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19326769What does /o/ think of pic related?[View]
19326852name one reason why it shouldn't be a $1000 ticket for parking over the line oh wait you can…[View]
19324822Why are women naturally terrible at driving?[View]
19325987Miata general What is the bare minimum one would have to do to an NA 1.8 cost wise to be able to bea…[View]
19326033Who has the fastest pass on a steelbody?[View]
19326285Pic not related, but how do I make a drag car street legal again? I'm looking at a Camaro that …[View]
19326538>tfw cleaning undercarriage This is hell.[View]
19326548first time on /auto/ im about to inherit a 92 Gol like pic related, is it a good car or should i jus…[View]
19326650Can someone help me find the OEM parts number for this green part on my motorcycle? I think it'…[View]
19326254>tfw been driving Coupes all your life and you want to get a 4 door >But you just can't a…[View]
19326388How do you figure out your rpm after you've removed the needle? I don't know what idle rpm…[View]
19326223Poorfag here. >4x4 trucc >one day >hard downshift when going uphill, felt it right on the d…[View]
19325706Oil pan won't stop leaking: Leak on rear main side. 99% sure it isn't the seal or the reta…[View]
19324696https://youtu.be/tRlq3mSMtYo >Jaguar I-Pace BTFO by the tesla duo OH NO NO NO NO…[View]
19324322Can a Toyota be luxury?[View]
19317040Emblems: From a purely aesthetic sense, what are your favorite and least favorite emblems? I don…[View]
19326321gimme sumfin goooooooooooood[View]
19326078Superchargers and Turbochargers: Suppose I wanted to put a supercharger or Turbocharger on any given…[View]
19326114Is there a single more overrated vehicle in automotive history?[View]
19325233Thoughts on the Citroen BX? There's a BX GTi for sale about 70 miles from me. The 8 valve versi…[View]
19326094>this was the original dodge logo what could they possibly be up to i wonder?…[View]
19324760The best vehicle combo is a midsize truck for utility and a motorcycle for fun. Sports cars are gay.…[View]
19325547Would you buy a Chinese car?[View]
19325733I am going to paint the wheel on my 1980 datsun 720 Pic related is my current setup. Wanted suggesti…[View]
19300859QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: QTDDTOT Didn't see one in the cat…[View]
19325609What's the point of this? >wrangler goes offroad >cherokee goes onroad >grand cherokee…[View]
19316202Silvia S12: tell me about the CA18ET powered Silvia S12 please.[View]
19313615post a better car to btfo nips on the toegay >pro tip you can't[View]
19325328daily reminder that while you're being a good boi and going the speed limit bikers are taking t…[View]
19325428Time for a game of fuck marry kill /o/ edition.[View]
19325639Need help with 350sbc in a 1995 k1500: Hey /o/ Im having trouble with my truck. The past month or so…[View]
19321290AC HELP!: So my AC compressor clutch was not engaging, no cold air, so i jumped it with the papercli…[View]
19324789CAR AUDIO: How do I go about refreshing my stock car audio? Im getting an aftermarket HU installed s…[View]
19324049When's the last time you SeaFoam®ed your car, /o/?[View]
19324589This might be a stupid question that doesnt deserve its own thread. But when I think about its not s…[View]
19325422How hard is it to drift without a limited slip/locking differential?[View]
19323205Why are 3rd gen Mazda 3 owners the worst. Mazda 3 owners are so cucked by Mazda 'Zoom Zoom' marketin…[View]
19321189>TFW you will never live during the golden age of japanese togue[View]
19321736>highway is above ground and has tall soundproof walls so you can't see traffic >you driv…[View]
19325454Noob reading: I might inherit some classic cars, but I have no experience in auto repair. What does …[View]
19325306Help with my no crank no start BMW 325i. I put the fob in the ignition and it recognizes is and all …[View]
19324667Custom Bikes: Post, discuss, daydream, fantasy build, etc custom motorycles.[View]
19320735The fuck. How does that even work? So like the car will automatically decide if the gas is gas or br…[View]
19325254which one guiz https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/moose-jaw/2015-chevrolet-silverado-1500/135788014…[View]
19325174Follow up for >>19321349 I just got back from a body shop. They said the bumper needs replaced…[View]
19324926>/o/ tells me to get wheel cleaner to remove brake dust >get wheel cleaner from autozone (megu…[View]
19324134obscure cars and brands: Post some. I probably wouldnt have known such a car even existed, had it no…[View]
19321558What car is the king of FF?[View]
19324360Learning how to drive through games: What are the best driving games to master before going for the …[View]
19320792God tier SUVs[View]
19319633WOW! What a FUN car![View]
19324507the corvette c5? its a hot little car, you know what? i think i might need to fuck this car[View]
