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3545535Are there any theoretical space fuels that are completely renewable? I don't want to be stuck o…[View]
3531250When did religion originate, /his/? Can we reconstruct the earliest religion/worldview of humanity?[View]
3543253was there any state in history more powerful than the United States of America?[View]
3545220There is no cooler potential European great-power alliance than Russia and Germany anytime between 1…[View]
3540475The Balkans: I need as much info about the region's history as possible. Know a little bit abou…[View]
3545693What was his fucking problem?[View]
3545632Cloning: Anyone knowledgeable could point me to leads on the topic ? Who are the pioneers in the dom…[View]
3534000Russia America: What would have happen if Russia kept Alaska?[View]
3544802AYO >*bangs shield* HOL UP >*chucks throwing axe* AYOOOOOOOO >*drinks from your skull* YO…[View]
3541838Do you think Germany would have won ww1 if it never performed unrestricted submarine warfare? Not on…[View]
3542907Why do we find so many animals, even dangerous predators cute? How can evolutionary psychology expla…[View]
3543947What are some online resources for learning Latin?[View]
3545460did you buy one?[View]
3542074Is there anything more gruesome, cold and horrifying than capital punishment in the united states?[View]
3544507Fuckin nationalism! Is there nothing that triggers you more than Nationalism in the early 20th centu…[View]
3545379Why did Kaiser Wilhelm II give Austria-Hungary the blank cheque? Why did he put up with any of their…[View]
3543858ITT Post men you uniroincally admire: Pic related, he was a national treasure[View]
3532177Most emblematic warriors: Can we all agree these are the most emblematic warriors through history? A…[View]
3543851How the citizens of transcontinental countries like Russia, Turkey or Egypt see themselves in the ma…[View]
3544814What's the deal with the different, back to back creation stories in Genesis?[View]
3543711What was the historical basis for the Electoral College? Had a similar system ever been used in the …[View]
3539985Is Christian art bad /his/ compared to Ancient Greek/Roman art? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPOM…[View]
3540381These are the most aesthetic borders any nation has ever had.[View]
3544018Why all the Hate for Byzantine?[View]
3540678I WAS MOON: Is there anything more nauseating than people trying to claim they were somehow involved…[View]
3543520Any recommended reading or infographics on Anglo-Saxons?[View]
3538971Is Catholicism the true religion? Why or why not?[View]
3544341Wtf was the deal with coastal fortresses, you can literally count the number of times they've b…[View]
3541829When did the Roman Empire end?[View]
3544939>the Mongol Empire was short-li-[View]
3545036Where is this ring from? What is it?: Alright, /his/, I've got a challenge for you. Perhaps thi…[View]
3544703>rule over half the world's population >lose repeatedly to a few city states How the he…[View]
3544641The huns: Why did he they never settle, like the magyars?[View]
3539063Viking thread??: Thread on /tg/ got closed but I wanted to make a new one here as I do enjoy discuss…[View]
3544858Toward a Logically Conclusive Rejection of Pure Free Will (1/2): I just really feel like we can reas…[View]
3544555lol nero had pubeface[View]
35446901450-1500 persia: holy shit why isn't this more talked about? they had a pretty nice empire goi…[View]
3544710let's have a completely serious discussion about Charles II he had to have done one thing right[View]
3538662What's his endgame?[View]
3544071What caused the Great Depression? Could it have been prevented?[View]
3544105What is ? Its's about 100 meters downhill from a fortress.[View]
3544656Historical Figures with Born Illnesses and Disabilities: Who were the most based? Starting with lepe…[View]
3544677Transpacific connection?: Most historic sources say precolumbian interaction occurred with Bering st…[View]
3544621is the nihilistic advance of capitalism & market culture stoppable?[View]
3540690So while we can all agree that the British Navy ruled supreme from ~1812 when they smashed the Napol…[View]
3539730Gallic Wars Thread: This is my apology for the shitstorm 'Try to make the axis win thread' Anyways, …[View]
3544605Mein Gott untermensch! Western Civilization is working just a bit too well for my liking.[View]
3544115How did fascism go from a movement that was spawned out of abstract art to banning it? It's kin…[View]
3544521How would Belgium declare independence from Napoleon if he accepted the Frankfurt proposals[View]
3539372Europeans in Africa: How come the only noticeable populations of Europeans living in africa are whit…[View]
3538070Will the ever integrate into modern society? When we explore the surfaces of far away worlds will th…[View]
3544459To what extent did the Mongol contribute to the rise of West?[View]
3544395I see no flaw in a german victory in the great war[View]
3543383Spitballing Historical Game Ideas Attempt 2: Rogue Behemoth, This War of Mine crossed with FTL in a …[View]
3544233Was Edward II really that bad of a king?[View]
3543978Who will be the next Caesar/Napoleon/Hitler type figure in history?[View]
3543981>mfw the eternal Br*Ton ditched scarlet for khaki just 12 years before 1914 >mfw we never got …[View]
3543844>tfw ywn become an important military figure in your country’s history >ywn save your country …[View]
3544254>ywn be a castillian warrior defending and conquering your rightful land from the saracen scum Ho…[View]
3537678How does coups work? So some military guy tells their people to overthrow government. Aren't th…[View]
