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5376466Why is Ethiopia the only state in Africa that's been honestly stable and in tact for the last c…[View]
5376906Is he right?[View]
5377525Correcting a false information: I always see comments specially from afro-centrists that say 'but Nu…[View]
5368681What was the original moral justification for the creation of the state of Israel? It seems to me th…[View]
5378178International Relations thread: Enter your opinions of the theories and methods of IR[View]
5377881If homosexuality is such a sin then why did God put the male g-spot in the anus?[View]
5377979>his wife had a bf and he treated him well What are some /wholesome/ historical madlads?…[View]
5377918Doesn't the parable of the fig tree go against contemporary christian logic that you can keep s…[View]
5378084When did you realise that St. Arius did nothing wrong?[View]
5372786Why were island civilizations in Europe during the Bronze Age the most advanced societies in Europe?…[View]
5377937How would China win the Opium Wars?[View]
5378024ITT: Quote thread from historical people talking about historical events: >I made a discovery, al…[View]
5377383If protestants wanted to find real christianity why they based themselves on editing catholic writin…[View]
5374681Who are the more interesting Celtic peoples?[View]
5377980Would the Confederates have fought a Spanish-American War?: We know the Confederates wanted to expan…[View]
5373524Name a better rivalry[View]
5375199How did a group of Wops manage to defeat God's chosen people?[View]
5374025How bad was colonialism really for the average person in Africa? I know there were huge differences …[View]
5377773Who were the sea people: Were they Greek migrants? Why is there no definitive answer to their histor…[View]
5377382Offcial reminder that we're thiiis close to knowing the DNA of the Ancient Romans.: >Neolith…[View]
5371206You are transported into Wilhelm II's body on July 30th, 1914, and immediately receive the news…[View]
5377781What is 'soul'?[View]
5375129Does Communist China ironically align with the Confucian ideal state/society?[View]
5376130Who is most to blame for France shitting the bed during wwii?[View]
5376911>'A-Alexander would never have conquered India. The Nanda Empire was too strong!'…[View]
5377322Lost WWII tanks: Do you know if there are still undiscovered german tanks and military vehicles from…[View]
5376547Alt History Civil War: What if the machine guns that were used in World War I were invented earlier …[View]
5375765Was Roosevelt right about him having the makings of a dictator? He was quite a pretentious cunt.[View]
5377668Who exactly were the Al-Andalus Moors ? Were they mainly Iberians that had converted or Maghrebis ? …[View]
5376990Hey /his/, I came here for some serious talking. Has Bismarck created a fertile field so that nation…[View]
5376917William Shakespeare: Why is he so famous? What sets him apart from and so high above his contemporar…[View]
5376499Were the Canaanites black?: I keep hearing from pastors that all of the children of Ham were black. …[View]
5377186I don't know whether to ask /his/ about this. Because on one hand, it is asking about something…[View]
5376980Why do people like him?[View]
5376627How reliable are numbers from eastern asian countries? For example, japanese sources say they invade…[View]
5373817ITT: Post the best military leader in your nation's modern history: you can't post better …[View]
5375521So did Caesar want to be a monarch?[View]
5376077What are some current books you are reading /his/?[View]
5377378Are people all sociopaths until a certain age?[View]
5376537>The Allied Powers had the moral high ground over the Axis: >The Allied Powers were fighting f…[View]
5377183ITT:Futile ucrony on royal families.[View]
5376324There is no historical evidence of this man's existence. Change my mind.[View]
5375675Can somebody explain me what the hell are Mormons into, all that shit about polygamy, the planet Kol…[View]
5377188What was Nassers plan for the Israeli Jews if the arabs won the war? A second holocaust?[View]
5375918Why is this board so Eurocentric? >Mesoamerica muh human sacrifice >India muh poo >East As…[View]
5376923So why didn't the nobles align the interests of the rising bourgeoisie with their own? Would th…[View]
5377210>the man who understands the dao in the morning can die contently in the evening What did he mean…[View]
5377201This is how WW2 will be remembered 100 years from now.[View]
5376993Seeing that Pliny makes it quite clear that Caesar didn't actual conquer Gaul, and we now know …[View]
5374749Was public education a mistake?[View]
5375617Is it inherently authoritarian?[View]
5376963I remember a story about parents, that wanted their son to be raised by a philosopher. When they ask…[View]
5376643Don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened.[View]
5374711Roman & Byzantium Empires were not 'only Europeans': Peoples in the pic are the Roman and Byzani…[View]
5375496WHAT IF WHAT CHANGES?: What if the cripbloods were sent to fight the Nordic Aryan White Indo-Europea…[View]
5376984*destroys the world forever[View]
5375333I've decided to get back into reading and there's a lot of classics I haven't read, i…[View]
5374058How can one man be so based?[View]
5373761Love is merely a social construct. With the average human life-span being roughly 70, I only have to…[View]
5374873Did Teutonic Knights really wear stupid shit on their heads like this?[View]
5374509What do Chinese anons think about Roman aesthetics and society in comparison to Chinese aesthetics a…[View]
5376812>Biggest navy at the time >use fishermen boats to evacuate their army What was the royal navy …[View]
5373719has there ever been a period in history with a bigger intelectual community as now?[View]
5375291Is this what really happened to the Mayans?[View]
5375039>The fake is of far greater value. In its deliberate attempt to be real, it is more real than the…[View]
5376253Anyone done the visa free 72 hour “cruise” from Helsinki? Will just so happen to be in Estonia/Finla…[View]
5375244>STEM >MENA >LARP >Mediterranean civilization >Christianities >Turkics >Diadokh…[View]
5372482Show how the Roman Empire is morally superior to the Nazis.: Name what the Nazis did that the Romans…[View]
5373942Is Islam not the ideal religion for long term civilizational stability?: >strong moral code >f…[View]
5376588Did they really get hold of Soviet Union space mission transmissions?[View]
5370637If we are all cut from the same cloth, so to speak, is there a common 'father language' that all mod…[View]
5376587Join him?: Come one come all it may not look like there is room but there ishttps://youtu.be/Kc8jJkK…[View]