19323687Debris in spark plug well: I was trying to change my spark plugs in my Corolla and one of the spark …[View]
19322794https://youtu.be/NoOi8_xvjIU Soooo... are miatas basketball american cars now? At least NAs and NBs?[View]
19323128I just went out to my car to get something and when I opened the door I realized there are dozens an…[View]
19324539Hello /o/ I have recently purchased a small, cheap, shitty but new bike. One of my motivations was t…[View]
19324571Cameras: I wonder where are all the cameras for? Maybe it's exclusive to the Netherlands but th…[View]
19320064Idk shit about Nissans: So I've recently bought a 2002 altima, it needs struts/shocks all aroun…[View]
19324320What does /o/ thinks of the toyota avanza?[View]
19316791I'm seriously considering buying a new WRX but it seems to get a lot of hate on this board. Wit…[View]
19324744jaguar spotted: why is there tape on wheel well[View]
193242121991 NSX: Finally at the point in my life where I can afford a more expensive car. I've always …[View]
19324729Vin check: Vin check thread? 2C3CDXDT5DH632089 My old car that got flooded. Just curious where it’s …[View]
19320962New CT5 Escala breathes[View]
19322892Are Lamborghinis actually good cars or are they just overpriced flashy shitboxes?[View]
19323019It was disaponting to track down the people who worked for autosalon magazine on social media and fi…[View]
19321096BMW & Mercedes on suicide watch![View]
19324557>driving 80's shitbox at day break >encounter riced civic with clearly no tasteful mods …[View]
19310289Post legendary cars[View]
19323034How's modern VW reliability? Is it expensive/difficult to keep a new vw running in America?[View]
19321979Just destroyed my car after getting a new job across town. What do? Kill self?[View]
19324306This chad comes and slaps your twingo's ass at the Nürburgring. What do?[View]
19324155Quick question /o/ What are popular cars over in European countries? I'm an American, and I see…[View]
19320884Cars of /o/: > trucks allowed > maybe motorcycles I’ll start, pic related…[View]
19324053i just drove the new m8 faggots whats up[View]
19322629R8 V10 vs Lamborghini Gallardo: Which do you choose and why?[View]
19324482Honda CRX del Sol 1.6: Hey anons, I am looking to buy a car for about 2000 euros (Romania). I'v…[View]
19317405Post your car's pre-production expo concept, if it had one.[View]
19323934Okay /o/ which one of these hatchback for a daily driver? A5 v i420 v Stinger 2.0 Honestly I like th…[View]
19324169I finally did it /o/. I was ripping it on my 08 Ninja zx6r and tried to do a wheelie at a stop light…[View]
19316660/ovg/ - Multi-Class Racing Edition: Welcome to Auto Vidya General Previous Thread: >>19309924 …[View]
19320900What car should i get if i want to attract a qt like pic related?[View]
19322155Bugatti EB110SS: Is this the thinking man's Bugatti?[View]
19323545Been thinking about a Preowned Mustang: So, I've been craving a Mustang for a while (aiming for…[View]
19323732>compared to a large majority of other new sedans the CTS-V looks really good with its angular bo…[View]
19323974E90 M3: This can be had for less than 17k >414hp >one of the most reliable BMW platform >no…[View]
19323826Are you GM guys happy to finally have the venerable Chevy Blazer returning as a Lexus?[View]
19323835whats a fun weekend and maybe the odd track day car for Australia and NZ I've looked at the sta…[View]
19323871Hey anons, I want to buy a cheap but good small car. Any recommendations? I really don't want t…[View]
19324021SPEAKERS HELP ME: 1st yr apprentice reporting in tried doing my first speaker installed and now I ge…[View]
19316020You have no legally defensible reason why you would be opposed to having law enforcement overrides b…[View]
19318578Is there any vehicle absolutely bonkers that I can buy similar to the wienermobile in the US?[View]
19319794Car faces thread: Does everyone see Alfa's like this? That's beside the point, car faces t…[View]
19318629*crashes infront of your house and totals your most valued shitbox* how would you react /o/? https:/…[View]
19323330Catalytic Converter: So anons, I noticed recently that my 2001 ford focus has had issues with accele…[View]
19323539What's your experiances buying damaged cars? I'm on Coparts right now and somthing like th…[View]
19312656/Miata General/ Touge Edition.[View]
19323686How would teslacucks ever recover? https://electrek.co/2018/06/22/elon-musk-considers-crowdsourcing…[View]
19320740Soi my ride: ITT automotive legends turned into the perfect soiboy transport.[View]
19295133Recent pics thread: Post the most recent pic of your car and rate.[View]
19322966Is mudding on the side of a backroad illegal. Had a cop give me a reckless driving ticket and he cal…[View]
19323750I found a cheap, good condition NA SW20 that I'd like to buy, but I really want a turbo. Is it …[View]
19322016McLaren: Why do McLaren's depreciate so quickly? Are they garbage or something?[View]