3542079Was it a good decision? What would you have done instead?[View]
3532022Historical figures you would fuck?[View]
3544166How does a tiny unimportant country such as Greece end up controlling the world's biggest merch…[View]
3533342Why has every single communist country ended in mass failure with famines and mass murder? Is it jus…[View]
3543892Legacy of Western Roman Empire >Global empires like Spanish, French, Portuguese, British Empire …[View]
3536421Somali Civil War: I know literally nothing of this. But why did USA+ some other countries decide to …[View]
3544033Daily reminder that Khalid ibn Felib al an-Nimsai was actually a Morisco[View]
3543852We usually talk about western formations most of the time in military history threads, but do East A…[View]
3540359The Runestone U 1011: So most runestones go like this >Sten raised this stone for Sven, his son, …[View]
3534395>revolution wanting 'muh freedums :DDD' >revolution kills nobility >not just the men, but t…[View]
3543372People on here always give England shit for having a bunch of 'French' kings but the greatest hero o…[View]
3542767Did they do anything wrong? Besides triggering western imperialist puppets, I mean.[View]
3543927>Not related to history faggot. This is also &humanities, so I don't care. How do I beco…[View]
3543923Are modern jews truly Israelites /his/?[View]
3541757If you were god, how would you feel if your very own creation did not believe in you?[View]
3543176A different 1860 election: What would have happen if Stephen A. Douglas was elected?[View]
3539819Top 5 warriors in history:: >1. The Samurai Trained from the moment he can toddle and instilled w…[View]
3537795Have boots on the ground combat troops fighting against other troops become an obsolete method of wa…[View]
3540350Leave it to a Persianised Turk dynasty to fuck up and have Iran lose Caucasus to Russians.[View]
3542035Who thought this is a good idea, and a lasting solution?[View]
3543174I dare someone to find a Quran passage that compares to this Romans 12 9 Let love be without hypocri…[View]
3539692Why were the Germans particularly known and feared for the U-boats in both World Wars? Did Britain, …[View]
3537303Why did Italy betray the Triple Alliance? This is the real reason that Germany lost WW1.[View]
3540334Are these faggots worth watching? Obviously not for an advanced knowledge, but if someone's aft…[View]
3542710After several time meditating, I've came with solution for the /pol/ problem: we must contempla…[View]
3542285How many language did Jesus speak? It's pretty much well known that he spoke Aramaic, but also …[View]
3542159How did tiny Portugal and Spain, with less than 10 million inhabitants, manage to conquer a whole fu…[View]
3540633Bible: Should the Bible be taken literally or figuratively (non-literal?) Im sorry if im using words…[View]
3536438Neanderthals Were Orcs: Someone posted a link to the first vid in a thread last week and after watch…[View]
3543525The Ottoman Empire was a rather centralized state under Suleyman I, with governors, janissaries, and…[View]
3541531mystery flag: anyone knows where this flag is from?[View]
3543058While Rommel was studying infantry tactics, Patton was mastering THE BLADE. >For his skill with r…[View]
3539782What's his motive?[View]
3543124Do you think (physical) libraries will go the way of the dodo eventually?[View]
3542362All entry-level historical knowledge is simplified to the point of being misleading at best and inco…[View]
3538606Discuss all things related to Satanism, of any type. Also ask a traditional Satanist anything.[View]
3539810Medieval dreamteam General: french Bowmen: englishman Pikemen: swiss Cavalry: polish Infantry: HRE[View]
3543282What does /his/ think about L. Ron Hubbard? From what I reckon Scientology didn't really get cr…[View]
3543082Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote, The droghte of March hath perced to the roote, And bathe…[View]
3536807Was the partition of Pakistan a mistake? Other than creating millions of inbred and housing terroris…[View]
3541304To what extent can it be claimed that the Third Reich was an extension of Prussia? Iron Kingdom guy …[View]
3542775What was Russia's justification for invading the Caucasus[View]
3543115How did the Nazis plan to deal with insurgencies in occupied countries after the war ended? Were the…[View]
3542426What went wrong? Why did the Arab world went to shit?[View]
3542237Did you know that Mediterranean Europe was historically the most important part of Europe, economica…[View]
3541818Hi /his/. I have Latin and Greek, and have today started to learn Arabic by myself. I have been usin…[View]
3532918ITT: uniforms that are interesting.[View]
3542910Who are the great thinkers of our time /his/? Pic not necessarily related.[View]
3542394What would've happened if they won?[View]
3542669Diogenes Thread[View]
3542778Gran Colombia: Was it feasible? Could Bolivar have done anything different after defeating the Roya…[View]
3539537Gospel of Thomas?: Why isn't this in the Bible? What is it? True sayings of Jesus or just a wei…[View]
3537020What the fuck is his problem? He shits up every possible thread.[View]
3540932The Middle-Age was a dark ti...[View]
3541881Why were so many leading communists jewish? My history teacher told me that jews would lead revolut…[View]
3536333ITT: People you wouldnt have guessed to be there: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magyarab_people >…[View]
3542628Renaissance Italy: Anyone know any good books about political map of Italy during the renaissance pe…[View]
3540212ITT: History's Darkest Hours[View]
