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3830581Alright, soyboys, let's assume for the sake of argument that god exists and there is an afterli…[View]
3832081What is the general consensus in the US of Woodrow Wilson's foreign involvement in WW1 and its …[View]
3832394>According to Herodotus' account, the Persian Emperor Cambyses II upon his conquest of Egypt…[View]
3832855>Library of Alexandria, you say? >An accident, it was not.…[View]
3828070ITT: We post best military commanders of their era[View]
3826323Rape of Nanjing 80th anniversary: 80th Anniversary on the Rape of Nanjing. “May your next lives wil…[View]
3833970Bismarck did more to change the course of European history than any other pre-20th Century leader: D…[View]
3832329They actually stood shoulder to shoulder while being shot at in open fields? LOL fucking dumbasses! …[View]
3833082If i traveled back in time to 1944 to New York and started talking about nuclear bombs, B-29 bombers…[View]
3833439Is there a more pathetic religion than Christianity?: Why did Europe have to take this religion, wit…[View]
3831155If two people have opinions which are equal in their merit, but one of them has personal experience …[View]
3829872If you could choose what era you were born in what would it be? No you can't pick the present o…[View]
3831386No seriously what's up with orthodogs in Ottoman empire writing almost absolutely nothing from …[View]
3831504Doomsday Philosophy: Is the world/ humanity worth saving?[View]
3832367*wins philosophy*[View]
3832995Why didn't Caesar marry Servilia?: I was always confused by this, why did they keep their relat…[View]
3827251Islamic Golden Age: Is it a myth?[View]
3830488What happened here?[View]
3832885>American and Soviet citizens eat about the same amount of food each but the Soviet diet may be m…[View]
3831999Not sure I got it all but this seems like a good critique of society and beautifully animated at tha…[View]
3832163>I can claim Persian achievement but Persians can't >I can claim Greek achievements but G…[View]
3830331The hero they needed, but not the one they deserved. >'Y'all should stop frivolously spendin…[View]
3828499Anyone else watch Townsends?[View]
3832813Look at this dude: bro look at this dude uhju uhju wait till you see the f- uhhujuJUJUJUUU NO NO NO …[View]
3832369I don't know much about Jerusalem or Arab history, so correct me if there's something I…[View]
3831046Neckbeards btfo: >The 'conflict thesis' is a historiographical approach in the history of science…[View]
3832617Any good books about what life was like during the reign of Mary I? Or just about life in the mid 15…[View]
3830302Leaders you truly admire[View]
3829860What's your highest level of education /his/?: Any gradfags here or aspiring PH.ags? Currently…[View]
3828299Has multiculturalism ever worked?[View]
3832248Question about Evolian psychobabble: I've started reading 'A Handbook of Traditional Living' wh…[View]
3805200/his/ movies: What are some /his/ approved films?[View]
3829921How does it feel to be a Byzaboo?[View]
3830082Christmas in 12 days. Time for a miracle. (only 1 per person). Delivery on the 25th. YHWH Allah[View]
3832252Who was in the wrong here?[View]
3825838Historically speaking, have most psychotic killers and other assorted wackjobs been sexually frustra…[View]
3831656What exactly is the etymology of the title of Caliph? How does this integrate with the Islamic tradi…[View]
3823051The CSA Thread[View]
3830272This reads like a book about Harry Potter becoming Voldemort only he fucks half of Hogwarts in the p…[View]
3830251Why did Iranians not want this?: Why did Iranians protest against him? They were the richest and mos…[View]
3830417If Andersonville was that bad then why did it have a swimming pool?[View]
3831493Siege of Alesia: During the siege of Alesia, why didn't they Gauls eat the civilians instead of…[View]
3830788>Italians unified under napoleon >Despite only the north being unified, they're glad >…[View]
3829418>tfw everything they did was aesthetic as fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xnbPgeg8B4 How co…[View]
3827125did brits really do this?[View]
3828572How did it happen that so many Jewish oligarchs emerged in post-Soviet Russia?: I'm not /pol/ o…[View]
3831601What is the origin of South Caucasian languages and peoples? Do they have some link to Indo-European…[View]
3819499Historical memes you hate: >'people before year X only lived to 35!' >the 3/5ths compromise wa…[View]
3829236Star Wars Quotes with US Presidents and Generals: >“I killed them. And not just the men, but the …[View]
3829757Current USA Stats(2017) GDP: $19.3 trillion GDP growth: 3.3% GDP per capita: $60,000 Public Debt: 73…[View]
3827450Arab conquests: How did a bunch of pastoralist tribes go from sheep herders to empire builders?…[View]
3831382>Not all heroes wear ca-[View]
3829745Why'd they do it?[View]
3830285Is it humanly possible to generate more cringe than this does?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnMQ…[View]
3826123What's up with Jews?: How come they contributed so much to actual science while Achmeds have do…[View]
3828795>She killed healthy children with oil and evipan injections, then removed their limbs and vital o…[View]
3829796>this is what christianism looks like Wew not thanks.[View]
3830034Role Call: How dead is this board? I feel like there are only a few dozen of us shitposting in all o…[View]
3831183Was he really cucked by fucking Nehru of all people?[View]
3831081What can /his/ tell me about ancient slavic religion?[View]
