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18692834The fuck is the difference between an SUV and minivan?[View]
18693518What cars have the most of reliability and fun?[View]
18693750>5 years since I got my license >ok driver >never used a car again >tried again coupl…[View]
18690991Why would anyone spend over $100k on a Japanese super car when European super cars are superior?[View]
18693551Initial D moments: Thread about times where real street racing, drifting, or close calls happened. A…[View]
18688764I really want to import a Bedford Rascal. Am I disabled?[View]
18693475I got a stock 2005 dakota, 140k on it. I have 4 codes that showed up 1 day, the master brake cylinde…[View]
18687366How many days have passed since you put gas in your car? Is 11 days a good amount on a fill up befor…[View]
18679550Project Thread: What are you wrenching on over the three day weekend br/o/thers?[View]
18689602Bought a new car, what can I do to make it faster?[View]
18689954Buying a fleet vehicle: Currently looking at some f150’s, see one listed as a fleet vehicle. Is this…[View]
18691203Why did they stop making the Ford Scorpio? Last RWD European Ford.[View]
18693053My father-in-law's girlfriend has an 07 Infinity G35X. It's a 4 door with about 280,000 km…[View]
18693120Hello my name is Bob, im an independent internal combustion engine consumer. I must say, i can'…[View]
18692223>driving tester lulls you into smalltalk: >'everything will be fine bro, you'll doing fin…[View]
18692257Motorcycles: I need an air intake boot for my 82 Honda cm450a. What bikes could I salvage that part …[View]
18693062End Diversity: There should only be coupes and trucks and nothing in between.[View]
18687446>smart car >isn't very smart[View]
186931041972 Nova SS Clone: Hey br/o/s Any opinion on the valuation of this Nova? https://miami.craigslist.o…[View]
18692865Is anyone else determined to be rich and successful purely so they can own some of the cars we dream…[View]
18692003FWD Manual or RWD Automatic[View]
18691536>quick rundown 1. IS200 2000 >$$ >lowest mileage ~60k miles >manual 5speed 2. IS300 2004…[View]
18691984Califags: Alright bois, me and the wife are moving to San Diego. Any of you autists living out there…[View]
18690777ok bros i have my drivers test in a couple of hours. anything i should know? any tips? wish me luck…[View]
18692819Are all car salesmen psychopaths?: I was looking for a car today and the guy trying to coerce me was…[View]
18683305So tell me.... The average life of a Lithium Ion battery is 2-3 years. So how do we expect to have e…[View]
18692657so i just bought this, opinions? dont bully pls[View]
18689834i traded in my unreliable fun manual car that i loved for a reliable lease cvt and i want to die now…[View]
18675369/osg/ - Auto Sticker General: Auto Sticker General #334 Nothing personnel, kid Previous thread: >…[View]
18692652Is there a name for the style of headlights where they're situated in a black horizontal bar?[View]
18689604Have yall bought tires from sams club? I dont have a costco membership anymore so Im thinking of sam…[View]
18686168Porsche ruined the best part about the 911 with the upcoming 992[View]
18691738I was learning standard the other day. Sometimes in first I would floor it and never exceed 2k rpm, …[View]
18685466why is my car the only thing that makes me feel?[View]
18691242First car: I don't post on /o/ so sorry for fucking up your board but I was thinking of buying …[View]
18692391Dan Gurney: How do you feel about his passing?[View]
18685666I'm such a shit driver I am going to cause an accident very soon.[View]
18688648What's the car choice of Chad's?[View]
18688302Getting a 5spd '09 Rabbit this week lads Test drove one today and it was surprisingly fast and …[View]
18679467Why is this shit so fucking expensive?[View]
1868797880's>90's: I like my current ride, but I want a cheaper 80's car that i can blast …[View]
18691587>900 hp >1100 ft-lb torque >217 mph (350km/h) >Gold-insulated OHV Iron block V12 >RWD…[View]
18689123br/o/tha thread: ayo, all da chocolate brothas and mahagony sistas, all gods and earths, all dem mel…[View]
18690151>in Europe all the roads are perfectly flat, there are no speed limits, no import laws, no constr…[View]
18691437hi /o/ pic related 2010 volvo s40 2.4i 5 spd auto. 155k mileage, wonderful car. i would like to add …[View]
18691967What doe /o/ think of Initial D?[View]
18692174sup fell/o/s, help a nigga out im writing my thesis on specialistic language in motorsports tv relat…[View]
18687459What is better overall /o/? What is better in different uses? What cars are better that come with th…[View]
18691533What’s he best I can get for 6000$ in north west oregon? I need a new daily driver that runs s good …[View]
18691627Why is it wrong for the 370z to not be very different over the years if people love old cars? Why is…[View]