3540257Why does /his/ get so butthurt about the late Byzantine Empire not being called Roman? Predicted ans…[View]
3542365The Hapsburg's Have Eye's >seriously why hasn't any one made a historical thrille…[View]
3541051Who assassinated Olof Palme and why?[View]
3535076Was Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union preemptive?: We know that Stalin definitely did not …[View]
3540063I don't understand why everyone has the same voting rights Its just illogical that a person who…[View]
3542371>Be me >Think >Therefore I am…[View]
3537168>every alt-right youtuber and everyone on /pol/ tells me how evil Islam is >do some reading u…[View]
3542207The Rhine: >The Rhine (Latin: Rhenus, Romansh: Rein, German: Rhein, French: le Rhin,[1] Dutch: Ri…[View]
3542302>geographic determinism[View]
3542234>Kikes entirely controlled the Weimar Republic >but they still left Hitler to win the election…[View]
3542132What happened to Codreanu's wife after his impisonment and death?Did they have any children?[View]
3537881>Operation Sea Lion[View]
3538288>Howdy, Germanic servants![View]
3540186People that did nothing wrong >Janusz Waluś (/ˈjɑːnəs ˈwɒləs/, Polish: [ˈjanuʂ ˈvaluɕ]; born 14 J…[View]
3540519>Hitler wages war against Jews who control the banks and are behind communism >ends up only ki…[View]
3537975Are jews actually overrepresented in the western elite or is that just shitposting and misinfo?[View]
3539622Mars Colony: Would a Mars colony eventually develope it's own culture and language?[View]
3538686'atheism': why is there a special word for people who don't believe in fairy tales? was this a …[View]
3541922The correlation between mental illness and...: When we check the history of evolution, it is easy to…[View]
3538707>ITT: Great speeches from history https://youtu.be/AnpTWKKWQ1o[View]
3537535Crisis of the Third Century: Fill me in on the details of this part of history, and not just the war…[View]
3540480Did the wakizashi have any major functional purpose?[View]
3519448YRYL: Architecture edition[View]
3536507There was never any blacks in Egy-[View]
3541099Were Bo-hi's used historically, when where they most popular and why?[View]
3540747Native American genocide: I'm not too sure if I believe in the 'Native American Genocide'. I h…[View]
3539109What's the most important philosophical question throughout history?[View]
3540522/his/ meta thread Thread to discuss issues with the board. I for one beg the mods to remove & Hu…[View]
3541712Timmy the Timurid: Does anyone have any advanced knowledge on the Timurid Empire?[View]
3541700Why didn't it turn out like this?[View]
3541130which is his best book? also why he triggers slavs so bad?[View]
3541491Why didn't Chinese emperors take an active role in governing the country until like the Qing er…[View]
3541258Where does one start to learning the depths of history /his/? What textbooks or lectures do you reco…[View]
3541466Is there a people better at war than the turks? Pic related, the sixteen greatest turkish empires.[View]
3541320In mutere ego est in eudaimonia. In repetere ego est vulnerabilii. Ergo ego escapere repetatio ad mu…[View]
3532630Where do I start studying history? Can /his/ recommend me some books to study history?[View]
3540601https://en.m.wikiquote.org/wiki/Richard_Nixon >ctrl+f 'Jew' >ctrl+f 'negro' Literally /our guy…[View]
3540039>tfw not in the timeline where Napoleon Sealions Britain with Airships[View]
3540754Why is this a thing? >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_diaspora…[View]
3541024>nordturds were stuck in mudhuts until the medieval ages[View]
3538324Tell me about Hitler, /his/. His loves. His quirks. His philosophy.[View]
3540963I have to say, no one is the leader of the mafia. I excuse if you think there is a leader. No one ca…[View]
3540207>post thread about specific part of history >nobody knows, nobody cares, thread dies >post …[View]
3538519Can anybody identify the crest on this belt for me? Pic is of my great grandfather in his 'polish' m…[View]
3538756Was Robin Hood real?[View]
3540547Let's take the dying mars colony thread to a new level and try to guess how the culture would l…[View]
3535487>when you go from literal God-Emperor to American puppet[View]
3536541History of India - An Overlook, , Prehistoric India: History of India is divided into three sections…[View]
3540025Hook nose/Semitic features: Why do Med and Middle Eastern people have 'hook' noses? What's the…[View]
3537641Say I want an edited version of the stories from Genesis to Revelations, where would I need to look?[View]
3538895Ken Burns Vietnam: What does /his/ think of this doc?[View]
3531583>tfw capitalism destroyed gender roles[View]
3537915Has any empire gone through more iterations than the Roman Empire?[View]
3539243With Saint Crispin's Day coming up, let's have an Agincourt/general Hundred Year's Wa…[View]
3532322>South Vietnamese sources said that Lém commanded a Viet Cong insurgent team, which on that day h…[View]
3540108Prove this self cock sucker wrong! >pro tip you can't[View]
3531822How did people in the ancient world just convince the polis to start worshipping a new god? Was it j…[View]
3532785Is the mindset of a philosopher just a personality flaw? Countless billions live their lives and the…[View]
3534302How did he avoid persecution by the church: unlike Galileo how was he able to get by?[View]
3534104ITT: History figures and their modern clones[View]
3540355>auto-resolve conflict[View]
3539413Lagos: A lot of talk on Africa lately. I invite you to check out Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unkno…[View]
3538657What do we do about the Kraut apologia that plagues this board?[View]
