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18339516For the guy that requested more[View]
18339500Strip That Down For Me: Hey /o/ I need some help. I have a choice of either stripping or fixing a 20…[View]
18333233What's going to be the next meme car after the aw11? when I first came here it was the E30, the…[View]
18334489So where we at on this?[View]
18334694so why do you guys not like kia? The optima is pretty good[View]
18339145Where does /o/ buy rims?: The old man surprised me by getting me some 17” Mickey Thompsons behind my…[View]
18338512How do Fl/o/ridians cope with not snow? We wanna have fun too.[View]
18335274>tfw can't drive my car without thinking about how many miles I'm putting on it…[View]
18336990stereotype thread: let out your hate for a group of drivers ITT[View]
18339348So I'm looking to buy a Golf GTI or R for around ~20k. Should I get a 2013 R or a 2016 GTI SE?[View]
18336885Modern Transmissions: I ran into a situation that I had never experienced. I have an 2005 Santa Fe t…[View]
18336045How ecological is your car?[View]
18335804Remind me on how this isnt the greatest vehicle ever produced[View]
18339258The Words of Mazdamundi: By a Miata in tribute to Sotek![View]
18331020How do we fix Formula One?[View]
18333888[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: [Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/] ISIS edition: >Motorcycle Questions …[View]
18332883What's /o/'s opinion on the upcoming VW up! GTI? 115 bhp, sub 1000kg, 1.0 litre turbocharg…[View]
18336296How did it get so bad?: Pic related, Mercedes C Class >1996 >Clean, pleasing aethetics >Teu…[View]
18333798Opinion on the Lamborghini Gallardo?[View]
18337171Post your car in a factory-new state[View]
18335714hey guys, I don't really know shit about cars. I finished my studies and found a job. I don…[View]
18335393ITT: Things that literally only you do: >put my arms inside steering wheel >pretend I'm S…[View]
18338869Interior Accessories Thread: Interior thread What can you put in your interior to make it maximum co…[View]
18338445Craigslist autism: When you fail so hard at parenting that you buy a car for your child, he refuses …[View]
18338040>Rsx >Nice tightly geared two litre engine >Satisfying shifts >Great Interior >Good l…[View]
18333340When will rubber balls replace wheels?[View]
18335736Hon hon hon, merry xmas thread.: Post your rides in the snow leading up to xmas in 2 weeks. Let…[View]
18338424Crossover: The vehicle of shills.[View]
18336432What's the best first car to get if you are into cars but poor? A car that is somewhat interest…[View]
18335154/brit/ Thread >Currently 5” of snow where I live >Took gf to work and every BMW I saw was ei…[View]
18337912>SUVs can't ra-[View]
18337664bros I want one so bad bros ;~;[View]
18338001How bad is it to let the car idle to melt off the snow? I just let it idle for 15 minutes and lock t…[View]
18331834I saved up 35k Euro to invest in a weekend car. I'm mainly interested in Japanese cars because …[View]
18338220Someone give me a quick rundown of the Toyota AE family. Thanks in advance[View]
18337561Stance is what rice was in the 2000's, and VW's are what Hondas were in the 2000's as…[View]
18338211ITS WINTER TIME BOYS ya know what that means. us FWD guys get to feel the drift by sliding on ice, a…[View]
18334466So what exactly is so good about this car? The suspension is generic. The chassis is generic. The in…[View]
18337919How it should have went: Episode 1 >Projyectoo Dee is running out of money, has to stay at Gunm…[View]
18336364hatchback: what are good hatchbacks? i was thinken originally of getting vw golf tdi but then i read…[View]
18334553What is the most patrician motor sport?[View]
18337929Have any of you bought a car from copart or other auction to rebuild to either drive and or sell? Wh…[View]
18335593/LG/ - Lada General: /LG/ - Lada General Previous thread: >>18293203 Welcome: Cars from ex-Sov…[View]
18335926ITT: post cars you regret having sold and explain why[View]
18331907>first snow of mid atlantic >put my winter tires on two weeks ago >everyone else too scared…[View]
18337644What is the most snow you've ever driven through?[View]
18336860>tfw like cars even though I'll never be able to drive or afford one Man.…[View]
