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18064016I’m totally in love with the Nissan Figaro and I’m considering getting one. I know a JDM importer ga…[View]
18058674What's a good first car for a broke ass college student? I want something cheap I can learn mec…[View]
18064489My 2005 gmc 1500 has shit its last brick and its truck shopping time. Gmc i bought for 26k new and d…[View]
18037566ITT : Spec Out Your Favorite New Car And Post Here[View]
18054452>almost winter >still only have custom rims and nitto low profile tires Whats the cheapest pl…[View]
18063609Caddy: 2014 CTS i4 turbo Luxury >30k miles >$23k dosh Pros? Cons? >I really like the stylin…[View]
18057937>'He's gotta have 2000 horsepower in that thing!' >'Try 3000!' >'Try five.' How did Do…[View]
18062661Why WAT?: Which retard came up with such a retarded name? You band of autists couldn't come up …[View]
18062102***FOR SALE X-34 3000 CREDITS OBO*** Selling my x-34 landspeeder!!! Hate to see her go but I need ca…[View]
18057515What does /o/ think about minivans? Are they gay?[View]
18059890so /o/ I recently bought an sw20 turbo with 120k miles in good condition. I want to increase the whp…[View]
18053842HONDA PRELUDE: Redpill me about 5th Gen Prelude[View]
18063864JEEP WRANGLER: I'm looking into buying a Jeep Wrangler 2011, a little below 64 thousand miles. …[View]
18062155>eww, anon, that thing is a monstrosity that shouldn't even be on our street…[View]
18060361Hey /o/ hope you're having a great day, I'd appreciate any feedback >Sorry for the para…[View]
180571602017/18 Vanquish S: >$300,000+ Car Steering wheel straight out of 90's econoboxes Center con…[View]
18058541Alright, former neet attempting to be normal here. Are cars basically just something for rich people…[View]
18063900Boomer Appreciation Thread: >boomer steps out of his 500,000 dollar classic and walks into a 50…[View]
18062869ELI5 carbon fibre to me, real vs fake etc: I think I get some of the basics. Performance or aestheti…[View]
18042117Bad Youtube channels.[View]
18063405I knowe using air conditioning uses up gas in a car. But what about just blowing air on you without …[View]
18061027Worst car of all time? For me, it has to be the Peugeot 205 Rallye[View]
18062601Am I the only one who doesn't like the Hellcat whine? I'm more into guttural growl.[View]
18061661What vehicle is best suited to your occupation?[View]
180514202018 Accord Touring 1.5 demo unit just came in Thoughts?[View]
18059319Explain yourself: You have thirty seconds to explain why you don't already drive a C230K. >S…[View]
18061337Odometer: >hunting >only got sedan cus poor >logging roads have tons of rocks and branches …[View]
18057331Any body else replace their shift knob to something else? Pic related is mine.[View]
18063593>no leg room[View]
18051957Have you ever seen another /o/tter irl? Saw this boi outside my college campus, refused to race me.[View]
18063481Is there a name for the kind of car I want? >midsize pickup truck or body on frame SUV >sightl…[View]
18061275Found this spot on my door sill, i've never noticed it. It's a 17 year old car so I'm…[View]
18055570>bought 2016 civic only a month ago >have loved it every day I drove it >went to the mazda …[View]
18063179>cruising down the highway in neutral >around 60m/h >decide to go into gear and do the pull…[View]
18047254The people's car of /o/ - the beggining: You have decided, our car: >compact >liftback …[View]
18061186Guys, I work in a newspaper and we are interviewing José Muñoz, Chief Performance Officer and chairm…[View]
18063136Is this kin/o/? Thinking about renting it tonight.[View]
18062189Best used car for about $15k with low miles (20k-50k) newer than 2010?[View]
18062716Have to take my car to a collision center for repairs otherwise the other guy's insurance wont …[View]
18059733Legit question: I live in Reno, NV. Does anyone living here (or close by) want to start a car show? …[View]
18059660Craigslist car thread: Post your finds.[View]
18051126>Tfw women drive vehicles with 3x more hp than our shitboxes. Why even live Bros?…[View]
18062773I just got a car thats my first RWD and something with some decent power to it Someone red pill me o…[View]
18052371What's the best balance of 'fuck yeah 80s sports car' and gas mileage at a not-horrible price? …[View]
18059794The hurricane cars are just starting to roll into Copart. Almost 50% of the inventory for a lot of b…[View]
18055756Growing up: What the fuck happened. I've always lusted for japanese sportscars in the line of S…[View]
18061807I fixed it guys[View]
18061727discuss: Is there a formula for how much money you should spend on a car? How many month's pay …[View]