19320824Dream cars: Post 'em. The holy pinnacle of cars. No scrubs.[View]
19323102Cars that are 'slow': I'll start... torqueiest little mf from Korea[View]
19316289>that car you saw and instantly liked/wanted >research prices and determine financial viabilit…[View]
19323405I'm getting a starlet soon as a fun road/track car will i be able to push 200-250 whp with sto…[View]
19320668post your sleeper or dream sleeper[View]
19321967How many model 3s have you seen? In NJ I keep seeing more and more pop up[View]
19320524who here /sip and drive/?[View]
19323440What are some manufacturers that have 'racing heritage?'[View]
19318487*blocks your path*[View]
19308201Saab thread: What's /o/'s opinion on Saabs?[View]
19323290Why do girls pretend to like racing?[View]
19321098Helo, were are the 7 seater breads? :DD[View]
19322883Top gear: Is watching every episode of top gear enough education on cars and car mechanics? At least…[View]
19323321$500 did i do good?[View]
19320516So what is this thing? A volvo. I want to say so but not sure.[View]
19321365Hell/o/, it's been a minute since I've lurked around here. How does /o/ feel about 4 cylin…[View]
19317921Why hasn't anyone come up with a dial shift standard? you select which gear you want and it ele…[View]
19319508Find a hatchback other than the 308 that has a better interior than this.[View]
19309474Do girls talk about our cars when we are not around?[View]
19321852/saturn/ general: Who /saturn/ here? Don't be shy, come out and post.[View]
19320245Will any electric vehicle outsell Tesla? Yeah there are going to be dozens of new EVs by 2020 but wi…[View]
19323172I can't believe it! Toyota has outFUNed themselves! They've made a more FUN car than the 8…[View]
19316448Is pic related a bad choice?[View]
19320960I've read my car's manual front to back and checked the quick reference guide but I haven…[View]
19320071Toyota Century Thread: Why isn't this sold in the NA market? I like this thing so do a lot of …[View]
19312619If you buy a pickup, why the fuck anyone would ever get anything besides a full size American made s…[View]
19317342Can someone explain mirror tunnel optics and projection headlamps to me? i haven't been able to…[View]
19319338i have a question about bmw reliability. are 2.5l 6 cyl engines as good and as durable as 3.0l 6 cyl…[View]
19322526Garage thread? Garage thread.[View]
19317800What color should I paint this shitbox?: I have a USDM Toyota Corolla GTS. I bought when it was a PO…[View]
19320557Abandoned Car in NYS: Alright /o/ how do I get an abandoned car in NYS under my name. I have found a…[View]
19321498How much does it cost to own and maintain an audi A4? Are they just memes? Talking about the 2001 1.…[View]
19313384Differential Discussion: Have a quick and simple question. My 350z HR 6MT has an open diff and was w…[View]
19316693Why are they heavily disincentivizing driving? Never ending gas and vehicle tax increases, modificat…[View]
19322072Car related apparel: So, do you guys have any of these? I'm curious to see what /o/tists wear. …[View]
19320379Oh mighty detectives of O: Can you figure out this VIN JN1CZ06SXDX703617 , which is for '83 Dat…[View]
19321840I’m looking for help: I’m trying to find a family car that we owned for a very long time. I can’t tr…[View]
19320955is Vtec a kind of turbo? explain to me like I'm retarded please.[View]
19322306>tfw can't lower my car because there's these bad boys on every second corner…[View]
19321163I want to buy a Corrdao SLC...talk me out of it.: They seem to be at the bottom of their value curve…[View]
19322604I'm pretty new to driving. Is it just me or are older manuals easier to drive? Spent some time …[View]
19322381Just finishing up with a purchase of pic related, a 2015 Impreza hatchback base model, what can I ex…[View]
19321981Now that digital gauge clusters and HUDs are a thing, can we please STOP putting those fucking table…[View]
19321141Hey /o/, I'm in the market for a luxury or near-luxury sedan for less than $35k. Not looking fo…[View]
19319153I'm a grill and thinking of buy new car. Is this good car? Das ist gut auto?[View]
19322154Stop liking Pagani.[View]
19322208Does the late 70's-80s wood-paneled 'everything's a shade of brown' aesthetic appeal to yo…[View]
19317244Daily reminder that Fourth,Fifth and Final stage had objectively better eurobeat than the earlier sh…[View]
19322408What's the best what's the best 50 cc scooter that I can upgrade[View]
19320996Emissions Test: Anyone in Southern Ontario who runs a Drive Clean garage want to help me pass emissi…[View]
19322290So guys, my car actually had FAKE speakers, in the back, and im pretty sure this is how my car was m…[View]
19322207What is the worst car I can buy for a minimum of $100,000? Asking for a friend.[View]
19315360Are Alfa Romeo's still plagued with reliability problems? They look nice[View]
