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/o/ - Auto

Displaying 396 expired threads from the past 3 days

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19897260Can you identify this part?: Hi /o/. I find this scrap part some time ago. Do you know what it is ex…[View]
19897433RIP Twingo father: F[View]
19893131Sup /o/tism I really like this car, and I was wondering if I should get one for 15k and hoon it ocas…[View]
19899137How many braps per second is your car, /o/?[View]
19897564Auto repair advice - Auto repair General: Hi /o/. I want to open an auto service shop in Central Eur…[View]
19897452i need a new wallpaper, preferably with a sexy car but even sexier asian babes (i want that full jdm…[View]
19898373In this thread we post box frame cars from the 90's[View]
19898480>30 minutes waiting the bus[View]
19898251Hey uhhhh my rear diff is making a sound in my cressida, like how bad is that. Also its a pain to ge…[View]
19897993Do we like the new Dodge charger? Yes.[View]
19897548Haldex: I have a question on my 2012 VW Tiguan. More so the Haldex system. Stock this Tiguan really …[View]
19890572Interior crocodile alligator: I drive a Chevrolet movie THEATER[View]
19898473What's the best cheap driver's car? By that I mean >lightweight >great handling >…[View]
19897014Question about short throw: So I recently got my first manual car a month ago, a mk6 gti, and after …[View]
19881200legitimately literally absolutely shaking, buttons in cars are so scary!!: phew, good thing they wil…[View]
19897806Starting my car in cold weather: I'm worried about starting my beater in winter time. It's…[View]
19898624why do chicks buy this shit? is it because they look 'cute'? maybe it does to them but not to me I…[View]
19892427Car gore thread.[View]
19892665jiffy lube: I am the assistant manager at the jiffy lube in Lewiston, Idaho. Ask me anything you ple…[View]
19898293Fast shitbox: I finally have money after tirelessly working my ass off. I was thinking of getting a …[View]
19896422On a scale of 1 to retarded how bad of an idea is it to grab a 2008 f350 with a 6.4 diesel that has …[View]
19889535attention whore cars: What's the cheapest stock 'LOOK AT ME' car I could buy new right now?…[View]
19870425/mg/ Miata General: Scenic edition[View]
19895879It CAME...from the INTERNET!!: Go browse CL for, or otherwise post, abominable paintjobs or other h/…[View]
19896722Doug hate thread: just forced myself through half a doug demuro video >play a retard tune on a go…[View]
19898585a saab thread: Can anyone explain to me what the Aluminum engine in the saab 9-5 aero 06 means? What…[View]
19895757>2004 African[View]
19897829My mum gave me her Ford Falcon Station Wagon 2000 and I have no idea about cars. If I want to treat …[View]
19897732I want get a new car. So, I will be selling my car now and plan on putting around 12K CAD (9K USD). …[View]
19896247What does /o/ think of my car: I just bought it a few days ago. 370hp 395lb-ft 0-60 5sec[View]
19862764Hit me with the most 90's shit you fucking got.[View]
19893465>tfw you will never be as BASED as Smokey Why even continue to drive /o/ ?…[View]
19898126>when your friends start talking about super cars[View]
19898188Story time: >Be me, driving Uber to make the ends meet. Car is literally my life >Car desperat…[View]
19897495im getting way too much attention driving my valiant around as a daily. People keep offering to buy …[View]
19897939Old Beater Wiring: So my licence plate lights won't turn on in my volvo 240 wagon. Fuse is fin…[View]
19881046C8: what do we think of it?[View]
19897800RWD Supercars: I'm buying a supercar /o/. Looking at the 2018 R8 RWS. What other Supercars are …[View]
19897330hi auto, please excuse the shitty drawing. i was wondering if you could help me recognize a car/truc…[View]
19892898Admit it. You would buy one if you could afford it[View]
19898042Lowered pickup/ute - yes or no?: Should I buy an old shitbox Hilux/B2200 and lower it? I think it lo…[View]
19895763What's worse? Torque dip or rev hang?[View]
19888970Bionicle ruined cars Prove me wrong.[View]
19897907Looking for a project: I want to get a newer model stingray (2014 and up) from a salvage yard to fix…[View]
19894919Could this realistically be made?: If built, it would be a huge 'fuck you' to lap records on multipl…[View]
19896971Can broken motor mounts damage anything? My car bucks and lurches forward like I hit a speedbump goi…[View]
19896876Shopping Feels Thread: >Goes on Craigslist >Find the hoon you want in great shape and in the e…[View]