18057925Car feels like the entire rear axle jerks: 2001 Ford Mustang >accelerate >feel as if the ent…[View]
18060692Should I buy an early year (98-00) E46 323i with around 180k miles? There are a lot of them for sale…[View]
18058142ferrari kit car, worth it?: On a scale of bootleg/10 how fake does this kit car look? Car has a ford…[View]
18062469>selling car for X price >get a message >'i give you (75% less than your asking price)' …[View]
18054989tfw will unironically board a bus at 7am tomorrow[View]
18062211What went wrong?[View]
18056065Is it a good deal?: Only 70k miles, perfect conditition, only one owner., is this 150hp c220 sport c…[View]
18061445Weeb car ad/poster thread: Hey br/o/s im planning to print these for my wall. Do you have any more h…[View]
18060757need help identifying this car, any help would be greatly appreciated.... forget about this pic and …[View]
18062336>these will be illegal in our lifetime[View]
18057576/DBT/ - daily bean thread: forced memes edition >bean Questions & Answers >bean Tips &…[View]
18061977Potential Dealership Scam: >looking for used car, decide go to a few dealers last night to get a …[View]
18061061>tfw for once peugeot makes product placement in an american movie >it's a kino…[View]
18060720How come MG midgets never made it past the 80's: They're 1600lbs of European bitchin.…[View]
18059161Hey guys, what's the general opinion on the 2017 Camaro RS? I have an opportunity to lease one …[View]
18060759We all know of the Singer 911 as a re-imagined masterpiece of the old Porsche Carrera, but it should…[View]
18051405Do you have that 'one' song you listen to while driving that gets you pumped more than any…[View]
18060330Is there any 'honor' in waiting to buy a car until I can afford an electric one, so I can say 'I…[View]
18060978Toyota careena: What do you guys think about the Toyota Carina, the 1994 version? I have an autistic…[View]
18061438So sometimes I go on car sales sites and sort by 'price descending' for shits and giggles, but today…[View]
18061180I'm thinking of buying this https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/penticton/1995-mitsubishi-minic…[View]
18046064Project: JDM Dorifto: Looking to change the name of the game. Want to get a shortlist of potential t…[View]
18061871All you guys are posting are slow pieces of shit...i can smoke the fuck out of these in my 1994 EG h…[View]
18061282Cold Fuel Induction Kit: It's 2017 lads, why haven't you installed this one simple mod yet…[View]
18061419First gen Mini Cooper S / R53: I have three reliable Japanese cars that cover the gamut from daily d…[View]
18061881Where can I buy those?[View]
18060092cuck me on the Elantra GT Sport >one of the cheapest in it's class >hyundai warranty >…[View]
18061783Anybody know what this is? I've been cleaning out my parents basement, and I think it's an…[View]
18061355In Search of the Perfect Family Mover: Hey guys, looking for some input. I know my way around cars, …[View]
18057353Sup o I recently tinted my 07 prius, pic related, that's my car. What are some mods worth doin…[View]
18052230In a turbo car, could you redirect the air coming out of the blow off valve when closed throttle int…[View]
18061201>not driving a Honda or a Toyota[View]
18060612Holden Appreciation Thread: Chevy's Aussie cousin is far superior. You've never truely dri…[View]
18060081Why are you poor fags not making six figures? It is so easy and takes less than 5 years. >aviatio…[View]
18058487Honda Super Cubs ( and other underbone bikes): Anyone ever ride or own one of these? Aesthetically l…[View]
18057181NC Miata a shit: Daily reminder that the NC is not a real Miata and if you drive one without removin…[View]
18055290>300hp >Toyota reliability >quad exhausts Is this car flawless?…[View]
18058992Stop it. Who is this?[View]
18061280cars today could be getting well over 60-70mpg but thanks to the epa, governments and big oil that…[View]
18056097a nice sanswich: OC[View]
18061249>x.y Liter >x.y isn't the oil capacity…[View]
18061086Nissan GTR Successor: With Crypto booming, I might finally be able to go to lambo land. Except I don…[View]
18049209Daily reminder that while you're getting a ticket for 15 over bikers can go as fast as they wan…[View]
18060489E30 320i: I've looked at an e30 320i 88 for sale. The car is ruff with a few spots of rust, a s…[View]
18059290GM 14 bolt rear end problems: let it be known that I do not know very much about differentials befor…[View]
18059363First car: Buying this as first car tomorrow. 170k miles and recently smogged. Everything is workin…[View]
180585912016 Lincoln MKZ - 3.6l engine option and technology package >$23k with 52k miles VS 2014 Cadilla…[View]
