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19613366Are these things good? And are they only available in the UK?[View]
19614183>180hp V6 in the 60s >good fuel economy for the time >air cooled Why did we fall for the li…[View]
19613570Moving Abroad: I'm moving to the UK (Northern England) next year. Can anyone redpill me on car …[View]
19613658>tfw just bought a new fiesta with cash Feels good being rich[View]
19615692Where would one be able to find aftermarket air intake for a 90 ford ranger 4.0 that has all the inp…[View]
19612054Out of the following which would be the best car to own for a first car? Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon (Before…[View]
19601973Wedge Love: Give your best wedge cars and why you love them[View]
19615566I have terrible social anxiety so I don't drive. I also have £1200 which I was gonna spend on a…[View]
19615363Night Driving Spots: Where do you guys hang out when night driving? Me and my friends usually stop a…[View]
19614857Japanese cars: Any good Japanese cars to drive and listen to city pop?[View]
19613224Going to start doing my first track days on my 1299 Panigale, girlfriend and sister are scared shitt…[View]
19614212Hey /o/, thinking about getting a Ford Lightning as a daily driver. What do you think? Good or bad?[View]
19613055Know this will attract tons of twats complaining about 'those people with fartcans, etc' but what is…[View]
19614499Going to buy a used e38 7-series. Its a 750il with 136k miles. What am I to look out for /o/?[View]
19611069Is 9,500 acceptable for this mustang? I would go back to standard sized tires, and the crop job prov…[View]
19615281Youe latest car worm: Painted my wheels[View]
19612142>literally a rebadged key[View]
19612854Cars exclusively owned by homosexuals.[View]
19613407S2000: >playing horizon 3 >driving s2000 >in 1st place >snap oversteer on a corner >f…[View]
19614634Hey /o/, how does this make you feel? As far as I know, no persmission was given.[View]
19612698Hey /o/ Im kind of stuck. Ive been trying to get a 1986 mustang to start. It has no spark. The spark…[View]
19612414How do you deal with driving a car you hate with a passion? I drive a pigfat toyota 4runner with aut…[View]
19613677Engine Air Filter: If I hypothetically bought an air filter that was too small and had gaps on the s…[View]
19609472>car work injury >post yours >happened to me today…[View]
19614026The B engineering Edonis basically has to be the least remembered sports cars of them all[View]
19613123Hey there /o/. Located in the U.S. From a cost of maintenance standpoint, and with the intent of run…[View]
19614228gonna visit nurburgring next month but just to watch people, wheres the best place to sit and chill?…[View]
19613689Ok lads, for me it's the Alfa Romeo 916 GTV. I have 5-6000€ to spend on one of these (I'm …[View]
19613348>probably not owned by a poorfag >usually good condition >100k miles >6k why are these …[View]
19613809What is the most fun (both to drive and to wrench on) JDM car regularly available for sale in the US…[View]
19612094This car is shit.[View]
19614219Can I street race my 2009 corolla? Pic related[View]
19614732Are there any motorcycles with nice digidashes like pic related?[View]
19614475whats the best car simulation video game on PC (besides forza7) ?[View]
19614187>$60k fucking based[View]
19609580I'm starting to like Porsche 911 more than Nissan GT-R...[View]
19610634What is the best (patrician) exterior and interior color to have on a car?[View]
19614130OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
19611291Drag challenge: Alright /o/, you have 30k USD to make a 10 second running car in the 1/4 mile. Which…[View]
19614719Okay, who of you fagg/o/ts is this? normiebook_dot_com/carthrottle/videos/244204502899923/[View]
19612479>Brother says the frontier he just bought has a Catalytic converter problem on it >scan it …[View]
19614296Newfag post: Newfag here, what's the best car to start with? P.S. I'm also a eurocunt so i…[View]
19613121>tfw you have to go full throttle to keep up in normal traffic in your shitbox: while the current…[View]
19611635Initial D: never seen any of it despite seeing all other car related films. i dont want to be a weeb…[View]
19613244>put shitty unreliable dual clutch auto in Fiesta and Focus >sell poorly specifically because …[View]
19613829getting really desperate kek[View]
19614539>His CVPI doesn't have a 1JZ with a big SOHC embarrasing[View]
19613447SMOL BOIZ: Is there any car comparable to the 595 Competizione in terms of power to weight ratio and…[View]
19598714Itt: cars exclusively owned by enthusiasts[View]
19613917Your in the club and this douchebag grabs your girls ass, what do you do?[View]
19613685i want to get a dog box in one of my cars, is the meme about them requiring a lot of maintenance tru…[View]
19609072Does /o/ wrench with their fathers?[View]
19612225Goldwing: What the fuck were they thinking? Sheding weight to make it a sports tourer by decreasing …[View]
196132303 choices for a 4 door daily >Audi RS3 >Alfa Giulia Quadro >Dodge Charger Hellcat…[View]
19613736New Maximas look so ugly, what did they think when styling it..[View]
19613176How do you feel about the modern trend of automakers using rubber bands instead of tires?[View]
19610851Cars that have aged well /thread/[View]
19613900Fiat sucks big dicks, change my mind[View]