18689717You have $10k cash and are willing to finance an additional $5k, bringing your budget to $15k for a …[View]
18691903Driveclub Multiplayer: I know it's a videogame, but do people still play it online? My best fri…[View]
18691390>tfw buyers remorse[View]
18692073Hey /o/ I've been looking at this car for a while now and I don't know if it's someth…[View]
18691881will amazon finally extend their seasons to get closer to the 20 we had each year on bbc? also how d…[View]
18688714Honda Hell: Depending on how I handle this, I have a long list of issues to resolve so I made a sepa…[View]
18685289It’s out: The Red Bull RB14[View]
18691744Alignment isn’t happening: I’ve gone to a tech with five stars on Yelp three times, trying to get my…[View]
18691631Where is the cheapest place to get a clutch replaced? >mfw no garage[View]
18689072Classic cars, trucks and motorcycle paint schemes.: Post what youve got.[View]
18691520Hey I’m looking to buy my first bike you fucking cockhead faggots. I want a harley because I appreci…[View]
18690579>ywn hang out on a Friday night with your friends in a Japanese drift garage in the 2000s with yo…[View]
18685663Are CVTs the future?[View]
18682626If you had a 3D printer, what car would you 3D print?[View]
18688411Anon needs a new shitbox: >looking for a shitbox for month >spot this boat >https://nh.crai…[View]
18688711Post your interior rate others too My current, getting it on thursday[View]
18689919Fuck the rules, need help. Dad has perfect credit like 800+. im 19. Make 1500 a month at shit job bu…[View]
18691552I just got finished watching drive for the first time and I honestly couldn’t follow the story much …[View]
18688040Car bra paint damage?: Do car bras really damage the paint? how do you clean your car with one of t…[View]
18691206What's your opinion on this car? I'm thinking of getting one of these as my dd, for around…[View]
18688832>engines that aren't an LS[View]
18686206What engine is in this Datsun 510?[View]
18686146Maintenance Heaven: We all know that many cars are a maintenance hell. >breaks often >parts ar…[View]
18684148Why aren’t there more cars in this color? Also, post underrated car colors[View]
18690804are 4 wire pre cat and post cat sensors the same?[View]
18689396Looking to buy a fun second vehicle later this year, and an E39 540i seems interesting. I know the g…[View]
18688721Whats a good, comfortable, big sized (not big like Hummer but big on the inside, good head and legro…[View]
18688141>the LS engine is the god engine Umm, no sweetie. As an engine its completely characterless. It d…[View]
18682646This faggot has been illegally parking in our building’s private parking for 6 months. He used to pa…[View]
18691014Itasha: Why is this phenomenon such a cringefest when it wouldn't have to be? >tfw no Hellsi…[View]
18686890I'm in need of a first car. I've been wanting a 1983 Caprice Classic for the longest time.…[View]
18689381Volvo S70 T5: I am considering getting a Volvo V70 T5 as my first car. Should I do it? I live in the…[View]
18688895Would this be worth it to relive my glory days? I live over 1,500 miles away but that still makes it…[View]
18690983What are small things you do on your car to make it last /o/?? i just rubbed oil on all rust spots e…[View]
18690671$20k Australia - What to buy: What is the best sporty car around $20,000 or less here? >80,000km …[View]
18685514Tell my why i shouldnt get this car /o/ https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/southport/cars-vans-utes/vw-…[View]
18688937i present to you ladies and gentlemen the cheapest mustang in my country how hard is it and how much…[View]
18690888scirocco appreciation thread[View]
18687083>he does maintenance without Z87+ eye protection[View]
18690324Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo: Is this the best ford ever made? >reliable >fast >practical >rwd …[View]
18681229Oh No No No No No No No No Oh No[View]
18689392So /o/, as things are now, I should hopefully be driving a Ford Falcon BA XR6 Turbo by the end of th…[View]
18684866So what's the deal with the new 'Commodore'? Like, are they still secretive, or coming out very…[View]
18688081[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: Not all P Twins are bad edition. >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand…[View]
18686094What other thing do I need for my car?: Hey /o/ these are some of the supplies I'm getting for …[View]
18684316Land Speed Record Attempt: So long story short, I was being autistic and going Mach-Jesus down a woo…[View]
18690215Be on tinder Profile says >I really love cars especially holdens >Swipe left…[View]
18684030What do you drive? Post pics of your car(s) and talk to others about their rides![View]
18688191Rate my brz[View]
18690289So I'll have about 6k of disposable income in the summer. Tell me why I shouldn't drop it …[View]
