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4343087>virgin queen Was she really?[View]
4342327ITT: In a historical context, we come up with fake ideologies, constructs, wars, etc. that could hav…[View]
4341020ITT: Pleb Opinions: >The U.S. lost to Vietnam >F.D.R. was a good president >Hitler was the …[View]
4341887USS Juenau Found: Paul Allen did it again. http://gcaptain.com/paul-allen-exploration-team-finds-ye…[View]
4343178>My name is Francisco Solano Lopez, and this is jackass[View]
4343065why are masons the worst LARPers: >sacred >self evident…[View]
4343093why were Hammurabi's laws harsher than his predecessors?[View]
4343072It took me far too long to find out about this dude, but I'm glad I finally did. Just the line …[View]
4341961I'd like to start a recommendation thread about unsual takes on history. Podcasts, books, anyth…[View]
4334544What is Corporatism?[View]
4340574Did civil war soldiers ever change regiments?: In doing some family history research, I've disc…[View]
4337688Stone Age North Africans had Sub-Saharan ancestry: >The other third of the Iberomaurusians' …[View]
4342859Leave the Italians to me.[View]
4342821Pentecostalism: How did it take off so quickly? It wasn't even created until the 1900's ye…[View]
4342948On Historicity: I was reading some discussions on the Historicity of Jesus and I saw an argument hap…[View]
4342933What it autism? Really though, how did he - and the Khmer Rouge - create such a systemic machine of …[View]
4342920Is this how human civilization began? Encirclement of dead wild animals?[View]
4342882Let's talk about the EVER V I C T O R I O U S ARMY// Are Shock Troops the Best Troops: So many …[View]
4342776/His/tory and Belief Perseverance Thread: Not just Africuh please[View]
4342162Good books or other sources on American loyalists?: Hello, the other day I was on here asking a ques…[View]
4342290People often say Jesus's Hebrew name is 'Yeshua'. But how do we know this? The New Testament wa…[View]
4290704Why did God harden his heart?: at the times was it considered just to punish a son for a fathers sin…[View]
4342655Can someone explain why meditation and the experience of 'no self' and 'no thought' is supposed to b…[View]
4335216Can you guys give me a rundown on all side's claims for Israel? Not looking for who you think d…[View]
4342546what the fuck is happening[View]
4341388Is there a way to unify different ethical systems into one theory or reduce them to each other?[View]
4339791Villainous hero, or heroic villain?[View]
4331601In what historical societies was it socially acceptable for men to kiss as friends?[View]
4342547Beware! Evil tricks threaten us; if the German people and kingdom should one day decay, under a fals…[View]
4342418Will reading philosophy make my depression more bearable?[View]
4341989Dutch History podcasts?: I’m a big history Podcast listener (History of Rome, history of English, Ru…[View]
4342149>men used to wear heels >women start wearing them >men stop using them as it's seen as…[View]
4340774>Vikings couldn't fi-[View]
4342491Sameness and Difference in History: Would you prefer to think social chaos as mere ripples and distu…[View]
4338991Propaganda.: >Catchy music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inxfjjQgchI https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
4339021German anti-semitism: Why the fuck did every german just suddenly hate jews under the second worldwa…[View]
4340603If half of French hate Catholics so much even today, why don't/didn't they turn Protestant…[View]
4342331>The provitamin A beta-carotene from carrots does not actually help people to see in the dark unl…[View]
4341845Worst/most retarded laders from the beggining of time up to the middle ages My pick is Nero After …[View]
4311602Catholicism: *Blocks your path* Calvinism: *Turns God into a mathematical object* Lutheranism:JFMSU …[View]
4336434II World War [ experience of family members in the conflict]Two: Part Two I apologize for sensitive …[View]
4342261/his/torical /k/ino thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5fbYJMEyes https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
4332129Make Austro-Hungary Great Again: Post your thoughts[View]
4340761Post historical figures that were absolute units[View]
4341968Was the 50s 60s and 70s. Most craziest period ever? Coups, Cold war Serial killer on all time high e…[View]
4338846Highwaymen: Why were Highwaymen so common in 17th and 18th century England? Why did other European n…[View]
4337944Was it a sabotage?[View]
4341817Missipian mound builders and Zimbabwe stone stackers: Let's have a discussion about the Zimbabw…[View]
4341304What would the world be like if Napoleon had never lost the war?[View]
4341940Why were ocean liners at this period so hazardous and unsafe (particularly this famous class of line…[View]
4324703How much has ballet changed over the years? Would a ballet audience from 1830 or 1890 or even 1915 r…[View]
4337529How do people know what Proto-Indo-European sounded like? Apparently the language has been reconstru…[View]
4336321THE GREAT IRISH FAMINE: *starving* *look at fishing boat* *look at fishing net* *look at fishing rod…[View]
4340366Polabian Slavs: Were they more or less advanced than their eastern and southern neighbours when thos…[View]
4332197Robert Edward Lee: What does /his/ think of the most legendary general of the American Civil War?…[View]
4339307Did stoicism actually have an influence on cognitive behavioral therapy? I find them quite similar i…[View]
4340855What is history's opinion on dick size?[View]
4341613itt: /his/ paintings of nightmares: /his/ related paintings of nightmares, incubus, or similar conce…[View]
4341864@Latin Experts: how would you translate this?: ''the wonder above'', (ENG) …[View]
4341844How do we prevent another horsenigger uprising?[View]
4336960Is there anyone more JUST than Wilhelm the second?[View]
4338378>Go to the history Olympics(national history contest) >Pass first stage easily >Get to the …[View]
