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5642318WWII History Documentary: There’s an old World War Two documentary series that’s been on my mind rec…[View]
5642273Friend found these old photos. Can anyone help identify the ship/people? WW2 Kriegsmarines clearly..…[View]
5638982Was Babeuf aware his revolution meme would lead to islamic conquest or was he simply writing what th…[View]
5642210How did Greco–Roman Palestinians get intertwined with Arab identity? As far as I can tell they are w…[View]
5637577If it is a natural behavior of humans to form close-knit groups based on ethnic or cultural ties, wh…[View]
5644391Political Spectrum: Compare and contrast Marxism from Leninism and Maoism...How are the three practi…[View]
5642174Vexillology: Does anyone know the origins of the green flag on the car? It doesn't seem to be n…[View]
5637089Unironically speaking, why is feudalism bad?[View]
5642090What were the Second Generation Christians in Jerusalem like post-first Crusade? Did they integrate …[View]
5641517was getting caught part of his plan[View]
5640708What if US enters in 1915?: May 7 1915, the Lusitania is sunk by a German Uboat. There's an ini…[View]
5638203How did Semites, Caucasians, Uralics, Basques avoid Indo-Europeanization?[View]
5637646I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
5640458Why do old men generally die quickly after losing their wives while old women live for at least a de…[View]
5640155'Fascist': >A fasces is the symbol of fascism >A fasces is a bunch of sticks tied together …[View]
5641868/ourguy/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttxumEkHnKE This guy is a true intellectual. How can one m…[View]
5641802How would history have developed if Blondi was NOT kept on a leash?[View]
5638883Comfy Medieval Locations Thread: Post comfy places, photos, maps or otherwise, from the medieval or …[View]
5634539So China had 2 Foreign Imperial Dynasties, right? How come Mongs never left any impact on Chinese cu…[View]
5641086If Afrocentrists are full of shit-: -where are they getting these medieval drawings? Pic related;Coa…[View]
5641484How accurate is this? https://youtu.be/ociHVDWxDaY[View]
5641669>Every dog has his da-[View]
5630288Draw a historical figure and others try to guess who it is. I'll start[View]
5633582You have five seconds to provide an argument against the labor theory of value. Go ahead.[View]
5641621Why is the American Revolution aesthetic af?[View]
5641602How the fuck did they get away with this bullshit?[View]
5641325Why did the Arab Abbasid Caliphate send troops to help the Chinese Tang Dynasty during the An Lushan…[View]
5641540Why did Moorish rule in Europe fade?: Very Rare image of Henry II (972-1024) King of Italy and Germa…[View]
5641496Socratic Method Thread: Let's practise the Socratic method. Start by asserting a thesis, any th…[View]
5640531Petrine theory: >Petrine theory, the basis of Roman Catholic doctrine on papal primacy, resting p…[View]
5638635Fascism vs Nazism: >I see some things are not going so great. Let's create a system which co…[View]
5641456Was the spread of democracies in the past (and their continued existence in the future) destined to …[View]
5641383>''''''''''Nationalist''''''''''' China >Entire country is made up of regional warlords loosel…[View]
5641002What if France won the Franco-Prussian War?[View]
5639882Degree in Philosophy: I have a BA in Philosophy. Ask me a question.[View]
5641192Zimmerman Telegram: >that time Germany promised Mexico Texas, Arizona and New Mexico if they foug…[View]
5641064Joan of Arc: How'd she do it?[View]
5639640Who was in the wrong and why was it England?[View]
5640281Who wore it better, Charles V or William of Orange?[View]
5640963Has an Afrocentrist ever presented anything that has given you pause?[View]
5640064is this really how ancient romans killed themselves?[View]
5640638>There are people on /his/ that are YACs Defend yourselves[View]
5639943Why did Jews serve in the German army during WW1 but not during WW2?[View]
5639452Albanians descend from Illyrian Albanoi or Thracian Bessoi: Albanian Y-DNA is either E-V13 (early Ne…[View]
5641091>tfw you hear '''''''people'''''…[View]
5638123Jewish history and identity: In the year 65 B.C. the Roman armies under General Pompey captured Jeru…[View]
5639334Maps Thread: Anything historical goes. The bigger the better.[View]
5636354Is Kissinger the most influential non-president in US history?[View]
5640981Who was in the wrong here? I believe it was Plutarch for arguing with a dead man[View]
5639951What are some /his/-approved books on Romanian history?[View]
5637376If Germany had won WW1, would we get something like Kaiserreich or something else would have happene…[View]
5640965Et tu, Athens?[View]
5640940Why did history people get to do meaningful things while I just sit inside on my computer all day?[View]
5638283Utilitarianism is the best philosophy. Prove me wrong.[View]
5640001Did anyone else think his last episode was pretty weird? Also what are some more comfy historical vl…[View]
5640907>Nowadays, the national interest of all countries is being subordinated to worldwide plans impose…[View]
5637541ICH HABE MEINEN FREUND GESCHOSSEN /his/ movies thread, only the good stuff allowed[View]
5639510What's the name of the philosophical position that there are no moral facts but it is rational …[View]
5637527A big concern in the Prussian/German partition of Poland was that German settlers were Polonizing fa…[View]
5640889Soviet-Afghan War: Let's talk about the Soviet-Afghan war, what lead into it, what happened dur…[View]
5633956How can you believe in evolution and Adam and Eve at the same time? Can someone explain this to me.[View]
5637878Biography of the prophet muhammad from ibn ishaq born 704 died 770 This biography is widely consider…[View]
5638350Journal of Controversial Ideas: Would you read this journal?[View]
5638985Was Japan's invasion of Asian countries leftist? Like war crimes aside, the general theme in th…[View]
5638189If we reach the utopia, where is the reason of humanity? People fight for a better place but without…[View]
5640721Was it tactically advantageous for the Persians to dress so damn comfy? Seriously, why did they wear…[View]
5640813Did Joseph Jacques Césaire Joffre really do anything wrong?[View]
5640714Karl Marx is a god: Communism is the best system.[View]
5639957Yesterday in Vienna, living descendants of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Gavrilo Princip, Anita von H…[View]
5637567What is the secret of Fascist aesthetics?[View]
5639415What's the general opinion on Oliver Cromwell among the British? Thread music: https://www.yout…[View]