5374432>Europe threads Pretty smooth aside from WWII autism, LARPers, haplotards, and anti-British shitp…[View]
5375812Truth: Does Truth exist? How is it possible for Truth not to exist? If it exists, then the question …[View]
5376022When did rape start being treated as criminal offense rather than a civil offense against the female…[View]
5371016What if Lenin and Stalin converted to Islam and declared the Soviet Union an Islamic state? What wou…[View]
5376271What changes?[View]
5375807Was Christianity partially to blame for the fall of feudalism? Sure, Christianity had the divine rig…[View]
5376437What took the Moriori so long to find and settle the Chatham Islands? They settle around 1550, and t…[View]
5376141ITT: Great centrists of history[View]
5375450itt: under appreciated technologies that revolutionized the way we live how the fuck did bachelors/a…[View]
5372103Japan History: I've read some of Japan history (from wikipedia ofc) and i found it very boring …[View]
5374447How did they manage to build Angkor Wat in just 35 years? Not only is the temple itself massive, the…[View]
5373114An Lushan castrates Khitan boy. Eunuch hacks him to death. lol how can a faggot be this dumb?: The S…[View]
5375997Can we get a historical police uniform thread of the United States? I don't see a lot of decent…[View]
5375343/b/ananas: Do people in 2018 still use the term “Banana Republic” when referring to an economically …[View]
5374801Was the eastern front in world war 2 the closest to hell on earth in the history of warfare?[View]
5374265>And God said, “Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters fr…[View]
5375839Anyone have war stories from vets or family and friends? https://youtu.be/trmG0mgrkM8 https://youtu.…[View]
5375816Could the German Empire have won ww1 if the United States never joined the war? Or was the allied bl…[View]
5375501Almost ever other religion: >the god(s) are very powerful, but still have limits on their power T…[View]
5375769How could this one man make Hitler eternally butthurt?[View]
5375635Ancient batteries: Does anyone here know anything about this? How could they work, and what could th…[View]
5375698What if Spain won? How would it affect WWI?[View]
5365399Who is correct?[View]
5375305Explain this: Why is the Ancient cross ,swastika found in many places around! Why did germans people…[View]
5374085What's the history behind the pre-colonial Peruvian civilizations?: Cusco and Machu Picchu spec…[View]
5375518Should the Book of Revelation be renamed the Book of Gravitation?[View]
5375708Literary style: What kind of approach to the writing style of /his/ books do you prefer? I'm no…[View]
5373554how often did women participate in the front lines of war? Were there any instances where they were …[View]
5375690Is it true the ancient Papuans were White Nordics?[View]
5371967Historical wojack/pepe thread[View]
5375382What was the happiest period of History?[View]
5373633>The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient Greek analogue computer and orrery used to predict astro…[View]
5374191tell me about willy 2 father. would have anything changed if he didnt die so early?[View]
5374401Why did East/Southeast Asia never develop a dairy tradition, even after they came in contact with Mo…[View]
5372794How did a mere body of water end up being so important in history?[View]
5373507Vidya thread: What are some /his/ approved vidya games?[View]
5374360hey colonist!!![View]
5375018What is spiritual enlightenment? pic not related[View]
5372019Robin Hood: Did he speak English? Could hismerry men understand him?[View]
5375192What if the 10 Plagues of Egypt happened in Nazi Germany?: What if in 1941 A old Jewish man with a w…[View]
5372828Is the thing the thing or your perception of the thing?[View]
5374743Was there ever the possibility that the Allies wouldn't have intervened in the Russian Civil Wa…[View]
5370168Overrated Military Commanders: I'll start[View]
5370496What was his deal? Why was a Scot allowed to be King of England?[View]
5375424Vorwärts immer - rückwärts nimmer![View]
5374829Solutrean: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solutrean_hypothesis Why have I never heard of this? My u…[View]
5374797Is it true that the Jomon, Yayoi, and Ainu of Japan were whites?[View]
5373658How comes Germanics BTFO the Roman invasion attempt and even conquered Rome while celts got defeated…[View]
5372683Sub Saharan African architecture: Is this the most impressive building in SSA?[View]
5371452Tell me about Islam, /his/. Is it random desert Abrahamism? A violent ideology bent on conquest? The…[View]
5372116Mongolian influences on Russian development/culture/language please? I ask my Ukrainian mom but all …[View]
5373676Post the historic countriesy/territories you were born in. County of Mark, followed by the Grand-duc…[View]
5375184Giant fuck ups---the thread.[View]
5369431*Blocks your path*[View]
5374624What historical event made Americans the way they are today ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq_IhJ…[View]
5373419AMA: Ask a real Illyrian anything. Also Illyrian appreciation thread.[View]
5374333Does any general even come close to Subutai[View]
5375063Hey I'm from a university freedom of speech organization and we want to do an art show on art b…[View]
5375000>Black man rides into old west town on a horse >Is called 'cowboy', not nigger Is th…[View]
5373923ITT We talk about people who haven been fucked over by history i start[View]
5363074Who is more to blame for keeping Europe so primiative for so long, Aristotle for his retarded ideas …[View]
5374508>you will never be Louis XIV[View]
5373500Korea was founded by Nordic White Aryans: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/soc.culture.korean…[View]
5374106Let's have a thread on how cultural/linguistic/national assimilation of ethnic groups happen wh…[View]
5372292Why were our ancestors so fine with slavery in the past? Even within the context of history I cannot…[View]
5374022When did everything go wrong for /our guy/ Ross Perot?[View]
5370186Are 'special forces' a meme? They don't seem to have really existed until the late 1970's.…[View]
5374352Why did Romans hate kings but love emperors?[View]
5373785who would win ? why didn't they just end it all ?[View]
5373901Objectivism: >'Come now, anon. Why aren't you an objectivist yet like your dear old babushka…[View]
5370216Japanese history: Can someone give me a quick summary of the history of Japan?[View]
5374004south africa and apartheid: If we are to believe the cultural, social, and political international o…[View]
5371654Byzantine conquest of Bulgaria: Anything and everything about this war.[View]
5374553/qtdndtot/: Questions that do not deserve their own thread Retard here, can anyone tell me what TNA …[View]