19613763>ameriblobs think american car 'culture' is better than japanese car culture…[View]
19613536Engine bays: Post em. Pic related is a 2018 Suzuki Swift. Never in my life did I imagine I'd se…[View]
19612435Car magazines in Australia are dead. I'd love to someday be a graphic designer for a car magazi…[View]
19601359/ovg/ - Eternal Burgerking Edition: Welcome to Auto Vidya General Previous Thread: >>19588460 …[View]
19610903Thoughts on this tushy? Because it sounds pretty good: 159 W/kg, midengine RWD, moderate price for w…[View]
19610712Why is the car community embracing the electric agenda? We need to purge electrics from our roadways…[View]
19609745How does /o/ feel knowing FWD won?[View]
19613718Car meetup's in Tokyo: How does one find car meetup's in Tokyo? I have heard a lot about …[View]
19610947What kind of cosmetic mods did you do on your car?[View]
19613132yo, what kind of engine you want in your car senpai?[View]
19612543I need some help. I'm looking to get a car, and I can't decide between getting an optioned…[View]
19608562The Eternal Debate[View]
19610046I'm likely getting a new car within the next year or two. Me and my wife are financially very s…[View]
19609513Looking into buying my first manual car, I spotted this outside the other day and love the look. Opi…[View]
19613295>dual clutch >doesn't have four pedals…[View]
19613529Header swap / exhaust problems: alright, as the title says. swapped my N/a 2005 subaru impreza Rs 2.…[View]
19613478CBR 1100XX Black Bird: Red pill me on the CBR 1100XX /o/. Is it worthwhile a 23 y/o with 4 years rid…[View]
19609243delsol ruined: post delusional shitbox owners[View]
19608716Female racers: What does /o/ think of female race car drivers?[View]
19613406Should I get one of these[View]
19613303does anyone know of any good togue in seattle or washington state?[View]
19609184what did alfa mean by this?[View]
19610113Aesthetic perfection thread[View]
19602279My 2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0L @ 252horsepower. Thoughts Opinions? I was wavering between this and …[View]
19612750https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbzNUjwXiXQ Do with this information what you will.[View]
19596743The worst drivers you've ridden with: My sister >inattentive >distracted >jerks the w…[View]
19593787/TFG/ - Truckerfag General: I Got Jewed Edition Any questions you have for 18 wheeler drivers, ask t…[View]
19613085Getting a Derge derkoda tomorrow just to make some quick cash selling it again wish me luck so it do…[View]
19608253Good Starting Motorcycles: >Getting my motorcycle licence soon I’ve got a BMW R1100S in the garag…[View]
19607365How does /o/ take pictures with their car?[View]
19612927Big rart: I was looking for a book to learn a little more about older cars, a “before the 70’s for d…[View]
19612154What is this car: Motor trend had this on their Instagram but I have no idea what it is[View]
19612367Need Help Finding Car: >manual >preferably RWD though 4WD/AWD is fine >80's-90's …[View]
19612836I'm in the market for a high performance 4 door daily. Currently my main bet is the Audi RS3, h…[View]
19611188What are the best sites to go to, to search for body kits?[View]
19611122Which of these will probably last the longest? I'm guessing Yaris but am unsure. >2011 Yaris…[View]
19612429C5 Corvette: I work at a GM/Chrysler dealership. On Friday my father came into the dealership to tes…[View]
19612512Speed Channel: Question, what the hell happened to the speed channel and some of it's original …[View]
19612607Auto Accesories/Storage/Non cosmetic additions General: Need some ideas for my 2009 F-150 STX, but a…[View]
19611797shitbox: Just bought a 2003 Camry for 2900. How'd I do? Upgrading from my 90 camry https://newj…[View]
19610731The day I got my license is the day I got my first speeding ticket. Day after that I won my first ra…[View]
19612465Monterey California Future Cars[View]
19585597Do you let girls do this in your car?[View]
19609390why no porsche 811?[View]
19610163Reliable non-interference engine cars: I want a car under 3 k. Not a civic. Reliable. prefere Diesel…[View]
19610878>literally a rebadged Passat[View]
19606681Speeding ticket: Just got my first speeding ticket 79 in 55, $225 fine and 6 points on my license un…[View]
19611815>female drivers: >let my mom drive my car since hers is broken >she does a hill start >r…[View]
19611846Which of these is the more dependable commuter?[View]
19612050I love how the current Miata seems to taunt every competitor: And all they do is looking all constip…[View]
19612176>buy used car in manual >you made some seller's lucky day because he's been trying t…[View]
19609854How the fuck do I find car meets? I’ve been driving around between 11pm and 2am for the past few wee…[View]
19611364What would the world or /o/ be without this car?[View]
19605407you may not like it, but this is what peak full-size truck design looks like.[View]
19610998Why the FUCK would you buy a new car with money you don't have?[View]
19611647Is it worth buying a Suzuki even for 40% off? I don't wanna get raped for parts or have to driv…[View]
19609224does this look like a decent celica? thinking about looking at it but idk how much a rack and pinion…[View]
19611191When someone wants to have traction control in RWD car, i assume he can't drive. Change my mind…[View]