18059644Got a question for ya, /o/. I'm lookin for a vehicle that is reasonably fast(under 7 seconds or…[View]
18060727Are 2018 shitboxes worth thinking about for anybody? Talking about things like the Civic, Elantra, C…[View]
18059566WTF: I go to put leak stop in my fucking 2002 Taurus and find this. An open fucking home in my crank…[View]
18060487Uber Driver Wannabe: So guys I want to start Uber and would like to know what is the cheapest/recomm…[View]
18051067How would you fix Nissan?[View]
18059834I have now officially seen everything this cruel world has to offer.[View]
18058253cursed images: cursed images[View]
18060141What do Corvettes mean by this?[View]
180556502 sticks?: Boys can someone explain to my why the absolute fuck this Triton has two gear sticks? I…[View]
18060015So I'm thinking about picking up a really cheap honda civic, I'm talking 1500 or less and …[View]
18049824Just did this to my car today: /o/ is this going to hold up?? Mechanic friend told me that it would …[View]
18059970What are some d/o/pe campers that can be got in the US? Also camper car thread[View]
18060245>mr2 supercharged >morning on the canyon >thin ice patches everywhere >rippin it to the …[View]
18059351Why does subaru stand out so much but blend in so well? >offers a flat 4, they even offer a flat …[View]
18060209Chevy Sonic: Thoughts on the Chevy Sonic? Want something small, very easy to park and drive in conge…[View]
18059892How do I buy a used car without getting burned? >inb4 sticky -- it just tells you what model and …[View]
18059481Alright, here's my car famabam anons.: Bought Saturday. Never been a Honda fan, but Ive always …[View]
18055824Do guys really get /o/ girls numbers like this? it was pretty cringey desu[View]
18059008>racing stripe is a zero-cost option for 2018 Mustangs in Canada Usually you have to pay 1k+ for …[View]
18053415School me on Subaru /o/: How are old Subaru's /o/? I heard about them but know too much about t…[View]
18048870>lifted truck starts tailgating you how does /o/ react?[View]
18059746Do you think some form of motorsport could make it to the Olympics?[View]
18060075T. Boomers starting to complain about Holden shutting down.: They insult any Japanese or foriegn car…[View]
18059150Is this the solution to our hate of big touchscreens while still having interiors that are appealing…[View]
18058939What are the cheapest cars in decent condition that are fun to drive in your area? Beater civics and…[View]
180598011st stage had some mildly unbelievable shit and convenient occurrences, but everything after the eng…[View]
18052534/ovg/ - Bill Elliot Edition: Previous Thread: >>18042368 Our Wiki will answer every question y…[View]
18054888>25 years old with no license because massive loser >took 4 lessons this summer, instructor s…[View]
18058896Baby on the way so I need an actual car. I work for volvo so I get a decent discount, but toyota is …[View]
18059665Driving home from work Going 50 in a 35 and a cop car is ahead. He sees me and flashes lights. Than …[View]
18059655Filing integra key: My (((buddy))) gave me an integra key that supposedly works on my 1997 accord sp…[View]
18053008Who's the purest car YouTuber?[View]
18059095Troubleshooting 99 Toyota Camry: So this is my sister's car. Story: >sister driving down the…[View]
18055281ITT; /o/ virgin vs chad memes[View]
18054496How terrible is this french turd?[View]
18057134So I've been looking at getting myself a Jeep Liberty from anywhere in between 2004 - 2009. Mai…[View]
18057704Cost of cutting car key?: Need some advice /o/ I have a Honda Civic 2008 Sedan, I have my old car ke…[View]
18057575Hello /o/ can you help me identify this car?[View]
18053519What if you drove a British Leyland car?[View]
18057521Sauce Spot General: Does /o/'s car have a sauce space? This one is a real life saver. Now I do …[View]
18057960Does cranking the engine generate enough force to lubricate the entire engine? Or does the oil pump …[View]
18059182I'm currently in the market for a good mountain/ski car. My budget is around 15K, and I'd …[View]
18058445A Tesla Model 3 has been delivered to a furry. What a time to be alive[View]
18059136Alpina general[View]
18059254does anyone have a picture of the convertible Aston Martin Vanquish S with the roll bars up? There a…[View]
18059208Question regarding inspection in Arizona? I live in NY and have been considering moving to Phoenix. …[View]
18059219>Already dislike Tesla, but go to their website to see just how expensive they can get >See th…[View]
18058989Where to start?: Ive been finding myself be more interested in cars and more specifically fixing and…[View]
18059119Future classic shitbox?[View]
18056185instead of making one engine drive all four wheels, why not have two engines that drive each pair?[View]