4341629The pacifism is the delusion. Humans who can't fight against external threat will infight again…[View]
4341625We've All Seen Soviet Storm, But Did You See The Korean War Sequel?: https://youtu.be/2kth5Dgqx…[View]
4341406Redpill me on Lawrence.[View]
4338959The ussr had very little impact on the outcome of WW2: Russia didn't really do anything signifi…[View]
4341472History Learning: We all want to learn about history (not necessarily in an academic sense), but we …[View]
4341367>Travel back in time >Convince Emperor Vespasian to exterminate the jews >Kill Constantine …[View]
4341417I'm putting together a team[View]
4341411What’s the history of trade wars? Who wins?[View]
4340656Can anyone give me a quick rundown on the Polish death camps?[View]
4339366/fashion/: Post all manner of fashionable historical clothes. (Personal favourite of mine is the 18t…[View]
4340069What if the Arabs took Constantinople in 675?[View]
4337492Naval technology: A major discrepancy within the modern understanding of human history and tech is t…[View]
4338371What does /his/ think about the knights of malta?[View]
4341264Hey guys, I primarily just go on /lit/, but I have a question, I've come to understand, you all…[View]
4340744Why is nobody from the countries they ruled?: Alexander the Great wasn't Greek, Cleopatra wasn…[View]
4337689>Britain gave India railways For resource extraction and for rapid deployment of British forces. …[View]
4340308What is your honest opinion on him?[View]
4336996Reveal the location of your friend to his murderer.[View]
4334481I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
4341012I know we usually have 'stories from the war' threads where everyone tells stories about their grand…[View]
4341095>Herald: BEHOLD! THE ENGLISH MAINLAND POSSESSIONS oh llala oh nononononon monsieur, ça ne peut pa…[View]
4340439>reading about Romans >learn only now, in my late 20s, that the pope was first the bishop of R…[View]
4339120Longbow fanboyism is cancer: Longbow fanboyism is a result of the 19th centur anglo angrily writing …[View]
4331464favorite paintings: post em[View]
4335983Convince me Napoleon wasn't the greatest general of all time[View]
4330556Share something insteresting about Mussolini beyond >he was evil >he killed a lot of people…[View]
4338785Why did Russia decide to absolutely fuck itself in the ass by demolishing the USSR and selling off t…[View]
4217133Did you know they were born in the same year?[View]
4340470What scientists/philosophers/inventors/politicians/etc. were relatively short for their time? I…[View]
4340530how big was Jerusalem in JC times? I´ve heard some dude say during the passover holidays there were …[View]
4338652Papal Schism: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
4335821Post top tier historical banter: In 1939 Stalin watched a movie 'The Train goes East'. The movie was…[View]
4339262>MUH EVIL WEHRMACHT THEY COMMITED SO MANY CRIMES HURR COUNTLESS people all across Europe, especia…[View]
4337892The early kings of Hungary had Haplogroup R1a. This would include their first king Saint Stephen and…[View]
4340025Where should Germany have stopped expanding in order to create a stable state, not threatened by int…[View]
4339454How much different would WWI have been had the Italians been a stronger ally of the Central Powers? …[View]
4339533What is the root cause of this pathetic phenomenon?[View]
4340497Ethnic: How long does it take to consider a group ethnic. How long for example will it take for 3rd …[View]
4339574Why does /his/ downplay and even outright deny the involvement of Jews in the 1918 German revolution…[View]
4340381Is Wahhabism the reason why Islam is like 'that' today? Were there sects before it that were more la…[View]
4339964US troops during 2WW raped 17.000 women. Any thoughts about how much they liberated ??[View]
4340378Hey does anybody know of any major wars or conflicts that were occurring across the world during the…[View]
4334652How did the Portuguese convert the kingdom of the Kongo to Christianity[View]
4340105I'm currently reading the Iliad and I can't really visualise how the characters would dres…[View]
4335284What was everyday life like in Nazi Germany at its peak?: I've read wages of destruction and it…[View]
4339143This guy walks up and excommunicates your crusaders, wyd?[View]
4329421Prussian Genocide 1945-1950: Why wasn't this considered a genocide?[View]
4340255Coordinated Management of Meaning at home: So I need to start writing a research proposal soon for a…[View]
4340195How do the Christians of /his/, regardless of denomination, feel about progressive Christianity? How…[View]
4338046Tell me something about this: I dont know nothing about this Basque country, tell me something, hist…[View]
4340081Spanish Netherlands - 1567: >What was the role of the nobility? >Did they engage in business? …[View]
4330870>Portugal and Holland were major players in exploring the world >Spain invented colonial empir…[View]
4339392Why are there so many portuboos on /his/? I honestly thought I was the only portuboo ever and I kind…[View]
4339242Was he right? At first I'm inclined to say he's wrong because more liberal mainline protes…[View]
4339967Just saw the film Gangs of New York and loved it though it made realize I know next time nothing on …[View]
4339924What are some essential books on Vietnam War written from the Vietnamese perspective?[View]
4336818How?: /his/ is filled with a lot of people who are extremely and impressively knowledgable about his…[View]
4336934Brainlet tier economics question, please be gentle. :^) Is the free market even free nowadays consid…[View]
4331430Is it pronounced Sisero, Kikero, or Chichero?[View]
4338380Ancient Hebrew-Egyptian relations: So I'm reading the bible for the first time in my life and I…[View]
4339300Was Hitler left-leaning or right-leaning?: Can we get a good discussion on this? From everything I…[View]
4335778>Take Habsburg monarchy course in University >wait for months for our boy Charles II >Profe…[View]