18336650Craigslist finds and opinions.: https://westernmass.craigslist.org/cto/d/1991-mazda-miata/6397975285…[View]
18337224Are there any altchans that support a car board? All the ones I go on leave it out[View]
18333615the kube: Tell me about the cube. Why does it wear the glass?[View]
18335566What are the best slow-car-fast cars, with wind up windows, pop up headlights and rwd. And why is i…[View]
18326376>Don't ever use credit cards because they are a huge scam >tfw want to buy new car but do…[View]
18332091> that first drift of the year[View]
18332696Im considering buying a car but all the models of cars im looking for are out of my budget (see Toyo…[View]
18336952Craigslist Thread: You get what you pay for edition. https://sarasota.craigslist.org/cto/d/1987-hond…[View]
18335744R/T vs 370z: 2010 Challenger R/T Or 2010 Nissan 370Z NISMO Leaning more towards the nismo cause it’…[View]
18335655Why are cars so boring nowadays?[View]
18336700Does this shit look right? I have no idea what this is but it looks cracked as shit and it looks lik…[View]
18336581This is the worst thread in the world.: This thread contains the worst, wrongest and most stupid sta…[View]
18332071Best first car for around 20000€? What I had in mind: -Toyota GT86 -Nisan 350z -Porsche Cayman (not …[View]
18332499Disappointing: Thoughts? Full reveal tonight.[View]
18335813>he will die in your lifetime[View]
18336748Look at the satisfaction upon this man's face as he drives the 2005 NSX[View]
18336875Stanced eurofaggotry. Name something worse.[View]
18336399Thoughts on Cobalt ss?: What's /o/'s thoughts on the Cobalt ss? Not the SC one but the …[View]
18325958Why are modern cars such boring colours?: It seems 9/10 cars are either white, grey or black, why ar…[View]
18336371So would i be correct in asserting that the acceleration for some motorbikes for example is limited …[View]
18333355>make a really damn nice engine >ruin it by only mounting it transversally and putting it into…[View]
18336299My sound stupid but why is water dripping off my muffler like this? Is it condensation. I've ne…[View]
18332317Hey /o/ this is my first time buying snow tires for a new car. Holy hell I didn't realize they …[View]
18330485Hey /o/ I want to buy a car for about 1200 euros (Eastern Europe btw). Mostly city driving, but I…[View]
18333338Value of 21' x 11.5 rims?: I just bought a house with a set of four bmw x5 rims in the garage. What…[View]
18328315Cute Cars, /kkk/ Thread: /o/ makes an anime thread 2.5 (not letting this die that easily) What start…[View]
18335881Need help since I'm an indecisive fuck. I have a car for a daily driver, and I need to decide o…[View]
18334946Thoughts on Skoda?[View]
18335883is this the american miata/mx5/mr2? Should some dumb ausfag get this? Not me im just asking because …[View]
18335116What do you guys think of Honda ACCORD?: What do you guys think of Honda ACCORD? 2~2.4L around early…[View]
18336058Why are the Evoque and the Velar so much cheaper than the classic and autobiography Range rovers whe…[View]
18334223Its snowing Are you doing mad skids?[View]
18334818/ovg/ - weeb machine edition: Previous Thread - >>18332867 Our Wiki will answer every question…[View]
18331170Post first winter beater cozies of season...: Garages my pristine LS430 for the season. Threw a set …[View]
18334208Driving feels thread. >what car >what kind of road >what music No stats. No bench racing. O…[View]
18300380What does /o/ think of beamng.drive?[View]
18335363FWD to RWD vs manual conversion: So I have a front wheel 5 speed manual tiburon and a am thinking of…[View]
18335693What compels a man to do this?[View]
18334618Why do tariffs still exist in 2017?: I want Corvette Stingray but it's expensive for me. It cos…[View]
18326801What's the BEST and the WORST brand(s) according to you and why?[View]
18331395>This kraut comes up and slaps ur car on it's ass What do?[View]
18334852help find me a car m80s: Okay guys. Out of all the >10k cars made in or after 1998 that are NOT f…[View]
183339781st time Car Buyer here. So I am getting a Cherokee Latitude in a few days but my main concern is, h…[View]
18334440/MudRunner/: What does /O/ think of mudrunner? A game that can scratch the offroad itch while tootin…[View]