19610901Badly done mods thread: Mods done so badly it hurts to look at them.[View]
19607133>driving home from work >look at gas meter >see its needs a fill (first time since last mon…[View]
19603545Cloth Seats vs Leather Seats: What are the advantages of one over the another? What are the bad thin…[View]
19611929What happens when the US goes full cuck like Europe has and starts dumping 2.0L 4-cylinder hair drye…[View]
19606342I've got 2k to spend on a car and I'm torn between a p71 or an XJ what do you guys think?[View]
19611089Diesel swap: Recently came into oppurtunity to buy a wrecked mexican isuzu d-max. Body is fucked but…[View]
19611095> In 2015, Buick sold 1,231,941 vehicles, a record for the brand Fucking HOW I borrowed my grand…[View]
19607955Thoughts on post-facelift Vitaras?[View]
19611435Why is the 4Runner so fucking expensive used?: >buy car for $30k >drive the shit out of it for…[View]
19611850Would you do this with your care /o/? or build a car for it? I would like to get in to this spectato…[View]
19609020[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: Old Nips Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand *Pragmatism …[View]
19611439Hey /o/, got a question about some shit I found when tearing down an engine I bought off craigslist …[View]
19607458Just for this for 9300 how did I do Bros? Perfect condition with only 73k miles[View]
19611686Hey /o/. On my way to work today, my car decided to begin a stage 1 weight reduction. Car doesn…[View]
19611616Has anybody heard from Morbo recently?[View]
19609327Is there even any point in owning a motorcycle in Ontario unless your rich?[View]
19609696Why aren't you buying a Mitsubishi Mirage and turning it into a silly hot hatch?[View]
19610468Winter Tires: Well, winter is coming up pretty quick and I'm going to need to get some sort of …[View]
19610683Post Based Cars[View]
19610869Is /o/ going to buy anything for this summer clearance sale? im hoping to get at least $3000 off a n…[View]
19608461>over 200 MPH >6 figure price tag >hand-built by performance division >customized exactl…[View]
19608377Good morning /o/! Who wants to help me replace my valve cover gasket? >tfw already dropped an 8m…[View]
19611004What's the longest running thread you've seen on /o/?[View]
19610224Grinding noise coming from the transmission area when decelerating/engine braking in a NA Miata. ht…[View]
19606709Fucking s/o/cal.: Why do you guys even try?[View]
19606655USED Lexus vs BMW: 2013 GS 350 V6 RWD $22,500 82k miles v. 2012 528i I6 RWD $11999 79k miles Everyth…[View]
19606215Want a Dodge Magnum V6 as daily, and want to know if they are good[View]
19611214>unrelated pic car noob here, what tools/jack stands do you guys use? i did some research and peo…[View]
19601274Bugatti EB110 best car[View]
19611383which one of you is this?[View]
19610522Todays 6 hours of sliverstone and the imsa race that just happend earlier today were great. where ca…[View]
19606916>buy a car with double the horsepower of any car I've ever owned >scared of the power dur…[View]
19606757Have you ever rented an exotic car for a day or two, /o/? I've thought about it sometimes, it…[View]
19611138other people driving your car: >dad asks to use my car >get it back >rear speakers blown …[View]
19611115What does /o/ think of luigi colani?[View]
19609269Can someone tell me why I shouldn't get this?[View]
19606114>car shopping >still can't afford dream car >compromise with something cheaper Is ther…[View]
19610792are hummers an enthusiast's aut/o/?[View]
19605119>driving on twisty road >stuck behind a slow driver…[View]
19610030Thoughts on the CHR?[View]
19607928BALLISTOL IN ENGINE OIL: What happens if I pour 500ml of this into my engine oil and run it for a da…[View]
19610629Does anyone know where I can find a list of gearboxes that bolt onto a Renault D4f 780 engine? I…[View]
19606221Bought this suzuki 1.4L Turbo engine, did i do good?. What shou7ld i expect?[View]
19609044Post butter faces: Cars that look great from the rear and sides but garbage from the front[View]
19608380Why do people think airbagged cars that sit on the concrete are cool and whats even the point in it?…[View]
19607490How do you get rid of the dusty library smell from your shitbox? I've dusted the shit out of th…[View]
19607997I have a 79 trans am 6.6, can i change the front to a 77? also fuck California for emissions regulat…[View]
19609181mommy prohibited me to use the old golf because she says it's not safe[View]
19610000yes or no: https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/inventorylisting/viewDetailsFilterViewInventoryListing.acti…[View]
19609857Help me, fellow boomers. Does this look like a good deal? https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/…[View]
19610032Does /o/ approve of the 2019 Subaru Asscent?[View]
19609698You wouldn't have that problem with a V8[View]
19609910Car noob here. Do Aston Martin actually make good cars? Or is it all hype from the amazing looks?[View]
19608607Is the GM G-body the ultimate car/platform?: *can be a track car *can be a drift car *can be a drag …[View]
19610120High mileage civic: There's this gorgeous looking 7th gen civic with 220k miles on it. It'…[View]
19609378You know what DK stands for?[View]
19610013>Sway bars lost their liquor license[View]
19609785clunkclunk: 09 S60 clunks when shifting from reverse to drive and vise versa. only noticed it after …[View]