4323732/his/ memes: post your best[View]
4338340What happened with R2 people? Why only R1 became relevant? Not a bait thread, I'm genuinely cur…[View]
4338759Why are people from Caucaus region so tough and brutal? Is there any genetic or historical reason fo…[View]
4337115The edgy japanese video game depiction of God makes the most sense. I don't like how it is, but…[View]
4332988Was he the biggest piece of shit in history to be remembered in a positive light?[View]
4337143How are people going to have personal agency in heaven if they wont even care about their loved ones…[View]
4329296Does anyone else hate how people apply modern nationalities/ethnicity to those of antiquity? Or even…[View]
4335385Why is John 'Sans-Terre' de Plantagenet remembered as a bad king for trying to fix England when his …[View]
4330701Which Catholic Order has done most for the Christianity?[View]
4334739>'Dude lets just like abolish all property and share all our belongs except for the small group o…[View]
4336224How well known is Welsh /his/tory here?[View]
4317320Old people are pretty cool because they lived history: What are some stories about the past that you…[View]
4338811How would you differentiate between a person who is rebeling against foreign rule and a vigilante? W…[View]
4338069National Saints: Which country has the most Saints?[View]
4338675Unpopular but interesting historical figure(s) that you know?: I need some ''''cool''' guys for my h…[View]
4338814Why are they holding the guns like this?: Is it just the artist? (he seems to get everything else ri…[View]
4338853Foreign intervention in American Civil War: Hi, /his/, I'd like to know your answers to: >wh…[View]
4338268The Chinese were still using pike and shot (matchlocks) into the middle of the 19th century before g…[View]
4338767Post obscure historical states Couto Misto was a small country located between Spain and Portugal th…[View]
4338711>tfw born during the second term of Clinton 1 day before Matralia[View]
4338034Time: Was time invented? Is it a man-made thing? Does time exist abstractly and independent of human…[View]
4339666Preventing Young Shooters like Elliot Rodger: >Disclaimer: Humanities is the study of human socie…[View]
4336426Why didn't China join the USSR? Weren't all communist countries before China Soviet member…[View]
4337388What would be worse?: Being a taino in Hispaniola or a congolose in Belgian Congo?[View]
4334596Why Korea was never completly sinicized? They managed to defeat China from time to time, and even wh…[View]
4337141Unpopular Opinions Thread: I think oil played a much larger role in WW1 than most historians let on.…[View]
4334163Causes of WW2: The causes of WWI have been done to death, and there is a general historic consensus …[View]
4338376>they never get destroyed by that greedy French king and his pope How does history change, anons?…[View]
4336392>...As a matter of fact, most of the psychological race-differences which strike us so prominentl…[View]
4333811We Earn a Soul: You are not born with a soul. You are born a little fleshy ball of instinct and reac…[View]
4333599ITT post only the greatest military commanders in the history of mankind[View]
4338004Reminder that most of the world would still be colonies if we (Japan) never attempted to liberate As…[View]
4338341Are Reconstructionist Jews the Lutherans or the Anglicans of Judaism?[View]
4336702What would have happened if he became president in 1988?[View]
4336100Louis Phillipe or Charles X? The last king of the French or The last king of France?[View]
4337744Richelieu Did Nothing Wrong: Richelieu did nothing wrong. Without him, Europe would’ve ended up like…[View]
4336581Why did freemasons hate based jesuits?[View]
4329195Why did the US government think prohibition was a good idea?[View]
4335858This, this guy right here put the japs who are asian monkeys in their right place. He showed them no…[View]
4334728Napoleon during PEACE TIME: Just imagine if this man would have been able to reign during long peace…[View]
4338091I'm looking for a picture of Richard Nixon hunched over a wooden fence with trees all around hi…[View]
4337712Should he have fucked off after the great leap forward failed? Would China be in a better state toda…[View]
4338139Why did Ryan Gosling hate Jews again?[View]
4330042What if he hadn't been assassinated and won the 1968 election?[View]
4334600are these the most 'true to ideology' states for their respective alignments? what does this imply?[View]
4337983Name my band /his/[View]
4336545help me with my homework /his/: The title the 'Great' started off with the Persian kings of old, whe…[View]
4337859A good man asked me 'who are you' in another thread, and it was purged before I could tell…[View]
4337118Are there any hard-to-refute philosophical arguments against getting married and having children? I …[View]
4318976Chechnya: thread for the First and Second Chechen Wars. (1994 - 1996 / 1999 - 2009) Share articles, …[View]
4337739Oldest DNA from Africa (Morocco) offers clues to mysterious ancient culture: https://phys.org/news/2…[View]
4337691Hey Rome, Don't mind if I... *creates a sex scandal by dressing up like a trap in an attempt to…[View]
4331855Is consciousness a category or a spectrum?[View]
4336583What did Medieval muslims thought about Fragistan (Europe)?[View]
4336121How come some countries choose to have inflated currencies even after their economies are strong? Li…[View]
4334640Is he the best historical example of manlet rage?[View]
4337048hypothetical naval attack on NYC in 1916: In march 1916, frustrated by america selling increasingly …[View]
4337356This guy walks up to you and slaps your axe out of your hand. What do you do?[View]
4335314Hey /his/ I need you help finding something out about this cross, it was passed down throughout my f…[View]
4334926Have they done anything of note?[View]
4326117Why were there no German or pro-German partisans on the Eastern front?[View]