3540258https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Goodkind >Goodkind is a proponent of Ayn Rand's philosop…[View]
3539530Did he identified more as a Chinese Emperor ruling as a Dynasty of China, or as a Mongol Khan ruling…[View]
3538758Kangz?: How common was it to see people of negroid descent in Egypt around the time the Romans conqu…[View]
3539980why do most people only seem to want a fantastical storybook retelling of history? and in some ways,…[View]
3532782>The purpose of art is to give pleasure, full stop — and this applies even to the tragedy, the mo…[View]
3537970He was clearly expecting war with Japan. So why he didn't move the Russian battleships to the e…[View]
3532049So we're all in agreement that baby boomers took a great big political and socioeconomic shit o…[View]
3539624What books are recommended for a beginner of ancient Chinese history and philosophy?[View]
3539906Why are the English (Welsh?) Archers so widely known? All I know is that they were used successfull…[View]
3539938Goofy: I miss Goofy[View]
3538514Oral history is cool and all... But my true interest is record-keeping. What culture/nation kept the…[View]
3538287>be amazing monarch >have shit children Why does this happen so often? Frederick III Napoleon …[View]
3539463>the Mongol Empire was short-li-[View]
3539822>either die a hero or see yourself become the villain[View]
3539711Ego defiancere exego sciencori. Ego est virtuii in omni scienc. Legatere quest ad Achill. After ego …[View]
3539758Can we have a thread on funny anecdotes of history? >The Caliph is said to have been in the Churc…[View]
3539347help getting interested in history: like many other americans, as a child i was historically abused …[View]
3535996Why wasnt the Praetorian Guard disbanded after they killed their third emperor?[View]
3537358Who was the most red pilled US president and why was it Andrew Jackson.[View]
3539709I have a choice to offer all who read this. What is killing us left and right: Is it nature? Is it …[View]
3539358suggestions: Not sure if this goes on /his/ or /v/ or /pol/ but whatever I'm helping make a mod…[View]
3539066Weird lives in a nutshell: >Be Sporus >Born a male slave >Become the female(male) spouse of…[View]
3538843What did he do wrong?: I often see Nero compared to Caligula and other terrible Emperors as the wors…[View]
3539037How does /his/ feel about this guy. I discovered him 3 days ago and have literally not stopped liste…[View]
3538884Does /pol/ know about the secret history of the Neanderthals? Pic related what a Neanderthal actuall…[View]
3534161What if someone with a common name like 'James' or 'Matthew' became a genocidal dictator? Would tho…[View]
3538592Labour Theory of Value!: Explain to me if the LVT is true how action comics #1 that takes 10 cents t…[View]
3537896So is Hell just Dante’s fanfiction or is it actually cannon?[View]
3537447Streamed Free for Amazon Prime Members: https://www.amazon.com/Part-1/dp/B06XB5WM45/ For anyone genu…[View]
3532800White people = Evolved albinos: I think evolution of homo sapiens is meant for him to become whiter,…[View]
3538441did he deserve the lifelong vilification? all he did was not die.[View]
3528279Who is your favorite president and who is your least favorite president?[View]
3539194Racial Makeup of Turkey...: Why does the average turk look like a disgusting mix of southern europea…[View]
3538609Early Medieval Europe: >inb4 dark ages I've always been interested in learning more about Eu…[View]
3538314Redpill me on Baaz. Why didn't it work?[View]
3538215Which branches of history do you find yourselves attracted to? Diplomatic? Environmental? Social? I …[View]
3539260is there any book on the Holy Roman Empire not by Peter Wilson which isnt both time consuming and lo…[View]
3537085Saw this yesterday. First time I've seen a Klimpt close up. Pretty good I must say.[View]
3538012Just how good were warriors in real life?: >Asking out of genuine curiosity, I've seen so ma…[View]
3539155Carnac stones: No really, what were they for?[View]
3538653So which parts were him bullshitting?[View]
3538890Lets put your strategic skills to the test, get the USSR win the cold war[View]
3539089The Dutch Revolt: Why were the Spaniards so retarded?[View]
3538557Thoughts on James Michener? Is his work accurate historical fiction or just a meme?[View]
3537136>tfw Nationalism killed Christendom. >Countries replaced Religion.…[View]
3537050Why the Gauls loved to impregnate and enslave so much Germanic women ? Charlemagne was a GALLIC o…[View]
3535169how is cultural anthropology these days? has it become corrupted by contemporary pseudo-intellectua…[View]
3538792Audible Thread: My account reloads in 3 days. What should I get? Right now I'm leaning towards …[View]
3538643tfw i´m a son of clones and some normal men. tfw i got a perfect memorization and learn latin in 2 w…[View]
3538655Who are the kurds and what is their history?[View]
3536349>Start of his reign >Japan is the 9th largest economy >End of his reign >Japan is the 2n…[View]
3537364Friendly reminder that Kuwait is rightful Iraqi clay[View]
3538639>Just War theory postulates that war, while terrible, is not always the worst option. Important r…[View]
3537542What's your historical waifu, anon?[View]
3532710secrets of Easter Island revealed: >The popular narrative was that the inhabitants of Rapa Nui we…[View]
3537122Is Iceland the most powerful country of all time?[View]
3538411What is the truth behind 'black wall street': was it going to surpass wall street, so white american…[View]
3537798What was the job of the Roman Auxilia, really? From RTW they're kinda shown as like, sappers n …[View]