19321349>driving on highway >see something in center lane up ahead >casually move to the right lane…[View]
19311581What's your driving quirk? For me, I can't help but grind my teeth and it bugs the shit ou…[View]
19321210>browsing used cars on craigslist while listening to deja vu[View]
19318503ID this car please.: Can someone help me identify this car? I can't remember where I saw it or …[View]
19321537/fa/g/ here looking for a truck, or a SUV, or something I can carry a bunch of stuff and occasionall…[View]
19320335Dear Ohio Drivers: Why the fuck can 95% of you Fuckeyes not drive like a normal human being? Why do …[View]
19321376Huh. TIL Recaro makes child safety seats in addition to their track seats. This made me realize that…[View]
19321803is there a better system than this for controlling your infotainment system? >scrollwheel >tou…[View]
19321866hey i was wondering what kind of car this may be ?[View]
19317276[Daily BMW Thread - /dbt/]: Bavarian tradition edition. >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand *Prag…[View]
19320446What wheels are those?: Can't track them down. any help fellow o enthusiasts. they look like Bo…[View]
19321243Whats this???: Hey guys back again, really appreciate all the help! I found where my oil leak is com…[View]
19320758Friendly reminder this Toyota Corolla will beat a R35 GTR like the AE86 beat the R32 Skyline in Init…[View]
19320754>when people with tooth shaped grills and fake gold rims move into my neighborhood…[View]
19312982Can we talk about the new Volvo S60? 1. It's no longer going to be made in China >Volvo’s ne…[View]
19319053New Volvo S60: >m-muh Chinese Volvo MADE IN USA With Ford and others shutting down sedans, Volvo …[View]
19320574>2 hour driving lesson >forgot to put deoderant on >he scooted away from me…[View]
19321007today, my Williams turned 25 I love this car so much, lads[View]
19319738>be 18 year old neet uk >doing driving lessons >shouted at by driving instructor to learn t…[View]
19320678Can I switch out a D16Y8 engine in my 1997 honda civic Ex for a B18 2000 honda civic, if so can I pu…[View]
19321155Imagine thinking there's a reason to own any other car[View]
19321181i have a 2002 v70 it has a LPT turbo about 200hp it has an intake, downpipe and exhaust already. i …[View]
19318622I can't make my mind up one way or another. Do you guys think it's theoretically possible …[View]
19320883Is it possible to grow your car-centric IG without being a fuccboi: I'm trying to curate my IG …[View]
19319595Driver's Roads in New England: Where are good driving roads in the NE? I'm going on a dest…[View]
19315493What does it cost the rest of /o to refuel?[View]
19320881What's the best car to get pussy, for under 20k used? a) Lifted truck b) Stanced BMW c) ???[View]
19319923Cummins cleaning thoughts Hello /o/ After 10 years of having my 1996 7.3l I sold it at 572k miles. …[View]
19313960do cars today still have a 'nationality'? as in are hondas designed and built in the US, still japan…[View]
19320789>interior of a street car has pointless aesthetic carbon fiber bits[View]
19320161>Chevrolet has today announced that Corvette Racing will compete in the fifth round of the FIA Wo…[View]
19317101>Mom just bought a 2007 Nissan Sentra. Will she be alright lads?[View]
19320802Cars that have aged well by aged i mean >widebody&wang[View]
19308734With gas price back near all time highs do you regret not buying a Prius?[View]
19314622What do (You) understand by 'tasteful' car mods[View]
19318437Wrangler Help: I’ve got this wrangler, I want to buy and it has a few rust spots with this area on t…[View]
19317450The blazer is now a mom crossover[View]
19320309Thoughts on the new Blazer???[View]
19298475/osg/ - Auto Sticker General: Auto Sticker General #367 Notori is a scammer menz Previous thread: …[View]
19320339So I'm looking for newer sport cars to buy around 15k. I've looked into the Civic si, frs,…[View]
19320079The blazer is now a crossover.... WHAT IS LIFE?!: >When Chevy announces the Blazer >It’s gonna…[View]
19319588How come some cars don't have these?[View]
19318876Should auto insurers be allowed to adjust their rates based on the policyholder's race? IMHO, …[View]
19317567Are huge front tires just a band-aid for cars with bad handling?[View]
19320078What cars are basedashit??[View]
19314439If you're above 10 and still have a 'dream car' then you gotta grow up.[View]
19311485How do I deal with tailgaters without getting in trouble myself? Can I slam my brakes on to either s…[View]
19317328Want to buy exotic vehicles and flip them to China: How do I contact a buyer and figure out which ca…[View]
19318358*laps you*[View]
19314555GT-R R33 stolen 2 days after buying: So I have been savings for the last 8 years or so to get myself…[View]
19319687Is it worth the upgrade to get the 2.5 skyactiv over the 2.0 on the mazda 3? Also general mazda thre…[View]
19318195why hasnt anyone made an engine in the shape of a sphere with pistons all around it? there's a …[View]