3831091'Liberal Party': How did 'liberal' come to refer to the left wing in America whereas almost everywhe…[View]
3828601How did Anglo-Saxon & Gaelic/Briton culture survive the onslaught of Frenchification?[View]
3829436Is an unexamined life worth living?[View]
3829444babby's first feelosofee: >be /sci/ fag >try to read beyond good and evil as my first phi…[View]
3830437Was he the worst commander in history?[View]
3825404Is the longbow the western version of the katana? A weapon that's been mystified to the point t…[View]
3818576which city do you prefer, Athens or Sparta?[View]
3831015History of the Masons (clickbait title but it’s good) https://youtu.be/egO15MhoBOY[View]
3831013He did nothing wrong[View]
3824447Memes aside boys do any of you actually deny the holocaust?[View]
3824718France's history is as autistic and belligerent as Germany's. Prove me wrong.[View]
3830936/his/ related videos and webms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKsSFAtL-W4[View]
3825936>Write Final for my classics class >one of the Multiple choice questions was: >Which Roman …[View]
3829819/his/: Is it pronounced 'hiss' or possessive noun 'his' when spoken allowed[View]
3830811Is it true that belief in Saytrs & Nymphs survived all over rural Greece well until the late Ott…[View]
3828803>*Proves Atlantis existed* >'Heh, nothing personal kid.'…[View]
3828212Why wasn't Britain allied with Germany during ww1? The uk was allied with Germany for many year…[View]
3829606>Holy Roman EMPIRE >2nd German EMPIRE >3rd REICH Why do Anglos do this?…[View]
3830572Does /his/ unironically think we have lost our humanity overtime?: I will not a get a good answer fr…[View]
3830341What was his endgame?[View]
3828746Post Medieval Paintings: Bonus if they involve rabbits or snails[View]
3824111explain to me how the capitalist class do not rule because they are superior. protip: you cant[View]
3828257Does African history know a bigger badass?[View]
3825623Did Russia contribute much to science and technology? It seems like most scientific and technologica…[View]
3830429Can anyone recommend me a good book on the Central African Republic or Eq Guinea?[View]
3830362post baby killing jews il start with the obvious[View]
3824260What does /his/ think of this new series on History called Knightfall? Is it any good?[View]
3828978Anglo-Saxon weapons and armour: What were the types of weapons and armour used by the early and late…[View]
3830246ITT we give theme songs to historical figures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_jWHffIx5E[View]
3830356Hi, I'm from /lit/ Can someone tell me why Irish mythology isn't popular? https://youtu.be…[View]
3826196Caligula literally did nothing wrong. Prove me wrong faggots >pro tip: you can't…[View]
3829942Why did it take so long for literacy to increase? Even today the dumbest motherfuckers are able to r…[View]
3829258I haven't seen a Stalin thread for sometime here, have the tankies of /his/ been purged?[View]
3830154Have the Aussies actually ever done something important by themselves or are they just always a part…[View]
3826449>get genocided by Cromwell >fail at growing the one crop you can grow and beg the Americans fo…[View]
3829209*destroys europe*[View]
3824780>the roman empire fell in 1806[View]
3830076For the guy who was asking how one would render Jesus's name in hieroglyphic Egyptian in a cart…[View]
3830054Childhood is believing in Jesus; adulthood is realising that the character behind Santa Claus is rig…[View]
3823474What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
3829787Are Jews and Germans Western society’s “yinyang”?[View]
3829229>Founder ran away like a bitch when hen spilled some soup >his student defended cannibalism a…[View]
3823236Are women actually interested in history?[View]
3829708>does the impossible and saves the entire Roman Empire from destruction >on track to go as one…[View]
3829526Is it possible that the English cannibalized their prisoners at Agincourt and that historians swept …[View]
3828453Hispanic america is shit because Sp- >Humboldt also published a comparative analysis of bread and…[View]
3828136Was the Second Spanish republic the only state where the Socialist party (the wing around Largo Caba…[View]
3829685Iranian Revolution: How a anti-dictatorial revolution ended with a dictatorial Islamic theocracy?…[View]
3829342Why does nobody talk about BLACK soldiers who helped reconquer Jerusalem from the infidels. Led by a…[View]
3829659WWII Pins - Unknown: So I just found these in my garage, probably belonged to my great grandfather. …[View]
3828324Wich site or youtube channel is the most reliable and trustworthy source to know about history?[View]
3829778Is it Good?: How accurate is it? and honestly is it worth a read and should I read something before …[View]
3829766>Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation[View]
3829770English, Welsh, Irish and/or Scot: Anglos came across the Channel from the continent in 1066 c.e. an…[View]
3829753>Operation Bagration[View]
3824269*blocks your path* On ne passe pas![View]
3828210Ontology: What's your ontology?[View]
3816110What was the most antinatural/antihumane civilization/culture in history? If such a thing is really …[View]
3822700HISTORY'S MYSTERIES: I've been doing research on the Pantheon lately, there's a theor…[View]
3823555>you wake up as a colonial governor in French West Africa in 1895. What would you do to ensure th…[View]
3828137>Germaboos will claim that the treaty of Versailles was unjust and too harsh >Germany lost 13…[View]
