]
44337676Are you a narcissist? Why/why not?[View]
44337769Wart dick: >addicted to picking at scalp >eat scalp scabs >got my virginity to a whore whil…[View]
44338901Anyone else started to cut?: 2017/Sep-165lb Today-180lb Put way to much weight on in the past few mo…[View]
44336703Unsolicited advice from 16yo virgins please: Free shot if you must, yes I am disgusting. That aside …[View]
44338558So im gonna be on a job next week with a really qt manager. >Japanese >cute >5 feet tall H-…[View]
44338079What lifts should I concentrate on to get a body like the one on the left? I'm a guy btw[View]
44338694Is drinking 3 litres of Coke Zero a day bad for you?[View]
44337142>this kills the gains[View]
44338160>finish last set >hit the showers >walk to my car >take that first post-workout vape o…[View]
44335778coolcicada's famous PPL routine recommends 3x5 sets, isn't that way too low reps?[View]
44338480/gym stories/ thread - dumbass newbies edition: >doing close grip bench >gaggle of high school…[View]
44337405What's for dinner, /fit/?: For me, it's an 8oz steak fried in butter, 3 eggs w/ feta chees…[View]
44338341Help me out bros, just woke up and had a whole can of /sipps/, just ate some whey and banana, would …[View]
44336050Is cardio killing gains a meme?: I've been working out for a couple of months now and been skip…[View]
44331350/cocoa/ - #2 Enhanced cow edition: >What is /cocoa/? Cocoa is for discussing of 'anabolic…[View]
44337638Is chocolate milk a meme?: I hear chocolate milk is great for a post workout but it has a lot of sug…[View]
44337956Started using pic related and it's causing me to breakout. Any alternatives?[View]
44337681Do weights have exchange rates?: Hear me out. Does repping 145 ten times equal being able to do 185 …[View]
44337740I'm scared: Could this be a bicep tear? I was moving my fridge (around 100 pounds) from my car …[View]
44337767When you’re in No Fap and Summer Lynn Hart posts this[View]
44335159Streching routine: What is the best beginner stretching routine to improve mobility?[View]
44338068New Years Goals: Finally hit 600lbs squat so a nice 300kg 660lbs squat in 2018 would be the plan…[View]
44337886i plan on speedrunning FFX, it takes about 10 hours. is it ok to not eat for 10 hours straight?[View]
44335524/fit/ mentality: What's an alpha reply? I'm /fit/ but I can't act like it around wome…[View]
44337551I used to be bullied, but imo i deserved it. And to be honest i'm thankful for it. Cause It mad…[View]
44334634Resistance bands: Does anyone here have any experience with resistance bands? It seems like you can …[View]
44336008Pro/con: Can you please! Make a good pro con list for being uncut vs cut in the penis department. Gi…[View]
44337475ok /fit/: so i used to be in great shape. then work took over my life, and I started drinking way to…[View]
44335829Will lifting get me this?: Well...will it?[View]
44308133clean shaven general - /csg/: Cleanshavefags a.k.a men that are not soyboys and actually respect the…[View]
44324302Better than you: How do you deal with being less than somebody based o n wealth? Sure you lift and h…[View]
44334385>tfw I want to lose fat but don't want to lose weight[View]
44336250My wife has shit tier posture. It drives new up the wall. I decided to get her into barbell exercise…[View]
44337105Does testosterone make you think worse? I've noticed ever since I started eating better and wor…[View]
44336901can i still make it?: 6'4 87kg - former 127kg fatass been cutting for a couple months but stil…[View]
44337543BB.com Workout Programs: Anyone have any of the body building.com workout programs in PDF? I'm …[View]
44336711I moved into a place the size of a fucking postage stamp and am attempting to set up a place to work…[View]
44334753Milkybar Buttons: >Oh sorry anon, you are cutting r-right? JUUUST…[View]
44336290How do you guys handle gym nemises? How do you defend yourself if someone attacks you during an exer…[View]
44334068My results -incase anyone missed it.[View]
44333887Most gainz for least cash?: gyms in my country are kinda pricey dont really got much money however, …[View]