18689556How the fuck does this GTR get absolutely walked on by a stock z06? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
18687237Am I doomed to always have my parents spouting I told you so whenever my shitbox starts acting up? …[View]
18682339hi /o/ i am an inexperinced 22 old boy who dosent know much about cars, my grandpa lleft me a 1988 F…[View]
18690243Quiz question about cars: Hey guys. This is a hint for trivia quiz. I need as much information about…[View]
18690225redpill me on the previous model Focus ST t. astraopcfag[View]
18684596Between an mx5 na, is300, and a GTS Celica; what would be the most fun/reliable car to grab that sti…[View]
18677807Craigslist thread: Found this https://parkersburg.craigslist.org/cto/d/04-legend-in-disguise/6471459…[View]
18689548is it weird that I love the looks of the 9th gen impala?[View]
18685553Buick Grand Nationals 1988: what kind of engine do you want to see in a Buick Grand National[View]
18679056JDM Thread: Military fag here moving to Okinawa soon. I've been saving for a JDM car to bring b…[View]
18686368I'm really tempted to buy a C-Class Wagon. I'm planning to keep it forever. Is it a good…[View]
18689503please: Is it normal that I have dreams buying a PT Cruiser, swapping in a v8 DOHC, boosting the shi…[View]
18688685Is this place a meme? Seems like they overprice stuff more than local dealers. Are they worth it?[View]
18688199What does /o/ think of this as a concept?[View]
18689245Alignment: My car has none of the signs of misalignment, but I just got new tires. Do I really need …[View]
18688232What's the best car to get me laid?[View]
186874172017 Buick Regal Turbo: So I've been car shopping and I had narrowed down my choice to a few 20…[View]
18689229whenever I see the car get shot by the harpoon I cringe. Do you feel the same way?[View]
18684534ITT: We post a song and anon guesses what car it's playing on atm: I'll start: Lynyrd Skyn…[View]
18687651what’s it like daily driving an uncommon car in a standout color (yellow, green, orange etc)[View]
18687775Why wypipo so racist? http://speedsociety.com/woman-outraged-at-confederate-flag-on-a-general-lee-a-…[View]
18688742Thoughts on pic related: Hey /o/ I'm trying to buy a car just to get me around and I might be a…[View]
18687339do generous anons still run VINs around here? WVWCR71K87W036351[View]
18688722this shit has to stop: why are they asking more than 400 bucks? my reverse gear failed in my dpdge c…[View]
18689323>>18687479 Doesn't the 4 wheel steering prelude handle better?[View]
18682795New Car: >parents won lottery >want to give me 15000 as a down payment for a new car, what sho…[View]
18681467The production cycle of the Focus RS, despite having only recently started, has already been announc…[View]
18687112ITT cars that nobody hates: can you ever go wrong with the 911?[View]
18675055/o/ problems: >be me >proud owner of 1992 stang' convertible, manual >restored it mys…[View]
18650292/hg/ 本田: Honda General >civic si edition Toyota Sister Thread >>>/o/tg Honda Chassis Cod…[View]
18688929Let's say you were making a stable 80k/yr, and had no plans for children or anything beyond a s…[View]
18686500How do you guys deal with being overwhelmed with a project? I’m in the middle of restoring my Fox Bo…[View]
18669717SHUT THE FUCK UP[View]
18688702*blocks your path*[View]
18688310*passes you*[View]
18688563I just got a used car and it has some shitty bumper stickers on it any tips on how to get them off?[View]
18688501What does your car sound like /o/?? mine sound a bit weird and its not even a diesel?? https://vocar…[View]
18683249chevy wins again, baybee[View]
18679720Why can't we do this in the U.S? Why does everybody need a 1 ton truck to tow the smallest trai…[View]
18676788That badge is the ugliest shit in the world! They should change it[View]
18686753>Live in Alaska >Cars are kind of expensive >Used cars are usually pretty beat up >Like …[View]
18687791E30 fixer upper: Hello I just bought this E30 This is what my post-purchase inspection came back wit…[View]
18687587Better than Subaru for Nova Scotia: Give me one reason not to go with Subaru Crosstrek here in Nova …[View]
18686442Chilton Login Expired: My Chilton Auto Library login isn't active anymore. I've had this l…[View]
18686317My mother is trying to get me to get a 2014 Kia Forte. I am not a fan of Kia at all cause personally…[View]
18688008CT emissions is retarded: I am looking for an answer to this potential loophole in CT emissions. I h…[View]
18681987Serious question Are E30s even that good? They're shilled on here all the time and I've be…[View]
18685708>changed my headlight bulbs today >going to change my air filter tomorrow Who here /wrenchin/?…[View]
18685168/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: 368lbs Leader Edition. >Motorcycle Shitposting & Clowning Knuckleh…[View]
18687585I've got a noisey bearing in my gearbox, how long do I have /o/?[View]
