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5038704He was a pedophile or just an homosexual in denial?[View]
5037763Why did the Chinese feel the need to lie about the Nanking “massacre”? A Nationalist meme that the C…[View]
5038662Can I get some brainlet history book recommendations? I'm curious about all periods of world hi…[View]
5036623Beer: How different was historical beer in taste compared to modern beers? I'm guessing they we…[View]
5033241Can anyone tell me wtf this is[View]
5032833Is this a flute?: Found it on the coast of Krk, Croatia. Was swimming today and randomly scooped it …[View]
5037475After having lived there when I was younger and after having watched this https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
5038442is Hitler in heaven or hell?[View]
5038151What's your favorite book about history?[View]
5038608Post your best history memes, gentlemen[View]
5036730how is this tactical maneuver called?[View]
5037956Why is the popular imagery of a modernish military officer on the battlefield being a man with a pis…[View]
5038474Tell me about jains Why do they wear the mask[View]
5034177im getting into chinese history and culture- what are some movies/documentaries or books i can consu…[View]
5033877Was there a more kino battle than this?[View]
5033697>heh you like military history? Well looks like you're a retard buddy, military history does…[View]
5033533Prescriptivist hate thread: I really don’t get them. I don’t understand how they think one dialect o…[View]
5037114>You will never be such an upstanding class act that you use your last few moments of life to tel…[View]
5038062Ah yes the so called 'eastern' ''roman'' '''empire'''[View]
5037203>DUDE HISTORY IS OVER LMAO: What are some books dealing with longterm societal trends?[View]
5032792What if germany: What if the axis for whatever reasons had this happen in ww2? Spain joins the axis …[View]
5027236His name was Jack Johnson. >Just a poor American negro. >Learns how to box. >Gets quite goo…[View]
5033024HBO comes to you and says to make a historical war miniseries that fulfills the following requiremen…[View]
5036348can I get a quick rundown on vatican II? why is it so hated?[View]
5034082Post sexy wikipedia casualties Hard mode : no winter war very hard mode : no battle of panipat[View]
5036263SO HOL UP HOL UP >subjugates SO U BE SAYIN >chucks pilum SO HOL UP U BE SAYIN >eats an oliv…[View]
5033822What's the most boring period in history? >hard mode No 21st century…[View]
5037582>The mongols maybe raped and pillaged their way through Eurasia but at least they weren't ra…[View]
5037898Top 10 Anime Battles: >French vs French >nazi french win really makes you think…[View]
5037882>single handedly averts nuclear holocaust based[View]
4966078Christian martyrs of World War II: Never forget our righteous brothers who were killed in hatred of …[View]
4908062Gulf War Thread: My dad was in the Gulf War and I'm interested in finding out if anyone is a ve…[View]
5036414Can somebody explain to me why anarcho-primitivists want to make yourself weaker on purpose? How do …[View]
5036816History of God by Karen Armstrong: I have this book but i never read it. Is it good? I dont really t…[View]
5030663Out of Africa theory BTFO: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/scientists-disproves-out-of-Afric…[View]
5033601What was his problem?[View]
5037159Was the Enlightenment truly an enlightenment?[View]
5037438do the past and future exist[View]
5037416What are the best european primary sources to read ranging from the birth of christ to before the po…[View]
5032303You are in charge of drawing the borders post WWI, this time the Central Powers won after a french s…[View]
5037089Why do people never talk about the Seleucid Empire?: Did nothing interesting happen in this empire?…[View]
5036727>armor has a speck of gold decoration on it >'IT WAS CLEARLY CEREMONIAL, YOU'RE A FUCKING…[View]
5030071Which branch of Christianity represents Jesus' message and morals the best?: I was raised Catho…[View]
5033582So what is China now? Socialism, national-bolshevism, fascism?[View]
5037306>My people came to me, Peter, came to me and some others they said they think it's Judas. I …[View]
5036364Theory on how the pyramids were built: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYJXE4FCm7Q&t=3s I learne…[View]
5034534Mythical items aside, and lets keep our prejudices out of it, do you believe the bible can be used a…[View]
5036200Romans were pretty much mobsters in a lot of ways so why don't films portray them as having Ita…[View]
5036071The Holocaust - A Good Thing: So the Nazis executed jews, masons, slavs, fags, gypsies and other deg…[View]
5037156>dude nose faces lmao What a hack. Picasso got some good works but most of it is just ugly boring…[View]
5035866>show set in the middle ages >everyone is dressed in varying shades of grey and brown…[View]
5036538What is the best book on Rome /his/?: Looking for a book that covers the rise of Caesar to the end o…[View]
5033295Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may …[View]
5033617What was his problem?[View]
5029025How accurate was Ken Burns' The Vietnam War?: It seems to lean heavily on the hippie-dippie, Ho…[View]
5037108papal state thread: >height requirements for swiss guard is there anything that BTFOs manlets as…[View]
5037010Wow everything went downhill when he died. >ignores nazi autism >sweep through poland >inv…[View]
5036885Why didn't Finland become a monarchy? Not necessarily having a german prince, but something lik…[View]
5037036Talmud: Looking for a good academic translation of the Talmud to better understand acient Judaism. A…[View]
5031737Post dynasties, empires, kingdoms etc. that had magnificent endings[View]
5036805Was Franco really an anti-communist? I can't find many works promoted by the spanish government…[View]
5036967Jews were 85% if the first Bolshevik party leadership. And similar rates in Germany and Poland. Nazi…[View]
5036951Do Gary/Mary sues exist IRL? H̶o̶w̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶I̶ ̶b̶e̶c̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶?̶ ̶[View]
5036936An Israeli historian, Yair Auron, who published a book on this subject called 'Extreme Leftist Jews …[View]