44335009Testmaxxing General: >researchers found after 2 weeks of drinking pure pomegranate juice, the par…[View]
44335982What happened to my libido?: >19 Y.o >Libido through the roof >Dec. 1 >Quit refined suga…[View]
44336589Routine rate?: Mon: squat working up to 2x5 heavy sets Bench 3x10, used to be for 5 reps but kept fa…[View]
443363396ft2 210lbs im i gonna make it fit[View]
44330072FUCK YEAH: About three months of daily lifting and I finally got my guy all teal. feels good man. Al…[View]
44334723So /fit/ I am going to start cutting but I'm afraid my lifts won't be great if I go cold t…[View]
44334771In the pub and there's hot girls. What do[View]
44335666Can calisthenics + running + martial arts unlock me Geralt mode?[View]
44334505feeling sick after doing neck curls, especially at higher rep ranges? like im going to vomit, to the…[View]
44331973>want to work out >but first a quick fap >fap >no more energy to work out…[View]
44336458Why do my pecs do this when I have a slight cramp?[View]
44336068Dae like the low definition look? I think it looks just really indestructible and powerful. Heftcore…[View]
44336262Anyone else here look at gay porn for inspiration? I like to appreciate the dedication these people …[View]
44332887>finish last skullcrusher set >look at myself in the mirror >still fucked up in the head…[View]
44327832Cheating /Frauds/ Generally: Lack of leadership edition. Previously on what in the actual fuck gener…[View]
44336862Beginner Gains Thread[View]
44336816Protein Powder: What ware some protein powders that don't increase the likelihood of acne.…[View]
44329017THAT last rep face: You know what to do itt /fit/ post your THAT last rep face! Let's goooooooo…[View]
44334155is eating junk worth to eat just to hit your daily calories?[View]
44335060After lifting for a year and getting some noob gains I finally decided to try my luck with these hoe…[View]
44334003>trying to bulk >think I can shove in one more glass of milk before noon >nope >puke up …[View]
44336624Soy boys: Do these things lower your test, yes or no.[View]
44332176ITT: post anime charachters with aesthetics you want >im getting better guys, now I have a couple…[View]
44336092Guys who wear these to the gym: Why don’t you just wear a shirt that says “I’m here to find someone …[View]
44331226It's Saturday. Go ahead and post the one you lift for.[View]
44333338I'll tell let you know the true red pill... >having promiscuous sex with everyone and anyone…[View]
44335886I've been lifting for the last 3-4 years in order to get bigger for my high school sports, but …[View]
44336381>forgot my calculator at home >cannot sum up the correct amount of mass to add to my bar >t…[View]
44335042What sort of routine do I need to rock that fit? Im 5'9'' ecto and sweaters look too …[View]
44336424Legs: So i have a question: Does anybody have an obsession about skinny legs? I have but i dont have…[View]
44334144Water weight: Why the fuck do i gain multiple pounds of water weight so fast and bloat so easily? On…[View]
44336139if something goes wrong what would u do different in a 10 hour window[View]
44336261>manlet inside the auto belay is on strike[View]
44335570>use foam roller for first time >have an out of body experience…[View]
44335349>develop a legal androgenic lotion to increase penis size >jerk off with it for several months…[View]
44336030>log on to my gym's webpage to reserve a squat racks >all of them are already taken for t…[View]
44335142Opinion on Couch to 5K?[View]
44335725Booty gains: Donkey Kick x10 for each leg Hip Thrust x10 Split Lunge x10 for each leg Squat x20 Repe…[View]
44334402How much can I change in 3 months?: Body photo attached. I am planning on exercising 6 days per week…[View]
44322170EAT LESS MEAT AND DAIRY: A lot of you aren't redpilled on the Meat and Dairy Question. We on av…[View]
44329709ABS: My abs are super weak and they are by far my weakest point. How often can I train them without …[View]
44331827When will my gyno go away? 30lbs down and it seems the same[View]
44331842> tfw finally gf but still empty inside[View]
44333477What’s your gym nickname? Barracuda here because I lift fast.[View]