19315582What went wrong?[View]
19319455now this is pretty epic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7k-lPPf1SM[View]
19269585/hg/ 本田: Honda General >custom exhaust edition Toyota Sister Thread >>>/o/tg Honda Chasi…[View]
19315702What does /o/ think of the Nissan Skyline/Infiniti G[View]
19319462Gonna buy a plug-in hybrid next week, since my old diesel is dying and I got cucked by diesel bans i…[View]
19320072Craigslist Thread? Just found /pol/ trying to sell his car.[View]
19302270/CCG/ - Classic Car General: /CCG/ - Classic Car General Absolutely Classical edition >Cars are c…[View]
19318045>raining >At stoplight >Fish tail and spin out when it turns green Why does the V8 have t…[View]
19311157Normiefag question: How much do I need to know about cars to own one of these? Is it something that…[View]
19315801what is the most no-nonsense car in the market today (new cars only)?[View]
19317814I have an E92 328i. I know it isnt worth putting a lot of money into, but I have 4 years of college …[View]
19319150>$800 for an ash tray how does Bentley do it bros[View]
19318589Is Volvo now a luxury brand? How do the swedes compare to the japanese and the germans?[View]
19317813>supercars like the 720S, Ford GT, NSX, Huracan Performante, and 488 GTB have fat 305+ rear tires…[View]
19316437We hard working Mexicans like to eat in the van and take 4 parking spaces. Adios[View]
19303195Toyota's Le man win and Gazoo Racing concept: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyFQVZ2h0V8 D…[View]
19319418Racing games: First things First, yes I am a poor pleb. I can't afford next gen, my PC sucks a…[View]
19315736ITT: We post our favourite cars and anons tell us what good taste we have il start.[View]
19319288what the fuck[View]
19319629Electronic Power Steering: I just disabled my cars electronic power stering (by unplugging it). It…[View]
19319143>what's the matter brother? Scared of your sisters tight ass?[View]
19302910>1985 AW11 MR2 base 140hp >1992 W20 GTS turbo 220hp I really prefer the looks of the AW11, but…[View]
19314593>check mirror >nothing >check side mirrors >nothing >time to make a right >turn …[View]
19316972/8SG/ - 80s Shitbox General: Previous Thread >>19278746 Let's make this a tradition. Lets…[View]
19316691What do you think about this 2018 Alfa?: small windows like most others now but still sleek as fuck…[View]
19319027I randomly made this mashup while being autistic. But the synchronicity is too good. http://youtube…[View]
19318633My abarth is making a weird noise: Everytime I turn my car off it makes a squealing noise. Anyone kn…[View]
19319303I have 2 grippy tires and 2 shitty chinese ones Where should I put the grippy ones to eliminate unde…[View]
19314730for the longest time i thought a mid/rear engine layout was the best shit. That and DOHC, turbos, ca…[View]
19317809The near future dystopia of the Electric Agenda: >Police! Open up! >We have a warrant to searc…[View]
19317677Dreams made and crushed: Hey /o/. Just bought my first car, 05 RX8 with 56k miles, In manual. I can…[View]
19319222Nissan Silvia S13: I was checking my Nissan Silvia compliance plate and I noticed that it says my ve…[View]
19319250High mileage advice: My main source of trans is a 2001 GMC pickup with over 332,000 miles on it. It …[View]
19319197for your enjoyment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imzsyBgfT7c[View]
19318064I have $2500 saved for a car, I can sell some shit for maybe another grand. Should I try and work w…[View]
19318499CVPI worth buying?: Hello /o/. First post here. So recently, I've been wanting to buy a CVPI. I…[View]
19318791Hayabusa thread: Who has that pic of the custom hayabusa with the katanas on it? I've been look…[View]
19315375Got a used car recently and I can’t get the cigarette smell the previous owner left out. Any tips?[View]
19318700>loud lifter tick when car starts[View]
19318235Window Tint: Hello /o/ I am getting window tint soon. I want to get 5% all around and leave the wind…[View]
19317223single guy car: What's a good 2 door coupe or convertible for a single guy that will impress th…[View]
19318851What is this kind of hitch connection called? How do I connect this to a 2 inch receiver?[View]
19294182Well, I'm waiting.[View]
19318540Oil Pressure Light: Hey /o/, my oil pressure light just came on on my JDM B18C swapped GSR that I ju…[View]
19318362Kino Street Vids: Is there a more kino street drifting/racing video than this? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
19318547>want a project car >anything that is cheap is only usable for a vin >anything expensive is…[View]
19318562Why does every car I use in GT Sport jerk and stutter when u accelerate? I'm not torturing the …[View]
19318497>Single/successful/dumb as fuck >Thinking of buying a 71 detroit diesel and dropping it in a 3…[View]