19895867Ambulance Driving Advice: I recently got my license and also recently got hired as an EMT. Do you gu…[View]
19895357What's your opinion on window louvres /o/?[View]
19891987Should I buy this scantool or one of the chinese ones that uses stolen software? Does /o/ endorse a …[View]
19886711ITT: Body kits that actually improve the look of the vehicle Here's an E30 with an Mtech I kit[View]
19896289I'm looking at my car's tire rotation pattern and it's simply swapping the front and …[View]
19897630DID I FUCK UP MY CAR?: >do oil change >put too little oil (~4L, my engine calls for 5.7L) >…[View]
19894041Fixed your focus, bro[View]
19896416Otaku Cars: I need you too find the best cars with anime women on them, i would prefer regular ass s…[View]
19896937Merc is leaving DTM The Audi tribute almost makes it worth it https://youtu.be/JCdkUuBGxsA Here…[View]
19897621No Climate Control: Hey /o/, i need some help. So just yesterday, the climate control worked just fi…[View]
19897492A E S T H E T I C S T U F F: Im in the groove. Where is the best place to find good 80s car adds an…[View]
19896891Why are JDM faggots so cringe?[View]
19897439>American muscle car Instagram page promoting a possible giveaway >possible giveaway car could…[View]
19896107ID this trim: What type of Ford Fusion is this?[View]
19891362hey guys, going to install one of these in my car just in case, where would be the best position to …[View]
19895379>buy cpo car from dealer >have everything ready, want to pick it up > “oh we’re still wait…[View]
19896157I fucked up: >doing engine rebuild on mah old Jeeb >just got my block back from the machine sh…[View]
19896291Renault Ika Torino: What does /o/ think about the argentinean Torino?[View]
19892840Why has this car never seen full-scale production? IMO it's the sexiest concept of all time[View]
19887900This is the only true enthusiast car avaible on the market today. Enjoy it while you can, soon cars…[View]
19895552what are you working on today?: new brushes into my S5 RX7 alt after the local auto electrician told…[View]
19896311car-truck things: Whats /o/ thoughts on car truck conversions[View]
19893162Tesla Model 3 vs Model S: >same motors (D versions) >same battery >similar size >similar…[View]
19894676>Get new LED headlight bulbs for my 08 Audi A4 >Install them >Start up the car >Dash li…[View]
19892446Why does this guy make drift cars despite not being able to drift?[View]
19896691Should I buy a used or new one of these? I take really good care of my cars and I could drive it for…[View]
19877366>Brakes at a green light >Can't turn right on a red >Doesn't signal >Doesn…[View]
19895375Hey /o/ I need help, i wanna invest in a car and i'm looking for somethi g reasonably priced s…[View]
19890040Why has there never been an NA V6 to surpass 100HP/L? The NSX-R and 370Z Nismo barely crack 90. The …[View]
19895804At what point is too much to ask for a car?[View]
19896412Recently got a free 99 mk4 Gti. Done 170000 km's. Ran fine for about 2 hours then randomly stal…[View]
19896799posted with no further comment[View]
19896474Some people say that a Grand Cherokee isn't a real Jeep. I'm rather fond of them and think…[View]
19896751Thoughts?: What is /o/'s opinion on the Honda element (2003 -2011)?[View]
19886967Is the Camaro V6 1LE the best all-rounder performance car under 40k? >335HP/290TRQ >7200RPM re…[View]
19896650Thinking about getting this 2017 model. They any good ??[View]
19896604Help me /o/ / project thread: My friends cousin is stuck at a church with a 2000 Saturn ion says it …[View]
19889782>that zoomer who drives a car older than him[View]
19893309Sexxx Specc: >npcs will complain about the wheels >hurrrr muh jdm >inb4 americans say 'ri…[View]
19896537Houston Bad Parker: WARNING TO ALL DRIVERS IN THE HOUSTON, TEXAS AREA! This cunt of a driver scraped…[View]
19889240Can a slow car be fun?[View]
19888891>literally the best car in the world[View]
19893862ITT : Car Clocks: Digital or Analog, anything![View]
19894972- Jeep Wrangler: Frat faggots and rich thots - Wrx: Vapelords and 'tuners' - Tacoma (especially hig…[View]
19894973What insurance do you have? What's the best insurance for a first time driver?[View]
19896317Help identifying?: A friend saw this car and this is the only pic she took of it. I have a few guess…[View]
19896207fuel efficient small block?: Does /o/ know the most fuel efficient chevy small block? I'm looki…[View]
19896114Look at this lineup. >vette >jeep >bmw, bmw >chevy, chevy, subaru It's like the vw…[View]