18333931Truck simulator: Hey guys, I'm going to drive a moving truck with a car trailer soon, but I hav…[View]
18332734Is German quality a meme?[View]
18330439Cringe thread: Saw a 'Dont touch what you can't afford' sticker on a base model CLA today.…[View]
18332165itt: post a car you think can do almost everything job under the sun[View]
18326211V6, V8, V12. What do we actually need and which one is overrated?[View]
18335410Are they any good. And what the best ones for my shitbox corolla 2006[View]
18332321How much fresh can you handle?[View]
18335312Why does E85 smell so good? Also what octane do you fill up your car with, /o/? You don't cheap…[View]
18299164ITT COMFY PICS: Post you are car! It's been a while since I've seen a comfy bread :)…[View]
18331577So insurance just totaled my car after i hit a deer last week. I'm getting roughly 7 thousand b…[View]
18329752e46 m3 smg vert: is an smg convertible the cheapest way to get a well cared for e46 m3? they're…[View]
18330266>driving home from work >BMW i8 with license plate 'NOWUCME' pulls up next to me in left lane …[View]
18335343/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Couldn't see one. So I replaced the timing belt and water pump…[View]
18319479How many miles on /o/'s primary vehicle?[View]
18321498What does /o/ think about Hino Motors?[View]
18331901Why did this fail so hard? I don't think I've ever seen one on the road and I live in a ci…[View]
18331619i need a car: my old honder just died i think it's the tranny should i go to a dealer and get a…[View]
18305435Where I live (in America) car-jackings are way up and getting way more sophisticated. What is the ca…[View]
183348283000GT VR4: alright /o/, lets talk about the 3KGT VR4 looking at picking one up and i have 2 main qu…[View]
18332037>Checked my oil level >Quite low >Didn't put any oil in this v8 >Changing oil next …[View]
18333665road salt: how do you deal with it /o/?[View]
18334685What car would you buy your waifu as a gift?[View]
18334891Heavily Modified Interiors: Post your modified interiors/dream mods. How far could you legal go in y…[View]
18323396/ccg/ - Classic Car General: Can't be bothered to copy/paste on mobile at work edition. >20 …[View]
18334573Alright /o/ I need advice. I've found a 2003 Lexus IS300 Sport Design a few hours driving dista…[View]
18334940Acura Legend: Does /o/ like Legend coupes? Always loved these cars and I’ve noticed they’re rising i…[View]
18334967I have a 2004 WRX which is stock but now I am looking to get a catback exhaust. from my understandin…[View]
18332279Pray tell, y'all ride bikes? What are you riding on? What upgrades you guys got/are getting Her…[View]
18333398i need a new daily driver: I’m looking for a cheap daily driver and i just cant decide. Golf 2 vs Go…[View]
18330213Why do people like this track? It has one corner and the rest is just flat out, most boring track I…[View]
18318119ITT: /o/ markets a car to african americans: I'll start. The soundcloud edition comes standard …[View]
1833162911 Subaru WRX Clutch and flywheel replacement guide.: So I recently bought a 11 wrx and over 30,000 …[View]
18332034/o/'s opinion on loud bass in traffic: What say ye? Pic kinda related.[View]
18334076Can you help me get this into my 91 Civic DX?[View]
18333768Geely Chinese automaker owns Volvo, now lotus and Terrafugia. If you can't beat em... Buy em. W…[View]
18329043Should I get a Tundra or an F150? I know the Tundra is more reliable but the F150 can haul more and …[View]
18333980What is the /o/ consensus on the Nissan Versa S? AKA the cheapest car you can buy in the United Stat…[View]
18333440I fixed it[View]
18331815Red Car General: Just bought some of these shits /o/ Red car absolutely BTFO the blue car in my scal…[View]
18328801Should I do it /o/?[View]
18332416Is this repairable? 2003 Ford Taurus[View]
18333057Talk me out of it.: http://www.mccaddoncadillac.com/VehicleDetails/new-2016-Cadillac-ATS_V_Sedan-ATS…[View]
18333666>>18333411 80s Dodge Daytona? >Turbo versions made 146hp (first year, 1984 non intercooled)…[View]
18331437This just happened: This is my first car guys... I’ve had it for a month and I just screwed up comin…[View]
18331578Are subwoofers counterculture?[View]
18331310[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: Check out my bush plate, bro edition. >Motorcycle Questions & An…[View]