18687469just bought a '99 integra: let the hate commence[View]
18687687What's your favorite communist car?[View]
18687335Driving roads near Seattle / Bellevue / Kirkland area?: Any /o/tists from the Seattle, Bellevue, Kir…[View]
18687404Redpill me on the Chrysler 300M[View]
18682717Will Buick ever produce a car people want to buy again?[View]
18686125Why does my trukk accelerate faster as soon as it hits overdrive?[View]
18687029Noticed oil was low on dipstick so I scheduled appointment at dealer for oil change, as I was drivin…[View]
18683654Is this brand dead in America? I hardly see any VW's on the road.[View]
18686367I live in Florida, so if I don't regular use silicone spray on my trim and other plastic and ru…[View]
18686670>tfw no light, fun, NA 4 cyl cars anymore >tfw no fun cars period >it's difficult to g…[View]
18685515Ausfags, I'm seriously considering heading to an auction and buying an ex army land rover. Basi…[View]
18686498REV UP YOUR ENGINES!!!![View]
18687037JUST FUCKING END IT MATE: My fucking heads just got warped and the gasket is blown.[View]
18686547>tfw be European >searching for my first car >has to be small, lightweight, built past 2009…[View]
18687307the perfect car doesn't ex-[View]
18684558Mitsubishi Thread: Best cars from Mitsubishi? Currently have a 3g Eclipse and it’s been a great car,…[View]
18686964I downshifted and gunned it coming out of the corner, car oversteered into the curve and i grazed th…[View]
18684510why do american 'luxury' cars are so tacky? are they made for rap niggers?[View]
18687154Need some info on maintenance figures. I've got a fleet of work trucks and I want to make a spr…[View]
18687107Radio issue: So, my car has developed this annoying thing with the radio After around a 30 minute dr…[View]
18685978How the fuck do people drive stanced cars? My car is only lowered a few cm and it scrapes on some sp…[View]
18685072This kills Porsche purists[View]
18664705/CCG/ - Classic Car General: Lewd Gremlin edition Previous thread: >>18641708 Generic copypast…[View]
18684087What are other cherokee equivalents? -dime a dozen -fairly reliable -4x4[View]
18679881My neighbor just turned 51 and is having his midlife crisis so he bought himself a Mustang GT, the o…[View]
18686332Predict how I will be disappointed[View]
18685054Why doesn't GM make a dohc ls based engine? Even aftermarket companies make them http://www.mer…[View]
18685529F/o/xbody help: Anyone know if pic related is possible in a '91 with stock pullies? Blew like $…[View]
18685958Road trip around the globe: Which car would be the best for this kind of thing? I'm thinking an…[View]
18683749Not my fault: so the story goes >Working on car and notice oil leak >Not too worried about mix…[View]
18686705>(relatively) cheap >good on gas >easy to get in and out >tall riding position >unlik…[View]
18686864What was The Chief trying to show him /o/?[View]
18686630We all know what sort of cars we would buy if we came into serious money, $100 million or more, but …[View]
18686799>shift into 3rd gear >headlights go out for a few seconds…[View]
18686782Hey /o/ quick thing maybe you can advise me on? I need to get a new copy of my cars title but I reme…[View]
186845142012 Altima: So /o/ What can be done to my 2012 Altima to make it a better looking car. Not wanting …[View]
18686590Tyres: Greetings /o/. Just replaced my OEM tires with some WS80 Blizzaks. For the summer I went with…[View]
18686594Should you let your trubocharged engine idle for a couple of minutes after driving before turning of…[View]
18684015what an interior[View]
18686488How come most of the near unobtainium wagons can be found in such high concentration on the east coa…[View]
18685005Building my own vehicle?: So I want to build my own vehicle of some sort. motorcycle, trike, reverse…[View]
1868610590s track car: Hello /o/!! :D I'm wondering if it is a good idea to buy a car that was meant fo…[View]
18685163In the Netherlands you don't pay road tax if you're driving a car that's at least 40 …[View]
18678898> be mechanic > performing oil change > use torque gun on oil filter Nigger you fucking s…[View]
18677702Im gonna buy a new V6 regular cab Silverado. You mad bro?[View]
18685857>its another you're in the slow lane doing 15 above the limit yet stacy in her bmw with the …[View]
18683505my grandpa said I can have his car when he gets too old is it a good car? pic related[View]
18680867I fucking bought new rotors once, the car had done 200000km and rotors were $300 i think for the who…[View]
18681383>driving around the backroads in my shitbox >doing about 60 >some roastie with her face stu…[View]
186843302010 Mazda6 Troubleshooting: I have a 2010 mazda 6 ~92,000 miles. Recently the fan on my AC will not…[View]
18684874Would a 2013-2015 Accord Sport be a reliable car for 10 years of ownership? Only thing I'm worr…[View]