19260988Washington /o/ meet: It's that time again WHAT? Driving on shitty roads at slow speeds WHERE? I…[View]
19318105Hey /o/ I was thinking about picking up this 1982 Datsun 280zx from some fag on Craigslist. I don…[View]
19316761ONE TWO THREE FOUR[View]
19318393Where to buy engine?: i need a 4.3L vortec v6 engine for a 99 blazer. where can i buy one? and what …[View]
19316463Why is it called XD? Are you suppose to laugh while driving it?[View]
19316231Car Accesories: What kind of (emergency) accesories/tools do you carry in your vehicle all the time?…[View]
19317248what if ikea made a car?[View]
19312701Maintenance thread: What has /o/ been fixing lately? My car has been making some creaking noises as …[View]
19316179>I'm a retard What VW is this?[View]
19314654Need urgent help.: so basically the story is my 04 legacy gt completely fucked out, i was driving al…[View]
19315678*blox your parking space*[View]
19315130Sup br/o/s i really want a job in the automotive world but i feel its too late for me. Im already ma…[View]
19317468GDI: How often should I clean the intake valves on a GDI engine? I have an Optima I want to do it on…[View]
19317313Why don't you have a new car yet, son? You don't even have a house, you should at least be…[View]
19302502Elon Musk emails employees about 'extensive and damaging sabotage' by employee: https://ww…[View]
19317854What's the plural of chassis?[View]
19316725Alright /o/, should I pull the invest the money and clean my own car at home meme or take my car to …[View]
19305796Normalfags have dream cars but true /o/tists have dream shitboxes. Post yours.[View]
19315656Japanese Rotary Drama - ル・マンへ熱き涙を: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_b9vEFYxDs This documentary / dr…[View]
19315250Mini Cooper S: Is it a meme?[View]
19310713>sports car >automatic transmission only I'm tired of this meme. People who put performan…[View]
19314315Will people ever learn that taking away everyones outlet is gonna cause more reactions? Jesus fuck. …[View]
19316126>wish car culture was as vibrant in my part of europe as in america >70% of the scene here are…[View]
19314326Why do boomers do this?[View]
19290515/ORG/ - Off Road General: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=2389619 https://discord.gg/SenfAyU http:…[View]
19316055Learning standard: $1500 Miata vs $3800 mr2 What should I get, /o?[View]
19312215Post Le Mans-Winning Cars: I'll start.[View]
19316763If the dealer had the car running when I came to look at it, are they trying to hide something?[View]
19306247Would you help someone jump start their battery? Some poor guy asked me today, but I had to decline …[View]
19316741New car for my mom: Sup /o Eurofag here. Looking for a replacement car for my mom. Currently she is …[View]
19316477Craigslist Thread: post your craigslist finds what do you think about this one?[View]
19317057Vintage, well-kept Benz drivers are superior people. Discuss[View]
19311325When is the right time to buy a 'new' shitbox?[View]
19313320Are they running out of names for cars?[View]
19316925Which car can be summed up as an automotive dab?[View]
19316603Why does /o/ argue over Corvette vs Ford GT vs Nismo when the GT2 has curbstomped all 3 of them for …[View]
19316966ITT: POV snow drifting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65jZfuYnxXc https://youtu.be/Y_hMhfhpq-I…[View]
19316449https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Walflye0RQ8: here is my toyota[View]
19313018Has anyone here owned a z31? I have always admired them and was thinking about getting one. What are…[View]
19314156[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: [ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/ Cute edition …[View]
19315438Turo: Anyone rented a car through Turo before? I've got a trip coming up and am thinking about …[View]
19316647My mom traded her car in that she owned (no car payments) for one that she now makes car payments on…[View]
19316210Automotive design: So br/o/s, what do you think of my design?[View]
19314750Daily Mechanic/Technician Shitposting Thread: Fire up that Oil Creep. Today's topic: Having a t…[View]
19313865Rotary general /rg/ Brap edition[View]
19310232I need suggestions to name a road rally. Any ideas?[View]
19316596Carvana: What's /o/'s thoughts on this business, is it worth using at all?[View]
19313826Tell me why would I regret taking out the spare tire for w8 savings and replacing it with a can of t…[View]
19314284Trying to find the total production number for Mercury Ln7. Can anyone recommend any resources? Poss…[View]
19307034Post some post-90s wheels that aren’t complete trash. Can be oem, or aftermarket.[View]
19314901Aventador SVJ: What if the leaked SVJ is a hybrid? In this spy shot the exhaust is up high so the th…[View]
19316445Sweet steelies thread? I was just watching the movie China Syndrome featuring a nice 2002 on steel w…[View]
19315043Quick question: What's a good, reliable car for 200-250$/month I don't know anything about…[View]