5638362Who was to blame for WW I?: The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to accept the total responsibili…[View]
5637484I think the core of Marxism is the realization that our world is dominated by a fantasy: money. The …[View]
5640651Postmodern-Chan: What would Post-Modernism be like if she were an anime girl? Let's take this s…[View]
5639835https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdZcqAss92w New Vid, did they do a good job on dissecting this ruler…[View]
5640432Egyptians discovered Algol's variability before Western astronomers-algol-variability-years.htm…[View]
5640626I was reading the 'Proud Internationalist' and realized the agenda exposed there is 99% identical to…[View]
5638537Why does The Roman Empire still have so many defenders? What possible reason could anyone that isn…[View]
5638200Did the Crimean War irreparably fuck over the Russian Empire? >expansionism that had driven the e…[View]
5637047Are religious people happier than the irreligious?[View]
5640480What can /his/ tell me about the Kopis? What were the advantages and disadvantages? And why wasn…[View]
5640341World War 1 would be more well known to the common man if it wasn't such a complicated clusterf…[View]
5639847Do you think the near future will be peaceful or chaotic, /his/? Be honest. Are we gonna die in WW3?[View]
5640172ITT people who did nothing wrong[View]
5639536How did Eastern Roman architecture stack up in terms of pure defensive capabilities compared to west…[View]
5639158Did anything he did even matter?[View]
5627150ITT Post only the undisputed good guys of humanity[View]
5640159daily reminder[View]
5636213I need ideas: You have helped me out with ideas before /his/. I want to do a piece of artwork for th…[View]
5634892Which Roman province was the most significant? (outside mainland Italy)[View]
5637896Daily reminder Dom Pedro II did nothing wrong and Brazil would be a superpower if he was never overt…[View]
5635144Who has the most blood on their hands in WW1?[View]
5638698He was smarter than Meme Marx and knew human nature better than German Scum Engels >While he agre…[View]
5639634Can you describe nostalgia by comparing it to some other sensation? For me its like seeing a vast ab…[View]
5640075What are your top 5 historical anthems that aren't used today? for me its; 1. God Save The Tsar…[View]
5634118Why does the Confederacy still have so many defenders? What possible reason could anyone that isn…[View]
5640052Was Caste system based on Race / Birth or was it like a title of a rank ? What happens is someone fr…[View]
5638890He did literally nothing wrong.[View]
5639952Why was the reception given to returning soliders of WW1 Vietnam levels of disgraceful ?[View]
5639969Is it a sin to have a waifu, /his/?[View]
5639066Indigenismo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigenismo_in_Mexico Thoughts on Indigenismo? This movem…[View]
5638070Is the pope a good example of an elected monarch? Also, let's talk about pope history in genera…[View]
5638441https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_ggEKWB8-E >This is what magapedes actually seriously unironical…[View]
5636506Were the Xiongnu and Huns the same people?[View]
5638975I finally fixed it[View]
5624838Hey /his/, what is your favorite case of 'what could have been', claims, secret treaties, proposed b…[View]
5639356Swastika thread: K, I'm doing this, posting Swastika threads and recompling them, I'll pos…[View]
5639716>kills 33% of Central Europe >Kills 90% in some regions and settled lands become forest again …[View]
5637861It's over: The dust has finally settled. How do you rate this series?[View]
5633793Why has communism failed in every societal implementation over the course of its history?[View]
5639207Locke: >*destroys western civilization* How did he do it bros?[View]
5639570>tries to steal Germanic history[View]
5638733Communism should've been the light leading all of humanity out of the dark cave. Just what went…[View]
5621565>you will never be a Greek man in his 30s with a cute little twink eromenos in your arms Why is l…[View]
5634552Architecture thread[View]
5636064When did you first realize Matt Easton was going to be cast as Aymer de Valence in Netflix's 'O…[View]
5639230*ruins everything*[View]
5636261Was it autism?[View]
5638001Atlantis: Welp, im sold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5kEzxOb-3c[View]
5638734Is it true that the Allies killed more civilians than Nazi Germany during World War II?[View]
5639264Any /his/torians here studying archeology or are archeologists? I’m at school and thinking of gettin…[View]
5634684Was he the best person to have ever ruled over Germanic people?[View]
5639149How much of a genetic impact did Russian colonization and soviet influence have on the Asiatic peopl…[View]
5639145Who had the bloodiest clan feuds, the Irish or the Scots? Any ebin stories about clan feuds?[View]
5638953What did /his/ think of Armoured Skeptic at mythcon? I'm posting here because its humanities re…[View]
5639097>No one ever thinks about defending a trench >No where to run if you tried >Can only get of…[View]
5638186Was he a good man? Did he do only what he had to do? What does /his/ think of Horthy Miklós?[View]
5639038How are there still unironic idealists?[View]
5635234I'm thinking of finally reading the old testament. I have three questions. 1) What edition/tran…[View]
5635951Why is it so easy to convince white people that Christianity is a bad thing? Are white people destin…[View]
5636823ITT: Post and discuss history's greatest(infamous) traitors Pic related might be the biggest on…[View]
5610939What rights, if any, should a robot have?[View]
5636952What was the plan for Soviet army if they decide to attack nato?[View]
5635771What is the legacy and impact of the Mongol Empire, besides some obvious ones like population hits a…[View]
5638686Buddhism and Joy: I sometimes really feel that Christianity cannot be literally true i.e the Resurre…[View]
5638691eurocuck history before Greece?: who lived here really early? what was the political scene before th…[View]
5638699By fighting only one engagement on land, Japan was technically the only Allied country not to suffer…[View]
5628795What can you do with a degree in History other than teaching?[View]
5637977Hollywood >Medieval Europe was mixed race, medieval North africa was homogeneously brown reality…[View]
5635700The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere: What would’ve it been? Would it basically become an Asia…[View]
5634813>Home we bring the bald whoremonger, >Romans, lock your wives away, >All his Gallic slaves…[View]
5635425How much independence were religious minorities really allowed in the Ottoman Empire?[View]