19609736Thoughts on what new car to buy? 2018 or 2019. Needs to tow around 3k lbs. I've heard mixed rev…[View]
19609566Sup /o/? Any reason to get a limited slip diff, with the existence of modern traction control system…[View]
19601798>takes off lugs before jacking car up whoopsie![View]
19609751>buy a late 70’s Land Yacht for $4k >”haha why did you buy that when you could get a newer Hon…[View]
19609676Do you need to change oil-type as the car ages? Dad's car initially used 5w30 and now he puts 1…[View]
19608802I'm surrounded by car guys and they pick on me for not knowing everything about every car in ex…[View]
19608794What do you think about a man who wants to buy one of these? Which one of those cars can be a money …[View]
19608424> his car doesn't send power to the spare wheel to create 5WD[View]
19606788Hey so I'm not really into cars but I have a question Why do people get into cars and is it onl…[View]
19597633post nice pics of your cars. >hard mode you took it.[View]
19609864>late Sunday morning >sunny blue skies >every boomer is out in his vette with the top down …[View]
19609466hello everyone, What are the consequences of going to the track with non performance tires and non p…[View]
19607407easiest engine to learn to rebuild: what are the easiest/cheapest engine to rebuild? I would go ahe…[View]
19603971>muscle car >owner is fat[View]
19609413Is being an uber/taxi driver/Private hire a good job? Why is mechanic the only job people on here as…[View]
19607979What are the downsides of getting a Jaguar XJ-S exactly? what's the catch?[View]
19593811you wat you lose[View]
19609348New car purchase: Hi /o/, I finally found the car I want on craigslist and they want me to come see …[View]
19607050Anyones else thinking this may be the best Vette design ever conceived?: It looks really Italian, bu…[View]
19608841/o/ approved car games: Bought a console (ps4) for the first time in my life. What are good racing/c…[View]
19609240Why is no street race videos from Europoors or Australia/New Zealand?: Japs https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
19608489>American automotive engineering[View]
19604799What is the best /o/ related feel and why is it the feeling of new tyres on a car? Man, does it feel…[View]
19544962Post your mileage anons[View]
19603922What's the official car of having no friends?[View]
19609008>be me, on vacation in Moscow >eating at restaurant in upper class part of city with uncle …[View]
19602485>Turn on AC >Entire car starts vibrating[View]
19603194L A M B T A L K: Lamborghini General: Discuss all things Raging Bull. https://youtu.be/OMriyVVhP40 …[View]
19604307>a rebadged vw[View]
19603726[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: Tow hitch edition. >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand *Pragmatism …[View]
19607655Very stiff new U-Joints: Hello lads, anybody know why these new U-joints I installed are so stiff? I…[View]
19606563What is the proper name for these engine components?[View]
19603430Why shouldn't I buy a 2002-2004 Land Rover Discovery for 6-8k as a general off roading/camping/…[View]
19608677'Jackstands': My car's lifting points are so weak that they can collapse using the stock lift s…[View]
19606506>signal to change lanes >car far behind in other lane starts accelerating rapidly…[View]
19608970I'm trying to find some interesting designs for vehicles one might find around the mid 20th cen…[View]
19606190Holy hell, why don't they make cars in turquoise anymore? This is the best color by far.[View]
19606363Post cars that make you go 'What were they thinking?!'[View]
19608213ITT times you acted like the joker: >single >purchase family sedan MY LIFESTYLE DETERMINES MY …[View]
19605553>the perfect crossover doesn't exi-[View]
19608834How dangerous is it to drive with this windscreen/A-pillar seal Missing? Any risk of the windscreen …[View]
19606574*blocks your path for 20 miles* Why do semitruck subhumans do this? Is it some sort of misplaced bra…[View]
19608795omgosh: A N G E R Y[View]
19607194Who else remembers this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXHl3x1rO_k[View]
19607566Name my band, /o/.[View]
19607609Is $5,900 too high of a price for this truck? >1998 Mazda B2500 Diesel >5-speed manual transmi…[View]
19608704Best Lupo build you ever saw?[View]
19607243Schaumburg Area Auto racing: Only posting this because I was an idiot, fucked a bit up and am now ho…[View]
19606401Is a 2002 Honda Accord V6 with 80k miles a mistake?[View]
19600367What is your thoughts on the new Ford Ranger? Personally I'm happy to see Ford bring them back …[View]
19607011Drawfag here. Suggest something and if I like it enough I'll draw it.[View]
19608616Help me buy a car.: Hi /o/, /diy/ here. I would like to buy a compact SUV. Any recommendations on w…[View]
1960834155 mpg Civic: 2019 Honda Insight 52 mpg combined. While not an /o/ kind of car, this seems like some…[View]
19608145Is there anything more satisfying than perfectly executed rev-matching with the engine screaming at …[View]
19608160Fun car for around $2000: So I just came into about $2000 that I can afford to blow on a cheap fun c…[View]
19606793Buick: Going to go check out a 2006 buick lacrosse cx tomorrow. What am i in for?[View]
19604984When did you first realize you were different than other car people?[View]