3537801>tfw I became a philosophical zombie after a skiing accident 3 years ago >tfw no one understan…[View]
3538413Confusion directions or paper on 1500-1715 Euro history: Hey, could someone on here clarify this for…[View]
3538516Is informed speculation about the future, based on historical and present data, acceptable on this b…[View]
3533375Why did European art go through a period of degeneration?: It's clear they lost knowledge in te…[View]
3538383Ego vadere legionii. Illuminati est complet. Ego est actuellii illuminat.Lichtenberg, Goethe, Schope…[View]
3538328Why did Mosley go with fucking turtleneck sweaters? The BUF are easily the least /fa/ fascist organi…[View]
3525021This chart is true?[View]
3537816History Book Recommendations: I was wondering if /his/ could tell me some of their favorite history …[View]
3535640Why didn't Europeans develop any proper martial arts?[View]
3538285What would have been fair borders for Trianon?[View]
3533915draw a historical figure from memory and others try and guess who it is i'll start[View]
3538135>2017 >people still think religion is about literal interpretations of stories.…[View]
3534168Ming rule the waves: What would have happen if the Ming Dynasty chose not become isolationist?…[View]
3536918>Oh Anon, you're interested in WW2? Isn't it cool how close Germany was to winning? I m…[View]
3538171Health in the middle ages: Is it expected that most kings/nobles in the middle ages had diseases we …[View]
3537980So, how are the Zulu doing today?[View]
3536655How can the Dutch ever recover?[View]
3537492B-Basiliscus-senpai, c-could you lead m-my navy against the V-Vandals?[View]
3537909Out of all the major colonial powers, in order, which empires mixed the most with natives to the lea…[View]
3536859Why was it so based?[View]
3529657>Thinking time is linear This is why you guys will always been brainlets. Nothing but shit-fling…[View]
3537502>written vietnamese[View]
3537971Post comfy historic news coverages. I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7yROvZkmME[View]
3536545https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Nemesis >Operation Nemesis (Armenian: «Նեմեսիս» գործողութ…[View]
3536242Is there any historical explanation for whites being the main promoters of socialism and urban movem…[View]
3505916>The Republic shall be re-organized into the FIRST. AMERICAN. EMPIRE![View]
3531045Why do people call her mother of God? God is and always will be, with no principle nor end. Mary is …[View]
3537245The battle of Tollense: In the Bronze Age, northern Europe was thought to be a sparsely-populated pl…[View]
3531919America. The mere muttering of this name is enough to drive any German into a spastic fit. Americans…[View]
3537469>it's an 'entire Europe teams up on France and France wins' episode…[View]
3536149Why were women chastised in ancient societies and basically barefoot and pregnant so to speak?[View]
3530560Why is cousin marriage so prevalent in muslim countries?[View]
3536273Hispania: What was Visigothic Spain like? Did the average Iberian live better under the Visigoths or…[View]
3532671>lmao guys i have an idea why don't we all just stand in a straight line and shoot all those…[View]
3537374Why didn't the Bill of Rights become Article VIII of the Constitution?[View]
3537669>I discuss political systems on a board about history[View]
3535796Is Hitler the most controversial figure in history?[View]
3537000What would the results of implementing the Morgenthau Plan have been?[View]
3537091Is it possible/likely that the reason dragons exist in mythology is because humans have been finding…[View]
3533737Summarize Aristotle's life in 2 sentences or less.[View]
3537548Tell me about what REALLY happened at the Battle of Kosovo. I am sure I was lied about it in school…[View]
3537476>watching the rapid advance into russia slowly die out, knowing with it hundreds of thousands of …[View]
3532403>That time Mexico and France went to war over pastry >That time Honduras and El Salvador went …[View]
3537411New Australia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Australia What the fuck?[View]
35372801.Whatever begins to exist has a cause. 2.The Universe began to exist. 3. Therefore, the Universe ha…[View]
3537438Hunger Games thread: Deadliest warrior edition. Are we still allowed to do Hunger Games thread btw? …[View]
3536399European Union: Is it the new incarnation of the HRE? or more like a federal Roman empire?[View]
3534785Could the Aztecs win with guns?: The Maoris were able to push back and hard against British overtake…[View]
3537365*succeeds where Hitler and Napoleon failed* Pssh, nothin personnel... Tsarist[View]
3529834>Ireland actually gets independence >The only Irish history and culture that's taught now…[View]
3529444How do they do it /his/? How does a single party stay in power for almost 60 consecutive years, the …[View]
3526601Why is India such a potent cultural and religious force in Asia? They've been copied by nearly …[View]
3530541If Jesus and the first Christians were Jews...: Why is Christianity so different from Judaism? >T…[View]
3536853Have you ever thought about how close Nazi Germany was to winning WW2? I mean all they needed was …[View]
3536508What's the /his/ obsession with Germanics?[View]
3535953According to modern historians if you analyze Trotsky jewish origins you are an anti-semite! >the…[View]
3533790>Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor, Let th…[View]
3533972Life in Nazi Germany: How well did the German citizens have it? I was always skeptical of /pol/ and …[View]
3536019Indian history: Why is the history of the Indus and Ganges such a mess compared to other river valle…[View]