18333758any else care about their care more than other people? I would honestly be wayyy more upset if someo…[View]
18329849my saturn ion an beat any of your faggot cars in a race. saturn engineering is simply superior[View]
18332579Bad habit of putting car into neutral when coming to complete stop cost me my front end I do this at…[View]
18330851>hatchback is more practical This is often repeated among the automotive crowd, especially by car…[View]
18328913Why do almost all hybrids use a retarded parallel/series parallel powertrain, when the series layout…[View]
18326778Muh anti-theft device!: Dealer slaves of /o/. Can anyone please explain to me this scam youre pullin…[View]
18333551Someone asked for an NSX V10, so I tried to make it with a longer wheelbase to see what it would loo…[View]
18328386jack of all trades, master of none: What would be the /o/'s definition of vanilla car? For me, …[View]
18330579Fuck you Nissan.: Fuck those nipps, and fuck the frogs at Renault. They've run the fucking Dats…[View]
18332591Car and Driver 2018 10 Best - Not a Single Kia, Hyundai or Genesis in the Bunch: Will Kiashill *now*…[View]
18333283I'm looking into getting a Toyota Hilux or Mazda bt50 but have never owned a truck or anything …[View]
18333363Senna deserves better: Disappointed with the design of the new McLaren Senna p15, so I redesigned it…[View]
18328927OFFICIAL FRIDAY NIGHT THREAD: Why are you sat at home alone on a friday night? Why aren't you o…[View]
18332401NEW MCLAREN: News just got in: New Mclaren's name is Mclaren Senna Garbage name imo[View]
18331307Are newer Civics still as reliable as the memes? I drive a 2012 Hyundai Accent and was looking to ge…[View]
18328310Does anyone else get unreasonably attached their cars? I have to trade in my ‘11 Taco next week. Ex…[View]
18332907How is a Jaguar F Type for a first car? (For a beginner)[View]
18333155Is this the Starting Strength of /o/? Will this teach me everything I need to begin my journey as a …[View]
18332599tfw you get an answer from THE MAN himself[View]
18332574hi fagg/o/ts. how do i take better pictures of my car? & what are some apps for good filters, ef…[View]
18331250Alpine: Is this car on the market or not?[View]
18304910What oil and filter is in your car RIGHT NOW? FL400 Castrol Edge 5w30 HM FS[View]
18332815How do I get this shit off my windows? The windshield wiper fluid barely does anything, and I'v…[View]
18332289post good cars. not hondas and mazdas, post actually nice cars.[View]
18327372How can American cars even compete[View]
18328932Hey /o/, any ideas on what to add to this? Tried to doodle up a track but I want to add some /o/ app…[View]
18331652Can anyone help me find something like the honda fit? >revs high >Fuel efficient >Small si…[View]
18322957/ovg/ - Conflict of Interest Edition: Previous Thread >>18313892 Our Wiki will answer every qu…[View]
18331265Calling all First Gen Honda CRV Owners!: I want to know how has the car been in your ownership. Wha…[View]
18329113whatever happened to Saab?[View]
18329926besides fast and furious and initial d what are some /o/ approved /o/ media?[View]
18331083>tevzadze died >*reincarnates as v10 swap bimmer* fuggen georgians man…[View]
18327389Mr. Regular is selling his MR2: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1988-toyota-mr2-2/ https://m.youtu…[View]
18332319is this car worth the price? https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId…[View]
18328881Need some advice! I'm looking to buy a reliable and fast Japanese 4 seater for $6k or less. I…[View]
18328392Do you drive with your shoes off?[View]
18293203/LG/ - Lada General Previous thread: >>18263382 → Welcome: Cars from ex-Soviet Union, Yugoslav…[View]
18328454What are you getting for your car this Christmas, anon? You're not neglecting your car, are you…[View]
18331877Is not about your car. It's about the adventures you live with it. It's about you.[View]
18331146Post good eurobeats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KWl5_Q4K6w[View]
18328861Has /o/ ever driven in a foreign country? bonus points if >it was your first time in that country…[View]
18331639Mercedes-benz is offering 5000€ of discount on their new cars if I cash-in a diesel between Euro1 an…[View]