18059006Why do upper casts allow it to touch their property?[View]
18057398RBV: Rbv = Ranger based vehicle. Never see any on here. The best years are 1990-97 ford ranger. 1990…[View]
18058919Hey /o/. Just picked up my new tractor, how do you like it?[View]
18054752>suicidal thoughts are getting worse >don't want anything to happen to my cars help me /o…[View]
18045313Car accessories thread?: What kind of car accessories do you have in your car or outside it? I'…[View]
18055074why do people do shit like this?[View]
18058799Just finished my tune for a GT2871R, rate my datalog[View]
18053757F-body general: So I'm selling my jeep and overhauling my old firebird, my question is can I tu…[View]
18054024TIRES!: How much does warranty on tires typically cost? How much are you willing to pay?[View]
18053950Fresh leak: So I just had my car's oil changed from conventional to synthetic as that's wh…[View]
18056312E34 or E38 for a project-to-DD?[View]
18058425What the fuck is this from a car?[View]
18049755are 1-man car restoration projects just a meme?[View]
18048104I really want a Celica (2002~2005), not got much cash, but was wondering what kinds of things to wat…[View]
18051924oil catch can: so do these actually work? I mean putting that vented blow by into the air intake se…[View]
18053546If you were 16 again and got to choose your first car, what car would you choose?[View]
18058174Is Project: JDM Dorifto dead? He deleted his tumblr and his Twitter[View]
18058141Never came into /o/ before. I had a question and figured you guys would know the answer? Long story …[View]
18056401Do you like linear or punch in your back at 5k rpm acceleration?[View]
18056612Gauges / Cockpit / Dash Thread: Post your cockpit. Comfiest wins.[View]
18057656What year does this bike look like it's from?[View]
18053398>buy the world's greatest car >never drive it >not even once Why is this allowed? http…[View]
18057452Hi fags, /k/ here. What's a good off-road capable bike that doesn't look like a dildo? Jap…[View]
18056327Will cars like this ever truly become classics like 60s Mustangs? I just can't see it...[View]
18057949Hot hatches sub 4500Eu: What hot hatches do you reccomend buying in Europe. Price up to 4500 (could …[View]
18050608How much would it cost to order a bespoke Rolls-Royce asking for every piece of interior plastic to …[View]
18057975ITT: sellers/situations to avoid: a woman is selling the car a teenager is selling the car a paki i…[View]
18057699Mitsubishi Eclipse 1994: Should I get this first gen Eclipse? Can't really find info on the car…[View]
18044943where is the two car thread?[View]
18056602Okay /o/ Let's cut through all the bullshit. I got a steal of a deal. I have a 1997 Honda Civic…[View]
18057256I'm looking between getting a accent, polp(not really), civic, corolla or Mazda 3, generally an…[View]
18052813I bought a Toyota 4runner but I'm thinking maybe I should have bought a Tundra. What would make…[View]
18054235how do you keep your cds in your car from being damaged from the heat?[View]
18053809Need Some Auto Help On f150 (manual) brother started the project of changing the clutch assembly, fl…[View]
18051606Turning 30 Feel like I'm losing it. Planning on buying a new truck, also want an 80s Mercedes t…[View]
18051005ここって日本人俺意外にいる?: 俺はまぁrom専だけど[View]
18053343Best car ever[View]
18057460Can any of you people help me find Supersport motorcycles on deep web[View]
18053530>don't worry bro I'm a good driver >upshifts into overdrive at city speeds and choke…[View]
18052611Steam powered cars are the future, prove me wrong. >no transmission required >almost silent, n…[View]
18056956/o/ I'm in a desperate need for help. I'm about to buy a car. The current owner says the c…[View]
18055718/dbt/: UK Inline three-edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqyCJPSgljw [Embed] >Motorcycle Qu…[View]
18056711>at least once a week i see a car totalled on the shoulder with a dead deer a couple feet in fron…[View]
18057170Advice on first car: Ok, so i'm looking for a daily driver. >have a 1973 Volkwagen Beetle Co…[View]
18057124Koreans are the new japs. >Pro-tip: Impossible to deny[View]
18053028Waterlogged 2000 Toyota camry v6 update The battery is a strong 12v and the starter is working prope…[View]
18057143$600 Craigslist Fiero: https://dubuque.craigslist.org/cto/d/1987-pontiac-fiero/6344569291.html $600 …[View]
18057121Why would a manufacturer start using an Inline 3 1.5L instead of an Inline 4 1.5L?[View]
18054664So I want a trail hitch on my Accord: I just bought it Saturday and going from an SUV to a coupe, I …[View]
18056742All you guys are posting are slow pieces of shit...i can smoke the fuck out of these in my 1994 EG h…[View]