3535575Why are they so bad at war?[View]
3536682New evidence on Islam among Vikings: ENKOPING, Sweden — The discovery of Arabic characters that spel…[View]
3536748Is he the quintessential benevolent king?[View]
3535897Why was pre-WWII Japan so developed compared to other Asian countries? Pic related.[View]
3531494Gods - regular people or just a myth?: Was Odin a real chieftain that achieved godhood status? >H…[View]
3535787Was he really a pedophile?[View]
3535226Is it time to apologize to Germany?[View]
3525425What did people thought when masters had kids with slaves?: Was rape of slaves common? What did soci…[View]
3535984Transition from the limited warfare to total warfare: Book recommendations for 'Explain the tra…[View]
3532284Rhodesian bush war: Hi /his/ I have to write a information speech, and I was wanting to do it over t…[View]
3536443Hello! I recently started browsing 4chan /his/ and /lit/ and I came across the 'start with the Greek…[View]
3531760>tfw you will never clear out Vietnam fucking commie shits from Saigon while The Beatles play in …[View]
3534145What was their fucking problem?[View]
3535910/his/ meme thread, lads![View]
3535977Fallout: Why didn't the world become like the one in Fallout? Everything run by atomic power et…[View]
3536406most /his/ oriented US states: My vote would be for Virginia. Tons of colonial/ civil war stuff here…[View]
3536378how does dark age last: how long is dark age? i have been researching for a long time about this. ar…[View]
3535094ITT: We make Greentext Stories about Roman History: I'll Start >Be Roman Legionary >Caesa…[View]
3534288Was life as a slve that bad?: Sometimes I wish I was a large black man with no worries, just out in …[View]
3533300Atilla: Will they ever find his grave?[View]
3536189Propaganda thread: Let's start the shitstorm[View]
3535358Happiness and optimism are a sign of low inteliigence. If these feel natural to you, chances are you…[View]
3533670Why was the World against this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoPyi7yGjSo[View]
3536087How could the Palladium be the key to Troy resisting the siege if Athena sided with the Greeks?[View]
3528776did people suffer from battle fatigue in the 18th century?[View]
3536052Good/TERRIBLE /his/ quotes: >'You exist if and only if you are free to do things without a visibl…[View]
3534503ITT: post interesting /his/ people: John 'Laser Man' Ausonius is a Swedish attempted serial killer. …[View]
3535573What popular culture depictions of Muslims induce the optimal mix of credibility and outrage? The pe…[View]
3535957US Culture and Norms: Did the US form a distinct culture or is their culture a combination of variou…[View]
3535966Why did Luri Nationalism never grew? Same with Gilaki and Mazandarani[View]
3533263Is Yahweh the most badass god ? >The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name. >The LORD will …[View]
3533064Immortality: My one and only wish in life is to become immortal. With being immortal i dont mean lik…[View]
3531415& Humanities: >I'm an atheist >I believe in 'inalienable human rights' >I believe …[View]
3535654Saving Private Ryan: If ya guys want. This guy steaming Saving Private Ryan right now, Give me good …[View]
3535668Any clue on who this is?[View]
3531626Velvet Revolution: What happened during the Velvet Revolution and the dissolution of Czechoslovakia?…[View]
3534354What was Proto-Indo-European culture like?[View]
3535444India: What the fuck is their problem?[View]
3534328What were the most common countries British Catholics fled to?: Many British Catholics fled to mainl…[View]
3534531Why is he viewed as such an inspirational leader by so many? What did he even accomplish in his shor…[View]
3529519>result: Decisive French Victory[View]
3535375Can anyone enlighten my on why modern Americans use that roundel from the French Revolution for thei…[View]
3535281Why did some painters, when painting scenes from the Bible or ancient times, paint the figures weari…[View]
3534778>the Mongol Empire was short-li-[View]
3534967Wh*Toids BTFO Herodotus defines 'Aethiopia' as the farthest region of 'Libya' (i.e. Africa): 'Where …[View]
3535032Be greatest power in the world, be destroyed by farmers: Why do barbaric farmers ando trials keep de…[View]
3533871>Golden Spurs: French Knights charge across obstacles into spears, die >Aljubarrota: French Ca…[View]
3535307people: Are humans a hive mind or are we actually individuals?[View]
3531211>the original shitpost >the original forced meme…[View]
3534896Redpill me on mannerism[View]
3534279Who was more delusional during WW2: >Germany thinking they could pull off a 2 front war >Japan…[View]
3519595Sex Through the Ages: Had sex changed since ancient times (including how it's perceived by soci…[View]
3533739Pst...: ...did you know bacon and eggs are the healthiest breakfast you can have and cigarettes brin…[View]
3533289Can someone explain the Trinity to me?: Can someone explain the Trinity to me? How can God be three …[View]
3535325The phaenomenology of the mind 'by' Hegel is my work. I will torture him even in death. Hegel is a r…[View]
3531287/his/Facts: Taiwan was ignored by china for 5,000+ years and was only colonized by them during the Q…[View]
3532912Why do people say dog is man's best friend when horse is much superior?[View]
3532077Why did Europeans during the 18th,19th century: and before not teach sub saharian african although i…[View]
3534707Shall we compile this list?[View]
3534219Who would you say is the greatest american philosopher: of all time if you had to pick one person, a…[View]
3531434You're in a club with your HRE when this guy arrives and steals your Alsace What do?[View]