5036595>hurr, there were no good guys or bad guys in WW2 Is this the most contrarian and stupid opinion …[View]
5036363ITT: Historical DLC: >that one time the Holy See and the KKK fought in a war against each other…[View]
5036898Hey guys I need your help. Anybody here ever done an MA/MSc before? I'm currently doing one in …[View]
5035550Lets Talk About Spain: Would they have had a strong hold on their empire, at least up until WWI, had…[View]
5032309If the Western civilization falls one day, how would other civilizations see it?[View]
5036469The modern era of political discussion: Is popular involvement good for debate, or should you need s…[View]
5032553Let's settle it once and for all /his/...: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
5036718crassus: crassus[View]
5036014Do you guys think Adolf Hilter had an unconscious desire to lose / die? Think about it. Why else wo…[View]
5036560Agoge: Does anyone know what did they really do in 'Agoge'?Which exercises they performed,what made …[View]
5036629You can help by expanding it: FFS google[View]
5033253Verdun Treaty: Why did Lothar agree to get Middle Francia? Any sane person would know that shit was …[View]
5036151Which version of the Bible should I read?[View]
5036561What was his tax policy?[View]
5032325What is wrong with her argument? I can tell there is something wrong, but I can’t cogently explain w…[View]
5036439Search for life in mythology.: Can anyone remember anything connected with the search for (intellige…[View]
5036270MYTHS ABOUT STALINS ORDER NO.227/NOT ONE STEP BACKWARDS: >there were no mass shooting of retreati…[View]
5036315Is the 'evillnes' of human decreased as he fullfill her natural survival instinct?: Are we less ' ev…[View]
5036297What was Mexico and the PRI like in the 20th Century? Any good books or documentaries on the period?[View]
5036099Democracy can't fix the mass murder issue. See this mass murderer was elected in a democratic e…[View]
5034309What happened in East Asia during the Paleolithic? You always hear about Ice Age Europe and mammoths…[View]
5035999About Berserkers and Vikings: Hello everyone. I want to learn more about Viking culture,the meaning …[View]
5036096Could any neoplatonists or people that hold similar views help me with something? According to neopl…[View]
5036003How powerful would the Roman Empire be if they figured out how useful steam power is and used it? Wo…[View]
5035107Why did the Germans decide one day to fuck up all of Europe?[View]
5035738I know that male heirs were a necessity among European royalty, but did it matter to the average Eur…[View]
5035943https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_views_of_Albert_Einstein >Einstein was one of the thousan…[View]
5035017Virgil: In Carr's 'What is History' he refers to how the poet Virgil came to heralded…[View]
5035979In need for a good book!: Hello everyone. I want to learn more about Viking culture,the meaning of t…[View]
5034929Which one is your favorite?[View]
5031780&Humanities: I'd like you all to assemble a collective visual image of the entire wisdom an…[View]
5032565Thoughts on Christoph Luxenberg's theory? >Quran was originally written in mixture of Arabic…[View]
5035748Anyone have information and resources on the ancient Minoan myth of the Minotaur where he was some k…[View]
5035713MS Paint Game: Make a shitty MS paint picture depicting a famous battle from history, I'll star…[View]
5035507Why did the French and their spawn the English bothered adopting the Latin alphabet if they then wen…[View]
5035719http://dai dot ly/x6db64n What's the historical equivalent of 5:00? Remove the dot and replace …[View]
5032228Why did japanese during medieval age did not improve the warfare strategy I mean they would fight 1 …[View]
5034926when ur tryin to sleep but horse nigga com thru be peepin at ya gurl[View]
5034419>Noam Chomsky isn't a Cambodian Genocide apologis- Lemme stop you right there. Noam Chomsky…[View]
5034007Anybody have good stuff on the Carolingian Renaissance? And books you can recommend?[View]
5035578>study history >x minister or high ranking person resigns or threatens to resign in protest to…[View]
5031923I read in pol thred that the closest language to sumerians are turkish and finnohugrik: Is this true…[View]
5035552Historical plane thread Kido Butai edition Does anyone know which carriers launched B5Ns carrying Ty…[View]
5035521Things that make you sad: On the night of 5 October, French units diverted from the main attack forc…[View]
5033398Does capitalism inevitably transforms into socialism according to Marx?[View]
5034284Historic Kino: Paintings Edition: Hugh O'Neill has one last look at Ireland before leaving it f…[View]
5034720I recently listened to a podcast that went into detail on Leopold ii and the Congo Free State and wa…[View]
5024876If you could go back and change one big historical event, which would it be? How would it effect the…[View]
5033698Why didn’t the Samaritans thrive like the Jews did? There’s barely 800 of them left[View]
5033905> be Christopher Columbus > 1492, land in India > savages bring baskets of fruits not found…[View]
5031938Has any other philosopher surpassed his genius?[View]
5034466Not only was Charles II the greatest leader in English history, he was the greatest leader in HUMAN …[View]
5035237Who was in the wrong here?[View]
5035070Why americans do this?[View]
5034221Immanuel Kant: How the fuck does anyone take this guy seriously? How did anyone ever take him seriou…[View]
5035145What are some /his/ approved video games?: HARD MODE: No RTS[View]
5030728what are some contrarion and edgy opinion ignorant people spout to appear intelligent? >WW1 and W…[View]
5033244This paper claims that a fly is the sole reason why Africans have historically been held back from p…[View]
5033208What the fuck was his problem?[View]
5034425>be me, local plague doctor >ask out feudal lord's daughter to the tavern >says she th…[View]
5034935What the fuck was her problem?[View]
5029473What if rather than being a metaphor, it's just wrong?[View]
5030254Military leaders who tried to innovate but failed miserably: I'm talking about people who fell …[View]
5034359>talking with some friends in history class >History autism kicks in >'yeah I'd like t…[View]