18056501what bike is this??[View]
18048591Spec 986 Boxster: Thinking of buying one and spec'ing it for track purposes. I went to the tra…[View]
18056791Anyone knows any good and 'simple' source on bus diagnostics? how it works, in details, so…[View]
18055464Driving a standard on snow roads: I hear a lot of different advice from different people about this.…[View]
18056154When I was racing a friend in go karts, this car was in my head. He lead and I chased. He was a real…[View]
18055811Why are manufacturers killing off 3-door hatchbacks? And this madness it ever stop?[View]
18034233You have 50k to build the ULTIMATE sleeper, what do you do?: As topic says, say you have 50,000 and …[View]
18049117>deliberately trying to make a car that looks like you don't give a fuck >actually put ef…[View]
18025536Autistic shopping thread: Pretty much says it all.[View]
18056137A car you can trust: So, after searching around for a cheap car that would be 'reliable' and 'fun' t…[View]
18056211Would you consider him to be the face of car culture[View]
18047350wtf i love GM now.[View]
18055244Exhaust stacks on cars?[View]
18055913>Tfw no local car scene besides boomers with domestic muscle cars I wish i could find a meet with…[View]
18054425Old vs Modern car: Hey /o/ I need advice. I'm looking to spend up to around 10 grand on a car t…[View]
18054137>tfw want a big american SUV with a big american V8 but can't afford the fuel Stuff like Che…[View]
18050709World Time Attack: Who else attended WTAC? First time this year, definitely going next year.[View]
18053132>go on car forums >ask people how long it takes them to clay their car before they wax it >…[View]
18055400Car request: Can anyone tell me what car this is? If you can tell me the manufacturer, that would be…[View]
18052451$1 million (1000000) dollars! Did Aston Martin sell even a single Lagonda?[View]
18054744I'm pretty excited about the 2020 Ford Bronco. I'm hoping we get renderings sometime this …[View]
18055019>there are people browsing /o/-auto, right now, who don't drive an auto absolute peasantry…[View]
18053390In short, stop liking Pagani. But why? Why is Pagani inferior in every way to Koenigsegg? Well, it a…[View]
18053556>this guy walks up and starts explaining your girlfriend's quirks What do you do?…[View]
18055589What does /o/ think of Hyundais? Typically when I see one, I think 'yeuck' But now that I'm loo…[View]
18055453old GT - race car turned into a road car new GT - race car turned into a road car pretty logical[View]
18054115Anyone Have Experience with Rental Spec Cobalts?: I'd follow the Civic for $3k meme but I'…[View]
18053436Let's play a game of speculation: Here's a story, let's see if anyone can guess what …[View]
18054009>browsing craigslist >2004 tacoma >170000 miles >frame had to be replaced due to toyota …[View]
18054928Does anybody know how to tighten a loose ragtop?: Recently got a 2001 Camaro Z28 and the previous ow…[View]
18053088[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: Large capacity twin edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqyCJPSglj…[View]
18054431Ecoboost thread? Ecoboost thread Just picked up this 2016 SHO performance pack. Looking to tune it s…[View]
18055226*crashes into your windshield*[View]
18053982Redpill me on getting a 1995 Taurus SHO[View]
18054201I'm about to do my Learner license test in Victoria. Pretty nervous , anybody know what it…[View]
18051565Manual tips: Switching over to manual from auto I can drive and whatnot alright and have got rev mat…[View]
18055082clout gang[View]
18050979What do y'all think?[View]
18054947Exhaust thread: Stock only edition. Post your favorite exhaust notes I'll start: >Foxbody mu…[View]
18051555itt: we act like jalopnik: >10 Reasons Why The Volkswagen Lupo Is A Future Classic…[View]
18047758First cars: What are/were the first cars that you anon have/had? Pic related, sharing a Audi A6 (C4)…[View]
18054798So /o/, i need your (((professional))) expertise and recommendations. I currently have a 3k civic I…[View]
18021820/CCG/ - Classic Car General: /CCG/ - Classic Car General Jealous shitbox in the background edition. …[View]
18053508Can you deal /o/?[View]
18054177Does removing the engine cover increase engine sound?[View]
18054626Aight /o/, how much are you willing to pay for this honda civic, considering its a turbo awd[View]
18049984How is the MT82 transmissions on the current gen S550 Mustangs? I bought a 2017 5.0 with autotraggi…[View]
18049514ELI5: Engine Braking: What the helll is engine braking? Is it just coasting in gear? If not, how is …[View]
18045815ITT: we post cars that are uncommon/underrated in the USA[View]