19605878What would happen if I put this in a super soaker and sprayed it wildly in a mall parking lot? Lets …[View]
19608492choose your weapon: http://auto-che.com/t/sidecar-motorcycle.html I'll take a shanyang thanks …[View]
19607393>DOHC with 2 valves per cylinder[View]
19606936What kind of shitboxes did teenagers and lower class drive in 1997?[View]
19606119Local car show gold: I thought it was just a meme. Spotted this at a local cruise night.[View]
19604247What does /o/ think of replica cars? I can't think of anyone except for stuck-up poorfags that …[View]
19606201Why didn't they get bailed out? Why did people get mad when they ran ads stating that?[View]
19608098Best car for $2500 or less?[View]
19608370“Exquisite chariot, how much does a vehicle of such a fine pedigree cost to obtain ?”[View]
19607439>wash car >hard water spots everywhere[View]
19606763Old guy in a 90s Ferrari Anyone respect this or is it a joke?[View]
19606565Are they gonna redesign the Charger and 300 soon? Are they still 30 year old Mercedes E-Classes unde…[View]
19606603https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDYaWHqqMf4 gooks got hands on the demon[View]
19607291>3 valves per cylinder >5 valves per cylinder…[View]
19603913Car enthusiast or car autist?: What's the difference?[View]
19608077Parking: Hey /o/, just got my first car. Storing it while I get it safetied, insured, etc. Recently …[View]
19606713Non-depreciating cars: How many of you have cars that actually went up in value over time? I bought …[View]
19607959>drives through your pristine white neighborhood playing narcocorridos at max volume heh, nothin …[View]
19607551Why cant god just let me be happy?: >18 >good job >no friends >buys nice fun car with ne…[View]
19607975I don't know anything about cars and I'm trying to change that. Where do I start? Where di…[View]
19601051Opening a Tag & Title business: Slightly /o/ related so i figured i should post this here. Anyon…[View]
19603360How much is a 1987 Toyota Corolla worth?: I've been really interested in getting one of these c…[View]
19607546I'm a grown man who don't know how to drive stick shift, and with a small budding interest…[View]
19602141What car will you buy for your son and/or daughter?[View]
19605208This is the most slept on JDM car, say something nice about it[View]
19596751Jeep JL: These things are becoming really nice, more luxurious than a G-class. Good job FCA![View]
19591135We hate the WRX because it's old? I don't get it.[View]
19605445ITT: cars that look good but perform terribly[View]
19595530Bonneville 2018 Speedweek Pictures: I'm from /p/ and come out here every year, well, better lat…[View]
19606729Craigslist Ad: Think this will sell? Don't intend to get my asking price - just a point to nego…[View]
19606837I don't own a car but my job requires me to travel a lot and sometimes I need to rent a car and…[View]
19583815Youth gang burns over 80 cars in Sweden: Does your insurance cover force majoure like this? What bad…[View]
19603256Ultimate Driving Machine: >as many as 39 BMWs have been recorded to catch fire due to DEFECTS thi…[View]
19606826What do you think of small trucks like the ranger? Are they good trucks? I was thinking about gettin…[View]
19602185Would a Saab 9-2x Aero make a bad first car? Would the insurance be particularly bad compared to a F…[View]
19603941Bank Loan logic: >why don't most bank's loan money on old cars like they do new cars? M…[View]
19604248Will you ever have the car you always dreamed of when you were a lil shit?[View]
19607355bumper cover plastic welding stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnQCe3JISmY[View]
19603455How would you escape a natural calamity like a flood?: There's a huge flood. Absolutely massive…[View]
19606075How often do you clean your car?[View]
19606758>Weakness thread /o/ things you suck at, whether it be some aspect of driving, wrenching, somethi…[View]
196063431994 Cadillac sedan DeVille troubleshooting Leaks oil near the oil filter an belts, opposite sides[View]
19607333Driving clothes?: What clothes to you guys wear while driving? I was thinking about getting pic rela…[View]
19606139How do I downshift? I can quick shift and I'd like to slow down the car and change down a gear …[View]
19606636what books are recommended to learn about cars? i want to learn as a hobby and to fix my shitty 2001…[View]
19605652I live in Austin and I see this fucker everywhere.it screams like a little ferrari on the highway,I …[View]
19601959>cars are getting bigger and heavier >lots of retarded unnecessary styling and fake vents guys…[View]
19606504Just took delivery of my new Rubicon. Only say nice things please.[View]
19606943What does /o think of hyundai?: I never hear them mentioned. why?[View]
19582595ORG-OffroadAndOverland General: discuss offroading discuss overlanding discuss best ways to nice pos…[View]
19606850Reliable shitboxes: So besides the cars listed in the outdated sticky, what are some other reliable …[View]
19604527is this an ok look? i have an 02 accord same color and all just bone stock, its in really great cond…[View]
19606043New xc40: I think it's the coolest Volvo in decades. What does /o/ think?[View]
19594610Post cars that no-one on /o/ will say are bad.[View]
19606691Hatchbacks: /o/, I've made some shitty car-buying decisions in the past. I don't want to m…[View]
19606061subaru general: subaru general? I know you guys are on here. How's that 80+ degree, high humidi…[View]