5638582What if the afterlife really is just a dark, gloomy, bleak, depressing reflection of this earth?[View]
5631628Why is the Teutonic Order often portrayed as menacing and ubstoppable in popular media even though t…[View]
5636353God is not real because of genetics. Our personalities and ways of thinking are genetic. Why would …[View]
5637172Are we anything more than just really intelligent hairless apes?[View]
5638335>Monarchists will defend this[View]
5637854When did monarchies become reality TV-esque jokes and not an institution to be respected? Do monarch…[View]
5630199100 years ago, this man defeated Germany: In his private train >On 26 March 1918, the French mars…[View]
5638509Charles University Insignia: Hi anon. I need your help. At the end of 2nd World War Germans stolen i…[View]
5637954How many guys did he fuck (or get fucked)?[View]
5637979>mfw someone tells me Robbin Hood wasn't real He's real in my head canon and that'…[View]
5636872What are some good movies, shows, games, books, etc. set during imperial China. Looking specifically…[View]
5637983The Gospel Of John: I'm curious about the origins of this book. Who wrote it and where did it c…[View]
5636916What were the Free French worth in WW2? How relevant were they?[View]
5635899DO you agree with his opinion that the Germans lost WW2 as soon as the RN blocked off the Germans oi…[View]
5636361How would the country be different if he won in '92? And for that matter, what would happen if …[View]
5633191A moment of silence #2: First Thread >>5630960 Remember to take a moment today for the men, no…[View]
5637747Can someone explain to me what nationalism and patriotism actually mean and what's the differen…[View]
5636075>Starts a world conflict and millions die resulting in another conflict ending with an atomic wea…[View]
5637222Is class mobility a myth?[View]
5634026Did most people think that they were just larpers before they started the war?[View]
5636235What the fuck was his problem?[View]
5637204Philosophy of Superheroes: Aren't superheroes by their very nature fascist? A superpowered (or …[View]
5626545flag bearer memes: post em[View]
5617900Remembrance Thread: Can we please have a thread about the First World War that doesn't descend …[View]
5638099>The 'problem' of evil In scientific terms, isn't 'evil' just 'a form of power that one disl…[View]
5637532Why western europe always failed to christianise maghreb countries in north africa ?[View]
5633834How the Japanese pictured John Adams: >this is a Japanese depiction of 'Adomusu' (John Adams) So …[View]
5632698Exactly 100 years ago today, WWI came to a close with a signing of an armistice between the Allies a…[View]
5637972What do you think of Cecil Rhodes? How influential were he and Alfred Milner in creating anti-German…[View]
5635925Where did the meme come from that medieval people found fat and obese women beautiful when pretty mu…[View]
5635756Who is the greatest Jew king?[View]
5633952Did Hitler actually blame WW1 on the Jews I've been seeing a bunch of /pol/ posters and Nazi…[View]
5637935*cracks open an ice cold oliet Bang’s* >Now, Bretton Woods... THAT was an international monetary …[View]
5637911Who is the worst mafia boss?: Who is the worst multiple mosts bad choices and bad leaders boss of a …[View]
5635353Why is Medieval Europe one of the most popular, if not most popular era of history (Though WW2 would…[View]
5635293What is it like to live during the pinnacle of an empire/civilisation/whatever?[View]
5637782Why were most French soldiers in WWI black Africans?[View]
5637830Osprey thread[View]
5635836>studying History at Uni >no meme courses, every option is something actually worth learning …[View]
5632417When was the last time a nations leader actually led troops into battle?[View]
5637758>”What if a successful African nation wasn’t just a myth?”: >trailer >EAR SHATTERING BRAAAA…[View]
5636327Study strategies: Tell us how you got through undergrad.[View]
5637492>got kicked out of my history class for shitting on the desks during lecture Professor was talkin…[View]
5633434Outlaw King: Did you watch it? It's actually pretty good.[View]
5635901Why were the Knight's sabaton's so long and pointy?[View]
5637695give proof that agincourt happened.[View]
5636714The greatest tragedy is 95% of western people worship either Marx and Che Guevara ...And the other 5…[View]
5623870Map thread 2: old one hit image limit >>5614924[View]
5637605Do Sikhs secretly crave conflict but hide behind moralilty to Justify thier violence: I mean their s…[View]
5637143At this point, its not about whether or not God left us for we already know the answer to that but r…[View]
5635863daily reminder[View]
5629734Was Medieval 2 right? did France really had the best western cavalry?[View]
5633121So if there was one man, if given the chance, who got out-Stalin Stalin, it would be pic related? Ha…[View]
5630854Good Guys Who Lost[View]
5636309How is it even possible to deny the holocaust? How can a serious adult make a case against it withou…[View]
5636277>flies within TEN MILES of the lunar surface in a machine which is capable of landing on it - but…[View]
5636925Oliver's army is here to stay.[View]
5634745>tfw the people whose country you have invaded are fighting back[View]
5636270Why was the American public so shocked by the news footage of Vietnam when so many of them had alrea…[View]
5633718Post the most outlandish yet logically coherent/possible philosophical positions you can think of. Y…[View]
5636210The arch is the ultimate engineering masterpiece of nature adapted by mankind. Prove me wrong.[View]
5605115/his/ approved vidya?: For me, it's Red Orchestra 2. Pure eastern front kino. Apparently the G…[View]
5635998Why do history nerds insist on idolizing genocidal pricks?[View]
5636805Pic related, the only (known) castrati to make recordings. Is it true that castrati were as immature…[View]
5636659>...all the priests got arrested and questioned about hidden treasure >most showed couple of p…[View]
5633406Is there any greater tragedy in history than the foundation of the abrahamic religions: >Least sp…[View]
5630610/his/torical Languages: What languages do you know /his/? Or what languages are you learning? I want…[View]
5636626So Wicca man has basically been modernized into Burning Man, Samhain has been modernized into Hallow…[View]
5636301Was the Kingdom of Jerusalem destined to fall? Was there any way for the Christian Kingdom to surviv…[View]
5636508Mankind was once ignorant and naive We walked around naked and without shame feeding off wild plants…[View]
5634903Would the USSR have been more successful and attained sustainable long-term economic stability and o…[View]