19891420GT3: Thought I’d share some pics of a 2018 GT3 >manual box >GTS red…[View]
19894636>boss tells me to drive his piece of shit Honda Element with like 140k on it to pick up order …[View]
19894494What did they mean by this?[View]
19891719/o/, please name my new car.: It's a white 2016 Ford Fiesta SE. Dubs decides, but if someone ge…[View]
19888191Free engine swap: Your shitbox's engine just died. However you are in luck, it died in front of…[View]
19895484Does /o/ do quotes for damages. I was driving my 2000 mitsubishi eclipse and i thought I was having …[View]
19895809Is this the killer of all European and American cars ever?[View]
19894412/chi/ chicag/o/ general: MEET RIGHT NOW EDITION >This thread is for residents of Chicago and sur…[View]
19895851Scary driving moments: >blasting down the toug late at night in my miata >outta nowehere fucki…[View]
19894956Formula 1: >best race all year >no thread about it checks out…[View]
19895864/IF/: If aliens come to earth right now what kind of car do you think they would gravitate towards?…[View]
19895590Hey br/o/s, I'm looking for help finding my first non-shitbox car. Currently drive an e39 which…[View]
19892667Dream Car: You've got unlimited funds to buy and tune one car, what do you buy? Pic related…[View]
19895666*Car tools*: The holidays are upon us and want to start working on my 3k civic. What tools set would…[View]
19890298You are tasked with designing a vehicle around one of the following 4 extinct engine configurations:…[View]
19895624Slant 6: whats it really worth?: A year or so I bought a '79 Plymouth Volare fastback, came wit…[View]
19895417who /quads/ here?[View]
19894758>Grug have to pay 4 rock and 15 berrys per gallon for Foot-250 cus it use Swamp tar gas They say …[View]
19894825Hassle-free 2010-2015 MANUAL sedans:: Finally making more than 20k/yr and want to finance a used car…[View]
19894491ABS ASR Nonsense: Good afternoon everyone. ABS light and Anti slip regulation lights are on. My fath…[View]
19888386Post your engine bays.: Or dont. I dont care. Just wanna see cool shit[View]
19889641>buying winter tires >have them put on the wheels >250€ bill >mfw 40% of it is tax i hat…[View]
198921452018 mazda 3 gt hatch: when will it be around $21k?[View]
19874600ask a sales manager at a medium-sized [300 new/used sales avg per month] car dealership anything[View]
19890829reminder that autocross is NOT a motorsport[View]
19894800>basic small sports coupe with 335HP, rear wheel drive, and a 6 speed manual >base price is 50…[View]
19895502/spaghet/ general: Lancia edition: Fiat plz bring back Lancia and please make pic related happen…[View]
19887612Why do people say the 10th gen Civic is ugly: These things look like fucking spaceships, absolutely …[View]
19892910Do you put your car in gear when you park or do you only use the handbrake?[View]
19894750Thoughts on this car? Volvo S40 2007 2,0 - 132 Hk[View]
19893303Drift Tax: >e36's are well on their way to being the new 240sx Buy them now before the price…[View]
19892588*Car batteries*: What brand does /o/ prefer to use or avoid? >Pic related is what I use in my 3k …[View]
19890456Do you think she sleeps well at night?[View]
19893556Thoughts on the Hyundai Elantra?[View]
19892750Everyone who owns an SUV should be gassed.[View]
19890120Food Delivery Thread: Hey guys, here we discuss the job, our delivery cars, and our salaries.[View]
19888266Who was in the wrong here?: >Be me, walking >Faggot in massive truck pulls up alongside me lau…[View]
19895216>Transverse Rear-engined FWD crossover[View]
19891148Another brain numbing photo I found on offers up /o/ Enjoy[View]
19894410What were they thinking?[View]
19886333Rev Matching: Can you teach me the proper way to rev match? I'm confused about the proper order…[View]
19893962De Tomaso Pantera appreciation thread. Cyberpunk is back![View]
19893532Toyota Shitvalon: How can a company make a car so ugly and then call it sporty? Like look at this s…[View]
19886058/ovg/ - Minivan Edition: Welcome to Auto Vidya General Previous Thread >>>>19877355 Dis…[View]
19892441ITT: Budget Colin MCrae wannabes: Post your local too-poor-to-buy-an-actual-Impreza cars[View]
19894473What happened to the norcal meets, /o/?[View]
19894573Lost Key's: Hey, /o/. I'm a newfag about automobiles and if anyone could give it to me str…[View]
19893770I think we can all agree.[View]
19848059/nightdrive/ - /ndg/: Welcome to /nightdrive/ general How was your last /nightdrive/ lads? Find any…[View]
19894551Missed Opportunities Thread: >TFW I missed out on a 98 Wrangler with 89,000 miles for $5600 becau…[View]