44334704/fit/ BTFO[View]
44333802How can I reach all my potential in my growing period?[View]
44332488What can you recommend to someone who doesn't have the shekels to get gym membership/equipment?[View]
44335580What are some good lifts you should have before you decide to kill yourself? Asking for a friend[View]
44322293We need a catchy rhyme for this shit: I can't believe you manlets haven't come up with a p…[View]
44336566FYI: Lifting alone won't give you success and women. > le lifting for Hitler meme xD Stay v…[View]
44335714cutting on cycle?: About to jump back on a test cycle in a couple of weeks, still deciding between 5…[View]
44334051>quit after two years of smoking, almost never more than ten a day >one week in >can't…[View]
44333817>start seeing abs >Turns out I have genetics for an 8-pack Feelsgoodman.…[View]
44332953Physique thread: >21yo[View]
44335507How do yo eat your onions /fif/?[View]
44333278I'm 26 I have no college but I want to do something with fitness somehow in life and hopefully …[View]
44335480Soy Sauce: Fuck, am I one of them now?[View]
44335071Hope you guys aren't eating any sugar. Hope you guys are on the zero sugar diet.[View]
44333662>Bring it motherfucker I dont give a shit you lift Could you kick his ass /fit/? Or will you end …[View]
44328284How can I get fit like Tyler1[View]
44334798Training while hungover: Should it be done?[View]
44331996Noporn nofap: How many rest days do you really need to Recover?[View]
443322092pl8 diddly one month in from absolute weakling. How am I doing?[View]
44335202Fanny packs: Is it possible to make it without wearing one of those? Whats the deal with them? pleas…[View]
44331546What are non-traditional ways to work the Triceps?: My triceps are absolute shit. Most of everything…[View]
44331823look at this dudé[View]
44335187Bench Wrist Form: >Did close grip bench yesterday >Bar slipped from hand, safety pins caught b…[View]
44330533/fit/ Wallpapers and motivational images: Everything I have is stale. Help me grow my collection.…[View]
44331830How often do you go out drinking /fit/? What and how much do you drink?[View]
44329528Is it better to be a dyel and know how to fight or to be buff but don't know how to fight? disc…[View]
44335130At which point are you considered, /fit/ in terms of pullups ? For clarification: >hands between…[View]
44330605What’s lifting on LSD like?[View]
44332730>'Haha yeah my son is quite the body lifter if I say so!' >'His room is right over her-'…[View]
44334988i did the deed. I smoked some weed, and I now struggle with the munchies. 4chan shame me so I wont g…[View]
44332936Is bloatlord a gay?: I looked up bloatlords Twitter and looked at the accounts he was following and …[View]
44334530Wtf are the guys from the Buff Dudes channel gay?[View]
44329770I fucked a fatty :/[View]
44332382> he lifts for girls[View]
44331674Just SHITTED myself doing deadlifts is this normal??[View]
44334297I just started working out again for the past month and when I do squats or lunges I get this pain i…[View]
44326068What's holding you back, /fit/?[View]
44333828What do I do...: >Found some bullshit test boosting pills my Dad bought >Every review on line …[View]
44323635Cultural Gain Killers: being a spic sucks[View]
44334569>changing to this after a year of drinking green Damn this is delicious..…[View]
44333345how to brehs manage to stay focused when things aren't “going rite” in the gym?[View]
44330690Ways to get that extra boost of energy at the gym: What are some of the unorthodox ways you use to h…[View]
44334667Hello /fit/, I decided that I would like to loose some weight and start lifting as I am currently a …[View]
44333997Maintenance of Strength: I've been a competitive runner for most of my life but haven't ra…[View]
44334512i got enough of being 30lbs overweight. cant see my dick if i let out my gut and man tits are there …[View]
44334575Im tired. The gym is too far to drive. What do[View]
44334174>trying to move on from slags and drama as an older dude >consider myself straight >tried d…[View]
44332221Who are the most cringe worthy or annoying Fitness people? For myself it is the Social Media ones, t…[View]