19312526Are battery powered EVs just a stop gap measure until we can build decent hydrogen fueled engines? L…[View]
19314568How do you parallel park on a steep hill?[View]
19314623This is more FUN than a Miata![View]
19307553What car would you get for each annual salary?: After taxes, that is. >10k (NEETbux) - >25k - …[View]
19315365Some car makers have never been more retarded then right now, they try to make their car a fucking s…[View]
19301315why are pre-2000 volvos so fucking cheap? (in yurop at least) I want to buy one but I don't kno…[View]
19315923if mazda engine is so good, why not add an electric motor to make it even better? surely toyota will…[View]
19316271Toughest traffic laws in the country[View]
19313846ask a guy who just bought this anythjing: xr trim cheers fellas[View]
19309924/ovg/ - Forza Horizon edition: Welcome to Auto Vidya General Previous Thread: >>19296048 disco…[View]
19315787FUCKING JOGGERS! (Pedestrians) > Just drove home from work > almost home > 30 km/h speed-li…[View]
19315623The automotive equivalent of wearing a Minions t-shirt?: I’ve started seeing these on the road. I’m …[View]
19314694Why is this?: BMW fans: Yes! Amazing! Back to form for BMW TOYOTA fags: Booo! Its shit! Hisss! How c…[View]
19305342What the fuck happened to Kilmers channel?: It's nothing but stupid clickbait now[View]
19311178ITT: we pretend it's 2040[View]
19309538Hey /o/tomans, I am looking for a new shit box car, mainly looking at the Volvo V70 >What I am an…[View]
19315636I've failed my driving test five times so recently purchased a hatchback thinking the smaller l…[View]
19314170NA Miata vs new GT86: Having a surprisingly hard time deciding between these two cars, help sway me …[View]
19292602Wtf happened to my car[View]
19315754Imagine spending this much money ricing the fuck out of an autotragic smart car. https://www.youtube…[View]
19315775*ruins your roadhead*[View]
19314370Gook a shit: 9:44 nurburgring time[View]
19312212Embarrassing Lap Times: Imagine having 2 more cylinders and 100hp extra and still losing[View]
19310816an old audi tt (2010), or a brand new ford focus? the audi makes my pee pee go hard, but I get the i…[View]
19315748Where can I get a new nitto low pro for the low? Got a lump on my sidewall somehow[View]
19313441>must see cash in hand for test drive[View]
19312799tire shops: Best/worst experiences with tire & wheel retailers? Which is your usual go-to? >b…[View]
19304864Which song make you drive faster?[View]
19314988Which car should I rent: >Jaguar F Type >Chevy Camaro >Subaru WRX >Tesla Model 3 Help me…[View]
19309347what's the point of a boxer 4 when an inline 4 makes more power with less weight?[View]
19313487>wake up >remember that my obscure early 90s 'sporty' car will eventually be 'discovered' and …[View]
19313974Best music for driving with traffic? Completely stationary, stop-and-go or just dense traffic that f…[View]
19315266Why are car guys always so salty? https://jalopnik.com/this-patent-rendering-of-an-8-series-gran-cou…[View]
19314234Is this the objectively worst new car in its price point? I challenge you to give me something simil…[View]
19312885Pls lower my celsior /o/ I suck at shooping. My coilovers are delayed[View]
19315388Nissan Skyline R32: Would you buy this car? From what I can tell a grade R car in japan isn't n…[View]
19307518how not to spend your money: ITT: expesive shitboxes[View]
19315238rate my new shitbox: So I just picked up this '96 Eclipse RS. the thing isn't perfect but …[View]
19315191stop fawning over cars you don't have[View]
19315063how bad of an idea is it to bike a motorcycle: WITHOUT A TITLE OFF CRAIGSLIST? it wont be my main me…[View]
19311730Does anyone else find it funny that European car manufacturers have spent generations trying to make…[View]
19314491Should I swap my car? I've been offered to what I have >2007 VZ SS Thunder ute (pic) 6.0 L98…[View]
19312013>half a mil for a v6 fucking kek[View]
19313013Tell me something guys...: So I'm heading to Boston tomorrow to visit some friends and wanna kn…[View]
19302501Things your first car would say to you today.[View]
19311127How long until this thing depreciates to half its MSRP?[View]
19314453I have a beast astra opel, from 1998. And I dislike the og radio without aux let alone usb. I wanna …[View]
19306825What are the next 3 things you plan/need to do to your car?[View]
19300394>the most beautiful car ever made[View]
19314732Is anyone a bike mechanic here? Do you like it? Is it different? I'm considering going for a …[View]
19314664What's /o/ thoughts on the skid factory ? Recent video on the Barra swapped van looks amazing[View]
19313090Hello, /o/ this is my very first post here. I live in Seattle, Wa. I bought a scooter/moped. 250cc …[View]
19311774Fart cans: What does /o/ think of fart cans? Would you ever put one on your car?[View]