5030134I'm putting together a team.[View]
5032447Black crime in days of yore: I've been studying and watching a lot of information about America…[View]
5034456To understand how the war in 1939 between Poland and Germany, and consequently WW2, unfolded, it is …[View]
5032740If Bongland didn't have that stupid strip of water separating it from the mainland, Germany wou…[View]
5033231Give me my bomber[View]
5033105Fascist existence in a Central Powers World: Could Fascist existence if the Central Powers won WW1?…[View]
5033574Can someone explain to me what fascism is, without mentioning Hitler? Schools don't actually te…[View]
5028817>killing or enslaving a third of gallic population what the fuck was his problem…[View]
5024273Why do people circle jerk German tanks when they were clearly inferior?[View]
5030002Is Volkssturm /peak aesthetic/?[View]
5034069How many modern jets, soldiers and ships would I need to conquer WW1 Europe?[View]
5033754Why didn't Rhodesia simply ally Soviets against Maoist guerrillas?[View]
5032980is there anything about the Old Testament that is contradicted by other found writings of that era?…[View]
5024035Imagine hating fascism while glorifying Ancient Rome.[View]
5034120Metamodernism: Since mods are such retards that delete philosophical concepts on the literature boar…[View]
5033306Papal states: I'm curious about the Papal states. Why did they exist, and how were they adminis…[View]
5034352Serious question, where slaves better off than industrial workers?[View]
5034354What was it like to live as a ukrainian speaking man married to a polish identifying woman. In the c…[View]
5034299Kino Historical Photos: Also, why has photography gone off a cliff, i have a 1Tb hard drive of kino …[View]
5015937What historical leader struck the best pose?[View]
5034265Opinions on this?[View]
5033692Art Thread: Bonus points for pensive or revelatory men.[View]
5034233You guys read any cool books recently?[View]
5034159>The German waging of this war is ruthless, swift, brilliant in conception and in execution, and …[View]
5034153PAYGANG: PAYGANG GENERAL THREAD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtX7q64EmTTmVQ5ExMQ5Ug/videos IS …[View]
5033148> I know people think I'm stupid. Because I get bored easily. Because I have no interest in …[View]
5031747Might makes right. Prove me wrong.[View]
5022604Roman Empire: How did the mighty Roman Empire fall?[View]
5033360Blocks your path **Double walls your Gaulish heart** what do?[View]
5033887Cimmerians were a real people: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cimmerians Are there other facets of th…[View]
5031820Was the Black Hand a puppet of Anglos?: I've heard a couple of times that the organisations Bla…[View]
5028903continuity of rome: Do you consider the Byzantines a successor state or a continuation of Rome? and …[View]
5033930Favorite Queen or Empress?: Who is your historical waifu?[View]
5033212Art thread: Stylized edition[View]
5033500Was Nazi Germany an Atheist regime? Was Soviet Russia secular humanists? Is it more complicated than…[View]
5032153Ernst Hanfstaengl was a friend of Lippmann (extreme supporter of communism and member of the fabian …[View]
5032922Human Geno-/Phenotype: I'm interested in whether there have been any instances of a particular …[View]
5025115Should JUSTinian have stopped after retaking Africa?[View]
5025598Hutus >kill almost a million people in 100 days Nazis >6 million over 6 fucking years of war a…[View]
5030687Do Luxembourg and Switzerland even have cultures?[View]
5033653What's the appeal of this character?[View]
5032557Can anybody help?: Looking for some good books about the Hundred Days Reform. Any recommendations?…[View]
5031277how do we divide the balkans?[View]
5033521Meme Request: Could somebody please post the Chinese Philosopher Virgin vs. Chad meme? I forgot who …[View]
5022952Press F to pay respects[View]
5021944Alexander The Great's grave possibly found in Egypt.: https://www.rt.com/news/433605-black-sarc…[View]
5033326>be french infantry man >1916 >bataille de verdun >in the tranchée >dying of faim…[View]
5027545time to post your collection[View]
5033245>husband doesn't wanna fuck >make France and England enemies for the next 800 years just …[View]
5031495>hey lets send hundreds of thousands of our soldiers to various ass end Pacific islands so the Am…[View]
5032829Really makes you think...[View]
5030554Historians are often quick to the claim that natural resources, high value non-renewable energy spec…[View]
5026325Who was the smartest motherfucker to ever live?[View]
5033171What are Your thoughts on trivum/quadrivum education?[View]
5031482ITT: Happiest people in history: I'll start David Hume[View]
5032208Remember the Toxodon.: Our old friend the Toxodon.[View]
5029744If Genesis wasn't meant to be taken literally, what makes the Sabbath so special? The Israelite…[View]
5033155How powerful and influential was the Senate in the roman empire/post-Roman Republic period?[View]
5029702Read his books.[View]
5028599Was he autistic?[View]
5033117How did Ancient Greeks worship their ancestors? Are there any accounts of these ceremonies or practi…[View]
5031357Why is ww2 so heavily discussed on this board?[View]
5033076What's the best single-volume history of the American War for Independence?[View]
5032687cold-me.net: haha second printing this cover design is trash[View]
5031971What's your favorite sub-saharan african kangdom?[View]
5032983Is there historical evidence for market crashes/economic collapses during peaceful times? By histori…[View]
5012185>Scientists announce the discovery of stone tools dating to 2.1 million years ago in Shangchen, C…[View]
5026730Daily reminder that Napoleon was genetically Italian and he was in essence larping as a frenchman.[View]
5031752At what point did Paris become a shithole: At what point did Paris become a shithole known for its…[View]
5029810If pastoralists are so great, why aren't all their descendants lactose tolerant?[View]
5032609Glencoe Biology, what the FUCK are you doing? How did education standards slip so badly?[View]
5032402Things you can say about the emperor of Rome, but not your wife[View]
5032470Nixon Thread: What is Nixon legacy?[View]
5032122redpill me on occult rituals by the elite. how did this start, for what reason?[View]