18330511Rimac Concept One: This Car is Proof that Electric cars can be fucking amazing and not some boring u…[View]
18331176Am I too tall for a Mazda MX5 RF? I’m 6,2 feet tall (188cm) If so, any other recommendations of simi…[View]
1831834215k Budget: University fag, don't know what to buy. Have a budget of around 15k and need some s…[View]
18318483Why is BMW so scared?: Alright /o/, why are BMW fanboys so enraged by a Kia? Do they see the end of …[View]
18311494Twing/o/ Tuesday: No Twingo threads on the holiest of days, unacceptable.[View]
18331721Advice: Guys I need some help My dad has a 2015 GMC Sierra slt with around 50k miles, so much has go…[View]
18320591v i b e / m a t r i x: Anyone here have a Pontiac vibe / Toyota matrix? Do you like it?[View]
18331213Hauled some heavy shit recently and my pussy ass truck has been throwing this code at me off and on …[View]
18330860>try to do my brakes today >Discover the stands have a minimum height only just below the maxi…[View]
18313803How much can your car rev up to?[View]
18330601I just semi-blindly purchased a 1999 1.9L Audi A3 What can you tell me about it Did I dun goofd?[View]
18331656Give me a quick rundown on a 3-4 year old Venza with 30-50k miles. Is it a good car or poo?[View]
18329304best toyota ever made[View]
18331234tire performance question 4 u: if friction isnt dependent on surface area, why do performance tyres …[View]
18331585Feel good favs: ITT cars that are only good cause of feels from driving. Pic somewhat related[View]
18312609Which Sedan is Best Sedan?: Alright /o/, I’m about to get a new car and want a new luxury sports sed…[View]
18327713Sup m8's, I just got an Opel Vectra 2.0 DTI and for now its running pretty well. What are your …[View]
18324233Whose giving it one more season? Get comfy /o/ S2E1 dropped today.[View]
18319833Youtubers: What youtubers do you guys watch? I watch Matt Maran Motoring aka subaruwrxfan Doug DeMur…[View]
18326460Is Scirocco any better than the Golf?[View]
18326605Fast car for a beginner?: I'm about to get my license (Europe) and I have 100k$ max to spend on…[View]
18331070>my car is my gf mfw[View]
18328178[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: Mama mia, guardate qui ma che bella machina edition >Motorcycle Ques…[View]
18330867Where do you charge your car?: also electric car general Do you own an electric or hybrid? Do you kn…[View]
18328530>Eco >Comfort >Sport >Sport+…[View]
18329206W201/W210 Thread: Currently have a W202 (C230K), but thinking of replacing it with a 190e, or maybe …[View]
18329969does /o/ know about the AU Falcon?[View]
18330672i have a weird urge to let off the gas pedal when my automatic transmission shifts. is it better for…[View]
18330641do you do your own tuneups?[View]
18330190Planning to get this diesel sedan for the fuel economy /o/. However someone told me that if you get …[View]
18327807I'm replacing the seats in my car with milk crates to save weight[View]
18312940ITT: Cars everyone hates but you: Pic fucking related[View]
18327406This is a really dangerous idea but is it physically feasible? >Design 200kg cylindrical lithium …[View]
18325977Other than having the factory/dealer swap the gauge cluster to MPH is there any reason I can't …[View]
18326830Why are base model mid-size sedans so damn comfy to own?[View]
18330379Why do people seem annoyed that I work in retail (yes I'm a loser in life) yet I drive a Toyota…[View]
18330558Dealership type shit: If you had to work at a car dealership, which one would it be? Also general de…[View]
18328800On one hand we have the Holden Commodore A celebrated staple of Australian culture On the other we h…[View]
18330557I've never seen the Toyota Rukus discussed here and I rarely see them on the road. they're…[View]
18328275Subaru Thread: Subaru Thread. >Winter is here for most of us edition Post different Subarus and a…[View]
18329495economical performance diesel: Is there any way to get more performance out of a 2002 1.9 Diesel Vol…[View]
18324478Initial D thread: Initial D thread[View]
18317881What is the deal with Miatas?[View]
18327686Why are women such shit drivers >omw to school and have to take freeway >on ramp has 2 lanes t…[View]