5372409Why do people think Caesar is the greatest Roman general when guys like Sertorious, Macedonicus, Agr…[View]
5374286Will somebody explain this to me?: I don't get it. was he some kind of alt-nihilist? what does …[View]
5372456Who are the luckiest people/nation in history?[View]
5373568Why didn't sedentary peoples destroy the steppe to stop nomads?: Why didn't sedentary peop…[View]
5374374what would happen if (in some way) all the nations were united in a single entity similar to a state…[View]
5372885To what extend did german support for china in the 30's gave the chinks the ability to fight of…[View]
5374178The Holy Spirit is female: >In gnosticism, Sophia is a feminine figure, analogous to the human so…[View]
5374009around what time did people start to have dedicated shitting rooms inside their house?[View]
5374002Reminder to all the dishonest kikes, mutts, and SJWs: Proto-Indo-European is Proto-European. R is th…[View]
5372808Are the remains of St. James actually buried in Spain, or is that just a meme?[View]
5369545U wot m8?[View]
5371225After Stalin died he was denounced by his party and pretty much declared a war criminal. Had Hitler …[View]
5373830The arrogance of human beings, if it is left for long periods of time without criticism, it brings t…[View]
5370192Who is the current successor to the title of Roman Emperor? >Inb4 Byzantines Yes but who is the s…[View]
5374084What exactly is a musketeer and why are they never shown wielding muskets?[View]
5372118>A few hours after the death of Francisco Franco, the revolutionary government of Cuba decreed of…[View]
5372197Is Eugenics and Genetic Engineering bad?: I've been wondering why haven't we focused on en…[View]
5374032The Via Egnatia: I want to travel it, by foot like in old days. Only problem is I can't find an…[View]
5372912Why did people see this guy as a hero: >Be filthy mat weaver >See that country is in chaos …[View]
5373971What should I read to learns about the Mughals?[View]
5373518Holy Roman Empire: 'the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy , nor Roman , nor an Empire' Voltaire Zo …[View]
5372872Is there any legitimate argument to someone being a better general than Napoleon?[View]
5373876Where can I find a collection of all Corded Ware Skeletons?[View]
5373792>income divisions: low/middle/high/very high >education divisions: high school/bachelors/maste…[View]
5373715How much shit actually got destroyed in the Cultural Revolution? What do Chinese people think about …[View]
5373809What can I learn getting a museology degree that I can’t teach myself? I don’t plan on being hired …[View]
5369620>if you don’t die in combat enjoy at best a below mediocre afterlife Why is Germanic animism such…[View]
5372888Modern art: Why has art degenerated so much since the start of the 20th century? Is it monopolistic …[View]
5373218what if Anna Frank was Hitler's lost child? Probably connected to Otto Frank and the jew masone…[View]
5373755How were horse archers so effective considering various terrains and strong winds, like those winds …[View]
5371844When France had the revolution, did the majority forsake the achievements and honors of the past kin…[View]
5371900If ancient people's knew something about genetics as evidence with breeding horses, why not bre…[View]
5373642Goddamn Crusaders , why don't you just create one empire or one dynasty or one country and figh…[View]
5373632What if the British got Syria and Lebanon and the French got Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq?[View]
5368708If race is a construct, is it biological or social one?[View]
5372460When did smoking become cool?[View]
5368172Muhammad Ali vision realized: Could an Independent Egyptian Empire, free of vassalage from Ottomans …[View]
5373353How Wild was the American West?[View]
5372587is materialism just ideological npcism?: I mean, it claims that material forces drivie history free …[View]
5373268>'Falkenhayn and the German Staff need to be credited with having prevented an Ottoman genocide t…[View]
5373365Was he the Prince who was Promised?[View]
5371779Prove to me that a boat ever sailed over to Sardinia prior to the industrial revolution[View]
5371826>Anne Frank and his confederate husband magically travel back in time to the sengoku period along…[View]
5369468Hey /his/, I just realized, IEs and PIEs are a zombified Encyclopedia of knowledge, culture, traditi…[View]
5372933Which out of the Bolghar, Pecheneg, Cuman, Kipchak, Kirghiz, Mongolian or any other steppe folk were…[View]
5372692At what time in history did Britain become the enney of mankind ?[View]
5373222Stripes in history: https://youtu.be/Y1U4YkNkoG0 Besides the examples mentioned in the video where e…[View]
5369152who was the most beautiful princess in history?[View]
5372516Any books you’d recommend on subject of Supreme Court? Down for bios, cases, or gen history[View]
5370078Syria's fate: OK I don't know if this topic is appropriate for /his/ but I'm sure it…[View]
5368136Khoisan Thread General: Why do so many khoisan people look like mongoloids with black skin? Were th…[View]
5368117true and both rule the world[View]
5371700When will suffering end?[View]
5361554What were really the big differences between Dutch, English/British, French, Portuguese and Spanish …[View]
5372449Who would you say was Stalin's most compotent general?[View]
5371799I’m banned on the askhistory sub. Does anyone know why the Indians James Hanna traded with in Vancou…[View]
5362911Greek assimilation: >What do you mean by 'Greek'? We are Rhomaioi! Why exactly did Greeks assimil…[View]
5372240Were Eastern Hunter Gatherers Mongoloid by themselves? (if the Siberian component wasn't added)[View]
5369418Why do people hate scientology and yet they believe in superstition like religion? Aren't they …[View]
5370595How different would things have gone if the legions never brought back the Antonine plague? I'd…[View]
5372860Why Christians forced their religion in Northern Europe , Americas , Africa , Australia , Southeast …[View]
5365518Why was Poland spared?[View]
5368817How do we know that God is Good?[View]
5371671>buys a bunchload of history books but never has the time/will to finish any of them, feels depre…[View]
5371911Since when Westerners began to blame the Jews when things go wrong?[View]
5369829This is true?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Warburg#Biography https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L…[View]
5370763Does anyone else find it a little bit weird how accepting of death people in earlier history were? I…[View]
5372192Why people glorify romans? >'At the time of Augustus, as many as 35% of the people in Italy …[View]
5368157Any good books about the HRE?[View]