4336196Afterlife?: I’d just like to see what you guys think about an afterlife. Can’t stop thinking about i…[View]
4334975So, I just recently started getting interested into 'new history', the school of Les Annales, intell…[View]
4337321In the history of theology and theodicy, has anyone ever correctly pointed out that believing in bot…[View]
4331226So why didn't the Wahhabis during the conquest of the Arabia not just kill the Shia or make the…[View]
4330526What can /his/ tell me about the Celts?[View]
4337211Protestants - autism Catholicism - death cult Orthodox - drunk Gnosticism - right[View]
4336956What is this?: Found this a month ago in my grandfathers home, He was polish and moved to America wh…[View]
4337120woh... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln%E2%80%93Kennedy_coincidences_urban_legend[View]
4333153'''peak''' american everyone![View]
4325706Let's talk about the history of the annunaki.[View]
4335419Stalingrad vs Kursk: Which battle contributed more to Germany's defeat? I literally have no ide…[View]
4335545>Philosophical debate >my opponent is necessarily forced to advocate nihilism as a consequence…[View]
4335807Historically, why has the American South lagged behind the rest of the country in pretty much every …[View]
4333909Why are vikings so well remembered for doing almost nothing?[View]
4336855research: Hello /his/. can anyone please recommend some good philosophers or philosophical work rega…[View]
4333894Nile civs: Egypt, cush, and niolites, what was thier pre-dynastic history like?[View]
4334256*unifies much of the muslim world* Heh, nuttin personnel.[View]
4330776When is Greece going to retake what belongs to them and their people?[View]
4322904>be Ptolemy I. >help bring forth one of the most important cities in the entire world >buil…[View]
4334362History channel doing a documentary about Andrew Jackson tonight... should be interesting. https://t…[View]
4333939So.....why didn't they just extend the line to cover Belgium?[View]
4335765Enough with the stupid questions[View]
4336235Am I a brainlet if I find Shostakovich's Invasion Theme inspiring even though I know it's …[View]
4334595Is a recurring theme in history the 'lazy and decadent' ruining it for everyone and the 'hard workin…[View]
4323861>stabbed in the back How did this even become a thing? Who in their right mind could ever believe…[View]
4336246mind/body: assuming you value the improvement of the mind for its own sake, do you feel the same abo…[View]
4336234What were they thinking?[View]
4335017What was Lawrence’s sexuality?[View]
4333517What do /his/torians know about the Hussites?[View]
4336150Eastern islanders. They had everything... But they ruined their tropical paradise to glorify their l…[View]
4336026Why did he piss off W*SPoids so much?[View]
4329765who was right, /his/?[View]
4333176Law and Order: Let's talk about ancient/medievil code of law, preferably some lesser known ones…[View]
4321795What would the world be like if he won? Srs thread, no stormfagging, tankies or moralfags pls[View]
4335840>tfw John Locke was an Anglo-Saxon prole who constructed a slave morality of blank slate, natural…[View]
4335934Norse Mythology: A take on Knowledge and Wisdom: Odin's quest for knowledge and wisdom examined…[View]
4334253Now that the dust has settled, was he a cowardly opportunist or one of the last true Romans?[View]
4335913>Wins Verdun from the Eastern Front heh... nothing personnel, joffre[View]
4335854>blocks your path[View]
4335587Thoughts on Gaius Julius Caesar?[View]
4332878Help me make a WW2 Lesson Plan: Composed of good books on the subject. >Rise and Fall of the Thir…[View]
4335563Have there ever been any scientists/philosophers/other smart people who were relatively short for th…[View]
4335494they did nothing wrong[View]
4331354>Be occupied for almost a thousand years >Have no Arab Haplogroups paternal or maternal How di…[View]
4331681Fascism Primer: Aside from the Fascist Manifesto and the like, what are some good books to het a bet…[View]
4331716Reminder that the only thing that separates us from animals is us actively trying to suppress our an…[View]
4334211What did the US army look like during the 1930's?: Had the M1 Garand taken over the Springfield…[View]
4334065Historical redheads: Who are histories most revered redheads /his/[View]
4335068Falangism?: No matter how hard I look I can't find the actual meaning behind the 27 points what…[View]
4318589/his/ fetish thread: What are your /his/ fetishes? Pic related is mine, i can hardly play eu4 anymor…[View]
4329269>memes >half a dozen nazi/hitler threads >fetish thread >stalin threads >'boo…[View]
4335399Why did/does the Republic of China have 5 government branches (Executive, Legislative, Juidicial, Co…[View]
4331296When was this picture of Hitler taken?[View]
4335184>ywn be a treasure hunter with a unlimited budget to find hidden treasures for the third Reich Di…[View]
4330691What motivated various nationalists to betray their country and destroy the state that existed for h…[View]
4334504*changes the course of modern music forever* Nothin personal kid[View]
4330530Hey /his/, I've become interested in Hinduism, but it seems to be anything BUT an accessible re…[View]
4335181How did this happen?[View]
4334618210 Reasons for decline of Roman Empire: From Der Fall Roms (1984) Thoughts?[View]
4329242Why don't more people know about the African Enlightenment?[View]
4332725laziest war names: >100 years war >80 years war >60 years war >30 years war >etc., et…[View]
4334371>read the new testament >it's actually really good and full of good parables and lessons …[View]
4333974Non American hip hop: Hey what do you guys know about the history of non American hip hop / rap musi…[View]
4328692>I will unite the Arab peoples under one fl- What went wrong?[View]
4333058>Stop breaking the law RRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: >I thought confucianism was autistic …[View]
4310635Could the spanish have conquered Mesoamerica without native help?: I was reading about the siege of …[View]