5636422are there any good, in depth books on how the internal structures of the Holy Roman Empire changed o…[View]
5632508What is the (culturally) ideal Chinese woman?: To give literary examples, I'm looking for the C…[View]
5630873Beautiful Bible Verses: For the record, this is not a debate over branches of Christianity or Theism…[View]
5636391>a racist self-hating jew is the symbol of humanism and democracy This is the state of western so…[View]
5636302>Colonel Francis Charteris (baptised 4 April 1675 – 24 February 1732), nicknamed 'The Rape-Master…[View]
5636358Would this work?: >finds oil in Arabia before its destroyed by Entente >Survives WW1, becomes …[View]
5625569>study history >become pan-Islamist This happen to anyone else?…[View]
5635844>BC? Oh you mean b.c.e.[View]
5636233What would the world look like today if Nasserism succeeded?[View]
5619946prove egoism is wrong or else you have to lick loli stirner's feet[View]
5636292What do you think about modal logics? They have been around since at least Aristotle, so they needn…[View]
5629415I have a tremendous difficulty with understanding the concept of tribes and tribal people. In what w…[View]
5636223>pronouncing it le-ON-idas instead of leo-NI-das[View]
5634829How essentials were blacks to the Allied victory in WWI?[View]
5633753>be so alpha even Nazis are afraid to get rid of you[View]
5634568>Germans had the best tanks >Soviets only won because of manpower >the Sherman had an under…[View]
5635672WW1 Thread: It's been 100 years, gentlemen[View]
5635016What's the USSR equilavent of this book?[View]
5636120>pic related gets to start a thread on /biz/ for a day What does Howard say /his/?…[View]
5635849Why was ancestor worship generally more popular than nature worship in Africa and East Asia?[View]
5635992Is there really anything intrinsically wrong with suicide in and of itself?[View]
5629968Jack the Ripper: Who was he?[View]
5630134>ywn be cut down by Joan of arc Why even live?[View]
5629526Cold War: Who would win in a convential war >in the 40's >in the 50's >in the 60…[View]
5632536Which bronze age culture did the Slavs originate from ? for example : Italo-Celts emerged from the T…[View]
5636025NEET aristocracy: The traditional philosopher was an Aristocrat. He was born into wealth and thus di…[View]
5635963I have found the new true god, Giver of Engery, Bringer of Oats[View]
5635868What is the difference between revenge and justice?[View]
5635950>[insert historical non-European empire] were bad because they conquered stuff!…[View]
5635829what was the effect of the world wars on the European gene pool? hopefully it doesn’t sound simplemi…[View]
5635703Did europeans have any access to stimulant drugs (uppers) prior to America's colonization? Pic …[View]
5634782Why do retards keep pushing the longbow meme?[View]
5634640Is it true that these structures were mosques?[View]
5631933Was Asia Minor mostly Greek before it got Turk'd?[View]
5635620http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2014/12/on-the-lack-of-cultural-estran.html So this blog…[View]
5635155“Devil, I have just shit in my trousers. Have you smelled it?” —Martin Luther https://queenmobs.com/…[View]
5635738Who would win in a fight between Assyria and Babylonia?[View]
5633557I'm Indy Neidell. That was the Great War.[View]
5633260How did they not put out even ONE WWI movie during the entire 4 year period of the centennial?[View]
5635369Recommend me some good reading material regarding the Reconquista period of Spanish history: Can you…[View]
5633537La Françafrique: Tell me about Françafrique, /his/. To which extent did France control her former co…[View]
5631419That was the Great War[View]
5634779How different were the Dal Riatians compared to the Scots and Irish? Did they owe their allegiance t…[View]
5635292How did Britain go from a European backwater embroiled in constant civil wars to being an empire tha…[View]
5634357Why were the UK and France okay with the Soviet Union violating Poland's sovereignty but when G…[View]
5634978They Shall Not Grow Old: Just finished watching it on BBC2. Superbly made, the restoration to wide-s…[View]
5634117Friendly reminder, Peter Jacksons - They Shall Not Grow Old 9.30pm (GMT) on BBC 2 which is 30 mins f…[View]
5633635Too many sources? Pic related.[View]
5634899Does the Gathas imply radical dualism or monotheism?: I just read Mary Boyce's translation of G…[View]
5632544The Troubles in Ireland: I'm moving to Ireland soon and I know that you're not supposed to…[View]
5634392Coins?: During my trip to Tunisia, I found these two. Does anyone have any idea on what they are?…[View]
5634492Why didn't this spark World War I?[View]
5634018happy b-day poland heres to a 100 more years[View]
5634840From the US WWI Memorial: [1/8][View]
5634893>Gunther's unit, Company 'A', arrived at the Western Front on September 12, 1918. …[View]
5631429Did belgium enlist troops from the Belgian congo in WW1? Seems like a ridiculous amount of manpower …[View]
5634800Today's his birthday. Say something nice about him[View]
5634000What's the final word on the Moors?[View]
5628702Do war crimes only matter if you lose the war?[View]
5633681Why do Christians keep pets? Ethically speaking, wouldn't the money spent on the vet and food …[View]
5633190What are some good books on the Hellenistic period? Pic related is great, do you have any other reco…[View]
5633478Conversion of Paul: *Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* Yep, that's me. You're probably wonder…[View]
5624392Natives vs Civilised: Have there ever been any native peoples that fought well/defeated civilised co…[View]
5632478i'm a fucking retard, how did the balkan wars (in 1991), why did it all start? i have no clue a…[View]
5633714The arc of history is long, but pointed toward Okinawan nationalism.[View]
5633510Why didn't anyone listen to him?[View]
5634391What was the real function of human sacrifice in Mesoamerican societies? Religion was probably just…[View]
5632699prove me wrong: WW2 is capeshit WW1 is standard indie flick Napoleonic Wars are pure French art hous…[View]
5632354What exactly caused the decline of American Mafia during the 2nd half of 20th century?[View]
5630452How were the Italian-American Mafia able to wield such power from the 50s-70s?[View]
5634125>steppe empires[View]
5628934How accurate is this of Cao Cao?: Hero Class: Commander Nickname: Strategic Mastermind Playstyle Cao…[View]
5632858Did he do the right thing by executing the cospirators?[View]
5633819atheism in abrahamic faiths: Is there a difference between atheists of different religious backgroun…[View]
5633462Kant's Golden Rule: At some point in college I picked up some idea that I remember was explaine…[View]