3829017>study history >learn about all those epic/tragic/fantastic moments in history most people wil…[View]
3829517Psychoanalysis What unconsciously happen to your mind in the moment see first time this[View]
3828713in your opinion, who made the greatest contribution to advancements in medicine and why?[View]
3827919Have you ever had an experience talking to someone with little to no knowledge /his/? I had one with…[View]
3829180Why is Roman Architecture so beautiful?[View]
3826960If there are several religions claiming wild things and none have proofs, then why believing in any …[View]
3826383Greatest admirals in history: Post em bois[View]
3829422The Round Chaos: Tell me about «The Round Chaos»[View]
3829399Hello Russia... I want to play a game[View]
3829357Why are Protestants so butthurt about Papal supremacy?[View]
3829289Watching Battle of Britain. What are some good WW2 historical fiction books to dive into /his/?[View]
3828560What criteria do scholars use to determine which epistles are Paul's and which aren't?[View]
3829047Which is the best architectural style, and why is it Scottish Baronial?[View]
3828159ITT: Historical moments that make you sad >This was the end of Pompey. But not long afterwards Ca…[View]
3828618A dam on the river Nile: So i was thinking for a while about this and never understood, if the water…[View]
3827215how does a pleb with no understanding of history develop one?[View]
3826787Why is history important in a anthropologic meaning?[View]
3828784I've always been interested in history, for as long as I can remember. When I'm bored I…[View]
3828894ITT: Great Leaders that were also shitty generals[View]
3829120>S-sudentenland is g-german[View]
3825110>Arabs are savag-[View]
3826737When did the Slavs settle the Balkans? I want to build a 'muh clay' stack for the area. Something li…[View]
3827754I like Byzantine architecture, post your best examples. Pic related is modern Church in montenegro a…[View]
3828980Can someone explain the thesis, antithesis, and synthesis of of both communism and fascism?[View]
3828762PLC: Was this the greatest country in the world for its time?[View]
3823615You rage you lose: http://ideas.time.com/2013/12/10/whos-biggest-the-100-most-significant-figures-in…[View]
3828400Y-DNA Haplogroup R1a: Is it of Türkic or Indo-European origin?[View]
3828480Why aren't post-1922 conflicts with North American natives such as Oka crisis or Wounded Knee i…[View]
3808644Do blue eyes have some evolutionary purpose?[View]
3828861So what the fuck was their problem his? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemko_Republic https://en.wiki…[View]
3828029post /his/ related videos that make you feel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yOyc8h0n_Q&t=4s…[View]
3828139Can someone explain to me the whole diamond monopoly thing? And the blood diamond thing? And apparen…[View]
3828822Were Mercenaries actually important in Renaissance warfare? How much can one man effect a battle? Ho…[View]
3827443The good guys of history.[View]
3822811Why were Bohemians traditionally closer with Germanic peoples instead of Polish? What were relations…[View]
3827707When was the first case of 'divide and conquer' used to subjugate another group of people?[View]
3828401What was his problem?[View]
3819099Who was in the wrong here?[View]
3828543What were Chinese thinking here? Their military was a joke in 60s, Soviets would absolutely and brut…[View]
3823679The Kabarebe Blitz might be the coolest 'Paratrooper' operation in history. During the Se…[View]
3828066Germany is alright.[View]
3823245How did Russia betray Poland?: >Russia betrayed us in 1939 In order to be betrayed, the betrayer …[View]
3828461Why did shitler and the germans hated us but loved the japs?: As someone who was born jewish althoug…[View]
3827137Are the Jews the biggest mutts on earth ?[View]
3828376No seriously what's up with orthodogs in Ottoman empire writing almost absolutely nothing from …[View]
3827044Did they ever even do anything of importance? What were the inhabitants like? Were the kings alright…[View]
3825858I have a question for /his/. Why did the historical Jesus develop the theology that he settled on? W…[View]
3826979are there any similar war-time songs? https://youtu.be/IUjLE_N1Cuc https://youtu.be/p5mmFPyDK_8 http…[View]
3828079How much of a defence is 'only following orders'?[View]
3828353how come majority of ruthless dictators were manlets?[View]
3827756They were all so magnificent, why did it have to go so wrong?[View]
3825811ITT: Spooky History Pics[View]
3822794>'we didn't lose our empire, we just gave it away' Is he right?[View]
3826221Why didn't they just purge the gangs and thugs so the streets would be safer? I know improving …[View]
3828276Will we ever get a clear idea of what his religious files where? What do you think[View]
3810274/his/ reading: What are your favorite historical biographies? Preferably not one of a U.S. president…[View]
3823078>history is written by the victors Is there any other phrase that makes it more obvious you are d…[View]
3825593Why did the Germans spend so many soldiers and resources trying to capture the entirety of just one …[View]
3827388Maintaining an Empire with a non-standing army: My understanding of the pre-Marian Roman army is tha…[View]
3826640Eurocentrism: How Eurocentric is a world history course in your country? What do they teach you in s…[View]
3820471Sino-Soviet relations during the Cold War: Could we have a thread about how the two eastern powers g…[View]
3825252Our Lord And Savior: I built your civilization human. I demand worship.[View]