4327057sardinians are the last remnant of the first middle eastern: before being raped by asians and mixed …[View]
4332360Chink scam or legitimate part of NEO ecosystem? Have 500$ to throw at something cheap.[View]
4330929Where did it all go wrong?[View]
4334721Did the church have a prominent role in the industrial revolution?[View]
4331747Robin Hood: Is he real?[View]
4331651How big of a death sentence was being blind back in the day?[View]
4333016Why does Nordick architecture look Asian?[View]
4333757Were the ancient berbers culturally similar to the ancient egyptians from any era? Gods, language, c…[View]
4333267Historia Civilis: Why can't all history Youtube channels be like this? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
4334060Is humanity inherently good, or evil?[View]
4334468Strange and Scary 40's Broadcasts: Hey /his/, been looking around for anything scary or eerie r…[View]
4334381Behind the Scenes: This might be bordering on /pol/ levels of conspiracy, but I'm more interest…[View]
4327209What went wrong??: It was the biggest empire the world has ever seen at it's height.[View]
4332918genetics: how do you guys know so much about haplogroups and all that?[View]
4333948Would China be a westernized democracy today if he had lived 20 more years?[View]
4328726Post about african philosophical concepts: Although Africa is extremely diverse, there appear to be …[View]
4333583weird history: Time for weird, quirky or lesser known history facts! >Pepsi once had the 8th larg…[View]
4332290What if Germany decided to not start the 'Battle of Britain' in WW2? Would the extra coup…[View]
4334167This man saved the Rome and made it last for over a thousand more years. Say something nice about hi…[View]
4333045If existence is unending and the exact composition of the universe will inevitably repeat an infinit…[View]
4305005Bill Cooper: /his/ what are your thoughts on this man? Went from absolute paranoid lunatic to fright…[View]
4332015How accurate is this video /his/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y16QLJOVP6s[View]
4329110What if Hitler never launches Operation Barbarossa, would Stalin have eventually attacked? If so wha…[View]
4333033>*ruins Christianity*[View]
4331182Are these people confirmed the best general in human history?[View]
4331691Can someone explain the 'all Catholics are pedos' meme to me? I've been living under a rock for…[View]
4333867Was the Titanic an inside job?[View]
4331378>Study Medieval History >Jealous at the Euros for having said badass medieval history…[View]
4332497What was their end game?[View]
4331385There used to be a religion called Manichaeism practiced by millions of people in Europe, the Middle…[View]
4331952>...As a matter of fact, most of the psychological race-differences which strike us so prominentl…[View]
4331109What happened to Toys R Us? What happened to JCPenney and Circuit City? What happened to Blockbuster…[View]
4333559What happened to Adele?: She seems to have disappeared. Last year she was the bomb. Haven't hea…[View]
4333545I'm interested in the religions and spiritual practices that during history have devoted themse…[View]
4333075This fucking genius kicked both the French and the Anglos from America: Here's how >be pett…[View]
4332340Why didn't they just chill after they got Manchuria?[View]
4332620tell me somthing interesting about Winston Churchill besides >he was bad >he killed a lot of p…[View]
4331082Was collapsing the Ottoman Empire a mistake?[View]
4331830Is the appearance of pop history a good or bad thing?[View]
4331922Who are some notable right wing anti capitalists?[View]
4332529How does /his/ feel about the fact that African civilization has become more and more of a prevalent…[View]
4331145Was America's defeat in the Vietnam War an actual example of a country being stabbed in the bac…[View]
4330518Share something interesting about Robespierre beyond >he was evil >he killed a lot of people…[View]
4333313Study history: When you study history and learn about all the bad things that happened like the Holo…[View]
4330723So... Genealogy[View]
4332112Third Reich (Formerly the second Reich) What was the second reich anyhow? We wuz romans and shiet or…[View]
4332394>study history and philosophy >become right-wing communist…[View]
4332265Actual Stoicism is based. Stoicism as practiced by numales who read Meditations once and think Aurel…[View]
4332397ITT: Historical moments where it's acceptable for men to cry: >Shortly before he died, he as…[View]
4332141Thucydides: Thucydides[View]
4332585A question for patricians: Why is like 90% of contemporary political discourse accussing everyone yo…[View]
4331760Is history a science?[View]
4330931Would it be correct to assume that many Greek and Roman philosophers were monotheists? Ideas like a …[View]
4329867Great Generals: How can I become a great general? Study Sun Tzu? Read Wikipedia? Play Starcraft? Wh…[View]
4317393>historical figure fucks both men and women regularly >'yeah he was definitely gay'…[View]
4324236Would you, or would you not, blame Germany for World War 1?: I, for one, certainly would, however I …[View]
4331814How did Ancient China and other states go about controlling such a large place (Xinjiang province)? …[View]
4330916Was Taiwan the first non-European colony? >Settled by Chinese en masse in the Qing dynasty…[View]
4330957>Latin originated in Rome >Mexicans call themselves Latino/Latina How the fuck did this happen…[View]
4332398Why does God abandon Jesus on the cross?[View]
4329494You wake up as Hitler in May 1941 What do?[View]
4332235Are there any decent books about Soviet political officers? I've been pretty interested in them…[View]
4329798What's the actual difference between Shia and Sunni? I know they have a dispute over who Mohomm…[View]
4332337>imperialism is bad[View]
4331568>the last third rate was scuttled in 1949 Why did noone save her?[View]
4330968Was there a greater shitposter in all history? http://teachingamericanhistory.org/library/document/t…[View]