18681520ITT: shitty steering wheels: Post ugly ass steering wheels that look like pure fecal matter.[View]
18683052*snorkles all the air around you* nothin personell, goyim[View]
18686043>get my tax refund check >get in my car >it breaks down fuck…[View]
18685729Creepy smiling black Twingo blocking my way, what should I do /o/?[View]
18683732Could someone care to explain how the angry old many managed to not smash into Keisuke here?[View]
18678015Anyone like to save cool car Ads?[View]
18677777Driving music: What do you listen to while driving?[View]
18681441When will it get the skyactiv x engine?[View]
18685560AUSfag here, looking for a beater project. is this SUZUKI SWIFT a good car? https://www.gumtree.com.…[View]
18685539>total car newfag >like jap cars how do I not become a ricer?…[View]
18684620redline me on the civic for 3k meme[View]
18678626/org/ - off road general: /org/ no description edition[View]
18685363RB14: It's here! http://redbullracing.redbull.com[View]
18685134>order has been shipped >shipping label printed…[View]
18685461How much do diesel mechanics earn in straya? I googled it but those websites are never accurate, wha…[View]
18684320How did this happen? one of GM's fastest camaros ever got beaten by a minivan[View]
18685594Been riding manual for 5 years since I got my license. A week ago I bought my first automatic. Holy …[View]
18677512I'm looking at new sporty DDs under $30k. What should I get? -WRX: I don't like the four …[View]
18681232Cats under car's hood: Today I found out my fucking cats sometimes get under the hood of my car…[View]
18684995Would you buy a car completely stripped of features besides the drive train for a budget price? for …[View]
18685411>station wagon designed by Russell Carr – the current head of design at Lotus Cars >2.2 litre …[View]
18684691Is this normal? I keep getting a code for an MAF problem but I replaced it about 20k miles ago. I ch…[View]
18680184ITT: what cheap first car you'd advise your son to get, if you had one at driving age right now…[View]
18685346Should i go with my family to the clipsal 500?: as someone who has no interest in cars (with the exc…[View]
18685254Is the BMW M3 with competition package a good car?[View]
18681416>take a Lotus Elise >put a V8 in it >slap in a twin turbo >call it an 'American' superca…[View]
18684852You're at a stoplight waiting for the tree to drop, when a guy pulls up next to you on your rig…[View]
18677321Help Eruopean anons What NEW cars can you buy for 24 000$ or 19 500€? Im hungarian if it matters[View]
18685109This body kit: Pre 90s kits were fire[View]
18673834First Car: Hello guys, im going to have a drivers license soon, what car would you reccomend me? Max…[View]
18684833/Stance/: /Stance/ thread >What is this thread for? A thread to discuss, post, create, and review…[View]
18674802So I guess Sam Hyde is a car enthusiast? https://www.instagram.com/p/BfR7ZZDHa3q/[View]
18674108Thinking about buying a mustang. GT sounds better obviously and is genuine muscle but a 2.3L I4 putt…[View]
18683881Did Kevin really deserve to lose his license? His life is pretty much ruined. How is he supposed to …[View]
18683596I am being gifted a 2007 Nissan Sentra 2.0 with 150k miles. I know it is a piece of shit car. It nor…[View]
18684645so whats the deal with nightcore? dont know too much about these guys[View]
18682393KDM: The replacement for JDM: The Hyundai Genesis Coupe beats the Subaru BRZ/AE86 as the best entry …[View]
18678046Am I the only one who thinks HIDs were cooler than LEDs? HIDs are so much more unique than ubiquitou…[View]
18681710[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: /our country/ edition. >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand *Pragmati…[View]
18679755Looking to save up for the next year or two to buy my first car. I want something with a V8, rwd, re…[View]
18681021Who here is using a comfy fumoto drain oil valve? I change my oil every 3 months because I deliver p…[View]
18683566why is BMW building this instead of just copy-paste the proportions of the Model S? Would be much be…[View]
18680618post pretty pictures of cars[View]
18682913Do you ever sit in the passenger seat of your own car? What do you like to Do? Pic related: it…[View]
18678794Why are Infiniti cars (in general) so unpopular? They seem to make some pretty solid entry-level lux…[View]
18669438Sp/o/oky greentext thread: Has anyone had a spooky experience while driving?[View]
18681904Hey /o/, Central FLfag here. I’m looking at a 3-5 year old Lexus or Infiniti and these guys keep pop…[View]
18674773*blocks your path*[View]
186802041.- Your favourite brand 2.- Why does EcoBoost triggers you so much I'll start >Ford/Kawasak…[View]
18678817What’s the best car show on the internet and why is it Roadkill?[View]
18680998https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDARTAeISzk >tfw no stock, unmolested, 90s turbo sports car to th…[View]