3827738What did he mean by this?[View]
3826534Did secret satanist and pagan cults really exist before modern times and are there any accounts on t…[View]
3828007MORTAL KOMBAT: As I am sure you are all aware, the Elder Gods have decreed that in order for one of …[View]
3825410Why do so many countries in Europe hate being referred to as 'Eastern European'?[View]
3827991Who was the Last True Brit?: I vote this guy, everyone since has been a pale sickly shade of what Br…[View]
3827987How fucking awesome would the world have been if Tallyrand hadn't secretly persuaded Tzar Alexa…[View]
3827189ITT: Photographs and pictures[View]
3824928Did the Romans really conquer this part of Arabia or not? Most maps only have the Arabia Petraea pro…[View]
3827905Childhood is supporting Rome. Adulthood is realizing the Etruscans made more sense.[View]
3826236The popularity of the Chinese Communist Party among the peasants during the civil war was driven hea…[View]
3827576Operation BAGRATION[View]
3827814My glorious leaf high school history classes never went beyond the nation's vast oppressions ag…[View]
3827160Can three souls be reincarnated into one person? And if so is the one person three persons in one?[View]
3817104We haven't had a Burgundy thread in a while.[View]
3826638Lilith: Yea, my wife Lilith snaked by Adam the son of God, skin for skin![View]
3827670>Lepanto didn't finish ottoman dominance in the med-[View]
3824129explain this: why was davinci into traps[View]
3803999People who lives would make great movies.[View]
3827176>there was a total lunar eclipse the night before this guy got btfo at Gaugamela Other neat histo…[View]
3815661Tell me what one can do with a history degree?[View]
3827185If the future was predetermined, could you blame anyone for anything?[View]
3823888Did Samurai ever get PTSD?[View]
3817121ITT: We write an anime about a historical charactr: How about a Hapsburg Anime to start?[View]
3827510>Feudal Japan[View]
3824519>told his followers he'd return within their lifetime >didn't HOW DID CHRISTIANITY…[View]
3825200Is this channel any good? Is there anything like it for World War 2?[View]
3826232Swastika: Why has swastikas been used in so many cultures over the world? Pic is a etruscan swastika…[View]
3819845What was Norman controlled Southern Italy like?: Did they get along good with the locals?[View]
3827205Norwegian Army[View]
3824473>Henry V ordered that anyone who found a whore in camp could take her money, drive her off and br…[View]
3826963Going into research in Japanese studies next year. I'll be focusing on modern/post-modern Japan…[View]
3823325>things that amaze you about/involving history The fact that maps were able to get so accurate w…[View]
3827078I know the term Caucasian already is in use, but why isn't white as a 'race' defined as being p…[View]
3826777India: How did India go from advanced civilization of culture and prosperity to a shithole with disg…[View]
3825955The reason why the Aryans became so dominate is because they domesticated the horse.[View]
3826953ITT: /his/ figures who lived until at least the 2000's Pic related is Stalin's daughter[View]
3825642How did anyone take this guy seriously with a name like battuta?[View]
3826537Fuqin Justifiers: Why can't I just be proud, /his/? Why can't I just be proud my Great-to-…[View]
3820105Who would win? Caeser in 45 BCE with total control of the Roman state or Alexander the Great in 325 …[View]
3826826You are a spainish nobel charly has just died but the war of spainish succession has not started yet…[View]
3826696>be a time ago >be in class >some turbo normies are talking about vikings when it just air…[View]
3826743Can't sleep because my exam is in 3 hours at least we can appreciate how good of a con man Sadd…[View]
3821670Have whites ever been the victims of genocide?[View]
3815614http://www.habsburger.net/en http://www.habsburger.net/en http://www.habsburger.net/en NEW WEB SITE …[View]
3823584I'm curious, what does 4chan know about the Five Pillars of Islam?[View]
3820124So in this book it says: >The Corinthian decision was also, no doubt, part of the continuing cont…[View]
3826630Tell me about Abraham Lincoln. I want to know more about Lincoln's policies and actions in rega…[View]
3825408My ancestors :)[View]
3824463Would English longbowman have been effective against the Mongols? I'm thinking that they would …[View]
3826607Who was Rolfe?: Was he just a photographer really satisfied with his job? Or was he the sole member …[View]
3826456Most of the modern world’s problems and accomplishments come from this little corner of the earth[View]
3823907Dead languages: Sup /his/. Lately I've been batting the idea around of studying a dead language…[View]
3824182How did Ethiopians manage to humiliate Italians so badly during WW2?[View]
3826550*Teleports behind your consul* Nothing personel kid[View]
3819854Can we please stop We Wuzzing amongst all people my college history professor told our class today t…[View]
3826190What happened to the people that lived in Anatolia during the Turkish conquests? Did they become Tur…[View]
3825477Are you a slave? If so, to whom do you belong?[View]
3826416Why did he have to die /his/?[View]
3826037of all the polytheistic religions which pantheon was the most powerful?[View]
3824425Most overrated figures in history? >doesn't shutup >dies Why does he matter again?…[View]
3826374what woul the world be like if the holocaust happened?: better or worse?[View]
3825204How do we solve the wagecuck problem?[View]