5031549Potatoes and Industrialization: If the Romans had discovered the New World and brought back potatoes…[View]
5032438>start a literal World War >only get 20 years in prison NICE…[View]
5027857Americans really believe that they have had any relevance in WW2?: Even Lend-lease is just a meme. T…[View]
5030957*ruins Europe*[View]
5028796What's so great about flanking tactics when everyone is using melee weapons? Is it really that …[View]
5032022What can /his/ tell me about post-WW2 German democracy? I was taught in HS that one of the main reas…[View]
5031033Is Animism the most basic, minimal state of human religion?[View]
4841623What other historical figures died as virgins?[View]
5027458Are rebellions built on hope /his/?[View]
5032315America's military history: Is America the most retarded country in the world? >Chimp out wh…[View]
5032372Do you think the Russians raped him in prison?[View]
5032320Does Life have intrinsic value? is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ednPq30YDD8[View]
5029823They had a respectful government that in many tribes was matriarchal. The tribes discussed everythin…[View]
5032317Cold War thread?[View]
5032327Would you sniff his intellectual farts?[View]
5029905Historical Photo Thread: Historical Photo Thread[View]
5032158Why did every single communist country end up with worse living standards than non-communist Western…[View]
5032236Welcome to hotel Jasenovac, hotel with 5 stars[View]
5031140So why did Hitler target the Jews?: Were they just an easy scapegoat? Same old story of Jews run the…[View]
5032138How did modern monarchies manage to solve the whole pretender and dynastic civil war issues that pla…[View]
5030165Why did ballistae fall out of use during the middle ages? I imagine they could absolutely decimate h…[View]
5031295greece in WW1: if Greece honored her treaties and listened to Britain. do you think they could have …[View]
5032092Do you have any pics from Hitler birthday in 1944 ? he attended a concert He is so much different in…[View]
5032074Is most ancient history tainted by the views of the few authors, or are old accounts relatively reli…[View]
5031675They intered him. All he wanted to do was make England Live and March On and they fucking intered hi…[View]
5028189Why were most evil beings in myths and legends female?[View]
5030039Okay, so some friends and I were talking today when one said that the holocaust numbers didnt add up…[View]
5026464Why do people dispute obvious Axis technological superiority in world war 2 when they had the best A…[View]
5024065Your alternative world timeline: ITT We post world maps and try to guess what happened in your ideal…[View]
5030147Leave the French to me.[View]
5029862Tell me interesting facts about the Colchians, what do we know about them?[View]
5028573Has real communism ever been tried?[View]
5028116based or shit?[View]
5031119should the government be able to seize privately owned gold and other precious metals from it's…[View]
5030544Bosnian War: Why was there such cruelty? 32,000 Muslim civilians killed, plus all the rape, how can …[View]
5031800>Bismarck, Luther, Laplace, Napoleon, Pascal, Raphael, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert are examples of…[View]
5031667Is this chinese armor real?[View]
5030950On Proselytization and Christianity: I'm having a mini crisis of faith right now. Well, maybe c…[View]
5028323I came across theses guys called the 'Ten thousand' they were a mercenary company in ancient Greece.…[View]
5030843Is it even possible to have sincere faith in God if you weren't raised that way? Christianity i…[View]
5029524It really bums me out how little information there is regarding Pre-Christian Irish culture.[View]
5031610What happens here now? i know it was won during ww2 and soviets planned to invade hokkaido but does …[View]
5026632Tell me everything you know about the Italian City States.[View]
5020611Iran-iraq stalemate: > An estimated 500,000 Iraqi and Iranian soldiers died, in addition to a sim…[View]
5030279>only Lieutenant William Calley Jr., a platoon leader in C Company, was convicted. Found guilty o…[View]
5031361Republican China and the kuomintang: I want to start reading about Republican China but I'm not…[View]
5027406So, this is the state of the modern academic philosopher (the guy has a degree)? Unironically, how d…[View]
5029436British Empire or Catholic Church ; which caused more suffering in Ireland ?: One controlled and ens…[View]
5029236Why did Hong Kong become one of the British Empire's richest territories in just a few decades …[View]
5031604Bright Inside: If you ever need a good laugh. Check out this self proclaimed expert on basically eve…[View]
5031565Why did tophats go out of style? Sorry if this is more of a /fa/ question.[View]
5029653If the Flavians built it, how did Caligula fill it with water?[View]
5027940Ancient East-Asian demography: We seem to spend a lot of time here discussing Indo-Europeans and the…[View]
5027367I've freed my Jews Time after time. I've done my warfare But committed no crime. And big a…[View]
5028171Was it inevitable that the based Chinks would end up ruling the world once they just got rid of thei…[View]
5031336Was he really a prophet?[View]
5030818Ancient Homosexuality: When did homosexuality became taboo and even criminal, and what was the ratio…[View]
5028663Favorite scholar?: Tell us about your favorite scholar and why he's your favorite scholar. >…[View]
5030225Were the Gracchi brothers proto-communists?[View]
5030920Quick! What's your favourite history related documentary?[View]
5031027Why is it that north and south indicates direction to specific static points while east and west are…[View]
5031053were nazis justified? https://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Revolution_of_1918–19[View]
5028684African Americans Inventors ITT: >George T Damon invented a clothes dryer https://www.reference.c…[View]
5031018Why does Da Vinci Code and all other books and films about the Templars surviving their purge and go…[View]
5030903Is this a good book if you're interested in the history of the Venetian Republic? I know Norwic…[View]
5025373Who was the chillest of all Roman Emperors?: Western, Eastern, or Holy Hardmode: no Elagabalus…[View]