44314299Hi /fit/. Been browsing for 2 years or so. How do you deal with death? Seriously. It has been messin…[View]
44333981I'm 6'2' and 240 pounds. I'm also a neet. I don't want to leave the house but I …[View]
44332367How the FUCK do you faggots get enough calories out of breakfast. It takes me an hour to prepare and…[View]
44332793ROUTINE THREAD? y-yes please... >want to do olympic lifts not sure if I should do - Dan John’s S…[View]
44308208NoFap: Since starting NoFap New Year’s Eve : >all lifts have gone down 20%+ >horrifically low …[View]
44321437My only vice.[View]
44330250/Fit/ Black Pills: >It doesn't matter how fit I become, I'll end up alone anyway.…[View]
44333670>eat 1200 Cal's of tastykakes last night >Six-pack is gone in the morning…[View]
44334130Say that again. Your jaw gains?[View]
44334249Why do stimulants like Nicotine and Caffeine get me aroused and raise my labido, while depressants l…[View]
44331567R8: >squat 3pl8 >deadlift 4pl8 R8 my quads…[View]
44333311Trying to lose weight, need lifehacks: Hey guys I just recently started running and haven't rea…[View]
44333903Come join our fit server! We love fitness![View]
44334238Anyone else have their daily /sip/ yet?[View]
44334111Going to go get some supplements and was looking for recommendations I was think getting some amino…[View]
44330591qtddtot: >ctrl-f 'qtddtot' >0 results Been having pain in my right leg (see pic) on the upward…[View]
44334158Which one is better for getting good looks? Omad+cardio and basic workouts, or a balanced diet and s…[View]
44333964I got /fit/ while being a neet, why didn't anyone tell me I needed social gains, what the fuck …[View]
44334118Can I measure a cup of pasta in a cup?: I know this sounds stupid but can I measure a cup of cooked …[View]
44333921send help: Guys, please. I need a simple daily workout routine to get fit and get some muscle and st…[View]
44334071What is even the point in lifting if you're a Manlet?[View]
44333077I fucked up. I've been trying to lose weight since a month ago, and I think it has been working…[View]
44330520>Mid-30s >Can't even grow a goatee Minoxidil seems my only option. Has anyone had success…[View]
44331738Cardio before or after workout: I need some advice on whether I should be doing Cardio before or aft…[View]
44333108>he hast fantasy of his shirt coming off for some reason in the office so the cute girls can know…[View]
44333531critique my routine /fit/ It's GSLP + accessories A OHP 3x5+ Chin ups 3x5+ (or supinated grip l…[View]
44333201how does /fit/ train their brain ?[View]
44332937What are these called again?[View]
44332607How does this fucker manage to eat several of these 'flexbowls' etc a day? I know it's probably…[View]
44332980/MMG/ -Militant Manlet General: It is human to die for a cause edition Welcome to Militant Manlet G…[View]
44330792Any of you faggots doing full body 3x/week? Just got promoted and will now be working 55-60 hours a …[View]
44332972Is this body legit possible with just the big 4 power lifts, or is it all lies? How the fuck do you …[View]
44333163I think gym turned me gay.I have never been attracted to males my entire life up until I started lif…[View]
44323137plg: Buy the book. Love life. Fuck you. Pay me. Edition[View]
44329839Theoric Question: Hello /Fit/ Imagine this: If you take only calories from proteins, would you becom…[View]
44330428I have been living under a rock and haven't browsed for a while. What do you think about keto? …[View]
44332400>2pl8 bench for 10 reps ez >1pl8 ohp for 10 reps ez >still no gf…[View]
44333167Top Tier Fit Lunches: What are the GOAT-tier /fit/ lunches for gains?[View]
44333051I told my family doctor I do picture related and she prescribed me anti depressants? Did I fuck some…[View]
44331377>What was that you were saying about manlets, Gaijin-san? How do you respond?…[View]
44333018how do you treat the eating of raw meat?[View]
44332696>doesn’t drink two gallons of water during his workout Are you expecting to make ANY gains? But…[View]
44308137QTDDTT: Is this actually a good predictor of maximal natty size in inches?[View]