5370211Was there ever really a possibility of not eating the fruit?[View]
5371435how would he have fared if southern italy wasnt as underdeveloped as africa? you cant really stabd u…[View]
5372328Is it true that Greeks actually thought small dicks were preferable? How did other cultures see huge…[View]
5365566>*Uses cheat codes by getting America to join the war* Would Hitler have won if Britain didn…[View]
5372622Was there a more retarded leader when it came to diplomacy?[View]
5370477Say something nice to the best /his/ girl![View]
5371601Was Japan the most martial state in history?[View]
5369720>more vovel sounds >less vowel characters what were norsemen thinking?…[View]
5365992How can medievaloids even compete?[View]
5371431>Socialism with Chinese characteristics[View]
5371189I think I've found out why 4chan seems to attract such hard-hitting and insightful debate (shit…[View]
5371191Why did Constantinople get the works?[View]
5372610So this poster's frame broke, I tried to hang it somewhere new and it fell. This picture is old…[View]
5371542>Head of the army...my wife's son...Josephine... what did he mean by this?…[View]
5372635How did they rule over millions of a different sect and religion?[View]
5369470To stem the endless tide of the potatonigger threads spam, I'll be posting the SUPERIOR people …[View]
5335811Turkic, Mongolic and Iranic steppe warrior Queens and Empresses: The Liao dynasty Uyghur Turkic Empr…[View]
5367447i want to read more about the founding of the United States; the founding fathers, founding ethos, s…[View]
5371675Is it true that romans considered eating pussy as effeminate?[View]
5368829>poorer than britain for centuries while under british control >attains a higher GDP per capit…[View]
5371750Wholesome Orthodox thread :D Ἀγαπᾶτε ἀλλήλους![View]
5372153I don't have much hope for this thread, but... >Moral absolutism, or moral relativism?…[View]
5372315>When a Tan was killed in Cork, they burnt down more than 300 buildings in the city centre and af…[View]
5372330How great was life in the old west? https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1537575798479.webm…[View]
5372478The great debate: In today's political landscape, would Lincoln be a Dem or GOP?[View]
5372164ITT: Post the first democratic election in your country's history[View]
5372391How did the eugenics movement begin and why did it decline? I can’t actually see the downside of pre…[View]
5369842Cosmotechnics / Accelerationism: Discuss capitalism, technology, acceleration, cybernetics, Heidegge…[View]
5367761/his/ humour again[View]
5366978What's a good resource to learn a basic overview of Chinese history? I know it's as comple…[View]
5366294What was Hitler's justification for violating the Munich Agreement and invading and annexing Cz…[View]
5372154The arrogance of human beings, if it is left for long periods of time without criticism, it brings t…[View]
5372015Can philosophy stop my impulsive spergy behavior, stop my heart racing crippling anxiety and give me…[View]
5351688How did postmodern neo-marxism come to be so relevant, since it's the bastard child of failed i…[View]
5371945What are some other wars with unexpected supporting sides?[View]
5366105who's your favourite philosopher /his/?[View]
5371207Longtime lurker. Just wondering if there is a idleness lifestyle alternative to information and drug…[View]
5367011Seduction Tale I: Adultery and Women’s Buttocks: Reminder that the Toltecs were ass man - so much so…[View]
5367400if blacks are so keen on larping as egyptians, are they ready to take responsibility for enslaving t…[View]
5369963Why is most of western philosophy (and tradition in general) so primitive in compare to the eastern?…[View]
5371561>'At present, the fascist state [of Poland] suppresses the Ukrainians, Belorussians etc. Annihila…[View]
5370532What is the modern catholic stance on evolution? Is it a heresy, is it shunned by catholics in gener…[View]
5369280Is this the most medieval shitpost ever created?[View]
5371810Why did all Einsatzgruppen commanders looked Jewish?[View]
5371782This is how you solve problems like real men[View]
5366596Meet Queen Candace: >ruler of the kingdom of Kush >As powerful as Caesar or Pharaoh >Warri…[View]
5369475>capital isn't Rome >doesn't speak latin or its descendents >not culturally roman…[View]
5371471Leave deserters to me.[View]
5347362Best tank of WWll: So. What’s your opinion on the best tank of the Second World War.[View]
5370820FUCKING MONKS[View]
5368105Free Will exists prove me wrong pro tip: you can't[View]
5371034Why do people pretend that whites didn't have civilization?[View]
5367677Is this the region with the most boring history? Literally nothing fucking happens until First World…[View]
5368253Post /fa/ historical figures.[View]
5367411Serial Killers: Has there been any prolific Serial Killer these past few years, It seems impossible …[View]
5370263Should I read this?[View]
5370437Alesia: Why is this impressive?[View]
5371295What if Winston Churchill were a taoist practitioner?: Would that have helped him in Galipoli, or in…[View]
5370444Was he the Sulla of the 20th century?[View]
5370921Serious question: Why was the 'Byzantine' Empire so fucking politically unstable and chaotic even by…[View]
5370399St Dionysius: Can we discuss Dionysius the Areopagite?.[View]
5371003Who was in the right here?[View]
5370071Book about Julius Caesar: Any recommandation for a good book about Julius Caesar's history?…[View]
5371085Why did the republic fail?[View]
5370164Still you live You go on But you're running out the clock And if we knew how long I'd be …[View]
5366104He did literally everything the U.S. founders did over 100 years earlier.[View]
5360046Erasmusian 'Pronunciation': >kinda fluent in Modern Greek and needed one more class for uni >d…[View]
5368233How could Napoleon have won?[View]
5370313John Wesley: How can one man be so based?[View]
5370097What was his problem?[View]
5367997Could it have been avoided?[View]
5369030post proto memes[View]
5371037>runs away to Norway because his brothers are having a civil war and he's afraid they'l…[View]
5370809>dies in his only relevant battle JUST[View]
5370741>Caesar 'also fought fifty pitched battles, the only commander to surpass Marcus Marcellus, …[View]
5370473>be new recruit for the Wehrmacht >russians getting close to Berlin >wife and children died…[View]
5370522What battle?: I'm almost getting mad trying to find something I read not too long ago. I rememb…[View]
5364624Why didn't they become allies? We could have had the nazbol new world order[View]
5368641Do Euros really believe that pre-Enlightenment Europe was some non-hierarchical, free speech permitt…[View]