18049692ITT: Things that automatically turn you off of a car ad >((((CAR NAME))) (((CLEAN CAR))) >Ad t…[View]
18052810Is it worthwhile to do safety courses? What ideal course program should consist of? Should I do it? …[View]
18054340Why hasn't this car been outdone yet[View]
18048806Did I do good or just get memed?[View]
18036392Truckerfag Thread - /TFG/: >Incognito Shitposting Only Edition Brevious Bread: >>18028134 …[View]
18054183honk honk[View]
18051361In the US, is it generally considered to be about age 25 that insurance companies fuck off and stop …[View]
18035164QTDDTOT : Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads: A place to ask all your short automot…[View]
18054094Does anyone have the gif of the side view of the F1 car changing with engine size regulations year b…[View]
18049251*Overtakes you*[View]
18052694indians in hondas: What's with indians and Honda? Every time I'm in the bay area, every si…[View]
18053253RAGE Thread: >buy new car last week >have to get it registered at the registry >first attem…[View]
18051926Is this the time of year to buy a bike?: Thinking about getting a Goldwing and heading to mexico to …[View]
18053442How can I clean up my car? I have a 05 Accord and it has 165K miles on it. Had it for years. I'…[View]
18053333How would you fix Chrysler?[View]
18044776Worst car advice you've ever heard/gotten I'll start >Warm up the car for 10 minutes…[View]
18052204Cringe: When RCR does your car... Oh god[View]
17979098/hou/ - Night Wave: Swapping Cars: Welcome back to another Night Wave thread. Previously >>179…[View]
18053622Hey /O/ first time posting and my speakers blew out. I have a toyota corolla 2015 s and was wonderin…[View]
18052895new car: i live in north africa, my mom needs a cheap practical car and i'm trying to help her …[View]
18053221>MSRP: From $27,110 >Nearly 30 grand starting price for a disposable work vehicle how can the…[View]
18053161What the fuck do I buy?: So hi there /o, I've been seriously interested in the idea of buying a…[View]
18051003Blue smoke on acceleration 350Z: Just bought a 350Z with about 80k miles, now it's getting very…[View]
18047505How many tires do you buy at one time 4 or 5? I have heard that for AWD you should get five and rota…[View]
18053424I need suggestions for a good hatchback or older truck. Pic unrelated[View]
18052134audi = bad drivers?: why so many bad drivers pick audi? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfFcTv0wIw4…[View]
18053157How can I move to Japan and get some job there!? I love cars![View]
18052681>less than 4 seconds to 60mph for less than 40k God bless America[View]
18052169ITT: /o/ approved cars >Honda NSX This gif is literally only reason why i like NSX at all.…[View]
18038337/osg/ - Auto Sticker General: Auto Sticker General #298 Previous thread: >>18020375 >List o…[View]
18051026/dbt/ - daily beans thread: beans edition. >bean Questions & Answers >bean Tips & Tric…[View]
18047160How do i pass my driving test next week? I only have about 30 hours driving under my belt[View]
18053022ANTI-LAG: post anti-lag shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K4s-X6Ja9k https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
18052032Mopedauto: Anyone know of these? These so called 'mopedcars'. You can drive them with a moped licens…[View]
18045675Cadillac: Tell me why I should or shouldn't buy this 1 owner cts. 31k miles black exterior luxu…[View]
18052293>ywn modify a Chevrolet El Camino because they don't make 'em anymore…[View]
18051863>6.5 second 0-60 >3 ton brick of a vehicle driven by upper class white women speeding their ch…[View]
18051815How reliable are tdi engines? Specifically the mk4 golf, want to get one but not if it's a huge…[View]
18051432Man has been living in his old Mercedes for 7 years: What do you think /o/ ? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
18049725????: Uhhh anon Why the fuck is there a third pedal in your car?[View]
18052341Torque vs. Revs: Alright, /o/, time to have this discussion again. As an American, I basically have …[View]
18049882Thinking about buying this 2004 Corvette for under $16K. Any problem areas I should be on the lookou…[View]
18051386Looking at buying a JDM Impreza STi soon, having trouble finding info on the differences by year in …[View]
18009566/ORG/: Welcome to /Off Road General/ >its finally fall but its still fucking hot out edition gay …[View]
18052524I have $1000 to buy a car with. I already have a proper car and all that, this is jsut a shit runabo…[View]
18052234Sup guys, not a regular here. Just came back home from a dealer and need some help interpreting thin…[View]
18041465Which one is better guys[View]