5628143Tuskegee experiments: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuskegee_syphilis_experiment The fuck was this…[View]
5633244Why did the French choose blue uniforms?[View]
5633787Was weimar germany doomed to fail?[View]
5628096Where did the barbaric custom of circumcision come from and why did Americans bring it back?[View]
5633853No bastion of steel and stone No massacre of flesh and bone And the right to fight For what we own …[View]
5633775Looking for a primary source: I need 1 primary source for my essay on the effects of the Great Depre…[View]
5633731What are some /his/ approved strategy games. I remember about a year ago I saw a thread where somebo…[View]
5633637Press F to pay respects to the victims and survivors of World War I: F[View]
5631949Socrates really did corrupt the youth of Athens. >Critias Leader of the Spartan appointed Thirty…[View]
5631075what language did the Assyrians speak before they adopted the Akkadian language following Sargon…[View]
5629716Question to Holocaust Deniers: If the Nazis never intended to exterminate European Jews, then why wa…[View]
5632989True location of Atlantis discovered?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5kEzxOb-3c Thoughts on this?…[View]
5633370External depictions of foreign conflict: Pic related is an illustration in a Japanese book dated 186…[View]
5626729Now that the dust has settled for 100 years, can we all admit he should have been publicly executed?[View]
5630114What did you think of his history documentaries before he lost his ability to speak?[View]
5633299Is it the correct analysis of the reasons being ww1 and ww2?[View]
5629561Was he really trying to save the republic or did he just want to be king?[View]
5625663Battles where the good guys lost.[View]
5631867Why do Swedes, people from the Caucasus as well as Pakistan/Northwest India share the same average N…[View]
5632955>centenary of one of the most momentous occasions of the last few centuries >an event being c…[View]
5630859ITT good boys who dindu nuffin[View]
5633353HELP!: Can someone help me find that meme of the ape and his family being hunted by primitive humans…[View]
5633290>What is this feeling in my chest? Why do I feel a knot in my throat? This has been the most ambi…[View]
5632138Red pill me on Selassie: Why did he become such a tyrant during his later years?[View]
5631085*blocks your path*[View]
5633306Bless Bastet! A number of her children have been found! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-…[View]
5632728Is nationalism and the creation of the nation state the basis for the common man being given rights,…[View]
5633233Hello /his/ I was talking about German/Austrian resistance to the Nazis, within the Wehrmacht in par…[View]
5633012It is also the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht: Not to take away the 100th anniversary of the one …[View]
5596513Can we have a /his/ drawthread: Any historical topic is allowed for request and anyone can draw (for…[View]
5633221Today 4chan is born: >Kaiser sends Lenin to Russia >Bolshevik Revolution >Stalin takes the …[View]
5628034Why do people today like to pretend that there wasn't a major party shift and those who were co…[View]
5632890Red Army 1941: Organisationally, how well off was the Red Army in 1941? How did their equipment comp…[View]
5627872Worst. US President. Ever.[View]
5628620Is he the Polish Hitler Almost no one knows about the poles sperging out HARD in the 1920's and…[View]
5631383I've been wondering. Are the greatest generals risk takers or risk adverse? Are they successful…[View]
5631156The 100th anniversary of the WWI Armistice is in a little over seven hours. No matter what lay in th…[View]
5629051Who was in the wrong here?[View]
5633154>The nazis were in the wron-[View]
5633145Historical moments women will never understand[View]
5632908Why didn’t the Japanese use The Russian Civil War to “protect” eastern Siberia and colonize it?[View]
5625080What's the beef with Turk and Greek? Since when they began to hate each other ?[View]
5632378Getting started with history of the middle east?: >tfw no gf Feeling awful tonight lads, all the …[View]
5630960A moment of silence: Remember to take a moment today for the men, no older than yourselves, who gave…[View]
5632811world war ii thread[View]
5627181Why isn't Romanos I Lekapenos remembered as one of the GOAT Roman emperors? Helped bring the em…[View]
5632176Hey guys, my dad is digging through his stuff and found his father's WWII uniform. Would you gu…[View]
5628936Why is the 'white man's bullets can't hurt us because magic' a reccuring theme with Negroe…[View]
5632524was it autism?[View]
5632091>57% of Soviet PoWs died in German captivity >3.6% Western Allied PoWs died in comparison How …[View]
5632887Take a moment to imagine how the world was precisely 100 years ago[View]
5632680Exploring ironworks from 1641: My first upload to youtube of my explorings of old/abandoned places! …[View]
5631358100 years ago...: As of now, November 11th, 1918, at 11:00 AM Paris time, the Armistice of the 11th …[View]
5630826Was it filial of Cao Cao to massacre Xu province to avenge his father?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wik…[View]
5630047World War One: It is now 100 years since the end of the First World War (at least in my country, 11/…[View]
5632597What's 'evil'? If a guy did harm to a person but saved another person due to that action, Woul…[View]
5626227The Holocaust: Just what do we know about it?[View]
5624721what did you think? I don't know much about the scottish wars of independence, looking to see w…[View]
5632218>im indy neidell, that was the great war >he barely held back the tears bros.........…[View]
5632458>Originally liked republics but thought monarchies were ok too >study history >hate convent…[View]
5629221Why did World War II not have trench warfare?[View]
5632456Oh no no no[View]
5628118'Facts' about the ancient Romans: 'Rome over-expanded' 'Rome was doomed to fall' 'Rome was an evil e…[View]
5627563Historical Sad Boys: How did men in ancient/medieval times deal with no gf? Any poems or stories dea…[View]
5632014>Henry VI and II, king of England and of France. >Henri VI et II, roi d'Angleterre et de …[View]
5632379I'm confused about some aspects of daily Roman life. Now I'm focusing on two eras, I'…[View]
5632372What was Napoleon’s best planned and executed campaign?: Not necessarily the most large-scale or imp…[View]
5626362Why did US leave gold standard?[View]
5630816World War I ended today 100 years ago with the surrender of Germany what does the average /his/toria…[View]