44332254/fit/bros I just need to talk to somebody about this I just finished a workout for the first time in…[View]
44331604>look at myself in the mirror >see a flabby weakling >other people >damn anon your rippe…[View]
44329889Cutting Tips General: Who's cutting already? The only way to be shredded for summer is to cut …[View]
44330171Should you put how much you lift in your resume?[View]
44331295Wtf is this: Can anyone identify what this pill is? Colleague gave it to me but I didn't ask wh…[View]
44332581>that guy who wears a snapback to the gym[View]
44331566How do you start a cut and stick to it? Back in 2012 I managed to cut successfully but I don't …[View]
44327903>14 inch arms reporting in How long until 16 inch arms?[View]
44332813Nofap help!: Lads I wanna jerk it, should I?[View]
44331772Nofap 2018: Who else /Day 13/[View]
44330705I read Starting Strength from cover to cover a few years ago. I don't recall that it explained …[View]
44330916inzer lever belt: minimum lifts before you dont look like a douchebag wearing one of these in a norm…[View]
44332167Saturday Night: How you holdin' up, /fit/?[View]
44331524NoFap: I've started nofap on January 10. After Jan 10, when I went to bed, I literally saw a dr…[View]
44317762>Fuck! Seriously? It's like you're Photoshopped![View]
44319745How much did you improve with the sloots when you got to a low bodyfat?[View]
44331883gym bag thread: Post the contents of your gym bag.[View]
44332425Daily reminder /fit/ We're all gonna make it: We're all gonna make it[View]
44329267Why do people drink coffee???: Is it because they are true mentally weak so they have to use drugs? …[View]
44331961Is there actually Anime out there that /fit approves off? I know, I'm on an Anime board but I …[View]
44332630any else have Asperger's? am I screwed?[View]
44324554Is /fit/ pro-aug or anti-aug?[View]
44332588>First deadlift >Doing my body weight like /fit/ told me >Holyfuck.jpg >Hear snap W-What…[View]
44331740What are your hobbies? >I love working out What do you do for a living? >I'm a customer s…[View]
44332544>There are people that still think he's natural[View]
44332528CBT: CBT? CBT.[View]
44324542What’s the deal with girls working out in a short top and gymshark pants? Do they just want me to st…[View]
44332506Post your arms and size[View]
44332474B&W / DATE: >get tindr >goes shit >suddenlygot a date with mixed raced girl >meeting…[View]
44332405/fit/ I have sinned. After almost reaching my goal body, I stopped working out for almost a year bec…[View]
44321767Hey guys, I'm a young woman who just started lifting and wanted to know what routine I need to …[View]
44331326Damn AlphaDestiny was a little qt back in 2014. Prime twink material. no homo[View]
44328672R8 thread: R8 my lunch[View]
44330139How much weight should I lose?: I'm 87 kg for 1m80[View]
44331625Why am i so bad at pushups? I've only been able to do 20 pushups since summer. And now i'm…[View]
44330888How do you start going outside more often? How do you return to living a normal life and talking to …[View]
44332130How much can I lose in 3 months: Body photo attached. I am planning on exercising 6 days per week(al…[View]
44332088Spent all my life avoiding mustard because I thought I disliked it, just tasted it and it's god…[View]
44331386>TFW you'll never look like Eddie Hall. Why do you even bother?[View]
44327989Why are you doing more than you need? Power to the People by Pavel Tsatsouline states that you must …[View]
44328056The truth revealed[View]
44332018>that dinner sip[View]
44331784how do I make hand gains?[View]
44330615>start doing pic related which i found in a routine thread >looks pretty good >ask one ques…[View]
44331127natty, discuss: is the unreal tournament kid natty?[View]
44331887How do I into Captain America mode?[View]
44331563POSTURE: How do I fix my god awful forward head posture, it makes my upper spine hurt when pressing …[View]
44329466w2c neck pills which won't break my neck?[View]
44330525Musculature from sub maximal loads: Is any muscle mass built from huge volume of tiny loads on those…[View]
44331790I have found it, the female curlbro[View]