3824957Why has God been silent for 2000 years?: Throughout the Old Testament, God never seems to go longer …[View]
3824170Vinča 'culture' was the first civilization: >'proto' writing >organized culture >first co…[View]
3824432They call it “STEM” because people who major in it have tiny stem dicks. They call it “Humanities” b…[View]
3820328Is he right?[View]
3826105Pagan Christianity: So i see a lot of christians always accusing eachother of being pagans and all t…[View]
3826098how he got that scars?[View]
3824026>you will never fight for Belgium in the Great War >you will never wear this cool hat and be p…[View]
3824862The Re-Moralization of Society: What do you guys think about Gertrude Himmelfarb and her ideas about…[View]
3825983Why didn’t the roman empire just relocate to britannia, build a big navy and basically be uninvadabl…[View]
3826003The Moors Murders: >he died six months ago and I was actually anticipating his death but the mont…[View]
3825791Why civilize when you can steal shit from the chinese and rape their women?[View]
3824731are any of you aware of this excavation? >excavation of the white sheet trench >survey of the…[View]
3826100How far could he have gone with the backing of the pope?[View]
3826107I need some help, /his/. Don't ask why: 1. What were the major shifts in European aristocracy a…[View]
3817670If you were forced to, would you rather be a Roman or Chinese Emperor?: Any period you want for both…[View]
3824793What are some times when a request for military assistance to another country eventually turned into…[View]
3825918It's now year 1000 at your location -thread What do you do?[View]
3825881Does anyone have any good resources on researching the difference between European Dragons and Asian…[View]
3824400Why has central banking become so prevalent and accepted in modernity? How do we stop this?[View]
3825527Was his system the only perfect and logically consistent theology ever created?[View]
3825587No babyeaters allowed: How can any Christian see Calvinism as at all based in Christian theology? Ev…[View]
3820956Alright guys, no /pol/ joos bullshit. Lets talk about the corporate/banker oligarchy that has ruled …[View]
3824507Why did Poland go through such an easternization past 1500? From 1000AD you had all the traditional …[View]
3823489YO YO YO WAIT *slurps sauerkraut* S-SO YOU FINNA *fires bismark* YOU BE TELLIN ME *daily telegraph a…[View]
3825657>by the 12th century, most Italian city-states had already largely abandoned feudalism >feudal…[View]
3825721Historical Badasses: >“I am a Roman,' he said to the king; 'my name is Gaius Mucius. I …[View]
3825670Reminder that the first batteries in the world were invented in Baghdad.[View]
3825334WE WUZ ROMANS[View]
3820217>On a visit to German Emperor Wilhelm II, his second cousin once removed, in 1909, Ferdinand was …[View]
3825274War Crimes: Why should we give a shit about war crimes and dead able bodied civilians? No one is for…[View]
3825549>On October 31st, 2017; over 3,900 Freemasons met at the Royal Albert Hall in London to celebrate…[View]
3825459Thoughts on my US His Final Exam/Politics in History: This is my essay topic for my US History final…[View]
3823142When did you realize that the US was the bad guy in the Cold War?[View]
3821760Is Liberty's Kids to blame for my love of the Revolutionary War? Did any other Burgers like thi…[View]
3820447Custom Memes: ITT: Post any dank personally made, hot and fresh memes we got here bois. I always lik…[View]
3822057Zwingli: What does /his/ think of Huldrych/Ulrich Zwingli?[View]
3819825How did a bunch of Viking adventurers ended up ruling over an entire branch of east slavs and pretty…[View]
3818987How the heck did a religious movement that started in the 20th century grow so large so quickly?[View]
3823964What happened to the Senate after the fall of the Roman Empire?[View]
3826871>be germanic >your people destroyed rome >1500 year later you steal all their aesthetics an…[View]
3823036What would a Europe under Imperial German hegemony be like?[View]
3823135Ancient persian culture: Why is classical persian culture and zoroastrian philosophy so underrated? …[View]
3820760If God doesn't want people to question his existence, then why did he give people the intellect…[View]
3825170America: Are these two solely responsible for why American Foreign Policy is so f'ed up?[View]
3819819What would fast food like like if someone else became the global power following WW2?: For instance,…[View]
3824100What was the reasoning behind the lack of morals humans have had in the past compared to now?[View]
3809937Why were muskets adopted when crossbows of the time were vastly superior in terms of rate of fire an…[View]
3819709Would it make sense to remove all Germanic words from English and replace them with Latin equivalent…[View]
3824909Can someone explain to me what Eugene V. Deb's ideology was in comparison to Max Schachtman, Pa…[View]
3809142>Sit 60km from Berlin for TWO MONTHS giving Germans all the time in the world to have some fuckin…[View]
3824555How come only Anglo (pop) historians view baron Ungern as some maniacal, insane proto-Hitler while R…[View]
3823813One of the best YT channels so far?: >Leave Youtube, actually being likable and making genuinely …[View]
3822562Why is Marcus Memerelius catching on with normies, while Epictetus is completely unknown? Epictetus …[View]
3824093If, after reaching India, if Alexandros Megas had turned around and tried to conquor west, would he …[View]
3818159Is this model accurate ?: https://towardsdatascience.com/napoleon-was-the-best-general-ever-and-the-…[View]