19597788Reminder that being a mechanic isn't worth it: Just a reminder to all the anons out there who a…[View]
19606446Dashcam Thread: Post your best dashcam suggestions and we'll tell you if its worth it. I'l…[View]
19605821What does /o/ think about the napa 4003 fuel filter? I've got some noise pollution in my fuel l…[View]
19604285Is it worth it to use a performance front lower control arm vs oem parts? Car is a 2010 Mustang GT a…[View]
19602256which shitbox?: Maxima 3.5SE with 100k miles the dealer send me an autocheck report and everything l…[View]
19606356Is your car numbers matching?[View]
19601806Parts for a Suzuki?: Looking at this beautiful car. >V6 >69,750 miles >3,500 USD https://ww…[View]
19605059What car gives you the most (You)s?[View]
19591447Turbocharger or supercharger: Chose faggots. Are you a supercuck or a turbo cuck? >N/A is not an…[View]
19605859I’ve been thinking: Does anyone else on /o/ feel like American cars are too spread out in terms of t…[View]
19597973Why do car manufacturers use turbochargers when superchargers are superior in almost every way?[View]
19605881Head unit that doesnt look like ass?: I need to find a single din head unit for my miata that doesnt…[View]
19606177Will my Chevy Lumina ever die?: Ive had it for a year, it has 200,000 miles on it. Drives great and …[View]
19599388Can I get a quick rundown on Ferrari Kit Cars? When Is A Kit Ferrari Better Than The Real Deal? This…[View]
19606025Is aluminum suspension a meme? Or is it actually better?[View]
19605430Car Identification Thread: A thread for people who need help identifying a car. This cars been sitti…[View]
19605830Why does this car do that the Mazda 3 hatchback doesn't?[View]
19594094Mustang still can't beat Camaro: https://www.motortrend.com/cars/ford/mustang/2018/2018-ford-mu…[View]
19603916Declaring mods on your insurance?: Lads I need some advice. Should I declare mods in my insurance an…[View]
19605884How come there's millions of these for sale cheap with transmission problems? No other model in…[View]
19604364What are woman drivers like[View]
19605490Why are people soo defensive of shitty cars?: Maybe this is just where I live, but I've noticed…[View]
19603966THIS: henlo i’m Lup[View]
19603311I think I've found the perfect track car. owned by an adult. no obnoxious mods, but I'm co…[View]
19602051>there is a 2006 Mustang GT convertible at 25k miles on the lot going for 15k >payments would …[View]
19605875Electrical Issues: Hey guys, I could really use some help. I've been having a hell of an electr…[View]
19599923Mopar General, Mopar Or No Car edition Post your Mopar cars News: >Fiat Chrysler may kill of Pac…[View]
19604409Thanks for the help guys. Changing brakes is so eas- *CLUNK* I’m getting a metal on metal clunk nois…[View]
19604588yuropoor crying about monotone aut/o/ lineup: >live in Czech Republic >go to a club >parkin…[View]
1960579671 yaha g6sb: Having spark problems, Ignition Coil, Spark plug cap, condeser, spark plug, and points…[View]
19605736>things failing on my le subaru xD left and right >latest is brake master cylinder >call s…[View]
19605581I want to buy a Nissan skyline r33 or r34 I can get them for around 8/9k and I want to use it as a d…[View]
19605626>hurr hurr >European cars are shit >durr durr >daaats riite…[View]
19602533~2003 Audi A6 Quattro: Why do I see so many of these things for sale on craigslist for relatively ch…[View]
19603427Why haven't you disabled the clutch safety switch in your car, /o/?[View]
19598267Ricing out your ride, stancefaggotry and lifted trucks are already old news, what's the next bi…[View]
19604586Where the hell is fuel filter in 2006 Honda Accord 2.0 petrol? pic related, this is honda accord. No…[View]
19604163How to deal with degenerates?: Today it is the second time I found a sticker on my car's windsh…[View]
19603420Learner here: Can I have tips on driving manual please? >do I change down a gear when I am slowin…[View]
19602422why are van's so much more expensive than trucks?[View]
19605485ITT: Post and Recommend Fun Roads in Your Area: Anyone on Vancouver Island should give this road a t…[View]
19599333I started driving about 3 months ago and still stall my car at least once a week. How long did it ta…[View]
19602382Pikes Peak Hill Climb: Could your shitbox make it up pikes peak? >nightmare mode: before it was p…[View]
19604180So we know what kind of cars boomers like(pt cruiser,k-cars,amc javelin or any older muscle car,pre-…[View]
19605038Shackles: I'm a noob here. These are aftermarket previous owner put on. If I use the lower hole…[View]
19604412How do you think Jeremy Clarkson would review your shitbox?[View]
19558675S/o/Cal Meet: Inaugural Meet Edition: It's that time again. Time for a S/o/Cal meet. And I, AWD…[View]
19601292Merc Inside Best Inside: Lets be honest, the interior of an AMG Mercedes is hands down the nicest of…[View]
19604826>Mom found the Doug Demuro daki pillow[View]
19603948>porsche with 4 doors[View]
19604381Which one is your favorite? BMW 3 Series Lexus IS Audi A4 Jaguar XE Mercedes C-Class Genesis G70 Inf…[View]
19599200How do I get over my fear of carbs? my new bike has carbs and I have never had carbs before and I…[View]
19603989>public infrastructure is focused on walking and public transport more than cars >still makes …[View]