19894781So what will it really sell for when the dealerships get a hold of them? ford gives huge rebates, cu…[View]
19892583You have enough for a couple year old v6 version. Which one? I'm leaning for the Stang.[View]
19892188What do you call these things? Everything I google comes up with fucking banners or interior sun vis…[View]
19894403I NEED IT[View]
19893203How to help someone get over a fear of driving?[View]
19894625Is there a better car trading site other than craigslist? I want to trade or sell my van that was ma…[View]
19892175How can someone(Florida boi) get into rally racing for somewhat cheap, I had just got my first job a…[View]
19890876>When you have more money than sense[View]
19894478I have a 2004 Ford Explorer with a flex fuel v6 is there any problems I should know about running it…[View]
19894278When will Subaru and Porsche stop using the shitty boxer engine?[View]
19894423>going on 23 >no license, zero driving skill >have been into and loved cars since 14 Why i…[View]
19880041S/o/Cal Meet: Rimming the World Edition: Fall is here which means it’s time to cruise the Rim of the…[View]
19892680Hey /o/, tourist here, I like to sample boards I've never been to sometimes. Anyway how do you …[View]
19887999I got a K&N Wrench-Off® Performance Gold® Automotive Ollie Filter for muh S.U.Veahuckle. Now tha…[View]
19894033im driving fast as fuck while listeting to hard bop jazz whats my car?[View]
19891896Would a thief drive a fiesta st? Fast Small Good handling Doesn't stick out[View]
19883319Ford is justing itself Stock is tanking GT500 leaked >https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/le…[View]
19894139Redpill me on the 1uzfe redtop.[View]
19893796Vapers/Nazis/Americucks on suicicde watch: Honda wins yet again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btk…[View]
19892960Oh fuk i left the stove on[View]
19889703/dbt/ {Daily Bike Thread}: Please ride safe edition >Motorcycle Q&A >Motorcycle Tips &…[View]
19893967My owns pic related and she plans on giving it to me, should i sell it for something else or keep it…[View]
19893572Hey fagg/o/ts,i know this isn't /adv/ so but my problem is car related and they couldn't h…[View]
19893761>buying a used car What's it like being an NPC and having low test levels?…[View]
19893839>spoiler needs a new bolt on one side >take one bolt out and take it to hardware store >the…[View]
19874904>ITT: Hell Job Stories Have you had any auto jobs that you thought were going to go quick and smo…[View]
19889783>Bought an old ass del sol 1200$ >Coming back from break >Some 'murica' asshole w…[View]
19889954*2007 Acura TL Type S*: >150k miles >Clean title >$4600 Previous owner claims timing belt w…[View]
19891100What does /o/ think about the 500 0.9 TwinAir?: 0.9 liters of furious two cylinders[View]
19893442is he the GOATest?[View]
19892873there is an 1990 toyota celica 2.0 GTi for 800 shekels in my area with 150k km is this car worth the…[View]
19893470Is the ultimate wagon really just a lowered crossover?[View]
19892860I'm buying my first used car soon. I have ~$1500 to put down, looking to finance it. My budget …[View]
19891593>drop something small and important deep in the engine bay[View]
19893588Why aren't you investing in tesla?: >be me, not a retard >sit in model 3 >instantly te…[View]
19893578He is undeniably the GOAT motorsport racer in any series ever[View]
19890950What kind of cars do real men drive?[View]
19893369Why is Toyota seen as a luxury brand in America?[View]
19891859wow........perfection does exist................[View]
19893473JDM fap material: What are some sites for showcasing and catalogging actual JDM cars? When I search …[View]
19890111downforce ruins racing: downforce ruins racing prove me wrong >pro tip you cant…[View]
19892516is it possible to live out of my mazda 121 metro for 6 to 9 months to save money? anybody have any t…[View]
19891725I just bought a BOLT EV about a Month ago, and I just PUNCH IT ALL THE TIME! I used to have a HONDA …[View]
19890811Is it safe to use thumb tacks to hold up my headliner?: It keeps falling on my head as I drive and I…[View]
19892506'That shouldn't happen' thread >Hooning down street to apartment complex >Hit ramp a bit …[View]
19892376first car help: help, i need a first car, miatas cost about 5k minimum just for a shit box miata, so…[View]
19893093?: what is this thing? looks like an escort or a torana[View]
19888920Are anti shatter films any good?: Does pic related actually work or is it a meme? I want my car to b…[View]