5370610America's power: Is the USA the most powerful nation to have existed in history? Some may point…[View]
5362178Is England the only country in the post-Roman migratory period to become germanicised? If so, why?[View]
5369543What's the coolest polytheistic pantheon?[View]
5359428Head of the army...my son...Josephine...[View]
5369044Great leader or glorified mass murderer?[View]
5369096What was daily life like in Phoenicia?[View]
5366120>'when he sat down and wept because there were not other worlds for him to conquer.'…[View]
5369552We all know that Perfidious Albion is the most two-faced, double dealing, dishonest country in Histo…[View]
5367923Could the weimar republic have been safed from collapse? If yes how?[View]
5370533Western Generations explained: Baby Boomers began in 1946 due to the G.I.s coming home after WWII an…[View]
5370505The absolute state of the Episcopalian Church https://youtu.be/iaHxBFwod9Q?t=17m40s[View]
5369245Impartial History Books: >stormtards: hitler dindu nuffin >modern leftists: hitler du eveythin…[View]
5369200why do people laugh when you suggest modern italians are actually romans?[View]
5368443What are the differences between Han and Manchurian Chinese?[View]
5370219Has this BTFO all of meta-ethics?[View]
5365273Why aren't there ever threads about world war flying aces? Let's start one. This guy was S…[View]
5367433So who was in the wrong here?[View]
5367686Fallacyfags: How do you deal with them without killing anyone? Even when fallacies are easy to spot …[View]
5370144Iry-Hor: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iry-Hor >Iry-Hor or Ro (as read by the Egyptologist Flinde…[View]
5367906What are your arguments for staying on the gold standard? Redpill the shit out of me[View]
5368595>reading old victorian era book of Italian folklore >notice that a shitload of the country sp…[View]
5358940Who was right?[View]
5367121Why is the Neolithic so creepy?[View]
5367248if enver pasha wasn't so garbage at everything or some one else was minister of war, how could …[View]
5366860There is no justification for the death penalty. It doesn't punish the prisoner as much as if t…[View]
5367847We all know that historically china has suffered many embarrassing defeats despite its size advantag…[View]
5369667What the fuck actually happened in that day?[View]
5367896What if ww2 ended up with a scenario like inglorious bastards. What happens next? Foes Germany and i…[View]
5364842*triggered greek larpers[View]
5369601Rome was the most succesful Mafia in the world. Prove me wrong.[View]
5368822Are they the black equivalent of the Indo-Europeans?[View]
5369561Realstically speaking: Was there any way the British could have beaten the Americans and put down th…[View]
5369250Which side of the political spectrum has historically been more internally divided, the right or the…[View]
5360103why do indians worship cows again ?[View]
5369440Why did these niggas want iron bars? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nootka_Sound#European_exploration…[View]
5366441Why does he cause so much butthurt?[View]
5368263Are there any actual historical European conspiracies involving Jews that are actually true?[View]
5369329Is it true that Rome fell because their women wanted the BBC (big barbarian cock)?[View]
5369259>spend whole life researching history, culture, religion of one very specific group of people …[View]
5369088Medieval/Renaissance Italy: What's your favorite Italian state and why? Personally I love Venic…[View]
5368948How did the Scots btfo the Picts so much? Did they have better weapons, tactics etc?[View]
5367733The CIA is transported to medieval Europe, what happens?[View]
5369086The arrogance of human beings, if it is left for long periods of time without criticism, it brings t…[View]
5366359>Napoleon, the greatest hero of the French nation was an Italian >Hitler, the greatest hero of…[View]
5365756Why did people have such a strange and irrational hatred for Poland?[View]
5368705After the dust has settled, who were the good guys in the civil war?[View]
5366234Why was there no gypsy state created after World War II?[View]
5367513>ancient greeks and tomans basically pimped out their children to old men why do the far-right pr…[View]
5369045>the irish 'revolution' >irish 'revolutionaries' >IRA 'freedom fighters'…[View]
5365892Why have I never seen a thread about Antonescu? He was a gigantic asshole, and I know how much /po- …[View]
5363785Is Russia responsible for the backwardness of eastern Europe?: Was eastern Europe always poor and un…[View]
5367422In WW1 why did the Zar side with the modernists rather than the traditionalists?[View]
5367985When losing is actually winning: The losers during the Fulani jihads would go on to make up the Afri…[View]
5367986Monotheism: If the secret of the success of the Abrahamic religions is monotheism, how come Zoroastr…[View]
5367920What are some good documentaries on the Yugoslav civil wars? So far I've found these: >http…[View]
5368897Will African migration end Social Democracy in Europe?: From next's week the Economist : Sub-Sa…[View]
5367436>In November 1908, Dietrich Graf von Hülsen-Haeseler died of a heart attack while on a hunting tr…[View]
5365967Safe Places like orania?: Are there any towns, cities or states in history that had almost little to…[View]
5367361What would happen if the bloods and crisps United were to go back in time to the Battle of Megiddo t…[View]
5368333>65 IQ? That'll do.[View]
5365969Were the natives of the Canary islands the most pathetic natives ever? -Stuck with neolithic technol…[View]
5368537>discourse >constructed >Other >imaginaries >subaltern >hegemonies >Foucault…[View]
5368227What if Napoleon hadn't come to power?: Could France have then won the Franco-Prussian war, by …[View]
5368048>'History has always been the same, nothing changes'[View]
5366652Is this the worst military defeat in the history of humanity?[View]
5368358>leave the Christians to me[View]
5368256>the good new is, that in a hundred years or so we'll have prospering cities where you can d…[View]
5366138What was the main reason that made Italy join the Entente instead of the Central Powers?[View]
5365115Do Jews of a particular sect show any contempt for goys who coverted? I'm intrigued because I j…[View]
5363998Why is it that, for Marxists, National Socialism wasn't socialism? What else does socialism mea…[View]
5366582What is the most ridiculous looking armor that was actually used in battle?[View]
5368166What are some legendary feats by historical figures that sound too good to be true? >[John]Smith …[View]
5368100Kapparot: How badly do Jews behave that they must ritually tribute animals they transfer their sins …[View]
5367584>mfw I realise Odin worshipers are just a Lugus cult[View]