3824428what went wrong[View]
3823789>the HRE was not the true successor to Rome Why do retards always say this? Do they realize that …[View]
3822275How did Christians go from being badass crusaders to becoming LGBT cucks who adopt black children fr…[View]
3824751Prove to me that the Crusades weren't justified and no Constantinople doesn't count.[View]
3822606What was their endgame?[View]
3819938Why so many people are fascinated by Sissi or Diana? They were both terrible person who didn't …[View]
3822298What went wrong?[View]
3824511Why don't they just fuck off?[View]
3824202Why in late roman army sword armed infantry were replaced with spear infantry, also no pilum anymore…[View]
3824470>Septimus Severus is famously said to have given the advice to his sons: 'Be harmonious, enrich t…[View]
3823593The single most influential battle (not war) in History? My vote goes to Tours. >Stalingrad >G…[View]
3823891Could a new religion be founded around Stoic and Hellenic philisophical teachings and writings? I f…[View]
3823991Why did Byzantine Europe fail to unify?[View]
3818572Historic Religious Texts: Update 59: Short update, seven files. More Hellenic State Religion than yo…[View]
3824195>We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we s…[View]
3819134Say something nice about the American Empire, /his/[View]
3822924What are some of your favorite battles of WW2 that are underrated or less well known? I'm sure …[View]
3824147>Orthodox Marxism, therefore, does not imply the uncritical acceptance of the results of Marx’s i…[View]
3821417Military Music Thread: I've not seen one of these on here before, so I figured what the hell it…[View]
3823977Is Christianity as bad as Islam on an intellectual level? Why do so many of them just spout what oth…[View]
3822061What would you do if you were transported to 10th century England, With what you currently have on y…[View]
3821820Europe&Alphabet: I remember readong on /his/ a lbg tine ago that Eurooeans didn't really in…[View]
3823972>Public executions >Myth of Pasiphae, she had fallen in love with a bull. The romans used this…[View]
3822916Did any slaves get treated well at all? Are there any examples?[View]
3823620Did the Gracchi Brothers influence Caesar in his reformations?[View]
3823956>Pol Pot (/pɒl pɒt/, US: /poʊl/; Khmer: ប៉ុល ពត; 19 May 1925 – 15 April 1998,[1][2] born Saloth S…[View]
3823675Romans 13: Can someone explain Romans 13 to me? There HAS to be another interpretation because if no…[View]
3823925What can you tell me about the Crystal Maze and it's history?[View]
3819769What made Jesus so charismatic and appealing? How did Christianity became so popular in such little …[View]
3823014How much did the Holy Roman Empire and the role of Emperor change with the end of the Carolingian dy…[View]
3812381What went wrong? If WWI didn't happen, could the Austro-Hungarian empire have held together? Is…[View]
3823674did they fear the Scilly warrior ?[View]
3823235Post historical power stances[View]
3823774how come the song is called '12 days' of Christmas when there are really only 2?[View]
3821735Tell me about the Buffalo Soldiers[View]
3823273>44 BC >19 year old Gaius Octavius gathers an army and leads them to Rome. Is this revisionism…[View]
3823059History Project: I have to do an honors project for class where I choose 15 world leaders and write …[View]
3820255Tall female with golden eyes - Iran: >In December 2006, archaeologists discovered the world'…[View]
3823606Dispensationalism: Did any Christians before the 19th century believe in this shit?[View]
3814218I have heard people say that the French colonial holdings were useless to France. Most of the land w…[View]
3823580Moral question: If all people with AIDS were executed it would stop to exist and spread right? Is it…[View]
3819400Looking for books on Islamic slave trade in Asia: Hello /his/ I'm looking for books on the Isla…[View]
3822927/his/, I need your help. I'm making an RPG that takes place on a medieval setting and I want to…[View]
3823491what is /his/s opinion on pic related? Was he guilty of these horrible crimes or did the anglos made…[View]
3822171when did you take the /his/ pill?[View]
3819834Has libertarian monarchy ever existed? Is it a meme, or viable?[View]
3818777/maps/: Maps thread. In memory of >>3808990, I will post my Caucasus maps first.[View]
3823193I am Pannonian[View]
3822939If we figure out the grand unified theory, and as a result we could predict the future with 100% acc…[View]
3822059What the FUCK was his problem?: >Legalism[View]
3821350What is your favourite naval battle?[View]
3786734Funny Historical Events: ITT: Bizarre, funny, or ridiculous historical events from any point in hist…[View]
3820924What went wrong?[View]
3822661Why do Vietnam get lumped as southeast Asian when they're culturally and racially east Asian / …[View]
3822506Why are so many 'Christians' today more concerned with protecting the reputation of Islam than sprea…[View]
3822956ITT: Historical events that make you HMM or kek: >On Christmas Eve of 1975 about 150 of his oppon…[View]
3822452China's non-communist parties: https://youtu.be/lVKuqH7fUgc Well they actually exist. Even fuck…[View]
3821754Byzantine Hospitals: Hey /his I just read a book for my Byzantine History class called 'The Birth of…[View]
3822148Battle of Sekigahara 1600 A.D.: >see someone wearing this armor in the battlefield charging at yo…[View]
3820030Was it the gruesome survivalistic lifestyle of this lands that made the steppe-niggas so gruesome an…[View]