19892801The most underrated comparison. >both look incredibly similar >both the Japanese and American …[View]
19892695ITT: we post underrated, beautiful vehicles with subtle lines[View]
19891049What does /o/ think of the Chrysler 300?: So I'm in the market for a car, and one of these have…[View]
19891234Just started driving this year and bought my first car recently (86 Nissan Maxima Wagon) from a frie…[View]
19891723What do you think of buicks? You can find pretty nice ones for 4k all day of craigslist and they are…[View]
198915652005 Toyota Corolla LE for $3,500 (I can probably get it for 3k) 130k miles and no issues Is this w…[View]
19883163Corolla vs Civic: Which is better and why? Looking at 2015-2017 versions[View]
19892535What would /o/ pay for this Challenger? From what I can tell it’s a ‘72-‘74 and needs a fair amount …[View]
19888235ss/tc only tho: Please convince me not to buy this. 2008 Cobalt SS Turbo, specifically this type bc …[View]
19892546auto glass: /o/, I’m not from around here. My girlfriend had her windshield replaced, and I wonder i…[View]
19892500Hey, my new autism interest is rallying after seeing RGR talk about this shit, but I don't know…[View]
19889338Fuck Ford: >Be excited Ford is bringing back Ranger >See it for the first time >It's j…[View]
19809997/tg/ トヨタ: Toyota General >90s mr2 edition >Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu questions >T…[View]
19892469Toyota Corolla: I'm thinking of buying a corolla with 250,000 miles and fixing it up. Should I …[View]
19892095What does /o/ think about the new 2020 E-Class?[View]
19891246>tfw I'll never have enough money to own an exotic car[View]
19881803So I'm going to be going to college in upper Michigan and my fucking boomer dad thinks the only…[View]
19879719ITT cars you like that only you have heard of.[View]
19890714Why aren’t you driving the new AMG C43?[View]
19889541Best american made cars not built in america: .[View]
19890718Im putting these on my FRS What are some tasteful spots slap decals on a car[View]
19889082I'm considering buying a Mitsubishi Eclipse. You can find 1995 ones for relatively cheap here. …[View]
19885596Why be the same as everyone else?: Every time I go off-roading or wheeling there’s always a bunch of…[View]
19889180Rate my first car: Post your cars too. Feels good to not larp on this board any more.[View]
19884955How are Toyotas so reliable?[View]
19889518any good takeover stories?[View]
19884627>be me >poorfag >single >live in seattle >drive pic related >custom ordered it wit…[View]
19891709What does /o/ think of the 3.6L V6? I know /o/ isnt very fond of V6 but I heard good things about th…[View]
19891271YIELD LEFTS: Why is this even a thing? You literally cannot see the cars coming down the road if the…[View]
19861714/hg/ 本田 Honda General: Honda General >carbon copy Toyota Sister Thread (Ford General Coming Soon)…[View]
19889592What was the most comfortable car you've ever driven?[View]
19891737Donating a car: Need to get rid of an old shitbox quickly and don't feel sinking the time and e…[View]
19876738/spaget/ general: g*rmanoids btfo edition: Post comfy spaghet cars Bmw cucks not allowed[View]
19891760I can't be the only weirdo here Anyone ready to cum from cold start and idling engine vida How …[View]
19884876How come there’s so many pushturd fanboys on this board but nobody ever talks about flatheads? >e…[View]
19890530https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYdvcqAc-88 bruh this is badass why haven't i seen this before…[View]
19889739Based Scotty.[View]
19891537Is Megane RS automatically bad because it's a French car?: Or should I give it a chance. >lo…[View]
19891117Help me anons.: >just found myself in a case where I actually need to drive >really like cars …[View]
19867424/QTDDTOT/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads: A dedicated thread for asking all y…[View]
19891409Stripped screw in my car: How do i deal with a stripped screw? I have a screw to my directional ligh…[View]
19888620>at work >overhear coworker talking to other coworker >”Oh, I LOOOOOVE driving automatic.”…[View]
19890448how do you drive when your feeling devilish[View]
19890219Jesus, wagons are getting back to style![View]
19884663Brodozer ban: San Francisco to ban trucks of 3700 pounds, all modded trucks: Holy shit m8s. https:/…[View]
19889653>yeah bro I'm stage 2[View]
19891024rate my parents new car, they got it for 2,000 eurobucks.[View]
19890776What would you do a sacrifice for a chance to drive the new 440i Coupe?[View]