18050932Never gave a shit about diesel until I pondered the question: how to heck would i survive Kim Jong U…[View]
18051632Red safety inspection sticker?: I got a red sticker when I went for safety inspection today. The guy…[View]
18052355Can u Tell me the Name of the Car?[View]
18042482It was alright. You saw it a lot on the streets but it was alright.[View]
18051735Bought a used car: So I just bought a used car and noticed that the rear hatch doesn't align 10…[View]
18050534O/tist kit cars: Saw another thread about designing an o/ car. Gave me the idea of creating a series…[View]
18050831Fight against bright head lights: What does o/ do to combat bright headlights? What about putting ul…[View]
18051967How does oil settle in an engine after its been sitting over 8 hours? What parts of the engine are s…[View]
18051399What cars are cheap for no reason?: Old Cayennes are cheap because fuel and maintenance are costly, …[View]
18047404Help im lost: 96 honda civic coupe. Swapped in jdm b16a2. Motor has 62k. Idles like shit and when ac…[View]
18052128small SUVs: what does /o/ think of the Suzuki Grand Vitara? Considering buying one as a DD.[View]
18051677Stolen GPS: I went to a shady-as-fuck mechanic to get my inspection/emissions done. Had an awful exp…[View]
18048597>American engine and transmission >British chassis and styling Is this the peak of automotive …[View]
18047329Do Americans really do this?[View]
18051990Anyone here own/driven a 2nd gen Volt? My workplace is offering employees better parking (with charg…[View]
18042368/ovg/ - No fast drivers left edition: Previous Thread: >>18035885 Our Wiki will answer every q…[View]
18051562What's a big 'no' for you when buying a used car: I can handle small scratches and a …[View]
18049957Is there a noticeable difference between a 0-60 of 7.5 seconds and 0-60 of 5.7 seconds?[View]
18051723>His vehicle has orange signal lights Autism tbqhwyf[View]
18047363I'm thinking about starting a car review channel and moving away from the feature film industry…[View]
18051444VW: Anyone else here ever drive a VW Mk4? This is my second one and the are like little go karts on…[View]
18039120You have just been appointed as the president of a small European country, and being a budget consci…[View]
18039114/ITALIA/: /ITALIA/ general Post your superior italian cars. >like I promised, here's the pic…[View]
18051751Suzuki alto works: Hey /o/ I'm in japan looking to get a car. I saw one of these at a used car …[View]
18046089itt: welfare interiors[View]
18048984So I own a 2005 Porsche 911 Carrera and a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette. The Corvette is an ostentatious b…[View]
18046262What's the top speed of your car?: Post pics of your dash and what's the fastest you pushe…[View]
18051278All you guys are posting are slow pieces of shit...i can smoke the fuck out of these in my 1994 EG h…[View]
18048917>driving my moms car >don't have seat belt on yet, so it's beeping >get halfway d…[View]
18050635How to deal with this feel?: I know you faggots have felt this at some point. What did you do?…[View]
18050366WUT CAR IS GUD thread; lease edition!: Ok guys, long time lurker/shitposter, looking for a bit of he…[View]
17999501ITT: The dumbest things that happened in Initial D. S P O I L E R S >Iketani's super autism…[View]
18051516>8pm last night >driving along road at normal speed >crossover starts tailgating me >fuc…[View]
18051104Why does /o/ seem to think the Mazda 6 is gods gift to the midsize family car segment? I've be…[View]
18046974Best Cars on /o/: What are some of the best cars on /o/...? By this, I mean cars owned by /o/ poster…[View]
18048001Wannabe car-guys: Let me hear your worst stories /o/. i just had a co-worker tell me a Dodge Demon c…[View]
18018757Well /o/ look what I found. rear engine 4 cyl vw with a 3 speed. Came with 2 motors, 7 heads, 2 clut…[View]
18049498diffuser porn /o/[View]
18050327ITT: autos that would have voted for Trump: Starting with an easy one[View]
18049924For a first time manual owner, is it better to get a 5 or 6 speed? What's the difference? I get…[View]
18050477post irl gets[View]
18048833>chads bring their turboqt gfs to the junkyard I thought there was at least ONE PLACE I could go …[View]
18050200Bought the cheapest running car.: I can't believe I won a car on ebay for $1[View]
18019967Guess the gauge cluster/odo gets thread[View]
18046314Belt-driven Turbo: Are centrifugal superchargers shitty? Why don't automakers ever use them?…[View]
18049296Leather vs Cloth Seats: Why would anyone ever want leather seats? Cloth seats are so much more comfy…[View]
18048284What car is this and why does it look autistic ?[View]
18050734The Omega miracle: My Omega has autotragic and it seems like there's no engine braking taking p…[View]