18329469I know nothing about cars but I’ve been watching MCM and it seems like a fun hobby. Do utes make goo…[View]
18327155Car saving for 20-30 year old: What's a good car that will save me money but is also fun for a …[View]
18326751Learning to be an automechanic: Hey /o/ I'm about to drop out of college Can someone recommend …[View]
18329940my're wanted car[View]
18325168>got my tires changed in March >4x Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 215 45 R17 >let mom b…[View]
18323570Where do you lie on the Autozam Spectrum?[View]
18326282Looks like brian finally got that 10 second car... In heaven https://youtu.be/7nDXjKz_NzM also someo…[View]
18323097Tfw it's 25 degrees outside and I have to replace my cars starter. How do I do it lads? It…[View]
18329577Basic car advice: Lookin for some more experienced words of wisdom here. Car I used to own started f…[View]
18324745>Worry about getting winter tires, but then I remember it doesn't snow anymore.…[View]
18329806>Drive over a plastic bag on the road >Check rear view mirror to make sure it didn’t get stuc…[View]
18327808Why don't you own your tactical track bathtub yet /o/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR2ndjTX…[View]
18329751>First snow of the season is happening overnight >Just sold my Miata last week and only have a…[View]
18329140Hey all, I've been having problems for years joining make/model specific forums - example, a fe…[View]
18326015Blue cars with white rims? Pure porn in my opinion[View]
18328646What's the most Horsepower you can add to a car without adding turbo or super? What's the …[View]
18324213Is the opel insignia actually a good car and it is just getting a bad wrap for being called a commod…[View]
18325570Track thread. Do any of you guys do HPDE, TT, or amature racing? What are your goals for this year?[View]
18323985underglow: Hey my dudes, what are your opinons on underglow? Im looking at some wheel lights and a c…[View]
18324065Would you rather have a collection of cars or just a couple, or one all-purpose?[View]
18325909tfw no gf to skrrt the lambo with...[View]
18328983tbqh I'll never forgive porsche for what they did to Paul Walker[View]
18328256How to fix a squeaky steering component? Everytime i crank the wheel it fucking squeeks today i grea…[View]
18323073Why havnt you made an order for the ultimate driving machine yet?[View]
18296902Does your car turn any heads?[View]
18327299This is a nice looking car.[View]
18326837Went down to hoon at the Grand Tour premier in NYC. Met up with my buddy and his tommi makinen evo 6…[View]
18328129What ever happened to the VIN check threads?[View]
18323741Has /o/ ever settled the debate between Mazda 3 and Honda Civic?[View]
18326149What's your excuse for driving a shit car?[View]
18321900What do you think of the 2017 Accord coupe? Looking to buy a V6 (285hp) with a 6 speed manual like t…[View]
18326595E30 or Mr2 sw20: As the title says. I like em both and they both handle well, but I am assuming the …[View]
18326625So, where is it?[View]
18320513Shitbox thread? >car randomly idles at like 1500 rpm for no reason >intermittent >run ICV t…[View]
18322032Is there any reason to buy ///M or ///AMG?[View]
18323035You are making a car company: What's your plan and strategy? Supercar Class >BMW N74 V12 eng…[View]
18327213When will American cars be American again, and not copies of tiny plastic chink-mobiles?[View]
18327078Fake car thread: >checking for an affordable AE86 >5th gen Corolla GT for 3990 € >find this…[View]
18313237The new Alpine A110: >1.8 turbocharged four cylinder engine >249bhp, 236lb ft of torque >Fu…[View]
18328051Who else /snokart/ here? I took her out on the icey roads today. I can rip hektik skiddz all day lon…[View]
18327607Best getaway car. Post your ideal getaway car.[View]
18327973What's on /o/'s automotive bucket list? Go 300kph? Building your dream car? Doing a lap on…[View]
18316105>Women have the right of way >I won't let you merge in front of my fatass SUV but I'…[View]
18327434Reliability: What’s your definition of reliability, /o/? To me, as long as the essential systems fun…[View]
18326864What up /o/. Been driving my local touge in the snow today, in my van. In the snow and shitty condit…[View]
18327606I don't know shit about cars but I want to learn. Just picked up this mechanic sim, is it prett…[View]