3534519Can any of the so called democratic nations' leaders walk normally in the streets like that?[View]
3532399When did you finally realize that history is over?: We have a 25 year rule not to avoid political di…[View]
3532776Are there any accounts of black slaves being good, obidient servants to their masters because they c…[View]
3535135>Cold War ended with the fall of Soviet Union[View]
3533681is theocracy the best form of government?[View]
3534493Destroyed cities and town of Europe and other fronts during World War 2[View]
3533230Anyone else reading this? Finding it pretty enjoyable so far. Kind of hard to believe the part abo…[View]
3533451Did Jewish life really improve under the Islamic Caliphates? Was it better for them in the Islamic e…[View]
35343401941 Imperial Japan vs 1955 Vietnam Who would win in a war?[View]
3527916ITT, leaders from history that did nothing wrong I'll start: Ghaddaffi[View]
3530445Books by rulers?: Good list of books/writings to read written by rulers, preferably on political/hum…[View]
3533663King Charles III - The last king?: Summary: Queen Elizabeth dies and prince Charles, next in success…[View]
3534089ITT, we talk about people who should have been the head of their nation[View]
3534994My hero :^) http://www.historynet.com/the-marksman-who-refused-to-shoot-george-washington.htm…[View]
3534972&humanities: >wake up at unnatural times with a sound emiting machine >sit from 9-5 (or mo…[View]
3505284ITT: /his/ makes a video game: Template: >Time Period >Game Genre >Summary of the plot…[View]
3533345>communism is Jewish >a Jew shot Lenin, ultimately causing his death How do right-wingers squa…[View]
3533654How as the wife of the house able to keep slaves in line when her husband went off to war? Why didn…[View]
3530513What was his obsession with the Dardanelles?[View]
3534884Perfect rulers don't exi-[View]
3534727He is History's Last Great Man figure. He arrived just at the closing gap of time before full m…[View]
3532205Is it possible to annex terrirotry/property and form kingdoms within pre-established countries in th…[View]
3532621What happens if a Pope teaches error? Has it ever happened before?[View]
3534831Thoughts on Marcus Garvey: /his thoughts on Garvey?[View]
3533163Jesus: Opinion: Jesus of Nazareth was a failed apocalyptic Jewish Messianic sage who's failed p…[View]
3533934I have been a NEET for 10 years, basically a middle school dropout, and never learned universal hist…[View]
3533828Aeterna Britannia Enternal Britan: Could Romano British have survived the 3rd and 4th century? And i…[View]
3534311How the f*ck did they do it /his/? Was Allah really with them?[View]
3533893WW2 starts. Italy and Japan switch places. What happens?[View]
3531149Yakuza: Can /his/ tell me about the Yakuza? Their birth and how they consolidated power is good. Eve…[View]
3533992Why was there so much crime in the early 20th century? Not just the organized kind like the New York…[View]
3535530Also Schopenhauer, warum hast du es gehasst zusammen mit Hegel an einer Uni als Professor zu arbeite…[View]
3534310New Netherlands: Are there any trace of New Netherlands?[View]
3530426What's wrong with it? Why do people discredit it?[View]
3534178So, I was watching The Tudors and I'm on the episode where Henry makes Anne a noble and gives h…[View]
3533390Why did the South get off relatively scott-free after the end of the Civil War? In the end, only one…[View]
3534172To what extent did piracy fuel economies in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era?[View]
3534378*destroys your amicable relations with the kingdom to the north* psh...nothin personnel kid[View]
3533122Book thread: Is the Penguin History of Europe series a good general overview of European history? Pi…[View]
3533940Modern day 'leftists' don't understand what communist/socialism actually is. At least most don…[View]
3534249Was neutrality the best option?[View]
3534192Back in the day did swearing a oath and/or (I give you my word) Hold as much weight as say in Game o…[View]
3533951>Here is one hand, >And here is another. >There are at least two external objects in the wo…[View]
3534150How could the Palladium be the key to Troy resisting the siege if Athena sided with the Greeks?[View]
3534122Is it true that all of history can be summarized as a 'Family Feud between Jews'?[View]
3534026Is it accurate to say that an entire universe is contained inside my mind?[View]
3532543Anti Semitism in Weimar Republic films: Films were openly anti semitic during the Nazi era as opposi…[View]
3529576Self-identity and ancestry: Barring all memeing crap aside, to what extent do you identify with your…[View]
3533408Confirm or deny: if Erdogan hands over power peacefully, he'll be remembered as the second grea…[View]
3531264Who do you consider the good guys and good sides history?: So what are some /his/ objectively good g…[View]
3532683Why is it claimed that the British Empire ended with Hong Kong while England has been, and are to th…[View]
3535542Reminder even Elizabeth Warren agrees that women in the workforce were a disaster for society.[View]
3533710Everyone on this board always asks what Hitler was thinking when he invaded the Soviet Union, and th…[View]
3530136Biographies say that this dude slept 4 hours a night, drank like a fish, yet was still able to micro…[View]
3532669Japan WW2: Whats this guys history as Japan were Allies with the UK in WW1???[View]
35334261600's was the Dutch Golden A-[View]
3531573What if a war broke out between Soviet Union and China after Sino-Soviet split?[View]
3532480What are some very metaphorical or symbolic cities?: There's this video game series titled 'Shi…[View]