18683482How does one deal with speedbumps while living the stancebro alternative lifestyle? https://www.yout…[View]
18677683Just bought my first car, help me name her: 1990 325iS, cardinal on white. Need a name. Go[View]
18683649Whats your ideal next car? (Template can be found on Microsoft Word)[View]
18683955Insurance and Registration: My dad bought a shitbox and its been sitting in our driveway for months …[View]
18679272Vin thread: Can any br/o/s check out this vin for me? 1NXBR32E53Z123830 Also general vin thread.…[View]
18681911Name your favorite and least favorite things about the car(s) you own 2003 G35 sedan >Favorite: …[View]
18683048Low-balling: What should I offer this guy when I check it out tomorrow? https://baltimore.craigslist…[View]
18682217Why are there no TOHC engines?[View]
18683136Let's have a vintage cozy /o/ feels thread. When I was a kid, my godfather drove around a sick…[View]
18683069https://www.wired.com/story/gas-tax-vmt-toll-road/ Its time for people to get in the fucking oven.…[View]
18679972ITT: fun cars that get great fuel mileage: GO! Pic related (mines a TDI)[View]
18682612>live in rented condo with off street parking only >city made it illegal to do maintenance on…[View]
18683982I know this isn't the usual /g/ thread, but I'm in the market for a car stereo. I want to …[View]
18682171W211 VS A4 B7 Avant: What is /o/‘s opinion on both? I want either the 220cdi or the 2.0tdi, any reli…[View]
18679226I am fucking obsessed with the LS 400.: Does anyone on /o/ own one? What is it like to own an exampl…[View]
18681778How do I come to terms with the fact I'm a bad driver? >crashed my car twice and I'm on…[View]
18675611>https://www.topgear.com/car-news/usa/fight-corvette-zr1-beats-ford-gts-lap-record is ford retard…[View]
18682967>shift gears >elbow bumps into passenger's arm why does this anger me so…[View]
18683839bad thing about a convertible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZugqcBgis8[View]
18681826>40,000 dollars for a miata in canuckistan why do (((they))) do this[View]
18683520why should i keep my recent car if i have to drive on these roads every fucking day? whether it…[View]
18683754how can i tell if I put my spare on backwards? i put a donut on my car on friday since the wheel was…[View]
18676970Saab 900: Anyone ever own, drive, or otherwise work with the Saab 900? First gen primarily, but seco…[View]
18683334*loses to pushrod*[View]
18682042Why are cars so reliable?[View]
18683299I live in Ontardio and I want to take the G test on a manual car. I'm an older student (26) and…[View]
18681679i may be a yuro, but the snek will always be my love[View]
18683464Long Distance Road Races: Long Distance Racing general. Gumball, 2904, LeMons Rally, etc. What races…[View]
18679496>tfw 23 without rich parents so can’t afford a RS3[View]
18683086Listen up Auto I need a van for starting up a carpet fitting business. Preferably under £3k if possi…[View]
18678915So your car got written off and you are in the market for a new one. You don't have any specifi…[View]
18683342Hey /o/, I started noticing some really small rust spots forming on my car. Surprisingly its ONLY on…[View]
18672246/ovg/ - Fictional circuit Edition: Previous Thread: >>18659692 Our Wiki will answer every ques…[View]
18677585What is the most emasculating car? Basically I want to sit in a car that sissifies me so much I woul…[View]
18681649>ywn own a manual Saab 9-5 feels bad man[View]
18681733Why do German automakers struggle with FF? Somehow they're worse to work on and are less reliab…[View]
18682915POV thread: post POV CAR videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awUuZowABDw[View]
18683070britfags: is there a method to check if you have been caught speeding? besides the obvious waiting f…[View]
18679458i'm in my early 20s and just got in a fender bender with another car. my insurance is saying it…[View]
18682415What's up /o/ I just got my first real adult job after graduating college and I am looking for …[View]
18681893Used car - DEU/EUR EDITION: Hi anons, I am looking to buy a used car in Germany. I have looked at th…[View]
18682090Show me a cooler car design >protip: you cant[View]
18680227DIY Paintjob: Has /o/ ever painted a car? My project car got a really bad rattle can job so I looked…[View]
18675246Unpopular opinions.: >ITT unpopular car related opinions. Automatic is superior to manual in ever…[View]
186803563-piece front ends: What's with these 3-piece front ends that more and more cars are having now…[View]
18681569Takumi’d my Integra GS-R into a telephone pole last night. Any idea how much it would cost to swap t…[View]
18681529/skoda general/: Is Skoda the most boring car manufacturer? /skoda general/[View]
18681351This car is the proof that Rotary is absolutely the best motor for racing. Instead these morons cuck…[View]