5029841>The basic confrontation which seemed to be colonialism versus anti-colonialism, indeed capitalis…[View]
5029952Oliver Cromwell was a communist: Change my mind.[View]
5030580What was the public’s perception of slavery back when it was a thing? I learned the other day that A…[View]
5028725Could post-maoist China be considered corporatist / fascist?[View]
5027949Why did your country give money, technology and markets for free to Germany, Japan and Korea instead…[View]
5028664Is this the most accurate depiction of a Turk in the 14th century?[View]
5030052That boxing copypasta that never mentions how Johnson lost to Willard: Really makes you hmmmm[View]
4988394Revisionism in History?: Has there ever been a nation so in denial of their past that they often nee…[View]
5030266Were the ancient Minoans BLACKED?[View]
5028358Do you have a history degree? If so, what time period is your favorite? Who are the based historians…[View]
5027288>the Germans get the Caucasus >the Germans get the oil >they keep both till the end of the…[View]
5026608How do you go from this...[View]
5030503How come a nation funded by freemansonry is 'historically against secret societies'? https://www.jfk…[View]
5030497Which bright social scientist with new and interesting ideas about society should I listen to today?[View]
5027465War time photos thread[View]
5028037Shansha.... my shweet Shansha... When I was a little boy I met an old, fat dude who was writing a se…[View]
5030428Thoughts? Is this accurate? For me it is, the only flaw is that certain areas in Iran, Afghanistan, …[View]
5029350Indigenous Tribes and Progress: How can we support ITs without destroying their identities?[View]
5023709Why does every culture seems to have a flood myth?[View]
5027235Post historical songs that gave you pic related. I start https://youtu.be/KS2omJCMpuk[View]
5030008Retarded moments of history: US Civil War edition.: This one really baffles me. >290,000+ confed…[View]
5028115>white people discovers things centuries later after chinese invented or discover it first >wh…[View]
5027564Henry VIII: >Late in life, Henry became obese, with a waist measurement of 54 inches (140 cm), an…[View]
5027513What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
5029161Why is it there?[View]
5028845Have white people been disprorportionately more evil than any other group of people? I asked this on…[View]
5019450Birth Control and the Sexual Revolution: Would it make sense to argue that safe, effective and acces…[View]
5025533How did upper class Africans keep their hair?: Were cornrows and dreadlocks considered low class?…[View]
5027190Thoughts on Gustavus Adolphus?[View]
5027679Have you ever changed history?: >Thank you for writing to us! We make all efforts to address ever…[View]
5029885>Be son of an Augustus >Dad dies but I'm not his heir >Start a civil war because muh e…[View]
5030069Post sweet moments from history.[View]
5028156>*Kills 45 million Chinese people* Pfft... Nothing personnel, kid...[View]
5027613>United >States >of America…[View]
5028034Who was the last historical figure to have a painting of themselves instead of a photo?[View]
5019052Ballet thread. Let's talk about ballets based on historical figures and events. Starting with M…[View]
5029043Herstory: Can the misogyny of old western civilization be more attributed to Christianity or Greek i…[View]
5029101General Sherman didn't do enough.[View]
5029664I recently bought a old helmet, which I thought was a Vietnam era one but I took it apart and found …[View]
5029695Is he the greatest philosopher of our time?[View]
5026417NO PASA- Why were leftists so shit at fighting?[View]
5028457Does this thing have any value? It's old as shit and i have the whole thing, case included[View]
5029397Why is /his/ wanking over military history?[View]
5029298*BTFOs italy irredeemably*[View]
5027409ANCIENT GEORGIAN KANGZ: Anybody interested in pre bronze age Caucasus civilization >theories…[View]
5028985ITT we go to prettyscale.com and find out just how pretty certain historical figures really were.[View]
5027632Newly discovered armored dinosaur from Utah reveals intriguing family history: Fossils of a new genu…[View]
5025576Redpill me on Andrew Jackson. I read on another thread that there was an impeding Native genocide an…[View]
5029112ITT: Pls No Bully moments of history[View]
5029062>Be me >1941 >Battle of Stalingrad >Hidden inside bunker >Can hear Russian soldiers p…[View]
5025646Name a more well known and beloved historical figure.[View]
5029019Do pluralist societies need authoritarian stronkmen at the helm or is it only accidental?[View]
5022706Thoughts on him?[View]
5027492is it true to say that the Native Americans had no animal in North America that they could possibly …[View]
5028211Historical propaganda/political posters: We had this thread a while back and we had a lot of extremi…[View]
5028453British Politicians Thread: ITT We post the best British political leaders ever >the Pitt is lite…[View]
5026347Could they do it, /his/? Could they save Yugoslavia?[View]
50274744 years of war, 21 year gap, and then 6 years of war WW1 and WW2 are definitely not one big war[View]
5028430How did these people get spread throughout the Pacific? They just got into canoes and sailed into th…[View]
5028988Should winston churchill have been not allowed to be prime minister cause of gallipoli?[View]
5025808Why weren't there any terrorist Islamist groups before the '80s?: In 1979, the Al-Haram Mo…[View]
5019707I'm trying to look for information regarding demographics in Brandenburg-Prussia (but preferabl…[View]
5028377Why is /his/ so obsessed with WW2?[View]
5028048Olivine-rich (olivene-rich) Altar Stone is from Anatolia.: https://brian-mountainman.blogspot.com/20…[View]
5028688Gott strafe england[View]
5022569Rome: Who was the true successor to the Roman empire? Did it have any?[View]
5026229https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malleus_Maleficarum Is this the OG conspiracy theory? I feel like pret…[View]
5026999How I would have settled the Algerian question after 1958: Here are 10 points, plus a conclusion, ho…[View]
5028416De re militari vs The Art of War: I am no military historian, but it seems like it's unanimousl…[View]