3527060Why are Normans considered '''French'''? They're just Vikings who adopted the French language.[View]
3532441>Turkey claims Turkic ancestry. >never part of the Turkic Khanate…[View]
3530691Where can I find rare photos of historical figures online? Google is practically useless in this sit…[View]
3533356Is the love of homo men by women unique to Japanese culture and contemporary West?[View]
3533172What are some great feats of love in history that women have performed for men? I ask because I can…[View]
3530372Destiny: Are destiny and karma real things? Or do we truly shape our lifes with our own hands?…[View]
3533155This is probably a nitpick but why were aesthetic statues and beautiful paintings more common in old…[View]
3532093Why was the 20th century so violent? Why did dehumanization reach such extremes? Was it the death of…[View]
3531475Beware who you call autistic nerd in middle school[View]
3530440What was the mission of U-977?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-977 >German subm…[View]
3531522Who was in the wrong here?[View]
3529179So was Hitler really on meth or is that just a meme? As someone who has snorted adderall and played …[View]
3532115Whose to blame for the Mexican-American war: Mexico or America?[View]
3527910Enternal Divide: Is Korea destined to be divide? If not at what point they could have been united?…[View]
3532778New World Written Languages: What languages were actually written down in their own style in America…[View]
3531839American imperialism? Oh boy, that sounds great, honey! Let’s go to bed and do that right now![View]
3532806What would civil rights movement look like had MLK not been assassinated?[View]
3531430le spooky eye hand[View]
3532774Was the Californian Guilty?: Was it actually in a position to help the Titanic or is that just scape…[View]
3532743How do you think the internet has affected the world? Do you think that it has driven people mad wit…[View]
3532726Anyone else feel that they fucked up attacking US soil and killing american civilians and sailors? I…[View]
3531499Thoughts on David Starkey: is he a great historian or a charlatan[View]
3531312Mussolini doesn't get talked about enough. Reading his wikiquote page, he was a far more impres…[View]
3528721Was the Vietnam War the comfiest war ever?[View]
3532387Roman Military Equipment: Why did Rome start to abandon the spear in favor of the short sword within…[View]
3532681Daily Life in History Series: I have had some interest in the lives of the average person at various…[View]
3531707Why were Old Europeans such cucks?[View]
3525555why is /his/ against fascism? not a bait thread, genuinly curious. also this os not a thread about s…[View]
3532391Reenactment General: I'm thinking of joining my local Infanterie Regiment for WWII reenacting. …[View]
35316094chan est cancer. Ceasar est terminator. Ego destroyere 4chan cum legionii militi. Ego est legionii …[View]
3528159Was God's test for Abraham not immoral?[View]
3530822How and when did the Germans loose their manliness?[View]
3532053The Law of all Laws: Be what thou wilt be: What is, is and will always be; What is not, is not.…[View]
3532212Who had the greater lasting effect on Western Civilization, the Greeks or the Romans?[View]
3532122*gets assassinated*[View]
3530162Roman Republic: Thought on Julius Caesar was he a dictator or a hero for the Roman[View]
3530655Does anyone know any good reads or videos analyzing illuminated manuscripts? I'd like to do an …[View]
3532383Just went through some old notes and found one note saying: 'Phenomological laws is a synonym for em…[View]
3531314*steals your spice trade*[View]
3527301History of Asian Americans: What do you guys know about the history of Asian Americans? We have had…[View]
3528005ACKNOWLEDGE US: >archaeologists associate Greeks with J2 >archaeologists associate Phoenicians…[View]
3519993More pics like this, please. I'll dump what I have.[View]
3526795What the fuck was this dude's deal? Learning about civil rights history in middle school we ne…[View]
3531955What if Britain gave the Cape colony back to the Dutch after the revolutionary war?[View]
3530082Which country or state was the biggest romaboo?[View]
3531209what would have happened hypothetically if the Romano Britons had held off the Anglo Saxon migration…[View]
3530714What if it was the first Colosseum?[View]
3530744Is this the greatest trick the Anglo ever pulled?[View]
3531964Why exactly is every Jewish holiday about ruminating in butthurt?[View]
3531555Why did Sweden join the EU but not NATO? Can it be attributed to the Russians?[View]
3531615dond do dis ids wrong becuz the magik sky deddi dosnt liek it[View]
3530854What the FUCK was his problem?: Well, what was it?[View]
3530077So what happened after the Zulu peoe received independence?[View]
3526875How did Romans look like: All memes and BBC historic revisionary aside How did Romans actually look …[View]
3527368Prove me wrong: 'By the end of 18th century, Europe was one step away from industrial revolution and…[View]
3529152>do productive manual labour >all my depression and worries flee >the completion of my work…[View]
3529596Why didn't the Balkan Christians revolt against the Ottomans until the rise of nationalism?[View]
3531692Why was Henry III so unpopular?[View]
3531715**Blocks your path**[View]
3531561Rulers in history: Post here who you think was the greatest leader in history. Pic related[View]
3530961Why does Autism Exist? Were there any historical figures who had Autism?[View]
3531726The Law of all Laws: Be what thou wilt be: What is, is and will always be; What is not, is not.…[View]

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