3822272What did he meme by this?[View]
3816206Did the Venetians simply have no interest in exploiting the New World, or...?[View]
3822623movies where the good guys lost[View]
3822588Ottoman Reform: Could the Ottomans have reformed and kept their empire intact if they hadn't be…[View]
3822664Why didn't Iran just go around the electrified swamps and minefields filled with mustard gas?[View]
3822263The problem wasn't that Breaker Morant was executed. The problem was he was one of the only Imp…[View]
3817943Why are Historians so homophobic?[View]
3822557Actually sweetie ancient Athens wasn't a democracy because not everyone could vote and they had…[View]
3822631>tfw Generalissimo Chiang and Chairman Mao were bromance buddies and always respected each other …[View]
3821524No H: How common were same-sex relationships in the military?[View]
3820714So, what's the difference between Quebecois French and, say, Parisian French?[View]
3820251you have to pick one >new discovery proves that your favorite historical figure was black >new…[View]
3820684I know I am not the only one who thinks that the treaty of Versailles was to harsh[View]
3818352The Middle Ages: Lets see some dark or odd images from the middle ages.[View]
3822510is this accurate? Tarradellas>Companys[View]
3822307What the fuck was their problem?[View]
3821337Proto indoeuropean expansion: Why did PIEs start their expansion? Is there any theory or agreement a…[View]
3822448“The slain care little if they sleep or rise again.” – Aeschylus, 479 BC What did he mean by this?[View]
382085111th December 1917 General Allenby gets to the Jaffa Gate, dismounts, and walks into Jerusalem. 'Onl…[View]
3819025Can you guys recommend me some intro texts that covers these topics in IR and comparative politics?:…[View]
3822316Does anyone have that Hitler speech where he’s talking about having to fight both the rich and the p…[View]
3822291based Czechs[View]
3821836Does anyone else find the history of pederasty really fascinating from a documentation perspective? …[View]
3822115>You will never live your entire life within London throughout the years 1815-1914 honestly civil…[View]
3822073Egypt - Nile River (One core, multiple threads) Mesopotamia - Tigris and Euphrates River (Two cores)…[View]
3822186Stormtrooper or Rifleman in 1918 Which one /his/? By rifleman I mean one of the Germans not to have…[View]
3822187My R1a-M417 ancestors :)[View]
3819279Why was Zimbabwe Rhodesia never internationally recognized?: This was basically a way to give the bl…[View]
3822178>single-handedly allows hitler to rise to power with his shitty policies heh, nothing personnel…[View]
3821888How did the turkification of anatolia happen? I can understand the greeks becoming muslim in order t…[View]
3821647Why did ancient Hellenes had preserved the knowledge about Mycenaean and the war for Troy, but not a…[View]
3820948Worth a read?[View]
3819678In February 1943 Rokossovsky wrote in his diary: 'I'm appointed commander of the Central Front.…[View]
3821948>Leave Russia to me What was he thinking when he said this? Seems like a strange end game…[View]
3818871What city was the most impressive for itss time?[View]
3821978Thoughts on antinatalism? >http://cnqzu.com/library/Philosophy/David_Benatar_-_Better_Never_to_Ha…[View]
3819470When should it be considered ethical or even mandatory for one to kill themselves if ever? Should on…[View]
3819518Segregation in History: >The Southern institution of racial segregation or racial separation was …[View]
3821699I think I came up with an original philosophical idea. I'm calling it a philosophical idea here…[View]
3821955Accounts of the conquerors: lets share some from the meetings of the worlds: 'They continually cried…[View]
3821440What do Romanians think of him?[View]
3820718Abraham Lincoln asks George McClellan to attack the army of Northern Virginia. 'Attack 30000 men? Th…[View]
3819009I want to learn: Hi, i want to learn core philosophy. I want ancient greek and roman philosophers on…[View]
3821738Iceland: How did the vikings treat the papar in Iceland? How did the papar react to the arrival of t…[View]
3813921Why did the Romans care so much about this backwoods shithole? What did they bring to the table?[View]
3820969Fertile Crescent was such a wonderful and interesting place before Arabs and Islam.[View]
3814190ITT: '''Villains''' who did literally nothing wrong[View]
3817244ITT: Post History's Greatest Villains I'll start with pic related, Norman Borlaug. He is r…[View]
3820658Turks: I was just wondering, why are Turks always accused of WE WUZ when they talk about nomads? Lat…[View]
3821688What is /his/'s favorite philosopher? This is mine. Actions are either good or bad in themselve…[View]
3821739wtf was his problem?[View]
3821734Just TWO BROS hiding from puritans in a tree NOTHING SEXUAL.[View]
3820208People who are still alive: Here we talk about historically significant people who are still alive. …[View]
3821433>tfw am autistically obsessed with specific part of history that barely has any thing documented …[View]
3820543>hunter gatherer era People used to be tall. >farming era People used to be turbo manlets unt…[View]
3820249How effective was chemical warfare in WW1? I mean, I know that when it was first introduced it had …[View]
3821584>'all the water on earth came from comets'[View]
3816382Iran–Iraq War thread?[View]
3821378Kurds: How Leftists and Achmeds yell about Israel alledgedly keeping the Palestinians down, but don…[View]
3817358Should I major in History, Philosophy or Literature? I’m leaning towards Philosophy.[View]