5630359Roman Germania: Do you think the Romans could have realistically conquered Germania?[View]
5631851What was it about WW1 that despite the melancholy and folly of it all, readily acknowledged at the t…[View]
5607702Aboriginals - Australia - Culture - Anthropology: Oftentimes, as someone of Aboriginal descent, I ha…[View]
5624465World Federalism: Why did this movement never gain much traction beyond endorsement by a handful of …[View]
5631771Is the idea that Versailles was too harsh a meme? Comparatively, it was a a forth of what France had…[View]
5624422Southeast Asian Architecture: I don't see many restorations of Angkor pictured in art. It must…[View]
5628575When was the first pogrom?: Did they exist in the Dark Ages?[View]
5627311Post /his/ memes in this format[View]
5626368What a good, /his/-approved board games? I have not once played Risk. And I suck at Chess.[View]
5632001God bless those glorious dead.[View]
5632111Why is he such a polarizing historical figure? There seem to be no inbetween concerning him.[View]
5632133WW2 Bomber Crew Radio Chatter: I swear to god if you put this in a movie no one would believe it. ht…[View]
5631107Humanities Tiers: God Tier: >history >modern languages >law Good Tier: >ancient languag…[View]
5632056Today is his birthday, say something nice about him[View]
5632012>be Kennedy >nearly end the world, receive endless praise >be pic related >save the worl…[View]
5629417The Bombings of WWII: Civilian death toll of various air bombings during World War II: 1939 German b…[View]
5631675What Are Some Examples of Historical Foreshadowing?[View]
5629329When did 'pop culture' become a thing? Are people better or worse off for it?[View]
5631950The Romans controlled all of these coastlines including the atlantic ones Let that sink in for a mom…[View]
5630448>without God, there are no morals >theists conveniently ignore the fact that animals have degr…[View]
5630918Fuck Dresden, at least there were reasons for it, but why the hell did the Allies willingly sabotage…[View]
5629952Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be th…[View]
5619412Ancient DNA analysis yields unexpected insights about peoples of Central, South America: https://phy…[View]
5628645Who didn't the Romans invade Hibernia? Surely with all the Scotti raids it would have been a de…[View]
5629352What advantages did the Arabian ( Islamic ) Empire provide the world? You guys seem to be the expert…[View]
5628290I remember reading that the Black Forest in Garmany is the remnant of a massive ancient forest that …[View]
5631367Did we win?[View]
5624637What did it look like before the restoration/reconstruction? Was it more impressive?[View]
5631360On 11 November 1918, at 11:00 am Paris time, World War I ended. It is now exactly 100 years to the d…[View]
5630304History of Raiding: When did raiding become a thing and why? I haven't really seen any explorat…[View]
5630674One century to this very day, lads. Lest we forget.[View]
5631279What diet did Kierkegaard cohere to? I don't remember reading anything about his eating habits,…[View]
5628692Why did the banning of alcohol require a constitutional amendment. But the banning of marijuana, coc…[View]
5623987itt: we make dating profiles for historical figures: >Name Martin Luther >occupation Theologia…[View]
5629569Was he the greatest Roman Emperor?[View]
5630219Why is it that the protagonits of history can be determined just by their fashion sense? For example…[View]
5631109*teleports behind you* Heh.... not bad. You managed to slow me down a bit...[View]
5630992He's still coming, right /his/?[View]
5487024What interests you? Book suggestions/kitteh thread: Hello /his/trionics, a while back we had a comfy…[View]
5630661Happy Armistice day. Is Paths of Glory the best WWI movie? Honorable mention goes to Life and Times …[View]
5629812The Opium Wars and China / Western relations: So the default narrative of Qing/Western relations, ta…[View]
5629151>& Humanities What do you think about the felony murder rule, /his/? Basically, it's the…[View]
5629858Haa forcing higher taxes on the rich worked successfully for any nation in history? I'm curious[View]
5628011>tfw you wanna live in timeline when united europe under french hegemony is still a superpower 20…[View]
5630659Roman Successor States: Tell me about the little known successor states and rump states left by Rome…[View]
5630818Is he the greatest general ever?[View]
5630159Is late capitalism real?[View]
5628657>'by jingo, we'll bash the bosh' >see your friends slaughtered in mass-industrial death f…[View]
5630805Armistice Day or Veterans Day? Historicaly what does your nation call this day and why? I call it ar…[View]
5630760How does the Japanese legal system allow for a 99.9% conviction rate for all criminal cases brought …[View]
5630742I was reading articles about wwI and I stumbled upon this. Behold! The peak of german autism and inc…[View]
5630712It's finally over lads the great war is finished, we won never we will see such bloodshed happe…[View]
5630195Could the Marathas and or Mughals conquer africa: On the same level as the French and British? They …[View]
5629884US Civil War: Ok /his/ I'm writing a paper on the effects of British policy and actions on the …[View]
5630564He came dancing across the water With his galleons and guns Looking for the new world In that palac…[View]
5630584Who are some leaders who are reincarnations of ancient Assyrian and Babylonian Emperors?[View]
5630416Padmasambhava / Guru Rimpoche: Was he a real, historical person? Is there any proof of his existence…[View]
5626691Really made me think[View]
5627196Money: If you were put in charge of deciding how the money of your nation looked, what people or eve…[View]
5629164How are the libraries in your hometown /his/? >tfw went to mine >huge humanities section >h…[View]
5629864First World War: 100 years ago, the guns fell silent. After four brutal years, the bloodiest conflic…[View]
5629506Post the most outlandish yet logically coherent/possible philosophical positions you can think of. Y…[View]
5626904Was the end of the The Bretton Woods system of monetary management the worst decision ever made for …[View]
5629177Why do so many libertarian armchair economists shit on Keynes? Do they just have the invisible hand …[View]
5629802Mnemonics: What are some mnemonics you've either found or created to remember historical events…[View]
5629625>Nixon use to drive his future wife to dates with other men, and would drive her back home when s…[View]
5629096Is it possible to learn koine Greek on my own? Or will I misunderstand it horribly?[View]
5629667The Crusades: Hey all, post Crusades memes. I'm looking to expand my collection and this seems …[View]