19314059What is your car's turning radius? 9.6m here[View]
19314561They know: https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/car-technology/a21631664/porsche-invests-in-rimac-a…[View]
19313603Sad /o/ Cringe: >Be 10, late winter 2007 >Sister in High School, Junior year, already went thr…[View]
19307794Got my second ticket in the last 6 months today so just ordered pic related. Only set me back $200. …[View]
19312960How do you go from this...[View]
19314345its dead, at least we had fun with it before it died.[View]
19307174When did car design/aesthetics go to shit? >I say the mid to late 90's…[View]
19311085How many 2.5 liter V6 engines would it take to equal the energy output of the sun for 1 second?[View]
19311758You may not like it, but this is what the peak automobile looks like.[View]
19311955Convince me not to get one.[View]
19313949Running Car on 2 YEAR OLD GAS!!!: So I recently put a new engine in my 06' Pontiac Vibe that…[View]
19312879Vin check thread: Saw this Porsche 928s and I wanna check the vin but dont wanna pay the money to se…[View]
19308672Would it be ideal to throw some saddle bags and a windshield on a scout/60, shadow, vulcan 650, iron…[View]
19310809https://insidemazda.mazdausa.com/press-release/2019-mx-5-miata-packs-punch-features/: >181hp (+26…[View]
19311672was this the worst type r?[View]
19313947How much would it cost me to import a clean twingo?[View]
19304153Scooter bros in paradise edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand *Pragmatism >Motorcycle Q…[View]
19311777Should I buy this Jeep Wrangler? 180k miles, back end has been rebuilt. Owner wants 10k for it. Plea…[View]
19313294whats the difference between going fast slow and going fast fast?[View]
19313483What exactly makes a car 'fun to drive' I get examples like the MX-5, Challenger, and the Camaro.[View]
19310661The absolute state of jeep ownership.[View]
19309928Which one handles better /o/?: Assuming both were as powerful as each other, and you spend the same …[View]
19312025Rebuilt title yes/no?: I'm buying my first car(I've driven my parent's cars in the pa…[View]
1931321930 year old boomer says:: 'nice shitbox'[View]
19311200>Do you let other people eat in your car?[View]
19312843how come the corvette outperforms shitty cars like the ford gt¿[View]
19313485Help with becoming a sales rep for BMW: Well I was working at Nissan for 2 months but since NissanUS…[View]
19313295Why do modern “sports cars” typically come with tires with a large rim and a small sidewalk tire, wh…[View]
193126922019 Honda Insight: >$22,830 MSRP >55 City, 49 Highway MPG (51/49 Touring) >Honda Reliabili…[View]
19307290I'm putting together a team...[View]
19312827Who else has bitched out on their asking price when someone haggles with you over a car you're …[View]
19313270Lexus es300 2000: So my cat (exhaust manifold) is on the way out, does it make sense to replace it, …[View]
19307243GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND!: alright fuccboi, give me your wallet and your car keys. Dont be a hero…[View]
19308925What is a real car thats cyberpunk? Or a car u can modify into a cyber punk style? i feel like cyber…[View]
19309840>riced out brz pulls up >casually smoke him in my fatass 2003 impala >can't even beat …[View]
19313167First car as a definite shitbox: Is it a good idea (coming from /o/) to have the first car you'…[View]
19313240>He uses a standalone GPS in 2018[View]
19310113What car is this?[View]
19313358Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with Copart? It seems almost too good to be true I’ve seen…[View]
19308036Road test in 2 weeks, first car: Pic related Corvette for $14K USD I make $50K a year so I can affor…[View]
19308374>Live in worst case Ontario >buy trucc >Manual calls for timing belt replacement every 90k …[View]
19306757Best toegay in the world.[View]
19312715i think someone used the wrong picture[View]
19311543>go to pass someone on a single lane road in my slow car >die from a head on collision because…[View]
19311212Burgers: The absolute state of North America![View]
19312060any of you have experience as lube technicians? should i apply to be one? i have no professional aut…[View]
19300789Why are fords so fucking ugly[View]
19309697engines: i don't know anything about engines. is it feasible that in the future there will be v…[View]
19312119Fuel pump issues?: My car is an 05 mazda 6, i noticed some hesitation when taking off from redlights…[View]
19306066Is this the video that ended the debate on which cars were stronger? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
19302822Does water injection adds power or just cools air?: An old boomer but confirmed F1 and Indycar engin…[View]
19312572Have you fondled your dookie cube's feminine benis today, anon?[View]
19312550What is the orient bambino 3 of cars?[View]
19311503Will it go into production?[View]

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