19604824How does it feel to be a real human bean? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DSVDcw6iW8[View]
19596000Keyring Thread: Post keys and rate. >pic related[View]
19604964How much does throttle feel vary between cars? Asking because everything I've driven (shitty cu…[View]
19604775Alright /o/, car recommendation time.: I heard you guys love this stuff: Budget: ~15,000 I'm lo…[View]
19603758Car magazines in Australia are dead. I'd love to someday be a graphic designer for a car magazi…[View]
19604383What is a girl car? What makes a car a girl car and how do you avoid buying one?[View]
19596937Bedford Rascal: Bedford Rascal[View]
19598289Bunta Fujiwara VA Unsho Ishizuka Dead at 68: Not sure if this has been posted here yet. https://twit…[View]
19600255Does anyone of you drive an autotragic transmission ironically?[View]
19604500What’s a good car that you can pick up girls on the street with?[View]
19604443What’s wrong with my car: 2003 Chevy cavalier . So this hose is not connected it emits a lot of whit…[View]
19602668Hi /o/ Im in the market for a BMW thats a coupe, i want to stay away from M3's, M4's E30…[View]
19602963ITT: hardcore car porn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4e5mwSvd6I[View]
19601844These guys pull up in front of your house, what do? https://youtu.be/MZj_uwx2fxw?t=451[View]
19603465Toyota Paseo: Hey anons I'm looking for my first car (Eastern Europe, 21yo) and I came across a…[View]
19602931What engine is this?[View]
19603957What's /o/'s opinion on the Toyota 86? Bargain coupe or 2-door shite?[View]
19592837Where should I put my gauges, /o/? - Dashboard - Ashtray - A pillar[View]
19602573How does it feel auto cucks[View]
19603531Im taking a road trip next week, need to know what to pack Australia, Adelaide to Melbourne and retu…[View]
19604079A Greentext joyride car story: This is a story about how me and some buddies a couple years back as …[View]
19604186Searching for historic tracks in videogames like: Spa and Sarte, Project Cars 2 Monza, Assetto Corsa…[View]
19603022I want to sell my truck and get a Japanese car, but the truck has practically bald tires. Should I p…[View]
19602355Getting my first car: Got my full driving card also I'm a good driver in general control and aw…[View]
19602673i have a friend that's building his own rally car because he has the property to fuck around on…[View]
19602830Who drives this besides grandmas?[View]
196025622004 honda accord: Are honda accords reliable? Thinking about getting https://www.carsforsale.com/ve…[View]
19603561>real men drive loud cars >VROOM VROOM frmpfrrrrmfr sputter >why did my wife leave me…[View]
19601829Post vehicles driving at very high speeds.[View]
19597217The skyline the most lawed car: So what is a way to get a not so godly expensive (15k+), skyline r33…[View]
19603498Which is the cutest boi?: Time to settle this. Lupo or Twingo?[View]
19602110If you see someone driving a car from the 90s are the chances good they are a car enthusiast? It see…[View]
19599769That guy: >that one guy who blasts his shitty music with all his windows down…[View]
19599572>be me >chink >go visit my dad for first time in 2 years >Crack *sip* ' anon I have a …[View]
19601326why do baby boomers 1. always type in all caps? 2. have terrible taste when it comes to modifying ca…[View]
19599292How much damage does turning the key when the engine is already on do? I've probably done it ab…[View]
19602954What would you say is the best car under $80,000 being made? Not just performance wise but performan…[View]
196009024th gen prelude thread: Gday boomers n faggots. Gonna drive 2 hours tomorrow for a 1200$ 180,000km p…[View]
19602004why does my race car keep fucking breaking? why the FUCK can't it just work goddamn it FUCK.[View]
19603408Question /O/ BMW 6 cylinders typically have 6-2 headers and then 2 pipes all the way back until the …[View]
19602474Freak Builder: Create and name the oddest monstrosities you can.[View]
19602310>tfw spent $250 on gas last month Is there a car that's relatively fuel efficient even for s…[View]
19603131So remember that Concept promising to be an all american hyper car that was teased a long time ago b…[View]
19600946things you're bad at: ITT: things you are bad at with respect to cars I'll go first >le…[View]
19603036Turbo thread: I’m looking to turbo a stock v6 mustang with around 8-10 psi to keep it safe. Anyone h…[View]
19601503Can anyone redpill me on the Volkswagen emission scandal?: Why did everyone go after them so hard?…[View]
19571979N/o/rcal Ramen Touge: Farewell to Lanklets Edition: meet is THIS WEEK. It's at the usual ringer…[View]
19596907Initial d meme dump, go[View]
19600364[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: A cheap version of the RCV should take place of the next Fireblade edit…[View]
19602605failed obdii in smog test: took a smog test and the only thing that failed was the obd2. They told m…[View]
19562891The only oil filter you should buy[View]
19603053should i get this car *GONE WRONG*: how does /o/ feel about 2008 a3? im thinking of getting one for …[View]
19595352Dream Car Thread: Post your dream cars and how you would style them. Realistic and unrealistic cars …[View]
19601200hourly craigslist thread: it's time for another craigslist thread i have a budget of around $50…[View]
19600602Who here has a bumper sticker? WHY THE FUCK would you have a trashy sticker on your car?[View]