5027923Remember, literacy is a deeply anti-racist tradition. Don't bother telling bigots to read any b…[View]
5025166Name a country with more inept military commanders. I'll wait.[View]
5026750Creationism: Are there any Creationists on /his/? If so, how do you feel about domestication, geneti…[View]
5028522suggest good books about entire history of Rome: suggest good books about entire history of Rome…[View]
5027810>mfw I see a R*man[View]
5020623>Judeo-Christian Culture Who coined this term?[View]
5026186>There are no contemporaneous extrabiblical textual references to Jesu- >There are no contempo…[View]
5027126How I would have save South Africa from collapse: 1. Principle of nationalities. A state on a contin…[View]
5028130>germans destroy jewish shops during kristallnacht >german insurance companies are forced to p…[View]
5027596/his/ meme thread: Y'all ever just build your own version of Antioch just to flex on Justinian …[View]
5019834This is why you start with the Greeks.[View]
5026191What are some historical examples of Pirates/Criminals who were once (or later became) respected lea…[View]
5023688Enron today Market cap: $0 Employees: 0 Total assets: $0 Enron today if Richard Kinder was made CEO …[View]
5028042Especially cool if you are into astrology!: https://culturaltransmissions.com/are-the-sounds-the-pla…[View]
5028015Does anyone have any pictures of historical figures with hats that say please be patient i have auti…[View]
5027656Red pill me on interservice rivarly[View]
5021725ITT: historical figures normies like[View]
5027298Why did anti-Zionist Syria side with anti-Palestinian forces in '70s Lebanon?: Why did Syria in…[View]
5022471Who were the etruscans?[View]
5027790what's the historical significance of gold? why do governments deny it's value and present…[View]
5026886Cosmopolitanism: Cosmopolitans do not really have values, since their so-called 'values' are only th…[View]
5027947Hamilton/ Central Bank/ 'Goy': So, is it possible the the Jewish people and their leaders had more o…[View]
5027297Who are some historical figures who died from powerful emotions (e.g. Emperor Valentinian I or Chrys…[View]
5027053The 'Great War' was the first world war[View]
5026831Did he even exist?[View]
5026143Time to settle this:: Lord Palmerston or Pitt the Elder? (Or someone else?)[View]
5027503Why did armies of the 17th-19th centuries wear such bright goofy heavy clothing? Why not lighter clo…[View]
5027022Pol Pot: What if Pol Pot genocided all the poor plebians of Cambodia instead of the educated and ari…[View]
5027275When Turkish Embassy in Washington was hosting African Americans for social event in 1950s, it cause…[View]
5024481What was the best monarchy in history?[View]
5026946Analysis of the four great religions: Here is a brief 10 point analysis of the four major religions …[View]
5027580If Mongols led such a hard life in the steppes, hunting and eating a high protein diet the were they…[View]
5022053Was he autistic?[View]
5027681Who are they /his/?[View]
5027128Did morality exist in prehistoric times?: Do you think cavemen had something resembling a moral comp…[View]
5018304Israeli Independence: Was the independence of Israel justified? Should Israel have not been created?…[View]
5024741Why did Saddam and the Assads hate each other despite both being Ba'athist?[View]
5021104History of Hinduism in Southeast Asia: our Hindu civilization rivals that of India itself[View]
5027403Was he among the greatest of Roman men?[View]
5027213/his/ jeopardy: Shortly after this country's world changing revolution, it invaded its peaceful…[View]
5027425>shoots an irrelevant Nazi diplomat because he's mad about the Nazi persecution against jews…[View]
5027044Are there any lists of people sent to siberia and ural? I’m looking where my distant family exactly …[View]
5027110I miss them bros[View]
5018621/maps/: Post his or humanity related maps[View]
5027013Hannah Arendt on Israel: > The sole new piece of historical philosophy which the Zionists contrib…[View]
5026171What are some good /his/ movies that use historical people outside of their usual history but still …[View]
5027257>The history of the Whig–Tory conflict is best told as a series of three civil wars: one east of …[View]
5026339Who ordered him to release the only powerful Jew he ever captured?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lo…[View]
5026419ITT: People who historically 'ruined everything' >ruined Germany being the center of European cul…[View]
5025412Are Afghanistan and Pakistan considered part of central Asia[View]
5026897How the Swedish people managed to accept Bernadotte as their King? Were they stupid?[View]
5024163what historical plotholes do you know of?[View]
5024232Was there any point in history where modern liberal ideals about sexuality ('there's nothing wr…[View]
5027090Thoughts on Muhammad Ali Jinnah ?[View]
5023789who is /his/ favourite roman empress or consort?: and why? (Byzantine empresses *cough* theodora *co…[View]
5023148Stop masturbating in the trenches.[View]
5025846doorstopper thread: what are your favorite 600+ page history books?[View]
5023198Do you guys think you can predict the outcome of war between nations by IQ and IQ score alone? Dumbe…[View]
5026319let's say I'm a crossbow maker in 15th century florence where do I get the raw materials a…[View]
5022110What if the bicycle was invented earlier, like around when the romans existed? How different would w…[View]
5023674What do we do about this?[View]
5025482Arguably the most influential country, ever: France is arguably the modern equivalent of Ancient Gre…[View]
5026845Western schism: What happened here?[View]
5026819>open up /his/ > le frogz everywhere Why are you so obsessed with us, /his/? I wouldn't m…[View]
5026538can someone explain to me how this happened ?[View]
5026546What is the /his/ conclusion on Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Bosnians? Most boards such as /sp/ and…[View]
5020639Sumer; where did it come from and where did it go?: What happenned to Sumer and the Sumerian languag…[View]
5026770Why did he do it?[View]
5020412>That one time the RAF and USAAF bombed and naplamed the French city of Royan , killing half of t…[View]
5024380Need help identifying these two sigils/crests or whatever they are. Didn't know if I should hav…[View]