18327975What's the point of electric cars/hybrids if you can just biodiesel?: Biodiesel is the cleanest…[View]
18327375Time for another BMW M3 already?: Here is a roundup of the early info / rumors: >may make debut a…[View]
18328247i've got the right pair of struts for my 2001 chevy impala but the top part of them are bent in…[View]
18314570This is what happens when you keep calling it 'emergency brake': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk3…[View]
18323692245/30R20: What the fuck is this? Is there even any air inside or is it just a rubber band?[View]
18321555Jdm: Post your favorite Japanese classics.[View]
18326841Redpill me on the 1995-2001 Ford Explorer Sport. I found a million of them cheap.[View]
18328099Lynk & Co: Anyone else hella excited for Chinese cars to come to North America? Shit's gonn…[View]
18324321>this kills the Europoor[View]
18325292Honestly how hard is it to become an auto tech? Do you need an aptitude for it or can it be learned …[View]
18325825[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: Only liter bikes allowed edition. >Motorcycle Question…[View]
18325834Anyone else think the last gen Ford Escape was actually a pretty nice looking little cross-over? In …[View]
18320031I have to respect YOU because you're 'more vulnerable and a smaller object' when you're th…[View]
18315844Comfy Gaming: Are there any racing games out there that are especially comforting and laid back to p…[View]
18326484OK, dumbass! > Your dad told you not to buy it. > Your friend who knows a lot about cars and…[View]
18327001It's the snowpocalypse in the southeast![View]
18322616Been looking at the Cadillac ATS (the 2.0L Turbo package), 14' - 15', they are rather dirt…[View]
18324550This is what the new lamborghini looks like. That sound you hear is Ferruccio Lamborghini rolling in…[View]
18323107this car is a slow, unreliable, overpriced piece of shit prove me wrong[View]
18325738First impressions on the Saleen s7?[View]
18325587>there are people who can't drive an automatic with two feet If you can't keep one foot…[View]
18326713>A110 revealed >Saleen S7 revealed >New supra coming >Mid engine corvette probably comin…[View]
18325920Worked at a car mechanics place not to long ago and i saw him use a program where he can pull the bl…[View]
18321908Mercedes vs Audi: So I posted the other day about Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes. I am looking at the Audi …[View]
18316148Let's settle this. Which car is for the alpha male between Ford mustang, Dodge Challenger, Chev…[View]
18313117How do i convince my wife that Tesla is a bad choice? I've been saving for a great car even bef…[View]
18326432>taking a parcel to the post office one town over >see that sweet little yellow MG F with blac…[View]
18307711Truckerfag Thread - /TFG/: >You Get A Doxxing! And You Get A Doxxing! And You Get A Doxxing! Ever…[View]
18326757GROUP B THREAD: Ladies and gentleman, I want to make a 3-4 minute Group B tribute video. I need vide…[View]
18322588is ev hype a bubble or is it real? over a hundred ev's will come out in the next 5 years what …[View]
18322283Long story short >wheel lugs tightened to 60ft lbs >supposed to be 89 >been driving for 200…[View]
18326203Why don't road cars use ground effect? You can generate as much downforce as you like with mini…[View]
18324921Does working in a shop kill the passion? What about a hole in the wall place? I just kinda got offer…[View]
18322592Why don’t they just put a generator in one of the wheels instead of a motor? Battery issue fixed.[View]
18322952Saved up money for months to purchase car, slipped on black ice coming into the drive way and hit th…[View]
18320190is there any use for these in modern, automatic cars? I'm not sure I've ever seen someone …[View]
18321842What is the best vehicle from the Fast and Furious series?[View]
183185471971 Toyota crown: Always dreamed of building a v8 muscle car, but never could afford it. Today, I c…[View]
18326167Car Owner Anxiety: Does anyone else have the nagging anxiety that your car will break down at any ti…[View]
18314140ITT cars that make women moist.[View]
18322304Goal Car rate thread: Post your dream cars. Rate others [spoiler]no bullying pls[/spoiler][View]