19889714Cheap Car with the most standard features 2018?: I think the Citroen C3 Aircross has the most featur…[View]
19890538>test driving car >person selling it says it has never been smoked in >can easily smell cig…[View]
19891087i drove two laps of the nordschleife in my family wagon turbo diesel.. it was fun. been racing lat…[View]
19890968How much of a discount do you think I could get a WV Touareg TDI for? I was reading that there are p…[View]
19889623>guy calls me a faggot >I start rolling my windows down with my manual rolling window crank …[View]
19884437When will they fix the fucking issue of these blinding fucking headlights on all new cars? I can…[View]
19886142Why don't you drive a wagon?[View]
19887112When was the last time you had trouble with pedestrians and/or bicyclists?[View]
19887224Rimac - The peak of electric car design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOz3xExWKRQ What do you thi…[View]
19889028So yall listen the radio when you drive the car drive without radio?[View]
19890598Honestly, if Buick/Opel released a performance version of this thing, I'd buy it instantly. I r…[View]
19889146What do you guys think? I think it's shit. The last BMW I liked the look of was the M6 Gran Cou…[View]
19889665Am I the only one who would win the lottery and start construction on the greatest circuit track and…[View]
19885650>€3-4000 used >cheapest tax >cheapest insurance >least fuel consumption >cheap in mai…[View]
19889708Why do people feel the need to list their cars on every post in some forms: I dont understand this a…[View]
19890499ok /o/, what's the most retarded shit you've seen on Instagram regarding cars? Hit me with…[View]
19887390Is it hard to daily a early 90s shitbox?[View]
19889980volvo v40 vs vw golf vs mercedes a160: If you had to choose between these cars which would be best t…[View]
19890096Who is reponsible for these fucking retarded vehicles?? I blame the fucking boomers >offroad cars…[View]
19889086yeehaw: >only one horse power >still beats a golf typical VAG shit…[View]
19887115Speeding camera flashed when I was driving 50kmh in a 30kmh zone[View]
19888906Audi 80: Hello /o/ There's a 1994 Audi 80 Avant for sale near me, and it's in good conditi…[View]
19887005Soup /o/ Street sweeper thread[View]
19886368EV Mileage extender: Would the downforce from going at high speeds be enough to rotate a fan on top …[View]
19879739is there a decently fuel efficient car with a nice sounding engine? I'm talking about 25mpg com…[View]
19889835My 91´ E36 Coupé: I finally managed to do a paintjob and fit some nice rims on my E36.[View]
19883951What makes a car ride 'smooth'? What's happening mechanically?[View]
19883241who is in the wrong here https://youtu.be/GST83hQJHv0[View]
19889753car for 1k or less: I know you've seen a million of the threads but I need some help. I need a …[View]
19887509Is it easier for sand to get into your engine bay if you have a large grille and live in a desert st…[View]
19886094Advice: What's the ideal automobile?[View]
19885117How is ferrari not sueing this dude[View]
19877533Why do wagecucks drive nice cars to work?: I have this thought every day as I inch in my '08 Ca…[View]
19888800ITT: ugly cars[View]
19889933>try to buy a new car >keep failing for over an year now Should I just accept my fate and keep…[View]
19889975Crossovers and SUVs don’t deserve half the shit they get because they’re just the modern day version…[View]
19889970Cars you would choose over a house: I'm either going to save up for a down payment on a house o…[View]
19889551I just got a new 2018 TRD off road. What should I add to it besides a bed cover, seat covers and rub…[View]
19888732How wide is too wide?[View]
19888297What's the most fun hybrid/ev I can get for under $30k? I was thinking pic related since it com…[View]
19889803Traffic Signs: What are some of your countries traffic signs and traffic sign situations? Germany ha…[View]
19878973Speed records: >what car >how fast >where I'll go first: >pic related >159 mph (…[View]
19889621There is a Japanese Super GTcar in Maryland: Currently going for $12,000 Who on /o/ is going to buy …[View]
19886663Cars that are greater than the sum of their parts: >take Fiesta >bolt on turbo >stiffen rea…[View]
19889387I see faces: Donde esta la biblioteca?[View]
19872922Let's get that Halloween spirit going: Post haunted/spoopy cars[View]
19880551Ok /o/, My grandfather's 1995 Honda Accord, that he had given me when I had just gotten my lice…[View]
19888442i love this car with all my heart (post your babies.) inb4 drift fags give me shit for having a perf…[View]