5629505I've heard a claim that some of the old Germanic peoples had a tradition of cavalry. Is there a…[View]
5629627100 years...[View]
5624080Does Austrian school of economics have merit? Does praxeology as a whole?[View]
5629518Biggest conspiracy in history still believed today: give a brief explanation and cite necessary sour…[View]
5629193Think about all the itchy shit-stained asses[View]
5627141What was Aragon's tax policy?[View]
5613735Good Marching/wartime songs of Muslim countries: what are some good marching/wartime/chants songs th…[View]
5627627Traditional culture of Central Scotland?: Borders- long poems, hunting, fishing, riding, etc. Highla…[View]
5628992World War I: ugh...what could have been[View]
5629378Looking for books on the Korean War Any recommendations? Also Korean War discussion i guess[View]
5621198>9th of November 1918 – Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany abdicates after the German Revolution, and G…[View]
5628989Why was war not made illegal after this? Why did the world not unite in peace after this? 40 million…[View]
5629073What did they talk about, /his/?[View]
5620908Catholic Croats & Muslim Bosniaks vs. Orthodox Serbs: During WWII, Catholic Croats and Muslim Bo…[View]
5626291What is the average lifespan of a civilization?[View]
5627380How would /his/ assassinate Hitler? Hardmode, has to be done after he gets into power.[View]
5628622JACOBITE GANG[View]
5626330Did you say thank you, /his/?[View]
5625785The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.[View]
5624567>this is Germany between ww1 and ww2 I know they rule the EU now, so they're better than eve…[View]
5628480I'm a chink and i'm new to this roman history stuff Generally speaking, do /his/ approve o…[View]
5626572Where did America go wrong? They could've had the world. IMO Agrarian Republic would have been …[View]
5627349UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS THREAD: Thats right you cunts, no thread shall be safe from our reach tod…[View]
5626018Did ‘modern architecture’ (long flat sides, shapes are generally cube based) arise due to the increa…[View]
5625177Give me your favorite Chinese dynasty and why[View]
5628298Can someone tell me what kind of coin is this? Or at least translate what it says?[View]
5626264Thule and the Nazis: Were they the biggest LARPers in history? Like, just thinking about the fact th…[View]
5627730Why was he so brilliant at negotiation? What reasons, mechanisms? What secrets did he know? t. wanna…[View]
5625818Why did Germany choose to hold out towards the end of ww2 in Europe despite defeat so clearly being …[View]
5622116Name a good thing that came out of the protestant reformation. Hard mode: you can't say Chick F…[View]
5627709I want to learn more about Chinese history and overall the culture of China, are there any books abo…[View]
5628439Do you guys think that the Franks deserved to lose in the Battle of Roncevaux Pass: The Franks did d…[View]
5627712What are your thoughts on the Filiki Eteria /his/?[View]
5626443Tommorow Poland has its birthday, regaining independence after 123 years. Say something nice about i…[View]
5625373What humanity does one become the most well-rounded from studying?[View]
5628386>be birthday a few days ago >also coming up is Remembrance Day in Canada >invite some fri…[View]
5628264Is it accurate?Is it good?[View]
5628311If not for benefits like free health care, better wages, and the Cold War would the urban working cl…[View]
5627098https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1561_celestial_phenomenon_over_Nuremberg How the fuck can someone expl…[View]
5628209I was reading the history of crusades and they talk about rome and greece a lot. Then I had this tho…[View]
5616099ITT: Chaddest Anglos in history I'll start with the biggest Chad[View]
5627228Why was he incapable to have a child of his own?[View]
5628134ITT: we discuss Nordic history. What’s your favourite period of Nordic history? I’d probably say Anc…[View]
5628077Armistice: I present you this picture taken on the 11th of November 1918. Strong feels building up…[View]
5627845>Kingdom of France >Has literally never had a female hold the throne or hold significant power…[View]
5627874Has anyone else in history had their one time mistake be so immortalized as this man?[View]
5627832Intellectuals leading armies: Beside Marcus-Aurelius, Zhuge Liang and Trotsky, do you guys have othe…[View]
5626920Is there any way historically for the Sunni Shia split to never happen?[View]
5627927Was he the best US President?[View]
5626271/Rel/igion: What came first, Hinduism or Buddhism?[View]
5627395ITT: Post historical guys that had shit tons of luck: Is there anyone luckier than D. Manuel I of Po…[View]
5627209Napoleonic era thread: Lets get a Napoleonic era thread, the absolute pinnacle of military aesthetic…[View]
5626338Family pictures: Anybody have some interesting historical pictures of your family? Post here. Pic re…[View]
5622955>People can do whatever they want as long as they don't harm others I'm not big on Phil…[View]
5618275How accurate is this film?: Some things I noticed >Persians yelling 'yallah' (arabic for 'hurry u…[View]
5624985What’s the best religion for somebody whose spiritual desire is to eliminate all pain & sufferin…[View]
5625465>his channel ends in two days I wonder how he must feel. Four years of work on a monumental and u…[View]
5627978What are some good books on the Russian Civil War. I've read a couple on the revolution but wan…[View]
5627993If humanity progresses in the near future which is probably 2040-2100: How radically different would…[View]
5627604hey medbois What are you going to do about it :)[View]
5627066can it be possible that the wealth and advancement of the world in the last century was based on lit…[View]
5626794Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that Yazid ibn Muawiya did nothing wrong and was just tr…[View]
5626220Philosophical Basis for the Afterlife: Is there any philosophical basis for the afterlife, specifica…[View]
5626454What DID the neolithic man mean by thus? Did they meet aliens?[View]
5627512Why was the US always playing catch-up with the Soviets in international politics? It always seemed …[View]
5627533Is there a new renaissance in philosophy?[View]
5625301So was he a Grade-A sociopath? As in, diagnosably AsPD or other such sociopathic conditions.[View]
5626938Who was in the wrong here?[View]
5626074Honestly there was no way for Germany to win WW2 even with western powers on their side[View]
5621599Reminder that the Entente would have won WW1 without the U.S.[View]
5627611Redpill me on Angus McBride[View]
5627341What has Asia been up to philosophically in the past 100 years? Besides all the cartoons.[View]