18323762Is a used Evora S the best deal going in supercars currently? Does it have unique features and quir…[View]
18316948Utes: How do Americans feel knowing they'll never have this[View]
18322309SAAB vs Volvo: Hey, /o/, I'm an 18 year old student in Sweden, as you can guess, I'm not v…[View]
18319304How do we fix Honda so they can compete with Toyota and dare say, Nissan?[View]
18324075What are your thoughts on the F-Type? Isn't it a well proportioned piece of art?[View]
18319773VW Exec jailed over Dieselgate: Does he deserve it /o/? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42256870…[View]
18324882/o/ what is your view of Mini Coopers? I have always wanted to get one (like the small size and Coop…[View]
18324778Thoughts on the Jaguar XJR: I'm thinking mainly of the pre-2009 version. I personally like the …[View]
18313695Ask someone who just bought his wife a new fully loaded q7 for christmas anything.[View]
18321912What's more fun? RWD/4WD sedan/wagon or FWD hot hatchback?[View]
18321596What are some essential items that need to be inside the boot of every car?[View]
18322989[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: Old Kawi's are asthetic af edition. >Motorcycle Questions &…[View]
18317710You are given the chance to freely pick a car which you'll drive for the rest of your life. Wh…[View]
18325111LA auto show: Any of you socal /o/tists go to the LA auto show?[View]
18322387/o/ so I want to get a motorcycle because I have a 10 mile commute and would rather not spend hours …[View]
18324978Best car for a couple month long road trip? Preferably large enough to sleep in too.[View]
18316865What did he mean by this?[View]
18316191Was told to make my own thread regarding craigslist finds. These aren't just any finds I guess …[View]
18323541Drag Week 2018 Announced: So the locations, dates and rules have been announced for Drag Week 2018: …[View]
18322683Would the 3000gt/stealth have been more commonly recognized as a '''90's Japanese supercar''' i…[View]
18322051I just bought a new car /o/. It hasn't moved for three years, I don't have keys and I have…[View]
18323860new supercar: what are your thoughts on this: https://youtu.be/UmSc-sHUIS0?t=61[View]
18324627Any Heavy Vehicle/Diesel Mechanics on here? Tell me about the job, love it? Hate it? What do you wor…[View]
18323713are there any christmas themed eurobeat songs?[View]
18319779Miss my POS junk heap: Sup /o/, so long story short my first car was a rusted out and falling apart …[View]
18323581is there anything worse than autotragicucks in SUVs who sit in traffic in the dark with their bright…[View]
18320734Need Advice.: What do you think about the 2017 Buick Regal? Honest opinions appreciated :)[View]
18317064what cars do numales drive?[View]
18300711QTDDTOT : Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads: A place to ask all your short automot…[View]
18322904Emissions, Registration, and Insurance Jewry: Does anybody here register their car at teh DMV under …[View]
18324651Help?: Hey /o/, I could use some more expert advise from a fellow BMW nerd. My father is in the mark…[View]
18323308Quick question guys, Found a Disco 2 near me. Just had the water pump chamged(leaking externally). …[View]
18313792Wait. When you press the brake pedal, there's no braking applied to the rear wheels?[View]
18316895>Your car >Its supposed combined fuel economy (http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/index.shtml) …[View]
18323360Does bmw sell good cars???[View]
18316998Open letter to automotive manufacturers:: https://www.reddit.com/r/cars/comments/7hwpit/open_letter_…[View]
18314930What's the best gauge color, /o/?[View]
18322791RIP Press F to pay respects: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/socal-enthusiast-loses-belo…[View]
18318967I'm thinking of buying an older i8 coupe or leasing a new roadster I am gonna wait for the laun…[View]
18323793What's a non american sportscar that's bottomed out in collector value that will hold its …[View]
18323063I can slip in the wires normally but it's not secure but it does work. Do I need to solder a co…[View]
18308638Subaru Thread: Subaru Thread. >Squeaky early 2000's Impreza interior edition Post different …[View]

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