4325848>overthrown monarchy >etablished an authotarian government with its members behave like aristo…[View]
4332305When did it became common for celebrities (actors, singers and such) to involve themselves in politi…[View]
4332150How would you modify the timeline so that Germany would get nuked during the second world war?[View]
4331718Was this a good movie, /his/?[View]
4332200This is the face of the XXI c. Millennial philosopher.[View]
4325765Leave the Turks to me.[View]
4332041Who did Hitler name as his successor?: I’m assuming the guy didn’t believe he’d achieve immortality …[View]
4331867Ignoring whether or not they were genocided, are they underrated in the grand scheme of history?[View]
4331478Were there any ancient tombs of underground structures in real life like you always seem to see in f…[View]
4325352/his/ feels thread: Things that are gone The giant Steller sea cow was hunted to extinction in just …[View]
4331043Need some help verifying a story: several times now i've read a story about chinese literary ic…[View]
4331789>'thousands of Hazara men, women, and children were sold as slaves in the markets of Kabul and Qa…[View]
4330677What if they swapped positions? How would a Stalinist Germany or a Nazi UNSR?[View]
4328488stoicism looks way too similar to Buddhism to be a coincidence. Though we can trace stoic ideas to G…[View]
4331113>Zionist crash economies >Numskulls take it out on peasant heeb deli owners and poorfag heebs…[View]
4330742So... This is the deep insight of The Islamic Golden Age.[View]
4329018Would the government system from starship troopers work?[View]
4331695Did Arianism survive in any way? Why did it die out?[View]
4330779What year did racism become something associated with evil and why?[View]
4331220American Revolution Historiography: What are the GOAT works on the American Revolution?[View]
4330575Was it true the Incans buries aliens in their tombs?[View]
4331138I want to learn more about Tibet and it's culture. What sh ould I read and watch to learn more?[View]
4331572My smokin' pistol grandma from Dixie. Mary Jane Simmons. Let's get an ancestry thread goin…[View]
4325995What if USSR joined the Axis?: It would be a nightmare for the British. The USSR, Germany, and Italy…[View]
4329405>ywn see the development of Mesoamerican civilization throughout the ages Does this enrage anyon…[View]
4327708We're putting together a team.[View]
4331176Stop eating food.[View]
4320982Russia: How could such a small country defeat Napoleon and Hitler? I don't get it.[View]
4331293Later revered by many as Britain's greatest prime minister, Winston Churchill had, for a few gl…[View]
4301319II World War [ experience of family members in the conflict]: I apologize for sensitive topic I woul…[View]
4327298/mu//his/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDaOgu2CQtI /his/ approved music.[View]
4331028Share something interesting about Kim Il Sung beyond >he was evil >he killed a lot of people…[View]
4330805Would Italian fascism have succeeded if the war hadn't happened? How long would it take the cou…[View]
4329491Death Penalty - an ethical question.: I know people die permanently if they are killed, but just rid…[View]
4331165>Seize Czechoslovakia under the guise of 'self defense' >Then use the same excuse to annex Au…[View]
4328089Unironically what's the philosophical School people who constantly say heteronormative, oppress…[View]
4330881What the fuck was his problem???[View]
4331088What does this remind you of?[View]
4328993Are there any good examples of peaceful ethnic cleansing?[View]
4320616Sulla was the best Roman: Prove me wrong[View]
4331013>the great schism >the protestant 'reformation'…[View]
4330821Would Christianity today be recognizable to Jesus' disciples? Especially Evengelical American …[View]
4330338Horia Sima: did he take banter too far? >American minister to Romania, Franklin Mott Gunther, tou…[View]
4330873I never expected fiction to be so old. Some plots are recycled for thousands of years.[View]
4323772Manichaeism General: Why does it never come up at all? It seems like freaky new age cults have tried…[View]
4330599Favorite artwork thread? Raphael was the GOAT, better than Da Vinci or Michelangelo - prove me wrong[View]
4330579What went wrong?[View]
4330924Saxon General: A thread dedicated to the history and culture of the Saxon people and Romanian German…[View]
4329334Looking for a good book about WW1: Something that isn't autisticly detailed but paints a good p…[View]
4330686Who is /his/' favorite stalinist?[View]
4330865>looks like a fucking kike >last name (((nebe))) >apparently killed hundreds of thousands o…[View]
4330866Kingdom of the Kongo: How did the kingdom of the Kongo convert to Christianity?[View]
4329833>The aztecs where savages for sacrificing the lives of innocent people because of superstition…[View]
4328165/althis/ - Alternate History: Post your favourite alternate history scenarios or ones you're wo…[View]
4329957Was Juan Peron a fascist, a leftist or just confused? The current Argentine political landscape make…[View]
4325498The History of Beer: In this thread, I hope to discuss Beer. Beer: one of the oldest drinks man has …[View]
4330767How can we search for happiness if we can lose it at any moment because of something beyond our cont…[View]
4321247You have a lifetime to explain why antinatalism is wrong and procreation isn't immoral. I'…[View]
4327019>tfw no president Hinton Rowan Helper and Denis Kearney as his vice-president. >tfw no peacefu…[View]
4329202I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
4328173What is fascism without: >The whole infalliable leader thing/autocracy >Overly agressive forei…[View]
4317476Capital punishment: As a citizen of your country, would you be for or against the implementation of …[View]
4330098What are some examples of cannibalism in the medieval-modern times timespan? Dont talk about shit lu…[View]