19599792Engines: how good are the VAG 1.8 20vt? are they worth modding?[View]
19601035I didn't know Toyota made the R32 GT-R.[View]
19601405Where do i start teaching myself about how bikes work, which parts does what, brands, I know about …[View]
19600983I don't really know shit about body work, but I have some rust I'd like to deal with befor…[View]
19601560guys i bought all the shit to replace my leaky master cylinder but now im just sitting in my room to…[View]
19602471Is it worth getting a 2014-2016 Chevy SS?[View]
19597863Diesel Gang: Who here Diesel Gang™ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcGj3O2sj48[View]
19592001Zoomer here. Was this a good brand?[View]
19602730I have recently had an overwhelming desire to purchase an evo x. I have never liked lancers, the I-4…[View]
19596232why is this car FUKIN sex?[View]
19602695>own relatively cool car >live in the suburbs >at least 1 hour to drive anywhere with inter…[View]
19602572Danger Ranger: Okay /o/, i bought a 2007 Ranger, 2wd, 2.3L 4 cylinder with a 5 speed for $2700 What …[View]
19601139>constantly have to jack a penis shaped object to gain speed >get overtaken on the on-ramp by …[View]
19600604Our boi finally got his Bullitt. Are you excited for him?[View]
19601677wtf i love lincoln now[View]
19602134MK7 GTI Misfire/Rough Idle - baffled: II’ve got a 2015 MK7 GTI Autobahn edition which shortly after …[View]
19601032I realy enjoy Forza 7: I like how you can mod normie cars and seeing how it affects the performance …[View]
19601146I want to get a jaguar f-type for around 60k, currently live with my parents and I would put practic…[View]
19600003Fuck me the Rimac C_Two looks great in this colour[View]
19601125ITT: Cars that can be built completely out of aftermarket / Non-OEM parts: I'll start[View]
19596915Does anyone here own this car? What is it like to live with, what issues does it have?[View]
19597622It looks ok[View]
19599479CV Joints: Can bad CV joints cause a big drop in MPG? My car has always clicked a bit when I've…[View]
19601738LETS GET THE WISDOM OF O HERE: Why do people view modern verts as less 'sports car like' than hard t…[View]
19602212Not sure which board this was best suited for, but anyone know of a good book series on auto compani…[View]
19600164Help me buy a decent car.: >Be me >Late 20's Amerifag >Also a poorfag >Learn how to…[View]
19600917Lost cars: ITT: Cars that are very far from home and probably lost[View]
19598802ITT: pre 2005 sub 3k underrated shit boxes.[View]
19597806Based Harry from Harry's garage did a review on his Combine Harvester. Its pretty cool. https:/…[View]
19573790/mg/ Miata General: alien pre-fl nb a best edition old >>19544097[View]
19601542What can I buy that's >over 200hp >easy to drive in winter >4 doors >not a truck, …[View]
19601890Why would anyone buy a Corolla over a Civic?[View]
19600776What do your parents drive?: Did you get your love of cars from them?[View]
19600989/o/ approved dash cams: I’m about to start a new job with a long commute. Time for a dash cam. Under…[View]
19591142Trucks: Anyone else here like rolling coal?[View]
19598547Sup /o/ What is the best air freshener scent and why is it Black Ice[View]
19601449Japanese V12 1GZ-FE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT0TgL9-2Pw Anyone have experience with these? …[View]
19566997What country makes the best sports/race cars and why is it the UK?[View]
19599413Post affordable cars faster than the 98 mustang gt[View]
19598941What car to buy in order to not look like a poorfag? I'm in eastern europe and even clean 20-30…[View]
19601529Audi 'performance' models are the lolcows among German manufacturer's performance lines.: Prove…[View]
19598864Greetings from Arese. Here's two special BOIS[View]
19600646Post cars out of their element: Sports cars in the snow, trucks on track, supercars off-roading, eco…[View]
19601403/o/ give me some advice. I'm looking at getting a new car under 30k. About 50% of my driving wi…[View]
19596592Engine frankensteining: How much power can you reliably pull out of these shits? I want to get about…[View]
19593293can /o/ explain to me why the manual transmission died in trucks?: i always thought of trucks as sim…[View]
19601257>start working diesel >considering paying someone to fix up my car because I simply don't…[View]
19601099Why is the UK driving system so messed up for a supposedly more socialist country than the US? I…[View]
19598569>be me >professional driver >don't actually like cars or anything >I don't eve…[View]
19601128A true Twingo competitor: Move aside,French boy[View]
19600423What's the best car for attracting females for coitus?[View]
19599995Is this best car?[View]
19596249Favourite full size luxury sedan: Things like the 7 series, S class, A8, Lexus LS, etc. Expensive ca…[View]
19599452Most reliable car with decent comfort?: After that fucking bimmer won't leave the shop I will f…[View]
19600935VIN Check: Can someone check this for me? JHMES96654S018972 Pic unrelated. Trying to buy a car for m…[View]
19596477Roast my car: It's the best car in the world it is better than a Porsche 911.[View]
19594273Do you guys think that if wasn't for pop media (mainly TV, movies, games), the street racing sc…[View]
19600229Bunta's VA (Ishizuka Unshou) just died thread theme: https://youtu.be/Zmx2ZX_ac8Y[View]

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