5019985What happened to the Persians who lived in Mesopotamia?[View]
5021736Why is this operation so kino from all sides?[View]
5026641ITT: Men who just wanted to watch the world burn?[View]
5026115>mows down your legionnaires[View]
5021311Anyone else here formally a /pol/tard, studied history and grew to really hate Germany? https://en.w…[View]
5025587& Humanities: In recent years after the massive explosion of Internet media to a wider audience,…[View]
5022858Which country during which century had the best armors to offer ?[View]
5026187Dear fascists, how do you reconcile your ideaological symbol is literally a bundle of faggots sticki…[View]
5026459why didn't they suppress the abbasids ?[View]
5025623Who are your favorite Muslim monarchs?: For me, its Suleymanoglu[View]
5026293??: What happens here?[View]
5025147Post countries not in your family background and that you have no relation to, but find their histor…[View]
5023279They really believe that they have had any relevance in WW2? Even Lend-lease is just a meme. The res…[View]
5024986>be hormonal son of macedonian warlord >daddy did the impossible and united greece >he dies…[View]
5021714>only two episode per year :(((([View]
5020372Why do people do horrible things to each other?[View]
5022486WW2 Propaganda thread[View]
5023153Why has nobody taken over the world?: Used to be a regular here, now an /o/tist, coming back for the…[View]
5024076ayyyoooo white boi, we got a question. how do you think the soviet union, and the world, would have …[View]
5024603Ideal Maps: You may not like it, but this is the ideal world, if you disagree, post a 'better' map, …[View]
5022523>so much death and destruction and impediment of science was caused by one dumb book with a talki…[View]
5026104If the Japanese didn't surrender, how many nuclear bombs would it take? Could the US produce en…[View]
5023581Why did countries like Britain and France voluntarily become less powerful over the course of the 20…[View]
5025500>be me >alpha 15 year old >dadfag dies >become king of sweden >finally, been waiting …[View]
5024133>ww1 isn't his favorite conflict lol[View]
5023663Naval General: Post interesting naval battles/events/stories Pic related is the USS Wahoo, it was th…[View]
5024977Do you think than young christian people in the western cultural sphere embracing christianity is a …[View]
5024626>Orpheus' Father: Apollo, an Olympian god >Orpheus' Mother: Caliope, a muse (minor d…[View]
5026013Historically speaking, what impact have societies like the Freemasons or the Bavarian Illuminati act…[View]
5025976The Will: Am I the only one here that's obsessed by the Will? The mere contemplation of it exal…[View]
5024709If you could have any historical figure lead your country right now, who would it be?[View]
5014994Why haven't you learned how to speak proto-Indo-European?[View]
5023802Public opinion in WWII: What was public support for the war like? How did it vary by country and how…[View]
5022763Who is the Captain Ahab of history?[View]
5025823What are some examples of conservative ideas in military being a good thing?: My only idea is abolis…[View]
5019722Did discussing the Holocaust use to be taboo?: I've read here and there claims that openly disc…[View]
5023924Dreamed of an American Empire consisting of: >Canada >Cuba >Colombia >The Phillipines Ho…[View]
5022104Were there any fascist movements that weren't completely retarded?[View]
5024083This is Lafayette. Say something nice about him.[View]
5021840FIRE AND THOSE WHO LOVE IT: I just spent 2 hour burning a bone .... Am I crazy? I am a pyromaniac si…[View]
5023259Who's your favorite femme fatale?[View]
5020277Did any foreign SS regiments ever fight against their own native armed forces? Any stories of them g…[View]
5021176History's forgotten heroes[View]
5017934Why doesn't Japanese fiction focus on anything else other than the Sengoku Period and the Meiji…[View]
5025487Was wondering if modern day dog whistling is basically symbolism in politics would that be true?[View]
5022729ITT: empires ran by a foreign elite class[View]
5024137How does a one party political system work? Does the country just have fake elections where there’s …[View]
5020943ITT: /his/ teaches an elementary school class history[View]
5024134ITT post political cartoons from the early 20th century, TDR and Taft are especially appreciated[View]
5024547Is there a greater man in history?[View]
5024381Podcasts: Anyone know of any decent podcasts that discusses medieval middle east? I want to learn mo…[View]
5025291The Unfortunates: /his/, do you think some people are just going to suffer and perish in any society…[View]
5021328Finland is the last heir of Roman empire?[View]
5024702Ancient manuals on espionage: Any time period. I'm interested to see how its progressed[View]
5024662Capital punishment in old japan: How common was execution in medieval and ancient japan? What offens…[View]
5024924>accidentally click on a wikipedia article about any aspect of post-1947 Indian history >horri…[View]
5025063What does /his/ think of this series: https://youtu.be/6FgaL0xIazk It's basically a news report…[View]
5019253Where can I find more information on the history of Christianity stealing all their ideas from Pagan…[View]
5023482/his/ approved games: Is there any good vidya about the French Revolution, especially the firsts sta…[View]
5024911Was he the Tito of the kingdom of Yugoslavia? If he had not been killed, could the WWII yugoslav cri…[View]
5022478Were ancient slavs basically an older version of hippies?[View]
5020249The history of genders and non-hetero sexuality: Have we always been binary-gender? What is the hist…[View]
5024020Jesus is fake (HAHAHAHA): https://www.livescience.com/63093-shroud-of-turin-is-fake-bloodstains.html…[View]
5022323> ask what was the worst tragedy in history > doesn't respond with the 4th Crusade Filthy…[View]
5023303wait a minute wait a fucking minute I'm sorry but did the chinese seriously killed thousands of…[View]
5022153Who were/are the most important historians in history? Who are the scholars every denizen of /his/ s…[View]
5023738His name was Jack Johnson. >Just a poor American negro. >Learns how to box. >Gets quite goo…[View]