4330187Why did nasal snuff lose it’s popularity among tobacco users? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Owg6ob_D…[View]
4329703What are the meaningful moments and things in life? From my surveying across internet and confirmed …[View]
4328001Share something interesting about Truman beyond >he was evil >he killed a lot of people…[View]
4330387>based Prussian master race unites all of Germany under one banner instantly creating a superstat…[View]
4330346How can humanity ever advance if everybody's opinion has to be given 'due respect.' Surely if w…[View]
4329975Degeneracy: How big was degeneracy in ancient and medieval times? I know brothels and alcoholics alw…[View]
4328063Did the Battle of Zama actually happen?[View]
4311757Share something interesting about Stalin beyond >he was evil >he killed a lot of people…[View]
4327241Would have the Germans chimped out if they had united all the German speaking area peacefully? Was i…[View]
4318295Later Byziness: I have a few inquiries about the Komnenian years of the Eastern Roman empire; I…[View]
4327684Which of the Irish dynasties or rulers was best? Out of the most prominent ones (O'Neill, Fitzg…[View]
4330053Saharan remains may be evidence of first race war.: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/archa…[View]
4330156I'm assembling a team.[View]
4329766Is Harald Hardrada overrated or underrated?[View]
4329303What is the history of the caste system and why is it a good/bad concept?[View]
4245419waco 25th anniversary: opinions on the waco siege?[View]
4325709I think Germanic hunoids are a threat to Western civilization but reading up on the homefront in Ame…[View]
4329439>He that increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow. Is that it? Is there no escape?…[View]
4330022Were Hamites an actual ethno-linguistic group or was it a meme like Altaic?[View]
4326667Was the Second Reich as evil as the Third? I'd say so, considering their plans to exterminate a…[View]
4329870Which of these pictures represents religion in modern times the most and why? Do my homework for me …[View]
4327930If when you die you become immortal and go to hell, whats to stop me from spending the rest of my ex…[View]
4327136Stoicism is self tyranny: It is a philosophy that encourages passivity amongst the proletariat to su…[View]
4329758What race we're the Malians: What was the genetics of the Malian empire I Know that teuregs Ara…[View]
4326949Who is this a bust of?[View]
4270645Was Andersonville worse than a concentration camp? With regards to living conditions.[View]
4228984Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmrmCdEV23M[View]
4223159Find a flaw.[View]
4329700No becaus the japanese are all blondes: What infuriates as an atheist of jeiwsh - european ancestry …[View]
4152901Would the 15th Alabama launching the assault on Little Round Top ten minutes ahead of schedule and c…[View]
4329181Is our current moment in history particularly egregious when it comes to the media and intentional n…[View]
4329713>Im putting together a team[View]
43270831875, 1928, 1962, and 1967 have been claimed. You can fight over the rest.[View]
4329573Communists in interwar Germany: How strong were they compared to the Nazis? Could they have taken po…[View]
4326983How did China manage to have a large population throughout its history? What was their secret?[View]
4327847Was Berber mythology much like Egyptian mythology?[View]
4284693What kind of resources would be needed to pull the titanic back up? It's been agreed upon to le…[View]
4314590Most of history is remembered and told through the lens of western Europe. What are some curious non…[View]
4327466Which non-human animal is the most likely to develop a civilization?: Implying humans never exist, w…[View]
4327312>I'm putting together a team[View]
4321991Why did Fascism fail in other Western nations?: With this, I'm particularly speaking of countri…[View]
4327528ITT: descriptions of sieges and sackings of various great cities: Sack of Rome by the barbarian hord…[View]
4327857>whats the matter? can't stand the sight of a strong Hellenic woman?…[View]
4327138Who was in the wrong here?: ?[View]
4329354I posted it again Mom.: The following are pictures of Persian King Naser al-Din Shah Qajar (1848-189…[View]
4329381Eastern Roman Empire bureaucracy and court titles: Hello /his/, I have fallen in love with the Byzan…[View]
4327327Was he truly as awesome as his followers make him out to be? Or do you believe he was overrated?[View]
4311523Central Asian History Thread: Hi /his/. I'm currently working on putting together a history po…[View]
4328530Where did Basque come from? If all Europeans are a mix of neolithic farmers and bronze age indo-euro…[View]
4323347Life under Franco: What was life under Francisco Franco's Spain like? Was it awful? Pleasant? '…[View]
4324114https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-Soviet_border_conflict What would the world look like today if th…[View]
4327848>millions of religions in human history to choose from >pick one >die >get told in the a…[View]
4327511My professor doesn't understand why Europe is most central in history: My professor just said t…[View]
4328678ITT: Historical figure whose reputation is literally based on someone else.: >Wellington's r…[View]
4321192>study history >become a spaniboo Who else?…[View]
4328313Okay /his/, how come most proponents of gommunism are burg.(can't spell properly sorry) themsel…[View]
4329132Is he the most impressive man in human history? Yes.[View]
4328706How did early warriors stay so fit? Statues of Roman men show they were jacked how did men receive p…[View]
4326757He killed millions...[View]
4328867>entire /his/ has arguments about it for thousands of posts >gets BTFO by 2 year old who thoug…[View]
4327573'If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him' What the fuck does this mean?[View]
4326159If you believe in an afterlife, why are you still afraid of dying?[View]
4328935Is this the proof we needed? Does Baltic savagery and German autism really create the best countries…[View]