3821022give me a rundown on Theodore Roosevelt is the greatest president in American history?[View]
3819255USSR invading the USA: Could they have done it at peak strength if they rolled over europe? https:/…[View]
3821476What's your place of worship? Can be for aesthetics or history.[View]
3820907Shinto thread.[View]
3821351Can we talk about Christian icons and paintings? It seems as if many in the early church were agains…[View]
3813231>Drags his country into a war with a neutral nation >Resigns a few months later What the fuck …[View]
3821409According to Hume evidence from human testimony can/should not convince us to believe in miracles. I…[View]
3817900How did the direct descendants of the pharaohs end up being sold into slavery?[View]
3820809Is discipline the basic element that makes an army great? https://youtu.be/pJO2UfG9KcI?t=3[View]
3820991Was he a good President?[View]
3815725Did Akhenaten indirectly start Judasim?[View]
3821190Why was the capital of the WRE moved to Milan and then Ravenna? What was it that made Rome irrelevan…[View]
3820179I know it's popular to say this is 'entry level Kurosawa', etc. But forget all that, it's …[View]
3820426How come ancient weaponry didn't have wrist slings more often? Seems like a no brainer.[View]
3821026I need to write a report about someone who gained power or lost power any ideas[View]
3821010/his/, tell me about male prostitution in ancient Greece. Were the Greeks always this gay?[View]
3820384What the FUCK was he thinking?[View]
3820709Hitler and Mussolini swap countries in 1938, what happens?[View]
3820049https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osFYI1N7q1M What was the purpose of this analysis over this bit of h…[View]
3818730How mass murdering and enslaving did Marcus Aurelius' do in his battles? Reading his The Medita…[View]
3817869ITT: 'tyrants' who LITERALLY and UNIRONICALLY, in actual fact, did nothing wrong Only serious respon…[View]
3821083Find a flaw.[View]
3819155Brown Babies of WW2: How did a country that was indoctrinated by Nazi propaganda for years so quickl…[View]
3820883>44 BC >19 year old Gaius Octavius gathers an army and leads them to Rome. Is this revisionism…[View]
3820825Who were the Gracchi Brothers and why do people say they helped cause the fall of the Republic?[View]
3815182Old or Middle High German: Is anyone here knowledgeable about Old of Middle High German? Specificall…[View]
3817425What did Herodotus mean by this?[View]
3820486Was Zaphod Beeblebrox based on Alcibiades?[View]
3813834Persia/Iran history: Are modern Iranians related to Old Persians? If so, by how much? Also, who were…[View]
3819948How accurate is this?[View]
3819667Meijing restoration: Hello people of /his/. For a school project I want need to know some events tha…[View]
3820433Why were the Franks so good at kicking Muslim ass?[View]
3819511In stead of training your body to improve your state of mind, why not use that time to actually trai…[View]
3820587Numismatics / coin collecting thread: According to the archive, /his/ has had numismatics threads in…[View]
3818729Why did the Chinese depict Central Asian monks as red haired and blue eyed?[View]
3819855rhodesia: how did it fall?[View]
3820458why is their language so mongolish and weird, different from arabic and persian and why don't t…[View]
3820507When did it all go so wrong?[View]
3818826Oui-aboo: Is the French revolution and Empire the pinnacle of human achievement?[View]
3813759*Teleports behind you* *conquers iberia* 'Nothing personnel, Visigoth.'[View]
3818616Whats the best Roman era to start with?[View]
3819904Is Theology a science? Because it doesn't adhere to scientific principles at all.[View]
3817702well? is it accurate?[View]
3818841Are Alsatians French or German?[View]
3820277If we look at modern day levantines and accept that over the past centuries more Arabs migrated to t…[View]
3818340Christians say the dark ages weren't a thing at all and everything got better during the suppos…[View]
3813166Can you tell me thinkers who defend the idea of aristocracy? In a non-noble(political) sense. People…[View]
3816603>The republic shall be reorganized into the FIRST AMERICAN EMPIRE!!![View]
3814225Jesus: Where did Jesus go between the age of 13 and 30? Are the claims of him going to India, Britan…[View]
3819582WE WUZ ANCIENT CHRISTIANS N SHIET: Why do we let evangelicals appropriate the term 'Christian' and a…[View]
3819686Were they Roman?[View]
3819881/Prussia/ Thread: Post all things Prussian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_6AQA4uzD0 (Make sure to…[View]
3819869Tell me about the Timurid Empire in your own words, /his/. You want an A don’t you? t. your professo…[View]
3819785Why didn’t Franco help Hotler when he needed it most? Why did he betray Hitler? Was it because he wa…[View]
3812459Roman or not Roman?[View]
3819677Is it just me or is there a conspiracy among academics to remove the Dark Ages from historical thoug…[View]
3818935Which country has, historically, statistically started (as in were the aggressor for) the most wars?…[View]
3813048As you all know, morality is a by-product of natural selection. It is biologically weird into us, co…[View]
3819719Hello, my Tovarisches. I'm obsessed with the USSR right now, here are some innocuous questions …[View]
3818359Did normal people in the early middle ages know what weekday/day/month/year it was?[View]
3819647>muh 1% >muh redistribution of wealth Were they the first Communists?…[View]

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