19888794need help, should i dump a shitload of money into my deprecating shitbox and make it fast? or should…[View]
19889215What do non-Germans think about this?[View]
19889484He is live!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnOj1DeaIxA[View]
19886509how do i turn off the daytime running lights(DRL) in my jetta[View]
19882338Where did it all go wrong with Subaru?[View]
19887395>new Camry has 300+ hp[View]
19887458Could someone possibly tell me if this is a limited slip or a locker, it spins the axles at the same…[View]
19889098I have a question about the Triumph Scrambler. Wont the position of that exhaust burn your fucking l…[View]
19888633Hey /o/, I inherited around 20-25k from my uncle and I need a sports car and a daily that can seat 5…[View]
19879458Daily bike thread /DBT/: Indian, the Worlds Finest Motorcycle edition Motorcycle Questions & Ans…[View]
19883179E46 330i vs. E90 328i/335i: I have enough money to get an e46 330i 6spd that's close by. It…[View]
19888807What's the significance of the little tree air freshener collections in the JDM scene?[View]
19885738Volvo 850r yay or nay: Hi frens, I am thinking about purchasing a 850r sedan that is really well mai…[View]
19886931Hey guys, I deliver Chinese food for 76 hours a week. How much more money per hour do you make in th…[View]
19886092Is ST the only reasonable fun car option in Europe?: (under $15k) (answer is yes)[View]
19885822What are your /wrenching/ shoes /o/?[View]
19885925Hey my NPCs, so i want a Burger daily after i had a lot of good experiences with muh V8 Burgermachin…[View]
19888613>pic unrelated Problem tonight with assholes at a parking lot. Drive up doing maybe 10 in a roadw…[View]
19887773Rounded caliper bolt: >buy 98 Isuzu Trooper >20 year MN car so kinda rusty underneath >need…[View]
19888076Is the k1600 or goldwing a better overall touring bike?[View]
19885988Why does GB love French cars so much?: And why didn't they succeed in making cars like the othe…[View]
19888462I have pop up headlights on my car, and I want to convert my cruise control buttons to wink buttons …[View]
19870135which was more memorable to you? >first sexual partner or >car you first learned how to drive …[View]
19888659Looking a fun, cheap car for the gf--under 10k: Any ideas? I'm not up to date on these kinds of…[View]
19888682I saw this car a while ago and I wanna know what the fuck it is. It's so hot omg[View]
19888255Anyone on here own a newer Honda accord ? Do you like it ? What are your thoughts on the newer ones …[View]
19886789Spec'd out similarly (naturally aspirated V8, track pack, basic luxuries, no discounts, no acce…[View]
19887389Other than inhaling Exhaust fumes, is there any other risk to cutting off my mufflers and not straig…[View]
19888376Suggestions for auto career?: While I wouldn't call myself a mechanic by any stretch I would li…[View]
19888053I have to replace my transmission It's a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 4wd with the 5.9 and Chrysler…[View]
19887761>get onto on-ramp to highway >stop sign[View]
19888062I just installed a shitty USB charger with lights who else /ricing/ here?[View]
19886685So what is the deal with this car? I had an opportunity to drive one and it just doesn't feel t…[View]
19863924recent /p/h/o/tos: post recent pics of your car/cars in general threw my nice wheels on the econobox…[View]
19887263>living in Ontario (more like Onterrible) >getting ready to move across the country >brake …[View]
19886248Shifter knobs? My stock knob is worn as fuck, anything you guys would recommend that's comfy? K…[View]
19888246Sup /o/ About to give my Fiat Idea to someone that tried to kill me over a piece of inheritance. It …[View]
19886386Alright, I'm so finished looking for a first car. I've narrowed it between these two. http…[View]
19888208When will the crossover madness end?[View]
19886694Muricans, what Euro or JDM cars you never got do you wish you had?[View]
19887849its Friday night. Why are you sat at home and not doing anything car related?[View]
19887894I’ve always cut the catalytic convertor off the cars I’ve owned that are exempt from emissions due t…[View]
19886737>current bid at $65,000 >3 days to go >for a FORD wtf is wrong with you people?…[View]
19882782I’m thinking about checking out a 2004 Ford Expedition for about $3500, with about 120k miles. For u…[View]
19885770Holy shit, shots fired at scotty kilmer this morning by savage geese and straight pipes. https://www…[View]
19886718El Goblino...[View]