5367904ITT: battles with fantasy names[View]
5364619>be you, a Roman poorfag >walking down the street to the market cause your wife wants more gra…[View]
5367930>When hunting the most dangerous animal, you need a most dangerous ride I'll see you in hell…[View]
5364487When Caesar defenders say that conquering Gaul was logistically and strategically impressive, what e…[View]
5364878Noble anons, post your coats of arms. If you can, explain the history behind it. My family was Scott…[View]
5367855*breaks warfare*[View]
5367738Is le simulation Gnosticism for fedoras?[View]
5367699So, was he raped by Turkroaches or was he just LARPing for kicks?[View]
5367150> Caesar was no relation to Pompey, and had never had any direct connection with him – although h…[View]
5367683Why we Kangz: It's simply to counteract euro-centric nature of western academia. A subjective p…[View]
5366361did any Christian European rulers have Muslims mothers/wives[View]
5367621>mfw i fuck up the persians and create chaos in the middle east after my death that not even the …[View]
5367723Alternate Division of the Roman Empire: Lets assume that the Roman Empire is divided along more of a…[View]
5363409Humiliation: What's your favorite case of humiliation[View]
5367136Why does the KKK have such a bad reputation? My grandad said when he was a kid they just gathered to…[View]
5362797What if Poland and Muscovy united into one superstate during 16th century?[View]
5366688Aesthetic /his/[View]
5367588How do historians do interviews about historical topics without sounding stupid?[View]
5365225Episode 1, The very first sentence - 'Germany 1933, a huge blind excitement fills the streets' Blind…[View]
5366863*blocks your path*[View]
5367291https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitch_Wars Who was right?[View]
5367293Stylites: Why did those guys live on top of columns? Was it for penance or something similar to yoga…[View]
5363192Bell Beaker woman.[View]
5364106>billions of people have been deceived into thinking a jewish we wuz kangz fan fiction is real hi…[View]
5358957ISBA with Ancient DNA thread: For those wondering: https://www.isba8.de/ >The symposium aims at b…[View]
5367207Is it true that Japanese WW2 carriers were a 'worst of both worlds' hybrid of British clos…[View]
5366570What is the reason behind the transformation that happened to the human race that made it extremely …[View]
5364612Why did the WRE decline?[View]
5365590Is the wellfare state incompatible with mass migration ?: Is the collapse of the welfare state in th…[View]
5366960How can one king be such a fucking embarassment?[View]
5367050Was lord Kitchener the hero Britain deserved?[View]
5366428Ameribros can you explain me why he's considered so bad? Because apparently this guy is one of …[View]
5366730>humans exist for hundreds of thousands of years >agriculture developed independently all over…[View]
5366698Can we come to a consensus on who the greatest military leader is? I think we've narrowed it do…[View]
5365609Is Russia immune to liberalism?: Since Speransky's reform attempts, all masonic attempts at lib…[View]
5366572>the Catholic Church literally played an irl game of Where's Waldo for 20 years…[View]
5366958Prestonpans: Hey, Johnnie Cope, are ye wauking yet? Or are your drums a-beating yet? If ye were wa…[View]
5364771Why did Britain give up Hong Kong to China so easily? The lease agreement on most of the territory w…[View]
5365112What if the ussr never abandoned Stalinism?[View]
5364368Did Germany ever stand a chance against the USSR?[View]
5366379>dies >'what did he mean by this?' Seriously though, how the FUCK did this dude avoid the firi…[View]
5365086How important was the USA to the conclusion of WWI? If we hadn't joined, would Germany have eve…[View]
53638731876 Election: >50.9% of the vote >lost the electoral college by 1 vote If there ever was a re…[View]
5364862History of Pakistan: Rig Veda was published in modern day Pakistan. The Mughal Empires, the Durrani …[View]
5364438Can anyone redpill me about the War of Earthnoid Aggression? Was Zeon zum Deikun right? Was Spacenoi…[View]
5363867What did he do wrong?[View]
5366338Was this the most useless weapon of WW2? >Absolutely no tactical use >Worse strategic value …[View]
5365210why does aesthetoc change with technology?[View]
5366276If Anatolian Greeks are just Native Anatolians then why do people call them Greek[View]
5364622The USA should be 100 seperate nations that COMPETE[View]
5366137Jews love this guy, right? We wouldn't have Israel without him.[View]
5359744Why is Caesar's conquest of Gaul seen as more impressive than what Pompey accomplished?[View]
5366179Doesn't the fact that other planets exist kind of rule out the existence of the Abrahamic God? …[View]
5366228were they the only relevant radical centrists?[View]
5360314Favorite history related games? For me, it's pic related. 100% positive reviews on steam. It…[View]
5361811Post the most brilliantly sneaky statemen of History. Starting with the greatest of them all.[View]
5365825>History remembers kings! Not soldiers! Tomorrow we'll batter down the gates of Troy! I…[View]
5365741Why did art decline so much in Late Antiquity?[View]
5364781Why were the Germans so obsessed with making fat super tanks that were clearly too heavy for their o…[View]
5365136>be in siege >have catapults >launch rocks at the wall instead of over it Why were medieval…[View]
5364491'Dual Faith'?: How much of European Christianity is just native tradition with a thin veneer of Cath…[View]
5365948>Roman Empire is overrated: Why does /his/ keep posting this bs?[View]
5358252Can scientific data be 'tainted' by the means in which it was acquired? Though I use Dr. Mengele as…[View]
5366010so, what the fuck was his problem?[View]
5365854Given this board also deals in humanities ... What legal/medical options are there for a couple to g…[View]
5363493Why did the US join so late in WW2?: Why did the US join so late in WW2? It wasn't until pearl …[View]
5365351>>Ancient Romans were manlets. Why are Murimutts so fucking dumb? The idea that ancient Itali…[View]
5365838How come everybody in the 19th century still thought the French were hot shit until 1870? hell they …[View]
5350859Why do people get triggered by Big Government, /his/? They unironically believe that Smaller Governm…[View]
5363980If the Strasserite wing took over Germany post WW1, would it have been less autistic and retarded in…[View]
5365177How did Leninism come to claim unofficial authority as 'THE' correct version of Marxism in communist…[View]
5365189Seeing actual shit: Is anyone here, just like me, pissed off at women and lefties subverting threads…[View]
5357045Out of Africa Hypothesis: Are there any books which already incoperated the new evidence from the Ba…[View]