44328567What's stopping me from putting my GOMAD a day in the gallon of ice cream maker and having a GO…[View]
44331624I got a small barbell recently, currently the max weight I can fit on it is 140lbs. I do not have a …[View]
44329403i feel like the sellers forgot to mention a couple details about this product.[View]
44327738What does /fit/ think of my new tank top?[View]
44331267This is the Alpha Female. This is the peak of female performance, prove me wrong >Protip, you can…[View]
44330669>Finally bench 2 plate last night >Woke up this morning >Still don't have a girlfriend…[View]
44323180Does anyone else agree that this is unattainable so it should stop being posted? You're going …[View]
44330914New Recipie: 'Scrambled Oats' -Oats:95 grams -3 large eggs -Milk:100 ml -Protein Powder:25 grams Add…[View]
44331292/Fit/ Red Pills: >Women would rather look at a handsome face than a 8/10 body. >The reason you…[View]
44328279Devilish gym stories: >lifting in the personal trainer section because it’s empty >sassy manle…[View]
44328960You remember to hit platysma in your workout, do you? You do want those face gains, right?[View]
44329383who would win in a fight between gorilla and lion?[View]
44328887>Well hello there, we are your new personal gym instructors! what do?[View]
44320810/britfit/: Britfags report in. >State your age, where abouts you're from, and have general d…[View]
44331453Does he still post here?: >https://www.wikidio.com/2017/11/tgs-scott-ambrose-big-scott-big-dildo/…[View]
44331366anyone /gymloner/ here? >have no friends >go to gym everyday >holidays too >the gym …[View]
44330372What are some deadlift alternatives that don't destroy your spine?[View]
44312764Are there drugs out there that make you permanently faster, stronger, or smarter, regardless of whet…[View]
44318516>that guy that stares at himself in the mirror for minutes at end, nods at himself, and begins hi…[View]
44328302Hammer Curls: Why do hammer curls get unjustified hate? They are good for your biceps and work the f…[View]
44326815What's a good deodorant that'll actually get rid of my BO? Old Spice gives me chemical bur…[View]
44316949Gym aesthetic confession: So 100% of you claim that you lift solely for yourself, because you like i…[View]
44329771forget about hairless, can i use this shit for gains?[View]
44329699Don't work out injured, its a false economy, take the time to heal... But. I have typical lowe…[View]
44330120/owg/: Lol edition https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd4328dAi1O/[View]
44329052>do military press >not in the army[View]
44330938Making an ok Cupid account to show off my newly made gains and get some sexual fitness. What do y…[View]
44330505Real question here, does synephrine actually work?[View]
44328250Skinnyfat here If I'm too autistic to go to gym how much will the tools I need cost to buy for …[View]
44327582LIBIDO DROPPED LIKE A FUCKING ROCK: I've taken some of pic related (19y/o) on the hopes that it…[View]
44328767Has anyone had any success with the 'grow grow grow' mantra?[View]
44330791What's /fit/'s favorite thing about going to the gym? Mine is getting to see what a fat gu…[View]
44330500>not using olive oil instead of butter Not gonna make it[View]
44329759Whats a no meme full body dumbbell workout? I'm at home and can't go to the gym today.[View]
44329266What mode is this?[View]
44330688Is it just me or is it the anadrol that has me pissing out my asshole for the past week?[View]
44330680> dec 31st, 6' 1', 238 lbs > jan 13th, 6' 1' 212 lbs > nothing CICO and stopped d…[View]
44325682Why are Americans so good at knocking people out?[View]
44329987first day training off roids today, what to expect?[View]
44330260If it's under 2500 calories why not just have a pizza and Interminent fast before that? t.my pl…[View]
44329387Why aren't you a fake natty yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Iq98n96oSo[View]
44330176>Roids: kek[View]
44328303Bodyweight for beginners: Hi /fit/, I want to start increasing my strength with bodyweight exercises…[View]

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