4315598Battle Of Agincourt: On the 25th of October 1415, the day of Saint Crispin, an army of 6000 English …[View]
4328468No Abrahamic Religions: How different would the world be? (No fedora-tipping please, just realistic …[View]
4327016artifacts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immovable_Ladder what are some interesting artifacts and th…[View]
4328569Communist hypocrisy: >we are anti imperialist >*spreads Russian imperialism* What did communis…[View]
4320215Is Andronovo culture the source of south Asian indo-european languages?[View]
4327027Niger river: What do you guys know about the Niger river valley civilizations?[View]
4328388/tvhis/: Post historical inaccurate films that got you into certain periods of history. Pic Related,…[View]
4320717People who were wrong about literally everything[View]
4327774Did Germanics migrate into or out of Scandinavia?[View]
4323985What were the worst things to happen to a man the middle ages? Torture by the church? Illnes? Cruel …[View]
4327216Alexander: [spoiler]Wikipedia[/spoiler] tells me that no ancient sources state that Alexander had ho…[View]
4328587did early semitic religious ritual cult sacrifice involve the gangrape of a goat?[View]
4328279Can anybody tell me the difference between baptists, methodists and pentecostals. They seem to exist…[View]
4327909John 15:5: 'I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringe…[View]
4324692What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
4328109Welsh Folklore: Why Is Welsh folklore so substantial? When you look into some aspects of it you real…[View]
4328297/his/ Can you tell me how spread out were the moorish in medieval europe, Googling about it shows pi…[View]
4323045Why is There Something Instead of Nothing?[View]
4326751This is a mummy: Close it[View]
4328010Books about Austria-Hungary: Help me /his/, I need some book recs for information on Austria-Hungary…[View]
4325701What's your favorite historically related video game /his/? pic related.[View]
4327354inferiority complex[View]
4326021ITT obligatory /his/ reading[View]
4302341>from Rome to British Empire Is Europe the ultimate protagonist of history?…[View]
4312732What are the most happiest moments in history?[View]
4322229Warriors: What did medieval/ ancient warriors from your Homeland look like?[View]
4324624How do we stop pop-nihilism?[View]
4327964Tell me about the Iniuts please[View]
4326459who has the best anti-christian arguments? Bart Ehrman is the best one I know of. don't recomm…[View]
4325906What would Africa be like if it was never colonized: Only wrong answers allowed[View]
4327810Do you think God made the Spanish give America the Philippines because he didn't want Franco to…[View]
4326125What was life like for a colonial subject in the German Empire? How did the Germans treated their co…[View]
4326432Why were Americans such pussies during the vietnam war?[View]
4325108J U S T[View]
4319702Why don't we incorporate a Quiver-full philosophy in our churches? I don't care about the …[View]
4324296Was the international system which Bismark crafted to keep Germany alive viable after he was dismiss…[View]
4324705It's honestly disgusting how much effort Japan goes through to hide it's ugly past from it…[View]
4321371'wasn't Italy where the Greeks were from?' 'No that was Greece' 'Oh yeah, well... wait yeah, It…[View]
4327040Help me fill out my WW2 book list: For each blank without a book name I need help finding a novel to…[View]
4321817Which one was worse?[View]
4323149A stupid question I thought about.: Can a truly meaningful communication happen between two human be…[View]
4326710I saved Asia[View]
4324017Does Belgium exist? Im an ethnic German boi from the province of Memel, Lithuania and on all of our …[View]
4326698& Humanities: What causes the rise and fall of certain art styles anons? For example, why do we …[View]
4327035Reminder to waggle your Willy for our kaiser Willy ![View]
4324743Educate me about the East West Schism in 1054. Who were the bad guys (if that's applicable)? pi…[View]
4326294So, was Prussia basically a kingdom from within the HRE that eventually outgrew it?[View]
4326945what's the link between cute anime girls and extreme left wing ideologies?[View]
4326968A Viking take on Tyranny and Totalitarianism?: Did the Norse leave secret clues on tyranny and total…[View]
4326550Why did so many Virginians support the revolution?: Hey everybody, a while ago I read that book, Alb…[View]
4326855*doesn't exist*[View]
4314758>Operation Vegetarian was a British military plan in 1942 to disseminate linseed cakes infected w…[View]
4318121Why were slaves in Latin America able to maintain much of their African cultural traditions unlike s…[View]
4326875Source of everyday life and/or description of cities, architecture in Ancient Greece: Hello, I want …[View]
4326470Who here /Dirliwang gang/?[View]
4325833>Leave the inflation to me: What went wrong?[View]
4326721>he reads 'history' >he doesn't receive holograms from God himself about the future event…[View]
4325083What did they say to each other?[View]
4324014Why have there been so many WW2/holocaust threads in the past year?: Why not just rename /his/ to /p…[View]
4323805The Goths.: Who were the Goths and what Happened to them?[View]
4323260What is the evidence for a god/higher being/etc. existing? How does he/she/it interact with the univ…[View]
4322265Is Protestantism more true to scripture?: it would seem that Protestantism is more true to scripture…[View]
4324996What are some of the biggest historical inaccuracies in the Jewish and Christian religions?[View]
4322847He did nothing wrong[View]
4324494Where was God?[View]
4326510>its an athiest finds contradictions in an English translated bible episode…[View]
4322109So God made it so man had no knowledge, but expected him to know right from wrong and not eat the fr…[View]
4326183When did you realize that Whig History was a farce?[View]

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