5357367I find it wholesome that Orthodox Christianity respects ancient greek philosophers, here's some…[View]
5364407Red Pill me on the battle of Crete[View]
5367586Is the left embracing fascism in europe ?: In germany the far left has sided now against the massive…[View]
5365500Mussolini and WW1: Hello /his/, I'm currently reading Mussolini's biography (pic related) …[View]
5357640why did they use such short swords?[View]
5356554Why did anyone even try diplomacy with Hitler instead of wrecking Germany's shit for their blat…[View]
5365556How do proud LatinX people deal with the fact that they are essentially the offspring of rape and th…[View]
5365485Alexander Wank Thread[View]
5364508On this day in 1187, Saladin began his siege of Jerusalem Some consider him to be one of the greates…[View]
5337782/his/ humor: Share some /his/ memes for my new folder[View]
5364157What If Hitler drained the Mediterranean in 1943 would he win the war?[View]
5365519>*stops ur blitzkrieg*[View]
5365279Which Indians have a better history? American Indians or Dravidians?[View]
5365337I have a question to someone with degree in history. I'm just an engineering retard, but histor…[View]
5365534Was Mozart the musical composer part black?: I keep seeing this image.[View]
5360875How can people argue the legitimacy of a scripture when we know for a fact that the translations we …[View]
5362600How come the KGB didn't just arrest him?[View]
5365324Were the Nazis seen like this in the 20's/early 30's?[View]
5365016What were these ancient Indian republics like?[View]
5360437Why the West Rules: Thoughts?[View]
5347452What are /his/'s hot takes about anything in or about history? >doesn't have to have an…[View]
5352502He gave Cleopatra foot massages every time she demanded it.[View]
5362257/his/ TV shows: are there any good historical TV shows you guys can suggest to me ? also have you ev…[View]
5363827>pregnant Anne Frank >an obscure SS officer I don't get it…[View]
5363334Give me a single argument in favour of objective morality that is not based on Metaphysics I'll…[View]
5365382Was Hydaspes more impressive than Gaugamela?[View]
5364329He was wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkvOocOTMNg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olof_Aschberg…[View]
5363021Is it fair to summarize the cold war as just a struggle between two superpowers for global hegemony?[View]
5363548Any other example in history of a people emerging from a 'genocide' stronger than ever?[View]
5365243What type of Syndicalist Britain are you? Top down goes 0-9 and any dubs is the ultra version of tha…[View]
5364808how can one country be so disgusting in every way? i literally get nauseous just thinking about engl…[View]
5348250Which history related channels do you watch?[View]
5364689Rare WW2 equipment: Show your favorite rare WW2 items, Sherman in Soviet/German Service, 'War crime'…[View]
5360658Varg Vikernes: Why Varg doesn't understand anything about history although he is a very smart m…[View]
5362888>the Man who understands the Dao in the morning can die contently in the evening What did He mean…[View]
5364585Viceroyalty of Peru, history of Latin America /VOPHOLM/ Official Thread: SO / HIS / people say that …[View]
5364809*gets rekt by horselords*[View]
5360053Who was Rome's greatest general?[View]
5360677Reminder that the Aztecs were ass lovers[View]
5359325No slave was ever brought to this country under the Confederate flag. That was all done under the re…[View]
5337175Who killed the electric streetcar?[View]
5364922Teach me about the Gupta empire, /his/[View]
5364581Do these parts of milk that coagulate when the milk sours or is treated with enzymes, really come fr…[View]
5363570To what extent was Winston Churchill responsible for the 1943 Bengal famine?[View]
5361592Can we talk about the eastern Mediterranean from the 4th crusade to the fall of these states 250 yea…[View]
5357727Were WW2 battleships a huge waste of resources?[View]
5364666So are the Mughals Pakistanis or Indians?[View]
5364820A posse of cripbloods are teleported to 1916 at the sight of the ongoing siege of Kut. What changes?[View]
5362566>1942 >Hitler signs white peace with the allies and the Soviet union >keeps all the territo…[View]
5364786If there were no fossil fuels, would all-steam warships still come to dominate naval warfare? There…[View]
5363865How do you go from this....[View]
5364499Know of any good non-fiction books about Napoleon's invasion of Russia? Preferably less recent …[View]
5361720Why do Jews still exist? As a kike this still confuses me.[View]
5364500Top 10 Anime Crossovers[View]
5364538Why is Spain obsessed with eating other cultures?[View]
5358375Childhood is thinking Western Civilization peaked in the 1950s. Adulthood is realizing that it peake…[View]
5361066Why was Christianity so sex-phobic? Other earlier pagan and pantheistic religions treated sex as a w…[View]
5363295>be white >be so fucking stupid that you kill people for practicing magic…[View]
5364067Civil War's War Crimes: Are there documented instances of Confederate soldiers raping Union wom…[View]
5363041I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
5364062Cargo cult: Why didn't John Frum returned to his people as he promises ? The village elder said…[View]
5364146>when you realize the bronze age was the height of human history and we have been on a downward s…[View]
5362815name a more iconic duo[View]
5363781what went wrong?[View]
5363439Why was the New Testament written decades after Prophet Jesus (pbuh) lived? Why wasn't it writt…[View]
5364347How did menthol cigarette advertising targeting blacks turn out so insanely successful? >“Menthol…[View]
5364277Are the majority of European Jews the descendants of Roman-Era converts?[View]
5359738The American Civil War was about slavery.[View]
5364178>be a polish toddler walking to daycare >this guy comes at you screaming DIRLEGANGGGGGGGGGG!!…[View]
5363960What if: Hitler time traveled and brought the 1972 Harlem Globetrotters to dunk on the Russians and …[View]
5364109pleb opinions thread: >yo just do a third-strike LMAO[View]
5361967What if WW1 hadn't happened or Russia wasn't a part of it? Would it be able to modernize a…[View]
5363172Aside from Rome and Angers, what are some cities that had an entire empire?[View]
5363527Barbarian conquers: In the eyes of an affected civilian, how does the Spanish conquest of the Americ…[View]
5361642How do Catholics justify this? Waldo literally did nothing wrong and they ran his ass out of town. H…[View]
5363602Historical African Martial Arts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l9jvycpQRg Thoughts?[View]
5362656Celts powerranking: Gauls > Celtberians >= Scots >>> Picts >>>> dogshit …[View]