18035755If the government would get the fuck out of the way and let people buy cheap as fuck, basic transpor…[View]
18045485When did the norm 'big suvs means protection' came into the minds of people? I'm seeing goddam…[View]
18042007Oh, /o/. What are some not so obvious do's and don't's about driving a manual to prol…[View]
18050774Kia a best Startlet, Subie and Troumph Doloshite a shit[View]
18050230/ KIA / STINGER /: Congratulation to the car of the year 2018[View]
18046876What the FUCK happened to Japanese cars?[View]
18049158What would you do if someone did this to your shitbox? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAALJC1Zsq0…[View]
18049589/o/ I need your help. I inherited a 1984 Mustang GT with the CFI injection and need to get it runnin…[View]
18050245Acura TL Type-S: Alot of my beaner friends rave about this. What was so special about it?[View]
18045743Does /o/ have an aut/o/ room?[View]
18040828Supra mk2: Found Celica supra mk2 for 3k (pic relates) Does not own a car Wuat do[View]
18050213I fucked up my new car...: Let me start by saying it was new to me. 2005 Scion tC w/ 5 speed manual.…[View]
18043437Y'know, the decline of the manual is really a shame. Not just from the enthusiast point of view…[View]
18048021fucked up my VW GTi 03: Recently got two new tires on the front of my GTi. Hydroplaned around a shar…[View]
18034347Why are women such god awful drivers? Video very related, I filmed this a few hours ago.[View]
18050421Any nibbas in Brainerd?: Im having insomnia again so are they're any drivers in Brainerd MN?…[View]
18050267sup o looking to get my first not-shit car whatcha nigs think of this IS300? https://www.kijiji.ca/v…[View]
18049166Whats the meta aesthetic now for cars? White with dark tints and black rims? or All blacked out?[View]
18046881Why do superchargers always use giant-ass belts instead of chains?[View]
18046260>inline 4 >dual exhaust[View]
18047938could never figure this logo out, anyone a genius and know this[View]
18048182[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]: 25/10/2017 edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqyCJPSgljw >M…[View]
18048461Do you own a mechanic suit? I just bought this from varusteleka for $20 + shipping. Really good fit,…[View]
18047955Optimal interstate driving speed? I keep my cruise control to ~85 to keep my rpms below 4k in my cor…[View]
18047051Improving driving skill: I'm looking to take the next step on improving my driving skills. I ha…[View]
18048710>2.2 Tons big ass SUV >2.0L Inline 4 cylinder What the fuck was VW thinking?…[View]
18047098how to make muscle cars sound like a diesel truck? will muffler delete be enough? help bros maro, st…[View]
18048478Animals of /o/ post em[View]
18049636Testing tranny fluids: Sub yall so Ive got a 2002 Volvo s40 and I recently got its serviced up and m…[View]
18042700Sp/o/ok Thread: To get in the spirit of Halloween, I request to hear everyone's horror stories …[View]
18049511Is there a way to use the weight sensor in my passenger seat to see how much someone weighs? I want …[View]
18047704What are your thoughts on the Renault Megane 3[View]
18047204Tell me about the Evora: Is it worth the price? Is it worth it so spring for an Evora S? What year i…[View]
18042070I sold my 1.6 NB miata and bought a corolla tsport. How badly did I fuck up?[View]
18046090Canada fag looking for a new daily car. Here are the cars I've been looking at, from cheapest t…[View]
18047140is there anything shittier than pushrods?[View]
18047604Isn't it just sad? Just unfair? How gtr is so much better than corvette but z06 is so much wors…[View]
18049379What are good,around or under $10k awd 4 door non-Subaru sedans that come with manual trans?[View]
18037994People who slow down to change lanes[View]
18048011Trunk Bike Rack: Alright, just got a car, coming from an SUV. Now how do I properly transport my bik…[View]
18044408Why?: >not preaching the holy word of eurobeat 24/7 The absolute STATE of this board…[View]
18048319Jeep thread is go!: Okay /o/, here's a quick question: Rocking a 96 xj and everyone who drives…[View]
18049253I also spend time on /lit/, and I have come to the conclusion that this car is /o/'s version of…[View]
18047735>being a paste wax cuck I bet you use leather cleaners[View]
18049156if subaru's drivetrain is so great then why hasn't anyone copied it?[View]
18044462off broke as a joke honda shopping tomorrow and I'm dumber than a box of rocks, what do you check fo…[View]
180460472018 Mustang: >460HP @ 7500RPM >dual injection and 12:1 compression >310hp/350ft-lbs for Ec…[View]
18048853>American >'drivers'[View]

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