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/y/ - Yaoi

Displaying 15 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2652854Pokemen thread: post hot men from pokemon[View]
2621117Resident evil thread: Old ones keep dying.[View]
2651915Frot: Frot thread anyone? Just guys rubbing their dicks together.[View]
2647170LuciferSeraphim: I am starting this thread because I can not find too much of his art, and there is …[View]
2644441Drooling: Pictures that show males drooling or spitting.[View]
2591359Fate Series: Last Thread >>2545878[View]
2652594School Days: Post schoolboys (high school!) doing naughty things[View]
2652023supernatural: (the show) post wincest and jack fools[View]
2642644anyone got the latest bootyelectric sets? or does anyone have sets to share? lets make it a thread[View]
2640847Kuroko No Basket: More of the most homoerotic sports boys in anime history.[View]
2636006Dragon Quest thread: lets honor their induction into Smash Bros by having a DQ thread! all heroes we…[View]
2649613genji penis: gen.ji pen,si..... need!!![View]
2650408The old thread is expired so go again a new thread with the most beautiful boy of one piece[View]
2650490I want to see guys in position of power (like gods or kings) getting humiliated and reduced to cumdu…[View]
2650778Bara translation: Can someone translate Meisho hanten's work?[View]

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