5024635Recommended readings on historical approaches?: As a second year uni. history student, I was wonderi…[View]
5024505>It's another 'Protagonist takes revenge on those who wronged him' episode…[View]
5017528Why the hell does this kike have a noble peace prize?[View]
5024298To what extent was social and economic policy in fascist Italy, Spain, and Germany inspired by marxi…[View]
5023023Drug use in ancient cultures: Slavs and Aztecs were known for it, but was it also widely accepted in…[View]
5021493how does it makes you feel, /his/?[View]
5022847What are some good books/films about the collapse of the USSR and what that was like for ordinary pe…[View]
5022849Saxon Thread: Post & Discuss all things Anglo Saxon.[View]
5023347What's so hard about dividing countries up along ethnic lines?[View]
5022211What about the precious girls and precious boys across the world that never have a chance to know? I…[View]
5019763Could 1950's China beat 50's America?[View]
5020090What caused the obesity epidemics in USA from 1985 on? Is it corn syrup added to everything? I ask b…[View]
5024048What is something about history you will never understand, /his/?[View]
5018478Who is the most historically innocent?[View]
5020983What was the official status of the Wehrmacht and SS' non-German units? Did they simply owe the…[View]
5023431Why is this Pap*st fanfiction treated as canon by so many?[View]
5019527Man and fascism cannot co-exist.: Man and fascism cannot co-exist. If fascism conquers, man will cea…[View]
5023904Is he right? Is this exegesis in a nutshell?: >snapper filet, cubed >3 teaspoons chopped scall…[View]
501721914,000 Year Old Pita Bread: https://www.haaretz.com/archaeology/MAGAZINE-earliest-pita-14-400-years-…[View]
5021712How can Communists even compete?[View]
5021870>God sends Moses to free jews who are enslaved at Egypt >God hardens Pharaoh's heart and …[View]
5021360Imagine a world where Britain remained Celtic[View]
5023587Do you know the artist called 'Mehmet Siyah Kalem'? His paintings were found in Topkapi Palace. He l…[View]
5022551What's /his/'s thoughts on Mustafa Kemal Ataturk? Good? Bad? Right to give women civil lib…[View]
5018672Why have the claims of ancient Giants not been explored more? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl-PI4…[View]
5022299About hitlers rise in power: Was it more of a fuck up from the government or the people who voted fo…[View]
5022255Adolf Hitler: How come everyone is so obsessed with this one man?[View]
5020390The eternal debate, which one is better: Common law systems or civil law systems?[View]
5019719Why were the Vietnam War veterans treated so badly when they came home?[View]
5021871Rank from best to worst[View]
5023359>that one time Ireland sent an army to help Harold Godwinsons sons fight against the Normans >…[View]
5017325Who was the worst islamic ruler?[View]
5022990Oder–Neisse line: Why did the USSR feel the need to expel such a vast amount of Germans east of the …[View]
5017844What's the point of zweihanders? they don't have the convenience of smaller swords nor are…[View]
5017810Regalia and Crown jewels thread: Post pic and info, Pic related Russian crown jewels[View]
5022340I'm going to the sea next week and need some good history books to read. What are your favorite…[View]
5022789Any stories of cats doing annoying shit and it actually effecting historical events?[View]
5021795How do I into 7 years war?[View]
5021233Has there ever been a more prominent leader in the history of humanity like Hitler was /his/?: I don…[View]
5022563Expulsion General: Post instances in history where a state expelled an ethnic group/tribe. Please de…[View]
5017726Does anyone else feel like we're living in an extended post=credits sequence? History was suppo…[View]
5021263THE CHAD KAISERREICH >Ruled by intellectuals, aristocracy and centuries old German monarchy. >…[View]
5021901Verdun or Auschwitz: Provided that you would not be physically injured or killed, would it be worse …[View]
5022426ITT: only the worst fake news revisionist channels[View]
5022557Is there anyone more retarded than anprims?[View]
5022515what Vietnam really needs is FIVE HITLERS > what did he mean by this?[View]
5021483The last years on earth..: Jesus is coming back! Tremble world![View]
5021402Tell me about Chechnya. The more I learn about their history, the more I realise they are just a res…[View]
5022422savy words[View]
5019218>”Heh heh heh...” >”You’re too late, anon-san... Anne Frank is entering the gas chamber as we …[View]
5017154Why are Turks so nationalistic for their made up country and ethnic history when there hasn't b…[View]
5022067Redpill me about freemasonry[View]
5021923Was it the right choice to not convict the men who carried out the Mi Lai massacre? Why or why not?[View]
5021271who was in the wrong here?[View]
5020214>Swords were just sidea-[View]
5020267What's better ? heavy armor or maneuverability ?[View]
5022215'We were able to resist for so long, because the enemy was clumsy, they could not realize how seriou…[View]
4998242Actual good first hand accounts of the Holocaust: pic absolutely not related[View]
5022177Is Hyperborean race real?: Does anyone have some good links or information on this topic? im doing a…[View]
5014403Who was in the wrong here?[View]
5020394Kievan Rus > Soviet Union = Rurikovich Russia > Russian Federation > Kerensky Government …[View]
5021872>Napoleon >bad guy Pick one and only one. For starters the aristocratic scum that was Europe…[View]
5021854Since the Nazis were opposed to materialism, what did they favour instead?[View]
5022011>that 30 year old greatest generation who goes to reenactments[View]
5020923>Planned cities thread Opinions on planned cities. Is Chandigarh the proof that planned cities ca…[View]
5020650>IUDI PADI PA WEDIMI What did the Philistines mean by this?[View]
5021824>has tanks, aircraft, modern guns >still can't defeat literal spear chucking nogs >has…[View]
5021891The Nordic sorrow: >be a perfect ethic nord >blond hair, blue eyes and a tall athletic body …[View]
5021878>Attempts to legislate the historical record is proof positive that the official claim is wrong a…[View]
5021845'The Germans were totally good guys during WW1 dude ! Everyone was at fault for the start of the Gre…[View]

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