5626752WWI Movies: What are some good WWI films that actually capture the battles and trench warfare?…[View]
5624632The most retarded genocides thread.: ITT: times people decided to slaughter each other by the tens o…[View]
5624035>read about Eastern Front of WW1 >constant war of movement >men are fighting in dense mass …[View]
5625554Rome would still exist if they hadn't conquered Britain.[View]
5622947Didn't they get cold?[View]
5625070We need a thread about armor, I can't help but feel movies and larpers are still getting it ver…[View]
5626792Nordic supremacy: Wow...[View]
5627251Can we have a history of architecture thread? I am sick of the current era of 'international style',…[View]
5624004What determines people's preferences for redistribution (and inequality/equality)? FUNDAMENTALL…[View]
5614924Map thread: high resolution preferred[View]
5625327The Hittite Empire: How the fuck did they survive so long? Their empire fell apart like 4 or 5 times…[View]
5621343What's /his/'s favorite historical ship? For me it's Prinz Eugen[View]
5612039>chimps out over some tea[View]
5613477Can we get a thread about funny or witty historical stories? I feel like there is enough about ancie…[View]
5626645what are some Good Youtube channels that focus mainly on Armor: bonus Points if they have anything o…[View]
5627012hey /his/, name my band[View]
5623667>tfw discussing with eurocentrists[View]
5622923Reminder that law is the only social discipline with a real practical purpose and everything else is…[View]
5626214Why does nobody ever talk about the lost Kingdom/Duchy of Lotharingia? What has happened to it?[View]
5626914Is it just me or is Plato not valuable as a philosopher? Seems like he only matters because he suppo…[View]
5626887ITT: Chads of history.[View]
5626140Name painters as good as Vincent Van Gogh[View]
5614787Yamato: Was there ever a bigger waste of resources?[View]
5626850Who was in the wrong here?[View]
5623037What is your opinion on Lord Protector[View]
5621465is it true ?[View]
5620147>raid and conquer across the British Isles >raid Germany >sack Aachen(Karl the greats capit…[View]
5625322Beast of Revelation: Can someone explain this to me? There's a beast that comes from the ocean,…[View]
5622952what are some historical instances of women raping men[View]
5619990Post history’s most underrated leaders[View]
5623410ITT: Historical people who were /sadboy/s[View]
5626709Eternal Dragon of Stories comments answered.: The thread >>5591638 was archived before I was a…[View]
5624570>Shot the negro right between the eyes GOD I was a marksmen then![View]
5624289favorite and least favorite periods in history: Post them Favorite >WW1 >Ancient Greece >19…[View]
5626677Greatest criminal in human history[View]
5625909What role has this lake actually played in Eurasian history? Has it been important at all, or have v…[View]
5619402What made the Canadians such fierce fighters in WWI? Why did the Germans fear them so much?[View]
5624334Ark of the Covenant: what happened to it?[View]
5626470we won . death to t series[View]
5626503fuckin' BTS[View]
5626279itt: brainlet repellants[View]
5626325/his/ - Movies: itt post comfy historical kinos to watch on rainy days[View]
5624833Okay so if: (for ex.:) Albert Camus is >babby's first existentialism (or w/e) then what isn…[View]
5626174Did the rump states of roman empire after the 4th crusade still consider themselves roman empire tha…[View]
5626251Why did Germans appointed a Jew as one of the leaders of (((Russian Liberation Movement)))?[View]
5615580Really hope this isn't seen as a /pol/ thread, I've just been digging into the historical …[View]
5626255I have heard that the volkisch movement was in many ways a precursor to a lot of Nazi thought. Is th…[View]
5626216Does anyone know about bennelong? (an indigenous Australian who was brought to England in late 1789)…[View]
5624016https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armistice_of_11_November_1918 >The Armistice was agreed upon at 5:0…[View]
5623207How common were surcoats like pic related compared to tabards in the middle ages? And did they also …[View]
5626124was napoleon a tyrant?[View]
5623076Old Europe and America: Post photos and videos[View]
5618108The Red Menace: >In USA public school >studying North American Amerindian history >it’s the…[View]
5623874>'Eastern Roman Empire'. >This is very difficult to say while keeping a straight face. I wonde…[View]
5622359Shinshuki renaissance David-kun: Are you ready for the most A E S T E T I C pseudo-historical manga …[View]
5623895You will never live ib Roman times[View]
5625524Does anybody knows who this is?[View]
5622858Physical devolution of man: How badly has civilization reduced man? From convict conditioning by Pau…[View]
5625916>hey dad let me sort out the corruption and hyperinflation fucking up shanghai >*starts attack…[View]
5625199Why did the communists hide like pussies instead of fighting the Japanese?[View]
5620444The Panzer 1000-the 1000 stands for the combined iq count of the entire Reich: what did Germany even…[View]
5622990The Anglo's success is all down to them happening to live on an island. Prove me wrong.[View]
5622589What is your philosophy for living? What drives you?[View]
5620636Constantinople. Home.[View]
5625544Christianity was a massive mistake for the Roman Empire, not the only mistake but certainly a big on…[View]
5625540ITT: Successfull germanic colonies[View]
5625264Pakistan's current Prime Minister Imran Khan with the ruler of Dubai Maktoum in the 80's a…[View]
5623601Sad wiki thread: Post the saddest or spookiest stuff you got (25-year rule) https://en.wikipedia.org…[View]
5615852Literally the only major leader in the allied team that wasn't morally deplorable[View]
5622122What went wrong in Rhodesia?Before Mugabe, of course.[View]
5621104>Muhammad What was his political ideology?[View]
5625104You may not like it, but this is what peak Europe looks like.[View]
5625181Hitler cognitive dissonance: >I'm gonna fight the International JOO >procceds to free Lou…[View]
5625087Question for Egyptologists:: So, was there some Egyptian equivalent to Nietzsche who said 'The Godde…[View]
5624878Not sure where else I can ask this but when did mobsters/gangsters and Yakuza stop being known as fi…[View]
5625022I'm looking for an accurate and thorough documentary, or several documentaries on the Night of …[View]
5624935What kind of steamboat/riverboat culture did Russia have during the 1800's and early-1900'…[View]
5623685Why do they get do buthurt and feel the need to revise their history? Don't they know everyone …[View]

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