18682600Alright cup time for /o/ vs /gd/. Get in this m8s. Stream on smashcast should be first you see.[View]
18682050Cylinder Heads.: What’s up /o? I’m having the hardest damn time trying to figure out what sbc heads …[View]
18681615So it's like a C5 Corvette, but with more weight, less power, BMW reliability, and is over trip…[View]
18676808What decade had the best styles?[View]
18682507Jags: Are Jaguars a cunt to own/daily? I want to get a 07 XJ8 LWB cause they look sexy.[View]
18682479Dealership stop servicing your car?: Hey guys I take my sedan to the dealership to maintain its serv…[View]
18679025Is there such a thing as 'shitbox magic'?[View]
18675022What's wrong with 3 cylinders?[View]
18681662*tap tap tap tap* *tap tap tap tap* *tap tap tap tap*[View]
18676554I have a crush on this car and saving up to buy it will it be a good decision?[View]
186787112000 Lexus LS400: Hey /o/, I have a weird problem with my LS. Every once in a while the speedo and t…[View]
18681908Why does no one talk about this truck anymore?[View]
18678674Thoughts on 2014+ IS 350s?: Sup /o/, I'm looking into getting this car. I've driven it wh…[View]
18681687I should just stay the fuck away, right?[View]
18671278Bride, Recaro, Sparco, or Corbeau?[View]
18679266Thinking about buying a 1993 325i. The guy selling it claims it runs. Either looking to scrap it or …[View]
18679130*blocks your path*[View]
18681505Is there any reason to own a sedan over a wagon (assuming the cars are identical in other ways), asi…[View]
18679571[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: >We will never live in a parallel world where clean 2t has been inve…[View]
18673721FWD+Auto=FUN: What are the absolute funnest cars to drive that come with an automatic transmission a…[View]
18679080i own a car. ask me anything[View]
18681326ITT Cruiser Cars[View]
18681006what does /o/ feel about episode 10's coverage of SUV's being shit in every way?[View]
18681550I want to get a backup camera for my vehicle. Anything that is mostly or by some miracle entirely wi…[View]
18681428>there are some people born in 2002 that now have a driving license.[View]
18678833Is the GTI a soyboy car?[View]
18681173Ausfag here, should i buy this car? i seen it posted a lot on /o/ lately and it seems a perfect reli…[View]
18677162We all know of Singer and their 911s. If you were given an unlimited budget, what car from years an…[View]
18677870Cars owned exclusively by assholes: Cars that (without exception) are owned by assholes.[View]
18677513Is there a better car culture than saudi arabian drifting? >Protip: There isn't. Arabs can m…[View]
18678327I think for 2018 car this looks fucking classy[View]
18680808Pick one and why.[View]
18677102has anyone on here ever bought a car from a police auction?[View]
18680857Googles take leap to elimination of human drivers: Google got full government approval to launch a c…[View]
18674987Mazda is extending life of Gas engines: Every auto maker is jumping ship and running towards soul le…[View]
18681300Did you know in Australia it is cheaper to buy a good condition MK IV supra than a GT86/BRZ?[View]
18680654where is the best place to get spoon for my civic?[View]
18681185Toyota Yaris eastern europe: Have a week to decide if I'll be getting a yaris. Can get the 1.5 …[View]
18678680Best Burger Car: What is the most aesthetically pleasing and luxurious American made car company? an…[View]
18680367can i tow a 31ft gulf stream trailer with a 2003 ram 1500 5.7l hemi?i dont know how much the trailer…[View]
18679391Could my dryer win Le Mans?[View]
18676106>electronics ruined ca-[View]
18678823Best Car Seat Material? +Cozy Interior Thread: I don't know how obvious the answer to this is b…[View]
18678994FUCKING WHEN???? WHEN????????[View]
18679528best taste in the world?: FLORIDA MAN https://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-Alfa-Romeo-4C/173097712614?epid=…[View]
18680860Did this car win toyota le mans title?[View]
18680138Why the fuck is busta rhymes in a landcruiser in his video clip instead of an escalaide? Lmao >Be…[View]
18664547Rotary General: All things to do with rotary engines and rotary powered cars, piston engines need no…[View]
18675363Opinion on the Lotus Exige?[View]
18680759owner says she runs good but battery keeps dying. other then that she is solid. 90k miles 1993 7k us…[View]
18680302What is with the obsession with changing oil: Every 10k with full synthetic, FRAM filters say they…[View]
18680136I'd like some information if someone can explain to an idiot who hasn't owned a car but is…[View]
18678332FUCK My Ford Edge 2015 keeps saying 'Navigation Fault, please see touch screen' I look at the touch …[View]
18678683/mg/ Miata General: About to go check out this bad boy wish me luck.[View]
18680663Can somebody help me with a vin number? i need to check the pictures of this car because i can barel…[View]