5363940We ban what-if threads. What changes?[View]
5363221Could it had been something like the US of Europe?: Could we please have a thread to share anything …[View]
5363697why does 'wine-dark' and 'oxen-faced' have the same word in Homeric Greek?[View]
5362980Who was more brutal the Gestapo or the NKVD?[View]
5363540You can't be the GOAT if you're not undefeated[View]
5363145>I'm gonna need 100,000 more men.[View]
5360001Can we get a thread on Islam going?: By that can we get a thread on historical Islamic atrocities? I…[View]
5354798If God wants to create a shitty world full of endless misery, unpunished evil and pointless sufferin…[View]
5363513itt cool historical events we won't ever see in a movie I'll start >Cyrus the Great ca…[View]
5360168Genetic evidence of a medieval Jewish pogrom in Britain: >Here we present genome-wide shotgun and…[View]
5363261Why couldn't anyone stop him?[View]
5362681Safavids: Why are they so obscure? I even learned about Byzantine in school but I never heard about …[View]
5352382How long could Italian Fascism have lasted if Italy remained neutral in World War II?[View]
5363069Portugese Exploration Hate Thread: Bastards always cucked the Dutch who were better sailors but poor…[View]
5345818is this map accurate /his/? there seem to be a lot of groups on it with the root-prefix *Ven, can an…[View]
5363029Name a more retarded ideology, I'll wait.[View]
5360333World War Two defined humanity, and all of politics, culture and philosophy today is a reaction to W…[View]
5362574Could this have led to a long lasting peace?: By easing some of the immediate geographic controversy…[View]
5363458Degree in History: I am currently working towards my bachelor's degree in engineering, and I am…[View]
5360291hypothetical alternate history scenario: Alright so we all know the history on how the Pacific War w…[View]
5362783A Greater American Revolution: For the sake of this scenario, let's assume that all British ter…[View]
5363370>Napoleon's henchmen >Lannes, Ney, Murat, Davout >Hitlet's henchmen >Goebbels,…[View]
5362199Seriously , what is the purpose of those tiny countries in Europe ?: Why San Marino , Vatican , Malt…[View]
5362964Let me take you on a trip Around the Siberia and back And you won't have to move You just sit s…[View]
5360304What would have become of Dirlewanger if WWII never happened?[View]
5363252Why do people assume that medieval ages were less technologically advanced than the roman era? The m…[View]
5363313Fascism is quintessentialy MED and BASED[View]
5363270Any recommended books on the Young Turks? >in b4 people start posting about Cenk Uygur…[View]
5362799Safavid Conversion of Iran to Twelver Shi'ism: Why did Shah Ismail convert Iran to Twelverism? …[View]
5362874quick, come here and claim your historic waifu![View]
5363242>there was a country here for 800 years um, excuse me???[View]
5361176Is porn the oldest form of 'art' in history? That is 'art' as something being made purely for aesthe…[View]
5362864In what period(s) of time did Yamnaya DNA slip into the Southern European gene pools?[View]
5359809How come Iran, Khorosan and Transoxiania underwent Islamisation but not Arabisation, adopting Islam …[View]
5360695If you were a female slave - say, in the Greek or Roman eras - would you rather have to work outside…[View]
5362018>thesis: communism >antithesis: fascism >synthesis: nazbol let's discuss…[View]
5360765You wake up as the kaiser on January 1 1900. What actions do you take to ensure German dominance of …[View]
5361234who was in the wrong here[View]
5360149The Grand Mufta of Jerusalem: What was his fucking problem /his/?[View]
5362392Why does Agamemnon lead the armies of Greeks against Troy, in the Iliad exactly? It seems like there…[View]
5352804ITT military embarrassments[View]
5358560Is it true that during the Napoleonic Wars civilians would watch the battles from surrounding height…[View]
5362717>Translating leaders as 'kings' 'emperors' particularly in non European cultures. Am I the only o…[View]
5359867Religion is the manifestation of the discontinuous mind. >prove me wrong Pic unrelated…[View]
5361015Why are christers not in favor of forming societies around the OT law? Now I get that J scrapped the…[View]
5362691Would the world be a utopia if Russia ceased to exist?: Literally worse than Jews.[View]
5360354Let's talk about Ashura: Fellow Muslims or interested non-muslims . What's your view of as…[View]
5356318Why atheists and others think that ancient religions are better than Abrahamic religions ?: so basic…[View]
5360819Caesar's Invasion of Parthia: Could he have done it? Why did Crassus and Antony fail, and could…[View]
5356440Are there any historical sources where males were raped by enemy soldiers? There's countless ex…[View]
5358721With as many concessions as was made to the Soviets feels as if world war ii was almost entirely poi…[View]
5362369Why is Hinduism so much greater than European polytheism?: And i'm gonna go so far as to say th…[View]
5331912Did Chinese leaders really have a complete disregard for human life compared to Europeans or is the …[View]
5355251Redpill me on the Brazilian Empire.[View]
5362141As a humanities board can you guys justify this in any way? https://youtu.be/q-RnIM2FAHA[View]
5361151Who lived in the Eastern Coast of the Baltic Sea before the arrival of Balts? Was it Finns? Are Finn…[View]
5360010So wait, 'hol up. I just learned that the OSS backed Ho Chi Minh to fight off the Nips during W…[View]
5362347Notable rich people: What are some notable rich people thought history? How did they become rich?…[View]
5360946Gender theory destroyed by these 3 simple facts: 1)Gender roles are present in our genetic cousins, …[View]
5359596>That co-viking who never spoke to anyone but raped a dead saxon after a raid[View]
5360440Serious question. Who is the true heir of the Mughal Empire? India or Pakistan?[View]
5362308Who was the last of the Romans?: pic very related[View]
5357659Who's your favorite Prophet of Protestantism?: Lazyboi Luther. Sin - sloth Theology: >stop …[View]
5361970I believe in the same form of Christianity that the Crusaders and Inquisition believed in. What kind…[View]
5358143For all the people here who studied social sciences, or who have just been on campus since the cultu…[View]
5355106Why didn't people know how to draw, in the past?[View]
5352732Calvinism is the only sect of Christianity that makes any sort of sense[View]
5361221Reminder that this was the natural state of healthy and hyper intelligent humans from the 19th and e…[View]
5361628Today it is obvious to any sober-minded person that the German Reich has lost the war. All governmen…[View]

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