19884533Can we talk about Lotus for a second? holy shit looking at the Elise Cp 260 is blowng my mind and ma…[View]
19887771>Amateur DIY guy >looked up some videos on youtube on how to change the shocks on my car >c…[View]
19885306Reee why are most woman on the road on the phone all th the time. While on the way to work I spotted…[View]
19886586>oversize load[View]
19887557>dad's construction company has an account with autozone >always charge random shit like …[View]
19822187/ORG/ -- FUCKING DRIVING OFF THE ROAD YOU GAY FAGGOTS LMAO: Welcome to /ORG/ where everyone knows th…[View]
19886320A guy from my town is selling this BMW 3-serie 316 I 1.8-116: how bad is this car ?[View]
19883059What are some of your favourite car/wheel color combinations? In some cases, red car with white whe…[View]
19884623Why are there never any Russian generals? Are their cars so pathetic and worthless that even they wo…[View]
19885166New MX-5's, yay / nay? also post WHY. I'm specifically talking from 2015 onwards.[View]
19877408VW Ford working together: https://www.autoblog.com/amp/2018/10/17/vw-ford-partnership-analysts/ Woul…[View]
19876521Vehicle Theft and Break-in Experiences: Have of you gotten your vehicles broken into or stolen? What…[View]
19884823What car is the most fuel efficient (best mpg) that also isn't a raging onions-mobile?[View]
19887313Hey guys, I rear ended someone and now I have mismatching hood and front bumper. Do you think I can …[View]
19886930Shady Transports, Miata Utility thread!: Sup my dudes, I just came home from my 700km odyssey with m…[View]
19881440ITT we roll coal[View]
19880217Why does /o/ shit on tiny FWD boxes when they're really agile and nimble?: RWD alone doesn…[View]
19885774Rev up your engines! Scotty > Doug NuMale-o[View]
19887146Sup /o/ about a month ago I signed a shitty contract. After spazing out for a week I read online tha…[View]
19883398ITT: boomers that bought a muscle car as their first car share insurance rates.[View]
19886934you might not like it, but this is what peak masculinity looks like[View]
19810126/AM8G/ - Automation General: Old thread hit autosäge. Old thread- >>19752213[View]
19882994is audi the gayest car brand?: is audi the gayest car brand?[View]
19886698I'm getting a free 5.9 Magnum out of a junk Dodge. What car should I put it into for a hoon mob…[View]
19883471>”don’t buy a new car you’re wasting money” >wanting to get cars that have been lined wall to …[View]
19876403*spanks your shitbox effortlessly*[View]
19883458>he didn't get his license on the first attempt Why live?[View]
19875650This car is fucking shit.[View]
19886601/o/ meets /mu/ meets repressed memories: >you probably had a bad experience while driving >the…[View]
19886283McLaren's Vision Gran Turismo is being produced: https://www.motor1.com/news/272641/mclaren-bc-…[View]
19884642Why are you not riding a Ducati Scrambler?[View]
19884000Why does /o/ hate this gen?[View]
19886543Jeep Wrangler LJ custom plate: Its like I joined a club so thought it would be appropriate. Vanity p…[View]
19885790Press F to pay respects.[View]
19883814Based and redpilled (?)[View]
19880543RIP Falcunt: Drifted into a pole[View]
19885447i honestly dont know what to do >save money for a GT86 but sacrifice a social life in the process…[View]
19882462>the perfect car doesn't ex-[View]
19881207https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL3v-VvmRhs&t=439 >$4000 on the spot fine for speeding >JU…[View]
19884510*breaths in*[View]
19886339Beautiful Friday for a car wash. Anyone else keeping their baby’s clean today?[View]
19885582The Chad Fist: https://youtu.be/zHtzbtWcw14 Times are at the end. Even though the driver messed up i…[View]
19883588Subaru VS Chevy VS Mazda: Malibu/Impala VS Outback VS CX5? Several times a week I commute 45m-1hr on…[View]
19885018are crossovers really such a meme? for background I'm a single guy, I own a small house and I c…[View]
19884803I need to save for a car and have it by 12 months time, and oh boy, i'm fucking CLUELESS. I…[View]
19884721who /side mirror held with tape/ here?[View]
19883060Do they have these in America: Also Europe thread[View]
19883688Name my squad[View]
19880379Is the push start button the peak of automobile degeneracy? What kind of generation have we raised t…[View]
19877027>automatic only? WAAAAAAAAH IT SHOULD BE MANUAL! Be honest /o/, if they sold [that car] with a st…[View]
19885411Is this worth $20k?: I absolutely love the design and I'm ready to live with lack of tech but s…[View]

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