18674591How do you get rid of your used motor oil? I just dump it in the gutter or sometimes, I will dump it…[View]
18679285Garage Game: >you have 10 points >need to choose one daily, one weekend and one track car >…[View]
18671583Tesla Roadster 2020's ass is pretty sublime.[View]
186805162013 FRS for $13k CAD, worth it?: 2013 Frs 55k miles Car has has some ricey bits like plasti dip in…[View]
18674561I net about 16$k a month american. What should I lease? Im thinking about waiting for the new supra,…[View]
18679674Carmax employees get in here...: Green Stories encouraged. Share your employee stories, or buying /s…[View]
18680411>movie set in the late 1960s >nowhere to run starts playing…[View]
18679402Commonwhores: What are the best commonwhores for the price you pay for them? also general holden th…[View]
18674756feels thread: What entry level car on the market today has the best 'feels'? For the purpo…[View]
18677911Realistically speaking, how would one go about turning his car into one giant vibrator with the pres…[View]
18679476Best first car.: Hello /o/. I'm 18 years old and have around 20k to buy a first car with. The m…[View]
18672708ITT: Your Car's Theme Song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yg23r_0L0ik[View]
18679225who else here likes to go for a 300km - 400km afternoon cruise once or twice each week? it gives me …[View]
18677326Post a more Old-money vehicle Pro-tip: you can't[View]
18676968Hey everybody. My back right rotor and brake pad is worn to hell. All my other brakes are slotted ce…[View]
18679361tell me why is it good looking GM cars like the roadmaster from the 80s-90s have extremely shit reli…[View]
18677724>tfw ywn own a mint condition Suzuki Swift GTI[View]
18679508I'm going on a short roadtrip this weekend, and basically every direct route takes me through a…[View]
186783132001 buick century: Hi /o/, I'm helping my relative shop for a new used car and I came across t…[View]
18679317O really? No through traffic? Well fuck your sign, if I think I'm local I'm driving throug…[View]
18679560I have a 2006 Eclipse 2.4L 4cyl with 226k miles. The previous owner took fantastic care so it hadn…[View]
18658153>Gimme yo keys What do you do?[View]
18676173[Daily Bike Thread] - /dbt/: Over 200 horsepower edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand *Pra…[View]
18676412How high can you safely rev a gasoline engine when it's cold? I usually stay below 2k for the f…[View]
18677897What's the deal with these? They're cheap as fuck and come with turbos and 6speeds. Should…[View]
18672151'redpill' me on fwd? I'm obsessed with owning a light rwd car but due to my financial situation…[View]
18678800i'll probably be getting a t5 s40 tomorrow or monday am i a faggot?[View]
18677042>F-150 >MSRP: From $27,610 >Silverado >MSRP: From $28,300 How can companies keep getting…[View]
18678384*Craigslist I Know What I Have Edition. Yu Wot M8 KEK*: https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/d/19…[View]
18678369Terrible Drivers: American Edition: Why are white women in SUVs/crossovers and white 'men' in lifted…[View]
18677591I bought a standard car with 5 years and roughly ≈35k on the timing belt. Recommended interval is 5 …[View]
18669800What's the most practical car for daily driving with pop up headlights?[View]
18677179traded in my 2006 Mustang for a 2015 Certified Optima SX last night. explain to me how badly i fuck…[View]
18676279Mid Night Club Thread: So the Mid Night Club article is written by this one dude named Steve R Neill…[View]
18678759When you get a Mercedes and realise you can't crash it.[View]
18677926I want to buy a mini cooper for the low price, but I think a Tesla would be good because of the whol…[View]
18677970Do You have any parking bros? I always park between abandoned camper van and a big ass scrap truck a…[View]
18677960What's the chance of this car being seen on the street and not being hidden in some truck on it…[View]
18676467>any non-Porsche 6 cylinder[View]
18678132Favorite car modifications?: What are your favorite car modifications / additions that really improv…[View]
18678206Hey /o/ an Audi tech told me running an open down pipe on my turbocharged car will still mess up the…[View]
18671474Can we summon the pepe car painter or is he long gone Post your cars you want pepe'd[View]
18677781Can bad rear shocks make a car vibrate like an off balance tire?[View]
18678768Want to see rhe rims on black: I bough one of this in white. Just wanted to see the rims on black. T…[View]
18678765Cars that were ruined by YouTube comments: I'll start: >Nissan GT-R…[View]
18677441New driver fears.: I got my car and license about 4 months ago. I drive to work and back only. I sti…[View]
18640521QTDDTOT: I used to have a blue early 90s Legacy wagon, it was huge and bigger than my 99 Legacy. One…[View]

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